2013_01_12 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 11. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

2013_01_12 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 11. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Today, January 12, 2013. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. Are we culturally “Enlightenment” center near the Novoslobodskaya metro station in Moscow. All historical data on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. I remind you that we have the courses for free self-study of the theory and practice of yoga at www.kurs.openyoga.ru.


Today’s lecture is devoted to the Bhagavad Gita, another part of it. We have reached the 11 chapters and it will now be studied.


Arjuna said:

1. From favor to me the word of the highest secrecy,

knowable as the Supreme Self, tell you,

they scattered my delusion.


2. For the details I heard from you about the origin of

and the disappearance of your creatures and, on the lotus-eyed, everlasting glory.


3. So, how are you now itself (described), a great lord,

lust ripen your Episcopal image of the Supreme Spirit (Purushottam).


4. If you think that I am able to contemplate it,

O lord, the lord of yoga, then show me himself enduring.


Sri Bhagavan said:


5. behold, Partha, my forms, these hundred-fold,

thousandfold, diverse, divine,

multicolored, varied article.


6. behold Aditi Vasavov, Rudra, Ashwin,

Maruts; behold many previously unheard of, marvelous, O Bharata.


7. behold totality, standing here now all

(Transient) world with mobile and fixed in my

body Gudakesha, and nothing but that (still) want to see.


8. But you can not see me with your eyes;

divine eyes will grant you, behold my Episcopal yoga.


Thus, chapter 11 begins with Arjuna Krishna asked him not to appear before him in human form, but in its original form of the Absolute. I remind you that according to the philosophy of ancient India, he is the Absolute and the Absolute, he can do anything, and in this case, he came to the human world in the form of an ordinary person. Arjuna also asked him to show itself in its natural, original form, in the form in which the Absolute is. What Krishna said that, yes, in this universe you can see the many different shapes, many different creatures, and simple, like an ant, and magical as any other-wordly god but me so you can not see. You can not see the eyes of the Absolute. This requires a different tool for learning.


Let’s take a brief excursion into the human body and the device recall, what a man. That every one of you sitting here right now, we have a body, hands, feet, head. We have senses through which we receive information about the world. As we have channels through which this information is from the outside gets inside: touch, smell, sight, recognition of taste, hearing. And, strictly speaking, we do not have more information channels. Sometimes you can read in various books about the so-called sixth sense, or about some supernormal abilities, with which you can receive information by ordinary senses. But the official science denies it, for the simple reason that there is no reliable repeated precedents when this or that person would have demonstrated the ability of this sixth sense, regardless of any whatever the experimental conditions. This, of course, does not mean that there are no people and there is no channel information. This suggests that modern science has not yet approached this. Even if there is such a channel of information, it is still observed the following scheme: all the information falls first in your gross sense organs such as eyes, ears, and then – in your mind. And only after going through the mind, the information comes to your Higher Mind Ya done as Yoga teaches us, is quite difficult. What we commonly call intelligence in yoga is divided into three “mind”, on three parts of the mind. This so-called Manas, Buddhi and Chitta. Function Manas – it’s either pass or not to pass information from the sense organs in the buddhi as secretary, which is either let or not let visitors to the head. Manas is programmed to a certain extent, what the flow of information to start up, which is not allowed. In particular, I have just read this lecture, you hear my voice and your Manas inclined to skip audio data and are less likely to miss some other information, say smell, touch. We say, “man left in the ear,” he is fully focused on the heard. Conversely, if you’re into something stare, then you can forget about the hearing. Then, when the flow of information comes through Manas and into the buddhi, then under the influence of the information in the buddhi formed an exact copy of an object or phenomenon, which gave rise to this information. Roughly speaking, you look at a person, your eyes take information about this person, if Manas transmits this information to your buddhi, then your Buddhi there is an exact copy of the man and made this copy of the finest matter of buddhi, or as some say in yoga from sattvic matter. And finally, the next part of the process of cognition, the third your mind, which is called Chitta, begins to investigate the exact replica in Buddhi. Chita – this is a flashlight that you send to an exact copy of an object or phenomenon in buddhi and displayed, for example, the image of the person and say, “Oh, I see a man!” In fact, you can see a copy of which is formed in the human mind. And if you understand this philosophy, you can understand a lot of super-powers.


It turns out that any flow of information must go through the mind. And then, after passing through the mind, your Higher Self is aware of it or not aware, gain experience, or do not. Everything related to ordinary objects or phenomena, how do we know about them? We saw something, heard something, someone something to tell us. But there are objects and phenomena which we have never seen and never heard, but we know about them. How? So that our mind has known what it is. In particular, modern scientists say they have made a huge breakthrough in the study of the microcosm, they allegedly received some particles and the like. So to see something, we have to use your eyes and light. A light to give information about a certain object, the object must be larger than a certain size, so that the light wave or quantum of light hit on the object, reflected, hit you in the eye, respectively, the nerve impulse is generated in the eye, and the brain receives this information . Imagine now that you are dealing with the size of objects much smaller than light waves. The light wave can in principle do not give any information, for example, about the size of an electron. It turns out that some information about the world we receive through the sixth sense. This sixth sense is called the mind. Thus, the five usual, we are used to, plus a sixth – the mind.


