2009.05.31. Bhakti Yoga Seminar. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Bhakti Yoga.


This is one of the most interesting yogi. We need you to find out what kind of yoga, what mechanisms are used in this yoga to achieve these goals, it is, generally speaking, works.

According to our good tradition, we will try to explain the most complex things in the simplest language, so that you can have tomorrow to apply in your life this ancient knowledge that is contained in bhakti-yoga.


Start at the beginning: what kind of yoga and how it differs from other yogas. Let me remind you that although the teachings of yoga – it is a single system, but in this teaching has a lot of different directions, and all of these trends lead to a single this purpose. Moreover, as much as there are manifestations of man, as long as there are traits of human nature, the same, there are different approaches to yoga. That is yoga in the sense of universal teaching, and everyone can find something in it that is closest to him in temperament, birth, education, lifestyle.

So, Bhakti Yoga. Before we explain the meaning of this yoga, I would like a picture of human existence before you draw. We are all with you are born small, helpless lumps, needs our, albeit very modest, but at the same time and very urgent and if we are with you, either after birth do not get, you and I have a tendency to cry, cheep or squeal very, very loud to our mother fed us and took care of us. As you know, at the time after a person is born, he does not show kakih-libo intellectual abilities, he is unlikely to philosophize on kakie-to questions of Being, the questions of the universe, but at the same time, his life was entirely filled feelings and emotions, and that, my friends, each of us has passed in infancy. That is, we have been, we have already existed in this embodiment, about any developed mind back then out of the question, or rather has been in our minds, but what would be in potency. And then, later it took years, so that we ourselves brought into the state in which we now find ourselves in such professors of yoga, intellectuals. At the same time, once again, all our interests were limited to the fact that we have fed on time, so we replaced the wet diaper, played with us, when we are happy to lay back and legs moving. Once again, this is the component being when there is some concepts to life plans, such issues “to be or not to be” no problems of our career, wealth, prosperity, or some other philosophical question: “To be or not to be “we absolutely did not care. This does not mean that these issues not just when we were in such a state. And here the question arises, how, in general, relate to a state’s human? Once again I want to emphasize – we passed it, more to the age we tend again somewhere roll down to the same. That is, people with age, of course, not all, but a total weight also tend to move away from more than intelligence, more care from some understanding of his life, from some problems in the area of emotions. Therefore, they say, “that old that young alike.” How to treat this?

It is clear that our modern Western culture output beyond these conditions, it is considered “Well, take the child,” or “take it to the old man.” The main idea of this approach western, western culture: here you are in the beginning to grow, dial the mind of the mind, and this is real life, and the state in its infancy – it’s kind of like not life, it’s kind of like cooking, preparation for future life. Similarly, in the state of old age, it seems, again, it’s kind of like not life, but a slow withering, rolling in the emotions, in the rolling sensation.

With this strongly I disagree yoga. And yoga says that our being, as if it does not manifest itself, or in whatever form we do not manifest themselves, whether a state of infancy or whether a state philosophy professor who reflects on some empyrean of the universe, in effect they have equal area, friends. That is, and especially proud of his intelligence on the background of the emotional state should not be. Yoga does not want to say that it is not necessary to develop their intellectual abilities or intellectual knowledge of the world is, not at all, on the contrary, yoga encourages us to develop their intellectual capacities to do it permanently. But with all this yoga he says that intelligence and our intellectual perception of the world – it’s just some kind of link in the endless chain of our existence. Moreover, our state when we perceive the world or live in a state of infancy, or in a state of decay, it is nothing more, nor less, than neither nor better, it is the same ravnouvazhaemoe or deserves the same serious attitude. That is, in comparison with the level of our being, and yoga teaches us that each of us is our soul or our atma, it is immortal, it passes from life to life, the alternation of birth, childhood, adulthood, then old age, death, birth and then as round and round. And if you watch from the height of our immortal I, our atman, as they say yoga, each of these periods of our existence are equally valuable.

Well, in fact Bhakti-yoga, it is just engaged in aspects such as knowledge of the world through emotion, cognition of the world through the senses, knowledge of the world through such a state as that of a young child who runs to his mother, because the child knows the world, but for it is still the whole universe, it is limited to his mother. Then, of course, when the child will grow up, the universe will expand more, then still expand. So, the child perceives the universe in the first place my mother through the senses, through the warmth, which he gets from his mother, through the sense of satisfaction when he wanted to eat, and my mother fed him, he is already beginning to imagine a happy purr chto-to under his breath, he wants to have to play with him. Such a state is uncomplicated, so simple, and again in our culture related to such a state a few condescending and down. At the same time, yoga says that it is not necessary to treat the child’s condition from the point of indulgence and down. Why? Because the child learns. Moreover, some of the mysteries of the world, certain laws of the universe, he understands better, faster and more direct than the philosopher who has long analyzes some concepts.

Fig.1. A child learns the world through the senses, understands some of the laws of the universe faster than the philosopher, analyzing some concepts.


So bhakti-yoga, just in the first place and that’s been such a sense of the knowledge of the universe, emotional knowledge of the universe, where in general the intelligence is present, but it plays a secondary role. In other yogas, such as in Jnana Yoga or Raja Yoga contrary intelligence comes to the fore, and feelings, in turn, are considered to be somewhat hampered human and taught not to take feelings and fenced off from the senses. That is to ensure that the intelligence was working well, it is necessary that no one interfered with the intellect, and so these yogas as Jnana Yoga, try to isolate themselves from the senses. In Bhakti Yoga exact opposite, nor to isolate itself from the senses, but the reverse situation – to immerse themselves in a sense. And sometimes there is a question, not whether it is dangerous to dive into feelings? The answer is a simple no to this question. If we examine all the teachings of Bhakti Yoga in advance to give an answer, then Bhakti Yoga says that yes, indeed sometimes sink into the feeling is extremely dangerous, and sometimes sink into the feeling or what is not dangerous, but it is a very fast method of yoga.

And the question is this, my friends, is not an idle perfectly for us, as we live, because in addition to our intelligence, we are confronted with certain emotions, certain moments of life we like, some do not like, we arise naturally our feelings and emotions that we are trying to show, and the question is: Do these feelings we should be, or vice versa, whether to suppress? The answer, which gives Bhakti yoga, it follows that if we are slaves to our senses, yes, indeed, if we give ourselves the senses, they are likely to lead us to a lot of problems at the same time, if we are able to control their feelings and give ourselves the feelings, but these feelings are controlled, the senses become one of the most powerful, most such fast engines that lead us to yoga Higher targets.

That is the feeling – it’s kind of this energy, this kind of opportunity. If we properly use this energy, this energy carries us wherever we want to, or to transform the situation in our life is not the way we want it. When you do this very quickly. If on the contrary we become hostage to their feelings and have feelings begin to control us, we will soon gain a lot of problems in life.

Therefore, from the beginning of Bhakti Yoga for a person who just started to learn this science, we should remember that feeling in themselves neither good nor bad, in fact the feelings have the potential for knowledge of the universe, that is, it is one of the tools for understanding the universe to which should be very seriously. At the same time, we should learn to use their senses correctly. Here is a situation where people just block all your senses, suppress it, know it, such an image of an ascetic, a man who is engaged in austerity, that he himself keeps himself in the hands of very tough. On the one hand it gives the impression of strong-willed, decisive, but here are some dangerous brink, passing that, a man strong-willed and determined person turns into a lifeless, dry, uninteresting. This is a very delicate case face so in yoga have always done this advice: should be parallel to go in their spiritual practice, it should be on the one hand, to be able to exercise austerity and be able to analyze the situation with the help of intelligence and reason as it does a professor of philosophy, but in the next moment to be able to completely turn off your intelligence, your mind and completely surrender to the senses as it makes the baby. Moreover, it is at this border transition from one method to another, from one approach to another just opens the true meaning of life, or more fully, we begin to understand: what made our world.

Once again I want to emphasize, when you talk to people such analytical warehouse, they will try to know the universe with the help of formulas, reasoning by some philosophical concepts, if you talk with the yogi, who will attempt to explain the universe, it will talk about maya, about illusion about some laws of associative connections, about some central channels, principles of karma and so on, it will be a, you know, analogue of science. But this is only half of the universe is the other half, it is manifested in the form of our emotional perception of the universe. Here you go out on the street: the sun is shining, birds are singing, the grass is green. And we unwittingly born some emotional response to it. So, what to do with this emotional response, yoga teaches us that we should not in any case it is somehow suppressed, we should use it as much to the other side to see the same universe. That is, on the one hand yoga describes us the universe in the form of some philosophical concepts, mathematical logic is very tight, so the law of karma, and so on, but on the other side of life – it’s some kind of feelings and emotions.

Fig.2. Philosophical concepts, rigid mathematical logic on the one hand and the feelings, emotions, on the other – all these ways of knowing the universe.


So only when and on one side and the other side has an opportunity to people to look at the universe, and the picture becomes more complete. But, just as there are people who are inclined to a purely analytical temperament, and feelings they have in the background, there is also the opposite situation, there is a fairly large stratum of people who are accustomed to in life to rely more on some of his emotions and feelings, rather than this, you know, the calculation. Such a person ask, “How do you live? What is your concept? What is your philosophy? “And he did not even thought about these terms, it simply lives, guided, as it seems, spontaneous reactions. Here he encountered something good, beautiful, he is able to, respectively, admiration, that he was confronted with something unpleasant, he is able to sadness. And on the basis of these reactions is planning his next step in life. And the funny thing is, most surprising, not to say that such a person loses more than analyst who calculates every step by logic. That is, people who do not apply on the face of logic in his life, can also be quite successful there and explore the world.

In the 60 years in our country was a dispute about physicists and poets, whose point of view is more necessary to mankind, whether the art of humanity should be in the form of any manifestations of poetry, painting, sculpture, or should comprehend the world with the help of formulas, laws of physics , the laws of mathematics. Once again Yoga teaches us that these are two integral parts, more indissoluble part, should be used and that, and another. Moreover, if you throw something one, it begins to suffer all together.

Emotions. Sverhlogichnye and instinctive. Their role in the Bhakti yoga.

And now directly to Bhakti Yoga, so we have our senses and, of course, each person asks himself in this or that situation, but do not deceive me whether my feelings. After analyzing your life you remember a large number of the situation, when you give in to their feelings and come to a dead end, but at the same time, if you are more carefully analyze his life, were just the reverse moments when, in spite of logic, on the contrary, surrendering to the feelings you came out the winner. That is all logical constructions told you no, you can not see happiness in this life, and you remove of reason by the wayside, and began to be guided by spontaneous feelings that have emerged and proved victorious. That is, there is a very serious moment, how to find the boundary, from which the feelings take us to the side, and at what point, on the contrary, the feelings we have carried out of some difficult situations. Once again an example, if a small child is hungry, he will squeal good mate so that the entire universe is heard and fed, and it is clear that sooner or later my mother to come and feed. Again, when a philosophy professor suddenly become hungry, it will be five more times to think, and what does he take squeal good mate for the rest of the universe, he is hungry, or to think of the concept as it somewhere to find food. Moreover, it can be so carried away by these very construction of theories, how he could find a piece of bread, that during this time simply die of hunger. Sometimes too much care in theorizing – not the winning strategy. The same applies to yoga: here you start practicing yoga for the purpose of self-knowledge, and you can fully, both in the sea plunge into yoga, even more emotionally and very quickly move on it, and can stick to another concept: the approach to the teachings of yoga and start thinking – but in general if yoga works? And suddenly, in this yoga where a mistake has crept? And suddenly all this teaching does not work? And anyway who said that certain provisions in yoga are true, all of a sudden the opposite has been done? And then pops up a worm of doubt. And our intelligence loves to such questions. The funny thing is that there are questions that the intellect can not in principle be answered. These are issues related to over logic. There are Genesis questions that your mind will simultaneously give two contradictory answers. One answer is – yes, the other will be – no. As a result of such philosophizing, which are aimed at the laws of nature sverhlogichnye who simply do not comprehend the intellect, a man for a long time stuck in the spiritual path.

