2007.10.06 Karma Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. So we go as always the usual scenario. Today, October 6, 2007. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Are we in KC “Enlightenment” in Moscow near metro Novoslobodskaya. All information is on the www site for an archive. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru.

Today we look at another yoga, and then we will discuss all the issues related to both of yoga and other yogas, as well as all the other questions that arise in your relation with the practice of yoga.

Today our topic is Karma Yoga. A good yoga section. And, as always, I remind you that the teaching of yoga is one. But this single doctrine has different tools, different approaches. And this or that yoga was born out of each of these approaches. A lot of the yogi we have already considered. Today, we look to you Karma Yoga.


What is karma?


Before we start looking at the yoga, it makes sense to recall that this karma as it is present in our lives, etc. So, what is Karma? Now that word has become very popular, everyone is talking about karma. Usually, when people talk about karma, it always has some negative point that karma is something horrible, spiteful. Something that happens to us and make us suffer, strongly discouraged. It is not true. The concept of karma is a neutral concept. The concept of karma is the concept of cause and effect. Therefore, karma is both positive and negative. Positive karma is that which comes to us and we experience joy and happiness. The negative karma is that which comes to us and we experience suffering and disappointment. And the most interesting thing that does not say what actions bring what kind of karma. Sometimes what at first glance seems to be positive, it causes a person to suffer. And that seems to be negative, it causes him to rejoice. Therefore, the concept of karma in the first instance role played how we personally perceive a particular situation in life, in the destiny. If it is our positive emotions, this is definitely a positive Karma. If negative emotions, this negative karma.

So, the concept of karma is simple enough. This concept of cause and effect. The concept that every action has an action arising from this cause. This is generally what we understand. If we cast an apple, it usually falls down onto the ground. Why? Because the law of universal gravitation. If the apple does not fall to the ground, and flies off into the sky, then it becomes very surprising for us. So this is the law of cause and effect is called differently by the law of karma. Or in Russian, what goes around, comes around.


The fruits of karma.


Actually all. About karma already it would be not to say anything more. But sometimes there are some very strange things as the fruit of karma coming from? Sometimes they come completely non-obvious way. We did move in the same direction. A result is obtained in a completely different direction. And it seems to us that the act and the result is in no way connected. In fact, a deeper understanding, they are closed on themselves. But this man does not reach. And that’s why sometimes a person starts to do things that would be better if he did not do. Then it gets for any consequences. These consequences of his appalling. He says: “For what?” And if he is more deeply analyzed this situation, it would become clear why.

 Yet another is the moment that makes the law of karma is not obvious. This is the point that sometimes act in one life leads to an investigation in the next life. Just as the act in early life leads to an investigation in this life. Here you are all gathered here for a lecture on yoga. And at first glance, we can assume that someone came deliberately, someone came by chance, some out of curiosity, some out of a desire to learn something. But in fact this is a consequence of the earlier your interest. And most interesting is that sometimes the seeds of this act may be in a previous life. In a past life we were doing yoga, and in this life we are drawn once again to engage in it. And we are, sooner or later, find ourselves in the environment that gives us that opportunity. So, everything has a cause and effect. But sometimes the cause and effect difficult to keep track of, so many do not believe in the law of karma. More precisely, if one morning all the people would believe in the law of karma, would dramatically reduced the number of killings, theft and other negative, with which we are faced. Strictly speaking, all this happens in most cases, just out of stupidity. We do not know that for sure it will come a reaction.

 That is a law of karma. Once again, it is not necessarily a negative, and it is positive. You suddenly find out tomorrow that you have become the sole heir to a multi-billionaire. American uncle left you an inheritance and you do not make an effort to get rich. And suddenly rich. Someone might say: “That’s lucky!” Yoga is not inclined to interpret it as luck. Rather, it is in a past life you also left a legacy of someone and now here, this positive situation is exactly the same and come to you. Those. all as the call, so the echo. Actually all. The law of karma is not interesting. The law of karma – it is the law of cause and effect.


The approach to the concept of karma yoga.


 An interesting approach to the concept of karma yoga. So what is yoga encourages in respect of karma? And here is a very interesting position. Yoga does not call you to accumulate positive karma. Yoga encourages you to do to get out of the law of karma. Those. to give both the negative and positive of. Equally, for the yogi burdened its negative deeds in a previous life, as well as positive in a previous life or in this life if there is a consequence. Yogi strives for freedom, for the freedom of all. Of course, first of all from the negative karma. But in reality and from a positive as well. Yoga or yogini burdened equally certain consequences that will further define their lives. In this sense, yoga is the ideal of freedom. Liberty even to become a billionaire. Freedom from being able to get some positive results. It is in this ideal of yoga.

