2008.02.24 Seminar Karma Yoga



Karma yoga

Each of us is born somewhere, everyone has a mom and dad. Each had a childhood – someone good, someone not very much, everyone was youth – someone fun, someone in the works. And now, each of us lives in a different state – someone has serious financial problems, someone less serious, someone they do not exist at all. In different ways we spend our time – someone has to go every day to work, someone at the school, while others may do nothing at all, that’s his way of life. Each of us came into this universe to a certain level. And the result is the next thing on the one hand, we face the prospect of doing something or something is not done, it is within our power, but on the other hand, a part of our lives rigidly determined. Come on, try to work does not go down! Money not paid. The money will not be paid – there will be nothing. There is nothing, then, it would be bad – it’s like a rough whip that drives us through life.

There are less rough whip. I earn, say, not so much money and twice as less. So I imagine a new mobile phone is not buying. So, to show off to friends, there will be nothing. Accordingly, my status in their eyes will fall. This whip another plan, it is more subtle. There is not question that, live or die, it is the status of the whip.

Our situation today can be characterized by two things. First – this is where we are absolutely free, and the second – where we are absolutely determined. Moreover, due to sometimes completely invisible way. Sometimes the hard way, when there is nothing to eat, nowhere to live and no mate. Sometimes a more sophisticated way. For example, I bought a “Mercedes”, and he – the old model, I want a new “Mercedes”. That is, there is the whip that drives us through life – these are different things that make people move, of varying degrees of sophistication. As a result, we do what we do. We go to work, or learn, or something else doing.

So, all of this, in general, called our Karma. All that you now have – the result of all those things that you have done some time in the past. In the past – this is not necessarily in this lifetime. Past spreads from the point of view of Karma, the previous life, life before this life, and so go back. Therefore, all that we have now, we have made for ourselves. The question immediately arises: Well, what about, here is born the only son of a billionaire, he’s not doing anything, he just lucky? Probably, he was such a good Karma, that he was born to wealthy parents. Why? Because in a previous life he was working very seriously, he got rich and gave their children the same good position, and now the situation is, roughly speaking, turned to his own advantage. He asked the rules of the game of life, and they began to come true in his life.

What encourages us to Karma Yoga? Stop whining! If you think that you have been uniquely sad case in life, you know that it is – the question of evolution. Through this stage of development, when we start to whine, are absolutely all living beings. We Noah in different proportions, but no one here is not to blame. Sometimes people say: “My parents are to blame.” They have nothing to do with it. Or the economic situation in the country is absolutely not guilty. Actually, no one to blame. For everything that you encounter, the responsibility solely on you and more on anyone. It follows from this conclusion that Karma is not transmitted and does not work. That is not someone evil something bad did, and you take the rap for it – is in this universe, it is impossible in principle. It is impossible for you to hang other people’s sins, and you can not take advantage of other people’s achievements. At first glance, it is sad news for you, because it is – the end of the freebie. We sometimes think: “It’s somewhere will let itself and let itself be all right.” Nothing like this, in this universe, all that you have, you’ve earned yourself. Nobody is to blame, and no freebie fails. If you see other freeloaders and they become models for you – it means you have such refined Karma: not enough that you are not lucky in life, because you still with the brains out of luck, you can not understand the law. But on the other hand, this is a very optimistic situation of Karma Yoga. It says that if we want something, we’ll be sure to get and the faster will start working in this direction, the faster we get those conditions and those moments in life that we now seem the most attractive. Of course, it all depends on the effort that you will take up the creation of your new world, and what you had done in the past. If before you make a move in the opposite direction, it is now necessary to make a double movement: first – stop the trend, and then reverse the situation, move it in the desired direction.

Sometimes I hear such talk: “Behold, I was angry and bad parasite, did nothing, and now yoga books ponachitalsya decided Monday or Tuesday to start a new life, and has just started a new life as a problem fell on me.” The point is not that these problems were provoked by the fact that you have been actively rebuilding their lives, and that your world is mechanically rolled into another abyss, as the car derailed, and you have braked sharply. When the car is braked sharply, all is flying off the shelves: cups, spoons, forks, passengers, luggage. On the one hand, it is unpleasant to collect the suitcases, to collect fork, remove the spilled tea, but on the other hand, you have to stop falling into the abyss. And absolutely no connection between the fact that you decided to change your lifestyle, and the consequences that immediately begin to pour in on you. You just slowed down this negative trend, and then you start to accelerate in the right direction, and everything is going well. This is the very first thing you have to understand yourself.

Stop whining! Stop moaning, grumbling and cursing his fate bitter! Enough to shift the blame to someone “evil”! Please note, we have always someone to blame: the president, the politician, America. Aliens have secretly captured – are to blame. Mysterious conspiracy fringe, who under the heel of the whole globe of the earth! We can find eternal justification, that is the source of the evil power, which we spoke in the wheel inserts. The only source of evil forces in your personal universe is you, no one else. But the fact is that the way the world: as long as you believe in the non-existent things, you animate them!

A famous example about the rope and the snake. You go on the road, and then someone threw a rope. You think, “Snake. it will bite “now. You stop, you see a snake, and you begin to get round it, as if it was a real snake. You go around through the swamp instead of going straight on the road. Here are just ivvashey universe: as long as you believe in this nonsense, someone to blame for your fate, you feed the illusion of its own energy.

So, start with the fact that mom and dad are not to blame for the fact that they – not billionaires. It is not their bad Karma, and yours. Themselves get rich and make mom and dad billionaires. Do not blame any country, nor the president, nor the Americans, nor the aliens, no Osama bin Laden, nobody.

Blame ourselves, because there is such a thing – “Karma”.

The concept of Karma is very simple, transparent, and, to a certain point, not even interesting. The concept of karma – it is the law of cause and effect. All. Is the concept of cause, there is the concept of the investigation. I planted the seed – increased spike. There was a reason – come effect. All this together is called the law of Karma. If I put a good bone, then grew a tree that gives the delicious apples, I put the right seed, and I then from this well, this is a positive Karma. If I planted a seed of a weed, he went up, and then I am suffering that all overgrown garden, This negative Karma. If I did something and it is not clear whether I enjoy, whether to cry, it is a neutral Karma, that is, it does not conduct any way or that way. Therefore polozhitelnaya Karma Karma is different from the negative only one thing: whether you enjoy the fruits of his actions or will suffer from them. If you enjoy the fruits of their actions, it is a positive Karma. If you are suffering – negative.

Now the subject of Karma operate not quite neat people. They

trying to intimidate us, start telling stories. As a rule, they have all signs of creeping schizophrenia. Man tempted simply stops listening to the chatter, and the inexperienced can be misleading. Let us today with these delusions finish.

The first misconception. The principal difference between the positive and negative karma there.

The second misconception. Karma can neither receive nor transmit. Therefore, the statement: “Hats Karma!” – Or, “Oh! I see you damage. On your karma dropped! “- A yoga point of view, it is nonsense. This is nonsense, calling the attacks Homeric laughter. But this is a whole industry built on squeezing money out of gullible people. In a person’s life is not glued, it is already there, and poked here and nothing has changed. He heard somewhere about Karma, reads the announcement: “Burn Karma for a thousand dollars. Guaranteed to become white and fluffy. Verne money at bad result. ” It quacks purest water, your karma no one can throw or throw or shoot. The only boss – the Absolute, the one who is above Karma, but he might have something to do with it. All the rest – fixers. If someone says that he – master of Karma, you know, either this man must fall at his feet, as he the incarnation of Jesus Christ, Krishna, the Absolute itself in the human body, and ask him to bless you, or the person is delirious, so do not treat it seriously. All that you have, you have made yourself, and no one will no longer interfere done differently.

Let us return to everyday life. We get up early in the morning or in the afternoon, or evening, everyone has his own way of life, and we need to do something: to run to work or feed their children. This is a situation in which we find ourselves. It was made for not only this, but all previous lives. In this sense, no death. Death – it’s just a change of scenery. In fact, everything in your life is on the level at which you left off at the time of death (with certain reservations) – at the same level and are born. This process is continuous, but there is a caveat, then we will consider it, the theme of death – a separate, interesting topic. All those actions, aspirations that we once wanted to carry out, has led to what we have. Sometimes the question arises: “How is this so? I suffer from the fact that I have a small apartment. Did I once dreamed or invented for themselves a universe that I had a small apartment? I want a house on the highway Rublevskom five floors up and down, with a helipad. Really wish I could have a little kvaritru? “You see, what’s the matter here, sometimes wishes come from the back side. Imagine the situation: you live in the woods. Every day getting wet in the rain, you have nothing to eat, and you want to: “If only I had a roof over your head, heat, and no one would have chased me.” You set the conditions, but have not formulated them. And the universe said, “Good! To the head did not flow, you will have a beautiful studio hruschevochka neighbors – alcoholics, they sing without ceasing, songs about the homeland. ” You asked, so as not to drip, and not to the neighbors did not. After all, in your tribe, in the woods, they too drunk and rowdy as well, but you were cold and not up to them, they shout song or not. On you just dripping.

It turns out that we continuously generate desire and according to them are starting to do something. But before we do something, we have a motivating impulse of desire or necessity. And the result is that now comes to us as a necessity, it was once our desire. Rather, the desire for something else, which indirectly led to such results. As our classics: “They wanted the best, but it turned out as always.”

In relation to the Carme, absolutely all the points that you are unhappy in this life – the living conditions, your environment, your parents, children, brothers, sisters, friends, neighbors alcoholics (list may be huge) – kogda-to was your desire. By and large, all that you have formed themselves, though veiled, where one action gave rise to another, and another – the third, the third – the fourth. All of this chain is not the most obvious way passed around and returned to you the same, but not in the manifestation that you have done, and in the other. This is the law of Karma.


Karma positive and negative, in principle, the thing is the same, but how to distinguish them? There is only one criterion – is you. If something comes to you, and you are suffering, then came the results of your negative actions. If something has come, and you are happy, then came the results of your positive actions. And in what form it all can come here sometimes happens phantasmagoria.

I have a favorite way, when a person has lost everything, but in fact, suddenly begins to feel happy. I know a man whose company led away. He created it for a long time, and it picked up and taken away. On the one hand, it would be sad. It can be said: “This is your negative karma.” And he himself was happy, and understood that it really is a positive Karma. All of this – a series of actions, but to determine the condition of karma we are, we can only ourselves. No neighbors or our favorite guy or friend from across the street – no one. Only one criterion – we enjoy or suffer. If you enjoy, then, it was a chain of events that led to this pleasure, and if we suffer, it was the chain that led to suffering.

And that gives rise to it? If you come any situation, when I start to suffer, what it has created? Yoga, in this case, clearly answers: our negative actions. Later, we will discuss what is meant by this, it is a very abstract concept – a negative action. If we did something bad to someone or something, it will come back to us the same. If we did something good to someone or something, then it will return to us in the form of a good result. And there is no confusion. But Mark Twain has a wonderful story about the dangers of doing good deeds. The man begins to do good deeds, and receives a negative result. He helped a dog, she, poor, dying, came with a broken foot, and he healed her. The dog has two led, the same. He healed them, and then the whole pack came. He healed them, too, but when he died of rabies, then bequeathed to his successors never to do good deeds. This sophisticated weave our own own negative karma. Sometimes we perform some action in one state, then we have something changes, and we are committed in another state, and it returns to the same motley succession. Sometimes they say that life – is a series of good bands and losing streaks. Nonsense! Life – is a series of returns of your actions. Today I have a good mood, and I’m doing good deeds, tomorrow – on the contrary. Accordingly, the pulses into the universe we send it positive, the negative, and they are reflected somewhere and come back to us, then positive, then negative. You should have no doubt about the fact that for the good things you only get good. Even if you think you made a good appearance, and received a negative result, then you should know that in this situation some intervened earlier Karma, perhaps more subtle, and confused the rules of the game. But this law – the absolute, fierce, terrible, inexorable law, the law of Karma. All this is valid as long as we are in the plane of Karma. You will do well – you will receive good. You will do bad – will be getting worse.

What is the science of Karma Yoga? Yoga we are asked: “Do you like this situation, when you rigidly conditioned?” Science of Karma Yoga invites us all to go beyond the law of karma. This is a completely new state of being. Now you do good deeds – will come to you a good result, do bad deeds – will come the bad. And so it will go on forever. And if you do good deeds and get good results, there is no guarantee that the result is a lift you spiritually and in the long run make you more free. Good deeds, in this sense, are no different from the bad. Neither one nor the other did not raise us above the plane of the law of Karma. Yoga urge to go beyond the law of Karma! Do not deal with negative karma, not to accumulate positive and go beyond it and become truly free. You wake up, and hard whip is driving you to work, school or anywhere else. Yoga calls for this whip in your life was not, it calls to rise above the level of the whip. But, like any science, yoga – absolutely reasonable, sensible, consistent, and therefore Karma Yoga offers some ways technology. How to go beyond the action of Karma – the issue is devoted to Karma Yoga. Not the way to accumulate more positive Karma is not how to prevent the negative turn – no, this is not the question of Karma Yoga. More precisely, it solves these issues, but they are – secondary, technical. The main question – how to get it from the law of karma at all. Karma Yoga offers to do it this way. Please do the maximum number of positive, good deeds, to offset or neutralize all the negative things that you’ve done before. You and I “wonderful” track record! In the past we have screwed you so – I’ll pass I can not! What we are just not doing, and several lives in a row. We have generated if some conditions that lie ahead, we have sown, and the germ has not had time to grow. Some events on the horizon waiting for us because we have planted them, but we do not see them, they have not yet sprouted.

The first thing that says Karma Yoga: “Make it so that the grains do not germinate at all negative.” How to do it? Neutralize them positive. Therefore, whenever possible, the wise yogi doing good deeds. From the standpoint of Karma Yoga, to be good – beneficial, thus you will neutralize its negative case.

Many of you have been abroad. For example, America prospers, at least outwardly – all the people smiling, greet, and New York City is generally considered the second most polite city. Everyone is smiling, welcoming, ready to help and suggest how to pass. You arrive somewhere for us all gloomy, seen as remnants of the enemy against you. Why have there right? This is the flip side of the business, they realized that it is profitable, but it came to this at all on the other hand, with the eternal Hollywood smile: “Oh, how are you?” I know it’s kind of hypocrisy, it is external, but it works, positive working . What encourages us to Karma Yoga? We do not know what we did in a previous life, and this made all sorts of questionable behavior, and yet live in the plane of Karma. The plane of Karma says that the law “as you sow, so shall you reap” has not been canceled. The fruits of our negative cases are just waiting to be developed, and we should, first of all, do not let them do it, and then we will have a foothold of a good life. And this time, force, energy, we can then spend to make a breakthrough and a push towards spirituality, towards yoga and generally get out of the plane of Karma.