Direct person opposite, who gave himself up to feelings, emotions, he does not analyze yoga, it just fell into it. It is said – to do this exercise, he did and does. Why do? Because he’s stupid? No, he’s not stupid. He’s just there is an emotional feeling that he just believes in yoga, he does not think that there is right, wrong, where there is truth, which is not true. He soaked some such arrangement to this doctrine, catches it, and during this time, while the wise man begins to justify all, a man who is given such an emotional outburst, quickly achieves good results. It is primarily concerned with not such a yogi, where in terms of intelligence more or less all right, let’s say in the Jnana Yoga or Raja Yoga. But there are yoga is not obvious, for example, vibrating yoga – mantra yoga, it is not obvious. Why does this man have to work with your voice and how it may affect its future development. Or there are many others. And oddly enough the best results are achieved the kind of person who is given to the senses and just immersed in yoga, and then, I’m sorry, on the skin receives the effect, and he feels all this and says, “Yes, it works!”. While the analyst will be a long, long time to think: “And if I deal with it or not to do?”. That is a sensual approach in knowledge of the universe, in the self-knowledge of yoga is not inferior to the intellectual approach. And tomorrow, each one of us before you discard or strengthen this or that feeling, that which it had fallen, can try to analyze: “And, in fact, what is the sense of trying to express?” And the answer for yourself one such question: “is this emotion is a glimpse of something higher that rebuked for this emotion, and should surrender to this feeling or vice versa – the emotion was caused by or generated by some of our instincts, some of our karmic experiences, we all have been some backstory, some the experience is not always positive. Sometimes passing a particular situation, to have produced, like Pavlov’s dogs, conditioned reflex, “the dog sees the stick with which it beat and it is clear she growls at her, she did not love her, she immediately becomes apparent antipathy. But why is it there is this apparent antipathy? It’s just all be explained, the emotion caused by some previous negative experiences. The same situation occurs in our lives. Some of the emotions that we are born – it’s just a veiled conditioned reflexes, like Pavlov’s dogs. But it is complicated by the fact that we have the impression of a bear, positive or negative, as we are taught yoga, not even from this life, and from all previous lives. So sometimes our spontaneous emotional response to some kind of situation, it is caused by a reflex to an event that we have had in this life, and we forgot about it, or indeed any karmic imprint of a past life. Yoga teaches us that we do not remember the specifics with you previous lives, but this emotional vector transmitted from life to life. So as soon as we have a feeling, whether it is a kind of instinct or that it is really a glimpse sverhlogichnogo, that is, it is really a glimpse of some of the higher laws of the universe that can not be expressed by logic, by using common sense.

And why? Because logic and common sense is a good thing, but limited. There are things that she can not express. At the same time, the container of emotions sometimes we hear messages from sverhlogiki. Sometimes people ask the question: yes, we know that such a logic, but what sverhlogika and whether it happens in our lives? Yes, friends, it happens. And it is in this container comes from emotions. Therefore, when a small child babbles something under his breath, “purrs” another song, it may well be that at this point it descends some cosmic revelation, but only expressed in this shell of emotions. He can not conceive of them, he can not coherently say anything about them, but they are expressed here in the form of emotions, so if you carry out a classification of emotions in our lives, there are two different kinds of emotions. Emotion as a container vessel, which in one case is a container for something sverhlogichnogo, what comes to us and makes some higher structure of our mind called intuition, to perceive this information is a state. But at the same time, sometimes the emotions come to the container, contain only our previous experience, it is predictable and understandable, again, like Pavlov’s dogs. And this sticking point, this is the main danger of this Yoga, Bhakti Yoga. And this is the main point spurt in Bhakti Yoga. That is, we are called Bhakti yoga is equally attentive to any emotion when she had not emerged, by the way, not necessarily in the waking state, it can occur in the dream state. So every emotion that comes to be recognized by us, whether it is a message from above, or it’s just a veiled our instinct. And if you do, I’m sorry, I have a slang word to apply, if you like Pavlov’s dogs develop into a nose for sverhlogiku, you will go very quickly. That is, intelligence will not have time for you. That is, you take a step in the spiritual development of his intellect still did not even understand what happened to you, and then only with time intelligence begins to catch up with you or understand you’re moving in any direction. So, if you develop the sense of smell, this intuition on what what are the emotions, we can say that you will succeed in Bhakti Yoga for the full program, more spiritual your way is just enormously accelerated.

And the opposite situation, if you succumb to the emotions, which are veiled by your instincts, we carry within us from life to life, they have to no good will bring, and they will have each time to drive from one trap to another, from one dead end to another. So pay attention here on this accent, in Bhakti yoga does not say anything about the fact that some feelings are good, and some bad feelings. Or some emotions are good and some bad. The emphasis is on the other – to recognize that a particular emotion or feeling or that tries to bring us. Therefore, if you feel fear, if you are experiencing anger, jealousy, envy, lust, some other emotion, rather the sign negative, or you feel a sense of courage, determination, such heroism, that is feeling rather with a plus sign, ie, you do not divide by nature of origin, you try to understand, and what they were called. The feeling of heroism, which was built on the basis of folly lead you into a trap. You know, usually these people “reckless”, “mountains on the shoulder,” and they begin to grasp the cause of his collapse, well, it seems so simple, they are bold and decisive. On the contrary, sometimes the feeling of fear, which at first glance, what is the feeling of fear, well, yes it is that some of our instinctive reaction, and suddenly it sverhpreduprezhdenie with sverhlogiki level, that logically you can not even count. That is, the question is to learn to recognize them. The difficulty in Bhakti yoga is compounded by the fact that you and me were falling in mixed emotions. If we always condescended to behold these emotional revelation, which is a container for something sverhlogichnogo, we would rather quickly understand how they feel. Or conversely, if we have to constantly fell emotions which are caused by our instincts, too, would then have the conversation was short, just cut them all, as in asceticism say, “cut off all emotions.”

But the problem lies in the fact that everything is mixed up in that one emotion was illumination from above, and the following may be caused by some kind of karmic your flaw, and that is it’s all mixed up. And the average gray mass even allows you to identify which class of emotions to which refers. This is a very serious problem, but fortunately here just helps intelligence, that’s when you’re really in doubt, found out for you a revelation from above or it’s just it’s your some regular clouding the mind, expressed in some strong emotions, here it is just very good to use intelligence. Why? Because intelligence is inclined to quickly find stupid, do not dock, illogical and will not leave one stone upon another of those provisions, that these emotional here. At the same time, if our intelligence to face with something sverhlogichnym, he simply broken off of their teeth sverhlogiku intellect, logic is not able to destroy sverhlogiku. Therefore, it is important that we had intelligence, despite the fact that we are accustomed to a life wholly given to emotions, feelings. Very good, if you have a touchstone in the form of intelligence, even if you are not using it.

Thus, we have built such a kind of logical-sverhlogichnaya picture: we have to be attentive to any emotions that we had no neglect. This is a big mistake when the yogi begins looking away, discard all, but rather a way to get lost, get lost, but at the same time is very good to use intelligence against any teeth emotion. If emotion is generated sverhlogikoy, intelligence is not able to eat it. If on the contrary emotion has been made by some of our instincts, intellect, will not leave any stone. That is, in fact, than it is now engaged in modern psychology, is an attempt to just using the intelligence that’s the way to eat all the emotions that are just a wrapper for our instincts. And I must say that in some cases the public is real good. But sometimes forget that as emotions can get caught for a revelation from on high, and, of course, intelligence is not able to eat it, but you’re wasting your time.

Danger – so if you start to indiscriminately accept any of your emotion as a phenomenon of something over. Where we see the manifestation of this risk? Oddly enough, we see it very often not in yoga circles, though in yoga circles, honestly I must say, sometimes there are such moments and in certain philosophical and religious organizations, sometimes in various scientific organizations. When suddenly born some national idea, and it becomes self-sufficient, it is very good we see in all sorts of sectarian organizations. What is a sectarian organization? This is usually a mixture of one emotion and other emotions. As a rule, the intellect there is always all too bad, but would still like to have some power there, if they had no power, they would be the next day fell apart, but we are seeing some sectarian organizations quietly live from generation to generation. Precisely for this reason they live, that there really is from time to time they come down chto-to higher and gives it momentum for survival, but at the same time, the followers of the sectarian organizations as uncritically accept all the other emotions that are usually They are just instincts. And as a result it turns out that on the one hand, this sect is stable, it feeds vse-taki chem-to over, but on the other side of it a detriment because the adherents of these secret sciences there kakoe-to lewdness committed, there , that usually results in all negative attitudes. That is the most terrible thing – it is a hodgepodge. It is, unfortunately, really observed in yoga, including yoga and Bhakti. And here I must also reveal a sad moment, unfortunately, the knowledge of Yoga, which comes to us from India, it is so steeped in local color and local way of life, a way of life in India – it is very often religion. Religion in India – it’s probably the most favorite topic. So a lot of yoga, which comes to us from India, she sometimes or in the shell of religion, or on the contrary, it is a religion in yoga shell with all its consequences. Once again I want to stress, yoga, it is not against religion, yoga is very respectful of all religions, but at the same time, yoga and religion – two different things. Yoga complements religion, but yoga itself and the religion itself. Unfortunately, much of the teachings of Bhakti yoga, which is now penetrating the West or to our country through the West of India, has a pronounced religious tinge. For India, it is normal, it’s natural, it’s part of their culture, so they just live. You know, in our time in the country was a favorite idea of building socialism and communism, well, that’s because we’re just living, but when it is transferred to another stage where the lifestyle different, where the mentality, perception completely different – it often plays a very bad service, but the biggest danger is that here the whole conglomerate of Bhakti yoga, exported from India, who comes here, just in itself, and contains very often just such a hodgepodge of regulations, that there really people who profess this doctrine all the time descend revelation in the form of emotions, they sing some sacred names or meditate on some sacred images, or are some kind of a lifestyle and really comes some such emotion is something sverhlogichnogo, which certainly is, but in the form of the or other details and it supports these organizations and these trends in yoga. But at the same time there is a huge number of such moments even on an emotional level, which are in its container, no more, no less, but simply obscurantism, that’s pure obscurantism, ie remnants of some feudal. And sometimes they are a role at all, even ridiculous, say in certain schools of this kind of Bhakti yoga, but not only of Bhakti Yoga, you can find the assertion that the state of enlightenment can reach only a man and a woman to reach this state to be born a man. That is clear discrimination. For whatever reason, God knows how it happened, when it happened, why this form is preserved, and the most insulting, it’s trying to somehow grow on our soil. Well, firstly, it has nothing to do yoga, sometimes under some more emotional justification given, that is, you have to be very careful.

So everything about Bhakti Yoga, unfortunately, there is a great danger that this pure doctrine of bhakti you will not be critical to eat, and really, really a lot of junk that just hit the plate. And if you have this is now a subtle sense of recognition, you will begin to understand very quickly: yes, this is the true teaching, but this is some kind of cultural heritage, in fact, has no relation at all to yoga.

But the trouble is that if you are at least in one thing opened higher. For example, you descended the emotion that was sverhlogichnogo container and you have opened spiritual eyes. Usually, you know – so it is always interesting to watch converts followers of any sect or religion. Here he lived himself, was a – that dull, gray, and suddenly you meet the same person, his eyes light up, it is all some naelektrolizovanny starts you something to tell what he had a bad life, that he has now found . And this momentum lasts, but usually after a year or two, they all start to go out. And then it is either a habit. Why? Because, yes indeed, he realized something over in emotional form, it opened his eyes and under the influence of intoxication, he begins, everything they got, have all the other concepts that let the wife fear her husband, then, that comes from these countries, from which they suffer themselves. Or kakaya-to caste system, friends, it’s a horror when I hear yogis among the sane, that our country should all be divided into castes, poor India does not know how to get rid of them, and we try to impose it, who to which belongs to the caste. In general, it sometimes becomes uncomfortable, and the man, which opened in one thing, it starts there, and everything else. And I hear quite serious allegations that all yoga should live according to the laws of Manu, it was a set of rules in the early medieval India. Friends, our domostroj – it’s just a declaration of human rights, in comparison with the laws of Manu. A person emotional eating, eating, eating, it is clear that sooner or later he is not docked, the eyes faded out in my head, but then in these religious and sectarian formations, there is always a very good expression, that you will be tempted. And as soon as his head begins to something to dock, he said well, you see not docked, do you have a great lawsuit, thereby blocking the mind. That is all very cleverly thought out, some of these organizations may be from one generation to exist to the present day. How should we treat them? Yoga believes that it is necessary to treat them with kindness, an attempt to ban them – it’s just you their best efforts, an attempt to disperse them, so they will be even more. Why? Because there is the opposite effect, that the more you push, the more the power of combining occurs. So they rallied with each other and do not notice any inconsistencies within his system. And the worst thing for these organizations, that for such distortions – this is when they are left alone, they tend themselves to fall apart. Here once at war with them, they too are fighting, they hold, they are alive, but they left – they have collapsed. Why? Because other energy they have, they use the energy of external force.

