Hatha Yoga (theory) 03.07.2008

A few words on the treatise.

Adya asked: “What does the word” hatha “and how it is to be understood?”

A friend said: “Ha is a mom, dad is tha tha is mum, it ha dad. Hatha their union, their child. Ha sun, moon tha, ha moon, tha sun. Hatha means eclipse. Ha means the day, tha means the night, ha this night, tha this day. Hatha means sunrise and sunset. Ha is the breath, this breath tha, ha it inhale, exhale tha it. Hatha means when there is no inhalation or exhalation when breath absorbs breath and exhaling absorbs breath. Ha is the vowels, consonants is tha, ha is the consonants, vowels tha it. Hatha is the mantra. Ha is right, tha is left, ha is left, tha it right. Hatha means the median. Ha is white, tha is red, ha is red, tha is white. Hatha means sky-blue. Ha is aware tha this act, ha this act tha realize it. Hatha means to achieve higher results. Ha stress relaxation tha, ha relaxation tha voltage. Hatha way of life. Ha means to force yourself, tha means afford to, ha means allow yourself tha means to force yourself. Hatha – Higher achievement, achievement of life.

Very often ask when the best time for yoga. Here we read – Ha means the day, tha means the night is the night ha tha this day. Hatha means sunrise and sunset. In the tradition of yoga most favorable time for yoga is the time of sunrise and sunset, besides the two extremes, there was a day became night, extremes cancel each other out, and as it opened a channel in and around the higher harmony and tranquility. This cut is extreme and yoga. Hard to immediately achieve perfection, so we come to him, then left, then right, then close the left and closer to the right, and then we reach it, therefore, engaged in Hatha yoga, the energy method, the method of consciousness, we gradually all the processes inside we are building so that we achieve this perfection.

Hatha yoga is the most well preserved.

Of all yogas Hatha yoga is the most well-preserved to this day. Hatha Yoga – the yoga static exercises, when we accept certain postures and kept them that are really a panacea for the solution of some physical problems, to enhance brain power, to improve the living conditions, health, joy and happiness.

The history of yoga from an academic point of view.

If you read ancient myths, ancient texts, you encounter such a situation, the word yoga and a person with some supernormal somewhere closes. Such a thing as Hatha yoga, is very close in contact with a term such as austerity, when the man retreated to solitary places and very long, standing on one leg with outstretched hand, it is still in some uncomfortable position for a long time was. These people are also called hatha yogi, but the difference is significant. Those who practiced asceticism reached other purposes by other means, Hatha yoga is somewhat different, although there is a common area of intersection.

Then, if you start to be interested to know academic science in relation to yoga, then sooner or later you will run into the six orthodox systems of India, one of which is called yoga. And when you say the word, immediately pops up a text called the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, in which the sage Patanjali highlighted the eightfold path of yoga, eight steps, which a person must climb to the heights of Yoga. And just the fact that we have called Hatha Yoga, that is, static exercise the body, there is a third stage. First comes the stage – Pit – it’s general code of human interaction with the environment, followed by the second stage – Niyama – is a set of rules for himself, and the third stage are Patanjali Asanas or Asana. Asana is a Sanskrit word, in one embodiment – a pose, but in a more original sense of the word was meant for meditation posture, that is, when a man drew up a very stable position in which he could sit for a long time without discomfort. So Patanjali and other earlier texts was understood a certain posture for meditation in the first place, and only then all the diversity of the other item.

Currently Hatha Yoga – a set of keys, different calculate their numbers, sometimes in the hundreds of area, sometimes in the region of a thousand. There is no contradiction, because all the postures of Hatha yoga ultimately strengthen the body and eliminate all defects so that he eventually developed the ability to sit still in a pose with a straight spine, so that nothing hurt. Here, the key point – it is the spine, so in some schools of yoga say that the spine – this is the axis around which revolve all the asanas. Oddly enough, the most detailed description of these keys, come down to us from this section of Yoga Tantra Yoga, and if we turn to the more orthodox texts there are quite kutsee description. Most currently available treatises describing these postures – these texts as “Gheranda Samhita”, “Hatha Yoga Pradipika”, “Shiva Samhita”, “Goraksha Samhita.” It gives a more detailed explanation of the postures of Hatha yoga, but all these works are thoroughly imbued with the influence of Tantrism, so now in the West adopted a point of view that its development Hatha Yoga has received it under the influence of Tantrism. How does it actually was, we do not know, because that’s what I have just said, it is the academic approach.