The negative neutralize the positive, and then negative and positive reject. So if you hear the phrase that the yogi seeks to amass a huge amount of positive karma, so it’s kind, and partly not. Positive Karma is only needed for only one – to offset the previous negative. But after negative Karma neutralized, it does not care to do it, it comes out of this plane.

We must strive to do good deeds, like a fairy tale, where Ivan Tsarevich saw the hedgehog apple rolls, and helped him. Ivan Tsarevich has its own problems and Koshcheev immortal, and with the Serpent Gorynych – it is not up to the hedgehog, but no, he is a good man, he struck apple hedgehog, and he whispered in his ear, where the sword – kladenets lies. Everything is interconnected. Therefore, if you encounter in life with any situation, then, of course, do good. Very rarely the case falls to truly help someone, or to do good. This is a great chance. It is much worse when approaching the negative karma, and you have nothing to outweigh it, and you can not do anything good, and katishsya into the abyss, and nothing to cling on inclined plane. This is a critical moment in his life, when, and would be happy to do good, and to no one. There are no people or circumstances, nothing at all. I’ll remind anecdote nineties, when there was the term “new Russian” – the rich people. So, the “new Russian” died and gone to hell. He was told: “You rob, kill, give you a day that all this would be redeemed.” And he, having been born again, went on the subway and said: “Good people! Take the money, who can! “And everyone was handing out packs with dollars, because, from the perspective of the coming reckoning for any start to cling to.

Now the more practical aspects of Karma Yoga. We now live in the environment in which we live. And Karma Yoga teaches us how to do it is now, of all the possible actions and directions of what to do and what not to do, how to act in the most rational way to closing the hole of negative Karma quickly as possible to get more positive and go beyond it. This is the path for life.

In Karma yoga the key word – “work”. Generally in our country the word “work” meant something quite terrible. And saying we appropriate: “Work – not a wolf,” “From the work horses die.” For many work – a curse. Come to me, and the person says, “I have been studying yoga, but I need to work at the factory every day from eight to nine, and to communicate with the ignorant, who, besides beer, do not see or hear anything, I have to go to work.” Let us analyze this point. The man already has what is. Those with whom he communicates, he has created himself. The fact that he was working at the factory – this is a consequence of his previous actions. His neighbor is an alcoholic, who works at the same factory, good to do nothing and get paid – it is a paradise for him, everything is very individual. And the man got to where it was, the work he clearly does not like, and he believes her negative karma. Moreover, it tends to something positive and asks for advice: “How can I be? What to do? “The Karma Yoga gives immediately the very first advice – to work honestly. Pay it or not, good or bad thing, but if you hit – work honestly. This is a negative gear in the mechanism: the more honest and good will to work, the faster it will scroll.

Usually people cry, that their work is annoying, they do not want her to leave and can not understand that such a negative attitude, they exacerbate and prolong your life on the job, which now suffer. If a person realizes that he deserved it, that we must atone for our negative karma, it begins to work honestly and very quickly flipped Page negative to positive. This is the first, which begins with Karma yoga, although no one in the head is not necessary, through the right or left nostril does not breathe and mysterious energy of Kundalini through the body not to drive, but just goes to work. But depending on how it goes, it does, with what thoughts, motivations, his most ordinary work becomes the yoga! Place your work has been selected for the universe to you hyped this place all that you laid, and while you do not, click in my head will not, and will not advance to the next level. Therefore, there is such a position in the Karma Yoga: any job, like it or you do not like it, there is the greatest chance!

Our fate has given us the work, and if we begin to implement it as Karma yoga teaches, we are not only quickly redeem their negative karma, but also go to the next level, and this same trend raises us above the Karma. The fact that you now have – this is the greatest opportunity. Hate you work perfect hatred or adore, and in fact, and in another case, it is Karma Yoga. Depending on how you will be treated to the work, and will keep your spiritual advancement.

Now, once again about how to relate to their work. Karma Yoga encourages us to work honestly and fully perform their duties.

Suppose you have a pre-negotiated job, and you can work in a slipshod manner, moonlight, do not be a marriage and the workplace. Someone you will control, but marriage finds out only later, and like all of you will go with it. You can be lazy, be sluggish, but this will only prolong your suffering on this job and will continue on a new, if you go to another job. You drag on for a baggage of negative karma. Karma comes after us even through birth and death, and little can be changed by simply changing the place of work.

Let us examine the theme relationships with family and friends. Many of you may be the sad record of the divorced wives and husbands abandoned, but in the sense of a change of partner is not. If you are not changed, the next man or woman will be the same as the previous. They may look different, like other things, but the situation in which you have to remain the same. Until then, until you change the rules of the game in itself, life will present you the same options. The very first, what encourages us to Karma Yoga, it is honest work and honest talk with the people who sent us life. When we will do so, then the negative, if it is eventually recycled, and the lives you will breed the very unpleasant people. You will leave for a new job, or find a suitable partner, or your old partner and wiser to change, but this is a private moment. Sometimes we ourselves are the cause of all their problems. Usually, we see that people do not take advantage of this unique opportunity, they whine at work, they feel bad, wages low, conditions are not the ones and boring and sickening. Stop whining, you have to work. What you will begin to work quickly, quietly, the faster or conditions change or other work will come.

If we go on unloved job, it’s a whip, because they need the money. Karma yoga on the matter says the following: if the work is a whip for you – you are on the very first stage of spiritual development, when a person is driving the need to work. But if you work honestly, without a moment’s idle Werth-cool, you do not have time to whine and wail, then you work to displace the negative, you have no time to think about it. The less you think about it, the less are in the field of negative emotions, the better condition your mind. Such a person is working and forget about all the problems, that the work is not interesting, the main thing – to spin, rather than the smoking room to run. And if you would be so for long enough to do the first thing that comes to you – something that you will work on any fun, absolutely any.

Once come the first stage, that any work you will be working at full capacity and at any job you well, according to the law of Karma Yoga, you happen some miracle you will become effective on the job will not walk because of the whip as you do not. You can sit at home and think: “Go to work or retire from it” because you will already know their value and will always find a job. You have no fear to remain without bread, without shelter, without the respect of society. By the way, the respect of the company – one of the strongest whips. He is stronger than to remain without a piece of bread. This is the second stage in which a person is practicing Karma yoga. If it works not because of fear, because of what? As we usually people think podnapryagus here now, to earn money and then go to a guru to learn the Himalayas. All podmaslyu, to my tippet to the most important brought, that he personally taught me. This is the motivation of future benefits, and self-serving. Such a person is working, if the benefit is shining on the horizon. And if you do not shine, why work? He finds another job, or will not work. This second type of people, it is significantly higher than the first. If you belong to the second type, if you have a goal of opening his own business, earn a million, fabulously “up” and go to the Bahamas, you have to be honest work in this direction, to be in operation. You will work on a habit – if you did not have this habit, you would not have risen to this level, and would be in a factory employee, still have groaned that the salary is small, and it is bad, and bad. This is Karma. You climb to the second level, where there is already a carrot and whip like to be seen. But in this type of yoga is also considered to be quite flawed. Because you depend on future profits from the future results. But if you are honestly working for a result, you get it.

After you type a positive karma on this level opens the third level. You suddenly find yourself thinking that you are working not because of fear, not out of future profits, but simply because I enjoy the work, you’re wondering how the children who are playing a computer game. From the fact that they killed all the monsters, they are no real profits do not get, but captures the process. This is the third level, it is considered a level yogi. Yogi does not work because of the fear of being without money, does not work due to the fact that he wants to disrupt the giant jackpot, it works because the process of work gives him pleasure! Will reward or not, it captures the process, and if you then also reward will be, then all wonderful – but will not, well, God bless her. This principle is called the principle of Karma Yoga: learn to work so that there was no fear that you kto-to scold or punish, and leave without compote, or, on the contrary, that there is no selfish interest that you kto-to praise, money will .

In the West, in any sane organization of incentive system is so well established that we would learn. There are constantly stimulated either salary is added, either by career increase, or both, and more. In some companies, you can become a co-owner, if long enough it worked, went to the uppermost, you know this company as their own. To further stimulate you, you say: “Part of the profits from our business – yours.” There are very delicate mechanisms for promoting human. So, when the whip left without food is not threatened, comes incentive awards. But such people are also flawed, because if all of a sudden it will not increase wages or not add, he will feel unhappy. A yogi seeks to do to get out of the field of action of Karma. He will not, in principle, to have whatever phenomenon or the circumstances of life influenced him positively or negatively, he wants to determine the cam when he pleased, and when the cry. The meaning of Karma Yoga – get out of the plane of Karma. When you reach the third level, you’re not out of fear or because of waiting for the result, and enjoying the process itself works. But if the result will be – well, no one says that the result is not needed: enhance – wonderful, will not increase – too wonderful, I – in the process. If the yogi develops a habit, and long enough so that work happens next, or click one: the yogi begins to rise above the level of Karma. And here is already beginning yogic miracles. All of the supernormal abilities that open up for the yogi through Hatha Yoga, Pranayama yoga, kundalini yoga and other yogas, quite naturally, inexplicably begin to unfold in front of a man who, in general, even formally yoga is not engaged. He just honestly working on their work – not out of fear, not because of the conscience, but because he can not work badly. Axioms simple: if you leave this level, when you have no fear that you compress or longed waiting fetus work you somewhere inside liberating. The internal channels and venues start to work in another way, the energy flow in a different way, naturally cleansing the dirt, but you kind of like yoga is not engaged. When the channels are cleared and centers, known energy flows come into your mind, your mind starts with the influx of these energies to work very differently, and you both on a silver platter, see all the secrets of the universe. All supernormal abilities come to you naturally. All that we have, we have created ourselves. If you want something better, we begin to work now. It is more reasonable to desire not the best conditions, and to generally get out of the operation of this law.

Leaving is not necessary in greenhouses, and in real life. Moreover, Karma Yoga claims that the conditions in which you live now, your place of work – the most ideal for you to work out the karma that you do not need.

The universe every second and balanced in every point in space. She led you to that level in a place with people, and brought those forced to do, to have opened up prospects for the maximum jerk up. To succeed in yoga, it is not necessary to go to the Himalayas, to search there for a guru or secret teachings, and work enough to the point where you are now there, but to work, first of all, be honest, and secondly, to chip away at the victim’s position that life driving whip. You will become effective – you have a problem go away a piece of bread. People say, “Poor conditions”. The bad – because you made them very bad. Even in the worst years, even in our country, I have witnessed how people started from scratch and literally climbed to such a height that the other forty years only going to take three months. And it’s not that lucky or something like that in the cards, it was the aspiration of the people.

First. We are working honestly and remove the fear. Honestly you start working – you will immediately notice the employer. Do not notice the employer – will find another who will appreciate your ability deserved. The first step – get rid of the whip. The second stage – to stop working because of the reward. The award – the same stick, but not foolproof. The award, honor, respect, social status – not all is measured by money, and we must give up on it. And finally, to work to get pleasure from the work itself. If the two previous stages are passed, comes next. If you start to work not for the awards, and the process of work gives you as much pleasure as a result of the future, while working for you. Counter involved, but only to your side. Not like in a taxi: how much to take and how quickly you get a qualitative leap.


Question: If we consider that the positive and negative Karma differ only in our attitude and our sense of it – we suffer or enjoy, the reason and the positive and negative Karma is within us?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Everything that we have, we ourselves have created.


Question: If we change this reason, then, for us, in principle, there is no negative and positive Karma, and positive can be converted into a negative and vice versa?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: There is a very delicate moment. This is to work directly with the trends. Trends Karma can be reduced to the tendency of the mind. As a result, on a more subtle level, it comes down to the structure of our body. We have mechanisms that cause pain, joy, and if we control them, then climb over them, and we really do not care what the reason – positive or negative. The trouble is that we do not control these mechanisms, so just go and not be able to throw.

My long experience in yoga, and not only in yoga, it shows that life can sometimes dodge most artful way, we find the Achilles heel pain and influence. Even yoga, which would seem to have passed the fire, water and copper pipes, even their hard need deploys and starts to pull his hair. Therefore, from a theoretical point of view, if we have risen above the identify itself, our “I” has risen above the level of what it is not, that is razotozhdestvilos with its structures, not necessarily the physical body, you will recall, there is still thin, the thinnest causal structure , then yes. And if not, it is a matter of time. There was a negative karma, and what she finds an incredible detour that we have to drag the hair, make the move? Therefore, Karma yoga – is, first of all, a very practical issue. But the simple declaration that there is little addressed. Not enough to say: “Now I feel bad, then it is my negative karma, and I’ll consider it a positive. And enjoy. I feel bad right now. Knock me again! “This artful subterfuge of a higher intelligence, which is trying to deceive. You can really endure the pain, but it does not mean that the patient pain, we redeem the negative karma. Karma sees: “Yeah, does not suffer, the rascal! Come on, now I’m something more than a quirky find. ” Not so simple.


Question: Enjoyment of the work comes spontaneously, naturally? Or is it necessary to generate some way? The path of selfless service described Sivananda is one of the methods?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Yes, definitely.

Q: So you sum up myself to this?

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Thin topic. We try to explain Karma Yoga on your fingers clear social phenomena. And you can try to explain mechanistically. When we start doing Kriya yoga, body aches at first. So it is at work, “I honestly do work, but all the same working conditions are bad, in the collective work reptiles, and get away from them nowhere.” Just as the rusty gears start to rotate slowly all, the more we work faster and faster, getting more experience, the more all of us inside polished. And, of course, must be a certain state of mind.


Question: Sivananda explains very well the position that you are working not for the sake of, for example, its director, and for the sake of the Absolute, the Supreme. Because we so easily?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: This is just one of the moments of explanation, but, by and large, the Absolute does not need our work. It turns out this is a subterfuge, deception. Absolut created this world without asking us, but it still comes down to us, to the rules of the game and to the errors which we have. Karma Yoga in a deeper sense, brings us to the fact that adhering to such behavior, we realize that with what we think we are, we are not. Not that of our activities some benefit to people or the universe, or we oblagodetelstvuem humanity, if we look at these activities from the point of view of people who are involved in it. Like as we help them formally, but in terms of our “I”, there are several other ideology. Everything began to spin, and I razotozhdestvilsya with what I am not, and higher realization comes that my “I” is not working and at the same time, completely absorbed in his work. But this inner awareness. Reducing everything to the service – it was good, sometimes in different situations is good for themselves to come up with such control points, sometimes good cheer himself: “Yes, I help all of humanity.” We promote yoga, including sites – www.openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru. If it does not move – it is useless. I’m fifteen years old and I bet, of course, can afford to say, “Well, okay, after all, a noble thing you do!” But this is also a subterfuge. Sometimes it works. But, by and large, it is not. Everything I do, I do not for humanity, but in order to be realized. I understand what I am and what I am not. So all invented.


Question: How Karma Yoga deals with the principle of “Sow a reasonable, good, eternal”? The reverse side of this principle – “is lined with good intentions road to hell.” This is especially important in the relationship with relatives. You can assume that for them it is good, and they, on the contrary, believe that bad.

