2011_02_27 Seminar. Rita Nyasa yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.



Brief description of the workshop:

The concept of “Rita” can be translated as “harmony”, “Dance”, a kind of supreme cosmic law, living in which everything starts to work for you. This notion of how we should treat yourself to incorporate their desires, impulses, movements, actions in the universe around us, to respond to what comes from it to us. If we are to Rita, in harmony – we are protected from disease, accidents, from everything, with us work miracles. Adhering to Rita, we gain more and more happiness, joy, pleasure, open ourselves. Application Rita in a particular activity leads to a particular type of yoga. Yoga – this is when you are trying to implement in their lives Rita.

The concept of “Nyasa” can be interpreted as a tactile interaction manifestation Rita through touch. If we are working in the right way for our tactile perception, the indirect effects on the heart center, and as a result, it brings us closer to a balance between the wishes and possibilities, between the intentions and the ways of their implementation, interactions between our aspirations and desires of everyone around.

From left religion course, exercises, psycho-techniques, martial arts, self-knowledge system? What is the main idea of the Vedas? Whence comes the notion of “Rita”? Where does the concept of “Dharma”? What are displayed first and second principles of yoga? Responsible for what the heart chakra? How do we make decisions? Why is it advisable to do meditation on the heart center before making a responsible decision? Why is willing and able to implement them are not the same? What problems arise in modern man, and how can they be solved? Why are there traffic jams, crowding, queues, and so on? What practices can allow us to feel the harmony with the universe through Nyasa yoga? What are the parades, military uniforms? What unites the processes of birth, death and sexual union of man and woman? The answers to these and many other questions you will find in the text.




So, friends, today, February 27, 2011, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are with you in the yoga center on Avtozavodskaya, in Moscow, and this is our seminar on Rita Nyasa yoga International Open Yoga University. All the information is on our site:. Www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, as well as all of our training films, programs, lessons in our store, which is located at: shop.openyoga .mobi.


Today, my friends, we are waiting for a very interesting topic, a combination of two yogas, or Nyasa Yoga comes from the deepest notions or concepts Rita Rita Yoga. For many, even the names of the yogi meet for the first time, so we look at the origin of these yogas, and what they are doing from the very beginning.

Now every year in the world there are all kinds of psihopraktiki. After psychology has made a major breakthrough, after the topic became engaged scientists immediately began to appear exercises to help people in different situations, in different conditions somehow work with your inner body, with their bodies perception, mental processes, etc. If you start to be interested in all these psychotechniques, you will go on a fundamental principle, but how do they actually come from. Oddly enough, fast enough, you make sure that all new is well forgotten old and new practices, techniques, exercises can be found in other systems of self-knowledge, which have been known for a long time. If you start to analyze how these practices and systems have come to the West, then sooner or later you will find yourself in the East. You will sooner or later find yourself in the eastern part of our world’s countries, and in fact in countries around India. In the future, if you start to narrow the range of your search, then sooner or later you will find yourself in India, more precisely in those countries that have been in medieval India. This modern India, is a modern Pakistan, in part region of Afghanistan, Tajikistan even gets there, friends. This is the country of Tibet, it is the countries of Southeast Asia.

In this region, they have been preserved and extended self-system. Sometimes in the form of religion, sometimes in the form of various philosophical currents. Analyze all these religions, philosophical movements extremely difficult, they are heterogeneous, multi-directional, contradicting each other, but if you do take on this work and pass through all this, sooner or later you will come to this ancient layers of history that It is inextricably linked with the concept of the Vedas. Once there were ancient knowledge, which is now called Vedic knowledge, and the first mention of which have reached us in the Vedas, and to date have reached the four Vedas: Rig Veda itself Veda, Yajur Veda, Adharma Veda is the source of this knowledge.

Vedic push spawned then many religions, movements, exercises, psycho, psihopraktik, moreover, can be traced to the many branches of this push, as combat systems, and the systems philosophy, to systems that claim to the role of science at the time – analogues modern mathematics. Also, you will find numerous branches, which later went and martial arts. What did not work out, and most interesting is that these systems sometimes contradict each other, but have their roots a single push – Veda. And if you gain more strength and patience, courage, intellectual, to proceed to the analysis of what is there the Vedas, you will run into even more difficult moments, but sooner or later you will come to the main idea of the Vedas. This basic idea of the Vedas, if we call it in modern language, sounds like FREEDOM. Or sometimes it is interpreted in such a way that: live and let live. In fact, the concept is more profound.

The concept of “freedom” is very difficult, it just seems that we know what it means. In fact, the true meaning of the concept of “freedom” from our mind slips away, we do not know what freedom is. We just got used to that word. Although the reverse side of the concept of “freedom” is the concept of “omnipotence” or, if you will, the concept of “super-powers”. The meaning of the Vedas was the following: how to give a person a kind of knowledge that he took advantage of the freedom of today and every day, every action, every step has increased their freedom. Or in another way: every person has tremendous potential, and how to live, what to know what to do to this potential every day extended.

The idea of the Vedas very open, exciting, very cheerful, very life-affirming, a lot of promise. This is the perception of a young child in a child: Still ahead-and-and. That’s the basic idea of the Vedas. In the future, the question arises: how to take advantage of today, according to the Vedic knowledge to become tomorrow’s more powerful, more free, more joyous or happy, if you will. And here comes the following concept of “Rita”. It is extremely difficult to transfer the concept. In a rough sense, it can be translated as “harmony” as “Dance” as a kind of supreme cosmic law, living in which everything starts to work for you. A kind of magic instructions, magical life, adhering to which, to overcome all their troubles, if they are now yours, and in the future is becoming more and more happiness, joy, pleasure, achievements in the discovery itself.

The concept of “Rita” is the understanding of how we should interact with the universe around us, how should we treat ourselves, how should we incorporate your desires, impulses, movements, actions in the universe around us, and how we should respond to that It comes from the universe around us. How we fit into the surrounding universe so that the universe worked for us, and we worked on the universe, that the universe has increased our freedom, and we have increased the universe around us freedom. In the future of “Rita” the concept originated the concept of “Dharma”.

So it came down to the concept of mode of action, way of thinking, a way of behavior, knowing that you can bring in the future, all religions, all systems atheistic view of the world, all the teachings of the philosophical, intellectual or sensual, all the manifestations of our life, the actions of our senses, actions of our mind, etc. All of this is concentrated in the Vedas, and the Vedas focus on the concept of “Rita”. When a person tries to adhere to this concept of “Rita” in his life, from a formal point of view – a person engaged in Yoga. Yoga – this is when you are trying to implement in their lives Rita. Manifestations of our lives a lot, in many ways we can interact with the universe around us, much we have sensory organs, organs of action with which we engage in the universe. As a consequence, many ways to show Rita and as a result, many different types of yoga. If we try to show Rita through static exercises, then we come to Hahta yoga if through the breath, then we come to Pranayama yoga if we Rita manifested through the dynamic practice, we arrive at the Kriya Yoga, if we use the law of Rita in his speech, we arrive at the Mantra yoga, etc. The concept of universal Rita, Rita’s application in a particular activity leads to a particular type of Yoga and for this reason, types of yoga are very, very much.

