Hatha Yoga (based on seminar) 08-09-2008

Hatha yoga.

In the West and in our country, the word yoga is meant primarily Hatha Yoga.

What kind of yoga? We have a physical body, which can take different position, and there is a set of certain provisions, which are many, but in order not to introduce confusion in our mind, there is added that in the modern era are relevant about 80-90 basic poses. Then, the circle has narrowed, and more valuable of the item (in different schools of yoga championship chapter occupy different postures) is siddhasana – the crown of perfection in Hatha yoga. If a person feels the need for an additional position, not included in this limited number, he can choose from these millions and billions of other postures. Pos huge amount to say, this pose of yoga, but it is not, does not make sense. Even more difficult is the case with the names, in fact as many schools of yoga, and the same number of titles at positions, with few exceptions the same posture in different schools of yoga have the same name. Unfortunately, not preserved the name of thousands and thousands of postures, and those that survived, in various branches of yoga have different names.

How Does Hatha Yoga?

Before answering this question, one must know yoga axioms or the deepest principles of yoga.

What is the charm of Hatha yoga – Do you know these principles or do not know if you are doing poses, yoga works. Moreover, it is the action itself pushes your mind to ensure that you are rediscovered, pereosoznali how this yoga, so it is no coincidence that this yoga is preserved in the best possible way. Hatha yoga can be taught as a commoner, and professor of Sanskrit. If he makes an honest and regular postures of Hatha yoga, he gets the result, regardless of whether it is operating principles, or does not understand understand. But we did touch on that, how does this yoga?

Thus, according to the teachings of yoga, in addition to our physical body, we have two more bodies or the bodies of the two groups, it is subtle and causal bodies. These bodies as if they were in a different space, made of very thin material, and not really intersect with each other, but there is such a thing as prana, which is the glue permeates the three bodies, connecting them. Prana is the link between the bodies. Acting on the gross body of a posture of Hatha yoga, we thus through prana begin work on the subtle and causal body.

Doing physical exercise, we clean your body, but the effect of Hatha yoga is not limited to the physical layer, the person becomes more balanced, indirectly, he began to develop intellectual abilities, which are related to the subtle body. Acting on a rough, we get the effect on the fine. This yoga is the foundation for the practice of more senior yogi. Without mastery of Hatha Yoga has nothing to do any meditation practice or sexual, nor any more. If a person because of some karmic reason not sharpened his mind, then engaged in Hatha yoga, it sharpens the mind. To study this yoga can be independently, but it is highly desirable yet have a teacher that he gave at least the first push in the right direction, but if for some reason a teacher is not at hand, it is in principle possible at your own risk to a certain extent yourself to master the exercises of Hatha yoga. This yoga is relatively safe if we follow common sense.



Two approaches to yoga – Energy Method and Method of Consciousness.

In any yoga, there are two approaches, as the crosshair to accurately hit the target, it is necessary for two planes to aim correctly. In fact, all of the methods we are divided into so-called method of energy and methods of Consciousness, or otherwise maternal and paternal methods. These are two diametrically opposite approach to the implementation in particular of Hatha yoga and only at the intersection of these two methods is achieved by what is called perfection of yoga. And if you start to deal with their own and do not know what I have just said, that, as a rule, start to make the same mistakes, some people are falling into the Energy methods, and some methods in Consciousness.

The method of energy we are called to take position around and wait for awakening the energy body flex as necessary, even this method is called the funnel method.

Consciousness method is diametrically opposed to where you see yourself in the eye of a perfect yogi, and begin with an effort to take that position, which is in itself seen as if the body does not want, that you did in the good makes. Will you do the asanas, or by the method of Energy Consciousness, you have to feel any joy from performing, or by overcoming himself. If no joy, but there is suffering, then you do not perform any method of energy or by Consciousness.

Only then will you have mastered Hatha Yoga, when you know how to perform the technique and method of Energy and Consciousness, or in another way, as mentioned in the texts: for a baby, mom and dad need. Also, in order to be born perfect Hatha yogi or yogini, also need maternal and paternal methods Energy Consciousness methods.

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