2007.09.22 Seminar Kriya Yoga



In one of the transfer options “kriya” – is a kind of action. Depending on the context, the word “Kriya” can be translated as purification or that reworks improperly made earlier, that is correction. But for us in this yoga the most important to understand the three great aspects:

Just physical. What is Kriya Yoga can give us physically.

What we Kriya Yoga can give in a more subtle – in the area of our emotions, thoughts, feelings, sensations and, as a consequence, the disclosure of certain powers which are called supernormal in yoga.

Finally, the subtlest level – is the level of philosophical. The level that raises a person to a new rung of existence. In yoga, it is believed that the body of people, we also go through the evolution and we should go to the next level of existence – the causal body level.

Now we with you – the level of the subtle body, in serious human – level of the gross body. Rough man himself realizes more than the body. We’ve been up on this representation, although some consider ourselves the body unconsciously. To a greater extent our life is thinking, experiences in thinking about some things. We live or in the future or in the past. That is, we live in a world of thoughts, just as modern humans live on the internet. It’s kind of reality, but not quite physical and we are with you can refer yourself to this level. The next level, to which we are called yoga – this is the reason – the level of happiness. Our happiness is variable: it is today, tomorrow – it does not exist; today is the way we would like, tomorrow – not as we would like, the next day – again, as we would like, that is all we have changed and as a result, changing all our inner attitude. The life of a yogi who rose to the level of the causal body, is less dependent on external factors, but to a greater extent – from inner harmony and tranquility. The third level of Kriya -yogi forces us to rise to this level here.

Our seminar will be absolutely practical. We will only learn the theory, which is necessary for something to really make themselves in their lives. Of course, the theory kriya- yoga is very extensive, very interesting, very exciting, very different sections there is in it, but it will be after we have approved in the highlights of Kriya Yoga.


Let’s start with the physical layer. The physical layer assumes that we have bodies that can move: feet, hands, head, jump – run. This is an ability that we just have.

Modern humanity is very little moves. We sit at the computer, watching TV, reading a book. We tried to walk less and drive more. We do not use the ability of movement, inherent in us by nature, and since we do not use these mechanisms, they stagnate. As a mechanism for a long time being out of work, begins to rust, just as we are, narrowly missed a certain number of physical activities, create our own negative karma. Why? The universe has given us this body for us to move, but we do not move. It is designed to ensure that it was used, and it is not used. And this omission begins to transform into a negative. As a result, we have insomnia, unstable mind, every little thing we can deduce from itself. While the wild man may come face to face with a tiger, escaped death and is perfectly normal in the day to sleep, without suffering from insomnia. We, the people who do not face an immediate threat as often as did the ancient, exposed to every detail. We can all night thinking about tomorrow’s exam or a call plan, that is, it turns out, we begin to suffer more, and suffer at higher subtle level. This is a negative karma. This is the price paid for what we do not deal with his physical body. Because our body requires that the generation of the internal mechanisms of release known to calm, inner pleasure, peace, and we do not run, do not jump, we sit. This is a great problem of modern mankind and to deal with it can be yoga techniques, where more than five thousand years. Why? Because the exact same problem was with the ancient sages. They are just like you and especially not running, no jumping, no fuss, they sat and meditated. It is an analogue of human sitting at the computer with a mouse and try to browse the Internet. He too little moves. The sages in ancient times as a little moved, as well as modern people, so in antiquity were developed these mechanisms to a very short period of time to fully compensate all the missing movement.

Suppose I – Vadim Zaporozhtsev – meditate twelve hours a day. I develop the mind Vadim Zaporozhtseva, but the body of Vadim Zaporozhtseva requires its own. And Kriya Yoga was invented for this purpose. This is a dynamic yoga, where the movements are repeated. We do kriya one, two, three. An hour and a half of training, we perform a certain number of movements are destined to us by nature, and if we suddenly did not work out tomorrow, we have a small margin will remain. Or do we eliminate the deficiencies of the past. At the level of the physical body – this is truly a panacea. The same cure as hatha – yoga. Sometimes it is more appropriate to resort to kriya yoga – the yoga of dynamic, sometimes more appropriate to have recourse to Hatha – yoga – yoga static. This area in ancient times in different schools to show themselves. There is a legend that the founder of Shaolin Badhitharma – Indian monk, professed Zen or Chan – Buddhism. When he was in the monastery of Shaolin, I was blown away by the monks from morning till night sitting and meditating, and they came in a weak physical condition that could not really focus your mind on one of the selected targets. Badhitharma gave the system that is likely to have a common base of exercise system. As a result, there were martial arts. Such pure Chinese accent. In India – is Kriya Yoga. So, this is the most superficial level. We traveled at the expense of the physical. It is very useful, but not the most important, it – as an auxiliary thing in a more subtle way. The fact that the Kriya Yoga in itself leads us to the knowledge of our “I”.

We’re just doing repetitive exercises. Sometimes they capture us, sometimes – no, sometimes some thoughts come, sometimes – not. But this is a very deep practice and its meaning is as follows: with the help of Kriya – Yoga, we may know his “I”. It is known that each of us has his own “I”. It is indestructible, nothing can harm him, it’s perfect, prohibitive thing. In direct proportion to the realization of our own “I” we have the ability to open, all sorts of miraculous powers possessed by the ancient yogis. So, our problem in this sense – to know your “I”. And Kriya Yoga allows us to do this. How? The point is this – it is necessary to try all of what “I” is not, and discard. How to determine which is the “I” and what is not? Experiment. Experiment, realized that some part – not our “I” and rejected. Thus, we gradually discard all unnecessary. First, we learn Kriya Yoga. Of course, when we are studying – hard to do kriya. After one hundred and eight times kriya yoga is done on autopilot. You begin to do with his eyes closed, and open when finished, that is, you forget about your body. The body itself, you are alone. And so you know that your body is not your “I”. Why? Because you have forgotten about it. The body itself moves, and you’re away from your own “I”. The body moves like a dance, and you watch them. From this we can conclude, realize the hard way that our body is not our “I”. But few realize. With all of this it is quite a unique thing: we take out their mind and energy come out of our body conditioning, and it ceases to affect our ‘I’. Concepts such as hunger, thirst, feeling sick people, who are engaged in yoga kriya- either not available or are easily treated. It is worth it just to make complex Kriya – Yoga, comes the joy, fun. Why? The physical body becomes under control. We understand our body – not our “I”, we come out of his body and we manage them. Not it governs us, and we manage them. And it turns out at the expense of kriya – yoga. Then we start to explore. Well, our body is not our “I”, what is our “I”? Maybe, I thought, feeling, sensation? We do kriya yoga, thoughts come and go, sometimes nonsense head climb, sometimes, indeed, any opening, sometimes some situation during Kriya Yoga takes place and shows quite a different light. Through Kriya Yoga (it is a very useful feature) can be made to work well the mind and find a solution to any difficult task. But the fact that the thoughts come and go, and our task – not to cling to them. We do kriya yoga and we thought – tomorrow anything to do and what we did yesterday, or about any problems. But over time, we begin to notice that the thoughts come and go, but they have less catchy. It comes when we are engaged in a long time Kriya Yoga. As a result, when done correctly, Kriya Yoga, we begin to notice that looking at their own thoughts, without getting involved in them. Normally, leave the house, I thought, shut down an iron or not? Running back or run away? Adrenaline, shakes us, we do not know whether there is, or rush here. In fact, that this first thought – it came as a neutral, this idea has affected our physical body. This is a medical issue, it is all happening as adrenaline is released. Adrenaline – microbe itself. He has already begun to act. Not a thought, not a memory – turned on or off, namely adrenaline overrides our brains and the thought begins to spin in us, devouring our inner energy with terrifying rapidity. The funny thing is that somewhere in the subconscious we remember that this iron and did not include, but all – stood adrenaline circle. This parasitic phenomenon in our body, which drains the energy we have. If we’ve been doing Kriya Yoga, then we break this relationship between the occurrence of thoughts and the emergence of emotions, we share thoughts and emotions. Here come all sorts of thoughts – nonsense, brilliant, but as soon as the idea caught on hook emotion, all that thought stuck into the emotion starts to suck the energy out of us. The very same idea is inflated like a giant leech. This feeling of jealousy, a sense of oppression, persecution mania, a mania that we have no one likes. This fear is the uncertainty – in short, the entire spectrum of a giant that plagues modern humanity is precisely by this mechanism. By itself, the idea of what you want can come. Thoughts themselves neutral. The scary thing is, when thought has joined the emotions. If there is a union of thoughts and emotions, all the adrenaline begins to stand for the full program. And it is easy to say – does not involve, it is easy to say – do not connect his thoughts to the emotions, it is very difficult. Why? Because for many, many lives we have just been doing. This is our history, it is our evolution, and how now do? And now we must somehow block, must somehow insert a wedge between thought and emotion. And Kriya Yoga with its monotonous, repetitive exercise is precisely the thing that separates the thoughts and emotions. We do kriya yoga and suddenly got the idea: “I have given an important document which will have to give.” In fact, it may be nonsense, can be a real thought, about which we may have forgotten, perhaps unrealistic – it does not matter. Our first move – attach an emotion, the emotion is already beginning to quietly join. But we are doing Kriya yoga and not go out of kriya yoga as long as do not do it completely. Thought wait. Our usual reaction – jumped up and ran to do his business, and there’s no – we continue monotonously perform kriya. As a result, we win the amount of time, then there is the effect of separation and all. Thoughts themselves, emotions – all by themselves. And as soon as we method Kriya yoga achieve this art, we put under control all thoughts. Put under control as soon as the thought may be, if it is devoid of emotion.

Many countries are now fighting with the terrorists. Beating them can be any number. Kill a certain number of terrorists or imprisoned, there were new. It seems that they like the grass grow. Her mow, and she re-grows, and this is true. As a result, the policy has changed dramatically, no longer catch the terrorists began to keep track of who finances them, who gives them money. And without money – it’s the same as at the grass roots cut. After cutting the roots, it is not necessary even to mow, she does not grow.

The whole range of thoughts that we oppress, suppress, make slaves to self-doubt, works only if these thoughts are connected to the source of our life. If there is no connection, thought themselves fall off.