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Karma Yoga says the following. Once upon a time in the life of us had the chance to make someone nasty. That’s only on this day to write a denunciation of colleague and it was in that moment, when he was a salary increase. If earlier wrote, would not have worked. Later – also would not have worked. That is disgusting, we were able to make only a certain day, in certain conditions. Similarly, a good deed. Here, the same conditions, and the fact that we consider good for other people, they may perceive a hostile reception. In fact, try their relatives pound in yoga, it is the violence on your part, and they will say: “Lord, where are getting away from it”


Q: But if a man changes his personal karma, it is one condition, and if it starts to interfere even in someone’s karma, it’s harder.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: The question itself is not correct. In principle, we can not interfere in someone else’s karma. We weave his karma given someone else’s fate, and we can not get into someone else’s karma, everyone has their own universe. And there, in principle, do not climb up, you know? Absolutely no, this is just an illusion that we interfere in someone’s karma.


Q: So if I hit someone on the head, it does not mean that I changed his karma? Just his Karma such that I hit him on the head?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva A: In a way – yes. But this is a very good excuse for Scoundrels, “He is guilty, let him not go where I am.” So can anything justify. By the way, you have touched one of the most interesting, but unfortunately, the monstrous. This is a topic that, for example, as India was from the state of the superpower in the same condition that we see today. There, oddly enough, the leitmotif was held as follows: “Oh, you feel bad? Oh, you poor? From plague die? Well, I’m sorry, my dear, you have such Karma. Well, the die itself. ” This can sometimes be cynical guise of “I – white and fluffy, and if that’s so bad you have, then, in a past life he had done something.” Here we can not judge. Game of the Karma can be seen only from the highest position. Therefore, a person dies, for example, to death. Certainly, if it had happened to him, perhaps he once worked on a, in this sense, but this is no reason for it to condemn us, or be cruel to him, or say, “torments! Yes, we do not know your past life, but if you suffer here, so it should be. ” it

very vicious path, and it is, unfortunately, partly destroyed, including, and India. This approach has not very good feature, but it can be, and the continuation of good features. Indian society is divided into castes millions, podcast, clans, sub-clans – until a single person. And this unengaged wrongly. This is completely contrary to the Vedic knowledge that India has. But, unfortunately, the knowledge of which has got into the wrong hands, sometimes it becomes a cover for the villains, so if some situation, it is best to analyze it from their position, and not with the position of the counterparty.


Question: Do I understand that when a person suffers, he thereby redeems the negative karma?

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: One girl I once said: “Five minutes of eternal torment.” There are such suffering as five minutes of eternal torment … Not that “The clock is ticking – that I am happy, but I suffer, that’s half an hour hurt, so less is left.” Karma Karma and the fact it takes for a living. Many yoga and yogini childhood prepared themselves for the greatest life full of hardships and dangers in the service of mankind, prepared for the fact that they will be tortured with a hot iron, hang on hooks or strongly beating. They began nobly serve the people, but nobody beats on hooks no hangs, only subtle confluence of social circumstances or relationships with family and friends, with her boyfriend, girlfriend, living conditions somehow not significantly add up to a picture that most die I want to. Although apparently preparing for another. Karma will find a way, as they say, to take us a good hair and drag. So on one hand, yes, suffering, we, of course, take a dip, but this enemy does not want.


Question: Can we say that we do not redeem themselves suffering, but that suffering pushing us to do something?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: This is a topic of another axiomatic, Tantra Yoga, which states that suffering has no one reached. Suffering need to, we cheered, came to life and began to move in a different direction, but not vice versa. You sit in the sun, you’re hot, bad. You think, “Well, now wait and go.” And you sit all day. This should coerce you to get up and go with the sun in Tenek, not always sit in the hot sun. Well, you can cover shell, obrastesh hair or skin pigmentation changes. There will be an evolution that, in fact, happening. In this sense, karma is evolutionary. A karmic evolution.


Q: On the issue of what I am going to hit him. If the subway you someone pushes, but inside feeling terribly pleasant, then you turn around and pushed back. You showed a negative karma, and she will come back to you. Do you own has led a feeling he might, monk of some …

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: There are several different situation slide into war. I recently became interested, and why we live. It came down to World War II. Why was it? The Second World War – a logical, even karmic continuation of the first. If it were not for the First World War, and the second would not be. I began to wonder why the First World War. With a completely ridiculous and funny at the same time not the case. One short-tempered gentleman from Yugoslavia decided that there was someone very brazenly behaves, planned to kill the offender. And he killed. This is a clear negative, and seemingly killed and killed, it is one person who does not start the world war! One-way push – multiplied, in the other direction – has multiplied, and starts swinging. First one man, then the army fled, then Russia. By the way, and England also intervened, although it has not been requested. These were words like: “Guys, our beat!” As a result, the First World War – fifty million! The Second World War – another fifty million! Then all the wiser, they said, “Yeah, maybe enough to fight back?” Because of the impact – blow harder. On the bounce – even more severe blow. The unleashing of the war – this is a very dangerous moment, but he has a positive side. You know in advance that what will. You pushed you once again apologized, but that comes later, the life of our hones. She says: “If you want in such a scenario? Answer kick? Forward!”. Of course, to predict what will be the sensation of the blow, it is difficult. If, for example, to have touched an electric shock, arm and leg to pull themselves on autopilot. Each of us is white and fluffy, and he falls into an extreme situation – snatch a Kalashnikov and cabbage crumble all their abusers. And it will not even very negative karma, it is not so simple.

As we have a very interesting reaction pledged themselves, and we take them from the time when they were beasts. We were attacked by a tiger, and we will read his sermons? “Do not eat us, Karma is bad you, indigestion will die completely.” Primitive man did not hesitate to take the first available a club or something else and started to defend and fight. And what he did was not an increase in negative karma, but on the contrary, it is in the karmic plan developed, it is the principle of Dharma.

The concept of Dharma is multifaceted, there are many translations of the word. But within the framework of the seminar, we will stick to a fairly narrow range of conceptual word. Under the Dharma we understand the path of our lives, the sequence of events through which we have passed, yet we go and we will go further.

Today each of you could hold a variety of ways. Someone could go to visit someone could stay at home, read books, could a group of friends to go somewhere. But, nevertheless, of all the options that are open to you today, you have chosen the path of those motivation, direction, which brings you to the study of Karma Yoga. Because you decide for yourself what to spend time studying the Karma yoga is more suitable for you. This way, by and large, is the path of Dharma, that is, this is the path you choose. And you’ve already gone through it are many previous lives, and now go over it. You will go for it in the future? There are many options of events by which our life can develop.

We can quit your job tomorrow, and we can stay. From the spectrum we choose only one option. Yoga tells us that of all the events options from all paths of options is the most optimal, it is the course of action that maximizes:

a) protect you from the effects of previous negative karma;

b) will help you gain a positive Karma.

Negative Karma, and the process of its deployment – it is a separate issue. It should be remembered that the law of Karma is also in some sense limited. Negative Karma can not turn around when it is convenient. Even the most negative karma waiting for the moment when it can work like a mine or bomb trap. It explodes only when the right conditions are created, not when it pleases itself manifest. On it and Karma. Chi is effective for the individual. Do not think that it will unfold tomorrow, day after tomorrow, ever. It will unfold only when will be the appropriate conditions for its deployment. Up to this point it can not turn, just as the seeds planted in dry land do not germinate until we do not polem water. In the same way we are many karmic imprints from previous lives, but this negative karma does not enter into its effect, she is waiting for the right conditions, and as soon as they occur – all, it germinates.

The concept of Dharma, or the path of life, paving of all the many paths one where the least conditions for the germination of the negative and the most positive moments for.

Suppose I like to drink, and today I had instead come to the workshop to get a drink with friends. And as I drank fifty previous lives and in this state do not control, and since I was still angry, I am today a drunken brawl could break through someone’s skull, and I would have the most negative consequences. But somehow I felt that my Dharma – visit the workshop, respectively, I’m not drunk and got into a fight. Negative No points, but there are positive. I took advantage of this time and learned the ancient yoga knowledge that I have armed and in the future will help me with honor and splendor to enjoy all the opportunities that appear in front of me in my life. In this sense, the acquisition of knowledge – it is the accumulation of positive karma, a person becomes armed. Moreover, it is not unfolded negative, so also increased positive. And this is called the path of Dharma footpath. Naturally, each of us has different conditions, but we must choose the best of the worst, following the footpath of the Dharma. You do not avoid some negative aspects, but they will be weakened to as much as possible.

What is this path of Dharma? The path of Dharma – it is our business life. This is what we are interested in, where we work, what we do, how we spend leisure time, whether we are interested in spiritual practices. This entire conglomerate called our personal dharma, and it individually for each.

Let’s say I’m an artist and I want to go to work as an artist and not as a steelworker, or work, or seller, or even as someone else. I for myself I see a line of life, it makes me feel at ease, it’s mine. Moreover, if I start to get out of it and set one’s bag for something else, I feel uncomfortable. I’m doing my thing, let me pay a little, though I’m not the president of the United States of America, but I’m happy. Furthermore, I start to pay more, the president appointed me, so I feel a lot worse. There’s a lot of responsibility, worry – there are a variety of scenarios. And by and large, this is the way with such an increase, but personally I am not happy, so it’s not my Dharma.

Another variant. I was appointed chief janitor. But I – not the janitor, I’m bored sweep. I, of course, mindful of karma yoga, fairly clean streets, but throw this occupation as soon as possible and begin to do their work. Again, with a decrease as bad as with the increase. Everyone has a path, track, life that we have set for ourselves are paving. On the one hand, it seems like there is no, because we can, in a sense, go left – go to the right, but from life to life, we are gaining experience and starting to feel it intuitively, “This type of activity is closer to me, I’m going to do “. This notion of dharma, which requires my subsequent behavior. Karma – this is where you are currently working. Since you got there, work honestly, but that does not mean you have to stay there forever, if your Dharma tells you to go to another activity. Or on the contrary, remain in this activity, if you suddenly feel a calling to it. That is a kind of lifeline, which leads to the concept of duty.

You can hear a variety of views. Some of you will say, “You should not be anything to anyone.” Other: “As you did not have? You have everything and I, in the first place. ” Third something else will speak. The question of debt: whether we should someone or something we do not owe anything to anyone? Someone says, “Yes, you owe everything to Absolute, you owe him.” And someone says, “You do not owe anything to the Absolute, you did, in fact, the Absolute.” It is a concept that, on the one hand, the extremely specific in our daily lives, and on the other hand, no one really define it can not give. The concept of debt associated with the concept of Dharma, and the fact that for a debt to another debt and can not be. Each determines its debt, based on his Dharma. If you – the military, and it is necessary to defend the homeland, if you feel a calling for this type of activity if you delirious parades and marching in formation, you – part of the system, you feel that you place there – it is yours. This implies the following. Of course, you should be a professional military in the event of war with weapons in their hands to protect their homeland. This means that it is necessary and a Kalashnikov rifle from time to time in the course of start. And, as you can imagine, this can lead to a lot of action: can someone kill, injure, maim or just scare. On the one hand, it turns out that you are doomed to negative karma, but karma yoga says, “No. If you do not think on his own initiative or conceive harm by their actions, if not you will be the initiator of the whole, but at the same time, your debt will make you rigidly follow kakim-to actions, the Karma will fall on the one who has created it, and you – just a tool. “

We remember that the Karma Yoga leads us as a result of such a state, when a person comes out of the general karma of positive and negative. To do this he must go on the path of Dharma and work honestly, honestly do their duty. And in this sense it does not matter what he does. He Writer, artist, activist, military, anyone. If it goes according to my Dharma and honestly performing their duty, he never allows himself to personally harming any living being unless absolutely necessary, it does not generate negative karma. Therefore, as a result of a chain of events, he will not receive negative for themselves. Moreover, if he performs the duty, he receives a positive. A positive and refusing to give him, he will sooner or later all is above the surface of the Dharma.

I sometimes people say:

– Dacha will not buy.

– Why will not? In Moscow live, breathe here. Pranayama where will you do?

– But I’ll start digging the garden and slaughter ferret shovel.

Sometimes we have such exaggerated notions of good and evil, about the murder of acceptable and unacceptable actions. I’m asking:

– What are you, a lone maniac? Do you like to kill ferrets shovel?

– No. I can kill it by accident.

– Well, if you had the opportunity not to kill him, you would have to kill him or to kill?

– No, I did not kill.

– What do you think then? It is already included in the rules of the game. You were born in this world, and it is, as they say, was part of the whole program. It may be such that zarezhesh ferret and a shovel. Or maybe not zarezhesh if it is quicker and ushmygnet of your shovel. But you’re not going to chase after him with a shovel around the garden, to kill him ?!


Question: And if you have a desire to kill a ferret? And you kill it by accident?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Let us once again consider the case. I – serial maniac, storm all the ferret, sleep and see how I kill another ferret shovel. And then I kill him, but kill randomly. No, I had not considered. Incidentally – not considered.


Question: It seems to me that the Dharma is not connected with the fact that it is not my way, but the fact that I do not have in this way. Well, for example, I wanted to be a soldier, to apply, but I did not take, because I – not a Russian citizen. It’s not my Dharma?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: No, why? Firstly, there is Karma. Dharma – it’s the best of what gives the Karma. You do not become military is not necessarily because you have negative karma. A friend of mine wanted to become a soldier, but he did not. Long did, then a military career did not work for health reasons. And when was the collapse of the army, he said: “Lord, well, that thou has saved me, I was not there!” He was very devout.

Firstly, we do not know, it would be good or bad, what we think is one thing. If there are obstacles, like a friend to health, it is bad karma and, of course, is the continuation of something.

Dharma – the science potential of the karma that we have. My dream is to become a yogi, to fly through the air for three months, but something does not fly. But this does not blame yoga, not my fault, and not that it is – not my Dharma. Just my karma, my dirt, my reluctance to work on yourself in a past life does not allow me to fly through the air. Question of Dharma – it is a question of optimal choice of viable options. Dharma is at all: and the great saints and criminals. One thing, you cut off his head as a punishment for your sins, but it does not teach you anything. Another thing, if you cut off the head of your sins, but in the next life you will stand on the right path and go to the right place. According to the axioms of the universe at every moment and in every point of the space is balanced. Every point and every place potentially give us everything we need. This indicates the presence here of the extremum, the maximum benefit with minimum loss. Different things can be, but this is not to say that this is the way dotted with flowers. And this is not to say that if a person begins to practice yoga, and he does not go, then, “I guess my Dharma in another. Maybe Catholic priests go? “Maybe it really such a man the Dharma. Or, on the contrary, it must be overcome. It is only we ourselves can determine from within. As for the utilitarian: I want to “Mercedes”, but I can not get it – it is from a different region of the questions of karma, not the Dharma.


