2011_03_27Seminar. Rita + Yoga Visualization. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Seminar. Rita + Yoga Visualization.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Friends, we have today 27 March 2011. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a workshop on Visualization Rita. We are located in the city of Moscow, near the metro station Avtozavodskaya in the Yoga Center. All historical data on our sites openyoga.ru, yogacenter.ru, happyoga.narod.ru. Systematic study of our yoga is through online yoga courses kurs.openyoga.ru, and buy all of our training films, etc. etc. can in our store shop.openyoga.ru.

The first part of the seminar

Friends, today we are waiting for the next seminar in the series of practical application of Rita, Rita, or the law, which is devoted to the practice of visualization. It is assumed that the entire complex theory you study after passing an appropriate course of Yoga Visualization. So those of you who have not yet passed it, will have to go in the foreseeable future in order to reinforce a more serious theoretical level, those provisions, exercises and moments that will be with us today at our seminar. Make it you can as, say, a student of a free listener, signing up on our website kurs.openyoga.ru, finding the appropriate course and passed it. Theory Yoga Visualization is serious enough, long enough and hard enough, why not do without a course. But some of those moments that you will be able to use in his life. Even without studying the theory in its entirety, you can explore have right now and apply them directly to practical life. And in fact, in this seminar we just move closer to the practice of Yoga Visualization.

Now start the order, in the best traditions of the International Open University Yoga considered the most difficult moments of simple, accessible, understandable language, even the man who for the first time faced with Yoga.

So remind that yoga is a system of self-knowledge that as long as there are manifestations of man, the same species and have different areas of yoga. And rich arsenal of yoga practice there are exercises that use our ability to somehow play with our imagination, our ability to reproduce images of the interior, or to reproduce the action of our senses.

Operating principle c imagination in the practice of yoga Visualizations

Well, let’s say, we can sit down and try to imagine the sound of the voice of our beloved, or our favorite boys, or anyone else. Or suppose we can sit down and imagine, and what tastes lemon, here we imagine a lemon, and instantly project onto our taste buds of your mind, trying to reproduce the same impulses as if we cut this lemon and now begin it has no sugar, tea without simply raw etc. Or let’s say we start to visualize, as if someone touched our shoulder, etc., etc.

Those. to have a certain ability to play with our feelings that provoke your imagination, in part using all the experience that we have received through our senses and begin to use it in your yogic practice. You know, it’s kind of like the same game on the actors on the stage, or when small children sit down, play with blocks, toy soldiers, dolls, etc. etc. Where some small nuances or reference points outside are the skeleton, which is clothed in the flesh, or here in this body of our ideas, memories, as if pulling or emulate or generate our feelings, in fact, that we begin to live in his imagination . But at the same time, a greater degree than we dive into your imagination, the more under this imaginary image is already beginning to adapt to our real senses and real action of our mind. Here, in fact, the basis for the practice of Yoga Visualization. Once again I want to remind that the theory of this problem is extremely elevated, extremely trivial, and it is rooted in the very basis of the creation of the universe.

Our world – a visualization of the Absolute, which we are co-creators

Moreover there is even such a position that just as we visualize one way or another like it, in the future when you will have super powers of yoga, you can in the same way to control the world around you. Those. the power of creative visualization makes a different line up the energy flux of matter and consciousness of your personal universe and to adapt to your way of imaging.

Or even more serious as the conclusion of Yoga Visualization that the Absolute, when he worked the whole of our universe, the act of creation is the same kind of analogy with our visualization. Just as we visualize anything or present, that’s like this all the Absolute created our universe. Therefore, in a sense, our entire world – a visualization of the Absolute. And we in this visualization of the Absolute are like sotvoritelyami, people who also take part in the creation of the universe on an equal footing with the Absolute.

In this sense, the Absolute has given us complete freedom and equality with them, and we’ll have the huge opportunities that are actually the root cause of creation throughout the universe. But for various reasons we do not know about these opportunities, we do not believe in them, do not know how to use them, and so we live in a world that is chaotic accident occurs. Those. where we consciously visualize something and get one result or another, where we give free rein to their uncontrollable thoughts, thought forms, or uncontrolled actions of our senses. And this chaotic action of our senses begin to visualize or create around us, the universe, such as chaotic as our response to the pulse. As a result, each of you live in the world, which from the perspective of Yoga Visualization he created himself, again, with the help of just visualizing, but for many, many, many lives.

Those. Now the little universe in which you live now, your little world you like it or not like it, it is by and large the total visualization of all your previous lives. In this respect, the universe around us is like a kind of clay, very malleable for our visualization, but at the same time and inert. If you blindly one thing, and then want to perelepit in something else, it requires some effort. That’s exactly the same here, as if the universe around us, it is a clay, which allows you to fix our visualization, let us also separate themselves. Now I visualize and let it as is, and will remain so, but now I visualize and let it not be embodied in the universe surrounding me. Those. as if we have an opportunity to turn away with some images of thought within himself, but only by giving the well-known expression of the will, only part of them to give the opportunity to really change the universe around us.

In fact, this is a very important tool for working on myself, on the knowledge of himself, according to the knowledge of the world, or, in the end, to change his inner universe in the direction that we want to get. Those. if we do our inner world does not like it if we do not like the world around us, in fact Visualization Yoga encourages us to use the entire arsenal, in order to change the world as we like. Those. it is as if the practical side, it is very important and very, as you say, the fundamental yoga.

Yoga exercises Visualization – a workhorse in rapid methods of yoga

In addition, there is another powerful factor to remember when studying Yoga Visualization and which is an integral part of so many subtle practices of yoga. Thus, according to a rough classification, all the exercises and the practice of yoga can be divided into two major parts. This so-called classical yoga, which includes work with a physical body, breathing, ie, something that requires more than the usual action. As well as the other group, the so-called fast methods in yoga where the most magically eliminated the factor of time, and you can make a really fast-break in some of his spiritual accomplishments, relying here on the methodology of rapid methods. And the practical exercises of yoga Visualizations are, so to speak, a workhorse in rapid methods of yoga.

Without a moment of Yoga Visualization it is very difficult to achieve success in almost all sections of the fastest methods of yoga. You know, if your spiritual practice be likened to wage war with your own ignorance, it probably would be like Yoga Visualization tank troops during the Second World War, as the main striking force in fact. Well, or aviation, I do not know, as you wish. Those. it is something very powerful, very strong and rapid, but at the same time requiring special skills to use. Well, really, to make a person running with a gun in the attack is much easier than to make it a driver mechanic or pilot. That is roughly the same situation that the arsenal of Yoga Visualization – this is your workhorse of the war with your own ignorance, with your own negative karma, with all your negative actions that you once committed foolishly.

And now you face the challenge – to fix all of that nonsense, you have done, or eliminate the negative karma, this is one part of the problem, and the other – is to overcome the primordial ignorance that was the reason, what you this nonsense when it did and could , keep doing. In this sense, a fundamental cure for only one thing – the fight against ignorance, all other practices, techniques, exercise is an attempt to implement the fight against ignorance in some specific situations, specific exercises, or specific approaches. Therefore, one should not underestimate Yoga Visualization.

Yoga Visualization is absolutely necessary in such rapid methods of Kundalini Yoga. Yoga Visualization is absolutely necessary in such rapid methods like Yoga Triad, which consists of Yoga Love, Tantra Yoga and Yoga of Sexual Union. Yoga Visualization is vital here in such rapid methods from the arsenal of Bhakti Yoga, which uses our sensory perception of the world, our ability to devotion, to love, to such a manifestation of our emotional, etc. etc. Those. wherever rises anyway the question of your rapid spiritual breakthrough explicitly or implicitly raises the question of Yoga Visualization.

Moreover, if you consider the many religions that have survived to the present day, with yoga positions are very strong momentum of any religion had really high spiritual practices that can somehow relate to the rapid methods of Yoga. Here it is, in particular, is why many religions, nothing is said about reincarnation, about the many incarnations. Because it is assumed that you reach in just one lifetime. What use to tell you that you will be born many times, if you have to do in this life to achieve something concrete.

So, many rituals of all kinds, working with certain images, etc. etc. in fact, the elements of yoga Visualization. But once again, yoga completely distancing itself from religion, yoga is very respectful of religion but still yoga – a system of self-knowledge. And religion – it is a separate highly respected work in the human community, but the trouble is, so many religions, and they can not find each other a common language. And on this basis there are numerous religious strife, which then flow into the terrible bloodshed that is absolutely not acceptable. Therefore, yoga – a system of self-knowledge. You can practice any religion you want and at the same time to practice yoga, or to be an atheist and also practice yoga, or you can not determine a person and also practice yoga. In this sense, yoga does not require you some kind of violence against them. Once again, yoga – a system of self-knowledge.

Vedas – the source of ancient knowledge

Now, let’s say a few words about the background of this knowledge, in fact, where this knowledge came to us? Well, here I will briefly remind you those of our subjects that at our seminars we are considered in connection with the Vedas, with the emergence of yoga, and all came to us from this momentum.

And in short, you can say this, that if you use the testimonies of modern scientists, who have no interest in any development of yoga, or in its destruction. Science is also a separate activity, which operates its methods.

So, according to modern scholars, we can trace a historical fact gde-to within the second-first millennium BC, although this dating and disputed, for the first time we can say that from the territory of modern Tajikistan, Afghanistan, not the territory India Aryan tribes began to penetrate and settle first in northern India, and then moving into the country and on its southern part. At that time in India remained the ruins of previous civilizations that science called civilization Mahendzha Daro and Harapy. Those. in fact, this previous civilization, for some reason died. Scientists do not exclude that one possible reason was the environment, is very likely they barbarically treated with the environment, cut down all the forests, the soil is no longer to bear fruit, well, in general, it is a complex issue. Well, it’s one of the reasons. In fact, in this sense, India was empty, the ruins were. And these ruins came tribes Aryans, who brought with them the so-called Vedic knowledge, decorated in such a very grave monuments of human thought as the Vedas.

Initially there were three Vedas, then like as adding a fourth Veda, which is likely to have been formed at the time of the invasion of the territory of India or any time after. The Vedas were written and studied and passed entirely orally from teacher to student. Strictly speaking, this tradition has been preserved in India to the present day. And today you can find quite a number of people who know the Vedas by rote, memorizing the Vedas and the system was truly fantastic, different ways of recitation were given to more than one syllable was lost. In this sense, the word of mouth version of the Vedas, before we actually came through the millennium.

