Karma Yoga (based on seminar)

Karma Yoga. All of us are working, and this fact is due to our karma, but the work – it’s not a curse, but a great chance. Our goal to get rid of negative karma and accumulate positive. How to get rid of negative karma? The fact that the universe gives us at least some kind of activity, even that we do not like, it’s a chance to neutralize the negative karma, whatever it was, and in the future even rise above the level of karma, that is, first, to neutralize the negative, then accumulate positive and then all get out of the field of action of karma. When a person comes out of the field of action of karma, about such a yogi is said to be free. So the work that we have now a great chance vo-pervyh, rise in spiritual development, vo-vtoryh, to eliminate all the negative karmic consequences of previous actions, that is, any job can be turned into yoga, whatever you’re doing. Science Karma Yoga teaches us to work so that our activities are turned into yoga. There are three levels of employees, the first working iz-za fear, the lowest, the second – and third iz-za rewarding, the most superior, is an employee who works and does not fear iz-za not iz-za rewarding, but because it is fun in the course of work. And, oddly enough, work without fear or expectation of remuneration, we disclaim its positive karma and destroy negative karma. Yoga is completely safe, if a person knows how to relax, you must do your part, that depends on you, but you have to give a chance to a higher power to do its part, that all happened, so the work should be alternated with rest. You can take possession of their own, but, oddly enough, in the karma yoga need a teacher like no one reason, people just can not imagine that you can work with. All those around him shows that it is necessary to howl at work, that the salary is small and the head – a fool, but when you get under the top of a man who knows how to work, you are impregnated with this impulse and automatically start to work like this.

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