2012_12_29 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 9. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

2012_12_29 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 9. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Brief Description: Real Absolute factor in the life of the one who called him. Nonverbal Learning to communicate with successful people. Absolute factor, first of all, a living factor. yoga transmission problem. The entire universe is full of life. Summon the Absolute in order to understand its true nature. The whole world has been coined for the knowledge of the Goddess Sri. Why unidirectional idea of the Absolute is a delight and ecstasy. The strength in the outside world, only one – in the Absolute. Any action can be transformed into the practice of inviting the Absolute and bringing his forces. What do you have in mind – there and go. When you do the same sequence of actions you would like more and more punch to the Absolute channel. The fact that you sacrifice everything to the Absolute, you will not have karma! Vairagya – waiver of all, what is not a factor of the Absolute. Summon the Absolute in our lives – it’s like that putting very strict teacher. Cult Bkahti or personality worship, the relationship with the Absolute and distribution in the environment nizkorozhdёnnyh.

So, friends, we have today 29 December 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga; this is our lectures for the International Open Yoga University, all archived information on sites www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru. We are with you, I remind you, we continue to consider most wonderful text of the Bhagavad Gita, which is undervalued, not understood, not well understood. And today we are waiting for the ninth chapter.


The real factor in the life of the Absolute, who called him.


I want to emphasize a certain difficulty in all the knowledge that comes to us from India: whether we like it or not, but it’s still kind of a mark, which leaves the translation from one language to another, it is a little distorted perception of our knowledge. Then, the correct selection of various images of certain words may be, they sometimes cause unwanted association. It also weakens the momentum transfer of knowledge. Therefore, as you know, there are two such ways of translation: first – it literal by well-established dictionaries, and the second – is when you understand the essence of the teachings and begin the same way emotionally inspired to pass it, but already with other accents, whether that to to awaken in you the knowledge to awaken in you a feeling, a sense of ownership of the knowledge. Here. But we here try to combine one and another. That is, first a literal translation, and then my comment, which I will try to have a little in you breathe this boost in knowledge of yoga.


So we begin to consider the ninth chapter, we read the first verse.


Sri Bhagavan said: I will tell you this naitayneyshee knowledge and implementation of the knowledge of perfection, knowing that you’re not on good freed.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, remember, huh? The main plot of the Bhagavad Gita – there are two armies, who is about to go to war with each other. Between the two armies, in a chariot of Arjuna – commander of the Pandavas with Krishna, which is neither more nor less than the Absolute in human incarnation.

Now, they stand between the two armies, Krishna tells Arjuna device in the world. And then, finally, he came to the most important, and this is enough practical section: in fact, how to communicate with the Absolute, how to use all the power of the Absolute in your personal life, in order to get rid of all the negative, and reaching a positive exit to the super-over -sverh state. Therefore, when we are going to dismantle it all, you have to tune correctly; This all – in plain language, but in fact these ordinary words, you know, such a road way, the method of the road as your most everyday, everyday life turn into yoga, and how to make such a factor elusive, as the Absolute, to be more realistic in your life than all the other things in the world.

Well, here we got up this morning – there are some real things. Here are some of the wise men went and made Saturday a working day. That is, in the East would anyone not be faint for such experiments – to change the sleep and wakefulness, when to rest, when to work, it is only capable of crazy western civilization get here and so, without a declaration of war. And it will, sooner or later, the end of its existence from such experiments …

So, factor, at first sight, a real factor in your life – today I got up, went to the station, and they told me: “Trains will not be”, and why? And just like that, without a declaration of war, the schedule as weekdays. It seems to be aware of all the need to know everything …

Very strange behave these our “forces of nature”, and it seems – that they are real people, circumstances, things that make you somehow obey sag under them. And we are starting to really like something to dread or hope to look at the surrounding facts. And yoga says the next thing is that if you called in your life factor of the Absolute, which is elusive – you will not be able to catch the Absolute. But, if you called it, and if you treat it as real, it is in your life begins to act as the real factor in your life, in comparison with which all the rest of your life factors are beginning slowly but surely to retreat.

Why? Because all the other factors in your life – this is karma, positive or negative, that you have created before, in previous years, or life. A factor of the Absolute – is it karma. And by and large, the only factor that might somehow work with karma, is the Absolute. When you’re in the newspapers, books, magazines to read, that any next pseudo-clairvoyant, false yogi fake psychic allegedly cancels karma or something else is doing, then you should very clearly remember that it is, either a madman or a charlatan, or god himself Krishna incarnated in the body of another pseudo-psychic (which is unlikely). Because the only one who gave birth to the very law of karma, can at least something to do with it. Nobody else.

So, it turns out that straight-or I do not know in what proportion, the more we attract the Absolute factor in your life, the more he begins to act. And it’s starting to look like a miracle, it’s starting to look like the magic of some people around. Oh, and for the very stupid, it’s starting to look like a confluence of favorable circumstances: “This must be the same, look like a man, and there were lucky and there and there. Why is it that’s lucky, but we were not lucky ?! “They’re these people, from the outside, do not know that this man can not be said that he was taking, he simply lives according to other laws of nature, according to the laws of luck. Why? Because he has allies who made the whole world. Good to have such friends, friends! This is the most powerful such defenders.

So, of course, it turns out that at first sight the Absolute can not catch it, but on the other hand, there is given, including in the Bhagavad Gita such recommendations, how to make the Absolute in his mercy has come into our lives and It becomes a real power factor. And so it has always been knowledge of the most mysterious, the most-the most mysterious. If you have a particular ritual, or that meditation, or pilgrimage, or something else, making that person then receives the result of the most powerful, it is clear that everything started to treat very seriously to these practices, these methods, etc. etc., roughly speaking, to those activities for which “bite” Absolute. And they immediately overgrown with the most powerful such veils of mystery.

And to get to a particular school of yoga, or in a particular social circle, where were these methods had to be more than a decade of life to spend. And I must say that to this day there are in India temples, places, some people’s society, where you just do not get. But if you find yourself there, then your all problems will be solved very quickly.


Nonverbal Learning to communicate with successful people.

I can give this to illustrate an example: while you are an ordinary person, you are faced with many problems (work, money, device, creativity, etc.), and so you can live many decades before will find its way to the top , make a career. But if someone you immediately bring the level of the right people – rich, respected, influential, wealthy, then you are just the same, just in a matter of weeks or months to reach. I have repeatedly observed this effect, to be honest, I had had, and at the very same moments in life that you come out to this level – and immediately everything is solved.

