2013_01_05 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 10. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

2013_01_05 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 10. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

So, friends, we have today January 5, 2013, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga; This lecture for the International Open University of Yoga Today we will consider the text of the Bhagavad Gita. Also recall – all archived information on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.


Friends! You and I are going to consider the tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita. Summary of the previous episodes. So Arjuna with Krishna talks about the meaning of life before the great battle of the two armies. Krishna tells him gradually the most mysterious areas of Yoga, relating to how the fastest way to achieve spiritual success, and how to combine perfectly the material everyday life with the achievement of high spiritual aspirations in yoga. That is, the text of the Bhagavad Gita is valuable because we see here a bunch of direct spiritual and material. At first glance, the text is devoted entirely abstract heights of philosophy, on the other hand, the whole situation is happening shows how the spiritual can be woven into the material. And generally speaking, this is such a serious philosophical concept of how we interpret the world. Here you live in this world pretty, you see the people around them, you remember some events of life. So, quite paradoxically, depending on how you interpret the world, the world begins to change – for you. If you voleizyavlyaete concept of the Absolute, and invite you into their world the concept of the Absolute, all of a sudden the same universe turns into chto-to interesting and phantasmagoric, and you start to like a different attitude and live in this universe. Conversely, if you are accustomed to some his, another method of interpretation, it is the same universe can direct you to boredom, depression.


In Indian philosophy, this is a very strange concept, which is called “Maya”. It is not quite correct to translate foreign languages as an “illusion”. In fact, the Maya – this is something else, but that’s an illusion – is a product of maya. The most common comparison in the specification, that is – the Maya, it is just as if the traveler was in the evening when I saw on the way a snake, and as long as it it interprets as a real, live snake, then on the implications of this It will be as if it was a real snake. But the traveler saw that it – not a snake but a rope; suddenly everything changed, including for the consequences. That is, the world can instantly change from one status to another. The world can quickly turn into hell and from hell – paradise only one elusive component – how you interpret it, as you perceive it, if you see a snake in it.


Absolute concept in this sense is similar: under the influence of maya all the world may be to us as-Gorgon snake may bite hurt painfully, and consequences, oddly enough, your whole life is built in such a way as if it was a real snake . After all, if you see a snake, you do not go on it, you’ll get her side, in general, did not understand – there is a snake or serpent. If you experience a world without the concept of the Absolute, the whole world will actually behave as if nothing of the Absolute, and never did. At the same time, if you are taking the concept of the Absolute, or voleizyavlyaete what it is, the most magical way the world is changing and so, as if the Absolute was. Therefore, in the same subway car on the seat can ride two people: one has a concept of the Absolute, the other – no. For one, the world will have one light in each currently and in the development of these moments, further follow-up, and for the other person, who has no concept of the Absolute – everything is different. And I will again remind this very strange concept of the device our world: our world was made so that it can instantly get along with two men, one has a concept of the Absolute, for there is no other, for one, there is something higher, for another no. Our world holds a variety of possibilities for interpretation, for the way of life. And all this, in turn, goes back to the fact that when the Absolute has created us all and created this world, and he made us free, and this world is free. In turn, this suggests that the two seemingly completely irreconcilable universes can coexist.


That’s the reason, friends, I remind you that yoga is distancing itself from religion. Do not have never in any controversy with religious fanatics. The fact is that if a fanatic in something believes it animates what he believes in his personal universe. And every day will only confirm his fanatical views: completely delusional or more subtle. Conversely, if the next you meet an atheist, he will live in the same universe, side by side with this fanatic, but for him it will be a different universe. That is – the strange mystery of the world. Therefore, to argue, which religion is true or not true – it is senseless. The world is more complicated, incomprehensible, fantastic than any concept, any dogma, etc.


