2008.12.28 Seminar Karma Yoga (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

The theme of today’s seminar Karma Yoga. This topic is very interesting, very practical, although at first glance it’s not quite Yoga: did not seem to stand on his head. Let’s start with you from the beginning. Move closer to the concept of karma. This term is now quite common, but how often is the case, came to us from the East, he gained some its own meaning, no longer has any relation to the real meaning of the word, this, what was implied in the teachings of the East, including the teachings of yoga.

The laws in our world.


We all are living in the world, and we are faced with the fact that we used to call laws. What may be a law? What I want to say there is such a law of attraction, that if you throw a leaf of paper, it will necessarily fall to the floor. Someone said that it is the law, someone says it is a hallucination, but any law has such a criterion – reproducibility. For example, we do not know how to behave this leaf of paper. But we have the opportunity to perform an experiment and let’s do it. Let’s really make sure that this law is. So, I throw a paper leaf, and look where it flies.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Giving. Where did he fly?


From the audience: Down.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe it was a coincidence. Let’s take a second.


 From the audience: There ventilation.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do not shoot down. The second time I throw. Again I fell down.

So, I can do this any number of times, and will get the same result. And this phenomenon, when we get the same result, reproducible, we call law. That is the law – this is something repetitive. If the input all the conditions are met, and the output we get the same result. It’s the law. And in the place where we live, these laws are quite a large number. One of them: the law of universal gravitation. However, it is absolutely right that Victoria said, that there are times when I throw a leaf, it is flying, falling on the fan, he is not inclined to fall. Is this a violation of the law of universal gravitation?


From the audience: None.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why?


From the audience: This is another law.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Right. There is another law. And the output we get a combination of the two laws. That is, the horizon expands. That is, all the leaves fall to the ground, if there is some other law, the law, when the wind blows and makes the leaf fly upward. That is to say, without violating one law, but the law invades another, and the result is quite different: leaf, instead of falling to the ground, flying up. But if we consider these laws alone, they do not zyblemy, they do not depend on our willingness or unwillingness, Behold, I do not want him to fall down, but it still falls down. Or I do not want it flew up, but its fan picks up. That is, I am bringing you to believe that there is in this world, what is called laws. And when we say the word karma, we have to understand that first of all, the word Karma implies the law of cause and effect.

Karma – it is the law of cause and effect. Actually all. In this seminar we could finish. That is karma – the law of cause and effect, which tells us that every effect has its cause in each outcome were the preconditions that led to it. And this is the law of cause and effect is called karma. Carmen no substance. Again the word penetrated to us here and created the impression that “purify from negative karma” like a man begins to “vacuum cleaner” to clean off the dirt or something else; or “a lot of positive karma,” such as it is measured in kilograms, grams, tons, or some other metric. This is all nonsense, this figurative expression, which in part are trying to explain something, but have no relation to the subject matter. So, there is a law of cause and effect, which states that every effect has a cause. The fact that a leaf fell on the floor, is a consequence of the fact that I picked it up off the floor, and secondly, due to the fact that there is a universal law of attraction

Now a few more difficult moment: what is it like to the law of cause and effect. If it is considered more abstractly, why it does not happen the other way around? why there is no investigation first, and then the reasons?

Example, you stood a glass on the table, he suddenly fell and broke, and you see a bunch of fragments. But we have never seen, that the action was contrary to the fragments of a sudden, again, going to the glass, jumped on the table and standing.


From the audience: The cartoon was, if you scroll back film.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely right if we start to turn the film back, it turns out just the opposite. The VCR or in any player you can play the movie from the end: that’s happy end – a boy and girl meet, well, you can start with this and then go back, as they have come to this. But this we can do with a VCR, but in life you see, we did not observe and do not observe. Why? Because it does not happen in life, we are talking about. Because if it was, it’s like that time would go back.


The concept of time.


That is kind of a different law, which in essence, rather, what we have called the law of cause and effect comes down to what we call time. What is the cause first, and then the investigation. There is an obvious vector of that first reason, and then the investigation, but never vice versa. That is the law of cause and effect is reduced to the concept of time. And on a very interesting logical conclusion, then it turns out that the law of karma – the law of cause and effect is very tightly tied to what is called the time, that there is no effect without a cause. That little remark I put that little dilute it quite heavy theory: what we said in this sense Yoga: that each of you have your conditions of life, those that at the moment you have, and they’re the ones that you have. Why? They were formed by some action that you did before. That is what you have now, what is called, not from the moon had fallen, and it is the outcome of your previous actions.


When we talk about karma, we understand the law of cause and effect. causes and consequences of our law leads directly to the concept of time and leads to the notion that time is not reversible. Sometimes I hear such exclamations: For what?


From the audience: Who is to blame?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who is to blame? For what? Now I switched the TV: Oh, there are brewing some economic problems, crisis or let’s see who is to blame, catch and punish. That is, as if they were all white and fluffy, would have no relationship to anything, so it’s out of luck. To say that you have at least some effect without a cause, which they themselves have created – it’s the same thing as to say that the time is coming, if somewhere is not reversed, then somewhere to the side, what we do not see in everyday life .


And now even more so formidable, austere theory, it is difficult to understand. But because we live here on the planet Earth, which is really the cause first, and then the investigation. And, who knows, maybe somewhere far away in space, somewhere out there on the left of the nearest black hole or even somewhere completely different laws. That is, there may be somewhere deep in space, on the contrary: first result, and then the reason or in some other way. What we say in this regard Yoga: Yoga says yes, we really do not know what the laws of the universe. They can be very strange from our point of view, they may be exactly as shown when the first result, and then the reason or any more, but in our world it is not observed. That is yoga tells us the following: there are certain laws of the universe device which they are – we do not know, but there is a special case as is sometimes said to the supreme law, but a special case of these laws as the time observed that in our world there is the law of cause and effect. That is the law of cause and effect – this is not necessarily such a thing is absolute, so that it is everywhere, but we have it there in the world, or in other words, it is the plane in which the law of karma. That is, I want to emphasize the kind of thing that will make it clear to you the whole purpose of Karma Yoga, that yes, indeed, we live in a plane of cause and effect, yes, indeed, we all live with you in karma plane, and for us it seems than -That so crazy, if it is the other way around. But there are more higher laws, which do not contradict the law of cause and effect, does not deny the law of karma, but at the same time when they begin to show these laws, there is an impression as if the karma was not, or if the law cause and effect do not exist.

The concept of logic.


I understand that this is a very complex theory, I say, so let us enter on the other side. We have a concept of logic, things are logical or not logical. Imagine to you a man came and said, ‘Take a hundred dollar bill and burn it, “or go on the field of miracles, remember how Pinocchio went on the field of miracles in the land of fools, bury, water it, and you will grow a tree, which will be complete full of bank papers. ” Well, what do you respond to that?


From the audience: In Kashchenko.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, yes, in Kashchenko in fact, it is diagnosed. Why? Well, because, obviously, your mind, your common sense will show that it is not logical. As I coin buried in the ground, and out of it grew the tree with the money? I am such, firstly, never seen. And secondly, if the tree, why not with money, not with oranges or, say, or a portrait of the president, can be very different result, huh. And we’re somewhere intuitively start all the phenomena with which we are confronted divided into logical and not logical. On logical we pay attention, and reject illogical. If someone comes to us and says a thing that our common sense does not deny, we speak logically and consider, if not – we’re not talking sense.


Example: Tomorrow businessman come to me and say: “Give me a million, I’ll build a pipeline to the moon.” I think about it and decide what it is, perhaps, not logical, as it will be on the sky to pull the pipe, it also falls. I say: “This man told me some irrationality, did not behave properly”, I it will not pay attention, he raves, it is really in the medical institution. But at the same time, people come to me and say, “I know the future market conditions, in the course of next year will rattle, rattle buy today for a penny, and tomorrow they will grow in value, sell for three rubles.” This would give me a huge pile of scribbled pieces of paper, which will be called a business plan, and it is all thoroughly describe, justify: a lot of people, small toys. I will read, and I have the impression, “Yes it is logical, yes, indeed, today it is necessary to buy these toys to sell tomorrow. Or very different result.


That is, we in his life faced with such a notion as a logical or not logical. Conclusion: The concept of logic and illogic reduced to the concept of cause and effect. And the concept of cause and effect is reduced to the concept of linear propagation of our time, and in fact reduced to the concept of karma. That is, in other words: the law of karma – it is the law of consistency. Or if you speak in your own words: As you sow, so shall you reap. This is the meaning of karma. Or again, with an emphasis on us with you personally, we can say only one thing, that no one is to blame for our troubles, all that we have: we have deserved their previous actions and nothing else. That is, there is an evil genius, no doom, no evil force that obstructs us, this is not in the universe, because otherwise it would not be logical. Otherwise, it would be contrary to the linear propagation time, is if we get a result, but did not make any initial action.

And so the first part of Karma Yoga deals with the fact that it explains that we live in karma plane where everything is logical, where any result – the result of the actions that we have done before. And, seemingly, put on this point and to calm down and enjoy. And it really is a serious topic, the topic of consistency in life. In fact, that we all have developed the mind, we consider ourselves human beings intellectually developed and, it would seem, I am not discovered any truth, like we are in kindergarten must all understand, but so cleverly arranged the human mind that some -What aspects of his life, he is considering using logic, and some not:


Example: When are we going to invest in one or another bank, or in a particular company, we, of course, we try to be guided by principles of strict logic. That is, if the bank gives greater percentage, and if the bank is more reliable, we, of course, with him dealing. A less reliable bank try not to deal with.

The use of logic in daily life.


What concerns our life in general: we wake up, what we do, that this part of our everyday life, it is, oddly enough, the fall of this consistency, and we are largely guided in their daily life or the principles of logic, and the habit or copying other people. Or, as is sometimes said, the unconscious use of other people’s patterns of behavior. And the man with the yoga point of view, is very strange creature: he on the one hand logical, on the other hand, if such a slang word select herd. That is, it is in the herd: all ran, and I ran; all buy and I buy; please everyone and I like; all sell, and I sell. And he perceives it not by reason, but by some its instinctive manifestations.

It turns out that this is only an illusion that we live according to the principle of consistency, though, what we believe illogical – we reject, but at the same time, there are some parts of our behavior is absolutely critical for us, where we do not We take this logic. And such examples are many:


Example: I bought shares of the company, all said that it must be ruined, but my neighbor bought persuaded me, and I bought it.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: Your neighbor, it is the financial seer? No. Just sometimes we do not critically perceive and follow someone else’s advice.


So, first of all, why Karma Yoga begins. Karma yoga is trying to explain that my friends, let’s be consistent: if any one area we proceed logically and believe that only so it is necessary to do, why, some area are not covered, and we have no use logic, something like half-hearted act, as if out of 24 hours a day, say 8 hours, while we are at work – we sanity state, and once came home – we like to wake up some schizophrenic tendencies, and we seem to go crazy and start to follow someone else’s advice, instructions. And this applies as marginal things, for example, people sincerely believe in some soothsayers, fortunetellers, healers, psychics, and so on. It would seem that the Roma-go roam the world, there is something its say, it would seem that this is not logical.


Example: The book was a collection called bad luck, my friends, God forbid, you ever read it. Your life, I assure you, the next day will turn into hell, you will behave like a programmed robot: there do not see – a bad sign, it does not do bad – luck. This utter lack of logic, that is, took someone publisher after a heavy mark the New Year has published such a book. And we are just, and we begin to follow it.


Or another time when we are faced with some preferences. When we, for example, do not see the work of art, but we have heard that he criticized, and we are beginning to scold him, though they had never seen or praise. That is a herd instinct.

Why Yoga begins. Yoga begins with the fact that it states the following: We live in a plane of consistency of laws, we live in the plane of the laws of karma, we live in a plane of cause and effect. That is why, it is not funny, but all of our results that we have, we are the same and have generated. Moreover, if we want some good results for themselves, we must first spend some action to achieve it, and only then to get it.


Example: I often hear from people: “I want a profession, got tired of all nonsense, I want the profession to find himself, namely, that it was my business.” I asked him: “Well, yes, you want to find this profession, what are you doing this?” Answer: “I do nothing, sit and wait for the sea weather, that she would fall on me.” I say, “Well, at least you made for yourself some love, your resume written, sent, you want to find such a job. Maybe you did not even know what you want, but maybe a potential employer looks at your data and say, because this same person is suitable to become the head of my company. ” But we do not do anything, we just sit and wait, but the result does not come, and we begin to say, “Oh, I have no luck!”. Well, and what to expect. We live in a logical plane, there are no results for no reason, there is no effect without a cause, which gave rise to this investigation. But for some reason we think that we have something special. Frankly, porridge in the mind of many people, even though they consider themselves to be very sensible, very consistent, punctual. But doing nothing, or doing just the opposite, and then get the result that they do not like. Rather than realize that I got a bad result and to trace why he emerged, a person begins to blame some external force or that was a tremendous effort.


Why Karma Yoga begins. It starts with the order to convey to your mind that as long as you live in the plane of karma, as long as we still live in this plane, if we want a result – we have to make assumptions that have some action to get it. In another way, it does not happen. Unfortunately, this elementary truth does not reach us. It is elementary, it’s two and two together.

Why is this happening? Why is such a simple truth did not reach us? Karma-yoga is explained in the following way: it explains that before you get a human body, you and I have lived in many bodies of animals, and animals as you remember, even though some are using your mind, but mostly use their instinct of self-preservation, procreation and so on. And now, we have got the human body, but this habit is to live, it largely remained, as if we were animals.

Example: Dog or cat somewhere will come logically, if the dog is buried bone, then it will return to the spot and will dig it because it would be logical – look for it there. Or on the contrary, some glimmers of reason are observed, but the rest, to think the next few years, I myself can hardly imagine a dog that will think: “I’m going to live in five years than I will feed what the weather will be on street? “.