So Kriya Yoga – a very serious system. This is not just a movement with his hands and feet. Some believe that it is a variant of aerobics, gymnastics. Outwardly, indeed, the movements are similar, but it is fundamentally different system. First of all, it deals with our thoughts. It keeps the body in good shape, but it allows us to interrupt the funding of our negative thoughts. It’s like a sort of terrorism. We destroy ourselves, we suffocate themselves. In man, there is no energy of pain and suffering. It is not in principle. Like a shadow – it is the absence of light, just as there is no pain. This notion of “pain” is not in the nature. However, every day we are faced with some very nice things and not very pleasant. So, what we call the pain – it’s just a pleasure to use our own power against us. Of course, the mechanisms of its implementation is very difficult. On the biological level even harder on the mental level – the most monitored. But by and large we do generate a negative thought, we do give her energy, this energy begins to overwhelm us, we ourselves are funding his opponent. We must break this vicious circle, or about any self-control, nor a stable psyche, neither of which meditation can be no question. Moreover, if our aim in life – to help the greatest possible number of people! Again and again. To say it’s easy. Make – even easier, provided that we do it, we really use this tool – kriya yoga. Kriya Yoga deprive our enemies in the form of negative mysleobrazovaniya funding. We do kriya yoga, learn to share thoughts and emotions and suddenly realize that thoughts can be brought under control. We acquire the ability to feel, This is now my head will go negative or positive thought, it is somewhere else on the way and has not yet entered. We gain inner ability – her in a circle – bye, bye, bye. Do you know how to store the homeless come and guards them – bye, bye, bye – there is nothing to do here. A similar situation will be with you. And if you put thought under control, you will begin to realize that your “I” is not a thought. This is a serious step forward.

So first, we realized that our physical body is not our “I”. Then, as soon as we have learned, or at least partly learned to control his thoughts, we begin to understand that our thoughts also do not have to do with us. We are alone, and all our thoughts of – themselves. We can well live without philosophizing. Accordingly, if we have in mind depressive thoughts, and we think that we can not refuse them, because it is the crown of our lives. We believe that just thinking, we live. So here we are aware that it is possible to turn off the mind, respectively, all of our depressive thoughts – aside, and we ourselves do not disappear at the same time. Moreover, we continue to exist, we continue to see everything, hear, but at a distance keep her thoughts. This is a serious step of obtaining control over the thoughts. Now, if we Kriya Yoga gets to this level, it is considered a good level. Remember, the first level – is the level of acquaintance. It is believed that we just get to know Kriya – Yoga is not earlier than one hundred and eight have made full kriyas, each for a couple of hours. In everyday occupation is delayed for three or four months. Then there are developments. And then you catch yourself thinking that once you started doing kriya yoga – all ended in Kriya Yoga, seemingly did not do anything. Once – as if she had passed – a very good sign. If you forget about the time when the kriya yoga – you go in the right direction. Thus, a person realizes that he is not the physical body and are not thought of. We remember axiomatic that, when we realize that our “I” is not dependent on them, our “I” is learning to manage them. Accordingly, there are quite a wonderful opportunity we have for them then must talk. Suppose a person wants a beautiful figure. Please, is there a way to buy it. Figure we got by inheritance, is partly determined by the genes of the parents, in part to our way of life, but in our hands. Moreover (as a rule, the girls are very interesting to buy a beautiful strong body), there is even recommendations: “If you want a healthy, beautiful body, dressed in doing in the sky, let no weather you are not afraid.” And the fact is not even that, and that this ability is acquired, in general, thanks to the other. As soon as she begins to look at his body, not as themselves, but as a tool. Beautiful girl perceives himself not beautiful, but her body beautiful. From that moment it comes to the ability to do with his body whatever. We remember, as soon as our “I” put under the control of our physical body, all our body – clay. Lepi whatever you want. Of course, this is not so fast, but there are helper methods. In complicated recipes prepared special blends with the sacred ashes. Sometimes it is made from cow dung. It is believed that a cow eating grass, eating all-all-all herbs. If, as recommended, do strokes from the ashes to the appropriate place and engage in the street, “dressed in the sky”, that is, in the absence of clothes in any weather (heat and cold), then eventually sold the body, which is a clay can do whatever you want. It is brought under control.

The same thoughts and feelings. In theory, we understand even today that our thoughts and our “I” – are two different things. But we do not feel, do not know how to use it. We need to realize that this is true. We need a real experience.

Perhaps I have already shown an interesting experience of chemistry, however, for another reason. Cube sugar does not burn, but it is necessary to add a small amount of the ashes of cigarettes, spread them of the cube and set fire, it will burn. This principle of operation of the catalyst. This is a real chemistry. It is one thing to study chemistry at the school, thinking how beautiful science and understand how it is all the reality there, and the other – almost do something. So, once we got a hold of your mind, your feelings and look at your thoughts as if from far away, comes to us as the ability to raise his mental level. And finally, if the two first level we have come, we suddenly begin to fall out to the area, which is called the causal body. In fact, as soon as the physical body is brought under control as soon as the thought brought under control as soon as a person begins to understand that happiness is not a source of enjoyment outside and inside us, it goes to the level of the causal body. This is a qualitatively different level – the joy of living.

Here we wake up in the morning and we were bad. Why? Because we live on a physical level. When we live at the level of the causal body – all this under control. And the joy of being called to the horizon. You wake up – the whole world, as the classic in your pocket. I can do whatever I want. I can go on any way I can to turn this world – anything, because everything is in my hands. This feeling of happiness that does not depend on something else. These powerful yoga, love yoga, yoga Sri Vidya start from this level. In fact, Love – it is not the presence of an external object. It is our quality of life, the quality of our interpretations of the universe. This is not something that can escape. Typically, the same love – love is and love suddenly disappeared, there is a risk of losing it or someone you cease to love you, or someone out of love, and that you’re always afraid. And here in the causal body level, you realize that it is impossible in principle. And right from the shoulders falls a huge mountain of negative feelings and emotions, such as fear of loss, jealousy, envy. Each it comes in different ways. Someone – it’s a blast, open, and just happened – they live a lifetime. Someone gently, gradually, layers offers this state.

In this respect, Kriya Yoga hopes that everything goes fast. But in fact, it is the science that allows us to maintain a positional struggle. For example, we want to capture a well-fortified fortress. We can take it one fell swoop, and we can build the long months of the siege, bridges fail, sooner or later, to capture the enemy. Kriya yoga relies on the fact that we take the internal negative states swoop, but it also provides a tool in case one fell swoop failed. Then, little by little, day after day, brick by brick we break the enemy’s wall. This is the highest level of the causal body. Talking is very difficult for him. In general, the level of the causal body – a body of love, the supreme joy, supreme happiness, or, on the contrary, the body is depressed, depression. That causal body primagnichivaet negative thoughts. Negative thoughts come, connected with our emotions, and we suffer in a depression. This negative thought would never come, but our causal body like a magnet it attracts. Therefore, a person sometimes feels like he attracts some failures, just in a bad mood – everything starts to add more to it – is the level of the causal body, is very complex. But nowhere to go. With him, too, must deal sooner or later. It must submit to us as well as the physical body. Over time, it should be put under the control of the methods of Kriya Yoga.

How does it look in reality? The very first step when you make a Kriya yoga and then by the order will change your mood. Here you are doing Kriya Yoga, forget about the physical body, thoughts are already under control. They come and go, you do not get involved in them, and all of a sudden you say to yourself: “And now – the joy of” Our “I” – is a very serious gentleman, he has a very serious whip – it is our will. Nothing can disobey this whip. Another thing is that it is not always immediately evident. The causal body should be obliged to generate joy state, calm mood. These are the first steps, when we come to the causal body. But, of course, it is believed that this is only the beginning, only the beginnings. Sometimes it happens that we do not end up the level of the physical body worked, look at yourself in the mirror – and the figure could be and better! But it will come. Just thoughts. Sometimes we are able to put them under control, sometimes not – sometimes we pluck. Falls do not be afraid, it is natural that sometimes off-off-off and an error – no need to worry, they rose up and went on. Once all of these three bodies brought under control, then realize that even the “I” does not depend on these three bodies. We are alone, we – the gentlemen of his body, his thoughts, emotions, everything. This is called freedom.

A typical situation: the boy and the girl had a fight, and everyone is blown. This approach, we put ourselves in a relationship. If he apologizes, I will be well inside, I do not apologize – it is bad. But this in itself slavery yourself. You understand that you are putting your state under the dependence on external factors? This is madness. Therefore, people, gray-haired, broken horn on the battlefield showdown themselves are going to meet. In general, strong people – they go forward, they seem to give abundantly. Why? Because this way they prove that everything, including their own state, depends on the “I” and no one else. Even the fight with a girl that we love madly, do not have the right to involve us in misery. Despite the fact that the philosophy of this situation is very high and this is a reflection of our “I”, but once again: nothing and no one has the right to try to impose suffering. We have to prove it. And to prove it, we can only from the position of strength. We do not wait for us to apologize so we came back in a good mood. Why, indeed, should I put her in a good mood depend on me to apologize to someone or not? I define what mood I should have – a position of strength. So, Kriya Yoga is precisely this gives us a position of strength.

Of course, there are such moments, and when the work is not going well, a row house, no forces there, squeezed like a lemon, “Shoot me, I do not want to live like that.” I’d be glad to show optimism and not to depend on anything outside, but I was on the dressing down, I stuck in the subway traffic jam, I just feel powerless. So in fact, no one said it would be easy. To do this we need to have a supply of energy. Therefore, doing yoga, in addition to these delights here, we will accumulate inside the protective potential, which is triggered precisely at such moments, when all at once in bulk. And we still have excess energy to beat it all. That is freedom.

If we are exposed to the outside, we are waiting for the right conditions, set its internal state according to the mood of friends, colleagues, loved ones, we are all your life will wait for the time when we finally begin to have fun ?! And we do not have such a long life to spend time waiting for happiness. Therefore, we must look at it from a position of strength. But this position can only be the case when our physical body is under control, under the control of our minds and our causal body is also subordinated to us. And plus margin of prana.

Here we are faced with a kind of negative situation. By and large, this is our negative karma. Once we have someone or had quarreled with his girlfriend, and now it has come to us as karma. We have to. Therefore, on the one hand, we demonstrate their lives complete independence on external factors, on the other hand, like them. Those colleagues at work – respect. The fact that this negative situation occurred, said that we had to pay for their own, probably boorish behavior in the past. Therefore, a surplus of energy is needed to pay for their negative karma.

On our fans, and we, on the contrary, try to meet, talk, like all great. Or a colleague perceives us negatively and we – positively. To do this, we need excess prana. Why colleague perceives us negatively? Because we had been negative karma. If it were not, we would have with his sour-faced and met all around us would have been happy. So you know, if we are faced with something negative, it is our own karma. Our task – to give energy. The fact that you see a drunken brawl or what someone now begin to fight, says that you had karma, when you encourage someone to such actions. Therefore, there is always a chance to improve their lives, to influence the situation. To say: “Guys, well, you, face to beat for nothing?” To separate them.

