2012_10_29 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 1-6. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

2012_10_29 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 1-6. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Lecture title:

Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 1-6. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2012.10.29-2012.11.02

Where: International Open Yoga University

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Bhagavad Gita, as part of the epic Mahabharata. Chapter Seven of the Mahabharata. The identity between the body and the universe. Everything that is interesting in this world – it is absolute, but it is elusive. failure and the use of the method of method. Gunas or qualities: sattva, rajas, tamas. Tamas. Rajas. Satwa. The concept of the Absolute. Suffering. Eager for knowledge. Aspiring to possess. Wise. The joy of communion with the Absolute. Why does a person comes up with God in his own image and likeness? The whole faith of the Absolute.


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We have today 29 October 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have no comments on the “Bhagavad Gita”. All the information is on the site openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru. Today we will begin to disassemble an interesting philosophical yogic text as “Bhagavad Gita”. So first you need to say what kind of text, so that it is dedicated to and a place in the Indian philosophy it takes, as well as how it relates to yoga teachings and knowledge.


 Let’s start in order, with the fact that the “Bhagavad Gita” – is part of a larger work, which is called the “Mahabharata”. “Mahabharata” – an extremely popular product in India, virtually all one way or another, in India are familiar with it. Anyway, for some images, the names and common cultural background.

What is devoted to “The Mahabharata” and why is it called? Dedicated to her one very dramatic episode in the history of India when India, in fact, the civil war began. It began a serious struggle for power between two related families, between the two clans. One was called the Pandavas and the Kauravas other.

 And the Pandavas and the Kauravas have a common background, common ancestor, but at some point they separated, and since they both claim to the reign of law. And just all issues related to those who all the same has got it right, and are described in the “Mahabharata” text.

 What is the name of the “Mahabharata”? The word “Mach” – “great”. You probably have heard of Mahatma Gandhi? “Mahatma” – a great soul. Atma – Higher “I”, “Mach” – “great”. So, the Mahabharata – this great work of Bharat.

 We, the Western people call the Indians, the Indians, as it is assumed that they lived near the Indus River. So they probably still so ancient Greeks called. But, in fact, in India, modern Hindus do not call themselves Indians and bharavami, that is, the descendants of Bharata, and India, they are likely to be sound as Bharatiya.

 Thus, it is the greatest work of the history of India, on how to develop such a period of historical events. But, apart from the purely historical canvas, which fought for power different groups of people, “Mahabharata” is entirely permeated by the general philosophical doctrine, and contains descriptive literally every aspect of Indian life, probably known at the time. Therefore, the text of “Mahabharata” can be used to some extent as an encyclopedia of medieval Indian life.

Facts and Fiction

 With regard to the ligaments, “Mahabharata” with real historical events, here and historians, and people studying the legacy of India, a lot of questions. Questions are even more questions than answers.

 First, from the perspective of Western science, and failed more or less tie these events to some real historical events. Anyway, things are not so simple and not so obvious as if you study, say, the history of ancient Europe. Moreover, it seems that the very legend of “Mahabharata” was formed for a very long time and rewritten several times. And these changes, as some Indian scientists were so radical that even the main characters copied and changed places. There is a point of view that in the original version of the epic, the positive role played by the Kauravas and the Pandavas negative. Whereas in the extant treatment just with precision, but on the contrary: the Kauravas – the personification of evil, and the Pandavas – the personification of goodness.

 But you can not change the text so with impunity, without making fundamental changes. In support of this view, that the accents were changed to indicate the following facts. In the analysis of the actions that had to make the Pandavas, or positive characters of this tale, you’ll find that almost every action of their victory, they scored enough questionable ways, by deception, forgery and others. That is, at the present time, we quite difficult to say something definite. Many copies among scientists studying this work, was broken and continues to break down. Therefore, historical reference or emotional color – who was right and who is wrong – it is a controversial question.

Revolutionary philosophical content of the “Mahabharata” and “Bhagavad Gita”

 But that is valuable to us, it is the philosophical content that has not changed as a result of the rewriting and the possible falsification of history. The fact that the statement of the philosophical doctrines that contains the “Mahabharata”, and in particular, the “Bhagavad Gita” is the crown of Indian thought, Indian philosophy. And since it is impossible to separate the highest philosophical thought of India Yoga, then, in a sense, it is the crown of the presentation and yogic practices. In any case, the yogic practices, which have been reflected in this historic event.

 Therefore, we, as the people studying Yoga, are most interested in is not so much the historical details, many names and epithets (though it is also very important and very exciting, if you’re really immersed in the analysis of ancient Indian heritage), but just the basic idea, which literally permeates the entire “Mahabharata”.

 And this idea, no more, no less, as the explanation of how to live. And the idea encased in the “Mahabharata”, and, as a consequence, in the “Bhagavad Gita”, truly revolutionary. She still does not reach the great mass of people, including Hindus, not to mention Western followers. And so it breaks our idea of India as a country of some dreamers, idealists, divorced from the real life of yogis, uninvolved, who are engaged in achieving some of their higher spiritual goals, it even seems strange, shocking!

 When I was at the time began to study “Bhagavad Gita,” I was looking for in the first place there is some semblance of the classic teachings, stories that characterize India. And, suddenly, I stumbled upon a completely text-to-date for our day!

 That is the text “Bhagavad Gita” is written as if for the modern man, for a man who every day faced with the very real problems of life. For a man who aspires to something higher, spiritual, but on the other hand, is a normal, modern lifestyle, involved in a relationship with society, with all its contradictions.

 I remember that even my awareness of “Bhagavad Gita” bombshell. Well, I did not expect this from the Indians of sanity such clarity in the presentation and a standard of living. All of the views of these oily smiling guru who babble stupidities that are nice to say, but it is not pleasant to listen to, it is absolutely not applicable in everyday life, collapsed.

 It turned out that the idea of India is very sober, very clear, and for all that, very spiritual. And, as it turned out later, in fact, “The Bhagavad Gita” is not a new word in Indian philosophy. This is just an explanation of the most fundamental doctrines of Hindu philosophy, namely the philosophy of the Vedas. In fact, with the Veda all started in India, and the “Bhagavad Gita” – is an attempt to explain in plain and understandable language for the modern people at that time here this wisdom of the Vedas.


“Bhagavad Gita” plot. Plot.

 Now I will say a few words about the storyline as “Mahabharata” and “Bhagavad Gita”. Without going into many details, the plot is similar to the following.

 Were the Pandava brothers were the Kauravas, close relatives, the two species. According to firmly established at the time the rules, the authorities of the country should have to inherit the Pandavas. But the Pandavas due to the commitment to frivolous behavior, in particular to a game of dice, lost the right to govern the country. And we had to leave the country at a fairly impressive amount of time. They went into exile for many years, during which the country was ruled by their opponents, the Kauravas.

 At the end of the agreed period, the Pandavas returned to inherit the power, but the Kauravas during this time so had a taste of power that they have decided not to give it. And this power, the fight escalated more and more. This fight is literally divided the whole of society into two camps for a variety of reasons.

 But the horror of the situation and the perfect unheard tragedy if this separation into two irreconcilable camps, lay in the fact that on different sides of the barricades could be a teacher and student, father and son are close relatives. That this was tangled relationships, the vows, the concepts of duty, honor, even against their will people fall in one camp or the other camp. And I understand that they can not do otherwise.

 Particularly monstrous was a situation where on the one hand was the teacher, and the other disciple, it is inconceivable for the mentality of ancient India. The teacher – that’s all. And the tension grew until, until he was transferred to an open military confrontation.

 Gathered two armies, one led by the Pandavas, the other led by the Kauravas. Leadership role among the Pandava Arjuna played. And it so happened that on the same field, which is called the Kourou (Kourou in Sanskrit – Kshetra) clash between two armies, the Pandavas and the Kauravas.

Insight and horror Arjuna

 As in the ancient medieval times, the two armies lined up against each other before the start of the battle. And it’s about to begin the battle, Arjuna asks his charioteer, Krishna, bring it between the two armies, so he looked in the face of enemies, with whom he will fight with which to fight his army.

 Krishna, the charioteer of Arjuna, on the one hand, according to the story, his charioteer, that is, people subordinate to him. But, at the same time, neither more nor less than the Absolute, the Creator of the Universe, who in his mercy has taken human form. Here is a rather unusual situation for a Western man, but it is customary for the Indian. This is where Absolut, Absolut ultraboundary, who created everything, including all living beings on their own can he come into the universe in the form of a man. Agree, this is not an ordinary thing.

 So not only did come in the guise of a man, so do not even come in the status of a supreme ruler, and in the status of a charioteer or charioteer for Arjuna, his immediate superior. And Krishna, being the chariot driver, travels to this chariot with Arjuna between the two armies, Arjuna considers his enemies. And when he sees them – he is terrified. He sees that now begin to fight for a greater extent with their relatives. And some of them are involved in this battle by chance, but because of the intricacies of threads debt fell into this hostile army.

 And for the first time covers Arjuna confusion. He is well aware of the prospects of the war. He understands that after this battle most of the people will die as one, and with the other hand. And Arjuna in horror – he did not know what to do.

 That is why the text of the “Bhagavad Gita” is still relevant – the life of a very complex thing, and even in today’s world, each of us is sometimes faced with a situation where have to choose between bad and worse. When at first glance, we are faced with an unsolvable situation.

 And faced with this situation and Arjuna asked his charioteer Krishna with these words: “You know, Krishna, I see that now we start to fight in order to gain power. But the price of this power will actually be the death of the whole country, the loss of species. I do not want to fight. I think I’ll go with this field, I will become a wandering pilgrim, going to live in a cave, eating alms. I give up power, give up privileges, give up the supreme ruler of the post and retire. “

 When you study the many other Indian texts, this behavior seems logical – here it is the embodiment of the principle of ahimsa, allegedly did not harm. That Yes, indeed, we must abandon the whole world, to retire, not to fight, and, as they say, take an honorable surrender.

Krishna replied,

 Arjuna is waiting for support from his charioteer Krishna, but Krishna instead of supporting a fairly sharp and unpleasant form, tells Arjuna that he threw those thoughts. What to do so unworthily, it is a manifestation of cowardice and cowardice, and if so will go, then the situation will become even worse. If he fled leaving the field of battle, in the hope not to commit some terrible karmic deeds, then he thereby generate even more terrible karma for themselves and for others.

 And here we encounter the true interpretation of the concept of ahimsa! To each of you, the student in the International Open Yoga University, she is definitely known, perhaps, from the first days of study – the first principle of yoga, where you really call not to harm any living being, but stipulated – unless absolutely then needed. And if possible do no harm there, you have to do what is your duty orders. It is the duty determines your actions in the first place.

 This idea was trying to convey to Arjuna Krishna. He’s in enough sharp form begins to bring him to his senses, and explain that he was obliged to fight. What is his dharma, his duty, he was born for this. If he does not accept the fight, he will break his dharma, his duty. It will cover the shame of his good name, but this is not even the worst. It is terrible to another, resulting in a completely non-obvious chain of events, evil and suffering will be even greater.

 Krishna urges Arjuna to fight, saying that, if you die – well, you die while serving, thereby deserve good karma that will lead you to a new spiritual level. If you win – is also very good, you also deserve positive karma that you have done my duty, plus still enjoy reign, to which you have legal rights.

 Of course, Arjuna was under the impression of what is happening and the words Krishna begins to ask him to explain the basic philosophical concept of world order. Krishna begins to express his vision of how the world works, and, in fact, the remainder of the “Bhagavad Gita” – a consistent presentation of the basic concepts of Indian philosophy, which perfectly miraculously coincide with all the basic concepts of Yoga.

 It is believed that the “Bhagavad Gita” sounded yoga such as Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, etc. Of course, not voiced with numerous details and exercises and common positions and directions of the yogi. Therefore, in the West, many people today are interested in “Bhagavad Gita” is not primarily a historical, philosophical or religious works, but as a text which set out the principles and concepts of different types of yogas. Because in the West it is generally known and widely spread only physical yoga, such as hatha yoga, pranayama rarely, respiratory yoga. But everything about the finer points rarer.

 Throughout the “Bhagavad Gita”, Krishna expounds one position after another, with the result that finally convinces Arjuna.

Grace of Krishna and the battle

 But little of this, in his mercy Krishna shows Arjuna his true nature. In other words, the Absolute suddenly opens before man so that man could know it. And it turns out that just before the battle of Arjuna reaches the highest state of Yoga, which in other types of yoga is called a state of samadhi, the samadhi with an object, samadhi without object.

 Coming out of this state, he goes to battle. It starts really terrible, bloody battle, which lasts a very long time. The horror of it is that the one and the other side gathered a very experienced and powerful warriors. But as fate would have meant that they faced in this battle for life and death. A huge number of soldiers are killed, but the Pandavas win and inherit power. After that ruled the country.

 Then he described some of their future life. Many of the Pandavas at the end of life, entirely devoted themselves to the attainment of spiritual heights. And that’s all ends.

 This is the story of one of the civil war, where the culmination of all accounts for the battle on the field of Kuru between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, where the Pandavas were victorious. But just before the battle of the Absolute Krishna presents numerous types of Yoga and gives a higher state of Arjuna.

Numerous details of the “Bhagavad Gita”

 Of course, and the “Bhagavad Gita” and “Mahabharata” contain an enormous amount of detail, mentioning the names of various people, kings, characters. such an abundance of names inexperienced person simply plunges into horror. In particular, when Arjuna calls Krsna Krsna not, and many of his epithets, is very difficult to understand.

 But, on the other hand, every epithet, each name carries with it serious enough meaning, describing, inter alia, the purely practical aspects in the implementation of various yogas.

 So I would recommend that you approach the study as the “Bhagavad Gita” and “Mahabharata”, gradually, from simple to complex, from the general provisions in more detail. Therefore, when we are with you now start to read the translation of the “Bhagavad Gita” in the Russian language and try to give comments, we will not have too much time, effort and attention to the many details of names and events. We will concentrate more on yogic content, that is, what can modern man to take this into your life.

 And in the future, when you are more or less accustomed to this theme, you can have yourself read numerous sources, watch movies, read analytical, historical, scientific papers on the subject. Who has any questions?

Questions and answers

Student: “You said that the circumstances were against the will, this time. And second, first, it is impossible, and secondly … “

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “I took advantage of ordinary speech. When you have something come across in life, you have to do something, and then the question of relatives and friends, “why have you done this, and not another?” You reply, “Well, would be my way, I would be different entered…”. That is, this concept will not in the philosophical sense of the word, will, as the omnipotence of the Supreme “I”, and in the usual sense, that we are in a situation in life where nothing can not do.

 Another conversation that, according to yoga philosophy, we have created them. What those situations that seem hopeless at the moment, is a continuation of the events or situations which we ourselves have created yesterday. So do not judge strictly. “

  Student: “Well, I just said to myself. And yet, in the text. It turns out that our Dharma, we have chosen in accordance with the will of themselves and it is our karma, we have to survive with the help of the very same dharma. “

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Later, we’ll talk about these intricacies, as our will is further converted to our duty, the duty determines our actions, our actions are our karma, our karma begins to determine our next steps.

 That is, the one on the other is closed, under the influence of hard necessity, we can each such trafficking, how to reduce their freedom, and to increase. In fact, the text of the “Bhagavad Gita” shows us how to increase our freedom, eliminate karma, while not violating its duty. “

  Student: “The history of the creation and writing of” Bhagavad Gita “and” Mahabharata “is? Any date, as passed, when recorded? “

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Here great difficulties associated with the Indian mentality. The fact that the Indian mentality is so constituted that mythology is interwoven with real historical events and historical events smoothly flow into the mythology. Therefore, even quite recently, western scientist could find enough sane expert texts in India and ask him dating, and that, without batting an eye, he could say, “30,000 years ago!” As so 30 thousand, if the Aryans came to India later? It’s everywhere. Faced with any representative of any school of philosophy, and worst of all, if the schools of yoga, and ask: “How old is your school of yoga?” Again, without batting an eyelid: “10,000 years” “Where did you get? “” Whew! “” why? “” No reason. “

 Therefore, we can install the dating only indirect means only. Firstly, the text can not be later than the earliest some manuscript that came to us. That is, if there is any physical media on which it was written this story, it is probably more ancient text.

 But this, too, the situation is not very good, because in Indian culture, there is another very good tradition, which consists in the fact that any text of this nature is sacred. And if for some reason the text is damaged: old became crumbles, worms izeli, it can not just pick up and throw in the trash, as is accepted in the West. This is considered a sacrilege and a serious sin.

 What do like to do? They like to put this text somewhere in a sacred place. Where? Bury – not bury. The temple somewhere wall up – also has its own nuances. Therefore it is very fond of giving an older version of the Ganges, time – and swam. Overwrite new version of the hand, and the old – it is sacred, nothing to do with it can not be, can not throw, store expensive – in the Ganges.

 And this habit of all that no hitting, throwing in the Ganges, she, from an environmental point of view, is in India a very big threat. I myself was a witness, when he sat down to meditate on the river Ganges, some granny found a dead pigeon, dragged him, God knows how many and how far to go with me and throw it out here in front of my nose. You can not throw the corpses in the Ganges? Or all uncleanness? Or, for example, points associated with certain rituals. Flowers after a particular religious offerings. They have faded – what to do with them? What would a Westerner? Sobral and a landfill. No, this can not Indian – is sacrilege. Or food remnants, called prasadam. At the time of a cult deity when the tray meals, after it allegedly tasted the deity, the remains themselves eat. There typically sweets may be any grain, and so forth. But it so happens that they can not all eat, and they begin to deteriorate, and you can not throw. What do you think, what to do with? Again in the Ganges!

 This is the same situation with many ancient artifacts that allow somehow either date. The Ganges throw everything old sculpture (for example, in the church want to put a new statue of the god Ganesh). And the old, 10th century, what to do? Again, in the Ganges. There if Ganga poryt day, so many things you can find interesting!

 It turns out that the written evidence seriously, and with some artifacts, material indirect carriers heavily – with all hard! And there is a linguistic analysis. That is, if the text mentions a particular word, which clearly indicates the influence of Buddhism, we can say that the text is written in any case, not earlier than Buddhism originated. Or those or other decorations, in particular, “Ananda Lahari” I remember at one time this question has arisen in a certain form of descriptions of the goddess Sri female ornaments mentioned. When it is known from other sources, that they arose then, and then some.

 This is how you can find indirectly. But here, too, not everything went smoothly. Because in the same “Mahabharata” and took weave some more ancient sources, which at that time were already known, but kept parallel branch. Interweaves these or other exercises, links to some things. That is difficult enough that’s it. Unambiguous no dating.

  Student: “Here you are saying that the Vedas were transmitted orally for a long time, then they began to write, but about it know anything?”

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “Yes, of course. You know, in India such legends passed. As a rule, itinerant actors. It was very popular in the theater Natya Yoga. We act out scenes from the Mahabharata, which, in fact, is still happening. That is so extended. More questions?”

  Student: “According to the text of the question. It sounded phrase that go against their Dharma dangerous. From the theory of yoga on site (www.openyoga.ru) we know that the Dharma – is the way that reduces suffering, at least suffering, but not in such a form that it is not directly dangerous to follow. Somehow it made concrete? “

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: “In what sense is it dangerous? The plot of “Bhagavad Gita” brought to the limit. Imagine you are a yogi, you take on the first yoga principle – not to kill anyone. But then the war started, the enemy is at the gate. You call in the army, give your hands a Kalashnikov rifle, and you can see already in the trench, as the enemy troops are going to attack you.

 And here’s the question: if now you press the trigger – kill people and destroying the entire universe, because, according to yoga philosophy, everyone – the whole universe, the whole world! And then – bam – and is not. On the other hand you know that the soldiers of the enemy army, perhaps against their will are tread on you. This is how during the Second World War, Germans, do you think they wanted to attack Russia? No, they just had nowhere to go. Prussian militarism, iron discipline and an oath to Adolf Hitler personally. There are in fact many professional soldiers to suck it. Hitler was very cleverly done. He, when he came to power, he changed the constitution so that the oath is not a country, and to him personally. Because if the country swore, could somehow this is resolved, the Parliament, some for, some against. That is, there were options. And then Hitler personally – have nowhere to go. Many professional soldiers seriously suck at this, because for them the concept of duty was paramount.

 So you’re sitting in a trench, you are a professional military. When I was a child, too, I wanted to become a soldier. And imagine, I would become a professional soldier, he would have received some education, and here I sit and see: is the enemy, and the enemy is completely random to me. He did not personally against is me, and the funny thing is, it may not be for this war. And I have to kill him. In fact, any innocent person.

 And then you start to suffer the question: what do you do? Shoot? Quit machine and desert, somewhere out there, in Siberia, to sit out until the war is over, and then crawl? What to do? This is from the category of philosophical questions, there would be good to achieve enlightenment, it is good practice yoga, good to be good. It is a particular situation – there is either yes or no. And you realize that all deadlock. Nothing to do.

 And in these moments, it is not a question here now slightly depart from the dharma, and then come back. No. It’s like you can not be “a little bit pregnant.” Either there is a pregnancy or not. Similarly, there are situations in life that life offers only two versions of events. Not always, of course, very often, we just think that there are two. They may in fact be a million, but we’re just too stupid to realize the other. But this is a good choice: to sit, to think, there is something to resolve. But it may well be a situation where there are two.

 Or another situation, there may be not two, but do not have time to reflect, to analyze, to think how to make the dharma does not disturb and not to cause harm. And just this situation “Bhagavad Gita”. I repeat, it is vital!

  Student: And when such a situation arises, it’s negative karma? The more often here are situations in which, in principle, have no choice you have.

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, of course, the positive karma of such a situation can not be called!

  Student: That is such a coincidence is mostly negative karma. I think if a person is engaged in yoga, the situation gives you more freedom to make decisions.

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends. But who of you can boast of the fact that you do not have negative karma? No one can. For the gods such a situation, of course, is not typical. It is typical for us, for the ordinary people who, foolishly, sometime in the past given rise to such tendencies, which subsequently led to a horrific situation. And you do not know what to do next. Of course, that the whole story, as in the case of the “Bhagavad Gita”, began the Pandavas themselves. There was nothing to get involved in gambling. But who knew?

Academician Smirnov and his translation of the Bhagavad Gita

 So, my friends, this is our exit weekly retreat, visiting weekly yoga practice, and we have to deal with such a respected text you like the Bhagavad Gita. This is the second part of our review.

 Once we are determined in the general structure and the main ideas that have been given in the “Bhagavad Gita”, the most time proceed directly to the source. The original text was written in Sanskrit. We’ll take one of the many translations into Russian, translation Academician Smirnov.

 We take this very translation for one very good reason – this is a very worthy man, one of the founders of Yoga in the former USSR. His numerous students have played one of the most important roles is that in our country, despite the primacy of the communist ideology, all these years has been access to the knowledge of yoga, to the original sources. Let not so obvious, not so openly, but all those who wanted to find something – has found. All those who are looking for like-minded people, come out to them.

 Academician Smirnov – a well-known personality, he is a doctor by training. He has quite an interesting fate, but most of his life he lived and worked in Ashgabat, and there translated the Indian heritage, in particular, the “Bhagavad Gita”. And, perhaps, this is the first available edition of the “Bhagavad Gita” in Russian.

 Therefore, we take the translation of it Smirnov, first of all, out of respect to him and in homage to him. Because all people, as you remember the ideology of the Open University of Yoga, who spread the knowledge of Yoga, already worthy of a monument in his lifetime, not to mention the pillars. Although, of course, at the moment a lot of different translations, a variety of interpretations. As you can imagine, any philosophical text, which contains the knowledge of Yoga, incorporates a set of terms that can be translated in different ways. And now sometimes there are translations, which are at the same time a lot of different interpretations of how to understand a particular word or phrase.

 Academician Smirnov entered the following way: he gave two translations of the Bhagavad Gita. One literary to withstand a certain style and poetry, and other translation, as he calls it, word for word. And for our purposes, of course, easier to use literal, which we will do.

 Use, we will transfer for the publication, which was released not so long ago, in 2011, “Moscow ancient and modern.” Circulation quite tiny – 1000 copies.

 And I ask Victoria Begunova sequentially read chapter by chapter, verse by verse, respectively, so that we can hear in the primary source, and then to a first approximation to give any comments.


Chapter I

Dhritarashtra said:

1. On the field of Dharma, on the field of Kuru have been together for the battle that made my and the Pandavas, O Sanjaya?

Sanjaya said:

2. Seeing then lined up the army of the Pandavas, Duryodhana, approaching his mentor about Raja, the word remarked.

3. behold, a mentor, the great army of the sons of Pandu built son of Drupada, your intelligent disciple.

4. Here, the heroes – the great bowmen, Bhima, Arjuna, they are equal in the battle: Yuyudhana, Virata and Drupada, the great knight,

5. Dhrstaketu, Chekitana and powerful Raja Kesi, and Purujit Kuntibhoja and washers, bull among men.

6. and remove Yudhamanyu and Uttamodzha mighty son of Subhadra, and the sons of Draupadi, all – the great knights.

7. And our also a great find out of the twice-, my army leaders; For comparison, I will call them to you:

8. You yourself, sir, and Bhishma, and Karna, and Kripa victorious, Ashvatthaman and Vikarna and son Somadatty.

9. And many other heroes, for me leaving the life, holding various weapons, all experienced in battle.

10. The fault all are our strength, conductivity Bhishma. They also sufficient force, led by the Bhima.

11. Therefore, all of you, standing in the order of a circle, guard Bhishma every way, individually and collectively.

12. In order to excite his courage, the eldest of the Kurus, the father, full of valor, blew the conch loudly lifts lion’s roar.

13. Then again sounded the conch, cymbals, tambourines, drums, pipes – the sound was thunderous.

14. Then, standing on a great chariot drawn by white horses, Madhava and Pandava – two shells blew the divine.

15. Panchadzhanyu – Hrishikesh in Devadatta – Dhananjaya, and fear suggestive Vrikodara blew into a large bowl Paundru;

16. Anantavidzhayu about Raja – son of Kunti, Yudhishthira, Nakula and Sahadeva – in Sughoshu and Manipushpaku.

17. Great Archer, Prince Keshi, the great knight and Shikhandi Drstadyumna, and Virata, and the offspring of Satyaki unbeaten,

18. Drupada and all descendants of Draupadi, the lord of the land, the son of Subhadra Dolgoruky – one by one blew into the sink.

19. This cry tore the hearts of the sons of Dhritarashtra, roar filling the heavens and the earth.

20. Then, seeing the sons Dhritarashtra lining – has already begun strelometane – Pandava-Kapidhvadzha lifting bow

21. Saying the word Hrishikesh then, O lord of the earth.

Arjuna said:

Between the two armies stop my chariot, Acyuta,

22. To me consider these upcoming eager to battle, with whom I have to fight in this battle arises.

23. I recognize preparing for battle heroes out there who came together with the intention to fulfill the will of the insidious son of Dhritarashtra.

The abundance of names in the narrative


  Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, my friends, we started with you to read the translation of the “Bhagavad Gita”, and is the first thing we came across – is the abundance of names. And the names are not only people, but also, most unusual for a Western man, shell names, in which brave warriors blew before the battle.

 As a rule, the patience of Western man enough long enough to read all these strange and unpronounceable words to throw the whole thing. Fortunately or unfortunately, but according to tradition, the mention of names of certain characters received much attention in these texts.

 Now a few words about what has been written here. “Bhagavad Gita” begins with the fact that no matter how the part is watching what happens on the field of Kuru. In fact, about each of these names, about each of the participants, who have been mentioned here, as well as about their divine conch, we can speak very much. You can bring a lot of mythology or some other teachings or stories that are extremely important if you are deeply studied the life of those times.

 But, as we have agreed with you, let’s not go into much detail. We associate it, maybe at a later time, when at least the main points to be digested.


The sound of shells

 So here begins the moment when the two armies lined up against each other, and Arjuna asks his charioteer Krishna to travel between the two armies. As I mentioned already started the spontaneous exchange of fire with bows, sporadic. And it began to sound like they are here described, divine conch. Generally, this attribute of the war. The sound of a conch was to intimidate the enemy, to pay him in confusion, panic, and thereby facilitate the victory. Even in modern times there were people who began to suspect that the epic “Mahabharata”, all participants and heroes had some superweapon. Allegedly, it was not just a sink, and some generators infrasonic waves, from which all living creatures scattered in panic and lose the will to resist. Indeed, in ancient Indian mythology describes a lot of things, things that no longer would fit the description of some modern weapons. Let we will not dwell on this, it is for fans of mysteries, secrets, stories, let them remain so small “affair.”


Sanjaya said:

24. At these words Gudakesha Hrsikesa between two forces perfectly stopping the chariot, O Bharata,

25. In the face of Bhisma, Drona and all the kings exclaimed: “O Partha, look at those gathered together kuru!”

26. Then Partha saw their fathers and grandfathers, teachers, uncles, brothers, sons, friends,

27. Tests and friends standing in both ratyah. Kaunteya seeing all those present relatives,

28. Struck by the deepest compassion, grieving, so remarked.


Arjuna said:

At the sight of our relatives, Krishna, who have come together to battle,

29. my legs are weak, dry mouth, my body trembles and the hair stand on end.

30. Gandiva falls out of the hands and the skin is burning all around; I can not stand my mind fluctuates.

31. I see evil omens, Keshava, and do not see the benefit of killing their loved ones in battle.

32. I do not want victory, Krishna, nor kingdom, nor pleasures; that we are in the kingdom, Govinda, in pleasure and in life?

33. Those for whom we welcome the kingdom, happiness, delight, are in this battle, leaving both life and wealth:

34. Mentors, fathers, sons, grandfathers, tests, grandchildren, in-law and cousins.

35. I do not want to kill them if they’ll be killed, Madhusudan, even for the sake of power over the three worlds, much less for the sake of owning the land.

36. After killing the sons of Dhritarashtra, what we will have the joy, Janardana; vpadёm we sin by killing them, threatening weapon.

37. It is not befitting to us to kill the sons of Dhritarashtra, their relatives; after killing his family, how can we be happy, Madhava.

38. If the self-interest of the soul can not see the affected sin committed (at) Destroying kind of perfidy in wickedness –

39. As we understand, comprehend the evil kind of destruction that we have, Janardana, from such turn away sin is necessary?

40. When killing kind of die sort immutable laws, the loss of native laws lawlessness takes hold,

41. With the accession of lawlessness, Krishna, corrupted women kind, with the corruption of women, Varshneya, there is a mixture of castes.

42. When the mixing happens, the kind of killer and the family will go to hell, cascade down as their fathers, devoid of dumplings and sacrificial libations.

43. Sin sort these killers who commit mixture of caste, abolished by the immutable laws of the tribe and family age-old foundations.

44. For people who scorned ancestral laws, Janardana, is the abode of Hell, so it is said (in the scriptures).

45. Alas, alas, the great sin, we are going to do – for the sake of the kingdom of the joys of lust to kill their relatives,

46. If I do not fight back, unarmed, was killed in the Battle of the armed sons of Dhritarashtra, I would have been gratifying.

Sanjaya said:

47. That said, in thinking Arjuna sank to the bottom of the chariot, dropping the arrow and bow; his mind was shaken by grief.

Thus in the Upanishads of the Holy Bhagavad Gita,

the doctrine of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga,

told Sri Krishna and Arjuna

(Reads) the first chapter,

referred to as

Yoga Arjuna DESPAIR


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: After Arjuna saw on different sides met relatives of the same kind, it is terribly shocked him, and later he began to use the arguments of what we would call the Generic Yoga. It is very clearly traced moments Generic Yoga.

Generic Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita

 Unfortunately for the modern followers of studying yoga, this yoga is practically unknown. This was for the reason that in India among vysokoprodvinutyh, so to say, people that yoga was a natural as something with which you face every day and that does not need any explanations and reasoning. That is, by default, is understandable.

 In the future, such unspoken knowledge, not decorated in very specific teachings became lost. Western man took only “add-on” without taking “soil”. And even my experience is that when you start to teach any yoga ranging from physical and ending highbrow teachings of Raja or Jnana Yoga, by reference to the childbirth Yoga, all doing very surprised eyes and say: “What birth yoga, are you talking about? “.

 And there it was the basis osnov.Nastolko serious basis that there was no point in talking about it, it’s so clear. Since we still give a comment to the Europeans, it should be clarified what is meant by Arjuna when he argued his unwillingness to fight. He argued it is not some moments associated with his personal life. As he says, “even if I’m just a quiet killed, it would be much better than the death of a huge number of relatives.” And then he Generic Yoga position argues why this is so.

 Indeed, you remember that if you are protecting your family, dies, even without leaving offspring, all those for whom you were dead, you always give birth again, and you will be born as a small child in one of the families of those you protect. It is therefore no danger or fear to die in the war. It was philosophy, Kshatriya ideology. Of course, very well, if you’re killed in the war, to have a wife and children, and to be born directly from their own, more intimate, direct relatives. But even if this does not happen, then you will still remain brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, other relatives that you will give birth. So kind of value was realized higher than the value of one life.

 As a consequence, this mystical awareness race, made a person fearless in battle, and he was not afraid of death. Afraid of death, only intuitively, only those who suspect that no one will give birth in the human body, because They spent a selfish life, and there was no benefit from them, no they did not do good. Yes, then the die is terrible. It is terrible to die, if you have lived a life for themselves, and vice versa, a parasite on the body of society. But it is easy to die when his life you have spent on the family, on society. You surely know that you will give birth.

The tragedy of the death of the genus

 A completely different, my friends, the situation begins, when it begins to die race. When you die, and you have no one. That is a tragedy, a real tragedy when disappearing race. Why? Because otherwise you’ll have to be born in that place and in those conditions, which will have the opportunity. Either a lower caste, or even a man is cast or completely terrible prospect, to be born in the body of the animal, or, even more terrible prospect, born in the subtle body of a disembodied monster. In this regard, philosophy and cosmogony Hindu mythology is very diverse. There are different plans of life, and a variety of creatures, not necessarily people. They were the gods were demons, and so on.

 So, all well aware that the human body is extremely valuable. But even more valuable body of a man who belongs to, as we would say Western languages, the aristocracy, or as it sounds in India, belonging to the Aryans, to the noble belonging to the upper castes. And to the higher castes, of course, we treated the Brahmins and Kshatriyas.

