2008.04.27 Seminar Bhakti Yoga



By bhakti yoga understand a variety of directions, and sometimes yoga, sometimes religion. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge, it does not interfere in the affairs of religion, but well dopolnyae6t any religion. Bhakti yoga – it is a code name, it includes partially and mantra yoga, and jnana yoga, and Yantra Yoga and Tantra Yoga, just here, these methods are directed to another number. This question of terminology, or more precisely those techniques that practicing yogi in order to accelerate its development.

Let’s start with the fact that when we are born, we did not have any philosophical concepts and ideas about the world, but we had the feeling we experience love, drawn to a close and people were afraid of everything strange and unfamiliar. We have a certain emotional state, through the senses we perceive the world. Yoga says that this method of learning is no different from the way of knowledge through Jnana (rational knowledge). Yoga says that we are equally able to learn through the senses and through reason, they are two equally large approach, only one will reach the ultimate goal, one of these two approaches are present in equal measure. The approach of understanding the universe through the senses and is called Bhakti Yoga. Often we present the yogi as being fully in control of his senses, which nothing can be deduced from myself, but it’s just a myth. Yogi really know how to behave so that no one muscle it will not falter, if not required, to show feelings and emotions, but. On the other hand, such a yogi fully understood the feelings of the universe. He feels so universe that sometimes his feelings are much stronger feelings of the people around him. Another thing is that the feelings do not have to do a puppet of us, just as we must not become slaves of their ideas. The reality is somewhere in between, it is impossible to understand, if you do not get any mind or the senses. In Bhakti Yoga, you can not analyze with the mind, but sometimes it is easier to understand from the perspective of jnana yoga. Children’s perception of a very natural and closest to reality, because the feelings have not scored reason. Then we grow up, the intellect begins to dominate the senses, becomes cynical. Yoga says that if you had a hundred entities, but in my heart you were a child, it is not worth a jigger all this knowledge base. Moreover, all this knowledge will multiply your sorrow. In the mind there is another danger – it makes us to lie to ourselves. For example, we do not like something, but we can not influence it, and the mind begins to convince us to the contrary, dulling our senses. So we are losing the information channel with the universe and begin to make mistakes, burdening his karma. If you saved the sensory perception, then the mind turns into a very good addition, because our spontaneous reactions are not always appropriate, and allows them to control the mind. Therefore, any yogi should be two feet – it’s his feelings and his mind, but neither one nor the other should not outweigh. In a sense, the approach jnana yoga and bhakti yoga approach can be reduced to an approach of consciousness and energy, or the paternal and maternal approach. When the child is small, he is inclined to reach for my mother, because she and warm and fed, but only when the child grows up and umneet, there’s dad begins to more intelligently communicate with him. To the yogi born, just you have to be mom and dad, so we should be able to comprehend the universe and by the senses and by the intellect. Like a rocket, which must be a vector where to go, as well, and we have reason to specify a way to show feelings, or we can carry out netuda. The criterion that distinguishes people who have achieved success in Jnana, they are very good. Higher Jnana leads to a state that is characterized by the highest Bhakti. Compassion – an analogue of the knowledge component of your intellectual development, an indication that the people resisted the animal instinct, and a manifestation of his feelings is a manifestation of excess rather than something profane. Feelings may arise from our instincts, or due to flashes of super-consciousness. It is very difficult to recognize when the same appears bestial our karma by which we must get rid of, and where those feelings, for which we must grasp and do not change their mind even arguments. People who practice yoga, often manifested a mixture of both, when mixed with glimpses of Higher layers of the karmic flaws, all enveloped in a sense. Understand this is hard, but, as they say, an apple tree for apples is determined, it is necessary to analyze the consequences and have the intelligence needed for this. Everyday and persistent practice is necessary to flush out those feelings that remained from the time of life in the bodies of animals, and to nurture those who came over. At that moment, when we cleaned of all unnecessary, we must completely surrender to the senses. The people Suggested as a sensory perception, sooner or later comes the feeling of having something in excess, so many are born and the concept of religion. Religion can not withstand the onslaught of reason, as soon as you start using the mind to analyze religion, it crumbles, but people continue to adhere to the religion, because there is a feeling of the Supreme in any religion. This college, on the one hand, the superior mind and the mind can not destroy it, and on the other hand, manifests itself in feelings that reason can suppress. In Bhakti Yoga is known, so the yoga never accuse any of religions, it does not make sense. If opened higher by some religion, fine if opened by something else, too well, but you have to bang their heads, for every man is a purely personal matter. Yoga recognizes the existence of the Supreme, but the person is not able to take it higher in its absolute form, and invests in a particular way. If in this way the higher the light of men, it becomes a channel through which people communicate with their god, but if college ceases to shine through these images, they become husks. Bhakti Yoga says that the feeling of the Supreme inherent in every living being who cleansed their feelings and become receptive. If you understand this, you will begin to understand Tantra yoga, all sexual yoga, love yoga, which is somewhere analogue Bhakti yoga. The idea of the Supreme can come without a developed intellect, he does not play this role, and plays your ability to be given to the senses. The only evidence for you that there is a higher until you dissolve into samadhi will be intuitive glimpses, dressed in specific feelings. We feel a particular emotion, and realize that it came from above. This is a direct comprehension of the Supreme. That is why religions are born, which is why even the uneducated tribes worship a higher power. Bhakti Yoga teaches us that the highest manifested, and we have to feel it, and as soon as we feel, must grasp these glimpses. They will help us get rid of the feelings generated by animal karma. The external sign that a person has opened higher, is how this has changed after his life. As a rule, such people with a smile and shame look at its previous negative manifestations, because they have already raised over them. As soon as we felt the college and grabbed for it, it is like a saving rope, protects us from feeling Waist down. Now let’s talk about how to treat the Supreme if we felt it. We love him, hate, praise, criticize, threaten, to curry favor with him. Any feeling and emotion we can show respect to the higher. What can we say about this Bhakti Yoga? She says that the college takes any relationship to itself with pleasure, it is rather the fact that we are dealing with it. Any communication with the supreme order of magnitude higher than if we do about it is not remembered. This is the first, which begins with Bhakti Yoga – try to feel higher and try to communicate with him any way you like. As communication with higher starts to develop our minds, and very quickly we get rid of ignorance. We begin to understand that all feelings towards the Supreme begin to fall off, scold him not at all, all occurring negative happens on our own accord. The only thing that remains when all the senses fall off – it’s a feeling of love for the Supreme. Against the backdrop of this love there is a desire that is often higher to communicate with us. Such communication deepens our meditation and pratyahara, which contributes to the development of our mind. And as the Supreme apply to us? Yoga says that the Supreme loves us, but loves the transcendent love, that is a kind of love that we can not survive and submit. From the axioms of yoga we know that our college and I have an indivisible whole, for this reason, his love for us can not be less than our to him, it is impossible in principle. Our love is colored by our ignorance, His love has the same omniscience. Then the next question – Higher or personality without personality? Can I talk to him like a man, or is it something abstract? We have ideas and thoughts on the Supreme, we can not give him a specific definition, because the higher up our mind, so there are only feelings. Bhakti yoga is saying the next thing higher in his mercy can stand in front of me in a form that is clear to me, close, I can imagine. Imagine a vast ocean (is higher), but I have his love and devotion to Him freeze the form that I am able to comprehend and understand. Higher in his mercy come to me in the manner and with the qualities that are close to me and understood. From this point of view, all religions are true, because they are designed for a specific group of people who are able to perceive higher in these forms, more talk It will be with us in our language, but speaks It is with us only when we are ready to listen . Higher does not always come in a concrete form, it can slide, for example, can now be shown by one person, tomorrow after another, day after by a dog barking, howling wind posleposlezavtra through, then through the read article it.d. so that we are not afraid. Bhakti Yoga says that the top is not to scare you your phenomenon before it, as you will be ready, but will be gradually to bring you knowledge through a variety of images. Until we have not risen in samatha, the most clear shape to us – this is the human form. For men the most clear communication with a woman and vice versa. Tantra yoga is based on the fact that the top begins to communicate with you through your partner. This is the strong interaction. In this sense, Tantra yoga can be called practice of Bhakti yoga.