Let’s go back. This is a very serious risk, and therefore sometimes happens that a person is engaged in yoga Bhakti yoga, and really it was opened, and really Bhakti Yoga he went, and indeed in some or the other, for example, in terms of Hinduism. And now look, already people began to dress like an Indian, is already beginning, there is only the food that is eaten, and the Indians only hands, the man quietly begins to turn into something very strange. Some of it is very helpful. Because it is know as a child role-playing game: you go away from reality and at the same time away from their bad karma. So from your society to demand something, and your bad karma unfolded. And here you are just out of the game and, accordingly, there is no way to get out of your bad karma. That is, in this, too, there is a reasonable component, but then sometimes a period of obscurantism, when a man with burning eyes turns into a fanatic and starts foaming at the mouth to tell that just as he said, so there. That is yoga turns to religion, and in the worst of its side. Once again, my friends, this is a danger, do not get caught on it.

While we did not have the experience to go through revelation from above, in the emotional way, it is that we know about-ho-ho disclosed, but believe me, as soon as this happen to you, as soon as the first time, the first glimpses of excess in the form of emotions will flood you for all of you that this has been experienced will be sacred, and clothing Hindu becomes sacred, and eat with your hands will be sacred, and the pantheon of gods of the Hindu, you remember that there are very specific images of Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu, Krishna and so on for you become as relatives and friends. Why? Because they have something to do with the emotional state is very high, you have experienced, and here comes a very dangerous moment is not critical. That’s when this uncritical be overcome, you can in no time yourself to become a fanatic. It is very dangerous, friends, very quick method on the one hand, but on the other hand, you can become a fanatic. In fact, the fanatic nobody has ever become, I remind you that in any yoga two yoga principle, what would you yoga is not practiced what yoga you would not have practiced, say, the same Bhakti yoga, you remember, that is the first principle the second principle of yoga.

The first principle says that we should not bring harm to anyone, that is, it immediately restricts our ability to make a bad karma. You never know what you there will be opened through the emotions, opens something positive, and then open any nonsense, but suddenly this crap you will drive on any feats bad, because so full of history, the holy war some It declared, then something else, and the poor people suffer, but then it all has to come up against the first principle of yoga. Yeah, you’ve got there revelation to kill all of humanity in the name of ideals of yoga, and it is consistent with the first principle? Oh, it is not consistent, so it was a hallucination. This, of course, important, but what’s the trouble? When a person is in this emotional state, he tends to forget about everything.

Vector emotion in Bhakti Yoga. Communication with the Absolute

So, we have emotions, which we have emotions, well, to transfer us they will not, get a big enough list, but there are emotions related, very close to the states, flowing from one to another, there is, in contrast, fear – courage, love – hatred. These two scales, one hand, one emotion, on the other hand other emotion, and so in fact in any such opposite emotions involved one and the same energy. You know, saying this: “From love to hate one step.” Why? Because the energy is the same, the vector can be different, so the first thing that starts with Bhakti yoga, it starts with the fact that you analyze all my emotions to detect – if there is in them something sverhlogichnogo. The life of such a person is really more like a state of the baby, that is, the head intellectually pure, uncomplicated, not burdened by the ideas in the best sense of the word. Moreover, all the emotions you experience still the same, you do not analyze, “Oh, this is a bad emotion, it is necessary to get rid of it, oh, it’s a good feeling, it needs to be cultivated.” Dispose or cultivate only makes sense after you identify whether this emotion is a container for the Supreme, or it was a manifestation of emotion container for your instinct. Finally, the most important position in the Bhakti yoga is, in fact, and that emotions guide.

Any emotion that arises, it is not there, just friends, it has some relation to something. That is, there is some vector – love for something, hatred for something, greed against something, fear about something. There is always an object or phenomenon – figures of emotions. We send all of our emotions, that, as they say, are folded under our arm or that life to us each day brings, life is something to bear, and these are caused by emotions, but yoga, you remember – it’s self-system . Bhakti Yoga – this is just one of the directions of the self-system, so that’s what offers learn Bhakti Yoga. Bhakti yoga is primarily seeks to understand the universe around us, that is, the focus is neither on ourselves, experiencing a particular emotion, and that gives rise to this emotion, that is, the universe around us. Moreover, as a system of knowledge, Bhakti Yoga encourages us to devote all our emotions on the principle that the entire created our universe, yoga usually say the Absolute, this implies a principle that made our entire universe. The term Absolute is very abstract, it is difficult to determine to religion, as a rule, this term implies a god or gods, a single or plural number, or more abstract things – there kakoy-nibud holy spirit, and what the definition of hard to give. What is meant by the holy spirit? Or some great cosmic principle of controlling the whole universe, or vice versa any luminous emptiness Buddhists – the prime cause of all. In yoga, not to enumerate all the possible combinations, as a rule, they say – the Absolute. From the term itself so clear, absolutely all manifestation, which can be understood by this.

In fact the root cause of our universe, it is so fantastic, so grand, so ineffable that no definition of our vocabulary is still not able to describe it. If we say that the root cause – some law Dao, such as the impersonal, it is the root cause may manifest itself as a very specific person, for example, as our friends the Hare Krishna, they all around Krishna. Either one or the other God besides personal, supra, to list a very long time and still something, but forget, and anyway someone would not pleased. Somehow, religious leaders do not like the Buddhists, Buddhists do not like, who is the personal god, in general, all together are not satisfied, in every religion and in every philosophical currents have such a representation of the root cause, which created the world, at what its they consider most good, loved, understood, and someone else’s false, heretical, unnatural. That is always the religious or philosophical war of misunderstanding. Yoga is not going here to join in this fight, so she would rise above the fray, she says, “is the Absolute and everything.” And it can manifest itself as anything, the fact he and the Absolute. Yes, so in Bhakti yoga focuses on the direction of all your emotions just to the root cause or the Absolute, or the fact that gave rise to our entire universe. That is, our emotions – is a kind of tool, and we are sending this instrument on the knowledge of the universe around us, to the knowledge of the Absolute.


Figure 3. Our emotions – is a kind of tool in Bhakti Yoga we direct the tool to the knowledge of the universe around us, to the knowledge of the Absolute.


So, once again, in the Jnana Yoga is sent intelligence to the knowledge of the Absolute, in the Bhakti yoga sent emotions and experiences to the knowledge of the Absolute, as you know, the difference between intelligence and emotions significant enough, but yoga teaches us that, as the intelligence approach, and approach should apply the same emotions. In Bhakti Yoga, again preferred to use emotions.

Well, now specifically for you and me tomorrow. So we woke up and faced with some emotion and that emotion can be considered in relation to some small local specific situation, your personal karma, your life circumstances, what is called, what you are facing nose to nose. Well, you start to act differently, you begin to really try to recognize the emotion. And suddenly, the emotion, although superficially looks like the product of a very specific situation with which we are faced nose to nose, but is actually a container for chego-to sverhlogichnogo that will allow us to know the Absolute, all present the origin of all, because in the end, our specific situation, it is only a small island of the entire universe, and it is inseparable from the whole universe, and it is a continuation of all the laws that exist in the universe. And why not do the back, why’s this emotion is not directed to attempt to understand the whole universe, that is, you start to consider any of your emotion with such cosmic heights, or with such a situation, it is no small your gray, miserable, momentary emotion that it is not clear whether some instinct, or even do not understand that, and you start to prescribe her a cosmic significance, treat it as a manifestation of the Absolute, who is talking to you in the language of emotions. It is the same with a small baby, he’s the same way with his mother talking, talking, he can not, comprehend, he did not know how, there is a reaction to an emotion, any circumstances that he evokes emotions, he analyzes this emotions. But these emotions is my mother, because for a young child the whole world mom, dad will only be when grow up, will appear somewhere in the background, to teach the mind to reason, but it will happen. When the child is small, mostly mom.

So just as well and is called bhakti yoga analyze every emotional situation, as communication, conversation with the Absolute or chat, the conversation with the cosmic mother. That is, if there is any emotion, we are starting to be communicated to the situation that caused it, and begin its broadcast to the source of the Absolute, which gave rise to all situations. If in other words to explain it the same as we are, my friends, begin a way to communicate with the Absolute, to communicate emotionally, and not by means of words, ideas, concepts, and emotionally. And now, looking forward a lot, that’s the basic idea of Bhakti Yoga, the main driving force behind it is that if we are to do so, sooner or later, my friends, all of a sudden starts to occur very weird thing: Absolute begins to respond. Just as the cry of a baby mama resorts and doing something, that’s exactly the same chance to practice, which is engaging in the practice of Bhakti Yoga Absolute begins to respond. Moreover, it is clear how to answer. Answer in the form of events, phenomena, other emotions.

But what is dialogue? It is a certain kind of logic: the question – the answer, it is certain – the interaction, that is a meaningful interaction, that is when you realize that on the other end is not just an abstract chto-to not clear, and at the other end another interviewee, the interviewee Absolut . Moreover, when this begins to happen to a man, that’s just here and there is such a pure, when all of a sudden comes the emotion of the Absolute person, man it is going through, but this emotion is not just an emotion, a wholly container for sverhlogichnogo that He is trying to convey to us the Absolute. Sometimes it can be very interesting, even if you analyze the Bhakti yoga, or those people who deal with Bhakti yoga, all of a sudden starts to happen a series of phenomena of conscious, for who did not seem awareness. That is an example, you ask a question, and the answer comes in installments, beginning of the sentence read in the newspaper, the second part of the sentence overheard at the bus stop, the two women were talking, a third of the bird chirped, and it just all came together. This has a children’s game “Rebus,” she used to be very popular, and now I do not see that it was popular. Meaning, the one who has never faced, as a rule, this is a leaf of paper in the mixed picture, some syllables, some concepts and now this all have to make sense as a rule, it is a proposal, well, different happens as you know, from the puzzle, and completely different in nature, the origin, the nature of where they came from, suddenly again, and it all merges into a single picture, and you begin to understand that the universe is talking to you, talking to a very understandable unambiguously clear to you language . You are not there is not the slightest doubt that you wanted to say. And, as a rule, is still in a container of emotions, usually ecstatic that people from this communication falls into a trance state, that is, he suddenly leans on a wave of ecstasy kakogo-to such incomprehensible that run shivers down your spine, eyes opened that is, he is in a state of complete ecstasy. And this state is completely saturated with meaning, and meaning even somewhere elusive, sverhlogichnom. Those are the people who deal with Bhakti yoga, and eventually begin to experience such conditions, moreover it is Bhakti Yoga is just the science allowing as soon as possible to come to this state, one-on-one to communicate with the universe, one-on-one to communicate with the Absolute, and primarily to start it is through emotional communication, and only then through the intelligent. Although at certain stages of this is the emotional pulls intelligent further development.

