006. Kriya Yoga. Yoga Dynamic Exercises.

A sound mind in a sound body!

Using physical exercises yoga helps to keep the body in harmony and to reach the next level in self-knowledge. Yoga teachers passed the tradition of leading a healthy lifestyle through the ages. Men and women trained hard their bodies to feel their physical and inner strength and to bear and bring up healthy posterity. The …

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Kriya Yoga (based on seminar)

Kriya Yoga. We have a body, and, in addition to static exercises, it can make some movement, which is a lot. By the same principle as in hatha yoga, has formed a certain group of cyclical movements, which formed the basis of kriya yoga. In hatha yoga, though there posldovatelnosti recommendations for exercise, they are …

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2007.09.22 Seminar Kriya Yoga

  THEORY In one of the transfer options “kriya” – is a kind of action. Depending on the context, the word “Kriya” can be translated as purification or that reworks improperly made earlier, that is correction. But for us in this yoga the most important to understand the three great aspects: Just physical. What is …

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