Sometimes I hear people say that yoga is committed to ensuring that everyone has had a positive Karma. Yes, this is the first step. First, we need to neutralize the negative karma of positive karma, and then discard both. If we have negative karma, it is clear we can not do yoga. We are paying the price for its some debts. So it makes sense to accumulate positive karma that it outweighed the negative karma. Once we have the opportunity to practice yoga, but yoga is considered the fact that you have the opportunity to practice yoga, says the presence of you positive karma. Here you come here now. At least you have this free time at least you will not starve at least there are many other factors that allow you to do this. Believe me, it’s really good karma. The very fact that you have the opportunity to practice yoga, says that something good you’ve done something. This, of course, sometimes sounds a bit frivolous, but believe me, in yoga are taking it very seriously. A very large number of people who pass by, while others do not even have this opportunity. Imagine yourself Tajik somewhere in the suburbs at a construction site. You do not have the possibility to practice yoga. You have family in Tajikistan. You must from morning to night work. And still do not know whether you will get the money. But it is also a living being, as we are with you. It can not be formed, but it is the same person, but it does not have this good karma. So in yoga we call not to fritter away, and if we understand what we want if we come into contact with it, then do not miss this moment.




The next thing that will be just as interesting. Well, when the reckoning comes, or a reward for our previous actions? There are several approaches, and they are very interesting. The first approach, an approach that Patanjali described a few thousand years ago, in his Yoga Sutras. Someone says 2 someone says 4000 years ago. All differ in dating. So a different approach, in accordance with other yogis, which also discusses how karma begins to be implemented.

So any action that we are creating with you, as long as we are conditioned, while we are in the plane of karma, as long as you and I are ordinary people, any act, it has a double effect. First, this act makes prints within us. And in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, these prints are called samsara, they are, if figuratively say, on the surface of our mind. Just as the beast ran and left their mark, just as every action that we perform leaves an imprint within us. This is one half of the karma. Second, we shape the world in one way or another act. Who faced with the principles of accounting, it really is one of the highest science. It is a pity that many accountants do not understand. Double entry. So, just as written and our karma – a double record. Inside the seeds of us. Outside conditions. Any act that we do, we create the conditions for the future and lay the seeds of a future. And yet we live currently. Here I did some action, for example, I went out and killed a man. No, let’s not such a terrible, let us anything less than cannibalistic. Well, that’s something I did.


Comment from the audience. Good.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. That’s right, something good. He saved the life of someone. I first of all, something did, and my act went like a wave in the universe. And gone. Those. I formed the rules of the game in the universe. And I shaped them for himself. Here is the second time in karma, which we will touch upon later, this personhood. Karma is only for us. And here, let’s immediately make a reservation, karma is not transmitted and does not work. Each is responsible only for their own actions. It is an axiom. There are such a very tricky situation, where it seems that the negative karma, as if it was passed. Sometimes there are moments. But, believe me, it’s just an illusion. Karma is not transmitted and does not work. No one can lose on you a negative karma, just as you are mine. Similarly, regarding some positive things. Karma is purely personal. It is a thing that is present only in our universe. And we ourselves will be responsible for their actions. Neither our friend or the guy, and no one at all. Only we. Who gave birth to the action, and get the next result of this action. Therefore, when you are being bullied, someone threw you and your negative karma, as a rule, people who know, there’s always an excuse to have fun over these allegations. It is clear that now is the buzzword and it can be intimidating for people and some money to fuck with them directly or indirectly. So here it is necessary to understand a little. So, karma is not transmitted, and it is impossible in principle. We ate at least such were possible, then our universe would have collapsed.

The second point. Carmo no one can undo, except the one who came up with the karma. In different ways in different systems call it. For some it is the Lord God for someone cosmic law of the Tao. We have already touched upon this. For some, it is a luminous emptiness, etc. the rest of the law of karma is not canceled. So when you hear that she had to be karma, but did not happen here then it makes sense to deal more seriously on this issue. So the law of karma, to my knowledge, no one has not yet been canceled. Therefore, if you see a successful villain who continues to create some of his unpleasant behavior, it is only a matter of time before he tucked tail starts to whine. As if he himself is now confidently felt, believe me, life is able to knock down a peg or any people. But the universe is very humane. It gives a chance to improve. But someone manages to even use this respite to further aggravation of his karma. So, nothing can be done with karma.

