2012_12_22 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 8. Part 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

2012_12_22 Bhagavad-Gita. Chapter 8. Part 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Short Description: Short Description: Life is not a freebie, and work on oneself! Can you catch the Absolute making certain practices or creating certain conditions? Who is the teacher? And why is the concept of implied rejection of the ego? Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8. Mention dying yoga in the Bhagavad Gita. Remembrance of the Absolute in the moment of death to which we can bring? The concept of Pralaya. Yoga and Astrology, whether they are related? How to make so that after death there is guaranteed to the Absolute? If there is a strong association is more to something else, except for the Absolute, it is only a matter of time before you start suffering. Buddha and the Absolute, as the relationship between these concepts? Question attachments, good or bad? That brings us to the Absolute, suffering or pleasure?

So, friends, we have today 22 December 2012, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a lecture of the International Open University of Yoga, all the information on the websites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru. I remind myself started a twitter, and from time to time there is some kind of message sending, twitter yogaopenyoga. Let’s also imagine crank Twitter and I poslushivayte.

Life is not a freebie, and work on oneself!

Today, we are waiting for the continuation of the lecture, the continuation of the Bhagavad Gita. We need to continue consideration. And before we continue this, I want once again to you in proper installation to life.

Friends, nothing in this life does not come for free! Nothing! In yoga, it argues that there is classical methods and so-called fast methods. And sometimes there is a misunderstanding of rapid methods that supposedly faster methods can avoid their karma, or something to jump over karma. It can not be done! The quickest method your karma very quickly worked through. So fast that you do not even notice that you got rid of her.

So I ask you, well, there are no miracles here. Again, come up to me: “But we want to, it means that lohotronschikov win the prize.” Well, you do not win. Until you will not win, now, no one wins when you and after you, no one will win, so let us tune into serious work on themselves. Really. Step by step. Here you want to base your happiness in his personal life, bit by bit, start this foundation build. Bit by bit to gather knowledge. And to make this springboard, the basis, the foundation of your life. Well, you do not believe that it is possible, there for free, doing nothing – again and get something. This is exactly the same and will fail at the most inopportune moment, and even if this foundation would collapse, collapse, and everything that is built on it. I understand that we now live in an era of a consumer society, where what’s just crazy ideas are not imposed in the hope of somehow have to roll out the money. But you decant too, please, all these prizes. Filter them.

I do not understand how you can make yoga instructor for 2 weeks. It generally is real or not? Comes up to me: “Oh, there’s something out there, and is paying 50 thousand – and tomorrow you an instructor.” Why two weeks? Why not 2 minutes? What time is it lose?

So remember, the process of identity formation is very non-obvious. It is agonizing. You know, “live life – not a bed.” So when we go – there will be ups and downs, and “sausage”, as we say, and clean, and everything in the world. Know will be like the grasshopper jump from problems like that will be around, and jump in one place. Will purposefully go, decide to realize their situation, to get rid of ignorance, so let a millimeter, but at least some stability will appear in your life. Stability.

So, chudesnenko friends. We consider you the Bhagavad Gita. Once again I ask, is, perhaps, by the previous lecture questions? For the parts that we have already considered.

Text important, my friends, the desired text, underrated. Humanity has underestimated the potential to end the intellectual even the Bhagavad Gita. You can remove a detective, a blockbuster withdraw, but would anything else – “The Matrix” would have rested or what we have now? “Avatar”. “Avatar”, remember, was with us? “Avatar,” just resting.

Thus, the questions asked?

Unable to catch the Absolute!

Question from the audience: My question is this – the universe, it periodically gently tells us where to go next, or if we do something wrong, it is, respectively, to us or tells a gentle way, something is non-verbal. Man goes – word in the ad read somewhere something else, and in the end the answer consists in the big picture. Those. whether it is possible to interpret the text of the Bhagavad Gita so that Arjuna is in communion with the whole universe, Krishna, as a personal … how shall I say? The entire universe with you speaks the same language.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I understand the question. Friends, that’s still time for you when Absolut comes, they say, in the human body, it is immeasurably stronger than you hear snatches of the Absolute through different, there the objects and phenomena of the world in which you live. Because, you know, it turns a situation that scrap of a single phrase one heard, read another third still somehow you there, she surfaced in the memory, turned outward, as the channel of information as if you were prompted universe. And it turns out that you use this advice and get a good result.

But then pass some time, and you begin to doubt everything. Remember how Gorky: “Was there a boy?” So you start to win its previous call into question. That’s when you had a problem, and in fact that’s the way with some of the higher spheres of the Absolute you got the solution, you’re after a solution to the problem, as it is said, of religion, would have believed. But then pass some time, everything is erased, forgotten, and you ask yourself, well, maybe it was an accident? Here, then, emerges some clever psevdopsiholog and starts to the strange speech about the fact that you mobilized your subconscious, and the fifth to tenth, in general, some garbage smack in the sense that there are things that are so stupid not explain the subconscious. This is some incredible coincidence must be situations, the probability of which, well, simply negligible, and the mind that doubts at all, says, “And perhaps indeed it seemed to me, could, in fact, I was just lucky, but I decided to that it was the Absolute “?

And it all comes down to the first step. Those. if you are taking in your personal universe concept of the Absolute, and ask him to come, if you do not doubt in this concept, then you are not likely only then, like so toss after a positive result. And if not, if you are today, then take the concept, then do not take tomorrow, here and there are such bands. The first band is received, it will be able to tune in to the wave of information on teachers, teachers, as it is called. Because when doubted, and of Absolut says: “Well, I doubt – is free in principle. Okay, well, I’m leaving. “

Those. what the problem is, my friends? Such a thing as Absolute can not catch. It can not be caught in the framework of some religion, some rite of worship of religious symbols out there or something. Unable to catch the Absolute! It is impossible to imprison him, to say: “Here in this book says it all about the Absolute, which in this book is not, that there is no light.” This is impossible, because the Absolute looks and laughs. Because it is – all the books and all around, it is more than the concept of the book. Therefore, it remains only to our inner will “transcend.” Not for nothing is based, is karmic expression of will, but I want it to be so! I want was absolute, and all point! And then, yes, then we have no doubt.