Now, we think on the other side and understand what we are now going to do. Among the variety of types of yoga have this kind of as the Nyasa yoga. Also, it is difficult to translate into Russian, as in all European languages, the notion of “Nyasa”. Roughly translated, it can be interpreted as a touch or tactile interaction that channel our interaction with the universe, which comes to us when we are We touch someone, or when we have to someone We touch in all spectra. Sometimes a gross manifestation is when someone is sensitive to touch us. Sometimes it is quite delicate interplay, when someone just touches us, or we barely touched. Finally, it is the subtlest level, when to us, no one touches, but we begin to feel its tactile receptors, as if kto-to before we touched, and we feel the desire to kogo-to touch, and at our fingertips there is a feeling that we are someone had touched. And this channel of interaction with the universe is engaged in Nyasa Yoga – tactile channel. From a formal point of view Nyasa yoga is a manifestation of Rita through touch. Therefore, the concept of “Rita Nyasa Yoga” – a stronger version of the implementation of the concept of Rita through Nyasa through other support practices. We “catch” Rita through one practice and setting yourself up for feeling Rita through one practice and then similarly tolerated it for another practice.

Today our exercise, we are going to do, just lead to these transitions. When after one thing that we can feel better, we have to grasp the meaning and idea and aim at other things that we feel the difficulty, but it operates on the same principles and laws in our universe. We strengthen each other’s expense. And so the goal of our workshop – feel Rita by one thing, and then transform it into something else. And when we have such an experience, we understand the inexpressible component Rita. Word Rita – it’s just a word, but it means that we can only survive in their personal practice. Until experience is just an abstract theory that is needed, but did not disclose fully the meaning of the concept of Rita, the meaning of the Vedas or the meaning of the initial shock – where it all went.

In this regard, we will do different practices, and on them we will concentrate the best. Before we outline the practice which Let us, I have a few words to say about Nyasa yoga. Nyasa yoga quite mysterious and powerful yoga. At first glance, what’s wrong with that: someone touches you or you to touch someone. By the force of interaction between a small impulse impact. Sometimes it seems that if I do kakuyu-nibud difficult asana in yoga Hahta, say, stand on your head, but then the tie is still in the lotus position, but then again loosened, but then again it through the left, then through the right nostril will breathe, the thus acting very powerful physically on your body, the result, we think, should be more. But in fact, everything is much more complicated, sometimes little effect on areas of the body according to certain rules, gives much greater effect than the crude physical effects, when we expect a stronger result.

As Nyasa yoga, it is believed that modern man is in some sense a critical yoga. Critical in the sense that those centers which are involved in the performance of Nyasa yoga, modern humans developed an extremely bad. For this reason, it is believed to be many distortions of modern civilization become ominous, poison life throughout society. To illustrate this, I will give an example with which meet each of you: probably every one of you got in traffic jams, when you can stand for hours without any hope to advance at least one meter. Probably every one of you fell into one or another stampede, for example, you go on the bus, and it is already full of people, and pushing back again and stuffed greater than or in the subway. Or you decide to go to the cinema on the popular movie and suddenly realize that you do not get it, because to the booths of all the giant tail stretched out on who knows how many meters, and no amount of money you it will not do.

It would seem, what does all this have to do Nyasa Yoga to Yoga tactile. Friends, according to the theory of yoga – the most direct. The fact that our world is skewed, the world demonstrates the discrepancy between the two factors: the factor between Energy and Consciousness factor between our intentions and the ability to implement these intentions. As a consequence, there is a phenomenon, which I have mentioned and the question is, why there is this discrepancy, and because there is no consistency, because we do not feel each other. And without feeling and without knowing each other, we can not predict in advance. And now there are roads that are obviously built with a capacity of not allowing easy move or something else, full of inconsistencies. We live in a separate universe, in a separate shell and we are, figuratively speaking, people do not feel the skin around us. This is a consequence of our selfishness. As a result, we can not predict correctly, we can not advance steps to lay his life and get into horrific events. And in their own skin we begin to understand that we do not live in the desert around us other people, and these people, too, have cars, and they, too, need to go somewhere, or they, too, want to see this movie. The universe, as it were “punishing” the inability of us to feel the other creatures around him.

Corks, crush and stuff, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are even more monstrous universe response associated already with the environment. After all, we do not feel, when we throw crumpled leaf of paper in the trash that make this leaf of paper, it is necessary to cut a big beautiful green tree. Then on poisonous chemical plant to grind it into powder, and sprinkle with any muck that’s turned the leaf paper, and this paper leaf huge amount of waste that kills everything. We do not feel it, we like it the other way around: “Oh, what a beautiful upakovochka the new priborchiki”. And the fact that this upakovochka live for two days, from the moment you open it up to the moment, as it would be in the garbage, we do not think. And then the cycle is closed, because the universe is one, and we do not feel. And there comes a blow on the side from which you do not expect. And so everywhere.

This mismatch in our lives when we are selfish and do not listen to anything, has a pronounced physical center in our body. This so-called heart center or heart chakra, sometimes it is called Anahata. It is located in the middle of our chest, somewhere inside. This is a very interesting place in our body, if tie the whole theory of the device in the body. Because this center is equidistant from the energy center, which is located at the base of the body (it is the center, where, as they say, is the energy of our body in some yogis, known as Kundalini) and the crown of our head (this is the center of consciousness, he is sometimes called the thousand lotus or Sahasrara chakra). And here is equidistant location on the number of other centers, that is equidistant place, which is separated and the energy of consciousness and at the same way, or the place where desire and opportunity more balanced. Those or other our desire as taught yoga sections, sometimes provoked or are of a different vibration centers. If these desires in the direction of energy: thirst, hunger, fear, jealousy, as a rule, these centers below. If these desires are refined more and more exalted and closer, however, to the intellectual, then, as a rule, the higher centers.

But the interesting fact: if we try to balance the decision in our life, and balance the senses and the intellect, we should not be doing so won or feelings or intellect. And you need to find a lever that, if we have a strong hold intelligence, we would have slowed down, as if the feelings, we also have slowed down. And that’s just the heart center has such an enviable ability that if we begin to feel a certain coolness in the heart chakra, all the flashes of our mind we can control in a more mild. On the contrary, if we experience some gusts of emotions, passions and desires, which involved the lower centers, again, being at the heart center, it is easier to calm them down. This kind of balance point and many are born here Nyasa yoga practice, which is not possible to say at this seminar. In particular, before the adoption of a responsible decision is highly desirable to do it is meditation on the heart center. In many cultures, many sayings that thought can be traced: the heart of decision-makers. The word heart is meant not our physical heart is pounding and blood drives, namely a place in the middle of our chest. If we kontsetriruemsya on it, or meditate, or direct the flow of our consciousness, our energy coming from our higher self, it is at the center, then the appearance of other centers are easier. Otherwise, we are either obsessed with some maniacal idea, or on the contrary, become easy prey to some emotions, uncontrollable. Both are equally bad.