The only thing you can do for us, it’s a bit freeze it. Those. freeze the process of unfolding karma. Here, perhaps, the only one. These are the axioms. We touch them very superficially. I remind you that as soon as we will have a seminar on Karma Yoga, you are welcome. There we have more details and insights into many aspects and many methods, how to act, but it’s at a workshop.

How to use the knowledge of Karma Yoga in everyday life?


Finally, a few words about what kind of science is this Karma Yoga. Karma yoga – it is the science that allows us to understand what is karma and learn to first neutralize the negative karma of positive karma, and then learn to throw and positive karma. To do this, and there is a science of Karma Yoga. What is the charm of this science? The fact that this science can correct their karma not necessarily those or other exercises of yoga. You can correct at the time of their work or study. Every day we go to work, we learn, we will do something, we earn a living for themselves. This is some kind of process. In fact, the fact that we do it, our karma, too. It stipulates that we are working precisely on this work, we get this money, and not as a neighbor, five times as much. And we may say, “I am as good. Why someone gets more? “But in fact it matters to himself.

Those. all that we have received, we once gave birth to themselves. So, how lovely Karma Yoga? Karma Yoga says that the normal operation can be transformed into yoga, then a person 24 hours a day turn into yoga. Here you are working on your work, if you follow the recommendations and advice of those who have given us the ancient yoga, every day your job is not only that will bring in money, will also neutralized the negative karma and, moreover, created a positive Karma.

So what kind of method? The first principle that we should remember, again, in more detail, we consider these issues at the workshop, it is a mental awareness that we have a chance. That’s how I work here, it’s my karma, but I have a chance to use this job to rise above. It is that we should stop looking at the job as a curse. In our country, that I was always amused by the notion of work – this is the concept of something so forced, hard, uninteresting, it is necessary to pull the strap. Now, if you talk with representatives of Western cultures, there is a job look quite different. For them, work is – a chance. The chance to get rich, a chance to rise above the social, the chance to be realized. Those. for them it is more a possibility of something positive. But I will not give historical comparisons, why they have so, and we have not, but they are closer to karma yoga. So the first thing we need to understand our work, this is what we do deserve. As long as we do not correct their karma, the best job we can not give the universe. One may run from one enterprise to another, but all the same we get to their level. This is the law of karma. We simply do not deserve more. Another point is that if we have realized that what we have, then we have, we must use what we have, to do a push up. So, to the work must be as a gift, because every day we have the opportunity to talk to people, we have the opportunity to do something, to change the world for the better, even if we sweep the streets. Everything is interconnected. Once we noticed his street, gear provernetsya karmic law and we raise to a new level or many levels higher. This is a moment to be remembered and stop moaning and complaining that the salary is small and this and that. We deserve what they got.

Next time. Refers to the work should be extremely honest. When we work, we work to the full extent. Here we have this aspect, I am not going to now talk about the details of the law of the unfolding of the law, as the seed of karma meets the conditions, it is difficult, at this time no. But if you’re at work do not know what to do, know that it is not enough that you little redeem previous karma, there is a tendency to acquire negative. The Navy sailor, who is not on duty, draet everything. The soldier of our army, if it is not the case, it is destructive factor. Similarly, an employee at the company, which is idle, it is, first, the collapse of the firm. Secondly, it is the collapse of the man himself. He simply wean work and even becomes negative karma. Here we find ourselves in a team where nobody works, all limp, no, wait a salary. We look at them and start with a tremendous fuss, most importantly do not be idle. Those. If we work, we work. If you do not work, then we rest. At work – work honestly. We ate good work, good rest at home. I’m talking all the surface, at a seminar in more detail, consider it.

The next moment, it is not linking to the results of their labor. Here is the most common mistake. If you consider all the people why they go to work, then there are three categories. First go out of fear, fear of being without money, fear of losing status, stay hungry. This is the lowest class of people. People who work out of fear. The second category of people are those who work for profit. The man works in order to make a career, earn a million. In his eyes, the dollar sign. So such a person, according to the classification of yoga is much taller than a man, who works out of fear.

 And finally the third, the highest category of people who are working, because they like to work. Because that’s their business. Not because they are afraid to be left without money. They are not afraid to be left without money. Not because they need the money. Yes, money is always a good idea, but they do not work even on this. They are involved in the process. You know, like a child who plays a computer game. In Karma Yoga we are called to enter this level.

So, first of all, do not pay attention to the swamp around. Swamp always remain a swamp. Each has its own karma. Each will be responsible for themselves and not for the company. Therefore, first, it work. Second, it does not work out of fear and not because of the reward, and find pleasure in the process. As soon as we begin to work not out of fear and not because of the reward, we automatically begin to eliminate the seeds of negative karma “grasping” for one another and repulsion. These are two of the law. Something we love, we attract. Something fear, hate and repel. But it is still either comes or it can not reach and we are suffering.