 If you are born in a noble family, the tebebylo easier once you got into the environment of care, education. In the “Mahabharata” in the previous parts, is described quite well all the previous life of the same Arjuna, all his teachers and mentors taught a variety of sciences. Which distinguishes these noble men from the mob – care about their education.

 The problem of caste in modern India

 Now in modern India, unfortunately, a lot of people, as they are called, is cast. In fact, he led a very wild lifestyle. They actually give birth to children and throw them. Previously, these children were destined to die because of disease and hunger. The latter, perhaps a hundred years, due to the fact that modern Western (!) Science has brought medicines, more modern agricultural methods, it turns out that there is no natural death. But this “culture” in quotation marks, or the lack of culture – not to educate children, and take the number, led to what is now in modern India a billion one hundred twenty-eight million people, 80% of them are people out kast.I that the most offensive this biomass continues to grow. None of the budget of any country in the world will not stand such a load.

 It is well understood in the Vedic times. And so it is very clear that in any race, if this kind of noble, it should be a certain number of children: no more, no less. That all could get an education and upbringing. And if this kind of collapsed, you had a chance to be born among the very wild people. A life among them is extremely difficult and is considered bad karma.

Arjuna feared degeneration kind

 So Arjuna argues its unwillingness to fight not because he fears for his personal life, and the fact that this terrible situation will lead to the extinction of species. And note how the disappearance of species. The fact is that in those days women did not participate in the war, only men participated. With this, by the way, is connected with one of the “Bhagavad Gita” episodes as “Mahabharata”, where there was a very interesting, piquant situation. She was born a girl who believed that she was not a girl, and a man. Jonah went to study martial art and trained to perfection, and then, when there was a battle on the field of Kuru, with her as with a woman, all refused to fight than it is, in general, used.

 So all went to what is now the brother goes to his brother, a relative of a relative, a teacher on the student, and all kinds of men will be killed. So, it will remain sufficiently large number of unmarried women. In the ancient Indian proverb has such a comparison, that “woman as a vine, embracing those who close.” It is clear that if all men would be slaughtered, the women begin to pay attention to those men who are of a lower class.

 There was another such an important, hard law is the ancient Indian society, that the production of offspring from a higher caste woman with a man of lower caste is unacceptable under any circumstances. More precisely all offspring is considered dishonorable, there is even a corresponding gradation. This is the reverse situation, when a man of higher caste takes to wife a woman of a lower caste was quite acceptable and quite common, but not vice versa.

 The situation threatened the fact that now all the noble men of the family would be slaughtered, and in their place will come a people of lower castes, or even outside the caste. I may be exaggerating specifically, but I want to emphasize the tragedy of the situation, instead of men will sort mobile, which actually destroy the culture, destroy the aristocracy of learning.

 And this prospect that degenerate race – this is one of samyhstrashnyh prospects. Therefore, it has been told Arjuna that those who lead to the disappearance of sorts, would headlong into hell. That is, if he wins, if he lost, he would be in hell. And this is a very serious situation for all hard Vedic society, ie the society of ancient Vedas, whose culture reached the time of the “Bhagavad Gita”.

 Therefore Arjuna’s anguish were disproportionately large: not only is it physically will kill a lot of relatives and close people, so it is still doom born to die, and he that commits one of the most heinous crimes – is a crime against the family, which in their consequences go beyond the one life. That’s really really a situation like this situation. And it is clear that the realization of all this led him into a terrible state just as it is said here: he dropped his bow, his legs buckled, he dejection did not know where to go.

The problem of destruction of labor in the wars so far aktualnado

 And now a few words about the situation when the two armies, almost equal in strength, came together here in this fight. In Rossiimy, of course, we have a similar history of, say, the Civil War, remember: red and white. Which monstrous rivers of blood are all led to what monstrous – still can not recover from this. What a large number of fairly educated, educated people were killed that one, that the other side. What we see then? We have seen how all leadership positions began to penetrate the mob, with all its consequences.

 And then, if we analyze the history of Russia, the attempt of Stalin – is to some extent, an attempt by a totalitarian turn everything back, to return everything as it was before the revolution. And it is very hard began to form a new aristocracy. Doing this, he could only way -Quick update frames. He put on the highest positions of people very bystro.Esli people coped, raised it higher, higher, higher, and brought to the heights. If a person is unable to cope, he just physically could be rasstrelyan.Poetomu this perspective, it is terribly frightened populace to go upstairs, but on the other hand, made it possible for people at a fairly high level of development quickly make a career.

 And only this we owe that Russia did not perish after the Civil War, but still won the Second World War, launched into space man, an atomic bomb had done, and is still trying to survive.

 But if we analyze, in what was the original trouble Russia, or what her medication, then the answer is simple: as long as the cult Generic Yoga in Russia will not be implemented universally and unconditionally, we will not recover from this disaster, that was in the days of the civil war.

Solution – in the revival of sorts, in our children

Our modern politicians, philosophers, trying to find some new idea for Russia, and no ideas coming up is not necessary. You just have to get back what was lost – namely, its efforts to engage detmi.Vse not spend some strange innovation, not on any of nanotechnology, no one needs, and education, support of children. To create a truly new generation of noble people. It is absolutely obvious question, and only then we can talk about something else. No religion, whether it is at least good, even bad, there is no political program will not save. They were just thinking out loud.

Chapter II


Sanjaya said:

1. Then he covered compassion, his eyes full of tears, grieving, Madhusudan murmured a word.

Sri Bhagavan said:

2. Where did you did this cowardice in distress without proper Aryans zoster (heavenly) bliss, causing infamy, Arjuna?

3. Do not give in to weakness, Partha, for it is not proper for you; impotence leaving vile heart, Rise, ascetic.

Arjuna said:

4. How do I battle fighting with arrows Bhishma and Drona, Madhusudan, worthy of reverence, Arisudana?

5. Better after than to kill these highly esteemed gurus, begging to eat in this world, for killing the guru, even if self-serving, we are here to eat food dipped in blood.

6. And we do not know what is best for us: to win or be defeated, for the killing of these are the sons of Dhritarashtra before us, we do not wish to live.

7. Does my being struck by the disease of compassion, and I inquire of you, without distinguishing dharma consciousness, it would be better, tell me it is clear; I am your disciple, instruct me, for you pripadaet.

8. For not foresee that this searing feeling my sorrow could be distilled off from the kingdom achievement purified opponents on the ground or even the rule of the gods.

Sanjaya said:

9. Saying so Hrishikesh, Gudakesha “I will not fight” – so said, and paused to utesnitel enemies.

10. Him, grieving between two ratey, O Bharata, Hrishikesh, as if smiling, said a word.

Sri Bhagavan said:

11. You are mourning for uninsurable sorrow, and say words of wisdom; I do not know the lament neither for the living nor the departed.

  Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: The second chapter begins with the fact that after Arjuna had fallen into such a sad state, Krishna quite sharply accused him of cowardice. At that, in response Arjuna said that he will not fight, he renounces the world, renounced the kingdom and will lead the life of the wandering ascetic, a wandering man to give up everything material.

Hermits and sannyasins in ancient India were highly respected

 And there can be traced a stratagem such representations philosophical heritage, formed since the Vedic times. Indeed, people in India who refused all the material in order to achieve some higher states of self-knowledge, were the most respected members of society. If such a wandering man who turned out to be everything and lifestyle led to self-knowledge, appear in a particular place, it turned out to be honored, respected, it is always fed, provided tokens, and in general it was a worthy member of society. In contrast to the situation in modern India, where a huge number of homeless people, or just outright parasites call themselves men, renounced the world, ostensibly for the purpose of achieving higher states of self-knowledge.

In today’s world, laziness and parasitism often substitute for genuine spiritual quest

 I specifically sharpen your attention to this moment, for the reason that, unfortunately, this ideology has become a cross to the West from India. When some, to put it mildly, questionable and half-educated person come to the West and begin to here such advocacy that everything is perishable, it is not necessary to work, taking care of relatives and friends do not need, do not need to start a family. All bad, and it is necessary all the time to dedicate to some other spiritual exercises, it is necessary to renounce the world, from work, from the career of the family, joy, turned into such a wandering, a sannyasi or a sage, whatever they are now called. In India, they are sometimes referred to as a woman.

 Once met a baba, I ask him: Who do you work for? And he to me and says: baba. I am 42 years old, he 40 years old and looks like it’s 70 years Whether crap some smoke, then I do not know what happened to him. So my question is: well, in general, and what you are doing is quite naive smile, and this answer: nothing. On Lohmann very poor English, so that like, to live, to have fun, today, the whole world thought up in order to be happy, not to work. On the other hand, and you eat it you? Feeds with thee? These Babu one very favorite phrase in English, they are repeated constantly. The phrase sounds so: «no problem» .About whatever you asked him: «no problem». What’s next to the ashram, which is always possible, and you will feed free to come. My question is: well there and then someone brings the food, where it came from? Materializes there she or someone pays money for it, it buys? Completely innocent look parasite that just never thought about it. He even simply do not understand why I’m such interrogation. Well, there’s food is all, no problem, what to think about it.

 In those days, of course, these scoundrels was less in India. Still, if a person is refused from the world, it was a decent man. He renounced the world, not because the world he did not shine, (and it is a natural parasite and wants to parasitize on the body of society), but because he really has done all that he wanted in the world. This way of traveling person who neither property nor obligations, it sometimes helped to reach higher states that anything not to be distracted.

Trying renunciation Arjuna

 And Arjuna just as he says that he is going to give up the kingdom, and to maintain such a lifestyle, not imagined that he was going to become homeless and parasite on the body of the ancient Indian society. And he says that he now realized the destructiveness of the situation and decides to devote himself entirely ipolnostyu spirituality, even giving up ownership of the kingdom. Still confused, he turns to his charioteer Krishna asking: “You – my teacher, vse-taki explained to me, I do not know what’s going on, I’m in such a state that, perhaps, do not take away the grief of my soul” . As if the situation was not the end, it all still very, very bad.

 It says that by that time Arjuna already began to suspect that Krishna not only his charioteer, and neither more nor less than the Absolute, who in his mercy has come to the human body in this world, and served as a charioteer.

Possibility of a personal relationship with the Absolute

 It clears a very interesting scenario, which is known in the Bhakti Yoga, that man with the Absolute can bind relations, the same as between two people. And what’s more, not just some abstract relationship between two people, but a very personal and completely subordinate relationship or how, in particular, superior and subordinate. Those. the context shows that Arjuna was the boss, and Krishna was podchinennym.No at the same time, Krishna, no more, no less, as the Absolute, who created the entire universe, together with all the people and all the chiefs. Here is such a paradox, it is very strange, because for the Western mentality is more characteristic: if the Absolute come in the human body, it must be the most important here.

When and why the Absolute is in telecheloveka?

 And then the question arises: in fact, why he came here, he was doing there? And what is the difference between the Absolute in the human body, and an ordinary person? Later in the “Bhagavad Gita” to these questions are answered, but I’m getting ahead a little, as soon as any hints I will say that it was food for thought when we directly approach the relevant chapters.

 Another question: Why Absolute does not come every second to every man? Why is it only comes from time to time a small group of favorites?

 So, the situation is as follows, firstly, the Absolute comes only when his name. The philosophy itself, the atmosphere of the time, quite a number of people, who lived in India, it is called on to Absolute came and helped them to reach a higher state, and did not come in the abstract any form, and in a very specific form of man.

 And, indeed, known for numerous other stories of Krishna’s life: he was born, he grew until he became the charioteer of Arjuna. So, he was born like an ordinary baby. And he romped home as the normal child. And apparently he was no different from the normal child. People are asked to come to them in the Absolute they can understand the form, the favorite form for them, in the form in which they can concentrate their minds. And indeed, when your family your child is born, you’re not afraid, you are communicating with him, and you know better, you better find a link. So, for these purposes, the Absolute comes in the form in which we call him, is in the first place.

 Secondly, when it comes? He comes as a follow will be in the future of the “Bhagavad Gita”, at a time when the world has reached a critical point, and without the direct involvement of the Absolute can not resolve the situation – the world will perish. Those. if you can solve the problem without the most superior, it is usually the chief sends his subordinates. And here is the situation here is so overdue critical that already does.

Absolute difference between the human body and an ordinary man

 Finally, what is the difference between the Absolute, who came into this world, and an ordinary person? On the one hand, we remember you, your Higher “I” is made in the image of the Absolute, and in this sense there is no difference between the Absolute and your Higher “I”. But on the other hand, the Absolute is different from you and me the next thing that we are exposed to Maya and are in the dark, the Absolute, even if it comes to us in the human body, and at first glance is the most ordinary life of an ordinary person, it is for he kind of game – Lila. And in fact, he is not affected by maya. And in this regard there is enough branched philosophical treatises, the discussion on this subject, this is one of the most interesting, purely philosophical problems.

 And we stopped on what Krishna told Arjuna that he has not experienced, and more began to expound actually quite interesting thoughts.


Sri Bhagavan said:

11. You are lamenting on not subject to sorrow, and say words of wisdom; I do not know the lament neither for the living nor the departed.

12. Because there was no time when I did not exist, as well as you, and the lords of the peoples, and in the future all we will not stop there.

13. As embodied in this body (passes through), childhood, adolescence, adulthood and old age, so he gets another body; stable do not hesitate to it.

14. The contact with matter, Kaunteya (bring) cold and heat, pleasure and pain, they come and go, impermanent, are they Resist, Bharata.

15. Only a person whom they do not shake, Bharata round, equal to the joys and sorrows, durable, worthy of immortality.

16. Nothingness (ACAT) is not being implicated, not involved in non-being being (sat); the boundary of the two is clear for true seer.

17. For, know not exterminable fact that this universe outstretched; enduring nobody can do exterminable.

18 of these perishable body Incarnate, called the eternal and immortal, unfathomable; therefore, fight, Bharata.

19. Whoever thinks that he (Incarnate) killing, or who believes that he may be killed, both of them do not know: He did not kill and not be killed.

20.On never born and never dies; not arising, he never again nevozniknet; unborn, permanent, infinite, He, the Ancient, is not killed when the body is killed.

21. He who knows indestructible, enduring, Unborn, everlasting, like a man, Partha, budetkogda any force to kill, how to kill someone?

22. How, leaving the old clothes, a man takes a new, others, so leaving the old body part embodied in other, new ones.

23. For He did not cut through swords, flame does not burn and does not rehydrate him water, not wind dries.

24. Do not vulnerable It does not burn, neuvlazhnyaem not dried up, permanent, ubiquitous, persistent, still abides;

25. He is called unmanifested, unthinkable, unchanged; His knowing this, you should not lament.

26. But if you saw him and constantly being born, constantly dying, even then, a powerful, you grieve for Him should not.

27. born inevitable death for the deceased is inevitable birth; so you do not about the inevitability dolzhensokrushatsya.

28. Not being manifested in the beginning, manifest in the middle of Bharat are not manifested in the outcome; “What this sorrow? ‘.

29. One looks at him as a miracle, the other speaks of Him as a miracle, a listening about him as a miracle, but he heard no one knows him.

30. Always in this body not vulnerable incarnate, Bharata; so do not grieve for all beings.

31. Also, referring to his dharma, you should not hesitate: it is better for a Kshatriya is nothing other than a righteous war.

32. How unexpected poyavivshiesyaotverstye gates of heaven, happily Kshatriyas, Partha, taking such a war.

Krishna Arjuna poses Higher Self Concept

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So that answers Krishna to Arjuna. Here the answer he immediately recalls the concept of Jnana Yoga or higher concept of who the person is. Krishna reminds Arjuna that every living creature has its Higher “I”, which is higher than the concept of “birth” and “death.” What is Higher “I” is truly magical, inexpressible, there is no adjectives to describe it. Nothing can hurt him, nothing can cause him suffering, it is impossible to describe it in terms of ordinary language. This is what is called the “Atma” is what is called the Higher “I”.

 Therefore, from the perspective of the deep knowledge of world order, no such thing as death, in fact, not. There are manifestations in this world and the cessation of existence in this world. That is, our body is only a manifestation of our Higher “I” in this world. Yes, the body may die, but the higher ‘I’ never. If one body dies our Higher “I”, we say that a person has died or been killed. But those who have died, be born. And he certainly will get another body. As stated here in the text, that the one who thinks he kills, and he who thinks that he is killed – are both wrong.

 Indeed, this is a very serious Indian philosophy, which says that our Higher “I” is a manifestation of which is called Prana in Yoga. And with this Prana our Higher “I” gives life to what is called our body or our bodies. As long as there are a bunch of our Higher “I” with our bodies, through the strings it prana, we say that a person is alive. But if for some reason the thread breaks prana, the body without the support of the Superior “I” splits, breaks down and disappears. But Higher “I” is not going away. Therefore, from this point of view, there is no death and murder. With such a very, very high point of view.

Dharma Arjuna

 So this Krishna reminds about the philosophy of the highest order, who each person. And then he adds: “Arjuna’m your duty, Kshatriya (ie professional military) – fight. Your Dharma – to fight you for it grew, you learned all your life, you have perfected their skills. You are, in fact, nothing more can you do. This is a matter of your life, and you, as a professional soldier, should be pleased that, finally, there is the possibility to express themselves for the cause of your zhizni.Sovershenno no matter what it will end. You’re born to do, it’s your duty “.Dalshe go.

33. So, if you do not enter into this righteous fight, then left his duty and honor, you accept (the) sin.

34. And everyone will be talking about your eternal disgrace and dishonor is worse than death glorious.

35. The great charioteers think you’re out of fear refused battle; and the former for them respectable, you will be despised.

36. A lot of obscene speech will talk your opponents, blaming your power; What could be worse?

37 Killed, you will attain heaven, alive, you will enjoy the land; Arise therefore, Kaunteya, cheer up battle.

38. While recognizing the equal happiness and unhappiness, success and failure, victory and defeat, prepare for battle, so as not to fall into sin.

39. This teaching (buddhi) izlozhenotebe according to knowledge (Sankhya), hear the same according to yoga; priobschasetoy wisdom, Partha, you will be freed from the bondage of karma.

40. It is not dying efforts, there is a perversion; little of that dharma saves from great horror (calamity).

41. Strong idea (Buddhi) is unique about the joy of kuru, but mnogovetvisty not skonchaemy thought indecisive.

42. Ye fools, utter a magnificent speech; Satisfied with the letter of the Vedas, O Partha, they say: “There is nothing else.”

43. Their essence – lust, they aspire to paradise (of it) promises, as the fruit of cases of birth, full of special regulations ceremonies to achieve wealth and power of the divine.

44. Who is tied to pleasure and power, whose keen mind, (in order) is not available resolute focus thoughts (immersed) into samadhi.

45. The Vedas are in the area trёhgun, detached from the three gunas, O Arjuna, free from duality, postoyannoprebyvaya in reality, free of ownership (devotee) Atman.

46. How to use the source, when the water is drained from all sides, so much (good) in all the Vedas for who knows Brahma.

47. So, let it be in your aspiration to work, but never to its fruits, let it not be the fruit of your action motivation, and so you will have no attachment to inaction.

In its Dharma, we can not mess up his karma

 Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: In the future, Krishna urges Arjuna to do his duty, saying that “if you’re going to do their duty, then this will have less negative effects than by default. If you leave your army, go, at first glance, no one will die in such numbers, but for a more long-term effects, violation of their debt will lead to a terrible result than the performance of duty, but that leads to such terrible consequences as death even close to some relatives. “

 Krishna here urges Arjuna to remember his Higher “I”, which should not be affected by anything transitory and do their duty not out of fear, not out of a desire to receive a reward, but simply because it is the duty from the position of the Supreme “I “, which is unaffected. That is, to establish themselves in their Higher “I”, which is karma plane is the plane of both positive and negative actions and consequences, and the position of the Supreme “I” do my duty and do what must be. If you do so, then, as we shall see later, “no bad karma from acts shall cleave unto thee, that is, it is not your bad karma.”

Dharma executioner

 This is a very serious philosophical position, which I usually like to illustrate with an example of the executioner and the victim. In medieval Europe, in France, there were whole dynasty of executioners. I was so moved by first and amused, how is it, really there were people who earned their way of life, that for generations were the executioners? And the work of the executioners, friends, it is quite specific. You have to cut the head, sometimes, someone to torment, someone brand. In the best case, someone with rods. That is, by definition, a job that causes pain and suffering to other living beings. Really I have been wanting to do this?

 But the most interesting hangman profession was not really a very despicable. It was quite respectable members of society. Indeed, some details about that reach us through the many works, in particular, Dumas, who are interested, here and there pop up these details, was the psychology profession. You can kill the victim, but before the death of great torment, and it is possible to kill the condemned with a minimum of suffering. In particular, to cut off a man’s head is not so simple. And if you give the ax first that fell, he cut off her from the second, the third strike, and the victim will suffer terribly, because she did not die after the first strike, it will be the second, third. In general, while dorubish will be plenty of suffering! While professional executioners with one blow cut his head so that the victim does not actually have time to even understand the death, there was less suffering.

 Or another time, for example, have considered the executioners (professional ethics) that the ax was never meant to fall on the eyes of the victim. Well, it would seem, what’s the difference, so that his head cut off, so that if the victim sees an ax or saw. But the sacrifice until the last moment always hopes that after all something different will. And when are the next convict to the gallows, of course, he starts to frantically look, see that there is an ax, and any hope for a person, the slightest. Therefore, always hid the ax. That such is full of nuances.

 And, as you know, this professionally done job reduces the amount of suffering. If the executioner will say yes I do not want to chop heads! Though it may be his duty, and he had since childhood and only trained on pig carcasses, as it is all to do more gracefully. Suddenly, he says, tired of me, I refuse, I’m going. In his place will put a dilettante, the amateur izmuchal poor victim until it kills. And the amount of suffering in the world will increase.

The importance of following his Dharma


In this example, it may be rough, you need to understand the intricacies of that cause and effect are not entirely clear. And the fact that it is your duty to do something while you wash its hands, can be at a very humanistic reasons, at first glance, as a result will lead to more suffering and, most interestingly, to increase your negative karma.

 On the other hand, as we read in the “Bhagavad Gita”, if you are aware of unimpaired his “I” and your duty, not for reward, and not because of fear of punishment, but only because it is your duty, it is believed that karma not to adhere to such a person. It does not get negative, since it is only an intermediate in someone else’s game.

Dharma German officer

 This is similar to my example again. At one time I was very interested in the memoirs of German soldiers and generals. Because after all the warriors were very serious, the whole world is kept at bay. And I was very curious about their psychology. That man was not going to fight, he did not want to. But a combination of circumstances that have nowhere to go – he was sent to kill. In particular, of course, professional military. Because the army there emerged such a battle-worthy even before Hitler, there were fanatics of the business. And the living situation of these generals, when they already knew that something goes wrong, they have to attack, they were forced to fight, but on the other hand, they have all long been understood that the war is far from righteous, and it is the state uzhasnaya.I this man…

 You know, well, when you’re defending the homeland, when your cause is just. And imagine that you have to do your duty, it is absolutely clear realizing that your business is not right. And the question is: how to behave This is a very sensitive issue? Some say: “Yes I had them all to surrender a run.” Others say: “Why, if they run away, then Stalin would have without a fight, took the whole of Europe. And the communist curtain would be lowered from the Atlantic to the Urals, in the sense from England to Japan. ” Remember, “A to Z”.

 What could be behind this further to go? Of course, it would be discontent with America. And war could spill over not between Russia and Germany, and between Russia and America. And then the Americans had a nuclear bomb. It is clear that all this is the subjunctive, and, of course, is the horror of war, but who of us is ready to calculate how themselves should be conducted? This is an area where we do not know how to behave. One says one thing, another says another.

 Now “The Bhagavad Gita” is just the text, which is considered a very serious option plexus karma debt, freedom, love, aspiration, detachment, and higher than normal.


The Second Chapter.

“48. Staying in yoga, do the business, leaving the attachment, Dhananjaya,

equal in success and failure. An equilibrium is called yoga.

49. For action is significantly lower than the yoga of wisdom, Dhananjaya;

seek refuge in wisdom, motivated by pathetic fruit.

50. A devotee of wisdom leaves here and merits and sins;

therefore surrender Yoga: Yoga is an art in action “

Three types of work

Here Krishna casual yoga gives different directions and links between them. In particular, he refers to the interesting position of Karma Yoga that work and fulfilling its employees are of three types: the first work out of fear, others work for reward, and still others work because they work, and get pleasure in the process. They work, and not out of fear, and not because of the reward waiting. And it is this type of work (not out of fear and not because of the reward) leads to the fact that no matter what actions did not commit a person, he does not get negative karma. In fact, this is only possible in the case when you go your own way of life, his Dharma.

The ideal of yoga – at the exit of the plane of Karma

Not being attached, you do not generate the seeds of karma, nor negative, nor positive, please pay attention. The ideal of yoga is not to accumulate a lot of positive karma, no – it’s too vulgar and too mundane. The ideal of yoga to do to get out of the plane of karma, both positive and negative, in the future, no actions and their consequences do not restrict your freedom in the future. Once you start to behave in such a way of life, work hard without fear and without expectation of remuneration, this condition is equivalent to another state in yoga, called Jnana Yoga. When you realize your Higher Ya Look what an interesting bunch: if you realize that your Higher Self is cause and effect, is the bodies, is karma, you thereby rise above the plane of karma and are becoming freer and freer.

Value Karma Yoga

But how hard it is to hone your mind and understand the concept of your Higher Self! Hard friends. The simplest form is given to the work: we are all in this life, whether we like it or not, we are facing some amount of work that must be done. We go to work and earn money or have any responsibilities in the family, children, parents, relatives – and so on. Being in our bodies, we need to do something. And now it turns out that if you start in the right way to carry out their duties properly start work, you come through the other door to the same state to which the jnana yogi approaches, recognizing their Higher Self

Therefore, the direction of karma yoga, friends, so valued. Why are we in our International Open Yoga University in the first days encourage you to carry on Karma Yoga Report, perform some activity? It is not even because she is absolutely necessary for the spread of yoga or to us was some benefit from your work, no; this karma yoga in the first place you need for you to get a taste for the work not out of fear and not because of the reward. Unfortunately, in real life, when you go to the normal operation, all the same you have a subconscious level, the desire to earn more money, or that you have not scolded, and since you are so already worked a great number of years of his life, it is very hard for it change immediately. It is better somewhere else gradually get used to that status, and only then transfer it to the rest of his life. Experience shows that it’s easier.


An example of this, many practices, such as the well-known of Tantric Buddhism, where Buddhists for a long time out of the sand poured beautiful figure, which is called a mandala. Sometimes the creation of this mandala takes several months to get out of the sand to make a beautiful ornament, similar to how embroidered on carpets. This mandala is in its final form, very few lives. It is made for people to it once looked, and then destroy it – whisk all this sand. Can you imagine what is left after all this action: you long for something to do, hard to do, you were totally focused, you do not out of fear and not because of the expectations, because you did what you did. And then you will not regret it all sour cream, that is, you have no privyazochek to the results of their labor. In this sense, it is said that karma, both positive and negative, is the person who deserves the karma on the associative links which leaves the man himself.

If we react emotionally to a particular kind of activity, that of man and this activity extends associative invisible thread on which later comes to this man his karma, both positive and negative. We carry within themselves the seeds of future karma.

From this it is good to get rid of, and you can get rid of with the help of jnana yoga, recognizing that we are in this world, how-to play and has no meaning attached to this world, just as the actor will not be tied to the attributes of the scene. Imagine you’re playing King on the stage, you have a throne and other royal attributes, but when you go home, you forget about the throne, and about the crown, and about everything else. There is no situation where the actor after the performance grabbed for his crown of papier-mache and says “my, no one touch!”.

Similarly, the whole world around us, the whole experience that we can get in this world, it is very valuable when we do something. That is necessary to work honestly, you must be completely absorbed by work, to carry out tasks fairly, without delay and without waiting for the punishment of remuneration. But then, after you have enjoyed the work itself, the process, you should also easy to forget about everything and does not cling, do not say, “Now, I have something done” or “I once something is done “. This indirectly raises our awareness of our Higher Self, so any work can turn into a magical ritual by the fact that you come to realize your higher self, and what is being said.

“51. Those devotees of wisdom, leaving the fruits born of action,

freed from the bonds of birth, go to dispassion.


52. When your intelligence (buddhi) prevail jungle misconceptions

then you will attain detachment from what should be

I heard and that has been heard.


53. When your mind, opposed to writing, will still

approved in contemplation (samadhi), then you will attain Yoga. “


The ultimate goal of yoga – freedom!


It says here that if you do not have this affection, if not these associative connections that eventually breaks the chain of birth and death. Because our subsequent birth is determined by our desires in a previous life, as long as we are for something to cling to, there is this cycle of birth and death. If we get rid of such relationships and clues, then sooner or later we are aware of your Higher Self, which is elusive and needs neither birth nor death. It is itself a support, it alone can exist. This is the ultimate goal of yoga, my friends! In svobode.Svoboda your Higher Self to be infinite. But as long as you do for something clinging stranglehold, you will not be free. As long as you do not care, as long as you have your Higher bind to some arbitrary set of circumstances, some pieces of matter or the circumstances of life or the game, you are themselves put in jail.

The man himself does not free

Sometimes people ask: what or who makes a person unfree if yoga calls us to freedom? The answer is: the person himself does not free. No other evil force in the universe that would have enslaved you, no. Who in your life is a part of freedom: you can go left or right. And there is a part of unfreedom: you can not do any acts or demonstrate any ability or supernormal abilities.

Why is this so? You have maneuvered themselves into a position.

How do you have maneuvered themselves into a position? Maybe there’s some real shackles or adhesive that sticks to your Higher Self physical bodies or in some circumstances, or to something else? The answer is that this glue is not the only glue – it’s your associative links, you just get used to one thing to communicate with something else. How? Just because you cling to something or push away something to strive for something, of something escaping. And even the such a statement you are making your Higher Self dependent on the circumstances and are covered by the rules of the game.

That is why, in order to overcome ignorance and lack of freedom just enough to realize that you are free. But to make it extremely difficult. It is much easier with the help of indirect exercises, rituals, visualizations, mantras, yantras, yoga, with the right attitude to work, with the right attitude to the people around slowly-slowly approach to this than to sit down and realize that I am free and be free. While in theory you can sit here right now and get out of this room is already free. More precisely, you will not even go out, you might just turn into a phantasmagoria.



“Arjuna said:

54. What is the definition of a stable that is in contemplation (samadhi), O Keshava;

persistent thoughts says as sitting as wandering?

Sri Bhagavan said:

55. When he leaves all desire, Partha, have entered into the heart,

rejoicing in the Self-confidence, then it is called persistent in intelligence.

56. The disaster with steadfast heart, joy disappeared with the desire,

detached from passion, fear and anger, proof spirit called “munis”.

57. Who or what is not (feeling) drive, perceiving pleasant or unpleasant,

not lust, and hates, the consciousness steadily.

58. And if he is, like a turtle members diverts all its

feelings from objects of sense, (that) his consciousness steadily.

59. Objects disappear to abandon embodied,

does not taste (to them), but also the taste disappears for uzrevshih college.

60. For, O son of Kunti, violent feelings forcibly carried away

heart even exertion and wise man.

61. curb them all, let it sit, the assembled (put) me (as) a higher purpose;

For one subordinate feeling, consciousness is stable. “


How to determine the level of human spirituality?

Arjuna was the first question to Krishna: Well, if there are people who have reached this level, how to identify them in real life? How they behave, what qualities they demonstrate? Krishna gives definitions, but these definitions can also play a cruel joke, because it is an internal state of a person and it is not always possible to see the other person. Sometimes you can see a man in anger, but in fact it is just a shell of anger, but inside he is calm, or vice versa, you can see that a person is calm, but in reality it is torn and nothing is sure. It is rather a test for himself, not for you to determine the other.

Unfortunately, these descriptions have played a bad service, when many fixers read “Bhagavad Gita”, begin to outwardly their behavior subsume under these canons, to pose as the great saints, jnana-yogis, karma yogis and bhakti-yogis, that is to dress up in these clothes. But if you come across in life with a man who poses himself as he himself neither led, you will feel false. There is something elusive, like Stanislavsky: “Do not believe it!” Therefore, it is rather a test for you.

Criteria for themselves


If you suddenly a start detect such abilities, that, for example, when it came great joy, yes, you are joyful, but at the same time inside you have something so big that from the perspective of this grand you do not become a slave to this joy.

Or when came the universal sorrow, but, on the other hand, inside you have something big, is not affected, a point that you are not a slave of sadness, but the sadness and will not go away. You are able to do something and change. You can observe that as you open in this island unaffected or awareness of your Higher Self, you periodically tend to spend time in solitude, and forget about the world. It is as if you pulled the senses from the outside world: the eyes look, but not see, the ears hear but do not hear, and you’re somewhere in his inner world will know themselves.

This condition is described in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” as Pratyahara, ie pulling the fine senses of the gross senses. You are in the greatest harmony absorption of his inner world. Here, too, need to be very careful, because sometimes we just fall into prostration, really sit still, like animals, do not see nothing, hear nothing, feel nothing, that joy, that hill, we do not care, we are “frostbitten” . It has nothing to do with yoga.

When you open a huge inner meaning of your being that you capture, and you become self-sufficient in his inner world, this world is filled with bright and surpasses all that can come from the outside world, of course, you stop paying attention to the outside world you obsessed with the grandeur of the inner. Here it is meant.

The difference between yoga and devastation

Unfortunately, many do not understand this description, start to look desolate condition and call it yoga. It is not right. Any text is a push for reflection, rather than a direct retelling of the state.

Another example. Imagine that you are traveling in a train or on the subway and reading an interesting book exciting detective, the most interesting place. You are so absorbed by the internal state, the experience of that stop outside is something to see, hear, perceive, because inside grander than the outside, and that is what was meant.

The concept of the Other, or Companion

But also here it is said that when you are born within the Absolute concept of the Beyond, when you think:

“Who created this universe? Was there in this universe, the Creator? Where is he now? And who is hiding on the other side of all phenomena, objects and people? There’s nobody there, or is there someone there? “

You begin to internally explore the idea, but is there anyone else besides you? What we have is given to us as a given since childhood, a different matter, as it is real or hallucinogenic, but it is something to which we are accustomed. The question is: and except you have someone else in this universe, and no one else?

Sooner or later, thinking about it, you will approach the concept of the Other, or other sources, or the one with whom you can talk to was not a monologue, but a dialogue. When you begin to mentally refer to the person with whom you can talk, who is in this universe apart from yourself, you will sooner or later come to the Absolute concept of the source. It will become more and more abstract concept.