And partly in the Bhagavad Gita are such explanations, and if you still accept the concept of the Absolute, if you say: “Yes, in my universe is the Absolute”, then after that you can take advantage of the Bhagavad Gita as a set of tools and guidelines “and how to do so, to the concept of the Absolute start as soon as possible to manifest in your life and faster in its entirety, you got all the positive that it is. ” Unfortunately, I have from time to time I see such a scene: walking man with the Bhagavad Gita in Moscow and the lack of any innocent people, starts with a finger poke in the book and say, “You’re a sheep, esteem, and here everything is written, how to live, instruction. ” Such proselytism is meaningless, because if a person, who in his inner universe voleizyavil: “Yes, there is no Krishna! Yes there is no Absolute! In general, there is nothing “, or is there in his life, something, say, datatreyskaya space function, or even some other subsistence higher or lower, spiritual or unspiritual, then say:” Do this-is-so, so -That and get results “- is meaningless, because it does not work in his life. For this reason, India has always been famous for a religious tolerance that do not have to argue. Of course, there are always fanatics, maniacs who scream that they properly understand a particular religion, or they correctly understand the Vedas, and all others – fools. But as a rule, such a surge in sectarian rests on a charismatic leader, and then over time the leader of the bored, and with the disappearance of the leader and the imposition disappears. Thus emerges the next very big problem and if you voleizyavili that in your life is the Absolute, and the Absolute actually started to appear, and you help, and you’re all happy living in harmony with this concept, and here you can see other people who suffer, they feel bad for the reason that they are in his universe voleizyavili something of their own, have come up with some sort of laws and live by them. And here arises the first temptation – to impose its point of view to others. Say: “You’re wrong, your gods – false, your conception of knowledge – false. And I, the owner of the highest, Vedic knowledge Now you will tell the truth! “This temptation is often occurs in people of really good intentions. But it always ends badly, because the force you have no right to anyone no concept, no religion implement. If the Absolute does not, what right has to impose a particular philosophical or religious leader? It is clear that all these attempts are doomed to failure. Once again I remind you that idea: in India, in what is called Hinduism, there is no such thing as proselytism, or proselytizing. It is considered meaningless, intruding into another universe, where from you does not depend on anything, to impose its own rules. You can only their way of life, their behavior to inspire other people to pay attention to themselves, and after draw attention to themselves, can you tell me how you have inside. And they, in turn, either copy your way of thinking and behavior, or not. If the copy is voluntarily-involuntarily you become for them a good sense of the word Teacher. Teacher – this is not the one who teaches and the one who learn. This subtlety we must always remember, because sometimes when you simply read the Bhagavad Gita, is very easy to start that here, now we really know this fanatical rage, how to construct the universe, let us go out into the street to pay all in our faith! Madness to do so! The world is much more complicated! Now, if you really liked the concept of the Bhagavad Gita, the concept of the Absolute, experiment on their skin, live with this concept, look and whether it will manifest in your life, and if there is – how. Does it make your life happier? If you do, you will be to shine with delight and goodness. And all the others will look at you as in well-fed cat, pretty this, which just want to scratch behind the ear, pat. That’s just as well, and the man who took a particular conception of the Supreme, and it began to operate, begins to appear something that attracts. Moreover, he can behave differently. Teachers in many ways behaved; some kindly, some Sanskrit obscenities swear – it does not matter. The important thing is that they attracted the other. It was only after someone came to them, that someone might be inspired. And inspired to think, “Who am I to interfere to experiment in their personal lives ?!” It turns out that science education – it is the aerobatics. If you really want to convey some knowledge to others, you have to inspire their students. The fact that I and my mother a teacher, and his grandfather was, and great-grandfather. And when I was little, my mother constantly wrote out all sorts of logs, even in Soviet times. Of course, it was not fun to read, even forgot their names, but from time to time flashed such innovations that here, they say, somewhere a technique of some of Professor Ivanov, behold, he is in a normal school came, and all the Losers then MSU steel study. Let’s examine his technique spread throughout the country. With a certain periodicity of such nuggets arose, and all the screaming, let’s take their methodology – and the whole country. And always the same ended: one particular teacher, this technique works, but it’s worth it to transfer to another school, it is not only not working, it gives even worse results than classical Soviet school. The secret is this: if you inspire their students, they learn, and if you do not inspire – not. The technique – it’s just a tool for inspiration, and, for each Master – his. Therefore, my friends, is what we think with you that there is in the life of some ordinary concepts, and begin their dig, like, say, the teaching profession or the medical profession (also not less mysterious, because by and large treats only the Absolute, no one does not cure), then all of a sudden you realize that there are some professions that are the default in themselves contain no less than the Absolute. And if you know this factor, you – a successful teacher or a doctor. With doctors, by the way, very often it happens, the more young and ambitious physician, the more implacable, he knows everything, he is self-confident, but just do not reach very good results. At the same time, the doctor with the experience that many cured, it is soft, not that, you know, with shoulder hack. He already understands that there are different cases in life, gently approach to these issues. Similarly, friends, and philosophical concepts, such as the Bhagavad Gita. For Open Yoga University example – you are future teachers of yoga, go to the gym and will teach yoga, will give lectures, you will eventually be a large audience, like those who have already graduated MOYU. All the same work, and in our country and abroad. So, you should always remember that your main task will be – to inspire. People already have everything except inspiration. Of course, one must know the formal exercise techniques. But teach a method of exercise and can be a monkey – gave her a book, read a monkey, and begins to replicate, only these monkeys are bad teachers of yoga are obtained.


Next, the tenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita.

Sri Bhagavan said:


1. So, again, about Dolgoruky, I hear my highest word that I will shew thee, beloved, wishing good.

2. My origin is not aware of any number of gods nor the great Rishis, since I started all the gods and the great Rishis.


So, Krishna taught Arjuna continues. He begins with this training that specifically makes it clear – who can at least something to say about the Absolute? No one can say anything. Why? Because the Absolute concept of a strong, tall, old, whatever it is called, it – the root cause of all. If at the time of order, as the Absolute created, there was someone else, he could say: “Yeah, right now, Absolut will create our entire universe, yeah, but now Absolut has created all living beings.” This, as you know, logical inconsistencies, because if someone has already been, then where did he come, if only the Absolute is about to start all do? Therefore, it is often raises the question of yoga and the Vedas – well, but how do we know it? How do we know what is the Absolute, from which we know that the world was created so-and-so? The answer is a matter of fact, we know only one reason – we talked about it the Absolute, which he did and everything.