The Vedas, which were brought Aryans, contain a kind of knowledge, which is now commonly called Vedic knowledge. This knowledge is quite difficult to understand the knowledge for the reason that modern humanity probably only now comes to some of the provisions that were known already in antiquity.

So, in addition to the Vedic knowledge of so many narrative moments, it has a core of knowledge which could be classified as the law of Rita. A certain law of cosmic relevance, cosmic order, or some law like every person should live in the Universe. Those. If you are the owner of Vedic knowledge, and know the law, Rita, then your every action will lead you to freedom, will lead you to success, to accomplishment, or the ultimate goal of human existence.

If on the contrary, you behave is not quite right, contrary to law, Rita, that can happen because of your stupidity, or ignorance of your original, on the contrary, you start to his every act to spin a web of causality, which is called Karma. As a result, in the future, you are starting to suffer from the consequences of their own actions the same.

In a nutshell, the Vedic knowledge – it is a call to every living being to follow a universal, harmonious, inexpressible law Rita. As a consequence, if you follow the law, Rita, you can determine for yourself your way of life in the whiter detail specifics, ie, what to do, what not to do, which way to go in life. Well, or transferring to our current situation: where to work, where not to work when get a job, when to retire, with whom to be friends who watch out for what the words say, what to avoid. In general, all these actions, which are inherent in us personally.

Embodiments of the law Rita in our particular life leads to the emergence of our own way of life, protect us from harm, to unravel the previous, negative karma and leads us to freedom. This personal line of our life is called dharma, or path and protected from suffering.

The law Rita and three principles of yoga

Due to the initial ignorance is difficult to determine the course of life, and therefore entered into the system of yoga are some more specific advice and exercises, namely the first three principles of yoga.

The first of which says that we should avoid harming someone else unless absolutely necessary, and if this is not possible, then do as our duty orders.

The second principle which calls not to waste our strength in vain, do not waste our energy and do not direct our consciousness to the unworthy, and all this spending and delivered direct to our goal, no matter what the purpose.

And finally, the third principle of yoga – a vow of renunciation of suffering, when we voleizyavlyaem that in our personal universe there is a place of suffering. We disclaim suffering, we refuse to situations when someone else, or whatever it was able to impose on us the suffering and at the same time we undertake a vow to help all beings get rid of suffering, if they voleizyavyat by getting rid of this suffering. Those. voleizyavyat if they continue to suffer, then of course we are useless to do anything.

And in fact the first three principles form the doctrine, which is called Yoga. Those. What is Yoga? Yoga – a very specific recommendations for self-knowledge, which will lead us to an understanding of our personal dharma, or our personal lifestyle, but through the correct implementation of our way of life, we grasp or understand the laws Rita, which in this sense higher. And in fact we will check his every action with the law of Rita, and with each step will become more and more freely, and we will have an opportunity for joy and happiness, for all of our dreams.

In this respect, yoga is very optimistic, she said that people throughout life should fully enjoy all the richness of life, but to enjoy the right to the end of life to achieve the ultimate goal of existence and conquer death, or to go beyond the cycle of birth and death. Or in another way, to concepts such as death or birth was not something out of control you, and could be used by you at your same will. Those. If you want, you’ll still die or be born, and do not want to – fully exit the cycle.

I must say that in ancient times, according to yoga, various yoga teachers and teacher on different attitudes to this possibility. Someone even finding the opportunity is no longer to be born and to die, still return to our world, to help the remaining. Someone went by doing all that he could perform in this world, and how to go to those levels that we can not even conceive connected too large levels.

Visualization in our personal lives

That is the logic of the whole system. What place in this system takes imaging? Well, as we have already said – the most direct. In fact, visualization precedes each of our act. The world that we perceive is not the true reality is revealed to us, and there is a distorted picture of the true reality that surrounds us certainly, but which is superimposed our visualization. Those. Visualization in this sense may or may distort the perception of reality, and vice versa lead us to the attainment of the ultimate reality.

And once again, in fact, we live in the world, and we think that the world is made so-and-so. That every one of you woke up this morning and more or less every one of us has a view of the world. Here today, every one of you said, there is a seminar on Rita Visualization, I will go to this seminar, and you have an idea that you say you live in Moscow that the Moscow city map like this, subway map is such a center, where there is the seminar there somewhere, but you can reach it so and so etc. Those. you have some ideas about the concept of your world in which you live, and you can more or less it orientirovatsya.No actually teaches us how Yoga Visualization, it is only your view of the world. The world is much more complicated and much more fantastic, but you sort of, his view of the world froze it in the form, which are used to and who are willing to accept.

Those. in fact, our very rigid view of the world – it’s just an illusion, it’s just a habit, it’s just a consequence of previous visualization. A previous visualization spontaneously develop in us as a result of our previous experience positive or negative. A positive or negative experience developed in the result of actions which we did. If these actions are consistent with our dharma to the first three principles of yoga and as a consequence of the law of Rita, the consequence of our actions is one. If actions are not consistent – a consequence of the other. Therefore, from a formal point of view, we are living in a world that is distorted our visualization.



Our world – a vast ocean

Or here’s an example, more intuitive, I’ll give you. Is the world around us, imagine if it were a vast ocean. The ocean, where everything flows. Here they are waves here it water, no particular form is not present at this water, but there you are, like a giant refrigerator, the refrigerator so you know, floats, and you take from this the surrounding ocean froze the water such blocks of ice, a form that voleizyavili see. And the result is the following thing: there he remained a vast ocean that no, that’s it, you – a large refrigerator. You froze around them ice iceberg that has some form of some structures. But this iceberg ice still floats in the vast ocean because your visualization power enough only to ensure that freeze up to a certain level of self image. And then it all again, as it was.

And now imagine that in this ocean of millions and millions of people, and each has frozen its own such a picture. And it floats. But from time to time, you come in contact with other people and how to be a frozen image is superimposed on the other and it turns out that somewhere together. And here is the average together, just have the universe, which we’ll see. Those. each person individually, through visualization, which arises spontaneously freezes something different. All of this is summed up and we see what we see. But the universe is actually quite different, it is like a liquid ocean, tomorrow it can be turned into something else. Similarly, we can, some of his pictures visualization solution, and then freeze it in a different way that we like more.

And this is actually a very serious tool for self-knowledge, to work with him and to accelerate your spiritual process. Why? It’s very simple! If you at least once will understand that everything around you – it’s just a piece of ice, which you freeze yourself, if you will experience that some part of you will have melted and then froze in a different form, you will start understand the nature of the universe.

Can you not see that the ocean lapping outside your cocoon blocks of ice, but in any case, you will understand how it all works and will not be doing those stupid things, when you start any form idolize and they think that’s eternal. And contrary to some form of not paying attention, thinking it was something random. Well, usually we come across people on that? They fall for money, power, etc. Who we are now the most respected people in the country? – the thieves! Everyone thinks, “Oh, how smart they are, how they successfully privatize everything.” You know, there is an impression that the surge of intelligence – a thief. And a thief he stole and thinks, well, he just randomly got some advantage in society, although it may not be entitled to them, he’s smart. But with yoga positions Visualization, it’s just a frozen picture. And she’s just like there, and can melt. And especially when it froze on the man himself, and he was a piece of ice floated, which was frozen for a long time more, but these others do not, and this piece of ice without their support begins to melt.

And pay attention to this trend, that people who are in life, in business, self-made, that is, who got rich, have become wealthy because of their education, thanks to their work, charisma, some business-quality, they do not tend to lose wealth. He earned once he second and third work. Those. once frozen as it should, and the second and third can.

Another situation with people who got this piece accidentally, himself he is not able to freeze. And now it looks like his life begins to melt before our eyes, like snow in the spring. And each new situation leads to the fact that they are losing money. Here’s the latest crisis was: who halve state, who remained one-third. Because it is the law of life. So far, nothing has changed, and it was so frozen, but life – is the ocean, it is always changing, there is no supporting force, thus working against.

So, if you grab the this piece of ice, the more that is not you yourself have frozen and will think that your well-being depends on it, the money, Mercedes, or even something more sophisticated, it becomes dissatisfaction with life, suffering , etc. etc .. Some people do not care about the money, some greedy for power. For them, the sweetest is power. What is money? Will power, will and money. It’s just the situation we froze. And the man grabbed it and suddenly see that it starts to melt, and nothing he can not do, because he had not learned to play himself.

But if you know how things are done, but if you understand the nature of all, you no longer cling to whatever it was you on the contrary, enjoy it. It’s – well, it is necessary to use it, even if you are an oligarch for free you come these bad money, well, nature gives you a chance to put them into circulation, show your wit. To capitalize on this interest, that these percentages have personally yours oligarhovskie. Well, you just have to rent capital from others, it will remain with you. And you then, even while the oligarch will not come to that sooner or later you’ll be left with nothing. Remember the tale of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin? But this is only if you realize that it has come so may leave.

You stop for something to cling to much, or something strongly repel and start as small children to play with it, treated according to the law, Rita. Those. you have to think about life as to what is remarkable, giving the opportunity. And you will turn any situation, even oligarchic your karma will turn inside out and look defeat in victory, but only if you know the laws by which this world is arranged. And if you do not know, then you are doomed to slow, as they say, withering.

The principle of superposition

But back to our main topic. So, all around us, in fact, our personal visualization, as well as in some moments collaborative visualization of many of us. Those. when we are together we come into contact, there is a kind of superposition, ie, amalgamation of many efforts into a single force. And we begin to co-create the world of imaging. And so is born virtually everything, absolutely everything, from states, etc. All of this joint creative visualization of every single living being, plus a visualization of the Absolute. All this develops and turns our surrounding universe. And each of our will, our every impulse, we are building a particular image to a visualization if we voleizyavlyaem that it happened – it does not disappear, he begins to rebuild our universe. In yoga Visualizations are exercises like this work more carefully.

The first thing we need to take very seriously in our ability to creative imagination. Each of us have this ability, as a child, it is very well developed. A young child can take any object, any object, nut, piece of trash, leaf, or something else, and that he had not a leaf, but a small boat, which floats on the river. That spring, when the streams are flowing, they drop out of twigs and watching how it flows. And the child’s imagination is not a twig, and the ship to overcome obstacles. And you know that the internal perception of the child, his inner vision superimposed on the external object. And in fact, the child lives in this world of his.

