2013_02_23 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 13. Part 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

2013_02_23 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 13. Part 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

So, friends, we have today 23 February 2013, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a lecture of the International Open University of Yoga. All historical data on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru. Remember, we have more courses, free of charge, to teach yoga. Website openyoga.ru.

Today we are going to continue to consider the text of the Bhagavad Gita, to the point where we left off in the previous session. But before we go to consider the Bhagavad-Gita, can somebody have any questions? No questions. Good.

Then I ask, side by side with me, reader, which we reckoned the appropriate places.

Chapter 13. Continued:

“Wherever infancy kakoe- any creature, still or moving, you know – this is a field with disconnecting the knowing field among all the Bharat. Who sees the greatest Lord, equally present in all beings, the imperishable in the incoming, one indeed sees well prozrevaya everywhere equally present the Lord, he does not harm himself, and so is the highest way. For who sees that all actions are carried out in Praktiti, and that the Self is inactive, the one truly sees. When he begins to see that the existence of certain creatures resides in Edina, comes from him, then he came to Brahma. Primal, bezkachestvenny, the highest Atman, everlasting, abiding in the body, O son of Kunti. Do not act, and does not stain as the all-pervading space, Akasha, is not polluted because of its subtlety, – so does the Atman residing in each body, is not contaminated. As a single sun illumines the whole world – and the lord of the field illumines the whole field, O Bharata. Those who have the eyes of wisdom begin to see the difference between the field and know the field, and the liberation of beings from Prakriti, the ones and the DUT to the Highest. ” 13 So says the head of the Bhagavad Gita, called Yoga recognition between the field and know the field.

Let’s go line by line, and we will all be considered.

“Wherever infancy kakoe- any creature, still or moving, know, this is a field with disconnecting the knowing field among all the Bharat. Who sees the greatest God equally present in all beings abiding in the incoming, one truly sees. ” That is the mystery of life. You look under the microscope what some germs, like multiply, and wonder. This is sometimes on the TV show, was living creature, clap, share – was two. Etc., etc., etc. And here the question arises, of course, but how does it do all the work? And let me remind you here that the basic logic and the thought that the same thing happens when we see the origin of life, the development of life. This is the highest cause, the Higher Self is connected in some way with the cunning of our gross matter, ie, established a connection of our self to our body. Whether you’re a microbe, primitive, or people. And, accordingly, it turns out that on the one hand we have the unactuated Higher Self, which is beyond time, space, beyond qualities. It can not kill anything with it can not be done. On the other hand, we are connected with the body, which has a lot of things can be done. And in fact, every time life is born, it is in fact a connection is established between the higher self and the body. Now look on the issue – and where did this higher self in every living thing, and how many of them all in the universe? The answer is – the higher self of each of us is in fact a piece of the brink of the Absolute or the Absolute, if someone would prefer to do. But the word conveys a greater sense because brink of something one assumes that on the other side of this face all the fullness. This is exactly the same, and a face of the self suggests that beyond the Absolute. And we get such an interesting scheme, that each of us seems individually himself alive. And at the same time each of us, in the same moment, and the Absolute. And it turns out that in fact, I am sometimes asked, as a manifestation of the most powerful and intuitive Absolute in this world of ours? It is clear that from the point of view of axioms, on the other side of all that you see or hear, everything that you are dealing with is the Absolute. Ie, behind the screen of the visible world is our Absolute. Here. On the other hand, it is manifested by living beings is more it shines. Those. Absolute manifests itself through life brighter and stronger than, say, than a stone or some inanimate matter. Etc. Then the human body through which the Absolute shines most strongly. If you are looking for God, seek it in man (proverb). If we look for the root cause, which gave rise to the entire universe, and we want to know it, we need to know the person as the most prominent representative, or the brightest window through which shines the Absolute. Here, as if the next moment, among different people, if the Absolute through someone shines stronger, that person becomes the more attractive it becomes charismatic. Or, conversely, it in possible other aspects attracts all others. In fact, the closer man comes to the realization of the Self, the closer he comes to the understanding of the nature of the self, the closer he comes to understand that he is the Absolute, and stronger Absolute begins to shine through it, and it is brighter for others. That’s why we see people of strong, bright and not so bright. And the fact that someone is not strong light, says only one thing – give time and shine each. Of course, there are special techniques that enable a person is more open to the Absolute itself, and shine brighter. This technique, as you know, is called yoga. In fact all the exercises, both physical, mental, spiritual, they do not bring anything to us, but only reveal anything that is already there. Therefore, the whole set of forms of living beings – it is in fact manifestations of the Supreme Absolute. Another conversation, the question always arises, and often have to respond. And where is the line between living and not living matter, why do we not see spontaneous generation of life? Those. we do not see such a picture, that if you take kakoe- the isolated space, for example, take the sealed box, to put all the elements needed, why there is no life arose, samozarodilsya? Why, with some higher spiritual realms did not offer this line of the Prana, and did not create kakuyu- the most primitive form of life. Modern science says that she does not know this, it is not faced with the phenomenon of spontaneous generation of life. How would life on Earth has been given to us in reality. Here it was just all, it was complicated, complicated, and complicated to form man, and it can be tracked on every geological research of mineral resources, where each layer is responsible for a particular era. And here was a time when there were no such beings, say, as a man, but there were more primitive. There was a time when we were all single-celled creatures, and more generally there were not any. So, we are unicellular with a nucleus inside, where genetic information is stored, and before that there were living beings, even where there was no nucleus. And the question arises: “Well, where did they land on the planet?”. Their -So someone had to do, or they samozarodilsya! They are certainly much simpler creature than man, but it is much more difficult than any crystal or a chemical substance on the planet. Those. why there was this quantum leap from inanimate to the animate nature, and then the evolution of nature. And in general, how much wildlife on planet earth! And if it is, life is so spread with impunity, why for all these millions of years, living organisms is not completely eaten this earth! Well, imagine the water is, the nutrients are. Be fruitful and multiply. And no. We also have with you mountains, rocks, and which do not turn into living things and living beings could not even eat them completely. Here it is one of the great mysteries of serious, that limit the spread of life on earth. And the very first mystery, and where did life on earth? Then a variety of hypotheses we are given modern scientists. One of the most dominant is the panspermia. This is the hypothesis that the Earth was already inhabited by living things ready. But the transition from non-living to the living, probably, it is possible in any other -So conditions finer something. In the depths of the galaxy where these forces are here, as if the connection material and spiritual, might be easier to get. Very large open secrets to humanity of such a thing as life. You begin to understand that you do not understand anything. So just like that, or the other, according to the concept of yoga, every living being is the Supreme “I”, and this Higher “I” – a particle, the face of the Absolute. Somewhere, sometime, at some point it was probably an easier connection of the material and the spiritual, and then the chain connection of the material and the spiritual principle itself cloned copy. So having everything, everything, all of the body, and indeed appear to the planet earth, whether life has been brought here, or have the finer points of old, where the Higher “I” from beyond time, beyond space could stretch a thread of prana, and this prana taken once and collected a first complex molecules, some more primitive house, laying it to share, then another, more complex, then more, more, more, and that’s how we are having. Once again, yoga is never a substitute for science, but at the same time, yoga never contradicts science. Sverhlogika never illogical.