3. Who knows me, unborn, without beginning, the great ruler of the world, not deluded among mortals (who) is freed from all sins.


The next point is very much linked to the concept of karma. So, from a formal point of view, it is believed that if you will sooner or later come to know that there is the Absolute, then you become the Absolute. If you knew the concept of the Absolute, you would rise up like this concept, so that all aspects related to the law of karma, no longer apply to you.


Continuing courses and cycles of lectures on karma yoga, I am asked the same question – how to get rid of karma, and whether karma his pass to someone else, or, conversely, to take someone else’s karma, but you can cancel karma, etc. It turns out that, in fact, it can make only the Absolute. Or we – at the moment when it reaches the state of absolute, exit from the application of karma. Therefore, if you have somewhere to hear that some teacher in the mountains or in our area supposedly takes and cancels your karma, you have to understand it as follows: either the teacher already Krishna Himself, or the Absolute, and only a fool Valya is misleading in the human body, or someone very much does not understand the concept of karma (the law of cause and effect).


4. Mind, cognition, lack of delusion, patience, truthfulness, self-control, tranquility, joy, suffering, origination and destruction, fear and fearlessness.

5. gentleness, equanimity, contentment, austerity, generosity, honor and dishonor – these are the various states of beings, from me (place).

6. The seven great, ancient rishis, four Manus born from my mind the essence; their world – these creatures.

7. Who truly knows these manifestations, and my yoga, the attached unwavering yoga, there is no doubt.


Of course, the Bhagavad Gita refers to some kind of cultural, philosophical foundation, which was due to the device of the universe and the origin of mankind. According to one of the concepts of humanity comes from Manu – the first man. Also featured such characters Hindu mythology as the first seven sages who gave birth to the universe. Such polumifologicheskie legends. And here again the explanation that if you knew the Absolute, or are you closer to the knowledge of the Absolute, you automatically begin to open all other knowledge, all the others, in this regard, intermediate, philosophical or religious concepts.


8. I started the universe, from me there is all; comprehending it, I revere lit, full of love.

9. Thinking about me, betrayed me life, they learn each other, always talking about me, please and happy.


Imagine a situation in your life that was not the Absolute concept, but then you voleizyavili it, you become live according to it, the concept is beginning more and more manifest in your life, your life will start to change quite specifically. In life, there was some mystery, which is clearly felt by all the people around you, but they do not fully understand. They see that you have become more interesting, charismatic, or vice versa less charismatic and more secretive, but either way, you have become a factor of power. And, as we have said before, anyone can come to that person and ask what it is happened to him. And that, in turn, if he deigns in his mercy to teach someone will say, “Yes, you know I’m here a few days ago came up with the concept of the Absolute, and it worked. Fun was so remarkably to live “And if he thus inspire another person, then one can also say in his universe:” Oh, I want to! But let me try, too! “


But there is still another way, for example, when two people who independently voleizyavili concept of the Absolute, and in life, and one, and the other is present. Such people vo-pervyh, see each other at a distance, just like birds of a feather flock together, and very interesting, that the man who took his life in the concept of the Absolute, is inclined to communicate only with others who have also adopted, with only such people it on an equal footing. And all the others who have not yet accepted the concept of the Absolute, they are a little bit boring. Because they have something in your head and share the universe of its laws: atheist, what some polytheistic, or anything else that “-icheskih”, but since come up to something clever – seriously, it quickly becomes interesting to understand who is a personal hell invented who have problems. And then, imagine, suddenly appears on the horizon, the other person, you can not calculate. Because usually we meet certain people and we realize: “Oh, yes, he has such a background of such education, well, wait it can be this, that and everything, he is unlikely to something we still surprise. ” Usually, the way it happens. This was very well aware of the employees in the personnel department. When you’re through the three hundred men missed on any particular interview everything is on autopilot: the man went, did not have time even to open his mouth, and you already know what will happen. It turns out that the person we are interested or not interested in the framework of how we can intuitively predict his future behavior than he might surprise us or surprise. And if you meet a man who is a factor of the Absolute, that is, if in his universe is that, in principle, impossible to count, the person you always interesting, do not get bored with it in a good way. And you start to himself to him to stretch, and he begins to see you reach, and when you are together, you start to talk, of course, the most important thing you have, and it is this very mysterious concept of the Absolute, and it is more interesting than all the rest together taken. More precisely, everything else is interesting as different manifestations of the Absolute in life. They may discuss the football World Cup, if they see through the Absolute manifested. Or some combination of circumstances led to the fact that suggests the concept of the higher freedom or something elusive. Therefore, in the East it has always believed that the greatest happiness – is communication with their own kind, it’s a conversation with smart people (smarter are understood by those who are close to this idea). But there is, of course, a downside. Sometimes we see a fake in many religions: they really no not believe in anything, and let’s tell each other stories of their religious life, it is doubtful that can be interpreted.