See, to receive information coming from different sources, and that it then has developed into a single information is one thing. It’s quite another when a person comes to you in plain language and tells you everything. And then it turns out that this is not no man, as here in the case of Arjuna and Krishna, and the Absolute in human form. That, of course, on the extent and force of impact disproportionately.

Teacher – is the one who gave up his own ego to the stars through the Absolute.

Strictly speaking, there is a adjacent to the theme – the theme of the Master in Yoga. And the answer to the question, and who is a teacher of yoga. And I remember, in India one of the most sacred positions takes teacher. Those. guru. Not here, these here are pseudo, cute, smiling, sugary carrying rubbish, cohort, which is now being exported from India to Europe. And, really, Master. Even if they smile, and sing, and dance, well, once you look at them and never say that something is not right. So here’s the question: “Teacher – this is …?” You can interpret it, or, as a reflection of your higher self, or as Absolute channel. Those. a man who removed his ego so that it became transparent to the Absolute. That is the teacher. Those. He removes his ego, the Absolute shines through it, we say – Teacher. And with regard to Krishna or personal indulgence of the Absolute, the situation is diametrically different. There is no one is cleaned, where its essence, here it is, that is what it is.

Friends, let us go ahead, continue to consider the Bhagavad Gita from the place where you left off.

Question from the audience: There we have different situations, when we begin to feel intuitively that, for example, want to go there together, and chto-to intuition tells us that it is better not to go there, and go kuda-to there in another place, for example. You start to think: “I had planned – I will do, everything will be fine.” You go, do as planned, and here’s your negative karma unfolds, some conditions are created for the reversal of karma. Will the time, if you listen to your intuition and do not go …

Comments: it is you’re talking about his yesterday’s visit to the nightclub tell?


Question from the audience (continued): say, yes. Izzhivesh karma you their negative or not? Or are you just then in another place its exhaust?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it’s what’s called experience, friends, because, of course, factors really, and there is the subconscious that analyzes some information, but then it pops up. But if you drive concept of the Absolute in his life, the Absolute virtuoso using your subconscious. But if you do not attract the concept of the Absolute, then you’re already using your subconscious mind to the extent in which you, in general, used to doing it. And, accordingly, to say why it was this or that decision, it emanated from the Absolute or from your subconscious mind, it is impossible in principle. Anyway, from the outside, no one can say. Once again, the Absolute can not catch. This is a very strange thing, my friends, you can communicate with the Absolute, but can not catch it. If he does not allow himself to be caught, you know? But no such subterfuge, logical arguments or traps, traps impossible.

For all questions? End? Do not start.


We stayed on the 8th chapter and the 8th verse.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8

8. Consciousness Suggested exercises of yoga, not

distracted on anything else comes to the Highest

Divine Spirit (Purusha), O Partha, speculating (on it).

9. Wise, ancient, helmsman, the smallest of the smallest of the creator of the universe,

unimaginable in the form solntsetsvetnogo, otherworldly darkness who remembers

10. At the moment of departure steadfast heart, familiarizing

reverence and power yoga, pointing between the eyebrows

fully prana (life current) reaches the

Supreme Divine Spirit (Purusha).

11. The fact that the Vedic scholars called Akshara (imperishable)

to aspire to the ascetics, freed from passion,

searching what, wander brahmacharya, then the word (pada) briefly I will shew thee.

12. Closing all the gates, Manas concluded in the heart, in my head

holding Prana, reaching hardness in yoga,

13. “Aum”, which means the One, Imperishable (Akshara)

Brahmo saying, remembering me who leaves, leaving

body, that is Supreme Way.

14. Not thinking about a friend, who is always continuously

He remembers me, for such is constantly devoted yogi

I am easily attainable, Partha.

15. Who came to me mahatma who have reached full

perfection, do not get a new birth in adversity transient abode.

16. The worlds to the world of Brahma to be returned,

Arjuna, but reached me, O son of Kunti, are not subject to re-birth.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s stop. Now once again for every thought.

8. 8. Consciousness Suggested exercises of yoga that does not detract anything else, comes to the highest divine Spirit – Purusha, O Partha, musing about him.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is clear that in the Bhagavad Gita, since we are talking of the Absolute, of ultimate reality, then there is need to understand some method of how to achieve this reality? What here we speak: “Absolute, the Absolute!”, But we live with the very ordinary life – to work to seek, some domestic problems to solve, some we have relationships with other people. There is a question: “Well, if the Absolute so elusive, or even possible, to somehow come close to it, to realize it, and if so, how?”

And in particular, of course, it provides a method that if you have accepted the concept of the Absolute in his life, then in the future you should like to devote the time and effort on something to focus on that thought, hold it in your mind. And the longer you hold it in your mind, the more will be some changes in you, your senses, your perception, etc., they will go to a new level, and you will know, come near to the knowledge Absolute. In any case, the obstacles on the part will not be for you. Those. See, here is the logic: you will be able to know the Absolute only if he himself will show you. But on the other hand, if you do not do all the preliminary exercises, then you really sure he did not see and did not recognize him.

On the other hand it turns out that if we voleizyavlyaem that the concept of the Absolute in our lives, and kakoe-to time direct your mind to the idea, just think about it, that the longer we keep our mind on that thought, in the we attract more inward power of the Absolute, which has, strictly speaking, does yoga and we reconstructs for us. Therefore, in some schools of yoga and even said that to us a little that depends, in this regard, we must trust. As stated in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, we must rely on the Ishwara. By Iswara understood the Absolute, which controls the entire universe. Clearly, if you’re distracted by some transient things, then you will think about them, and if you try your mind to focus on the Absolute, the more you do it, the more the Absolute factor will be manifested in of your life.

Yoga in the Bhagavad Gita dying.

8. 9. Wise old helmsman, the smallest of the smallest of the creator of the universe, unimaginable in the form solntsetsvetnogo, potustronnego darkness.