Nyasa yoga teaches, the development of the heart center – this is a critical moment for the survival of humanity on the one hand, because the further mankind develops the technology, the greater the price for the mistake. Say some maniac politika- nerves will pass either from too much punditry, or from big emotions: click on the button and unleash a third world war, or arrange some local, but no less bloody conflict or adopt laws that result will be the disappearance civilization. In Nyasa yoga it is believed that if humanity will balance all of your decisions and understand the importance of the heart center, the probability of error is greatly reduced, and humanity has a chance to survive. If not, then we will repeat the fate of the many super-civilizations that disappeared, and there were many.

But we are interested in another time, another bunch. The heart center – is the embodiment on the other hand, some of the fundamental principle of the construction of the universe. Our body – it’s like a microcosm made the full image of the macrocosm, or what’s inside, then outside, or that which is above, so below. Those principles, which “made” our body is no different from the principles on which made the universe around us. One of these principles, sometimes called the principle of the air, although the word air has nothing to do with our physical distance, but rather a state of consciousness and energy ratio, corresponds to the principle of a heart.

There is another interesting feature of the heart center, it is the implementation of the principle of the air made it possible to show the information channel or an interaction channel, known as the tactile. This is a fairly complex topic, rather abstract. The presence of light photons or electromagnetic waves gives us the opportunity to see. And then erected in the rank of seemingly minor our quality – tactile, but really tactile feeling – is embodied in us the more fundamental laws of the universe itself. But this is not the topic of our workshop, we will look at more practical bunch, which tell us that the heart center is associated with tactile displays. And indeed, if you are on your own skin feel pain and joy of the universe around you, then you are not doing those critical errors, which lead then to the terrible consequences such as congestion, crowding, etc.

If the designer, architect or politician feels all the people whom he leads, or surround it, then he seems to be on the skin feels all these errors. He puts himself in the role of those for whom he is doing something. This small probability of error. The politicians, scientists and others who live in their ivory towers, detached from the team, do not feel it and make mistakes. It’s really obvious, transparent and understandable. If we properly working on our tactile centers, then indirectly we get a tool to influence the Anahata chakra, the heart center, and as a result, indirectly, brings us closer to a balance between the wishes and possibilities, between the intentions and the ways of their implementation, between the interactions of our aspirations and aspirations of all around.

Of course, it enjoys yoga, and since it is the moment in which mankind has fallen behind in evolutionary terms the most, then acting on our tactile perception, we are helping to keep the evolution of the acceleration. What it would take 100 years, it comes in a matter of days and weeks. Acting on the tactile organs, we are working on the heart center, as if making up for the gap in evolutionary terms. In this sense, how we would overtake humanity that slowly drags, and which nature makes cuffs give this consideration. These are the same plugs, crush, etc. We receive life dramatically speed uvelivayuschy positive result in yoga. In Nyasa yoga is given plenty of exercise in this respect, and if you want to speed up the practice in Hahta yoga or other yogis, sometimes yoga instructor resorted to indirect method, when they combine classes Hahta yoga and Nyasa yoga, but for this you need to keep a few important things.

First, to be a social person, because the concept of tactile interaction involves another person in your universe, and if you have terry selfish, do not trust anyone, built a house, enclosed by a fence height of 5 meters, dogs allowed, the barbed wire stretched. If you shy away from all and think only about his personal life, sooner or later you will be in a vacuum. No, you can not make anyone Nyasa yoga, nor nobody else can do. It turns out that punished themselves. This limited effect Nyasa yoga. We can not do Nyasa yoga man who put himself in the suit. The “knight’s armor” climbed, put on a helmet, armor and not let anyone discourages all: “You do not come to me, my righteousness do not break.” It is understood that the universe suffers, suffers, and then drives it into the tube, where it again and squeezed. You are on the most expensive car went, and now all of a conventional, or crush or something. But this is a separate issue.

We are more interested in what exercises we can do today, that on the one hand, we could feel through yoga Rita Nyasa yoga, and through it, Rita.

And here we come to the description of the practice. Waiting for us next practice for understanding how the combination of Rita and Nyassa important in everyday everyday life. We will do one exercise, which is in common is called a train, and it is that people are becoming each other very, very tight butt while here such a slender column, they will have to move together. The point of this exercise is this: if you do not feel Rita with the surrounding universe, you will be terribly tired, moving this way. Every step, every centimeter promotion will require from you a huge effort. But then, if you catch where your personal harmony combined with the harmony of the whole team and all the other people who suddenly begins to produce a certain kind of rhythm or Rita, and you start to have to act as a single organism. And then you’ll have to walk for hours here in this position without fatigue. But first, all will be a very great fatigue. Why, yes because we are friends, not Rita. We Anrite – a Sanskrit term that explains the reason for all our problems.

If we live in Rita, then sooner or later we are approaching the point where the wording of our desires coincide with the realization of our desires. If we live in Anrite, the formulation and implementation are beginning to lag in time. It builds a chain of our desires, which are waiting to be realized, and in fact are waiting for, we will not disturb them implemented. This chain of desires in other words is called karma, or the law of cause and effect. Usually, the karma of Western man assumes that something negative, but in fact the concept of karma is not necessarily negative or something positive. The question is that some promises that we made earlier and which were to lead to a positive result, when they begin to come true with a delay, perceived as sharply negative.

Therefore, the world is ruled by foolishness and all our suffering from stupidity. Stupidity is generated Anritoy – our inability to live so that our freedom is not increased at the expense of someone, and to the freedom of all increased simultaneously. And once again, as we are all civilized people, we have some kind of privacy, the private area of our little universe, where we will not let anyone. Since we’ve been lied to others, we are afraid that they will deceive us, as we are doing some indiscretions, we now expect from other misdeeds. This leads us to distance themselves from each other, as a result, we cease to feel each other, fall into Anritu and begin to generate desire or attempts to run in isolation from the others. It comes in conflict with the other, and we get a change in the form of negativity, in the form of our clipped wings or anything else that gives a lot of trouble.

Now we will do one of these exercises, which will help us nevertheless to understand that if we live in a society, but we do not feel it, we are doomed to a chain of disappointments. On the contrary, if we feel the society in which we live, we feel it on their own, as they say the shoes – we will never bear the pain or suffering of others, but just the same, and they do so because they feel you. Friends, sensible villains is extremely small in the universe. It is more stupidity. This theoretical part we complete.

