Hatha Yoga (based on seminar) 23-07-2008

Hatha Yoga

The following principles of yoga: the perfection principle, the principle of energy.

Perfection – as if you did not do the exercises in yoga, if you try to do them according to the instructions that you have received, as if you did not work (or not stretch the muscles, etc.), you’re doing them perfectly (Principle of Perfection). Even if it looks not like the way it require to do. The fact of performance makes it perfect, but definitely on the approach to the approach is the perfect execution will be modified (cleaning canals, stretching and so on. D.), Until such time until it reaches the constant perfection. Therefore, the concept of the exercise is “wrong” in some way incorrect. The most important thing to do is regularly and continuously, and be sure that in our personal universe at this time we do it completely (as if it did).

Principle Energy (Funnels). Just as a ball thrown into the funnel, always slipping into the mouth, like this, when we are about doing something, or that exercise in yoga, we excite the energy, and the energy acts on the body in such a way that bends (transforms) the body fit for yoga way. No need to worry about the correctness of the exercise, the main thing about play and do be honest, for a long time and regularly.





Narration on Hatha Yoga (based on workshop).

1. Adya Shakti asked my (girlfriend): “How did the science of the body and breathing?”

She said: “The original (Shiva), Lord of life and death for the benefit of all living things, gave the teaching Hatha yoga people. He himself has mastered this science, and made numerous feats in the practice of Hatha Yoga. “

2. Adya said: “Tell me the science and where it is known to you?”

A friend said: “I taught her Shiva himself and you should know the following” (here begins the exposition of Hatha yoga).

3. She said, “As much as there is in the world of living beings of different species, there are the same number of poses of Hatha Yoga.

4. The person before you reach the human body, passes a series of animal bodies. During evolution they live millions and millions of lives in the bodies of animals before to earn the fortune to be born in the human body.

5. Living in the body of an animal, the soul performs or does not perform the commandments of life of the animal. And that has not complied with the soul in the body of an animal, is transmitted to the human body, as karma.

6. If, as a snake (reptile) soul is completely mastered the body of a reptile and reached success in this, then in the human body has all the qualities (positive) from the time of the reptile’s body. If, while in the body of a reptile, the soul is not destined to fulfill all her in this body, the imperfections are transmitted in human body. And a person can suffer one or other diseases, or lack of flexibility, or lack of certain qualities that he should develop in the body of the animal.

7. Therefore, in the precious human body detected flaws (imperfections) from the time of life in the animal body.

8. Siva in His mercy specify the method as in one human life to correct the many, many flaws (imperfections), accumulated over billions of lives in the body of animals. This method is called asanas.

9. In carrying out the asanas, one removes all the impurities, the seeds of disease and other prints that are present at times in the bodies of animals. Performing asanas, people first neutralize the negative trends (ie while he is engaged in Hatha, illness go by the wayside, but once ceases to engage, they return), and then rebuilds your body so that it becomes perfect and, even if he not engaged in yoga, the body is not rolled back.

10. Just as rolled a heavy stone up the hill, to pass the stone can slide back and then pass the stone itself is heading in the right direction. Passes are called Sidhi in asana (perfection in performing asanas).

11. Upon reaching Sidhi in asana if you continue to practice yoga or not, a positive quality of the asanas is with you always, as a burnt pot no longer soak the water and burnt in the fire of yoga the body is no longer susceptible to disease. “

12. She said: “There is a law coupling coarse, fine and very thin. While working on the physical body, you get the effect on the subtle body, acting on the subtle body, you get the effect on the gross body.

13. Prana is the link between the bodies (which transmission link). “

14. Adya asked: “How should I do Hatha yoga?”

She said: “Shiva gave Hatha yoga and the one who performs this yoga is becoming knowledge. He gave it to those who are tired of the endless empty arguments about the superior nature of the universe.

15. Siva said: “You can not know what yoga is and do not have any knowledge, but if you practice, you will gain all of the knowledge, including knowledge of yoga.

16. To be successful, you have to practice every day with care, vigilance and consistency. It is only since acquired success in Hatha Yoga. Blank discussion is useless.

17. By performing asanas, you’re not only cleanse the body and rebuild it, but also understand the law in such like, which states that the entire universe for the Hatha Yoga – his body, and his body – the whole universe. And changing your body, you change the universe, and by making changes in the universe, you change your body. And there is no difference – inside the body or outside.