Q: We are talking about Karma in terms of concrete actions and deeds. But negative thoughts also generate karma? And follow-up, for example, to kill a ferret, possibly caused by our thoughts about it?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: If you intend to kill a ferret, you first thought about it, and then he, the poor, killed.

Question: But the negative effects of these thoughts there?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: We make every second of the action. We act physically, mentally, in their emotions. We – a conglomerate. Deeds – continuation of thoughts, ideas – sometimes the continuation of actions. It’s woven into a coherent whole, and to say that Karma begins and ends when we do something physical and not when we think – it’s wrong. All this – integrally. Moreover, in Patanjali’s “Yoga Sutras” not at all become to deal with some physical or other actions, he immediately began to deal with the fingerprints on the surface of our mind. Anyway, whatever action we do, the mind is involved, so all of our actions can be reduced to the fact that in mind. There is a hypothesis that there is no peace at all. What is peace? How do you know that the world is? You senses said. Senses said reason, and our “I” displays, and that there is in fact, we do not know. But another question. Of course, the thought – a very large component of what is called Karma. Of course, what kind of thoughts and how they flow, and follow our mortars, and our motivation. We stand at a crossroads: turn left or right. Depending on what we thought, and we have to turn. One road leads to hell, the other – in paradise. It’s also such a practical thing, so we can not separate thought from action.


Question: We have to make some actions, but in the subconscious?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Of course. Dying patient a glass of water is supplied, and themselves:. “When are you going to die at last, I need your inheritance” This is a single unit, external and internal – all intersect. As a result of this action man gets dual Carmo. The fact that he gave the man the water, do him good return in a small amount, but that he wanted at the same time the negative, it will return a negative, but through other channels.

Sometimes people ask me, “Well, how can that be, when the country fell apart, and the oligarch cut off billions out of the blue. It has a good karma or bad? And how does this all happen? If he – the villain, why he got those billions? If he is so holy that he stole them, not earned? “And the result of this action can be a chain of events in his previous life, when he fingered, but smart, he sharpened his intelligence. And when in the next life, there is a situation where nobody knows anything, he quickly realized. In this sense, it is positive karma that he understands very quickly. A negative is that it sent a positive out to steal something. And this chain of intersecting reasons, so sometimes the consequence of a complex, ambiguous, confusing. This node, one dernesh like a positive, but in the negative. Or another example. Again this tycoon. All are outraged: “Thief! The whole country has built five five-year plans, and he said to himself it cleaned – and the Canary Islands “A downside? The same company, which no one has stolen it fell apart, its local workers sawed in the non-ferrous metal, all the machines pulled by spare parts and sold all drunk, collapsed. As a result, they themselves have lost their jobs. Cities are, because there is no money, no salaries. Usually, this city-forming enterprises, everything revolves around them. The school is closed, the hospital closed, kind of like no one has stolen, though the monument put all what they’re all honest patriots. Not stolen, but disorganized, and the stealing, but not ruined. As a result, school and work, and people are getting paid. This is how it? In general, the question of karma, on the one hand, it is very simple. But, on the other hand, there are such weave that is not for us to judge you, this man is bad Karma, or good – it is not our business. It’s too high. What do we do? Only ourselves. Question Yoga Karma – a personal question for each of us to find his Dharma, according to Karma, and try to go for that Dharma so as to minimize the negative karma and score as many positive, and ideally – all to get out of the plane, where there are mountains and plains, which have to be unlocked. Fly over it all is Karma – an ideal yoga, to become free. But the fact is that as long as one does not become good, as long as he does not start to make positive, negative, does not give the highest knowledge to come to him.

It would seem that if the yogi refuses to and from bad Karma, and from the good, why strain on the bad karma, if from it will also give up? Will it a little more, a little less to the point where we it with a reset, what’s the difference? There is a difference. The rules of this universe is very cunning. Until then, until you get rid of bad karma, you do not understand, in principle, the teachings of yoga. That’s one for the other and clinging. Just do not get it. Here’s a practical way. Avoided doing something wrong, we begin to do good things in order to abandon the poor, and from good.

Now the next very important question. But how to distinguish good from bad? For example, my friend did not engaged in yoga, but it is about to die, because it does not deal with them. Is it worth it to persuade me to force? Or just a piece of cake and show complete indifference to him. Like this you Karma. How do we do that? This is a very serious matter. How to analyze whether our act good or evil. A complex topic. To determine this, we can only only one position, from the position of its debt. If it is our duty to convince people that they really do yoga, we must do all its best to bring it to them. If this is not our Dharma, our duty is not – leave it alone. I walk around the city, I see – a drunken bum lying. Once there was a decent man. Then he went downhill. Is it my duty – to lift him to put on the bench, saying: “You’re Well, dear, you look at yourself. To what are you came. ” No, it is not my duty. But there are huge numbers of people – the Salvation Army, the Hare Krishnas – who are dreaming: let someone help. I see that I can not help it, because sleepy, drunk, he did not even understand what I mean. But there are other people for whom it is a duty. For me, for example, not long, for another – debt. Or another situation. There is a stabbing, cut each other with terrible force. And it is not clear who, what, a drunken brawl. Should I go to climb, and to separate the combatants or should not? On the one hand, we must, of course, to show heroism climb. And I know that here? And in the end, it’s my hobby and not mine? Of course, if I – a professional soldier or a former employee of the internal affairs bodies, the police officer in me, of course, wakes up duty, I climb, I pull them apart. And if not? I have to climb, they told me there in cabbage and chews, and on both sides. But at the same time to leave this situation because – too bad. Who prevents me to call and call up the police to come to the professionals, who for a long time how to eliminate such situations (they just pay money for it). This is a very delicate subject. And all the cases with the same brush – very hard.

Millions of points with which we are faced. On the one hand – good. And whether it is our duty to do good? It is not our duty to do good. Or the reverse side. I can see how a scoundrel clings to the girl. I intervene, help her, because I knew that my duty is now to put it into place. Yes, a little miscalculated – he was taken to the intensive care unit. And what to do now? Well, I could not leave her, “Woman, he will rape you now, and I’ll go and call the police.” Maybe they caught him, and maybe not. That is, each situation – the debt situation. Another case. Exactly the same situation. Man clings to the girl. Vereschit girl as if she’s raped. I start to climb – the same guy slapped me on the head. It turns out that this is such a razborochka amorous couple. They are just trying to find out the relationship that the part of the man seems to be that there is someone or raped, or someone cuts-kill. And try to – understand. After that, you start to be interested in, “Hey, guys, it’s all right? Included in the program or not to intervene? “These are very difficult times. Karma sometimes we face such events unfolds that God knows whether to intervene, whether to leave alone. There are no advisers. Advisor only you yourself. In each particular case. There is no list. Usually people come in and say, “So, give us a list of what the yogi should do and what the yogi should not do.” How do I know? How do I know your karma? Maybe your Dharma – head to cut? Maybe you’re in a previous life was a bad executioner, as a result of not cut off the head maniacs. They are in this life, rape and kill everybody. Now come on, fulfills.

Violating our duty, we are pious, in fact, generates a chain of horrific events. As a result, we have to atone for his benefit. This personal theme. For everyone it – what to do. Should we intervene or not to be? And there is no advisers. Although there are common to all the provisions. Of course, the bad, when someone offends someone. When they shared with them easily. It is difficult when there is artful: a drunken husband beats his wife, that runs through the apartment and vereschit that its cut. Poor neighbors call the police. Attire police breaks out the door, go try this rowdy order to encourage, to put the handcuffs, and it – with claws at the policemen: “Give my Vasya, I love him.” Although the half-hour ago Bob bludgeoned her with terrible force, and could even profit. The poor policeman he no longer knows what to do. It seems like a long time he performs, it’s okay, but the villain Vasya – do not touch. Advanced Topics. Therefore, lists that do not, and what else to do, does not exist in principle. There are only the following tips. Never, under any circumstances, do not cause harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary. If this is not possible, that is necessary to cause harm, it shall do so only as your duty tells you. This principle – entirely of Karma Yoga, without further nowhere. But what to do in a particular case? No one knows. It depends on you, your history, a lot of things.

Of course, all decisions must be balanced. Because the analytical mind, we will say one thing, and the feeling, maybe more. Like the manager of the enterprise, the mind says, “Cut half staff to fire.” He knows that every children, family and so on. It is a logical decision, but it is very tough.

I had one student who has got into such a mess. One consulting firm decided to demolish the city, it was economically unprofitable. And the fact that people live there in the third generation – where to dispose of them? Outside? Or relocate to other places? Sometimes, logic, reason tells us that this is the optimal solution. Why? And it is bad: no schools, no hospitals, no nothing. And the new place they will be fine. But it is only logic is mathematics. A feeling? These poor people, old people, old ladies to relocate? They will die if you move. And the search begins on the other hand solutions. What a feeling, some experience. As if from all sides. And the decision should be balanced. Of course, perhaps the situation is different when everything is falling apart, and we turned off the mind and just all sympathize. She, too, is monstrous. Any decision – it is a balance on the controversy, and take it all the same to us. What if we took any decision, if it is our duty to make this decision, and we acted from higher considerations, then this motivation we get. Even if we made a mistake. But if we do not do our duty … You know who does not do anything, and he does not make mistakes, but that, in general, and not live. Therefore, in the unfolding of the law of Karma there is another point – motivation. Why are you doing this? You got into this situation because I wanted to help, or to make fun of people? This is the highest momentum. And it must be unambiguous. If we do something, we should strive to come of it at least pain, suffering, negativity and maximum happiness and positivity.

Question: Do I understand correctly, it is not always useful to give alms?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Indeed, it is harmful. If you begin to apply it, but now you can see the number one begging, and tomorrow it will begin to grow in geometric progression. It reminds me of the situation with the teachers of yoga in India. In the sixties there were two or three people in the seventies – has more. They began to come the hippies, the Western people with thick wallets, began to spend money, look, already a guru breed with geometric progression. Now all there is in every village there is a guru. While fifty years ago there were none. Demand creates supply, if there is a financial flow of energy, and you have to feed (the rail structure is absolutely cynical): “Ah, so give. I will set the two will give twice as many, three – three times more. ” On the other hand, anything can happen. When a person gets into an extreme situation and, indeed, you feel it as he did not give? Again, you should refer to your intuition, your experience, these barely perceptible moments. Once a woman asked: “Oh, we did not eat as many days post, but who can.” “Oh, do not eat? Here’s a loaf of bread. ” And she does not want to eat, she wants money. These are nuances moments.

We need to be kind, but not idiots. Here is the other side. The representatives of these structures are the mind, he honed them well – they are excellent psychologists, calculate where to squeeze out a tear, all show it. All these rules of the game, if you do not know, began in pre-revolutionary Russia. Code of Conduct for the poor – it is a great thing. Be sure to ask sometime. There, for example, you can not look in the eye, there are hard, cynical, monstrous intelligence that wants you money. One goal – by any means, to any feelings, emotions to collect any money. Of course, one who uses this reason, give rise to a very negative karma, but that’s his problem. Our problem – to hone your mind, to decipher to these details and nuances, “Aha, here deceive me.” We should be very good, but we have reason to be honed to perfection. Then, in any case, the percentage that you are not to give money, and thus will encourage it, will be less.

Sometimes giving money, but any mother thinks, “What is my loafers home run? Let them run around Moscow, money is collected. ” That is raising the next generation. They begin to live: why should they study, work, when such a freebie? You walk around with an outstretched hand, nothing else to do. And it turns out, if you gave them the money, you are their sponsor, Karma, in general, your negative. What if he really is dying of hunger? Difficult moment. Therefore, if we give, consider that given to whom it is necessary. But if you feel that something is wrong, stop.


Question: I understand the principle of Dharma is added to the principle of Maya when to intervene or not to intervene. If we consider that one is under the illusion, when he intervenes in an action, it executes and does not get the result you expect, it is still the principle of Maya?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: It all comes down to ignorance. That’s a ridiculous situation and that all inveterate rascals, they, in general, are not in themselves hardcore. While looking at these, and, indeed, the hand itself stretches Kalashnikov. Just the degree of Maya is so strong, they’re so confused, so do not see the obvious, that weave around him even more dense cocoon of maya, and, on the contrary, their every action, rather confirms their right. That is a hypnotist who hypnotizes himself. He came up with the rules of the game, launched by him around the world to build himself and as it is, and stuck. And his fate, of course, terrible. But the reason for all this – Maya. Maya is that we do wrong things, Maya that we properly choose his path. Maya that sometimes we do not recognize any situation. Therefore all, by and large, limited by ignorance, in Maya.


Q: If you look at a hypothetical point, when one person gives money to the homeless, and at this point between the homeless man and set some suppose, spiritual connection. One is happy, and the other is happy.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Why not? I also remember that he worked in the company, earned a lot of money, we all noted with joy. I go out – a bum. He frankly says: “Man, give me sober.” He did not tell me that he did not eat, did not sleep that he had there, “mother-father died, and he very nearly died.” And he honestly said, “Man, you walk, I see.” I gave him the money. It is quite another. I did not support this illusion, I have not played these games.


Q: But even if he says: “Give money, I feel bad.” You understand that it is bad. But you give him, say, money. He rejoices, you rejoice. At this point it is positive that something is happening.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Well, maybe so. Sometimes you can over look the part too. Here it goes, begging: ‘Give, give. ” And, from the standpoint of the Absolute, do we not beg? Do we not want a good salary? Unless we do not want a good job? Unless we do not want to “Mercedes”? And the Lord God, that our ears klyanchene: “Lord, give me a raise,” that here it is: “We ourselves are not local, let eat.” After all, with the height we are the same. If these reasons, then, I – the old beggar, and the other – the same beggar. We are all beggars here – fellow sufferers. Gives only God really, it’s life. I do not want to have all of tomorrow was scheduled. Instruction number one: recognize whether it is a professional beggar. I do not want this all came down – I want to push was understanding. How are you going to do in each case, but God knows it. There are sometimes great gusts of soul: “Yes, maybe you prozreesh”.

Somehow went – we saw homeless. Stall, and stall – construction – no building, is a bum with a book, reading. The fuss around the city center, all run, jump, he lays himself quietly (some fiction reading). We talked with him, he turned out to be such a love for life, described himself as an Epicurean. That is, he enjoys all that is. Around vanity, and he – in his island, he has the right to live. Why not? In the end, this is an unusual situation for us. Everyone says: “Yoga should be taught in India.” Did you know that if you really want to learn yoga in India, then you would have to lead a life of wandering ascetics? It looks absolutely nothing from the homeless people are no different. Also walking, begging, but only in the mentality and culture of India is not something low, but one of social choices, the same honorable and respected as we have here – the seller in a booth. They live. Moreover, yoga for a long time passed and now it is passed through these errant people that evil tongues called bums. No need to be entered too. On the other hand, one student told me that he was hit in the yoga and suddenly realized that physically can not go to work. It’s just a “wedge”, with people communicate can not, whatever stupor. And then these thoughts he had: “How am I going to live? Physically I can not walk. How will I earn money? With the hunger I will die. ” Such a strange karmic situation. According to his confession, he inspired Roma inspiration, because he knew that as long as society is feeding these parasites, and then he somehow survived. If they live, then he has a chance of survival. And he has a different look at the situation. A person who is not familiar with this, thinking, “Yes, Lord, tired of all these beggars to drive.” Sometimes the fact that there are these beggars – some us a sign: “Guys, even if you generally left with nothing, at least this way, but will survive.” This could be a message of optimism to us from above, not pessimism. So I do not want it all comes down solely to the fact that it is good – and it’s bad, it should be – it is not necessary. Life – a complicated thing. Today you are at the top of the power, tomorrow you with the homeless eat from the same plate, and spend the night in a flophouse.