And we are with you, in this sense, unfortunately, have to understand that we drag a lot of life in the bodies of animals. We are doing what is not conscious actions, thoughts, motives. We lays there, here. Some glimpses of the mind are sometimes included in the work: at work is really not going to work – you get fired. But the rest here, again, as in animals. And we need you to stay and thoroughly review each action, each of his motivation, his every act, not in the plan in order to cancel them. Yoga does not call for you from tomorrow all to reconsider and change everything. No, it is not necessary to change anything, but yoga teaches us the following: mark for itself:


Example: Right now I’m doing so-and-so, why I’m doing – I do not know, it is not logical, but I used to do that, I just bears, and I go in this direction. Do not resist, just for yourself is necessary to emphasize: This is where I went logical, but here I did not logical. That is to constantly behave this account. Do not resist irrationality and permanent mark. Or in another way, says yoga, be honest with yourself. I am reminded of the movie: “Yes, now I woke up in the ancestor through the maternal line, will splash out, beat the dishes, kick up a row.” To all were ready, he warned. Just as in us sometimes wakes. That wakes us any beast, and we are in a wild fit of anger, but we understand that bad, it is not logical to do so, we shall now show our emotion, and the result will be negative.

Yoga does not say that it is necessary to restrain myself, come what may. Yoga says: says: “Yes, indeed, I have suffered.” Or vice versa: “Here I yielded to the opinion of the crowd and agree, as I have no idea.

And here is the first part. Without it, further Karma yoga is not possible. We all need to reach the level of consistency.

The logic is veiled.


This raises another point, and it is purely emotional: the more we begin to understand the law of logic, the more melancholy and so mechanistic it will be submitted to the world, and we think that we are robots. And do you know who this is often faced? Very successful businessmen.

Example: I had a chance to talk to quite interesting personalities. You will remember that we have also been officially wealthy people, and here the new trends have begun, and they prospered. It has long been in the early 90s, and was going on God, you know what. I am a gentleman spoke, who had already managed to climb in financial terms, but rose is itself, that is not stolen, not privatized, and he came up with the idea. He told me one thing: “You know, in our country everything is logical.” I say: “How is it that you look, we judges do not judge, law enforcement agencies cover bandits, well, nonsense is going.” Sometimes it seems that in our country all the delusional: elected to power, people who did not have a relationship to power. But this is only at first sight, when we look from the side, and he by these financial instruments, when he sees what you and I do not see it is on the contrary presented itself extremely logical. Why are we the same actor can see on TV all the time, but he is a mediocre actor, it turns out that there is a flow of funds and who should be bought, roughly speaking. I said, “Lord, what’s the mess!”, And he said: “No, we have order,” I said, “what we illogic!”, And he said: “No, we have extremely logical!”.

Just in our country, is in it for us to have some value, that is logical is so clearly expressed. Our no is nothing that would not be illogical. Everything is logical, but logic is hidden.


Example: On the street brawl, fight – some expression is not logical. No, there is a logic, just that she is veiled.


 And now, when you experienced this: you know how to manage it. That is, if you know that everything is logical, you just need to remember how in one children’s film that every person has the button, just have to find it. In every situation there is a button. Important to know: where “podmaslit” where to press to get the result. And indeed, it is doing so triggered. And the flip side of all that a person produces cynicism. Suddenly he begins to believe that there is nothing spiritual. I know just where bucks unfasten that everything runs you clockwork. But the race immediately ahead: Yoga says that it is not. Although yoga agrees, yes, indeed, everything is logical and the vast majority of problems can be resolved quite so hard soulless methods.


First of all it is necessary to apply the logic of the law.


Sometimes a thick bundle of money can solve these problems that other methods can be a lifetime to decide and did not solve it. It generates cynicism, it is a very dangerous trend, we will then discuss why this is a dangerous trend. This is a typical approach of America. The Americans once at the beginning to understand that everything can be solved with the help of financial policy, with the help of money.


Example: There were Americans science, while in Europe the old science was. The war began atomic bombs – all of a sudden America realized that the security they need the bomb that was a bomb – need science. What they do: they do not grow their scientists, they simply buy all over the world. In fact, we’re talking about: what now in America medicine, what is there now a strong the science, two, three. Indeed, there are all of the outstanding scientists work – half of them foreigners, even more. And America has decided this issue is very simple, it is deduced for himself the logic: there is a purpose, a plan to achieve the goal, there is money. And so all of them. And in this sense, we would have to try to learn.


Our country is not at all ashamed to America to learn some of the problems can easily be easy, even if some of the problems we seem not solved, solved by money. I want to emphasize this. Because yogis represent a sort of Santa Claus, Santa Claus, who speak about something spiritual, sublime, smiling, garlands in their neck, nothing else to do – it will come by itself. No, friends, yoga – is, first of all, people who see the reality. And the first reality – many problems can be solved without resorting to a higher power, nor to the superpowers, neither divination nor to predictions, but to the very specific logic of action. And the funny thing is that ninety-eight percent of the problems that we are faced with you through life quite easily and elegantly solved a logical way. But while yoga says that there are problems that, in principle, does not solve the approach logical. If in your own words to say, that is a problem that money can not be solved ever, but, oddly enough, very little. This is a very narrow thing and a man of them, as a rule, think later. But most of what he suffers, suffers – can be solved by logic or consistency.

So, the first thing called for Karma yoga – is to realize that we live still in the logic plane, you and I are living in a karma plane, where the first is the cause, and then the investigation. Karma yoga calls us in their decisions to be guided first of all logical laws of logic, and only then to be guided by some, for example, sometimes I hear my intuition told or revealed to me, or I forecasters predicted. Yoga says that this is a very slippery slope. Yoga is not to say that there is no other way except as consistency. It happens, and we still talk about it, there is still sverhlogichnost, which on the one hand, contrary to logic, but on the other hand, may appear as if this logic was broken. This is the case with our leaf and a fan. The laws of logic, such as the need to get to drop down, this one law, but if we have two laws bang their heads, then we get the result of what we want. By analogy with this, there are laws sverhlogichnosti and our logical laws are just a special case of sverhlogichny laws. And when intervening in the game laws sverhlogichnosti they leading role, but they do not violate the laws of logic, but only a supplement. Therefore, any revelation of a higher, for example, you catch the person and ask: “Why did you do that?” And he replies, “Because I had a revelation from above.” And you see that it is revelation from above directly contradicts the logic, so also the result leads quite chudoveschnomu, not to that which is predicted. So it was not a revelation from above.

Therefore, yoga we are primarily teaches that not flirt with such things, which you do not understand, but first of all analyze all by logic. And only then, when you analyze all by logic, only then the second stage of the action of our being, our mind, when laws sverhlogiki included. But sverhlogika revelations from above or some wonderful manifestations never contradict logic, but complement them.

Therefore, we must first of all be guided by logic.


As represented by the law of logic in yoga.


You will recall that in yoga there are two basic principles. The first principle reads as follows: Do not cause harm to any living creature unless absolutely necessary. Let it is, we will not consider it. But there is a second principle of yoga, which reads as follows: We should not waste their time, energy, consciousness, energy, things are not worthy, secondary, and have to spend them only to achieve their own goals. In fact the second yoga principle, and calls us to be extremely logical.

That is, if we have kakaya-to goal, for example: “I want to find a new job” or “I want a lot of money” or to achieve a result in kakom-to yogic exercise in knowledge chego-to, we, the very first We need to discover this purpose to understand and then be perfectly logical, as we understand it or can imagine, to approach the implementation of the goals and discard everything that takes us away. That is the second yoga principle is the cornerstone of Karma Yoga. Karma yoga is just out of this second principle of yoga.

If you have a problem, a real, physical problem, and who they do not happen, then before going to the fortune tellers, shamans, healers, psychics, soothsayers, maybe we should take a leaf of paper and pencil in hand – write what we want . Then, write – what we have. Then sit down and try to imagine: what to make of the fact that we have something that we want to come up with some kind of the multi-pass combination.

Example: He came to me, my pupil and said: “I want a lot of money.” And it was at the dawn of the 90’s, and then, if you’re not a gangster and not an oligarch, somehow problematic had a lot to earn them. I say: “Well, what do you think to do?” He I call a list of steps. The steps are as follows: 1. To study a foreign language. 2. To be trained in a good school, which is not just the money collected, but still gives knowledge.

3. Settle in good company where at least work hard, but there are prospects for growth. (That is, if there are no prospects for growth, you never his dream did not materialize).

And he has consistently made one, two, three. And the last time I saw him, it was for a long time, he got some kind of not funny increasing, went abroad to work, because there own situation. In all companies like to take a person from one country to the great position to put in another country, they have their own there is logic there. But he got what he wanted. He got exactly the amount even more than earnings, which he wanted. He did not resort to magic, mantras, you know, now popular mantra to attract wealth and success, he simply “stupid” began to perform this logic, and it has reached.

Therefore, yoga is just calls us, first of all, always reaches only logical way. Only then, when you have done everything as their best logical way, only then connect the heavy artillery in the form of yoga practices such as mantra, yantra, pranayama and other techniques that allow you to get the result, that being said, we it seems magical. In fact, the magic of yoga is not, there is a more subtle laws that do not conflict with rougher laws, but the speed of their action. And it is clear that in parallel with how he learned English and studied at this institution or then worked on some of his work, he, of course, practiced yoga, practiced mantras that give success, it is a lot, which made for the full program of all that predpisyvet yoga. But these methods, they are strung on its specific methods.

Question from the audience: This is the case of the left or right hemisphere?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is it?


Question from the audience: logical thinking, cause-and-effect relationships, achieving the goal.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know, it should have asked physicians. No, my friends, there is such an approach, I, of course, heard about it, but I do not climb, and, frankly, it’s not my problem. When we hear about the left and right hemisphere – this result was obtained by modern scientists and modern medicine. What is the beauty of yoga: Yoga is not dependent on the result of modern medicine and the result of today’s scientists. Tomorrow suddenly say that we made a mess, and that the left is not the left and the right is not a right – it is left. But I do not refer to it, I can not cite as an argument, I am free from that, and from that yoga is free. That is, they can replay, but the very position of Karma Yoga – What’s the difference: the left and right, the question is that there is a point of consistency. That is, I do not want us to be tied to this device in our body, but it is very informative. But Karma Yoga is based on a deeper principles.


Question from the audience: So logical thinking implies that we become like everyone else? Since we have in mind are some kind of framework, and we are going after the other. It turns out the logic includes repetition of steps.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: logical, and it involves the repetition of steps, but what’s wrong, why reinvent the wheel?


Question from the audience: That is, it turns out – you become like everyone else.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, the second principle of yoga. We have a goal, but as I reach this goal: I will use standard methods and will reinvent their own.


Example: Here in front of me now is a challenge that I have, for example, can be solved by a computer program. And I have the alternative was, I did not know two weeks ago that there is a program, which has long been written, with the help of which I can solve your problem. It is the standard around the world. What I do: I speak to one of our students, which is a programmer and ask him to write the same program. He begins to write, it is, of course, a long, painful, a million mistakes, rectify million. He wrote it, it is on the functionality of any no way inferior to the program that has become the standard throughout the world, all enjoyed it, but I spent a tremendous amount of energy and resources for the invention that the invented so long ago. Well, what if we went to his distinctive way, as a result, we spent a lot of effort, energy, and achieved their goal for a longer time than if we had gone in a standard way.

I do not understand why we should be ashamed of standardization. In the end, do not deceive ourselves, we are to some extent standardized.


Question from the audience: Can I have all mixed up in my head. But in one of the books regarding yoga it has been said that all strive for the same benefits, but yoga does not purport to stand up for the American happiness and go your own way.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I understand what the meaning is. Yoga encourages you not to set goals based on standards that all such a goal and I have such a goal, no purpose – it is my personal goal. But to achieve this goal – why reinvent the wheel. If I need to get things done, why do I need to invent some of his tools to achieve it when they invented a long time, all errors are eliminated.


Let us go back. So, all that relates to Karma Yoga, in the first place, it is logic. Once again, we just think that you and I are logical creatures. We are with you, believe me, being illogical. We are, indeed, a number of problems are solved by logic, but there are some problems, which we are afraid to even look at, we are afraid to even think about them. We are so, on the one hand, we want them, and on the other hand, seem to us so they do not appear to be feasible and is so outrageous that we did not even do anything to come to their implementation. And it can be a variety of things, from our work, ending relationships with family and friends. So, yoga calls us still do not create such taboo topics, which can neither see nor think, and quietly using their logic to analyze. And first of all, to draw a mechanism how to solve them with the help of ordinary logic, and only then attract all sorts of magical tricks.


The law of logic – a special case of manifestation sverhlogichnyh laws.


Karma Yoga says the following, that there are certain laws, the laws of which our universe was created, and these laws – sverhlogichny. And one of the particular cases of these laws sverhlogichnyh expressed in what is called the law of logic or it is the law of karma, which is the reason for the investigation. That is, once again, you and I are living in a karma plane – in the field of action of this law. But claims yoga we can rise to such heights, where no law of karma will not cancel, but it will stop for you to act. You see, what is very much the strangeness of it all, that the law of karma or wherever you stay, the law of cause and effect or where to stay, just your existence suddenly rises to a new level, where you will not act, this law of cause and effect, and you will become free. Or, as they say in yoga, you become free from karma, you will not have karma. Once again I want to emphasize at the same time or where the karma law is not going anywhere, it will be, but you, if you will, neutralize it, if you live by the higher law.


The main subject of Karma Yoga.


The main subject of Karma Yoga is that the yogi does not seek to get rid of negative karma yogi does not seek to acquire positive karma. Yogi seeks generally to withdraw from the field of action of karma. That is, turn his existence in such an existence, where above it is not subject to the law of karma, and only from that moment freedom begins. Up to this point is not freedom, that’s dependency, dependence on karma.