The mind can operate in different modes. First of all – analytically. If you have any prerequisites for this or that phenomenon, you sit down and think, and how it is all done there. For example, when scientists at the beginning of the twentieth century explored what’s inside an atom, they got a lot of indirect information from the experiment, and then gathered all this information together and were thinking, and their mind “saw” the unit of an atom. We have seen in your mind that they could not see any vision or other senses. Therefore, in many yogic texts it is believed that we do not have the five senses, and six. And the reason – is a uniquely refined senses. Not only that, all the remaining five are subject to the action of the mind, so he and itself acts as a sensory organ. In yoga, reduce our mind to only sense organ which perceives the surrounding universe.


But this is not enough, they say yoga, there is a fundamentally different way of knowing the world, which does not use the usual five senses, nor even a sixth sense – the mind. This is sometimes called “direct apprehension,” or when you are directly routed to the super-consciousness that you decide to conceive. The usual situation cognition takes place as follows: Now you are sitting in the audience and listening to a lecture. Your Higher Self, which is everywhere and nowhere, directs a stream of consciousness in your inner structure; this stream of consciousness flows through Chitta and highlights all that is stated in the buddhi as a replica, and buddhi formed that missed the Manas and Manas missed something that you saw or heard your senses. This fairly long chain. The object, a rough sense organ, sense organ slim, Manas, Buddhi, Chitta, from Città – your Higher Self In each of these transitions can be a mistake; on each of these transformations can creep illusion. Therefore, strictly speaking, we just got used to the fact that the world is a stable, friendly and familiar. What the world really – we do not know. Now imagine that you are having on the ability of your Higher Self directly send a ray of consciousness, bypassing your mind on the object or phenomenon which you are interested. This is called the higher intuition. More precisely, the names of this phenomenon very much, but in fact any yogic currently exploring the world based on this higher intuition.


Note the difference between modern science and the approach of yoga approach. The approach of modern science – is first of all to explore all that is in the buddhi, that is an exact copy of an object or phenomenon, which you have to think and so on. Yoga says, yes, this is a good method. But there is a supreme method – do not use buddhi, and directly send directly to your mind on what you are interested in. If you hold your consciousness, then the object or phenomenon fully show itself. Looking a little ahead, in yoga it is believed that if it is possible to communicate with the Absolute, if it is possible to see the Absolute, then it can be done only in this way, and no more. It is a state when you are directly using its highly intuitive, bypassing the mind, is called Samadhi supreme.


But at the same time you have to very clearly remember that if you are so received some information, that information is never contrary to the information that you could get in the usual way, and you must remember that the college will never contradict the usual logical. Conventional logic is a special case of the Supreme. You can learn a lot about how the universe is arranged with the help of Samadhi and higher intuition. But it will never disrupt all that you can learn through the normal senses.

Sanjaya said:

9. It is said about Raja, the great lord of Yoga, Hari,

Partha hath supreme, Episcopal image


10. With many mouths, eyes, numerous

miraculous phenomena, many divine

decoration, many divine upraised arms,


11. Dressed in divine crowns and clothes, anointing

divine suits, vsechudesny, flaming,

infinite, omnipresent, vsyuduliky.


12. If at any time the sky lights of a thousand suns,

These lights would like the glow of the Mahatma.


13. There is in the body of the god of the gods saw when Pandava

tselnokupno staying the whole world, repeatedly divided.


14. Then, imbued with astonishment, with a rearing

hair, Dhananjaya cried out to God, he bowed his head, his hands folded.


Arjuna said:


15. I see gods in your body, oh, as many

different creatures, the lord Brahma, sitting on

lotus-throne, all the rishis and divine serpents.


16. I see you with numerous arms, the belly, the mouth,

eyes everywhere infinitely diverse; neither beginning

your, no middle, no end and I do not see a lord vseobrazny.


17. crowning, with a scepter and a disc full of

shine, flaming all around, you see,

hard to look everywhere flaming lights (arrows) lightning immeasurable.


18. You befitting manage, as the highest Imperishable;

you are the highest roof of the universe, you are timeless,

maintainer of the eternal dharma, you are immutable Spirit (Purusha), so think I am.


19. Without a beginning, middle, end, infinitely powerful,

with countless hands, lunar-solntseokogo see you

with their lips, flaming sacrificial fire, brilliance

its illuminating the universe.


20. For that which is between heaven and earth, full of thee

one, and all the sides (light); beheld that your

wonderful, terrifying image, triple world trembles on the Mahatma!


21. As you enter the hosts of gods; other, trembling,

thanksgiving, hands clasped; exclaiming: “Swasti!” –

great Rishis and perfect hosts sing your magnificent hymns.


22. Rudra, Aditya, Vasavy, sadhus Vishva, Ashvins

Maruts, Ushmapy, the hosts of Gandharvas, Yaksha, Asuras,

Siddha look on you in raptures.


23. The image of your great with numerous zevami and eyes,

about moschnoruky, with many arms, thighs,

feet, with multiple trunks,

with numerous protruding fangs, worlds beheld, tremble, as I do;


24. As for the heavens, shining, multicolored,

with razverztymi zevami, with huge flaming

eyes seeing you tremble to the depths of (my) soul

I do not find any determination or rest of Vishnu,


25. Speakers are your teeth and mouths seeing similar

flame (vseunichtozhayuschego) time, I do not know

the parties do not find salvation; mercy, O lord of the gods, refuge of the world.