And indeed, the little boy, if used to playing with blocks, the house of the cubes is not a small house for him, and the palace. Then it grows the greatest architect who builds palaces already present, but no difference in principle. The only difference is that the architect first sees the mind’s eye, visualize what he wants to build, and then long and hard pulls up to it some energy flows in the form of working, building materials, investors, etc. And now all together and formed his plan, he suddenly becomes made of matter. You understand that the key role played by his imagination. He came up with such a wonderful building, and then came to the investor, which has its own, can be visualization, how he was scared richer and says: “Here I brought you a visualization of my building.” And an investor looks at the building and thinks, “Oh, if I build this building, and then I’ll rent out, I make money on it and then my denezhek visualization of my wealth will increase.” Ie one visualization clings to another. For visualization of the investor, who comes to the construction company, a construction company, too, has its own visualization somehow rise to the project. And investor says I’ll pay you so-and-so, if you do this and that.

And now it turns out that we have a very serious move from fantasy into the matter. Or you can in a different way to approach, to use the terminology of the theory of yoga, which is set out in the course of yoga Visualization. I recommend our website kurs.openyoga.ru have a course on Visualization, there is very detailed described all. So, the theory Visualization says that there is the factor of Consciousness in this universe and Energy Factor. And in fact, when we use, first, your consciousness, we begin to highlight what we want to see, and it begins to adjust to a factor of Energy.

The first step – working with Consciousness

Suddenly the rays of consciousness are beginning to line up and vyleplivat surrounding reality, the event series, we think chances. As if you take a magnet and iron opilochki omitted or simply dropped on the floor, and there is still much that contains iron. Now lift, and you have along these lines to stick the magnetic opilochki. That’s exactly the same here, the first step – is to work with your mind. This is your creative visualization.

Here you now perceive this room somehow. Now take voleizyavlyaete creative and imagine that on the wall hung a large, say, television. Those. time and real perception of something you impose something that you wanted to see, and you start to focus on it. Immediately below is first pulled your feelings. Here you have remembered how in some shop saw this great television, it looks like. Those. you took my recollection, and laid on the place where you see it. That you remember how it sounds, as it shows a lot of other factors from the other senses begin to pull out and make a concrete definition of what you want to see. And further more … And if you keep this visualization for long enough, sooner or later there will be this TV. The question is how he will be there, that’s another conversation. Of course, for you and he will be there in a natural way, because of the series of events where one event, like a gear, catches the other, third, fourth, and then suddenly found television. And then suddenly the workers came, hammered a nail into the wall, hanged, and we all rejoice.

Sanyama in the practices of yoga Visualizations

But the most interesting that we read in the ancient treatise on yoga. The greater height of yoga you reach, the more reduced the time between creative visualization and its embodiment. For the average person it is necessary for a long time, maybe years. For the possessed person take months, and for very longs could be days. And then it begins what is called in yoga sanyama or, according to the classification of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the last three steps in yoga, increasing the concentration of consciousness. T.e.kogda you direct your consciousness to the selected arbitrary object or phenomenon, the object or phenomenon in the first place, completely makes itself all the information, and secondly, gives full control over them. And following the continuation of this theme. It sounds to modern man is truly fantastic. But from the song words can not erase once it is written in the ancient treatises, I have this voice now.

supernormal materialization

At a certain stage the concentration of consciousness as taught by Yoga Visualization and about the same say Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, you have a supernormal materialization. As it happens, how are they? Do not ask me these questions, I am unlikely you will answer them. But the fact that this opens svrhsposobnost as a side effect of self-knowledge classes we find in so many deserving of serious consideration sources. Moreover, this all sounds like a fantasy, but the Indians could collide with it during the Middle Ages, as in ancient times much more for our Western man. There was so full of people who could somehow demonstrate these abilities, but in fact, it’s not happening. Whatever it was not there a technique or a supernormal ability, in fact, it was the fulfillment of the law of the universe, and what is not no miracle.

Again. If you are out of the ocean nondifferentiable matter froze the world in which you live, why not learn how to do such a trifle as yet and freeze separately taken TV. Those. it is a trifle compared with what has already been heaped up every one of us. As to this approach – is another question, but fundamentally, there is no miracle. There are laws finer and coarser, though, we in the West take it as fiction. And thank God! God forbid that anyone carried away. We immediately there will be willing to visualize stacks of money, instead of working, gold, or anything else. Those. Again, this is nonsense. Remember all those stories about wizards, where they were given the ability of the common man. It is always frustrating ordinary person. Well, thank God that we are not faced with this. Ordinary situations in life enough to be happy and make visualization.



Right and wrong visualization

All that we have, this is the product of our visualization, and would be good to learn how to use a little bit of yoga that view, at least take the first steps. So how do you know you can visualize anything. And if we really want to do this visualization moment, it’s good to visualize everything according to the law, Rita. To not turned out as in a fairy tale when one wizard created the tiger, and the tiger immediately ate it. You see, in a sense, it is the essence of the tragedy of our lives. We ourselves visualize some events of our lives, some desires, without thinking, and then, when they are executed, and lead us to a chain of events that we do not like we shout: “Oh how everything is bad, oh why so all is not well ! ‘. Here and there, before use powerful visualization arsenal, it would be good to visualize the right thing, not the right things to avoid.

As an example, I cite today’s filmmakers. Here people make films. Sitting such means fallen joithead, apologize, and let’s pick out some plot for his next movie, or for any soap opera, show some or talk show. All of his comrades at Mercedes ride, to foreign countries to enjoy the Cannes Film Festival, as he sits, poor fellow, and thinking how I could get into this company, to earn some money is not bad. And he comes up with a scenario of a particular film, but he comes up with it in a way to earn money. A fantasy is a very primitive from a man who wants to make money, wealth, power, recognition. The first thing he could think of it shocking, well, or in other words marginalschinu. And let another bloody serials or any criminal chronicles coming up, where all cut, kill, and naturalistic that’s really the blood froze in my veins. Or start any horror film to create or even some bredyatinu. For what? In order to engage the mind of the viewer, the viewer was frightened, shaking to get his mind. Accordingly, if the mind is drawn, it is possible to somehow make money on this. If the TV show series, the ratings will rise and he can sell advertising, to enrich and to the Cannes Film Festival. Or, let’s say you got to hire, earned a bunch, a bunch of money, again, filled his pockets full and satisfied.

Ie director and sits up with the plot, but in fact it has been, in part, visualization. And he made this film loathsome, repulsive, nauseating, can not watch it, but nevertheless released it theatrically revealed to shock people. All had to open his mouth looked, that’s such a sludge, such lawlessness have not yet seen. They went out, I’m sorry, all pulled out, they are forgotten, but the box office every coin left. And it would seem, well, what a clever director, earned the same as in the Mercedes and the Cannes Film Festival. There is another problem, make something he earned, but he also earned a scenario of their future lives. You see? Those. he is in his personal universe created prerequisites to the fact that all of what he ponapridumyvali, I’m sorry, povykovyrival nose, that’s all will tend sooner or later comes to him. In this life if, in the next life if it is a matter of time. Here he had the opportunity to visualize, he visualized his consciousness. Then he pulled the money for it, ie, I get other people to look at it, and indirectly also help visualize this. Those. the joint efforts of its visualization visualization plus audience he created a new piece of ice, absolutely vile and disgusting, which froze and floats on the surface, because it does not sink. And yet, he is doomed to this my whole life to live the future.

That’s why smart actors and directors are always in such a rule, that if you shoot, then shoot or as it was or as it should have been. Do not abuse these very forces that did not work for us as the creators of the mountain with these numerous criminal serials and other sludge, which is now on the TV show. This sewer pipe that to everyone in the house out. You turn and gone, gone, gone, and your apartment is on the eyeballs is not fill, you can not turn off.

Aggravating factors

Those. you should understand that there are some factors that trigger your visualization. Those. so they are doing, that you start to believe in something. And once you start to believe it, you involuntarily start to connect this visualization.

Once there was an anecdote old, still Soviet, when the money was collected for the starving in Africa, the revolutionary movements. Comes Little Johnny the boy to school, and the teacher says, “Everybody bring a ruble for the starving African country.” Little Johnny comes, and money does not bring. Teacher: “What did not you bring the money?” Little Johnny “Papa says there are no hungry people.” On the second day the teacher said: “Bring on the ruble has to deal with what is an epidemic in this country.” All they brought, and Little Johnny has not brought. Why? – “And dad says, that in this country there is no epidemic.” On the third day, again the teacher said: “Since the children will bring back money to help the Communist Party of that country.” Little Johnny immediately brought three rubles. All were very surprised: “What are you two times did not bring, and now already brought three? Little Johnny: “And my father said, once there is the Communist Party, then there is famine and disease.” Those. believed! That did not work to well. I with full respect for the Communist Party, do not think that this is some kind of antagitatsiya, in fact it is anecdote of the Brezhnev era.

Similarly, here, some factors we do not believe and do not visualize them, but some factors are starting to have to hang, and we begin to connect to this visualization. Therefore, be very careful with the media. Know that just as there can not be impunity rotten, spoiled food, counterfeit, some soaked in poison, just as it is necessary to very carefully feed the media, because our senses is the food. On the basis of this meal we begin to visualize your world, as well as our ability in this huge, you unwittingly becomes a slave, who tossed the idea to a visualization, as we begin to implement it.

Here I remember the nineties. Romanticizing crime. All! Thief-in-law is respected, it is not even discussed, the only tycoon above. And willy-nilly, it’s starting to creep into the consciousness of young people. In the Soviet years dreamed astronauts, scientists, explorers, travelers, geologists have. And this then led to the visualization of what people then became really taken place in my life. Now another visualization, that would be good to have some “brateloy” Managing the local market, well, a lot of options. And willy-nilly, we begin to visualize it at all. We are sleeping gods, we do not know all of their forces. Unscrupulous manipulators throw us ideas for visualization, but we do not begin realizing the visualization to implement and thus build our own hell taken separately. Therefore, before, stand on the path of yoga Visualization would be very well thought out, and what factors need to visualize, and what factors do not have to visualize.

Then another warning, I recently about him can be said. Somehow Mark came in and said: “The hall was empty on Avtozavodskaya, let’s practice Visualization do, which is used in many yoga centers to attract people to yoga.” That’s when the teacher lays out mats, sits down and watches his room completely filled with, respectively, all of the financial problems solved, etc. etc. Well, we certainly had a good laugh with Mark, he is as a joke gave an example, when in fact this practice is practiced in some rooms, that yoga point of view visualizations, to put it mildly, is not far-sighted, if not more serious words.