In Karma yoga states that if we do bad things, they come back to us bad results – we suffer, if we do good deeds, they come back to us with good results – we enjoy, rejoice. This action is called a positive and negative influence of karma yoga. For example, I am doing a lot of bad things, and you have all the bad in this life, why? What goes around comes around. On the contrary, we did a lot of good in a past life, and this life you got something good, and we say – it’s the action of positive karma. That is, the concept of positive karma yoga and the concept of negative karma – it’s not such global opposition, and this is essentially the same, only with a different sign. Sometimes I hear that the purpose of yoga is to get rid of negative karma. No, the goal of yoga – to get rid of bad karma and good karma and from all of the law of karma and become free from this law. Another thing – how to bring to life, and yoga says that there is a sequence: first, do good deeds, so as to neutralize the bad previous cases, and when more or less neytralizuesh bad things – throw and good karma and bad at the same time. That is, in a previous life I did a lot of bad things, to rob, kill, steal – me reaching this negative karma, but in a previous life I was doing a lot of positive things: alms, to save lives and stuff, and it’s waiting for me any the positive things. But I understand that it’s a series that can be positive for can always come negative for negative can always come positive. I cease to cling to the positive and stop clinging to negative, and I tell myself: “I renounce their merits and their sins”, not exactly what I have to give them up, I have them compensate one another. As soon as a negative offset positive – do I get rid of everything: from the negative, and from positive, and the opportunity to receive a negative, and the opportunity to get a positive. I aspire to freedom. To freedom from what? For freedom from the rules of the game. But there is one nuance, because we stayed with you on the fact that “I am eager to get rid of these rules of the game and from the plane of karma, but karma because in fact – it’s logic. What am I, coming out, eager to get rid of logic? But we remember that time – it’s actually the same logic, but in other words. And the answer is really: “I try to rise above the ordinary logic and enter into existence, called sverhlogika. That is, I want to rise above this law of cause and effect is caused by and live outside of the law, that he did not wearied. But then the next question arises: “And is it possible at all in principle.” We will then contact you as time to consider, to the logic does not hold, we are no longer guided by some kind of animal instinct rather than logic, we would have to endure to the logic. And here we are called to transcend logic and go into svehlogiku. And is it possible? Karma Yoga says that it is not just possible, it is in fact what we call the spiritual process, spiritual development, is precisely the care sverhlogiku. As far as long as we are in the plane of logic, neither of which the spiritual and speech can not be. On the contrary, mastering the methods of logic makes a person cynical being such businessman who what he wants, can buy and sell. It is an approach to life, an approach, as is sometimes said, a lot of money.

Example: What is the company policy will win? Who has more money to pay public relations agencies. That is, it is a question of money.

And, unfortunately, many seem to believe. Why? Because they do not once did it ourselves. They give us the heads, we think that we have ruled some people, and a more detailed study understand that govern gray cardinals, of whom we do not even know, and everyone else is just clowns. And here it is not that our country is usually accused, God forbid, by the way, our country in this respect may be the most honest, it seems to me, and the most transparent of the remainder of the world. Say in America as they win the Presidents, to be honest, this is probably the biggest state secret. Believe me, there is so much to not just there as financial interests and the financial interests of those in the so logical, “hardened” people are that we never dreamed of.


“Living and dead water.”


Logic – good, but the logic and lack of spirituality, using the terminology remember about living and dead water, the logic – is dead water, it conquers all diseases, destroys our problems of a material nature, but it does not solve our spiritual problems. She did not respond to our spiritual needs, because the world is more fantastic than the plane of logic, than the plane of karma. The world can not be understood only by means of money. Usually in all philosophical systems warn: “Money is not happiness.” And sometimes it seems trivial statement for kids: good to be honest, not in money happiness, but something more sublime. What do you think, do these systems have become dear to waste paper, the words on the trivial tips? No, this advice sounds of those very “licked” the logic of one who has learned to make money in such quantities that all other mortals do not even dreamed of. And only then, when they took advantage of all the benefits offered by the power of money, only from this position they can tell us that there are problems that can not be solved entirely by money.

Example: When I meet people who can not imagine, not what they can not, they do not want! They do not want to work, they do not want or what to decide for themselves. And they start to me with great views to explain that happiness is not about money, though they need the money more than all the knowledge of yoga together.

Another example: I sometimes these cynical people I meet. Come to me, ostensibly to study yoga, but in fact he wants one thing: fame, wealth, to an account abroad was a good sum. This is such a moment of self-deception. And if a man starts talking to me, not in money happiness, I feel hypocritical, and I’m not inclined to pay attention to it.

Therefore, this “dead water”, it is necessary, but it is dead water, so it is said: “Money can not buy happiness,” Well, at the money, everything can be understood: it is the application logic, application logic that you have everything under control , all costs paid. This may not necessarily be money. You can be as our rulers: quite poor, but all depends on you and what your money – and so you get everything you need without money in other ways. This dead water, it heals all wounds, but it does not give life, and is very difficult for such people become, because they can do everything, but they understand that there is no happiness from it. And then just come yoga and says that then need to go to the next level sverhlogichnosti. But once again friends, not before you worked out the logic. Sometimes I hear a very paradoxical statement, I talk about them all the time.

For example: I want to achieve enlightenment and want to make a million. Come to me, and the person says, “I will begin with enlightenment. First, enlightened, and then I’ll make a million. ” I say, “No, my dear, to attain enlightenment much more difficult than to make a million.” But it somehow seems that it is easier.

Somehow, it seems that to achieve higher results is easier than to make a good career or to live in the conditions in which you want to live.


Water of Life begins when you fully worked out all that you can work with logic, and at this point, as taught by Karma Yoga, it is automatically turned on the fact that we tend to think of the superpowers, for sverhchudesa or any qualitatively new level of being, when you climb on this logic. And it called for Karma Yoga. But once again – not before that did not work, like the fox with the grapes: the fox can not achieve any benefits and begins to blame. The fox can not reach the grapes and eat, and begins to scold, he sour, unpalatable. Or, in the continuation of this theme: leaving aside and starts yoga magical ways: recite the mantra that the grape itself came in her mouth – this is nonsense. In general, the universe does not like to jump over the stage.


Question from the audience: You say that you can not use the money to buy mantras. And it happens this way: a person does or does the mantra reads, and come to him some wealth. Or is it just bad.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It’s not bad, it’s good. Furthermore, there are methods that allow everyone to do exactly. But the question is that this is a violation of the second principle of yoga. By the way a very interesting topic!

For example, there is a mantra for life. Very often I hear: “I want to find a man in life, I can not.” There is a mantra that, as stated in the treatises, if you climb to the cave, you will cover the entrance with stones, begin to practice this mantra, you get it for a soul mate. There is absolutely no obstacle. Only this you will take more than a ridiculous amount of time. And you can go to the nearest place to practice yoga, to communicate with like-minded people and make it easier for its second half, so she found you. That is a rough component, it is several thousand times the accelerating process. You can read the wealth Manru whole life, so wealth and do not get, and get it in the next life. But I doubt that someone such a prospect would be very interested. And you can not read the mantras and to earn money. Finally, there is a third option: when you combine the “dead water” with “living water.” When you go and work, but plus reading mantras. And this is the quickest and most effective way. I’m not saying that the mantra does not work, I’m not saying that you do not get it. You will get, but spend a lot of time. And if the point? Again, we are violating the principle of consistency.

Question from the audience: You said that we should use all logical methods, and then all the rest?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I say the following: when they begin to put the cart before the horse when they start with something so intricate, incomprehensible to flirt, but something real and meaningful do not – this is nonsense. Combine – it’s wisdom, but in terms of what, what you need to be guided in their actions. Here we can recall the anecdote: Give God a chance – buy a lottery ticket. That is, it is roughly the same series, well, no one bothers you bought one, parallel to buy another, third, fifth and tenth. There is no contradiction, the contradiction is only one, that we are absolutely not concerned with logic and begin to flirt with sverhlogikoy. We have absolutely nothing to do which is not real, but think that there is something otherworldly he does. Do not make friends. Or, as in the proverb: A man is waiting, and the universe is waiting.

And as the most representative example and an eloquent example, take India where science Mantra yoga was brilliantly already known for centuries, but at the same time, for some reason, India was the world’s poorest countries. By the number of starving, dying – it is absolutely monstrous figures. But every farmer, every scavenger from morning till night, repeating the mantra, and now repeats. And what we see, we see that as soon as Hindus, the benefit in their time there was a British colony, began to adopt a course of action the British, that is, if there is a problem with the health care need no mantra to read, and fresh water to carry out, it is necessary either to sprinkle all signs of mantras, and drains better to do, then do not need a mantra from the plague and cholera, because it will not occur. And the progress they have achieved, now they take off, we will hear about them when they began to combine the two methods. That is, on the one hand he is a businessman hardened, and the other goes to a Hindu temple and pujas makes libations fuel to the fire, in order to multiply his wealth. And it works, when the rough with a thin, when the body to the soul

Question from the audience: Here we have some -That goal and we logically, step by step, to her go. Result, say no, and in the feeling that there is something, but we can not become aware of it, have to go on this line, that was the result. But then pass some time, we like to do or what not, but the result comes. It seems not all so obvious?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: would otherwise consistency and was not. For example, a person at 99% done some work, and one percent did not complete and tossed. It takes a year, two, three, of course he did not get the result. This is the mechanism: if you want to car went – tighten all screws to the last, the last not tighten the screw, do not go, and all entries will come off. Similarly, we sometimes: do 99% of some actions, and the last screw being twisted, and then it takes years, sometimes by accident, passing by the same engine, quite by accident, “Oh, postings torn off, and let me his stick a! “Once all the sticks, and left. Bah bah earned the next day. And we are in error: before that worked – neither of which is not received, and now neither of which do, got the result. Once again I say: it is an axiom that if we have not yet advanced yoga and yogini, and live in a plane of Karma – all that we have, we once gave birth to you. That is, if something comes to us – it is certainly due to the fact that we once did something. But we can even forget about it. Therefore, it we will have it again, what purpose, how hard we are working, and so on. But once again the logic and there are no miracles. All the miracles, when you hear, that’s the person that does not do, and that’s what got, even if there is sverhlogiki traces, these traces sverhlogiki never protivoryachat logic. Example: you know the famous stories about Sherlock Holmes, when he got the result, and Dr. Watson so surprised: “But how?”, And we do not know how he got the result, but the same result he immediately deduced from the chain of logic which -What causes and effects. That is all in fact the figure of Sherlock Holmes, by constricting standards it is such a fantastic figure with the beginnings of Raja Yoga. That is, the person who receives the result of using excess, but to explain the use of ordinary logic, moreover through the normal logic, if you sit down and think, you can get the same result, what Dr. Watson always convinced. In general, in fact, Arthur Conan Doyle was really such a following in many things, including a yogic knowledge. Therefore, if you get something that was not there, even if it does not fit in our head, but as long as we live in the logic of the plane, all of this should logically deduced.


Question from the audience: How to understand this point, when you do something and do not get, and how to go on – go this way or change something.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yoga on this account that does not say. This, as I said today: I had a problem, I did not know how to solve it. I know that it can be solved with a computer. I asked the programmer to solve this problem. He started to do, but encountered difficulties. He would have done it, but it spent two years. Suddenly, I suddenly know that the solution to this problem would be through other moves. That is, of course, I adjust their actions, if I see that chto-to not effective and, again, this I apply common sense logic: “To this I will spend 3 years and get a result, and here I will spend 3 days and get a result. ” Of course, it can be adjusted.


Question from the audience: And if you do not know, do not see any solutions?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I understand. But you see what’s the matter here: it takes time for our mind. No wonder then, that we do not get the decision. To our mind the most important thing to formulate the problem, and at first he vaguely understands the decision, but then the experience of all the sharper and sharper. There still is this ability of our minds, I do not want to touch this topic, as the logic of the process is realized on our higher mental activity. This is a very interesting topic, but I’m afraid you are taken away to the side. Our mind has many abilities that we do not even guess. And even in the logic plane: today we do not know how to approach the problem, but the most important clearly to identify a goal – what I want. And if we have set a goal – what I want to believe, the mind, not even letting you know about it, will run every second, somewhere in there to build new method. And then will issue a decision in one morning. But again, this is more the theme of Raja Yoga.


The second part of the seminar


Our universe was created with the specific laws. The law – this is what is constantly repeated, or that determines the action of some other parts of our universe, or the flow of some phenomena. So, in the universe there are laws, these laws sverhlogichny. We position our logic can understand them at all, they seem to us either delirium or some highest revelations, but unproven. As a special case sverhlogichnyh laws it is what is called the law of logic. And based on this law of logic are formed all the other laws of the world in which we live. Therefore, if we are in our lives, in our corner of the universe where the law of logic, confronted with the presence of some other laws, then, first of all, these laws should be subject to the law of logic. But there are also sverhlogika. It appears quite fantastic way, without breaking, without calling into question, the laws of logic introduces some of his adjustments, changes. The law of logic or law of cause and time, or the law of the unfolding of time in fact is called the law of karma, which says that all that we are living in a karma plane, it was precisely due to karmic preconditions. That is, if we are living in a karma plane, do some bad things, then over time we get bad results from which we suffer. If you do some good things, we get good results. But it is very logical, that is, we need to understand how this logic, we have to completely overhaul your life from the standpoint of logic, as we remember you, in many ways we manifest itself as not being logical. Rather, we show ourselves in part according to the logic, and partly, stereotypes, we simply copy. Sometimes it makes our lives when we have something to copy.

For example, one of the fastest ways to learn a foreign language – is to live among people who speak it.

 We unconsciously copied and thus obtain the knowledge, but there is also the danger of it all, when we unconsciously replicate quite logical, it is not appropriate behavior patterns and this even more confusing everything.


As we slowing down understanding of the law of karma.