26. These were all the sons of Dhritarashtra, along with a variety of

the rulers of the earth, Bhishma, Drona, and the son

charioteer, together with representatives of my troops,


27. Enter quickly into your mouths with protruding fangs,

creepy, some, hanging between the teeth,

could be seen with his head smashed.


28. How many of the rivers water flows in a hurry,

They seek, heading to the ocean, and the Knights

human world come into your flaming mouths,


29. As moths get into the burning flame, death

completing the aspiration, as in the death of worlds come into your

mouths, completing aspiration.


30. Everywhere you lick worlds, absorbing them entirely

flaming lips; filling all glow (transient)

world, your terrible heat it glows, of Vishnu.


31. Tell me who you are, uzhasnoobrazny, worship you,

on the highest of the gods, have mercy, anxious to know you,

original, because I do not comprehend your symptoms.


If we consider the overall storyline of the Bhagavad Gita: two armies are facing each other, about to start a war. Arjuna said: “I do not want to fight,” Krishna says, “But what you do not fight, you have to fight, I’ll explain how the world works, you’ll understand and realize that you have to fight.” In fact, Arjun realized that he has to fight, but still Arjuna asked, “Now show me your true nature.” Krishna showed Arjuna and was scared. Krishna was the charioteer of Arjuna. They were talking as friends, Arjuna was a high ranking in the hierarchy of the social order, Krishna – less senior. Arjuna belonged to Krishna as a human being, endowed with wisdom, abilities, but – as a person. Arjuna asked Krishna to reveal his appearance, and he went and revealed. Then the legs and buckled and opened completely phantasmagoric picture is so strong that the poor Arjuna was just scared. It turns out that with him not just a man.


This part of the Bhagavad Gita – one of the most controversial and one of the most misleading. Some even consider it the most questionable part, for the reason that when the Absolute manifested itself, showed that he definitely – it’s something really big, according to all that we have studied before. It is beyond time and space, beyond images, beyond any attributes. And here it is given a very specific description: a set of faces, a lot of mouths devouring, plenty of canines tearing apart. This is obviously a simplified model to describe what is the Absolute. But this simplified model in his time played a bad joke on the Bhagavad Gita – she abruptly alienated representatives of Western religions. Do you remember that India was a British colony, to penetrate the numerous missionaries who tried to convert the local population to their variety of faith. Of course, they learned that India was our religiously. Many of the missionaries were literally shocked slim logicality description of higher Absolute. Because in this regard, of course, attempts to Abrahamic religions describe the nature of the Creator – sophomoric compared with the philosophy of India, yoga, among others. Many missionaries were literally fascinated by the logical and consistent explanation of the world devices and devices of all else. Moreover, even the concept of human-God, when God can come to the people in the human body, is also very much liked it a lot to explain. And all enthusiastically accepted the idea as long as not started a description of how Krishna revealed his true nature. Suddenly they started to read about the numerous teeth, tearing all apart. This allegorical description of time in medieval India. Time – that is what destroys everything. In this sense, our world, the world of eternal modification, the Absolute manifests itself more clearly through the destruction, through a change in the world. Each of you can as much as necessary to argue about some philosophical concepts, but hardly anyone will deny that there is the concept of “death” in the world. It is a given. This is a description of what the cycle of birth and death is supported by the original Absolute, was interpreted allegorically, and it began to be understood literally. Well, clearly, the representatives of all the Western religions horror said: “Here they are, the demons” And still poor Krishna impose that, say, in the Bhagavad Gita says, “Krishna showed its face”, but God forbid you see this! But it’s just one of those moments when we are one of the mentality, the culture medium has some concepts, knowledge, uncritically we begin to transfer to another environment. Initially, it is considered that, of course, have no teeth of Krishna, in the sense that it consumes all, such a monster. There is a view that all the force of destruction, which is in the universe, just as all the force of births, which is in the universe, as well as all the force of preservation, which is in the universe – it is, in fact, a manifestation of the original Absolute. A Absolute – is the name, form, teeth. It can be said that all of his teeth, and can say that he has no teeth; posing of the question does not make sense. Therefore, it is such a well-known problem in the Bhagavad Gita.


As Krishna showed Arjuna? And he hath he look at the world from a position that is above time and space. Roughly speaking, Arjuna saw the past, the present and the future, because it has risen above time and space. And he saw from the standpoint of the Absolute: the battle is about to begin and it is clear who will die and who will live. This idea in the Bhagavad Gita: in fact, it’s not you do something, this is my game, and that everything is as it should be. You will remember that each of the living creatures, a mixture of freedom and determinism. None of you can say that he is free, but neither of you can say that it is completely determined. If we analyze the part that is predetermined, just get karma. And Arjuna saw just from the standpoint of time? as this karma will unfold today, that these people have generated a lot of things, and the next step according to their karma, they just die. But the other part of the human free. And if a person is the part which is free, will be directed to the Absolute, or in terms of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna, it is possible to take advantage of its free portion so as to fix predestination karma. Therefore, when we say that in this world only fate that each destined to all point, it is not true. Others say there is no fate, that all are free, what you want, what will be, it is also not true. The world is more complicated. And if you want to avoid predetermination of karma, you have to take your freedom and send it to the Almighty karma, or the one who came up with the general law of karma, that is, the Absolute. If you are so voleizyavite that in your life there was a powerful factor of power – the Absolute, then he most effective way to use your freedom to quickly redeem or karma, or quickly get rid of it, since it controls this karma. But in this case, the situation was already predetermined, because been together in this battle, and on the other, and on the other side of the living beings is certainly not yet reached such a degree of knowledge of the Absolute, and therefore, as they are not addressed directly to the Absolute, they fall under the laws that they themselves invented. These laws must necessarily have led to the fact that they will die in this battle. All that, just as Arjuna saw.