Firstly, yoga is to remove ignorance from the perspective of the freedom of each person. Engage in yoga that’s so magical ways of manipulating with freedom is unnatural yoga class. Because yoga – is first and foremost a system which respects the very freedom gives freedom, and never uses any moment to enslave someone else’s freedom. Even important point in itself is not quite reasonable. Of course, the situations are different, but if you can not enjoy here in ways against yoga, it is not worth the hassle. Maybe in the sale of refrigerators and makes sense, but not in relation to the Supreme Knowledge. Still, it must be clean. A fridge in the end, will buy without this mark, so different. So what’s the difference, anyway any purchase.

Secondly, do not waste your power supply, you may be now, not yet aware of, but that you absolutely need for your life. Those. Imagine you have a small stock of the miracle, but you know, it’s not a miracle, the effect of thin law. And you should not waste it on such profane things as, say, in this case to attract people to yoga. Go in the usual way, but you obkleyte ads this neighborhood, but let you advertise in the local newspaper, and even somehow figure out a way, normal, natural, human way to advertise yoga. Do not waste your subtle power that can make a dull, conventional means. Those. Do not shoot from guns on sparrows, leave this ability only for what is really the most necessary.

What could it be – the most necessary? Well, firstly, it is your own life. You do not know their karma, and so much can happen on a strong contradiction in your life that the scales will be balanced on the edge you live or die, or anything else, come true your dream of any very high or does not come true. And this factor is your visualization is definitely better to spend it than on some profane activity something normal. Moreover, it is never used for demonstration to others. Some like to shock, as they possess supernormal.

Remember, yoga is very warns you. Even if you have opened superpowers, do not show them. People not understanding will assume that it is a miracle, and as a consequence, they have a head start in the porridge, they begin to believe in addition to visualization still struggle Nanai boys, witches, wizards, evil eye, damage and even in chto-nibud that may uncritically to invade their minds, and the gates, it turns out, you have opened, demonstrating its alleged supernatural abilities. Therefore, demonstration of the things that people are not prepared to turn themselves to you as negative karma. Do you need it? Need not. Therefore, in all yogic treatises have always called, has a, well, and possesses his tihorya, use for the benefit of all sentient beings, so to say its some higher achievements. Do not sell it at the right and left. Well, again, people tend to want to earn some money for something. This can lead to a very negative consequences.



Appropriate use of yoga practices Visualizations

Here is an example. Here we are told that the terms of the ocean, and everything else is frozen. Just imagine that you have five liters of a liquid ocean on this prozapas. And you can use a liquid ocean to freeze them in the most critical moment, in any part of your life. In the sculpture of your life, all of a sudden the hand begins to fall off, but you get the idea that poured some water, she froze and everything returned as it should. Those. We decided some situation in life, health, with welfare.

In yoga, we will touch on the Triad relationship with your husband or wife. You may have such controversy that will not be solved by anything except here such direct visualization at any time. If you have this reserve of liquid water of the universe, of life-giving water, then you will pass the difficult period of lapping. If you spent it to attract customers to a certain your event, it is nonsense, you just broke the second principle of yoga. You started inefficient spending opportunities, so take care of this feature if you have it and send in the first place on your goal, your main goal. Of course, there may be different options. In fact, your goal is, all light a wedge has converged, if now fifty-one does not visualize in the hall, all you have in your life for another reason to fall apart. It is a different matter, but if you can not spend it’s magic, it is better not to waste. Better to use that part of the liquid’s potential for creativity, to increase it in the future. In order to have a stock of water was becoming bigger and bigger and bigger. But of this we will also talk.

What visualize how to visualize, visualize what and why to visualize?

The question arises: what to visualize how to visualize, visualize what and why to visualize? Well, we are already part of the answer, if someone of you or the director is going to become, or is going to remove any soap opera, he or channel owner, you have to think about five times that you show on it. Sometimes you earn a little money on the rating, as well as three life ahead will earn yourself a headache from that created. It should be reasonable to approach this. Similarly, if you write a book. Similarly, if you even went to the forum, and the message written somewhere. After all, the message will be read. And your visualization provoke someone else’s visualization, it will acquire a snowball, and you may not be thinking that something written.

Once again, there is a very direct question: what to visualize and how to visualize. And here, of course, yoga yoga would not be if she did not give quite practical answer. Yes, still very easy! We have the principles of yoga. If you have the principles of yoga, you will come to the Dharma. This is the way, which protects you from suffering and that leads to the expansion of your freedom, or in terms of our analogy here is that an increase in free water, which you can then freeze as you wish.

In fact, if you go here on this path of dharma, then sooner or later you will realize the law Rita and Rita realized the law you do not have a problem with it. Those. it all starts with the first three principles of yoga, Friends. They are common, and let us once again recall them.

The first point – from your visualization should not suffer from other living beings, unless absolutely necessary. It is clear that you do not visualize any moments of torment that someone is bad, but there is always a contentious issue. Here, for example 1942. And of course, everyone who fought in the Great Patriotic War was asleep and saw him with his hands strangling Hitler. It was such a creative visualization, which sooner or later embodied in Berlin in the 45th. Understandably, this has been to visualize your debt as you smash the fascists, as you are doing your duty. It is a different matter. But if this is not your debt, it is not necessary to visualize certain things that bring suffering.

The second point – the second principle of yoga, ie do not waste this opportunity, ie, send it only to achieve your goal. You can spend a long time visualization howl at something secondary, secondary and get it, and can be spent on something that leads you to your higher purpose and actually leads to it. So this is the second principle of yoga.

Finally, the most important and the most important thing, that is, Why Yoga Visualization turns into a workhorse quick yoga practices – this is the third principle of yoga. That’s all you have karma. Something you did in the past, some things that have even from the perspective of understanding today, you realize that it is better you do not do, but, you know, karma is like a sparrow – released, you will not catch. And of course now come the echoes of your negative karma. Once you’ve done something, then you realized it. Who would you have not done so, but the consequences of your wrong deeds catch up with you right now and come into your life as suffering.

In fact, if we want to go through a process of rapid methods, we must first voleizyavit that our universe was not suffering. Exclude the theoretical possibility that they will appear in the future, but this will not cancel your own karma. Your own Karma will overtake you. And there are many kinds of karma. It is best not to allow karma to the unfolding, ie, if you know that there are some negative trends that can be developed, the rocks directly opposite tendency, that they competed with each other and a stronger won.

If you kill someone, before, it makes sense now to save lives and give birth. If you have someone steal, it makes sense to show generosity, if there was some sort of a negative trend and you feel for an impact, find the opposite and reinforce its practice. If you are accustomed to lie and lying unconsciously, try to neutralize its honesty. Try to practice, where possible honesty. But, again, without violating the first and second yoga principle, etc. and. etc. This is the best option is not to wait until the seeds germinate negative karma, and give the competing impulses. But this, too, may not always work.

Sometimes, all the same, all your efforts will not lead to the complete eradication of negative karma and negative karma comes to you. And you begin to suffer. And here is the best way to survive is the wave of negative karma itself does not become obsolete. In this world everything has its beginning and everything has its end. Even the worst negative karma is exhausted over time. It must endure. And now there are two alternatives, either to suffer or try to, as it were, to anesthetize themselves. Well, it’s just that if you have negative karma, and you have a toothache, you can, of course, to endure, but to go to the dentist. And you can take a painkiller and also ask the dentist made a shot and again to eliminate the causes of your negative karma, ie, you sealed your tooth. The tooth will have to fill in any, he hurts you active, or you have taken painkillers. But you will agree, is much more pleasant all the same, when an analgesic.

Unfortunately, this strong hand has its own severe hazard. Thus, as analgesic can we abuse and abused some visualization methods. When we ustronyaem pain, but does not solve the problem. Just as man is drinking and drinking pills from a toothache and the dentist is not, and the situation is only getting worse. That’s exactly the same here. Like any powerful tool, it requires a major responsibility in their use.

If you get to the fastest methods of yoga, and you will get no earlier than become responsible adults, then there is no such danger, but hypothetically it could be. Actually, there is one parallel application of yoga Visualization – hypnosis. You understand that the skilled hypnotist can relieve the symptom of pain and help a person to heal, and vice versa can abuse it. Those. if it is abused, it will sooner or later will get a clear negative karma and lose everything, including gift hypnotizing. But, on the other hand it has a large arsenal for helping other sentient beings.

Most of Rita yoga Visualization

We found that visualization can and should be applied. And not to be mistaken, there are three principles of yoga that will help us decide to do or not to do, visualize, visualize or not. But the problem is that sometimes we start to carry some spontaneous action or spontaneous reaction, not even realizing. We are not used to stop and analyze his every move for the first, second and third principle of yoga. To do this, you need experience. And it would be very nice if there was at least some clue to instill in us the taste for the correct visualization and vice versa, as it were, immediately warn of incorrect rendering. Those. need a kind of litmus test, a kind of a protective channel mechanism to immediately at the first sign of irregular imaging we noticed, stop and fix it.

In this sense, there is such a method. This is when you start to feel the law Rita. As a result, you start somewhere, even intuitively feel – and what life should be. Those. when you had the slightest experience of sensation Rita, the original harmony, where all are happy when the happiness of one person is not built on the misfortune of others. When all are free, when the freedom of one person is not based on the lack of freedom of other people. When all this creative impulse. When your creative energy is encountering resistance to someone else. Or conversely, if you are trying to destroy something inappropriate, obsolete, so you are not faced with this opposition to because it does not suffer anyone else. Not bad it would be to feel the taste of Rita.

Here it is possible to throw a bridge from different yogas. And, in fact, the main purpose of our seminar today is just to make this kind of bridge. A certain pre-taste of Rita yoga that would intuitively deposited in your subconscious and present. You start to just live a normal life, when confronted with those or other situations, and willy-nilly engaging in visualization of the surrounding world. In this sense, Friends, we visualize twenty-four hours a day, three hundred sixty five days a year, day and night. At night, in fact, our dream is a pure visualization, but only sleep more pliable substance. This is the basis Dream Yoga. In our waking nature matters of substance is the same as in a dream, but it is more inert. In the dream, all you can quickly rebuild and effort is required, as long as it all to adjust to your visualization.

So, if you have this one taste of Rita, ie where you live, you want to live, life is opened, you will feel the joy of life and happiness. Do you feel like-minded people, you feel the pleasure of communicating with their peers, you can see how your every endeavor harmoniously woven into the entire game universe. When it is not in any oppressive sandwiched thoughts, fears, insecurities, all the chains at least for a moment subside, then in normal life as soon as you have something went wrong as soon as your visualization once again went the wrong side, you begin to compare with this. Oh, it’s me suffer! – You say to yourself in everyday life, I begin to visualize what is not.