So yoga encourages us to have gained true freedom, true freedom is possible only if we rise above the law of karma, the law of logic, but to rise above it – it is necessary to first achieve. That is, you first need to abandon the foolish irrationality and translate all the logic, and then rise above this logic and to go beyond the logic sverlogiku. Or, you first need to know that we live in a plane of karma, whether we like it or not, we get the results that have earned themselves, that is, we must first become aware of it. Why am I doing again on this accent? Still, each of us in ordinary everyday life tends to blame others, but not himself in those circumstances in which it is located. When we blame others, but not himself in those circumstances in which we now find ourselves, we are slowing down our understanding of the law of karma. So all just tempting.

For example: “Why am I so bad live,” the man asks himself. Very simply: “Because my employer does not pay me the salary I deserve.”

And a lot of examples can be driven. And we, instead of stopping, to understand the true nature of the problem: “And why exactly the same employer does not pay us the salary, we would like to be?”. Rather than put yourself in the employer’s and look at yourself as an employee and see that the directions we kakih-to just a problem from the point of view of the employer, he has, perhaps, doing a good thing that we are all suffering, but for this we must look at the situation from different perspectives and to understand the logic of why it is the employer does so. And vice versa, we fended off the analysis of the problem and say, “But he is bad, he is greedy” and so on. I cite the example of the employer and can be an example of an employee.

For example, I pay such good money to my employees, and he did what?

We can say that it is by definition “dumb.” And you can understand that perhaps this man is the good, only a system of motivation is not thought out in my company, which is not conducive to make it work.

Many such examples can be brought, but as soon as we start to analyze, we arrive in the plane of logic, and we will solve the problem. Sometimes a long time, sometimes rapidly. But if we blame everyone and everything, that in this way we continue to live and not logical.

Example: My wife accuses her husband why he’s so bad, does not bestow gifts, it’s not looking, and looks at other women. Or vice versa. That is, these claims can bring to each other and the world around one million. And we just do that to make a complaint. Claim is presented to parents, children, friends, enemies, people generally neutral: it is they go here.

As long as we do so, we do not behave logically. And we are not inclined to solve these problems, because we are more ourselves like mad animals, who do not understand that if a trap and it bait, how to tasty bait does not look, but if at the same time she is in a trap, it can not be touched. I’m sorry, there is not one decent expression, a statement from the ancient texts, I will allow him to quote, although it is very jarring, but it very well captures the essence of the problem. In my opinion it is from the Tibetan yogi, but quite often I had seen in other interpretations, that yogi himself compares with a dog that always comes to her, I’m sorry, “blyuvotine” and once more it eats, then it vytashnivaet again, it bad, she leaves and returns again and swallows the same. Around the same way we behave. Rather than analyze, we’re going to illogic, we go in the emotions, in some “schizophrenic” symptoms, in some bursts of emotion, that is, in those patterns of behavior that we pulled out from the time of life in the bodies of animals. And constantly stepping on the same rake, constantly filling the same cone. As the yoga, we keep it going as long as we do not start to analyze until we get away from irrationality and not come to the logic. And it is a big step. But then, completely transferring all my life, all of its manifestations in the area of logic or not moving, and analyzing from the perspective of logic, the yogi puts things in order.

Example: I had a friend, he was a very interesting biography. He got a job as a consultant at one of the serious enough companies to provide advisory services, ie those people who come to the company and say that it is you are not right, it is necessary to do so, is that you have income rose to You They were more competitive. That is quite a serious position he was responsible enough well-paid. And I remember his shock when he really got to work and went to the very real enterprise, where there were some problems: financial or organizational. And the meaning of his statements was as follows, I waited, I run into some fantastically difficult problems that will have the night unable to sleep, some graphics drawing, analyze where anyone any costs or vice versa, to increase profits, but all the problems lie on the surface. Well, to the point that a large percentage of thefts from a warehouse, he goes to the warehouse, and in the fence hole. And he says: “But did not try to shut down?”. Their response: “Oh, shut up, do not close – will steal!”. Well, of course, will steal if you do nothing either. The paradox, but he did not come across with the aerobatics, which writes all the smart books, there should be almost artificial intelligence applied to your business to prosper. All it proved to be so at the surface. Just had from once to see all of it correct.

Similarly, we are with you. We have a tremendous amount of energy of internal losses. We say, “Oh, how tired I am, I do not have time, effort.” Or all: money, time, or whatever. If we analyze, in fact, on what is lost, it turns out that there was a greater force spent on squabbling with friends and family: “I tried to teach them yoga, they rested.” We begin to come up with their own problems, and we believe that it is logical and reasonable, good and not good, but we did not even think through yoga encourages us to abandon this animal heritage. Or in other words, Karma yoga calls us first to abandon animal karma. That is, we used to be in the bodies of animals to behave illogically and, roughly speaking, a result obtained in the form of habits not behave logically up to the human body. And in the human body, our bestial karma is that it is not in our sin that we have someone ate when you were a crocodile, and that we have inherited this way of behavior, this way of making a decision unconsciously. Because only it is passed from life to life – general trends without specifics. And then we shall consider again the law of karma, karma is transmitted from life to life. The first thing we have to do with you – we must reject animal karma, or refuse to comply with the illogicality of the second principle of yoga religiously. We go on the plane karma.

The concept of freedom.


 The plane of karma – it’s all logical, all is clear, all to some extent predictable. But suddenly the man who brought all karma on the plane, on the logic plane suddenly starts to deal with the phenomena of life, or problems that can not be explained logically. These are all questions related to birth and death, it’s all issues related to love, and love is all the questions related to our spiritual growth, that all issues related to the concept of freedom. There is a notion of freedom. I do not know how you and I have the association with the word freedom was very dark. Why? I remember, back in the Soviet period was such a radio Liberty where preprotivnym nasal voice, I do not know where they took these immigrants, they’re so nasally, plaintive denounced the Communists, he was very strong antipiar. Maybe it was the intrigues of the KGB, they have put to competent speakers. I remember that I was associated with the freedom of this unpleasant voice in the nose. But we wanted to instill a consciousness of freedom, and the Association received are not the same. This is exactly the same and now we do not even try to understand the word freedom. Freedom, we understand any human rights, political freedom demonstrations in Red Square and shout: “I do not agree”, but yoga is not engaged in such nonsense. Yoga deals with the deeper meaning of the word freedom. – Freedom is when you are not caused by anything.

Example: sometimes I meet a man, he tells me: “I am free.” It is an illusion. He is forced to go to work in the end will soon come old age and death, it is not free from old age and death.

Yoga is committed to ensuring that you and I have found true freedom, freedom from everything, from all the laws that are in force in this universe, be it social, political, physical laws. From a person to detect its future. But in many ways the next day for us is not determined by us, the circumstances of tomorrow work – I have to go to work, do not go, I can not because I do not get the money, and so on. There is always a whip. Sometimes this whip obvious, sometimes the whip hidden.

Example: Sometimes it is a whip – a lack of money, there is nothing. Sometimes hidden whip – I will not be a respected member of society, no one will respect me, I will not sit as chairs, look at me, no one will. That is a loss in social status also whip.

Yoga seeks to ensure that give a person true freedom even from this. Make it is not possible as long as you and I are living in a karma plane, because by the very fact that we are with you in the plane of karma, we are no longer free. We are not free from this law of cause and effect, we run it on a circle: do good – get good, then tired of doing good, bad start to do – get the bad. And so here we can alternate between: us that there shall be, that there shall be. Then we begin to understand that it is cheaper to do good, but sometimes wake up some animal vesche and we start again to do bad. That is, it is such a hodgepodge. And as long as we do not come out of this plane, and we’ll run around in circles.


And here begins the main subject of karma yoga.


Once again I remind you, is not the goal of karma yoga you create good karma that you were rich, happy, and so on, as we understand from the perspective of his imagination. Example: That is our imagination, “I want to, I had a lot of money”, that is, we Meryem on this small level, as he thinks the ant, for it is happiness: “There will be many brevnyshek who need to carry and someone else sugar will drop, I’ll eat it. ” This conditionality.

Yoga tries to lift us up and over the bad and good karma over and above the general law of karma and the law of logic. But lead us not into dullness and lack of logic in such an animal existence, but, on the contrary, in an area called sverhlogichnostyu where we can exist in this world without being caused by nothing more than, including any cause or consequence. It is an abstract concept. Once again, my favorite subject, I always quote the “Alice in Wonderland”, where the queen went first blood from a finger, and then she pricked him. We think this is not possible, but on the action it sverhlogiki laws and manifest. And from that moment we can speak about some miracles that demonstrate yoga. These miracles may be different, at first glance, does not subordinate to any logic or common sense. But this sverhlogika never contradicts the logic goes beyond, beyond logic. Of course, the question arises: is it possible at all? In this respect, we can trust the authoritative testimony of all yogis and yogis who brought us this ancient knowledge that not only is possible, but more say not only possible, but also extremely necessary to what we really want to get not coming happiness . That is not the happiness that depends on the karma made good – get good and have happy and vice versa. And it is happiness that is not in principle does not depend on something that can not be destroyed. This state of true freedom – to rise above the level of karma.

Now, a few words must be said heavy, theoretical aspects, in terms of: how does it work?


Just yesterday we had a lecture, which was called Maya. I remind you that all of Saturday lectures we put in video and audio materyal on our sites: http://www.openyoga.ru, http://yogacenter.ru and http://happyoga.narod.ru/. It contains all the files. We have such a rule to write everything down and spread all within easy access. So the theme of Maya, is the topic structure of our world, and we came to the lecture to this paradoxical conclusion that the presence of Mayi us on the one hand guarantees the freedom of the will, but on the other hand ignorance enslaves us. Dialectical contradiction is quite fierce, even in the head does not fit that on the one hand it turns out that each of us lives in his own universe, and on its free will to no one and nothing can affect even the Absolute. On the other hand, in retribution for such an opportunity – to be independent in terms of his will, for that we have paid the price that we do not realize ourselves, see ourselves as their manifestations, that is such an illusion arises as a consequence of all our troubles.

I recall that in yoga, each position can be proved with mathematical certainty, with mathematical and logical, besides yoga does not contradict this principle that Psychometric never contradict logic. Therefore, any yogic knowledge – it is very logical to set out the concept of yoga. But when you begin to comprehend it, you not only that assimilates logic, but also get a boost in sverhlogichnost, that is, this knowledge still pushes you to rise above all of this, it is not expressible in this sense.

But we come with you to the conclusion that each of us has his own universe, which we weave themselves, just as the spider spins its own web, and then on her own living, which wove – in such lives. Likewise, you and I are now living in that universe, which we ourselves have created. All objects or events in your life today, you are facing right now, you have not been imposed by someone from outside. It is not possible, in principle, it says Jnana Yoga and this section Maya Yoga: is not possible to introduce some standards of others in your universe, everything that you see, you’ve directly or indirectly want themselves, create themselves, and now You reap results. And so, if you do not like something, then you should remember that it is you do and have done, and move in a different direction, to do something else that you would like.

Thus, the law of karma is reduced to the law of free will. Once again Yoga is extremely logical, it is simply because no one concept or phenomenon is not introduced, all comes from one another. So I refer to yesterday’s lecture (http://www.openyoga.ru, http://yogacenter.ru and http://happyoga.narod.ru/), who did not listen, and the start of a level, where we finished.

So, in order to implement the freedom of the will of each of us. Each of us lives in the “cocoon”, which is called “your own cocoon of maya” – their own illusion, in which each of us creates his own universe. Moreover, I have a free will and my neighbor – the freedom of the will. And what if our faith will contradict each other? How, then, be? That’s just the law of maya and allows to one universe could manifest itself and each person individually with their own free will and the Absolute with his free will. And what’s more, all the cases, the actions are not contrary to the freedom of the will of one another.

Conclusion: we each have our personal karma. That is, the results that we have our personal, and we have no one but does not answer. This suggests that karma is not transmitted and does not work.

Example: Unfortunately, I often hear the expression: “Someone threw me bad karma?” Friends, this is not possible in principle. Samoustroystvo world precludes such a possibility.

In other words, karma is not passed, it is impossible. Karma – is that we have created and that we are going to clear up the mess and no one else but us. Only we ourselves! Neither our parents nor our children, nor our friends or our enemies, nor the greatest saints.

Example: Sometimes I hear a difficult phrase to understand that the saint took over someone else’s karma. Friends, it’s just a beautiful expression in the sense that the saint has long been available for a long time, but he limited himself to about the same karma as his disciples that they had heard a lecture, sermon, as in all of these great saints. Otherwise, if he appeared in his natural state, he would have no one understood. That is, in this sense, yes – but not in the sense that the saint took over someone else’s karma, or transferred.


Question from the audience: It turns out people whom we think that they are not adequate, they are in a state of nature, we do not understand them.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The people we see are not adequate, and can be great saints or just abnormal. That is, they may prove to be a great visionary, but our logic is not able to determine – whether it is in front of us a holy seer or just mentally ill. And logic means, methods, cause and effect, we can not, in principle, to recognize one another.


So it turns out that each of us has his own world, his own cocoon, which each of us had woven for himself and in which he lives. And it lives in a cocoon, which he wove himself voleizyavil its weave, wove, and lives. And there is no way to impose their rules of the game into another universe, another cocoon or make a person live according to the rules of another person. By and large, this is not possible in principle.


Conclusion: With the Karma will have to work all the very, very seriously.


We live by the laws that we ourselves invented.


But here is another position which will facilitate our work. Actually, what is a law of karma, the law of logic or law of cause and effect? And the answer is: if our self because Maya does not consider itself for what it really is, and feels its manifestations. And accordingly, on this basis, “weaves” some of his preferences, likes, dislikes, and accordingly the case, something of myself repellent, something to himself draws. As a result of the law of karma is reduced to such a concept that we live by the laws that came up for themselves. And this explains the negative or positive effects of our actions.

Roughly speaking, if we are in a “cocoon” of his personal universe we assume that you can kogo-to rob, kill or kakuyu-to meanness done, thus we distribute these laws not only on what we see in its cocoon, but also automatically self-inflicted. That is, we ourselves have come up with the rules. As the call, so the echo.