 But it is in some other areas of family life, for example. We choose a neutral region and begin to work out there that it is difficult to do in any other circumstances. That’s very tricky in this transfer karma works. There are people who, for example, it is difficult to perform on stage or something else to do. But in other areas they feel like a fish in water. Yoga offers the first work in what they feel they can easily achieve this state here. And then they naturally will go to what they like to do, but they for some reason hard. Again, it is difficult for some reason? It’s hard because there is a negative karma. There would be no negative karma, there would be difficult. It would be at least neutral. And if there was a positive karma, as you would on the contrary, would be pushed to this activity. So, before you take a seat in the upper echelons, remember that it is safe to take place only subject to the positive karma. When negative karma, this place will disappear.

As soon as we start to work without fear to stay on the street hungry to lose its status, and as soon as we cease to operate because of profit, and start to work, so we have involved in the process, each day of such work, stress, active work begins grind grain negative karma within us. The fact that every act, as we have said to you, leave the grain inside and outside conditions. And if in the future will connect these two factors, we obtain the action of karma. And suddenly, a man was walking and suddenly something happened to him. Positive or negative. We say that an accident. Nothing happens accidentally. Just at the moment the person was in environment where seeds sprouted inside him. Those. until the land is dry – seed does not give seedlings. As soon as his little rain poured – sprouted. So also our karma unfolds in the future. Those. not necessarily that of today’s action, we get a result tomorrow. No, we get the grain and Conditions. If, however, we have developed a method of Karma Yoga, which I have mentioned, to work, we will slowly grind those beans that were left inside. And its action to neutralize the positive ones germination conditions, which remained outside. As a result, the balance begins to waver. And even if we have something done in the past or bad in this life, the first positive trends clog negative. Just as strong wheat on the field all the scores weed. Conversely, when the weed is strong and he scores wheat. So who will win. Because grain and both are present in this case.

Also, we have in mind the negative trends in grain and grain positive trends. We nurture positive, they will score negative. Let us take the situation to drift, it is a chip will fall like in a casino. But again, all this will be due to karma. Sometimes they say, that’s my job completely uninteresting. Karma yoga teaches, uninteresting work does not happen. The fact that she is not interested, just say that we do not see there is interest. Just like the blind. We do not pay attention to this. We talked today about the accounting, as it is all terrible, all these debits, credits, invoices. But today I am not in vain mentioned that there are a lot of philosophical questions. If you look even at the usual accounting principles with the principles of the position, which must be built all the western standards, I assure you if you are a philosopher, you will find a lot of philosophical overlap with other areas of life, relationships.

Once again, there are no uninteresting work. We have to find it of interest. A growing interest in the work, if we pay attention to it. We have this ability – attention. If our forces will direct attention to an activity, our mind focuses the beam of his mind was on this activity. And if we focus on any, absolutely any thing long enough, the number of thought-forms in the mind is reduced and the released energy comes as a pleasure, as if you were a detective read or play a computer game. Therefore, it is a question not only of our fitness. There are no uninteresting work.

Finally the general a moment like this the right attitude to work, so the right attitude to their duties, we can, I draw your attention, even if the other yogis are not engaged in or Hatha yoga or pranayama yoga, but only go here in this way, significantly improve their karma. Over time, any conditions to on a silver platter, we already engaged in other yogis, and very quickly and very successfully. But once again, the ultimate goal of yoga Karma is not that you have gained a positive karma, it is necessary, but only in order to neutralize the negative karma and to abandon positive. And if you imagine a purely geometrically. That we are all with you in the plane. Buddhists sometimes called the wheel of samsara. What goes around comes around. And you will spin forever. Good sdelal- well-received, plohoe- bad. Still, you will stay in the plane. Task yoga – to get out of this plane. Fly up and look at this cycle from a height. If the yogi then wish to make some action, this action is not due to some circumstances, but only of his free will. Karma yoga is to lead us to the very large. We must go beyond the general concept of karma. It is in this ideal of Karma Yoga. All I superficially sketched this yoga. A lot of it interesting points, not so obvious.

If you have any questions about Karma Yoga, on the other yogis, let’s discuss them. Do not be shy. I look forward to your questions.


Answers on questions.


Question. What bandha?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. One of the meanings of the word bandha – this castle, compression, when we have something close. In Nepal, the word bandha understand the strike. Those. this word a lot of different meanings. But in yoga refers to a very specific exercise, when we use those or other efforts, in order to redirect the current domestic energy or force them to flow more in other directions than they flow in our usual life. This is a topic for advanced people, ie for those who already know yoga. Very powerful exercises, but require appropriate qualifications to approach them and get maximum benefit.