Question: Does the country Karma and Karma kind? And if it exists, how is our dharma to participate in it?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: We are outraged: “How have the Brahmins, the untouchables? Where did all of the caste system in India, “It disturbs our mind:?” What is the social division “And you can not go through the border. Yes indeed, now it has taken monstrous forms, but before it was due to karma. If once a large group of people to make common cause, then later she moved to the conditions that they once did. In particular, in our country. Apparently, we are also somehow had a hand in everything good and everything bad that we have now. When we had a crisis, everything to average people lived badly, it says that we are with you in a previous life somehow participated in to get just such a fate in this life.

there is a very grim anecdote about the “Titanic” on the case. I beg him to tell. My husband decided to kill his wife, killed, and then repented. I could not find a place. I decided to forget, bought a ticket for the “Titanic” and sailed on it. All of a sudden – bang! All the sink, all die. He is sinking and says: “Lord, well, I know you’re punishing me for something that I killed my wife. But why are you all these innocent people along with me? They have something to do with it? It’s my fault. ” And the Lord God, and he answered: “What are you, man, I have three years on this ship collecting.” In this sense, there is a general trend that can be called karma.

There Karma family. In this sense, the family people are born, not alien, namely those who have common karma. Karma child that is born, the parents corresponds to karma. Imagine a situation of unequal marriage, unequal not in financial terms, financial when few people were interested, but in the spiritual sense. For example, marriage between a Brahmin and an untouchable. In fact, the man-eater at an early stage, in a past life, not now, of course, when it is from the untouchable caste. It is clear that the pope at a very high spiritual level, and my mother – very low. The resulting compound of general Karma small. What soul can be born? What you want. They tried to control it? If mom – Brahmin, dad – Brahmin, and the likelihood that the soul will be born a Brahmin not by blood, you understand, but in the Spirit. That is exactly Brahmin soul enters into this family. On the one hand, it was true, but on the other hand, you see, to what monstrous distortions this has led to a result. So, really, we can say that the country has a Karma, Karma of the people there. Moses led the Hebrews forty years. Out of Babylon, wandering-wandering, such as a donkey, then they cut in the Roman Empire. What is this if not the fate of the people?

Take another nation – the Aztecs. Once upon a time we lived then have gone on there, all together, one behind have left. Those ancient Egyptians. The Roman Empire was – and collapsed. However, productive. In all European countries brought to the culture, Latin became the language of communication, push for communications, science.

Everything has a beginning and an end. And you can analyze in this sense, of course, not only a man’s karma, but a heater or other object. This is a kind way. There was a reason, it rocks. We, unlike the heater begin to reveal the potential that allows us to more and more out of the plane of action of Karma. We have at least a little, but free will is at each. After all, if you did not have free will, then this morning you would have had no choice to go to a lecture or to a party with friends. If you come here and you brought here, then it is Karma. If the freedom of choice in front of you, and you have chosen this path, it is Dharma. You already own begin to cut his karma. That’s the situation.

Generally, this is an interesting theme – with regards to our country. Yes, indeed, we have screwed a lot. But, in Russia the potential of spirituality, as a base for the rocket, I think he – the best in the world. Our people are not materialistic. They are not so focused on the material, as the Americans. Although the Americans have to learn business and other things. They did not have science – well, and God is with them, they bought it. The strength of America – is the ability to buy. If they have a problem, they just buy people who decide it. We should learn from this. Other countries are any other points. France is actually in the whole of the Second World War is not fought. They are more and more German tanks were repaired for the same Germans. Kind of like the resistance, and the number of repaired “Tigers”, who have the same then destroyed, they even received local awards. Here’s a slice. We have a wild country, to be honest, very wild. But the potential for good, which is not to buy, not to sell, nothing to do with him is impossible, he is, I think, very yogic, you can rely on him. As soon as the financial aspects – begins incomprehensible philosophy, all slippery, as in the saying: “Friendship is friendship, and snuff – apart.” What yoga here? I think that after all the Karma of our country will make this push, at least, think about in the future. If every one of you, having a huge potential, can live life as you wish. The country is magnificent. Why do not turn around here? All the conditions, all the cards in hand.

The fact is that as long as people do not believe in yourself, it does not capture this idea, but as soon begins to believe in yourself, it captures the idea of power, when you can do anything you want. I think Karma our country most wonderful. Moreover, for many communities in the East is very significant moment, when a man went into space. They want to sneeze on the arms race, to the laws of physics, that the human mind has prevailed. Western civilization it is not very interesting. For them, the fact that mankind of the Earth has become a space, it is as a signal. This is the first nation went into space – many thought it was a very serious, a good sign. Indeed, if spirituality will begin to revive, it will begin to revive Russia. Moreover, I am not going to talk about the huge number of people who were seen in close connection with the spiritual realms, they then events began to actively attend to our country. Unfolded here work within the cultural exchange. It is only after that, they believe. Why not? I do not mean that Russia is exceptional that we have something destined, no, but I see no reason not to turn around.

Question: Contact Karma Yoga and such phenomena as, for example, the power charge of emotional experience. At some point, something grabs us, we experience it a lot, and present ourselves to orient in space experiences …

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: This is the approach of Patanjali. From the viewpoint of the axiomatic approach, the same approach Patanjali, can all be reduced to a fingerprint on the surface of our mind. And every experience that captures us your best, of course, leave the most indelible, deep imprint. And then in this regard we come to another point. Well, if there is karma, the law of cause and effect, where the information is stored?

Imagine, in a past life, I killed a Brahmin. One of the most terrible crimes in medieval India – the killing a Brahmin. Generally all eternal hell. I have something in this life. And who knows where and what I then stabbed him? Maybe somehow traces, clues to destroy, not to find? It seems no one knows, and I kind of like to do with it. This is the first time. Where is the information about it? The second point. In our country, there is a service of execution of punishments. And who carries the mechanism of realization of Karma? Again, this is stupid, “I see you have a black Karma! I see !!! “What do you see? The third eye, ears, like an alien that revolve than on your head? It does not matter. Once he sees Karma. Over two thousand dollars ensures absolute purity. And cash only. Question: “Where? Karma – is that substance ‘in the medieval representation of the person always comes up with itself, and the heavens of the gods in his own image and likeness?. So, this is the Last Judgment, where the judge sits with a stack of affidavits, written by well-wishers, denunciations, and the Angels – Archangels in these tables: “Ah, there you are so-and-so did.” It’s like, if you destroy these papers, it ceases to be a sinner, sinner, the question in this pile of paper. Very naive notion.

Tak’s what Karma, in terms of what it is stored? What is the information carrier of Karma? How is the procedure of recording events? Computers connected? I wandered through porn sites and thought it would go unnoticed. While one smart man did not tell me, “You what? In the registry, there is a library of all the events. All written, for what you have walked haunts of vice. ” I started shaking, “Lord, this is my image of the doubt!” There is a file in which registers my every action. The same is true with respect Karma. If I swung cobblestones to smash somebody’s skull, negative karma not yet, because the “client” is still alive. At the moment of crossing the cobblestone skull here this checkmark is placed? Who puts, which puts much records? As in the computer, then to shake? Or is it the other way is realized? Serious question. All kinds of tales and myths about this. What supposedly in man is the center, where it is stored Karma. Storage is. I instantly see the dusty shelves, books clogged, archivists and go, all are arranged in order. So, the answer to this question, again, is not axiomatic, more than his words. The bearer of Karma are all structures of the body simultaneously. Moreover, any event that you do, leave an imprint. If you divide the man on the “inside” and “outside”, on the level of his body – this is one component and the second component – the imprint and push that he gave to the world. Which may be a memory of others, as well as traces at the crime scene. Like Sherlock Holmes, who was collecting cigarette butts after killers. Our action produces a chain of other activities, which are manifested in the form of footprints in the sand, a bloody knife beside raznesshegosya scream, heard an owl. The owl flew, and the gardener heard that she was alarmed. It’s like – again, and went outside. It is one component. Another component: a cold-blooded killer, killed and horror of the offense and then three nights can not sleep, all the boys blood in his eyes – involving all structures, not just physical. The victim, before beginning to fight back, punched me, interrupted my shoulder and say, I have it grow together, but not correctly. All these prints of this action, and each carrier is individually and collectively structure as a whole. The main is that the information is collected, and the impressions which the mind is going through, and the mind in this sense as the pure white snow, every event in it – an imprint traces. And he breaks into another mark of my actions, and I washed away from the crime scene, Sherlock Holmes, I did not catch. I rose to the rank of honorary titles, no one suspected that I was a murderer, I died, but never punished. Question: where next is Karma? In the next life? The prints that were on the body – the scar from my fight, wrong accrete shoulder – left in this life, as well as the impression that I got. It is understood that at the time of death, the mind disintegrates, and I do not remember anything specific, as all the information from the gross body decays. So, when you perform an action and are still alive, while Karma is printed on all structures of your body: the physical, the subtle and the causal. In addition, every action generates a wave that changes the external universe, change the chain of events that have a different start to develop. In this or in the next life echo of this event back, and the seeds of your karma, that is the mark that you have, and have remained unchanged. When these two factors are connected, there comes a reckoning: he has sown, so shall you reap. When the external factors, conditions for the ripening of Karma Karma coincide with grains that are stored in ourselves, in our body, then turns around and Karma, not before and not later. Therefore, you and I can be very prosperous, rich, happy, thinking, conduct if we holiday in the Maldives, or the Canaries, in our life everything is clear and cloudless, and we can not even guess that behind the shoulders bear some quite terrible karma. Seeds are, and it’s only a matter of time, when conditions are ripe, to awaken them – and all can change in an instant. I was going to the Maldives, and ended up in prison. Another good if in prison. Therefore, especially to relax and ignore the hidden mines or Second World War, which is still in the ground are like grains of Karma, is not necessary.

Now with regard to the death. This is one of a very complex, difficult to understand and poorly preserved sections of yoga. At the moment of death information with prints from the physical body it goes to the subtle body, and with fine – to reason, and starts very difficult to understand a thing. The gross body, of course, burned or buried, and there is nothing left. The subtle body also disintegrates. But with the causal body is very strange and difficult things happen. This theme is interpreted differently in different schools of yoga. At the time of the death of a person razotozhdestvlyaetsya with all its bodies, including the cause. All information is transmitted to the body the causative level, and there is stored in a fingerprint. Soul for a while disconnected, and with him, and then he connects with the same causal body, around which begins obleplivatsya fine, then rough. A man is born again, but with the trends. He does not remember his hand on the scar left, there is another body, and thoughts and feelings – not those that were in a previous life, they formed a new and trend continues. If I have a half-life in a past life I went in a big way, in this life I vaguely feel that as soon as the dark, I had to take a hatchet and go somewhere, unconscious desire. This explains many things, seemingly inexplicable. Well, how is that so? Mom is good, a good dad and son – serial maniac? this soul has come.


Question: And for some reason, our “I” selects the same body?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: This section of the axioms of yoga. It all comes down to ignorance. “I” is not aware of itself, and is identified with its manifestations. So when the “I” razotozhdestvilos with its manifestations, it is rather inclined to regard itself vanished, self-aware than himself, and if there is the slightest chance to grab a glimpse of association in its manifestation, it does so immediately. Therefore, when we die, at some point we’re technically in a free, natural, unconditioned state. Our ignorance does not allow us to take a look yourself over, and makes a desperate search for the structures that we have just lost in the moment of death. And if we do not find that dwell in terrible disarray. In terms of “I”, this situation is equivalent to the dangers of non-existence. That is, for the “I” as if it was not. This is contrary to the very principle of our existence, so if there is the slightest opportunity to be born again, you have to identify with other rough structures, we do it. Again, if we have a positive karma, we are born a man, but if Karma is so-so, then grabs the first available for the body, whether the body of an animal or a worm. Here in this state, all the horror of ignorance, non-recognition of their higher power. The positive energy draws all this horror illusion of self-destruction. And for the “I” is not acceptable, it immediately starts looking for the slightest way to cling to any body and incarnate again.


Q: It certainly clings to the past, or the body does not necessarily?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: This refers to the causal body? This is one of the most complex and the trivial. I’m afraid you have a wrong feeling about yoga. To me here one friend said, “Oh, how do you clear, transparent explain”. It seems like twice two is four. Guys, this is an illusion. Unfortunately, a lot of knowledge has been preserved, it never came, and this theme – one of them. Get ready for the fact that there are issues in yoga, that’s just detail nobody will give you now. And we are different points of view. According to one, this fine structure of the causal body is the same, because the “I” razotozhdestvilos, and then immediately back there even more grand, but it is shaped highlights. Allegedly, the “I” sees the whole, the Absolute, and there is every possibility of immediately expand to the whole. But the manifestation of the whole, it is rather frightening, and causes it to jump into the skin of the causal body, which is lost in the moment of death. And he does it out of ignorance. And it is not attracting its power, because there is no power but the power of our “I”, but it is so clouded by ignorance, which manages the positive force or a force of liberation under the influence of Maya to turn into enslaving force. That is, the “I” is the power that can at any moment to break all shackles, but the Maya of this force makes the most beautiful and shackles on it all wraps. “I” getting into their own ignorance, can not escape. Why is this happening, with the axiomatic point of view? Because the “I” begins to identify themselves not with itself, and with its manifestation, and the manifestation of the “I”, according to the axioms, is Prana (mind, energy), and in the wrong direction is all aimed. “I” is set in the direction of the causal body, it darts into him again.


Question: Can a person be without any negative karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: It is. Why not?

Q: Despite the fact that all is well, Karma, sooner or later will come to you.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Of course. Positive Karma is manifested in the same way as negative.