But to get to this level of the right people is very hard, my friends. And you know one of the reasons why? Because if normal people who have made themselves, and are endowed with power, money, wealth, well, legally, not what they stole, not what they kogo-to fooled – these people are very open, very easy to communicate, as a rule, are very trusting – as children, it is very contradictory combination, you know. And that’s why every city slicker who goes to this level, it is easier to fool people influential than it’s black, that at the bottom. Why? Because among black all the time deception, meanness, etc., and each has already immune. And there, at the top, because it is not, there is a special immunity is not necessary, because if you repeatedly behaved improperly, and this information is spread among the right people, you lose your reputation, and everything, and the world starts from you as if turn away.

Or, let’s say, a still another example, here again, remember, at the time, became interested in obtaining economic education, all interested in how to construct the system of education, an MBA in the United States. And it turned out that a huge number of MBA programs, there are hundreds of them. But there are, say, 10-20 universities, MBA and get there, then immediately make a career. I do not know now, because this is the time of change. That is, there are not you looking for a job, and the employer is looking for you to offer a place under the sun.

Now, I’m all their comrades, odnokorytnikov, homies, who were at home in the science of physics, and after the collapse of science rushed into the business, and in different business schools they attended, received an MBA, I asked: “Listen, and what you taught there, and then you open the doors? What kind of skills are you? Maybe it’s a special tutorials, or any specific items? “It turns out the next, what is not, there is, in general, the same as everywhere else, the same books, you can go to any store to buy. Yes, and what a special power of these places? The fact that you begin to deal with real people who really were in a real business, and they are non-verbally begin you teach, you begin to think in the same way as they are, and you just start success stick as well as to them. This is the first. And secondly, it is a big factor – it is due. If you studied in some kind of Oxford, Harvard, Princeton and Yelyah, you willy-nilly become overgrown with lots of acquaintances who also occupy a high position, which in the spirit of such teamwork, partnership or membership of a particular institution in all major institutions are paying a lot of attention. It’s, you know, such a good sense of the word mafia is so, where did you get all your doors open.

So, the same situation, friends, and spiritual knowledge: if you find yourself in a circle like these powerful people, who have access to top – whatever your life’s problems are solved.

But now imagine that you have reached the greatest level – Absolute. You even more do not need anyone, you do not even need a circle of friends, you can live alone, to solve their problems without the help of others, if you have access to the Absolute.

And this here is the head just a little bit to us, well, how to say, such a translation read, not just as a little something just want to light up this idea. But if so Bhavna, enthusiastically convey the essence of this chapter will explain to you now how to achieve in order to be on friendly terms with the Absolute, then all your problems will be solved with a bang.

Then go.


Bhagavad Gita: Regal science, royal secret is – the highest cleaner. Transparent, accessible, natural, easily accessible, enduring.

People do not believe in the law of the ascetic, not reaching me return paths of death and samsara.

Me not in the manifest form is spread all the mobile world. During my stay all beings. But I do not dwell in them.

But do not dwell in me being the leader of my Episcopal yoga. Medium creatures, but abideth not in beings, myself manufacturer beings.

As the all-pervading great wind, which is always in space, so all beings are in me. Realize It.

Absolute factor, first of all, a living factor.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here see what the situation. The basic idea is that there is a root cause of the universe – the Absolute. A life. In our school of yoga (our school of yoga generic), there are more abut on any conventional images of everyday life, so that you captured what is meant by the word “Absolute”. Because sometimes you say that: “Absolute”, and the head is born some black void, the abyss of space, something abstract, hoo, somewhere far away and completely unrelated to our everyday reality. And in fact, the concept of the Absolute, if we trace it in the Vedas, if we follow it in the same Bhagavad Gita, it is a very real, tangible, native, warm, alive, like the grass that made it out of the ground in spring. How, I do not know in kindergarten kids run, jump, have fun, and we say: “That’s Life”

Or any other event where you see the manifestations of life. That is, it is some kind of power factor, but it is not abstract, space, empty, cold, prickly, and vice versa – a lively, joyful, exciting, interesting. Well, I do not know, some kind of event where you went – party, where all the friends want to see each other – suddenly something – time, and there is a subtle! Here is the same situation. The factor of the Absolute, he is primarily a live factor. This is something elusive, but if it is, it manifests itself as life. In fact, life – this is the Absolute.

And if you are to grasp is what is called “life”, “the root cause”, then you, as it were, in the same direction all things are beginning to take shape. If not, it was only here that it was said, the situation is different – you, according to his karma, live-live their years of its existence on earth, then die to incarnate again. And so the cycle of birth and death, strictly speaking, infinite. They say: “What we must live life to enlightenment?” As if, you know, it would be the number of a hundred thousand lives – takogo-to levels reach a million – takogo-to twenty million lives … No, my friends, this is an incorrect statement of the problem . Until then, until voleizyavite Graduate until voleizyavite Absolute, the cycle of birth and death is endless.

Yes, life can change, there is somehow something, its factors, but the essence remains the same. And now it turns out that every living creature (you remember the axioms), what it represents? A small spark of life. A small spark of the Absolute. And it turns out that no matter how’s this spark free itself provided, she lives by the rules that comes up, and, in fact, may not even be aware of the presence of the Absolute, and that this factor is an active life can be used.

Therefore, if you will meet people who will tell you: “Yes, I do not believe any of the Absolute, in any life at all – do not trust and do not want to believe!” You torment them persuade, torment! Moreover, you will not achieve success. You can give all sorts of arguments, and people will say, “No, not convinced” And, really, you can not grasp the Absolute and the show. You can not grasp the life and show. You can indirectly indicate it, and people are either understand or do not understand. And so there is a problem, in fact, reports of knowledge to others.

Or reports of a philosophical or religious concept to others. In religion, it is called proselytism – proselytizing. So, in fact, my friends, no one may turn to their faith. That is why, for instance, Hinduism in its modern form, it is not proselytism. That is, here some more than others, young religion in India the same, they differ in that the followers of various philosophies, movements, religions, they roam and go-to proselytize one way or another. Sometimes bullying, sometimes bribery, sometimes the explanation – in different ways. And for most of Hinduism is not typical proselytism, you will not see this, you know, a Brahmin, an orthodox Hindu who went to, and wandered to proselytize. It is believed that you yourself must come to this.


yoga transmission problem.

Another conversation that we can inspire other people to think about on this topic, and sooner or later come to her. But it – period! Not more! We can not take a person and bring him to the Absolute. We can it somehow inspired to reflect on this subject, and either accept the concept in his personal life and the universe, or do not accept. And this is a problem of education, the problem of the transmission of knowledge, the problem of the transmission of yoga – including Bhakti-yoga, because if it is so easy to transfer knowledge, it would be enough for one person to know the Absolute, and it immediately to all those around him gave knowledge and you know, such a chain reaction, all have long been enlightened. Meanwhile, we do not see. Throughout human history, came the great Teacher.