We do not know what we had karma. Therefore we need the excess prana. Kriya Yoga gives us just the excess. As soon as we put the physical body under control, the subtle body in the form of thoughts and emotions, and the causal body in the form that’s throwing these sentiments, the fourth that we have formed – an excess of Prana. Prana – a coin vitality. We can spend it in all situations when we need something. Note that all four of these factors are in one bottle of Kriya Yoga.

Therefore, when the kriya yoga are trying to reduce exclusively to aerobics, to dynamic gymnastics, it’s funny. This is just the outward manifestation as we have arms and legs move. Importantly, the kriya yoga allows us to know his own “I”, to put control of all three bodies and direct the vital energy. If you make a Kriya yoga with an understanding of this philosophy, then:

A) you do not make mistakes

B) you get much better results


“When you exercise Kriya Yoga remember – find your own rhythm and remember that this rate will also vary. In one day you will want to move quickly and with the efforts, another day will barely move. Only a sense of inner harmony will tell you, oh, glorious yogi, how to do. “

One day you’ll be doing Kriya yoga with effort. Another – perhaps indicating movement. And it will be right. If there is harmony – that’s right. Moreover, if you want to just move, and you will force yourself to do more – it will bring more negative than positive. You leverage the necessary processes in itself, but not necessary – lock. For example, you exercise and feel a sharp pain. You remember, in the Kriya Yoga is the rule. When the pain is necessary to immediately slow down or completely stop kriya. Why? For a very simple reason. If we have pain at the physical level, our minds focused on the pain, and not on the inner world of the subconscious. We just block the process. We are through the stump-deck and make the physical, because it hurts, but about these hidden levels of internal and causal body in general can be no question. If we understand the theory of performing Kriya Yoga, we will never fulfill her feeling uncomfortable. What for? Kriya Yoga – it’s not just exercise, but the pain will block all processes.

“When you do Kriya, you will understand that your mind, your body are manageable. Take advantage of kriya to change yourself “

Dzhnana- Yoga tells us that we have our “I”, but we do not realize it. We mix the awareness of our “I” with the awareness of our bodies. We have three groups of bodies: the gross physical, subtle and subtle. These three bodies as an adhesive impregnated with prana. Prana glues these bodies. And sometimes it seems that we do with them can not do. But in reality, not only can be done, but need. Kriya Yoga is just the tool that allows us to change ourselves. To change yourself, it is necessary to themselves, as they say, move. Here we have an internal gear, they need to crank. We cranking them and realize: “So, in that something is changing. If this turn, the result will be, and if that way – so. It comes inner knowledge of the body of the device. Once knowledge of the internal body comes device comes some experience. And now, this experience allows us to manipulate the internal feelings, energies.

The error of beginners is that they think that the world of the subconscious can take unceremoniously. I Vadim Zaporozhtsev often meet people who are trying to break through the wall, instead of gently enter the door. Many people believe that the more they will torture yourself, the better. It is nonsense.

Once our subconscious mind registers unceremoniously attempt, he immediately blocks all moves-outs.

A simple example. Every bank has an alarm system. If you want to enter the bank, you have to behave, even if there are your own money. But if you go to the bank, where you store your money and begin to peel the door kicking and breaking windows while shouting: “Give me my savings!” Triggered alarm and immediately come up the police. Why? Because who knows who it come from? Maybe it’s a burglar come from? Similarly behaves in our subconscious mind, our subconscious world experiences, dreams, all the implicit moments. No we will not let go, if we are stupid prem ahead.

In Moscow, a lot of people who think that they are doing yoga. They are, indeed, engaged in a long time, like bodybuilders, who are building up muscle mass. The bigger, the better. But for the builder – it is very good and the right way to Yoga – this is madness. Our mind begins to fear too much pressure on the body and as a security guard at the bank, immediately locks all the doors, so that, God forbid, no one breaks. Our subconscious mind requires a delicate approach. Anyone who rushes headlong into Kriya Yoga, begins to do, and already in his side, and stabbed in circles in the eyes went, and the man: “No, you have to hurry to reach samadhi!” This is nonsense. conversely,

slower and more delicate than you will gain the load, the more chances you have to avoid all the pitfalls of the path. Your mind will let you store your own conscious experience that ninety percent of shaping our attitude towards life. We all left some children’s resentment, unfulfilled desires, in short, prints. If we carefully enter this store, we gently whisk their estimates. But if we are to break … You know, when the first personal computers were the first program. It was necessary to print a sheet of paper. Then the program is not as well treated. For example, there is a tick, it is necessary to remove the check mark and then you come into the program. But for some reason, “mouse” does not remove the check mark. You can smash the computer into the wall, but this tick – not clean. Therefore, it is necessary to some crafty moves and go to the computer’s memory, find the command operation, which removes the check mark, and then the computer is working, the printer will seal. If it does not, then at least break the computer, at least erase in a powder, which we did out of kindness.

In the same way we do. The impression we received in the deep childhood wounds our souls for all subsequent years. It may be some little thing. The doll is not presented. We would forget about it and live happily ever after, and you try to turn in, remove the tick! It is removed in the computer. Schelknesh “mouse” and all. But there must also enter! Therefore, if we gently go inward, velvet cat’s paw sweep away the dirt of our negative experiences, our karmas, then all is well. If we prem ahead, the doors are locked and all – there is no access.

The first mistake made by all, it unceremoniously. Generally men are fond of doing. I myself was so. There were many mistakes in life Vadim Zaporozhtseva because I lane ahead. Why break the wall, when there is the door? No, it’s the inner steepness: “I will by the Pope in yoga, now I’ll show them how to!” The inner pride to be, but without folly. Unceremoniously swept aside. Once again, you want to deal with the physical body, is involved. Any kind of aerobics, pilates, gymnastics. But the physical body plays a secondary role. So Kriya Yoga – a system diametrically opposite aerobics, gymnastics and other sports.

Kriyami we eliminate, burn karma. In fact, we reconstruct his entire life. Kriya Yoga Classes change it, change our relationship to one another, a third life. As well as at work, in life sometimes rush jobs. Sometimes you need to relax, to think, what to do next. Without practice it is impossible to achieve a result. Only practice perceived sense of Kriya Yoga – the yoga of action.

I can talk about any number of wonderful properties of kriya yoga, but if you really will not be doing the exercises, worthless my words. It will take a month, two, three, you will practice Kriya yoga and suddenly realize that the thrill of kriya and open your own experiences in a different way. Kriya Yoga you will.

“By doing kriya, do kriya so that your body you do not interfere. To avoid pain, discomfort. As soon as the pain, malaise, nausea – immediately slows or stops kriya “.

Kriya and pain are incompatible. If there is pain – no yoga, yoga and if there is – there is no pain. Once again, this man’s approach. Approach women – energy principle, the principle of pleasure. Gender approach – a very good method. Approach male – this is the principle of consciousness, the principle of austerity. But austerity in yoga there is one essential feature. It is a noble and worthy men occupation through it you have to pass, but keeping one important thing. Do not abuse it. Otherwise it will be negative. It should be the joy of overcoming himself. Should proud of myself, “Yes! I can! “If it is, then great. If instead there is repression, torture themselves, such asceticism, usually come to nothing lead. Suffering for the sake of suffering came to nothing lead, refer you to the “hundred and eight aphorisms tantra yoga.” No one ever in this Universe is not reached through personal suffering. All achieved only pleasure. But to know the pleasure, it is necessary to eliminate the suffering of self-control method.

“Fulfilling kriya, you will feel the heat in different parts of the body, the spine, and then go the feeling of subtle energies, for a sense of subtle energies – feeling of channels and centers. Then you will feel all the channels and centers are also clear, as if seen through their eyes. “

Performing Kriya Yoga, you will gradually forget about the physical body, you will feel inside nerve sensations – that it started – this is the channels those centers, which is spoken by all. From the gross to the subtle. As soon as you’re engaged, you’re thinner and thinner will be, first, to feel its structure, and secondly, the structure of other people. But it will come gradually, from the rough – to thin. The heat will be released in different parts of the spine, then this heat is thinning. Each in its own way. Sooner or later, the coarse senses take you to the subtle. Therefore, to capture a moment of harmony, focus your mind on it.

A lot of people make a living statement that sees fine structures of human. And here in his own way! Someone sees karma, someone else something. Shortage of clairvoyants is not observed. I leave beyond the question of who is right and who is not. The audience there is different. In another case. As we ourselves feel and see these fine structures? On this subject, written many books. Kriya – Yoga offers us the next option. She says: “Do not worry. All is achieved. From rough – to thin. ” With the refinement of our perception, all these miraculous powers are manifested in us, because they are embedded in each of us. Kriya Yoga says that is the next step and go to her should be harmonious. As soon as we work out the previous task, the universe will reveal our abilities in a natural way, just as the bud turn into a beautiful flower.

From time to time I Vadim Zaporozhtsev, watch desperate attempts people awaken their super powers at all costs. People struggling with terrible force hard to master them. But they are not harmonious. Why try to reveal these abilities? We have our karma. Now we have a good status quo to solve our karmic problems. As soon as the next stage of evolution of the tasks will be completed, will and the ability to use these powers. There is no need for compulsory disclosure of abilities. Is it just to help all living beings.

“Know that every Krier matches vibration, audible karma.”

Doing kriya, you will start to feel the energy of the vibration of sound vibration. When doing Kriya yoga sometimes have these feelings in different centers, like buzzing fly or a bee. Sometimes, on the verge of a pleasant, sometimes on the verge of trouble. Later, every letter begins to buzz with its vibration, and his coat color in different centers. We will feel the difference of colors and vibration, if we for a long time engaged in Kriya Yoga.

Our internal knowledge structure flat out and we come to the mantra-yoga. It is believed that in general all the vibration. In particular, our body – a vibration device in our body – a small vibration, included in a larger vibration of our body. Moreover if one or the other starts to sound vibrations, a person experiences a particular emotion, and it also allows him to put these emotions under control. This is our internal metaphysics.

“If confirmed in this vibration, you play it, you get action kriyas.”

Saying mentally or voice that sound, get kriya effect from subtle to gross. Now that the application of the mantra – yoga. Mantra – Yoga – one of the most difficult to explain. It is difficult to explain why mantras work. You can only give highlights. Thoroughly describe the mantra-yoga is very, very hard. But, in particular, is this approach that if a particular center starts to vibrate, then our physical body begins to rebuild.