“Equally present in all beings, the imperishable in the incoming, one indeed sees well prozrevaya everywhere equally present the Lord, he does not harm himself, and so is the highest way. For who sees that all actions are carried out in Prakriti, and that the Self is inactive, – he truly sees. “

And look, it turns out such a bunch of interesting that our Higher “I” prohibitive, it actually does not work, does not do anything. We can not say where it was, it seemed to be everywhere and nowhere. That every one of you has his Higher “I”, and that, from a formal point of view, it is in perpetual inaction. And you at the same time not bezdeystvuete and do something. And awareness of this philosophical ligament that one and the same time you are in an idle state, and fully immersed in the life of it, including leads to very interesting results. Well, in particular, do you remember the ideals of karma yoga, where we are called to engage in activities, and at the same time, do not get attached to the results of operations. And this can be, even when kakaya- then your part is not affected, is not involved, there is some kind of an island untouched, which is for all, as it were watching. And from the perspective of the observer, watching the way the work is done. This is actually a serious step in the spiritual awareness of man, understand that it is both valid and idle. Then he can transfer the focus of their lives. At the right moment to invest the whole that is called into action, and completely unnecessary moments out of the action, and thus no longer depend on the karma. Because in real life, we act only when there is either a whip or carrot. Those. are any karmic factors make us move. And an episode in the life produces the second, the second – the third, the third – the fourth. And this chain of cause and effect, it begins to govern us in this life. And as it is to break, this link of cause and effect, that pushes us into a corner, or that leads to kakim- the bad consequences? The answer is very simple, if you can self-aware yourself with your Higher “I” self-aware themselves inactive, to go out, as if to pull itself out of the world, then at least kakoy- period of time you will not have this coupling of cause and effect. And it offers a lot of room for maneuver, easier to begin to do something. In fact, such a person, comes more power, greater ability to control yourself, as well as to dominate other people, circumstances, as well as all things.

“When he begins to see that the existence of certain creatures resides in Edina, comes from him, then he came to Brahma. Primal, bezkachestvenny, the highest Atman, everlasting, abiding in the body, O son of Kunti, is not effective and does not stain. “

And now imagine, you first come to know that you have your Higher “I”, which is not affected, and at the same time you are similarly understand that and all the other people around you also have a higher “I” and it is also not affected. And then the next step is that all the Higher “I” – is the verge of a whole, or in fact, each of us – Absolute sleep. And the higher self of the higher self of another can communicate directly. Not through here in the chain, through the body, through some kind of alarm system. To someone something to talk, listen, and just knowing that your Higher Self, and I am a different person, as it were, converge in the Absolute. This is completely different communication system begins to occur, as it were, a spiritual internet, where every single individual is connected through a kind of community, the community of the Supreme, the spiritual with the other. And if you learn how to still enjoy a higher intelligence capabilities, as we are taught yoga, then it turns into a very specific tool to exchange messages, messages, or, for example, to communicate with each other, or, say, to the teacher could teach the student, not even coming into contact physically with him. That is, because the teacher can teach not only in word but also thought. He can teach the pupil and in the afternoon, and in a dream, and in the intermediate state between sleeping and dreaming. What is the difference, if there’s the more subtle medium which strung on the most fundamental bundle all the Higher Selves of all living beings, they converge in the Absolute. Those. we are not separated from each other. We are a single entity. In general, the mass of such a purely practical advice, even from the most theoretical statement follows. I’ve read the book in one sentence, I really liked: “There is nothing more practical than a good theory.” And sometimes, when we understand the structure of the world, we are beginning to rediscover intuitively are any ability or supernormal abilities inherent in us. Just doing experiments.