By the grace of the Absolute, which came to Arjuna in the form of Krishna, Arjuna awakened higher intuitive vision. With this higher intuition that comes from his ego, he saw the entire universe from a position outside of time and space. Thus, he also learned the entire universe and as a result, the one who gave birth to this universe. He knew the supreme principle that gave birth to the Universe, the Absolute, and he saw the Absolute manifests itself in the daily routine of birth, creation, death, sustain. He saw all the phenomena that we face and we believe that they themselves are that gde-to chto-to collapsed and gde-to chto-to arose, and try to destroy it, but it is not collapsing, and gde-to On the contrary, there was something oddly and try to save it, it is still collapsing. So, he saw that in each case – is the impulse of the Absolute that transcends the one hand, but on the other – appears quite specific. And just so it is necessary to understand these numerous descriptions manifestations of Krishna until the phrase: “Brighter than a thousand suns!” Bhagavad Gita interested in Robert Oppenheimer – the father of the American atomic bomb. When detonated the first atomic bomb, the explosion of this really as witnesses say, it was something magical, because the flash is so powerful, millions of times brighter than the Sun, and then went to the destructive, sweeping away everything in its path the power of the shock wave. And the first thing that came to Oppenheimer’s head, as they say – a piece from the Bhagavad Gita: “brighter than a thousand suns, I am become death, sokrushitelnitsey worlds.”


So Arjuna using your intuition to see, to know the Absolute seen from a position outside of time and space, what is happening and what will happen, and I was horrified by how grandiose picture of him opened, and the creator of this painting – his charioteer Krishna, to whom he familiarly treated in everyday life.


Sri Bhagavan said:


32. I am the time (Kala), age, I cause

the destruction of the world; for the destruction of the worlds I’m here

I advance; besides you they will not (live)

those soldiers who stand against each other in both ratyah.


33. Therefore, stand up, reach glory, defeat the enemy,

Enjoy the welfare realm, because before me

They were amazed to be only an instrument, as a soldier, standing on the left.


34. Drona and Bhishma, and Jayadratha, and Karna, and also

other heroes, killed me, you did not hesitate to Razi,

fight, win the fight rivals!


Sanjaya said:


35. On hearing these words of Kesava, hands clasped, trembling,

monarch, worshiped, so again I said

Krishna, stammered, afraid, trembling, bowing.


Arjuna said:


36. Worthy of Hrishikesh, rejoice in your glory

(Transient) and the world rejoices; Rakshasas in fear

scatter around, and all the blessed hosts of worship.


37. How did they not praise thee, O Mahatma, a great,

than Brahma, Prime Creator, the infinite, the lord of the gods,

miroderzhets, eternal Being and Nothingness, which is transcendental fact.


38. You have the original god Purusha, Ancient; you are the highest

shelter of the world, you are the knower and the known,

the highest abode, you stretched out the universe of beskonechnoobrazny.


39. You Vayu, Yama, Agni, Varuna, the moon, and the ancestor of the Lord of creatures;

thank you to let it be a thousand, and again, and more honor and glory to you.


40. Thank you from the east and from the west, thank you

everywhere; you are everything; Your infinite power, immeasurably

a movement, you still penetrate, because you yourself are Everything.


41. Assuming for a friend, if I boldly say, “Hey,

Krishna, hey, Yadav, hey, comrade “- without knowing it

your greatness, or due to carelessness (friendly) drive.


42. Or a joke you have not been honored with a walk,

when lying, sitting, the eating of food alone,

about Acyuta (Immortal), and even in front of witnesses, it’s just me, oh immeasurable.


43. You Father movable and fixed the world, you’re it

Revered teacher; like you do not have

and no one is superior to you in three different worlds,

of unsurpassable powerful.


44. Therefore, worship, stretching the body, I beg you,

venerable lord; as a father the son; as a friend

other as lover to lover,

oh, Deign to be patient (to me).


45. Unprecedented before beheld, I rejoiced; because of fear

my heart trembles (Manas); the show me, oh, image,

have mercy, the lord of the gods, miroderzhets.


46. crowning, with a scepter, with the disc in hand, so I want to

behold you, in the four-armed form of either, a thousand-armed, vseobrazny.

Sri Bhagavan said:


47. In my Arjuna, you had the grace to contemplate the

my top image (because of) my yoga, filled

fame, universal, infinite, original, in which,

besides you, no one beheld me,


48. Neither by the Vedas, nor by the victims or

through the study, nor by rituals,

nor by severe feats in this manner (not)

I may contemplate in the human world

(Anyone) other than you, O knight among kuru!