“By doing kriya, you reach the point where your body does not stop when you do and want to continue to do, when the mind is not ordered, and watching, and you observe the mind. This will help razotozhdestvitsya not consider himself a reason. “

In the “Yoga Sutras” Patanjali is considered a scourge that we identify ourselves with the mind. The ability to feel our “I”, we are now taking the most cunning way to reason. But our task – razotozhdestvitsya with the mind, rise above it. It makes it very difficult. “Yoga Sutra” of Patanjali offers a long meditation, to reduce the number of thought-forms as long as they do not stay. It is a state of samadhi.

Here the process is due to physical impact. Status of detachment that allows then turn inside out. This thing is very, very difficult to explain, but the fact is that the kriya yoga allows to put under the control of thought. We have already said that if the idea is connected with emotion, then manage this conglomerate is extremely difficult. And one by one we can defeat them. It is like two armies, if they are merged into one, it is difficult to win. And individually as possible.

“Over time, the thoughts become less and less, and you go up to close of thoughtlessness. Then become a master of thought. Pull out your “I” of their bodies, thoughts and feelings. Destroy your karma every action, her frayed in the dust and sand, as a millstone grain. “

Not all of us have seen the ancient mill. To bake bread, there was a mill. On the rocks round shape, which revolve one above the other, and the top has a hole. The place where contact millstone. There quietly roll in the grain, the millstones grind grain and flour is obtained. So, each of us has a negative karma, though it does not say about the negative karma. This refers to all karma. Why? Because for the yogi that negative that positive karma – it’s like a burden. And on and on the other it is necessary to get rid of and even go beyond the very concept of karma. But we must do it gradually. By doing Kriya Yoga, we gradually come out of the physical, subtle and causal bodies, we collect the excess prana and get out of this bondage. Our “I” begins to shine as bright as steel taken from the sheath of the sword. According to Kriya Yoga, we really razotozhdestvlyaemsya with yourself, when you stop to consider himself the mind, emotions, body. This can be done only when the little karmic zatsepochki we no longer tied. What’s wrong with a negative or positive karma? Negative – binds us and makes us bad, positive karma – we have ties and was doing well, but she and the other – tie. The goal of the yogi – all to remove all karma (positive and negative) He himself has to decide what he wants, and that is not necessary. Fulfilling kriya, on the one hand, we are just doing repetitive movements, on the other hand, so to speak, all the karma seeds, which is in us in the form of any problems, start by these actions fray as it says here in the sand and dust. And yet – there was a problem, and you do wiped. Nothing left.

There is such a position. Sometimes doing Kriya Yoga, as if we are entering a battle with ignorance to grips with their problems. Here you have a problem and it does not allow you to live. Every time you start doing kriya yoga, you know that you are now in a fight with his karma. Remember the tale of Kashchei Immortal? His death – a needle, a needle, to God knows what a tree in some egg, egg in a duck – in general, far away. Similarly, and vital problems that come to us from outside, is actually generated by the grains – a needle, which is inside. The funny thing is that while we are inside the needle is not broken, we do not do it outside. In life, there are many problems. Sometimes, it seems to us, we are confronted with the objective problems. We badly as: a, b, c, d, e, and so on. And we can not understand that this is just a trick, an illusion, hypnosis. We are led to believe that it is outside. We are trying to solve the problem from the outside, are fighting harder and harder, and the decision – inside. We must realize that it is necessary to find and destroy the grain. But as long as you realize it …. The sequential execution of Kriya Yoga all that had accumulated inside begins to fray and outside change. Many people who start doing Kriya Yoga, as if entering into battle with his share of bad. Foreign war is transferred to the internal battle. Accordingly, such people do kriyas consciously and all of them inside a milled. Such an associative approach is extremely useful. Everything should be tied to the reality of our lives, and not to the abstraction. Here, the abstract wish to attain enlightenment. Or I want to open abstract yogic vision, or something else. Do not abstract, it is necessary specifically, let it be a particular success in our personal lives. Specifically, our, small. Let him not look like flying through the air, but the slightest victory will make you believe in yoga method, but if you believe in yoga method, you with redoubled force take up yoga and turn everything in your life. That’s why you can start with very little.

“Kriya is perceived only when it is done. Do not think about breathing, let it take care of itself to itself. When you reach the perfection of kriya – it will attain happiness. “

Sometimes to me, Vadim Zaporozhtseva, people come and say: “What Kriya Yoga? We know how to do it. We do it yourself a certain amount of time. ” Once again, the kriya yoga – not such a simple teaching, which can be reduced to mechanical motion. But we understand this is only the case if we are going to do it. No other way, and you can not come up with it. The word “Kriya” – doing.

Question: How to breathe when the kriyas?

Vadim Zaporozhtseva Answer: So, how to breathe. I want to breathe faster and harder, please. I do not want to breathe at all – do not breathe. That is, we do not care about breathing. There is another section – pranic kriyas, where we go on breathing and engaged exclusively breathing. Therefore, it is, and thank God. In the future, when we combine the movement with the breath, we will have a powerful inner pleasure factory, then we can make the most of all bodies maximum enjoyment. I have a couple friends who are hooked on the chemical stuff, and then with great difficulty-out. Many say that it is very similar to taking a chemistry. But it is diametrically opposite things. Chemistry is leading us down, and it raises us up.

“Oh, nice Yogi! Explore the Kriya. That’s how to do kriya, when, how much. “

You have to understand, when you are comfortable doing kriya. In principle, it can be done at will: in the afternoon, evening, late at night, during your lunch break. It’s all up to you. Why? Kriya Yoga can you pour extra energy. You would think that there is no greater physical strength, and start doing Kriya yoga as feel good. Very strange effect, even a purely physical one. Because as a load is evenly distributed on the muscle.

Q: How often must be dealt with and how long?

A Vadim Zaporozhtseva: All individually. There are people who can deal with it twice a day. It depends on the time you have available and your physical condition. The best option classes as follows: 40 minutes – input kriyas, the first round, a small amount of power kriyas, but it, along with the rest. If time permits, you can do two laps kriya. It will take you a total of half an hour, but this is a good time. Again, someone is engaged every day, someone – a day, someone – once a week. You yourself have to develop your own style and determine the load for you. Remember that one day you got to do yoga and feel it does not go. Then we have to learn only denote movement to do just barely, as if you do not want to do. Oddly enough, it works. Upstairs are ticked off and you get your reward. Again, oddly enough, do kriya, almost denoting movement, it brings the best result as opposed to when you did not do or make in full force. That is, it is not such an obvious science. Generally, all yoga is not obvious. It sometimes seems like a very simple solution. In fact, everything is veiled.

It is desirable to do so kriya, who have been doing it. Just as the fire, kindled from the source is transferred to another place for a campfire. Similarly, Kriya Yoga is easier to study in the circle of those who have long been doing it. Then you do it yourself. In the Cultural Center “Awakening” we hold classes on Kriya Yoga. I spend Vadim Zaporozhtsev and leading teacher of the Cultural Center “Awakening” Victoria Begunova.

“What time of year …” and so on. According to this aphorism, do kriya “dressed in the sky” on the street at any time of the year … Again, everything should be common sense. Comply with the principle of harmony. If there is harmony, you do not harm yourself. If you feel pain or discomfort, there is no need at all costs to do the exercises. Do you feel that some day do not want to do Kriya, do not do at all. The most important thing – our every action must be realized.

We remember that yoga can not be taught. Yoga can only be learned. Only Absolute teaches yoga. Teachers only removed the obstacles. Each of us must rediscover the wisdom given to us by the ancient treatises. This can be done in only one way. If we practice. When we practice, we forget the teachings of smart books and the words heard at this seminar. The most important thing – our inner feeling and understanding. We rediscover yoga inside. This method of royal yoga.

The cornerstone of any yoga – is doing no harm to any living being. If you can not do harm, we must not cause it to anyone. If this is not possible, we must do as our duty orders. Each of us feels or knows its purpose. Anyway, in some matters, it clearly looks like. So, if we have to do so-and-so, and if it is causing harm, we must ask ourselves: “Is it our duty?” If “yes”, then it is our duty to do so. If it is not our duty, it is not our situation.

Now the structure of Kriya Yoga. It starts with the input kriyas. Then there are the chakras, or wheels kriyas of kriya that can be performed several times. That you have done four input exercises, and then – the first round of kriya. End of the last exercise of the first round and you can start to do the first round again, as many times as you like. The following logic. In yoga practice should be the beginning and the end of his own practice. Similarly, in the Kriya Yoga. Any input kriya, there are circles kriyas, you can do any number of times. At the end there-Shakti Kriya (power kriyas), which usually ends with a circle kriyas. Then there is the mandatory rest. We go out of practice.

It is believed that the first two laps kriyas – more than enough for the modern man. Although kriyas – great variety. In fact, how many degrees of freedom of a person, as may be, and kriyas. But it turned out that certain relevant kriyas in sequence for us. Why? The answer is simple. We all have approximately the same body, though they are different, as we have said. But we have about the same shortcomings, deficiencies, drawbacks. This is a general karma of all living people. HomoSapiens, Homo sapiens is a species in the world and share many common features. With yoga positions we share a common karma, or common fate. Quite possibly, many lives ago, we were one and the same species of animals and that’s so common stages of transition from life to life, hauled laggards and had the opportunity to be born in the human body. In this body we drag some shortcomings of previous lives. That is why we need to put under the control of the physical body and clean it, our thoughts, our causal body. Here plays the role of a sequence. You understand that the human body can do any number of movements. And if left and make a certain number of them in sequence, it is not necessary in other aspects. Remember, Kriya Yoga was practiced by the sages, held in meditations great time. They have not been able to fully take the time to exercise.

My favorite example in this case the loss of keys. There are people who are doing the master key. Keys lost, and it is necessary to open the lock. He bent from wire, inserted, and cranked opened. Here, the effect – in a correct, consistent curved wire. Consistency the key to the castle is part of our subconscious gates. Time! – And we opened it. The idea is that we should have a key to the subconscious. But we lost it. And this sequence we penetrate into the subconscious. This gives us a gain in time. For a couple of hours and forty minutes, we make as much effort as if ten people from morning to night, running and jumping. And the second. The sequence is selected in such a way that eliminates the deficiencies in the most difficult areas.

Our karma – a complicated thing. She – and the physical, and the subtle, and causal bodies. On the physical level, if I have a flexible body, it’s good karma. If the body gives me concern, it is bad karma. At the subtle level, if I thought bright, joyful, positive, then it is good karma. If I do, without having to get out of a depression, falling into another, this negative karma. On the causal body altogether different story. That is, now we have what we have. Moreover, all our karma intersect.

