011. Karma yoga. Yoga of work without attachment.


Karma Yoga Seminar

Karmananda asks Dharmananda answers 1. What is the meaning of yoga? – Freedom, absolute, unconditional. 2. When it comes? – When you go forth beyond karma. 3. What is karma? – The law of cause and effect coming from the earliest times. 4. How to go beyond karma, because it does not give us a …

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Karma Yoga (based on seminar)

Karma Yoga. All of us are working, and this fact is due to our karma, but the work – it’s not a curse, but a great chance. Our goal to get rid of negative karma and accumulate positive. How to get rid of negative karma? The fact that the universe gives us at least some …

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2008.02.24 Seminar Karma Yoga

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0MRP3tKwWVY   Karma yoga Each of us is born somewhere, everyone has a mom and dad. Each had a childhood – someone good, someone not very much, everyone was youth – someone fun, someone in the works. And now, each of us lives in a different state – someone has serious financial problems, someone less …

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