Question. Does every positive action leads to a positive result?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Well, of course, any of our positive action leads to a positive result. But then again, there are very complex situation. It happens that someone had saved someone’s life only to later kill him painfully. There are those, unfortunately, examples. Therefore, in the formation of karma plays a role is the motivation. Why do we do it? Sometimes seemingly noble act at a deeper study is not noble. On the contrary, some absolutely terrible thing carries impulses even more sublime. Therefore, in each case, it should be considered separately. But if we assume that a life was saved because of these precious moments, certainly deserves a positive karma and probably if in a past life he had once killed someone, the kind of balance is already beginning to lean the other way. But, again, it is very difficult to analyze. The fact is that each of us does not remember the specifics. Here we have lived with you for many – many billions of lives. And we his early childhood with difficulty remember. And all that was in a previous life, I do not quite remember. I do not know, maybe you remember, and I have something not very much. So, the fact that the life of non-specific memories are transferred into practice and trends. Our likes and dislikes, our aspirations.

A typical example, small children who are attracted to musical instruments, and in three years become great artists, composers. While their peers quite blankly looking at these tools. The question is that the trend in music, she came from a past life. Specificity, of course, the child does not remember, but the craving, it remains. In the same way we do. We choose a profession, their activity is largely due to the fact that we have something like that doing in a previous life. In the advertising business, there is a provision that if a man once took a road when there are many other, then the next time he has a tendency to go the same way. Therefore, in the streets and handing out free chewing gums. A man once tried everything. He comes into the store and in the choice of course is to choose something that is already tried. It’s a trend that’s there. It is reflected in the manifestation of karma. We tend to go on the same track. Sometimes it’s really played us a bad service. A typical situation. The intelligent family, mother a teacher, professor dad and son – a criminal. Moreover, all the conditions were: a music school, elite teachers, refined circle. But he still found a bad company. How to find? Where? But found a bad company, and went on his path. Why? Because there is a tendency of the mind to repeat all that has been.

Or on the contrary, the situation is different. As Michael Vasilyevich Lomonosov. Born in some remote places, where life is very different. And nothing breaks. At your own risk goes to the top. Again trend, but positive. And with regard to each specific action, it is necessary to track. Unfortunately, we can not. This is described as one of the capabilities. Rarely who succeed. Carmo previous life no one sees. It is necessary to reach the highest stage of yoga realization, to see how all the actions of his past life, and see the actions of another living being. But this is such a high level that when I open the newspaper and someone is trying to convince me that someone already sees all of life, I do not know if I run and fall at his feet to the man as a great teacher, who noticed remained. Whether it is a charlatan. I was always torn by such doubts. I close the paper and try not to think, to displace this information.


Question. If the parents are professors, why it happened that in their family was born a criminal?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In general, in fact, a tendency such that a decent people, as a rule, come decent soul. We say, “The future of humanity. Let’s do something, let’s se … But let’s say in yoga, in particular in our school of yoga, it is believed that the future of mankind depends not on us, and on what children are now born and what will be born in the near future. If there will be born the souls of former criminals, the world will turn into a horrible place, so we did. If, however, there will be born of the soul of the great yogis, the whole world will turn into a blooming garden. And everything depends oddly from moms and dads. Present and future. Because yoga is believed that there is a higher happiness than to be born in a family of yoga and yogini. So many souls are not born in this world. Not where. Therefore, it is always a great joy, a great joy, and when the husband and wife, do yoga, doing some spiritual moments. Not even to themselves. They make a bridgehead, the airfield to the soul advanced descended into our world. And now, in the age of Kali Yuga it is believed in many ancient moments, it is not the outer war, a war trends. And now the question is: what will here be born of the soul? If we provide an environment that will provide spiritual knowledge, will be born a good soul. If not, will be born criminals and professors. Bulgakov is, in this regard, remember “Heart of a Dog.” A body, it does not mean anything. The body may be human. Whose soul? Well, why is it that the professor was born criminal? It is very difficult to say to us. We do not know the previous actions of the professor. And maybe he put opty over people?