9. Thinking about me, betrayed me life, they learn each other, always talking about me, please and happy.

10. They constantly devotees bow down, because of love, I give the communion of wisdom (buddhi-yoga), through which they reach me.


Then very elegant and non-obvious move, which is used in many practices of yoga. Generally speaking, the practice conventionally divided into two groups: the classical methods of yoga and fast methods of yoga. To realize fast techniques of yoga need to interact with like-minded people. In order to practice the classical yoga techniques you do not need anyone, but you’re going slow. And if you come to the concept of communication with their own kind, and really come to like you people, you begin to communicate with them, make friends, interact and practice, then your progress in yoga is incredibly accelerated why these methods are called “fast”. And if they still have supporters inside the concept and practice of Absolute joint exercises with the concept of the Absolute, their rate of progress on the spiritual path at all tremendous. Therefore, if you want to take advantage of the fast methods – you must be the concept of the Absolute. Some examples of rapid methods of elements of yoga: There is a science – Nyasa yoga. In essence “Niassa” case – a touch. One person can somehow touch another person. It is known from the yoga that if you do certain exercises in yoga, and other people you do Nyasa in the right way, as taught Nyasa yoga, the speed of all your yoga processes increases 7-10 times. But the reverse side in Nyasa yoga – you have to someone to do Nyasa. Who will you do it? Only associate only one who is in it anything understands who do understand yoga.


Or take a yoga, yoga as an analogue Love Yoga Sri Vidya. Love Yoga says that if you are able to Higher Love, you only need to spend some time in this state, as you reach great heights. And in the same yoga it is said that you should understand correctly, in whom you fell in love, that is, you only think you fell in love with a person, and in fact through him, in whom you fell in love, began to shine Absolute. But there is a small detail, which determines, using you yoga Love or not, if you think that fell just in person, sooner or later, it may happen that the channel through a person is closed and will remain an ordinary person, with all the disappointing then an extension of your love, that we see constantly around the world. And if, on the contrary, you understand that at the moment of the love there is no difference between the Absolute and man, then you can take yoga lovers. And in the future, if the love suddenly ceased to shine, you will no longer blame the person that he is bad, why was shining through it, the sun, and suddenly stopped. You will not be misled, but on the contrary, just remembering about this experience, which could be you ten years ago, you love as if reliving, re-communicate with the Absolute. And every communication with the Absolute – is incredibly strong your spiritual development. It would seem – any little thing to put into the rules of the game is such a thing as the Absolute. But it affects everything – introduced the concept of the Absolute – there are fast methods. Do not introduced this concept – it means there is normal life.


11. For the sake of compassion, staying in their own essence, I delete them born from ignorance of the darkness shining lamp of wisdom.

If you drive the concept of the Absolute, and the Absolute appears in your life. In your life there is some absolutely magical factor that most interesting and mysterious – this factor begins to teach you. We can say that the Absolute – is a teacher of teachers. The more in your life there is the Absolute, the more he begins to teach you. It is as if ignorance removes from your life. In this respect, any teacher from the outside, it is like a mirror for the Absolute, who is in your inner world. Sometimes the mirror is good, sometimes not so good, but in any case, “there is nothing to blame the mirror, if the curve mug.”


The stereotype of perception in the West, Yoga teachers: Indian with a large beard, smiling, a shaggy-haired, with gray hair, in garlands; Elder, although the text says that yoga teacher should look like a sixteen year old boy. Imagine you find such a guru, a teacher of life, such Patanjali pryamёhonko from India for you personally. Indeed, thousands of people around the enlightened, enlightened, and you come and … does not work. He might have something profound promise you, in the Western mentality of the teacher of life must speak slowly, mysteriously, with smiling significantly, and has no effect on you. Of course, we can say that it has got a defective, wrong teacher, send us another. But any teacher – only a mirror in which reflected the Absolute, you are called into your life. And if you have not called anyone, then no one bounce, and you will not see anything, even with the good teacher.


Sometimes it happens that you called in your life tricky Absolute, who says: “I will be reflected in the mirror, and this not for that I would not.” Master Concept – a mirror that is right for you. For one person it may be a teacher, another – the second, the third – the third.


Question: “I dwell in their hearts” – is talking about those who are called the Absolute in his life, or specifically about localization? I mean the concept of the Anahata Chakra and giving her special attention.


“Abiding in their hearts” here should be understood in several senses. Heart – it is your essence, true nature, your nature, that you have inside. Here is the view that your Higher Self is made in the image of the Absolute. Therefore, some methods easier to come to the concept of the Absolute through knowledge of your Self to some it’s easier to know her I know the light of the Self, and on this basis to understand what it represents the light of the Absolute.