18. Of all the countless forms of living beings, which are passed through the human soul, Shiva chose 64.000 64.000 creatures or asanas. Of these, in the modern era are relevant 85. Of the 85 most important 35. Of the 35 major 3. Of these three, the most important one – siddha in Assane.

19. Begin to learn Hatha yoga from simple to complex. Master a single exercise, then another and so on until you rack up exercise group. Then make another group, the third and so on, all 85 exercises included in this or that group.

20. Practice hatha yoga every day, preferably in the same place at the same time. If you can not do all the exercises group, do those who can. If you can not do the usual time for the duration, do as much as you can. If there are no conditions for this, at least I think about what I had to do. If you forget and think, do it the next day. “

21. Adya asked: “Why fear when studying Hatha yoga and how not to make mistakes when performing?”

A friend said: “Fear of laziness. Avoid delusion of mind. The principles of the comprehension of Hatha Yoga as follows: first principle – the principle of perfection (perfection of consciousness), the second principle – the principle of energy (energy performance, or a funnel principle).

23. The principle of perfection says, as if you did not do the exercises of Hatha Yoga (asanas)

if at the same time you’re trying to make them according to the instructions (which you received from the teacher or from the text), as if you did not, you’re doing these exercises perfectly, even if apparently they do not look like that were instructed to do. The very fact that exercise makes it perfect execution. But getting better and better on the approach to the approach you will get. Therefore, it is an intermediate perfection. Over time, as you reach the same (final) perfection. Therefore, the concept of “do the exercise properly” does not make sense. The most important thing to do is regularly and continuously, and be sure that in our personal universe in this time and in these circumstances, you do it all, as if you did not do.

24. The principle of energy. Just as the ball always rolls in the funnel into the neck, like this, when we make a particular asana, we excite the energy, and the energy acts on the body in such a way that bends (transforms) the body necessary for the body properly. No need to worry about the correctness of the exercise. The main thing about play asana, making it fair, for a long time and regularly. Excite energy and energy will do yoga.

25. Adya asked: “What is the measure of success in the implementation of Hatha yoga?”

A friend said: “The habit of practice Hatha yoga every day. Habit – is inertia behavior and thoughts. Bad service play a negative habits. There is no worse enemy. But Siva in his mercy has given people such asanas that if included in the habit of doing them, they bring the highest good in life and then release. Laziness, obscuration of mind, uncertainty, anxiety, weakness, intelligence, anxiety, neurotic poor digestion, bad complexion, terrible disease, dark karma and more overcome by habit to engage in Hatha yoga. If you feel that without training you can not live a day, you have attained perfection (success), you go to the right, towards the light. It is a sign on the road. “

Adya 26. asked, “Is there still any signs of success?”

She replied: “Well-being, mind, stability, body beauty, nice complexion, strong digestion, ability to remain motionless, the ability to capture opinion on the subject, the lack of mental chatter, the first manifestations of excess capacity, well-being, joyful attitude, the deep mysterious dreams, tranquility , increased sexuality – these signs, showing success in Hatha yoga. “

27. Adya asked: “What are the interference in Hatha yoga and how to get rid of them?”

A friend said: “extraneous sounds in the classroom, such as empty talk, quarrels, squabbles; when in a room where you do, there is someone else; when during the lessons stick with questions, mock and point the finger; When someone says that yoga is done properly; when a lack of nutritious food clean, pleasant and tasty; when the air is poisoned by toxic fumes or adverse city locations; endless arguments and defend their views before the ignorant; attempts to convince the fools; initiation into the affairs of idle curiosity; hindrance is, if you do yoga in one place and at one time; an excessive amount of work or excessive amounts of idleness; improper waste energy on all sorts of things; excessive ugnetanie of his body; uncaring about your body and not allowing him to relax and frolic; excessive waste of energy through sex (see Yoga sex.); self-doubt; questioned the doctrine – that some of the noise. “

28. Adya asked: “What are the consequences in the performance of Hatha yoga and whether the negative effects and, if so, how to neutralize them?”

