Hatha Yoga (practice) 03-07-2008

Adya asked: “Tell me about asanas, what are they and how are called, how to perform them, and under what diseases they help.”


Paschimottasana. She said: “This is a pose for the belly. Lie down on the ground, BOAD hands behind his head, then exhale, bend at the waist and grasp the ankle of his feet, palms of hands, making sure your knees are straight. “


Bhudzhang Asana – Pose Cobra. “Oh, nice student, put his body on the floor, on his stomach, put the palms of his hands under the shoulders, lift up your eyes, then slowly raises his head, flex his neck, and then flexes back, help himself with his hands to bend more, so stay, gave her, energy, then do everything in reverse to get out of the pose. Yasnaya rage brings this asana in the mind like a cobra ready to strike. This exercise will heal the eyes and the upper part of the spine. Clarity of mind you get by doing this asana. “


Pose stick. “Put your body straight to a beautiful rug, on his stomach, position the palms of the hands under the shoulders, inhale and lift your body straight to the hands, as if the body were straight as a stick. Doing this pose, you mobilizuesh your consciousness. If you feel that barely in control of himself, this pose will not let anger get out. This position gives you clarity of mind, hand all diseases it treats. “


Dog Pose. “Do everything the same way as in the pose of the stick, then bend at the waist so that his feet were straight in the knees, hands, torso and head are aligned. This dog pose, do it and get clean channels in the arms, legs and waist. Blood with prana bathe your hands, torso and head, that you’ve updated your blood in the legs, endurance acquired this posture, it balance the balance of blood and energy in the body. “


Pose cats. “Stand on both knees and both hands, then rotted so that the head, arms and chest were on the ground, like a cat that crawls under the fence and stretches, stay in this position for a long time to glass energy from the pelvis on the surface of the body to the head. See that the spine was bent down gracefully. Disorders of the stomach and the lungs helps to eliminate this pose. You will become resilient and razovesh mind. “


Poluryba Pose – Ardha Matsyendra asana. “Sit down on bent knees, straighten your neck, back and head, set, and then perebros left foot over right knee, then also turn the neck, back, head to the left, help her hands turn to the left as much as possible resting his right elbow to left knee, left same hand seeks to capture the ankle of the left leg. Being in this position for a long time, it will eliminate all diseases of the spine, this posture can change during the lunar to solar energy, solar and the lunar. In reverse order Return to starting position and do the exercise right. By doing this asana, you will understand the duality of the world, you realize one of ambivalence. This position is known as poluryba posture. “


“Hear now the description of the inverted poses – Viparita Karani. In a great location lie down on your back, lift your legs up, keep the body hands down, so stay long. This exercise time to reverse the river, you will look younger, all the wrinkles smoothed. This yoga asana change the energy and consciousness of the places are innumerable benefits conferred by this posture, but do not overdo it, increase the duration slowly, eat well and avoid bad company. Yogi performing this pose, while holding in his arms. If otvedesh feet farther from the head to keep them only in the hands, you will master the sexual energy. Only then brahmacharya is achieved when this energy is under control. “

This is an important position, it is sometimes called in the texts do not even pose, but a wise man, that is a symbol (one of the values). We talked about how to reverse time, it is one of the fragments of that great science, how to achieve, if not immortality, then, in any case, to prolong youth. It is believed that this pose is one of the major elements for handling practice time around. In addition to adding the execution time poses yet there is an aspect of consciousness – is to transform this position into the second part, when we begin to take the legs from the head as long as they do not hold onto the elbows. This creates a very interesting moments, there is a very interesting internal effect, which allows you to work directly with sexual energy.


Polukorolevskaya Pose – Ardha sirshasana. “Put your head on the floor, grabbed her arms and legs at the same time put on his knees and then straighten your knees so that rely on feet, head and hands, clasping his head to the body was bent at the waist around the corner, so stay and will acquire acute mind, excellent vision and knowledge of the subtle energies. By its action, this asana is comparable to stand on his head, a royal posture, sirshasanoy. So she called polukorolevskaya posture, Ardha sirshasana. If you, O student, will be endowed with the power, if you will lead a life of Raja, which requires constant vigilance, which requires your personality shine, and shine like the sun in order to cause fear and respect for close enemies, perform this pose, a royal pose.


