Kriya Yoga (based on seminar)

Kriya Yoga. We have a body, and, in addition to static exercises, it can make some movement, which is a lot. By the same principle as in hatha yoga, has formed a certain group of cyclical movements, which formed the basis of kriya yoga. In hatha yoga, though there posldovatelnosti recommendations for exercise, they are not hard, the kriya yoga the question is tougher movements are performed in strict sequence, what is called a kriya circles. This is a separate yoga, as well as hatha yoga. You can learn it yourself, take the first steps, but may be skewed as in the study of hatha yoga, people do not always understand how to do the exercises. Some people think that the more and more he does, the better and faster results, he will receive this error. In kriya yoga is believed that everyone has their own rhythm, moreover, this rate can vary from day to day. The most important thing in Kriya Yoga – it’s not how fast you do the movements, but how harmoniously, how did you get into resonance between the gross, subtle and subtlest bodies. If we start to do the movements of yoga kriya, and there is dizziness, pain, nausea, then we begin to focus on these feelings and miss subtle sensations. In Kriya Yoga, despite the fact that she, like hatha yoga, purely physical, but the focus is not on individuals, but on gut feeling, when you’re doing and want to continue doing. It is important to state exactly that. It is therefore important to start learning Kriya Yoga, at least a few sessions staged in the presence of a teacher. Kriya Yoga emphasizes on the fact that people just absorb into their inner feelings and the rhythmic movement should create a background to go into your inner world. First there are thoughts, and we forget about the body and concentrate on them, but then, if everything goes perfectly, disappear, and thought, and we come to the causal level, which gives sharp euphoric state, because that is disconnected from the causal body, we release free prana, which acts as the most powerful means of ecstatic. It is absolutely wonderful condition when a person gradually razotozhdestvlyaetsya with their bodies and reach your higher self with pure prana and pure prana – the highest thing. You are enveloped in a cloud of prana all those critical moments that put pressure on you, you step back and, pulling back, very easy to rearrange them. This is one side of Kriya Yoga, the other side – kriya yoga gradually, gradually takes you to other yoga. Sometimes a person is very difficult to start with hatha yoga, kriyas and extreme positions – this is the posture of hatha yoga, to which man brings his body performing these movements. Therefore, in some cases, it makes sense to start learning yoga is a kriya yoga and then go to hatha yoga. Is this dangerous yoga? The answer is the same as that of a Hatha yoga – if we trust in inner harmony, use common sense, this yoga is absolutely safe. Where did the sequence of kriyas? Just as we learn to read by learning the alphabet, also in the kriya yoga is a certain alphabet movements, when he studied, you can form words (to prepare their sequence), but as far as I know, even people who have a long history of kriya yoga, they rarely change their sequence. Kriya Yoga is good because it runs on autopilot, a person does not think about what will be the next kriya, the body remembers and probably matched these kriyas, that one was easy to switch to another, so that the mind is not distracted by the transitions. There is another statement that as the maze before getting into the depths of yourself, you have to turn left here, right there, and so go out to the target, and if you go right, you get lost in the maze. Kriya Yoga – this is the path that leads us through the maze of our gross, subtle and subtlest bodies to our subconscious. There is another point. The device itself is incorporated in our body, we must do a certain amount of movement, but our modern life is passing more of the computers in a sitting position (as well as the ancient sages sitting in meditation), not allowing you to dial the required number of movements per day. Kriya Yoga is an excellent way to compensate for the movement, which did not, and still create a reserve.

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