8. 10. Who remembers hour care, unwavering heart, introduction to the awe and power of yoga, between eyebrows completely giving prana – the life current, the highest reaches of the divine spirit – Purusha.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: this is a very interesting part of the Bhagavad Gita, as it directly refers to yoga dying.

So if you, in your own words, in his hour of death, remembered the concept of the Absolute, and focused on her, plus as has been said here, has sent Prana in a known manner, then that’s a factor of death or destruction of all structures of coarse, fine and very thin, you can use to strengthen their practice of comprehension of the Absolute. This built yoga dying, we talked about that at the moment of death, death can be a factor that greatly accelerates spiritual development. I used on this occasion is always joking, saying it’s yoga such selfish people here still use even his own death is used for knowledge of the Absolute.

But there is one little tidbit such detail, because of which was broken enormous number of copies among the followers of yoga and those who studied the Bhagavad Gita. It says that prana should be directed to the point between the eyebrows. Do you remember that this is the so-called third eye. And it turns out that when we are already dying, the prana, which animates our body, it is disconnected from our bodies, torn all the associative connection with the body, and this Prana is rezinochka that stretched, must of us – time and fly somewhere for our Ya Imagine from our higher self to our body stretched rezinochku prana. As long as we are alive, this thread is, but at the moment of death, it seemed to cut it and, of course, flies back. So as of this text it should be recommended that the prana left through the point between the eyebrows.

Generally speaking, in other such treatises related to the moments of dying, there is a variety of teachings in this respect, it is considered that, depending on through which leaves at death prana, this determines the next birth. What we have, supposedly, our natural holes and if through a lower opening prana leaves the man, as if the next birth will be quite low. But if you leave Prana through more high points, centers, and the next birth will be more higher.

And the dispute lies in the fact that in some schools of yoga is believed that for the moment of death to know the absolute, prana necessary output not through the point between the eyebrows and across the top of the head, through the so-called door brahma, brahma-dhara is temechko area. But not through the point of the 3rd eye.

In other texts related to yoga, it is believed, the yogi or yogini output prana through the third eye point to consciously get the right birth. When the yogi or yogini decide to be reborn on earth in a certain place, supposedly, they use this technique at the moment of death, sent her prana through the point between the eyebrows, and tend to pick up known to them mother and father of the future to be born to them as child.

Those. here some obvious is not entirely clear, it is not clear what was meant. I am not going to comment on that part, whether bringing the prana through the third eye, to reach the Absolute, or it’s just a level of conscious decision birth or reincarnation in the next life, it is all due to the yogis dying. You understand that this is a very big secret, all that binds us to death, so it is difficult here to say anything. Here’s a thing.

Then go.


8. 11. The fact that the Vedic scholars called Akshara (not passing), to aspire to the ascetics, freed from passion, looking for what they are looking itinerant brahmacharya, the word Pada, briefly I will shew thee.

8. 12. Having closed all gates, Manas concluded in my heart, in my head while holding the prana, reaching hardness in yoga.

8. 13. “AUM” – which means the One, Imperishable (Akshara), Brahma saying, remembering me who leaves, quits his body, that is Supreme Way.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There should be compiled dying yoga provides. It is understood that die, my friends, this is not the most beautiful lesson, as you know, in certain circumstances. Sometimes it is necessary to die in time. This is also, from the words of the song can not erase. But in any case, so if you die, so after you’ve done all you had to do was enjoy life, be realized as an individual, to reach higher states of yoga, give birth to children, to live a happy life, and that only then, somewhere in the 108 years of age, and can have die. Anyway, enjoy yoga dying. As long as you do not come 108 years, of course, it is better to use yogis life.

But, nevertheless, if it so here’s the thing – here you have 107 years and it would be necessary to think about the eternal, you have to remember that, of course, the state of death, it is in this sense an unusual, it is the experience that we do not We had throughout our lives. And, like all unusual, it can confuse us, to bring down, get our minds rush. Instead, the concept of the Absolute, we can be very abstract some thoughts turn and lead us in the right spirit, thus not allow us to use the time of his death in the yogas of dying in order to achieve a higher, transcendent. Therefore it is recommended, if possible during the life through meditation, through those other practices, to learn not to react to external stimuli. In the sense that when death will come, and this, believe me, the biggest external stimulus should happen that you have prepared for him. Again.

Remembering the Absolute at the time of death.

8. 12. Having closed all gates, Manas concluded in my heart, in my head while holding the prana, reaching hardness in yoga.

8. 13. “AUM” – which means the One, Imperishable (Akshara), Brahma saying, remembering me who leaves, quits his body, that is Supreme Way.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: give even these are some exercises that can you do if death came. In more detail, they have reached us in Tibetan yogis, yogis in dying, in some embodiments, the Indian yogi, directly related to the point of dying. And the meaning is that when the moment of death, as a result, doctors would say, injuries incompatible with life, what is happening in fact? Forced disidentification. Here you identify yourself with the body, or some internal structures, but here is a situation that you can no longer count them yourself. And, of course, because this is a chain of mental processes, pranic, I do not know what to call them when you start to pull out all the prana of the body.

And it’s interesting, again, I emphasize, experience Tibetan yoga, which literally describe what people feel in the process of prana leaves the body, is quite interesting to read everything.

So, prana as if going out of our body, somewhere here in this area, the head of the heart. And there, if we are chained your mind, ie, focus on the heart center, at a time when the whole prana already pulled out of our body, of our structures, but have not yet left the body, but if we were able to catch this period of time, how much it takes, apparently, very little. I do not know, but apparently very little. So at this moment the prana as the ball at the top of the mountain. Enough small touches, how can you get the ball to roll down either to one side of the mountain, or in the other side of the mountain. Therefore, even a small meditation in the moment of death. Walking meditation of the Absolute gives a tendency to ensure that all of our life force and went to the side of the Absolute. This is based on that the yoga of dying. As you can see, everything is quite logical.