This is still one of the very interesting mysteries of yoga that, as a rule, people who go to the Bhakti Yoga and seemingly completely from the point of view of the ordinary do not develop your mind, but strangely enough they all have, but true Bhakti yoga, and not those who slipped into this or that sectarian or obscurantism, they all have a very sharp intellect. Why? Because the first is a breakthrough in sverhlogichnoe, and it pulls sverhlogichnoe and logic. The question is, where the first spurt, and where the second catch-up factor, and so the universe begins to communicate with us, and when she starts to talk to us not very much – we have it captures, then wakes up the intelligence and begins to explain, to say that in the early stages of Bhakti Yoga, if the person is unable to control his intellect, intelligence begins to him to hurt terribly, that is, the person has experienced some kind of ecstatic state, is long in action this ecstatic state, then how would the emotion subsided, and the intellect begins as if to tear down, demolish memories he says: “yes it was all by chance”, the intellect can not see over, so he immediately begins to search for logical explanations, in that it is very good value, so he kills the shit out of us. But the flip side, it begins just as well try to destroy and sverhlogiku. Destroy it, he can not, so it is only trying to make us all sides of doubt: “Are you sure that you’re worried about it?”, “Are you sure that this was the ecstasy, not a hallucination?”. That is very insidious because it begins, as they say, to tempt as to: whether this experience is real, or we do come up, but there is a very serious argument against which the intellect is powerless, namely “apple for apples recognize.” Therefore, if you have had an experience of true here such ecstasy, communication sverhlogiki in this container of emotions, your life tends, first, change for the better, and secondly, it gives a very significant imprint on all of your future life for the better . That is, you get, as a rule, after the experience of ecstasy less psychopathic, more restrained, more sustained, that is the most that neither is on, you get positive qualities. This is perhaps one of the most reliable of these counter arguments for your mind, if you have lived something, but life in you then, as she was, and remains no, then yes, most likely it was a hallucination, that’s this form of emotions.


Answers on questions


Question from the audience: According to the first part, nor on what Tantra yoga is no different?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. No, the difference is, and we touch. But if more fully to speak not about Tantra Yoga, our school is called a triad. We Tantra Yoga, Union of Yoga, Yoga Love, in fact it three components, three persons. We can say the following, that here so tersely, answered unequivocally. Triad – it is like a practical High Bhakti Yoga. And why Higher? Because the very specific instructions are given, attempting to communicate with the Absolute, but brought it to perfection, perhaps even at this seminar will touch that is best considered as a window for the Absolute – is when the Absolute manifests itself concretely to us through a man.


Question from the audience: What do without a man?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And no man – so when you’re one on one with the universe. There’s a bird began to sing, you said something, there’s a stream. That is, this perception of the Absolute, as a whole across the world, but it is very hard to do. This extreme level of abstraction and is much easier if we begin to perceive the Absolute through another person. We were so taken with you that we are the most susceptible to communicate with another person, we just got used to it. Moreover, for most men naturally perceive a woman, hence the triad is born, it is the actual method to communicate with the Absolute, the young man through a girlfriend, husband through his wife, and so on. That is, if I describe the difference. In addition, there is, of course, there are plenty of small notes, in particular, with regard to yoga lovers, but the basis is clear the same.


Question from the audience: the feeling, huh?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The fact is that in the triad, there is not only the feelings. If the answer to this question with the axiomatic point of view, the foundation of bhakti yoga – a system of axioms of the macrocosm, but in the triad, equally serves as a system of axioms of the macrocosm and microcosm system of axioms. That is, there is added to the Bhakti Yoga is more practical and Jnana Yoga is more.


Question from the audience: And you said that the answer comes in installments?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I said, for example, is not necessary.


Question from the audience: Simply, if for instance take longer engaged, the reduced time between question and answer.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, I cited as an example, to convey the concept to convey the degree of abstraction, which can communicate with the Absolute. Sometimes people ask me: “And how is it – to communicate with the Absolute, the sky opened up, it means that there is such a cautionary hand waves and thunderous voice:” you are a man, what’s doing? “No, I am in terms of abstraction?..

Question from the audience: You said that the consequences of different emotions: the first can be seen sverhlogika second kind of instincts. And whether positive emotions have on instincts.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Here is an example where a dog “Pavlova” a bowl of soup, bring, her saliva immediately released, it immediately begins to tail swing, that is, it has a very good feeling, now it is to be fed.


Question from the audience: And another question, you say that if a person is engaged in bhakti yoga, he begins to communicate with the Absolute on the language of emotions, but because the Absolute so communicates to us the language of emotions. Perhaps we did not realize until we started to engage in bhakti yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But it is certainly a question of all yoga. As long as we do not start to make efforts in some direction, all these signals, they say, in one ear, flew to the other. Another thing, you know, there is a saying, I do not remember at what mathematics is a popular expression that God is the Lord speaks to humanity in the language of mathematics. Yoga completely agree with this, but, in addition, yoga still be added as Absolut deals

the language of feelings and emotions with the common man.


Question from the audience: Words and Bhakti Bhava – root word?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, I did not want to raise this issue and Bhakti Bhava Communications, but even “naked ear” heard.


Question from the audience: How negative emotions directed to the Absolute?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Now let’s talk about this.


Question from the audience: Could you tell us more, we can distinguish two kinds of emotions, moreover, that the intellect can not eat it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Eat can not – that’s for sure. Apple trees for apples is determined by the results. That is, very often I meet people who tell me: “You know, been on the seminar is opened to me, I is opened, and opened the third eye.” Well, usually we all Kundalini awakens. Begin such stories. Well, actually it appears to a person experienced some unusual condition for him, anyway – he says emotionally. Then he takes a year or two or three, you meet the same person, you ask him: “How?”, You think woke up, did not sleep, now you will see it is that people will tell you three years. You asked him: “Well?” trembling, he said: “that how?” That is, people have forgotten the third week. It is clear that there is a technique, for example, if you take oxygen tank, open the valve and inhale it, you still will float in such glowing terms. It is the property of oxygen, it even as an anesthetic used one time, a person euphoric state of excess oxygen in the blood. This unusual condition, every day we do not face it, but then bounced back, and we forget about it and how it came. Another thing that we really have experienced some kind of spiritual ecstasy, and he left his mark on all of our lives, and we forget about it already can not, because from that moment on, say, we have life abruptly turned in the right direction. Therefore, it is easy thus to track whether a person has actual experience, or he was not, it takes several years, ask him if he does not even remember what happened to him and what was not, means nothing, probably real and was not .


Question from the audience: Are you saying that if the emotion comes from the instincts, it is desirable to control it, but then the danger is that we can not control it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Why? Intelligence, we just can control something when. Intelligence – is a good taskmaster, but in fact our whole life and teaches to overcome shyness or some confidence to disclose as useful. In my heart, as they say, we shiver as the mouse, but you have to force yourself. Makes Himself once, twice, three, then it enters into the habit of victory over them.


Question from the audience: Maybe, I do not quite understand when people come to us emotions, we react to these emotions, how to channel emotions Absolut practice. For example, I wake up in the morning, my daughter smiles at me, I have a feeling the joy, love, I want to somehow respond to it specifically here, and I would like instead is directed to the Absolute. we will not thereby deprived of their loved ones?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: God forbid! On the contrary, you daughter smiling, is the Absolute you smiling through her daughter, respectively, and the Absolute smile – his daughter. In the Absolute there are no other bodies, in addition to the bodies of people, there are no other eye than the eye of other creatures. There was a question about the difference in front of this, we have the so-called triad of yoga, which says there is an allegorical expression: “if you are looking for the Absolute, look for it in person.” That is, people – the clear window through which shines the Absolute, there is a bird chirped, stream zazhurchal, yes, it is too absolute, but the most powerful way it shines through a person, so when we came to this signal from a man well on the person it is necessary and back. As a guide to the Absolute? Again, through the one through whom it is, and not what we someone smiles, and we turned away: “For Absolute Yes, thank you, I understand.”. After all, who this daughter, daughter in fact – it is the Higher Self, I am a daughter is no different from the Absolute, nature identical. Simply, if seen in the daughter of the Absolute, it is through it will shine. That’s the way again in yoga triad quite practical issues, but we probably have their touch in our workshop.

The effect of magnetization


We stopped on the fact that in the Bhakti yoga urge to know the universe through the senses, through emotions. When we are faced with a particular situation that makes us one or another emotion, we try to see not just the specific local situation, as well as what is behind this situation. This situation – it is like a window into the Absolute.

And there is a theme, it is well developed in some religions. Once again, though, and that yoga is distancing itself from religion, but in fact religion all methods are explained quite well in yoga. This is the effect of holy places, it is the effect of icons, what some of the sacred statues and so on. After all, what is an icon? The image of something higher. And there is a very interesting effect that, when a very long road to the Supreme accessed via this icon, then in the future, in these religions, they say, the icon becomes namolennye. In the future, any other person coming to this icon, suddenly inclined to feel certain emotions, which are the more likely it is a container for sverhlogiki for some kind of revelation. The same situation – effect of the temple. If in one place people constantly direct their emotions to college, they like to thereby magnetize this place. Later the same person comes and is already more easily adjusted to the Supreme wave. An interesting case, when a person in general the first time in my life gets in this place, it picks up this emotional and college begins to speak with him. Anyway, as a percentage of the probability of this drastically increases than in any other place. There is a magnetizing effect. Thereby explained sometimes describe some great yogis or Yoginis. Wandering Yogi or Yogini every three days, moving from one place to another place. There are many different patterns of existence. In one of the schools of yoga is such, and, coming as early as this man in humans, even far from something spiritual, or something like that yogic suddenly themselves are beginning to wake up certain emotions, filled with some kind of sacred, the transcendent meaning like aura around a person. The result is what is called the sacred symbols. Again the same icons, temples, statues. Until they shine through college, they are sacred to the people who come there, but in itself is a plain paper, a simple stone or usual place under the sun, where the temple is built. This is another very interesting effect on the Bhakti yoga classes. The man who directs his emotions on Higher and thereby gradually each time reinforces and strengthens faith in college (as it cuts through the channel to the Highest). In the future, this channel is in itself, that’s a very interesting effect.

There is an explanation in terms of Jnana Yoga, as it all takes place on a more subtle level with the involvement of a serious theory. She explains how the association raises, which are the channel guide. But this section rather Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga than. Bhakti Yoga in this sense is a practical science.

Sometimes this effect is that if any one and the same place once you Higher opened, it tends to move in the same place again to open the second, third and so on. That is, it gets easier and easier. As the road is rolled, one car drove through the grass, the second is already trample the grass, already rammed earth and so on, and then later there is a road. That such an effect occurs, and oddly enough, he then got another interesting continuation. This is all kinds of amulets.

Usually, the amulet understand some thing, having seemingly magical effects. But initially it is a channel for the Supreme and High School shows its aspect through this channel. If this channel is not – it’s just a piece of cloth, a meaningless nothing. But we go further.


The channel with the Supreme

We stopped on the fact that in the Bhakti yoga urged not to abandon the emotions and use them very seriously. Finally, the call to direct those emotions in the Absolute.

Good question was asked:

– If the mother’s daughter through college opened by a particular emotion, as she should be responsible?

Of course, if the daughter shines through college, then the answer should be a daughter, as a personification of the Supreme. Related to this is another very interesting point: at the time of manifestation of the Supreme, you will not be able to discern where the college, and where the instrument through which it manifests itself. That is, if the Upper Light to you through your daughter, at the moment when it shines, there is no difference for you between your daughter and Higher. But I can give any number of other examples. For example, it may be an icon or image of the sacred in certain religions. So for the person for whom it is the highest light, at the moment when he perceives it, he erased all the faces, all the separating factors, and it just does not see the difference. That’s why there are all kinds of sacred symbols of different religions, and people are extremely sensitive about, if in his presence then this symbol are not appropriately. Let’s say, for a man was a sacred icon, and someone pulled her then, took smashed and burned. Or like in the movies show the Gentiles. I remember, some worshiped the tree and through the tree dealt with them higher. Then came some that the new religion, the tree cut down for firewood. It is understood that the person for whom was the channel with the higher and then that this channel is picked up and chopped in his eyes, of course, he feels terrible discomfort. Why? Because, at the time of manifestation of the Supreme brink erased. It should be the kind of thing that the Supreme can be manifested through anything, and at a time when it is manifested through anything, you will not be able to share where one ends where the other begins. But in the future still have to use your mind to understand that it’s just been a channel, that channel can be destroyed or may change and higher as it has been, and remains, it can manifest itself through some other channel .

