Karma Yoga Seminar

Karmananda asks Dharmananda answers

1. What is the meaning of yoga? – Freedom, absolute, unconditional.

2. When it comes? – When you go forth beyond karma.

3. What is karma? – The law of cause and effect coming from the earliest times.

4. How to go beyond karma, because it does not give us a day without their actions? – The wise know two ways: either renounces the world (become a monk), either in full force to enjoy the peace by means of Karma Yoga.

5. Oh, great ruler! Oh, Lord of Lords! You show interest and I will present you a karma-yoga.

6. His world today you formed the previous actions and thoughts. It’s already done. You can not change anything. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about it. But his future world are you doing right now. Therefore, if you want freedom in the future, do yoga for that now.

7. The average person hates labor, he is afraid of him and struggled to avoid. He thinks this is a curse, a necessary evil. Truly, this is the greatest error. And if it is in your mind, then you still have traces of the work. Work – this is happiness.

8. The average person hates the job, but because of the fear of hunger and lack of respect due to poverty, forced to work. And it is the lowest type of human being. The second type – a person who works on the one hand, to get any remuneration for their work, and in his mind he was already anticipating the pleasure of the future fruit of their work – is the average type of person. Finally, the type of the ruler – is, who does not work because of the fear of hunger and not because of the reward waiting. He enjoys every minute of his work. When he rests, it truly surpassed vacation and knows no equal. The fourth type of man – this is the third type, driven to perfection. This yogi who came out of karma, which is – wants to work, and does not want to work.

9. Know about Karmananda the universe that surrounds you, it depends on your perception, because it makes you yourself to manifest this universe with his consciousness. If consciousness is not clouded, it is not obscured the universe that you form. For consciousness is energy, creates the universe.

10. Do not be inactive. Do not waste a single second of inactivity, especially if not satisfied with life. Consciousness creates and impact on the universe, if you can not work with the help of energy (direct solution of problems). But if there is even the slightest way to change the energy of the universe method, do it, and do not procrastinate and do not replace the action consciousness, or become fruitless dreamer.

11. Only the third type of human labor worthy of attention. Only it is necessary to strive for it. Only he brings happiness, and ultimately freedom.

12. Throw out your life carrots and sticks. Only in this way you will become free. Knut – the fear of hunger, poverty, contempt, failure desires. Gingerbread – the opposite. With carrot and stick – it’s the duality, which is torn between the soul and suffering at the same time a lot more than the enjoyment of the fruits of action.

13. Oh, Dharmananda, you say that I worked without attachment to the future of the fetus, and without fear of being without this fruit. But I think it’s hard to do! – This knowledge is acquired once and is no longer lost. As a child, learning to talk, she says has all life, and the man, who understood the third step, more and more will work in accordance with its definition.

14. There are principles, understanding that it will be easy to work without expecting a reward.

15. Work – is a delight. Once removed blackout karma, you will understand it with a clear strength. You moymesh that if there is no joy of work, that is stupidity and inertia torment. Every action, like a breath of fresh air after the stinking swamp of inactivity. It is fortunate that there is a possibility to do anything.

16. Do not be afraid of the whip, you will not die of hunger, you will not remain without a roof, you will not lose your status, if you work this way, the universe will take care of you.

17. But why this fear? – That fear of negative karma, which still dominates you. Positive karma you get away from this fear and you will no longer worry about their daily bread. As a child who is learning to read, having trouble, but learning does not have problems with reading. So here. Once having learned his mind to take care of the maintenance of life and status, we do not have a problem with that. Reason itself to take care of us, as a servant, and it helps the universe.

18. Know about Karmananda that all pleasure lies in you, that all external things only keys to the enjoyment that is within your self. And it’s just a contract with yourself, when you feel the joy and happiness of a fetus of its activities. If you do well to reflect on this, you’ll no longer so eager to seek the fruits of their activities. Just as the king knows that any treasure in the kingdom, and so belongs to him, even if it temporarily runs his minister. So here, all future enjoyment of the fruit of your activity is already present during the execution of the activity itself. So karma waiting claws gradually weaken and the victim breaks free.