Some thought arises from spazamaticheskim contraction of blood vessels. We increased or reduced pressure. We suffer all kinds of diseases. This is a result we can bring to the grave. Pressure, heart attacks, strokes in people – it is a terrible thing. All the arguments themselves. In a sense, yes, all diseases – from nerves. Nerves affect the physical body, and it plays with the vessel wall, with metabolism and other things, which is good to learn to understand modern medicine. The second point – emotional. It is generally accepted that good mood prolongs life. Yogis say: “No, the disease present and the subtle, and causal, and physical bodies.” You start to rip his physical, correct, as it appears on the thin. The usual situation with yoga classes. The man saw the ad, comes to practice yoga, it affects the physical body, and this entails some deep emotional problems. Clearing the physical, mental clean start. Mental cleansing is extremely tedious. Asks the man: “Why do not you go to yoga?” “Yes, there is no time – meets – the case.” In fact, it is karma. In this case, the negative, which does not allow itself to get rid of. Karma is like a virus, it is very stable conglomerate of cause and effect. From it is sometimes hard to get rid of. Sometimes we do not notice how we get under the influence of karma. Physical fatigue leads to a bad mood. We are influencing the physical, get a disproportionate change thin, and with fine – to the subtlest. All confused as cooked pasta, try it, pull! So we have. We want a good figure, but sometimes the key to a beautiful body – this is our mental attitude toward the world. We want universal love, but she does not come, because we do not deal with the physical body. Everyone has their own Kaleidoscope and, nevertheless, there are some karma that we are all united. These karma kriya yoga in a certain sequence – again! as a key into the lock – and revealed! It is not that once, not so simple. The transitions between the body and thoughts, between thoughts and inner feelings of happiness, joy veiled. But they make us slaves. In this sense, the goal of yoga – to make us free.

Some do yoga without a deep philosophical meaning, without the knowledge of the “I”, Brahman, the Absolute, the Universe. This is very serious stuff. But even yoga should be engaged for this reason – to become free. Exit out of karma pressure drop is a yoke.

How should I study of Kriya Yoga? It is believed that Kriya yoga is necessary to perform one hundred and eight times. There is a very veiled aphorism. It is necessary to perform one hundred and eight times in the “School of the cloud,” the sequence of exercises. To understand this we must follows. Many teachers and teacher, yoga transmitted to us, present on the subtle levels of thinking. They are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. This is called “cloud school.” Anyone who practices yoga, carries on this tradition, and it is also a cloud. If you feel the involvement of all teachers, you get their blessing, as if each time they looked, how you are doing kriya yoga. You will recall that this is the main position of yoga training. But now all learn from books. I Vadim Zaporozhtsev, he studied them. But this is a very long time, in addition to some books one hundred percent probability of error. The process is faster when you come in, looks like you’re doing better. Sometimes not corrected, the atmosphere acts upon you so that you do not make mistakes.

This is the same as learning a foreign language. Can half a lifetime to read books, to write the words and still not learn to read or write or speak, for example, in English. And you can get there for half a year in England, without effort, dive into the language environment, knowledge – again! – And the mind goes. The same situation and with the Kriya Yoga. It is better to study with those who for a long time to do it. As children, copying, learning to talk, and also those who have never encountered kriya yoga, hitting the occupation, doing exercises, captured this wave. And do not make mistakes. It takes all the best. If we find ourselves in the school field, in the field of teachers or people who have mastered Kriya Yoga, then, firstly, it is very easily passed the physical side. What to do, how to do. But the most important thing is to convey something subtle that turns into kriya halo. Therefore, we must do kriya one hundred and eight times in the presence of teachers, school clouds. After that, it is believed that we got to know Kriya Yoga, and know how to use the tool in relation to himself.

One hundred and eight times (subject to thirty days in a month) is stretched into three and a half months. Of course, I have no opportunity to engage with all the people who want to learn Kriya Yoga. Here the emphasis is on personal work. A person should gather additionally by personal practice. And at the same time whenever possible to plunge into the atmosphere of the “cloud of the school”, the hall, people who are already practicing. It is necessary to put the correct emphasis, not to make mistakes. And our workshop – this is a very serious progress in this regard, then it all goes wrong. But I understand that a hundred kilometers from Moscow, no information is that there is a kriya, but even … knowledge should be shared with everyone who is interested in self-knowledge. So I suppose certain liberties or breaks in tradition and convey the right to teach Kriya Yoga. In Siberia, a lot of people, among whom it went. I believe that the main quality – the courage and the desire to help people. Of course, I give the report to the fact that everyone makes mistakes. I have repeatedly met with it. Sometimes it comes to comic situations. Our films are spreading as a tutorial and here people work out in the film, he began to teach yoga in their work community. And the first mistake – this is what we have said. Sometimes too much is worse than nothing. Too much effort and focus on the outside instead of the inside. As far as I know from the people working in Moscow hypermarkets, there is also Kriya Yoga gone. This is good, but if you can get into the “cloud of the school”, it is necessary to use it. Then everything goes faster. So there must be a reasonable compromise. The main burden – on exercises at home, if you can not visit them in the hall. And from time to time to take classes under the guidance until shall find one hundred and eight times. Then kriya yoga is considered to be realized. Finally, if you are doing kriya yoga, you know that you still have some “left” thought, it is necessary to remember that theory, of which we spoke at the beginning.

First. No pain when performing Kriya Yoga. As soon as the pain at the physical level – is suspended.

Second. Nedopuskanie emotions and thoughts. If the thought process is like a movie before your eyes, and you do not get involved in it, just watch, it’s nothing. But if you come up some emotions, positive, negative, depressive, straining us, we remember that our task – not give a thought to connect with the emotions. Emphasis should be put. In the past one hundred and eight times you do not even realize we have automatically captures. The fact that our negative, in this case, karma acquires, when we have three bodies were involved. We were doing something or inactive, and at this moment have been affected the physical, subtle and causal bodies. , It is necessary to deploy these three structures to unravel karma. That is why it is so important physical component, despite the fact that we are told that the physical plays a secondary role. But if we do not deploy our negative karma, imperfection will be such aplomb! That is the tail that will not clear the mental process. Therefore it is sometimes called Kriya yoga dynamic meditation. Usually, meditation means that a person sitting meditating and mentally. And here he is moving. But in both cases, it does not interfere with the body. When he sits – it does not stop, and it must move so that the body does not hurt. You can list a lot of positive effects of Kriya Yoga. If we consider only the physical component, then the effect will not be as impressive. That person is doing Kriya yoga. Anyway mind like a monkey jumping from thought to thought, with emotion in the emotion. And it should be every time a method of remembering, recalling the theory, return the process back on track. Then the physical trasnformiruetsya in subtle energy, and it will do everything that needs to be done. If you just surrender to the will of Kriya Yoga, move like dancing (many do), it is also very good, but the effect will not come so fast. So once again I remind you of the four levels, including the prana.

First level. With the help of Kriya Yoga, we distance ourselves from the physical body. Thus we learn to manage it and reconstruct it the way we want. Any figure, whatever you want!

Second level. The level of our thoughts. We can not allow the thought merged with emotions. If the thought merge with emotion, she pumped up the energy and will become a parasite that from you will not go anywhere until you suck all the energy. We need to control the thoughts that come and go.

The third level. We must reach the level of the causal body. Access to this level – it is a real yogi.

If you ever decide to teach yoga, then you should at least catch on the corner of the causal body. This should be distinguished you. Then you will be able to manage all processes. If not, it will be extremely difficult. Believe me, all the people who have been engaged in yoga, the same as we all do. Teachers also tend to experience emotions, their thoughts any concern, some depressing. They can manifest them in the same way as we do. They are distinguished by only one thing. Islet unaffected. It is not obvious. But if it is, you can do something real. So, Kriya Yoga gives us the island untouched, when the ego-modus of our consciousness … In Sanskrit there is a word “bhava”. It is a mental attitude that I impose the world as it should be, not the world imposes on me, what should be my inner mood. This inner strength. This is called “live from a position of strength.” But for this we must rise to the level of the causal body. And we need to collect prana to this prana to patch all the holes. The fact that we are confronted with the negative, says about our negative karma. But we are firmly established in their unaffected. In this case, we do not care about our karma. But this is not enough. We must transform the world so that we like. This has the additional resources. It is one thing – untouched. Other – imposition (in the best sense of the word) the positive world. It takes energy surplus. For teaching it is important. Who knows how things will turn, can you bear this knowledge further. And we must now realize that the external can be anything. So much the worse for the outside. The main thing – your independence from external and additional energy to remake it.

The fourth level. Prana. Again. If you are faced with negative outside, it is a matter of your karma. If you do not have negative karma, you even negative about this and did not know. This philosophy can be very dangerous, if falls into the hands of fools. Her interpretation of “If you have bad luck, so the fool” as a result has turned India into a third world country.

A certain social stratum bad lives and we can say: “This is bad karma they have. And rightly so. ” When we say it outwardly, it is a slippery slope. At the same time it is the only way, when in the depths of his own “I”, we analyze what happens in our lives. We must be honest with yourself. If we have some kind of negative situation, we have created it themselves, and not evil uncle or some other evil force. To crush the positive negative karma, prana needed energy. She also acquired in practicing Kriya Yoga, especially respiratory transitional kriyami. There’s a river flowing prana. Therefore, there must be an internal setting: force, independence, positive, help, be rejection of obscurantism. Sometimes less educated people misunderstand the ancient treatise and start talking some things on the basis of this treatise, which we frighten and confuse our minds. Better to drop. Not time yet. The time will come, you will get all the knowledge on a silver platter. All that makes us weaker, it should be discarded and forgotten. We have no right to the weakness, if we go through yoga. Of course, the habit will have to throw in one direction or the other. Nothing wrong. Do not worry about the ups and downs. They are at all, but eventually there will be less and less. The issue is that we need the tool to escape from external impact and become independent on the one hand, and on the other hand, the potential gain that is also an external control. Kriya Yoga gives it.