Example: If I am in a past life allowed that someone can kill himself in his own cocoon of the universe gave birth to this law, it is clear in my next life I’m himself under it and hit it, that means I can kill. If I can steal, then, and I can steal. If I can do meanness, even against me can do meanness. If I can do opposite things, for example, to help all means, and I can help it. That is, it is a very interesting device in our world, which has been axiomatic yoga traces a chain, that the law of karma, the law of cause and effect is reduced or the fact that someone is sitting there and tracks: Now this man has done a good job, make a note of tomorrow give him a carrot, and poorly made, write him tomorrow do bad. That is to say, as if there is a third party monitor the implementation of the law of karma and yoga’s paradoxical conclusion: there is no tracking hand, there is no overseer, rather differently, overseer of his karma is you. That you yourself generate it, that you yourself make sure that it is returned to you, that you do it and pulls to get a bad result. And that next time such a serious work with karma.

Example: Sometimes I hear this interpretation: but as someone, the Lord God keeps track: it is righteous, as the villain. You remember yoga is distancing itself from religion. Yoga believes that religion – it is a private matter. Yoga is not against or for religion. Yoga can be practiced by the same person of any religious views, and an atheist. Yoga does not climb in these cases. But from the point of yoga is the answer to the suggestion that it was the Lord God sitting and watching someone to punish, who pardoned the following: that the Lord God to do no more than. Just imagine, you would be sitting in an ant hill and every ant the following: “On this the other a log selected write: mohnatenky, small. But contrary to this piece of sugar made so we can write. ” And imagine the cosmic mind, who do not whether something that every monitor.

That is, the supervisor is sitting within us and not somewhere outside. So it turns out that we carry within themselves the karma and a mechanism that ensures that this karma performed.


Question from the audience: You said that there is no overseer, but those same laws from the same come from? Someone wrote a separate program?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a separate issue. This is the theme of the seminar Jnana Yoga. When we have the appropriate workshop, we will look at these questions. In a nutshell, you can say the following: the reasons for creation of the world or its unfolding can be with the same degree to explain how introducing the concept of a creator-Almighty, and in the absence of it, it’s like the Buddhists – the great luminous emptiness or bringing some more abstract concept, for example, the law of the Tao. Therefore, this issue requires a very serious intellectual effort and the topic of another seminar on Jnana Yoga.

Let’s go back, it turns out that no evil force is not in charge of monitoring our karma, our life in the plane of cause and effect. We ourselves have come up with, ourselves and ensure that it is carried out. We once generates some phenomena, and we monitor ourselves to these phenomena led to corresponding results according to the rules that we have invented in their own “cocoon”, in his own world.

Again the question arises: what about other people, and how separate universes as they co-exist?

Yes, they co-exist, they can enter into interaction, it is a phenomenon that we are seeing. We are all gathered with the same interests, but with completely different histories with, moreover, with very different preferences, an inside look at life. And on the one hand, no one and nothing does not have the right to impose the will of others to you or any other people’s decisions. You do not care before, now and will always produce exactly those rules that will live for yourself. No one and nothing can impose to you or vice versa somehow slow down. But at the same time it is possible to see what happens at the other, and copy it to himself.

Example: Imagine you lived in a “cocoon – the world” and you come up with a bunch of laws. For example, when you were a wild man, you would say, “Oh, the evil wild boar with an angry wolf walk, we ought to get rid of them.” You could not find more fantasy like to think of what you have to kill them. All you have created in his “cocoon of the universe,” the possibility that someone someone will kill, and some will suffer from this. Then a neighbor wound eater, you too have decided, after thinking that the solution to all problems will be – to kill him, but in doing so you are putting yourself in the same position. Next is the neighbor is not a cannibal, and more or less sane, but a scoundrel, has fabulous wealth, and you do not have a penny, because he worked for his previous life, as you lay in the sun, did not do anything. But you have decided that it is not fair, and you have decided to take away his wealth. You kill and takes away from him, but in doing so put yourself in the same playing field: mean and you can now kill and steal from you. And once, at first glance, it was a direct expression of the will, but you thereby voleizyavlyali law: here live according to this law, and have all subsequent life you begin to live it according to this law. That is, if he can act against someone, why he can not act against you. And you yourself have created this wonderful universe, actually what we now see you on television, that every day someone is killed, robbed, someone having fun, enjoying life, someone embodies their crazy ideas. You once said, want a slice of this was such and such, but you want one thing and got another. And then you have the opportunity to look into the inner universe of another person, let’s say it’s great Yogi or Yogini Great, who built inside the universe of serenity, joy, happiness, where there is no murder or violence. This does not mean that she (or he) can prevent others build the inner world by different rules, but it just does not intersect with it. She does not have karma with this encounter, she had no karma to be killed, because she did not kill no one, and in it the universe is not possible in principle. We have a tradition of texts Ananada Swami, there is a product, the basic idea of his that the girl – a yoga teacher teaches a young man with whom she fell in love, and he was in it, respectively. And there are many stories about how she teaches her young man wisdom of yoga, and he looks into the inner world of harmony of this girl, and he understands how he razitsya from his inner world that he himself napridumal laws that afflict. And it is the highest thing that is in the world, and this thing and comes to learning. We can not impose anything on anyone, even the highest knowledge, but we can show that it happens, and it happens commercials, and leave the person in front of goal. The final word is still inside the person for what he prefers. But it is much better when there is a choice, when there is something to compare. Therefore, valued in the East, yoga teacher for the opportunity to see, and which is a model for inner peace. But to build a world still everyone should. That is, you can look at, and what it is and then, inspired with these, to rebuild what is. I still keep saying that in our university for the training of future teachers of yoga is one of the most difficult things in the world – is to teach. You have no right to invade another universe, you do not even have the possibility to impose anything, all your knowledge, or an attempt to impose a correct way of behavior, they are vain. You just have only one possibility – is to show how it is and coerce man to reconsider what he has to see that he is much worse than is, and start working for yourself. And for this it is necessary that there was a relationship between teacher and pupil, between the group, which teaches yoga teacher, and between those who listened to him. And unless some interest, it is generally not possible. Therefore, it is one of the most sublime and the most difficult jobs in the world – to be a teacher, teach yoga, not only knowledge, but also some the most common: mathematics, physics, astronomy.

Example: How many times a person will ask: “Why do you love math,” he says, “And I have a math teacher was cool, I liked it, so I know the subject.” Or vice versa: “Why do not you love the Russian language”, replied: “The teacher was bad, and I transferred this attitude.”

At first glance, a trifle, but this fateful change. And maybe, in the person Leo Tolstoy died only because the Russian language and literature did not like, or vice versa.

So, let’s sum up the kind of a theoretical and move on to the practice.

Thus, the law of karma, the law of cause and effect is reduced to the laws which we have invented for themselves. Once invented, it appeared, began to live, we liked it even more deeply. And so from one life to some things that we invented for ourselves and have proved effective in the form of laws, we have left, some thrown out. For example, I have developed a few basic laws of the universe, and the other person has developed a certain number of laws which correspond roughly to my laws. And here there is a tendency to the fact that I tend to deal with those people who have roughly the same set of laws that I have. Or in other words, birds of a feather flock together, and people tend to like themselves. That is always a saint in any situation the company finds itself holy, but the sinner is always in any situation finds himself digging sinners. Why? Because everyone still draws on its own: “That’s how I have those – I talk, if someone is too different than mine, I do not understand it.”

Roughly speaking, we are all with you come up with these laws, on the surface of the more obvious laws – the laws of our everyday life: how to relate to life: Do not kill, Do not steal, are moral and ethical. But axiomatic yoga says keep the list as far as desired, to the extent that we come up with in his universe the law of gravity, according to which the leaf falls to the ground. And all the other creatures have come up with the same law, and we all live in one universe only because in the course of a long evolution, we all went to this law, we liked, and we live. And somewhere far away, say, Alpatsentavre all come up with the law of antigravity, where everything is not attracted and repelled, they came up with there own and live under their own laws. And the universe is universal, she says: “What you can imagine, it will be.”

Example (about the Lord God): someone says, “I want the Lord God was”, “What?” “Well, a thunder, Zeus.” Someone says, “No, it is too fierce, let some loving invent” Dionysus invented. For this reason the debate on religious topics – the most monstrous, useless, hopeless and stupid occupation. There is no subject of conversation. Even if people of one religion who told you that they are on the same God. We do not know, so why talk about it. Opened by a man, well, you have to respect what was revealed to him, not in any way say that it does not have or is it the other way. Or that you have a heresy, and heresy is not yours, or “you will go to hell, because you are not of our religion. Therefore yoga, it does not contradict religion, but at the same time distancing himself from her. If you opened higher as well, so be it.

Thus, it turns out, we come up with its own laws, we live by it, and we are watching that they were executed. The following question arises: if there is no warden, who sees to it that you do if you do not have lists that say good or bad thing you have done, where is actually all that information is stored. To bad we did yesterday, and the result of this bad today. Where this information is kept all the time, kopilas, it is today a consequence of this cause, that is, that is a carrier of information about karma? The theme of karma has now become a commercial theme, as soon as people begin to be afraid of something, you can always make money on it. Home intimidate a client, and then whips him stories. The same fate befell such a thing as karma, saying: “karma – it is something black, terrible, of you it is necessary to pull out,” as if it were any chemical. I do not know whether it is nonsense, whether it is refined hypocrisy from knowledgeable people who are trying to intimidate. So, my friends, there is no substance in karma, so karma is stored simultaneously in all that we have done in his personal universe. Our personal universe is the very imprint, the keeper of information about what, when, for what will come. If you think that there is some special substance, special characters, or sometimes I hear: “Karma is stored in this chakra.” Though simple, though fall, it is with the same success can be stored in a different chakra and out of the chakras.

That is, a mechanism similar to the following:


1. First, we generate some kind of law, according to which we live.


For example, we assume that our universe might murder, then the universe takes this opportunity. But this is only a hypothetical, potential model, the ability, but still no one took it.


2. Then we have confirmation of their own ideas about the murder find some poor guy and make him into trouble, here already of a potential abstraction karma acquires a particular pattern. That is, as long as we just thought – is one thing, but if the thought did – after having done – whatever karma hanging on us. That is, in a fit of rage, many want to kill all of humanity, but never they do not reach performance. Accordingly, if they have karma, and then only from the fact that they are his thoughts, thought forms angered the entire space, sometimes also very dangerous.

For example, in the crowd of the instigator, he does not kill anyone, but he incites others to those killed, but as soon as embodied action, all karma. And karma anyone? If you have killed, you, and if you instigated, and then you will be. Who is the source, and he will get the result. That is, by proxy: let him do, and he will have bad karma. So very cynical trend in yoga was: I do not cultivate the field, I will not collect bread. Why? I happen to any animal will kill, and I will have bad karma, let these illiterate peasants do, let them be. What’s the difference? He grew bread for him, if it were not for this extra mouth, accordingly, this land would be no digging and no animal that would not kill anyone. That is, in this sense, karma does not go away.

Next is the direction we must remember that, as anything can confuse the marks, but karma always catches is the one who gave birth to her and never reaches someone wrong. However, sometimes there are situations in life when one someone did something bad, and take the rap for it another. But it’s just a subtle karma, karma is more complicated, if it unravel, everything will fall into place, everyone gets their just deserts. It turns out, therefore deserve. And no there should be no illusions it is not possible to have been made in something negative, and that he received a negative relation to the person if he did not have the appropriate karma. It’s impossible. But if there is this negative, it is sure to find the source. Why? Because we are his body structure, its structure of thinking, preferences, likes, dislikes, we will build it themselves after the situation, to get the result of the action: the negative or positive, that we have created. Then I miss a sufficiently large “chunk” of karma yoga, it is interesting, but more details the next transition. I omit it deliberately, so that we gradually moved on to more pressing issues for us.

Where is the Karma?

Karma is stored in all the surrounding universe and within ourselves, waiting only to produce results. That “Ay” you shouted, the echo is gone out into the universe, somewhere between him and reflected due to you to go back to the point, and you should be at this point. Thus, karma begins to manifest itself.

So, this piece we are missing.


What is a carrier of karma?


The carrier of karma is our body, subtle body, causal body. Not in the sense that it is steeped in karma: positive or negative, as is sometimes said that the body is a sponge that if his positive soak – Karma positive, negative-negative karma. No, not in the way. In the structure of our body, our karma is encrypted. That every action we did, as a result of any action it has had an impact on the physical and mental, and at some other level, it is “how to” print made. Here we are faced with some kind of situation, and we print. Then we go away from this place, but did not imagine the drag mark. That is, each of our actions, on the one hand, leaves a mark on our bodies, and on the other hand creates the conditions in the Universe. That is, one part “was coded” information in the surrounding universe and the other found the imprint in us. So the part that is imprinted in us, can be reduced to a fingerprint on the surface of your mind, that is the fact that in the Yoga Sutras says, unconscious impressions. Because anyway, we decide on the level of reason, that reason leads us to the left, right, forward or backward, it brings us to the reason some situations negative or positive. Of course, the mind is guided by what others say of the body, but in fact you can all the prints on the other bodies reduced to a print on the mind, or rather, you can reduce the overwhelming majority of the prints. And in many ways the seed of karma or karma, when to happen, it is stored in the form of unconscious imprints on the surface of the mind, or in the form of unconscious impressions. Even the ancient Greeks had a saying that if the gods want to punish mortals – they are deprived of their mind. It is the man himself makes such a coincidence, digs himself a hole, then to fall into it.


The seeds of karma are waiting for the right conditions to germinate.


Thus, there is what is called these prints. Once again, prints – they are neither good nor bad, they are, but, depending on whether they were caused by the actions, they are the seed of karma, or encrypted, or that program, the virus to be in X hour to wake up and work.

For example, there are programs such viruses that invade your computer and sit there and it seems like nothing, but some date or time, they manifest themselves.