Finally, following a moment, he in this essential Bhakti yoga, Although we have long been talking about it, but I emphasize it again. If we direct our emotions on college by the channel through which we opened higher, then higher, we respond. This statement is yoga. Because sometimes a question: “Well, yes, I appealed to the Supreme, treated, and he is, she is silent,” It’s like a conversation in one direction: you hang out, and you do not respond. Of course, this is a very difficult moment in a difficult karmic plane. Because according to the law of karma, if you have five lives shouted: “Hey, college, me poke your nose and have nothing to talk to me, and know you do not want, and see you do not want to, and communicate with you do not want, and all you and probably no, what is Absolute? Yoga come up with some kind of Absolute! “. And one such phrase from life to life, the lives of five consecutive repeats. And on the sixth life I decided: “No, probably vse-taki is:” Well, talk to me! “. First was generated by another trend, and then the opposite. And, of course, is entirely falls under the law of karma:” you reap what you sow “But if you long cried.” Do not come to me one “, and then you start to frantically scream:”! come, come, “it is clear need for some time to come is a problem alone. .

Many people who are on the path of spiritual development, saying: “Nobody do not want to know, we ourselves with a mustache, do get along, no we do not need, we ourselves are self-sufficient, in general, we will meditate before the night, neither husband nor wife is not needed, neither the parents nor the children, no one I need. ” And so they live for so long, and then understand the skewed this situation. Already and we are happy to chat, and look for myself and husband and wife, or friends and girlfriends, but they built a wall around themselves and need some more time to break down this wall. Of course, sooner or later everyone will come, but the effect of the delay is associated exclusively with the freedom of the will. That is, or should ask for much more to come than previously ordered not to come to this: that one trend of other fractures, or wait.


But in any case, is not, according to yoga, so you turned to the Supreme and High School can not hear you, this does not happen at all. In fact, it follows from the very deep, fundamental principles of the structure of our world. Principle of balance: each point in space, every second time is a factor, fully guarantee your enlightenment. So once you have a desire, in the same time there are all the conditions for its implementation, so the world works. All the desires of this world are executed, when the issue.

Yes, indeed, there is the time factor. So there is no such that you are treated to the Higher and higher you will not meet. Higher answers you always, but you do not know how to recognize it. Rather, it speaks to you in plain language, but you’ve confused yourself, you do not understand clearly what has been said to you.

Usually this happens because a person is very long lived on this principle, according to which many ordinary people live their entire lives. They begin to relate to the world and the universe begin to ascribe environmental qualities, which themselves possess, If a man was lying, he believes that the world around him was lying. Therefore, when the world he is responsible, he is already on the subconscious to work out such curtains covering the mind, so as not to miss this information, since He said it deliberately false. It turns out that, referring to the Absolute, the Absolute in the same moment and we respond. But since we have our previous negative karma, we ourselves too long deceived and deceiving others, we simply do not trust, do not believe these channels distort the information put in their way did not break through the wall. A free will, it is the universal law of the universe, no one breaks, even the Absolute. Absolute will never rape your free will by his presence. Absolute comes only to the one who was calling him. If a person says on the contrary: “I do not know any of the Absolute does not want to know, and in general it is not,” Absolut says: “Okay, well, do not you know – live without me.” The question is: “Live well without me, and by what rules?”. The answer is that according to the rules that man himself invented. This is called the law of Karma, that is, we ourselves have come up with the rules of the game in which we live.

So, as a result, we came up with ourselves too much intricate maze of rules of the game, which began to live what we are appealing to the Absolute, the Absolute immediately respond, but as long as his answer will go through our internal structures of our labyrinths until we come to that, sometimes it takes considerable time. But in any case, once again, my friends, this thing is axiomatic that if you make a step to meet the universe, the universe will make a billion steps to meet you. If you do not see the answer, it seems, somehow characterizes the state in which you are located, including the karmic. That is, it is necessary to work on yourself.


Communication with the Absolute


So, people tend to see everything that surrounds it and the manifestation of the Supreme inclined to direct their emotions to college. And the question arises: “What kind of emotions?”. And bhakti yoga gives a very interesting answer: all the emotions. That is, the higher you can love, you can hate the college, you can blame him, can you envy him, jealous of his can, you can admire and praise them. That is the whole arsenal of emotions that you have, you can safely send to college, no-no emotions.

Figure 4. The whole arsenal of the emotions you can feel free to send to college, no-no emotions.


It is only obtained a very interesting thing is that over time you sent your emotion to communicate with the Absolute, of course, the Absolute you answers and each answer it, which comes up to you, you suddenly start to grow wiser. And it turns out that the blame for what the Absolute is not, hate it, too, not at all, and so on, that is all negative emotions suddenly start to disappear from your emotional vocabulary. Why? Because the opposite response Absolute suddenly you begin to explain where you were wrong. Let’s say you are faced with a particular situation in your life, “the crocodile is not caught, does not grow coconuts”, you have lowered wages, with the work you were fired, and so on. And Bhakti Yoga says: “Well, send this on emotion High School, derision of the Absolute, where it looks, I was expelled from work, and he himself is sitting there, even if there chto-nibud done for me, I was a small, lame duck” . Well, in fact itself is just a small child. Imagine lying in their infancy and suddenly leaks, first is nothing, and then he begins to pinch the back of the sputum, and it starts to squeal, of course, my mother comes and does everything well. Over time, the child grows and begins to understand that there is a law of cause and effect, that was bad, because before that he did it all.

The same analogy here. Absolute You start to say, “Well I fired from his job, the salary is not increased,” and then these waves of emotional suggestion comes to you, using your mind, and the answer is tightened. With the work you were fired because you did not work there, you would sooner or later dismissed, and the money you do not pay, who will pay money parasite. That is fully realized this time that we live in a universe that themselves have built, the Absolute is not guilty, he gave us a chance, he gave us absolute freedom, and we took advantage of this absolute freedom to build is not very good for yourself personal universe. Therefore, a negative result is obtained or immediately piled all the bumps on the Absolute, then, that he did not finish, although they all did. Absolute, certainly as a loving mother helps us get rid of these errors, then he and the Absolute, because we appeal to sverhlogichnomu and sverhlogichnoe absolutely good, but at the same time, it explains to us where you were wrong. So, what would you emotion is not directed towards the Highest, as your experience, to the extent that, as you grow wiser, you suddenly begin to realize that to blame the Absolute in their troubles you can not, Absolute is not to blame for this, he gave you freedom.

Friends, the concept of freedom – it do what you want. But you see, there is no freedom without responsibility, that is, do what I want and get that done. Absolute do with it, is not he have made it all done and get it. And so the life of life. And now it begins to reach that person, and the hidden meaning of a certain stage in man no longer any negative emotion in relation to the Absolute, because he realizes that it is not for his curse. Remain in relation to the Absolute only positive emotions. If we draw parallels with the religions, in different religions call: “You praise the Absolute, pray to him, exalt, in every possible way to placate him,” like it’s a wicked master, and you are such a smoothie, and you start it cajole, coax, in the hope that the evil lord can you somewhere not so much to punish. But this is again a continuation of the theme that man is inclined to grant college with their own characteristics, that is, if a man of such evil, it is somewhere in the subconscious mind of the Absolute considered evil only so much, great, that is not an example of him a small, vicious, and here such universal malice. Or this is not something that nastiness, and some of his rules of the game. After all, all religions are in essence, an attempt to give the Absolute their own qualities, so when we read about the ancient god what some Papuans, some great bull devouring sinners, but the righteous guarding. In other religion is something else, something third in the third religion. It’s essentially a twist on the wrong side of the brain and the submission of the people who worshiped the Supreme, they simply did not have enough brains to think of something more than a humanistic, idealistic. A college all pretty, well, so see it, the worse the better, most importantly, they refer to it, and in the process of dialogue umneyut. So many religions, note them over time tend to humanization, that is started with what some bloody sacrifices, and then only on holidays, then decided to replace live sheep image sheep, then all of this abandoned, instead of blood, the wine began to lash , red and what a difference. These steps of humanization, they say that in the framework of a system, if indeed there is a channel with the Supreme, the Higher pulls, Higher slowly makes smarter, and those of civilization, who refuse to grow wiser, they die, fall apart, and we them we know nothing, although there were many powerful civilizations.

Aiming at Higher, Bhakti Yoga teaches us, we can all the emotions and then college, we explain where we were wrong, the main guide. The most important thing in a relationship with the Supreme – is that these relationships were, at least some. Higher education, and it is at the college, then it lists all the desired level, this is a methodical approach in Bhakti Yoga. You start not so much to deal with some negative traits of his as this energy contained in your one or other negative manifestations, comes back to you and allows you to grow spiritually. If on the contrary, you start to direct these negative emotions are not higher, as a relative, you have the opposite tendency, as in a swamp to get bogged down. That is, if you are negative, and you start the film in the first arm got people who were around at the same time, that is, you start to swing the swing of negative karma. That is, you seemed to have pushed you have pushed back, pushed you harder you pushed harder and so on the rise. And so there are all the wars, quarrels, all negative, that is, it is when your emotions become so uncontrollable factors that lead you to even greater dependence. It’s a very easy way, no need to fight these negative emotions, let it be, let this energy go to the channel gain to the Highest. But if this energy will go into a locally without seeing college, in their own lives, succumb to this passion, then you will only weave more complex his karmic situation.


Methods of communication with the Supreme


And the next stage in the Bhakti Yoga is when you first weak, then more and more, more and more of a taste of the Supreme, when the course of time it has become an integral part of your life. Then there is the next very interesting effect: loyalty. What DEVOTION – this is where we are committed to someone else, we are not going to betray, we are not going to abandon it. And the essence of this phenomenon is quite simple, our inner experience shows us that as long as we see everything happening manifestation of the Supreme, any of our situation tends to pull us out of the swamp of ignorance our negative karma. But as soon as we forget about college and the old habit of not begin to see higher and minutely coming, we forget about college, then by our actions, tends to be more of a problem, in fact we get a bad result, and our life becomes worse.

And so over and over again people are beginning to understand that as long as he is devoted to the Supreme, he seems to be protected from the negative, which itself creates its stupidity, and so on, and if it is put to the Supreme, even if it makes nonsense of course the law of karma has not been canceled, and it is, according to the law of karma, then he gets the result, but the negative result of his teaching. And the next time he: a) does not allow the same mistakes b) it is an incentive not to do so. Higher opens his eyes and does not get bogged down in the dark. This devotion is born. That is, a person suddenly begins to celebrate itself, that any activity, any communication is interesting for him, if he sees it through college, but if on the contrary there is no higher, then it any occupation, any communication rather a burden. That is produced by this very serious discrimination. The degree of selectivity as Bhakti Yoga teaches us, it increases. If in the early stages so people can communicate with anyone in a row, then it harder and harder it becomes to communicate with anyone not necessary, just do not want. That is, if before he could talk, and with some yogis and just with some people gray, stupid, evil, that then it all dull and boring with these gray, stupid and evil talk, because there’s that elusive and without that elusive all dull and gray. And when this happens, there is a selective, people very much protected from unfolding their negative karma.

The fact that our negative karma can not turn around just like that, need the appropriate conditions, and the appropriate conditions, typically provide relevant people, ie, if one person has been a tendency in the past life steal, it is clear in this life trend remained but now he began to study yoga, Bhakti yoga became engaged, and as soon as the appropriate conditions arise, it, of course, this negative karma of stealing wake. Why? What is sown, so shall you reap. But vo-pervyh, in that it deals with kakoy-to yoga, it is less time left on kakie-to other thoughts vo-vtoryh he already boring suppose to communicate with a gang of thieves, because they know nothing about college and thus there is no opportunity for along with this gang of thieves to go in a big way and plunder. Thus begins to filter our circle of friends, and in yoga it is said that the only thing that we can largely be done in this world, we can only communicate only with the right people and do not communicate with the unnecessary. We can not alter unwanted people, we can not do it, but we may well not communicate with them, but to do this it is very difficult. You know, this effect is usually bad company. I fell into bad company, they say, and rolled down an inclined plane. And then it is blocked. That is the effect of devotion to the Supreme, he is very much us protects and accelerates our spiritual growth, that is, helps us to cope with our negative karma.