Leo Tolstoy, you will remember all my life spent to make humanity better. Well, that turned out a lot? Where something happened, somewhere there, but not so much that all the time. The Savior of mankind, you remember, come – the end? Sadly all. The story of Krishna – Absolute itself has come to be the charioteer of Arjuna, I gave him knowledge. It would seem that Arjuna Now take and pass the whole knowledge of his army, and all the host of enlightened, and all do not want any wars! But it is impossible. Why? Because free will. We must first voleizyavit themselves to the Absolute has been in our lives. That is the only factor that might factor in your life manifested itself – is to call the Absolute.

And, in fact, are engaged in the higher sections of Raja Yoga. It turns out that calling the Absolute, you become as powerful as the Absolute. You can control everything, just as Absolut controls everything.

Go ahead, we read.


Bhagavad Gita: All creatures Kaunteya, included in my nature at the end of Kalpa. Back to the beginning of the Kalpa, I was producing them.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And remind you to the concept of Indian philosophy that here, this life is the root cause, first create the universe, the universe takes a certain cycle, to then disappear again, and in the next stage of creation repeated everything again, again and again.


Bhagavad Gita: Staying out of his own nature – Prakriti, I make again and again all this multitude of beings against their will, by the will of nature.

And I do not associate these actions Dhananjaya, abiding indifferent, not tied to these actions.

Under my supervision nature produces mobile and immobile. For this reason, Kaunteya rotates transitory world.


The entire universe is full of life.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And, see, so that’s the thing. Absolute – the root cause or the fact that with a capital called Life, in fact, is doing everything that we see around us, and life is everything. For example, any time of the material universe. For example, the walls, the floor, the ceiling in the room where we sit, it would seem, they’re not alive, made of stone. But from the perspective of the concept of yoga, it is like the same life, but only very slowly, so slowly that we fail to recognize how it is changing. At the same time, you remember that being of a protein are very mobile, unless of course, not in the mode of tamas when he is and does not want anything.

So, what kind of an interesting conclusion from the Indian philosophy should be that the whole universe is full of life. That’s a big hello, anyone know? Ufology! There are people who are looking for aliens, extraterrestrials. So, you can congratulate that from the point of view of yoga philosophy, from the point of view of the ancient Vedic philosophy, the whole universe is teeming with life. If you look carefully, it is quite possible that we will find something similar to us. Another conversation that, once again, from this position, in general, all – living. Only in one thing life is more pronounced, through something – weaker through something – inert, through something – quickly.

Here, you know, is very interesting in this respect, go to the Vernadsky Museum. This uncle was – Vernadsky. Or Fersman Museum. Good museums are: Vernadsky – the Red Square, and Fersman – near Leninsky Prospekt, or something, metro station in Moscow. And now look at the crystals. This, you know, sometimes considered even in some scientific circles that the first transition, most visible phase of this matter, which can not be seen life to the stage, where you can see – it’s likely to crystals, because they themselves are growing in certain conditions. And so on and on you get to a structure such as a virus. This is regarded as a living or non-living virus? Difficult question. And so on and so forth.

That is, it turns out such a very sharp boundary between living and nonliving not. She’s been with us here on Earth, because we have, in fact, everything lifeless – lifeless, because the crystals self-assembled, then viruses, unicellular eukaryotes, prokaryotes, really quite primitive, and that this jump from unicellular to this matter is very pronounced here on Earth. But, again, indirectly, it might just be just so, as if not proof, and the impetus for thinking that somewhere in other places, in the same universe, the transition softer.

And then such a hypothesis is born, that life on Earth was seeded. That is flown some Meteoritika, the first germs brought here, shmyaknulsya somewhere, and they survived. And somewhere out there, in the more ancient structures of our universe, the transition smoother. Many in this regard can reflect the most interesting findings are born. You know, I thought after these entirely differently then went and looked at the stones treadable, minerals, Vernadsky in the same museum, all very different starts to look.

So, we’ll be back. So. The basis of all – life. Life – everywhere. Life – is a manifestation of the Absolute, but very cunning manifestation of the Absolute. He crashed a single Absolute as though for many, many number of individual, mutually independent Absolyutikov. And every Asbolyutik – we are with you, if we talk about people or animals, up to one-celled creatures, because each of the creatures have a Higher Self, and it is no different from the Absolute.

In this regard, once again, we are small, compressed Absolyutiki that have not yet realized that they Absolyutiki. A Absolute – the root cause of life, which has created, including us, is at the same time as there is. And the contrast between us and our Higher Self and the Absolute only one thing: we are exposed to the illusion of maya, and we, therefore, there is karma, and karma in this Absolute, no, he is not affected by the illusion of Maya. It turns out, in fact, that he himself and created karma. But the next step in the logical chain: as soon as you realize that you are – small Absolyutiki, then to the extent that, as you will be aware you will be coming more and more power, until then, until it’s full power of the Absolute.

That is, my friends, I congratulate you! Each of you such potential! If you, at least for a little it opened, you have shone on the planet Earth. Would you first became a charismatic personality, you would become a creator of history, you would become famous poets, artists, politicians, I do not know who we’ve got even the greatest humanist, and then you went further and further. And it’s waiting for you. This is a perspective from each of you. In this life, in the next – how it goes. Someone quickly go, someone is in a hurry, enjoying every minute of life, even in the state it is. But the prospects for all of you, friends, rainbow. Really bright, you know? You will enjoy the highest happiness, the highest power, the highest achievements. That’s about it, too, Bhagavad Gita says.


Summon the Absolute in order to understand its true nature.

But you know how it turns out, what trick: sometimes it’s easier to open a Absolute Absolute looking at the original. Sometimes you like to call upon the order of the Absolute is already open, and the full power of karma is to look at him to understand who you are, rather than opening it in itself, slowly but surely. In fact, here in this chapter, and we said that it is accelerating the way. Just look in the mirror to see who you are and what you look like, as well, and then – if you will call upon the Absolute, if you understand who he is, if you understand its power, if you realize that you are no different, the you will open up as the Absolute itself. Logic catches you, I hope.

Let’s continue to read.