Next comes the practice: “Train”


Part 2.


Only you did practice. From a formal point of view, this practice relates to yoga Triad, for its part – Tantra Yoga, which allows you to get a better feel this quite unique phenomenon, when suddenly, in some circumstances, we all turn into a whole, as if there were different people and all would have been a manifestation of something unified. This immediately gives you a huge reserve for life, for self-knowledge, for everything. All processes begin to flow into many, many times faster. Now, about the practice itself: once you start to do it, of course, to you observed the effect of “ego” – that is I’m a little, I was not fit, I did not touch it, it’s me under You need to adjust what I want, then turn back . And it is immediately manifested in the fact that you stray from the rhythm, it was hard to walk without stepping on each other’s feet, the slightest obstacle, like all threatened with collapse, only the time that you were forced to bow the other person save the situation. Then you began to bow to each other through a person, ie, You started to act not with the close proximity, and with that level, you do not really see that more than you do. Those. You begin to think as if a few steps forward, and it allowed you to physically close to each other to approach, and as a result you simply have no choice on the wrong things. Every wrong step would stop all this rank as a whole. And so it went on, continued up until intuitively you do not come to a certain rhythm, and he even felt on the rhythm with which you cross – it was something coherent whole. And in this state, you can turn a blind eye, not caring about anything, feeling in complete protection, because anywhere you do not fall, you just do not give the possibility to fall, will make it impossible for you to suffer in life. Here we are afraid of losing their job, no money, we are afraid of tomorrow. But, in fact, this fear on anything not based, if we are to Rita, if we built into the entire universe, we just will not let die, to starve, to be alone with their sorrows, etc. So the world works. And we are in his “ego” we think that we are alone, we are going to fall, die, and no one will shed a tear not, and say. “Well, right” Beast laws of capitalism – who dared, and he ate. Now we impose individualism in society, so it is good sometimes – to believe in their strength, but the reverse side – stress, fear, just relax your competitor ‘killed’, made a little mistake – you got fired or podsideli at work or something else something. We clamped, we are afraid and are building around them a greater zone of alienation to us no reason, even hypothetically harm, and thus put ourselves at greater risk because begin to stagger, we have no one to support, we all around dispersed, we are empty.

In Tantra Yoga (which refers to yoga Triad) with this all begins. That’s why I chose this practice for this illustration here Rita Nyassa. As soon as we have trust, we do not think about tomorrow: it will be the day, there will be food. We need the entire community, it needs us, without us all one community pereklinit. Those. we cease to be a small cog that can crush the system. Without us (without a “small cog”), the system will rise. And we do not understand, we will demolish the system, so we place ourselves, that begin to confront the system, and, indeed, if there are times when the system crushes, it crushes those who are in front of this many years, decades or lifetimes himself against a single life . If you are in a single life, miracles are happening to you, you will not die prematurely. In the Vedas it was a very serious desire, “Yes you will live to the age of the sacred.” If you take the Tantric sacred age – it’s 108 years old. This dream is now live so much? From the Vedas do some vague hints that people lived there for 160 years, etc. Some of the modern psychologists say that death before 160 years – forced. The thought of the Ancient Vedas, ie while you are Rita, in harmony – you are protected from disease, accidents, from everything. The problems begin when you drop out of Rita. Of course, it’s more difficult, we are burdened with previous karma, and even if we do stand on the path of Rita, we do not know how to do it anrity. And, of course, waves anrity from time to time we catch up, cover – there’s nothing to be done – it is the laws of karma. The only thing we can do – it’s in the future will not be allowed. And for this you need trust, without it by and large you will not live a day. Therefore, there should be the right attitude to life through the prism of Rita. And this exercise is very good, you suddenly begin to realize that it’s just it seems that we want to be leading, “I want everything in their lives to keep in their hands.” This is a great motivation, a good display in some moments of life, when we are leading, when you stand in front of the locomotive and all of you are – yes, if only you all depends on where the rest goes. This state of the Great Teachers of humanity, the great geniuses, great generals and politicians. They lined up a situation and guide people in the right direction. In this state, it all depends on me, and the whole universe is adjusted to under me. But it requires a very high moral, physical strength, a very great responsibility, requires to live in the everyday stress as a “string”. Future teachers of yoga – is waiting for you. But in some other moments, not related to your responsibilities, and associated with the other world, you suddenly realize that it’s a nightmare when you think about everything. And you do not think much more comfortable, but in order for you to think, for you to build roads without traffic jams, transport, where there is no hustles to all distributed so that there is harmony. You are even ready to pay a lot of money, not to think. Our former Soviet man, remember anecdote, from Monday to Friday working on the job, and on Saturday and Sunday plowing in the country. In the west, you will never find it’s not, because everything is thought out. And just as well, and in our lives, it just seems to us that we want to solve everything, everything to be under our control. No, my friends. In fact, we want only one thing – control in the area of his life where the Lord God himself, the Absolute told us: “It is your business to life” in the work, in business, in politics, in the army, anywhere. And the rest – live reliance. Those. in some moments in your life – you are leading, and in other moments – you slave. And be led in harmony extremely comfortable.

In this practice, you can go a few hours. I know that people sometimes go up to 6 hours – it is a good distance you can go. Or for some obstacles. Sometimes, to accelerate the breakout of the shell of selfishness and lack of understanding of environmental laws of the universe, you need to deliberately throw obstacles. I remember we practiced such practices in the forest. You walk through the forest, and there is a branch in the bush or in the snow. And you know what one would you two steps did not pass, and then you hold the system, the system keeps you and all your ego, and your whole detachment (that’s me, and that everything else), it is such tests makes shrink. Friends, this effect was during the war. Before the war in our country clean, repression, the people disappeared during the night, all looked at each other like a wolf, wrote denunciations. Suddenly the war – a terrible shock, and virtually all say that people become kinder, more open, although had to be meaner and closing. On the contrary, they felt for each other, united, won. Again, life became good. All were communal, which are then settled, all separate apartments have become. Again, the “ego” began to be shown, all the cheeks inflate, all despise each other, and become subjectively consider their life worse. We began in these one-bedroom apartments become an inveterate drunkard, hung, shot, etc. You know, life is a failure, boredom, and before it was not. Where had lined up in the toilet or prepare a meal, there is no time to think about suicide, there to eat. The same situation was in the days when wars were these famous phalanx or ranks, when portrayed as the Greeks go shoulder to shoulder, or when intricate designs done in the form of a turtle – is when several people from all sides of the boards are closed, and they were a single entity are . This terrifying spectacle. Or the many parades, for example, we went to the Red Square parade during the 1941 war, and all were encouraged. What are the parades, military uniforms? Military uniforms are actually very inconvenient kakoy-to you head to the airport, since it carried a branch, or in ancient times, these all aiguillettes, curlicues and more, in takom-to and walking is difficult, is not that war. The effect was the other – to feel the involvement of the same as you, ie you had to identify the people on whom you expect, they had to somehow look the same, you had to feel them, shoulder to shoulder, had to know that they will cover you, and a new level of combat capability of performing. The combat readiness of the people who trust each other, which Rita, you were single, she performs miracles. I read the memoirs of the war years. Close-knit team. Very much enjoyed this quality sailors, probably because the ship with each other you day and night. They showed miracles of heroism, and at the same time, as a rule, the loss suffered less. Similarly, parades, why they are walking legs symmetrically? To instill this sense of community.