She said: “Whatever exercise you do, the internal sense and sensation must be your principal advisers. If they say that it is necessary to reduce the load, it is reduced if you increase – increases. Remember the principle of energy – a funnel. Energy will show you how to do the exercise. It transforms your body. It will give a sense of what to do and what not she warn you about the negative consequences. Listen to her! “

29. In the early stages of yoga when the body is cleaned, when the channels are dirty (yet), there is the effect of ups and downs. As a man walking in the hills, the hard climb to the top, it is easy runs down, like this yogi is eagerly rushes into yoga, it hardly makes himself engaged to her. The gaps between the ups and downs become more and themselves ups and downs smaller. After a year or more practice goes on even level without exaltation and without deep falls. If you hold on a flat level for another year or more, increased sensations (off) starts. But it may come through a complete change of life. If the practice will last six months, he starts to develop a habit.

30. It should be particularly attentive to the implementation of respiratory exercises in Hatha yoga. There should be more careful and use more common sense than anywhere else in yoga. Neutralize possible negative consequences, reducing stress, changing exercises, increasing the rest, creating a comfortable living environment, eating delicious healthful food, having sex only in accordance with the yoga of sex, used drugs (medicinal herbs, pills, cleaning procedures, etc.).

31. Learn yoga treatises, consider them, communicate with the practice of yoga, live among them, find a competent teacher, to ask him, in every way you serve it and take initiation from him, using common sense, listen to the sensations. Comply with the regulations and thus avoid all possible negative trends of their karma. Foolish, careless, foolish student can be damaged, even if he eats soup, not to mention the more difficult things. “

32. Adya asked: “Tell me about asanas – what they are, what they are called, how to perform them, and under what diseases they help?”

From 33 to 146 aphorism is a description of Hatha yoga exercises.

33. Paschimottanasana.

She said: This is a pose for the belly (Paschimottanasana). Lie down on the ground, with a breath-BOAD hands behind his head, then exhale, bend at the waist and grasp the ankle of his feet, palms of hands. See that your knees are straight. So give yourself the energy within you current. Then you touch his forehead against his knees. Do this pose, eliminate all diseases in the abdomen. There is joy in the legs.


Here cobra pose (BHUDZHANGASANA). Oh, nice student, put his body on the floor, on his stomach. Place the palms of your hands under the shoulders. Lift up your eyes, then slowly raises his head, flex his neck, and then flexes back, help himself with his hands to bend more. So stay here, give her (energy). Then do everything in reverse to get out of the pose. Yasnaya rage brings this asana in mind. Like a cobra ready to strike. This exercise will heal the eyes and the upper part of the spine. Clarity of mind you get by doing this asana. Awaken forces dormant in the sacrum.




Put your body straight to a beautiful rug, on his stomach. Arrange your palms under your shoulders. Inhale and lift your body straight on straight arms, as if the body was straight as a stick. Do this pose and you mobilizuesh your consciousness. If you feel that barely in control of himself, this pose will not let anger get out. This position gives you clarity of mind. All the diseases it treats hand.




Do all the same as in the pose of a stick, and then bend at the waist, so that the legs straight in the knees, hands, torso and head are aligned. This posture of the dog. Keep it clean and you get channels in the arms, legs and waist. Blood with prana bathe your hands, torso, and head. That you’ve updated your blood in the legs. Endurance acquired this posture. She balance the balance of blood and energy in the body.




Stand on both knees and both hands, then rotted, so that the head, hands, breasts were on the ground, like a cat that crawls under the fence and stretches. Stay in this position for a long time that the energy from the pelvis to the head on the glass surface of the body. See that the spine was bent down gracefully. Disorders of the stomach and the lungs helps to eliminate this pose. You will become resilient, razovesh mind.




Sit on your knees bent, straighten the neck, back, head, set, and then perebros left foot over right knee. Then also turn the neck, back, head to the left, help her hands turn to the left, as much as possible, resting his right elbow to your left knee. The left hand also seeks to capture the ankle of the left leg. Being in this position for a long time. This will eliminate all diseases of the spine. This posture can change during the lunar to solar energy, or solar to lunar. In reverse order Return to starting position and do the exercise right. By doing this asana, you will understand the duality of the world. You realize the One behind the dual. This position is known as the pose poluryba.



39. Hear now the description of the inverted postures Viparita Karan.

In a great location lie down on your back, lift your legs up, keep the body hands down, so stay long. This exercise time to reverse the river. You’ll look younger, all the wrinkles smoothed. This yoga asana change the energy and consciousness of places. Countless benefits conferred by this posture. But do not overdo it! Gradually increase the duration. Eat well and avoid bad company. Yogi performing this pose, while holding in his arms. If otvedesh feet farther from the head to keep them only in the hands, you will master the sexual energy. Only then achieved Brahmacharya when this energy is under control.




