Bhakti Yoga (based on seminar)

Bhakti yoga. As much as there are manifestations of man, there are so many different types of yoga and the directions of the sections. We have our ability to sensually and emotionally perceive the world. Bhakti Yoga teaches us that everything that is truly beautiful – behind it a certain manifestation of the supreme principle of the universe can call it the Absolute, God somehow. Where we catch this college, we have to pull, and where we do not see the Supreme, to that we experience disgust and indifference. Bhakti Yoga encourages us to understand the world of the senses, contemplation of the beautiful, the search for a beautiful – Yoga itself, which for this beauty is the highest principle, which made the whole world. Bhakti Yoga says that this Supreme can communicate directly, without intermediaries, like the other person. If we set our minds to it higher, we would like them to absorb and learn to talk to him in the future, people understand that the purpose of his life – is this wonderful ministry. There is a danger in this yoga – it’s fanaticism. If you opened higher in one thing and you’re on your misunderstanding, you start to assume that the only way it can be opened, start to believe that everyone else is dirty and ugly. This built all religious squabbles, all showdown. Therefore, they say that a man invented God, in the sense that he came up with the image, taking himself and increasing many times over, with all its shortcomings. Yoga is not against and not for religion, it complements them. If you opened a college very well through religion if through something else is good too, but by itself it is a very powerful technique, because through the contemplation of the beautiful, you forget about everything around you naturally arrive at the degree of concentration and is easy to reach higher state of samadhi yoga. But the flip side is that you instead admire the beautiful, too, begin to force the neighbor to enjoy this beautiful. This is a danger, however, if you discover something higher, it does not mean that it should be open to all as well as you.

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