There are very few poses with established names, so when you come across the name of a pose, be very careful, because when Westerners became interested in yoga in the first place poses of yoga, they have to somehow categorize and suddenly realized that they do not know what to call this or that position. They went quite understandable and natural way, opened the dictionary of Sanskrit and began, roughly speaking, to be creative, but in ancient treatises are no such names, it is modern notions. Now in the west between different groups of people practicing Hatha Yoga, ignite serious about the war on whose Hatha yoga is more correct, whose approach is most appropriate, so be careful and cautious. Sometimes it seems that it’s all slender knowledge that everyone knows that in all the books ever written, that more and nothing to add. It is an illusion. Soon they all flow from the west will penetrate to us in Russia, and we will begin the continuation of these disputes, because yoga comes to us from the West, not directly from India. Be wise and remember that jigger these arguments do not stand. You must remember that the yoga teachers are the same people, and they are characterized by the same disadvantages that are present in any kind of activity.

The very first thing – yogi-sufficient.

The very first thing you must understand when you practice yoga, you must first become independent at all from anyone and not on what you should do yoga alone at home! Training in groups, at seminars, of course, very much will accelerate your development, but the goal – to develop a self-sufficient to get you on any piece of flat surface can do yoga, and were not dependent emotionally, psychologically from the room conditions. In the hall watching and very comfortable, there is another power, here you picks up the energy around you, and many times faster is yoga. Houses on the achievement of the same need to spend many times more energy and effort, but you have to remember, the yogi is self-sufficient.

The only thing he needs to engage, in particular, Hatha yoga, a warm, smooth surface, so try at home to find a corner, the surface where you will be engaged.

The second part – the natural need psychologically to the point, even if it is your apartment. There is a practice that you do with your hands start to clean the place. You take and how from invisible dust particles begin to clean the surface on which you will be engaged.

Now, with regard to joint sessions of Hatha yoga. Such luxuries as free, protected from prying eyes the place was always a rarity. And if someone was in India in the temples, there is seen a small space. The situation is such that the closer the practice to each other, the faster you go practice, this section explains the Nyasa yoga. The analogy of such crude stick in the woods alone will not burn, but if there are a lot of sticks if this fire, it burns, even if these sticks and wet. For non-personal level, each of you is made on the same pattern, so the closer you are to each other, the process will go faster. The execution time of a particular exercise is given solely on your wisdom.

Method of Energy and Consciousness method. Harmony in yoga.

Yoga, which has come down to us, especially Hatha yoga, the description of this exercise three or four lines, everything else starts comments subsequent authors. The more ancient source of yoga, the more concise than the later, the more there are some details, explanations, warnings, so yoga description is very concise, but on the other hand remains the choice of how to do, tighten or relax, with maximum force, or until nicely. And then we come to what is, in fact, is called yoga. Yoga lies in each of us the structure of our body. The fact that we have such a body, the fact that we live in an epoch, in a society, that is, all of us, in spite of the differences in physiological or psychological, are made in one image, and yoga lies within us that device. Yoga – it’s not a complicated kind of abstract science, which came up with idle Indian sages, no, yoga lies in each of us, and our goal – to rediscover it, to make us wake up.

To do this, there are two approaches. In our school they are called energy approach and the approach of consciousness. In a more human version of this maternal and paternal approach.

First – it is about to adopt a pose, that there is no discomfort, and enjoy, you squeeze out of his enjoyment of the body and eventually you smoothly and gradually move closer to the desired embodiment of the posture, this energy approach. Suffice it to take about posture and stay in it as long as possible, you will have some feeling with these feelings begin to change over time, and you feel that you wanted to bend more. Your task is, first of all, trust feelings, and only then to recall all the clever books, where twenty pages described exercise or treatises, where three lines describe the same exercise. The energy approach, the most important thing – it is internal, harmonious feeling when you do and you want to do when you squeeze out of your body pleasure.