“As the all-pervading space, Akasha, is not polluted because of its subtlety, – so does the Atman residing in each body is not contaminated. As a single sun illumines the whole world, and the lord of the field illumines the whole field, O Bharata. Those who have the eyes of wisdom begin to see the difference between the field and know the field, and the liberation of beings from Prakriti, those go to the Supreme. “

Sometimes people ask, and where the sin or merit of people are kept. Where karma store? On the ground, it is, or in ANY KIND the higher spiritual spheres. In general, from a formal point of view, whether the spot Higher Self of man can be? Or is it not possible? And here’s the answer next, that, in fact, it’s this bunch between our higher selves and our bodies, it is truly magical. If we know that our Higher Self is nothing in fact has nothing to do with our bodies, then no karma, neither the good nor the bad to us will not stick. And layering of our negative karma that we can only have it so vividly burned as soon as we become aware of their unaffected Ya Ie in any case not violated the law of cause and effect, the law of karma. But knowing that you’re not involved in this world that actually you’re not dependent on the world, and the world depends on you, you thereby falls out under the action of the negative and positive. Think about it, this is quite an interesting thought to ponder. Each of you should eat, go to work, something to do, each one of you depend on some people in your environment. Some people you like in your environment, some are not, some people care about you, to someone that you are suspicious of, to someone on the contrary – with confidence. But there is always a factor of influence on you from the outside. Why? Because you think that the world needs to maintain your Ya But teaches yoga, everything is actually happening is the opposite. You have your Higher “I” and all the other elements of your life episodes – these things are, in fact, that you can easily manage and easy to change. That science of Raja Yoga, if you realize that your Higher Self prohibitive and does not depend on anything that comes to you the power to control all that it seems, can affect us, and manage a variety of ways. E. Just enough to establish themselves in their Higher Self, which is prohibitive, and it has no relation to the matter, or to kakim- the circumstances of our lives, we have power over them. There is however the following question, and how to do it? And then, and come to a different plan of yogic exercises, physical, mental, spiritual. Which allows you, at least for some time in the future to focus on the meaning of their Higher Self And so you begin to sink into it, so forget about everything around, that this state is called Samadhi. Such an ecstatic state that you experience so intense joy and happiness when you suddenly realize that nothing depends on others, and it all depends on you.

Let’s do one exercise of Raja Yoga. Sit up straight. Straighten your back, neck, head, close your eyes. Now, if you are driving the right, yogic lifestyle, let’s say you work out today exercise Hatha yoga and you have a good tone and balance in the body, ie, the body does not prevent you, sitting there, and everyone is happy. It is no longer distracting, but you are still thinking inside. If you live in harmony with the universe, then you do not have at heart intractable Hamlet’s question, to be or not to be. Because you are responsible for his every act, you know what to do so, because there are some moral principles. It calms the mind of methane. You know how, a clear conscience calms, it brings peace to the soul. If you are used to work on yourself, sharpen your mind, then you can focus on a certain subject. Just as the student focuses on solving a mathematical problem on the test. And now it turns out that for example, all these conditions are met, and you are sitting now, and let’s say you decided to focus on the sense of your Self Here it there is in each of us there. You may wonder if the Absolute is, or it is not, you see, the Absolute does not often show themselves. It is easier to see crocodiles at the zoo, or where President Barack Obama Huseinovicha than seeing the Absolute. He does not want to show myself just like that, for nothing, or we do not see it. But in regard to his own higher self confidence more. It’s all still there. Because we are. And now begins to be imbued with the thought that you have your Higher Self, and it no matter what. Here are just of anything does not depend. Here remember all their problems, but now understand – they do not exist! This is a pathetic shadow. When you focus on the omnipotence, rather unaffected by your Higher Self, suddenly a chip on my shoulder starts to drop, all the mental contradiction to fall off. And there is such an easy and joyful. That all depends on me, as I want, so be it. Mark, let’s go back to the hall. Here’s a little meditation. But even it is enough for the first ANY KIND pushes towards higher self and the more you meditate so, the more you realize that you are not independent from what or from whom, the more power you will be rewarded, the big powers will possess physical, mental, what you want. Of course, out of habit, we then go back again in a familiar mode of operation, our mind, our emotions, as if forgotten. Therefore we need a meditation, constantly repeated. And, sooner or later, realizing his college, unaffected self, and realizing what’s around you, too, have higher selves of other beings; and realizing you will begin to ask, and that connects you with others? So, this is how you will sooner or later come to the Absolute concept of the creator of all. Those. as if to see his spiritual eyes, dwelling in each of the living beings. And in this sense, permeating the whole world in the form of the stream of life. And then your ability will increase disproportionately, because you will exit or entrance to any body. You will be able to look through the eyes of another person in the world. Just imagine, you’re sitting right now, and so mentally imagine that you are the eyes of a neighbor begin to see the world. Through the Absolute to the Higher Self neighbor, all his senses, etc, etc.