That’s just as well, and our karma. We, for example, gave rise to some action according to the laws which we have developed for themselves, but the results of this action we get only when maturing all the prerequisites for this result. Until then karma is stored in the form of print and is waiting in the wings.

Example: turbulent 90s, when the bandits of all kinds and classes began to privatize everything that is bad, while killing each other, guilty, not guilty, because a huge number of states then it was done on a frank blood. And then you look, there passed ten years, he has settled down already and does not want to kill anyone. For you see, he himself and the family, and the kids are already staring at him and a legal business, does not steal, nay, even to pay taxes. Well, it would seem, the man got away with it, but nothing like this! Inside this Karma seeds only one waiting, they await suitable conditions to germinate, and the deceit Karma and at the same time with one of the methods do work, Karma seed can never germinate if no suitable conditions. Just as the seed of a plant that you throw to the ground, never rises when the ground is dry, and the seed is waiting for the rain, that’s just when the ground is wet – the seed germinates. Similarly, our karma, she is waiting for the hour to appear, this is its weakness, because it gives a reprieve, but as they say, “how much rope does not curl,” still comes a time when karma sprouts.

Example: Sometimes I hear: “Let us live as they are, people are all killed, robbed, not an honest way his fortune shackled, they all handheld goes contrary is now respected people on TV act, to live, we are taught, that, well, we must be so white and fluffy. Or in another way: some temple built. Trying to pay off. ” The question is: build the temple – it is really a positive thing, but it is in a different plane, maybe in the next life, he will become a priest, he, too, the temple will give for free, but no one from the previous karma is not freed. That is, each karma in his plane, and it is waiting in the wings. And yoga is not yoga would have been if it had not been life-affirming, if not let us hope for a brighter future. Yoga says that if you suspect that you have the seeds of negative karma, and they are, thank God, have not yet sprouted, the rain has not yet passed. So wait for that? Wait for nothing! Let’s try something to do with them, to neutralize. Another issue is how to neutralize, that is, as long as they do not germinate. On the other hand, says yoga, when it is already beginning to sprout, then nothing can be done. That has not yet sprouted, it is possible to do. Example: This is how a bomb is lying, it is possible to pull out and throw it away, far away or dismantled for parts. But if it has already started to explode, there is already too late to do that.

Therefore, the attitude towards the yoga karma follows that the yogi is not worried about the karma that has been and gone, let’s say you’ve done something bad and got it. Example: sometimes about our country say that what was a bad country in ancient times. Indeed there have been episodes or the most optimistic, but the price we paid for it two world wars, such that not even dream. And to blame us for the sins of old, when we’ve been redeemed, well, do not touch them. And also the yogi: “Who knows what my past was, you never know, I have screwed for some of his sins, I have worked.” Yogi is not worried about the unfolding karma in the present: “Well, I now have such living conditions, but they do not like me, on the other hand, has nothing to do, I get the results of what has sown long ago and now it does not change, so what good to lament his fate or grave blame all around, which is what it is. ” The issue is that the yogi is very worried about the seeds of karma, which is, this is really a topic of conversation, the rest does not make sense to talk about. And then there are very interesting things, again I emphasize, not for nothing that began with heavy axiomatic theory that at least you have a glimmer of understanding of the subject arose, that you have not read all this nonsense on Karma Yoga, with rare exception are simply nonsense.

Do you remember that karma is not transmitted, and it is impossible, that is, all attempts to throw at someone, do not waste time on it, nothing happens. Further, they say, there are diviners, healers, who say that they would drop you to damage, the evil eye, and that such damage, the evil eye – it’s bad karma. Why it happened – it does not matter, what matters is that it has already occurred. I would really like to see the addition of the healer on that psychic, who can really remove someone else’s bad karma, it is not possible in principle. That is to karma have to fight yourself, and I assure you that it will reduce your time to search for some kind of miracle methods. Remember that all these miraculous methods are fraught. That even if will create the appearance that someone removed the karma with you, then you pay off in full, and for your karma and what was removed, yet the percentage. Figuratively speaking, they took off, in fact, no one takes off. At best, this is an example of the bank: you gave money and you give them no money, they give you, go to another bank, take a loan at interest, returning to the first bank and the time of the problems you depart. But this does not mean that you buy off the problem, you have a second bank, and not only should, at interest should then have to pay in full for everything. At some point you can, figuratively speaking, freeze karma to sweat more “pay”, but to abolish it, no one can. Again, a nod in the direction of all the religious movements and teachings: the only one that can do with your karma – is the Absolute or the deity, according to your religion, in which you believe, but on the condition that it is an absolute deity, not relative idol cannibal tribe. Although it is very slippery theory, this is a topic of Jnana Yoga. Whoever Absolute, which is itself higher than the logic, it is higher than sverhlogika, it is above all, that if the Absolute does, then yes. But, my friends, a delusion that someone here on earth is a member of the Absolute, it can not count.


Question from the audience: What will make the Absolute? Relieve? Excuse me? Or how?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s not touch this topic. This topic is very private. I mean, that, my friends, God helps those who help themselves. Let’s not develop this theme. There is something to say, but to speak on this subject I do not want, otherwise we will leave aside. That is why I have this phrase ever said, because I know people who do yoga and that and at the same time profess certain religious views. And according to their teachings, there is such a position that, if a person with a pure heart drawn in the Supreme, Supreme will forgive him everything. I am not involved in every particular religion, religions are many, many regulations and so on. I want only one thing to say that, if it is meant to appeal to the Supreme Absolute, then yes, it says right in this religion. If it is meant for something in between, it is from the series: “hotelovo”, that is, it would be good if the series but none of that really is.

That is, once again, yoga with any religion coexists perfectly, but at the same time can perfectly coexist with atheism, that is a private matter.

Karma is not transmitted and does not work. What could be karma?

Karma or passing away we have created poor conditions for them and now “take the rap”. But once again I would not be yoga yoga, if not given more life-affirming practices. To a certain extent the negative karma can be neutralized by the positive karma, but if we did it all in the same plane. The law of karma will not be violated. The law of karma is not broken at all. But the logic is as follows, if according to the law of karma, it’s my favorite saying, your hair is destined to burn, no matter how they were not perfect, it does not mean that they have to burn on your head. That is what is sown is what will be reaped, but the question is, once again, I repeat this phrase: suffering is, but there is no suffering. It is not hypocritical expression, it is a very high philosophy, and it is in this that karma tendencies are waiting only hours to grow, just as the grain in the field waiting for the rain to germinate.

Example: Imagine that you are on the field planting some crops. You there was a weed to grow, and you land, there is a good crop plant, such as wheat. And take care of it, watering it, do something to it quickly sprouted.

So, there is a tendency for the same resource in the form of your mind and energy begin to fight two opposite tendencies. One says: “Go on the highway, take the purse from the passer-by”, the other on the contrary says: “Save lives to someone else and give him some money.” These two trends are beginning to fight and win a strong tendency, just as if sprouting wheat – it scored a weed. The weed can not grow, it lacks neither sun nor water. The trend remained, all left, will neither its own, but can not germinate. And this is another, very powerful for us to.


TWO opportunities to work with Carmen.


1. If you feel that you have any negative karmic tendencies, and you know that they may germinate under certain conditions, you by all means do not allow the occurrence of these conditions.

Example: The girl is very jealous. He understands that it is jealous, but can not do anything. Because karma seeds sown, and only waiting for the conditions to germinate. In the first place we must not create any conditions for germination. That is, there should be no thoughts, she should not put yourself to the level of being, that this zeal woke up. It does not have to think, “Where is my beloved? And, at the mistress. ” No, she should think, “It just delayed.” You can rush to the phone, and the farther, the more provoking themselves. The man then himself does not control and is in the dressing. And it is possible in a very early stage to stop and say, “I’m not interested. I am not interested”.

That is, within one tendency and another. This is a large stone when he slips, he turns into a huge snowball. But the most important thing and the small pebble not quit, and then a large coma will not.

Another example: You are a hardened, experienced an alcoholic. There we have a lot in Russia. And you tied. But, says the classic “pipe burn, the soul asks,” but you yourself holding back. But God forbid you to be in the company of their own kind, where the spill or be in a liquor store, you do not have time to blink, this trend will capture control, and you are going as a spectator to see how your hand pours a glass and, as you have drink. Usually they say: “He behaved so many years, and that’s one glass and away we go into the dressing.” Why? Because it was in these conditions. Therefore, if you feel that you get in these conditions, God forbid, avoid all the low places, avoid the old company, which communicated, so avoid talking about it, do not think at all, go away or loan as opposed to some other business. That is, it saves, yes, he is an alcoholic – grain karma may germinate, but until then, until you get into condition, the grain does not sprout. That is, if you feel like getting into these or other terms, you have shown a negative quality, that is, negative karma sprouts in the first place – avoid these conditions, and only then fight with these seeds.

That is, the first method: Avoid conditions.

      2. The second method: Contrary to displace. That is, make two tendencies compete for the same resource.

Example: Weeds and barley you grow in the same field.

Another example: You are an alcoholic. So you avoid all these drunks companies, but here you get to the store, where the company already drunk drinks, and wine, and all, and you have already drawn. But then you see the girl of his dreams, that you like, and you just switched to it. That is, you are your mind and energy dragged to forget even for a second drunken all the delights of life. She came out of the store, and you come out, that is, one trend is eclipsed by another. And other trends and remained in the grains. This does not mean that these grains have disappeared. If you go down the next time without the girl, they will germinate. But, if you really are in a time when neither there nor here, you can a tendency to vent another trend.

This partly explains sometimes certain psychological effect Mantra yoga when you feel some negative developments in, I’m not concerned with more esoteric, more in-depth action mantras that definitely is. But even from a logical point of view, can be explained.

Example: You are experiencing a state of mind that is about to unfold into something that you do not like. And you begin to read the mantra to yourself, and you like to pull your consciousness and energy of that situation, which should turn your karma, concentrate on the mantra and forget at least for a moment about the situation, and do not give it to germinate negative. That is why sometimes translated Mantra yoga, such as thinking that saves. Sometimes this treatment of reading mantras do not let your bad karma unfold. But the situation can be very different. Do you feel that is out of control, and you are just in the mantra went. Once – a dangerous situation is over, the conditions have changed and your karma will not want to grow. It also often happens.

For example: Sunday, holiday, it would seem, but people swear, and curse strictly to a certain hour, and starting from a certain hour they just do not want to swear. The confluence of lack of sleep during the week, some irritation, tension, all merged into one place, and it was at that moment was to relax when, if there was work, but it would be not to abuse – it is necessary to work to run, and there seems to be space and it would seem necessary to have a rest, but instead negative rushing. And if at the same time, those four hours, people are not sitting at home, and would go to a seminar on yoga have a dangerous period of time has passed. Then come back to the same people, the situation has not changed, people have changed, everything remains in the same place – only the other conditions: already and do not want to swear.

This is a very powerful techniques, they do not do anything with karma, as such, they just do not allow it to turn.


Working with seeds of karma, when they are already in the right conditions.


1. Finally a harsh work with these seeds of karma – it is when really all you have got to the conditions and they have already started to sprout, you feel that you have no control over themselves. Normally this argument, bickering in the kitchen, home. Why are they the brightest? Because that is what you are going through at work, there is the same, just stretched and in a less obvious form. You feel everything. Sometime in the past, it had the same situation when I was angry, beat the dishes, all beaten up. And thus my negative karma deposited that me to no good arguments, but suddenly it began to unfold, and in these new circumstances, I had to just do, but the other, and I no longer will the environment beat, and I will beat. Usually, hot-tempered people can flare up, someone to beat, he is coming with it one time, second time, third time. Then they get into conditions where they will no longer beat, and they will beat any healthy fellow. And the situation is the same, they feel that everything was going to happen, and it is called, gritting his teeth, does not appear this trend, and vents it into the opposite. That is, if I used in such situations was to the right and left punches to distribute and otherwise assault and battery to do, but now I was shaking with anger, and I’m ready to rush into a fight, but I think our favorite meditation: “May they all live We are happy. ” You will recall that in this meditation for the first time, we wish good luck to all those whom we love. The second time – all those whom we do not know, for the third time – we wish good luck to all my enemies. But they are just at hand. And you are one trend – to break his skull, at the last moment replaced by another trend. You are my universe at the moment of truth rebuilt. You used to be in the same time it built towards the negative: You said: “Voleizyavlyayu that in my universe will distribute to all punches and all beat.” And now at this very moment you say, “No, I no longer want such a universe, let my enemies will be happy.” By doing so, all the energy of the grain goes into its opposite. And thus you are on the one hand, and redeem karma, and on the other hand – turns it into its opposite, negative karma into a positive. Or the example of greed, jealousy, when you feel that everything you shakes, and you know that you usually then breaks through, and there were problems, but you do not give it a break and do the very opposite.

For example, you are prone to greed, and you yourself become overpowering and generous, or you were prone to anger, and you yourself become overpowering and forgiving.

At Winston Cherchel was a saying that every crisis – it is always a great opportunity. That is, any crisis – this is a great opportunity to change things for the better. In our tradition in our school of yoga, there is a more streamlined phrase: “Turn defeat into victory.” Yes, it was a defeat, I gave birth to this karma, yeah, I feel that I was shaking from this anger, as I cherished all these lives, yes, but at the same time, the energy of anger – it’s a great value, take it now converted into something valuable and useful. Yes, it’s very hard to do, but Yoga gives these methods.

According to the karma we were angry, we are angry, and the expression we have taken and deployed 180 degrees. This is a very powerful method. A man is usually in such a state in the molten, the outside shell of serenity, but inside all boils with rage, indignation. But if he will not give this break the shell of equanimity, while working for us. A little wait – did not let escape, but then something changed in the universe, a condition for the germination of karma has changed. By the way, this many astrological predictions are constructed, for example, Venus and Mercury are reversed and other stuff, but now we have scraps of ancient knowledge. But, just I want to say this is an extremely dangerous method, and require enormous preliminary practices to cope with this, are engaged in rapid methods of yoga. Rapid methods of yoga just relate to these conditions and what to do with them.