At the same time, there is a diametrically opposite approach – this is when you are making themselves, overcome all of the limitations themselves and thus experience the joy of overcoming himself. This approach is called the approach of consciousness or paternal approach.

How does the approach to practice? Here, in fact, the word Yoga, which means union (one value), an association of extremes. Over time, you have to learn to move from one method to another method during the execution of one exercise, or rather, sooner or later develop into harmony, and you start doing exercise to squeeze the most pleasant, come to some degree, a bit succumbing, stretched their muscles again You get pleasure. This series of successive approaches, first, for example, energy method, then consciousness. At the borders, when you move from one method to another, it is Hatha Yoga, and if you catch a razor blade between sets, you begin to succeed in yoga with terrible force. If you do purely by power or by the mind, you too will prosper, but not so fast. Also, you must remember that if there is discomfort, dizzy or stabbed in the side, immediately stop the execution. By doing yoga, you should experience pleasure from the performance or the joy of overcoming, but not pain. If there is yoga – no pain if there is pain – no yoga. In Hatha yoga, the most important thing – it is intuitive, sensitive feeling of the body. If it is not, then you will not achieve all that yoga promises or reach, but spend it on a lot of time. Over time, you get tired of doing from books, you will begin to experiment on yourself, you begin to trust yourself and pereotkroete yoga. There is a principle of balance, for example, it is possible to do the pose with the deflection in one direction or the other. This is not an absolute law, but rather a recommendation.

So, what are very important things you need to understand as soon as we start talking about Hatha yoga.

First, there are two ways diametrically opposed to performing asanas in Hatha yoga – is the mother energy method and the method of his father’s mind. Parent method of a soft, smooth, where the minimum violence on himself, his father – a hard, determined to overcome themselves.


The next point – the concept of bhava. Bhava from Sanskrit, one of the translations – it is an internal mental, emotional relationship to anything in particular to perform yoga. If you are Hatha yoga in a state of bhava, with the inner right attitude, is yoga. If this condition is not present, it is at best a stretch, but not yoga.

Under the state of bhava means joy or to perform posture when you are doing and want to do, or the joy of overcoming yourself when you know who’s the boss in this body and make him obey. And if there is bhava, you can arbitrarily be flexible, it is not yoga.

All schools of yoga, no matter where you are or were, they would either be the dominant energy method when posture is necessary to carry out a long time, with feeling, with properly, with deliberation, consciousness, or a method where the posture is done quickly and with maximum effort. So it turns out now the west, that they can not understand that these are two sides of one and the same method, that is, where it is necessary to get yourself where it is necessary to afford. Ideally, yoga, we must learn to combine these two methods, and only at the borders, on sections of these two methods is born what is called Hatha Yoga. Now I will bring a piece of the treatise.

* “… The student asked his teacher. Adya asked: “How should I acquire not previously known postures and how to practice already known to pose?”

A friend said: “The wise say that it is best to start learning postures energy method. As a caring mother feeds a newborn baby, and energy method allows to establish themselves in the beginner yoga exercises. Let it will be at least one exercise per day, then the same, just as the child is nourished mothers breast begins to see and play with Dad like this beginner yoga should also learn yoga exercises father’s method, the method of consciousness. “*

Each of these methods have drawbacks separately. You can only yoga energy method, it is nice – do hate – do not. You can perform yoga only by consciousness – constantly push yourself. If you just squeeze the pleasure of your body, it is very easy to succumb to inertia. The other extreme, when a person himself constantly makes, it will sooner or later block the sensation, and where it is necessary to stop and listen, because the body during yoga is constantly transformed, toxins are eliminated, the channels are cleaned, you have to relax to the dirt of us went and we hold ourselves and begin to block this process. Man is difficult to give up ambitions, but we did not succeed in yoga, if you do not change our outlook on life. Somewhere really need to go ahead and where it is necessary to bypass, or we upremsya like a sheep in a new gate.