As for methodology, where to meditate in order to catch the light of the Self, there are different recommendations. In particular, this exercise: straightened the neck, back, head, and sat down in a stable position – asana. Because asana – is a stable position, in which you can sit for a long time that you will not be distracted. Now look in the eye of itself. You can see now that you have a head, arms, legs. You may realize that the light of your consciousness and the light of your mental abilities more clearly evident in the area of the head, the upper part of your torso. At the same time, the lower part of your torso, arms and legs, as a rule, provide us with a greater degree of sensations; you are unlikely to feel any intellectual impulses from his abdomen, arms or legs. It would rather feel than reflecting on some mathematical equation. It turns out that, despite the fact that we are one people, we have two centers or two poles. One in the direction of intelligence, or consciousness – closer to the head, the other to the side of sensations and feelings – is closer to the base of the body. And we, the people, need to simultaneously use and feelings and mind. If you are alone intelligent thinking, then you will no longer understand the world, it shall cease to feel. You’ll think of some abstraction. A similar situation, if you absolutely will be entirely in the sensations, brainless, and the light of consciousness will not shine, then you are unlikely to succeed in the world’s knowledge, in the knowledge of ourselves and the universe. We need a balance between light and consciousness flow of feelings. Need some point, which is of equal and removed from the senses and from the consciousness, that is, the balanced point. In our body, as stated in yoga, this is a point we have in the center of our chest. Here and the impact of intellectual awareness, and feeling; This equal-balanced point. It is connected to the city center is called Anahata, or heart center.


For this reason, and it is believed that the Absolute manifests itself in your life is balanced. Equally, and in your intelligence, and through the senses. Of course, in certain situations, the Absolute can occur to a greater extent through the mind, thoughts and philosophies. And in some other moment of life more through a sense of kindness, security, etc. Accents can be displaced, but in its most complete form must be present and the mind and the senses. The man who comes to the concept of the Absolute, tends to live more with the feeling of the heart center. And we say. “That’s a kind, gentle, open, loving, wise man” The word “wise man” and the word “intellectual” – these are two different values.


When the concept of the Absolute comes to you in life, it comes as something familiar, as a parent, and you – a small child. He plays with you, and you feel that it is good that we can rely on him. But at the same time you realize that for the parent stands and intellectual power. You can ask any interesting question, and it will respond.


It is recommended that before making any major decisions, to sit down and meditate a bit on the heart center, and to lay down the feelings and thoughts come to order. And when you pomeditiruete at the heart center, the manifestation of your Higher Self will enter into harmony, or in response to the manifestation of the Absolute. And you will understand better how to be entered on your site Absolute, if he were you, if not contrary to your will to the will of the Absolute. This will lead to what will be a smaller percentage of possible errors in decision-making, with all its positive aspects.


Arjuna said:

12. You Higher Brahma, the supreme shelter, the supreme purifier; eternal Divine Spirit, the original God, the Supreme Lord unborn

13. The name you all rishis, and the divine Rishi Narada, Asita, Deva, Vyasa; you yourself say the same to me.


We are talking in this lecture that in life there is always prominent people some mystery. It is possible for a person to observe and to think, “Where is this mystery”, apparently ordinary life, but all the same – there is a mystery. In the life of the greatest philosophers and doctors and yoga teacher was this mystery; it gave them the power. When many students asked to tell this secret, they certainly tried to tell her, each in their own terms, the word closest to their perception. But in fact they are all talking about one of the Absolute. But as Absolut each of them was different feelings, sensations, techniques, it turned out that they were talking about the same just with different words, in different terms. All these teachers and yoga teacher gave different exercises to join this power, sometimes – a diametrically opposite character; inexperienced person does not understand. And the meaning is obvious thing: if the concept of the Absolute come to you and opens through specific forms and exercises, it is not necessary that the other person through them will open. Therefore, in yoga techniques or descriptions of the Supreme there is no contradiction.


Here I want to remind you that many religions are just in the opposite direction. They try to take any one particular form of manifestation of the Supreme, which of course took place in the life of an individual, and to impose on everyone else. This, as you know, had nothing good happened, and sooner or later lead to the degradation of a particular religion or philosophical doctrine.


14. Righteous, I believe all that you said to me, Keshava, but your manifestations, Lord, they know neither the gods nor danavas.

15. You yourself know itself through itself, about Purusottama; the beginning of creatures, the Lord of all beings, God of gods, the ruler of the world!

16. Deign to say exhaustive – for your marvelous siloproyavlenie (vibhuti) – siloproyavleniyami however, abound in these worlds, thou art.

17. How you perceive, a yogi, always thinking of you; public, public images (bhava), the lord, you think in for me?

18. Detail your yoga and siloproyavlenie, Janardana, again, narrate; not for me to saturation Amrita attention (you).

Sri Bhagavan said:

19. Let it be! I will tell you – for my marvelous siloproyavleniya – the most important of the best of Kuru, for there is no end to my siloproyavlenyu.

20. I myself, on Gudakesha, standing in the heart of all beings; I have a beginning, middle, end creatures.

Arjuna asked Krishna to tell us more, as he appears in this world, at least some clue to the mind. Too abstract concept of the Absolute is too abstract concept of freedom, and I would like something to “feel”, to understand try to touch; need a bridge from the usual, routine and known to the beyond, to the spiritual. Krishna begins to list references about people, objects, phenomena known at the time the people that make up the cultural environment in which he wrote the Bhagavad Gita.