Comment from the audience. But this does not mean that if a professor, he developed spiritually.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. No, I’m talking exaggerated. Excessive development of intelligent yet to talk about the development of the spiritual. The fact that Hitler was. Many people he killed. Millions and millions. Was their one idea – nationalism based on race. Those. if you do such and such – you are good, and if you’re different, you’re bad. With yoga point of view, it is wrong. Why? Because the issue of race, or the issue of status is not determined by the body, but of the soul, which in this body. And there may be a variety of options. But of course, in Papua New Guinea tend to be born of the soul, that it would be comfortable to live with cannibals. Therefore, there is such souls are born. Those. we attract the right your life and pushes unnecessary. And it’s such a smooth situation. It is not that hard, of course it has its moments. If we are to defend their right to live their lives, we’ll live with it. And if not, I assure you, the ball and other equipment, they are very quick to build all of us, and we have time to blink an eye is not. I do not know who any of you are faced with criminals? I grew up in this sense, is very funny, and I must tell you that it’s not funny. All these conversations, these all the soul great gusts, they end when you see it. Those. there hand automatically reaches for the Kalashnikov assault rifle. It is also very a scary moment. It can be anything you want to talk about some positive aspects, but, believe me, you will not give a chance, you will eat. So here it is necessary to respect the rights of their live as you want. What to do? At least mantras protect themselves. I’m not talking about other yoga. Any questions?


Question. What exactly gives Hatha Yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I understand your question. I have it in another paraphrase. What is the motivation of people who come to yoga? I can make you happy. Statistics in this respect there. Motivation very different, but I want to say in advance, in yoga there is a golden rule in which it is believed that no matter what the motivation a person may come to yoga, this motivation deserves deep respect. Someone comes to physical health, someone comes for a beautiful figure, someone comes to peace of mind. Some yoga like a philosophical system. Someone comes for supernormal. Someone comes for the ability to control, enslave others, to develop a force of personality, sometimes even in their own selfish interests. Someone comes for the company. Someone comes under the influence of advertising. Shown on TV, oh, it is fashionable. You know there are people who have a list of what is fashionable, it is necessary to do in order to put a check mark and then on any coterie mention it. At one time it was fashionable to have a personal psychotherapist, psychoanalyst. Every decent person from the party to be a psychoanalyst. If not, it’s kind of like something is missing. But the funny thing is that funny then begin metamorphosis. Just want to mention that all these goals Yoga in general yields reach. Another point is how long it is necessary to do, with what intensity. Those. Yoga is a very honest this teaching. It promises that it gives. But it often happens that after the man who had come because of some certain reasons, as the practice, he reveals a completely something new. He starts to look at yoga entirely on the other side and remains in yoga at all for another.

 Why these lectures? We could not hold them. Go employment and thank God! But then someone begin any questions appear, someone work begins to unfold. Different happens. People are eager to learn more of the theory, although initially, I know people who have come to make yourself a beautiful figure. They have a beautiful figure. But the question again, enclose more than – more you get. It is here that there are no miracles. The law of karma. On the other hand, they have what wanted. But then we realized that what they want – it is a trifle compared with what goes on. More questions, please.


Question. Can a few words about what it is you have a yoga school?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We have the most that neither is a classic yoga. The most common yoga and all its branches, that is. It incorporates the same tracts as the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. But at the same time here there is a very strong influence later trends in Yoga. This is one of the most interesting of these sections to analyze than one school of yoga is different from the other. Exciting, but information on this subject is very small. Unfortunately, I have very little information about the origin of various yogas. At the same time, in our school, and considered other approaches, which are called fast methods of yoga. In yoga, there are the classical methods is the so-called fast methods. It’s like a slice of yoga in all its glory. We call it yoga Anandasvami. You have to understand that all that is connected with the origin of this rather myths, tales and legends. As stated, the place of origin is North India, the border with Nepal, somewhere.


Question. What is the fastest method?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Oh, and you were asked the question! One might read a lecture on the subject. I will answer briefly. The first approach is a classic when we go step by step. A second approach .Vot … the word “miracle,” I do not dare say. Yoga teachers in their some mercy on your soul open handed techniques are so strongly accelerate the process of yoga, it sometimes seems that as if sprung steps. But in fact, all steps are passed, but very quickly. As a rule, this is due to the school of energy and energy of a yogi. This is his blessing, some promise of good will. And if he is at all students, then all things are starting to turn out very quickly, instantly.

Those. each of you can go up, buy books on yoga, retreat to the cave and to practice a long time, going up step by step. This may take many lives. But there are methods, such as, a follower of yoga begins to communicate with peers and within the scope of activity, we have it called Cloud School. When you find yourself in it, then all the processes it goes very quickly. And the so-called fast methods of yoga.