Next, another example of yoga – it sometimes happens that people come to the gym more than usual, the place lacks everything, but still very close to each other. Now people are spoiled, they say that you have no comfort there is not, go to another place. They do not understand the effect of this unity. For example, I am glad such moments. Any Indian temple – it is a very small space, people like herrings in a barrel stuffed. The same effect is a sense of unity. I know that when the room is stuffed to the eyeballs that go, no place to sit, the effect after classes each received an order of magnitude greater than if it were occupied 30%, or 2 people in different corners and teacher. This experimental fact, you can not pull theory. Everywhere we see the same point that in some cases the situation itself makes us feel Rita. And we’re just throwing your selfishness, like a suitcase without a handle (to carry heavy, throw a pity). And then the situation forces to throw it, and we throw it and feel like we were released, and as a “chip on my shoulder,” and can in some way to relax, trust. Now the media (the media) is injected. Not so much these maniacs, murderers, recidivists much as they reveal. More precisely their approximate number it was, and remains stable, because if they become a bit more (in proportion per cent), society is falling apart, that is, a country no longer exists. If the country is still alive, is about more or less. Not so terrible these things as the impact on people. People have heard, they have a fear, the clamp, all do not trust each other, all looking at each other with suspicion. The media sometimes does not sleep, so you live, do not know anything – relaxed, calm, and, oddly enough, more than adequate. If you really meet some suspicious person, and you’re more relaxed, you begin to feel it – and here it is somehow to be false, but there is something wrong. And if you’re afraid of something, trapped like a spring, then you’re in the first place, you do not see normal people, and secondly, you still concede fixers (he even slicker knows what buttons to push). We poison ourselves life. I do not know that I can turn the tide. If the situation is not brokenfooted – end of civilization. Does anyone nerves will not stand, and will be another massacre. Therefore, on the one hand a simple theory, on the other hand, very deep.

Friends, we do not want to lead anyone, but we want to be slaves, we do not want to think and want for us to think we do not want to solve, want of us decided, but only so that we had a good, reliable as young children who have parents who take care of everything, and we can have fun, play. And, of course, in their games, we want to solve everything yourself – where to put the cubes or soldiers, or a new doll dress to wear. Yes, we want to do, but no one there and will not go. In all other respects, if we learn to trust, we will be stretched, and therefore a high probability that we will make the wrong decision, will miss a real danger, because if you have 24 hours nerves to the limit, you become insane, some little things stop noticing . Those. early warning mechanisms are disabled. It is very important to live in Rita feel that everything alive is very important to feel that you can relax in some moments. On the day, there will be food. You know how the celestial bird – no plows, sows and grief do not know. And where necessary, it requires from us, on the contrary. But because we rested, feel the rear, there where it is necessary to focus, on the contrary, we perceive it as adrenaline, Behold now, I’ll show myself! And when you show yourself, and fear that the neighbor to the left or right, or something else, do not trust – you waste, the concentration of force on one falls, becomes ineffective.

The concept Rita- this concept of life.

As long as you still feel the practice, if someone has a desire to share experiences, please do so.

Minakova Anastasia, the group 4. Before you started to speak, I myself wrote in a notebook that is the right word that can describe my feelings, it is “safe.” Indeed, when we are all united in the train, I felt part of the whole, and the same the whole time. And it was very cozy, comfortable. And at some point I relaxed to such a degree that came to his home for a state when I feel perfect child. And it seemed to me that if someone now comes to the wire, one of my legs would hurt, and I wanted to remove this wire. Many thanks to all that you could feel through the Absolute. I was not in the unit of time, and has all along.

Vorobyov Alain Group 4. The feeling of security and at the same time there was a sense of some responsibility for everything that happens. I knew that I was a part of, we are whole, but in another moment I realized that I, too, depends on this community. It was difficult at the beginning of practice, we stumbled. But at some point, when I relaxed, inserted in the train, in general there was a feeling of a floating, it seemed to me that I could barely touch the floor as if to jump, felt ease, did not have to make any effort at all.

Julia, Group 3, intramural student. Observations and experiences a lot. I’ll tell you about the main. First, we walked for a while in Rita, and someone got lost, for example, I (caught on, tripped does not matter), and it turned out that all those who for me was, I told them caused immense suffering to its failure to Rita. This naturally infuriated me out of balance, I tried to remake something, and it took a lot of energy, effort, time. That’s what you said before practice. Second, the denser is pressed against the front of a walking man (this indicates the degree of confidence) than the denser, the easier it is to feel the rotation, even if a person has muscle forward move, if you turn cool no longer be buried. Those. The more confidence you have the better manevriruesh, and thus not be able to keep to the rhythm. Thirdly, when all go to Rita arises a certain resonance, which has enormous power. This seesaw effect, if you do not fall into this resonance, it may just be beheaded.

Anna, a group of 4. It was very nice to be driven, and not depend on me nothing, I do not decide, I was comfortable. At some point we all closed, I realized that there are no leading and leading all of us. I can not describe my feelings, but I tracked that moment, I was very impressed with it that there are no leading.

Galina, a group of 4. I want to add that it was important for me when I was in this chain, refrain from people who in this chain did not get hurt. My problem was that nobody hit. Those. I wanted to keep this flow, even though there were variations. Feelings arise quite different: at first it was like something unusual, funny, kind of child’s play; Then the feeling passed very pleasant. And when the eyes themselves were closed, and I was plunged into partners, there was a sense of unity, something bigger than it is.

Natalia, Group 3 intramural student. I would like to mention the feelings I experienced – Rita bond between the first and second principles of yoga. That is, when we are not in Rita, we are violating the first principle of the machine in relation to someone, and in relation to itself, ie, I step foot on someone and bring the pain, then immediately I come, and I feel the pain; and I feel this process inefficient movement. Once the first and second principles began to be violated. I realized that when we were in Rita do not need to ponder over the first and second principles, they are on the machine running.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good point. We talked about it. The concept of the first and second principles of yoga – it is in fact supporting points, which are derived from the concept of Rita. The concept of Rita more unspeakable, and we’re just stupid, do not understand what it is. To us the one and the other side of the fence, so we groped Rita, in the self-system, which is called yoga, which brings us to Rita, provide support such flags. How to go wading, you here and there flags that here and there the depth – to be not put, and here the road – go for it. Indeed, you go to a general order, if you are consciously someone cause pain, say, in front of or behind the marching deliberately stepped on the foot or pinches hurt his side, he vzvizgnet somehow show itself, and disturb their harmony, and she immediately before you come because you are a single whole. This, next, etc. stumble – and now you have “jolted” etc. This action of karma.