49. Do not be sad, do not lose your mind, that my litsezrev

terrifying image; to drive away fear, with soothing heart

again contemplate the (other) my way.


Sanjaya said:


50. Thus said Arjuna, Vasudeva again showed his image;

Mahatma consoled him (Arjuna) fear yavyas again

in his meek way.


Arjuna said:


51. Seeing that the human form is your gentle,

O Janardana, now I come back to himself, to his mind

and in its nature.


Sri Bhagavan said:


52. You saw that my image, which is difficult to contemplate;

even the gods are ever eager to contemplate that image,


53. Neither through the Vedas, nor by deeds, nor by gifts, nor by

I can not contemplate such a sacrifice me how you beheld me.


54. But undivided devotion (bhakti) can be me

therefore, O Arjuna, to know, to behold and truly achieve a devotee!


55. Who makes my business, (puts) me higher (purpose)

betrayed me removed from attachment, not hostile

to all beings, he comes to me, Pandava.


Thus in the Upanishads of the holy Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Brahma,

the Scripture of yoga, in the conversation of Sri Krishna and Arjuna (states) eleventh

chapter called

Yoga contemplation of universal form

Very interesting topic, it is practical. Arjuna asked Krishna to reveal the image. After he saw the image, he was shocked, and realized that he could not communicate with Krishna as he did before. Then again, Krishna returned to his usual form, as it was before all this doomsday then Arjuna’s mind was no longer in a state of shock, he returned to normal activity. Here, my friends, there is a very fine line – we can not like this time, fully digest college, it starts to scare us. There is a theory of Yogi dying, which says that when we die, regardless of how we have lived life, the process of death – not a very pleasant thing. At the moment of death, we are living through an experience that we do not like the experience we drag into the next life, so we are afraid of death, because we have a huge amount of time already died. So, this condition causes fear and trembling, but with a different interpretation of the death process, it turns out that at the time of death, just us and reopened the true face of the Absolute. But we are so not ready for this experience, it really scares us. We are accustomed to his little world, their small thoughts, images, behavior, even if it is some kind of cosmic dreams, they still stop somewhere. And when you start to open something more than we can imagine, this causes us to panic. Therefore always say that the hour of God – a terrible hour. Hour Absolute – this terrible hour. Avramichekih Some religions say that one can not look at Him, and to stay alive. Because it is completely destroyed our ego, our self-image. Arjuna Arjuna used to be, he is used to fight a chariot ride. Life is arduous, but he’s used to. He was accustomed, he had two legs, two arms, a head, he a brave warrior – the destroyer of enemies. But, my friends, is a concept, and the true nature – is very different. Imagine that you are used to something, and it begins to crumble. This causes a sense of panic and fear. When, in ordinary life, something goes wrong, how would you like that, especially if there is very fast and does not depend on anything from you, it is quite an unpleasant sensation. Arjuna was not prepared for the fact that it was something that more than form, space, time, and it really scared him. Therefore, he immediately asked the Absolute, could you come to me, as before, in the usual way, because my mind is not ready to digest it. What Krishna said: “Of course, please. In his mercy, I will come to you in the form that you could digest. “


Here, my friends, it is a practical conclusion: do not ask, to Absolute fell to you in his incredible form, you can simply terrible scared, it feels as if death came. At the same time, the Absolute in his mercy can come to you in the form and talk in a language that you do not scare your mind will not rush will give the load to the mind or spiritual experience as much as you are able to digest . Because it is believed that if you really suddenly opened Absolut, you can out of this state in ordinary life do not come back, you go beyond the submission itself.


I had students, they read books about Kundalini Yoga, and there is still so mysterious, something awakens something opens, some experience is experienced. They do not like to do anything they wanted to awaken the Kundalini energy. All admonitions that it should be done smoothly, that there must be Karma Yoga as a background, meditation needed you to be ready for the fact that all of a sudden begin to change the world. But we train all arrogant, they were also very arrogant. And they give a combination of mantras, yantras, practicing pranayama. Processes gone. And they have their experienced – with a terrible fear. There is the effect of the spring, when the day is pulled to one side of the spring, and at night it returns itself to the other, and this effect come quite eerie as they then told sensations. All day practicing, practicing, getting off at some higher level, but not the one he wanted, then go to bed, and suddenly something terrible dark as death, begins to kill you – it’s a sense of reality of death, it is a terrible condition. We are waiting for something that Kundalini energy awakened, and she begins to entertain us, to arrange doomsday. And this – a double-edged sword, it starts cutting your ego, and you grab the ego. It turns mutually exclusive process: on the one hand, you have grasped the idea of their own, and on the other hand, you are doing the practice, which is your self from you forcibly tears. They are accustomed themselves to consider someone – a man, a woman, a professor of philosophy, a yogi, an adept of secret sciences, and this aroused the forces that are beginning to pull out of their view of themselves. It is not called in a different way, like death. Gradually until they start to realize that it is necessary to deal with karma yoga, to help all living beings, something useful to do. The best approach to such experiments smoothly. To appoint a dose that was pleasant once – survived, “had fun”, then again for a while ordinary lives lived, karma yoga work out for the good of all living beings, then again, do not immediately assume to shoulder the load, which can not digest . This applies to everything, and in the ordinary yoga. It is not necessary to engage in a day of 10 hours.