We are accustomed to the fact that you can talk with the other person, but often it turns out that the other person does not intend to talk to you, he needs to run somewhere and do something else, it is not up to you and it is you do not perceive. From the position of the self, we begin to understand what that person to us as if it is not, because he is not the one you wave. He either lives its own life, what else can understand it at all, or not, and it’s just a hallucination. After this comes the idea to communicate with the Supreme through the surrounding universe. This is more than an abstract idea, because you are asking a question, and the answer starts to come through the whole universe.

For example, a person said a word, the bird at this time is something chirped on a branch, the cloud disappeared and ray of light lit up the clearing, a passing car honked. Or suddenly moved, someone started to pour tea, unhealthy movement began – at first all that is seen in fragments as separate, unrelated events together, but later, when the idea comes Interlocutor, all bitty suddenly built up in a single response. Thus we come to the idea, another with whom you can talk.

Communicating with someone

In the future, if the taste of the conversation you are already familiar, and you sit in a peaceful state, forgetting about everything around and start to concentrate on his interlocutor, then, oddly enough, you are more and more absorbed in this conversation. And you will once again forget about the world in direct proportion to how you focus on the other party.

Here it says, “Such a person may apply to me” (it says Krishna), that is, to try to talk to me one on one. If you start so to speak, you begin to forget about everything else and leave the attachments of this world, and sooner or later reach the point where even the greatest joys you have still Higher, higher joy, from a position where any of the usual life joy it seems nice, normal, good, but not enslaving.

Or on the contrary, compared with the opportunity to live one on one with the Absolute any sadness and inconsistencies in the world they are unpleasant, but not poraboschayuschi. You do not lose control of himself, and do not become a slave to them. You can manage it and resist it.

This very important tool, and is known in the Bhakti-Yoga, when concentrating enough on his mind the Absolute, or the source. I even prefer the term interlocutor because the Absolute can respond to you in any form of personal or impersonal, through the mouth of another person or allegorically, through the tweets of birds.


“62. The man thinketh on the things of sense, attachment to them is born;

attachment lust develops, and from lust anger is born.

63. From anger is confusing and error – memory dizziness,

by obscuring the memory – knowledge of death, from the death of cognition (Buddhi) is killed (the man himself).

64. Who passes the region of the senses with feelings, loss of attraction and repulsion, (subordinates) to his will, obedient to the Atman, one attains the clarity (of the spirit).

65. When clarity (the spirit of) the disappearance of all its suffering,

For if consciousness is clarified (cetasam) soon strengthens the mind (Buddhi).

66. There is no reason for the non-assembled, and not for non-assembled creative thought;

for having no creative thought there is no peace, and for not having the world – how to be happiness?

67. For the one who directs the heart, (according to) wandering senses,

It takes mind as the wind – ship on the waters.

68. Therefore, in order to moschnoruky whose feelings are distracted by all objects of sense, consciousness is established.

69. What is night for all beings have a wake for restraining his thoughts;

that the wake for the night creatures have to seer Muni.

70. As in the crowded, staying motionless ocean water come,

so all desires enter into it, he attains peace, and not the one who tends to desire.

71. A person who, leaving all pleasant, carefree, wandering, free from self, comes to rest.

72. That is, O Partha, the state of Brahma, who reached him, not mistaken.

Reached it, at least in the death hour, it reaches nirvana Brahmo “.


Friends, it is quite remarkable lines, they can be re-read and re-read, comprehend and conceptualize how is born this chain of lack of freedom, where there is a clouding of the mind, and the desire, and the like, and I urge you again and again to re-read the “Bhagavad Gita” and think there on every line.

The difference between yoga and devastation

Unfortunately, some images are not transferred until the end of the state of yoga, which is meant for different reasons. In particular, the concept of a state of rest, the Western people sometimes begin to be interpreted in such a way that you will do yoga, and soon you will become insensitive, nor sorrow, nor joy, will be in a state of prostration and indifference. It remains only to die so that you buried, and on the gravestone wrote that he lived such a hit state of absolute tranquility. This is a wrong concept, it is more like a description of a corpse.

It seems that Henry Ford was a statement about another person who was very talented, but subsequently became apparent bad about it was said that “he died long ago, and only tragedy is that he forgot to bury.”

To have not created false impression that the “Bhagavad Gita” is committed to ensuring that you have died during his lifetime, became calm and frostbitten, and walked like a zombie as long as you do not bury. The word tranquility is meant quite another. This peace of mind from a position sverhnaslazhdeny inner world, revelations of inner peace when you have an interlocutor Absolute. You know that at any moment, no matter what happens, though all hell will fly all over the world, you have the interlocutor with whom you communicate, and it brings you ultra-high enjoyment, from the standpoint that everything else looks like vanity and unworthy of to get involved.

Of course, before we reach this state, we engage, but reaching such heights, we are becoming like that around, and we as an actor who knows that he will play a role, whatever it may be. In the soul – joy, happiness and pleasure.

The difference between the rejection of the wishes and desires of non-attachment to results

There is another important point, which, unfortunately, is also quite poorly understood not only in the West, but also among the many Hindu sects. A large number of the followers of these sects come to the west and begin to poison the mental space is the fact that they misinterpreted some points in the “Bhagavad Gita”.

“Bhagavad Gita” did not call you to give up desires, aspirations refuse, refuse to achieve their goals. Absolutely not! It calls for another: that you learn to enjoy the fulfillment of a wish, without being attached to them.

“Bhagavad Gita” provides in this regard is quite specific recommendation: if you have kakoe-to desire, desire, and if you forget about college, about my higher self, about Him Who-In-Tu-Party, with whom you can communicate, the you fully concentrate on your wish on a particular object or phenomenon. It turns out an interesting effect: the more you grab, the more you dig into the object or effect that you want to keep, the harder it is to get. And if you did receive it, your joy and pleasure through a very short, followed by a wave of disgust or cooling. It turns out that you are on to something for a long time aiming, through the resistance, but you grabbed it, revel in a moment, like a tiger prey, but in the next moment is not interested.

It can be a variety of things, for example, she raves trinkets, ornaments, but when they are received, after one or two days delight feel that in life, nothing has changed, and life did not become happier. Or, an example of a career, we dream to become a boss, going over the heads, podsizhivaem competitors, and the method of struggle reach the goal. It seems to be good, and something elusive there, and longing. This can be in the relationship, the young man can seek girls dig it like a tiger to win it after a long resistance, and then looks at her – and something she has ceased to please.

This string of disappointments in the first place, making life miserable, and secondly, every such act of karmic leaves clues, affection. We, as a result, we drag baggage from previous experiences, aspirations and aversions. Each of our next step already defined by previous experiences. Previous experience we zombiruet, programs, and makes more and more captive.

At the same time, the basic idea of “Bhagavad Gita” is reversed: if you took refuge in their Higher Self – the Self, going by jnana-yoga, or if you have found refuge and support in the Absolute, in the dialogue with his interlocutors, which manifests itself through, the first, this fact you already receive pleasure, and the fullness of life, compared with which all the external begins to fade.

Accomplishment desires, when a person sees only desires Absolut

The most interesting thing more: If you start with such a position to strive for business, things and accomplishments, they themselves you start to go in hand. Itself appears necessary work, and the right people and the right husband, and needed a wife, money and status, and lifestyle. With minimal effort, just because you do not catch a death grip, like a man possessed. Of course, you were not against it, but only as an addition to the joy that is already inside.

Your life is starting to be easier and easier. You eventually start to get used to this state of things, teaches yoga, and sooner or later you start less and less thinking about the desires, not because they are bad, but because you get used to, and so that they come true. You begin to shrink the time between the formulation of desire and its implementation. And sooner or later you will give up all desires, but only for one reason: how can there be a desire, when any desire coincides with its implementation. This is what is written in the “Bhagavad Gita”.

Unfortunately, numerous sects say that you should give up this, this and this. Many followers come to me and say that we in the sect said: this is not, it does not look, it’s not to drink, not to engage in sex, to spend days in fasting and prayer. So, as a joke, when you ask, “do not you regret?” And answered, “you can not feel sorry.”

Two friends meet by chance at the station, both studied at the institute, one married, the other remained free.

One friend says: “Long time no see, let’s note, drink vodka”

second replies: “No, no, I can not.”

First again: “Come on, something to eat”

and the other again, “No, this can not have food.”

And so on, it is impossible, it can not last one asks, “Are not you sorry that you live such a life?”

On the second one answers: “No, you can not feel sorry!”

These people think with full confidence that they themselves somewhere to go and someone to lead the way. Particularly badly when they are opposed to the generic yoga. This is a catastrophe! When it is said that we should not get married, do not marry, do not have children, do not have to educate them, because that’s all you tie to the world, and you must instead somewhere to aspire. The result is that they themselves are wrong, and sow around itself zhiznenenavistnicheskie theory being covered, including, and the “Bhagavad Gita”.

Friends, it’s sad and it has no relation to the “Bhagavad Gita”! The main idea of “Bhagavad Gita” is different: what would not you threatened your life, if your debt is going to fight – go fight, if it is your duty to give birth to children – to give birth! There is nothing to think about enlightenment, you will get you to hell or to heaven, there is nothing to deceive themselves and others! I beg you not to fall for these rods.


The third chapter:

“Arjuna said:

1. If you (as) your thoughts, you put the knowledge of the above steps, Janardana,

then why are you in a terrible case prompts me, Keshava?

2. Contradictory word you would like to mislead my mind (Buddhi) reliably tell me one something that I will achieve good.


What should I do now?


Friends, that’s the key phrase “Bhagavad Gita”, it is very fond of quoting: “What you tell me this theory of brain powder, better tell me what to do right now, without further explanation about this and that.”

So indulge in philosophical speculation is well at home, in a cozy office, in front of the fireplace, where the shelves bookshelves, and you’re under the rug sit and leaf through a clever treatise. Quite a different situation when you stand on the battlefield, and now you need something to do, and you know that if you start to do it, the consequences can be very disastrous. And you want to hear direct words and direct guidance that we should do right now.

I assure you, my friends, really in your life yoga begins when you get tired of books, sermons, lectures, sit down, and will think: “I do not want this deal! Somebody tell me what to do now. ” Only then true yoga begins. And before that – a mental construction, attempt to be clever, intellectual pleasure from comparing one point of view on the other, to identify strong and weak positions, and so on.

Actually, on this and said to Arjuna, “Krishna, you’re such a theory has painted as the Jnana Yoga is good, and it is necessary to renounce the world, but at the same time you are sending me to fight and kill their relatives in the civil war. This inconsistency! “

Krishna says:

“Sri Bhagavan said:

3. In this world there are two points of view, before me a shout about perfect:

Yoga and yoga knowledge speculating runneth action.

4. The person is not taking cases does not reach the (true) of inactivity

and not only abdication he attains perfection.

5. For no one even moments can never remain inactive:

he’s unwittingly produces all actions by birth nature qualities (gunas).

6. Who, curbing the activities of the senses, sitting, remembering the heart (Manas)

feelings about things, he deceived, referred to are on the wrong road.

7. The same, which is the heart (Manas) conquered the senses, O Arjuna,

making activities sense of karma-yoga is referred to as unattached.

8. Do the necessary actions, for action is better than inaction:

even the body can not make deliveries to you when it is idle.

9. In addition to cases committed for the sake of the victims, the world related activities;

therefore, Kaunteya, do the action, free from attachment. “


The impossibility of absolute no-action

Krishna reasonable answers that, generally speaking, Arjuna, if you live in this world, you can not do nothing delat.Dazhe if you’re just sitting there, then some metabolic processes still go, you need something to eat and go the toilet. Even the fact that you are just sitting, you are still some actions performed. We can not do nothing. The question is not whether we do something or we will not, and that is exactly what we will do.

“10. Together with the victim creating a creature that once rivers Prajapati: “She multiply, so be it to you desired kamaduk,

11. She strengthen the gods, but the gods will strengthen you, reinforcing each other, you will achieve the highest good “


Explanation Vedic practices in terms of unity and closure of the world

Here ideology understandable explanation of some of the Vedic practices, for people who can not intellectually grasp the full depth of the idea of the connection between the earthly world and the world of the divine (supreme peace). In particular, it was explained why it is necessary to pour out those or other sacrificial fuel to the fire, or repeat a mantra, in other words, everything that is the basis of true Vedic practices.

It was believed that, supposedly worshiping the gods on the earth plane, a person maintains their existence. Let’s take a variety of explanations, for example, that the gods and ancestors eat smell libation into the fire, and only through this can exist in heaven. In turn, it was believed that the gods are responsible for the lives of people in the world. They send rain, they send the harvest, they send a success – so quite a primitive picture of the world is closed. Earth plane supports higher plane, and the Supreme plan supports the earth, as long as there are sacrifices, Mantras, libations, and so on, everything is fine. But if the power of reason eclipse people are starting to forget about the higher sphere, the Higher spheres suffer from it and, in turn, is already beginning to pay less attention to earthly level, and begin famine, crop failure, and the like. Here the idea of a closed world, and the relationship of all. It was quite a popular idea, which you need to do this or that action.

Of course, from the standpoint of a yogi later we remember that, in fact, is much more difficult, but difficult to explain to someone what the known intervals he must sharpen his mind. After all, in order to learn the Vedas by heart, your brain and memory must be very good to work with and hone his speech.

One who reads the Hindu mantras, which we met with Victoria Begunova, which I immediately noticed, it had posed as a professor at Moscow State University. In the speech, you can tell a lot about a person. If you are constantly quoting the Vedas, the brains are developing very strongly. Hard to lucidly explain why you need to quote the Vedas, so it lies in allegorical ceremonies.

“12. Desired benefits you give these gods, fortified victim;

who enjoys their gifts are not bestowed upon them, he is a thief.

13. The righteous who live on the remains of the victim, shall be exempt from all sins, but those wicked who cook (only) to themselves partake of sin “


Very interesting concept of the world is closed in the sense that concepts such as food, energy, consciousness and well-being, they are fixated. There is a saying: “The hand gives, but not scanty.”

The concept of flow process

If you have a flow of something that comes, it has to go. Then, this flow increases incrementally, just as a small stream erodes the ground and turns into a deep river channel – the main flow and flow. And if the opposite for something to grab and hold, how to put a dam in order to have more water was then filled with water first, then stagnates, it turns into a smelly swamp, silts, and as a result – nothing at all.

In this regard, among the “Yogi” in the mid-nineties were fashionable talk about energy-informational vampires who suck the energy. The concept is divorced from life, because you can not just take energy, just as a person can not have all the time, without going to the toilet. We need a process!

Only when there is a process, when something comes, and something goes, it is good. If something goes without feedback, and you only get, then the process stops. In particular, after today’s lesson from you also need feedback, in the form of reviews, feedback response. Then it will rise. If, as a black hole in you will get knowledge, and from you will not be a backlash sooner or later, this process stops.

“14. From food creatures emerged, there was food from the rain,

originated from the victim rain, the victim came from Karma;

15. Know Karma originated from Brahma, Brahma originated from the Imperishable (Akshara).

So ubiquitous Brahmo always in sacrifice. “

16. Who does not provide this zaverchennomu rotating circle,

evil, playground of the senses, O Partha, he lives in vain.

17. But man, full of Atman, but rejoices in the Self,

he, satisfied in the Self, there is no duty.

18. He is not here no purpose in doing or in not-doing:

and in no creature he seeks patronage for its purpose.

19. Therefore, always do the proper things without attachment,

For the person making business without attachment, tops.

20. After all, the actions of Janaka attained perfection, and others;

so you have to act, keeping in mind the totality of the world.

21. What makes the best, the other people;

which it carries out the charter, and this should be the people.

22. No, O Partha, in the three worlds of something that ought I used to do,

and there is to be achieved, what would I not headed for; but I am in action. “


There is enough interesting description of the cosmological structure of the universe, communication with sacrificial action, action with Karma, where it came from Karma, whether there is at least someone is Karma. Above this is a lot to ponder, to reason, to re-read, to analyze, but the main issue here is about the action of Karma Yoga.

Absolute is also in a state of continuous work

Krishna says that “even I, the Absolute, which is nothing to achieve in this world who does not depend on anything, which is higher than the whole world, but even I am able to continuously work. I am working. If I stop working, at the same moment the world will collapse. Peace is maintained by my work. But how do I work? I work without fear of punishment and the desire to buy something; I have nothing to gain and I’m not afraid of anything. If you are in your life to develop the same motivators, you caught up with me. ” This is a very deep explanation of the philosophy of Karma Yoga.

“23. For if I do not resided continuously in action,

then followed my way to all people, Partha.

24. These worlds would perish if I did not do karma,

I would be mixing cause and be killed these creatures.

25. How to perform the action, O Bharata, tied, ignorant,

so untethered, so knowing performs actions, seeking to act for the totality of the world.

26. Do not confuse the consciousness ignorant, attached to the case, who knows,

acting on devotion (Higher), but it will make them all the pleasant activities.

27. All acts are always committed modes of nature,

but the self (ahankara) deluded thinks so:

“I am committing.”

28. And who knows the truth about the powerful gun and distribution activities,

thoughts like this: “gunas move around in gunas” is not bound.

29. Blinded by the modes of nature are linked to the business modes;

their imperfect knowing the weak, quite knowledgeable but not confused.

30. I devoted all things heart (devotee) the highest Atman,

renouncing lust and self, fight, leaving fervor.

31. People who constantly follow this to my teaching,

believers neropschuschie, even these things are released.

32. Those murmuring that do not follow my teaching,

devoid of all knowledge, know they died insane.

33. Even knowing acts according to its nature;

Nature being followed; what is the resistance?

34. The attraction and revulsion of feeling is in the objects of the senses;

but he does not will fall under their power, for they are his enemies.

35. It is better to own dharma (even) with a disadvantage, rather than someone else’s well executed;

better to die in his dharma: the dharma of others is dangerous.


The importance of self-dharma

There are interesting enough explanation, over which there is much to ponder, but I sharpen your attention to the call to Arjuna: “You are a warrior, you are all my life preparing for battle, this is your dharma, it is your duty. It is much better, even if you die or your life will be harder than you otrinesh his dharma and go on someone else’s. “

This is the main idea of deep yoga philosophy. Remembering Artha Yoga, prosperity yoga, we can say that if you feel that if your dharma – be a janitor, and sweep the streets, and pay you for it a penny, while your former comrades have become billionaires and tell you: ” And what you’re street sweeping, you live in such poverty? Yes, throw it all and go with us to privatize everything that is bad “- then, of course, there is a temptation, and the temptation to abandon their dharma and take over someone else’s dharma. But, as the yoga in the Bhagavad-gita, and through other teachings, it is a very dangerous thing, when you are applying for is not in place.

And indeed, in the life of many examples of cases, especially in the 90s in Russia, when all of a sudden become richer, and the remaining kakoy-nibud irrelevant scientist, to seduce someone else’s dharma, went and began to sell-buy, become unhappy, and the result left with nothing. In its consequences is even harder than if he just stayed in his place.

Or are numerous other examples, when all of a sudden a lot of money not only from their dharma worsened the situation, when suddenly a man ruin oneself by drink, and then died of a drug. In his dharma, he would have been a janitor, engaged in the business and would have lived, and died, and even before his death, had so have screwed that then have to fulfill five lives.

According to this ideology of yoga, you should feel and realize his life’s work. It is not so easy to do, we are susceptible to advertising, we are susceptible to all sorts of temptations that sypyatsya on us from all sides, so we started to perform not their job. Departing from his dharma beforehand future suffering.

Therefore, the question, “What is this all – dharma” we answer that most useable, translation of the word dharma is the duty or spiritual teaching, a way of life. But if you look at the word dharma in a deeper sense, it is possible to explain how the path of dharma and the lifestyle that uses your today’s lack of freedom and your freedom today, so that tomorrow your freedom increases and the lack of freedom is reduced tomorrow. Each person that path – it personally. It can not be transferred from one person to another.

It happens that there are people with roughly the same dharma, or with the same ways of life at a certain period of time. But it may be that, after this period of time, these paths diverge. The most important thing is always to find a rotation, always find exactly his path.

If you go by its narrow thorny path of dharma, but suddenly next to you can see a large asphalt road on which to walk easier and faster, then of course sometimes it is tempting to go with his paths and walk along the main road. The trouble is that this road can lead you in the opposite direction. As a result, with every step your freedom will be reduced, and your lack of freedom to grow, although the walk will be a very easy and pleasant. Therefore, such things as money, social recognition, they can not serve as a criterion, is whether or not a path to your dharma. Only your inner intuition will tell – that your, that’s not yours.

Artha – the maximum success in their Dharma

But once you have decided with his dharma, his way of life, here comes into play another concept – Artha, iliiskusnost or success. If so you have found your path, then you should go for it most effectively, ie to be able to earn as much money, be able to be as much in demand in the world, in every sense to turn their work, be it even sweeping the streets, in work art. To people flocked to look like you are waving a broom, while all received aesthetic satisfaction, and your work has been the most well-paid. One film shows that one of the secret facilities wipers prepared very well.




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, friends, we Begunova Victoria and Vadim Zaporozhtsev, conduct on-site, a week-long retreat MOYU, and engaged in research and analysis of the Bhagavad Gita, comments and other philosophical questions that are contained in the sacred text.

“Chapter III

Arjuna said:

36. What, then, moved by a person commits a sin, even against the will of Varshneya as if drawn by force? “


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Sooner or later, everyone begins to wonder: “Well, well, there is the law of karma, what goes around, comes around.” You start to analyze why you did this or that bad deed, it appears under the influence of any circumstances or something else. And the question arises, what was the original cause of all, all, all the actions. Also, a very serious matter. How it all began?

“Sri Bhagavan said:

37. It is a passion, it is anger, gluttonous, great sinner; know him here as an enemy. It arose from the mode of rajas.

38. As fire is covered by smoke, as a mirror by rust, as the embryo is covered by the shell, so they covered the world.

39. Knowledge concealed this constant enemy of the wise, hard nasytimym flame in the form of Kama.

40. Feelings, Manas, the mind (Buddhi) are referred to as his residence; through them he closed knowledge incarnate misleading.

41. Therefore, first, control the senses, O bull among Bharat, Razi this adversary that devours knowledge and recognition.

42. Feelings are called great, above the senses – Manas; higher manas – buddhi; He is above buddhi.

43. Having come to know that He is above the buddhi, established himself in the Atman, Razi enemy of moschnoruky, in the form of Kama trudnoobornogo.

Thus in the Upanishads of the Holy Bhagavad Gita,

the doctrine of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga,

told Sri Krishna and Arjuna

(Reads) the third chapter,



Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here ‘he’, with a capital letter. In Russian, the word “he”, can be understood and people living thing, and some object. But, in this case, the word “He” refers to the Supreme Self, the Higher Self

There are intricacies, as it is a literal translation. But we will not deal with these we shall now attempt to explain the intricacies of the device activity of our mind.

It is enough to remember, to a first approximation, such a scheme: that each of us has our Higher Self Whence our higher self, our Atman? It is believed that it was generated by the original cause, the life, the Absolute, as you like, in his own image and likeness, that is free.

Therefore, our Higher Self, is no different from the nature of the Absolute. But at the same time to realize, that this opportunity be free Absolute when created us, gave us a pre-knowledge of who we are, that is the Absolute, how all of it was, as it all happening. Why? Because any pre-knowledge reduces our freedom.

Usually, we used to think that knowledge, it expands our freedom. No, my friends. Giving one knowledge, you do not give the opportunity to give more.

Or in another way, I always cite an example in this regard. You go to the computer store to buy a new computer. Any computer that is a piece of hardware, without software, without an operating system, it will not work. But when you go to the store, as a rule, you are selling a particular computer, preloaded with the operating system. As a rule, it is worth the money, and all the rights to it belong to, one way or another very large company, which indirectly, so you starts taking its products. You get used to them, and then you even psychologically difficult to switch to a competitor’s product. You have become accustomed, you will be retrained for a long time and you are ready to pay the money, if only everything remained as before.

And so, depending on what you come up with the first steps, from this and depends on your further path. Therefore, such things as promotion is the free distribution of something, it would seem, at first glance it does not reduce our freedom. But this is only at first glance. In reality it leads, in many ways, all of our steps. Therefore, Jnana Yoga, we are called to filter the information that comes to us. And some on the verge deploy without even delving into what was inside.

So, the Absolute has not given us the pre-knowledge of who we are, about yourself, about the structure of this world, only one purpose, that would not violate our freedom, that we naturally are truly free. Of course, if we had taken advantage of this freedom in the very first moment of the creation, and voleizyavili acquire all knowledge of the world, we immediately got them.

However, we agree with his free will, we began voleizyavlyat a variety of laws, and create their own personal universe, according to the arbitrary will. In the future, those sentient beings who voleizyavili roughly the same laws of the universe come together. Just like gold, while flushing breed comes together because of the fact that the density of gold more than anything else, and as they say, like to like stretches.

That is why in this universe we are all on the one hand, it turns out, have created a universe entirely themselves, but on the other hand, here is how it so happened, that out of all the billions of sentient beings we’ll come up with roughly the same laws. And therefore we come together and have an opportunity to somehow communicate with each other, interact.

That is what we have? We have, on the one hand, we were all in the original ignorance or otherwise, we did not have pre-knowledge that would ensure our freedom. But then the original ignorance factor makes it possible that we are wrong will use his will and his omnipotence. As a result, we can greatly ponapridumyvali conflicting laws.

Controversy them is that we are, let us say, simultaneously or with a certain sequence begins voleizyavlyat directly opposite things. As a result of our world, because of these contradictory wills, confronted foreheads. And we see the chaos, pain and suffering, both at the level of our physical body, and at the level of the world around us. That is, it turns out that all the fault of the original ignorance.

But following further extension of this philosophy is that if we have the original ignorance, we do not know who we really are. We do not know that we have the highest Self, the omnipotent, made in the image of the Absolute. We start on the error to consider themselves not by what we are in reality.

And the first thing we begin to consider himself, is its manifestation. Indeed, we have the power of our Higher Self, and this power can provyalyatsya in our world as consciousness and energy. And here we suddenly begin to consider themselves self consciousness and energy. Although we have higher self, which is higher than the concept of Consciousness and Energy.

Thus, because of this very first error that we begin to consider themselves not by what we are in the very fact, we begin to grasp, for it is what we think we are.


I always love the comparison, this is roughly the same as if a man, because of the ignorance thought that he is not a man, but a man of the shadows. Imagine you are standing in the sun and you have a shadow, and you think that you just have this shadow. And accordingly, everything that threatens your shadow, begins to cause your anger, by any chance, you know, someone else, a passerby came to your shadow, it is an insult. As in the Middle Ages, when someone stepped on the shadow king, then it must have been almost no execution.

So it turns out, on the one hand, your Higher Self, in principle, no one can, or what to do to him nor bad nor good, it is beyond all. But your manifestation is already possible to do something, because you can voleizyavit something one way and someone can voleizyavit the other way and conflict can arise. Or vice versa, you voleizyavili something one way and someone helps your consent, and vice versa, you feel that there is help.

And finally, we generated two such tendencies. Some events and some living things, we begin to perceive aggressively in hatred, because we think that they suppress us. That is, they are coming to our shadow, they are out there it is not respected, and so on and so forth. But other circumstances and other living beings, we are on the contrary love and welcome, because they help in every possible way our shadows, there is a speck of dust or blow away with her help that she became more widely etc.

In our lives there are factors of likes and dislikes, desire and hatred. As a result, there is a passionate attitude to everything going on in the world. If something is, it seems to us suppress our manifestations, comes anger and hatred. If on the contrary strengthens our existence, come joy and desire, what would it went on and on. And as a consequence of the reaction, which can be characterized as desire, pleasure, pain, suffering, and so on, they are already implicitly from it all. But here is the main logic.

So, the original ignorance about himself, and as a result of sympathy and antipathy, anger and desire for something. As soon as there is anger or desire for something, these moments are beginning to eclipse our mind. And what – the situation even realize that it is not necessary to conduct yourself anyway, but still do stupid things and behave properly.

However, and as a result of any action, whatever it was called, we generate a chain of karmic consequences. That is not important, influenced by what you’ve done a bad thing. The universe in this sense, the mirror – that sent is what you get. And it turns out that under the action of the original ignorance, because of the likes and dislikes, we begin, like crazy, frantically generate any pulses in the universe. Some good, who return a good result and we say – good karma. Some foolish who return pain and suffering, and we say – bad karma.

Generating unconscious actions, we become more and more entangled in this world. And in the analysis, which was the root cause of this entanglement, it appears that the root cause of all was ignorance.

In angry, as a rule, questions: “How can the Absolute admitted that we had the original ignorance? He could whisper in your ear, as it is all really! “. There is the following counterargument – if He whispered, would give you a pre-knowledge, and you would be due, and He gave you the freedom to do even stupidity. This is the highest gift!

That is, roughly speaking, a little bit in terms of the other, a little bit in a different order, it is said here, here in this part of the Bhagavad Gita. And as a consequence, that even a small statement in their Higher Self, the Atman, even a little knowledge, you do not have a shadow, and that you have a Higher unaffected, and the shadow just your expression, which is not to you any relationship, even a small a glimpse of the power that knowledge gives, friends. And the more you argue in your Higher Self, the more you realize that you are independent of its manifestations, the more power you will begin to enjoy. The less you will be influenced by likes and dislikes are, the less you do the wrong thing, and doing the right thing and thereby spawn good karma to a greater extent. And in the future to improve their lives.


Chapter IV

Sri Bhagavan said:

1. This imperishable yoga I announced Vivasvantu; Vivasvant told Manu; Manu said Iksvaku.

2. Thus, taking one from the other, it learned the royal Rishi, but after a long period of time, this yoga was lost, Parantapa.

3. This (is) an ancient yoga now I will shew thee, for thou – my devotee and friend; (It) – the highest mystery.

Arjuna said:

4. Later, you was born, was born earlier Vivasvant; How am I to understand that you announced at the beginning of (her)?

Sri Bhagavan said:

5. A lot of my previous births, you also, Arjuna; I know them all, you do not know her, Parantapa.

6. Although I am unborn, imperishable Atman, though I am the lord of creatures, surpassing his own nature, I arise own maya.

7. For every time there is a weakening of dharma, O Bharata, and the prevalence of wickedness, then I can create.

8. To save the pious, to the death of villains, in order to establish the law, I reborn from century to century.

9. marvelously my birth and my business; who is truly aware (that), behind the body does not go to the new birth, he comes to me, Arjuna.

10. Leaving passion, fear and anger, filled me, surrendering to me, many, peeled exploit knowledge entered my Genesis.

11. Who else appeals to me, that I never accept: my path followed by all people, Partha.

12. I wish you success in the affairs of sacrifice here (on earth) gods, for soon in the human world is a success, born of the action.

13. Me created distribution modes (qualities) and duties (karma) four castes; Know that I am the creator of their timeless, but also not the creator.

14. Do not stain my case, I have no desire for the fruits of action, one who learns me as such, he is not bound by actions.

15. It’s knowing, seeking to liberate ancestors committed acts, so you do the action, once committed by ancestors.

16. What is the effect of that failure to act? Even prophetic mistaken in this; I may tell you the action, knowing that, you will be freed from evil.

17. It is necessary to understand the steps necessary to understand the forbidden action, inaction also need to understand; mysterious path of action.

18. Who sees action in inaction and inaction in action, the – the wise among the people, the – the devotee who has completed all the cases.

19. Whose undertakings are deprived of all desire and settlements, whose actions are burnt in the fire of wisdom, that scientists call illumined (Buddha).

20. Leaving the attachment to the fruits of action, constantly satisfied, without support, although employment action, he did not commit.

21. Without hope, tame your thoughts by leaving all the property, only the body performing the action, it does not fall into sin.

22. Satisfied unexpectedly obtained, overcame duality, without ill will, equal in success and failure does not bind itself, even acting.

23. devoid of attachment, free from the idea approved by the wisdom of committing the actions as a sacrifice, they completely disappear.

24. Brahmo – sacrificial offering; Brahma – the victim on fire Brahmo (it) brings a Brahmo, it should be closer to the Brahmo, immersion (samadhi) in the case of Brahma.

25. Some yogis participate in the sacrifice to the gods, while others bring a sacrifice (libation) in the Brahmo fire.

26. The hearing and other senses other sacrificed to curb the fire; sound and other objects of the senses other sacrifice in the fire of the senses.

27. Other operations are sacrificing all feelings of self-restraint on the activities of Pranas fire lit wisdom.

28. Other assets make sacrifice feat, yoga, study, knowledge – diligent, persistent in the vows.

29. Other breathing (prana) sacrifice exhalation (Apana), inhalation and exhalation, keeping the movement of breath and exhalation, entirely devoted to pranayama.

30. Others, moderate food, sacrifice (single) life (his) life; all of them – the experts of the victims, the victims away sin.

31. eat the remains of the victims Amrita go into eternal Brahmo; It is not of this world for nezhertvuyuschego, how will (for it) some of the best of the Kuru?

32. That multiple victims outstretched in front of the face of the Brahmo; Know they are born of action, knowing this, you will be free.

33. It is better to real victims of the wisdom of the victim, the ascetic; all actions fully, Partha, covered wisdom.

34. Know It pripadaniem (at the feet of the teacher), questioning, reverence; you devote to the wisdom of the wise, know the truth.

35. Upon learning this, you will no longer vpadёsh misleading Pandava; so you will see all beings without exception in itself, and then in me.

36. And if you were a sinner naigreshneyshy you pereplyvёsh the ship wisdom of all evil.

37. As lighted wood fire turns to ashes, O Arjuna, so the wisdom of the fire turns to ashes all the cases.

38. For there is a cleaner, equal wisdom, it eventually reaches the self in itself perfect in yoga.

39. The believer receives knowledge, loyal only to him, to curb the feelings; gain knowledge, he soon reached the upper world.

40. unwise and non-believer, full of doubts, dies; no this world nor the other, nor happiness for the doubting.

41. Whose actions eliminated Yoga, whose doubts are resolved with wisdom, who is devoted to the Atman, that action does not bind, Dhananjaya.

42. Therefore, with the sword of wisdom the knowledge of the Self cleaving it arose out of ignorance, residing in the hearts of doubt, staying in yoga, stand up, Bharata.