Let’s say you have included the channel on the TV, and you say that today there is something there that crashed bus, sixty people were killed. It means the tsunami drowned so many people, there’s an epidemic, so many died. The price of oil jumped to something there fell, the price of tickets in the subway up to five times increased, the salary you cut three times, etc. etc. Later, however, all this replay, they will say we made a mistake, in fact, we are not talking. Love shocking. People are starting to shake, and then it turns out that someone is not properly understood something, and spent adrenaline, nerves spent, you are already starting to shake, you’re already starting to believe this visualization. You start to connect all of its resources, as if to counteract this mental visualization. And it turns out that you fought some windmills that object and it was not to fight, but you have already visualized something was terribly wrong. This terrible gone, gone, gone for a walk and then again back to you the same.

Remember the cartoon about the little raccoon was, when he came to the pond with the face and received a terrible reflection of the same. So, here is the same situation. For you it is a kind of litmus test, if there was even a glimpse of Rita, then automatically it contains and the Dharma, and the first, second and third principle of yoga. If your life is out of harmony with Rita – all machine feet, stopped and calmly, analytically analyze what is wrong. Analyze according to the first principle of yoga, the second and third. Those. we can bridge from Rita Yoga Visualization.



Practice 1


Now as we all going to do? In Rita yoga sufficiently large arsenal of different practices, and powerful enough to practice going through spontaneous dance, through what is called the Natya Yoga, or all that subsequently led to the creation of theatrical art. Well, just as many other topics. Today, we need some of the techniques of yoga, Rita, to link them to the visualization.

So, the first thing we are waiting for – a practice AnRity. Let me remind you. Rita – it is a law of harmony. But sometimes it is very hard to feel. And to come to the realization Rita, sometimes much easier to go on the contrary, from a lack of harmony. And, as if sipping lack of harmony enough, you will understand intuitively for himself, that is harmony, so the practice of yoga techniques AnRita. A part of An is the lack of Rita.

The practice will be as follows. Now we are with you all stand up, remove the mats and start practicing spontaneous dance performed in the state AnRity, not harmony. We will try to dance ugly, inharmonious, challenging, disgusting, because in the script, remember our modern soap operas, movies, all that nauseating. We’re with you, rather you will practice practice AnRity. It will be music and we dance ugly. As soon as we feel that we want to please komu-to, adjust to someone else’s opinion, that we want to dance kak-to that all looked at us, admired us, we immediately consciously begin to dance beautifully and not more than ugly, the better .

And so we have now will AnRita practice. We will try to pull out the last AnRitu. But once again I want to remind you to dance in a state AnRity very, very difficult, and unconsciously, spontaneously you will return to the state of Rita, harmony, and that you are aware of the concept of contrast Rita.

Reviews after practice

Friends, anyone wants to share their impressions? Share live impressions, only imagined.

MOYU Alain c. Catur: I do not know that it was necessary to present when we were running, but I immediately came visualization beautiful ballerina. I imagined how I danced on stage. Then, suddenly, I became hot Spaniard. I felt the impetuosity of these movements. Then I became a dancer at the carnival in a very nice suit. I dance around a holiday, flowers everywhere. It was all spontaneous, then I decided to experiment. I imagined myself a male dancer. Those. Visualization as a male dancer. I’m in a white frock coat and tap dance on stage. My last visualization was as if I was a priestess, dance and cause fertility. So many emotions, I felt straight sand, on which I go, well, all sorts of details.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful! Friends, you know what the effect is. We, at first, like a coiled spring squeeze, squeeze, squeeze practice, then we lay down, relax, and we sat in meditation, or even in some situations, and we do nothing, we pay spontaneity decide for us. And suddenly, visualization went spontaneously, ie do not have to force yourself, do not torture yourself, you know, like a coiled spring expands and we begin to win back the images.

There is a very interesting application Visualization yoga. This practice, which then becomes a very “mysterious” practice, practicing karma. This creation of bodies themselves. Here you live in the karma of so many bodies, stupid you had karma, let’s say, in the next life in some pig, then a bird, then a man again, and then somebody else. Well, I’m so, so to speak. No matter what it is in the bodies of animals, but the trends that you drag from the time of life in the bodies of animals they need to work. They need to release them to come out and leave you. And here, there is a special practice of visualization, where you start visualization way to create a variety of bodies, not to worry about this experience in everyday life, and as you process it through itself, it comes out of you. And you do not need, accordingly, to be born. Another one kind of experience?

MOYU Marianna c. Eka: I want to talk about the experience that I had while dancing. This is not the first practice AnRity dance, I really do not like it, because it is very difficult it is for me.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What do you mean I do not like? Friends, we are not disco with you. We’ve got serious work!

MOYU Marianna c. Eka: I want to say that today was a breakthrough. And this time I was able to cope with the lack of love that at some point, I even forgot about my body. It continued to move in AnRite, but I did not even know it in to Rita or AnRite, in the sense that here I had forgotten all about the body and woke up ten minutes later. Those. a trance was. And I really enjoyed the state and then I realized that many disturbing thoughts, they have gone somewhere.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Who else wants to tell and share. secrets sacred principle in yoga, but no less sacred principle of openness.

MOYU Anastasia Mikheeva col.3: I had an interesting experience even during the relaxation. I suddenly (probably like attracts like) practice AnRity caused humiliating recollection of the past, just awful. And I was lying, and I began to tear the most horrible memories from the past. And spontaneously I began to change them, I do not want to do anything, but instead of one person, I took the other, in its own memory. Instead of a final – another. And how would the story changed memories, and oddly enough, the situation itself has become much, much easier, and some part of their negative emotions, I let go, they went away.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A few words I shall now explain. Friends, Raja Yoga – Yoga fairest management. You need to manage the company, and you are afraid to open his mouth. You have employees on the neck sat, urge on you, and you are afraid. Here’s how to work out this situation? You start to regain imaging scenario, how are you going to lead, and that this will happen. Once played, the second, third. They came in their company, and everything starts at the visualization itself to adapt. A very important point! Absolutely right to regain different scenarios. In the first place, those who are afraid. Here again, the script, which we fear. And then we begin to visualize how we dignified exit from the situation. And we make a very clear imprint on our buddhi, on the surface of our mind. In the future, all tend, other things being equal, to roll the script, which was in the visualization.

MOYU Solomatina Irina gr.4: Many have said that the practice AnRity not like it, because it is difficult to do, but this time, practicing AnRitu I was very happy this opportunity to be ugly. I immediately came images of life, when in some cases in spite of himself, I was trying to artificially like. And then, we can say act out the situations of life when I wanted to enjoy themselves and at the same time felt the disharmony inside. And like I said these situations that now, I can be like that, and I felt the freedom!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful, wonderful! Friends, a few more words. Yoga Visualization what do we need? We are not free, we are not free from public opinion. We do not visualize the pictures and expected from us. We do not live on their own, we want to adjust to the fact that udobnenko to have all praised, etc. And we ourselves have unwittingly become censors themselves. We ourselves were driven into slavery and become overseers, hypothetically trying to satisfy the tastes of the crowd. And it requires very serious courage to contrary to the crowds behave beautifully and naturally. Those. to be free. The goal of yoga – Freedom, Friends.

But sometimes we start to arms, legs shaking, when the real situation. Here are the average person is very afraid to refuse. Instead of having to say no, would not we uh-uh … and of us are beginning to twist the rope. And very, very useful in this sense is to win back the situation of their freedom. But I’m free to visualize anything. What is called love our little black, little white we all love.

MOYU gr.4 Natalia: I’m not the first time AnRitu practice, but it is really the first time it happened some fun immersion into practice. And it is interesting that noticed what I would not make a move, no matter what I did not build a face, I caught myself thinking that it’s me.

MOYU Kulikova Anna col.3: I wanted to say that first practice AnRity, went very, very easy, like many, I am sinking in what is thought-worlds situation, and from time to time recalls that it is necessary to ape, namely the movement of the body ugly came very easily. And when we did Shavasana with visualization, I too began to remember how nice I am not moving, it’s absolutely disgusting feeling as if a lump in the throat and nasty longed internally somehow get together to do something. It was not nice. And conversely, I tried to relax and visualize beautiful, harmonious dance, to me it is very good work, I start to visualize how dance physically, then somehow the feeling became more subtle, this mental dance of the soul. And then, after all, all transformed into vibration. And all it took and it was easy and joyful.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Great, go ahead. Friends who want to express their views and then, write them down, because they are very valuable to others, then we will arrange it.

MOYU Marina gr.4: And I AnRita given a very hard time, I’m not the first time at the workshop, it gives me very great difficulty, it is difficult to sustain for a long time, so I decided to apply it to the visualization. I imagined that I dance, torture, torture me, I break a finger, then tear out fingernails and I have a painful grimace, so it can endure a longer time. Then, on the contrary, I imagined that I was a fire, perform a dance of fire, very plastic. I am a small circle are spotlights, orange and purple, because the fire orange and purple mostly. And I dance very plastic, I is large, a small fire. Around a large circle – it large flames and the screen, where everything is reflected in the increased this scale. And in the center of a small campfire, where smoldering coal, and at that moment I suddenly imagined that I walk barefoot on hot coals. I step on them, I do not feel anything does not burn. And inside me, like all burned out. The fire burned in me negative emotions, all AnRitu, all at once burned.

The second part of the seminar

So, friends, this is our second part of the workshop on Visualization Rita. Now we move on to more important section, to work directly with the image of his body. Prior to that, we are told that the whole world that we have created around you – this is our frozen imaging. But there is another continuation of Yoga Visualization. The fact that our body, our inner world – it’s as visualization. I want you focused their attention on this.

our body’s structure, the nature and perception of the world – this is also our visualization.

Every one of you sitting here you have your physical body. Are you a man or a woman, you so many years, you-so look, you are something special, something you feel good about yourself, something you do not like in yourself. You have some character, some representation of themselves, some qualities that you value in yourself, or do not like in yourself. Do you have, in addition, still some general background of perception of life. Someone hopeless pessimist, someone an optimist, someone was not identified. Those. all of this, we think of ourselves, but according to the theory of yoga is a profound error.