Then there is the following situation: the language of modern programmers Absolute scalable – to the extent in which you want, and then will come, as long as he behaved without the extreme. There was a question on whether or not the final Arjuna knowledge of the Absolute, or did not receive? And it is clear from the text that follows, that he is really gone through some supreme experience, but not an absolute experience in the sense that if he reached the Absolute state, he would have got out of the world, no one would, generally speaking, to fight. Or in another way, I have mentioned in Kundalini yoga, it is believed that when the Kundalini energy is awakened, it completely dissolve all of the internal structure and reaching consciousness in the center top of the head, is discharged – a man dead to the world. And it must be understood in the literal sense of the word, because it is said to have actually yogis who reach this state, lie like a corpse, the pupils do not react to light, ie, any physician would have diagnosed – a clinical death. That’s why I’m talking to some particularly zealous adherents, which itching to awaken the Kundalini energy, oh, how it will be unpleasant to look at you from the side, when there is a lie, then there really is dead, or gone into samadhi. Personally, I do not venture to carry out any classes, workshops of awakening the Kundalini, and God forbid, to wake up, that I “fast” that I call, the intensive care unit?


In Indian philosophy, there is a gradation state of samadhi. We simply call “learned Higher,” but there is a whole gradation of the Supreme.


Question: It is not necessary that he come out of the world, as Krishna, the Absolute, threw a lot of enemies, fought together side by side with Arjuna. Arjuna himself asked for and wanted, that is, Krishna did not impose herself to him. They have, moreover, has developed even dialogue. And Arjuna could attain enlightenment, and it does not disappear from the world, and continue life as jivan mokti as “released in his lifetime,” and shred enemies right and left, as it did with him standing Krishna.


To sit and dream, as it were, Krishna could do and what he could have is to create … We are now engaged in dialogue and debate in mind the plane, and all that it experienced Arjuna and Krishna, higher than the plane of mind. We can say anything right now, or some scheme to build, but one thing is important, that it was something quite phantasmagoric, which is higher than our concept of thinking. And it might be so? It might. And it could not be. What can we say about this? Not only that. We can only say that Arjuna was received absolutely fantastic experience, he stopped for so familiarly associate with Krsna, apologized for what he himself disrespectful to this lead. And now reflect, to put yourself in the place of Krishna and Arjuna, as if they could have the whole subsequent history, I apologize for the slang, “to stir up”, if indeed the same Krishna could procreate, remember, as in “The Matrix” agent Smith, procreate their bodies and fight against these ones Krishna.


Question: Arjuna specifically says: “I aspire to know you.” What prevents it?


31. Tell me who you are, uzhasnoobrazny, worship you,

on the highest of the gods, have mercy, anxious to know you,

original, because I do not comprehend your symptoms.

So it was not until the end grasped, so not yet fully merged with Krishna, if he knew and became, he would come out of the world.


Q: What prevented him to reach the final dissolution?


If dissolved, then the game would be disrupted. Well, imagine Krishna revealed himself to Arjuna and Arjuna flakes and melted and disappeared. The army remained decapitated.

Question: Why disappeared? Comprehension of the Absolute does not mean the dissolution of unambiguous. Krishna is normal there was nothing, undissolved.


The value of the Bhagavad Gita is not in a philosophical scrupulous manner, that there is someone to what extent samadhi rose or rose, why he rose in samadhi, but did not die, and so on. A value of the Bhagavad Gita is its vitality. After all, in fact, in the words of a classic: “Each of you is on the field of Kuru, each of you now go into battle, each of you will have to fight with those who can fight.” Life will put such complex questions that just so stupid to not answer. And all of us need support in this world. And the best, the highest support, of course, on who has created this world. And the one who created this world, quietly, now 11 heads in a row tells us with you this technique, how to communicate with him. And I would like more than to the text of the Bhagavad Gita you learned something practical. But these moments can understand long debate, reflect, etc.


Q: Chapter began with the fact that Krishna said that “it is impossible to grasp the eyes of me and the other senses, but can be understood by some divine sight of” (the higher intuition). The question is, when the Absolute manifests itself through some form, there is no difference between the Absolute and this form. But the shape we perceive through the sense organs.


No, in the Bhagavad Gita that has been said, it is that you took from the tantric methods of the various sadhanas. Do not be out of context to pull tantric practices methodology and shove it into another practice, you know? Truth is one, the top of the mountain in one, but the climb to the top of the can in different ways. One yoga read that there is no difference between those who manifest the attributes of manifestation and in the neighboring school of yoga on the contrary says that it is necessary to separate both. There are different approaches.


Q: You said a while ago about the fact that we are afraid of death, because many times died and this experience we did not like. And why did not like, if our reaction to some stage already knows that we are born again, even if we die.