Bhagavad Gita: fools despise me, receiving the human form, not knowing my supreme essence of the Great Lord of the creatures.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, and here Krsna, then have said to himself as the Absolute in the human body. That is the Absolute, who created everything, including us, has suddenly decided to come into the world in human form, in order to teach us how to help us believe in its power, in their Higher Self question – why did he come from? We are on this question has been answered, we touched. Very simple – because Arjuna Absolut invited into your life, it is in the human body, and the Absolute in his mercy came to him in the human body. Why? It’s very simple – the Absolute is like the form in which you come. In his mercy he will come in a form that you closer and more understandable to all, and will talk to you in the language that you best understand. Therefore, the question of what language a person speaks with the Absolute, the answer is: to understand. Whatever it was, but it is understandable language.

So, the Absolute came into this world, because in this world, Arjuna called him in the human body, and, accordingly, began to teach Arjuna, and all, of course, other living beings who have had karma somehow communicate, live in this is the era of the world, but that is not called for in my world, Absolut, and who do not even want to know that there is such a concept, they certainly do not understand anything. They think, “Oh, come to some kind of impostor, calls itself the Absolute. Yes, we despise it, we do not want it all! “Well, if they do not want to, well, well. That is, the Absolute, even Krishna does not impose its presence in this sense. Do not believe – do not believe it, just take a look, you will live in your universe by its own laws. And, as a rule, we will come up with their own laws, oh, how bad and uninteresting, what then becomes bad.

Then we read.


Bhagavad Gita: vain hopes, vain things, vain knowledge unreasonable, surrendered demons, rakshasnoy, demonic, Asuric, erring nature.

A mahatma about Pardha, resorting to the divine nature, honored me undivided thought, knowing the beginning of an enduring creatures.

Constantly praising me runneth, solid in the vows, worship Me, O Partha, I reverently honor the devotees constantly.

Others also, sacrificing a victim of wisdom, worship Me as One, as a multipart split, omnipresent.

The whole world has been coined for the knowledge of the Goddess Sri.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now, look, more interesting, too, that sort of thing – I mentioned about it in the philosophy of India there are many parallel cults approaches such personal communication between man and the Absolute in India’s best and most popular in the two branches. This is the first – Vaishnavism as a result is all that is associated with Krishna, where it is believed that Krishna – is the Absolute, who came into this world and you can communicate with him as a person, that is, as a person with a personality. Sufficiently large stratum of people who practice this philosophy, or that yoga, if you want.

Other, parallel – everything is the same, only more ancient, it is everything that is connected with the cult of Shiva, or rather, there is a pair, as a rule: Shiva and Goddess Sri, his wife. Sometimes still referred to as Shiva and Shakti, Shiva and Parvati, Shiva and Kali, Shiva and Lakshmi. Shiva – Shiva is everywhere, as a rule, although he, too many names, and as a wife – the different aspects of the feminine principle. So, of course, of course, cults such personal communication with the Absolute shivaistskogo such a plan, they, of course, a little bit older. But in some moments are not quite clear. As for this thread here Vaishnavism, of course, they are younger, but in some ways they are more understandable. Well, you know, what it was quite recent, better preserved, we can better understand some aspects of the language, to a lesser extent formalism of thought, and so on.

So, look, what a thing happens: if a branch of Saivism, or where the foundation of reverence – Siva, where Shiva is the Absolute transcendent, there is, as it were believed that the whole world was created for us to know how to Sri Vidya beauty beautiful goddess Sri, the wife of Shiva or the goddess Shri – Shiva is in its female incarnation.

The whole world was invented only one. It is very beautiful worship of Sri Vidya. Ananda Lahari, Saundarya Lahari – the most powerful philosophical works describing this yoga. Just understand that the whole world is invented, only that to understand the goddess Sri, as the whole world becomes a pathetic shadow, firstly, not interesting, and secondly, it loses its power over us. He is one factor that can somehow control our life becomes a servant. When the whole world is adjusted, or flex under the one who worships the goddess Shri.

This is the basis and the power of practitioners. Yogi or yogini who achieve great heights in this, indeed, is said to work wonders. Why? But what they might not work wonders, if the world only to and is intended to know Sri? Sri They may know the whole world is a miserable servant, he runs after them, and ministered to.

Here, a similar situation in the cults of Vaishnavism. Where Krishnaism, which is now known. In fact, it is quite serious yoga, they are higher than the concept of religion, but made so the mentality of the Hindus. The Indians are very fond of religion, very much. What they do not give, it will be religion. Absolutely. they may in their own right, and …

The idea is the same. If you have any hopes or aspirations, if you want to build a business empire, or open a new law of the universe, or to create a work of art, or to be rich, happy, successful in their personal family life, or even in something … But if this is it is not necessary to understand that it is necessary only to join the Supreme, the Absolute, all these activities very soon, first of all, begin to bother, and secondly, they are not stable, they are prone to breakage. Everything turns into a fuss, requires constant effort that would save it. There is a saying among doctors: “Nothing does not require much effort from the doctor, how to stop the decomposition of the corpse.”

If we do not see the Supreme – always we feel that we are in the camp of the enemy. Just distracted as it all falls apart, friends betray, wife throw, hold their money in dollars – inflation eats, built a new house – it begins to break down, bought a new car – it is outdated, everlasting disappointment.

And if you remember the concept, all of these activities, or all of these things – it is a way to know the Absolute or Supreme prohibitively life. Then everything changes and everything becomes attractive, interesting and exciting.


Unidirectional idea of the Absolute is a delight and ecstasy.

Bhagavad Gita: Others also, sacrificing a victim of wisdom, worship

me as one, as a multipart-divided, omnipresent.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Imagine that you are an ancient yogi or yogini, you have called the concept of the Absolute in your life, you voleizyavili that he was, that he had come so that you can communicate with him as a power factor.

And, like the ancient texts say as being in your life comes Absolute and demonstrates its power, the ability to resolve the most intractable challenges and problems, change your life for the better, you gradually grasps the Absolute. Absolute factor for you is more interesting than anything else but that. Moreover, it starts driving you excited, you begin to grasp: what a great thing – the Absolute. You start to think about it, and you begin to capture the joy, the ecstasy of knowing.


Examples of life:

The young man says that tonight he assignation with a woman, and the wings of love he holds for the rest of the day. Even a job is not a job but a foretaste of the meeting and tumultuous romantic relationship all night, making love … There is an expectation taste, one thought of it causes happiness and joy.

Or imagine: you are a businessman. And rubbing their pens in anticipation: now there will be such a transaction, you earn 5 billion, and then the rest in any good place (!). And you have the anticipation of something wonderful in life.


As soon as you drive the Absolute, and he begins to show his mercy, comes an associative link between the Absolute factor and a factor that will be something absolutely fantastic.