We have completed 13 glorious chapter if there are questions?

Question by axioms: “If our Higher Self is not affected, not tarnished, is a face of the Absolute, and our existence are in karma, are due, can we say that our Higher Self is not caused by ignorance, but just manifested due to ignorance and yoga- this is the process that leads our existence in such a resonance, due to which the Higher Self begins to manifest itself through our bodies? “

One could say so, then you can play with the axiomatic hand with the concept of ignorance. You will recall that initial ignorance in fact the case – original omniscience. That is the paradox. If the drop in the very first moments of creation of the universe, even when in fact there was nothing, and in fact, that you do not want to, you would get. But you did not have pre-knowledge, and it turns out that the original ignorance appears not so much a negative sense. Ignorance turned inside – omniscience. Another conversation that we begin to randomly associate themselves with their manifestations. Then ignorance plays a cruel joke. We do not know how it really is and begin to speculate in every way. We begin to suspect that I am this body. How do we guess that I am this body, for example, rather than have kakoy- the next thing? Well, quite simply, we have some nerve receptors, if from us will tear off an arm or leg will hurt us, and we say – do not touch my arm, a leg. And if they are something to do with a foreign object, we say – Fu think, is there some kind of foreign object. And do with it what you want, I do not care. Those. kakaya- the bunch should be. And this bunch if axiomatically seen it a bunch through an association. I cite the following example, that one makes of any desired object, and the other a kakoy- your favorite subject. Or, I like most motorists with an example – when the driver rides taxi on someone else’s car, all the wells has to fast, how to take the passengers to get back and make some money, he spit on the car. Also present on the same machine rides the owner of this car, and every blow, the heart wound. And there is a certain associative link, which actually defines the limits of our body. That is, in this respect, we can say that the motorist and his car is his big body, rough, but in fact what’s the difference.? If you install this bundle, then all we are slaves of the ligament. What are the strongest fetters? Cuffs karma, both negative and positive. This associative relationship. Themselves invented themselves a bunch of themselves support themselves suffer or enjoy from this bunch. It is in this paradox, my friends. We do come up problems for yourself long, long time, and then they themselves give life, then they themselves tormented them for a long time. Then, come up with elaborate ways are any solutions to the same problems that have come up with themselves and by the heroic efforts of overcoming what we have thought up and support and say: -. It is in this paradox. But the flip side, when you realize its full independence from his body and all associative ties, including you can, when you have to really manifest through the body and the association with all the growing power. Still have questions?


– Please tell me how to contact the Higher Self of man and his personality. After all, they say that I am, it does not have emotions, it is beyond time and space, but everyone I there is any it expressed?


No, you know, there is a substitution of notions occurred. You can not say that I have no emotions. You can not say that I’m not a man, not a woman. It seems that our I is a gray, uboginkoe such neinteresnenkoe. Neither there nor here, there is no emotion, there is no separation. Our I’m so prohibitively powerful thing, if it is itself something is said, it is the same and it becomes immediately. And that’s why a bright personality. This is just our personality I am the Supreme. It is higher than the most powerful manifestations, but if it is to be strong voleizyavit manifestations, we see these powerful manifestations. That’s what we call a bright man, a strong, charismatic. It is as if I decided consciously or unconsciously ascribe such qualities, and attributing such qualities, and becomes so. Those. as if our higher self is such a versatile clay, from which it can fashion you want. And the biggest problem is that if we do then once from myself something fashioned is not something that we should be very tough on this perelepit something new. Because we cling to old concepts about themselves. We’re talking, I’m angry, I can not be calm. Or on the contrary, I’m lazy, I can not be active, because I’m lazy. It is, as it were eats into us. Otherwise, it turns out that our I is a gray, faceless, miserable, not a man nor a woman, nor the fish, not meat, something not at all interesting. Question:

– So, if I do not like something in itself in this life, and you now can ignore, say to yourself, I am different, and in a moment to be different?

A VZV: -Here’s A moment unlikely. Because we know, too many moments of thought in another direction. I mean, imagine the heavy ship sails, sailing, swimming, and there, at the bottom of the sailors throw coal in steam engines, there is full work. And we need to change the course of the ship. What are we doing?:

First, we stop the engine. Well, not to go into an unnecessary way. But the ship did not stop, it continues to move by inertia, as we speak. Therefore it is necessary to do the same amount of effort before just stop the trend, and then still an extra effort to run it in the other direction. Therefore, if we have, and there are some manifestations of our personality that’s were- were-had-been, but today we decided-all, tired, will be in a different way! It will be different! Necessarily will! The question – when? And then, you know, there is bargaining. Whether we are a small effort, but for a long time to change everything. Whether we can fast, but with a huge effort, which is called “break yourself through knee-deep.”