Question: Pessimism can develop from what is grain and conditions of negative karma can be reunited, when all is well.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: No, I do not for all that you said that you were trembling, terrified that you are living now, all is good, but tomorrow it could all collapse. I say this for several other reasons. If it is possible to manipulate you, then there may be a variety of options. Maybe so, but maybe in a different way. Or maybe you do not have a negative karma, and tomorrow you do it, it does not mean that everything is so clear. The issue is that yoga encourages us to relax, and that we should all go out of the law of cause and effect, the law of Karma. Do not buy into the positive karma and do not be afraid of the negative, and quietly leave. Again, prison. A great place to write his memoirs – Hitler, Lenin wrote his works there. In prison, there are different places. There are more preferred, there is less. But there is no guarantee that you are from a good place not to be transferred to the poor, so if there is an opportunity to escape from this prison, you do not need to grasp at their best bunk, and you just have to run. Do not cherish the fact that you are now in prison, and occupies a privileged position among the president of all prison inmates, and to get away from this prison, that’s the whole logic. Afraid? God forbid you. All that has been done, has been done too late to be afraid. All that is now also being done. It’s too late to change anything, or fear. Think about the future, even if it would be light, but it is now, what is unfolding. And in this, that now takes place, it is possible to act on the same line of conduct, and it is possible for the other. And if we are on the right course of action, we will, first of all, a good future, and eventually all come out of this limitation.


Q: We can say that the overcoming of Karma at the human level is reduced to overcome the mental experience?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Of course, the strongest manifestations – a mental attitude. Fingerprints are stored on our mental plane, on the plane of reason, more dominant than what’s called “imprints on our skin.” All these scars. Roughly speaking, you eat poor quality food – to work out the toxins in your body, the body aches. Where, in what store negative karma, why the body hurts? Strictly speaking, these toxins because they are there. Therefore, at the level of the physical body grains Karma can be considered toxins that you have. Toxins have led to the fact that you feel bad and you are under the influence of his bad state of health and mood began to adopt sub-optimal solutions in life. You have started to do some things that should not have been doing, and you have done, and it has suffered, imprinted on the mind level. You shouted at neighbors because you feel bad, and the chain is as follows: you ate the wrong food, you became ill, and the neighbors had nothing to do, they just caught his arm. That’s how it all develops. Of course, the easiest to operate with the mind, because it is still all goes through him. Because our “I” is most strongly identifies with the mind.

What can we do with our karma?

1. Karma to get rid of.

2. Karma redeem.

3. Mr. Karma, maybe we forgive her. Why? This is a separate issue. In recent years do not count.

First. I did something bad – I had to pay. But everything is the end. So it is to this suffering for the negative.

The second point. We are smart, after today’s workshop on yoga know that within us may be “unexploded ordnance since the First and Second World War”, prints the negative aspects of this or previous lives, but it can instantly change our lives. The most offensive, that practically we can not understand it. More precisely, to a certain extent, it can be traced, but rather indirectly calculate, if we have a negative.

We are with you – smart yoga and yogini. We do not wait until the grains connect with the conditions of germination, and do the next thing, we accumulate positive karma and help all living beings, and as soon as our fate allows, we spread the knowledge of yoga, thereby realizing or not realizing accumulate positive potential. If you suddenly start to wake up the grain of our negative karma, then suddenly you may find that on this same field, we did not only negative things, but also positive. Just as in the same field can be planted with wheat and the weed can. If wheat little weed scored it. If a lot of wheat, wheat weed scores. What is more, and wins. Similarly, in respect of Karma. It seems like conditions came and negative trends become clogged with positive Karma and will not germinate.

Next time. You vaguely feel the negative karmic tendencies. And in the evenings you pull to take an ax and go in a big way. Vague, poorly decorated inclinations, not necessarily, of course, in such a marginal manifestation. There are more neutral, but is regarded by you as a negative – for example, laziness or optional. What prevents us to live? Fear, anger, envy, jealousy. I feel that in me awakens jealousy towards people or something else. I feel like waking up this trend and pulls me. It’s just like a little boy who had never seen a piano, sits down at the piano and play his draws. Why? The trend from the previous life. In which he probably played. In the same way here. I’m starting to track a trend that could lead me to God knows where. I’m starting to sip vodka in more than is necessary, the amount, and I realize it’s because traces of previous Karma awake. As an intelligent man that I start doing? In every possible way to avoid all the possible conditions, where the grains can germinate. If I am inclined to alcoholism, then I start to be avoided various companies. Why? They have time to blink an eye is not, and you poured one, the second, third, and now you are making a feats. It’s all very fast. Or about our feelings and other trends. I understand very clearly what’s this tendency leads me. First, I avoided those conditions where it can be shown, that is, I at night with an ax in a big way never leave. And you never know, suddenly I wake up the karmic nuances? This gives the probability that a grain will not germinate Karma my not be conditions. And finally, if I understand what the cause, I’m starting to do things differently.

For example, I feel that in a past life I was a serial killer. In this life, on the contrary, I am eager to save people’s lives. One rescued, the other out of the loop is pulled out of the third – that record. It is clear that these are two trends in the same field. And the one that will dominate, should win. Therefore, if you feel a negative trend, focus is on the work of the opposite trend. If jealous, then we look for the opposite direction – rejoice the happiness of others. Greedy – we are generous. These two opposite tendencies collide foreheads. First one another decreases, then neutralize and then suppresses. So act smart yoga. They do not wait until the karma unfold and begin to do good deeds whenever possible and to live so that when they feel a certain lack of, a dangerous trend, they begin to work with it.

A friend of mine felt that becomes an inveterate drunkard. And I was a witness to his association with the guru, very dear person. He says to him: “Well, I can not drink this work.” “Okay, well, drink, but drink from midnight to twelve to fifteen nights.” That is not something that does not drink, and drink from midnight to twelve to fifteen nights, and all the rest of the wait. Very helpful. This is a very thin internal agreements with internal structures, they do not like when they have taken delight. In general, work with pleasures – it’s aerobatics in yoga and is one of the most difficult topics. This is what you exalt to the skies or just vmazhet, as they say in the land. No one took away from the enjoyment of karmic tendencies, it merely narrowed and narrowed, do not give her a turn at full speed. Many technical aspects that allow us to adjust the deployment of the negative trends of our Karma.

Finally, the third part, it is most important is that if Mr. Karma forgive us our karma, so to speak. But again. Count on it is not necessary. In the newspaper “Hand in Hand” adepts of that on a friendly footing with the “chief” of Karma, look useless. While it may be, there are miracles vnekarmicheskie, but who knows? This reduces, by and large, your exit from the field of action of cause and effect. Yes, indeed, our world is logical, but the universe sverhlogichna. And, you know, what wonders creates love, and what seems impossible – possible.


Question: The first stage, I understood, is the essence of all Yogas – Raja, Hatha, and so on?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva A: To a certain extent, yes. Hatha yoga can be interpreted as follows. We stand in different poses and, according to the text of yoga, this posture we remove those deficiencies, which were supposed to do in the body of an animal once in the past, but not completed, and they crossed the accumulated burden to the present day. Therefore, flexibility is not, and “aching legs, the tail falls off.” All here with these times. Therefore, we begin to practice yoga, and body resists. Unpleasant pull themselves and have to force myself. In this sense, it is the eradication of the negative karma that we drag from the times in the bodies of animals. Another thing is overcome something must also be right. Maybe you have a tooth ache, and Karma is that it was destroyed, it you may be sick for ten years and bring you to distraction. It does not mean that you have to suffer for ten years. You go to the dentist, and it removes the nerve. There is a saying: “The fact that, according to Karma, the hair of your head shall burn, does not mean that they have to burn on your head.” Once destined to burn them, cut them up and throw into the fire, let it burn.

Karma – stupid concept, mechanistic, but in its refined and subtle manifestations it seems to us something ominous and it is not clear, though, in fact, it is very simple law.


Question: So, Karma Yoga is very similar to Raja Yoga. Through Karma Yoga, we learn to control Karma.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Of course, all of yoga are connected. Do not think that a seminar on karma yoga today, and with all other yogis, it does not intersect. Everything intersects. Even yoga love intersects with Karma yoga, if you look with known positions.


Question: Is it possible to say that everything that happens, everything has a karmic chain of action? There is no action, effects, cases occurring vnekarmicheski? And whether it is possible to say that, making sverhlogichnye action, man rises above karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: You dug what I now really want to tell. It is an axiomatic idea what Karma, that is logical. Firstly, there is immediate direct response. Is it possible to our existence on earth, but in a state where we have risen above the law of cause and effect, the law of karma? The ancient yogic texts, all the old teachers, all other teachers and teacher we say YES. The law of logic – just a special case of our very complex universe.


Q: In addition to this. See all external conditions and do sverhlogichno?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: While we were in the plane of Karma, we can not recognize the man who is her plane. The question was: “Can we in this world exist in a state outside of Karma?” Answer: “Yes.” Moreover, we call on all to it and, moreover, it is a real natural transition, and we all have to go into it. All yoga, which has come down to us, and which I will now lay out, came from teachers and teachers who, on the one hand, seem to live in physical bodies on Earth, and on the other hand, they live as if in their own parallel universe, which once applied to our universe. Laws, if you will, almost natural, in their world completely different than in our world, but completely incomprehensible way these two worlds do not contradict each other, they are embedded into each other. About Karma man is told – there are beautiful moments Tibetan – “naked yogini can fly.” In Yoginis supernormal was flying through the air. They could fly above the world of conventional farmers who plow the land. These two worlds – the highest world and our ordinary world of cause and effect are crossed, without contradicting or conflicting with each other. Smoothly into one another. Primarily, this relates to our future instructors of yoga. The fact that you are in yoga, it is not the fact that you know all the postures in yoga, and know how to intelligently respond to all philosophical questions, according to the same axioms yoga. This is similar to what you like in another cloud, in another world. On the one hand, you are in the world, and on the other hand, you – the other world. And what works for you, does not work for ordinary people living in the law of cause and effect. And vice versa. It is a strange situation.

Now the continuation of this question. There is a man – if we can determine whether it is in a state outside of Karma or he is in a state of Karma? Or maybe even in some state that we are simply not mentioned? The answer to these questions is the following: we have a criterion for determining whether a person is in a state sverhlogiki or he simply ill with schizophrenia. Suppose a man behaved strangely, but there is a strange and clear, and there are strange and incomprehensible. Is a person who is behaving strangely and understandable, particularly yogi? No. You know how much I have met such, I am sorry, “guru” who always said vaguely flowery, pointedly, but nothing. Moreover, an apple for the apple define it somehow makes me rather to the fact that these are people with little deviation. About such talk – “not of this world”, with a little bit rejected psyche. Some ambitions and tendencies inside is not clear. Such a conglomerate rather confusing than deducing from Maya. Strictly speaking, as long as I did in the cause and effect, I do not have such a thermometer or a tool that would say: “Here is a charlatan, and this – a great saint.” Therefore, we can sometimes suspected in man a charlatan, but he really is a man out of Karma, and it is possible – on the contrary. As long as we do not rise to this level, we have a tool to determine, but one. This tool is as follows: pull us these first glimpses of timeless intuition or do not pull, it inspires us or inspires. Here, perhaps, the only criterion, but, as you know, it’s pretty slippery. Someone inspire, someone does not, someone pulls someone does not have. So here we can say nothing. We can not distinguish between a man who has risen above the level of Karma, from a man who is still in her plane.

Q: As long as man has not gone beyond the law of karma, it can do an act which would not be due to previous karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Of course, he can fall in love! This is one of the most powerful of its manifestations. Love vnekarmichna. There are causes of consequence in love, they do not exist in nature. This thing in itself vnekarmichna, therefore, considered to be one of the highest yogi. In its very essence. The ultimate goal – it is a means. The state to which we aspire, and the state, with which we all carry, merge. Love Yoga – private yoga.


Question: I understand that there is all the time the development is correct. That even a serial killer still come to enlightenment through the billions of lives?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Yes, but this raises the question: why bother to move, if it is still all to come? But there is a small trap – this obsession with time and the free will of the individual. For example, an individual wants to live in those conditions in which he wishes, if he voleizyavlyaet: “I want to be eternal serial killer.” Remember how in the “gentlemen of fortune”? “He stole, drank, in jail, stole, drank, in jail” – and so on forever. Imagine this scenario. Many men live and not really worry about it. So, as long as the person is willing to live that kind of life, no force in the universe is not in a position to snatch it out of this, he will turn the wheel of time forever. That is, we have set for ourselves can voleizyavlyat eternal hell and for themselves to create it. So sometimes approach: “Why strain, if sooner or later it will find ourselves” – is untenable, because the world is a lot more complicated than it seems. We can generate their own universe with its own rules of the game, which will eventually turn in the same way as we have with bricks. It can be anything from this construct, because the essence of every human being, even if he is a hardened murderer, is the omnipotence of the Absolute. He wished it to be so in his personal universe, but that does not mean that his neighbor and those who surround him, is the same. This is effective only against itself. Another thing is that, sooner or later, generating negative and experiencing it again and again, one morning the hardened killer can create an intention to revise the rules of the game. Not all of three minutes to change, as it were turning inside out his personal universe.


Question: If love is karma, and if we are on the Karma, then can we decide when to worry and when not? I, for example, all the love associated only with experience.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: No, there’s one little thing. The state of enlightenment, the very highest vnekarmicheskoe, it is so great that to say about it, we can not do anything. The closest and understandable by analogy to his state – a state of love, but what awaits us “there”, above the concept of “state”. This is something beyond, something higher, but love is by definition not generated. If you say, “I have the ability to fall in love with someone” – this is nonsense.


Question: I, on the contrary, we would like to control their love. And if she is Karma …

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: A lot of people will likely tend to fall in love. People are divided into those who want to fall in love, and those who have had a sad experience, unrequited love, and so on and so forth. After that, they are fire, afraid of love. They understand how it all seriously, as all the grinds. From the perspective of the whole karmic pattern if vnekarmicheskie get these impulses and leave the world, subject to his own karma, he would very quickly turned into the most monstrous hell, and then to self-destruct themselves. Bursts of love – it’s not just gifts and grace, if viewed from the perspective of yoga Srividya, it pulses, which ends meet, so that we ourselves are not destroyed. Therefore, a person remembers his bad experience with love, though each is different. Negative experiences are not from love, but from the fact that a person has negative Karma. And then came “vnekarmichesky momentum”, he made all the accumulated karma appear, in fact, not guilty of love and affection. Love and love can not force a person to suffer, who presented the gift, but he in fact full – full of their own Karma, which has not been canceled. And then they bang their heads, these two worlds. On the one hand, it is extremely necessary to us, that the world did not collapse. Maniac – a ruler who conquered all of humanity, he established its dictatorship and is about to destroy everything – and seemingly nothing could save mankind, and he took it and fell in love. Naperekos went all foreign and domestic policy, everything fell apart, he mellowed. This special moments. In our lives we are selfish, some negative karmic tendencies, they had not been canceled, but then we fall in love, and all these trends are, we get a negative experience. The next time we say, “No, no, no, God forbid, I will not fall in love! And it will be like at that time. ” However, this process away from us completely independent, we are not able to control it. This is roughly the same as the control of the existence or non-existence of the “I”, you can not not be, it is impossible in principle. Therefore, to control love, if you fall in love, can not, even if the will to resist by all means, you do not succeed, because it is higher than all the intentions above all.