Thus in the Upanishads of the Holy Bhagavad Gita,

the doctrine of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga,

told Sri Krishna and Arjuna

(Reads) The fourth chapter,

referred to as

Brahma Yoga VICTIMS


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And here, in the “Bhagavad Gita” Krishna describes the situation in order, where it is spoken. To learn who He is, why He is here. And further, how does this knowledge, it helps those who receive it to reach the highest goal.

So, in order. The very first thing to begin, it is a fact that Krishna says that these were spoken long ago have been given to mankind, but, unfortunately, lost their humanity. Generally speaking, it is common this tendency for India, it is good practice to declare that no new things, but there is only the ancient Vedas, which are already previously been given, but unfortunately to no longer understand, and now the same knowledge given in a more understandable form.

What, in fact, true. That is, in this respect, such a succession of Indian thought – it is extremely strong. Moreover, there are systems in India, the so-called orthodox systems, philosophical. There where, incidentally, the formal part and Yoga. And also, the other six systems are considered, such as Sancho, Mimamsa and so on.

They seem to claim, the fact that they give the knowledge is already known in the Vedas. There are other sources of philosophy, for example, such as Buddhism and Jainism, which in no way refer to the Vedas, but in a deeper analysis, they just like to still contain the knowledge of the Vedas, the fact that as of reverse trying to present the same Vedas.

That is, you want you do not want, it is still all revolves around the Vedas. Even were such schools in the Ayurveda philosophy, which could be called atheistic, and so they also revolve around the Vedas. Even we had some hymns that could be interpreted in the Vedas as pure atheism.

So, Krishna said the next thing that actually created this world He, of all living beings, and in fact the nature of every living being, every human being and the nature of Krishna is the same. But the difference between Krishna and all other living beings is that we are ordinary people exposed original ignorance, because nepredustanovlennogo knowledge. It is understood that the Absolute knows everything and unaffected maya action.

At the same time, it is argued here that from time to time, when knowledge is lost, the Absolute comes into this world and again proclaims it. That is, when the world situation is becoming critical, the Absolute comes and proclaims this knowledge again and again.

Well, you know, or in another way, if you make, so you had a deeper understanding of things. If you are in your personal universe, using the original freedom that gave you absolute, suddenly came up with a concept or voleizyavili Absolute Absolute then it makes no sense to hide. He says, “Well guess what I am, voleizyavil is, yes, here I am,” you know, like a game of hide and seek.

If for some reason, living beings believe that any of the Absolute is not, was not and could not be, the principle of keeping the original freedom, and the Absolute is not displayed on the eyes. “I think that I do not have, and live as if I do not. You’re free live by those laws which you can imagine for himself. “

Therefore, violence or rape other living beings, some may be, religious doctrines can not be, in principle, from the Absolutes. Unfortunately, the many religions sin. They believe that all who are not with us, he is our enemy, and if not an enemy, in the best case will go to hell.

Here the situation is completely different, this is the situation of freedom. That is, you will get you to hell or to paradise, entirely depends on how controversial the universe you will create for himself. But, not if you suddenly, still in my life, one way or another, have come to the Absolute concept and voleizyavili that would be good, what would it be, and what’s more, you voleizyavili that he would your life come as some elusive abstraction of the mind, inconceivable for the senses as well as a very ordinary man, in his mercy Absolute can come in human form.

And in fact Krsna – is the Absolute, who in his mercy has come to the people. Why? Because people wanted to have in their lives appeared Absolute, and even to be the Absolute, and the Absolute personality, which would come in the form of an ordinary person to be able to communicate with him.

This is a situation where the Absolute comes in the form of the person called avatar. For us, for Westerners it as something quite unusual. Well, as it’s such a giant Absolut suddenly came as Krishna is the most common, such as a person? But the answer is the same, and a question. Absolute Almighty, the Absolute at the Absolute and that he can do everything. Even to appear before us in the form of personal, if we ask for it and if he responds to our requests.

It is clear that just as we are free and Absolute free. It may come to you on your calls, and can not come. That is, the fact that you will become a Hare Krishna will start from morning till night to sing the mantras, dance dance and do some religious activities, does not guarantee that the Absolute comes into your life in the form of Krishna, if he suspects some hypocrisy and duplicity in your life.

That is, you can deceive themselves indefinitely. Some in this very well succeed, but with the Absolute, such things do not take place.

Somehow I have already mentioned, I had a friend, he is a little bit out of the world this is not to say criminal, but some. So, when he asked questions, I gave him the answer, he said such a saying, “God is not simpleton, God sees everything”, you can be led by the nose of anyone.

So it turns out if you are in your universe voleizyavili arrival of the Absolute, in personal form, he can come and share your knowledge. If you are in your universe voleizyavili that there is not any absolute, nor any of Krishna can not be in principle, and if they can, neither what knowledge he will not pass, it will be the way you want. No one will not rape you. This is a very tough position of ancient Indian philosophy.

The whole world – a world of freedom! You get only what they themselves voleizyavlyaete. Absolute you that does not impose even their presence. You are free to do silly things, you are free to do anything. Other conversation, that the consequences you will receive relevant.


“8. To rescue the godly for the death of villains, in order to establish the law, I rise from age to age. “

If your universe came up with a scheme that the punishment of evildoers and rescue the godly in their personal universe and if the Absolute like your idea, it may thus come to you and that’s all to do.


“9. Marvelously my birth and my business; who is truly aware (that), behind the body does not go to the new birth, he comes to me, Arjuna. “

And here the next important point, which is only the assertion in this knowledge leads to the fact that you gain knowledge, knowledge that is acquired all the knowledge, and in fact go beyond the chapels in the world. You no longer need multiple birth and dying for what would like to rise to the level of the Absolute, and as if his position has to look at the whole world. And as you know, the Absolute position or condition of the status of the Absolute, it is already higher than the birth or death of, or any action, any bad karma, or good. This is the highest status. And it turns out, if you begin to reflect on this concept of the Absolute, you thereby rapidly transform spiritually.

But as the concept of the Absolute sverhlogichna and few who can boast that he understood this concept, there would be with a conventional higher mathematics to understand, and we are already on the Absolute swings. Absolute in his mercy, comes to us in the most understandable way, through the person that would be talking, so studying or acts through the person of the Absolute, we gradually approached more and more to the abstract understanding of the nature of the Absolute.

That’s why, by the way, here are the methods that are called methods of Bhakti Yoga, when you ask the infinite Absolute come to you and talk to you, similar to how a person communicates with a person considered to be very fast. Because communicating indirectly, as with the Absolute have a very rapidly developing mind, you have honed senses, you have destroyed the bad karma acquired positive karma, and in the future you do transcend all karma.

“10. Leaving passion, fear and anger, filled me, surrendering to me, many, peeled exploit knowledge entered my Genesis.

11. Who else appeals to me, that I never accept … “.


Here, too, a very interesting point. You know friends, each of us being free and your appeal to the Absolute can be different for everyone. Depending on your preferences and the speed of approach to the Absolute can be different. Someone quickly enough to strive for it, someone says, “What sense to strive for it, when I and so sooner or later it will achieve, and let him go, everything as it comes.”

That is, depending on what you choose the trajectory of the way, and on it will go. Someone wants to know the Absolute through creativity. Someone through science. Someone through politics. Someone through art. Someone through something abstract, for example, as a physicist who studies the laws of the universe. Someone after something specific, such as the sculptor who makes the next sculpture. Someone through personal contact. Someone, either through relationship between the mother and the child. Someone through relationships lover and beloved, and so on and so forth.

That is, it turns out, as long as there are people, in fact, the same and the ways that lead man to the Absolute. And each is all individually, so that there were no contradictions of his will. Nobody rape you or what will not.

And hence, it has a specific, practical advice. You come in, say, India. You know that somewhere there is the highest spiritual knowledge, the highest sages proclaimed that’s the path of Liberty. You come in any temple or encounter with any representative of, say, the same Krishna, on which you feel sick. Just sick, well, you do not like this man. It seems to say the right words, like all such blessed smiling, garland of flowers on his neck, this oily sugary smile and like such stupidities he babbles, is not to find fault. Like all well but you sick from it. And nothing you do with it can not, you are from a different culture. You have a different lifestyle. It irritates you everything from their food, and the last, of the mud, which is everywhere.

And many of these sincere followers think “That’s what I got, it’s me now have to force yourself to love the Indian way of life, love to dress up as Indians, have their food, admired of the mud, which is on the street, crowds of beggars begging and so on. E., that is, it is necessary to force yourself. “

So friends, do not force yourself! Here the external factor does not have any relationship to the highest knowledge that is contained in India. India contains the highest spiritual revelation, just as you can in the trash to find the diamond. But this does not mean that you have to love the trash. This does not mean that if someone tells you that it is necessary to dress up in Indian clothes and the only way you will discover the Absolute, you have to dress or even that be.

Another conversation, if it helps you. I know many people who are beginning to dress in Indian clothes, carry the Indian way of life, to eat their manners, and so forth. And oddly enough, they are quickly absorbed here in a cloud of thoughts other followers that have gone the same way, and they, as if everything is easier. And here they come to Moscow, and here they have very bad.

So, if it catches you – for God’s sake use. If you are sick of it, do not force yourself. Find the option to communicate with the Absolute, which is not this the gag reflex, this rejection. Why? You will recall that the Absolute does not force anyone. You meet, you can with him only on the principles of freedom and acceptance, but certainly not the imposition and implementation.

And in particular, even the next moment, in the respect of Yoga, if one of you will once teach Yoga, Yoga remember – this is no system of some restrictions, regulations, a system of recommendations. Yoga – this is a very beautiful system, it does not impose or when, someone else lifestyle, say the Hindu, or anything like that.

Lifestyle can be anything, if there is a college. But if the Supreme No way of life will not save.


“eleven. … My path is followed by all the people, Partha.



12. I wish you success in the affairs of sacrifice here (on earth) gods, for soon in the human world is a success, born of the action.

13. Me created distribution modes (qualities) and duties (karma) four castes; Know that I am the creator of their timeless, but also not the creator. “


It also gives a very interesting philosophy, which is very weak all are. On the one hand the Absolute Creator of the world, on the other hand any relationship to it has not. Because if you are serious about starting some kind of spiritual practices to do, eventually you are going to try to answer the seemingly insoluble question: “time is the Absolute, which he did this dirty world, he could not think of better? Why is this world so much negative, where he looks, and indeed whether there is he there? Or maybe not, because if he were, he would do all this happen? “.

At first glance, it is unanswerable questions. A lot of people, first strikes a religion, then to atheism, then again in the religion. It is throwing: it any book sacred read, turned to religion, then do not interface with the real world, broke with this religion, spat clergy, declared himself an atheist, then he realizes that atheists, too, something does not add up, even somewhere. And from one system to another religion, such a strong personality begins to walk. In fact, of course, if a person is strong, he will sooner or later find the answer.

But the question is that initially the question itself is wrong. We have no right to accuse the Absolute, that he did all that bad. He did not do it, he gave us the freedom to us all. And we have to take this voleizyavili his freedom of stupidity, so that around one horror happening.

On the one hand it is just said about what we were idiots in this life and in the past, on the other hand is a very positive point. Well, if we could make this world a good initial gadyushnik, then who are we to interfere with it all back and do something good.

Therefore, all that you see in your world, with whatever you encounter, you have created yourself. Scold one does not make sense, not myself, not other people, not the more the Absolute. Absolut gave you freedom, and you yourself have done something. Therefore, when it comes to this knowledge comes peace.

Anyway, I say to myself. When to me the first time reached a thought, I realized the meaning of the mantra “Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti”. Because before I took this mantra, and it is in one of the transfer means “tranquility, serenity, tranquility,” a calm mentally ill. As you know, someone escaped from a mental hospital and is starting to break down, screaming like all the bad, and everything around him try to calm, so that he or anyone not interrupted “You’re Well, Vasya calm down, you’re not whoop it up.” And it seemed so right hypocrisy: “How can I remain silent when such a horror here ?!”.

And after a vaguely vaguely begins to realize that all that you see around you is the result of your previous wills, that is your bad karma, then suddenly ceases to want someone to blame, no longer want to make any sudden movements rash . And you want to sit quietly, focus and think about what it is necessary to take a step that would neutralize all the idiotic, made before.

And the feeling that on the one hand, of course, when faced with negativity, negativity does not disappear anyway and hurt and hurt badly and you want someone to blame, but the other, some part of you suddenly begins to be in a state unaffected . And you realize that well, if you could do it, because I can train and more. And you realize that time is infinite in this life and in this life is not governed, as billions of billions of these will be.

Then comes the true meaning of this mantra: “The calmness, serenity, tranquility.” “Now everything is correct” – that’s something like it should be perceived.


“14. Do not stain my case, I have no desire for the fruits of action, one who learns me as such, he is not bound by actions.

15. It’s knowing, seeking to liberate ancestors committed acts, so you do the action, once committed by ancestors.

16. What is the effect of that failure to act? Even prophetic mistaken in this; I may tell you the action, knowing that, you will be freed from evil.

17. It is necessary to understand the steps necessary to understand the forbidden action, inaction also need to understand; mysterious path of action “

So let’s stop here, this is a very important position. But once again I want to go back to the general text of the “Bhagavad Gita”, so that you had the right attitude, interpretation.

You will remember that the basic idea was that Krishna urges to act and fight. Unfortunately, sometimes even not understand the followers begin to believe that in every situation, they must do something. That is to say that the “Bhagavad Gita” encourages them to go to cut the head, in spite of the tears of loved ones, in spite of the suffering, and the like. No, it does not have any relations to the “Bhagovadgite” this situation.

“Bhagavad Gita”, it is rather a situation that in clear cases, you have fifty thousand times to analyze everything before to get involved in some kind of adventure. And if it is possible to resolve the situation in an amicable way, in other words, to find a third some way, a third way.

Or even sometimes in life there are strange things when you have not really involved. You have to ask, “Is this my dharma, whether it is my duty to get involved?”. And then, if it turns out that this is not your dharma and your debt, you will be involved, and they should not. That is, it is not necessary that you will fail, unless someone provokes you, you have to something to get involved.

This, remember, was a still an old anecdote:

“- Ivanov, Petrov, Sidorov – tomorrow morning to be shot.

One of them asks, “but you can not come?

– Yes, you can. “

Here the key point to decide whether dharma and your fight? Imagine this situation. You Arjuna were headed or in the ranks of any one of the army, which stands against another army, which should begin to fight and you see that it was full of good people, and there is full of decent people. Just all of a sudden you realize that you are, in general, another story of another series, and generally you do not understand what’s going on, who are these people and what they want.

This, remember, like Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels”, there was a war and blunt pointed. The war that broke out due to the fact that one royal personage decided to have breakfast in the morning and smashed boiled egg with a spoon on one side and cut a finger. After that he issued the verdict, that in the kingdom broke an egg only on the other side. But there were always dissatisfied, who said that it is a heresy that they would otherwise do. And in this conflict, which side to break the egg, the Civil War began, brother went to brother, father to son, a teacher on the student. And you somehow ended up in the company, and each company has you on his side pull, just like Gulliver on his side pulled one of the parties. And you all arrived from another place and you ’till the lamp “These their inner universe, their inner will.

I remember my comrades were, when the Soviet Union collapsed, and the conflict between the two republics, to bloodshed. And here one comes and says – those bastards are, so we need help. Another comes and says, no, it’s those bastards, we need help. And I understand that neither the one nor the other, I’m not going to help. It is not my karma, not my universe is not my duty. And why should I get involved in this? Why should I physically, mentally, not to mention the fact that up arms to go for some sort of side to fight when it’s not at all my dharma, my karma is not none of my business? These people do something they voleizyavili themselves for a long time went to some kind of conflict situation and got what they got. I got to do with? The only thing I can do to act as a peacemaker, from the perspective of a humanist heights and try to find all the same irrepressible conflict resolution. That is, to be part of peacemaker diplomat. But then again, if I have this ability, opportunity, brains and I can think of a way out. And if I can not? Or, if it’s me or it does not depend, or myself who does not listen? What then? Should I, like Arjuna to go fight and kill all. Of course not! It is neither my situation.

So, here you are, before you use the board “Bhagavad Gita,” no matter what their duty, after all, ask yourself: Do you really want to do their duty, and not someone else ?! And if you suddenly discover that it is not your dharma, not your debt, not your case, something very good, as in this joke: “And you can not come? Can!”. That’s not necessary.

But, of course, if we read the “Bhagavad Gita” as a whole, and not just that part, then there would be out of context, just passed, there was a situation that until recently speaking, no one wanted something special enmity. Anyway, it was a long prehistory and now it has reached extremes not solvable. But if you do not bring to the extreme, then it’s certainly easier. Therefore, the “Bhagavad Gita” is not to be regarded not as a pattern of behavior, each time to cut the heads of their relatives, but only as an extreme case of severe karmic situations. Like this.

The fourth chapter.

18. Who sees action in inaction and inaction in action, the – the wise among the people, the – the devotee who has completed all the cases.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: Look, a very interesting thing. And in general, in principle, can we at least something to do in this universe, so that we might not burden your karma? Do you remember that any action can lead to both positive and negative moments. And you may ask yourself: “And something I do not yet understand that the consequences of, and may me some time to do nothing and see what happens?”

So, you can not do nothing. By the very fact that you are living, the living, you indirectly at least doing something. The highest ideology of Karma Yoga is that if you suddenly, instead of running away from the action, get involved in the action with full force, so much so that you do every minute of life is painted, then you are, oddly enough, with time , fall into a rhythm of life when life is completely saturated with work, leisure, communication, learning, etc. etc. But in this case you suddenly find yourself thinking that you are becoming freer, freer and freer, and in less and less and less tense.

When you reach a certain peak of the its involvement in life, you suddenly begin to realize that, in fact, you do not work, and work your hands, your mind, your thoughts. Work your body structure, your emotions. They’re like a robot, a machine, themselves are doing everything. And you begin to realize itself as a higher self, ka Beyond Higher Self, which is just watching it all as if from a height, from the side.

Moreover, not only watches but enjoys process. That is, everything is so beautiful and harmonious, everything is so appropriate that you be happy to go to work, work, then you’re happy to go and have a rest, then you are happy to hang out, then you are happy there is something you study. And, as if you do not get tired and everything is so harmonious, that if you pall one thing at once is something else.

The principle of eternal modification of the universe leads to the realization of eternal unchanging principle of the observer of your Higher Self that everything looks. And you suddenly feel that you in vain, that you are not affected by what you would like the situation. And, firstly, that in itself is a very pleasant state, but rather in its extreme form it turns out that actually in this state, you do not make action. It’s not you’re working, it’s not you do, it makes your hands, feet, head. Do you like part of this game. You like Rita caught and begin to dance in the rhythm of the surrounding universe and thus come out. Therefore, there is a very interesting position in yoga and this aphorism: “Getting involved – come out.”

You can exit from this world, as we sometimes think that we are moving into a cave, stop to someone else talk, conduct a secluded life, so as not to burden their karma and so the vanity of this world does not distract us from the highest spiritual aspirations. It seems to us that the work, communication, other people have gone away, and we forget to meditate, learn your higher self, etc. etc.

So from the standpoint of Karma Yoga is easier, on the contrary, to engage in full. And oddly enough, any activity will automatically lead to the same and the same result as the most supreme meditation. So here is the aphorism, and given to the sage, that wise man who knew the action in inaction and inaction in action.

And actually, I’m in your life, oddly enough, have met such people in the business. Meeting people, very rich people, even had the honor to work with them, you might say, my teacher. Then I, like all Soviet people believed that yoga is not compatible with the busy business, with some kind of normal life.

And the fate of me the name, presented a live real people who have quite a lot and worked successfully, were rich and wealthy, very influential in society. And I watched them, and I was amazed that these people have no free time for idleness. Literally everything is painted, but they know how to fish in the water, and it is not hard any schedule that somewhere bear, but in fact shift the different types of activity that brings joy. As a result, you are also spiritually expand and begin to feel free, so if you have a job – to get involved in it, get involved in full.

Oddly enough, at any speed you’ll feel that you’re more freely. The harder you work, honest work, without waiting for the result, and without fear of punishment, so you become more efficient and freer. And as a free application, and you begin to pay a good salary, and you begin to use more authority and respect.


19. Whose undertakings are deprived of all desire and settlements, whose actions are burnt in the fire of wisdom, that scientists call illumined (Buddha).

20. Leaving the attachment to the fruits of action, constantly satisfied, without support, although employment action, he did not commit.

21. Without hope, tame your thoughts by leaving all the property, only the body performing the action, it does not fall into sin.

22. Satisfied unexpectedly obtained, overcame duality, without ill will, equal in success and failure does not bind itself, even acting.

23. devoid of attachment, free from the idea approved by the wisdom of committing the actions as a sacrifice, they completely disappear.

24. Brahmo – sacrificial offering; Brahma – the victim on fire Brahmo (it) brings a Brahmo, it should be closer to the Brahmo, immersion (samadhi) in the case of Brahma.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: There a time during which such action leads to a very strange understanding of the universe, that in fact you have to start the whole be treated as a thrilling game that the terms of the Absolute. Absolute as it enjoys in the Absolute Absolute.


25. Some yogis participate in the sacrifice to the gods, while others bring a sacrifice (libation) in the Brahmo fire.

26. The hearing and other senses other sacrificed to curb the fire; sound and other objects of the senses other sacrifice in the fire of the senses.

27. Other operations are sacrificing all feelings of self-restraint on the activities of Pranas fire lit wisdom.

28. Other assets make sacrifice feat, yoga, study, knowledge – diligent, persistent in the vows.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: So friends, here are transferred indirectly different methods of Yoga, which allow us to develop the right attitude towards the world.

The fact that our senses, of course, tend to be absorbed by the objects. You hear beautiful music, and I want to continue to listen to her, and vice versa, you will hear some nasty creak, and you want to plug your ears. Look at something beautiful, and I want to continue to watch, look at something ugly and want to stop to look at it. And the result is that if we fall prey to our senses, we are not free. We become, as a consequence, the victim of a bad or a good mood, which produce the senses. We become like a light toy. And we can be manipulated in many different ways, shoot down us.

One method of Yoga is to willpower not to succumb to this influence, and to go against the resistance factors towards its goal. And with each victory on yourself, you become stronger and stronger, you become the master of his character, Mr. their feelings.

Well, imagine you have to do an important job, but someone’s stopping you, or someone sabotages your work, you know. You, there, in full voltage, concentrating, trying to do something, and someone else around believes that it is not valuable, it is so-so. And it’s incredibly distracting. And, unwittingly catch yourself thinking that this song spoil, such a statement, for example, tear. Or, imagine you’re on the job brought a new business scheme and your colleagues who live like parasites and do not understand what there doing, begin how to dally. Themselves do not do anything and others do not give. And, of course, comes a sense of irritation, and, of course, comes the feeling that as you unsettle.

But if you catch the moment: Yeah, hooked, you through something, and you, as a great ascetic, start it does not respond, do not begin to answer blow for blow.

Or someone foolishly tells you some sharp, strange charges, and you do not answer back. You see that a person shall be simple. You have to love all, should help everyone, and why should you get involved in this?

But, it requires within the very tremendous tension forces. And it is in fact the highest austerity. Here it is asceticism.

Now, with every step so you become more and more free.

Finally, there is a moment when we are attached to some material objects, etc. etc. We have built up an associative relationship: let our apartment. Our mood, for example, depends, it is removed or not removed, there is a new furniture or old furniture, etc. etc. And we begin unconsciously to be slaves of our apartment. Come visit us, and we are so shyly say, “Oh, then I have something old, do not pay attention.” What is relevant, these bits of matter to your life? – No. You have these apartments were, are and will be back in the lives of many, many, many.

But, once he told me, once tied himself to something, automatically put himself under the influence and become a slave of something: fashion, etc. etc.

Of course, this does not mean that you should go ragamuffins, and the house must lie piles of garbage. But the reverse situation – the lack of freedom paranoia: “Oh, how I look; Oh, and what they think; Oh, and I have there is my fifth -. Ten “

Unfortunately, women are particularly affected by this. On the one hand this is understandable. Women love to make a good impression, especially on men. It works by nature because a woman needs a man as a husband and father of children. But when it turns into an end in itself, not having a sense, the woman turns in fact a slave. Maidservants some things there that are not relevant.

Why should a woman decorating? Why should a woman hairstyle? etc. Itself itself, it does not see. She was, by and large, need attention. Attention from whom? Attention men of the planet Earth. But this is not an end in itself.

You remember, we played Natya Yoga, that gift was a ring with a diamond. So, believe me, no expert has determined whether the ring you with a diamond or some modern substitute. A price difference of 2-3 orders of magnitude. And whether or not a gigantic part of his life spent on it to make money, and then buy some trinket that no one will appreciate? In the first place from the side. That is, whether we are slaves?

And here we come to the modern scourge of civilization, so-called consumer society. When we impose patterns of behavior. “You phone the old model that think the people around?” Or “you’re not fashionable dressed …”

Once again – it does not mean that we have to live there in the stone age and go to the untreated skins. But on the other hand, there is the face of overcoming that we become slaves. In Yoga it is well understood in ancient times.

There was a very interesting ceremony “break the associative links”, when you started to sacrifice exactly what tied. You have some kind of trinket, if it persists, then you do not die, this is not the last piece of bread. But you are attached to it. Realizing that became a slave to some trinkets, some circumstances of life, consciously voleizyavlyaete and rejects it on my own, as it were, bring a sacrifice. And then, my friends, so suffereth.

I remember on my own. I had an episode in my life: I have collected a library – a library of books is very valuable and treasured it. It is not turned (I was a student) in a huge amount of very heavy suitcases. And as the life of a student – is moving from a dorm room to another, etc. and so on, it turned into a huge headache! I sat down and began to sort through the book: and this is necessary, and it is necessary, and this, and that and the other. Then I suddenly realized that I could not get rid of either one of them, an invisible thread pulling me. I decided (I was reading the book “Vedic sacrifices”) to make the Vedic sacrifice. And deliberately I went, began to question the guys who need the book (and there are some valuable books were then in the Soviet period is a value).

I give to them. And so, this is a very strange feeling that suddenly breaks associative relationship, and I feel myself more freely. But not only, I see that someone else brought joy! Thus, greed, jealousy, possessiveness can be turned into its opposite.

For example, we can experience the euphoria of what we give. Now, if I have stolen the book, I would have suffered six months and said: “Oh, oh, oh, where is my book?”. And then the other way around. This potential energy that would come through the suffering due to the fact that it has been stolen, converted into the energy of pleasure, that is a positive sign. And I still remember how I gave what I am cool guy, generous!

Question: What if a person is the object of affection: the children, the husband, not to bring them to the sacrifice?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: For Western man the notion of “victim”, is associated with the fact that the evil Brahmin, with a huge knife and abutting the victim, which is the slaughter. No, the word “sacrifice” means that no one should be killed, that it may not have to cut someone to the altar, and so on. The word “victim” in the Vedic times understood that you start the fire with the mantras known to pour melted butter, etc. etc.

As for just such situations. They also have a place, they will also take vengeance.

For example, the concept of jealousy, possessiveness concept, because it poisons the life of men and women. Not so much a woman loves a man, as she makes the life miserable jealousy that he was someone looks, the other woman, or he will look at another woman. And it turns into a nightmare, absolutely. As a result, women are closed, clamped, and punish themselves.

But life goes in the direction of opening, and you then closes. In the end, that you are jealous of her husband, but you’re with this person only in this life, and then not always. And during the past life, where he was? Why do not you jealous of him before? You do not even remember him. And vice versa: you in a previous life was a man, and you do not even remember about it in this life. Therefore, do not be jealous.

When you start to deal with the intricacies of these, we see that the pop sense of attachment that emerges feeling of possessiveness. And as a result, comes awareness, this is why our reaction.

There are, of course, and other sections, in particular Yoga Triad, which give more specific advice, I just do not want to touch this topic now, as there should be enough just to negotiate. But there are methods.

The same applies to children. Yes indeed, parents should take care of children, love them. But sometimes, this blind parental love begins to strangle the child, when the parents of the child have already thought, where he will learn what his life will be like, etc. The sense of possessiveness. Here, too, we must be wise to approach and understand that to a certain point, we really need to be with the children, but to a certain point, every man is free. And if we jump the moment, then we ourselves will suffer.

There are trends in yoga, who work with these emotions. But let’s not now in the direction to move away.


29. Other breathing (prana) sacrifice exhalation (Apana), inhalation and exhalation, keeping the movement of breath and exhalation, entirely imparts pranayama.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: There is a very interesting mention of Pranayama Yoga.

Generally speaking, Pranayama yoga is more common in the texts of Hatha Yoga, which have remained largely the tantric tradition. For example, such texts as “Ghiranada Samhita”, “Shiva Samhita”, “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” where Pranayama described in sufficient detail. For example, in such a well-respected text as “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” about Pranayama said just a few words: a breath is called puraka, exhale – rechaka and delay – kumbhaka. If you feel shortage of Prana, the practice of pranayama. Dot. So, you know, not a lot of valuable information.

And here you can see, the same approach to the explanation of Pranayama, from the point of view of a slightly different philosophy: how to relate to these cycles – breaths. In fact, if you watch your breathing, you will soon find such a link, the unique that your emotional state and thoughts that you are experiencing (anger, joy, greed, lust, anger, stupidity), it correlates with your breathing. That is, every emotion has a color breathing.

And sometimes it is easier to work with the emotion changing color breathing. Say you breathless with anger, you are ready to hit the offender, but you are doing Pranayama Yoga, you realize that the rhythm of your breathing changed, and you begin to operate, that is sacrificed their breath. You begin to consciously change the rhythm of breathing. And, as a consequence, you come to change their mood state, their reaction.

Therefore, in the texts and it says that Pranayama is considered one of the most powerful of the victims. Why? Because when you donate, give someone here I like books, because in fact, what happens? Between me and the book is an associative relationship. This association is inflated Prana. And if I am literate way tear this associative link, produced by Prana, and I feel euphoric. If this book I have someone dragged, then that association is, inflated Prana, hitting hurts me, because I thought it was mine, and now it’s not mine, I feel uncomfortable. That is, everything is determined by the associative bond and Prana.

And when we do Pranayama, as it begins to generate pure Prana without association. And this is Prana, as it feels to replace another Prana, which is already connected with the associative relationship. Therefore, if according to the Tantric tradition, it is primarily there to elements of pranayama yoga places great emphasis. If you start to engage in long Pranayama Yoga, Prana will type a large number, then you will be like in a cloud of Prana. And this cloud of Prana begins as an acid to dissolve all the associative links with other objects, phenomena, events in life.

That is, that you are jealous of another person – associative relationship jealousy, but you become a practice Pranayama, Prana that enveloped you and how sulfuric acid has dissolved the associative link, the link with the person whose jealous. For a short time you will forget about jealousy or any other attachment. You will forget about those invisible strings that seemed to bind you and make you unfree. Just as Gulliver, when he came to the country of Lilliput. His small threads of the Lilliputians tied to the ground. Each thread was small, and break it was not difficult, but there were millions, and suddenly Gulliver realized that he could not move.

This is exactly the same and we are in life. We do not even understand how a huge number of all kinds of threads bind us to the surrounding objects or phenomena, people, emotions, circumstances, trinkets, objects, desires, hopes, fears, etc. And we are not free. And like each individually thread thread is not such as life and death, and in general a whole behaves as if you were dead to life, because you are not free.

And with the help of Pranayama Yoga we do excess of Prana. And we have, for some time, forget about these associative links with injected them with prana, and, as it were, to pull out of these shackles. That is why in Tantric tradition it is believed that all the practices, that is, the sacrifice, is the most powerful and here are at the level of mental, mentality, and on the levels of Prana. If you can generate Prana and send the Prana to college, you automatically get rid of the attachment to the lowest. Moreover, not at the level of reasoning, but on real feelings and experiences.

Usually a person says, “That was so attached to someone or something, and here in vain.” That is, the feeling: and let go of the idea, and vice versa attachment down, and began a love that does not require anything in return, and loves as if on an equal footing. This can include human, books, work, whatever.



30. Others, moderate food, sacrifice (single) life (his) life; all of them – the experts of the victims, the victims away sin.

31. eat the remains of the victims Amrita go into eternal Brahmo; not this world for nezhertvuyuschego, how will (for it) some of the best of the Kuru?

32. That multiple victims outstretched in front of the face of the Brahmo; Know they are born of action, knowing that you osobodishsya.

33. It is better to real victims of the wisdom of the victim, the ascetic; all actions fully, Partha, covered wisdom.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: And now, see, the idea is also popular in Eastern philosophy, which says that the most valuable thing – this is the most elusive thing. That is just to get rid of some material object, the object is much easier than from some subtle ignorance. From some junk to get rid of unnecessary easier than on some misconceptions about themselves or the world around them than from feelings of jealousy, possessiveness.

We dismantled Glass indifference, that is, when we have surrounded ourselves a glass cover and no one is allowed. Well, that’s just like an example result. From time to time at home to restore order, and you see, yeah, a box of printer preserved tsennenkaya, but on the mobile phone, krasivenkaya-krasivenkaya, but the thing, that I do not know why it was used, but it is already here for the fifth year is, and it is a pity to throw away suddenly come in handy tomorrow and another twenty years lie then.

So put up, put up the boxes from printerikov as long as the room can barely sideways, sideways to squeeze through. Well, then, sooner or later, you begin to carry out general cleaning, collecting all the boxes and do a sacrifice dumpster. Previously, the Vedic sages vozliyali oil to the fire, in the modern society of consumption of sacrifice – an approach to the dumpster and throwing, tear off the associative connection with the mantra, so I do not know where “Hrim, Phat, Om,” who in that much.

It is much easier with material objects, they are clearer. Harder with some of our silly notions about themselves. For example, she says about herself: “I am worthy of a better life. I am worthy of that all around me ran, jumped, I somehow means gratified. ” Well, a modest question: “Honey, where did you get this”, it turns out, and this was said in the advertisement on TV that “you deserve it!”, Or somewhere else in the trendy glossy magazine, or me, my girlfriend said, or something. Begin any links to nowhere.

Sometimes here are ideas about themselves, which, like an old box from the TV or from the printer may have been necessary and in some certain circumstances of life, in other circumstances, life becomes totally irrelevant. Get rid of him harder. Similarly, men have any representation, idiotic.