 Do not ask me the question, how the fast methods of yoga. I will not answer. Do you know why? Because there is a concept of logic, there is a concept sverhlogiki. The fact is that Yoga teachers, they have developed their minds, develop logical ability to understand the world, and then rose above the level of the mind. This is the highest level of intuition, it is like nadverbalny level of intuition. Miraculously, it is called I do not dare, in yoga do not like the word miracle here say the law, but a sophisticated and yet you do not understand. This is called rapid methods. But firstly, when? And against whom? When a person is ready to classical methods and spend millions of lives step by step rising in yoga, only open to such a person quick techniques in yoga. He is already ready to go quietly, and then him a gift: a seat on the plane. You go through the jungle, in his karma road cut through. You know, like a machete Indians. And then you say, “Hop on a jet plane.” And you immediately moved. As a rule, this encounter people with very good karma. Those who are ready and so, gritting his teeth, one by one go through life. Those. such people are self-sufficient. And they have internal state, which is called in Sanskrit state Bhava. I do not even know how to translate. It is not faith, but at the same time and faith can be called Bhava. This trust, understanding. I once asked a friend to explain to me the state of Bhava. He told me: “It’s like a dog that feels. She does not understand. She does not know. It just feels right place to go. ” This is such a deep trust in the path of yoga, which awakens even bypassing some intellectual understanding of why this is, and not what ?. Those. People do not even think it just pulls. As a rule, faster methods are opening up for these people. Those. open to people, people are very loyal, very loyal. More questions, please.

Question. Please tell me, how is it the law of karma has not been canceled. Positive karma balances the negative and then you can give up the karma at all. And what has become the law of karma? It turns out that person for that person it will not work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You are absolutely right to understand. The fact that I did not have time to explain in detail all of these moments, but once such a question is asked, I answer. Personally, for the “I” of the yogi, this law is no longer valid. Why? Because our “I” – a piece of the Absolute. Or another position in the Karma Yoga. We all consider ourselves the body. As long as we think we are the body or the mind, or the subtle structures of the causal body, a completely non-obvious, as long as there is a connection between our “I” and these bodies, all bodies fall under the law of karma. If we break the associative links, and understand that the body – a body, and our “I” – our “I”, the law of karma does not disappear, it remains for the bodies. But we already know that these bodies do not have any relationship, we use them. An example of this, my shirt, it does not have to do with me. According to karma, the shirt should be burned, but not necessarily that it should burn me. Or the hair should be burned. But this does not mean that they should be burned on my head. I clipped them and throw. Those. causal fabric of the world, it is not broken. Or how very beautiful it is written in the treatises “are suffering, suffering is not.” I understand that now it’s all crumpled it turns out, is quite complicated philosophical theme is to make ends meet. They are reduced, they are perfectly summarized. Why do I call on every lecture you how to learn yoga? Yoga – logical science in it, as in mathematics displays any position, but from a certain level, yoga is superior to the concept of logic. And it begins, in particular, rapid methods of yoga that normal logic is sort of like not explain. But they are subject to the higher logic, which sometimes seems illogical. Therefore, in many systems, so as not to torment followers offered: Believe! But this, unfortunately, played a bad service. The man at first believed in what should really be trusted, and then had begun to believe in anything else. Therefore, in yoga approach is somewhat different. In yoga, the approach is as follows: check! Check all! Check your practice! Do not believe a word, you never know who will come up with some beautiful theory? Those. all of this should be confirmed.

But, in relation to the law of karma, you know, when the Yogi reaches the state to balance the positive and negative karma throwing both, it rises above the plane, he climbs including above the plane of space and time. Those. our “I”, it is higher than that of the concept of space and time. This is a separate issue. More questions.


Question. Karma is only in humans?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Karma is at all. Here villus. She has karma.

Comment from the audience. She has no choice.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Who told you that she has no choice? She has a choice, but it is very small and we do not notice it. Generally, from the standpoint of yoga, all living things. Those. just as our “I” is the body. It is very complex and very good. The other soul in the form of a body – a speck of dust. And if she will live in the body of a speck of dust proper life, in her next life, where this speck of dust will be destroyed, the body will be more. But this I say exaggerated. You understand evolution. From the inanimate to the living, but from living a reasonable life. And from intelligent life to the spiritual life. Now scientists study where life originated? A yogi asks: “Why her and not take” Life – this is not a random combination, and laid originally in the very creation of the universe. Therefore, everything has a cause and effect. Therefore, all the animals, all the microorganisms have their own karma. Another thing that is considered in yoga, human level, this transition level. Those. if to human level, the animal is almost entirely due to his need drove, he had no practical choice. That at the human level there is a choice. That is why the human body in all religions is the most remarkable. If someone wants to end suicide, I want to say that with yoga point of view, it is the height of folly. Those. the human body – it’s a great chance. It is better to give yourself to experience. This will bring you any benefit to mankind, but not to kill. Thus, the law of cause and effect have everything we see.