Put his head on the floor, grabbed her arms and legs at the same time put on her knees. Then straighten your knees so as to build on the feet, head and hands, grabs his head. To the body was bent at the waist angle. So stay and will acquire a sharp mind, excellent vision and knowledge of the subtle energies. By its action, this asana is compared with the reception on his head – posture Royal (SIRSHASANOY). So she called POLUKOROLEVSKAYA (Ardha SIRSHASANA). If thou, O my disciple, will has the power, if you will lead a life of Raja, which requires constant vigilance, and that requires your personality shine, shine like the sun in order to cause fear and respect for close enemies, perform this pose, a royal pose.



41. That position Raja – SIRSHASANA. Let Raja, Rani or its in a great location to put your body straight down, to rely only on his head and elbows the hands and the body at the same time it would be direct. If you run the country and the lack of time, practice at least this pose.




Now I will tell you about the position LUKE (DHANURASANE). Put your body on your stomach, bend your knees, his hands grasp the ankles, and so remain for some time, wait until the awakened energy of this position. Then, oh, a beautiful student, begin to straighten your knees and bend back. So you take the bow pose. Stay there as long as you allow your body. This unrivaled position to foment umbilical fire. Beliefs weakness, a weak standard fire treated this posture. Shoulders and joints of the hands are cured of this posture, a lot of negative karma to burn through it as in a furnace.



43. POSE extended legs.

In free from obstructions place, stand on both legs, breathe in deeply invigorating air, BOAD with his arms up, exhale, bend down and grasp the ankles, knees let it be straight, so stay long. This cure many diseases of the brain, it is detached from the outside, this proniknesh into the interior. The upper part of the body can be cured from all diseases.



Now I will explain to you excellent posture for meditation and awakening of energy and the implementation of many a yogi.

44. Vajrasana.

In a secluded spot, sit down on bent knees, back, neck and head in a straight line. Put your hands on your knees, we let the eye in front of him. This exercise is acquired diamond strength. Therefore, asana is called DIAMOND POSE.



45. From a seated position, place your left or right foot, respectively, on the right or the left thigh, straighten your neck, back and head. This comfortable position (sukhasana).



46. From a seated position, place your right foot on the left thigh and left foot on the right thigh, so that his feet were woven, straighten your back, neck and head. This pose is called LOTUS posture (Padmasana). This asana is unmatched when practicing pranayama.



47. siddhasana.

Hear now about the perfect pose, donated by Shiva himself. It is impossible to describe all the good that gives this asana. All perfection gives it, even careless student. That is why it is called PERFECT posture (siddhasana). Suppose that in a secret place, the student sits on the floor, bend your right leg so that the heel is rested against the perineum – the area between the genitals and the anus. Heel of the other foot put on the sexual organs, pressed to the pubis. The back should be straight, even if the student is in this position for a long time. All perfection acquired this posture. No one and nothing can confuse or unbalance the mind of a successful student. The man becomes the master – Brahmacharinom if mastered this pose. Only on this it says that it controls the vital energy of sex. Hold this pose in secret, do not open it to anyone.



48.POZA PLOUGH (halasana).

Put your body straight, do a breath, exhale BOAD your legs straight behind your head, they touch the ground behind the head, hands free to let him lie along the body or place them under your head. This position is known as PLOUGH POSE (halasana). It removes all diseases waist and neck.



49. TRIANGLE POSE (Trikonasana).

Now I will present a triangular position. Stand up straight, push the legs shoulder-width apart. The trunk, neck, head keep a straight line. With breath raise your hands and keep them parallel to the ground, so that they amounted to a straight line. With an exhalation, bend the right and touch it with his right hand, left or right foot. Suppose also that your eyes will be drawn to the left hand, try to keep your hands in a straight line. Then do the same exercise to the other side. This asana removes the pain in his legs and spine. It also changes the solar and lunar currents.




Lie down on your back, bend your knees, BOAD hands behind his head and put his hands on the ground, rests on the palm and feet, rotted his body up, then let the feet and hands go to meet each other. So get the circle position (CHAKRASANA). This asana removes dirt in the spine and increases vitality.