21. Of the Adityas I am Vishnu; of the luminaries I radiant sun; I Marichi of Marut; I was among the constellations moon.


Suffice it hard to interpret why “of the sun light, I, I am the moon,” and not the North Star. This is due to mythological formation, which has already formed at the time, with some more ancient myths and legends, which was a manifestation of the Supreme. To this Krishna refers.


22. Of the Vedas I am the Sama Veda; god I Vasava (Indra);


From the viewpoint of the modern analysis of what is called “Veda”, it is known that the oldest Veda – is the Rig-Veda. And the Sama Veda and Yajur Veda in many respects repeat the Rig-Veda, but are later.


Why in the Bhagavad Gita it is said: “I – Sama Veda”? – Of course, for some other logic. This logic can be connected with a completely non-obvious things, such as: Sama-Veda – Veda chants, recitatives beautiful rendition of the Vedas, when you listen, you are literally immersed in perception. It is possible to argue, to put forward the theory, to speculate, to give certain explanations. But this is just a cultural environment of that era, not obvious to the present day, however, relies on some serious mythological history.

Question: Is it possible to reflect here in such a way that the Rig Veda – it is the consciousness, as a theoretical formation, Yajur-Veda is very practical, more mystically described practices, and the Sama Veda as the joining of these things.

The Vedas are not commensurable thing more ancient than the Bhagavad Gita. I remind you of the concept of the Vedas. In Vedic history there. In any mythological system, religion is prehistory. Something that was before, and that influenced the formation of religion or mythology. And Veda took as out of nowhere. It was civilization, where the works were older than the Vedas, and nothing left, only three Vedas. Just as the ancient civilization = huge library, you decide to leave the city, go to the library, take three books; the city lost in the cataclysm, and you drag these with a book. As a result, these three books have become the seed for the whole Indian philosophy. The only difference is that it was not the books – the Vedas were learned by heart, and not written; they began to write much later, after thousands of years.


Why these Vedas? Why in such a volume? It may be by chance in those circumstances, when disasters, it was necessary to save the spiritual Vedic knowledge, perhaps, these sections were the most relevant knowledge, and the remaining sections were not very interesting. I always give an example: in the Soviet Union during the war (1941 – 1945 years) made tanks, guns, weapons, but did not do any civilian products. Because “Everything for the front, everything for victory.” Possibly, for the same reason at the time it is needed to narrow sharpened knowledge solutions for some vital task.


god I Vasava (Indra); of the senses I am the Manas; I beings – consciousness;

23. Because I Rudra Sankara; of Yaksha, Rakshasa I (Kubera) Lord of the Treasure; I Pavaka of Vasu; I’m from the mountains Meru.

24. From the home of the priests know me, O Partha, as the chief Brihaspati; of the generals I Skanda; I vodovmestilisch of ocean.

25. Because of the great Rishi Bhrigu I; One of the words I Infinite; I am a victim of the sacrifice whisper mantras;

It is interesting, “the words of the One Infinite I”, at least some clue intelligence gives us to come close to the concept of the Absolute.


I’m from sustainable Himalaya;

26. Of the trees I ashvattha; I devarishi of Narada; I Citraratha of Gandharva; of blessed I Kapila Muni;

27. Of horses know me as Uchchayshravu arising out of Amrita; of royal elephants I Airavata; I’m the king of the men heroes;

28. Of weapons I Vajra; of the cows I Kamaduk; I Kandarpa of generators; of serpents I am Vasuki;

29. Of the Nagas I Ananda; of aquatics I am Varuna; I Aryaman of ancestors; of counselors I Yam.

30. From Let me Prahlada; Time counters of I; of the beasts I am the king of beasts; I Vaynateya of birds;

31. Of purifiers I am the wind; of the wielders of weapons I am Rama; of fish I Makar; I Jahnava thread;

32. I am the beginning, the end and the middle of the creations, Arjuna; of science I am teaching on the Supreme Self; I gifted it short.

33. From the letters I have “A”; I duality of the combinations; I have endless time, the creator vsyuduliky.

34. I vseunosyaschaya death; I occurrence is meant to be; I glory in women, beauty, speech, memory, judgment, endurance, modesty.

35. Brihatsaman of the hymns; Gayatri sizes of I; of months I Margasirsa; of seasons I the time of flowering;

36. Because I’m cheating dice; I have great splendor; I win, I resolve, I really truthful.

37. From the kind Vrsni I Vasudeva; of the Pandavas – Dhananjaya; I’m from muni Vyasa; of the singers I Usana singer.

38. I am the scepter of the rulers; I’m looking to win statehood; I silence the mysteries; I have the knowledge of knowing.

39. The fact that all beings have the seed, it is – I, O Arjuna; and there being a fixed or movable, which would be deprived me.