All of the above I mentioned this as visualization, you come up with for themselves during the many lives. Friends, everything! And your body and your quality of intellectual, emotional, and your perception of life background: pessimistic, optimistic, lyrical, whatever. All this is as it was formed by you, all that continues to take shape, and it’s all the same can be changed as you want. Essentially invariable only one thing – it is your Higher Self Your Higher Self, which is prohibitive, immortal, indestructible is the one thing that is above it all.

With yoga positions Visualization is no clear boundary, where it ends your inner world and the outer world begins. There is no clear boundary where the outside world goes into your inner world. The boundary – also visualization. Those. you can be everywhere and nowhere, you may be within your body, and can be wider than your body. You can include yourself in addition to all the surrounding beings. And all this on the one hand as a visualization. This implies the following powerful practice.

You can fully control their body structures, character, attitude. Those. you can visualize that there are currently have to replace the other, say that you like. Those. if you do not like some aspects of your physical body, character, you can replace them with the ones that are popular. Of course, it should be remembered that there is a paradox. Oddly enough, our physical body is the most inert, and it was replaced to require quite a large effort. But in the end, from the perspective of Yoga Visualization, what happens is that in science called Evolution, when the living creatures from primitive are becoming more and more complex. It’s just a game visualizations, respectively, higher I sentient beings.

The evolution from the point of view of yoga Visualizations

So I constantly urge you, in Moscow there is a wonderful Paleontological Museum, the station Teply Stan. Go and look at the game of visualization over the last few million-billion years. It is clear that in this way living things adapt to changing conditions, but it has no relation to this anti-scientific approach, which at one time Trofim Lysenko preached, with the result that the Soviet Union destroyed biology. He said that it is enough to put a living being in other terms, it immediately under them adapt.

No, my friends, is more complicated, you may remember how our gene pool, there is the concept of DNA, there are concepts that clearly enough our bodies are written here in this code. And to significantly change your body device requires neither more nor less than some interference in your genetic code. But on the other hand, the same science says that there are, in particular, the mass is very flexible feedback mechanisms, when you can still affect ourselves, including, and these hidden processes. This is now at the forefront by scientists all over the world. Yoga is not a substitute for science, yoga, loves, respects science. And in fact the science is very helpful at times to understand yoga.

Yoga Visualization on the thin and the causal levels

But the fact remains that with the help of visualization, you can adjust your body’s physical component, but within some framework, although these limits in some cases can be significant. But the funny thing is that this is the easiest part of the problem. But change our inner world, ie, our habits, our emotional state, our understanding of ourselves, all that is involved with a more subtle form of matter that modern science is probably not open, on the one hand easier degradability, everything goes as we dream. We can quite easily manage sleep, if you know the dream yoga. It is easier to do, but harder to fix because we unconsciously slipping back to the previous way of perception itself.

And the same thing with a deeper level, the so-called causal perception of the level of being (a pessimist, an optimist). There’s a more subtle substance. Can a single click to remodel your entire internal structure. Very quickly, but at the same time, a paradox, it is the most difficult.

Fine and causal structure is called a manifestation of the concept of the ego. And yoga is such aphorism that our ego is made of very hard material, ie, either steel or diamond does not have such a strength as our ego-generated by our ignorance. Those. we consider ourselves their ignorance by what we are not, cling to it, and to destroy this idea very seriously. Until then, until we have destroyed the internal representation of themselves, then our physical level will adjust to the subtle level, because the physical – it’s just a rough impersonation fine. And oddly enough to work with the idea of himself the most difficult, but if you have learned to do it, then you open the road and to the physical change themselves. For this reason, there are lots of yoga imaging practices. The general idea behind them is as follows. And now we are waiting for some real practice in this workshop. Here is the embodiment of these principles.

Mental rasstvorenie himself

So, what if, to take and play a visualization – to start to dissolve themselves mentally. Those. Here we have a picture of themselves, for which we hold. But what if you do to a visualization image, as if we parted with this view. It can be in a milder form, for example, we smoothly-smoothly like a piece of ice in the sun spreads, spreads and disappears, disappear, disappear. Those. we mentally begin to dissolve your physical body, their ideas about themselves, their some deeper structure.

Thus, sooner or later the practice of pushing us to the realization of our higher self, which is prohibitive, but if we know our higher self, then we reach the highest state of yoga. Those. dissolving their self-image in the visualization, we relax our grip hard egotism generated by our ignorance or our own own stupidity. And so sometimes it offered a milder version of the smooth dissolution. You sit and watch as the turn into a luminous body, and then a luminous body dissolves and that’s nothing left empty. And at the same time you are. Body is not as you are. And not only the physical body, as well as here at this level of differentiation is very deep structures.

For example, our soul is sexless, but on some level it begins to consider himself a man or a woman. Or again, our internal structures just us subordinate. We can be clever, can be a foolish man, it is not important, it is just as honed our intelligence. We can dissolve their intelligence, ie, to rise above the level of stupidity, or crazy. And so on and so forth. Those. we begin to approach our higher self, dissolving structures with which our higher self identifies itself. And to make it quite difficult, because it requires a long lengthy exercise. Because our own visualization involuntarily in one blink of an eye there again, to which we are accustomed. And again rsstvoryat required, we only dissolved once digress for a moment – it again here I am. You know, like Bag of Bones.

Friends, it is sometimes hard to do and here is specific practices that, in fact, still got continued in Tibetan Yogas, well and in Indian also. This is when you begin to visualize the destruction of their bodies quite ferocious manner. Those. you can imagine how the tiger comes and bites you a piece of meat, or even pulling out some monster begins to destroy you. Those. you start to come up with such a scheme, where you consciously start to such brutal methods, which in ordinary life a person is afraid, because he’s afraid his ego, because he was scared when destroying that for which it clings.

You begin to act out this visualization. Here you have a leg torn off, here’s another, here is something else, and you start to develop a scenario of violent rending itself. This is a very serious Pratica, but what she is good – connected emotions. And suddenly, this fear has emerged, and you take that fear and force to work for themselves, ie, you take and get hold of them. In Tibetan yogis known for such practices, where this kind of meditation to destroy himself, the yogi or yogini practiced such daunting deserted countryside, somewhere in the cemetery in ruins, and so on, to add as much emotion as possible. And all this leads to the fact that sooner or later you have this picture to a visualization that is designed to dissolve. And you have released the excess power in the free state, by means of which this picture was kept before. And the free part of the power you can send to your new body cast in the next step. This is what you would like to see. Those. First coff old, unnecessary, inappropriate, and then come up with what you want, how you want to appear and then otley new, correct, relevant.

Tibetan practice of Chod

This is a series of colossal amount of Practices. I can not enumerate all, a great number of them, with different nuances. In particular, known in Tibet this practice, which is called Chod. Yoga practice, when a yogi or yogini removed to a deserted place and are their any torn not just monsters, but some otherworldly creature.

And in this sense. I have had past lives. In a past life I have done many bad deeds, someone brought the suffering of someone killed, someone devoured, someone poisoned life. And I have a karmic debt, have my karmic creditors. So I now want to pay off his karmic debt, and by creditors. And I invite all the monsters, ghouls all otherworldly creature, let me devour it, and thus I will redeem their karmic debt to it all. I was once himself a creature in some of their previous incarnations and devoured the other. Now I want to pay off this and not wait until it’s all going to happen in reality, it is really any tiger would come and eat me.

Those. it is in a sense working out previous karma here on such a subtle level. And very often when we are working on a subtle level, on a gross level is very, very little, of course, depending on the karma. And the continuation of these practices is very interesting, it is very strange, even for modern man. One day I gave this example, once on one of the lectures. A treatise on Tibetan medicine translated, if I am not mistaken Badmayev Peter and his older brother Alexander Badmayev was the godson of King Alexander, and why it was called. He was highly advanced Tibetan Lama. Actually the name is a corruption of the word Badmayev Padmaev or Padma. Padma – a lotus. And he ascended to some powerful lamas of the tantric Buddhism or Tibetan area schools.

Known history when Transbaikalia began a terrible epidemic, and it began to spread, and no one knew how to stop it. It Badmayev Alexander came in and said – the boys, it is necessary to do this, this and this. After that, the epidemic stopped, and that’s how he got into the uppermost of tsarist Russia. He deserves mercy, and his brother opened the first datsan St Petersburg before the revolution. On it you, by the way, you can read all that is connected with Rasputin, they somehow were side by side.

So the meaning of his actions totally unique. On the one hand, he called to do that now makes any sanepidemstantsii, those who are engaged in the control of the spread of infections. He was ordered to make the quarantine, the Department of Health of the sick and completely prohibit movement of the affected area to normal. Then he began to make some of his practices. No one knows what those practices, but this is very vague rumor is Choda practice when you sacrifice your body karmic debtors. Allegedly, it was possible to stop the spread of the epidemic. Because any epidemic is no longer perceived as the number of pathogenic microbes, and as a living being, whose body mass pathogens. Well, we – a cell whipped together and imagine a living creature, whose cells themselves somehow spread, but the consciousness of controls that we have a single, common illnesses that. Those. quite a strange concept to modern science, but it is very close, by the way, to the shaman’s perception of the world that everything is animated.

It is extremely powerful at times there are practices that we must reverse the negative course of a situation where your life potustoronschina rushing, and you can not understand all your materialistic world begins to crack at the seams. Typically, people perceive it is very bad. But you must remember that there is no mystery, no potustoronschiny not. There are laws thin, and there is coarse laws. We are accustomed to rude, everything we do not understand, we begin once deified, from here go here these lzheekstrasensy, lzhekolduny, lzhetseliteli, this whole dark brothers whose name is legion. Now it is perfectly blooms and smells, they feed on fear and misunderstanding. This is all the mold, it can be igret its useful purpose, we do not know, the world is difficult, may they also needed. Who knows about this cycle of matter in nature.

You have to remember that the concept of yoga – Freedom! Overcoming the fear of everything that makes you superstitious, clogged, those who fear, worry – everything has to be ruthlessly discarded. Therefore, any yogic practice, after studying the contrary that you become strong, strong-willed, decisive, not afraid of anything and were campaigning around itself light, goodness and happiness.