51. PEACOCK POSE (Mayurasana).

Get on your knees, lean forward, put his hands on the ground, palms facing toward the feet, reducing both elbows together and upris them in the navel, and the head should rest against his forehead to the ground. Strife feet, tear off his head from the ground so that only rested on the palms of the hands and toes. Stay as long as the energy does not flow, then leaned forward and lift your toes off the ground, to the head, torso and legs are parallel to the ground, and the whole body was kept on the palms of the hands. This pose is called peacock pose (Mayurasana). Those who practice this asana has a strong digestive fire that digests all poisons. This posture eliminates all stomach ailments.




Sit down on the ground between his feet, helping hands, put his body on the ground, BOAD hands behind his head, and so remain. This position eliminates joint disease, as well as shoulders. She is known as the resting posture of the hero.




Sit with legs straight on the ground, to the torso, neck and head were on the same line, lean with both hands on the ground with his hands raised and his body so that you relied only on the palms of the hands and feet heel. The one who performs this pose, finds many positive qualities of other postures. Therefore it is necessary to practice it with diligence.




Lean on your palms and toes, bend your elbows and place the feet on top of his knees elbows so that the legs knees rested on his elbows, then maintaining vigilance, tear off the ground and toes rests only on the palms of the hands. This position is known as a twisted handstand. It develops the abdominal muscles.



55. Savasana. It is necessary to complete the exercises of Hatha yoga pose precious shavasana. Like no other, this posture gives success in Yoga. If you know shavasana know all the poses. Not knowing it is difficult to succeed in yoga. Therefore, listen to, a decent student, put his body erect and motionless as a corpse on the ground. Let down your muscles, let your face, and so like a corpse is in this position for a long time. Try not to breathe, then there will be even thoughts. This position gives Soothing mind, exhausted nerves, it restores the energy redistributes sensations. As the main diamond in the crown, and Savasana among other poses. Consider that you are dead. Then slowly come back to life. Start with the breath, then with awareness and then move your body. Do not jump up dramatically, and if jumped, make soothing exercise. Practice this posture always. To neglect it madness.

NARRATION hatha – yoga.

Adya asked: Tell me what the word Hatha and how it is to be understood?

A friend said: HA – a father, Tha – is mum. Ha – this is my mother, Tha – is Pope. Hatha – their union, their child. Ha – sun, Tha – moon, ha – the moon, the TXA – the sun. Hatha means eclipse. HA means a day TCA means the night, HA – is the night, TXA – a day. Hatha means sunrise and sunset. Ha – this breath TXA – a breath. HA – is exhalation, Tha – is breath. Hatha means when there is no inhalation or exhalation when breath absorbs breath and exhaling absorbs breath. HA – is vowels. TCA – is consonant. HA – is consonant THA – is vowels. Hatha means mantra. Ha – it is right, Tha – is left. HA – is left, Tha – is right. Hatha means the middle. Ha – it is white, Tha – is red. Ha – this red, Tha – is white. Hatha means sky-blue. HA – aware of this, TCA – this act. HA – it means to act, TXA – aware. Hatha means to achieve higher results. Ha – voltage TXA – relaxation. HA – relaxation, TXA – voltage. Hatha – a way of life. HA – then push yourself, Tha – is to allow yourself. XA is to allow yourself, TCA is to force yourself. Hatha – to achieve the highest achievements in life.

Adya asked: How is it to be understood?

A friend said: This yoga you can do the exercises as a method of HA, and by TCA. You can practice all the exercises of yoga by the mother of wisdom – energy method, the method of sensations. Or his father’s method of self-overcoming – by consciousness, by determination. In the treatises it says that just as the need for the child’s birth mom and dad, as well, and for understanding the practice of Hatha Yoga should be practiced exercises and by energy – the mother and the method of consciousness – his father.

She said: The word Hatha can be explained as the union of thoughts and feelings, as a union of mothers and fathers, as a union of consciousness and energy, as a union of the left and right, as a union of vowels and consonants, as a union of night and day, as the union of inspiration and exhalation, as the Union descending and stay as Union forces and inaction, as the union of asceticism and pleasure, such as that lies between the extremes. Give up and you embody the extremes of hatha yoga. This is a great way of non-suffering and ignorance.

Adya asked: What does it mean to practice the exercises by female energy, and what it means to practice the method of the male mind?

She said: When you do the exercises continuously and without too much effort, when you give the feeling when you allow the energy to wake up in you, and in the right way by bending your body, do the exercises of Hatha yoga – this is called the maternal energy method, wisdom, experience. Not caring about the correctness of the exercise, some accept a pose and waits for the awakened energy of your body flex itself properly. Energy as a caring mother will lead you to achieve perfection. Trust the energy of the body, like his mother. This method of power, wisdom, feeling, female method.