Typically, how? Man calculates many moves ahead, but the situation turns out hawking. He built his career and love came and all his plans – again, and destroyed! On the other hand, such that all of these plans? These are circuits in which man himself chained, so it is. The only thing to note, if you experience Love – thus you provoke Carmo. In this sense, karma is very fast, very painful, but very experienced compressed. The man survived the love, even if it was negative Karma, in a very rapid time it’s going through, and out of this love, it becomes a much cleaner, better, closer to the Highest.


Question: Modern values – wealth – transient things concerning the spiritual development, self-improvement, enlightenment. Should a person with enough of these transient things, toys, before you realize that nothing is eternal in this world. And if you did not initially drawn to this, and drawn to the spiritual?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: Well, firstly, we have – at different levels of karma and underwent a different way. Someone in a previous life was already a billionaire, tired, and in this life do not particularly drawn. If there are problems with finances, and you want to get rich, it is fair to admit it themselves. The fact is that if you currently do not recognize this and begin to delude ourselves that “I do not want to get rich”, while they themselves will want to get rich, you can not see enlightenment as their own ears. First, to be implemented by all your earthly desires, before realized sverhzhelanie. Therefore, the universe itself will make you rich. Why waste time? Combine yoga with wealth. Wealth – is a necessary condition, to a certain extent, this is the platform on which you can practice yoga. Another thing, when the financial capacity exceeds what you can spend. It turns into a very scary handcuffs. Moreover, Karma Yoga is considered to be that much quicker and easier to get rich than then abandon wealth. Sometimes I hear: “Certainly not anything I did not go.” It’s all tears and snot – it’s not serious. If a person starts to work normally, and even if he starts to work as prescribed Karma Yoga, without waiting for the result, then, oddly enough, the result is to it most quickly comes. But then he starts to cling involuntarily. And here begins: status, position, company – the world is stratified. Therefore, the ideal of yoga – is a person who earns too little to keep thinking about it, but not too much that it is also not turned into handcuffs and chains and earn within the standards. Because it is an inefficient use of time. What good is that you have a lot of money? A life you assigned not only for money but also for spiritual development, and you spend them on the very purpose. Not on the very purpose of yoga, and the continuation of making money. This is a vicious circle. Unfortunately, there is such an unpleasant statistics, but you should know it. Many people who are using yoga or without the help of yoga (as a rule, I am more talking about those who through yoga honed his mind and learned to thrive in this world) actually reached colossal heights, including financial, but it is very difficult they were then. Here you work, you work and you can not stop. You constantly raise salaries, you constantly improve in the post, and you suddenly start to catch yourself thinking that you – a gear in the mechanism that you do not even have time to spend the money. Why turn himself into a slave? We do not understand these issues. These problems are well understood at the time of hippies in the West. Because if so to take the country, we have always been poor. There has always been poverty. Even what we call wealth, it was such a misery compared with the fact that there were people in the West. We spent all their resources to the war to win a man into space to run, and they have spent on something that is good to live selfishly. By the way, this is why I believe that it is in Russia all is well with spirituality, but as far as personal well-being: “All questions – good-bye!”

Sometimes they are talking about some sort of “Group yoga”, and before the start of their sect, offer to sell all their movable and immovable property and to sacrifice in the common pot. Some marginal personality. I do not know where all this comes from. Firstly, yoga is irrelevant. This forced renunciation of the world. What kind of nonsense? On the other hand, if we too cling to the material, it’s too bad, but the bad and the other side, when I say: “Well, what do you e – mine. Went to have earned himself, you’re a big guy, and then you can, and to do something, well, go and make money. ” And he is in soul-searching, in meditation. I feel it already starts to eat itself, in its lair, and he thinks he’s something spiritual involved. This is a game in the Maya Maya, so that all extremes are bad. Poverty is bad, bad wealth. The trend, in which the man was very poor, coupled with negative karma turns into great wealth. And when he was very poor, he was suffering, and when it becomes very, very rich, is also suffering. The most important thing, therefore, closer to the middle position, that not all of your time is going to earn a piece of bread, and to remain a significant part of it for spiritual work. But at the same time not to be too little money – that is not constantly a headache that will be tomorrow. It must be some kind of middle way, and each has his own.


Question: What actions could be called sverhlogichnymi? Not in a global sense, but at the level where you do, and the mind, the body refuse to understand. They find it unprofitable or unprofitable, but you do it just because you want to.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: How can you identify? I Vadim Zaporozhtsev, now sit in front of you, teach yoga. To earn money I can in another way, faster and more efficient, I do not need money. Consider my behavior as sverhlogichnoe – but nothing like this, this is just my way, my Dharma. I’m in cause and effect, but I think that I should do what I’m doing now. Power? In politics, I’m not going. Do me there is nothing on the face look. Again, what I’m not involved in politics, whether it is a manifestation of some of my holiness, something sverhlogichnogo? No, I just know that spend time there, and it is necessary to work in a completely different direction. This does not necessarily sverhlogichnost, on the contrary, the optimal behavior of life. Who can evaluate? Outside, I say: “You are an idiot, you could roll there millions.” Well, what they told me? They that, for me, will die? Will not. Why did they teach me how to live? I choose life. In the same way we do. Some of our actions may seem strange to other people. Someone logical, someone illogical someone sverhlogichnymi. What do we care? The question boils down to Karma Yoga ourselves personally. All. More to anybody. Absolute is not to blame for everything not to blame. It is logical, illogical, in the end, what’s the difference?

Go to the toughest subject. It is axiomatic of yoga, Karma yoga concerning. According to the axioms of yoga, we each have our “I”. Our “I” is higher than the time and space to be higher than the cause and effect, above the law of Karma. In a sense, we are so out of Karma every second, even now. At the same time, inexplicably, we find ourselves under the action of cause and effect, under the action of Karma, and it happens in the following way. Before touching the law of Karma, let’s look at what is Karma in terms of the axioms?

Karma – a cause that gives rise to the investigation. New consequence generates the following reason, and so on and so forth. The presence of the law of Karma implies the existence of time. Imagine if time suddenly stopped, some of the reasons for the investigation will never go out. From the grain will never grow a tree, because the time has stopped. On the TV you watch the transmission and, as the VCR – again, and paused. Everything stopped. Whether the main character will win, or will not win, who knows? All that time has risen. So we can not talk to you about Karma is the law of the time. In this sense, the law of Karma and the law of equivalent time. The law of cause and effect presupposes the existence of time. The Law of Karma is the law of cause and effect. Thus, the unfolding of karma can not be in a state out of time, that is, when there is no time or when time stops. Our universe – a much more complicated thing than time, space, cause and effect. The laws in this universe is much more complex and varied. The law of cause and effect – is one of the particular cases of our universe. We live on the planet Earth in a place dominated by the law of cause and effect, but the entire universe is much more complex than this law. There are nooks and places as you like call it, where the laws are very different, we imagine this can not even imagine as long as relying on the mind in its cognitive process.

The reason – a great tool, but it operates only with the processes of cause and effect. At the same time, the principle of mind is higher than the principle of the time. Not that part which we now operate, and the other, more subtle, which is sometimes called the Overmind and is manifested in our lives as a spiritual or ordinary intuition. Normal everyday mind, we basically can not operate. What do you mean – time flowed backwards? Or the time has stopped? It’s more emotional images or experiences. It turns out that in this corner of the universe takes the law of cause and effect, it is the same – time, it is the same – the law of Karma. In addition, the flow of talk time, we may only if space. There is another component – in which everything happens space. Therefore, our space, even physical, it is a special case of a more versatile space. This is a special case, which is associated with the concept of time, the concept of cause and effect, the concept of the law of Karma.

Now we return to ourselves. Our “I” extra-terrestrial, is cause and effect now every one of you.

For the same reasons, which was created by our whole Vsёlennaya, our “I”, because of their ignorance, he identifies himself not with themselves and with their manifestations. Our “I” is the manifestation, and they are usually divided into two manifestations, although, in fact, is one thing, which is called Prana. But Prana – it is quite an abstract concept, and yet it manifests itself through the consciousness and energy in the real world. Our “I” is not aware of itself, but sees its own manifestation. The manifestation of consciousness and manifestation of energy. That is, using all what can be done. Why such manifestations, and not others? It’s like a carpenter’s tools, but not the carpenter. Imagine a person who is starting to be identified with the plane. If a brand new plane, it is good. Plane blunt – it, like as not on their own. If it broke, so in general, we can say, death. Approximately the same situation is observed with us. Our “I” begins to identify itself with its manifestation, but our “I” is the ability to create anything you want, and the creative process through these two tools – through the consciousness and energy, and they are, in essence, are not our ” I”. They are a manifestation of our “I”, that is, of the power that our “I” can have. And our “I” foolishly identifying himself with the power or with these manifestations. As a result of these manifestations of consciousness and energy in themselves evident, or have done, or have begun to control what is called “our mind”. Here, no detail, no detail: Buddhi, Chitta and so on. Our “I” considers itself the mind. Each of you is sitting, and it seems to him, that he – I, but in fact, this is a mistake. When you say, “This is me”, you identify yourself with your own mind and get the illusion of personality. This illusion of personality is called “ego”. When our “I” identifies itself with what it is not, there is an illusion of personality, it is called “ego”. But it manifests itself, as you know, first of all, through our mind.

Now the most important thing. Our “I” beyond space and time, is Karma is cause and effect, but the manifestation of our “I”, consciousness, energy and generation of mind – in space and time. More precisely, what – what part – over space and time, and the other part is immersed in space and time, as the lower part of the iceberg in the ocean. Verhushechka over the ocean beyond space and time, it is our highest spiritual intuition, which helps us to develop spiritually, but the rest of the mind entirely in these depths for many kilometers in space and time, where the laws of logic, the laws of time, the laws of Karma. We identify ourselves with the fact that falls under the field of action of karma, and thus, our “I” falls within the scope of Karma. Although in reality there is no connection. What binds us to Karma? What makes us down and it is within the law of Karma? This association between our “I” and the manifestations of our “I”, in the first place, mind. We consider ourselves a mind, a rough part of which is within space and time, and here they are, and we are also inside it. Since we consider ourselves to reason, then all that for good reason, it seems to us good. All that is bad for the mind, and we feel bad. So anything that threatens his mind in terms of injuries and other things we perceive as negative as negative karma. All that leads to the fact that all was well, we take a positive and a positive Karma. But, in fact, it’s the concept in relation to the things which we are not.

There was a question: how do we rise above the plane of Karma? The fundamental answer is the following. we must realize the illusory nature of the fact that we are the reason, that we are this body, and to realize his higher ‘I’. Figuratively speaking, to learn how to break the associative link, which connects our “I” with our mind. But we did not do so currently can not even imagine with the emergence of time as it can be. Therein lies all the spiritual difficulties, not that it is difficult to do, and that we do not even have a rough idea of how it could be later. If it were, we would immediately have achieved this.

Imagine a plane Karma ocean, which floats our minds. Our mind is not in itself, it is – in the shell of the senses, and the senses – in the shell of matter on the paint scheme is will not, as long as enough reason alone. And our “I” as the sun hovers over the ocean. What connects our “I” with this iceberg? Nothing. Only associative connection. What is the associative link? It is or it is not? Roughly speaking, the sun just wants to consider itself that iceberg. Here I consider myself and all. So I think has a lot of lives, because I am very, very many years, thousands of years, billions of years, and I had no experience considered themselves something else, I do not even come to mind except for this iceberg itself. Therefore, the essence of overcoming the law of Karma or karmic way out of this plane is reduced to overcome ignorance, to realize that our minds and our “I” – is “two big differences”. In fact, all the yoga that you do, lead to this – Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Karma Yoga. If you work honestly, without paying attention to parasites around without fear of punishment, without waiting for reward and pleasure deriving from the work process itself – it means to practice yoga. And once you start doing so, the most incomprehensible way will create the preconditions to push incomprehensible to you has been given, and that came to you, that the mind – a mind. Here it is – in space and time flies. And I – it’s me. How is this jerk? That is the real mysticism. This is what is called the highest attainment in yoga. At the Brahmins in ancient India it was called the second birth. Brahmins called “twice-born”. This moment of awareness is not only not less, but even more important than the time of our physical birth, which is extremely important for us, but it pales in comparison with the second birth. This does not mean that we should neglect the births. It turns out that it all boils down to overcoming ignorance. And if each one of us now, at this moment – again! – And be aware of this ignorance, I would have realized that he considers himself different from what he really is, he would have immediately risen above the level of Karma and went out of her actions. I became free! But since we are long accustomed to live very differently, and had no experience try the case, we have what we have. If we begin to communicate with the yogis, who is in his life have already implemented, we implicitly take their example. Learning. For this reason, communication with the wise men who have reached the highest peaks of yoga in itself is a guarantee that you perform yoga, but it is axiomatic. It came down to overcome ignorance. Misconceptions around this axiomatic grow like mushrooms after rain. Followers of many distinguished teachers begin to declare: “If you do something, do it. But you can, and do nothing, because you’re already free, to realize it. ” I occasionally encounter such followers, they irritate me extremely, though, in general, according to the teachings of yoga, I have nothing should not irritate. They’re all so pompous, smug, calm, self-confident, they are already in advance know that everything will be fine. And these parasites go-roam, deceiving themselves and gather around him a crowd of deceived followers who roam them-roam, and the apple tree, the apple on the determined. Do not get, and then they get bored of all these stories that do not need to do anything because it is itself everything is free. If it were that simple, we’d all sentient beings are enlightened immediately. But not all so simple. Despite the fact that it came down to this simple fact, as the awareness that you are free, it is extremely difficult to realize. And that’s just the rest of yoga – Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama yoga, including karma yoga – let us down and give us a push to this realization. All, all the mysterious Karma end there. What then begins over the surface of cause and effect – is a topic of another story altogether.


Question: Why do we initially assume that the “I”, identifying itself with the mind, fall into ignorance. What is the reason that the “I” fell into ignorance and identified itself with the mind?

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: We have this knowledge left a teacher and a teacher of yoga, who in his life the hard way to understand it, carried out and left for us these techniques that we as quickly as possible all this themselves have carried out and, if possible, quickly reached the same the state itself. Here we have the authoritative certification. Themselves we are not aware that we identify ourselves with the mind. This knowledge we got from those people who have gone all the way.