On the mental level, from something to get rid of a lot harder than the physical. On the physical level, rougher, more clearly – once thrown, taken away in the trash, and all did not return. A mental representation of yourself, about how it should be or should not be, you throw away and it is once again creep up. Only you threw all his jealousy and greed, and stupidity, and half a day of euphoria that I am good. In the evening, again fell upon jealousy, greed and stupidity, as if you threw out. So, it takes time and time again to throw it, and she flies back to the thread. Therefore, to tear an association here on such a subtle level, and immeasurably harder. And the value of the address above. Therefore, the mental level is always more subtle level, it’s easier.

Not to mention the fact that there are such things as sympathy or antipathy. This is generally the bane of mankind. She said: “No, I will not pay attention to this young man. With him not even close to sit down, not even a conspiracy. And in general I do not like, and I do not even want to, br-rr, “yes – a clear antipathy. The same woman says: “Vasya Ivanov, ah, he is a boy, he aha-ha-ha ….” You start to ask, “What do you love this Vasya Ivanov, tied? He is a parasite, and does not do anything selfish, to take itself. What pulls you to him? “Can not say. That may not all.

Sympathy and antipathy above it – is the causal body level. You will recall that after the initial ignorance, as if produced by the causal body level. We have to do with anything are drawn, but something we start, of course, influenced by previous experience, influenced by previous karma. We can not say that it’s just so fallen, so had some experience. But it is the most terrible scourge that is, sympathy and antipathy unmotivated.

– I am disgusted with the fact.

– He’ll do something bad?

– No, just the opposite: he has a voice and a nasty, nasty and demeanor: slippery, sticky and generally such vile; and look at it, I will not and I cringe at the thought of it.

Or vice versa, the other: “Here’s the other way around, so cool!”

Likes and dislikes – it is certainly the most terrible scourge. Man becomes completely unfree, absolutely. And to break the sympathy – antipathy at the level of the causal body – this is the highest achievement.

Why all the fast methods of Yoga, the most powerful practice of yoga is such a position would be: “Getting involved in this or that practice, you have to cut off the hope and fear, desire and disgust. Until you learn to work with it – you are a slave, you are not worthy of rapid methods, you are not worthy of the powerful methods of Yoga. ” So at the most inopportune moment the problems begin.


34. Know It pripadaniem (at the feet of the teacher), questioning, reverence; you devote to the wisdom of the wise, know the truth.

35. Upon learning this, you will no longer vpadёsh misleading Pandava; so you will see all beings without exception in itself, and then in me.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, again, a reference to the fact that if you want most quickly get some knowledge, it is best to talk with those who have this knowledge. You can do all this independently, rediscover in single practices, it will take years, not rationally. It is much easier to get into the mental field or in the social circle of those who already profess this view. Therefore, there is another very important point, that there is little we can do in this world, but the only thing that is in our hands, it is to communicate with the right people, and avoid unnecessary communicate with. So, dealing with the right people, you quickly go out to the desired level for yourself.


36. And if you were a sinner naigreshneyshy you pereplyvёsh the ship wisdom of all evil.

37. As lighted wood fire turns to ashes, O Arjuna, so the wisdom of the fire turns to ashes all the cases.

38. For there is a cleaner, equal wisdom, it eventually reaches the self in itself perfect in yoga.

39. The believer receives knowledge, loyal only to him, to curb the feelings; gain knowledge, he soon reached the upper world.

40. unwise and non-believer, full of doubts, dies; no this world nor the other, nor happiness for the doubting.

41. Whose actions eliminated Yoga, whose doubts are resolved with wisdom, who is devoted to the Atman, that action does not bind, Dhananjaya.

42. Therefore, with the sword of wisdom the knowledge of the Self cleaving it arose out of ignorance, residing in the hearts of doubt, staying in yoga, stand up, Bharata.


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Next, the overall situation, to destroy all their negative consequences of his karma? Essentially all knowledge destroyed. Knowing how the fire burns all the karmic transgressions. Another beautiful comparison, just as if you are in a dark room light a light, this light instantly destroys all darkness, just as the knowledge of the Self and instantly destroys all your negative karma.

Therefore, we can not reach higher states of Yoga as long as we are burdened with negative karma. It is not possible, because we are attached, due to this karma. But, on the other hand, the karma we could collect a lot of lives, and the question: “And how to destroy it quickly.” The answer is: “Knowledge of the Self. Knowledge of the Absolute instantly destroyed everything, everything, everything, even the most powerful karmic dirt. “

But, here again, you should be very clearly remember that the word “knowledge” is meant not as an academic, refined, purely intellectual knowledge. No. Few know it, it is still necessary to implement. This so-called embodied knowledge. Or if more detail to develop this theme, it is the so-called triple-medication: this link will, knowledge and action. When it’s not just a book knowledge, but knowledge, carried out in life, and you will express this knowledge to implement in their lives.

Only when there are three components: the will, knowledge and action, you really get higher spiritual knowledge, which burns all karmic sins.

Once again, a simple intellectual knowledge does not lead to this. You can memorize the “Bhagavad Gita”, to quote a piece, but it does not mean that you have at least one millimeter closer to the realization of his Atman or the Absolute. And that, you thereby destroy all their shackles of ignorance.

Question: When was the about box example. We physically thrown out, but my head is still a copy, associative connection remained. We can and regret that we have thrown it and so on and so forth.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. We must have committed before throw out physically, mentally throw. What good is our material world? In fact, if we are on the level of gross at least something done, how would the level of the fine is easier to tear. And so there is a certain magic to work with your inner world through the analogy of the external world.

I will tell you the actual practice.

I have a few people who have practiced, and myself. I meet once a follower, quite by chance, on the beach, I do not remember that, in my opinion, was the Crimea. Do you know what a beach where holidaymakers crowd: it is literally all littered with debris (bottles, cigarette butts …), something surf cleaned, but something on the bank will lay before the autumn rains, yet again all at sea not wash away.

So, I go along the coast, behind the backpack, and then to meet my friend is slow, measured as a walk, with the aristocratic view, hat. And on his shoulder a large outdoor bag. I see that it is filled to half the rubbish. Here he comes to the following stub and how the ritual takes; perhaps he himself has read and mantras, and throwing in the trash. I, on the one hand glad that a man is fighting for the purity of the surrounding world, the environment, and I have something blurted out at random. And he said: “What are you saying. It’s in my practice. I suddenly felt that inside me there is some karmic dirt. I feel like something is not good, I can not remove or hatha yoga, anything. It is still something ugly inside that I can not understand. “

And, you know, using the yogic principle of this in such that the body yoga, the body and the surrounding universe are one and the same. If you’re doing something inside, then automatically changes from the outside. And on the contrary, if you are outside do something, and this is reflected in what has changed inside. And the logic was, friends, very wonderful. He says: “I am straight, I feel physically, I take the cigarette butt, throw, and some space is cleaner and I have. I am aware that I have inside the body becomes clearer.

You see, a clever way of working with associative links, which we vaguely understand and can not grasp. We take other associative links and tie to something outside, and then it is on the outside and clean it as if cleaning is passed inside.

Powered by a hundred !!! Try it yourself.

Do not, however, remove the entire coast, torment. Go to the forest, select the Statement of land three meters by three meters, and say: “This is my body and now I begin to clean it” – I assure you, as soon as you scrub, you will feel that you have inside, something changed.

That is why, as here with these boxes, you can say: “My body and my apartment is in one-to-one correspondence” – as one would say in mathematics, that is, doing something in one, get the result in the other, and vice versa. And throwing a box, you suddenly feel that what the karmic dirt from the past life has departed, along with this box.

Incidentally, this is built very many of these methods, which are clever psychologists. Here you will recall, there are all sorts of very strange in their arsenal of methods, such as homeopathy. From a physical and scientific, friends, point of view, any homeopathy is nonsense. Water from the faucet comprises more than some impurities and elements than they do in their as medicines. But it works, it has for centuries. Scientists call the “placebo effect”, it begins to operate. And upon closer study of this question, it becomes very easy. You are working with associative links, there is no chemistry and no smell.

You first, build some associative connection, you engage these other connections and thus on a subtle level vomit any associative links are beyond you. Provided Prana and you suffereth.

And in ancient times, it all took shape in a quite colorful ritual in some churches the priest something they did, ministering, and hoo! And all felt adept secret sciences, and really helped. You remember, the criterion is always an experience.

Q: I do not know whether this topic is the question as to what we were treated to lectures on the Triad: the attraction of man and woman. Well, it is clear that the Supreme is Love and is likely to marry people. And sometimes drive at some instincts, can a girl obsessed with a guy, the guy fixated on the girl. She / he has no reciprocity. And here goes a man is killed, it can kill a few years. This is also an associative connection? It would seem, well, do not look at this man and all and cut off all some things that remind him. This relationship should break off. But no, some go, remember.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, the biggest mystery in the universe is like a different kind of objects and phenomena, associative connections that occur between a man and a woman is much more difficult, more insidious and more obvious than say such primitive cases between you and the former box from printer. Why? Because it involves the laws that neither more nor less the same as the laws of the universe, that the laws of existence. And, just so no arguments of reason, or some such practices do not allow.

But generally speaking, if a question Triad, about the relationship between man and woman, there is a huge amount of hidden non-obvious factors, ranging from the MPP (procreation protection mechanism), finishing, can actually be an echo of the Higher Love which is not obvious. That is, there is a very large conglomerate. That’s why in the Yoga and it is said that it is necessary to approach the issue of the relationship between men and women with great care, that at a certain stage of your spiritual path, just beware of the opposite sex. You will fall into a trap, that in this life do not choose or select, losing quite a lot of time for foolishness. Is there a lot of factors, it is not obvious how to say “point of no return.”

There are relationships between men and women, if they approach closer to a certain point, suddenly the most unknown mechanisms of their minds, their bodies, and some sort of sympathy, antipathy, just like the castle and engage, and then people would be happy to forget about the other. It often happens that a young man would be happy to have to forget about his ex-girlfriend, already fed up to death. I’ve met a comrade: “But I can not, – says, has become attached to it, that can not and do all me back and return, so full range of others, beautiful.” Etc. etc. Well, it would seem, start from the beginning of life, there is now, pulls and pulls. How to treat this? It is an instinct? Or is it a manifestation of the Supreme?

Well, if you analyze the yoga Triad, then, of course, is the manifestation of the Supreme. Why? Because it is a defense mechanism to ensure that we overcome its bestiality. A bestiality, of course, is not willing to tolerate, if something is not our way. And here is a defense mechanism that is still with the next partner it will have all the same, with the next wife. If you have not learned how to negotiate if you do not learn something to give as a way to build a relationship that would respect the freedom of the other, but at the same time and another that does not abuse. And it has long such a long way.

And sometimes nature is, on the contrary we award here this attachment, which gives us time still to get used to each other. Men often caught on sex, women are more likely to be caught some fine component, that is, so she can not be alone. You know, there is a saying that a woman who never goes nowhere, a woman goes to the next. Why? Because of the thin component if it is not, then it is not going anywhere.

A similar situation is with men. And you know, that’s something that, strictly speaking, we sometimes perceive as a negative thing, in fact, a deep point of view, it is extremely positive for the simple reason that it does not allow the human race to die. That is, there is at least some chance that the family will be that there will be kids, the kids grow up and at the time the body will give to you, when you die themselves.

If in this life you will now and then buck and look for new men and women, then the result can be that has come the hour of death, you really slavnenko died, and born in the human body is not possible, because you have left no offspring. And will have to be born there, where it is necessary. So sometimes what we call in everyday life by some rude instinct, affection, etc., is really a blessing from heaven.

I remember one case where the same well, the situation is such a man and a woman. And let’s say, a woman accuses a man: “Here’s to me only want sex, you’re with me just for the fact that to have sex, you do not appreciate me, and all you have seen such a bestial, animal are you?”. Understandably, many feminists are now smart has undertaken, but on the other hand, it does not realize that if I had not had this clue on sex in men, the man would have already dropped out, because in all other traits bitch rare. What do you live with it? No children, and she does not give birth to you. Looks your not separates, sawing and even name-calling you all sorts of such things, yes! However, nature has taken care. She would have found a hook for the guy, that guy tied, and it gives at least a few years, that the woman had changed her mind. And imagine that there would be no clues, there would be this, as they call bestiality? A man would immediately say, “Fuck you,” – and he would have gone.

This does yoga Triad, I mention them now because not all of the negative nature of the attachment, there are seemingly negative, but in the longer term – positive. And God forbid, you will start to methods of psychology, medication, to deal with these attachments.

Because, well, very often, from psychologists to hear this advice: “Do you not suitable husband, a wife is not suitable – disperse.” And what about the children? A continuation of life as well? Again, start from scratch? Again, live for yourself? You see? And in this very very great danger. After all, do not look at one part of life, so that you not only in this life was comfortable. And consider, and where you will be born in the next, if you do not have a family and you do not leave offspring.

Therefore, even you know a saying: “endure – slyubitsya”, it is much more vitality, wisdom, humanism and freedom than in the most trendy type of flows, “and her husband will not like it – throw it; wife, you do not like, I remember being a wife of 36 years, two to 18 “.


Q: Looking back: the offering of a sacrifice breathing can be explained in other words?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, we usually do not pay on the breath of attention, that’s how it breathe, and breathe. And here we sit down and begin to carefully monitor the inhale, exhale, delay. Thus, sooner or later we intuitively come to a certain understanding of a certain rhythm. And in the future we can consciously influence, changing the character of respiration. The fact that you do not let your prana, you naturally generate, involuntarily absorbed in the surrounding objects and phenomena.

You go and take the mat, and go to the bosom of nature, sit down around you, say, a forest, you start to breathe. As you develop Prana, but this Prana is not leaking on associative relations, on all sorts of parasitic directions, and it some time in the pure form there, and if you later this Prana will be directed to understanding your higher self or understanding of what called the Absolute, it is considered the most supreme sacrifice.

The fifth chapter



Arjuna said:

1. Loss of action, Krishna, and yoga to praise you; which is better of the two – this one tell me definitely.

Sri Bhagavan said:

2. Removal and karma yoga – both create the highest good, but of these two, karma yoga is superior to the renunciation of action.

3. It is necessary to recognize that persistent sannyasin who does not hate and lust; free from the duality of moschnoruky happily freed from the bonds.

4. “Sankhya and Yoga are different” – say the children are not scientists; who reached one, he gets the fruit of both.

5. State that achieved to reflect, also achieved, striving; who sees Sankhya (meditation) and yoga is one, the sighted.

6. However, the renunciation of moschnoruky, is difficult to achieve for nepodvizayuschegosya; yoga devotee sage (muni) without slowing down comes to Brahma.

7. Yoga devotee who has purified himself, winning himself conquered feelings merged with the spirit of the spirit of all beings, even the acting is not contaminated.

8. Let the devotee who knows the truth thinks: “I do not make anything,” looking, listening, touching, smelling, eating, moving, falling asleep, breathing,

9. Talking, highlighting, taking, opening and closing his eyes: “The sense organs (indriyas) communicate with the things of sense,” – says so.

10. Devoting actions Brahma, who acts, leaving the attachment, he is not tainted by evil as a lotus leaf (non-staining) water.

11. Only the body, the heart (Manas), intellect (buddhi) and sense organs (indriyas) yoga perform actions for the sake of self-purification, leaving attachment.

12. A devotee, leaving the fruits of action, received a perfect world; nondevotee, power lust attached to the fetus enters the bonds.

13. From all cases impeached heart happily comes embodied in Lord of devyativratnom hail, without committing actions or forcing action.

14. Neither the activities nor the Minister does not create a Lord of the world, nor the fruit of the action with the compound, but the self-existing (svabhava) nature develops.

15. Do not take (on) someone else’s sin or righteousness Iswara: incognizance shrouded wisdom, they are blinded people.

16. But who is ignorance destroyed knowledge of the Atman, for those of their knowledge, as the sun reveals the highest That.

17. That Comprehending, including knowing yourself approved to Tom, (bet) is the supreme goal, are not coming back again, shattering wisdom sins.

18. adorned with wisdom and humility Brahmins in the cow, an elephant, a dog, and in the even who cooks dog wise sees the same thing.

19. For here have won the world are those whose heart is in equilibrium, because sinless and balanced Brahmo, because they live in the Brahmo.

20. Let not pleased, to get a nice, does not hesitate to get into trouble, do not mistaken resistant spirit, grasp the Brahmo, established in the Brahmo.

21. By an external contact is not bound soul, he finds happiness in the Atman; spirit yoga devotee of Brahma, he partakes of the eternal Bliss.

22. For the pleasure that (there) from the contact – the bosom of disasters; they are transitory, Kaunteya not them glad illumined (buddha).

23. Who is already here, is not free from the body, to overcome the desire, arising from desire and anger, he betrayed the happy man.

24. Who is happy in, rejoice in, who also illuminated from within, the yogi achieves the essence of Brahma, nirvana Brahmo.

25. Get a nirvana Brahmo rishis destroy sin, rastorgshie duality, subdued himself, rejoicing the good of all.

26. To turn away from lust and anger, to strive together, subdued thoughts and cognized the Atman, remains close Brahmo nirvana.

27. External Touch pushing outward, directing the eye to the middle of the eyebrows, equalize inhalation and exhalation, moving in the nostrils,

28. tame feelings, heart and mind, striving for ultimate liberation muni, to drive away the desire, fear and anger – forever free.

29. Having come to know me, to eat of the exploits, the victim, the Great Lord of all the worlds, the friend of all beings, he attains peace.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And we’ll gradually let’s approach, once again go through this chapter. Some details voiced, highlights. Maybe someone has arisen, any questions? No.


Arjuna said:

1. Loss of action, Krishna, as you praise the Yoga; which is better of the two – this one tell me definitely.

Sri Bhagavan said:

2. Removal and Karma Yoga – both create the highest good, but of these two, karma yoga is superior to the renunciation of action.

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And here, let’s just, my friends, there are two approaches to Indian philosophy, one more common in ancient times, is when a person renounces all material that could it bind in order to fully concentrate on the cognition of the Higher Self, your Higher ” I “or the Absolute.

And indeed, in the Indian tradition reaches us mention of the so-called four stages of life, or, in other words, they are called four ashram.

First – this is when you are a young man going through a period of apprenticeship, and then you go through a period that is called the period of the householder. And the last two periods due to the fact that you are more and more absorbed in the knowledge of the meaning of life, the study itself. And, in particular, the latest ashram – this is when people generally waiting for the moment that it is of no need: no family, no relatives, no students, no relatives, and such a person begins to itinerant lifestyle, eating alms, anywhere for a long time It does not stop. He wanders in to order to know your Higher Self

Indeed, India is still this culture wandering, renounced the world people live. Although it is a lot of parasites, just beginning to adapt under it, pretend to be people who have renounced the world.

Generally speaking, in ancient India it was believed among a certain group of people, in bad taste to die at home. That is, as soon as the Smer is approaching, the man transfers all his affairs, and sent to wander, that is direct to the Absolute. We know from history that such a famous yogi, Swami Vivekananda, in particular his grandfather did so. When it was certain period of time, age, it all good-bye and left. No more about it knew nothing.

So, in India, it was considered such a respected way of self-knowledge, when you set free from everything, well, as a consequence – to cease to perform any activity, you cease to be involved in politics, management, production, training, etc. Life’re eating alms and wandering from one end of the country to another, as long as you do not reach higher states.

In the “Bhagavad Gita” proclaimed a diametrically opposite approach. This is when you will not go away when you stay in the society, and when you are fully involved in the work. And the more you are involved in this work without expectation of reward and punishment, so, oddly enough, to a greater extent you begin to be free. Therefore, one and the other way when you either do renounce all or, on the contrary, all are involved, leading to the same goal.

Krishna to Arjuna just ordered the engagement method. In general, I must say, you have to understand all the philosophical treatises and schools of thought in India, they’re not just born. They were born in the first place, as a reflection of some reality, some real achievements or real distortions were observed in the propagation of a doctrine or philosophy.

If you study history, you know that at one time in India was extremely popular Buddhism. So popular that literally covered the whole of India. And this has led to the fact that the most worthy people, the most intelligent, the most promising, have sought to achieve personal liberation, personal way out of this cycle of life, and began to leave everything in the cave, to lead a lonely life since his early youth. Not because it was prescribed in the Vedic times, that is, after you’ve done all that we could do in your life when you have gray hair, when all your children and grandchildren have grown up and when you do not need one.

And just the beginning promoted another idea that as soon as you realize that you need to release, you must immediately turn away and leave the world. As a result, not the age of 50-80 years old, began to leave all sannyasins, all these wandering Sandhu (sannyasins – this is a later period, the notion of all these spiritual seekers), and has been years since 15-18-20. And at first glance – well, what? Previously, I went for the search for truth, before she reached. Remember the phrase “before you get in, get out early.” So, nothing like this has happened. Not happened nor any mass spiritual breakthrough on the one hand and, on the other hand, had a monstrous distortion, which literally blew the economic, the political power of India as a superpower.

Indeed, when the youngest and perspective, imagine that young people instead of what would have to go to learn, instead, that would run the country, instead of what would develop trade, science, philosophy – all go into the cave, in order that to renounce the world. Who goes? They leave most sincere, most honest, most spiritual, the most promising. So in their place who comes? More than worst-case scenario, those who are the ideals of spirituality far and incomprehensible. As a result, he began to deteriorate sharply the level of government, the level of science, management level. Roughly speaking, in key positions people began to come from the lower castes that has not gone unnoticed – the country collapsed. India, which was a superpower, then, as a superpower, is slowly but surely ceased to exist. At that time, the heights of science, philosophy, and just what had India, Europe, and did not dream.

It is clear that this imbalance was immediately understood, including the sages. And that would remove this imbalance, it was necessary not simply ban to go into these monks, and it was necessary to justify philosophically, lucidly and clearly. And, she thought, that sounds in the “Bhagavad Gita” – it’s kind of quite serious theoretical basis, which allowed the situation to improve and to stop this decline.

Indeed, if and detachment from the world and involvement in the world lead to the same goal, in any case, there is a 50-50 chance to stay or leave. In any case, at least some of the promising young people still become a stay at home and take up leadership positions rulers, etc. etc. What, in fact, saved India.

So it is very interesting to study the development of Indian philosophical thought in relation to the historical processes that have been in India.

On the one hand, seems to be as the god Krishna came and proclaimed a new dharma, new methods, and on the other hand, it is so clearly reflected the distortions that were made earlier, you realize that this is a real product, not cut off from life. That is not just someone’s notion, someone sat down and came up with a new philosophical system, which has nothing to do with life. No, my friends. Why this issue is particularly relevant for me when I teach yoga? Because all I do in my life that I meet with people who come and say: “We have decided to engage in self-knowledge, we decided to know your Higher Self, to awaken the Kundalini energy, open the third eye or anything else.” I ask: “What are you doing this?”. And the very first thing on their list, all without exception, they say, “I quit my job.” We are, in fact, trying to step on the same rake, which came India, and as a result ceased to exist as a superpower.

Already long ago invented a cure in the form of “Bhagavad Gita”, and we are still trying to make the same mistakes that you can not do. That is why the “Bhagavad Gita”, the text is extremely topical for our time.

Thus, a higher state of detachment that is so praised in ancient spiritual treatises, can be both the same reach as a truly complete detachment from the world, and full involvement in the world. That’s the worst part, my friends, in this life – the half. When you’re where you need to – set free, and where it is not necessary – you engage. The episodic approach – the most destructive. That is, the man says, “Yes, I will learn everything related to yoga philosophy, but I do not want anything to learn everything related to the area of modern business.” The man himself is laying some gaps in education, well, as a consequence – the future challenges.


3. It is necessary to recognize that persistent sannyasin who does not hate and lust; free from the duality of moschnoruky happily freed from the bonds.

4. “Sankhya and Yoga are different” – say the children are not scientists; who reached one, he gets the fruit of both.

Comments Vadim Zaparozhtseva: And here, let’s focus on a more or less modern, well-established classification of Indian thought. There most common areas, and in particular the concept of a “six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy”, which from a formal point of view include Yoga, as well as other exercises, one of which Sankhya.

So, the philosophy of Yoga and Sankhya philosophy say, very close, but the focus is a little bit on different things. Also, there are other of the six orthodox systems, such as Nyayo, Mimamsa. There is also a very interesting situation that, for example, better lit than in the treatise “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.”

The word orthodox means that these systems recognize the authority of the Vedas, unlike let’s say from Buddhism and Jainism, which do not recognize the authority of the Vedas. The main text for today, here is a orthodox yoga is considered the “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.”

So sometimes, when you have to ask, say, “but what you do yoga?”, Because at the moment you can find a lot of branches of yoga that do not trace their history directly from the Vedas. In particular, you may encounter with the teachings of Agni Yoga – a very wonderful doctrine, but there is no mention of the brand is that it has a direct continuity from the orthodox to the Vedas Yoga.

I am in my life met a variety of directions Yogi:. And some neoyoga, and some there … I do not even remember all of these consoles. You begin to be interested in – what is it, and why? – I understand that this is some his teaching.

There are mentioned, the term “yoga” is exactly what is now called classical yoga with a classic text, as “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali.”

And generally speaking, friends, if you have the opportunity to meet with others of the six orthodox systems of Indian philosophy, highly recommend. Some of them are quite well documented philosophy mantras, etc. etc.


5. State that achieved to reflect, also achieved, striving; who sees Sankhya (meditation) and yoga is one, the sighted.

6. However, the renunciation of moschnoruky, is difficult to achieve for nepodvizayuschegosya; yoga devotee sage (muni) without slowing down comes to Brahma.

7. Yoga devotee who has purified himself, winning himself conquered feelings merged with the spirit of the spirit of all beings, even the acting is not contaminated.

Comments Vadim Zaparozhtseva: It lists a lot of interesting things. But, as we agreed, let us from the simple to the complex, otherwise we are here with you wallow in numerous details.

And the idea that if you are going through Karma Yoga, are able to work, so that is not tied to the results of their labor, to the extent that, as you get involved, you sort of go, and what you would not do according to his dharma, to you karma does not stick. Those. even if you are an executioner and chop their heads, then you do not burden your karma. As only through proper exercise you get off work at a certain level, you are not to turn out the karma in general, not only negative but also positive. That is, you get out of the plane of karma.


Q: Karma Yoga. If you have a job that is not Dharma, but we have reached the level of such concentration that automatically performs Karma Yoga, which can be so involved that are not attached to the result, and then still feel Prana, perhaps even a surge of joy. Here in this case, the acts that we get out of the plane of karma?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, my friends. Firstly, here it was made that this work is not the Dharma. Friends, the concept of dharma is sometimes very difficult. Sometimes you will perform two, three, four work at the same time. This is the main job work, but somewhere moonlighting as a janitor or something else. But your Dharm just mean during this period that you will be a lot of work. Those. this is not a definite point that you have just something to do with one or more than.

The more you get pleasure from the work process, the less you’ll focus on the fear of punishment or expectation of reward, and the smaller the negative attachments you get for themselves and therefore less karma. And as a result, your life will become free and more prosperous.

Remember those of you MOYU students in the first year that we require from all of you, when you come to study? We are, oddly enough, you require the following from the things that you learned how to write their own resume to get a job. It would seem, what does your MOYU some other work that may be nothing to do with yoga? At first glance – no. But this is only at first glance. And if you look in the good, then we urge you to take the path of Karma Yoga in the first days of training at our university. Why? Because you must have the habit to write your resume that you were more effective that you knew his own value that you would easily able to find just the right kind of work, which, on the one hand, worthy to paid, and on the other side allows maximum release your creativity. Those. when you’re not out of fear and not because of the expectation of remuneration and enjoy the process itself works. And that enjoyment can be operated using the guarantee that the karma you will not stick with whatever was linked this work.

Well, let’s say you are a designer and do some advertising company. You do not know what it sells. And suddenly she ordered you obviously false advertising, the tiger in the cage meat reports and writes that this dog food is very, very good. Because you can not verify. Do you honestly do your job, you get a result from this work. You do not doubt, do not trust what the customer – an honest man, the negative karma of which went to the work for you does not cling. Because there are no clues for which you could pull the rope. Worked you not because of fear or because of greed, you pay someone. Therefore, if in the next moment suddenly it turns out that no longer need to do business here with these people, you quietly switch to something else, you will not be here these threads of greed or fear, you behave as a free man.

And what does this act as a free man? Behave right level, when you come to the realization of the Higher “I”, which is free. You will become aware of their freedom, and the negative you will not stick. What is called “sins of the world are the sins of the world”, but not yours. As there will be said, just as a lotus mud does not stick, so also the man who goes by karma yoga not prilipaetkarma.

Therefore, it is so important, my friends, begin to learn yoga, practice yoga, not somewhere out there, in India, and at his workplace. Whatever you do, you’re the janitor, the designer, the president, well, there do not know anyone, scientist, businessman.


Question: There are two differences: the works that I want to do and expect even free time to do them, with all the joy there is, easily, and there are things that you know what to do, but you do not seem to be desirable. We have to make an effort, and only then, get involved in the process so that you come out again for pleasure. And this, too (the second case) is considered to Karma Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course. The fact is that even when we do not quite feel Rita, it seems to us that in our lives for something more interesting, and something less interesting. This usually manifests itself through passion.

I often meet people who can not stop, they are passionate. Start reading an interesting book, can read for three days, day and night, forgetting about work, about some other things. You say to him: “Yes stop you it will not get anywhere. Tomorrow you start with the most interesting place. ” But he can not, his passion involves and he can not stop, can not pull myself together. As a result – more. When you are passionate implies something pleasant, and you can not stop in the same way you make yourself very hard to do what we ought to do, but it seems you do not particularly interesting. And again, there are people, just the same series that passionate in one thing, that they have started something there, but it is not eaten, for example, a box of chocolate, not calm down, he began to read a book – do not stop I started watching a movie – all … Passionate people!

And the reverse situation – that something must be done, and he pulls, pulls, year after year. He says, “You did the job?” And he replied, “No …”, year after year goes. It’s just talking about some inexperience, and not feeling Rita law. And from such a line of conduct, friends, enjoying less than that of a more harmonious behavior, when you are able to all dosing.

And in particular, for example, from the Raja Yoga exercise is given, which would come to this art: take two books, equally interesting and give yourself such a setup, read one page each. Read one page – set aside the book, the beginning of another. And over time, the ability to stop is produced in the head in the head, and vice versa when the nice easy start to push yourself when unpleasant. And then, over time, effortless feeling comes when there is no work for which it is necessary to force yourself.

I like in this respect, I am constantly quoting in different lectures phrase that sounded in the movie “33”. There Yevgeny Leonov, a good uncle, played the main character, who has allegedly been 33 teeth. He began to explore what this phenomenon is, of all people 32 teeth, and he 33. And it sounded good phrase, when asked: What is happiness? To which he replied that “happiness – is when in the morning I want to go to work, and in the evening I want to go home.”

And this, in fact, a good ideal of Karma Yoga. Those. happiness when it’s time, want to do it here in this work, but this time it is the other work, and the next time something else and so on. And it’s all so beautiful, harmonious transitions from one to the other, that if you walk according to this rhythm, you suddenly begin to feel that you are becoming freer and freer of all: on the circumstances, people, things, emotions, desires, aspirations, likes , dislikes – all turns into an exciting game.


Student: By and large, it is necessary to get rid of this form of work and tune in to the process, to get pleasure from what you do, what would you not do?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, whatever you studied.

Q: When the work is performed for the sake of the process, all the same you put Prana, and you get the result, the positive emotions associated with it. And you still get attached. How not to become attached?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you know, positive emotions, it is a free application. You just did something you did and enjoyed by itself on what you’re doing. Then someone came and said, “Oh, yes, I’ll buy it for a million dollars!”.

Student: You just feel sorry if it suddenly disappears as the mandala, they wash, as you say, to build there, such as yoga university, and again – it is not, it is a pity!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: God be with him! You see, this is also a time can Yoga University outlived her, can Tantra University should be open, who knows, tomorrow something else. You see, in life such as food, while her eat – it is good, that it is digested, but then I am sorry, you have to go to the toilet. And if you held a something longer put term, then it is not the joy of food that you eat, and that’s indigestion. And sooner or later, and it comes.

Remember, as you in his childhood house built out of blocks – the crown of perfection. You are now a lot of you remember about him? – no. Because come next portion of something interesting in comparison with which the previous as naturally forgotten, as the leaves fall in autumn to spring again, to grow and blossom.

Q. And the second part: under the “inaction” that they understand? How would our relevance, in which to get involved?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is an interesting complex concepts. Generally speaking, a very difficult practice.

Somehow, everything in the world seems to be that just sit back and do nothing. Believe me, idle and lazy, from the spiritual point of view, the order of magnitude more difficult than to get involved in the work.

Remember, there is a saying “wait and catch up with the worst punishment in the world”, and in particular to wait. Try to rely on the absolute trust in your Higher Self and do nothing, do not care about their daily bread. When want to eat, and then go to the thicket begging on the street, both in India as these are numerous yoga, detached from the world. Served – to eat, will not submit – will starve.

And try with this thought profit. You have, of course, a billion parasitic motives: “What if no one will give to eat? And then suddenly, as suddenly sho …? “. And you begin to notice that the worms are inside you and eating away something to start doing.

Nothing to do, oddly enough, very hard. That’s just entirely rely on the Absolute or your Higher “I”, that will take care of it, it is necessary to have nerves of steel, friends, an iron will.


Student: I would like about the will, for example, about our Moscow homeless, their iron will.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, they do not have an iron will. I’ll tell you, they have an elaborate system of appearances and passwords. They all thought out. Do you think they are sitting at the station, as the bird of God? Nothing like this! He knows that he will now spend the night here in this alley. Why? Because there heating main. Tomorrow he will go to the trash, and there from the supermarket overdue food thrown. He thought all five steps forward. Do not underestimate the homeless.


11. Only the body, the heart (Manas), intellect (buddhi) and sense organs (indriyas) yoga perform actions for the sake of self-purification, leaving attachment.

12. A devotee, leaving the fruits of action, received a perfect world; nondevotee, power lust attached to the fetus enters the bonds.

13. From all cases impeached heart dwells happily embodied in the Lord of the City of devyativratnom without committing actions or forcing action.

14. Neither the activities nor the Minister does not create a Lord of the world, nor the fruit of the action with the compound, but the self-existing (svabhava) evolving nature “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: And look, here is a situation common to Bhakti Yoga. What is absolutely necessary criterion to very quickly move in the spiritual plane through the technique of Bhakti Yoga?