And in order to push the ball our expressions, our prana in the right direction, we should certainly be aware of the Absolute. How about it to remember when you die here? Here, you, in fact, as one would say, not to the Absolute, is not it? Here. And it is clear that given the auxiliary exercises, such as: abstract from what is happening, or, as they say, “closing all the gates.” Sometimes under this meant quite literally some things when man closes his eyes, ears, mouth and nose. Time – and all! For nothing is distracting; so that the eyes do not see, ears do not hear, etc., etc. And thus your consciousness through the sense organs cease to go outside, but inside is concentrated. And if at that moment you begin to recite the mantra Om, and before that you are in practice, we remember that there is one correspondence between, as if the name of the Absolute, and this is the name of the Absolute. By the way, why the mantra Om is so popular in India. Om – the name of the Absolute.

So, you shut down all your senses, your prana is about you leaving, gathered, you know, like a flock of birds before the flight to the south, they are, of course, all their nests abandoned and sat down on a tree, and now waiting for now – another indication and we all Makhno. And most importantly – they are not distracted and tell where to fly. And to say, where to fly, you have to remind yourself the mantra OM. And the man himself starts chanting OM, adjusted to the Absolute, and followed by the aspiration of his mind begins to leave Prana his body to the side of the Absolute.

Here, indeed, through which hole it leaves it – through the point between the eyebrows, or how that’s more of tantric texts considered by the Brahma-Dwar, top of the head, “Gates Brahma” – it is a question, though important, but as you you know, a minor. The main thing – the ultimate goal of where we are going – the Absolute. And due to this, you can once again at death immediately reach the ultimate stage of all yogas, there you have it.

8. 14. Not thinking about a friend, who constantly remembers me always, for that is constantly devoted yogi I am easily attainable, Partha.

8. 15. Who came to me mahatma who have reached perfection, do not get a new birth in adversity transient abode.

8. 16. The worlds to the world of Brahma to be returned, Arjuna, but reached me, O son of Kunti, are not subject to re-birth.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, and here further, that such advice in the Bhagavad Gita for the practice of yoga, such that the main method of working with the Absolute, my friends, is the most basic – is mindfulness. So you just have to remember the Absolute. First, you should at least have a foothold in the fact that the Absolute is. Or, as one would say in India, you would have to get a second birth. The first birth is when we are just born, but still we do not know what is the Absolute in general, we have more of this concept. But when you are born, and then, somehow, with the help of teachers, for example, you come up the concept of the Absolute, you got a second birth. And after that, the more you are thinking about it, the more you remember about it, the more you argue it. And later, after the death, you do not get in kakie-to relatively intermediate endpoints after death, and find yourself directly in the Absolute, as it is believed that kakimi-to other yogic practices, yogic exercises or their good karma after death can be accessed in other worlds.

Well, firstly, it is possible to be born again on Earth in terms of good or bad. Well, you can, in fact, according to yoga, after death be in the so-called realms of the gods, that is, it is that usually religions can be correlated with a word such as “paradise.” It is a place where everything is good, where an abundance of where life is very long and happy, where the mass of the most wonderful, amazing things, and to live there – a pleasure. But there is this world rather unpleasant part one, sooner or later your positive karma to live in a world of gods, ends. After that death occurs again. Oh, and then your karma may be quite incomprehensible; you can once again be people in the world, and perhaps in a dark world to be born.

Generally speaking, in the East, the theme worlds classification – very favorite subject. Also in Tibet, almost two dozen different sublevels for Paradise and two dozen sub-levels for the hell that is literally painted all too. Therefore, strictly speaking, in yoga, in the Bhagavad Gita says to you: “Do not be seduced by intermediate worlds, do not be seduced by these intermediate places that you think the world of the gods, but rather distracting.” What if you died too, that, by and large, the best option – it’s either really take advantage of the death and immediately reach the level of the Absolute, or again to get a human body. Since the human body, in spite of all the imperfections, all the difficulties that we experience life in the human body, oddly enough, it will lead us to the Absolute, than the life in the body of the gods. Well, or life in a particular hell, negative place.

Bhagavad Gita Chapter 8


17. Those who know the day of Brahma, a thousand little south, and

night, thousands of limited south, the people know the day and night.

18. From the unmanifested arises upon the occurrence of a manifestation

of the day; at nightfall disappear in that which is called unmanifested.

19. This set of beings, re-visiting, apart from the will,

disappears at nightfall, Partha, and occurs when the day of.

20. Outside of the same there is another unmanifested

Genesis – Eternal Unmanifest, which are not killed by the death of all creatures.

21. unmanifested, enduring, it is called

Higher Way; reaching it, do not come back: it is My Supreme Abode.

22. He, the Highest Purusha, O Partha, is achievable

undivided worship (bhakti); there abide

all beings; they stretched out the universe.

23. At what time, moving to non-refoulement, and in some

to return yogis go, this time I will tell (you), the best of Bharat.

24. Fire, light, day, bright half of the month,

movement of six months (the sun) to the north – departing (for them) people

who know Brahma go to Brahma.

25. Smoke, night, the dark half of the month of six months

movement (the sun) to the south, is getting the moonlight, the yogi returns.

26. Light and dark, these two paths (movable) world

assumed to be constant; one of them go without

return back again in another,

27. Knowing these paths, O Partha, yogis never

wrong; so at any time it is devoted to yoga, Arjuna.

28. In the Vedas, to the victims in the exploits, also gifts ukazuemy

pure fruit of the yogi, all knowing, superior

and enter into the original, supreme abode.

Thus in the Upanishads of the holy Bhagavad Gita, the teachings of Brahma,

the Scripture of yoga, in the conversation of Sri Krishna and Arjuna (reads) the eighth chapter,

referred to as

ETERNAL Brahma Yoga

The concept of Pralaya.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, let’s analyze it. Thus, in Indian cosmogonic thought there is such a thing as the creation of the universe and the dissolution of the universe, the so-called “Pralaya.” It is believed that all first appeared, must go through all stages of growth, and then shall all disappear. The concept is very well connected with the modern paradigm of the Universe scientists. As you remember, it all started from the Big Bang, and now, as we astronomers say, all the galaxies are now fly, as you know, the projectile fragments after the explosion. And there, again from modern scholars, the different points of view on what will happen next. A variety of hypotheses are, to the extent that everything, sooner or later, out of nowhere, from this point of the Big Bang exploded, and then somewhere to get to everything again, and this turns a cycle.