Question: If a person says that he has come in such states identify itself with the mind, whether he whether he ever really leaves this world, ever goes into this state, or vice versa, then pulls his Maya, there is some kind of struggle going on?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: There you two questions. I divide it into two parts. First. If people say they are experiencing the Absolute vision, merging with the Absolute, or if they see a ghost, or something they have a third eye to see, I would be in your place, first of all, turned his common sense and analyzed: rather than patients whether this hospital? Unfortunately, a lot of people, such unrecognized yogis, who confessed to the right and to the left of their high spiritual achievements, but often these are people irresponsible, so do not be too blindly believe all who claim it. Moreover, sometimes it sounds totally inappropriate. There is a suspicion that the person just wants to attract attention to himself, “Here I have had the experience of raising the Kundalini. I drove her, drove! “Theme of spiritual achievements rather delicate. Unfortunately, there is no criterion to determine whether a person is a liar, or really is a great saint, as long as we do not live through the same experience. We have in the scale, so we are left with only one. Firstly, do not be gullible. Secondly, if we are to be gullible, then consider all the great saints, but that does not mean that you should blindly follow what they tell you. Leave them, they all reached. Because the eye does not have time to blink, you did not get to where you want. There are people – sincere liars, and there are people who confuse themselves. They really are glimpses of something beyond, and the rest – their own hallucinations. This hodgepodge in which they themselves can not really understand, begin to pour into the first ears. In our school in this respect is very hard, we have not decided to share experiences. This is considered not modest. I start telling you now, as I have on the Red Square in lotus fly, and shone a halo on top, as without it? Even if it were so, ignorant people will cause confusion. And I know, “Well, why is all” Therefore, be careful with those who are really so very frank about personal experience. It may be that this great saint that his story and his experience wants to give a boost to your mind that you really break the link between the iceberg and your “I”. Maybe it is a great dedication, and you’re damn lucky that you met at last, a real guru, and he told you about his experience, and you sort of took over his fortune. Maybe you have the same thing happen, but there is no test.

And the second part of the question. If a person really starts to rise to spiritual heights, whether it falls back, or Maia drags his feet: “Where in heaven for you?” Axiomatics of yoga is as follows. You have identified themselves, their supernormal consciousness and energy to what you are not in space and time, but the capacity of consciousness and energy is extremely powerful, they create for you personal universe. So you weave around her veil of Maya, Karma. In the universe there is no such evil forces that are imposed on you any one Maya. You yourself have come up with it. There is no force that would support the Maya, and therefore it is the law.

All you have overcome ignorance. All. Darkness is not. There is the absence of light. And after you have lit the torch, even if you walk in the darkest cellars with a torch, to search for a place to hide the darkness, you will not find it. Similarly, any real achievement in yoga – is irreversible. Not because some gears there are, which revolve in the same direction, and the other – no, this is not possible, in principle, from the very structure of our universe. Not because someone cared, that you do not fall back to the ground level, and for the reason that otherwise can not be. Once the light illuminating a dark room, the darkness disappears forever. As well as the nature of your consciousness like nature of light, of this ability, you will not go anywhere at all. This is your ability – to shine in a dark room. Of course, you’re higher than this dark room, than the concept of light and darkness, the game penumbra, but there is darkness, so it is irreversible. As for the physiological issues that people experience when they do yoga, different happens. You too will experience emotional highs, full of energy and strength. You will want to change the world. You will begin to work. Then may be recessions, depressions, it is part of the circus program, to this we must prepare. Smart yogi is not particularly enjoys high exaltation and not particularly sad deep depression. Why? Because he, like a tractor. He just rushing to the target, not noticing this ravine or hill. What’s the difference? He still rushing directly. This is the ideal of Karma Yoga. Not expecting ecstasy without fear of falling into pessimism, just do their own thing and enjoy the very process of doing. Then it will be all right.


Q. If the person is in the first stage, and its fear of driving, which methods there is the first step?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: The first stage of yoga Karma well treated all other yogis. I would recommend that person to engage in Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Pranayama yoga, mantra yoga. Well, if it ugorazdilo fall in love with someone, it is the fear of just forget about his life in general will disappear this concept. Other yoga can quickly boost the first level of Karma Yoga, when you go to work for fear of stay without bread and without a roof over your head. Do you feel that there is such a fear, and it is already working to urge upon you – let us ahead of other yoga and other yogas you compensate and quickly rise to the second and then the third level. Yoga’s not alone. Yoga – it’s all together. It will save time. If a person is only concerned with Karma yoga, he will go smoothly from the first level to the second, the third, but this time for longer. More is his flounder. As from stage to stage, and it is only in terms of overcoming Maya, illusion. At first I was afraid that I would remain without a piece of bread, as I do not believe in themselves. I think that a good uncle to me now paid a salary, I will be fine. Tomorrow does not pay – I’ll die of hunger.

I! I can create and destroy the universe! I depend on some kind of uncle? I myself will create a company right now, it will make money and feed the same uncle. Who’s the boss here? Therefore, the first stage of Karma Yoga – a state employee. We were all hired workers, but another question. Employee employee alike. And someone very quickly rises to the second stage. He begins to realize: “I’m not just an employee, I – a professional.” And he was not afraid of being fired, his boss is afraid that an employee will go to a competitor. This is what in the West is considered to be professional. If you are a professional, you will never be without work. As far as I know, as from time to time interested in this issue, even now always open vacancies for senior managers – in Russia, I know for sure this is the case from the moment of the collapse of the USSR and the West, and probably longer. For self-sufficient people, creative, responsible, energetic, responsible for themselves, which can tighten the case, very enterprising – always open vacancies. I will not name the company, the company is the world’s highest level, they have every year for the open position of top managers. They are looking for people like and do not find. Therefore, the unemployment rate in this area is not threatened and no one ever. There’s just a terrible shortage of personnel. Not because the staff is small, but because the people of this nature occurs little. As soon as one properly performs Karma Yoga, he is from the employee, even if he continues to be an employee, is transformed into a professional. Professional is not looking where he was working, and he chooses the appropriate conditions, but before that it is necessary to grow. In each area in different ways, but in one sense: the person must be able to work honestly. If he is honest work, the fear goes away quickly. It comes confidence. Once confidence comes, of course, in front of such a professional – the dollar signs. Actually, why these jobs and are always open? Because they know their value. They appoint himself a salary that you try to find it. There is already a ridiculous amount, as in the newspaper “Hand in Hand” will not get off, there are already about another conversation goes. These people began to realize the Absolute in itself, they began to realize a creative ability. They began to realize that in any company the most important thing – people. Without them, the firm does not work, and it works better with them. They know their value, but they have, unfortunately, is another feature. They are greedy for profit. They will work, if they pay. If will not pay, will not work. This is the second, higher level professional. And finally, the third stage. Professional umneet over time, if he is inclined to to tumble, and he begins to engage in a particular job, feeling that it is his dharma, his duty. And it works not because of fear that will remain without bread, and not because he earns billions on this, but simply because the process of work gives him pleasure. If there are still some moolah, very good. And, finally, there is the fourth state. I did not mention it once. This is when a man rises even above this state and is absolutely free, but this is the state of the yogi. So, in the third state of man – a man who can organize any company you want, can do. Because it is more revealed their inner potential and even less dependent on the limiting of things, such as wealth, fame, power. These are the people who went into new areas, which no one did not promise nothing new, but in the end became the owners of giant companies, and more than one billion earned. And these are people who have overcome a greed. We all go with you on this path. Someone more successful, some less successfully. If we have difficulty overcoming this or that stage, it is possible to boost or enhance other yogis. As a catalyst speeds up the process, even the headstand is perfect for this purpose.


Question: Sam path of spiritual exercises, yoga can be very Dharma?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: I cook yoga teachers in the “Open Yoga University.” I do not know whether this is the Dharma of each person, which I am preparing. It is they who will decide for themselves. My goal – to make them teachers. It is very serious, heavy, scary thankless job. But for me, as you know, this is the same work as a man who stands at the bench, or trades in a tent or in the stock market is bullish or on a slide. All the rules of the game for me are the same as in business. So I was very surprised when people come to yoga and think that’s where they worked, but they had come to teach yoga, and then they have to wear stoles, all in front of them to fall down, and they have nothing to do. It is an illusion, an error. Therefore, if we consider, as an example of yoga teachers, it is entirely falls under normal operation. Neither add nor subtract. Just boring if you do not see the joy in what you do. If this is not your dharma. If you are chasing after money, as many now. Yoga is popular. Yesterday, fitness, yoga taught today, tomorrow struggle Nanai boys – all forgotten about yoga, went to the Nanai boys. These are the people, tumbleweed, always satisfied. By the way, they will always lose out financially. If we look at ourselves yoga class itself, as such, why not? You will recall that in the life of every human being has four goals: dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

Artha – is the ability to earn a living. To afford the luxury to practice yoga, you need somewhere to live, something to eat. If you have children, wife, parents, you need to take care of them. We’re not freelancers. We are woven into society. And, strictly speaking, is the other side of Karma. Moreover, if we are sane yoga, we must think about the impact of the debt to others. We need to give birth to children, that our ancestors were content. In ancient times, said: “The ancestors are unhappy. You will not attain success in Yoga. ” Why ancestors are unhappy? You’re kind of not continued. At first glance, nonsense. Moreover, the ancestors and the continuation of the family here? Everything is very simple. The souls of ancestors, too, need to be born in the bodies, but you, you rascal, do not take the responsibility to give birth to children, as it will distract you from yoga, you will have no time to engage. What a family, kids? I’m there to do yoga. In this sense, we are in the same condition in which there is, and you do not have to go to the monastery. It is more reasonable to distribute the karmic debts. Therefore, we have to earn a piece of daily bread. And yoga is just the thing that allows you to do this effectively. Yoga teaches you to spend money, and teaches you to make money. Usually I meet all kinds of philosophical systems, they boil down to what you have potential, you have a life, and now we’ll teach you how to burn, not caring about the consequences. Yoga does not fall before then. On the contrary, he says: “No matter how you live, let you learn how to be more efficient, more enterprising, more sane, strong. Then you begin to effectively make a living, and yoga time left. ” Therefore pure yoga class is not working. We’re with you were not born in test tubes. We are embedded in society, whether we like it or not. Released two. The first – a monk. It is not optimal. Although two, three, four years old in some monastery to meditate – a holy cause, but not the way to life. India killed this approach. Another way – Tantric. All happy, all the fun, take the full program of work, from yoga, from life, from sex, from his beloved, his mistress, from everything. We pass through life the way we see fit, without causing harm to any living being in and out of the fields of action of Karma. Gave all debts, everyone is happy, reborn ancestors, we do not owe anything to anyone. And now begins the pandemonium. Do whatever you want. What you want to practice the method. Want Kundalini yoga? Yes smash his head against the wall, if you think that it should be. And the rank oblagodetelstvovaniya humanity is not necessary to erect itself yoga class. Sometimes I hear: “Well, how do I sit, meditate, I thought distribute fluids, and they are beneficial to the entire universe.” It is doubtful, unless you are a great yogi, who used to bring everything to the end. You may remember from Raja Yoga? If a person always gets to the end of the case, that he has the ability, he just thought, and it ended itself. But for this it is necessary to half a lifetime to bring the case to the end. And if a person does never brought to the end of his thoughts will be nothing. I call you. More fun, more peace, more kindness, common sense. Less potustoronschiny less something exalted. Everything will go smoothly, it is logical, and then gradually bring you to sverhlogike. First we rotate in Karma, we are working, and then we reach out of Karma.

And the last. Parting words. How to move from one position in the Karma Yoga in the position of the two? If you get a job, then you need to for yourself, first of all, understand that no one ever wants to take on extra problems. Therefore, we should not talk during the interview that you are all bad. Your basic idea is to be as follows. Does your company have a problem? On my arrival they will not. You should make every effort to persuade the leadership, and after they have will really take off with these headaches. If you learn to shoot people with their headaches, your salary will only grow and the situation too. You will very quickly turn into a professional. Remember the principle. Do not come to the boss with a problem – it is a dead end in your career. Always approach the boss with the words: “Behold, there is a difficulty, and there is an option and its solutions, Option B of its decision, the option With its solutions and its variant D solutions.” And leave the right to choose the head of one of the options.

Q: Often write that you can restore or remove damage. It has to do with Karma?

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: One friend was poisoned somehow radionuclide. Pour it into a glass can be anything you want, but if it comes down to putting in effect damage? No, it can not be reduced. The question is what to show respect to your aggression understandable and incomprehensible ways, it is not clear to you, but understandable for someone who does, you can, of course. But he immediately falls under the rigid heel Karma. The most annoying thing is that the more sophisticated, subtle, non-obvious way to invasion and bringing harm to a person chooses, the faster and more terrible retribution. Therefore, in a sense, in terms of lower karmic sin someone to break the skull of a brick than the magical ways to bring him to the grave. This is absolutely not comparable action on a number of reasons. But what is corruption? It is such a complex psycho-emotional-social conglomerate. It is absolutely obvious. It involved Karma points psychology, herd mentality.




To understand and to understand some moments in Karma Yoga, we have to lead ourselves in quite good physical and mental state. In our school for this purpose various yoga apply purely physical ones. You’ll start in a different way to perceive information, if before this you have loaded a certain way your body and mind, it would be sort of like a jerk, as the momentum. If you find yourself loaded, then the information that you begin to perceive itself keep within those necessary, the right places in your mind, in your view of the world. For these purposes, perfectly Kriya Yoga. Typically, we dilute workshop, made at the end or in the middle of Kriya yoga to physically load. Today, we also make a variant Kriya, each came into the desired shape. Now we divide all the people in half. The first half will sit in a circle and begin to read the mantra. The second part of the people sit in the middle of our room and begin to do under the mantra of Kriya Yoga. I will include the usual markup Kriyas only to the time we fixed.

Those who sit in a circle, raising the tip of the tongue as high as possible, do a full breath and begin to sing the mantra “M”. Now “A”. “O” now. “U” now. And now begin to sing: “A” becomes “O”, “O” turns into “I”, “U” turns into “M”. A-O-Y-M. Sing each at their own pace. As can be louder. What will sing louder, the better. Who is inside the circle – is starting to make the first round of Kriyas, with input kriyami.

Our mind, our awareness of their own lives, our thought processes, our mentality, our mode of consciousness, our feelings, we feel good or bad, is entirely dependent on such a component, as our physical body. Moreover, some of the highest moments of yoga philosophy before us simply does not reach, if we do not properly make your body work. That’s how we artfully made. Rotate gear rough physical body, once they pass the rotation, and the mind begins to spin, he starts to understand some very fine things in everyday life slip away from us, like water between the fingers.

Another component – it is all of our manifestations. We have a physical body, we can say out loud some words. Well, an extreme form of words – the mantra. Chant. It would seem, well, what’s the point? We repeat aloud some words, as soon as this tool is activated, the other gears start to rotate, and layer upon layer of misunderstanding with our mind falls. It is enough to make a Kriya yoga is enough to practice mantra, everything clears up in the brain. There are teachings of yoga, which is simply useless to talk to a man if he had not picked up his body until you feel your body and clear your mind to a certain level. Just do not get it. Imagine when you are in a bad mood, to feel unwell, and you have to try some kind of information to convey, and you, as they say, hear with half an ear. Some flew, some flew. This is one of the greatest secrets of yoga. To understand the philosophy, you have to make your mind work at a different level. And to get your mind to work on a different level, we need such a component, as a physical, mental, verbal, and so on and so forth. Without it, you will not achieve that clarity in his mind, to grasp the college.

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