Andrey Kulikov, Vadim V. 4. The group talked about the Greek phalanx. As we walked, I also thought about it but not about the Greek constructions and of the Roman legions, of these cohorts. We periodically brought down, stepping on each other’s feet, and occasionally went smoothly. And when we were going smoothly, I had the impression that we can not be stopped. I just thought that the legions were no different, except one – the construction of it, the ability to go well, right, as the need is a sense of the shoulder.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do you remember that the Roman Empire in this arose, she did a very professional, efficient army. She fought with all, in fact, so far there is no equivalent of the Roman Empire. And against it sometimes appeared multiple times superior tribes, as they were called in Rome – the barbarians. Those. These were some singles, now they are in the skins with spears, very aggressive, even physically is more stronger than the Romans. But the fact that a single monolithic whole, as a single machine was, it led to the fact that even more superior enemy retreated, and was defeated. In those days without a good army, no state could not survive for long. Won the Roman Empire only when those whom they called “barbarians”, or the Germanic tribes themselves began to stray into some semblance of order, and the Romans by then decomposed. A decomposed, because they themselves do not want to fight, they would like it as it is now behaving modern oligarchs, those who hapnul. So he surrounded himself, and thinks that it will not hurt anything, and the troops let mercenaries fighting corruption everywhere, ie, bundle gone. It is clear that the barbarians immediately took advantage, since they were closer, they conquered Rome.

Michael, Group 3, intramural student. As we walked, and the density increased, we became like a stone, ie We could not move anywhere, we walked one. But when obstacles arise, we unclenched and became like water, and could maneuver. And then we can become like the air diverge from each other. I drew an analogy with the chakras.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, even the transfer of energy in mind. Do you remember what you can do, say, hatha yoga are two ways of energy method and consciousness, where force myself, here you go monolith, all, like Mayakovsky: “Surrender the enemy, stand still and lie down.” But it kind of unusual situation. In yoga a lot of unusual situations, in the same hatha yoga, once you feel yourself not as it should “and aching legs, and tail falls off,” and you are just in time, and switched to a different strategy – by energy method. We started more gently as the water to play with your body to play with the implementation of a particular asana. This ability to intuitively switch, where it is necessary to make yourself, and where you can currently afford.




This practice is the same wonderful. She, too, from the arsenal of yoga Triad. I take a practice from the arsenal of the Triad, because it is fast methods. A rapid methods allow our limited circumstances: by time, by financial means (I do not know how long we can still afford this room, it’s all about money, we can not afford to hold seminars over time). The point of this practice lies in the fact that people are in two rows, face to face, forming a passage between them, the two ranks; and once a person begins to slowly go down that tunnel (passage) between the two ranks of people, and people are starting to do Nyasa throughout the body. The only areas to which it is desirable not to touch: in men – the perineum, the women – nipples and perineal region. And even it is not in any unlawfulness or permissibility. In Niassa no unauthorized zones, Nyasa can be done anywhere. Niassa, strictly speaking, antierotichna, ie on the contrary, it allows you to sublimate sexual energy. But another question, if you touch the nipples of women or the perineum in men and women, then you should do it completely naked, with clothing there is just the problem. So now, in practice, we try to avoid just these two areas (nipples in women, in men and women – the perineum). All the other areas to be covered. The one who will go in the tunnel, between the two ranks, should do it with his eyes closed, trusting in the direction in which he is going, because the hands that make Nyasa, be it direct. You begin to do Nyasa from top to bottom, where you get the hands, trying to cover as much as possible a person up and down until it is past you walk slowly. The man who goes, should immerse themselves, and go into sensations. The problem of who is – trust. The problem of who makes Nyasa – oberech, touch and pass on.

The practice of “trickle”

This is a strong practice, it gives you a quick way to capture the essence, time-saving. Why are these practices do not go, say, for a few hours? It always comes back to our world anrity where everything is built wrong, that there is no room, no money, no time. While at the same time in the world and facilities money and time it is more than enough. Someone suffering, does not know how to kill time. Somewhere there are empty houses. Who does not know where the money to spend. This bundle resource. Friends, we probably all this have anything to do with. Because if we have to do with it did not have, then we have in this life now would be on a different level. The practice is very strong, as we trust the universe as we perceive the universe. Trust the universe, we can, if we feel it, we blindly go, we make our first spiritual step. We do not know what awaits us in enlightenment, we have never been there. We do not know what is Samadhi, the highest state of yoga, if we knew, and conversation would not be. Always the first step has to do most in life – it’s the law of nature, it is the law of freedom. Nobody you impose nothing ever will. Are you waiting for – the universe is waiting. You have made a step to the meeting – the universe is a thousand steps you made to the meeting. But we are not afraid to make the first step, and all steps are afraid to do. We live, and expect that it will become all by itself. And it does not do anything by itself, because it is waiting for response from us, what we want, and we do not show any intention of what we want. This first step in the knowledge of the unknown, in the knowledge of yoga. But you can not always make the first steps into the black abyss – it is terrible. We are told, and build up a new job, open a new business, do something else, something new, but we are afraid because we do not feel the response from the Universe that favors us. We do not feel, because it built around itself the exclusion zone, a quarantine zone where no one is allowed. But in fact, for every step we take in the next day, the next some stage in the future of the universe responds instantly to their approval. It (the universe) speaks different languages. We are used to us only speak the language of words, or not approving, or cries of “aha” or “fu”, or we can respond to someone’s disparaging or oblique views. But the universe is much more ways to communicate with us. The universe every second talking with us. The universe now you are talking through me, my words through your neighbors through noise outside (cars go, this is to you the universe is something whispers), through your feelings, feelings of your clothes, the air, which is around you – all this The universe speaks to you. And if you learn to listen and hear, it is very easy to do steps into the unknown, because after each of the first step, comes the response, and there is no fear, on the contrary, comes inspiration to do – the second, third, fourth arbitrarily many steps. So you need to perception, especially tactile perception, through it we balance all other perception – the perception of the mind, the senses. And to develop a tactile perception, need Nyasa. And that was Nyasa, we need people, and people to their need to trust. Full circle for you as themselves. You do not trust, fear, you did not have the practice to overcome it all. You scare away from him just like you squeezed “lumps” of all those who fear forever, and you can not help each other, as a result of the stay by themselves. And the only one who makes the first move, and sometimes overcome. Why say that the city takes courage? Because courage – this is the most important thing that you need. Not reckless folly, without arrogance idiot, namely courage, and immediately sensitivity. And this practice is the idea it was to awaken. I must say that I did not like – very trapped Nyasa you first did, but then Victoria said that it feels good. The inner parts of the legs, arms, breasts in women, do not be afraid to touch you, I always cite anecdote – in extreme cases get a slap. When is a woman, and feels that all of its area is covered, and no one touches the breast, it starts from complexes, “Maybe I have there something wrong?”. Moreover, remember that Nyasa – it’s not sexy, Nyasa- this is just a way to sublimate eroticism, so that everyone will understand everything correctly. But blind spots, from which all shy – it is a problem. Of course, you had to miss the cup three, four, to hone it all, but everything depends on time.