Here, Pose Raja – sirshasana. “Let Raja or his rabbi in a great location to put your body straight down, to rely only on his head and elbows the hands and the body at the same time it would be direct. If you run the country and the lack of time, practice this posture at least. “


Pose onion – Dhanur asana. “Now I’ll tell you about the bow pose, asana Dhanur. Put your body on your stomach, bend your knees, his hands grasp the ankles and stay so for some time, wait until the awakened energy of this position. Then, oh, a beautiful student, begin to straighten your knees, bend in the back, so you take the bow pose. Stay there as long as you allow your body. This unrivaled position to foment umbilical fire. Beliefs weakness, a weak standard fire treated this posture. Shoulders and joints of the hands are cured of this posture, a lot of negative karma to burn through it in the furnace. “


Pose extended legs. “In free from obstructions place stand on both legs, breathe in deeply invigorating air, BOAD with his arms up, exhale, bend down, grab the ankles, knees let it be straight, so stay long. This cure many diseases of the brain. This is detached from the outer to the inner and proniknesh. The upper part of the body can be cured of all diseases. “



“Now I will present you excellent posture for meditation, energy awakening and realization of many a yogi.”


Vajrasana. “In a secluded area sit on bent knees, back, neck and head in a straight line, put his hands on his knees. This exercise is acquired diamond strength, and therefore pose asana is called the diamond. “


“From a seated position Place the left and right foot, respectively, on the left or the right thigh. Straighten the neck, back and head. It sukhasana comfortable posture. “


“From a seated position place your right foot on the left thigh and left foot on the right thigh, so that his feet were woven. It padmasana – lotus posture. “


Siddhasana. “Hear now about the perfect pose, donated by Shiva himself. It is impossible to describe all the good that gives this asana. All perfection gives it even nerodivomu pupil, which is why it is called the perfect posture, siddhasana. Suppose that in the secret place of the disciple should sit on the floor, bend your right leg so that the heel is rested against the perineum, the area between the genitals and the anus, put the heel of the other foot on the genitals and push to the pubis. The back should be straight. Let the student will be in this position for a long time. All perfection acquired this posture. No one and nothing can confuse or unbalance the mind of a successful student, the person becomes the master, brahmacharinom if mastered this pose. Only on this it says that it controls the vital energy of sex. Hold this pose in secret and not open it to anyone. “


Plough Pose – halaasana. “Put your body straight to the floor, do a breath, exhale BOAD your legs straight behind your head, they touch the ground behind the head, hands free to let him lie along the body or place them under your head. This position is known as the plow pose, halaasana. It removes all diseases waist and neck. “


Triangle Pose – Trikonasana. “Now I will explain the triangle pose. Stand up straight, push the legs shoulder-width apart, torso, neck and head is held in a straight line. With breath raise your hands and keep them parallel to the ground, so they were a straight line, with an exhalation, bend the right and touch it with his right hand, left or right foot. “


Pose circle – chakraasana. “Lie down on your back, bend your knees, BOAD hands behind his head and put his hands on the ground, relied on the palms and soles of the feet, rotted his body up, then let the feet and hands go to meet each other. So get the pose circle chakraasanu. This asana removes dirt in the spine and increases vitality. “


Peacock Pose – Mayurasana. “Get on your knees, lean forward, put his hands on the ground, palms facing toward the feet, reducing both elbows together upris them in the navel, and the head should rest against his forehead to the ground. Strife feet, tear off his head from the ground so that only rely on the palms of the hands and toes. Stay as long as the energy does not flow, then leaned forward and lift your toes off the ground, to the head, torso and legs parallel to the ground, and the whole body was kept on the palms of the hands. This pose is called peacock pose – Mayurasana “.


Pose holiday hero. “Sit down on the ground between his feet, help to lower your torso hands on the ground, hands behind his head BOAD, so stay. This posture eliminates diseases of the joints. It’s called relaxation pose a hero. “


The pose angle. “Sit with legs straight on the ground, to the torso, head, and neck were on the same line, lean palms of the hands on the ground, lifted his body so as to rely only on the palms of the hands.”


Bakasana. “Lean on your palms and toes, bend your elbows, place the legs over the knees elbows, knees so that the feet rested on his elbows, then, maintaining balance, tear off the floor and toes only rely on the palms of the hands. This position is known as a twisted handstand. “


Savasana. “It is necessary to complete the exercises of Hatha yoga pose precious Savasana. Like no other, this posture gives success in Yoga. If you know Shavasana know all the poses. Not knowing it is difficult to succeed in yoga. Therefore, listen, O worthy disciple. Put your body erect and motionless as a corpse on the ground, let down your muscles, let your face. So, like a corpse is in this position for a long time. Try not to breathe, then there will be even thoughts. This position gives the calm mind, exhausted nerves, it restores the energy redistributes sensations. As the main diamond in the crown, and shavasana among other poses. Consider that you are dead. Then slowly come back to life. Start with the breath, then with awareness, only then move your body. Do not jump up dramatically, and if jumped, make soothing exercise. Practice this pose is always neglected by her madness. “

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