19. But what is more difficult – to overcome poverty and to overcome the dependence on future enjoyment? – Know that to overcome poverty – a strong win, but mortal enemies, but to overcome the dependence on future enjoyment – it’s like to win forever resurgent enemy. Indeed, the second is more difficult.

20. Know, Karmananda that this world is similar to the fair: all come here with purses full of life, and all goes well from here, all the wasted money and carrying goods. There are fools who buy momentary pleasure and leave the fair with nothing. There are those who wasted all his property lay. They go with anything else and should. There are those who are buying a bad product, carry it with you. There are those who are buying a good product and carry it. But there are those who buy the whole fair and enjoy all would never come to her.

21. Know that the fair – that’s life, and the goods – it is an experience. In this life you have to get this experience. Your goal is just to get the experience and enjoy it. To played enough enough, will never come to this fair. Therefore, treat the world nor as to his house, and as a place where you enjoy the game.

22. What would you have not engaged in dealing with this without expectation of reward. I am happy with the experience that you are extracts from the experience. Soaked from this experience all the pleasure and is indifferent to the fruits of their labor.

23. But the teacher! How to distinguish the useful from the useless activity, if you do not aspire to the result of the fetus? – Engage only need that requires you to your dharma.

24. How do you determine that prescribes dharma and what is dharma? – Dharma – it is the path that oberezhet you from harm and give you maximum happiness in following this path. Each has its own dharma. Every great. Each has its own road in life. Your inner voice will tell you what is your dharma. You determine this by their own preferences, aspirations, predisposition. Follow only your dharma. Do not go by someone else. Even if you are a slave, and in front of your eyes the opportunity to become emperor. If this is not your dharma, you will bring only suffering. If your dharma says you must become an emperor, and if you tell them you will not become, then you are also waiting for the suffering and frustration.

25. Say, how to determine your karma, what does it depend? – You can tell what your dharma, but it may not be so. Your only one I tell you, what is your dharma. Prompt a feeling through intuition. Your or yours. All been brought in from the outside can make mistakes. Just as a person distinguishes pain with pleasure, and I was not distinguished from the dharma dharma.

26. If the work is in the area of your dharma, do it. And it will not let the work. If it is your dharma, do not touch it. Within the field of dharma work for fear of a lot better than doing nothing. And work for remuneration is better than out of fear. Work without expectation of remuneration perfect. It does not bring in the future karma seeds and destroys the previous negative karma. Until then, until the remains of good karma. When a person does not have bad karma also give up the good, it is absolutely free. So teach the saints, sages, yogis. So Absolut says.

28. What is the debt? As it relates to the dharma? – There are different opinions. Some say one thing, other – other. One is considered an honorary or criminal. Debt for you that tells you to do your dharma. If you are the commander, lead the war, the ruler – the right if you’re the executioner – Ruby’s head. If you’re going to act like commands dharma, the dharma is bad for you will not stick. If you depart from karma, you will violate their duty.

29. Generally speaking, you should not have anything to anyone, and no one should you. If you realize it though the share of knowledge has arisen in you.

30. Do your words mean that I do not have anyone to help in anything, but only to take care of himself? – Your question speaks of the lack of understanding of the subject. Listen.

31. For all his desire, and you will never anyone in anything you can not help. It helps only the Absolute. You are only an instrument in his hands, no matter what you do (help).

32. Therefore Appreciate every opportunity to help others. After the Absolute gives you a chance to help yourself. Do not miss a single occasion to clear your karma.

33. How to me who needs help and who does not. What actions do, and refrain from what? – There is a list of things that must be done and which should be avoided. Your heart, your life experience, your mind, your intuition will prompt you whether to do this or that thing that you think of another virtuous or not. Sometimes, giving alms to a beggar, do the unjust act.