Question. That bear. He was shot. What he is guilty, what his bad karma? What he has done this in the past life that he was shot?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Just do not about bears. That they seem so nice. If you meet a bear in the forest … These mechanisms cause and effect, they are complex, but they are. And in this particular case it is very difficult to trace them. And what is to blame for the chickens, which are killed? But on the other hand, you can see what it is, but it is a necessity, a harsh necessity. In yoga it is said: “do not go himself, the universe pulls your hair.” Those. why the yogi seeks to get out of this bondage. Everywhere their gear. I remember I was watching like a cat every day brought a little mouse. On the one hand, for what? But on the other hand, would not have a cat, the mouse would have eaten everything and even brought some disease. This is another issue you have raised. Question of the world. World bloody and cruel. We are not a second can not live that someone does not kill him. Therefore, in yoga and call, if possible, do no harm. But, unfortunately, even if we are vegetarians, do not kill anyone, such a possibility does not always happen. We walk down the street. Millions of germs we suffocate us than they are to blame, that we decided to come to this store, but not to that? All it twisted in a spiral very tough. For this reason, many of the teachings pessimistic. Only here Buddhism, Buddhism, he is more optimistic. Everywhere suffering. In that sense, yes, as long as we do not come out of this necessity, it is likely that we will crush. More questions.


Question. Generic karma. Tell us something about it.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Again and again. Question solely personal karma. There is no ancestral karma. But there is your personal karma that caused you to be born in such a family is where this trend is repeated. Usually, children are prone to repeat the fate of their parents. His parents divorced, the children tend to ruin a family. The parents received higher education – the children also tend to receive higher education. It is always monitored. Therefore, the first point of view, we can see that indeed, the children take on the part of parents’ lifestyle. But this is just an illusion. The fact that before his birth, the child has chosen those parents to future trends coincide with its internal tendencies.

An old anecdote about the Titanic. Black anecdote, but in part it keeps track of these points. A great sinner sailed on the Titanic, and wondered when his Lord God will punish? Finally, the “Titanic” sinking, he says: “Lord, I’m okay, but the rest of that” what the Lord God says: “Yes, I have several years of collecting.” This, of course, black anecdote, but in a sense it conveys the law of cause and effect.


Question. How yoga philosophy sees the worship of the remains of a human body, that Orthodoxy can be considered as worship holy relics. Buddhism is also not alien. How this applies to yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Yes, it’s a good question. If from a philosophical point of view to approach this issue, there are associative links. The whole world was created, we remember it from Jnana yoga maya, or illusion. The highlight of the illusion – this associative connection. Roughly speaking, there is some thing that is associated to the believer with a particular philosophical phenomenon, such as precious moments of Christianity. Although again, I really do not like to talk on religious subjects, because yoga – a yoga and religion – a religion. These are different things. These relics of it as a radio wave to be set up here is this teaching. He really sees the confirmation.

Now many crowds rushed to India, roaming the Himalayas, for all sorts of holy places and wonder. Some sacred river, and they say, “Ugh, what a smelly creek.” These are the usual tourists. A person who is 20 years old wanted to make the journey, it’s like setting on the airwaves for him. He really feels the energy spectrum. Here I swam a great saint or something else. Likewise, the power of the great yogis, we like to partake, customizable. This helps to adjust the association with the necessary philosophical school. But, however, there is still another point, more so metofizichesky. As a person who lives such a serious life in the body after a person dies, he definitely leaves the body. But for the life of it, roughly speaking, magnetized his body a certain spectrum of very subtle energy. Just as if the iron is a long time to keep near a magnet, it becomes a magnet itself. That’s just as well, and the saints. When they lived, they were so righteous life, that yoga level, I can add a bit of metaphysics, they replaced a substance able to Tamas on a substance able to Satwa. And that in itself is very clean energy. Therefore, it is often the power and smolder. Homeless man died, so the stench rose, everyone knew where he was. And sometimes a holy man die, and do not even know a few days he died. Because the body does not decompose. In the future, all sorts of interesting metamorphoses. Sometimes referred to Tantric Buddhism, the body begins to shrink in size, cringe after death. Sometimes quite wonderful things happening in Tibet, when a yogi says, “All I have to leave this world.” He locked in a cave, and dissolves in the rainbow. And then over the place people see some kind of doomsday, but when they open the cave, there is only hair and nails. This, too, as a relic.

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