I remember at the time, and I was very well educated in ascetic yoga here. And I always had to bite the bullet itself breaking through the knee, all the foolish habits. I’ve never studied in school, then I was a ten-year, I do not studied until the ninth grade, ran, jumped on the nature of everything. And then I decided that it is necessary to learn! And it is hard to learn, if you have not been studied. You and the daily routine, and thought, and in general would like to run, jump, and you have friends related that does not mean too much love to learn. That is, everything is against you. But, voleizyavil: – “yes I have to enter the Moscow Engineering Physics Institute” (I was pleased with what he now called “Nuclear University”) and Che? And just about the knee began to break itself. He began to study, began to spend more time. I was every minute schedule, school, recreation, classes, yoga, etc, etc. And then, just 30 minutes and there is free on the day of artistic literature to read, or something else. And so very, very tough. So what? Here are the previous eight years have not been studied, for what made up for the past two years. Although it is now, I understand, it would be better in small portions and evenly. Here. Therefore, all in our hands. Everything will be as you wish. I guarantee. Any questions?

The question of time students:

-What We say “our higher self”, not just “I”, thereby separating itself from our I?


-This Is a serious problem of yoga terms in Russian. Here we say simply “I”, but in Sanskrit might be, what is simply called the “I” and called ‘Jiva’ and ‘atman’, and still have options. That is, there is meant “I” as the highest unaffected “I” or “me,” as caused by the “I”, or “I” in the dark, which is due, you know? And as the Russian language, we began to say “Atman” “Atman”, “Atman”, those who have listened to our records, these lectures, especially those people who are making their first steps, they would be unlikely – we realized. That has to do us this distinction, that by “higher self” refers to our true “I”. And just by the word “I” – it is our normal view of themselves, which can vary.

-Any questions?

Well, then, the next chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.


Chapter 14.

Sri Bhagavan said:

1. Then I will declare to you the knowledge, the highest of knowledge, knowing which all the muni attained the highest perfection.

2. Based on this knowledge, reaching likening me, they do not respawn when miroproyavlenii at mirokonchine not disappear.

3. My bosom – Great Brahma, it puts the seed I have done the occurrence of all beings, Bharata.

4. The bodies, which appear in all the wombs – great Brahmo their bosom, I – the father gives the seed.

5. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – are the qualities that have arisen from Prakriti; they bind, Dolgoruky, embodied in the body of enduring.

6. Of these sattva clear, healthy ties because of (their) happiness is not pollution ties and ties of knowledge, O sinless one.

7. Know that Rajas in nature passionately, there is lust and addiction; It binds the embodied, O son of Kunti, the actions of the bonds.

8. Know that Tamas is born of ignorance; it is misleading all embodied binds carelessness, stupidity, sleep, laziness, ‘Bharata.

9. Sattva attaches to happiness, rajas – to action, O Bharata, and Tamas, enveloping knowledge, attaches to carelessness.

10. When overcome by Rajas and Tamas, Sattva arises, O Bharata; when rajas and sattva – the Tamas, if Tamas and Sattva, then – rajas.

11. When all the gates of the body there is the light of knowledge, then – should know – sattva grows.



-Here We are now in a very interesting topic began to approach. How then, “and how confused our Higher” I “in this world”? We have said that we have a higher “I”, that it somehow connects itself with the bodies formed, it somehow connects itself with what is called Prakriti. Yet sometimes, you know, introduced a bunch, Prakriti and Purusha. Purusha – it is as if the “I” and Prakriti- it is the matter of which bodies are formed for the Purusha, and with which the Purusha identifies himself. So, here, there was a bunch, but what’s next? That’s what the head and tells. Come again, gradually, step by step:

-1. Then I will declare to you the knowledge, the highest of knowledge, knowing which all the muni attained the highest perfection.

2. Based on this knowledge, reaching likening me, they do not respawn when miroproyavlenii at mirokonchine not disappear.

3. My bosom – Great Brahma, it puts the seed I have done the occurrence of all beings, Bharata.


Well, we just talked about it with you. In fact, the origin of life – this is when the absolute particle binds himself by association with kakim- the body, manifestation begins to flow through this association, or prana, and animates the body. And so we’ll have what we called life. And then what happens? Well, well, well. That is the highest “I” ours, it is associated with the body, but the details, and that there is more going on then, well connected and bound, Che’s wrong with that? The manifestations of our higher ‘I’, because they are not contaminated by anything, they can not bear the suffering, our pure manifestation – a “Sat Chit Ananda” (or absolute knowledge of the absolute existence of absolute bliss). Well, it would seem, well, what’s the difference? If our prana associated with the body, and good. Just fill it and this body clarity, purity and happiness. But here there is more this next bunch, somehow – and if we can not enslave, even the state of clarity and happiness? And you know, yoga says – so friends can, even as he can. It actually is the first hook to which we are all caught. Clearly, if the first such a bunch of higher I would be with the body, which would not be the principle, as it is called here, Satva (clarity and pleasantness), and say that the principle of kakoy- Tamas followed by a pain. That we would not so easily bought into this ruse. That is, first you need something to devour priyatnenko, huh? And now, just as it was the enslavement of our higher self’s these bonds or fetters of Prakriti, or matter, if it is vulgarly called. It happened that the very first thing – this is when we began to live in the state of sattva. And in all these ancient legends always speaks of an ancient golden age. That is, such a happy condition, degree of clarity to some extent, it is realized here, of course, different. We are now line-up that we reach.

5. Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – are the qualities that have arisen from Prakriti;


-Sattva, Rajas and Tamas – three qualities that characterized Prakriti. And there should be a few words to explain what I mean. Sattva means clarity, grace, peace, tranquility. Radzhas- this activity, the activity of such a violent, something is changed, huh? Finally, Tamas – a state of lethargy stupidity, laziness, stupidity, misunderstanding, here, this, you know – bestiality. Please note, and tamas, and sattva, they present the concept of peace. Well, as the man sits and is aware of the beauty of the universe, and is in a state of harmony and peace. Remember how Mikhail Lomanosava:

-Open The abyss full of stars;

 Stars of no abyss bottom.


-So When something big, exciting offers, you soak it all immobility. But just, you know, in a state of stupid ignorance may be an animal. Well, for example, show a cow Rembrandt, here. She would look at her in dumb amazement. You understand, right? And there, and there seems like there is no movement. And there is very grave danger. We’ll talk about it. Unfortunately, sometimes we confuse the two concepts (tamas and sattva). But they are divided, as it were, a layer of Rajas, activity. And the logic of this, that is the most gloomy quality- is Tamas, laziness, stupidity. Know for Tamas comes the pain. Be aware – because of your lethargy, laziness, not that-or the desire to do, and so on, and so on, the whip is sure to come, which you will drive somewhere.

The next state – a state of rajas (activity). It is higher in evolutionary terms. This is when you are active, adventurous. You are relentless, you begin to actively do something about it, and thus this activity completely destroys Tamas begins to destroy. And when activity reaches its ultrahigh level, it turns into sattwa activity. A sattva – again characterized by immobility. That’s one job I happened to see a picture, – the managers of the junior executives came to work, and work, just white light seen. They’ve got a phone, Internet, fax …. From morning to night in a state of Rajas and their boss (who had already ran off in his youth, he just ran), he already knows, at the level of thought as that happens. And he has another job. He looks at all as such in the company in general did nothing, he walked, walked, looked, figured out and focused. And he needed – it may be one, two, three times a day to make a decision. Well, roughly speaking, turn left politics, right, up or back, and he had to take this decision only. He could do nothing more to do. But it depended on him more than all the others combined. That is, the man was able to sattva. That is, he was the evolutionary path, then through rajas, and reached such heights that it further small movement, it was enough, that would produce maximum results. At the time, as that’s the lower-level manager, they no longer take unceremoniously, activity, but not understanding. In evolutionary terms just as we get used to rajas, we begin to move, and we are starting to overcome both a Tamas, and sooner or later the combination of Rajas and Tamas brings us to sattva. That is, destroys Rajas Tamas. And, it is very curious, and another bunch given. And if partially, in fragments, is present in us the clarity, the stupidity, the clarity, the stupidity. These stripes are. What do we really know everything in something. What we like animals behave. Here is a very interesting bunch that says that this leads to the rajas. We are beginning to compensate for the absence of one hundred percent availability of Sattva that begin to make as many active movements can be actively involved in the activities. Farther.


7. Know that Rajas in nature passionately, there is lust and addiction; It binds the embodied, O son of Kunti, the actions of the bonds.

8. Know that Tamas is born of ignorance; it is misleading all embodied binds carelessness, stupidity, sleep, laziness, ‘Bharata.

9. Sattva attaches to happiness, rajas – to action, O Bharata, and Tamas, enveloping knowledge, attaches to carelessness.

10. When overcome by Rajas and Tamas, Sattva arises, O Bharata; when rajas and sattva, the tamas when Tamas and Sattva, then – rajas.

11. When all the gates of the body there is the light of knowledge, then, is to know, sattva grows.

12. Lust, activity, initiative in affairs, anxiety, lust – they are generated when the increase rajas, as tour Bharata.

13. Blackout, inactivity, carelessness, and delusion – this generates when Tamas increases, O joy of the Kurus.

14. As for increasing sattva comes to the death of the incarnate, he reaches the pure worlds inherent known.

15. Passionate came to death, born in bondage of karma; when the die dark, they are born in the wombs lost (creatures).

16. Clean the fruit of good works is called sattvic; Rajas fruit – suffering; ignorance – the fruit of Tamas.

17. From Sattva arises knowledge, from Rajas – the coveted; carelessness, confusion arise from Tamas, and – ignorance.

18. Abiding in Sattva go upward; in the middle are passionate; in a state of last guna, go down the dark.

19. When contemplating sees no other doer but the modes, and the modes of college knows, he comes into my being,

20. Incarnate, surpassing the three modes, giving rise to the body, freed from birth, death, old age and suffering, partakes of immortality.