34. What is the state of mind I should have during the execution of an activity? Should I take what I do. Do I have to do the work unconsciously, do I have to think of something else, when I work?

35. There are many different approaches in carrying out the work. I will list some of them.

36. Work with gusto. Come into a rage from work. I am obsessed with her. And forget about everything else in the world. Enjoy activity. At the same time aware of yourself enjoying the witness work.

37. sometimes work distantly. The mind and body busy, but a small part of the mind is in a spontaneous meditation, and you identify successes in working with success in meditation. If you feel that harmoniously takes one and another. Those. One part of the mind absorbed in material things and at the same time, another part of the mind is absorbed with other things.

38. Sometimes the work, fully engaging in the process, but without feeling deep down no emotion. Whether as an indifferent observer of the process.

39. Work, doing two things at once, very quickly, switching from one case to another. This parasitic deprive the energy of thought. They will fail, as in the gap between two rocks. You either, feeling impartiality.

40. What is work? And that is the opposite of the work? – All that you did not see that does not happen to you, that did not, thou art in three states: stupidity, immobility; activity, initiative, movement; clarity, calmness and balance. Any object that you perceive, or any action that comes to you in one of these three conditions, or in various mixtures of these states. It depends on your karma. This same object or event to another being perceived in a different way, according to his karma. This is called the three gunas (three properties).

41. When you make your mind to be able to rajas, it is called work. The stronger the concentration of the mind on the performance of a business, the greater the rajas was shown, the result is a clarity of understanding comes to mind, and the more the mind is in sattva. If we do not rein in his mind and make him go through rajas, and give it to himself, then he has a slide into Tamas, dull enertsii, the darkness of ignorance, stupor dissatisfaction. The man in the state of tamas is more like an animal.

42. But the law of nature is this: if the mind is in Tamas wait blunt, debilitating pain, dissatisfaction, which in addition will make the mind to move to the activity, rajas, like a sharp nail stuck into the body of an elephant, makes it move.

43. Over time, the mind is purified through the pain of Tamas and fully becomes active, ie, radzhasticheskim. In this state, a person is very active. Already there is a dull pain, but there is dissatisfaction with the state of things burning.

44. Burning causes dissatisfaction to increase the activity of the mind, the will makes the mind work more and more as long as the work does not cleanse the mind of rajas as well as earlier by Tamas. After that, the mind glows with its own light sattva (clarity, peace, balance, satisfaction, contentment), because the nature of rajas – is sattva, because Mind is made of the finest particles in the state of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and – it’s just dirt, like a blanket or dust. mind to work more and more as long as the work does not cleanse the mind of rajas as well as earlier by Tamas. After that, the mind glows with its own light sattva (clarity, peace, balance, satisfaction, contentment), because the nature of rajas – is sattva, because Mind is made of the finest particles in the state of Sattva, Rajas and Tamas and – it’s just dirt, like a blanket or dust.

45. Thus, the status of the work, there are two opposites: the state of dullness and the state of enlightened clarity. Wise chooses clarity.

46. What is a vacation and whether you need it? – When you makes an effort of will to strain the mind – it’s called work. After a certain amount of time in suspense, you must provide a reason freedom, ie, let him wander in the direction in which he wants spontaneously. This state, when the mind after work to himself, called the rest. Status sattwic rest, ie clear, enlightened. But if the freedom to provide intelligence without previous work, it is not a vacation, but a state of decomposition and blunt Tamas.

47. As it is necessary to alternate work and rest? And whether it is necessary? – State of rest after work is also necessary to eliminate the karma and spiritual development, as well as the work itself. So you have to alternate the state of stress limit with the state of mind of its full freedom. Those. the state with the state of rest. Just as people need sleep, the mind needs a rest. If we neglect this, it is difficult to succeed.

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