Finally, the next point in the Bhakti yoga, very interesting, after all the negative charges in the direction of the Supreme reject ourselves, just not at the accused, there are only positive. And here begins a very interesting section, it resonates with a lot of other sections in yoga. The idea is that a person is easiest to see college through another person or vice versa, for a man more naturally build a relationship with the Absolute, using the pattern of behavior of ordinary people. Indeed, there you have the Absolute, but as a general appeal to him? How to whom? As to the terrible boss? Or maybe as an abstract entity? What do you think he is? And here comes this very interesting stage in the Bhakti yoga, it is very similar to some sort of children’s game, but the meaning is that a person starts to communicate with the Supreme, as if they were playing with each other role. Do you know how to play on the stage, someone is playing a role someone plays a different role, and part of this role-playing game is their relationship with the Supreme. And what kind of role? Once again, just like in the children’s game. Attitude to the Supreme can be as a parent, well have a mom, dad, big always protect, always prompt, always ready to help, and the man gde-to for themselves intuitively draws the impression and feel of the Supreme as a mom or dad on a cosmic scale, and accordingly It behaves like a loving child. And all that has happened in my life, the emotion would not emerged which, he sends her to college but with the color of that as if the college was like mom or dad. Why is it important? Because it’s more natural for us, it is customary for our mind. To think of the Absolute as something abstract, cosmic law, blurred, blurred or some luminous emptiness, but rather a greater involvement of intelligence and analysis, and Bhakti Yoga main focus is on emotions and feelings. Well, what could be more emotions and feelings characterize as say the child’s relationship to the mother or father. This greatly simplifies the communication. But then there appears one more a very interesting point, that it is in the framework of this dialogue college and begins to manifest itself. That is, if it is necessary to call upon the college and that college was manifested in our lives, it will be manifested as a caring mom and dad. This means that if a child nashalil, they did occasionally hand will take and in a corner would be taken, well, good, they it will be constantly on the path of life, when he does certain errors to behave as if they were loving parents, that is, sometimes in derision, and sometimes put in the corner, but again, you’re always at the same time feel that you want good or better. That is, the higher you start to play by the rules which you yourself have established between themselves and the supreme. That is, it turns out this game. On the other hand, if you are concerned as to their parents, you the right to expect that when you feel bad, and you cry, the parents do not ask what happened there, and go and help. Just like a little kid when he cries, wants to eat or to his diaper changed, just and college comes into your life is suddenly very clear itself does everything, all you need to do, and you are a happy little baby, you already full, satisfied, cheerful, you can play. That is, you can build as Bhakti Yoga teaches such a course of action, some of it fits. But the most interesting thing you can build exactly the opposite course of action that you are a parent and your child’s college. Accordingly, you constantly care about the Supreme, you constantly think about it, that’s the whole world – a mess. Why? Because my kid get up to mischief, everything turned upside down. And, accordingly, you know, it is at first glance the game, but it is so natural, without tearing away part of our lives, and it simplifies our emotional relationship with the Supreme.

Finally, with the Supreme can communicate as a friend. Here you have a friend is someone who can help and who can help you, someone who will advise you on equal terms. You see, even a little strange, as a small college and you, and you as an equal. Very good.

These role-playing games of communication can be very different: as the boss and subordinate, or vice versa you boss, but he is a slave. That is, at first glance, once again I want to say that’s not serious for such a limit can be traced manufacturability Bhakti yoga, because you do not have to strain your intellect, everything happens naturally.

Finally, there are quite interesting even forms of communication with the Supreme and are, these forms of communication, or more precisely the use of this part of Bhakti yoga, for example, constructed such yoga, yoga of love, is to communicate with the Supreme as with his favorite, lover, husband, wife . That is what binds one person to another of the opposite sex? That is the feeling of love, the feeling of love. And here is built is such a line of conduct that the Absolute – the husband and the girl – is his wife or vice versa. This role. Once again, what do you want the role? They are needed in order to maximize the help manifest all the emotions that are just there, we have a specific emotion, say emotions between husband and wife have the same color, between parents and children – a different color, between friends – a third color, head and slave – the fourth. But in each of these relationships have such a potential interaction and that’s the way, as if dealing with the Supreme, you’re not just dealing with the Supreme, but also have the script in the head of this communication. But again, running into another area of yoga, the so-called triad, yoga alliance, tantra yoga, the yoga of love, that’s all there is built. If you think that you can at least something to do yoga in love without realizing the Supreme concept, then you absolutely will not do anything there, the same applies, by the way, and Tantra Yoga.

The image of the Absolute and the direction of prana


So, we have an emotional way of understanding the world. Bhakti Yoga offers a direct way to the emotional world of knowledge to the root cause of all, to the Absolute. Any emotions and constantly monitor the situation. So, we have emotions, we have feelings, we have the experience and here is one such component is sometimes very difficult to draw a distinction between feeling and emotion. For example, I eat a delicious cake and feel of this a lot of amenities. So, if that’s just as well to share this feeling with the Absolute, it also dramatically accelerates our spiritual path. That is a very specific method: whatever you feel, invite the Absolute experience is the same, ie giving its Absolute pleasure. Or remember this saying: “Call the Lord God, when you feel good, then it comes to you, and when you’re bad.” That is, if you experience any pleasure, share them with the Absolute.

And then this is the theme that yes, indeed, there are people who are born with a sense that the Absolute is that you should communicate with him, that we should somehow communicate with it, a lot of people in the field of yoga, as if they are from birth . What do you mean by birth? With a past life it the experience is familiar, and in this life, they simply continued in the same direction to go, but once again, yoga would not be yoga, if she did not give a universal method, even for those who have never in their lives had the opportunity to to the touch. Suppose in your life did not have such experiences, or at all, may be, you’re talking about the first time you hear it. And well, if that person is a spontaneous ecstatic emotion, the other finds, and to him, then one comes samadhi, contemplation of the Absolute, in other samadhi. But imagine a human: “And I do not feel anything, but is directed to the Absolute, directs, and he is silent, well, I do not feel it!”. That is, once again, if he does not answer – it does not mean that he does not answer, just as we are) – can not hear, b) – there is a way to speed up the realization of the Absolute and the interaction with them. This method of yoga in the direction of its axiomatic called prana. And we remember that the prana, it is true of the other sections of yoga, manifests itself as consciousness, as energy, as well as pleasure, bliss naturally. So every time one way or another manifests itself prana, each time somehow manifest your enjoyment, and you begin to direct it to the Absolute, but you may be that even the concept of “Yes, I experience pleasure, I want to send Absolute pleasure, and God knows how to present the Absolute? “. In fact, it does not matter! As you wish. Though some idea of the Absolute you will have someone she can be like, someone does not like someone, it may seem primitive, someone sublime, it does not matter. Here you have your idea, whatever might be the Absolute, it is clear that these ideas, they somehow formed, that is where you look any feature film, which showed some doomsday, then you saw a beautiful Man, that would look like a goddess of love, beauty is not important. Do you have in the image to which you feel the most sympathy, moreover, he did not have any encounters resistance in terms of identity with the Absolute. That is, the Absolute might look like, or might appear so. And this your idea of how he could look Absolut enough to have this inner image, that is the goal, and in the future no matter what you enjoy not receive you start to play the game, to give pleasure to this image, and be absolutely sure that comes right up to the Absolute.

Why does this happen? There is a very interesting effect that really Absolut – something quite prohibitive, grand, not indescribable, compare it may be with the ocean, and any of your such a representation of it, the idea aimed at him, and thought very specific: how could he look, it seems to be out of the ocean freezes just such a shape that you would like to see. Or another way: Absolute person is always in the form that the person would like to absorb and is ready to accept. That is, if we have an idea of the Absolute is something, the Absolute, if anything out of his mercy come down himself to this form, and begins to show through this form. Thus you have formed this view. Do you have an idea, Absolute pleased with this performance and appears exactly as you want and are willing to accept, you go to a meeting. And in the future, if you are on that image begins to direct his or her enjoyment of prana, or the energy, or your mind, then surely it is a delight, energy, prana goes to the Absolute, and you returned to billions of times more. So you like to send a little bit of pleasure, here you ate cake slice and sent this piece of enjoyment of the Absolute, but does not know this: choked, oh, it is necessary to send the Absolute, everything should be natural, because some adherents of the secret sciences slices of bread to eat not can. That is where intervenes mind in these cases, everything goes on perekosyak, so you naturally get pleasure, but do not forget about the Absolute, he seems to be in the background invisibly present, and it is in a form that would be you the most pleasant to to see. And having gone to the Absolute, then he returned from these emotions, it is sverhlogichnoe mood, ecstasy 1000 times. That is the effect a first step, if you have taken the first step, to meet you a thousand steps ahead, you anything sent to the Absolute, the Absolute comes much. There is a good expression in the Yoga Shrivideniya Absolute presented there as a girl and as a description, I forgot literally, but it does not matter: “You, who brings more than a man is able to imagine.” That is the Absolute gives us more than we can wish, but again, the first step should be ours, not because the Absolute chto-to us not, no, there’s this appeal we voleizyavlyaem to Absolute came into our lives, and in order to reinforce this volezyavlenie, we direct a part of their prana, and will, plus the direction of prana just lead to the fact that the Absolute begins to respond more and more. So this is really an exercise where you had had experience with the Absolute, but want it to be. That is, we must first volezyavit him to come, and then his prana prove their will, and the more you send the prana, the more the answer will come.


Methods of accelerating practice of Bhakti Yoga


And oddly enough, my friends, there is a parallel yoga, strange as it yoga associated with asceticism. Well, what austerity? In this Indian tradition loved to yogi somewhere went into the jungle, or a deserted place let yourself wear. That he could stand on one leg, pull your hand up, stand up, until it will not fall off from the pain and on the other stand up and cold water myself and obolet too so itself stems. That is, here such asceticism and usually in the ancient treatises of the narrative always ended with the fact that as a result of this the yogi acquires superpowers variety. But initially it is known practice of asceticism, it was necessary for the other. Just imagine, you voleizyavili to Absolute come to you, and you want to send it prana, and you give yourself to keep in such good shape, engage in every way to behave in check, and certainly in you accumulate potential enjoyment, and then you spend this potential through the enjoyment, but only with one caveat, you send it to the delight of the Absolute, and thus set the most powerful channel in the higher spheres. You not only do voleizyavili to Absolute come to you, you have proven your prana. From this was born the many again have to draw parallels with the religions, in many of these sorts of religions religious orders, which do not feed bread, give yourself poistezat. That is, so he went into the wilderness, on peas lives, fasting, and prayer, it is all the time, almost all religions. Over the years, it is, of course, it has become institutionalized in the form of masochism, but originally was a way in order to save, and then spend or in some texts is called the accumulation of Brahma. Brahma – is God, the Creator, the Absolute in the form creator. And it was necessary first to accumulate Brahma, and then spend it, so he opened. From this, by the way, there is one of the meanings of words Brahmachari. That is why modern yoga adepts strange perception, they somehow perceive abstinence, abstinence from sex, but it is not abstaining from sex. Brahmacharya – is the accumulation of potential whether it is through sex, something different, that is, to keep himself in check, save, and then spend and then set the more powerful channel with the Absolute.

That is, it turns out that in the Bhakti yoga have very specific methods to accelerate this practice: sensory communication, mindfulness. It is clear to send the delight that you feel you have to mindful of the Absolute, to remember, and to him you could remember, you need some clues for a reason. As these clues can be a mental image that you have, and you can represent the Absolute in any form. Absolute can appear as anything but in yoga it is believed that the closest to us in perception – this is where the Absolute manifests itself in the form of a man, that’s why in this whole Hindu iconography Brahma the creator, Shiva- Destroyer, Vishnu the guardian, they are portrayed as people. The only thing a little more hands, the other on the more eyes, and almost people. That is for the need of remembering the image, this image can be spontaneous, can be settled, the image may be specific, for example sculptures in Indian temples dedicated to, say, the goddess Kali, the goddess Kali is portrayed naked, that is the personification of the highest, the goddess Kali is the mother the world she creates. Sometimes, as this picture hooks are completely abstract images, say the image of the yantra, a certain geometrical figures, which should contemplate and remember.

Further, in order to remember and make a hook for a reason applies also another very powerful technique, namely name. This gives rise to MANTRA name. What is MANTRA NAME – this is when the Absolute, which is omnipotent, omnipresent, whatever may occur, but if the person is closer to man, that he manifested the way we want to see in the way, again, these are our friends Hare Krishna, they love to see Krishna to play a pipe, but because in fact you can see the image of a neighbor shepherd Vasey, who was also tending the cows. But if in this way you opened higher, in fact, no difference. So, this is the name of the image, and if this image is endowed with some qualities, then repeating the name you produce an image of the Absolute, and you make these qualities manifest. This is one explanation for the action forces of mantras is very strange and difficult to read.

