YOGA-ARTICLE: A good habit of practicing yoga

Ancient treatise “The Narrative of Hatha yoga” states that the habit to practice yoga every day is the main criteria of success on the way to understanding yoga. But what do they mean by the word “habit”?

“A habit is a set of behaviour patterns that are repeated regularly and in certain circumstances become the requirement for the person. From the scientific point of view habits can develop spontaneously, be a result of the upbringing, develop into permanent aspects of personality or become a reflex, etc.” Great Encyclopedic Dictionary

As people usually understand it for them the habit is associated with lack of freedom: inertness of behaviour and thinking, tendency to a certain pattern of actions, or doing the same thing over and over again. However the Treatise encourages us to focus on the following:

“Negative habits are serving a bad trick — they are our worst enemy. But Shiva in his mercy gave asanas to people; and when we form a habit to practice these asanas, they bring the supreme good into our lives and freedom after all.”

What is the use of daily yoga practice?

Yoga exercises are extremely useful for the body, as they engage different types of muscles, work on joints and ligaments, provide the required daily load of physical exercises for the 

body that we lack in the modern lifestyle, and release any excessive tension.

The regular practice will bring harmony into our everyday life and will help to fill it with peace, give strength and energy for the creative work. A person can make achievements in different activities due to these internal changes: knowing how to get rid of the bad habits and form the new beneficial ones.

How to form a habit to practice yoga?

The main condition for successful yoga practice is to enjoy it:

  • to experience joy when performing the exercises, 
  • to be happy from overcoming yourself and making some effort,
  • to enjoy the relaxation.

In this case the habit to practice regularly will be formed easily. And it will last for many years, as the body will be keen to perform exercises.

It is essential to remember that the habit is formed slowly, step by step!

You will need some time to form a habit. Regular practicing sessions are required, even if they are not too long at the beginning, just once or twice a week. However, it is preferable to practice at the same time and place — this will help to set your mind for practice. Relaxed atmosphere is also very favourable.

A habit to practice yoga will let a person to forget about external factors and to get deep into inner senses, to become more mindful, providing that we remain kind and logical. If you get stable positive results from the practice, it will not be necessary to push yourself in future. The practice will become a necessity. This is how a habit is formed.

Be happy by practicing yoga, form a habit! 

Wishing you success in your practice!

Author: Maria Saraswati-Bhavani

Editors: Kerigona, Mirra

Translated by Tatiana Sugrue

Project curator: Kerigona

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