Now we proceed to the treatise “Tantra Kriya Yoga.” This source, in which the idea voiced by me present a few veiled form, in other terms. But it’s the same thing. Treatise “Tantra Kriya Yoga” in my Vadim Zaporozhtseva, translation can be downloaded from our website our “Open Yoga University in Moscow” www.openyoga.ru (treatise also available on the website www.yogacenter.ru)

Why such a name? We have two movie tutorial. One is called “Kriya Yoga”, another – “Tantra Kriya Yoga.” Many people are afraid of the word “tantra”. Everyone thinks that they will show the sexual lewdness and what a decent man to watch them. But it’s a perverse notion of “Tantra”. There triad – Yoga Union, Tantra Yoga and Yoga of Love. So, neither of which the yoga of love and speech can not be, if at the level of the physical body we have negative karmic hole. It is necessary to clear all the levels. And kriya yoga prepares our minds and our bodies for this transition, for the perception of these yogas. It is one component. Another component – that the individual kriyas transform sexual energy into higher energy. There are simply kriya, there is pranic kriya, there are transitional kriyas, and there kriya Union. So, the treatise “Tantra Kriya Yoga”, the translation keys Anandasvami tradition. This is an important moment. In the bookstore you will find books and all five “Yoga Sutra by Patanjali” translated by different authors, different schools. There are a variety of comments in different traditions. You begin to read, and it seems that it is five different exercises. Therefore it is very important what tradition translated treatise. Many words have different meanings. If we understand the meaning, the translation select the right words. If we do not understand the meaning, and then select the word is not entirely successful. I’m sure there is another translation of the treatise on kriya yoga, but it will be completely different. To immediately reject ambiguity, we consider the treatise “Tantra Kriya Yoga”, the translation keys Anadasvami tradition, that is, that yoga, which we are studying, translation Vadim Zaporozhtseva.

“My teacher – joyful. My teacher – beauty beloved. My respect for him. ” Here we present Kriya Yoga, this great teacher. By the way, the film-tutorial “Tantra Kriya Yoga” is removed on the basis of this treatise and all the aphorisms are represented there. He posted on www.yogacenter.ru Online:


Of course, we would not have had of Kriya Yoga and its understanding, if not a teacher and a teacher. Start kriya yoga with memories of teachers – is one way to be in the “cloud of the school.” Did you remember to learn Kriya Yoga, it is necessary to perform in the “cloud of the school.” If you can not attend, you must tune to the teachers of tradition and do Kriya Yoga asking them to help.

“By the grace of my teachers this treatise is given to those glorious yogis who have not yet found his teacher, but full of determination and courage to burn your karma, or those who have learned Kriya Yoga, but wants to know all its many secrets.” Why I chose this tract as a starting point? Because this is the situation of our country. If you decide to seriously study the kriya yoga, you’ll certainly need a teacher. I do not pretend to teachers. I’m just the postman Pechkin who brought you the message from teachers. Over time, you will need to look for their teachers. The matter is not so simple. Teachers – people are extremely busy and all that you can do yourself, you have to do, and then receive the teachings of the higher realms. Doing the dirty work for teachers is ineffective. There is a saying: “the student is ready, willing and teacher.” I understand it must be so: the grunt work on ourselves we must do ourselves. Sometimes I ask people, “Why do not you do yoga?” “I’m waiting for the teacher.” All dream that will come Himalayan old man in Moscow, will rise to the fifth floor of the six apartments and is this oaf teaching to read and write. It’s like waiting for the beginning of the study of mathematics and hoped that the Nobel laureate come and explain a simple law. This is somewhat presumptuous. Therefore, all we can do ourselves, we have to do ourselves. And the situation in our country is such that it is not what the teacher to meet with sane yoga instructor – the possibilities are few. This treatise so valuable and that by studying it, we do the work yourself. It is also a serious treatise for those who have been engaged in Kriya Yoga. From time to time it is necessary to re-read.

“In this treatise are given all the necessary description, so do the exercises as they are set out here. If the description that is not explained, and you, O Yogi, do not know what to do, then do as you want and as you can. ” We touched upon this issue. All that does not say, do what you want. One and the drill made in different ways, leading to the same result.

“Oh, student, know that each exercise is called a kriya. Number of kriya given by teachers, is huge. Kree are divided into input Kree basic Kriya “.

Sometimes the main kriya or circles kriyas called Chakra-kriyami. Who writes about the chakras just lazy. And people think that each chakra-kriya is correlated with a particular chakra of our physical body. This is just one and the same term. In Sanskrit “Chakra” – a wheel, a circle that can be rotated. Here the meaning is different. It is not obvious how to relate with the centers of repetitive moments. It is not that the first round of kriya is correlated with a particular chakra – no. All the more refined. The idea is that this master key. It should click here, here and here, to the castle opened. Under the chakras, we understand a certain sequence, rather than the chakras in our body.

“Kriya means” to carry out, clean the body, to correct the wrong done, “ie, negative karma.” In the past, their action or inaction, we did what impedes our spiritual development. To go further, it is necessary to remove all the snags. Kriya Yoga is just that and is engaged.

“Remember that the Kriya Yoga Kriya important sequence, because it unties knots of karma.” We also talked about this. Just as the master key is necessary to cut a certain way, and the sequence of kriyas to be determined.

“During the exercise the most important thing – it is a continuous sense of harmony within yourself. Anything that interferes with this harmony must be ruthlessly discarded, whether excessive force or sickness, or wrong thoughts or doubts or lack of concentration on internal sensations. ” The only thing that will stop here – it’s “any thoughts or doubts.” Sometimes doubt have bad service person. He begins to engage in kriya yoga, like any yoga. I work out, work out, and then he starts doubt: “But as I do? I go to the karate school. ” They work out. Always rushing. Here, the following approach. It is better to consciously make mistakes and then correct them, than to be like a piece of paper in the wind. Where the wind blew, and there suffered list. We can lose a significant amount of time.

“By doing kriya, forget about his gross body, leave in the subtle body, then the causal body. Then Cast away the causal body, becoming the master of Prana. ” I have long circulated on how to control gross, subtle and prichny body, become independent, and after paying all your prana karmic debts, to change the world for the better. And here it is compressed in a single aphorism.

“Learn Kriya in the order in which they appear in this treatise. In the future, you can change the sequence in accordance with their needs. ” Just as the letters of the alphabet learning through repetition and kriyas are learning through the implementation of a specific sequence. When the letters are examined, you can be one word. Kriyas to learn the alphabet, you can create a sequence of exercises. It happens that sometimes you forget you pass kriya or some can not do – this is normal. But if you can make them in the order in which states, we are doing just that. If listening to the harmony within ourselves, we understand that it would be good to add a particular kriya, in the future we can create your own sequence of kriyas. But no sooner is go through all of them. Similarly, we can write poetry. But for this we need, above all, learn the alphabet, and then learn how to write, but then again a lot of action for the attainment of certain skills to do. Kriya Yoga opens up scope for creativity, but after studying the highlights.

“Do each kriya or within a fixed time – 108 reps kriya- mantra, which is about 75 seconds, or a fixed number, for example, 27 times, or use the two methods simultaneously.” We do our version of the “blue Kriya”: each kriya do 1.15 minutes or 75 seconds, or 108 repetitions Kriya -mantry. It is clear that with the help of the music box is easier to measure periods of time. But if you are in nature, you can consider himself or mantras or seconds number of times. Both methods are allowed. Kriya Mantra – an interesting transition section kriyas. It is when we do kriya repetition of the mantra. Mantras are different for different purposes. We are simultaneously engaged in Mantra Yoga and Kriya Yoga, that is, combine the two processes in one. Kriya Mantra selected in such a way to clear one or another aspect. If problems with the physical body, the use of Kriya mantra cleansing on the physical body. If problems with the mentality, others. For the causal body – his own. My recommendation is as follows. If you practice any mantra, it can also, and use your own.

I’ll note that the version of the “blue kriyas” – the most gentle. There are options for the “red” and “black” kriyas. They – less forgiving. Exercise “red kriya” lasts 1, 30 minutes, “black” – 2 minutes. The difference is small – 1.15, 1.30, or 2, but in practice it is highly appreciable. Number kriyas disproportionate to our fatigue. You can make a five-kriyas more, but more tired or unfinished. We practice a version of the “blue kriya” occasionally “red” or “black”. Giving two minutes exercise – this is madness. The next day you will not climb out of bed, even if you do very carefully. Let this theme you do not particularly worried.

“Keep your secret Kriya mantra. She – she shakti, no doubt about it. ” This is a topic of another section – Kriya mantra, kriyas transition. All warnings on the same secrecy for mantra-yoga and to Kriya mantra.

“If you want to get healthy beautiful body, do kriya dressed in the sky and let the bad weather does not scare you.” “Dressed in the sky”, it means that in the absence of clothing, indoors or outdoors. We talked about that as soon as we abstract, that is, take out the consciousness and the energy of the physical body, we learn to manage it. This is one of the techniques to make the body healthy and beautiful. To him resorted yogini antiquity. Of course, that no one was staring at it, as we do the exercises in the buff. Although I had two student, who came to the nude beach and absolutely without complexes began to do Kriya Yoga.

Our clothes, though protects us, making life more comfortable, but something inhibits the deep relationship with the cosmos and the surrounding nature. This is a very powerful internal associative processes. Take a look at women’s bodies the African desert. They are made of stone. Nothing superfluous, everything is in harmony. Unfortunately, the Europeans in this sense lost. The reason is clear – the harsh conditions, the natural limitations. At a temperature of minus forty not go out to do yoga in the buff, if you have not practiced Tumo (practice heat generation). But, if it is possible to perform kriya in the right place without clothes, it is the next process. We take out your mind and energy of the physical body, it becomes a part of the universe, and something closes. Harmonizes.

It does not mention the manufacture of sacred ash method, which is made from cow dung. The cow is considered a sacred animal there. The yogi should not bite on all sorts of nonsense, our minds must be honed to perfection. There are things that are difficult to analyze, but there are obvious things. This practice does operate. Why cow – a sacred animal, and why cow dung? This is easily explained. Cow eats a large amount of herbs and recycles them. The manure – very good composition of microelements. But in yoga – thin trace.

Cow dung appropriate fusible, there is added to the melted butter, the process is long, but the result is ash with a sacred property. The practice of yoga it is utilitarian use. If you want to change your body, you need to be inserted instead of the desired elements unnecessary. The doctor would say that we should eat well, the cells are updated. not so simple in yoga. It is believed that our gross body – the casting of thin. The subtle body as a formwork, and it (as construction workers poured concrete) filled in our physical body. Before changing the gross body, it is necessary to change the fine. If subtle change, too rough will automatically change. It is necessary to change the dirty elements of the subtle body. And where to get clean? Modern science has not discovered them, it’s with the word yoga. It is believed that these elements are present in the ash. With his dirty drawing elements are cleaned. Wonderful yogini sometimes completely smeared with ashes before this occupation kriya yoga. Or do smears, allegedly traced by all, as it should, and everything begins to change.

You can engage in and rain and snow, but it should be common sense. If you are cold so that you do nothing else do not think it is – the lack of harmony. You should not torture yourself, or your cold blocks all kriya, initiatives and ideas about enlightenment.