She said: Now hear about men’s method of consciousness when performing yoga. Perform each exercise for a limited time, even though it will be a time of inspiration. Strain all his will, making use of every effort, the inner eye vid itself is already a perfect yogi, to subdue his body. Max uses his will and determination. But do not hurt yourself. Transitions from pose to pose, like Shiva dancing. This method is called consciousness, by his father’s efforts and determination, winning inertia and body imperfection.

Adya asked: How should acquire previously unknown postures and how to practice already known to pose?

A friend said: The wise say that the best place to start to learn postures energy method as a caring mother feeds a newborn baby, and energy method allows to establish themselves in the beginner yoga exercises. Let it will be at least one exercise per day. Then, as much as the baby mother breast-fed begins to see and play with Dad like this beginner yoga, one must also learn yoga by his father’s mind.

She said: In everyday practice choose 5-7 exercises and do each of them, for at least 20-30 breaths, energy method. Or do during the same time the maximum number of postures of Hatha yoga, passing from one to another method of consciousness

She said if the yogi is already proficient in Hatha yoga, it can perform daily group exercises first energy methods, duration, and then all the same exercises by consciousness – a short time with the will and effort. This cute yogi can also use these two methods simultaneously. That is, to begin the exercise by power, surrendering to sensations and complete method of consciousness, forcing herself. Or vice versa begin to carry out the method of consciousness, forcing himself and finish the energy method, allowing yourself to enjoy the feeling of fulfillment. In future this nice yogi himself determines for himself what exercises to do by the mother energy, which his father’s method of consciousness, and which exercises the two methods. But just this union of two methods the yogi achieves the final result in Hatha yoga. About Adya, is well aware of my words, and you will avoid many obstacles and traps in the way of Hatha Yoga and attain supreme happiness.

Adya said: You told me about the two methods of Hatha yoga exercises. Tell me about the negative aspects of each method.

She replied: Man practicing the yoga only energy method is prone to slide into inertia and passivity. If he practices only by consciousness, he slips into fanaticism, ie excessive activity and impose their views on others. Only between these two extremes is a narrow path to achieve higher results Hatha yoga, so wise and say, “Give up the extreme and you will achieve success.” Uravnoves parent method by his father and be born as a perfect immortal Hatha Yogi. Once again, and once again think about it Adya. Refuse from the extremes, they have no effect.

“Now I will tell you about Bandha and wise ….”

147. Hear me, my student, a mysterious practice. As a person in vneoplatnom debt to their mother and father, as well as yoga to the grace of Shiva, who told them to this section. The human body is a great country in the heart of the country – Mount Meru. Everything revolves around it. In this country there are fields and forests, seas and rivers, there are creatures living in it, there dwell the deities and sages, there is the sun and the moon, constellations and planets, and much, much more. Yogi, as a skilled ruler, governs all this inner universe.

148. When the body – the country cleaned or during the cleaning process, should be used mudras and bandhas. Bandhas yogi stops the flow of energy in your body, and redirects them to another channel, like a river dam spans artfully created. As grower irrigate their fields, blowing reviver then one, then another of irrigation canals. Wise – it’s gestures, gestures invitations that make manifest certain energy vibrations within the body, and beyond. Just as a gesture of the hand, we invite each other to enter into our house like this, reproducing a particular mudra, we invite a certain deity manifest in our inner world or outside of us in the universe. Each deity has its own inherent energy. Someone angry, someone is peaceful. For a deity manifested through the emanation of energy that causes a particular emotion or energy flow, both inside and outside of it. Wise student should know the necessary mudras and bandhas. It is a pledge of his victory.

149. Mudra and bandha should be kept a secret, you should not devote nondevotees people in them, greedy, those who do not respect the teachers, insidious and discreet and chatty and not practicing yoga. You should always respectfully refers to Siva, who told this science. Shiva said to study and wise bandh you need a secure, secluded, in every sense a favorable place where you will not disturb any neighbors or passers-by, no animals, no insects, no bad weather. But most importantly, you do not have to worry or your wife, or your children, or your friends and acquaintances. Place it should be a nice, safe, near a source of water and make it easy to produce their own food for sustenance. When reached perfection and mudras and bandha studied such severe restrictions are not necessary.