-That Look, following such a thing, from an evolutionary point of view – we must overcome with the help of Tamas Rajas and Sattva reach. If we go this way, then we have less and less to the problems of life, and we are getting better and better. But I draw your attention. Even if in the end you will not have anything but Sattva, that even the sattva may become a serious obstacle on the way. From Sattva also have to give. A more detailed such detail that came from other yoga texts, which describes, for example, the device of our mind, it says the following, that our minds are inherently sattvichen that he, yes, zagreznen prints like Tamas and rajas, but sooner or later you will completely clear your mind. He will be so attractive and alluring, that, you know, once attached to something – something, you want it to bind to it, teaches yoga. That is so breathtakingly beautiful situation occurs when you are sattvic. And you say – yes, I- it is. Well, imagine you were a criminal, or even worse, so stupid poluchelovekom half-animal, which is not able to do anything. Even before the criminal should be some evolutionary stage pass. And in general is completely passive state. And you yourself formed long life, and now you have become the path of activity. First, can the negative activity, then a positive activity, then you yourself have changed, purified by yoga, and now you have come to school students, and they say: – “Vadim V. … (laughs) And you have such an enlightened guru, the world.” And you think, “so what I’m a saint, I’m very sattva.” And the result is a very serious clue, we begin to cling to their positive qualities, and we should even surpass them, but it is very hard to do; and if we do not excel, it is always possible degradation down to a state of a fallen angel. That is, as long as we do not overcome these three Huns, in fact, we do not become free. Yes, if we have Sattva – our karma brings us more good out there, the place of birth and life. If rajas – the place of birth and living worse and if Tamas – then all very dark, but it’s just the cycle of life. And one can be replaced by another, and another – the third. And our task, so it is generally to be free of everything. And oddly enough, here, razotozhdestvit yourself, let your mind with sattva, it is very difficult. Too attractive and beautiful all too much, we imagined such laponkami such zamechatkami so ideal, we can say – for themselves. And we begin to be somewhere samozacharovany themselves. Since the state of sattva our manifestations are not distorted, that is the prana, it manifests itself in its pure form, pure ananda, that is, we are slavnenko, and we are so good here. And at the same time, what we are slavnenko, and we are so well – it is a clue that leads to us, because we begin to consider themselves not what we really are. Our higher self is higher than even the most rasprekrasnenkoe state of sattva, here. And, as it says here – it’s gates in general the overall psychology of yoga, only breaking sattva, well, in particular sattva mind, you reach the highest samadhi, ecstasy or higher. That is such a pleasure that is beyond the pleasure, joy and happiness. And in fact, beyond all. In many grand and fabulous that we can not say what kind of condition. So you will not find anywhere else, and what kind of condition, any description will refer only to sattva. Even if you are reading … This is, you know, a purely practical point, I remember when I was interested in yoga, then later, when I began to come across texts, which describes something -what exercises, some of them did, and got the result; there you sit so – then, you will start to breathe well is to meditate tuda- that, and in a particular center you will feel the heat first, then the heat will be vibrating and you will hear the murmur of which there -That syllables, and there his forehead, and It covers the whole body perspiration. His head cleared up, you will continue to do so, and then comes the incredible bliss throughout the body spill therapeutic nectar, and you will be in a state of complete euphoria, this center you will pulsate, and you will enjoy it long-long-long time. It’s all cool. It really is, everyone can repeat. But in fact, it does not have the experience of higher education, it is quite the intermediate experiences, quite how to tell you, if you will, secondary. And if the chain of experiences will be of one such experience in one center to another, from the second to the third, from the third to the fourth, and, sooner or later, you can go beyond it all, then this sequence leads us to liberation and the experience that I can not even describe in words. And what can be described in words, it’s just, you know, a pointer to what will be there. Well, you eat on the road and a pointer, arrow, there to Moscow 1,300 km., And if you clear this is still 2000 km traveled, the joy, joy, left nothing, and better roads. On the one hand the joy, but it is only a pointer, and here comes the euphoric experience inside. They involve sattva. Yes, enjoy to the fullest. But wisely, what would this enjoyment has thrown you in the direction of transcendental pleasure, and you do not talk in the circle of those pleasures, that kind of logic.

Let us answer your questions.

The question of time students:

– Is it right to say that karma is acquired, or is only through our body?


-Well yes. And after that she still actually work? Our I, it is prohibitive to it karma surely does not stick when our I identify themselves with their manifestations, and those impregnated body – then there is a place for the action of karma.

Question from the audience:

-A Mental anguish, they are-karma?


– Mental anguish. And what is meant?

From the audience:

Well, when all is well with the body, but psychologically tormented.

It turns out – mental.


Well, the answer is quite simple. All that leads to suffering – negative effects of karma, all that leads to pleasure – is the positive effect of karma; but as it is – comes through suffering whether physical pain, through the moral, mental, – it is not even considered, that is, that’s the trick of this law: “what goes around comes around.” He gave impetus and he comes back to you and such relevant moments. And then you remember that moral sufferings turn into physical and physical – in the moral.

Remember, this anecdote was:

“Alcoholic – a person who with the help of vodka translates anguish as a physical headache the next day.”

Or somehow so. Sometimes, on the head with the thought slip, and we again and tightened. Already, adrenaline, and then, behold, and stiffness, and pain is a purely physically, and we can not purely so divided. More questions?

The question of time students:

-Raz We are now sitting here and I about his top we can only speak in the future or in the past tense, right?


-Why? Where now?

The question of time students:

-And Now it is clouded and not clean?


No, our higher self can not be clouded, or unclean. It does not smear. Just our higher self from the initial ignorance begins to consider himself or for what it really is. And here the problems begin from this. It feels something is different. And here is something else can be clouded and there, and that there is not something to him. In general, higher education is not clouded neither in the past nor in the future, or present. In general, friends, strange position of yoga should be – that we are sitting here and now (in KC “Enlightenment” in 17:30), and the higher self is beyond time and space. That is your higher self is beyond time and space. There is a phrase that people love to repeat it, “I live here and now.” The question arises – and how to live there and then.? And even more profound question – and your higher self, it generally is beyond time and space, it is here and now, and it is there and then.? And so, if to live like anything in this world, it is best not to live here and now, and it is better to live with the position of your higher self, which is both here and there, now and then. Also such logical chords. And a very big secret, both from the beyond, outside of time and space to communicate with a very specific time and space. That is, with our body. Here it lives much of the time, it must be stored somewhere, we should desirably be placed in some sort of a nice apartment, and feed it (laughs).