“Fulfilling kriya, avoid conversations remain silent, try to do in a place where nobody will disturb you and will not be distracted by his presence.” As soon as we start talking, our consciousness of inner peace falls to the outside. It breaks down the entire process. Of course, if you have something to say, then do not worry. But shoot the breeze – a violation of the principle of harmony. When the group recruited for Kriya Yoga, it is allowed to say a few words, but you can not say anything at all.

“If there is no suitable place, in doing anywhere, without paying any attention to anybody. So subdue the energy of this place. ” This is a separate big topic of the next seminar on Kriya Yoga.

“Do not wait for a favorable time for the practice of Kriya Yoga. Begin to implement them immediately. If you do not do yoga – time is your enemy if you do yoga – your defender time. ” All those yogis who are waiting for the teachers from the peaks of the Himalayas, in anticipation of losing time. It works against them. Time is never enough.

“When you reach success in conventional kriyah, then you can perform the transition kriyas – pranic Kree Kree Kree Union and other data for the initiated.” That Kriya, we are doing – is the foundation base. In the future – there are sections that have gradually transferred to other yoga. Pranic kriyas allow us to master pranayama yoga or breathing exercises in yoga. And this is done by the kriyas, we combine the movement with the breath. This is a very powerful yoga section. It is believed that our bodies produce endorphins – the hormones of internal delight. We remember that in addition to pleasure, we have nothing. The natural flow of our natural enjoyment. But somehow it’s all chemistry looped back to make it easier to control metabolism. There kriya starting to do that, we are entering a trance state. This extreme pleasure – both physical and mental, psychic and subtle. Especially when connected even breathing exercises. It is believed that an alternative drug dependency, that practically can not be cured. Why? Man is designed so that tends to naslazhdeniyu.On never abandon him if he does not give a greater pleasure. Execute Kriya Yoga makes us work inside the factory of pleasure and we begin to feel it. It is the pleasure derived from the superior drug.

I – one of the toughest opponents throughout the “chemistry” for several reasons. First – principle. Yoga says that it is impossible to achieve any self-development and the ultimate goal – samadhi – by “chemistry”. It is an axiom. It is registered in the “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali,” all the ancient texts. All these experiments supposedly bohemian to change the consciousness of end in tears. Habituation is faster than people realize what’s going on. The initial breakthroughs are replaced by violent degradation of the individual. And if the person is still alive, just because he wanted something stronger. The trouble is that, sooner or later, want something stronger. And the opportunity is certainly there. People leave. It all starts with the experiments. There is a theoretical position. And this sentence. In principle, it is impossible to “chemistry” to put the mind under control. We console ourselves with the thought that we get a very interesting state of altered consciousness and thus influence the situation, and actually become dependent. Unfortunately, this area still exists in okoloyogovskoy environment, there have been discussions. While the fathers of these discussions, the Yogis of the sixties, have long been eating worms. I do not know in what they are now hell. His experiments they made “antreklamu”, gave rise to a wave of mass deaths. I do not know where to get the man who called for. But this is my Vadim Zaporozhtseva, personal point of view. I do not impose it, and tethering. So, Kriya Yoga can make domestic factory to produce pleasure because of Prana. The drugs – first good then bad. In yoga, on the contrary, you first need to tense up, then get the result. Sometimes you can get rid of the addiction. But it is easier not to start. All pleasure – within us. As soon as we put under the control of our body, we take out of them enjoy. By putting control of the physical body, we can fully dispose of all pleasure that it can give us. Yoga Union calls upon us to make the most out of the exercise. It is, in principle, can only give sex without loss. But we must approach this very, very clean.

The universe has given us a body with potential. As long as we do not use this potential, we will not take the next step. The universe does not like jumping over the step. As soon as we put our bodies under control, we take out of their mind and energy. They manifest themselves in the form of prana – feelings of joy and happiness. We are less and less dependent on the outside. Accordingly, it is changing and our lives, becoming brighter and stronger. Such people are in a good sense, saying: “His rushing from life.” Cheerful such an elephant walking through life with a smile. All he is good, and nothing is able to confuse him. A person who has everything is fine and all around which is good – this is the ideal of yoga. Everything else says that the work is still going on.

Pranic kriyas allow us to go on to the Kriya Yoga breathing exercises. Other kriyas – hatha yoga. This is a very good section, especially for frail people. Sometimes it is hard to stand on your head, but it is possible after a certain kriyas. Kriya Yoga is gradually let you to hatha yoga. In fact, any kriya – is the same Hatha only in dynamics. Kriya brings us to the mantra-yoga, a meditative practice. Union Kriya – yoga section Union – is, roughly speaking, a gym in the bed where the boy and girl squeezed to the maximum pleasure. This is one of the constituents of Yoga Alliance.

“In this magical world of perpetual change is a movement around the same ultimate truth. Just approaching it, you will attain a happy calm enlightenment. If you are stopped before reaching the ultimate truth, know that the pain will come soon. ” Yoga says that Tamas sooner or later leads to pain. Status Tamas – dull, inactive semianimal life. Comes pain causes a person to move, he starts to work. Unfortunately, very often I see the typical pattern among yogis. Honest man goes to work, working hard, earning money, studying something, including yoga. One fine morning it illuminates: “We need to fully live a spiritual life!” He attends a workshop, the other, listening to lectures. He begins to break away from life and now he’s not going to work. He thinks this is the next stage of development, and he is now lazy to work. And earlier run-jump. Time! – The money ran out. It is such a shock that the man forgets his spiritual studies and come quickly to solve their problems. It’s the law. For Tamas always comes pain. People who do not go in the direction of its release, always become dependent. This fear of being left with no money to lose status. It still comes despite high philosophical knowledge about the structure of the universe.

Generally, in the narrow circles I am considered controversial figure, because I – a pridurochny, a lot of fuss. And they’re all so sedate, they are fine and smooth. I can see for this passivity and idleness. “If the Supreme is like, everything is done.” It seems to be correct – all at the mercy of a higher power. But if we stop moving, everything falls apart. Spiritual work involves activity. Those higher powers delegated to us for a number of cases, saying: “Well, at least you can make it yourself? If you can – do. Do not do anything, do one thing. “

As a result, the person becomes sluggish start to talk more about higher matters. He ceases to practice, it is difficult to make do Kriya yoga or hatha yoga. When I come across such people, I understand that they should be left alone. They themselves will be punished. How long it can not continue. Terrible things happen. If you do not go yourself, you are dragging by the hair and offer two options. Or go ahead and dropping all barriers, to put yourself under control, that is, to become a businessman. Or become Saddha and eat alms. If you do not want to be a guru, and live on alms, let’s, get busy. Otherwise, the pain would come for Tamas. This refers to the speed with which to do the exercises. If you do not do it very badly.

“But be wise, O glorious yogi, and find your own rhythm of kriya. Remember that if you move too slowly, then your bad karma will catch you and you will suffer. And if you move too quickly, he surges of their bad karma, which is the fear of running away from you. And then, and more unreasonable. ” In Kriya need to find a middle ground. Move too slowly and not too quickly. Teachers say that many times better move fast to catch up and karma, you move slowly and lag behind. Here, we call doing anything. If we wait until all by itself to do, then come Tamas, in the form of lashes will drive us through life and we, like a lamb, will run to work, forgetting about spirituality. Many people who start to engage in the spiritual life, over time, begin to parasitize on spiritual knowledge, to pose as a guru. The most offensive, that we have no criterion to determine who is the true teacher, and who is not. So my Vadim Zaporozhtseva, personal practice – to bow to anyone but maybe not miss. If once again worship the wrong – nothing, but if you do not bow …

This is a very delicate and dangerous veil. The man was in society, fear of being left without work and without livelihood drove him through life and do not let us stop. And then – good karma. You can not work if you have a bank account or other income. You can not strain. Due to the lashes he is not running, but also to the larger goal of the question. There he there and then, of course, it catches up with bad karma in the form of some problems and he needs to survive. And here begins the different charlatans: healers, mediums, soothsayers, psychics – persecutors dark energies. I want to note that initially most of these people had the ability, but then someone good, someone is bad in this life. Yoga encourages us to wisely spend life trying to become as independent as possible, the most powerful, to live in this world from a position of strength as far as allowing us our karma. And if we have negative karma, then change it to positive, and then destroy and positive karma, and become simply free from the concept of karma. And in real life before you get involved in another activity, another event, ask yourself how it leads us to our goal. The world is full of all sorts of traps. At first it seems like everything is neutral, then – again! – And I lost all the money. These parasitic situations arise in the world all the time. Finally, if you have the opportunity to someone something to help, we use it. All the knowledge gained in this workshop you have the right to distribute further. Of course, it is better to come to a yoga class, and took possession of a set of exercises. It would be easier. But there are a million reasons why a person can not come to class. So spread the knowledge. All knowledge belongs to the teachers. They would be happy if this knowledge to someone practically helped. Kriya Yoga can shoot very sharp state of depressed mood, depression. Of course, all individually, but in some cases Kriya Yoga relieves these conditions better than an antidepressant or “chemistry”. Sometimes it really helps the person to get out when he sat down on some “chemical shit.” A person can not be hard, his inner world is built on the daily dope. Deprive him of doping, he will feel bad. As it get out of this state? Post a legitimate pleasure. In our body is full of enjoyment. Just take it should be honest and not to steal, or to blow up the bank with the help of drugs. We must be honest to make your body work. If the body is working, the pleasure comes.

Again, there is an unwritten rule that if you have the opportunity to redirect … For example, yoga mantra. There is a mantra that I’ve never told anyone, and do not pass due to the fact that my teachers are alive, knowing these mantras. I have to get involved in an extreme case, when I know that a person, in principle, never to it does not fall and may die. I go, I go to give. But in any case, if you know that there is a qualified teacher, of course, I refer to it. This is approximately true of the fact that a person can himself put in a difficult situation, do not end up answering any questions. I therefore urge you to ensure what yoga calls us – become stronger and to realize this wonderful kriya yoga.