The logic of creation, human logic device is extremely simple. Do you have your higher self, it is not born and does not die, your Higher Self is a manifestation. This display is called prana. And your higher self for stupidity, or rather, because of the ignorance of the original starts to make the mistake of starting to consider themselves its manifestations. And grabs. Did you know that when you persist in some of their errors, then any attempt to dispel these misconceptions perceived extremely aggressive, negative. What is death? Death – it’s when you start to consider themselves and their bodies are accustomed to, you are subject to the body, you can manage it, you live, and suddenly there is a forced disidentification. Do you consider yourself a body, you cherish it, I of shampoo on your hair so wasted! Carcase, it is necessary to feed, bathe, humor, Well this is my bird, my dear, I got used to it. And then something or someone takes, and my favorite carcass from my rips. And yet, she is currently fixed, and I’m her number one shampoo wasted! Too bad after all! And the most interesting, I’m used to, something I obeyed, there was something I wanted to, but here was different – an unusual, unpleasant situation. And each time that happens in a forced plan we perceive negatively, because we see ourselves as a manifestation, we see ourselves as a body or structure, or reason. Therefore, any practice of dying begins with psychological training to ensure that this can ever be. The most difficult time – it is to accept the idea that you can die at all. And the mind resists, and resists the bird, and she is not interested in this topic. The people inside have a blind spot, have questions taboo on which they do not speculate, do not argue; they are afraid of their panic. These are questions of birth and death. When the outer life shows the death, they are terribly afraid and try it quickly somewhere away and not think about it anymore. They go to work, earn millions next palaces. Because if you start thinking, the thought that maybe somehow in another way, at a very deep level, as something not in itself becomes so simple the mind is blocked. Therefore it is not so easy to get people to the good life to reflect on issues of birth and death. Remember, even the Buddha, before taking up these issues, met sickness, hunger, and death. Only after that he began to think, and as a person is very smart, he realized if it had happened to another person, then why can not it happen to me? And we just do not tend to think about the issues of death, and thus, even psychologically, we can not prepare for the process of death. And if we die, we are very scary, strange. And it is believed if people really understood at the time of death, he – died, and it is – the Absolute, then at this moment he is enlightened. This is when the time of death you reach the ultimate goal. But to understand it is necessary for life to engage in all types of yoga, so as not to get confused. And come to the fore not some powerful mantra, yantra, namely mental attitude. There are psychological mood to die – but you get something from his death, there is no mental attitude – you will open higher, you’re confused, and your tendencies of your karma will suffer, and you fear you will be born where turned up any waiting for your bosom, in any family, in any body. But by and large, of course, your Higher Self is not born, it does not die, and extends associative connection appearance. It stretches – you think you are the body. The body lives – you think that you are alive, because the body lives. Someone cut the associative link – you think that you have died. And so from life to life.


Question: You talked about the fact that it is often through someone we shine the Absolute, and then picked up and left. While on – wondering when stopped – it was not interested. But He (the Absolute) is still here. He’s always, but we do not see?


Yes, you can interpret. In fact you circle one Absolute. You would think that you are sitting in the hall and listen to a lecture, and the people around you. No, there are no people, there is only you and around you Absolute. You talk to him and he will respond. In fact, this so very powerful meditation. If you ever try to practice it, you catch yourself in a very strange feeling. Oddly enough, this leads to the fact that in the future, you just get rid of the ignorance of the fact that you think you are not what you really are. If all of the Absolute, then you are not able to divide people into good and bad, if all – the manifestation of the Absolute. You have generated inside the equanimity and intelligence have not torn, and the mind is not torn – and you already understand its nature better. It is actually a method of sadhana. And, of course, a different matter when it is not at all considered, but at least your husband or wife. For example, the wife of the well-behaved, then bad, then good in her mood, something bad. You can on the one hand to approach this – then rejoice, you will not be happy. And you can say, “My wife, she’s the wife, this is – a single Absolute. His good mood he wants me to say something, and his bad mood, he wants me to say something. And if I said something in a bad mood, it does not mean that I have to divorce his wife and look for another. ” In fact this is not the wife says, and Absolute through it says, it’s better to listen to the end of all that he would say. This built a lot of practice Bhakti Yoga. But this is a question, as it said in the East, personal sadhana, personal spiritual development.


Question: That is, it turns Absolute teaches us to communicate with him almost all the activities is reduced to this.


Absolute teaches us to communicate with him only in one case – if we ask him about it. If we, firstly, voleizyavlyaem that he is there, because if we voleizyavlyaem that it is not, we live in such a way as if it had never been. And he will never impose its presence, especially learning how to communicate with him, if you are in his universe was told that there is no absolute. And if you voleizyavili in his personal universe, yes, there is for me in the future, Absolut say, yes, there is. Absolute hear, I’ll admit. Now nauchika me how to better communicate with you, I’m stupid. Absolut says, well, so be on your Bhagavad-Gita, read. You see? And the Bhagavad-Gita is really an eye-opener for those who voleizyavil Absolute and for those who want to learn how to communicate with him and vice versa, the Bhagavad-Gita is quite what that stupid fiction thriller weedy. For those people who, yes, there is no Absolute, and we all know about it do not want anti-scientific fiction, fantasy. Not even fontastika. Scientific fontastika there all nuclear ships. And here again, and from a human into something not clear, but from the obscure to the person again. Therefore, it is a question of our personal friends will, in the first place, and then the following expression, as if we wanted to come to the Absolute.

Q: It all comes down, where does pervoimpuls?

Answer: So, let us once again on good terms. From yoga to be axiomatic that the Absolute has made us all free from all, including the knowledge of what the Absolute is. Because this knowledge would have predetermined all of our actions, and would make us unfree. Accordingly, if we are made in the image of the Absolute, free and voleizyavlyaem that there was no absolute, its in our lives will never be. On the contrary, if we are made in the image of the Absolute, free, voleizyavlyaem, I want in my life was absolute, it is in our lives there. You know, or do not understand?