You remember that mantra are: power of the mantra, the mantra of consciousness, mantra names. So the mantra name – is in fact the names of the Absolute, which is manifested clearly showing these or other qualities. When you start to repeat the mantra, you establish the channel with the Absolute, the Absolute with these qualities begin to appear around and inclined to and around this quality manifested. For example, the mantra of the goddess Lakshmi. Very popular Goddess in India today. Everyone wants to get rich is terrible, would they still work like this, no one wants to work, everyone wants to be rich. So it turns out that this is the mantra – is virtually the Absolute with distinctive properties of prosperity, wealth, and if a person begins to repeat to myself the mantra of wealth, it is the permanent memory of the Absolute in this form, it is sending its prana and Absolut course immediately respond. And it is clear, if you called the Absolute in the form of wealth, and it comes in the form of wealth, or the Absolute comes through wealth. Well, once again, my friends, this is now fairly marginal topic, I do not like it. Now, that is not a mantra, the prosperity, but Lord, you’d better mind these people practiced the mantra, it is necessary to be smarter, that is, it all comes down to wealth, wealth is really a good thing, but not the principal for many in life. Or really, for example, asked to be there to be creative factor – the mantra of Saraswati.

So the second time – this form. That is a form of the name, they can remember the person of the Absolute, and if a person remembers of the Absolute, it is, as it were, in this sense is constantly sharing his emotions, his pleasures and Absolute clear answers. And this theoretical language we voleizyavlyaem to Absolute came to us in our lives, in our personal universe. Because the Absolute is a very delicate, it will not violate our free will. And the result is a very interesting thing to Absolute came into our lives, it appears as if we have to come up with the Absolute itself. If only from the perspective of logic, and we remember that the logic is limited, that there sverhlogika, but if from the perspective of logic and common sense to analyze, it turns out that God is the Lord never go into your personal life, as long as you can imagine the Lord God for themselves . But not in terms of what it is not, but in terms of what you voleizyavish that it is in your personal universe, but at the same time for your neighbor may be very different. Therefore, there are religious wars, religious misunderstanding of the inherent freedom of the will of each person. Someone voleiyavlyaet the Absolute comes to him and who is not voleizyavlyaet and live without it, and to impose, we have no right, and as soon as begin to impose begins rejection, religious wars. That is why I once again want to remind yoga distancing itself from religion, I want to remember it all, because it is very much sometimes, some followers of yoga close, you can not tell whether they have yoga, or religion.

So, here are these methods are powerful truth in Bhakti yoga adds elements of what would be called Yantra Yoga and what is called mantra yoga. That is added to a visualized image and added some name. And this image and name, they also become a container for display sverhlogiki. This image and name attract the emotions of which we speak, and these emotions, as a container store a sverhlogichnye revelation for us, that is, repeating the name, meditating this way, directing all his thoughts on college, we get from the Supreme ecstatic experiences, revelations that the ordinary mind is not clear, which meant only our sverhlogikoy and that avoid us all our obstacles in our way, that we protect, rescue, care for us, that is, as it were, to help us get rid of our negative karma as soon as possible and with minimal losses.

Of course, each case has its own negative karma, and so even if you are destined to get rid of it, it will make the Absolute, so that it was as gently as possible, quickly and painlessly. That is, in this way is added to very specific tools: your imagination, which will give birth to your idea of the Absolute, the name you give to that image, those role-relationship to the Absolute, it’s very specific tools, they lead to the fact that a person begins to constantly think about it, even if it is not available in normal activities, he has the background this way, he is inclined to constantly repeat the name of the Absolute, you are faced probably with many who we have there Hare Krishna because in fact they are singing the name of their Krishna everywhere these images, it is a way, but what’s the difference, they have a name and image – one at all, but strictly speaking, each person he can be his own. Therefore, India once known as a country where 300 million gods, because 300 million people, is now a billion. But in Bhakti yoga just so it turns out. Again have some abstract name and have an abstract image of a very hard and gives another tool, even more interesting, it is that if you want to see the Absolute in the most simple manner, vid it in person. It is your attitude towards your own children as if it were the Absolute, it is your attitude toward your own parents as if it were the Absolute, to your loved ones, friends and so on.

From the audience: To the enemy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: the enemies of course, in the end the best teachers – the enemies. In the end, that is the presence of the enemy? The presence of the enemy – is the availability of our negative karma. If we did not have negative karma, we have enemies and it was not. That is, if there is an enemy, then do once this situation made that spawned this enemy, we must now think about how to be the best out of this situation.


So you begin to try to communicate with the Absolute is not with the abstract speculative images, and a body of very specific people. We have the so-called triad of Yoga: Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga, the yoga of love. It teaches’s such a mutual relation between the amorous couples. That is, a husband and wife, lover to lover, it does not matter, a man with a woman, do not try to come up with an abstract image, and communicate with the Absolute through the body of his girlfriend. But this triad, and if, for example, we consider such things as trying to see the Absolute in his children or his parents, that is, to treat them as if it were the Absolute. This does not mean that we should somehow not natural to treat, there is of course, but try to see in them the Absolute channel. And then even more interesting: try to see the Absolute just ordinary people, you have to try to see the Absolute just everywhere: try to see through colleagues at work to see the Absolute, and so on. And this can become a very good, he is inclined to help all, he tends to like to get involved in other people’s affairs, that is, it gives fantastic effects.

Finally, another powerful tool in the Bhakti yoga. Before that we spoke with you, we can send your emotions, we can direct our every pleasure, and then quite an interesting sort of thing: Absolute direct results of their work. The most well it fits in this role-playing game, when you think of the Absolute, as their chief. That is to say that whatever you do, and the results are good, and the results are bad, all of you devote to the Absolute, it is understood that the first to do it is very hard, we cling to the results of their work, we either fear of punishment from the bad work done or committed to reward for a job well done. But he and the other case of indirectly gives us the relationship, meaning you initially imagine voleizyavili that I will suffer if I do not pay, or if I did not praise. That is, as if we ourselves mentally enslaved. In yoga is called, this section is called Yoga Karma Yoga in such a way to work, not to be afraid of punishment and not to seek reward, and already by the fact that we are working to have fun and joy. And, moreover, all the fruit to send to the Absolute. That is, here I work, if I do something poluchitsya- very well, sending fruit Absolute results, even rejoice if I do not succeed, it is still sending fruit to the Absolute, may be useful, a negative result is too result. That is so easy to give up the results of their work difficult or refuse from fear of punishment difficult, but when you set personal relationship with the Absolute and you are the only thing that worries – it’s your with him communion, remembrance, you automatically begin to forget about the result their work, and if you begin to forget about the result of their work and to develop a style of his life when just the trouble enjoy, without even thinking about punishment or reward, then, teaches karma yoga, is very interesting effect, you are very quickly becoming obsolete all their negative karma and very quickly get a positive karma. This built karma yoga, but karma yoga call this conscious approach, and here, as it were indirectly obtained, once and for all: I work for a boss and head of the top of my business work and enjoy, and the chief to see what came out of it that did not happen. If a person so enters and sends the results of both good and bad deeds of their Absolute, eventually it comes out of the plane of action of karma. That is, no matter what he did, he does not bear for it karma. Why? Because he is only acting, but for all the answers let Absolut, Absolut and only find such a line of conduct that all were satisfied that there was no karma. That is, you shift the responsibility from themselves to the Absolute in terms of karma. You say: “Absolute, I work I will, I will rejoice in the work, but I will not be afraid, I will not seek, and you already thought to himself no matter what I did not do that at least it was negative, but in more positive That is you. smart, and you think, and we will work hard to enjoy life and enjoy it. ” That’s about the approach. As you can see, Bhakti Yoga – is a direct method to live life to enjoy life and not think in a bad sense of the future and be happy. That is, on the one hand the easiest way to yoga, but it is necessary to approach it. And the approach to it people can not, someone intellect blocks.


Answers on questions

Question from the audience: Please tell us about the role of teachers in private practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There is a saying: if you are looking for the Absolute, seek it in others. In yoga, there is a sacred word “teacher.” Do not confuse it with the word “teacher”. I’m a teacher. The difference between yoga teachers and teacher: the teacher prepares people for a meeting with the Master. For when the Master appeared, the man was not missed. Subject Teacher’s most sacred. Because Teachers across as through the most transparent glass Absolute shines the most. So strongly and clearly that there is no difference between the Absolute and the teacher to the student. For non-student is no difference between a teacher and a teacher. And the opposite situation: as long as the student sees the Absolute Master, apprentice communication with the Master – the same as direct communication with the Absolute.

Blessing of Teachers

If the student has blessed Master, we can assume that his blessed Absolute. What does the word “blessing”? This means that wished that something turned and it was OK. It is very difficult to ignore, and imagine the Absolute. And here comes into our lives quite a particular person, which we are very present. This is a channel for the Absolute, who no longer need to open a lot of work on themselves, to overcome the Maya, who have broken through the road to the Absolute. And here I am ready to channel – Master. And the processes of the student go very quickly, as if he had spoken directly with the Absolute.

Question Master – this is primarily a matter of perception student. There is a common saying, Master, not the one who teaches and the one who learn. Now especially many “teachers of life”, who want to open people’s eyes, sometimes in a particularly intrusive form. But something is not particularly evident, that they who once studied. The true teacher – is he who attend. And it turns out that if after someone has opened a channel to the Absolute, that someone you personally become Master. For your friend, neighbor, companion it can be quite different. This is for you personally. Moreover, if the student saw someone Teachers (channel Absolute), he “makes” the one in whom he saw the Master to be his teacher in person. You opened by Vasily Ivanovich. I see in the Master Vasily Ivanovich, and he wants or does not want to, as long as teachers see him, he it is. Absolute uses it as a channel. Moreover, the Vasily Ivanovich is beginning to change. The triad of yoga similar situation: a husband can alter wife? Never, will be a war to the bitter end, will die one day, but no one will win. Unable to impose the will of others to another person. But if you suddenly begin to see in your husband or wife of the Absolute. And the will-not-will of the Absolute, passing through it will allow that your partner will change, and you change. Absolute – it’s like a kind of magic wand, if it is, it’s all there, if it is not – then nothing.

There is an old anecdote about some students and teachers. I came illiterate and wild disciple to his Master. The teacher refused to teach him and told him to go to his village, there is something to practice for three years, and then came. Three years have passed, teacher sees that the student comes back and walks on the water. The student approaches the teacher. Teacher surprised how he acquired such skills. The student said that the teacher was such a holy man for him, that he constantly meditated on his way and kept saying his name. Three years have passed and the student has acquired all excess capacity in yoga. Teacher pondered that if a pupil repeating his name over and acquired abilities, what would happen if he starts to repeat his name, probably even greater excess capacity will reach. Teacher with shouts of “I”, “I” jumped to the middle of the river and drowned.

The question is that if a student sees Teacher in someone, then he shines Absolute. This is a very important and difficult to understand the effect. Moreover, all are free will.

Question from the audience: When a student sees the Absolute through the Master, he is tied to the image of teachers. Tell us about the process.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is attachment? This is when you cling to a form without seeing the content. If you are trying to establish a connection with the Absolute, the Absolute can occur anywhere, anytime, this attachment does not arise. Moreover, if you are someone saw the Absolute, and then he disappeared from there, you like this man ceases. This accounts for yoga lovers. Until then, until after someone shines Absolute, we fall in love with him, if for some reason the Absolute ceases to shine, we like that person ceases to become antipathetic. The main thing is that we understand that what we do not get on the hook.


Question from the audience: Is it possible to choose the man himself, through which the Absolute can shine?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If the husband or wife, the answer to the question is provided by the triad yoga (Tantra Yoga, and Yoga Yoga Union of Love). If any other man – the Bhakti Yoga.