Further methods of Bhakti yoga. After college manifested in some form understandable to us, it displays qualities remain. This form is for you to become a means for dialogue with the Supreme. If you start thinking about this form, then gradually move on to the very highest. Name this form turns into a mantra name. Repeating this name, we once again call upon the Higher occur. Therefore, the names of the mantra are considered the most powerful in the world. First of all around you begin to manifest the quality of the image from the outside and inside of the yogi, as if he were at this time becomes a manifestation of this. From jnana yoga we know about the continuity of name and form, thus repeating the name, we reproduce the form. Next time – this is the direction of all the energy, all the forces on college. There is a term in yoga – brahmacharya (not fritter away), that is, if you have the energy, impulse, then point it at the college. This is a very serious method, because the accumulated potential, as the army aimed at the target, and if we squander this potential on trifles., There is nothing to guide.

The following method, also known as the main – is to dedicate his whole life to the Supreme. For what do we live? We can live unconsciously, as they say, for the company. We can live consciously, to achieve some goal. If these goals tangible, then even if you reach them, they do not guarantee you happiness. If we aspire to the Highest, is a guarantee of our personal happiness, the happiness absolute disappointments, so this method is to make communication with the supreme goal of his life. Then it is already possible to know the college through material things without attachment to him, you need to be loyal to the Supreme. In practice, this is done so that a person enlightens all its activities to the Supreme. It flows into the practices of karma yoga. We cease to cling to the results of their work, and that whatever we do, we do it as if we were the highest.

Now, touch the image. In ancient times, it was stone statues, statues and other images they have replaced it.d. If you opened higher after a certain image, this image becomes an icon, with the Supreme channel. Sometimes there were concrete images of God or Goddess, sometimes the image is abstract, strictly speaking, as we have the information channels through may appear higher. In yoga, the yoga of love and Sri Vidya our intelligence is reduced to the senses. Strictly speaking, the idea of a higher or visualization you also tuned to this channel. Tantra Yoga became popular because of the presence there of sex. And through sex can be known college? Not only possible, but it is one of the most powerful ways to interact. For self-knowledge High left the strongest channel – is sex. When a man and a woman have sex, it opens a channel in college, and so powerful, that the soul of the future man descends into our world. Thus, Bhakti Yoga yavlyae6tsya prerequisite for yoga alliance yoga and tantra yoga lovers.

Being in a happy state of feeling of the Supreme, we are developing, getting smarter, and when they reach a higher state of samadhi, then go to the direct comprehension of the Supreme. No thought can grasp, no word can say so when we rise above the laws of space and time, and realize that we have laid in, only then can we know the college.

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