Sometimes it happens that the Absolute factor behaves very unusual. He shoved us into life situations that at first glance, we would not have called positive, and perhaps even negative, but then, over time, we suddenly realize that it was the quickest way to the Absolute, to unleash our negative karma. What Absolute did everything to quickly get rid of negative karma without even noticing or really, if noting that the minimum negative.

And then, when the time comes, and you think, “God, thank you for everything. And for good and for bad. ” Because it’s bad it was not bad. Bad was only bitter medicine for the deadly disease. And whether or not to abuse the doctor that you poured the bitter medicine to the mouth and saved you from the plague? And you begin to thank.

And over time, the person who called in their lives the Absolute, there is such a religious phrase, “May it be Thy will, not mine!”. Why? Because I do not understand anything, and you know better than me. What’s the use to say, “I do not want this drug,” can cure my life saves, you know better than I do.

Solids: what would not bring us to the Absolute, is delighted at the thought that he is. You start to think about the Absolute, your head, neck, back straightened, breathing with delight stops and you are in a state of ecstasy, the idea is unidirectional.

The more the Absolute, the more you capture those emotions, and you can not have them then contained. You are so pret (sorry for the slang), you do not particularly care about others. You are well and everything is fine, as a man drunk, he does not see the others, singing songs, and so on.

When I began to study these subjects, I could not understand why all of these texts, treatises praising the Absolute? For example, the text on the twenty pages. Exercise of yoga on three pages, and the remaining seventeen Absolute praise what you’re cool, you’re a wonderful, how wonderful you are. I thought to myself: “What is to translate the paper? Better to have written more exercise than those of praise. ” And I thought: “Perhaps this is hypocrisy, some coaxing Absolute, something flattering.” Just when a person wants some chief cajole and begins to speak: “Oh, what are you my superior, good, kind, generous. Just do not kill me, and give me some money. In general, you are my most wonderful. ” The first impression – the difference in the perception of cultures, bigotry, hypocrisy and all that unpleasant. And then, when you begin to truly understand that people really ecstasy. What are they about anything just could not think and write about what they could not, then everything starts to get into place.

I remember in the early nineties, we were Hare Krishnas, and they let the Arbat with songs, dances. Go to the drum beat, “Hare Krishna,” they sing, and people shy away, is pressed into the alleys. Inadequate perception. Indeed, looking at, a flock of Krishna – one, indeed, something opened. On the face of the euphoria is written, but also our people look at it and think: “What is he there? Stoned, it’s so pret? “. And someone obviously shows, trying to portray these feelings, in the hope that they somehow there to wake up, that is, makes himself believe it.

By the manifestation of true yogic experiences it, has nothing to do. Believe me, according to the ancient texts, if you come to a real idea of the Absolute, you do not have to force yourself to clap, sing and be happy, you really fun. From the fact that the world is cool! When there is a factor of the Absolute.

And the flip side, when you no longer feel the factor of the Absolute, you are not attracted to anything – neither money, nor riches, nor women, nor glory. In India, there is a list of what we need to have to consider that life is good. There is quite specific: umbrella, royal throne, an elephant, a horse …. Great list.

If this list is not absolute, then everything else becomes not too interesting.

When these followers Absolute happy, having fun, and constantly think about the Absolute, they do it not because of his cajole, not because, to introduce others into error, but because it really is something open is what we are, still do not understand.


The strength in the outside world, only one – in the Absolute.

Bhagavad Gita:

I sacrifice ritual, I am a victim, I libation ancestors,

I have roots, I have a mantra, I clarified butter, I’m the fire, I heave offering.

I – Father of the (transient) world, Mother, Creator, ancestor,

subject knowledge, cleaner, syllable Aum, Rig, Sama, Yajur well.

Path, Husband, Lord, the Witness, the Abode, Cover,

Friend, appearance, disappearance, Reliance, Treasure Enduring seed;

I flame I hold and makes it rain,

I am immortality as well as death, I am Being and Nothingness, Arjuna.

Connoisseurs of three (Vedas), drinking Soma, purified from sin,

sacrifice, they ask me for the heavenly way;

reaching the world of pure lord of the gods,

they taste the wonderful divine pleasure.

Enjoy this vast heavenly world, exhausting

services, they fall into the mortal world; so that following

Tripartite Act (Vedas), desiring desires, they

receive ascent and descent.



Vadim Zaporozhtsev: had the same thought sounded before. All that is sacred, transcendent in different cults, mantras, words – it is a manifestation of the Absolute. If the Absolute manifests itself through the syllable OM, it is the highest mantra. If it occurs, through some rituals of fire, as it was said: “.. Sacrifice, oil, etc.,” then it becomes sacred. He, it works only when the Absolute manifested through it.

All Vedic rites prescribed do the fiery sacrifice fuel to the fire. When lighting a fire and melted butter, with certain mantras poured into the fire, and then the ceremony began, the most magically fulfilled desire or to solve some problems. All this can only be because through this action the Absolute as something shining. But you can do the same thing, one to one, the same mantra, yantra draw, but if there is a factor of the Absolute – that’s the problem.

It turns out that the power in the outside world, only one, in the Absolute. And the action of the yogi, worship is only possible thanks to the Absolute. The more you called it in your life, the more it becomes this factor.


Any action can be transformed into the practice of inviting the Absolute and bringing his forces.

Bhagavad Gita:

Those people who are constantly devoted to without thinking

on the other, honor me, I introduce yoga in peace.

Those who worship other gods, sacrifice

full of faith, they too, O son of Kunti, sacrifice me, although

and not according to the ancient law.

For I vkusitel and the ruler of all the victims, but they me

really do not know and therefore fall away.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you come up with yourself some relative divinity and begin to worship him, and then get on the concept of the deity certain results. But no more. And after the services made exhaust yourself, you go back to the place from which you started. This is such a complicated life cycle.

If you do something in a certain way (later we will talk about it), and devote to the Absolute, then you will sooner or later, to him also and get and never returned back under the bondage of ignorance, under the slavery of some limiting factors.

It later was born the most interesting exercise, sometimes strange at first glance. For example – you go into the dining room to eat, offer first meal Absolute: “Absolute, you do not want to eat? If you want, let’s go! “It turns out, was offered to the Absolute, in any case, remembered him and confirmed that he is. You have linked it with other factors in your life, and the food is an important factor in your life (do not try to feed the three days …). It is understood that the Absolute will not eat the food right before your eyes. But the very fact! Sometimes it is very strange explained, some say he needs the smell of your food. That is, eat the food themselves, and the smell will have it. Someone more abstractly explained this point, but one way or another – working.