The same, in fact, the concept in Indian philosophy. It is believed that Brahma created the world, it unfolds and then to disappear, to then again he was created, to turn around and disappear again, this cycle all, but such a universal scale.

So, here it indicates that, despite the emergence of the universe, the disappearance of the Universe, is the root cause, which is, in fact, makes the appearance and disappearance of the Universe, it on the other side of all these processes. Or in other words, Absolute origin, it is not subject to any rise or vanishing, but only, as it ensures that all the processes were. In this regard, a person who has attained the state of absolute, not only rose above the cycle of birth and death, but also over the very concept of space here Pralaya, or the disappearance of the universe. Or in other words, how would there predetermination of these cosmic cycles.

And then begins a completely wonders such comments, which is extremely difficult to comment on, in many respects they are similar to some of the statements that you can find in the Upanishads, Brahman, Aranyaka, that is more ancient texts. Written all such twilight language, it is not clear. What if you die in some times of the year when some certain astronomical phenomena, is, in fact, after the death of you can carry out another way. If any other circumstances, such as an increase or decrease of the moon, etc, etc, then you have a different path after death. Somewhere it overlaps with the concept of astrology, but, you know, this eastern astrology. Eastern astrology, as opposed to Western astrology, it abuts even more on what you will have in this life, and that you have, for example, will be in the next life, or what you did in a previous life.

In general, my advice to you is to astrology communicate more careful, because, strictly speaking, there is not even clear sometimes, whether in mind the growing or decreasing the heavenly bodies the true celestial bodies, or it allegorically some indication of the internal human body device and those or other operating system in it, who found death.

Once read, so we refreshed in the memory.

Bhagavad Gita:


17. Those who know the day of Brahma, a thousand little south, and

night, thousands of limited south, the people know the day and night.

18. From the unmanifested arises upon the occurrence of a manifestation

of the day; at nightfall disappear in that which is called unmanifested.

19. This set of beings, re-visiting, apart from the will,

disappears at nightfall, Partha, and occurs when the day of.

20. Outside of the same there is another unmanifested

Genesis – Eternal Unmanifest, which are not killed by the death of all creatures.

21. unmanifested, enduring, it is called

Higher Way; reaching it, do not come back: it is My Supreme Abode.

22. He, the Highest Purusha, O Partha, is achievable

undivided worship (bhakti); there abide

all beings; they stretched out the universe.

23. At what time, moving to non-refoulement, and in some

to return yogis go, this time I will tell (you), the best of Bharat.

24. Fire, light, day, bright half of the month,

movement of six months (the sun) to the north – departing (for them) people

who know Brahma go to Brahma.

25. Smoke, night, the dark half of the month of six months

movement (the sun) to the south, is getting the moonlight, the yogi returns.

26. Light and dark, these two paths (movable) world

assumed to be constant; one of them go without

return back again in another,


Yoga and Astrology.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Okay. Suffice it’s hard to comment on, friends. Unclear. It is not clear – and all that he had in mind. More precisely, well, we will probably have a much greater knowledge of yoga is not retained, as it was in the days of the Bhagavad Gita. Perhaps, at the time the declaration of the Bhagavad Gita from the context it was all clear to everyone, but here, let me now is not entirely clear. I do not know about you. Here. And just to speculate on this topic like everything now, even as esteem – there are entire treatises written on the subject, which, they say, do not try to die, when six months, the sun decreases, going somewhere, or in any case to die can not be at night, only during the day! Well, it can bring to senility, everything can be reduced to nonsense!

So you remember that if we are in yoga and around the heritage of Vedic knowledge are faced with such situations, you may remember that college never contradicts everyday that sverhlogika never illogical. Even if we do not logically be able to grasp that it was said, it is impossible to write off the fact that it is a mystery, incomprehensible ordinary mortals. Why? Because it is very easy to walk to obscurantism, so very easy to reach, respectively, the state, when you consider his supreme nonsense. Here, unfortunately, there is no secret and astrology, and many here these here’s how to doctrine, they sin here is a hodgepodge.

Well, here in particular, you know, I was always touched by what you read astrological forecast, and it says that, especially in this day, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are adversely affected. And if you still remember school physics course, you think that all these planets were discovered only two hundred years ago, no more. That is, it’s someone in the past 200 years, or even less, someone else has already ponapridumyvali different factors influence. I still agree there, ancient astrology, which has its roots in ancient cults, in the civilization of Mesopotamia, Sumer, Babylon, maybe they knew something, felt possessed by some Psychometric. And here now, in this obscurantism begins, you know during our time!

Or tomorrow we will have a seminar on Swara Yoga, and there we are, in particular, touch on one of the treatise, and also this is a very interesting presentation of the question that the ancient treatise, he was out there for thousands of years. And then you read, read, and in the middle it is said that Neptune’s action is very negatively or positively on something effect. So how can we reconcile this? Neptune, who here have opened here, on the tip of the pen, scientists had not even seen it figured out, huh? And the text that supposedly ancient tantric yogic text? Well, it’s about, you know, would look like Arjuna, talking with Krishna, he took out his cell phone and called someone and said that everything is normal. That’s roughly the inconsistencies, they very often. For us, people are not sophisticated, we can all eat, because the touch of mysticism, a raid east, we still believe that we are stupid, and, therefore, every Indian – this is a Brahmin, is already a beacon of knowledge and yoga. As a result, we do not notice, they themselves begin to broadcast obscurantism. And someone catches it, then write the book, someone begins to believe in it, in general, a hodgepodge of scary!

So, chudesnenko! We have considered this chapter. Questions on this chapter have?