40. There is no end to my divine manifestations of the ascetic; so briefly told me about the various siloproyavleniyah.

41. All that is mighty, true, beautiful, hard, that’s all Recognize arose from a particle of my splendor.

42. But why do you these many knowledge, Arjuna? By checking this totality (transient) world of one particle (myself), I remain.

Thus in the Upanishads of the holy Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Brahma, the Scripture of yoga, in the conversation of Sri Krishna and Arjuna (reads) the tenth chapter, entitled YOGA SILOPROYAVLENIYA

At first glance Absolute elusive, transcends, it did not catch, do not grab, it is higher than the words and thoughts. On the other hand, the world of objects and phenomena that surround us, was created by the Absolute. On the third hand, the Absolute can manifest through everything in your life; You can interpret everything that happens around you, as a phenomenon of the Absolute. You are sitting now lectures around you other people, walls, floor, and you can take that as many objects and phenomena, and one can imagine that this is only a decoration, behind which hides the One; One who begins to speak through many people, manifested through different objects or events. But we do not always tend to see everything happening Absolute, we are more inclined to see all the fellows who run, fuss, sometimes behave well, sometimes – bad. And then it happens that in life we are confronted with such people, with such circumstances that as a bolt from the sky suddenly convey to us the idea of the Supreme. A man, or some kind of natural phenomenon as much effect on us, which is perceived as a revelation. Moreover, if we have gone through this experience, we have come to the Absolute concept, we do not doubt it for a second. These objects or events, people or circumstances may be very different. At the end of Chapter IX Krishna simply lists possible at the time pushing, displays the external universe, which led people to the fact that they came to the same, that the Absolute is that it is real, that it is more realistic that whatsoever.




Question: Is it possible to interpret the words that something can be misunderstood, but it is possible to understand and correctly, and that the correct understanding – is the Absolute, and misunderstanding – that’s all you want.


Sometimes they say: “God is truth, God is truth.” However, it is really quite vulgar phrase, it refers to the religion, but I do not like to deal with religions, always someone unhappy always. But in fact I wanted to say the same thing. What once suddenly comes to you, you know how it is all done in fact (and this is the state of true experience), this is the nature of the Absolute. Therefore it is possible, starting from concepts such as “freedom”, “truth”, “infinity” or a sense of “love”, “love” approach to the concept of transcendent Absolute. In some sources you read, “God is love”, and someone will make these words reflect and lead to the Absolute, and someone on the contrary repelled. Each person has some of his associations, and associative ways to the Absolute infinite number. And each is their way to the Absolute; Absolute person in his life appears exactly no two identical parishes Absolute in human life.


Q: But your words can be understood correctly, and you can again understand wrong.


Therefore my lectures only for a narrow circle of listeners the International Open Yoga University, which announced preliminary general background to this level of perception. Note that I use in my speech jargon, vernacular, questionable jokes, and you can normally perceive. Man out of context, listen to the street and say, “My God, what kind of monster is the Bhagavad Gita says, ‘and will be in its own right.


Question: But the Absolute is one, and there is only one correct understanding of your words?


We can not say that the Absolute – one. In general, there is a substitution of concepts. When we say “one”, that is – “one”? This is a cardinal one, two, three; word, giving a description. And unless there are words which give a description of the inexpressible? We can not say that really the Absolute one. It is higher than the concept of number. And if we give all the numbers from the concept of the Absolute, it is, rather, the concept of “zero” – as if it is, and like or not.


Question: Can we, approaching this concept, give any descriptive characteristics, such as “a correct understanding of your words should be inside the inspiration to give birth?”


Inspiration is! All my lectures are designed to do just one thing – to give inspiration. If there is no inspiration, no dry residue of my lectures.


Q: If there is no inspiration, so there is not a correct understanding? After all, in your words, it is. Well, that all written, I’ll be your other word misunderstand, but eventually I come to inspiration, and it is improving, fumbles the Absolute Within five months to five times, an active lecture record reviewed in intervals of doing yoga, and every once in your words. “Why do you have all these words, when you have me.” I understand that all words can be discarded, reject all attempts at perfection, just to feel one’s self, and it will be the same.


Yes, that is right. One problem – few who are listening and watching. We then print these lectures, and printed do not read … The style of speech for one, and you begin to print it – inspiration disappears, the jokes begin to seem flat and factual material, such as the dating of the historians of religion, the bottom line is very small.


Question: Birds of a feather flock together, and the man who sees the Absolute, “flock together” of man, which also sees the Absolute. But we have our position we can not say for sure, man sees the Absolute or not, it can be said to myself only the man himself and for himself feel it.


I once had a company, it worked very serious staff working in the financial sector. One of them was a nice background: even in the Soviet period it was money changers, changed currency from foreigners. They were grazing near the hotel “Intourist”, they are not particularly bothered, but occasionally caught. And he told me that they saw each other, who do it, and they felt each other, even if the person for the first time, you know – this is our man. And worth undercover KGBistu appear, outwardly, he was no different, and it felt on autopilot, and everyone fled. There are still elusive factors that speaking about the internal perception of human existence. It is clear that they come to catch KGBista was internal perception of being different from the money changers.