Who wants to say? Impressions, observations, thoughts. Please speak out.

Mark Topsky group 1. It is not only nice to receive, but also nice to do. Hard to make a point, if you did, for example, a man with the same ohotku as a woman. Those. doing without separating men and women. Just do because like.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Practice Nyassa bezpola – you and the universe. You can blindly make Nyasa, not even realizing sometimes, who you’re doing.

Nastya, Group 3. For me, this exercise was very difficult for two reasons: first – because I used to go with your eyes open and see where I’m going (not in the literal and figurative sense) life, ie, I choose a target, I see her, I go to her; close your eyes and go for me it was very hard. The second – not only do I see where I’m going, I also define where I’m going. And when I sent the hand, then I regressed in utero, that to me does not depend on what I have, where to go, there I go. It was very scary, even for the first time in my tears and went into hysterics. And the second time, I began to breathe deeply breasts of me was relieved, I felt nice and was able to relax.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, good practice.

Julia, a group of 3. It felt like a man walking. Ljubo he walked, trembling legs, and it unconsciously influenced the way I’m going to do it Nyasa. Let’s say you are the Absolute, you rebuilt it. Those. if we mirror: a person goes, the whole is clamped, scared to touch him. And suddenly not like where, how? And there’s this impact. Recoil is not of the quality (taste, level). And when a man walked boldly, like all full pay. Those. The universe is also likely too if we go safely, then the universe is “showering us with three boxes,” and when we are trapped and afraid to touch.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, very good point. No, we will not impose anything. Universe honors our freedom, it honors our inner world, no matter what it was not. Someone squeezed world full of nightmares, and it seemed that the universe does not break into our inner world of depression, depression, some manic thoughts, and not to help us. But the universe respects even this state, she thought, what if we like it – this is the principle of freedom. Those. yet we do not’ll call, do not come to us. The first step should be ours. Conversely, when we feel that someone is revealed to us, someone like a child is going to meet us, we are turning into a parent. When we go, like a child, someone else is converted to parent. This is in many religious doctrines, there is always the concept of heavenly parents, as a rule, in the West – a heaven dad, in the East – heavenly mother (the mother of the world). Everywhere require such an attitude, but grows fanaticism, and are not acceptable, but the initial impetus was very natural, beautiful with time religion. Very well observed that if a person is shaking, then scared to approach him. Even, perhaps, he suffers, he’s waiting for someone touches it, but it scares and fears of those who could touch him.

Galina, a group of 4. I got enormous pleasure. At the beginning was a bit constrained by the movement because they do not know how to enter into this state, to touch people. But then I plunged into it, and get great pleasure. When he had to go through the tunnel, I closed my eyes and gave herself feeling safe to go forward. The only thing was the feeling that my body does not have a single piece of free and I did not understand how to make a step forward, but then someone else’s hands, I was sent. Of course, I would also like to pass a couple of laps.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If this (. M in the center on Avtozovodskaya) will not close, then do it. This practice, as I have said, from the Triad (its part of the Tantra Yoga). There is a saying that there is something in common between birth and death, as if we’re going into the unknown. In Tantra Yoga yet added that as well as birth and death, our first step in the sex – it’s a step into the unknown. Indeed, when we are born, we come into a completely new, unusual, unfamiliar world. When we die, we go somewhere where people do not have the remaining roads. This point is confidence in the universe, and the feeling of this step into the unknown, and the response of the universe, is extremely important in such yogis, yoga dying. Because everything is changing dramatically, and begin to emerge different experience of a lifetime, but it says yoga overcome death (yoga of dying). But as a rule, this person is very confused, and he starts to rush, and as a result, this leads to the fact that it falls into the millstone of karma, and generally comes as tells this karma. But there is a way even for the use of our death for spiritual purposes – a special practice to pay all posthumous vision into a powerful springboard for interaction with the universe. Friends, because when you die, you just as well interact with the Absolute (the Absolute can not escape – and at the moment of birth, and at the time of life, and at the time of death). If you catches it neuhvatyvaemoe if you feel this sense, which is literally “screaming” Vedas, if you understand how to communicate with the Absolute, whether you live, die or are born – you are having the ability to, for example, choose the place, time, birth, parents, or even take advantage of his death to make a huge step in the spiritual realm, which you can not do during his lifetime (based on this multiple practices). What unites these processes when you are born, die, or Tantric sexual practices are experiencing some kind of sexual union? In all three cases, the channel opens. Or rather, to be more “stringent”, it is not at the moment of birth and the moment of conception, when you came into this universe at the moment of death, when you get out of this universe, and at the moment of sexual union with a man or a woman, when you build a channel to someone else I came into this life – in all three cases is the same channel. And this practice is just given to a little feel for what kind of channel.


Part 3.


Who else wants to say something, to share experiences, or something else? You are welcome.

MOYU. Valery Taranov, Group 3, a correspondence student (Bishkek). From what you said about the appearance of the channel. When I walked into the tunnel, it was possible to relax, gain the trust of the universe, there was a feeling that she loves me. But the association were like in the movies when a person dies, his hands somewhere, I’m in some kind of trance fell, and then the voice of Victoria: “Valera”. I honestly did not expect that I have someone waiting at the end of the tunnel.

Basim, Group 1 (Eko). Clothes seemed to me, “concrete”, it wanted to tear off.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I want to add that in the Triad, Tantra yoga no such problems – it’s all done “what the mother has given birth.” But you realize that there is no way you denude here, if only because that is cold enough.