From the audience: The question is not a chapter, just before I forget. You said that the planned series of lectures on a bunch of the exact sciences, in particular mathematics with yoga, including astrology, astronomy. You want to tell …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, I’m talking about astrology, I do not presume, I have my own … I have some …

From the audience: Well, we will hear this lecture series?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, well, it’s as if you came to Einstein, saying, “This is the famous formula E = MS² wrote, man? I Wrote. And what about the next one work? When?”

You, my friends! I’m afraid you have created a wrong impression about me. I’m not a guru, not the torch of knowledge. I’m so, you know, a long time ago I read a lecture, so I try to express them clearly. Well, anyway, that he understand, I try to express clearly. But you just can not imagine that every word that you say is clear – it is the years when you shovel incomprehensible. And so, I was assigned here – appointed me! – Seminar on Swara Yoga. Yes, I used it … never on this yoga would do mouth would not be revealed! You what! Subject out there thankless theme there, well, simply it is possible to stall as in a swamp.

And here is the same situation: Yes, very much would like to link, as it were, so that’s the part of both to yoga, such is indeed the exact sciences such as mathematics, such provisions since the situation with some humanistic foundations, well, First and Second yoga principles. That would be wonderful, but it is necessary to give up, it should be just that and deal with, is not the fact that something happens. I would like to. Ambition! I sometimes say: “Vadim V., you come up with yoga.” Oh, if I could come up with yoga! Oh-she-she! I would have you come up with that! ..

Any questions?

From the correspondence student: A Swara yoga is broadcast?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: At the expense of translation, I do not know. I have a rule – if there is no video, audio equipment, lectures and seminars, I do not spend. But as yet I have not matured to the point that if there is no translation, not spend. But, probably, will soon come, and such times.

From the audience: usually translated …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: All on the conscience, they say, our curators and all those who bear the hard work of yoga. Sometimes I get a phone call (I get a lot of letters, sometimes call, sometimes in person), they say: “Oh, Vadim V., thank you! Your lectures are listening. So everything is clear. Life has changed for the better, everything, everything, “I say:” It is not for me to thank you, this is my students thank you. ” Because what’s the point? I have these lectures, only the last twenty years, as a bird-talker and read, and off the ground all moved only when there are people who, in fact, not for himself but for the good of all living beings the same lectures print, publish, make the broadcast . And I, of course, willing to bow to the ground all the students of the Open University of Yoga, because your shoulders all the holds, and therefore, all thanks to which, supposedly, is me, this is not thanks to me, and you. You make the world a better, I do not. Rather, I’m only doing my part, some quite modest, because I say what everybody knows. But to convey to those who do not know – you do. That is, it is good karma – to make the broadcast of a seminar.

So, ladnenko, and whether there is essentially led by the Bhagavad Gita?

How to make so that after death there is guaranteed to the Absolute?

From the audience: The question is. The last time we spoke regarded the previous chapter, and there was an indication that we have deciphered as what if the person is the right way of life, practicing yoga, works on himself, then he has a chance of the moment of death to reach the ultimate goal, to illumine, to merge with Absolute. In this chapter, it says that doing more of the same, only you get into one of the best of worlds. And the difference where?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wait, one more time – do not understand the question what?

From the audience: Well, if the prana comes out at certain places, it depends on where you will go, say, huh? That is, you can not just merge with the Absolute, and get in some intermediate worlds. They will be better or worse depending on the person. That is, it turns out that you just do yoga, you’re just on a work, but where here than you are above the level, so you have more chances to merge immediately, but until that happens, then be kind Poma intermediate, then and you can come back again to rise.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, I understand how to do so is guaranteed to get there after the death of the Absolute, and not get into any intermediate worlds?

Friends, there are no guarantees! Why? Because any guarantee, is that you are putting yourself or any circumstances higher than the Absolute. That is, the Absolute, as a set of tricks, or a set of buttons – click on these buttons, and the Absolute, as pretty ran on their hind legs, and did everything as you need to. No, this can not be.

If there is a strong association is more to something else, except for the Absolute, it is only a matter of time before you start suffering.

From the audience: Look, if from the point of axiomatic reasoning, it turns out that we have all our lives to consciously reinforce here that an association with the Absolute, that is, we pump it prana, pulling the prana from all the other things. That is, when you pulled it out of any small attachments, why all these practices are aimed at disidentification? That you were bound, even to his own body is less than the Absolute. And it turns out that you have, as it were, of course, at the moment of death, is your most powerful communication and you pull.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, to a certain extent so. Yes, to this associative link with the concept of the Absolute, which you yourself voleizyavil in his life, was more powerful than all the other associative links.

And now (well, thank you question), yet here is a parallel theme. Somehow, you know, we have such a life-affirming Yoga Yoga at the Open University, I urge all balk at Bhava. Well, maybe, is a hallmark of what we are now with you in the city of Moscow in Russia, that is, if I am not going to balk at Bhava, we completely demoralized and just die out of boredom all here.

Well, generally speaking, in the history of Indian philosophy were other times where increasingly rests not on the positive side of life, but on the negative. Well, here, in particular, early Buddhism it is called, abused. Life was very good, and therefore it was necessary to kak-to all in the sense of cause, and emphasized the fact that yes, you now eat their own bread, but tomorrow it will end today live – die tomorrow, now healthy – sick tomorrow, today you have something to eat – lose tomorrow, today you wife loves – tomorrow she will stop loving and cast today you have loyal friends – tomorrow they will betray you. That is to say, that this emphasis on the negative side of life.

And indeed, my friends, that there is, in general, is a hypocrite – so it happens. If you have an associative connection stronger to anything whatsoever, except for the Absolute, it is only a matter of time before you start to suffer. You can idolize his wife to believe that’s it! And you can throw it, or her husband. You can idolize their children – and the children have forgotten. You can idolize their parents – the same situation. You can idolize money – that inflation has begun and they are impaired. Anything you want can deify, and so the concept is examining his life, not only by the positive but also the negative side, it is reasonable negative, it is also very important.