It must be the beginning of practice, the actual practice and completion practices. The error at any stage sometimes brings to “no” all the practice. Therefore, in the Kriya Yoga similarly have power kriya. We take off like an airplane, then the flight itself (themselves kriya): letim- flying, then landings (rest). Many people during the holidays is a very interesting state. Why? We got all the gears spinning in our body, which reached up to. We strongly twisted, twirled the physical body, twisted-wheeled thoughts, feelings, emotions. We got to spin and twirl all of what we are not. Therefore, prana into circulation in a different way. A constant in this whirlwind just left our “I”. We learned our “I” by discarding all of what our “I” is not. The body, thoughts revolve, we also vert. Werth and our understanding of ourselves. So, it is not our “I”. Our “I” still. Sooner or later we will come to a sense of our own “I”. It will come suddenly enough. Do you see yourself from the outside, the whole world froze both the photos and the diversity of the universe in a timeless small area – that’s insight. Do you consider yourself a fine structure of their brains, and then – again! – And you moved away from him – a flash of insight, enlightenment! But the most valuable thing – this is the last stage, when we go to rest. We hyped everything that was possible. Suddenly everything was thrown. Some processes of inertia are, and we are not involved. And to rest, we gave ourselves an order to spin. And here we see that we have – it is not the body. Getting to know the limits of our “I”, we put under the control of the body. Therefore, the state of relaxation sometimes is more valuable than the actual Kriya.

Now about the exercises themselves. In Kriya Yoga there is a presumption: how do you want of what is said. Therefore, there is enough scope for different options. You can enhance the exercise, you can reduce it to subside. It all depends on your sense of how it should be. Sometimes I hear the question: “How do?” Yes, whatever you like. Descriptions provide the required skeleton of a particular exercise. Sages entrusted to us Kriya yoga has such a broad vision. They are assumed to be so clear that we have different body. Someone – a more flexible, someone – less flexible. Someone had to focus on one muscle group, someone – on the other. And leaves a rather extensive corridor for each individual case. Of course, the Kriya Yoga suggests that we have a serious fractures, bruises or injuries. But even if they do not, we – different body. Everyone makes their own way. Again and again. Do not think that doing kriya most strongly – is the best option. Maybe it’s even worse.

Then there is a description of the input kriyas. In this embodiment, there are only four. Kriyas are many, but here are chosen necessary. I will miss the entrance Kriya, they are more or less clear, although at the end of each kriya has interesting details. For example, first. “Put the belly to the ground, hands – under the shoulders. Raises and lowers his body with his hands, holding within itself the air for as long as the mind is pleasant. So leave in myself. “

II. “Squat and stand up. Crouching, let the energy ball ride on the spine. ” Here – an obvious emphasis on the spine. Or at inclinations: “let the energy flow down the back to the head and arms.” These points are irrelevant to the description are not. They are here to create the right an association with a particular exercise. But it is done very gently, as if by the way: if you want – do you want – do not do.

Or fourth Kriya first round: “Sit down on the ground, gracefully bend to the left, then right. You can help himself with his hands. When bending head turns sideways. So attain beauty. ” Why is beauty? Hard to tell. Probably, this kriya split some karmic common to all the time. Each kriya acts exactly on the channel at the center, which operate a chain of gears. With their help, our entire body is rebuilt.

Again, in respect of beauty. Many girls spend crazy money on tons of makeup and stylists. But still something is not working. Because there is no internal energy. The girl in the first place, should be energetic, interesting, and it makes itself a mannequin. Mannequin with regular features, all stressed – no reproach, and life in him. And, seemingly futile exercise. The same girl begins to practice yoga, pranayama studies, it increases the level of prana and becomes insanely attractive. Why? Because it glows with energy. An attractive energy.

It’s an old yogic truth is that our body – shell, like gauze with holes. If the inside is light, no matter what our facial features, we are attractive. If it does not, we – just beautiful mannequins. Therefore, in the definition of beauty though there are external factors, but it’s still a concept of something internal, living. Add this life, untie and destroying grain karma, open the flow of prana, you can probably kriyami. Track the mechanism we do not undertake. For this we need to know how everything is interconnected. And here we do for granted trumpeted. We do not know exactly how to trigger Kriya, do not know why it was given such a sequence. We can only speculate about that, thinking aloud. But it works.

At the end of each exercise, usually given the addition. For example: “Sit down on the ground. Straighten legs forward. Bend down and grasp hands ankles hands. Lower and raise the torso to the legs and knees. Do this many times. Spend your energy through the back. The energy that destroys all barriers. ” What does the obstacles and energy? But if we begin to study the metaphysics of yoga, you learn that there is an energy center is the center of consciousness at the base of the body. If our energy is flowing freely through the spine, the left and right channels, and ideally – the central channel, we are in real life do not encounter obstacles. This is a very strange principle – similar to like. The outer world and our inner body are interrelated. What the outside – it is a mirror image of occurring processes within us. If we are doing this exercise, subjectively felt that all contamination and breached prana gone, we somehow magically commit it outside.

Ancient people, before going on a hunt, painted mammoth and threw a spear at him. This is called magic. In yoga, this is called the law of associative links. Sometimes people ask, what is the mechanism of this? Maybe this is self-hypnosis? But the fact that an association can not be generally determined. Whether it is a suggestion, or what it really is. If there is an association, it all starts. Track how and why – is very difficult. But all these explanations are forced to think.

Typically, this exercise ask a lot of questions: “Sit down on the ground and shake the body as a stone in an empty jar. Direct energy into the central channel as a flexible rope in a tube. ” When the yogi begins a long time to do yoga, it raises the energy flows up on the way to the spine area. Sometimes it is associated with unpleasant nerve sensations that looks like a person twitches. So, this is just an exercise and allows the process to bring the energy of the currents to the crown of the head. We do this purposefully and go to the next level.

I recommend to get acquainted with this text and after each exercise reflect on these descriptions. Even better – to reconsider our film-tutorial “Tantra Kriya Yoga.” There is given the text and all the intervals between the CUT VERY kriyami except power. Sometimes I recommend this film under the deal with that information reached. We relate their own feelings with the theory, which is heard or read, and sooner or later there is apprehension of our yoga. We rediscover all that is put into this yoga.

There are guys movement: one, then the other foot, then one or the other side. Then comes the second round kriyas. Here it is necessary to pay attention to Drishti-kriya (eye kriya). Drishti – a sight to see. This applies to all exercises that we are doing, by turning his head. If we stare at an arbitrary point and rotate the head, you get, do not rotate the head and eyeballs. This is a very good exercise for the eyes. Eyeballs strain on all sides. This is perhaps one of the few exceptions when Kriya makes sense to do with his eyes open. But also not every time, but by necessity. We rotate the head to one side, then the other, fixing the gaze on a point. We are muscle massage. It is recommend that if there are problems with eye strain.

And finally, the power of kriya. They are not much different from the usual kriyas. The only thing to make them harder. Looking effort greater involvement in the process. Power kriya make us sweat, nothing in Kriya Yoga. Traditionally, they are made on the number of times. Typically, five to twenty. It depends in what physical condition you are in. If you are at home, you should choose the. If at least five times that. Twenty times – this is a serious load. Power is allowed to do kriyas on time (as in the movie “Tantra Kriya Yoga”). But for some reason, everyone is doing Kriya at times. It is at your discretion. Power kriyas – is speeding up. That you do, do, and now – on the floor. What for? In Kriya such artful effect. Even if you start to do it somehow, deciding simply to designate each exercise, you engage in the process. Naturally I want to do more and more. Usually, by the end of the second round of kriya we feel absolutely wonderful and, on the contrary, make an effort – it would be the most reasonable. It is the same with the power kriyami. We involve physically stronger and stronger, suddenly – wham! – recreation. That this effect: strongly strongly and suddenly nothing! If we had any idea we were dispersed – again! – Let them go, thinking frustrated and swept out of our heads. In my head for some time – thoughtless. This is usually achieved by meditation. In this case, a dynamic meditation. We have achieved this effect by sensations and this process of engagement to limit and sharp relief. For a while – the emptiness and the mirror of the mind. Then the fun begins. Yoga teaches that during the evolution of life to life, we need to grind your mind. We need to hone it to perfection, and then – this is a very painful step – learn to switch off the mind. But it should be done only with sharpened intelligence. If we strained, polished, perfected and turned off, the universe or our body device throws us one step higher. This is called intuition. Sverhintuitsiya. When we know without thinking.

The axioms of Yoga all this detail is painted. This property of consciousness. If consciousness is directed to any object, phenomenon or question, object, phenomenon or question immediately shows us all the right answers. And if in our minds all the millions of thoughts, the mind jumps from one to another and can not concentrate. Accordingly, in the consciousness of every thought paying a split second and we all know the thoughts surface. When we solve a mathematical problem, on the contrary, one thought of our mind more on all other thoughts less. The closer we reach the critical moment, the more completely or totally mind gives us information.

And Kriya Yoga is the following. We deal-doing – wham! – We all thought breaks with the surface of the mind, and for some seconds achieved the state of thoughtlessness. Consciousness is left to itself. It tends to choose the intuition to solve any complex issue. Consciousness highlights the issue from all sides and all of a sudden comes a magic solution. We get the answer without thinking. This method can be used when we are faced with questions that seem to have no answer.

Shamans enter into a trance on the same principle: to bring yourself to such a physical state to shut down the mind and consciousness – No direct consciousness to address the issue. Kriya Yoga – trance technique acts as a dancing shaman, but there are nuances. Coming out of the trance and regained consciousness, the shaman provides the answer. Nobody bothers to master this technique alone. Not to dance to someone else’s tune, and to use this mechanism. For each individually. It may come, maybe not. Someone may come abruptly, someone gently. The shamans say that they go out, travel. But to a certain extent and you will too. You razotozhdestvlyaetes with their bodies, with shell obscures your eyes and the real situation. In a split second, you see things as they are. This is enough to understand. Then you have a rest, come to yourself and your world has changed. Check whether it was real or not, it is possible according to the fruit. If in fact it turned out as you have seen, it is real.

Rest after Kriya is required. If you are at home, you can relax as much as necessary. If in the room, depending on the situation of five to fifteen minutes to invest in employment. We lie, everything flashed-flown, we get up. From this point of Kriya Yoga is completed. All. It was the beginning of practice, now it is the end – the end of the flight. As the plane made a turn higher in the air and landed. There is a third, and fourth circles kriya. But, in practice, they are not necessary. May God take possession of it. In good, two laps with the input and power kriyami – a half hour sessions.

Q: Is it important to turn a blind eye when the kriyas?

Vadim Zaporozheva Answer: Yes, especially in the early stages when we untwist Kriya yoga that you will not be distracted. You should focus on inner feelings and sensations. But it individually. It is not recorded as a norm. Over time, we will come to this.

Man doing Kriya yoga for the first time, a lot of what he is doing wrong. And he closed his eyes and went into his own world, “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, will not tell anyone anything.” Then more chances. And there are people who are accustomed to meditate with their eyes open, they have such a defocused look. As it turns out, except for Drishti-kriya. Select a point, clinging to look in a certain position, we can point to close, but the eyes have to look back, as if they had seen this point.

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