Why am I cited this example? This is a very serious practice. Those. pay off his karmic debtors. Here you fated to some state experience, well, you had to break the Tiger, well, well, work it out. Why I should break? For myself, when I was a tiger, too, someone burst. Now the one you ripped yourself a tiger, and you’re like as a person. Interchanged, karmic debt remained? Remained. Karma someone canceled? No, my friends, karma has not been canceled yet in our corner of the universe. So you need to either redeem or get rid of. To redeem, and God knows how the tiger to redeem karma. But help will get rid of – it’s much the same as it is now doing vaccinations. What is a vaccine? It takes pathogenic microbes or weaken them, or completely killed and injected into humans. Man in miniature experiencing illness, but even sometimes it does not notice, and then, God forbid, no real disease comes, he has immunity. Here on the same principle apply yoga Visualization. Maybe if your karma is not quite so bad, maybe this visualization that you tore the tiger would be enough to ensure that this does not happen to you live. But again I say, perhaps, no one knows the degree of neglect of your karma. What if you knew in a past life, this method and abused them? Then, in this life you have subtle karma, you will not save here is a simple solution. The world is very tricky thing, you can not cheat, deceive someone, you mislead yourself.

The next moment, there is another option. As you have negative emotions. Do you sometimes find yourself thinking that you sometimes spiteful, vindictive, cruel, hypocritical, treacherous, greedy, and goes on and on. You catch that sometimes it wakes up. And another, a giant reservoir Yogi Visualization, when you start to regain it. Yes, I meanie! And it begins to visualize how you are greedy, or yes, I tend to unmotivated cruelty, or abuse, or to something. And then you start to turn into this monster, karma seeds, which you are currently wearing. Those. You sleep in this monster. And you do the same as it enters the modern medicine. Are you from a hidden disease state translate into an active state and treat.

You see, if you have a full timber packed with guerrillas try their povykovyrivay because every corner. You will give them, and they get off to a great squad, claim to be the regular army and go into battle with you, where you have them all neatly and killed. And one by one each cockroach from each slit to pull out – it’s a long time. That analogy is the same. You let go of the situation and turn into this monster. You practice – so I became a beast! And oddly enough, any karma has a shelf when it is fulfilled. Here you have worked, and then the trend of the decay of karma, it becomes obsolete, it is no longer a viable force to sustain itself.

This, sometimes, in some religions, called the expulsion of supernatural beings from a human. Well, that is it’s probably intimidated and scared. Here you read any life and think you are God, my God, that is what they were doing? And in fact, everything is quite simple due. As we have these tendencies, it is necessary that they are awake and out of us, spent and gone. It is not otherworldly essence, as a rule, often the explanation is simple enough, but once again I want to say, even in this respect the world is complex. There are nuances that really hard to say what’s going on with the person, really an invasion or not, everything is transparent with yoga positions, very transparent. There can be no intrusion as long as there are no specific conditions, but I do not even want to talk about it, what to say about the disease, it is better, let’s talk about treatment.

And treatment follows. Awaken, make it manifest itself and rid far away to make it somewhere out there is gone, sometimes even visualize doing that now, I woke up the beast in me. But suddenly my I from these shells animal is disconnected, he looks at himself, the beast, and from a variety of meditation exist. Well, you place somewhere out there in the lower parts of the underground and imagine how it vzhzhzh and failed, flew down there or burned or melted, or anything else out there. Those. Disconnect with you, with your self and your I no longer cling to represent the structure, and then in the blink of an eye casts a new body.

Visualization of the new perfect body

And here is another layer of Yogi Visualization huge. In practice, and that cast? In fact, the choice is limited. Why? Will or will not we get to be like the images that we impose on the media. Do not need to go far, open any fashion magazine or glamorous women’s magazine a thick, glossy. And you’ll see here are those images that are prescribed to visualize every woman. For you already thought came up, and you have to do one thing – a big fat wallet, because in order to realize this visualization oh how much it is necessary! Odezhku and buy a lot of money and buy the footwear, and perfume, and glamorous image, in general, a lot of things right. This whole business is built. They introduce you to the image visualization and want you to be revived, not without its benefits for them. And therefore, properly speaking, there is such a thing as fashion.

We are the product of someone manipulating someone gives us images. Is it good or bad? It is bad when it is unchecked. Start any singer to practice yoga and halls packed to capacity, everyone goes to yoga. He passed it to the struggle Nanai boys left the whole party in the struggle Nanai boys halls empty yoga. Therefore, there are bursts of interest in yoga, they are entirely correlated with these outbreaks in Hollywood, any pop diva was interested – all gone, and stopped – on the decline. We’re all in this respect are herd animals, and this is very bad. We are manipulated, we are not free, my friends, we are simply not available, but there is the positive side.

If, as the visualization of the image to the correct visualization, you can not help visualizing yourself in these the right way you will get a lot of abilities and teaches us how Yoga Visualization, even those qualities, which are called hit. But again, no no superpowers, but dormant in our abilities. Those. are images for each moment, for each task. If you have a problem of such and such, such and such visualize yourself in a certain way. The more you will visualize the results fast.

Those. you want to be the greatest military leader – visualize ourselves as the greatest commander. Here you Darius Alexander the Great on going war, and Alexander Suvorov, or in some other way. And you begin to picture her to a visualization gray and miserable, all you’re really not no general, and the gray mouse just waiting like drapanut from the front, to bare all. You start this negative karmic situation cowardice, conformism, fear to express themselves as if to displace way Alexander Suvorov, everything! Ahead there is a bloody post, remember how he took in the Alps? Forward! And how would you tune into this image and begin to awaken within themselves they have the potential inherent qualities that Alexander Suvorov took advantage, and you have them lie in unmanifested form. And you, like copying it, provoking get the same thing, and so is much easier visualization, and if Mantra Yoga is added, then all super result. But a bunch of Mantra Yoga it will be then. And our next task – to find the right images from which you want to start.

Friends, India always was known as a country where three hundred million gods, it was at the beginning of the twentieth century, now there is already a billion, so you can easily call India a country where a billion Gods. Those. where each person, his own personal view of the Supreme. Complete freedom. For all occasions. But it all comes down to a few scenarios to several such clichés. Firstly, for men it is the so-called trinity: Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Or another way: the Creator, Preserver, Destroyer. And all the other nuances of this or interweaving of individual functions, ie keeping to destroy, or to create and destroy, etc. that’s derivatives. It is as if the quality of men’s consciousness so if you visualize some quality men’s, here you dissolved her body, and then began to visualize, in fact all boils down to three main areas.

For women in the Indian pantheon, oddly huge number of goddesses, sometimes even I have a question, whom there are more gods or goddesses, I have the impression that the goddesses. Nevertheless, all this pantheon is reduced by some treatises in ten major areas. Do you remember that there are five aspects of the energy in the two extremes, here are ten happened. And according to another classification, but one of the other exits, it’s just the three main areas that can be called the three manifestations of the female. The first manifestation, to use the terminology of this tantric Dhumavati. So, what is it? It is feminine in its negative manifestations, destruction, old age, death, disease, failure, everything that brings bad luck, what link all dry, always nagging, always dissatisfied, sawing, etc. And given such a way Dhumavati. But surely there are other analogues.

The second group, which, according to Tantric classification could be called Kali-Durga. This is a dynamic aspect, as a rule, it is represented by women warriors. Those. an active female energy, fight all deadening, spiritless, with all destroyed. Those. if Dhumavati formation – is the destruction by peaceful Tamas to all rotten, all grown old, povypadali teeth and hair, all burned, landfill stinks. Those. every cell phone bought – it is a brand new, so wonderful, after six months where he was? On stinking dump. Crows croak – car, car, bums go poking around toothless, drunken them stinks and it’s all in the trash. A clear lack of spirituality tends to be forever I’ll be forever prosperous. No, sooner or later you’re done there, the garbage, the question of when and where. One can go to him to prove that now you are the kingpin, and thou shalt die in a landfill, it is possible for a long time to convince that you will die, but you can not convince anything, friends, life is the bad cop. Himself there sooner or later, find yourself, and all your cronies will turn away from you. And the whole world will turn to you inside out. Here, you know, misery, poverty, famine, epidemics, war, all that destroys a very good effect. It’s such a feminine aspect of destruction. This is all the misfortunes of the world, it’s all that, if a person is sowing lack of spirituality, the world as an echo comes to it’s such manifestations.

The second layer – this is Kali, Durga, is an active struggle here with such ignorance. Those. Kali Durga is the embodiment of active resistance to crime. This is when the Goddess breaks into a den of criminals, and the most ruthless way begins to kill the stupid. Moreover, the blood to kill, as in American blockbusters terrible. And the image of these goddesses terrifying. For example, Cali. She is depicted naked, instead of a skirt she had severed the hands of these bandyukov. In one hand she holds a severed head of another crime boss, in the other hand intricate shapes sword, and on her neck a garland of severed heads hanging. In fact, Durga, to a greater extent, this warrior against evil, is also very active, ie, Person of the active intervention of a female.

And finally, the third layer, we would call Sri Lakshmi. Those. there is the goddess Lakshmi and very close to the direction of the goddess Sri suitable. Those. it is, on the contrary, the goddess of love, beauty, wealth, prosperity, contentment, wealth, a happy marriage, success, all the wonderful that is in the world, it is a manifestation of women in this role.

Here accordingly we got three large reservoir for visualization woman herself. Those. if we visualize ourselves in practice, it is not as recommended by our glamorous fashion magazines, and according to their situation in life, what you are facing, in one aspect or another, or a row in all, or it is something else, in the third .

Friends, the theory of infinite, several workshops have to, you know, no time, no money, no place, nothing. Do you really need to do a little vaccinated to you at home even started anything to practice. In more detail, as are other deep seminars. It will be a little easier life will be carried out and more, genuine and better. This means that we are now waiting for? We are now waiting for the two practices. One for men and one for women. Yes, a few words. Those.

Practice 2

Dance of the Gods

So now, the women sit in a circle, the men begin to do more consecutive practices. The first practice – AnRita dissolution of the body. Here AnRita and each is, whether it dissolves gently, or indeed all his karmic dolzhnichki krovushki it came to have a drink, eat myastsa. Those. We represent how we get rid of their bodies, each according to the pace. One part.

The second part. After we tore into pieces and left our pure Self, and free to create and visualize other body we create and execute the first Brahma visualization in dance Brahma. Those. We begin to behave as if we are the Creator of the universe. Render and perform a dance of Brahma. Then Vishnu Guardian. Here we Keeper. Not a guard and guardian. Although in general it is really for the guards, in our country are now guards, friends, a million. We once had a million researchers, when a rocket launched into space by Yuri Gagarin, the guards are now a million and here we have increased crime. Maybe for them it makes sense, that they are there, nothing to do, it makes sense to visualize yourself Vishnu.