And look, if for life, you are grasping for smaller associative links, then later at the time of death, when you have this associative link to the Absolute, and you pull this rope to something else. You – again! And caught. And of course, the practice of yoga while you are still alive, you are very tricky start to apply in your life or that exercise so as to slide on the enjoyment, without being attached to the enjoyment. That is, it is sufficiently art – you must grasp the law of Rita, according to him, not clinging, not for people, not for the circumstances, any of the things – slide. You must understand that everything of value – is the Absolute. But Absolut flashed through the man – it’s your wife, but you must understand that even though the nature of your wife – is the Absolute, and the Absolute shines through your wife, but if you grabbed for her as for a piece of meat, then the time will come, and she bother you. And so – whatever you touch.

And so all the practices, these so-called vairagya practice, or turning away from the world, I do not even know how to translate it, is when you’re trying to, well, how to understand the nature of things, if it is the pleasure through the first, second, third, fourth, , it does not mean that it will ever go through it. It just means that flashed just some of the Absolute range. And if you are in the moment of arrival of pleasure you understand that this is not a subject, object or phenomenon brought pleasure, namely the Absolute brought that pleasure, then automatically you, what would you do, associative connection in the direction of the Absolute begins to get stronger, stronger, stronger and you understand that at the moment of death, remembering the Absolute, and not something else.

So, chudesnenko still have questions?


Question: Is proportional honed our intelligence, our degree of self within us? Conversely, if we know ourselves, the reason principle tightened the degree of our self-awareness?

Vadim: Difficult question. Why? I myself come from science, and had it not been all this restructuring, there would have probably remained. I remember how not correlated in the approach of science is such a thing as a “self” as some kind of spiritual and common humanistic moments with polished mind. Maybe a person who is very otochen mind and he does well in the concentration camp gas chambers. But to say that it is somehow spiritually or in the direction of greater self-developed than ordinary peasant who the beast once again not to strike if there is no need for this. These things, of course, somehow related, but not uniquely related.

Student: They’re probably better complement each other …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know, hard to say. What is the reason? That Ananda Lahari (this is Yoga Sri Vidya) our intelligence is reduced to the sensory organ. We have a sense of smell, touch, sight, tactile feel, taste – the five senses we have, and in the text of Ananda Lahari mind called sixth sense. By this is meant that this world, according to the concept of the Sri Vidya, only created in order to know the goddess Shri. And to know it is possible only with the help of the six senses, that is, five ordinary and the sixth – the mind. It is just a tool, information channel, is it? And in fact it turns out that your self through these six senses trying to get closer to the goddess Shri. Unlike Westerners, who pray on the mind, it is considered “a good thing, in the economy will come in handy,” should be used, of course, need to hone and develop, but not deify ever.

Buddha and the Absolute.

Q: It is said: “Walking the path of bhakti, whatever you studied, there is a better chance in the moment of death came to identify the Absolute events and revelations, and merge with it than …”. That is, it increases your chances?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is that?

Student: Is not it go the way of bhakti.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course, when you go, at least in some way, it increases your chances to reach the goal than not going at all. Another conversation that compared with what?

I met yogis – the sixties, they say: “We are not interested in the concept of the Absolute.”


“Yes, no reason! I do not like it! “.

Because they immediately Absolute Association – religion, obscurantism immediately. Absolutely they did not like the concept of the Absolute. And now write them off?

Student: It is understood that this is the shortest way. As the Buddhists said in the “Tibetan Book of the Dead”, that when you die, you meet the Buddha of the same color – he is blessed, if you recognize yourself in it, you will realize faster. I learned in the Buddha Absolute, and you quickly slipped.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In fact, the Buddhists, the word “Buddha” this mishmash …

They, whether the Absolute mean by this, or did not mean, very difficult to say. Buddhist concept is extremely complicated. Buddhism was ancient classic, Gautama Buddha. And then came the Tantric Buddhism, Nagaradzhuny times. And somehow not critical flowed from one to another. In classical Buddhism, Buddha, only one – the Buddha Gautama. Still, the point.

Starting to learn Tantric Buddhism – Lamaism (as it was called in the USSR) Tibetan, there for you, and some clear light the Buddha, the Buddha of compassion, the Buddha of medicine there, and five dozen Buddhas and their girlfriends. Everything is quite intricate.

And when you die, consider that the word “Buddha” you is absolute, it is clear we can not. Because they have these Buddhas, very much. They explain that at the time of death of each Buddha which is blessed, it makes the point that: “A man, relax, you’re already dead, in this or that wrong is only the construction of your mind, and if you understand that it is building a your mind, you cease to identify with the mind and the overmind is dumped in the state. ” Because there are normal Buddha first, then angry.

Student: Yes, if you’re not friends with him …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Welcome to all the Buddhas of good over, but the same is not present. There should be everywhere recognize his own nature. In fact, the interpretation of the text is very different, some say: “The nature of your mind.” Others say: “The nature of the causal relationship.” Before you are dissolving karma of your prints. First, positive karma is dissolved, you perceive it as something positive, then a layer of negative karma, that is all it is unpleasant.

Student: I have to do you any aspect of the release, and if you did not voluntarily let go, merged with the benevolent Buddha, the Buddha comes to evil, and your kicks on driving.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here are a few more subtle concept. Buddha is not to blame, nor the origin, nor the lot. There is a situation that when we are in the dark about their own nature, we become hostage to some strange phenomena.

Just as you become a hostage of his own shadow. Occasionally some animals react to it. It turns out that you endow it with reality and start according to this shadow, to build its truly real behavior. And mirages in the after-death state, they are illusory, but we think they are natural, and they have driven us to the next incarnation under these mirages. And these mirages according to any life that you lived when you were still alive.

Question attachments.

Student: I came to the head with a bunch of third principle. In Tantric Buddhism, it is believed that the birth of the human body results in a tendency to attachment. That tendency to attachment leads to the birth of the human body. It turns out that the rejection of affection is the main method to get out of the plane of cause and effect, to no longer be born here.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s both. I’m Tantric Buddhism does not understand anything. If I even from themselves “guru sculpt” and all cuffs to distribute, the Tantric Buddhists offended me. There are things which I do not want to delve into, because there are different schools, they have different interpretations of the same text.