150. She said there are three groups bandh. The first group refers to the upper gates of the body, the second group to the lower gates of the body and the third group to the body. Mudra is there for the manifestation of energy mainly inside the body or outside. Combinations and combinations of various bandhas and mudras from different groups achieved a total energy of the awakening process and disclosure of comprehensive cosmic consciousness outside or inside. When there is no division of this or that, when the actions of the current object, and action process itself one inseparable one.

151. Wash your body, alone in her hut for practice Throw all my clothes sit on a mat on the ground and begin to practice the bandhas and mudras.

152. She said, in the lower part of the body below the navel and in the crotch area of Apana – is the energy responsible for the release of the body and its tendency to flow downward. In the upper part of the body in the area of light energy of prana, and its tendency to leave the body, flying up. The combination of these two energies is achieved yoga (union) you should mix the prana and apana. As a result of the clear nectar is born, the first drop which cures all diseases. Send it to the navel center and the energy enters the sushumna. From this Nadi tremble like leaves in the wind. So you, O student, must make Apana rise up and prana descend.

153. Now, listen of mula bandha. Nerodivy and respectful student once did not succeed in it. Before practicing mula bandha knowing makes preparatory exercises. Put your body to the navel in the warm clear water. Use a large and ring finger. Insert into your anus and cleanse the colon from all the dirt. Carefully rubbing her this finger. Then, together with an average paste into the rectum ring finger and draw water through the anus into the rectum. For those who forget the laughter and joy and takes himself seriously, he went astray, and the danger is close, remember that the yogi. Know, laughter and joy, love and happiness always. My rectum of water. Inside massaging the sacrum. Take hold of the sacrum and very gently start to knead it, then pulled her fingers from the anus, cast out of the water itself. And rub a finger pointer or middle finger input into the rectum so that he cringed and closed. Now listen very mula bandha – mental Castle. Mental and physical body are connected, remember that.

154. Sit down on the ground, squeeze the anus and perineum, and keep them so. Then, completely relax the muscles of the anus and perineum, let them soaked apana, repeat this process many times. That you chase wave Apana upwards. While the wave of Apana goes up, all the muscles of the perineum are compressed as soon as she reached the extreme point of the muscles involuntarily relax. Another part will be compressed as soon as this happens, relax all the muscles of the perineum, and again let Apana abundantly soak them again and squeeze the perineum. Do this over and over again, each time keep muscles clenched longer and longer, Apana lift higher and higher. After six months, you can lower the body a long time to close the gateway. The higher the climb Apana the more it will penetrate into the region of the prana. From this mixing practitioner successful student will act perspiration and sweat will wash his body. Thus was born the clarity in the body of the purity and lightness. It is truly unmatched bandha eliminating many diseases and clearing channels.

155. By practicing this bandha, will acquire the muscles of the anus and the genitals. No longer will they have uncontrolled. Apana energy will cease to leave, and will accumulate at the highest pleasure huge wave leave the body with the natural departures. Just as a wise grower keeps in perfect order gateway on its lake, where the water is taken, as well as you, my disciple, must with attention and vigilance throughout the body refers to the gateway. Like every prudent master of the gear mechanism is lubricated, easy to operate and works reliably, and in all your body muscles and subtle channels need to be cleaned and to be under control in good condition. By itself, water is valuable only if it is possible to water the fields and animals, as well as to clean and wash away the dirt. Apana is valuable when it is under control. If it ceases to flow away, it also lead to disorders of the body, just as if the life-giving power to block a massive platinum. Therefore Apana spend wisely. The other two extremes cause illness and do not allow to succeed.

156. That practice shakti awakening. Open and close the anus quickly so that for compression immediately went relaxation and relaxation for compression. Gradually increase the number at once. This shakti compel vibrate in its finding. This exercise sharpens the senses. Shakti Furious emanations rise upwards, reaching the crown, with the emanations should shakti. As a well-planned uprising of peasants can overthrow any autocratic rajah, and this exercise overthrow despotic ignorance of the mind.

157. Now I will tell you about the locks of the upper body. Push your chin to your chest. This overlap the upper gates. This closes the opportunity to fly up prana, prana get caught and can easily be sent down to the navel, where it is mixed with the apana.

158. Zaprokin head back so perekroesh many channels in the region of the neck. And in another forced to circulate energy currents in the head. This exercise is done on inspiration. Eyes while fixed in the sky, so this practice is called the breath of heaven.