Rather, if a person does not see the Absolute, and whether to close concept outlook on life, including whether or not the direction. And if there really is something there, that person becomes interesting. It happens because, you begin to communicate with the man – it is interesting, then you realize that it is – empty. Girls, for example, spend a lot of time and effort to make up for beautiful clothes, they’re all so glamorous, made by tracing beautiful magazines. And at first glance, look – here it is, the mysterious stranger, she is charming! And even if the stranger has passed numerous trainings stupid as stupid or vice versa smart smile or to remain silent, then you can it for some time to cheat. But you are not deceived the girl herself, and the one who made it out of the way. But is it worth to you a little bit with this girlfriend talk, as you can see, it’s a walking mannequin, the next will not save any appearance or sexuality, anything – just not interested. The situation is similar here – there are people who at first sight are interesting, if not in this world, everything, it ceases to be interesting. In yoga, in MOYU all senior students evaluate undergraduate students and, although I am struggling with this, but I can not help it, they say: “Here is this – practices, and this – no.” The word “practice” they put that person is working internally is not on display. There is a strong sense of inner peace, although technically we do not know whether there is a concept of the Absolute there.


Question: How is treated human creativity, based on the Bhagavad Gita? Let me explain. Krishna explains to Arjuna that it is necessary to carry out their duties in accordance with their caste, with their karma. Krishna praises the wise, to know the world. But it will not affect the image of the creative person. I wonder how You treat, whether it is worthwhile, if I do business, paint a picture?


What is the meaning of the Vedic knowledge of yoga? To help you fulfill the four goals of life: dharma, artha, kama and moksha. Speaking in his own words, we have to be born, to find his life’s work to find his dharma, the path through life, that is, we have to do their work so that we have been fully realized as a person. Moreover – to whatever we were doing it would lead to spiritual growth. If you are a businessman, you do business so that, firstly, get rich, and secondly, that through wealth comes to you opening your spiritual potential. If you are an artist, a poet, a creative person, then created their works of art, so that through them opened higher, spiritual. Is that a cultural step forward, something creative, from the point of view of yoga is determined by whether people become kinder, cleaner, better, more spiritual, closer to the Absolute concept after seeing your work. If on the contrary, they become worse, stupid, stupid, it’s not art. If you’re a scientist, is engaged in the discovery of the laws of nature, become the new Einstein, but let you through the discovery of the laws of nature and also opens your spiritual component. Living a life very intensely creative, open college through its activities – all this can be attributed to the dharma. Do it so that the maximum number of people you’ve been in this life useful. Then all that you do, people will be in demand, and they will take care of the financial part of your life, you will not starve. This is called – Artha. Next time – kama. You have to live your life and use in full all that gives life in terms of sensual pleasure. You are not in any case should not be slaves to sensual pleasure – it is the road to hell. But the sensible use of natural joy and happiness of life – this is what is programmed in us and does not conflict with the Supreme, but rather helps. Finally, after you nicely lived life, made a lot of useful things: creative, scientific, cultural, enriched themselves, enrich their country, give birth to children, raised them, and already the kids are no longer in you need, at the end of life in Yoga recommended fourth goal – moksha. Live life with a capital letter, and at the end of life reach enlightenment, samadhi. That, friends, – the Vedas.


Q: Then what about the saints, hermits?


It is necessary to consider each case separately. In Indian philosophy, as in modern marketing, it is very clear approach to market segmentation. There is the main consumer, and there is a separate class of consumers, it is necessary for them to sharpen goods. First of all Indian philosophy honed all his recommendations for the primary consumer. And every saint hermit or recluse unholy, each wandering yogi or a bum, which pretends to be a wandering yogi – it is an isolated case, the individual rules. They do not conflict with the general rules, but they must be disassembled separately. Because, as you know, physically, if all rush to the holy hermit, life on Earth will stop. Therefore, all go to the holy hermits can not.


Question: If a person has accepted the concept of the Absolute, it is in any man inclined to see the manifestation of the Supreme.


In fact – it is not the fact. There is such a thing as our personal freedom and our personal prehistory. We could have done a lot of actions in life and, accordingly, have generated such karma that we do not tend to see the Absolute through other people. Imagine what some villains. It is necessary to try very hard to see through them, the Absolute. Sometimes it is easier to see the Absolute through the dog and cat. In Moscow, note how many pets. Sometimes you ask and what did you imagine such a dog started, it would be better started the child, she eats more and more money. But there are such people, they say: “Oh, my favorite dog, my favorite cat!” Tell them, “And the children?” “Oh, children, they squeak, care for them, it is a responsibility, I will not!” There are people with a strange karmic histories, they are really easier to see the college in dogs and cats than in people. Well, do not worry. In India, on the subject is a continuation of, certain deities. They have, however, are more common monkey; eating a deity Hanuman is a deity in the form of a monkey. Closer to you monkeys than humans? Please, you could see the college.

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