Another issue with affection. Attachment is a very strange thing, a very bad thing when you are attached to something not real in this universe and quite a wonderful thing when you are attached to something real. Or this: attachment to something more real rather than to something less real. That is, the gradation can be attachments. Because without attachments, you can not live. It’s a fairy tale that a man without attachments.

Excuse me, you have seen at least one person without attachments? And then what is meant by this? Imagine, not attachment, the whole world will collapse. Even the body is not. Bender said: “I am the way, my life as a memory.” I my body expensive as memory, I am attached to him. Imagine no attachment: going, going – again, on the corner of his head, half skull blew – “Yes, his regret, affection show”! A complex topic.

But there are more interesting practical conclusion, and it is the following – it is necessary, as if to slide on attachments. That is, sooner or later, you have to stay only one attachment – attachment to the Absolute, and all through that he had not manifested. It will be manifest through his wife, the wife saw you in the Absolute and everything – teeth hold on to it. It will manifest itself through the work, then work stay. Keep to the point until the light.

Remember that Absolute elusive. He then – again, and slipped out of his wife from work or even out of anything. And the main thing – to catch the moment of substitution. Prior to that, there was a moment, and I had become attached, grab teeth, and now no longer exists. Here you shines through Absolute Open Yoga University, his teeth gripping the Open Yoga University. Because if now all fall apart, then you will not find an alternative, on one condition, that you shine Absolute. Tomorrow will no longer shine, spit in it first, get out, throw it. And so in all the rest, if you have a channel in college, through whatever he was, clinging to him.

Cling to college!

But! Give these tips and use them immediately very interesting figures who start quadrille girls, and then immediately throw them, “Oh, dear, I through you shines the Absolute. And as much as two weeks will shine. ” And on the third week, “turns off. Get out of here, you fool! “That’s such psevdoposledovateley should be called to order.

The concept of the Absolute is elusive. So I gave you the attachment method, and it would seem, it is possible through the attachment to the Absolute closer, and he – again, and turned inside out, and the drug became a terrible poison.

There are some Pickup Girls, this category of young people who (as it is on the softer say?), Frame the girls, and then throw. Misbehave. For such in hell separate room prepared for a long time.

Student: They are sorry they are to go to, to somehow learn how to communicate with the girls.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I see that a humble person walks into a bookstore and there is leadership: “As for five minutes to catch a Woman?”. Ugly! Previously, it was called “crooks on trust,” ugly, but it works. The ad gets the one who wrote the book, do those who have read their brain is not enough to come up with it ourselves. The difficult karmic situation.

And the pain and pleasure can lead to the Absolute.

Student: If you take yoga axioms, if you start from that point: the suffering of hell is not that the suffering we invent ourselves, and truly have fun. It turns out that the light path that does not lead to a rebirth is the way of pleasure, and the one who gets confused and goes through the dark, through suffering, and then come back and then have to come to the light path and through the pleasure to achieve fusion with the Absolute.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I do not know. Doubtful comment. When suffering begins in your life? You live, so pretty, and then – bang! – Suffering. Axioms: you are free. But this is only half the truth, and the other half – what’s called a “duty.”

Or what is the debt? This is part of your freedom to borrow. Imagine you have in your wallet is 100 rubles and 50 rubles purely yours, and you gave 50 rubles in debt. And you begin to behave as if it’s your money. You begin to brazenly challenged … This consumer society …. “I deserve a better life!”. You always want to ask: “And what, you get that !? deserves.”

Or young people, frostbitten, empty glass eyes, they do not know what they want. Young stallion gallops and jumps not on their own, and on borrowed. Sooner or later, they end. Or do you have behaved badly, and you said, “You’re ill, and we have given you credit. Come pick. ” Here you begin to pull out that a loan. You can see that used to live well, but here the ground from under the feet start to go away. Comes suffering.

Sometimes it is helpful to understand the border, where it ends and where your freedom begins your debt, sometimes it’s better comes through suffering. We mudreem suffering, we get rid of the whimsical, from the dope, of arrogance, of the consumer attitude to life – “all have to, because you’re worth it …”. Yes, you do not deserve anything! Shackles you deserve at the quarry!

We are told, and like fools we are led to it. Sometimes such a slap in the face, in the form of suffering, it recalls: “Oh, it was not my 50 rubles! Now quickly to work, I will give. ” There is a saying from Mark Twain: “Nothing clears the mind like the prospect of being hanged in the morning.”

We also have ambitions in life: “Now we turn around! We are major in this life! ” Suddenly – bang !!! On an invisible glass wall, the feathers flew. And suddenly you realize that you have in mind the concept of peace-and there was, you came up with it illusory. Did you think that you are absolutely free, and it is not. So sometimes the suffering is not such a bad thing, sometimes it leads to thinking.

But it is true in absolute terms – the substance is no pain. There are simply enjoying a substance that you shared himself and pushed their foreheads.

Student: Suffering leads to the fact that we forget about the Absolute.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It would have been so, if we have remembered about it before …

The situation is this: we have created and the Absolute, not pre-programming of the fact that he is. We have not forgotten about it, it just was not in our universe. We can not forget it. Another conversation, if we voleizyavili – Absolute come. And then we voleizyavili that will live without him. And we see that without it something harder, are suffering. Of course, it can push on us remembering what had Absolut.

But, believe me, a hardened felon who is now serving a sentence, and it is very bad, there is no concept of the Absolute (in spite of all the missionaries), and suffering does not lead him to the concept of the Absolute, and leads him to anger. He was like an animal, with clenched teeth, suffering, then to escape and continue to make the same film.

It turns out that the first step – it is our expression of will of the Absolute, if it is, then, and suffering can we move towards the Absolute. If not, nothing will not save us.

They say you can make sailing against the wind to go if in a special way to spread the sails.

Therefore, if you came to the concept of the Absolute, it’s great. Enjoyment – wonderful, just not to forget that the pleasure of the Absolute. Suffering – great, if only to realize that somewhere you was wrong and came suffering.

And then, and another leads you to the Absolute.

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