Next subsistence is Shiva the Destroyer. For men in terms of the destruction of all obsolete. Destruction, friends, not to inflict suffering. Shiva – is subsistence, to alleviate the suffering. In what sense? Well imagine. Lay people and die, die a long, painful, so dies, so dies. It will decompose slowly, and it takes a certain number of times, and you can very quickly all not live cut off and relieve the suffering. Here, such a face, Shiva in their destruction is not wrong, and on top of the good that sometimes we feel angry. It reduces pain and anguish.

Then, the situation is changing, girls, again dissolved his body, and then in turn. First Dhumavati. That is, the better half of humanity, you are sometimes bitchy, how much you drank the blood man! Remember those times when you’re intractable, absurd, silly. You know this is a series – I want orange. That is the time to give it to manifest. Having played it. Then turn into warriors Kali Durga. At the end of it all it is time to tie with this rampant all obsolete, it’s time to clean up the tank troops. Having played the role of goddess of destruction all the dark, and then, when destroy all the dark, turn into a goddess of love and beauty and entertain your men, then let it manifest in you.

So, girls. So the first step is dissolved. Girls, you have an idea of themselves. Someone like, someone does not like it. Whether like or dislike – dissolve. Always we are able to play without stress, just relax and the image would come. Dissolved in AnRite. How? As you wish. Smoothly or brutal method, as you please, who both go. Then – Dhumavati. Remember all your best is not good manifestation win. Start to visualize and build their body of an old woman, an old, toothless old hag, this is very harmful, unpleasant, zloslovnoy, angry. Just imagine here these images nischenok, or homeless people such disgusting Then lie down on the floor dissolve. We get up. Next image of warrior Goddess KaliDurgi. Angry such Amazon, a woman angry, full of rage, naked, nude, holding a sword. Destroys all black, which just is. Getting head criminals hack on the right and left. Chop, lay on the floor, the image dissolved. We got up, wrought-Sri Lakshmi, the goddess of love, beauty and family happiness. Similarly, played, went to dissolved. Then we go back to the usual way. Here’s your task.

Reviews after practice

We sit down, spread out mats, take a leaf, piece of paper, a pen and write a review calmly, not in a hurry. Writing, we develop the habit of recording, do not record – ninety percent of the effect is not obtained.

Student Question: You girls were tougher than men. The image of an old woman so badly.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is terrible? Did you know that according to all the canons of Indian until Dhumavati to worship Lakshmi is better not to go because it Dhumavati big sister in the family of the mythological. And if you will bypass it and directly come to Lakshmi, the Dhumavati is not very happy, so everything has been thought. Everyone loves to be young and beautiful.

MOYU gr.4 Olga: I want to say that all three images were comfortable, probably because all three images have a place in life. I also podgodala situation with feelings about the appropriateness and inappropriateness of their application, if properly in different situations to use these images, then it just might lead to the expansion of our freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excellent, excellent, right! The relevance and irrelevance – an important word.

MOYU Galina gr.4: I do all the images except the “old woman” were given good. I realized that this is my fear, that is, I’m afraid of old age, I am afraid to change their appearance. And this practice has made me think about it. That is to say, if you are afraid of something, then it must manifest itself. I also want to talk about their feelings, in the end, that all men clapped. It is then just went into the rhythm of all that was happening around. And at the very end, when we whirled in a circle all, I had a feeling that we are in the meadow, smell skoschennoy grass, and the men around, it’s like a protective shield. These are the impressions I have, all right.

MOYU Larisa Group 4: In the beginning I did not understand the task, in contrast to the first job AnRity, we have carried out, it was clear what to do. In this case, I do not understand what to do, for some reason I felt sorry for the boys, it seemed to me, for some reason, so that they suffer, but when we began to make themselves gradually came to some inner understanding. Those. at first I thought it was necessary to reproduce some images, such as theatrical images, you are given the role, and you somehow have to match. Then I realized that it is generally hinder and distracting if you start to deal with their external manifestations, as it looks from the side and how to express it, that all was clear, you’re totally, completely disconnected from what is happening inside. And when it came to understanding the inner, somehow everything was very easy to place. And when we went to have a rest, then I had the feeling that some sort of star inside the lights, it is I, and below this is a snake skin that dries slowly and has nothing to do with you. And so every time after each reincarnation. It was great to experience a disidentification with the body.

MOYU Anna gr.4: A lot of emotions. It was very difficult to dissolve itself, the beginning was very sorry. At first I tried to burn it, and then I tried to be someone ripped helped probably what I’m afraid – the insect, I imagined that I was eaten by insects. Really was very scary, very scary right. But they clearly ingrained in the imagination, in the visualization. I fought with them, then I realized that it was useless, I still terrible, ugly, I was already bitten. I remembered that you need to distribute the debts and let the situation allowed them to eat themselves, I felt so easy. In fact, when eaten, everything is nothing, and it makes no sense to worry. And all of these images is very easy to start to let go, the extraordinary feeling when you do not.

MOYU Kulikov Andrey gr.4: Just our men’s practice I do not really remember. Perfectly able to dissolve, I invite all those who no hitting, all came, tortured and left, but the images that I created, I think, not bad I get. Shiva liked me, I immediately reborn. But most of all I liked the dancing girls, I have the impression that they have a second way was when we all clapped, they danced. This feeling was that they were like fire, like fire, and as the petals of fire, and it’s kind of like one-piece, but also kind of like in itself plays like every lepestochek modified. I’m still a part of it all was, and how if I did not already.

MOYU Natalia Korol’kova gr 3: I would have more to say on the first part, when the men were in the center of the circle. In the beginning I was so calm, and then I began to vomit, because there was a feeling that all men now so tear and just will not, terrible! Oh, my God, all that we are left alone, what to do? And I felt that I am going to go and tear of those who break them! And, indeed, surfaced some tracks long-standing previous life may still experience. Once I read “Thais”, when thousands of men killed in the war, and it’s a horror! We are alone and do not understand that. And all just need to go and break! And I sat and wept, and thought my God, wow! Such feelings are strong. But then, when they began to change their images of the gods, when they became the creators, I thought – what they are all beautiful! I thought, one better than another, what to do ?! I realized that they are sometimes some morons. Their stupidity, that they themselves are associated with some utter nonsense! And in fact, all the gods! I looked and admired by all. It was a gift from the men, I just wanted to kiss all! And I have a great such a request, please, men remain the Gods!

MOYU Marina gr.4: Since the dissolution of a long time did not work under any circumstances, have to present themselves to the military. He disappeared not only bones, but even dust. So I immediately saw myself as the light, or the sound of crystal bells. And so I could not imagine how it was difficult to get to any other body. Best of all was given the image of the old woman. I imagined that I was an old, sick woman, I was kicked out of the kids at home. I stick limped in some tropical ulcers that stink and stink, half blind, not all satisfied, irritable. That walk down the street and I have nowhere to go. Then another Lakshmi, is not very difficult, I presented myself the mother of all mankind, that bring happiness to all and sundry.

The third part of the seminar

So, friends, very little time left, but we dare to meet. The third component of the vast reservoir of Rita Visualization, these are the practices that are shared visualization. Those. note before it was more solitary practice. But, in fact, common practice – it is really a miracle, it really is one factor, and this factor is manifested in many yogis. But the most beautiful and characteristic it is known in Yoga Triad, ie Love in Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Yoga Union. The fact that the interaction between men and women is one of the most complex, one of the most do not understand the potential entering into a large number of both suffering and pleasure and something spiritual beyond. Therefore, the third, however, a large reservoir that, when you begin to use visualization, not only to themselves, but also to your partner, or your partner, your husband or wife. And very interesting a moment in Yoga Visualization: if you already have a husband or wife is very good, is projected on them, but if not, you’re looking for, you sort of start first by yoga Visualization clearly specify, and which, strictly speaking, you you want to get? What the husband, wife, or what? Friends, just absolutely do not have time for that, just a storehouse of wisdom, which is in these practices visualization of male and female. Years needed to be expounded. But we have to start somewhere and so I quite heavily miss the whole theory, if anyone is interested, the theory would have to study separately, or now the practice nothing are not enough, moreover, that any theory is good in the first practice.

Practice 3

The dance couples in love

Now we have to practice the following: both boys and girls in first AnRite dissolve their bodies, and then, spontaneously begin to create their own body in the way in which they want to see yourself, as well as visualization to create their partners on the dance. Those. you visualize any image that you dance. For example, here you are a girl, and you visualize yourself the way your partner, your future husband or wife, a real husband or wife, but only with those deities qualities that you would like to exhibit. And we are somewhat complicate this practice, we add elements to Nyasa yoga is hardly The Touch. You visualize the image and barely touch the person, before the image visualization. And I remind you the main parameter Nyassa that the first is the spinal column, and then everything else.

Here you visualize this image. Then, during the dance, suddenly comes across a real man, take and impose on one another, and do Nyasa already a real person. Then, in the dance, the real man somewhere to move the image again, next, next, that is, Now this game is the transition from the image to the real, from the real to the image. This is a very important exercise, there is not a second to discuss the profound theory of it all. Let’s start.

Final part. Questions.

Yet anyone anything to say? Remarkably, no one wants anything digest. I would ask the next thing to do. If you have the opportunity to be today, or tomorrow, or a week, play, all the things you are now written, is in a more detailed form, and send it by mail. Remember, not all that ninety percent recorded disappears. Cultivate this habit, it is a very good habit, friends. Now a few words more. Practice visualization paired the most difficult, but at the same time the most effective. Does anyone have any questions?

Q: If there is a different quality from the various partners, what kind of image visualization, or wait for spontaneous?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: spontaneously. More questions.

Q: Here we saw the images of the three goddesses, we are working on their own with this picture. We need to visualize them in this manner is, or is it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, there is one such difficulty, to which I referred. For example, all meditations dedicated to the goddess Lakshmi, in a tradition must be preceded by meditation on Dhumavati. Similarly, the same way as for men. Before you destroy something, something must be done. There is some such cyclicality is. Therefore, unless anything, it is best to stick to these rules.

Question: What type of energy visualization?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So the energy for imaging can be dialed, in fact, all the other types of yoga: Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Mantra Yoga, plus a certain asceticism. Those. if you typed through asceticism potential, then it is quite easily transformed into a visualization. Therefore, even pridvoryayut visualization practice some austerity. Once again, the first spring is compressed as it stores energy and then spontaneously decompresses by doing all that is necessary.

Q: How to understand the contradiction that on the one hand we visualize some negative point at the level of the subtle body may


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