The start longer offer, the more of it in their lives invite. The more inviting him, the more he begins to manifest itself, protect, teach. But only to the extent to which the called. Absolute extremely delicate. They gave him the freedom to dispose of “so, so” – then he will not climb. Otherwise, it would be a violation of your free will.

But it turns out that we say, “” from here to here, “Absolute Stay out of my life, here and here and here do not go.” And where have given him the opportunity to dispose of, there is good and what is left by himself – there are blockages and problems … We begin to blame the Absolute: “What do we listen? We had to climb and there. ” It is human nature was.

Any action can be transformed into the practice of inviting the Absolute and bringing his forces. We had read that this naitayneyshee knowledge. The simple act – the recorder is turned on and off, you can turn into a factor of attraction of the Absolute.

Eat a meal, go to bed, have sex, business, wallow in the sun or to give asceticism. If you bring an Absolute factor, then it becomes a factor of yoga, yoga in the most powerful factor, it is not obvious to the people around them. Ambient think: “Particularly not engaged in anything, eating, drinking fun. And somehow spiritually grow? “. But they do not see that when a person eats, drinks and fun, he primarily devotes it to the Absolute, and then only eats itself. Thereby giving it power factor.

But there is one problem, it is that we should earnestly seek the Absolute. It does not always work. First, we ask sincerely, then it becomes a routine. We are accustomed to offer Absolute food before to eat. The first three times offered, and then on autopilot: “Well, the Absolute, come forward”, but, as practice shows, it is also yoga. In my head we have many other routine thoughts or plants that need to be overcome and.

Therefore, one installation routine, but towards the Absolute that we do not even fully understand the “how”, “why?” And “why?”, The other scrub. This position is built, that this or that is necessary to say the mantra a certain number of times or ritual to be done a certain number of times. There is already a question of numbers, one number to vent some other amount of something negative, that is what you do not understand.


What do you have in mind – there and go.

Bhavad Gita:

Go to serving the gods of the gods;

go to the ancestors employees ancestors,

to the spirits (bhuta) are sacrificing spirits

sacrificing me go to me.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The same situation – you sit in the dining room and said: “Absolute, to eat,” – mentally addressed. They offered to the Absolute, then sooner or later for him and get.

Or, you sat down at the table and say: “Relative deity (Boar Progenitor), eat!” – You think about it. Sooner or later, we get into the concept of life, where there is the boar ancestors.

They sat down at the table and say: “The ancestors, eat!”, Get to where the ancestors. For the concept in which we believe. There is a subtlety, our ancestors – a teacher and a teacher, and it’s not the losing option.

It is much worse than to offer all sorts of spirits. On the one hand, you can offer one or the other spirit as a unified indirect manifestation of the Absolute, and be all right. In this practice, many built in the same Tibet. Absolute can appear as one or another spirit, and in this form it is easier to ask him, so he decided everything. This is one situation – get to the Absolute.

But if you, except spirits and one that does not see, then you will sooner or later get into the spirit realm. During the Victorian era was a craze for spiritualism, all of them addicted. In various forms, the plates spinning, conjured etc. India was a colony of the British Empire, and it is clear that many of these there are also addicted. But many serious yoga teacher or spiritual teacher is very warned western people. Due to the fact: it turns out that you have in your head is not the Absolute concept in your head plus the spirits of materialism concept concept. Once there is no concept of the Absolute, then the Absolute will not fall. Since materialism, then you do not know what you are doing. Third, you begin to flirt with this undead, spirits, and you have a very big chance to get after death in the spirit world.

Always there is a stratum of people, all psevdomagi, wizards, otherworldly figures. Until now, open the newspaper, and there witches communicate with the other undead. They scream that go to church, put a candle. Hash is obtained. When I was faced with this, I am surprised – this salad! It is clear that it is not what college they do not believe. They have experience with potustoronschinoy and results. Many on this money to earn. I was familiar with some of the characters, they put on a commercial basis. What do you think, where these people go? They run headlong into these forces, it is very dark and very primitive in the hierarchy of the universe devices that are flirting. What do you have in mind – there and go.

Therefore, always warn that these advances can end badly.

When you do the same sequence of actions you would like more and more punch to the Absolute channel.

Bhagavad Gita:

Leaf, flower, fruit, water, who to me with reverence

brings, it brought with reverence I accept

from the humble in spirit.

Whatever you do, whatever you ate, whatever you

sacrificed, whatever you give, whatever feat

neither made, Kaunteya, commit it, as an offering to me.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s what I said, but in other forms.

Take a leaf from a tree, brought it to the Absolute: “On the Absolute, take a leaf, I give you! Good. Green”. This turns into practice. Practice what you attract into your life the Absolute power factor.

Sometimes it is necessary for this purpose a specific sequence of actions. Because it is abstract, and take a leaf, it is not clear to whom to offer. Whether the left, or to the right? Where the Absolute? Up? At the bottom? Behind?

To do this, make such aids. For example: it is the altar and the temple is built. Build a big house, saying: “Absolute, that I would not bring here, consider – I brought you to myself I could think about it in the right way.”

The temple is also very large, and it is necessary for a specific place, and made the altar. Beautifully done differently and said: “If this altar put something, you should know that I gave you.” There is some kind of an agreement with himself, and with the Absolute. And it works, friends, such an agreement.

And you know what it led to in India? In India, it has led to the following situation: everyone, in fact, his personal contact with the Absolute. Here in the Western religions, the most widespread – there are still tough, “You should do it, you should not do it. You have to go there at this point, you should do so that’s it, commercials and commercials, and everything. ” And everyone should be, you know, as a monolithic mass. As such a formation of soldiers, who, to one another at a measured pace, look in the back of each other, and such columns are here on this path of any religion. And India for that matter – is completely free. No such constructions. That’s what has built a personal way to communicate with the Supreme, and stick to it. Nobody is forced to live in a different way.

If the West – on the contrary. Remember how many people killed for different religious beliefs? Until now, how much blood, my friends, is poured. 21, but still religious wars. Dozhilis normally. And before that, how many people are killed, only because, remember, huh? Here, as in Swift. Some thought that the egg is necessary to break with the blunt end, and others that go between the legs. And because of this staged war and kill each other.

So, in this respect, India – absolutely free tolerant country. Here are built himself a means of communication, and live, nobody finds itself. Therefore, India and called – a country of three hundred million Gods. This at a time when India was three hundred million, they now have a billion as a thousand. Therefore, India is now one billion some thousand gods. In theory. That’s why, you know, all genius is simple.