2. Finally, the next moment we were not expecting that at all nor create conditions nor the grain germinates, we just did in the opposite direction some cases. If ever someone killed – start giving life and it turns out that the one disease that we would have to get sick and die, it is on one side of the negative, which we did, on the other bowl positive. It is clear that bad karma, no one can undo, but we do not expect, when the disease comes, and do all the vaccinations, and then she comes, and we are rather than to die from this plague, but as we have a vaccine, we trim slight malaise. Head pobolela day. Why? Because we have done vaccinations in the opposite direction. We had a negative trend, it should have been carried out, we neutralized it on the positive, and it was neutralized. This is me telling you all on your toes, because if I had started from the point of view of the axioms – you are unlikely to be realized, as it is put into practice. In terms of the axioms we have to work with the trends, with negative imprints of his mind, because in the end it all goes through our mind and that he gives the nod to the action or inaction. And by and large everything is stored in our mind in the form of some kind of unconscious impressions that we received before, and the next event we interpret in terms of previous experience. You know, people who have not been stolen, is not afraid that his obkradut. The man, who had not killed anyone, not afraid of being killed. The man who never lied to, not afraid of being cheated. Conversely, if you meet a man who is afraid of everything, you know that he is the universe judge for yourself. He just came up for himself this universe and now is afraid of what he was doing, what he has created.

Questions from the audience.

Question from the audience: When we were animals, we had karma?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What do you mean when we were animals, and if we had the karma? And how do you imagine that the animals were great saints and yogis?

In the overwhelming number of questions can be answered on yoga, using logic. That is, if we once were in the bodies of animals, and now we are in the bodies of people, we are left with what is called karma, and we went through the animal body, it is likely that it was in the bodies of animals. Or what animals live outside of cause and effect? That is, it turns out that the animal is spared from the consequences of their actions? No. That is, it’s logical. From the point of view of logic can be overwhelming number of questions to answer.

Friends, I once again appeal to you more common sense, more logical, less any nonsense about the other, any nonsense about the unknowable. Sometimes I hear: “Oh, this topic is not knowable, it is impossible to understand. There is, indeed, the theme, where formal logic is stalling, but it is rather an exception in our lives than the rule. Of course, the animal has a karma, the whole life of the animal is entirely due to karma. That you and I are more endowed with free will. It will be interpreted as a qualitative leap between the state in the bodies of animals and the state of the human body in the following way: in the body of the animal karma almost 100% causes the animal’s life, and when we live in the human body, this percentage conditionality previous karma or actions less. That is, for all its painful crime, we have paid in the bodies of animals, but also have time in the bodies of animals has some positive things to do. For example, to care for their offspring or their flock guard when they were wolves, you can come up with a lot. Since the human body has karma smaller, more freedom.


From the audience: Maya greatly laughs at people and sometimes difficult to understand the logic.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Really do not agree with you, because you endow maya personality.


From the audience: Today, one logic, was knowledge of tomorrow – a different logic.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why? Logic, it is always Logic. Two by two is four. Neither three and a half or a quarter of four, namely four.


From the audience: Today, you know, yesterday I did not know.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, because of ignorance, because of the Maya we do stupid things.


Another question is: where does the bad karma?


Well, we’re in a previous life did stupid things, gave rise to bad karma. And what joy we make them? Why do we do then good deeds. The answer is only one: because of ignorance.


From the audience: It is necessary to think more.



 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I think it is sometimes useful. A You should not laugh, there is a state where thinking – this mortally dangerous occupation. Because, when the process of thinking is pulled out from under the control of our mind becomes our executioner. The mind invents us a way to get rid of the animal karma, but at the same time too developed mind that to himself, begins to terrorize us and himself to invent a torment for us. That is, the reason is quite insidious tool.


Question from the audience: In his treatise on Yoga Kriya says that it burns bad karma, those seeds that have not germinated. You mentioned four methods, you do not say that all karma can be burned.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I gave birth to some action, respectively, to come results. This result is also not by itself. It consists of many steps. That is, if I’m with someone I swear, I have to get something from the film? My muscles tense, I’m furious. Oops, one such clue – the muscles are tense, my face contorted in a grimace – again, another clue, the third – my thoughts frantically rushing around and so on. And it all comes at once and throws us back to where you should not. Now imagine that we gradually put under the control of the muscles with the same Kriya Yoga, that is when you have to strain when necessary – relaxes facial muscles and so on. And when this happens to us conglomerate: the muscles are tense, breathing is interrupted, thoughts running around, I’m in a rage reach for an object to punish the offender. But then I gradually begin to disable this component. Where do we begin to meditate? Relax the body, relaxes the face. For what? When the body is compressed, the adrenaline, it’s hard to control myself, but we have a habit from time to time to relax the body, so we disable the action of adrenaline. Accordingly, this grain of karma in the form of uncontrolled muscle action, we are at the expense of Kriya Yoga processed. When we have to strain when you have to relax. We divide the complex action on a simple, are working on the pieces, well, then we get a minimum or do not get. Therefore, this expression: Yoga burns karma, it is on the one hand is true in terms of imaginative yoga acts as if you burned a grain of karma, or otherwise it is said: it is necessary to take the grain of his karma, that is on the fire used, they will not grow. On the one hand, this is the right expression, it captures the essence, but only figuratively, but it did not transmit axiomatic specifics as one cog for another clings and why headstand leads to precisely this result, but Kriya yoga has to something .


Question from the audience: You once said that we, when entered into this world, we had the potential to karma, that is, we had the opportunity to do so anyway.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: After the break, we will deal in this topic, and this is due to karma, and with the birth and death


Question from the audience: You have said that karma was not always, there was a time when we did once, but did not receive for it.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is one of the yoga schools have such an indication. You see, we live in a world of maya, where we have free will. And one of the points of view, it is very interesting, because it’s very interesting results. How exactly is that, my friends, strictly speaking, we have come up with for themselves, even the law of karma. We decided once that in this world where you can not tell which way was up, which down, which is correct, which is not correct, that is, from the variety we have and come up: let all be for the law of karma, so that the result was only but no sooner than did the investigation.


Question from the audience: We can change the laws?



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, I’m sorry, you’re doing what here. Now my role, I had the opportunity to look into the inner world of the people who changed the laws, I thought about it and thought, and maybe myself to change their way of likeness, is beginning to change, change, not so fast, but I probably in a past life I have in the past life calls you to do the opposite, so I have the karma and now I’m doing differently if in a past life inspired you to pessimism from the fact that you are all creatures are doomed, now I have to redeem the negative karma and vice versa you inspire confidence and that is not so simple. That is, if the issue of teaching viewed from a global perspective, but in this sense I have from you is no different. We have a glimpse into the inner world of people of other laws, which are currently set up in his own universe, devoid of the shortcomings from which we suffer. And we are with you what we are doing? Ah, here they have so-and-so is great, and I have a bad, so may vary. If we like it, we involuntarily begin to copy it. From a formal point of view, the very fact that you have heard about this possibility, says that you have enough good karma to do with the subject of karma to work.


Suffering is there, but there is no suffering.


Question from the audience: I have heard that there is such a method, it is possible to search through the situation mentally.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I have already cited the example of a real case of life. What we call the negative effects of karma, and that is what we call the negative effects of karma – it’s all so complicated, so confusing and personally. I had one friend, went into business, created the company, earned a lot of money, then it so happened that one of the clients decided this business had to withdraw, he began to withdraw his senior staff, to outbid. And as a result, of course, when a company goes all the leading experts and only the cleaning ladies, what kind of company? This is a set of furniture and telephones with computers, it is not firm. And, apparently, this man such negative karma, the idea he has to suffer. Friends, he revealed to me the secret: it is at this moment happy, thanking a higher power, while the crisis was brewing time, and he knew that what they were doing in the light of decisions to be irrelevant. So while they were engaged in this business and get good money, they are, roughly speaking, cream collected, and they continue, by and large, have been long in misery and die themselves. Moreover, he is a decent man and an honest, he could not get out to the street of their employees, they are in a moment of crisis will remain penniless. He thought, as it were, to help them and then gift them to take him, he falls off the responsibility and headaches for these people. That there are such cases. That is, on the one hand it seems that the film should be, what should suffer, he did a company like his self-esteem. But probably in a past life did so, that now was the appropriate result. But as he was doing a lot of positives, the fact that it had to happen, that he had to lead the firm – he was led away, but this time it was not a curse but a help for him.

That’s exactly the same here, sometimes some situation we can not necessarily work in life, sometimes we can fulfill their dream, a dream can sometimes be much more real than life. That is, you have to go through some kind of emotion, someone has to kill someone, you see a dream where everything is happening, but it does not happen in life. Why? Because the physical component of you have experienced. Roughly speaking, as a felon you went for another article – under the mental torment. I’m on the go you cite such examples. I want to say that these issues are very complex, subtle. It called for yoga? Be extremely optimistic. All karma that has already gone. Which is what to do with it? Let’s not allow that to be. And in order to properly avoid the one that will be necessary, first of all, if we feel the trend of negative karma, we do the maximum possible, so they do not germinate, do not consciously give conditions for germination. That is, a tendency to feel fear. We do not give her to appear, as if we win the time, during which time we begin to practice the different methods, including methods of meditation in itself wins back the situation of fear. We played this situation of fear, no longer afraid. Sometimes in life we have to die, and sneezed, and that the disease has passed. That is, the tendency to weaken the torque limit. Or another example: you have such Karma: teeth hurt and spoiled. It is one thing – a tooth you had to break bad you karma, but you did not lose you in past lives invented science, invented dentistry, invented a dental anesthetic, and that’s happened to your karma – your tooth hurts, but you have already tried – you invented obezbolivaeschee you do analgesic, karma happened: the tooth had to collapse and fall apart, and you will not hurt. And you do not care, because you put a prosthesis that steel can bite. That is, the trend has not been canceled, but we can very well get out of it. Once again I say, were suffering, broken tooth, where it go away, but there is no suffering, because there is a pain reliever.

That is, yoga is very optimistic, but optimistic with knowledge of the matter.

Yoga is based on real knowledge. And by and large, if we talk about karma, it all starts with ignorance. We came up with everything, including karma, once it is the law of logic, it is the law of cause and effect – the law of the linear unfolding of time. But we came up with all this, in a state when we considered ourselves nor by what we really are, and considered themselves by their manifestations of maya, because the illusion. Therefore, we can “dig even more deeply and do not touch the subject of karma that many yogis do. They do not deal with karma yoga, in the sense that they are not concerned that if they had a negative karma, whether positive. They do not dig deep, they are quite naturally think that if I scatter maya, misconception about himself, then I will go to the level of a deeper than the level of occurrence of karma, that is, about any karma and speech can not be, if we They dug at a depth level of maya. That is, we come to such a level, which directly leads us to ourselves. Again, consistency, we told you that karma can undo only the Absolute, but we are a piece of the Absolute. That is, if we scatter maya reaches its true self, and I in fact and is a part of the Absolute, the Absolute, and maybe something with these laws and with all do. That is, yoga is logical. It is a thread of logic flows from one to the other, but on the other hand all logicality is not defined, because it is trivial, so it is possible and so to turn out, turn and commercials. But in any case, one of the most fundamental methods in the fight against maya – this understanding: what is Maya, maya mastery and consequently that we have surpassed it.


Death is not zeroing karma.


And a few of these comments. Karma, this thing, which may be in one lifetime, but also can be passed from life to life. In this sense, death is not zeroing karma. Death – it’s like the next series of the same series. Strictly speaking, our next birth is largely determined by our karma. Once again, I want you that freedom in our actions is very small. Most – conditioning, conditioning of those laws that we come up with for yourself. Conditionality those actions that we have done in support of the laws that we have invented for themselves, as a result of the established sufficiently dense world in which we live. Moreover, the time of death in this sense, not any time a new principle. Moment of death, it actually sums up one life, all the current events, some events from the active state takes in what is called karma grains, and our next birth is determined that it is karma, which we die. If we have lived with you a pretty good life, and following our birth in a fairly favorable conditions. If we have lived a life quite dubious, and the next birth may not be the best for us, but rather painful. Normally, then people begin to reproach their parents, they usually say: “My parents are bad, so bad my life was given, did not provide nothing more.” In this sense, madness and lack any logic to blame parents. I must say thank you that you have been given even a chance: to be born a man, not born some crocodile there. But by any reckoning blame for the fact that you were born in such circumstances neither your parents and yourself. That is, your birth is determined by previous karma. And so it goes from one life to this cycle. If there is karma, a person dying must be born. If we long for a long time engaged in yoga, sooner or later we go in one lifetime is on the level of karma, then, in principle, we can rise above this cycle of birth and death. And even if we die, we’re not born under causes the action of karma, and if they are born, it is only a free will position only for some higher spiritual goals that did, as they say in ancient times, yoga teacher. They have reached the point where they no longer have karma. But would still they came back into the world of karma, in this world of conditionality, only for one reason: compassion for all living beings, who are ignorant stayed here in order to help everyone suffering in overcoming this curse of karma, the curse of the law of cause and effect, which does not break. Moreover, in many ways it’s all described in the different schools of yoga. I really like in this respect, as described in Tibetan yoga. I will explain that such a Tibetan yoga. Tibetan Yoga – is the same as yoga, only if in the Hindu yoga is increasingly Shiva deity and some where the heroes of the Indian pantheon, the Tibetan yoga, there are mainly Buddha (Buddha-so, Buddha another something, and on essentially the same thing, is if in general take, the specifics, of course, differs they are all formed in a vow badham Svathi, is it in the next, that the yogi says to himself. “Yes, I have gone beyond karma Yes! I came out of the wheel of samsara. Yeah, I got out of the cycle of cause and effect, and more, in principle, can not be born here. I can go beyond this universe and implement this idea, for which the whole universe was invented. “But here there is a very noble and a deep emphasis: “I will return to this universe as long as there is at least one living being to whom I can help, I will be born even billions of lives, although I have no karma, just for one reason, that while there is at least one being alive, to whom I can help, interested in this. ” This is such a beautiful vow a vow called badhisvathi. This can be said of such altruism crown, crown beyond humanistic approaches. Also, he is deep in its latent form.