Q: Well, if a person dies who has lived all his life with the concept that there is no one (Absolute), his college I did not see at the time of death or the Absolute?

Answer: That’s a lot to see you around the Absolute itself now? You see different objects and phenomena of people. In India, there are yoga and yogini, that all of you can see the Absolute. And they communicate with each kind of on the one hand as an individual, but on the other hand, if you were a single Absolute. It is a question of maya, the interpretation of the world. Imagine you lived all their lives with the concept that there is no Absolute, you begin to die, is forced disidentification and without what is called the soul sick and died. So even try to make out all of the Absolute. You understand, right? We just are not ready to see him. And we do not see it. So therefore what happens. We fall under the law of karma in the next birth. As przhili previous life according to this beginning to be born in the next life. And the Absolute there is absolutely nothing to do with friends. It is in itself, the law of karma itself. The law of reincarnation, birth and death of a simpler mechanism, the concept of birth and death,

simpler concept than the Absolute. That is to die and be born, die and be born, but it does not guarantee that a billion lives you approach the concept of the Absolute. You see? Therefore, they say, that’s how much to lives that people believe 100% that the Absolute is. The question is meaningless. Until not voleizyavit, these lives can be forever. That is not, you know, a number of lives depends directly on the level, the Absolute or not. Unless voleizyavite, it will not. And if voleizyavite, and this life is enough to stop the cycle of birth and death.

Q: And that even teachers do not help encounters the concept that is the Absolute.

A: Well, you know, I think the Master only and do from morning till night, that runs into this concept. Here are all deaf. Here I can walk on the subway and scream, my friends, come to yoga, come to yoga, and everyone will look at me as a fool. And to respond to only those who are close to this concept. And for some, that yoga is that the struggle Nanai boys, they just see, but not see, hear but do not hear. Are there any other questions? Can external students, which it connected.

Q: So a person should only be born because he was not enlightened …?

Answer: Let us once again. Why, after death, you have to be born? You must be born, because you died. And why do you die, question. Because at a certain stage of evolutionary development, you first were immortal, it is a very long, long amount of time immortal. And then once every one of you struck a completely wonderful find, guess. You came up with Death. Each of you in your time of death came up. Death, my friends, this is not something that came up with the Absolute. This is your personal know-how. Do you know why you came up with death? Because it is more profitable structure. Your freedom is at your level of ignorance and ignorance is greater if there is a death, than if there were no deaths. Death is more advantageous in terms of freedom. But then again, for a given level of ignorance. For example, two living beings with the same level of ignorance in relation to themselves. One living creature voleizyavilo that the universe was in its death, otherwise voleizyavilo. That creature that voleizyavilo immediately fell under the cycle of birth and death, and with one hand like as not nice, but on the other side of freedom’s for birth and death greater than that of other creatures. It is more profitable structure in evolutionary terms. Here. Therefore each of you once lived forever. But then for some reason you tired of this prospect is likely, I guess why. Because you had ponapridumyvali in their personal universe of such laws unsolvable, that your eternal life turned into an eternal hell. And there on what the amount of one billion years, you suddenly found a way how this eternal hell from their ill wills to correct this you invented death. It’s very tricky. Here. Well, next time. What actually came up with a death, so you can cancel it and in due time. And as claimed by yoga, at a certain stage of self-discovery you will not need more death. That is, in this sense, to achieve immortality theoretically grounded in yoga. That is not the notion of there, it would be good to live forever. Here. Moreover immortality as, in such a sense that you do not lose memory loss because actually much different when we die and are born. We changed the body and we do not remember the experience, we do not remember in all its colors. Yes, it’s can achieve such a state that will be born to die, but no memory break. And indeed there Lama, yoga demonstrates that early childhood has remembered all that is necessary. And you can, as they say in yoga and physically to achieve such a state that maintain indefinitely the physical body, but immediately make a reservation, they say that there is more to live 300-400 years bored. That is rarely lives longer. While saying there was an immortal Babaji, but just recently say he died again.

Q: Probably not we have thought up, because we have brought ourselves to eternal hell, and thus we have not enough self-awareness to manage such concepts as death.

Answer: So, stop stop stop. And who priumal! In order to live in the body prone to death, listen, we should at least voleizyavit.

Question: We are souls who inhabited the body by the grace of the Masters.

Answer: Something Basim now rushing to the attack. So Basim, in order to take advantage of the most miraculous bodies, which includes a mechanism of death, we should at least voleizyavit universe where there is death.

Basim: So I like you want to live in an apartment, does not even want to live in an apartment. I am told there is a lovely apartment, come live. I’m talking about great. I come and start to explore it …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Basim, in order to get to the apartment need to voleizyavit in his personal universe that are generally flat. That’s just to get the mortal body, we must at least voleizyavit that there is a death in your personal universe. So, ladnenko. In fact, there is such a wonderful yoga section dealing with death. These questions, which we are now considering, oddly enough, this section is called tantra yoga. Because this section explores the issues of birth and enjoyment. A question of pleasure and birth, you will never understand if you do not understand the issues of death. A question of death you’ll just … (ended as a lecture)



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