Are there any other questions.

Question from the audience:

– How then is it that we still fall into Tamas, if our higher self and in its original manifestations prevails sattva?


– You know, the fact that we had pre-knowledge, we have no one said that rajas is a better than Tamas. We are in the initial state of your our higher self, which is beyond time and space, and which considers itself by what it is not, it leads to the fact that higher I think – and Th is should I move? That you know, there are people – come up to him and say:

-Muzhik Have to do this, behold, fifth, tenth, go earn some money.

And he:

– A Th should I?

That’s right, he does not have pre-knowledge of what he has to do to move. In general, it is the know-how or the invention in the life of every human being to understand that in general, you can learn how to move, you can learn how to do something, you can do that – the active and this will -So that very, very well in your life. This is a revolution, spiritual, accomplished when people half my life out there, lying on the couch and waiting when it will develop itself, but it still does not add up, and does not add up. Here, and then the birth of the person really is. Code it, “and I nachnuka Th do something!”. And so it begins – quietly at first, then harder, stronger, more involved, but that initially – the higher I did not need work. Here. If the nature of our higher self would be perpetual motion, we would have from the very first moment of our existence have started to move. Because it would have been already laid. But as we are not incorporated, then we must think of what might be – rajas. Or -Other, thirst enrichment, friends, is the greatest incentive to actually intellectual and spiritual development. What is the problem of many students Oyu, they do not thirst enrichment. I’ll explain what I mean. Passive them. And so we made a sly, that that would have formed our mind, sattvic, we have to move, we have to move, and if we do not move; or about as many people who are on the path of yoga, they say – “Why me moving I’m able to sattva, I know everything, everything I can, right now I’m kindly behave”, it turns out a substitution of notions, partly man begins to count tamas- sattva. And that helps to get rid of this Tamas – only when there is some longing or some that passionate purpose. Yes, if a person starts to do at least something, and then he quickly realizes, oh, does not work, then it does not work, here, here. So I have – that mixed up. Ya already thought I was a great guru, a saint, but it turns out that I was in stupidity. And – this is a great misfortune, when bands are bands – sattva, the band -tamasa. A person believes that all this sattva. And discourage such a person is practically impossible, it is quite sure that he is right, he is full of confidence that he is the navel of the earth, that on-the most spiritual of the spiritual. It is very hard to coerce people to do something. They believe that they are spiritual, which moves, to persist, run, jump. What for. They’d rather sit, meditate. And they can not understand that sometimes instead of meditation sleep of reason, like a cow which looks at Rembrandt. Meditatsiya- clarity and bluntness here, and it is very terrible mixture explosive such Tamas to Sattva, sometimes found in students MOYU, and saves only one very active intensive work. Work work work. What would a white light was not visible. If my life at least someone, though ever for anything thanked for – really, the only for the fact that I am very tough introduced discipline, now and then it all goes away, there is a school, drill, here it is, then be recalled that in the early years MOYU as “light white is not visible.” But change and very strong, but all this Tamas is ground, milled, so grateful for that.

Question from the audience:

– If you overcome all overcome sattva, can we slip back into Tamas?


And nothing else remains. Overcame three Huns, ie severed his higher self with what they consider themselves to be, in fact – it’s the equivalent of samadhi, liberation, and it is all back not plyuhneshsya; or rather you can enter back into this world, if he voleizyavish, but you will have free, ie you will have to use it, you’re going to this rule, not on you, it will all dominate.

The question of time students:

-How Then combined with the principle of engaging rajas – come out.


-Oh, No. There are other things friends, the so-called fast methods of yoga. Aerobatics by eversion ignorance of omniscience, and there is the principle of rapid methods of yoga, it eliminates the time factor in his spiritual development, this is when the purpose and means of merge and there applies here is this ideology, methodology, vovlekayas- come out. But in fact, it and so it turns out, when you are working actively, active-active, active, and all you will have to argue, you’ll be dashing through, you have a life at once to another will, you will immediately become such a hearty, with clear brain. And at some point you will notice that the more involved, the more catch yourself thinking that you’re all as if by watching. You are an observer of how things work, without you. And this awareness, it leads to such a deep understanding of liberation, deep awareness of what your higher self – is watching everything.

The question of time students:

– How can something other than higher, count and think?


-You Know, we have such a complex structure as the reason, it’s very-very falsely made. And in fact, the light of consciousness enlivens activity in our mind, and that’s when the feeling ‘I am so and so “,” I think “,” I’m here “,” I was there that something, something … “. We are all very simplistically considered, and all are quite veiled, there on the surface of our buddhi begin to spread thought forms, we begin to identify himself essentially with the thought-form, and in fact we identify not with the body but with the thought-form, with its representation itself. And all the mechanisms of the remaining work, they are animated higher self, but impudent mechanisms believe that they themselves are.

Well, everything.

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