Gift teachers.

The same thing we see and yoga teachers who return again and again to this world, if there is one person interested in this knowledge. Well, of course I am not a teacher of yoga, as you know, I only convey the knowledge that we have lived up to. But I only can say one thing: the strangest feeling when you, for example, sets out some yoga, and no one comes, no one is interested, and you realize that this is some kind of karmic such a point that no one needs this knowledge. All those who would be willing to accept it, they do not want, they do not perceive it voleizyavlyayut. And always a great joy when at least one person interested in this supreme knowledge. And it is very mixed feelings: on the one hand you realize that teaching yoga is very difficult, many organizational problems and so on, but if there is a living thing, which you can pass this knowledge, it is worth it, and vice versa, the time, when there are no living beings, you are “as if” free. But the fact remains that these Yoga teachers are born, not having our own karma, but only in order to teach us. It is for this reason that we possess this knowledge. If there were no teachers without continuity of karma, which returned to this world, transferring this knowledge to us about the state of vnekarmichnom, no matter where we find out if we ourselves have not yet reached. Therefore, all that we are now discussing with you – it is a gift, it is a gift to humanity, it is a gift from teachers of Yoga, a gift that will help us greatly to get rid of suffering.




Question from the audience: What about karma children, it is somehow possible to influence?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Karma, by definition, is not passed. we can not influence it. We can only do our duty. If we feel that the kids some positive trend, then, of course, it is our duty to strengthen. If on the contrary we feel that some sort of a negative trend – it is our duty: in every way to resist it, but it will then we, unfortunately, can not substitute for the will of our children of our own will, they are free beings and that they make decisions. It is our duty – to make the best of all.


From the audience: his example?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: his example. And an example only and works. Nothing else works. People they are already old in the land, they are used to, they say one thing, but actually it’s different. Again, this is Maya, which makes one assume the other.


Question from the audience: But there is a level of logic, there sverhlogika something even higher there than sverhlogika?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We would give the god to get sverhlogiki.


Question from the audience: Can an example to understand what sverhlogika?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What do you mean, what sverhlogika?


From the audience: Love?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, love sverhlogichna.


Question from the audience: A sample of Sufism, as they make it illogical things, this may be an example of sverhlogiki.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It can be as an example sverhlogiki, and an example of the idiocy. Try to figure it out there. I, why say this so hard? Now divorced for our country such a guru, go roam. They’re ponachitalis these books and begin, I apologize, then urinate in public, then the carrot is. In general behave very poorly. And all kind make it clear that they are followers of a higher level and that we mere mortals do not understand their actions that they have allegedly runs into some deep revelation, but, in fact, scammers or just crazy. And just try to define. Apple trees on apples determined. But when I see that it is as carrots are not eaten, how many do not defecate in public – to mankind from this became better not, I conclude that absolutely cheater, though God knows, maybe it’s the seeds that germinate in five lives, remember that went there a carrot eater.

The way out of the plane of karma, which is now unfolding.


We probably most of this topic, my friends, we put the next seminar on Karma Yoga, because, as a rule, we do not have time to make out the whole theory. Now a more practical point of Karma Yoga. So, we each have our karma, what is it expressed? It is expressed in the fact that we live in the environment in which we live, do what seems to us to do, go to work, sometimes without even thinking why, but in the long run, because we have karma such : if we do not go to work – will not get money, or will not be famous, famous, that is, someone whip tempted, someone more sophisticated things, but in any case we have what we have. And one of the most practical sections Karma yoga – is how to treat this. That is, we have already decided that no one is to blame, that we ourselves have created it, that karma is not transferred, nor is it the fact that we now have really done themselves in our karma. But how to relate to what we do with it? Yoga says the following: that it is possible to treat this as a punishment or a reward for previous negative or positive karma, it is this attitude of the victim or the person who enjoys the last effort, so as long as I still have a positive karma, I will rejoice. Example: oh, not until the crisis started, I buy a fur coat or something else will. That is, he feels that now is something terrible. This is the position of the victim. Karma yoga calls us to the winner’s position. On the one hand, what you have right now – it really is our karma, but on the other hand – this is a chance. And with this chance, we can not only to atone, to get rid of previous karma, which now takes place, when it is too late to do anything, so she now takes place, you remember, that no longer has to think about the meaning of the karma that will. But there is another method: it is karma, which is now unfolding, it is not enough that we live down the fact that now there is, but if a particular way she was treated, and specifically relate to the duties which are imposed by karma on us, we we can once again turn defeat into victory. And not only that to get rid of this karma, but still go out, but in general to get out of the plane under the karma consequence of the karma that is already there. And in this regard, Karma Yoga makes a very serious stress: we have to work with you, whether we like it or not, but we must work: clearly – not openly, directly – indirectly.


Three types of employee.


Karma Yoga tells us next, that there are three types of employee.

 1. The first employee works out of fear that we really need if we do not work, no money, no housing will remain, and we go to work for fear of prompting. This is the low motivation to excercise karma.

2.Sleduyuschaya motivation, that is, because of which people work, is the work of award. As a rule, a person who is very long runs and have a good professional in his field, he is not afraid to remain without a piece of bread, as he says, he is always himself be able to find a job, and there are few that scares in this life, but he has a different motivation – the motivation to work for remuneration. That worked well, get a lot of money – I will be happy, or I have been promoted or to open a new discovery in science and I will be Nobel laureate. According to yoga – a more preferred or more higher state than the work out of fear. And yoga encourages all to move from the state of work because of fear in the state of operation of the award. But the work for remuneration such as an intermediate option in this ladder.

3.Est third state: it does not work out of fear and not because of the reward, not because of the carrot and not because of the stick, and work because you think it should be done. Strictly speaking, that you are working – on one hand, you will reap the fruits of their karma. But on the other hand, knowing that you reap the fruits of their karma, and you realize that the work should be done and not doing it out of fear and not because of the reward. But if with all that you will be free from the results of their work, both on the positive as on the negative, and will enjoy the very process of work, every second of this work, you will get out of the plane of karma. First of negative and then in positive. Example: I work, I not only do I work because I think that the work should be done, because more than that, I enjoy this job, whatever it was, and is not tied to the results of labor.


There are no uninteresting work.


There usually ask the question: Well, how is that so? Sometimes the work is interesting in any designer there, sometimes boring work from some where the janitor? There are different job? What yoga categorically answers: there are no uninteresting works in principle. Since the universe is deployed so that you do it, then it has exactly the same potential interest, some unspeakable, maybe secrets that you open when you start making responsibilities that you will pick up on a very high spiritual level. I emphasize again, no matter whether the job is considered creative or considered routine, prestigious or not prestigious, respected, not respected, Karma Yoga says, anyway.

What is Luxury? What is not prestigious?

All these concepts of karma plane. Yogi must go beyond the plane of karma, so such details should not be interested in it, the yogi should interest more than relevant. So that attitude must be very honest, vo-vtoryh, very creative, v-tretih, very involved, v-chetvertyh without binding to the result of work that was not fear of punishment or fear to gain kakoy-to result. That is, it works without fear, without work conditioning, work as if you were out of karma. Just imagine for a moment that you have is karma, and you are engaged in this work, not because you have someone to punish, and not because you have some reward, but because, as if you were already free yoga and yogini and moreover, they believed that this work should be done, so also prepared her pleasure. And this is a very serious and deep inner attitude, an inner relation to this yoga, which is the main method in Karma Yoga. It is in this regard signed the biggest secret of Karma Yoga. That is, if you so will treat your work, you will quickly extinguish all their negative karma, very quickly accumulate the desired amount of positive karma and will drop very quickly both. So the question is in relation to.




Unfortunately, the scope of this workshop do not allow me even to develop this theme, let’s at least something practical: take a box of matches and start to work as Karma Yoga teaches us, lay out his own name, spread nicely to heart rejoiced. If you set up, think about how to decorate it further. Apply creativity.

Practice: Students and the rest of the workshop participants spread from matches their names.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Everyone likes?


From the audience: Yes.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now you take and whisk it all.

Non-attachment to the results of labor.


It is in this sense that you should not be tied to the results of their labor. There are different options for such a practice is a yantra, when people spread the mandala. In this respect, I very much like this: we had missiles SS-18, they nazyvlis “Satan” and then there was such a thing, have signed an agreement on disarmament and sent the missiles to be scrapped. And I must say, every rocket – this is how the fate of the man, or rather for each missile is not just the fate of a person, and of generations. There’s not a single screw or a bolt not, to him it was not paid for sleepless nights, everything is “licked” to the limit. Why? Because the country require security, the country required that was a nuclear parity with the United States, it is now trying to convince us that America is white and fluffy, believe me, there are also a “rogues”, as elsewhere, they had to be restrained. Rockets were worth a fortune, so we are still living with you without shelter, without roads, our cars are very poor compared to western standards. We did not live for the simple reason that we have all the resources spent on national defense. I repeat: there is every bolt – this work, if you will, the technical art. So much money, so much effort, so much, that is, until now we are for this lot do not, because then we did it. And then gathered all the missiles, then as always, these Americans are ubiquitous, well, they are like children, resent them sin sometimes, they immediately happy, having fun, and of those of the designers who created them, they know that for each of the these works of art is, it was nuclear parity, if it was not, strictly speaking, it is not known what would happen, and here they began to cut and cut. And the barbarous way, you know, could be on the beautiful destroy any there Electroscissors huge, it all falls apart. A rocket looks really nice, but here it ‘hryas “in half, all milled. And a very interesting reaction of the chief designers, the perfect tranquility and equanimity. Although, imagine a lifetime doing something, and now it’s breaking. And this record showed one of the quite respected yogis, and he said, “is the supreme act of yoga, these people are very honest work that they have done this work of art and then quietly” whisked “. As well as a Tibetan monk, who three years could pour mandala made of sand colored, and then sweep. Why? Because it is believed that this is one of the strongest, most powerful practices, just to neutralize the action of karma. That is, if you cease to cling to, so if you are comfortable with, you would like to some object or phenomenon pumped prana it there very much. You have spent years on it, and then quietly, completely somewhere so with serenity and took it all brushed. And at first glance, the works of your, well, purely material, labor turned to dust, but on the other hand, teaches yoga stands a colossal number of the spiritual prana that fills all the place where it all happened. Therefore, it is a purely symbolic act, even if in our country, and there was some negative karma, then that’s it, if you will, the rite is washed away simply washed away. Because there is no “clinging” no illusions. And when there is this grasping and when no illusions, we understand the effect of maya, so that all occurs, all developed, and then it disappears, so invented the world. And by and large, people are not happy from happy to be distinguished. The poor man, he is on to something long chases, can not catch it, catch it and grabbed a stranglehold and can not let go. A man happy, he quietly takes it very seriously working to achieve something, it takes quite calmly and quietly with this parting. And once that happens, here’s the deepest impressions, the deepest shade in our mind, that by and large, and poison the rest of our lives, that we cling to what we need to let go, or vice versa, do not pay attention, do not put your work to where to invest. Here it makes us either happy or not happy. If you realize that everything in this life comes and goes all in this life. And most importantly, enjoy the time that comes and time to let that go. That is, if you catch the greatest sense, you get close to an understanding of maya, and if you get close to an understanding of Maya – you get close to an understanding of how to neutralize karma.

Therefore, what you have just done – this is a very specific exercise, and spread not, putting his heart and soul, all the skill, all his design approach, not because you paid for it will pay or not, because you are for it to be scolded if you do will do. No, you no money for it does not pay, you will not blame anybody, but you like to invest your prana, and then destroy the shell and prana in its purest form.

But, unfortunately, we did not have time at this seminar to consider this issue, that if you want to pay off, in a good way, of his bad karma, he goes one such most commonplace coin. That is, if you do something to someone stole, then you have something to steal, but it can be what is called pay off. Or, again, I repeat this example: What if the neighbor in the garden apple tree grew, and you steal the apples. And in the next life situation should happen again, you have to give him the apples, then you can do what it is: an apple tree to plant, grow and then give him the apple, well, the ones that have. You can do this more rational way is to pay him any apples, and money, in fact, all parties will be satisfied. It may well be that many living beings in this world, hungry for your blood, quite legally, we do not remember that we are there can do something like that, so it may well be that each of us has such dire debt, which “give god “and pay off, so to speak. That is what it means to pay off – to neutralize the effect, for example, a tooth hurts, and analgesic effect, can prana. And prana can be obtained if you properly treat that comes in and what goes out. And you can do it as such exercises, but the abstract, that’s just how we are with you do this exercise. But over time, you will learn the same attitude to carry all your work. Example: You will come here tomorrow to work, and you will hang on the stick or the carrot. And I call on you from tomorrow and throw carrots and sticks. If you have a job – work honestly, do not work because of the carrot and not because of the stick, work because they have to work, work, because the work must be done well, does not work because you will be paid or not paid, scold or not to scold, but simply because you think the work should be done well. And find in their work, whatever it routine you did not seem to interest on you to continue to work, and you would be involved in this process, as the person who is reading an interesting book, or playing an interesting game, or watching an interesting movie, absorbed in something that he likes. And, if you do this work out if you are at least one day so worked, then this you approach neutralize their negative karma and the accumulation of their positive karma, and on the other hand, get close to that level, when you get all of the karma and positive, and negative. And to top it all, remember this aphorism: “If you want to be gods, behave like gods, if you want to be free, behave now as if you were free.” Do not accept the carrot does not accept the carrot. And that your inner attitude instantly change everything. This is one of the most profound mysteries of practice Karma Yoga. As for the theory, we look at it with you to the following seminar, she, believe me, is very interesting, there are many other details, but, unfortunately, we are constrained by

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