First, as we recall, recognition, or the will of the Absolute is. Because if your universe is not the Absolute, or no conception of your Higher “I” (Atman), then talk about. No source of power for rapid spiritual transformation.

But if you still voleizyavili that your Universe is the Absolute, and, in particular, as in the “Bhagavad Gita”, you ask, to Absolute come to you in a personal form, as well as the other person, it is different, absolutely an essential requirement for the successful implementation of the rapid spiritual transformation. You must be committed to this idea of the Absolute.

What does the word “dedication”? This means that you can not have intelligence, you can be full of all kinds of errors, weaknesses, bad habits, and other qualities, which in the ordinary yogi put an end to your spiritual advancement. But if you have in devotion to the Absolute, then, oddly enough, all these are your bad habits, all your intellectual shortcomings are not critical. It has become not your problem, your bad habits and your nonsense, and the problem of the Absolute.

You know, it is most often compared to how small children also did not know anything and do not know how, but they have loving parents, and this is the problem parents how to bring up the right way and give everything you need to your children. And here is the same situation. As long as you are committed to the concept of the Absolute, in particular, the concept that you have chosen him to come as a person, if you do not give up this concept and are committed to it, while working for you.

If you toss today like the Absolute and you are loyal to him, and tomorrow, maybe he is, that’s something he bore me. And he bore me in this form, but someone told me that there is another form, and if it plunge, it seems to be faster. And start throwing.

Once they begin, neither of which has no question of devotion, and instantly all the advantages of the fast methods through Bhakti Yoga stop. For this reason, and it is considered in the narrow circles, that Bhakti Yoga – the last chance for those people who violated the ideals of Yoga Roda.

Let us recall the story, Arjuna before the battle said that now if I enter into the battle, the men of our family will kill each other, and the family will be degraded because our women will enter into communication with the low-born, and black, and all – this is the end.

What Krishna says on the one hand, that your duty is still to fight, even if it would lead to such terrible consequences. But, as compensation for the fact that yes, indeed, come degradation, and as in ancient Vedic times will no longer be where here these ideals generic yoga allows you to smoothly form a layer Brahmins aristocracy, where every life you gradually brought nearer to the highest goal. So now the situation is such that everything is mixed: in the Brahmins family is born sudra, brahmin family Sudras, and so on.

Hard as it was in ancient times, get a good education, good manners, good teachers and so on. But, on the other hand, this compensation arises. Through dedication, even if you were born in a sudra family, even if you are not educated, even if you polnym-polno bad habits, but you have the devotion that you have inherited, being highly developed soul, then you can make up for the bad space environment , where you were born.

This is very important, my friends, the situation really is. It is very important and that it is due to the fact that Bhakti Yoga has spread so rapidly. Because applicants for something to study yoga more refined, such as in the ancient Vedic times, it is no more. Aristocracy is left in its original sense of the word.

It is clear that these sensuous cults of devotion quickly spread to India, at the moment there are two main branches, even slightly competitive – it Vaishnavism (Krishnaism) and Shaivism. That is, in one case, the Supreme Deity Absolute stands Vishnu-Krishna and the other acts as Shiva and his wife Parvati (Kali, Shakti), somehow, a lot of names.

Student: Bhakti yoga, it is not considered a fast method, and is now considered.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: How do not you think? It is considered to be a quick method.

Perception surrounding

“15. Do not take (on) someone else’s sin or righteousness Iswara): incognizance shrouded wisdom, they are blinded people.

16. But who is ignorance destroyed knowledge of the Atman, for those of their knowledge, as the sun reveals the highest That.

17. That Comprehending, including knowing yourself approved to Tom, (bet) is the supreme goal, are not coming back again, shattering wisdom sins.

18. adorned with wisdom and humility Brahmins in the cow, an elephant, a dog, and in the even who cooks dog wise sees the same thing “


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Here, my friends, especially good: “the one who cooks dog.” How do you think what? “Anyone who cooks dog” – that’s the level I want to tell people, but not quite. Just in the Indian tradition, you will remember, to food ratio was extremely serious. The names of the products that can be consumed and can not be used. Moreover, even the conditions under which you should use, is strictly regulated. If, God forbid, you began to eat their food, and it looked a man is cast, the food was desecrated and nobody ate. And so on and so forth.

And, of course, it was very clear attitude to the different members of society. And then it is said that if you went up to the fact that you realize that there is a higher ‘I’ in every living being, no matter who that person is and what the thickness of the shell of ignorance, then you rise to the level where you equality with all . That is, you do not have likes and dislikes, attraction and repulsion. Very often I hear, “Oh, these people are so disgusted me so hateful,” or vice versa, “Oh, these people are such wonderful, such marvelous!”

That’s when you meet a person for whom such criteria are available, if it is, of course, sincerely says, because it is sometimes easy to be witty said, be aware that if there are likes and dislikes – no vision. When there is a vision, likes and dislikes of a thing is not such a tough and defining for a person. Go ahead.

The concept of the Absolute and the inner experiences

“19. Already here won the world are those whose heart is in equilibrium, because sinless and balanced Brahmo, because they live in the Brahmo.

20. Let not pleased, to get a nice, does not hesitate to get into trouble, do not mistaken resistant spirit, grasp the Brahmo, established in the Brahmo.

21. By an external contact is not bound soul, he finds happiness in the Atman; spirit yoga devotee of Brahma, he partakes of the eternal bliss. “


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: Again, we have already discussed this situation. Once you have established themselves in the knowledge that you have an unaffected Higher “I”, or you have a companion in this world – the Absolute, is directly proportional to how you begin to reach this idea, you have to grab it starts. You begin to experience such a strong impression, in comparison with which all the world is perceived pale and uninteresting in the degree of saturation.

And, at first, you start a more relaxed attitude to external factors, then still more relaxed, and then another, though outwardly you can be like a normal person. That is, you do not have to demonstrate frostbite. You can be certain emotions, but you can see that these emotions are like ripples on the water and in the depths of you are absolutely calm. Not because you have there is empty, no emotions, you are not living, you’re in glassy state, that you killed all the living. No, for another reason, because your inner world is so heavily saturated, filled with interesting and that you do not already bought something finer outside.

Therefore, once again, Bhakti Yoga ideal and the ideal of Yoga in general, it is not such a person is like a tree that does not have any sort of emotion. This is not such a person, an animal, a cow here, it will be for you to chew and stare – no emotion. You’re there to her about the “Bhagavad Gita”, about enlightenment, and she looks at you.

Sometimes the impression from some of the followers did not understand what an ideal – just to make all people, as a cow, a stupid animal. No, friends, it’s degradation.

Therefore, rather, it will be as follows, that, of course, as a rule, a person who enters the path of Yoga, as he does, oddly enough, it is becoming more and more irritable. Usually, relatives and friends are surprised: “how is it, you began to study yoga, you should show a cool, frost-bitten and equanimity, and you became the contrary the opposite? Maybe you’re not doing yoga, maybe you have there some Yoga not that? “.

So, my friends, is not all that. It’s just that, starting to practice yoga, you are here this bestial state, like a cow, you sharpen and sharpen your senses. And if something is not touched before you do, you are thick-skinned, but now every grain of sand you exasperated, because it is up to the very depths of your shakes. And this is the stage, my friends, through which all.

Therefore, if one of our students starts from time to time not behave quite adequately, in this sense, we, of course, if within the standards, and it is not obvious mental illness, we treat safely. Everything goes according to plan, in other words does not happen.

First, feeling aggravated, sometimes unbearably acute. And only after that you realize the idea of your Higher “I” of the Self, or is the idea of the Supreme Absolute, in particular, personal, you will find another airport or another area untouched, where you move your heightened senses. You become very sensitive – a hair fall, the thunder of heaven for you. And if you remain in the ordinary world, you will be bad. If you have an island unaffected as your Atman, or if you are committed, in the form of an image of the Absolute in personal form, you aggravation of his soul to carry.

And so you begin to enjoy your life is directly proportional to how you suffered, remaining here in this transient world. And, according to the degree of his pleasure when migrating your inner peace on this island unaffected by your Higher “I” or as in “Bhagavad Gita”, “fixing the mind of Krsna,” then you do every year, starting every day to become more calm. Because you know that your happiness elsewhere and it is not subject to some influence. And with each meditation, each practice, with each class, focusing on treatment or this state, you are more and more able to assert this. Thus, over time, you really start to have to show the equanimity, which is so nice yoga.

But not because you were glazed and hardened soul, no. And just because you’re in a different place. Here only your shell, through which you play in this world. It is necessary to understand, my friends.


“22. For the enjoyment of that (there) from the contact – the bosom of disasters; they are transitory, Kaunteya not them glad illumined (buddha).

23. Who is already here, is not free from the body, to overcome the desire, arising from desire and anger, he betrayed the happy man “


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: If, according to the ideology of Bhakti Yoga, you committed some way, the ideal of the Absolute or in personal form, as in Krishna, by the same token, you are less susceptible to starting to be the senses and more free.

Therefore, if you have any deficiencies, shortcomings or bad intellectual habits, these shortcomings are starting to decay naturally, by themselves, without any effort. On the contrary, the desired quality are beginning to grow and grow, develop and evolve. Including, friends, and intelligence.

Bhakti Yogi, oddly enough, is developing his intellect without effort. So much so that I think he did not develop it at all, and he was developed.

Karma Bhakti Yoga

24. Who is happy in, rejoice in, who are also illuminated from within, the yogi achieves the essence of Brahma, nirvana Brahmo.

25. Get a nirvana Brahmo rishis destroy sin, rastorgshie duality, subdued himself, rejoicing the good of all “


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva: If you are entrenched in this idea of devotion to the selected image, or, as they called in the Bhakti yoga, Ishta Devata, ie your own chosen way of personal Absolute, which you most closely, then, over time, which would not be in you contradictory and terrible karma, it begins itself quickly unravel. At least for the simple reason that you cease to feed it, because you already have another source of aspiration, more exciting and interesting than the answers to the blows of his karma. Because we usually have done something negative, they spawned a trend then this trend has come to us, and we wish to answer blow for blow, and even stronger. That is, to generate even more negative trend. And then on the contrary, you are, as it were in a passive state start untied from their negative karma. That is, even in this respect is much less painful and everything goes faster.

Student: That is, if we are committed and go through Bhakti Yoga, we can create the intention and without making active actions, blaming the situation karma in one direction or another?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, yes. Here is a situation that is the deceit of karma. You have done foolishly rash act, and sent roughly pain in this world. This pain somewhere reflected and come to you. And you have to stop and clear: “Yes, I got a pain, terrible pain,” and find out why this pain. And to understand, to understand “all the pain that I myself gave birth because of their ignorance.”

But no one wants to think so. All say: “No pain I gave birth to external factors. Here he is, the man is guilty, or that there is a system fault, the country, and so on. ” Someone we are looking outward, not realizing that this train ourselves have created. And what we have a response: “Yeah, came to me the pain hit me. Well, now I’m going to hit back so that the next time do not come to me, and was afraid to teach it the next time for me to meddle. “

And we are beginning to hit the backhand with terrible force, hit, but do not realize that in fact we are a beat not by man, but we are even more confusing situation, sending even more negative momentum that will take, it will also affect us as comes even more pain.

And so we are on the rise, begin more and more tangled, tangled and confusing.

And when we have this one island untouched in the form of your devotion to a personal God, like Krishna, say, or concentrating on your Higher “I”, or the Absolute, or in some other way, it turns out that you are not inclined incrementally send negative. A negative come and you even rather inclined him to wait, because you understand that nothing is eternal. If you are suffering now, everything has a beginning, continuation and completion. It may not be eternal suffering in principle.

And sometimes the easiest way to deal with karma as follows: it is to get rid of it. “Well, did bad, retribution came, well, that will endure quietly, I know the reason, I know that it is a consequence.” And when there is awareness of why you are suffering, suffering can be moved easily.

Very bad, my friends, when you suffer and do not know why the suffering becomes unbearable. That is why even in this sense, knowledge unravels the knots of karma and neutralize karma. Anyway, it does not weigh it, and it makes it easier to move.

Well, in the future, when you already have the wisdom, and you some idea: “Yeah, but before that I have screwed, sent into the world of promises negative, they have not yet had time to get back to me.” So, you do not wait, you’re already starting to plan ahead for what may come back to you. That is, if someone were to, then you do not wait until the lender will come, and already begin to save money right now to ensure that, as soon as the lender will come, you say, “Oh! On, I’m waiting! Here you with interest, at all, are you satisfied? Satisfied – all undone! “. That’s the ideal.

The object of devotion inside or outside?

Student: Is there a fundamental difference, to be faithful to the Absolute or Supreme “I”? That is to say, where to form an island untouched? Either inside, turning to your Higher “I” or as Bhakti Yoga teaches to the Absolute, there is some difference?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As the ultimate goal and the power of that one, that other methods, there is no difference, absolutely no. Simply, there are different types of people. Some say: “I want to was the concept of the Absolute, which is to Krishna to Arjuna came and saved me. I want someone to care about me as the children’s parents. I want to hope that all made me. “

There is another type of people who say: “No, something Absolute concept is too abstract for me. And who saw this Absolute? Who has seen Krishna? Nobody has seen. Here it is written in the book, but it also does not go to Moscow, not shouting “I am Krishna.” ” Especially for some thought, “Well, he is the Absolute so great, abstract, it may come as a man?”. That is, the idea they obviously do not like.

On the other hand there are some people who say: I want everything depended on me any more then anyone. Here I want to from my “I” everything depended on me so easily. There warehouse people with character who are more inclined not to trust, and to solve problems themselves. And it is easier to arrive at a conception of your Higher “I”, to establish themselves in it and go into the depth of knowledge of the Higher “I”.

In fact, oddly enough, and ironically, regardless of whether you like one or the other, but for some procedures and actions of these techniques, it turns out, one to one. Indeed, since the nature of our Higher “I” and the nature of the Absolute in personal or impersonal form is one and the same nature. And the result, and the effect and speed is the same. But, still thinking about your Higher “I” more than an abstract idea, and think about someone who will solve our external problems easier idea. We have already had experience in life – our parents. And it is easier to imagine such a large space the parent than voleizyavlyat this concept our Higher “I”, which omnipotently. So still in the cult of Bhakti emphasis on the relationship to the external Absolute as identity and loyalty of this person.

Bhakti Yoga Exercises

26. To turn away from lust and anger, to strive together, subdued thoughts and cognized the Atman, remains close Brahmo nirvana.

27. External Touch pushing outward, directing the eye to the middle of the eyebrows, equalize inhalation and exhalation, moving in the nostrils,

28. tame feelings, heart and mind, striving for ultimate liberation muni, to drive away the desire, fear and anger – forever free “


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: There is a very interesting place in the descriptive “Bhagavad Gita” certain exercises that just need to sit down, to direct their attention to the point between the eyebrows … a lot of copies was broken on what they wanted to say here. Some have said that this concentration on the Ajna chakra that the meditation on the Ajna chakra reached the highest state. Someone said that it was just a pose for calm, that if you sit down, start thinking about the Supreme unwittingly eyes to heaven raise that kind of focus on the point between the eyebrows. All sorts of interpretations, but let’s not dwell on them, as we have decided it is, with all due respect, trifles. The main thing is that these little things help you focus on the image of the Absolute in personal form.

Disciple: If we are in a certain object or phenomenon of seeing the Absolute, the experience of contact or contemplation of a certain state of the object, that is, through the senses perceive the Absolute. And at some point, or some circumstances, the feeling fades, we do not feel, but we voleizyavlyaem and as if by consciousness strongly again break through this channel into the Absolute. We continue to perform Bhakti yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now that’s a very specific exercise of Bhakti yoga, which is governed behavior.

In particular, let’s say we worship the image of Krishna Krishna is like, and we hang on the wall picture, it is usually portrayed with a flute or some other way. And the situation is as follows, that after we start this way for a long time to watch or somehow associated with the concept of personality of Krishna, then it ceases to be a simple photo or picture. This is converted into what is called an icon.

Inexplicably set associative link from a piece of paper on which someone has drawn up a completely unfathomable heights of the Absolute in personal form. And if the connection is established, then at your disposal there is a powerful tool.

Here you feel bad, your mind is torn, you forget about the concept of the Absolute in personal form, your dedication questioned the negative karma of the world or yours. You should go to the temple or in your room, see the photo Absolute is absolutely magical way your mind will be sent somewhere in the higher altitude and you will easily remember again the concept of the Absolute, his devotion and so on and so forth. That is, it is extremely easier way.

But, on the other hand, you should be well aware that the image of the same Krishna – it’s just a piece of paper on which to draw something, to distinguish between what is shown and Absolute instrument through which it manifests itself. And most importantly, remember that at the time of display, there is no difference between the Absolute in personal form and the object through which it manifests itself.

In some other points could be the difference, but when symptoms are not present. You will think differently, do not get anything.

That’s the way, and we must relate to the whole. It’s like a personal alarm for you personally, and he can, by the way, say, does not work for other people, and maybe work. But these are details of Bhakti yoga.

In order to organize this are certain exercises that regulate behavior. They tend to look outward as worship rites.

Here you come to the temple dedicated to Krishna, here you see his image, that you brought him flowers, that you started the bell to ring, in general, any actions to do. To these actions tied all your senses (olfactory, tactile, etc.) to the idea of the Absolute, so they do not wander. But the trouble starts when they begin to wander. We cease to perceive the Absolute. That is a point of mastery.


Student: In principle, Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of devotion, and if priests worship to some image, they will follow before the end of this path, even if they are some internal changes, they have already cast doubt?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here is the thing, devotion, it is the fact and dedication that you have not been in doubt. The effect of faith.

Here in any orthodox religion, when you come somewhere in the temple to some priest, that he will require from you? Faith!

You will ask intelligent questions: but tell me, in your main book of this provision is not docked to this provision, the fifth to the tenth. Do you think you at least someone will respond? No. Religion in this sense, live exclusively on faith, assuming that there will be loyalty, and by the way you will start to shine college. And religion, as a rule, do not tend to work with the mind – it is too long and expensive.

Any religion – it degenerated fastest method. And, as a rule, a method akin to the Bhakti Yoga of devotion method. What is the strength of any religion? On a wide range of people it is intended, it does not require high intellectual abilities of those who turn to religion. Under another, it is sharpened.

But if you throw out the time of faith and devotion to religion is really nothing left. Set some myths is not quite adequate, sane, and sometimes even indecent, there also exist component.

Samadhi with the object and not the object of Samadhi

9. Having come to know me, to eat of the exploits, the victim, the Great Lord of all the worlds, all other beings, he attains peace.

Thus in the Upanishads of the Holy Bhagavad Gita,

the doctrine of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga,

told Sri Krishna and Arjuna

(Reads) the fifth chapter,

referred to as

Yoga of renunciation from the action. “


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: It is clear that sooner or later, if you concentrate on the idea of the Absolute personality, then you first penetrate the idea of personal Absolute and, in terms of yoga, this leads to the fact that you experience samadhi with an object. And as the object is exactly the image of that person, or through which you were inclined to see the Absolute.

After that, as stated in yoga, you make one more step and, in its highest breakout begin to realize that such images can be an infinite number of: for each person has his own, for every religion, for each time, and so on and so forth .

And, eventually, you reach samadhi without an object, where the question itself that in the Absolute can have some attributes and qualities, it makes no sense, because the Absolute is higher than the concepts, ideas and quality.

So, unfortunately, you have to understand that, first of all, from India comes to us a large number of religious teachers, sometimes they are more similar to those in the sectarian aspirations, who argue that the identity of the Absolute only in this and no other. And, as soon as you come to know the identity of the Absolute in some form, so you always and remains to communicate with that person through this form.

Here, in particular, from the many representatives of Hare Krishna to the question: “Well, boys, you’re out there doing some practice, worship, and what is your ultimate goal?”. Very often you can hear the answer, “then we are free from karma, and get into the world of Krishna, where we will talk forever with Krishna.”

That is, it will always be such a dualistic pair: the man who worships Krishna and Krishna Himself, either in the form of a cowgirl with a pipe, either as a charioteer. And so it will be forever, they say. And to the question: “will remain your Higher” I “itself, as Krishna or the Absolute itself?”. They say, “yes.” And you try to at least give a hint, “and perhaps still the ultimate goal is that you yourself will reach the state of Krishna or the state of the Absolute?”. For them, the very idea, as a rule, a sacrilege. Even someone can distort, “Well, how – it’s Krishna! and I, a little. “

This is a typical idea of what is called the Dwight – dualism, very common, very common. That we are all well-educated, accustomed to think abstractly. We understand: why Krishna, why not someone else? And in India the same is not particularly emphasizes the intelligence, in an environment of sensory Bhakti cults, there are more rests on the dedication. They are quite happy with the prospect of being in this dual world, and then they were afraid even to think. And sometimes because of this there are such confusion and conflict.

Friends, we have today November 1, 2012, we – Olga and Vadim Kalinicheva Zaporozhtsev- conduct activity review text of the Bhagavad Gita. All historical data stored on the sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyyoga.narod.ru. We transgress the sixth chapter:

“Sri Bhagavan said:

1. Who does have to do without looking for fruits Affairs, and the sannyasi and a yogi, rather than (one who) without fire, without rites.

2. What is called detachment (samnyasa), know it as yoga, Pandava, for there is no yoga without any detachment from desires.

3. For the aspirant to yoga is called muni action means; for peace of mind it is called yoga reached means.

4. For when he nor sense objects nor to cases not attached and detached from all desires, then it is called yoga reached. “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

The essence of the denial of desires

Sometimes, not quite understanding the spirit of the message of the Bhagavad Gita sverhlogichnogo begin to grasp at the form. Gripping the form, try to play something dry and uninteresting, just as if, instead of communicating with a person to communicate with a dummy which is very similar to man, but not a man. So when you read that a person renounces desires, then it must be understood as follows. If you begin to live according to the methods of yoga, then gradually you reach such a state that the wording of your desires coincide with the implementation of your desire. Gradually, you reach the point where your understanding of life, as well as communication with the Absolute, and your Higher Self becomes very powerful. Some external desires and situations are only good if they emphasize the enormity of this inner realization. It turns out that when it comes to the execution of external desires, it is nice to you, but it just reinforces and emphasizes the inner spiritual experience. Then, in the first place, you do not become a slave to desire, sensual, intelligent, or even some pleasures, and you glide from desire to desire. Not clinging to desire, eating and practicing them, you will sooner or later come to a state where the time between the formulation of desire and its performance starts to decline, and ideally up to one point. At a time when you wanted something, it starts to happens. You have not yet had time to realize that you have something you would like, when it is already adjusted right.

Question: “What is desire?”

Answer: “The desire – is the embodiment of the will of the retarded.”

From the moment of expression before the execution of desire Runs for a while as if nothing is done. This period is called desire. Imagine a life where you do not have time to yourself voleizyavit, and it is already by itself it became. You disappear the very concept of desire, not because you find yourself tied up the ram’s horn, but because in the universe, and so everything is in harmony, that you have all the marks.

Suppression – misunderstanding rejection of desires

Unfortunately, on this nuance forget everything. In the West now, many followers of the Bhagavad Gita are trying to form their followers through the renunciation of desire, repression, which has no relation to the truth.


“5. Yes, he will raise himself Atman let himself does not diminish; For every myself ally, each own enemy.

6. Ally himself who he is defeated; who are not owned, the hostility of his own hostile.

7. The winning himself, peaceful, it relies on the higher of the Self in the cold, heat, happiness, sorrow, also in honor and dishonor; “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

Austerity essence of refined enjoyment

Further continuation of the same theme. If you have this island untouched, the Supreme, then you can not just easily give up rough profane pleasures outside, that others might look like the practice of asceticism, but also can extract subtle pleasure. Breaking the cold, hunger and deprivation, you can build such a scheme, if you are firmly established in their home island unaffected by the Higher Self or the Absolute, you begin to experience subtle pleasure from what you overcome hunger and cold, or you give up something for what other people hvatayutsya.Otkazyvayas from the coarser manifestation of desire, you receive a refined refined taste of this desire through a fine. And for the rest of your indifference to the pleasures of the senses through the yoga classes look very strange. The answer is very simple.


The nature of the self and the nature of pleasure

Generally speaking, people will never give up the pleasures and delights, because the higher nature of the self is a delight. We can not abandon their nature. So if we get the pleasure of an external object or phenomenon, the object or phenomenon is in fact only reveals the pleasure that is already inherent within us. By mistake, we begin to confuse pleasure and an object through which this enjoyment comes. Any object or phenomenon is like a key that opens the safe with our enjoyment, which is inside. As a matter of pleasure, joy and happiness there is nothing terrible. A person can not refuse them, because it is unnatural for him. But there is another truth that when you eat the greater pleasure, a small pleasure becomes interesting. Having become the spiritual path and doing yoga, you start to eat imperceptibly thinner and powerful pleasure, in comparison with which the usual pleasure you are not interested. It’s not because you yourself nasiluete, but because you have a source for something more than the Supreme. For others it seems that you deny yourself everything.

Misunderstanding of austerity

Unfortunately, often there is a substitution of notions, when pseudo-gurus come to the West and begin to teach everybody, raping and distorting the truth and engaged in abuse of the brains and bodies of their followers. It is impossible to implement austerity, without explaining its nature. You can not build on fear austerity. In many places, it is written: “Do not you do this, you will become asura and go to hell.” And you do not so much seek to paradise as afraid of hell. You do not so much seek to Higher much afraid that would be even worse. You give up a pleasure, not because the understanding reached a higher pleasure, but because you are afraid that after the pleasure comes payback. It has nothing to do with yoga. The logic is the same: doing spiritual practices, you have access to a higher pleasure, the pleasure of which usually ceases to play a significant role in your life. There is great food – well, no – will have what to eat. On the subtle plane I get my pleasure not through a piece of material food, and after something more subtle. It should be understood, so as not to turn into a lifeless fanatics.


“8. Satiate themselves with wisdom, exercise wisdom, standing on top of the winning feeling, reunited referred to as a yogi, who is equal to the earth, a stone and gold;

9. comrade, friend, foe, the indifferent, for, against, indifferent to the righteous sinners ravnomysliem it different, he (it) is superior. “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

Islet unaffected

If you have an island untouched, where you can get your highest spiritual pleasure at any time of day or night, you will be more calm and even in relationships with other people, in different circumstances, with different things. You no longer throws from the heat in the cold, depending on the external circumstances, I come to your home, Prime Minister or homeless, friend or acquaintance, a yogi or a trader from the market. It produced enough equanimity to all. Not because you become frostbitten, but because from the perspective of the higher realms everything else seems to be of equal bland.


“12. Let the Yogi continually secretly exercising yoga, being alone, tamed self-consciousness, without hope, without property.

11. In arranging sustainable clean place to rest, but are not too high, not too low, covered with clothing, skin and doe (grass) jackpot; “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

Adaptation of recommendations to local conditions

There are already clear recommendations. Unfortunately, there is a common problem when subtracts some detail, the man struggled starts exactly embody it in our conditions. For example, people from Siberia could spend half my life on it to get this grass jackpot and make this seat, not taking into account local factors. First, eat the grass does not grow in Siberia (this is a kind of reed). It would not be a crime against yoga, if you sit on the camping mat, which will be warmer and better. Regarding seat: in Siberia, you can sit in the snow, fall, only one head will stick out. It is necessary to use some sort of local conditions, the moments and not just mindlessly copied. Or another example – the “relinquished property”. Begin on the basis of the selling apartments and villas. A lot of minor things that are neutral, so recommendations should always be adapted to your lifestyle.


“12. There, the heart (Manas) setting on one activity tamed thoughts and feelings, lowered the seat, should practice yoga for self-purification.

13. Smooth and still holding the trunk, head, neck, persistent, fixing his gaze on the tip of his nose, without looking to the sides,

14. With soothing the spirit, to drive away fear, tamed Manas, thinking about me, a devotee, but he takes his seat, rushed to me, resistant to Brahmacharya vows. “


Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

Imagery yogic texts

In this verse it is asked to focus his gaze on the tip of the nose, while in the previous verses talked about eyebrows. The young adept secret sciences arises mess in my head – so far as to look at the bridge of the nose or tip of the nose? Numerous hours of fierce debate and discussion, involving esoteric place on this occasion. Allegedly, looking at the tip of the nose, you never reach the Absolute, because there is no chakra, but in between the eyebrows is the Ajna chakra, back and should look. Western man like a robot, all descriptions apply to both rigid program, which in any case can not be broken. At the same time, the Indian mentality it more feminine, flowing, unlike Western, strict. In yogic tests very often it happens shaped points, similar to the technique of painting strokes when it is unclear where one object into another, but if you move away, you get the mountain and the people. In other styles of painting on the contrary, clearly are drawn face. All philosophical texts is more like a painting brush strokes, they do not need to grab a stranglehold in the description.


15. So, always practicing yogi, taming the mind reaches the world highest Nirvana, who is in me;

16. For yoga is not accustomed to eat too much and not for someone who is not eating, not sleeping too much or waking, Arjuna.

17. To moderate eating and self-control, moderate in the movement, activities, moderate in sleep and wakefulness is yoga, carrying away the mountain. “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

Yoga requires a balance

Friends, this is really valuable teachings, they somehow explain the Western man, how to build a rhythm of life, if you choose to succeed in yoga. Usually we rush headlong into yoga, dismissed from work, stop doing anything, we are from morning till night like drunken alcoholics begin to do postures and pranayama and forget about family and friends, become antisocial and sooner or later begin to slip. Or vice versa, hunger strikes, to go faster yoga and yoga is not. But the basic idea is that you have to build in such a way to balance your life, that there is no bias. If you mess around too much, it will not benefit yoga. There is too much work, and will not do. If moderate to work and relax – then yoga is good. Many will have – bad. Generally you do not eat – too bad. You will have a moderate, as necessary – yoga goes. All environmental factors should not interfere.


“18. When soothing consciousness (Chitta) is stable in the Atman, then detached from all lust referred reunited.

19. “As a lamp located in a windless place does not waver …”, it refers to the similarity of the yogi with ukroschёnnym mind, to practice yoga.

20. Where calms thought inhibited exercises in yoga, where, regardless of the Self-confidence, (people) rejoices the Self,

21. It is learned the ultimate bliss, the perceived (only) through Buddhi transcends the feeling; abideth in him (man) does not shy away from reality; “

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva:

enjoyment Nature

This is a very good teaching, but we will not dwell on them for a long time, although there is a lot that can be said. In particular, once you get a taste of yoga, you can sit still gde-nibud in the woods on the mat, and experience such a strong impression, in comparison with which all the joys of life in a big city, theaters, museums, exhibitions just fade into the background . You are slowly but surely come to the source of pleasure. According to yoga, all objects and phenomena – this is only a key that opens the pleasure that is already inherent within each of us. Imagine that you are not using external key have access to this safe and at any time can open it. Retire from time to time by practicing these exercises when you no one to enter into contact, over time you will get greater and greater access to the enjoyment of that power, which is always with you. This source – it is your Higher Self, or the concept of the Absolute. When now the west spread the art of meditation and some other techniques to calm the mind, they are all based on one thing – at the source are unaffected, joy and happiness, which neither depends on nothing outside. Any objects and phenomena – it is only the key to this source. If you can connect to it directly, objects and phenomena are not necessary.

Questions and answers

Question: question about Rita yoga. During workshops on yoga Rita I have such a tendency that everything goes anritu. When there is a command to switch to Rita yoga, I did not get the body accustomed to move ugly, and I can not go to Rita yoga. Does this mean that I do not practice anritu?

Answer: Do not pay attention. When there is a command from the outside, sometimes from the principle I want to do something else. In this yoga, as in all others, the main thing – to do.


Question: Regarding the one-step enlightenment, from the standpoint of humanity, globally, it seems to me, is less promising than a consistent overall development of all mankind. You can comment on?

Answer: Imagine a country in which a certain number of people vysokoprodvinutyh. Willy-nilly, they help all the others to improve. Suddenly they enlightened and gone, and the country becomes a spiritless, without teachers. There really is a place for reflection. On the one hand, there must be a karmic connection with all to help them. On the other hand, your freedom shall not be violated, if you voleizyavil enlightened.

Question: Higher feeling that we have to grasp through the enjoyment or through asceticism, it is qualitatively different from each other?

Answer: What is austerity? This is the delight in refined form. Why the need for austerity? To go to the Supreme. What college? It sverhnaslazhdenie. It is as though the back door to the Absolute. You can go through the front door, walk through a beautiful staircase and reach the Absolute, who is seated on the throne. To pass all the way and pass through all the enjoyment you need a lot of time. Austerity – a back door, fast road passing enjoyment. That’s the whole difference. Reaching Higher, you reach sverhnaslazhdeniya, compared with whom and asceticism, and all previous pleasures fade. Therefore, it is said that from the perspective of each new stage of each previous stage seems uninteresting. During some practice, for example, ecstatic may be states not comparable with an ordinary life. But even more new spiritual level, which you eventually go out, even the pleasure of the previous practice begins to fade. It is said in the Yoga Sutras, that with each new step closer to the goal of the previous pleasure seems suffering. All the sages say that the whole world – suffering. Always from the point of something more than the previous it seems uninteresting. Any pleasure is relative.

This philosophy is very useful for the Pasha, who do not recognize in your life college.

Anecdote: Tbilisi-Moscow flight, the plane takes off. In those days was a very good business for growing flowers, when the flowers are grown in the southern republics, and brought on a plane to Moscow. The plane climbs, sudden jumps from place bearded man and threatened with a knife, shouting “We fly to Turkey!” The stewardess goes to the crew to report that a terrorist on board, which requires to fly to Turkey. After some time, he returned to the parlor, sees the terrorist and slaughtered Georgians, wiping the knife: “What is Turkey? Carnations wilt! “

Question: when you come to a certain level of ecstatic pleasure, then later you are sensitive to the situation of loss and decline. All acute, and the experience of pleasure and pain are perceived more painful. This practice inevitably at rapid methods?

Answer: It is largely dependent on our previous karmic situation, because all this negativity – this rapid eradication of karma. Sometimes, it comes very suddenly and acutely, we are not ready. You are in the universe will not find any other film except that themselves have generated. Going faster means you will outlive him. Of course, it is wiser not overcome and anticipate. Knowing that can come negative, do not wait for it, and to pre-empt, to crush the approaches.

21. Glossary.

Karma (from the Sanskrit “case, the action work.”) – One of the central concepts in the Indian religions and philosophy, the universal law of cause and effect, according to which human actions determine his fate

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – a classic text of yoga, which is considered to be the author of Patanjali dating from the II. BC. – II in. n. e.