159. That unrivaled language Castle. Named khechari wise. Only the practitioner understand the enormity khechari. Raise the tip of the tongue as high as possible up the sky, try to swallow your tongue. Letting the tip of the tongue to the nasal cavity, as well as to a point between the eyebrows inside the skull. So long abide. Thirst, cold, heat, hunger, negative vibrations cease to have effects on yoga, performing khechari. The mind becomes firm and strong, thoughts unidirectional. Vital energy strong. Fulfilling khechari easily learn to fly in dreams and reality. Even the sexual energy is controlled khechari wise. Breathing becomes subservient to yoga. If the company was dirty, unpleasant people to perform khechari. Once the disease will affect you or your wives leave power, perform khechari.

160. Listen to Uddiyana bandha. Pull up and down the inside of the navel, so they went up to the diaphragm. Uddiyana – it is the lion that kills the elephant’s death. Perform this bandha both inhalation and exhalation.





“Now I will tell you about cleaning exercises …”.

205. dhauti – swallowing a piece of cloth.

Take the bandage length of 1.5 meters, fold it in half, sew so that it was like a tube. Cut disheveled edge, then turn it inside out. The fabric is ready for swallowing. After this, take a bowl of warm water and put back the bandage, moisten it. Begin to swallow the bandage, slowly, in the early days of swallow 3 cm, then 5cm, 7cm then. and so on, until you swallow the whole bandage. In the first week may be a gag reflex, so perform this procedure on an empty stomach early in the morning. Practice dhauti held during that time as long as you do not swallow the bandage around 7-12 days. Dhauti cleanses the digestive tract, relieves bronchial diseases, asthma, diseases of the spleen and other diseases associated with mucus.

206. Basti – intestinal lavage.

For the procedure, you should pick up a smooth tube with a diameter of 1.5 – 2 cm. To improve its smoothness, can be lubricated with oil tube. Practice, the need to sit in a bath of water which reaches the level of the navel, squat enter the tube into the anus to a depth of about four fingers, squeeze the muscles of the anus, perform Uddiyana to draw water into it, shake it in the lower part of the intestine, and let out . The procedure is repeated several times. Basti clears the lower part of the gastrointestinal tract. It improves appetite and increases the fire in the belly, that is, the power of digestion. This procedure can get rid of all diseases associated with excess gas, bile and mucus. Good practice Basti improves physique, working senses and internal organs.

207. neti – cleansing of the nose and sinuses.

The procedure uses a fishing line with burnt and rounded ends. The line must be inserted into one nostril and gradually push through it until it does not penetrate into the oral cavity. Then you need to repeat the process with the other nostril. Neti cleanses the nasal passages, sinuses, the front part of the face and skull. This procedure stimulates the entire nervous system, improves vision. Neti can be performed with the use of water: it is drawn into the nostrils and is available through the mouth. This variety is called Jala Neti.

208. Trataka – gazing.

Trataka is a yogic exercise, in which the unblinking eyes focus on a tiny object (such as a candle flame) as long as your eyes begin to tear. When the tears should close your eyes and contemplate the object mentally until his image will not disappear. Trataka can achieve concentration of mind on one. It is able to cure eye diseases. In addition, it develops the mind of the observer – a special state monitoring of internal and external events without emotional involvement in them.

209. Nauli – exercise for the abdomen.

This activity (kriya) is the crown of the cleaning action of Hatha yoga. It is very difficult and requires a lot of practice. At first glance it may seem nauli completely impossible, but indomitable willpower helps his master.

It should be slightly lean forward, resting his legs apart and his hands on his knees, release all the air from the lungs and draw the belly (udiyana), then pull in and push out the stomach as much as far as the air. After a certain period after an exhalation try when performing udiyany highlight two tubes (pushing them forward). They should in turn be rotated using the muscles of the abdomen to one or the other

side, right and left, so that the impression arose whirlpool. Breathe is performed after rotation. The exercise is performed several times.

Nauli stimulates the gastric fire, improves digestion and causes a rush of happiness. This procedure facilitates the diseases caused by gases, bile and mucus, improves the appearance of the skin and stimulates the nervous system.

210. Kapalabhati – shining skull. (Description of the exercise below)

220. “Now I will tell you about the food …”

240. “Now I will tell you about the medicinal drugs …”

260. “Now I will tell you about the influence of the sun, moon and stars …”

279. “On reaching the end …”

307. Here ends the presentation of a treatise on Hatha yoga.

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