Another conversation, when you do the same sequence of actions you would like more and more punch to the Absolute channel. That is, you have done 5 times meal offerings in the dining room Absolute 6 it works better at 7 he acts even better, and 20, have the whole room goes, just like you.

There is still a factor of such a strange, called in religion, that’s “a place size reduction.” Place of power or even any place. You come to a place, doing something there and you better results, and faster turns than if you do it by itself, in the open field. And this is also the factor of how it works. Why? It’s hard to explain. There is some concurrence of associative connections, it is difficult to explain. But the way it is.

For example, why in India the same is very, very popular pilgrimage for some sites? They are already on the list is, directly entire industry. Visit this temple, this, this. Why? Because until you do some certain rituals. At this point donate coconut at this point pinch rice. Here, this paint draw yourself on the forehead anything. And so on and so forth. Thousands queue lining up to repeat the same thing, the same thing.

It turns out that on the one hand, you want to do something private, but you want – please use operating time of the previous generation. And so on and so forth. You know, just as you go on foot along the road. Can you do go to a certain place, and you can stop the truck hitch, at least, until some turn you throw up. That’s exactly the same here. For a relationship, communication with the Absolute will be to cut yourself one on one with him. But some common problems, in fact, easier to implement after a visit of a place of power. Or places where others do yoga to you.

And a smart man, you know, he was looking for a fair wind to be at the right time in the right place. All this is a continuation of, say, MOYU, where we have a very tough plant that came to learn – please 4 years study here. After completing 4 years of age, must necessarily leave us. At least for a while. Why? So you are free. And what is your next step in a very different school of yoga with other teachers or elsewhere? And we call so that, indeed, to expand their freedom. Because some of the ways you can go together, and some still have to go individually. Here. Farther.


The fact that you sacrifice everything to the Absolute, you will not have karma!

Bhagavad Gita:

So you will be freed from the good and bad fruits.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and here’s the next moment. See what more magic here. Not only do you offer to the Absolute did not attract it into your life, as the power factor. But the fact that you sacrifice everything to the Absolute, you will not have karma! Neither positive nor negative! That is, sooner or later, all the actions that you do and offer to the Absolute, no longer cling to your karmic hooks. That is, rather, all these hooks weaker weaker weaker weaker. And eventually, you Karma does not stick. No negative, ie the one that will make you suffer, nor positive, one that will make you enjoy.

I remind you that the purpose of yoga is not the fact that you have typed a lot of positive karma – it’s crazy! The goal of yoga you to opt out of karma. Both positive and negative. To help you become free of karma.

And so, such action is that, say, you are offered a leaflet Absolute or something else, sooner or later, it leads you to such a state that no longer stick to your karma. So you, as if remembering the Absolute, expanding the Absolute in itself, gradually acquires the status of the Absolute. Do you remember that the Absolute is different from us only one thing, we are exposed to the action of karma, but he did not. We are exposed to ignorance, but he did not. Farther.


Vairagya – waiver of all, what is not a factor of the Absolute.


Bhagavad Gita:

An introduction to yoga of renunciation, liberated, you approached me.

I am the same to all creatures, not for me hateful nor dear.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here, see what the situation. In many texts of yoga, you will encounter different concepts of attraction “Varyag”, ie when you have to give up the world, you have to give up something, you have to stop clinging. And we, as a rule, people do not Sophisticated, can not understand that we are required. We are told: “You must renounce the world, you should give up on this, the fifth, the tenth.” I always, when I heard these calls that I have from the give up something, I always asked myself: “To on give up something, you had something to do have. How can I give up the wealth, when I was not rich. How can I give up power if me do not depend on anything? And so on”. I always thought it did not address the recommendations.

Yes, indeed, in India living homeless poor, about whom they know nothing, but he proudly says that he renounced the world, wealth, power, of women. From what you can give up more? That is a smell, it seemed to me, smells like hypocrisy, the hypocrisy here is specific. Remember, as in the fable “The Fox and the Grapes.” What the fox could not reach the grapes from the branch, and then began to speak: “Yes, he told me, and do not need – a sour, green. I do not like the grape. ” Here.

But let us, so that’s good – it’s just a misunderstanding of the meaning of failure. The notion of “refusal”, so when you donate chem-to has the following set: you know that any thing, circumstances, people, pleasure, or even chto-to that come without the Absolute, will sooner or later cause disappointment. And you just give up all, what is not absolute. On the contrary – everything is, what is the Absolute, it is only you and take, and nothing more. You say: “Here’s some money.” And you watch that man come to some soulless, well, it is not the Absolute and money, out of nowhere who undertook not carry a reflection of the Absolute. I do not want him to even touch. Another conversation, if people are highly spiritual bring your donations, it is quite another matter.

And so in everything from food and ending with some actions. As elsewhere in the world, everything is skewed. You remember, in India there was a cult of food, and in many other religions. Also there are moments that at certain times of need only sanctified food. Only such composition, but only if it is prepared and then those that are. Incidentally, in the Abrahamic religions have this in Indian there. Moreover, there you have to eat food when it is cooked by certain people castes. God forbid that the food prepared people from the lower castes! It can not have, because it does not shine through college. Or even a different – there are moments like that on food, even if you just looked at any man from a lower caste, it is not to! Why? Because he defiled his view, debased.

This, of course, distortions, but in fact, my friends, at a certain point in your life, you will catch yourself at the thought that, rather you buy the goods, overpaying money from a person who is nice to you, and through you to something which it shines, you buy goods rude, unpleasant person, through whom you college does not shine. And you help it can not. No, it is understandable that you may have such karma, it has nowhere to go.

Or, you know, there is an expression in English: “buy or get out of here”, ie, either buy or get out. Now, but that’s bad karma. But if there is any choice, you will feel that you will always choose, which is the Absolute and you will be disgusted to look at everything else, where the Absolute does not shine. So yes. Then we read.


Summon the Absolute in our lives – it’s like that putting very strict teacher.


Bhagavad Gita:

I am the same to all beings, there is no me neither hated nor expensive.

Those bhaktas who worship me, they are in me, I in them.

Even if very bad coming worships me,

not worshiping another, it can be considered righteous.

For he chose correctly, it will soon become a righteous person and will enter

in eternal peace.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, now second. Here it is very important this moment, always poorly understood. What if the person is even something bad does he worships me, like, he’ll be all right. If in your own words, retell. You are here understand correctly, what is meant. If a person does bad things, but at the same time in his life did have a concept of the Absolute, that is, in his life, as if delineated powers, he said: “Here in this area Absolute is, help me, be with me, but this is not necessary, I’ll be there to do bad things and you are there or climb. ” So, sooner or later, a man begins to reap the fruits of their negative karma. The law of karma is absolute and inapplicable. There was nothing to do, generates negative karma – negative receive.