Question from the audience: But this is the highest yoga, they just do not come?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In general, yoga is considered that you should start with ordinary yogas (Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga), but in parallel to try and practice this yoga. The only trouble is that these yogis are poorly understood, there is little information about them survived. Lost of the knowledge you need to rediscover anew and to rediscover it, you need to do. These need to be addressed very seriously. And to do this once. I hope that this is a matter of the near future, when there will be yoga and yogini, who let through this knowledge and its pereotkroyut the component, which has not survived.

This is really a very serious issue. In ancient India did not know and did not divorce because they were all kept in the hard grip, and because all living harmoniously. This mystery was gone, like so much of yoga.

Question from the audience: Should we control the emotions of anger, for example, for a child?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, why not? You come home. Baby get up to mischief, defeated favorite vase. The secret here is natural. How would you react in a normal situation, if the child get up to mischief? Would you like it, maybe slapped, of course, good-naturedly. Absolute welcome any emotions and manifestations. Or maybe you would say nothing, there is another bowl, jump again. It depends on the situation and the relationship. From the viewpoint of the axiomatic, mother, child, father – a sleeping Absolute, one soul, in another and a third. All our life – this is the role-playing game of the Absolute. Bhakti yoga is doing it consciously. All spontaneously and freely. The more the mind begins to interfere, the more it interferes in this case.

Question from the audience: If the “subject of communication” is the subject, it is clear that he remains subject. And if “the subject of communication” is a person, then what happens to them?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We have a triad of yoga (Tantra Yoga, and Yoga Yoga Union of Love). They relate to the same question: what will happen if you will see through the person of the Absolute. The effect is simply fantastic. If you can see through another person of the Absolute, then with you and communicate Absolute. But the other person through whom you will see the Absolute, too, will grow spiritually. This is an echo of what the parents believe their child. For example, a child muddle, sloven, and parents still believe in it. And oddly enough, faith works wonders. Moreover, the child is changing in the direction it wants to see how the parents. Moreover, without violence. Absolute, which shone through the child and found the plan of events that all were satisfied. Absolute Absolute, and the fact that he can do much.

Question from the audience: Directing negative emotions on the Absolute, we thereby increase the weight of their bad karma?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. If you aim at a person, yes. There is a little trick. Absolute – a magic wand. As soon as he is, all at once becomes very good. The only problem is the same: He is not. If you have at least a “piece” of the Absolute attract, everything will be done by itself. But in order to attract, it is necessary to invite your personal universe. What is there to be honest, we have at heart all you atheists in the bad sense of the word. We just do not know the Absolute voleizyavlyaem either good or bad. We are materialists, we do in anything we do not believe. We know that there is a law of cause and effect (the law of karma), and it will live. We do something good – and get good. Doing something bad – and get bad. We excluded from the field of general review of the Absolute. Though one way or another if you voleizyavite that the Absolute is thus give him a chance to shine.

There is an old anecdote about the old and the sick person who is constantly complaining about fate. God gave him the answer: “Buy a lottery ticket, to enable you to help.” Similarly, we have: we do not give a chance to enter the Absolute in our lives, we do not believe in it. We voleizyavlyaem did not know. A Absolute created us in the image and likeness – free. He says that if we do not want to know it, and it is not necessary. Any recognition of the Absolute – is the ability to manifest it.

Absolute – is sverhlogika is sverhdobro. Carmo you can get if you are in the logic plane. And if you are out of the plane of logic, if you have something to invite is cause and effect, about what karma is all about?

We present the Absolute, that is something similar to us, but very large. If we were abused, we would have taken offense. Similarly, we think that the Absolute would be offended. Imagine that Absolute above small karmic constraints under which we fall. Absolute sverhlyubit us, he does not need anything from us, it is independent from us. Absolute made a world that we can live in it, regardless of the Absolute. This is called freedom. It was invented by this diagram of the device of the universe that everyone can live simultaneously in the universe. But at the same time how to let him into their world, and reject.

The path of Bhakti Yoga

Like any Yoga, Bhakti Yoga requires a systematic step by step approach. But we need to “take over” the next level of existence. The first thing that you should be – this is a positive karma, to hear about this doctrine. If you do not have a positive karma, you do not hear. And even if you hear, you do not understand, and even if they understand, do not accept. This is a fairly big leap to hear all this gift. The teachings of yoga – it is a gift from the Masters and yoga teacher who has attained the highest state, but convey a tool to alleviate our suffering. They give it in person. This knowledge has given selflessly. If you come into contact with these teachings, then you have plenty of beneficent Karma, you all heard about this doctrine. But and then you have to really realize it, it is from yourself, whether it is you need. Nobody has the right to impose you anything. You have free will. If you decide that you like the idea or concept, compare with its internal guidelines, which are living, you can on this “pattern” to build a world of their own universe. What do you voleizyavite, in your inner universe and will. If you like the idea of Bhakti Yoga, then you decide to implement the idea. You must carefully step by step, to remind ourselves of the yoga system. The key point – it is mindfulness. You will constantly remind ourselves and reflect on these topics, and gradually you will start to reach the deeper meaning of this doctrine. Income is not immediately, it may take years.


Before you begin to reach this sense, exercises that should be done. You will begin to practice certain visualization, invite Absolute pleasure to share with you. You will devote Absolute works of their labor. That is, you went to work, worked day. Your boss did not appreciate this, but you remember that you have a superior head – Absolute, you are working on it. Supreme Head of paying very generously and sees all that you do, nothing is left unnoticed, that you have done for him. You hereby unleashes with dependence on something, with his negative karma. Depending on how far you go process, you can stop at the level of Bhakti yoga, and can even go to the next level, which corresponds to a pair of Bhakti (Supreme Yoga), which corresponds to yoga Triad. You will be easier to communicate with the Absolute through people.

Absolute Absolute, and the fact, as he wants you to do your images that you have the same and do not scare. Because if the Absolute will unfold to you in its true picture, this image may have quite scare its grandeur. So, you start the stage when you are portions of more and more begin to perceive the Absolute, to the extent to which today it is acceptable, harmonious and you like. Accordingly, in the same volume and the Absolute manifests itself. Firstly, to give you more than you can wish for, and secondly, to give so that you are not afraid, that all come to you naturally, harmonious and beautiful.

It is clear that as your statement in the Bhakti yoga, the degree of your concentration on the Absolute will continue to grow and reach the highest point – samadhi. It will be such a wave of sensations and emotions, which will supersede all of the head, you forget about all the world, you will not have another thought, in addition to the thought of the Absolute, which is the object of samadhi. The subject will be the image of the Absolute, which you yourself choose. Absolut will be opened to you through those qualities through which you would like to see it opened. And in the future leads us to the highest state – samadhi without object.

That is, the Absolute begins to manifest itself in its true form and prohibitive for us. For him, no images and definitions, it is higher than that of the images. We are not able to immediately grasp the Absolute. If he starts to open up to us, we are more scared of it than perceive. Therefore, we step by step: we learn to perceive the Absolute. We come up with his first form, the closest to us. Thus we are expanding our consciousness and is prepared for more abstract form. As soon as we will be able to focus on one form or another, it will be subject to the Samadhi. That soon you will comprehend the Absolute is form – that is samadhi without object – the ultimate goal of yoga. Once you comprehend samadhi without an object, you will comprehend the essence of his own self, which is identical with the transcendent Absolute. And thus the meaning of the universe will come upon you, and come out of it as unnecessary. You are here will do everything you need to do to experience all the happiness that could just imagine the happy and go out of the school, which is called the Universe. What will you then that something certainly grandiose. But there are no such words and thoughts to even describe. This is the path of Bhakti Yoga.

Answers on questions

Question from the audience: If at first perceive the Absolute through a specific person, and then decide to get away from that image and perceived through something else. This imbalance?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No violations of no balance. Moreover, the Absolute loves to play, so you do not cling to the form. How to overcome our narrow-mindedness, ignorance of all grandeur? It appears to us through one thing, but we foolishly begin to grasp at the form. We grabbed the form and Absolute escaped from it. It’s like a fairy tale: we seized the treasure, and it just – turned into shards. Because as soon as we cling to, we get to hook the negative feelings that would have to raise us, they begin to throw us down. We have enough for something, not seeing it as the Absolute, we fall down. Or on the contrary, seeing something of the Absolute, aspiring to it, we rise up.

The most ambitious educational work of the Absolute manifests itself in the fact that it slides. Today, it can be shown through one thing, tomorrow through another third. And thus he dotaskivaet our intellect to understand that the Absolute is higher than the form itself. He can be everywhere, it can manifest itself through anything, and at the same time he was not caught. Therefore, role relationships may change instantly. You are a very long time to practice Bhakti yoga in one role, but suddenly changed spontaneously. In Bhakti Yoga has the concept of naturalness and not clinging. Once hooked, everything was gone. I grabbed the manifestation of the Absolute, but forgot about the Absolute itself – was left with nothing to shards in his hand.

If you take the life of an ordinary person who does not deal with Bhakti yoga. We strive for any purpose, for example, career. Why? Because the way through college career, we shine. Therefore this image for us and attractive. We got a post, like and are happy, but there is no happiness, the image escaped. It seems to be a girl beautiful, the young man thinks that all the happiness in it. Sooner or later, it turns out it. For a while it lasts happiness and it begins to pall him. Absolute slipped again. Something attracting slides. And we like donkeys preceded by a thread holding a carrot.

Likewise, ordinary people glide through life in search of illusive happiness, eternal circle. Because the Absolute several steps ahead of the slide, going from one form to another. It seems to us that if we grab a form, and then grab the Absolute. But suffice for the form: the form was left, and the Absolute has disappeared. It is observed in the study, work, love, yoga. Always something escapes. And people can not understand that all things in the universe are attractive only if the Absolute shines through them a little bit. If things through a little shine Absolute, that these things are attractive and interesting, they become like dust, grass, sand. Similarly, all the wealth and happiness of the world. We do not want even to them, and by the fire of the Absolute. Until it is, we are interested in the form, if the Absolute is gone, and the interest is gone. Ordinary life by cuffs teaches not to cling to the form, see the essence. In Bhakti Yoga, the same life. If you understand the essence, the slide with the Absolute. He moved, and you have moved.

Absolut as a capricious woman: not just only on him, immediately moved to another location. If we go “head to head” with the Absolute, then life becomes a magic dance for us. If you fall into this dance, you will enjoy it and you pulls out of the law of karma. Although technically you have the most ordinary life. As you can see, Bhakti yoga does not imply any particular way of life. The main thing to remember about the Absolute, to see him, to try to communicate with him through all the emotions that are presented to you life. Although you will spend more time with people “fishers Absolute” than those who have not heard about this concept because you are bored with them.



Sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head, look through your body, relaxing it. We examine the face, and also tried to relax him. We can see the entire universe around us. We direct our consciousness to the Absolute, who is behind it all. In fact, the entire universe around us – is the Absolute hidden our world. We remove all expectations. We remove all fears. We feel around the Absolute. Whatever we feel, we feel the Absolute. All the touches that we feel from the clothes – it’s a touch of the Absolute. All that we see and hear – a touch of the Absolute. All images that draws the mind: and pictures, and mind – are manifestations of the Absolute. Absolute sverhdobry and waits until we turn our attention to it, to respond to us.

Remove the head of all thoughts, concepts, ideas and feelings. Suggested emotions. We understand that all concepts, ideas and feelings – is on the perception of the Absolute. Completely let go of the situation. The idea, but there are clear from the experiences and sensations.

For myself, the Absolute chant: OM, OM, OM, OM. The tip of the tongue raise as high as possible. Uncritically accept the Absolute. He speaks to us, you only need to understand it.

It appears that we are sitting on a small warm hand. Absolute holds us. The palm is big, soft and warm. We are in complete safety. We are small, small, and He’s a big-big.

Introducing, as the Absolute takes shape, we would like to see. Spontaneously, all sorts of features are born. The appearance comes a pleasant, this is. Maybe in the form of boys, girls, or any other. It has a familiar or unfamiliar features. As before the mind’s eye there, and thank God. Bright insanely beautiful girl and a brave young man. It appears that he is sitting in front of us and a clear vision looks.

We transfer our attention to the inhaled and exhaled breath, do 23 stomach inhaling and exhaling, make a full breath. Close the nostrils with your fingers, leans forward. We remain in this position as a pleasure. Then again we repeat this procedure and lay down to rest on the back.

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