Atman (Sanskrit, “self, spirit”.) – Unchanging spiritual essence, Higher “I”. The term used to describe the Superior “I” of man and all living beings.

Pasha – to divide people on the level of spiritual development, lower type. These are people for whom the first place are the physical pleasures, material wealth – that is, not to seek spiritual knowledge.

CHAKRA (. Sanskrit “circle”, “wheel”) – centers of energy and consciousness located in the inner (subtle) bodies of man. They are located at the points of intersection of the energy channels (nadi), vital energy (prana) which flows through the human body.

Ajna Chakra – a chakra located in the area between the eyebrows. It is believed chakra dispassion and clairvoyance.

RITA (Sanskrit “order of things.”) – Is a universal cosmic law, in accordance with which there is a “ordering disordered”, the rotation of the universe and the existence of all things. Antonym word rita is ANRITA.Asura – Hindu deities demonic nature.

So, friends, we have today November 2, 2012. We Alexey Somov Vadim Zaporozhtsev conduct classes in the study of the Bhagavad Gita. This is our on-site training retreat in the suburbs MOYU. All historical data on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

We are staying on the sixth chapter and continue from where you left off.

Text: Chapter 6 (continued)

22. Upon reaching it (bliss) one understands that there is nothing higher to achieve; standing there not even shaken by heavy grief.

23. You need to know, it is called yoga-resolution connection with sorrow; in this yoga practice should be determined, the idea was alienated from everything.

24. Leaving the place of imagination all desires, all without a trace on all sides tamed Manas crowd senses

25. Quietly calm but he firmly harnessed intellect (buddhi); setting in the heart of the Self, or what does not think so


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, here is the description of this approach in yoga, which sooner or later fit. That is, first we cling to the outside world, as the world around us affects our senses, we are picked up by the senses and become easy prey. That is possible, as some of us out on the influence of visual, visually, by hearing, by smell, by touch. And we, in fact, become puppets of the outside world.

But true yoga begins from a point when you realize that you have a toy light from the outside world and begin to form a kind of island untouched inside. Which in that case, you could get away.

That is, once again I want to remind you an idea of the Bhagavad Gita, yoga is not the idea that you have renounced the world and completely gone from the world, nor to curse you feeling, since they lead to your lack of freedom. No. The idea of yoga is to be able to rule over everything and use all appropriate.

That is, when it is necessary to engage in a sense, but when you have to go out of these feelings. But it is easy to say, not exposed to the senses. For example, here’s where you’re sitting there, doing the work, and someone there talking, playing on a pipe or drum beats, and willy nilly start distracted. And happy to be abstract, but you can not, you attract the senses.

And, of course, the question becomes, how, and how to control their senses, how to make so that the person himself was a power over us, not them on it. And the techniques of yoga in the long run is as follows, in a direct disconnect senses hard and unpromising. That is, it is very difficult to say to myself that I can not hear or anything, when you hear, or I did not see that, when you see, and so on.

However, it is much easier to replace the first stage one stream of data to another. Each of us with you experienced such states in life, when we eat, somewhere in the metro and read the book, and the book describes an event. And now it turns out that the information channel, which goes through the book and is described, for example, some kind of scene makes your mind be absorbed in this particular scene. And then all of the information that goes through the usual senses, as if cut off. The ears hear but do not hear; eyes see, but not see, and so on and so forth.

The ideology of the work of our mind

That is to the fore, such a structure, which is called Manas in man. The fact that the West is called the mind, in the east of yoga philosophy, the mind is divided into three parts, or three. It is Manas, buddhi and read. The ideology of the work of the mind next, multiple streams of information that come from all over the universe reach of our physical senses, eyes, ears and so on. And then, as the philosophy of yoga, from coarse senses passed the so-called subtle senses. It can be an analogy with the normal physiology, you remember that our eye perceives light radiation, but in the brain because it is not the wave of the world, and probably some kind of nerve impulses.

Likewise here. With all of the universe is the flow of information, a huge flow of information. Here you are now sitting, and on your information falls shaft, auditory, visual, tactile, and so on. But you have such a body, as it were, which is called Manas, the function of which is out of this range of information to allocate only a single stream of information, and the rest, as if to cut off or otherwise put in place.

Similarly to what millions by radio stations. Ibid, and mobile phones, with endless chatter. Ibid, and a television signal, and any other devices that emit a lot of our broadcast radio signals. But if you include, say, the receiver, you do not listen to all at the same time, you tune in to your favorite just a wave, where favorite music is playing, and the rest, as it were cut off.

This is exactly the same, and Manas. He cuts off all information except for a narrow strip is sufficient. And after Manas highlights this rather narrow band information, it begins to pass into the interior, in the so-called buddhi. And it makes an exact copy of which corresponds to the information in the buddhi, on the basis of this information. For example, if the information about the kettle, you have to head to the Budha, formed the image of the kettle; books – books; cup of tea, then a glass of tea.

And it turns out that’s in your Budha is this replica of that in his time exploring the third structure, the name of which I read. This tool, which operates on what is called consciousness. And how would your mind begins to investigate the exact copy of an object in your buddhi. And then, on what the reader stopped, he stopped at the light of your consciousness. That is, that experience and already passed in some mysterious way to your higher self, which is transcendent, and it is not clear where.

That is, that’s how we are organized. What happens to the ordinary man? With an ordinary person, the next thing. His Manas instinktina start, then some information flows the other. What happens to the Yogi? The yogi learns to control the Manas, and himself to block unwanted flow of information and open dates. And in fact, a form of ownership or possession over their senses, be limited to Manas management that let that not to start.

That is, imagine Manas – it is a secretary, who is sitting in the office and to the head of any let or not let the visitor. And already the chief immediately perceives this visitor. So, if the secretary is not very experienced, she admits to the head, anyone. That is, in an important matter – not on important business, or know some people who just get to work openly, that is, they do not know what they want. And experienced secretary, she arranges a face control, and it is on its way as soon as the filter. – “So, here it is really an important thing to do is to start up quickly; this one here does not know what he wants and it is better to refer to a substituent; here at this important matter, but let wait, as the chief of a meeting. “

So in fact, the very first step in yoga, it is to get a good secretary. Acquire controlled Manas. But it is clear that if we took them to work is not an experienced secretary, she may not know how to behave, it may for example be greedy on some external attributes. Suppose it comes to a regular visitor it does not pay attention to, and sets some Vasily Chingachgukovich plumage Indian, it makes a great impression, though it may be disguised clown and no different from the others. That is, it is possible here so deceiving. But, it will not have an experienced secretary to look any insignia or the title, you never know who is in what form and dressed himself pinned any awards, more importantly, what he is in life is.

That’s just our Manas and he gets a lot of information flows, but somehow did not know what to choose. And the first of which begins with yoga, it is a fact that we are beginning to filter the flow of information that comes to us. That is, we initially give an indication of the secretary and so conduct our life, to go out of unnecessary information flows.

Well, actually, if you are going to meditate, it is better to be alone, somewhere quiet and where no one, not to go to the marketplace, where each one will approach you and ask for something. Here in India, in this regard, as seen in Europe, all this in their blood. I remember sitting down on the bank of the Ganges to meditate, you sit all so peaceful and expect that no one will not stick to you. Only you sat down, immediately a whole gaggle of small children, they sell some trinkets for rituals. You and they are good to say, well, what the guys have stuck it. But he will sit down like a dog that wants to feed her, sit down and wait for 5 minutes, 10 minutes if more than 15, it is already tired, already see that that does not shine and leaves.

Management bodies of the senses.

But it’s so prevents, well, why subjected to such influences, it is better to leave somewhere where, in principle, do not have it. But it is in the initial stage, and then, if the situation is not enough, that is not where to go. We should like to proceed as follows. Do not fight the flow of information that goes with them is useless to fight, and to direct its attention to the other thread. Let’s stopping you some sound and do not need to tell yourself, “I did not hear that, I did not hear that.” Better, let’s sit down and remember the sound of the surf, thoughts be carried away, as if you were on the beach. And then that’s remembrance begins to displace the rough flow of information. You like to manage replacement, replacement of one to the other, nor the suppression and replacement.

And, of course, when the idea of the concept of yogic practice you begin to capture, in the Bhagavad Gita, that the idea of your Higher Self, or the idea of the interlocutor in the Universe personal Absolute, you could not help concentrate your attention on this idea, and you do not start paying attention, already on other influencing factors. So, here they say – no matter what the yogi does not respond. Yogi on what does not react, only one reason, it is very responsive to some other thing you do not see and do not hear. He’s just all my attention shifts to another object or event, just as when you’re reading an interesting book, do not notice or anything else around.

That is, you have to remember friends, these are the laws of nature. What if there is a supreme pleasure, more small and not easy to fall off very pertinent. If there is something more interesting, something less interesting to annoy and irritate, sooner or later your clipped Manas. And it’s just a matter of practice and training.

That is, when you are as it is said here, quietly or where no hurry, knowing that you have in front of eternity, start working on a step by step approach you here to this ability, of which it is said. And it’s actually – yoga.



26. Where would neither eluded shaky, unstable Manas, curbs, it should lead to the will of the Self everywhere.

27. For such a yogi at peace with the heart, soothing rajas, likened to Brahma, the sinless covers the highest bliss.

28. So always partaking Atman, yogi, destroying evil in itself, happily eats the ultimate bliss of contact with the Brahma.

29. All living beings in the Self and the Self abiding in all beings, sees surrendered yoga, everywhere One seer.

30. Who sees me everywhere and sees everything in me, that I was not lost, and he will not lose me.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And next time, which should be remembered that all training is achieved and in fact, you have to be patient and calm, quietly return attention. Note, of course, will jump to the annoying and distracting things like a monkey from one branch to another, and your task is not to lose balance, not to succumb to irritation, and calmly returned his attention to the selected topic

That is, if this is a topic, that this your inner island untouched, there is the following algorithm. Yes, you are knocked out of the rut, someone to you or something that you and knocked you would like for yourself noted, “Yeah I knocked out adhesives, shouted so all stop, because I got to contemplate something else.” And you calmly return the focus to the selected activity. This minimally spend on themselves or dissatisfaction that would answer an external stimulus, yell at him, “No, I meditate.”

We must calmly and quietly returned his attention to the business, what you do. Time after time, starvation, time after time. And it really helps a lot.

Here I am in Moscow sometimes go and see immediately who is who among the people against the parents to the children. Here is there some kind of mother and child. The child is clear he has a child, naughty, he is in the pool, where it climbed, it still ran some grass broke. Fidget. And immediately seen parents. The first type of parent starts yelling, “Where has gone, stop now vymazheshsya, how many times have I told you!”. That is beginning to vyzveritsya children. Why? Because the children in this regard, such as the highly irritating factor, and they immediately lose control of himself. But children, it has little effect, do not shout shout, it still does the job.

But there is another type of parents. They especially do not cry, do not make noise, they were so, even weariness in his voice, starvation, softly, “Here it is not necessary to do it, to do it.” And so over and over again, over and over again. And here is the calm demeanor of attrition, oddly enough, the most severely affects children. The child is really in his head that rotates, its line of conduct does not pass, that’s at least what to do, you will not achieve. Anyway you put back on track.

Another category when parents start yelling, they think that if they yell, then comes to a child. No, baby, he basically tries on the strength of the parents. He sometimes simply make no protest as he was told. And if because of the protest the next time he makes no as he was told, and there will be reaction, all he did when no more will be heard. A child, he does not understand yet, he explores the world and as if all the other factors it for him. Factors or limiting his freedom or those which can be overcome.

The same situation is with our minds, with our surroundings. If we are in a quiet perseverance still Gnehm his line, with a minimum of emotion, with a minimum of prana, so starvation. And if not strange, this strategy is the fastest, although it seems very slow, and it seems to just yell, it will be faster. Neither of which is not faster.



26. Who I, abiding in all beings, honors, being established in unity, no matter how it is there, the yogi is in me.

27. By virtue of the assimilation of the Self who looks, Arjuna, the same in happiness and distress, who is considered to be a perfect yogi.


Arjuna said:

28. For this yoga that you define, Madhusudan, as an identity, I do not see a solid foundation due to mobility.

29. For Manas is mobile, Krishna, restless, strong, persistent: to keep him, I think, is very difficult, as the wind.

Sri Bhagavan said:

30. There is no doubt about the strong, difficult to tame Manas, shaky. Exercises, however, Kaunteya and dispassion, he is restrained.

31. unpossessed a yoga is difficult to achieve, I think so: but he who has overcome himself themselves well and exercising, one can correctly master yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, I remind you that we are going to consider the methods of the Bhagavad Gita in the first approximation, it may be the most interesting. It sounded such a thing as that is easiest to choose according to this doctrine as the island untouched, which continually return your attention, despite the distracting influence from the outside.


What to choose as the island intact.


As an island untouched, of course, in favor or our Higher Self, that is, as if we are starting to understand that within us there is something that is entirely up to us, even if we cut it will, all the same what that part belongs only us and more or anyone.

Or, on the contrary, trust in the Absolute. That is, when the concept of personal companion, and you start to direct their attention to it. It is on the one hand, more abstract, at first glance, but on the other hand is easier to realize. Since we’re all done, we are dealing in is easier than to look down inside himself. So, this is an island of untouched profit or Higher Self or the Absolute, the concept of personal Absolute, in particular, as in the text – Krishna.

Subsequently, Arjuna says, “Well, easy to say hold, but because the mind rushes, jumps, mind is not stable, the mind is not at peace.”

At that Krishna replies, “Well, yes, not calm, so hard, but again the method of training, perseverance, constantly returning to the desired goal, sooner or later comes to training the mind.” And it needs perseverance and it is still another quality is announced – dispassion.

That is, you remember there is such a thing passion and dispassion is the concept. What is meant by the word passion? The word passion means that we, coming into contact with the objects of our senses, fully captures these feelings. That is, we shall be angry, and all of that does not remain other than anger. We are bears, some other emotion, and all but it that does not remain. And this is called passion.

And, of course, if that’s the way to behave, when you without a second thought some emotion bears, it you God knows where can carry. Therefore, in yoga and the next thing we recommend. Whatever be the emotion, let it be, but let the background will be watching this emotion. Yes, you capture the anger, rage, or something else, but let them be in a certain observer who would have pointed to himself, “Yes, I’m angry, but I am now in jealousy, but I’m being stupid.”

That is, that the integrity of the element with themselves inside, oddly enough leads to the fact that sooner or later, we are becoming more and more bleak. Why? Anyway, if you are celebrating for ourselves in, “Yes, now I’m in a rage,” that is the part that says, “Yes, I’m angry,” do not fall under the anger. And we can not talk about the absolute seizure. Here is this habit, to be honest with themselves, sooner or later, which leads to detachment, greatly accelerates.

Any passion, it is good when it is controlled. Any passion is good, as the driving force. But any driving force without motion vector is transformed into a kind of danger. Here again I want to remind you an idea of the Bhagavad Gita, no one is trying to make you numb, without emotional, such pieces of wood, no. You experience emotions you experience the experience, and you can any emotion, any experience, properly directing, to accelerate their spiritual development. What is and is called to do. But none like, nor so that some kind of emotion you god knows where, took away.


Arjuna said:

32. Neotreshёnny, (but) the full faith, fallen away from the heart of yoga, has not reached success in yoga, in what way, O Krishna, he goes?

33. Having fallen from both, does it not disappear, like a torn cloud, not resist, about moschnoruky, wayward Brahmo?

34. This question, Krishna to favor dissipate completely, for no one else but you, it is impossible to resolve this question.

Sri Bhagavan said:

35. O Partha, neither here nor there otherworldly death for this, because none of the virtuous never goes bad way, my son.

36. Having reached the righteous worlds lived (there) countless years, clean happy home born fallen away from yoga.

37. Or in a family of wise yogis, he is born, but the most difficult thing in the world – like the birth.

38. There he receives (achieved) in previous incarnations union with wisdom and again strives for perfection, the joy of kuru.

39. continues his exercises he enjoys against the will; even willing to learn yoga overcomes the word Brahma.

40. But the yogi who has subdued his Manas, purified from sin, many births has reached perfection, then there is a Supreme Path.

41. The yogi is superior to ascetics, it is considered better than the wise; excellent effect – the yogi; therefore become a yogi, O Arjuna.

42. And of all yogis, the one who betrayed me to the depth of the spirit, in faith worships me (is) the most reunited, I guess.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let us once more casual touch on this topic. Indeed, if you are in one of their lives striving for, something they have done, in the next life you are just drawn to the same activities. Therefore, the fact that for example, all you are interested in yoga, in part, confirms the fact that something like you are interested in a past life. You seek in this life to continue their journey around the same level, which was completed in a previous life. Therefore, any such experience in yoga, they do not disappear.

If you’ve ever gde-to, kogda-to up on what that level of self-knowledge, it is always with you, even if you are in one lifetime is not achieved the ultimate goal of these developments are moving to the next and there is always the possibility to reach the next final. And in the future, it is clear that the more work in one life, so you start from a higher level, on the other, the more you will have a chance to be born in the family appropriate, noble, and that will give you the opportunity to engage in education and spiritual development.

And yet, a faster method is when the yogi focuses on this factor vnekarmichnosti such factors as the Absolute or such factors as the Higher Self, then, of course, if all processes are incomparably more rapidly. Strictly speaking, what is the idea Bhagovadgity that just this method of devotion and trust in college, you sort of largely accelerate their spiritual growth, their spiritual development. Therefore, it is considered to be all of the sections of fast techniques in yoga.



As soon as you bring into your life the Absolute factor, the factor of the Higher Self, you make factor in any time and space, but the Absolute is higher than the concept of time, your Higher Self is higher than the concept of time. But as soon as you make the timeless power factor, you will automatically begin to implement rapid techniques in yoga. That kind of logic.

Now questions.

Question: The text says about sin, sin is understood by any karma and negative or positive like if we do not observe the first principle of yoga?

Factor freedom and duty.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s look at their words. What is sin? It is a term of great religious than from everyday life, but nevertheless, you say so, the torch of humanity, should feel great with any people with any philosophical systems, even though you have the right not to understand non-aqueous religion. What teaching yoga, it does not mean that you have to understand, for example, in the Abrahamic religions, or Buddhist, or even in anything. No, you teach yoga, all point.

But for myself, it would be good to build such a system of definitions. Thus, according to yoga, you remember that each of us has two such factors in life that define. It is his personal freedom, it is his personal duty. And in fact, if you throw away even one of these factors, your perception of the world is incomplete.

Western civilization longer emphasizes the factor of freedom. “You guys are all free, democracy, you were born free, to think about anything do not have to, you have the teeth to tear that can speak fascist cross, for the sake of personal freedom, and all who are against your freedom, those obscurantists and the need to soak.” And these poor Americans, as representatives of this idea, all over the world walk, wander, think, who build this democracy, in whatever particular country any dunk local dictator and do the same rules of the game that they have.

What do we see? We see no particular manages to bring freedom. Suddenly it turns out that the freedom of a completely abstract thing, if there is no other concept – dolga.A, but if you begin to understand and factor in debt, and as a result, many non-obvious intricacies of human relations, you are no longer polezesh to a foreign country to impose their ideals of freedom. Because all of a sudden it turns out there and so everything on incense breathes there so all ate, ate a balanced way, and you as you know, like a bull in a china shop makes matters worse

The Western world, he’s probably going through, you know this adolescence, adolescent maximalism, when you want to turn all the parents – they are, or they do not know, do not understand, but we are young and strong, we put things in order. Maybe it is good, it can be bad. The issue is that, as a rule, not when teenagers do not reflect on the concept of duty. They think more about the concept of freedom, but have no idea where any of the debt will not move. And in fact, every step should be weighed between the two concepts.

On the other hand, if you too will balk at the notion of duty, it is also skewed, which does not lead no where. In the end, the debt obligation, but because some part of your life is not determined how long, and you can spend it any way you want.

It is necessary to find the balance of relations between duty and freedom. And if you are in my personal life have found the balance between duty and freedom, if you are using today’s freedom so that your tomorrow’s freedom was more, and your debt is less, then you are righteous, and you do good deeds. If on the contrary, you are today the freedom of use so that not only reducing their freedom tomorrow, and even increase your debt, then you are a sinner and you are committing a sin.

Now, if it is absolutely on the fingers this is now the terminology, what is sin and what is virtue. That is, it is not necessary to make any religious doctrine or some really quite abstract commandments. Because all the commandments, they are not universal, for one people, one thing for each other, and it would be good to understand the essence.

And the essence of it is this, to increase their freedom, to reduce its debt – this is one situation. Increases their freedom and increase their debt – the other situation. Reduces his freedom and increases its debt – the third situation. There are only four possible combinations of these. Some are allowed, but sometimes in such tactical purposes sometimes we go on to something a little bit right now to expand their freedom, but in doing so increase the debt, but it will pay off tomorrow, and for the debts. But in the end, again, this situation is that when we give birth or foster parents, where it always goes bargaining debt freedom.

Q: Vice Premier in the text is a phrase that better yogi sage, are excellent. I have met with such interpretations that parasites are justified, that’s karma – it is something that is low, no one wants to develop the mind. It is said that we are the best of sages, philosophers, we practice bhakti yoga, we are better than those who use their intelligence, we are better than those who are engaged in activities for the benefit of all sentient beings, and operates here words from the Bhagavad Gita, which supposedly here it is written, What do we have to do.

The means to combat ignorance.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, you will be faced with. I was particularly touched by when such clever, with his master’s shoulder saying – “There is yoga for the aristocracy, and is, for the common people, mob, so that hatha yoga – is just too stupid for that is not the case Brahmin hatha yoga to engage.” It really is a real case. Met, as it is with the people, they ask, what do I say yoga. They say, “Oh, yoga !? We also do yoga. ” But it turned out that they had some kind of cult of bhakti. They ask me, but what do yoga. I tell them that hatha yoga. They winced, winced, like, well, neither of which, in the next life you will reach our level.

Always have, hypocritical and stupid people. They are already beginning to themselves to allocate according to the degree that they now read the Bhagavad Gita without realizing it, and someone did not read.

And if to give a comment to the question, why is the highest yogi. You will recall that we originally, all in complete ignorance. We are all with you, on the one hand, the free and all-powerful, but by the action of the original ignorance, we can not take advantage of all that is inherent in us. We fall under the Maya, Maya creates ignorance, and under the influence of ignorance, we kind of caught in the cycle, are entangled. We Pasha, Pasha, that is, the word is confusing, which tied the fetters of attachment and others.

And you remember that, according to yoga philosophy is triple drug. The most powerful tool to combat ignorance or negative side of maya. What is the triple medicine? It is in one bottle three components: iccha, kriya, jnana. When on the one hand, you voleizyavlyaete High School, on the other hand we are endowed with knowledge of the Supreme, with the third party actually and physically and mentally and physically embed it in your college life.

Who is involved? This involved yoga. This is the word yoga means that you have this triple cure applies in their lives. The wise men, they are more inclined to philosophize, they are apt to here this triple medication greater emphasis on knowledge than on the will and action. A ascetics on the contrary, they are more like the activities, keep yourself in austerity, than what would understand that, although it can and will they have.

But, here is a harmonious combination of the triple drug is present only in Yoga, in a balanced, as it says in the Bhagavad Gita. Therefore, it is said that a yogi above all others. Because he once already universally enjoyed.

Here I keep telling you, some examples of his biography. In particular I am a physicist, I have finished the MiFi, but our department was made entirely on the so-called physicotechnical system. It was invented physicotechnical system at MSU. The name comes physicotechnical system, as was the chair at Moscow State University, which was called Physics Technical Faculty. Then it broke up, and then made the two universities. One was called MEPI, MIPT other. But here and there, the foundation was Phystech.

What is the idea of Physical-Technical Institute and where it came from? The idea is extremely prosaic and understandable. It was necessary to make a nuclear bomb. To it was necessary to make an atomic bomb, it was necessary first to take theoretical physics and to understand all that is happening at the atomic level. This work is purely theoretical, it’s math, a huge reservoir of theory rather than experiment. But the bomb, because you need not just on paper. Bomb you need, so you can use it. Therefore, on the other hand, it was necessary that the people not only versed in theory but could still something to do with their hands. That is to translate it into the metal, to come up with a new technology, the separation of one isotope from another, not theoretically, but practically. And the need was such a purely engineering profession, who could do it all hands.

So, physicotechnical system and I had to make a balanced graduate. Which on the one hand is a connoisseur of jnana – in theory, on the other hand is well versed in the kriya, something can do with their hands, with the third party could go into the unknown, where no one before him did not go. Because, as you remember, not all were convinced, and whether it is possible to make a thermonuclear bomb or is it just the sun. No one before you did not. And needed iccha, that is such a good audacity to go into an unknown area.

Therefore, if it figuratively, the physicotechnical system of its education and training, it is the ideal of the Bhagavad Gita. The man, who is friends with the brains, and in practical terms, not a philosopher abstract and realist who can understand what you can do, and what not, so how expensive or costly. And on the third hand, is very purposeful, and goes to the unknown, the unknown, to the knowledge of the universe, the laws that have just not come.

I would like very much to the Open Yoga University graduates, we prepared exactly the same. Geniuses do not need quite such acrobats from hatha yoga, too, they are little, much good. If there is no will and determination, no charisma to go into the unknown, how will you deal with self-knowledge as you go into the depths of the self, or in the depths of space?

It takes courage! We need some such arrogance, because around people live in a very different way of life, and you still can not help you look and how your neighbor is there, and he bought a new car today, not thinking about the Supreme. And involuntarily tightens the swamp. And then inside it is necessary to have the will, but do not care how they live, I have something different going to live. Here it is here meant.


Question: In one of his last poems, it was said that even fallen away yogi who has ceased to practice, but having faith in the principle remains “anchored”, say for college, and the next life is born in the family of Brahmins. It turns out there is some hierarchy, the hierarchy of importance in the practice of yoga, and it is quite possible that there may be some way you need to cultivate some faith, devotion to what is, and what it should be dedicated.

Classification of students

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is an experimental fact. In our MOYU every year we recruit people, and we want to choose the best and the brightest, and choose those who came (this is a black humor for me). I still take those old Soviet times, of course, the manager. the Department of Engineering Physics Institute, where I was, wanted to come to the best, but just where do they take the best? That is, you take the best of the worst. And of course, the old guard said, “Yes, the student does not go, that in our time there were people!” Whether it comes with age, or even what you can and I have now begins the disease.

But it would still when people come, they quickly reveal themselves. Here it is, say, a hundred people, and during the time they are learning-time and stratified into different groups. And the question here is not the conditions of life, that is, someone has some heavy working conditions, once very much to him to learn yoga, it should work, someone has something else and so on. No, I did not mean it. And the inner attitude to the process and internal engagement. Very clearly silhouetted different groups of people. That is, want it or not, but it is necessary to qualify them.

And you start to ask yourself the question, why so? After all, according to the teachings of yoga in all isometric and I, in general, the difference should not be, but it is. And the learning process is the same for everyone. And the only answer for myself find that someone can be really in a past life, as it were more advanced, and some do not. And this is expressed, not in the amount of knowledge, because sometimes people come and say, “I’ve already studied there, and studied here, and this yoga pose I know, and this exercise.” There is not the criterion. Not flexibility, but some fanatical devotion or passion, you might say.

If there is an internal bhava, inner prana, the experience shows, a person can go through two months of complex programs on yoga, but if not, the person does not burn it, then it goes slower. And in this regard, in other texts, there are certain classification of students. The disciple is very suitable, moderately suitable, mediocre.

And it is clear that this influence, some kind of previous factors. If you in a previous life come to know more, here is an island nezatronnutosti your Higher Self and the Absolute, in this life you have that does not remain, neither the knowledge nor the flexibility you anything you can not understand, but you are drawn, and you want to go, no matter what! And whatever you started, very quickly everything turns out at you. If about MEPI say that in those years, it’s a secret factor was the choice of the people. Man had to lighten up, he knows he does not know physics, know then, MEPI was actually made to teach Physics.

The issue is that you can polish a diamond and a piece of glass grinds, grinds not, that does not happen. Therefore, if you see a diamond, but not oshlifovanny, you take it, close your eyes and bring it up to standard. And with a piece of glass that does not do.

That is why Russia now began to change admission system, CSE began to implement all howled in these major universities who work there. Why? Well, it would seem, a single examination, as a social elevator, from anywhere in the village can come and get an education. What are they, these bigots opposed to this system?

And I will reveal a secret little. The personal examination is always a factor in the personal relationship of the examiner, it is unnecessary tihorya slaughter, he pulls the right. On the one hand it is, of course, for corruption, that is for the coin you bezdorya pull himself to the top, or vice versa. And if the university is engaged in something serious, it’s reverse side. You see that a creative person, standing, and you have the possibility of a secret back door to pick up, that is a rapid method to miss. And if such equalization, it is actually struggling with corruption, but cuts and talents. And then all while averaging gray.

Q: That’s a confirmation of your words. I just did the Kiev Polytechnic University has done so. At the exam in mathematics so alarmed that just so many blunders committed some stupidity committed, but after work we had, as it were obligatory confrontation with the teacher and so she showed me where my mistake. She looked at me and said, “Look, you’re a good guy, we take you” and all. I even dances a little bit not up, but she says: “I’ve put you here, only thing you have or who do not speak, we’ll take.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But where to go? And I think in MOYU often did so. But I really do have recently ceased to engage students set. But, it’s already a different reason, because I always hurt when people then go, and I prefer not to know. Came a man where the chat and disappeared, my Manas decided not to miss in buddhi this information, then to not be disappointed in the way the human.

But I know that very often a personal factor is present. So when the call and say: “We are afraid, do not proceed,” I always say to the ear, the main thing to like. I understand that this is the field for corruption, but on the other side of this field to sverhlogiki. This is how the world is made that you open the gate and through this gate may take, or what is over and above, or crime. Or that what closely within the framework of everyday life, such as Einstein, genius, or indeed any lack of talent that any corruption scheme will come up.

It seems to me that this is a purely philosophical law of the world. That is, you’re always in any system should be able to come to lay the genius, even if this possibility is to use slicker. This should not be a hundred percent, it must be some kind of bargaining. Let’s say you take eighty percent solely on the basis of logic, and twenty percent of the reserves sverhlogikoy, no matter take this opportunity sverhlogika or stupidity.

And not as strange as that of financiers, such an investment portfolio, the most in the long run, it gives out. Do you remember, if you have money, then recommend some deferensikatsiyu storage or growth do. The bulk of the less risky but less profitable and thus a tool to invest in long-term bonds, some respected country that tomorrow will not go bankrupt. A smaller part, in any business venture. I came to you, for example, the next Steve Jobs, with his proposal, but it can happen, but the big risk that that does not happen. And so, all the money you can not take the risk, but some percentage can. And then there financiers such a portfolio investment, which over the years justified. Say Imedzhen Layout emerging markets, where a very large yield, but very big risks, you can invest a certain percentage. A more conservative financial instruments, greater volume, but there is less yield. And as a result of multiplying the amount of the rate of return, you find the maximum of this function and start to play constantly. Therefore, the work for a financial analyst, this is not a dull work.

Just as in everything else. In life with whom to communicate, recruit any students what kind of activities as to do? Something conservative one, but does not promise a breakthrough that promises a breakthrough, but risky. How to spend the time of your life, because you have only twenty-four hours a day? How to distribute?

Q: We are talking about the fact that when the student comes and he is eager, he has devotion, it is clear. Such examples are many, but in my life met a few other examples. In particular, a child comes to school, quite closed in itself, but the teacher begins to believe in him, give him some task, even though he is not released, he is like as not suitable. And at this moment ……

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I just interrupt you. Here, just the wisdom to move someone is not to see who jumps higher than all or shouting louder, and then triggered some sort of profound intuition. Sometimes gray mouse comes with the usual criterion he is not a diamond, but something tells you that under this layer homeliness real diamond. And, as a rule, teachers feel it and develop.

But it is fair and completely different strategy, no matter what a person does not come to your Higher Self in all Isometric, and if this person voleizyavlyaet develop, in a relatively limited time, you can even make the diamond from graphite. That is, to put in such conditions, first squeeze, then heat, flatten, raskolbas to graphite moved into diamond. But you need only one thing, the will of man menyatsya.I then it quickly passes. And there is no secret, even within the framework of the Open University of Yoga, or rather even before its opening, when he was still hepi yoga center, I abused such methods.

You know, if a person came and he had faith, that faith is a bad word, but nevertheless, had faith and devotion, and he just believed a word to me. A man came, he did not know why, or what could not, did not shine, and there was not any prospects to shine, but it is believed to me personally, as a man. Following that it started this method of carrot and stick. That said, I in one person consecutively held different roles, and a loving father, and a tyrant, and a despot, and polite person, and the last cad. It is such a technique is.

And if a man for all these differences to his relationships, moods, temperature, pressure, remains faithful to the end, no matter how he was inside, he was engaged in a past life he yoga, not engaged, here from any graphite piece sure to get diamond. But it’s so expensive, it should be just a life of each log. And you just can not imagine how many people turned away from me. When good attitude is fine, but when you consciously behave like a boor, how hard it is for the ego hit, many did not survive and left. And I’m thinking to myself, and cost them so compressed.

Well, of course they had gone a little bit for other reasons. Immediately, as if bad karma, like a piano in the bushes, which stole. But, I thought to myself, what if it is a hard technique. Remember, in any text we had five categories of teachers, such as in the 108 aphorisms, in the application, that is the best teacher, the one that just made you.

Find these pieces. In general, my friends, that I do not like MOYU among students, particularly in men. Men should Oyu freehand rewrite Ananda Lahari and memorize, memorize by heart, and how to carry a Bible. No one, that does not remember, nor anyone that does not know. This text is the Bhagavad Gita, actually memorize by heart.

Question: Why do you continually share with Ananda Lahari Lahari Saundarya?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because, Ananda Lohari as would be more common at the hearing. Firstly there is a certain complexity of such historical myths as there Ananda Loharii and Saundarya Lahari. What once began to record on one side, the other side of the god Ganesha erased. And Daughtery to a certain verse, and everything else had to play from memory, that is, there are nuances purely mythological.

Q: If I may summarize, the Bhakti yoga has a two main factors. The factor of trust in the Absolute and factor of influence on the outside, that is, the yogi practicing yoga, receives a response, in principle, from the outside. But, nevertheless, there is a possibility, somehow synthesize and combine bhakti yoga and yoga directed to methods used in the study in terms of the microcosm. Is there some kind of technique is more precise, defined, how they can be combined and synthesized into a point, and they touch as soon as practicable in life to use?