Another conversation that sooner or later, if a person attracts the concept of the Absolute, the Absolute very quickly begins to teach such a person. And very quickly to such a man come the negative aspects of his life. And such a person very quickly realizes where he makes mistakes. Of course, realizing this, he begins to bathe their negative karma that is beginning to make a positive case, in order to balance the situation. And when the fruits of negative karma come, he experiences it. Well, you need to go through the same, that you gave birth to, and then you have to get. Another conversation that if the film comes, it is much easier to bear if you know why he came. If you have an awareness of the Absolute, why, what and how. In addition, Absolute factor makes it so that all of the options, you start in a minimum bathe their negative karma.

But, my friends, so you do not have the impression that the Absolute – is such an indulgence. She calls him, and do what you want. No. You know, to call the Absolute – it’s like to encourage a very strict teacher. Before that you are not called and he did not climb into your life, but now, if you called it, it just so you will not leave if you start to do something wrong. He immediately you will talk about it and very clearly lead you to the realization that not to do so.

Generally, there is a pattern that the more spiritual a person is, the faster it comes to awareness of their wrong actions. This is a bad man may a lifetime to do something bad, poor, and so the wave of awareness of negativity to it does not come. A good person somewhere has made the slightest bad thing, the next day he was in full to realize. Why? Because it raises the factor of the Absolute and the Absolute him immediately before the nose, as they say, it showed.

Well, I very vividly, as you know speak, but somehow or other, even if happened to the evil man is called to a life of the Absolute and the man’s inertia continues to do evil, you know, very soon it will cease to do evil, stop and start to do good. And sometimes, as is written in the ancient texts – it happens so quickly that the environment can not understand: was there a hardened villain, scoundrel, traitor, and then, suddenly, there was, and he completely changed him, and everyone was looking at him and do not recognize, do not believe, how could such an inveterate scoundrel turn into such a good person. Then go.


Bhagavad Gita:

Oh, Kaunteya, know, worship me will not perish.

For seeking shelter at me, Partha, even though they were bad birth.

Women vaisyas even Sudras are the highest way.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here I ask to stay, I especially like, yes. As it says? Women, bad birth, Vaishya, Sudras. I have this running joke. I read in a book very respected ashram. As far as they are spiritual, as far as they are ahead of the rest, and that they are now teaching yoga all, that all who are willing to learn it, and recently it even even surpassed. They began to teach women and foreigners! And before all the people have been taught, and now in general.

Around the same series: whether we like it or not, but it is very bad, unfortunately, applies to women in certain age of life in India. And I must say that this was not some sort of evil intent. Probably a complex phenomenon that in these times, perhaps, born not very smart woman. It is soulless, ie they seem to cast a shadow. And in these times, in general, when everything was different. But this attitude towards women continues to be negative. That is not to say that they were wrong when belittled women. We can not say that they were right when they belittled women. Everything is much more complicated friends, is much more difficult.

Because, you know, in this world … I’ve recently read Confucius. I read, the expression is controversial, that: “The woman is smart, like a chicken, and intelligent woman is smart, as two”. Where did it come from, huh? Or read Plato. On the origin of the people that most of these false and quirky, sooner or later, there are women. And now, I have many of these ancient sources, independent of each other. At first glance, the plot of men. At first glance, if it was so simple, my friends! I do not believe in a conspiracy of men. Rather, it is a phenomenon that, yes, in that place lived such people that they have been so negative karma. What these women were around them, but this does not mean that all women are like that. In the same way does not mean that all men are intelligent. But, anyway, in these texts, which now, unfortunately, even if you’re a woman, you are not locked into a higher path. Yeah.


Cult Bkahti or personality worship, the relationship with the Absolute and distribution in the environment nizkorozhdёnnyh.


Bhagavad Gita:

The goal of a cleaner Praminy pious royal Rishi.

Joining in this fickle world of bleak worship me,

meditate about me, sacrifice me.

Making worship me, so you will come to me.

He betrayed me, putting my highest aim.

So doslavnyh Upinishadah holy Bhagavad Gita,

the doctrine of Brahma, writing about yoga,

Krishna told Arjuna and reads chapter 9,

Yoga called Sovereign Knowledge and Sovereign Mystery.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, here I also want to give a comment. I want to give. We are more – less thoroughly examined this topic. In a series of our lectures. I remind you that there is a formal graduation onset of Kali Yuga. According to certain schools of yoga, Cali – South India began in the era since the Battle of Kurukshetra. That is, this is what is described in the Mahabharata.

And, in fact, it was a civil war, which led to the fact that a large number of Brahmins men were killed. And that has resulted in further, or would lead to the fact that women of noble families began to marry people nizkorodnyh and, accordingly, the offspring were mixed. In India, in this respect very rigid a rule always operated that a man should always be higher caste than the woman. Because a man, in this sense determines what soul, what level of spiritual development will be embodied in the body. Women are more responsible, as if for the energy of realization.

So, it turned out that if it was up to the ideal of the Vedas, where the knowledge of the Supreme, above all, attains Brahman and had to be born in the Brahman status to gain access to knowledge. But it was originally told only one that other castes were not interested in the Supreme, they just were not up to it. And, by the way, in those years it was possible to go from the caste to caste. Or as they call Varna. Varna in one of the transfer means – paint color.

Yes, and so, with the onset of Kali – Yuga, mixing the ages, it is considered that there is no guarantee that the family will be born Brahmins Brahmins. And Brahmin family can now be created, anyone, as women engage in such an nizkorozhdёnnymi, from which was born the mixed offspring. A similar situation with nizkorodnymi castes, so to speak, by the Sudras. The fact that they had connections with the Brahmins, as a result would lead to the fact that the castes among the Sudras were born Brahmans. Ie complete mixing. And it is always fraught with such spiritual explosions, spiritual disasters.

And so it happened that, on the one hand, Arjuna, doing his duty, came to this path and, in fact, blew the caste system, and on the other hand, the payment of the old methods of learning, were proclaimed here these new methods. This personal relationship to the Absolute, no matter what you caste or sex as has been said here. This is also a very important point, in fact, which later led to the fact that the cult of worship Bkahti or personal relations with the Absolute have become extremely common, just as nizkorozhdёnnyh environment. Among vysokorozhdёnnyh they historically there were, but among nizkorozhdёnnyh to a lesser extent.

So slavnenko, we are pulled down 9 chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, rah-rah!


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