Basim, Group 1 (continued). But I mean, what’s next from the gross to the subtle, and also want to break the gross body and so on.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, and this thing is. In fact, the nice people nudists. This is not just convenient. Indeed, when you bathe, and then get out, and you all wet, you feel uncomfortable, I want to run to change clothes; and then he came out as “dog shook himself,” and all already. But there is another factor – we cling to your clothes, we are afraid of something. We are afraid to open up, seem. Although there something to hide? Generally speaking, there should not be any miracles of nature. At one time I was engaged in this issue seriously enough, however, in connection with another yoga. A very interesting thing is that the average person who grew up in a society, it is terribly afraid of undress. Sometimes the most idiotic ideas. For example, a young man there is an idea that if he will undress, suddenly he had an erection occurs, and it will all be watching. Although after he undresses, about any erection even thought does not go, because the sensations balance redistributed and you completely different feeling, as the Indians show in Africa in the buff, only the nose ring. The process of getting rid of these rags – is the process of dying in yoga. In yoga, there is a dying practice (we occasionally do it), when a person fakes his own funeral. Suffice it looks horrible, and experienced. This is when a person consciously, as a rule, in a warmer climate, is a shovel digging its own grave, falls into it, and bury it, but only do so to the nose or breathing tube was inserted, ie to do so that people suffocated. Feeling very original, you start to rethink their place in history, his person. Those. this time reset that to which you are accustomed. I understand that the nudists are unknowingly doing the same ritual, but on a more distant level. Those. Here are my clothes, covered, and that’s all – nothing is mine. And it is quite a different feel in life, a completely different sense of freedom, because all associative ties imposed by society that need to be ashamed of, something there to hide, they are torn. And from each of the association freed a tremendous amount of prana. Moreover, the hole through which it flowed all, locked, and you start to feel natural. A similar situation in the practices of dying when you’re in a different start to look at the body of his beloved, more distantly, as if you looked at the clothes. Those. stop him frantically cling. This does not mean that you cease to take care of him, you are then, oddly enough, you start to care more about the body, because you know, if the shirt gently worn – it long enough, and if you do not care, it quickly wear out on you It is broken. Those. is purely utilitarian, reasonable relationship to the instrument, as a shirt, suit. Of course, all these practices are dying, when we leave this tunnel, and reserve all my clothes, birth practices, when we put new clothes. I absolutely agree that it’s hard to feel through the cloth all.

Pavel Saprykin, group 3. I liked the fact that these practices are very easy to take place, at least for me. In other yogas not dozanimalsya, reborrow, distorting any. But here everything is easy, I feel rested.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: also very good point. I’ll tell you about myself. Some of the most serious practices for working with certain channels, which I myself passed in which I have been waiting for something brutal (that’s me now “rotisserie” will pierce), and everything went quickly, effortlessly, as the children play (here I am King) at a level somewhere even visualization, imagination, resort, not clinging to the fact what is happening. Friends, Rita! Rita- joy is like a child playing with blocks. Actually you have to be such a life. If you come to work, and you do not feel that you are as a child of soldiers or in doll play, it means you do not have to order something from work or your attitude to work, or even with anything. But everything should be different. And just as the practice, sometimes we think there is something brutal in the higher practices. Nothing like this. Of course, there is a preparatory practice of asceticism, where there should be hard. But here, it’s like the last “smears” the correct accents. Those. You have accumulated energy, it should be where to begin to flow.

Anastasia, a group of 4. At some point during the second round is no longer understood, it touched me or I touch someone, ie, it merged all into a single, and there was no difference, whether it’s me or I touch someone.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, it Nyasa yoga, you realize that there are many options Nyasa yoga. We chose Tantric, but there are many more. And the basic idea of making another Nyasa, you do it yourself or getting Nyasa, you vzaimodeystvuesh himself. Those. This isolation of micro- and macrocosm. Here we teach axioms, say, there are micro- and macrocosm, and at the initial stage it’s serrated, ie no real response to life. But as each practice suddenly puzzle embedded in the head: “Ah, that’s what I meant.” Girls are usually very well succeed in this so well-read axiomatic yoga. Axiomatics of yoga is very heavy intellectual section at the level of higher mathematics. Sometimes it seems as well as fragile she could remember everything, she remembers it all? She does not remember anything, she just looks at herself, recalls his feelings, memories of all the practices which it has carried through itself and says that she simply recalls his personal experience and known about it in terms of the said. Outside sounds like a complex mathematical theory, axiomatic, etc. She umstvuet, and recalls their experiences, and it says, just as we can tell, for example, we are in a movie, restaurant went.

Pavel Saprykin, a group of 3. I also have had such feelings when I touch, as if life is added as the life impulse comes. We touch the hand, it became more alive, touched his feet – it has become a living, tangible. And also when I touch someone, as if I was someone convey impulse of life.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is also a section Nyasa yoga. Here it acts on the heart center. You so full of energy somewhere down there, so full consciousness somewhere up there, and there is no life, because there is no prana. We should at least make a small hole to the energy of the consciousness blended, and get at least a modicum of prana. In Niassa, when to you is touched, as your energy and consciousness are connected, and that the prana is produced, which you for some of their follies disconnected, and you feel a lack of vitality. And the man who makes Nyasa (Nyasa yoga teaches) making nyasa another – makes nyasa currently. You touch the man’s hand, and on itself feel as if you had touched up yourself and have your personal component of consciousness and energy merge, and you feel that you cheered. Nyasa yoga – serious.

Vita Group 2. It seemed to me particularly important when Vick met at the end of the tunnel. And the feeling was that as if the soul of the child down on the channel, it is somehow difficult, around the warm and good hands, good walls. It (the soul) comes into the world: either no one is waiting, and she does not know where to go, here are a loving, good hands meet and say: “Everything you have come”, and this kind of special feeling.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Very good point. In some religions, there is a saying: what do you say when the stand before the Lord God? And they say: “O Lord, I come.” Meet, hug.



Nritya YOGA


Now we are waiting for another practice Rita Nyasa yoga. At this time – it is reinforced through a variety of Rita Nritya yoga. On one of our roving seminars we dealt with this, the most easiest way to feel the rhythm through dance, likening our life dance, where the two dance – you and the whole universe. The main thing is that you understand the dance of the universe, and the universe to understand your dance. Now the practice will be that you’ll all dance like Rita prescribes yoga, ie dance is not for others, not for show, but to dance for yourself or the Absolute. You should not try to please anyone in the dance, in fact, when you feel you catch yourself thinking that you are trying to please someone in his dance, you begin to dance by anrita yoga. Those. consciously make ugly, disharmonious movement, causing all others protested, “hiss”, etc. Begins to dance, just find yourself thinking, “watching me, I want to show the beautiful”, he immediately begins to look ugly up until the last. As a rule, you will not last long, you will quickly forget about the others, and naturally begin to dance again. You should feel Rita in the dance, and then as if this dance Rita Rita poured through Nyasa partner. Those. You dance, you dance, then it will be an indication that it is now Rita Nyasa, you first that fell partner start doing Nyasa. That is, of course, if you can, boy-girl, it is best to do the guy, and if this is not possible, the first that fell. Those. You start to dance to add Rita. Then there will be a signal, and you start to do other nyasa not to dwell on one person. And so you go from one interaction to the next. Nyasa can be what you want, what comes spontaneously. In order to set any rate, I will ask you to pay attention to Victoria.

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