The main provisions of bhakti yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let me once again remind you the main provisions of bhakti yoga. What is absolutely necessary for the practice of bhakti yoga? First, it will of that absolute, generally speaking, it is. Because if you voleizyavlyaete that there is not any of the Absolute, and you practice atheistic points of view, and your world works according to the laws, as if it had never been. It is our freedom. Therefore, only those works of bhakti yoga, who like the idea of the Absolute.

Second, an absolutely essential component of bhakti yoga is devotion. Devotion, the chosen ideal of the Absolute. That is to say, of all the options, as the Absolute can manifest itself through the person you roughly yourself come up, the image that best fits your personality, outlook, and the like.

That is to say that life came Arjuna Krishna Absolute, exactly those qualities that status, says only one thing before that Arjuna respectively and called the Absolute come in a clear, accessible manner.

Similarly, here, on the one hand, you like the idea of the Absolute, you invent a form or ishtedevata called in terms of yoga, the image of the Absolute, which is closest to you. The next step is you show loyalty to that image. That is, either, so that today this way, tomorrow all forgot about him. You start more and more focus on it, live it. Not to forget about it, invented a variety of exercises that you remind you of this image. It can be: the mantra that resemble the name of the selected image; some sculptural images or graphics; This temple, one way or another connected with this image; or, as in India like sacred place. In particular Vrindavan place where supposedly Krishna spent his childhood, is extremely popular among the pilgrims. Because, you come back and you say, here Krishna grew up, played here and so on. And getting in a house museum or the museum of the country, willy-nilly, all begins to resemble and help you not to forget, and thereby strengthen your dedication and focus of your attention, consciousness and energy of the Absolute in that aspect.

It is clear that for the knowledgeable people, all these steps, it is exercise, akin to yogic exercises, simply because it is easier to reason. But, as you know, that bhakti yoga is not required to have sharpened the mind, and therefore, for the stupid people all these subtle practices begin sooner or later turn into some ritual exercise that you know, do not understand the main thing do. And so, sooner or later there is what is called religion.

In particular, when you’re faced with the followers of the cult of Krishna bhakti, once you catch yourself thinking, and neither is there any sect, such a specific, on your interesting. The fact that they say that they have absolute, that they have something universal, it is also not surprising, because every sect says that they are the most important, and the other that does not understand. In fact, the world religion of the sect differs only in that world religion is a cult that has grown to the world level, a difference more than anything there.

It turns out the next thing that people are satisfied with this situation is stupid, they like this or that subject them someone said something, how to do, and so on. But you have to understand that after all the smart people, or the temptation to intellectual spirit, and they are at least rare, but still occur. And their cud such stupid not satisfied. They certainly want something thought out, designed, with great explanation, exercises with thinner, more developed system.

And indeed, in most bhakti yoga there are more subtle, complicated exercise, particularly in the Swami Vivekananda. He left two works, one called Bhakti yoga, yoga or other Parabhakti highest bhakti yoga. But there are other areas, for yoga, which are integrated here’s the part of bhakti yoga. For example, followers of Sri Vidya. There’s really, if for a good deal, all that is in the bhakti yoga have and Sri Vidya, but also plus the weight of all this, down to the smallest details, which are not, and never dreamed of a normal group.

In fact, thanks to the Sri Vidya, we at least understand something in kundalini yoga exercises with all arising for this. Description of the system where the channels chakras and centers, it just flashed in Sri Vidya. You can read some myth or allegorical verse, but in fact he was not simply allegorical, and then freeze-dried compressed encrypted practice with the channel description, centers, obstacles, various nuances. Therefore, I say, my friends, let’s Anada Lahari study, especially men.

I would like to get spread Yoga of Love, which on the one hand essentially Sri Vidya, but sharpened by a number of the more practical aspects of life. There, too, on the one hand fully some moments of bhakti, and on the other hand, very specific exercise, which is a factor of your Higher Self, your mind, your will, even your selfishness. That is, in the cult of bhakti, it is considered that the fact that you trust to the Absolute in the chosen form, you are, sooner or later begin to forget his ego, about himself.

Sometimes it is very useful, sometimes it strongly promotes you up, but you remember that the universe is more complicated, selfishness is as necessary at certain stages of the path. As long as selfishness is not present in a certain volume, there is no one a chance to develop and hone the principle of reason. Selfishness excellent sharpens the mind, it is like a grindstone, without it you will never get to your mind. Kakie-to exercise, even if they no longer have to deal with your kakimi-to manifestations of personality, and that at first glance, focus on you as a person, they are indirectly nonstrange then dramatically accelerate progress on the path of yoga by the fact that they thereby sharpen the mind.

Therefore, this type of yoga is yoga of love, it presupposes not only the aspiration to the Supreme, devotion, but also the brain, and the trouble with brains, as a rule. All religions, world system wish to find the mass market. But under the narrow segment of connoisseurs hard to think of something.

Question: With regard to, the fact that men learn recommended Ananda Lahari.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is me myself, I recommend, I will explain why. Remember, like Pushkin, meet a girl beautiful and you can see that the Absolute you opened and want to say something, and it turns out, as in that joke, the boy asked the girl that he likes, and he judoka, and says: “Mary, I I love you so much, you want, I’ll break your arm. ” I am, why I tell you all this because I’m talking to myself, I am more than sure that you do the same thing. Do you want a girl, something sublime to say, and the result is’ hooves in the mouth “or something like that. In any case, if you voiced Ananda Lahari, the girl did not take offense.

Q: Then certainly it is necessary to teach Saundarya Lahari.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Saundarya Lahari, of course, yes, I agree. Now I realize that once again it is necessary to re-read the Ananda Lahari with comments, and the thought that still need Saundarya Lahari … It’s a challenge, my friends, is a serious challenge. It is necessary to forget about everything, it should be absorbed by this, it is necessary more than does not engage, it is necessary to lead a meditative life, spending days and nights in the practice of yoga, meditation. I had a period before the general approach to the Ananda Lahari. You simply can not imagine, I spent a great time alone, one on one with the universe. Actually it is only allowed as the closer.

Q: The woman as the embodiment of energy, in principle, have to produce a vector of consciousness to direct their energies to the college. Is this not a good method there, including women, to learn some text that was one direction in which it was possible to direct your mind and the text is already configured, if I know him by heart. And what tex will be closer to the girls?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Can the Internet to download text Sivananda Lahari, try it.

Question: And what do the text to teach them a lot and transfers to separate. I mean text Ananda Lahari.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here I am, asked Brown why translate? Because he did not hesitate, he went to India, he found the source, different branches compared. And for me it is a much more important than translating the undertaken nowhere, with nowhere holding commentary. He is a man of the scientific environment as in the whole of the scientific community, you will always find where the shoe pinches. As practice shows it is best to compare different translations, say the same Woodruff. From the same series and Helen Arthur Avalon “Hymn to the Goddess”, it is necessary to find it. Arthur Avalon, this is John George Woodruff, and Elena Avalon, probably his wife. I honestly say, not consciously interested in the biography of Woodruff, although it may be it is time to be interested.

The situation for girls. How to establish itself in the consciousness. It would be nice to have a set of exercises that would help the girls do not forget about the male component of the universe. It is necessary to look for it in saundaryam Sivananda Lahari Lahari or.

Come on, we will deal Friend texts collection. I am constantly confronted with this in workshops. You say you want someone a text that everyone thinks he is on the Internet is. Then begins a frantic search on the internet, then it turns out that the site, which was Tex, closed, links disappeared. Let’s be at the source. In general, we need to come up with a librarian to collect texts, primary sources, because tired of myself. Moreover, the texts in electronic form or on paper.

Q: And where to take them in paper form?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When I was in Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, I had time to spare. And believe me, the first four years, it almost was not. I was the only holiday shopping and find the required books, whereas in physics, mathematics, the divisions. And sooner or later, you realize that in stores you can not buy what you need, and go out to the specialty shops, where there is what you need, and is published in very small print runs.

So you and it also makes sense to develop a habit to monitor the release of new books, and particularly well-trodden path to the shops “Akademkniga”. One is close to Tsvetnoy Boulevard, very close to the KC Enlightenment, just fifteen minutes. Go back to where the Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Oriental Literature, still a lot of literature print. Dandekar In particular, our favorite, printed in 2002, the Russian Academy of Sciences, I bought there. With a circulation of two thousand copies, no one else you can hardly buy so freely. This is a fairly small edition. They go in a circle of specialists and are generally in the range of specialists and remain.

Therefore it is necessary from time to time to go to these stores, shops Akademkniga. It is necessary to close and go shopping. I must say the honor and praise to the major shopping, they still try to ensure that their range was quite rare, all these “Biblioglobus”, “Moscow Book House”. In Moscow there are four or five very good large stores. The more they are good? What’s come and have an electronic system filled the author or topic, and it also shows the stasis room shelf, rack, living room, where is this book. That’s just not physically possible to find that they have, and what is not, because everything has to be sort out.

Therefore, reading some book, at the end, as a rule, the list of references. Here is what I now want to make the Open Yoga University, to which we have not paid attention. We need to bring some academic. That is, if a good book at the end of the list of obligatory literature. In particular, even Smirnov found Dandekar Asura Varuna, publishing in 1941. How did you hear about Dandekar? Here here. Let us canons of good academic approach will be implemented.

Yet the most valuable thing I want us to have introduced such a practice, it links. Because now it turns out like this, I spend the seminar and said that there is a love yoga, nada yoga and other forms of yoga, and very quickly in plain language to present it. And now, as long as it is a completely new theme, it is acceptable, there is no time for something more serious.

However, it may take five – ten years or more serious followers or scientists will require primary sources. There is the situation, and where about it can be read? Or is the position of the Vedas. Here I am in his lectures, saying that in the Vedas it is said so that you my word for it, and believe it is okay, it’s okay for you to practitioners. But, for people who study this issue neutral, it is important to know exactly where it is said, what a mandala, a national anthem, which is indicated on line. Because you never know what can ponapridumyvali or maybe I misinterpreted, and the primary source found out that the opposite is true.

Of course, this approach is an academic, he is not really a very viable, because of the oral tradition of texts, part of texts not translated, in the interpretation of many things. But all the same, sooner or later it will be a question. But, on the other hand this approach, you will be very hard to cut obscurantism, because now these carriers Vedic knowledge has bred a lot of shouting and all that they have Vedic knowledge, Ayurveda, and so on. They are under the Vedic knowledge does not understand the knowledge of the Vedas, and the knowledge of the so-called Upavedas, the term “Veda”, nor in terms of the Veda as the Rigveda, and in terms of know, that is nothing.


Chapter VII

Sri Bhagavan said:

1. I am loyal heart, O Partha, practicing yoga, (under) my blood as surely and completely you will know me, give ear to this.

2. This knowledge and implementation skills, I’ll let you know exhaustively: for knowing that here does not remain more than anything else for cognition.

3. Of the thousands of people who have hardly any (one) strives for perfection; from aspiring and achieved success hardly any (one) truly knows me.

4. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, Manas, Buddhi, principle of personality (ahankara) – here is my octal divided by nature (Prakriti).

Knowledge, which is achieved due to all other knowledge.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: This is a general philosophical position of the Indian civilization, which has always sought to acquire the knowledge, knowledge which comprehends all other knowledge.

There are some skills that you have learned and that knowledge gave answers to the questions, but after that there is even more questions. The scientists, the further advance in the study of the world, the more unknowable stands in front of them. Of course, in ancient India, it had long been understood and they wanted to develop a strategy for knowledge of the universe, to the number of questions with each step is not increased, but decreased. And ideally, this is what we are considered one-step in our consideration of enlightenment: how to quickly get this knowledge, the knowledge of which, all other knowledge is achieved? That is, in general, all the infinity of knowledge reduced to a single knowledge.

And then another question, and whether there is knowledge, knowledge of which reached all the other knowledge? And if there is, what it is and where to find it? And in this chapter “Bhagavad Gita” as soon as it starts with a response. “Yes, this knowledge is, it is knowledge of me” – says Krishna. Knowledge of the Absolute leads to the fact that all the rest come knowledge and the universe in this sense becomes uninteresting. Why? And that there is still to learn, you already know everything ?!

Or symmetrical situation for those who are trying to learn your Higher Self In other words, the knowledge of his higher self, you reach the knowledge, the knowledge of which it purchased all other knowledge. So these are things such as would be symmetrical.

You pomnetsya that in our yoga school, there is a sufficiently developed axiomatics of yoga and there are two approaches, the approach of the Microcosm and macrocosm. Bhakti yoga with emphasis on knowledge of the Absolute, just approach the macrocosm leads to knowledge, the knowledge of which purchased all other knowledge. And even a small movement towards the Absolute knowledge, greatly expands the number of your knowledge. You start not intelligently generate some knowledge, and you begin to understand and feel the universe. As a result, it begins to turn on your intuition, and you do not start thinking to know what is valuable in itself.

4. Earth, water, fire, air, ether, Manas, Buddhi, principle of personality (ahankara) – here is my octal divided by nature (Prakriti).

Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ayurveda philosophy gave different approaches to the environmental classification of the universe, and out such complementary pairs, but sometimes antagonistic. In particular, this pair as “Prakriti- Purusha”. Or in another way: “The supreme spiritual world and the material world,” or “Higher Self and the body” or “the surrounding universe, given to us through matter, and what controls this universe.”

For example, about Prakriti and it is said that there are constituent elements of the universe, as “Earth, water, fire, air, ether, Manas, Buddhi, principle of personality” and here in this cosmogony of “Bhagavad Gita”, which is similar to the system of the views of others philosophical systems, in particular Srividya, it follows that all five elements plus mind, which in this case is divided into Manas, buddhi, but the reader is not included, and further still “ahankara”.

What is ahanhara? It begins some subtleties of Indian philosophy that the count, and that is indeed present, and what is not? Later, in the Tantric tradition, you will meet with the theory of “tattvas” or Elements. Or in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” a play on the theme of “tanmantr” or indivisible Elements such quanta, the building blocks from which everything is made. The word ahankara understood ego, this is where you find yourself in what you are not.

Features of ancient languages.

Pronunciation of “ahankara” or “Ahamkara” it does not matter, you remember that chasing Sanskrit pronunciation, but not for writing. The same word can be written as anything that leads us into a stupor Westerners, and this matter the most common for Hindus. Moreover, in the writing of these texts the same sentence can be broken down into different components of the word.

Remember, as we read anecdote that Hrsikesa, it is mentioned in the glossary Smirnov in the “Bhagavad Gita”, Western scientists, why is translated as “hairy.” At the same time, if the break in another word, it turns “Lord of the senses.”

In fact its has a charm in this manner, because you hear the sound of the word, and are born numerous associations that can carry meaning. And, indeed, considered drevnevedichesky language of Sanskrit which occurred in this respect was the language of the gods, chtoprosto own awareness, sound and meaning of words, you can draw from the knowledge of the language.

Usually this encounter linguists who study the Romance languages, or Indo-European group of languages. They eventually come to such a mystical sense that just focusing on a particular word, or come to the knowledge of the conclusions of this knowledge, one language can complement another language, since the roots go back to the proto-language kakomu-to.

It is believed that in ancient times was once a common language, which then broke into many pieces and modern linguists support this view, as far as I know, at the moment all languages without exception, the group brought to the so-called Borean or Nostratic languages. And these groups are quite different, and this group of Indo-European languages, and languages finougrskaya group and others. Moreover, one output from the other, and generally have transition, where one goes to another vowel, and then the third. There are however still some branches, which modern scientists have not yet found. Another twenty-thirty years ago, it was believed that there are seven main groups of languages, but in recent times linguists managed to reduce these seven groups to a common proto-language – Borean or Nostratic language that all over the world all the experts seem to be at the moment accepted.

It turns out that the more ancient language, we consider, the more we begin to draw information, knowledge, not from the formal writing of words and of his sounds. It turns out that are similar in pronunciation of certain words are not just a random similarities, but also some semantic interconnectedness.

Later, when there was a written language, and in this respect, you have to understand that writing the same Indian appeared much later than the knowledge of the Vedas, Vedic knowledge for a long time transmitted orally and not recorded. It is only then, when there was a danger of loss of the Vedas was invented writing, the famous letter Devanagari, where each letter as the body of the deity, and then found its continuation in Sanskrit. Vedic Sanskrit language to a secondary role, he appeared much later than the Vedic language. Even at the level of occurrence and the rules of Sanskrit language as it is not sad to say part of the Vedic knowledge of cut, and was lost.

Therefore, if you are in the same India find Sanskritist proud to be screaming that knowledge of Sanskrit above all, it is not quite true. Still, knowledge of the Vedic language guarantees that you understand everything. And the Vedic language, few people do not just know, but at least know what it is.

Therefore, the same terms you will encounter different spellings and try, if not a familiar term, say it aloud, to listen as it sounds, and maybe something even tell you some knowledge and values.

But let us return to such terms as “ahankara”. In terms of what’s the structure that we see ourselves as something different from what we are, not whether there is a primary element of the universe? This is a rather complex philosophical question. Our universe misleading freezes so that this error is an integral building block on which to build this misconception. And it is quite misleading to overcome even the most unshakeable walls begin to crumble, because they are the foundation on error. It’s like death Koshcheeva, can be any number from Koshcheev immortal fight to no avail, but if you find a death that is hidden in the needle, sometimes the most mysterious way you quickly gains the victory.

5. Lower it, but learns different from it, my higher nature, living creature, a powerful; it keeps this transient world.

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Note: There is a situation of Prakriti or given to us by the universe – it is like being the lowest manifestation of the root cause, and then it comes to what is a highly original cause.

6. All beings – its bosom, Realize it. I’m all over the world beginning and end (Praslin).

7. Above me there is nothing, Dhananjaya, at me all this is strung like pearls on a string.

8. I am the taste in water, O son of Kunti, I shine of the moon and the sun, I am the life-giving word (Pranava) in all the Vedas, sound in space, humanity in people;

9. Clean the smell in the ground; I shine in the fire, the life in all beings; I feat ascetics.

10. Know me, Partha, as the eternal seed of all beings; I have the wisdom of the wise, I am the splendor of the magnificent;

11. I have the strength of strong, free from lust and passion; I there is a desire, not contrary to law, O bull among Bharat.

12. The states Sattva, Rajas and Tamas, know that they are from me (take place); because I am not in them, and they with me.

13. The three states of the whole (transient) world, misguided, learns not me who dwells on them, enduring.

14. For this is divine, consisting of the gunas (qualities), my formidable Maya; Those who come to me, overcome this maya.

15. Crazy, that do wickedly, shall be void people do not come to me; deprived of my knowledge of Maya, they rely on the nature of the asuras (demons).

16. Four kinds of righteous people worship me, O Arjuna: suffering, aspiring to knowledge, seeking to acquire, and the wise, O bull among men.

17. Of these wise stands out as a constant devotee reveres the One; I’m extremely expensive wise and he is dear to me.

18. All of them have reached a high, but the wise is like me, I think, because he devoted spirit, reaches me, unsurpassable Way.

19. After many births the wise reaches me, “Vasudeva is everything,” – he says it is difficult being found mahatma.

20. Those whose knowledge is carried away by various lusts, turn to other gods, observing the various vows urge to own nature.

21. Whatever images or tried to read with faith fan, his unwavering faith I have given them.

22. He approved of the faith, committed to it (the image) favor; from it receives the desired benefit, but it has given me.

23. But this is the fruit of a passing them malomudryh: the gods are they that sacrifice to the gods, but my devotees come to me.

24. I, the unmanifested, reached manifestations considered unreasonable, not knowing my transcendent, everlasting, supreme Existence.

25. I do not comprehensible to all, clothed in Yogamaya (the illusion of nature); this world is not deceived learns me, unborn, imperishable.

26. I know the former being, present and future, Arjuna; I do not know anybody.

27. Mistake duality, arising out of disgust and desire, O Bharata, all beings (this) world goes dazzle of the ascetic.

28 But righteous men, whose sin is destroyed, freed from delusion and duality, worship me, firm in vows.

29. Those who, seeking refuge from me, eager for liberation from old age and death, to know fully Brahma, the highest Atman and all Karma.

30. Those who know me as the Supreme Being, the Supreme God, the supreme sacrifice, the hour of departure shall know me, faithful spirit.

Thus in the Upanishads of the Holy Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga,

told Sri Krishna and Arjuna

(Reads) the seventh chapter,

referred to as


Vadim Zaporozhtseva Comment: An interesting chapter in the sense that the Absolute tells about himself. Why so appreciate “Bhagavad Gita” and in one of the translations sound like “Song of the Absolute,” “Song of God”, if you will, or “Song of the root causes of being,” because the root cause of our offer and tells how it really done.

It emerges quite an interesting philosophy. It lies in the fact that in fact in the “Bhagavad Gita” is the same idea that has been in the Vedas, but in more complex terms, hymns, are covered in a more understandable language. Therefore, “The Bhagavad Gita”, though the crown of Indian thought, but not in terms of what kto-to, chto-to invented a new and a crown that learned understandable words for ordinary people to express everything that was in the Vedas many more millennia.

So, what the Bhagavad Gita topic in this revelation of the Absolute? Another “Bhagavad Gita” is sometimes translated as “Supreme Revelation”, “Revelation of the Absolute.”

The essence of life.

Full of objects and phenomena in the universe, but it is a manifestation of low nature. We say the nature alive, the tree grows, the birds are chirping, volcanoes explode, swirling galaxy, and so on. D., And you can see the life behind all this, or at least we say that there is something alive and it is changing. The question arises, “What is it all about and whether it is related to the Absolute?”. And the answer is the following, “Yes, certainly has. For all these coming events and objects hidden Absolute “. This is a fairly gross manifestation of the Absolute.

Q: “And what is the Absolute?”. It is clear that we are still under the influence of many religions are inclined to interpret the concept of the Absolute, as the word “God”. But, my friends, “god” bad word to explain the Absolute. The word “God” – is a special case of the concept of the Absolute. Because the concept of the Absolute – is the root cause of the concept of being, and so grand that it has a place, for atheism and for religion, for the concept of God, and for the lack of the concept of God.

The question arises: “What is this – the primary cause of life?”. And this in fact is the essence of life. That is the concept of life. Usually we say that something alive on the manifestations, but it is only a rough reflection of the underlying causes, but given to us in sensation.

If in the future you start to be more sophisticated person, come to very interesting discoveries about which people knew in antiquity. If you do certain practices, rituals of yoga is as if you go on contact with a higher and more invisible forces with which you can somehow interact and they somehow affect your life, you affect their lives and any desire that you have, they can be executed.

As there are religions.

As a consequence, there are primitive religion. That is, indeed, Build temple, stir up the idol, and build up his dancing, songs, sacrifice with some spells and now see a miracle happened – the rain has gone, the harvest is great and the enemy defeated, etc. That is, it assumes that this is nonsense – short-sighted. If it was nonsense, this nonsense would not maintained from generation to generation, from one nation to another for thousands of years. Because life is usually very heavy and there is no resource to pustoprazdnye classes.

For example, you Knock an enemy, you have a certain amount of time and effort, it is necessary from the standpoint of logic all the time and energy to spend on the preparations for the meeting with the enemy. And then people do this: some time and effort they spend on the preparations for the enemy, and some time and effort spent on it to some complicated ceremonies to pay tribute to the deity in order to gain victory over the enemy. In business, there is the concept of “lost profits” if you spend something in one, you can not spend on something else. And since there are a variety of situations where every second counts, that if it did not work, it is according to the law of evolution, sooner or later become obsolete yourself, and it is repeated, it is said that it works. For example, the effect of the shaman. Typically, the shaman does not catch a fish, a little work, not to the extent that in any case, like the others, and his society suffers. Why tolerate why feeds? And life was always hungry. Because it was the use of it.

Over time, if you’re not an idiot, you start to grope some complex relationships in the world, and so are born, first, primitive religion, and then more and more complex. They arise and live for one reason – they work. If they did not work, they would not exist. Therefore, any cult, even the most hideous that it seems to us, in what some people in the jungle, is an integral part of communication with the reality.

Another conversation arises: is it really in the nature there are all these numerous horrific gods? No. As a rule, any deity is exaggerated image of a man who believes in the deity. What a wild man – especially a wild deity. The more civilized – the more civilized. The more humanistic man – the more humanistic deity.

The man took his idea of how it was to be increased to an enormous size, it began to worship and receive the results! And we see in the first place many religions, and secondly, we see that some religions quite wild, some humanistic. Or on the contrary, we see over time transformed from a wild religion, softer.

There is the concept of polytheism, polytheism. Everywhere in the world, and in India, if you want to solve the problems of the war, worship this deity, to something else, this worship. This is confirmed by the experience, if this experience is not confirmed, it would not have survived.

In the “Bhagavad Gita” is explained, that in fact the whole driving force in this universe that is called life, Krishna says: “This is me, Absolut, but I’m in my favor, I come to answer other living creatures in the form in which I want see”. Therefore, in essence, what would not be a fierce image of the deity of some savage tribe, but if there is something works, then works because Absolut seeing what people want him to come in this form, in His mercy comes to them. The strength of all the deities, nor in the fact that they exist by themselves, and that through them begins to act for a single deity.

What animates all religions.

And try to catch the following thought in this chapter. If you find yourself kakogo-nibud idol, began to worship him and he will respond, on the one hand, it responds to you the Absolute through the form of the god, and you realize that it meets the Absolute, through this form, and you get the whole effect that can, in principle, give the god, but not tying karma in this way you will sooner or later come to the root cause, only factor that you understand. As stated in the text: “the wise it comes to me.”

If you are a primitive people believe that “the great boar”, which is necessary to make a sacrifice and your kind will flourish, and the enemies defeated, and you think that this is the very essence, then sooner or later you start to live in a world in which as though would really was a god in the form of a boar. And you find yourself in a fantasy world that invented himself, he revived, and from which it is very difficult to escape.

That’s why things like religion scary enough. Because if you find yourself in them and you start to believe in them, then the whole world adjusts to this belief will prove that’s the way it is. And someone else will pass away, and say that there is no boar, the progenitor of the earth, and there is something else. You begin to perceive a hostile reception, “Well, how is it, someone came in and did not see obvious things!”. And the more you begin to push in such a state, the more you resist, and you dismiss the argument of reason and become a fanatic. And in this terrible danger.

Therefore, such a primitive religion is the childhood of humanity. But in any case it is impossible, on the one hand to destroy, fight them, as a matter of fact at least something sacred there, but on the other hand one can not play along with them. Playing up to it, you involuntarily start to revive obviously unsustainable structures that without your intervention would itself collapse with time safely, and your intervention begin to live.

Right now the trend is very hard went to Russia with the next bend. Do you remember what it was seventy years of official atheism, and now allegedly renaissance of religion, just something I think these religions in Russia have already hit over the edge, has not climb into the region where it is necessary. Most interesting is that these religions would be active, humane, and they are all trying any unleash war, some militant conduct policy, and that sooner or later fall apart clearly.

The very first who we faced with this – are scientists, because suddenly gone alien ideology, even more grim than Marxism-Leninism because Marxism-Leninism, he believed in the triumph of science, and then dogmatic pret such that not even dreamed of Marx, Engels, Lenin. And suddenly a very real conflict, with some real research or interpretation of certain scientific achievements in the field of biology and medicine. And scientists tense, intelligent people are now strained, because now pressuring these, then this, and tomorrow will come and get you. Went to reverse the trend, they began to throw out wherever you can and can not be the word of God. So I said, “God forbid,” and it can be regarded as an indirect promotion of religion. This situation is reversed. And his it is justified, because the same 80, 90 years, many scientists have flirted with religion, but they somehow understood religion as something higher, humanistic, and it is something obscurantist, dimming, overwhelming and they grabbed his head, that played along with it.

So that’s against you. Which would not have been better to respect the beliefs, but do not yell at each corner, not promote, because you can so that something really quite grim support.

So, you’re a man wiser understand that any religion that they work, but you are trying to further understand: what is the driving force of any religion, because religion quite different and conflicting. Some say do it and go to heaven, others say, do just the opposite and go to heaven. Some say do not kill and go to heaven, while others say that the more you kill the enemies of religion, so go to heaven faster. Still others say that it is impossible to kill, but in this case it is possible, and determine where you can – it is difficult. confusion gets full.

And you, as an intelligent man begin to realize that on the one hand you have enough spirit and see that the work of religion, on the other hand you see that they contradict themselves. There is something more universal and that animates this religion. And just about this it is said in the “Bhagavad Gita”, which in fact, sooner or later you come to the Absolute concept of primary life, which manifests itself in his mercy as we want to see it.

It turns out that no matter what religion you belong historically, it’s certainly not about a Russian conversation, in Russia you remember still that plowed all the field, destroying all, both good and bad, in fact, as of now I see it more good than evil. Because if we take Europe, where historically many centuries, millennia some one and the same religion, it does not believe anyone, but it seems like it is, and it is considered rude not to adhere to its views. The question arises: how to treat this? Treat should be good! We must understand that every religion has positive thing initially, and if by doing this or that ritual, you know that just asking for the Absolute in his mercy here and so act, then you do not get to the tenacious, sticky paws religion. You like to use an intermediary for religion and go to a higher level.

If you do not recognize the concept of the Absolute, and think that this is my idol is, and more, no one has you in this life and after death, as stated in the “Bhagavad Gita”, get in those conditions, which is dominated by the god, t. E . the rules of the game are quite low. And they are, sooner or later you get bored, because they show the inconsistency. What was good at one time, in some circumstances, at other times and in other circumstances, you start to choke.

This is a subtle point that it is necessary to slide on reality, seeing the root cause, seeing the source of everything, then you quickly reach higher states. If not, then each deity another yl religion will have to raise at some level, and then prevent you to go further.

Just as a large planet in the path of the spacecraft, as well, and religion until you fly up to it – it speeds you, but you hit her, and she will not let you continue, its gravity causes to rotate around itself. Recall from my personal experience of friends who suddenly turned into a religion. The first time – a great people: sincere, kind, ready to help, full of enthusiasm, but they suffice for long. Five years from six, that there is no enthusiasm, no kindness and there is dogmatism, the desire to make everyone like them. Internal lift is not felt by them, on the contrary once again do not want to communicate with them, because you begin to catch myself thinking that you talk to a zombie machine, there is no thought, there is a program inserted. And all this happens in a short time.

When I was in college, back in the Soviet years, we have been ill all this: some mild, some in heavy. Who, then, had been ill with the age they are more intelligent, more sane. Some are already sick at my age, that’s all, is not treated better these diseases in childhood have been ill, because they are too old sedentary to openly face the world and start some dogmatic things.

There is only one reason: they first opened higher, but they did not understand that college was opened through the form and they grabbed their shape. Then college sees that you grabbed the form and at the college do not look, college took shape and remained in the hands of the shards. And you can not escape, because you think prohibit dogma, and you as an honest man, remember, once opened higher one must be faithful to it and cling to it, where there is no Supreme, and thus enslave themselves.

If you by saying: “Come on that’s all!” You say, “No, how can I be a traitor, but I believe in this doctrine.” And any religion it is a trap, you come back, the door is closed, and honest people caught in decency. Usually so you come to you and say: “You appear, now you should just be faithful to us, and all attempts by you to reprogram another religion you should initially perceived as heresy, and temptation and must fight with this!”.

It is clear that this is such a mental construct zombie when a person himself to himself short, and he becomes his own supervisor and take him out of this state from outside is almost impossible. What trouble all totalitarian entities? In fact, that if a person gets there, bring it from the outside, this state is not possible in principle. A person can recover it himself go, but never from the outside. From the outside you start and the more you push on it, so it is even more strengthened in their faith. Because its source of strength in humans have not – Higher gone, and it is necessary to eat at least some energy. Therefore, if there is an external aggression, it prolongs life, prolongs the life expectation of a doomsday here these religions.

Imagine, you say, “December 20, 2012, according to the predictions of our sect will be end of the world!”. Why? Because after the calendar date they no longer have. Whether the paper is over the ink, or at all for them it was some kind of future ungodly medical benefits. And you see that now in October 2012, and less than a month, and it mobilizes. People start a business is to get rid of real estate. “Why all this, is the end of the world, it is better to buy the money is white to heaven, will order some puja, to me personally, it’s a party spared.”

Friends, this is a very subtle psychology. At Sankara well it said that “worship the Supreme becomes free, worship something in between, you become a slave and as a cattle jugular go under the knife of the butcher, the religion or the level.” This is why, now that nobody understands. In the world a tolerant attitude towards religions, too politkorektnosti and it can not know what the outcome. Read the history of the Middle Ages with its wars.

As Swami Vivekananda said: “Because of the Supreme has been spilled more blood than for any other reason in the world.”

Finally, we get the following logic. By the very fact that we are sitting and studying the “Bhagavad Gita”, which, as it were college talks about itself, and we are interested, we can prove for ourselves the next thing indirectly:

first – sometime in this life or before that, we voleizyavili that college would have to be;

the second – we voleizyavili that it would be nice to college could communicate with us and we have something to talk about himself;

the third – we voleizyavili that senior came and talked to us in an understandable language for us;

fourth – so it was quite universally higher, but not rolled into another religion, we may ate before.

It turns out that from the perspective of the axioms, the first step would have to be ours, and as a result – response. But perhaps those questions and those asking questions that we asked, and asked in the days of “Bhagavad Gita”, while it is possible to use here in this response to a first approximation.

But, on the Higher and Higher, that it constantly communicates with you in the first approximation, it is you the answer, but if you want more info, please contact directly already own, as taught by Bhakti Yoga. That is, no one bothers you, just as Arjuna asked Krishna, has himself asked him to come into your life in the form college and talk to you in a language that you understand and have already responded to your specific questions kakie-to which were not covered in the “Bhagavad Gita”.

Question: I have a granddaughter in the school introduced three types of religions can not refuse, you can select any, the child that does not understand the parents against all, but something has to be selected. It may start with the “Bhagavad Gita”? Because if something of religion vobyut now head back then did not vybesh.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m not sure that something vobyut. For any religion to work, there must be sincere people. Upfront there are no people, and every insincere works against religion. My mother is a teacher myself and I know this environment the teachers, the teachers would be like to lead, they watch for which they are paid. If the teacher does not believe, then the children will not believe, and teachers in the mass, in general, quite sane people.














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