So, just at the junction, on the union of these two methods is born yoga. The most important thing – your inner state during the execution of yoga, because, despite the fact that each asana affects the physical body, it indirectly affects our subtle structure, primarily on the senses and the mind. The mind begins to be more refined, more powerful, more strong-willed people become more goal-oriented, intellectual power it increases feelings begin to deteriorate. Acting on the gross body, we get the effect, both on the gross (physical) body, but still we have a huge number of effects in our inner world of perception, philosophy, reason, etc. There are poses that can obviously make energy method and consciousness, and there are those where it is very difficult to say that there have to strain (for example, Viparita Karani, Sirshasana), so the energy method in the method of consciousness sometimes go not because how you tense up, and how long you are doing.

There is no notion of wrong doing poses.

In yoga, there is no concept of wrong doing poses, if you do not do a pose, you will automatically make another. And most importantly – it is not even that, what position do you do the most important thing – this is what processes are taking place within you, if harmony is.

Each posture produces a dramatic effect, but how it affects, this knowledge of yoga is lost, but when we are engaged in harmony, our internal structures will no longer be afraid of us, we begin to trust and open up many opportunities, sometimes even ability.

With regard to disease? Yoga is designed for healthy people, and if you have any disease, consult your doctor first, or engage at your own risk. As for age, there is no restriction, because the age – this concept is not objective, but subjective, sometimes in twenty years, you can be in a very poor condition, and sometimes in the seventy to be healthy. Another point is that if we begin to practice yoga, then to a certain extent go rejuvenation processes. If you read the ancient texts, the yogis have worked wonders, they stopped the aging process, moreover even sent them back, the body of a rejuvenation.

Hatha yoga – is one of the cornerstones of this science for rejuvenation. Is it possible to reach this point of immortality? When viewed with the theoretical positions, it is possible, but the specific implementation – that’s another conversation. In any case, as stated in yoga, to extend their years of life, the more years of life in sane state, you can, because our task is not just to live forever, and live happily. But once again, in the texts referred to techniques which formally stop the aging process, they are, for they spoke an ancient tradition says clearly and unequivocally, but the detailed design, which practices a lifestyle, preserved in part.

What are the attitudes and how they should do?

In his treatise “The story of Hatha Yoga,” it is said that we have lived millions of lives, in each of which we had this or that body, we went on various bodies before getting a human body. The human body – is a major achievement, if you have the human body, which means you have worked nicely in a variety of bodies, but some shortcomings, deficiencies remain and they are trends that are transmitted, including the physical layer. Our body depends on karma, on the part of the karma that we receive, depending on who our mom and dad, but there is another component of karma – it’s internal prints that we drag on his causal body before we are born in a new physical body. Whatever the physical body, which we inherit from mom and dad, but the internal patterns at the level of the causal body play a role, so the yogi, even being born in a painful body, still rebuilds the internal energy of a just life is the body. To eliminate all the shortcomings we are asanas. By performing a particular asana, as if we are distributing karmic debts. Hatha yoga – is not an end in itself, but a means that makes our body is perfect.

It is believed that we all have about the same karma. We are all different, but some steps we went through the same, so it is believed that in the modern era for the modern man of many thousands of asanas relevant about 85, or about 85 guidelines that for the vast majority of people will eliminate the most serious shortcomings we have to drag yourself. Of these 85, you can dial the different groups in different sequences, the kind that for some reasons it makes sense to do. Sometimes it makes sense to do poses that can not be obtained, and sometimes better to help those that are obtained to establish a foothold, but in any case, must be respected the principle of harmony. Of these 85 positions, usually a basic region 30-40, of which it makes sense to choose somewhere on key 7 for daily practice. Do not just try to make all 85 or more, it is better to do a little, but with the state of bhava, and it will lift us above the steps of yoga, than if we had done everything, but did not understand what we were doing.

Eventually everyone begins to solve, it is best to choose those sequences, which draws you to himself, and then gradually add something that is not very good at it. A week made a complex change to experience each of the asanas, or, say, to the old add some new, that is, is a matter of creativity, there is no dogmatic points does not exist, everything is given at the mercy of your inner feelings.



Thoughts in the performance of Hatha yoga.

When we begin to practice yoga in the head climb all sorts of thoughts, sometimes harmless sometimes obsessive, sometimes frightening. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one of the orthodox systems of India, according to which in general is an asana, and is what the Yoga of Patanjali – stopped to control the formation of thought forms or thought-forms.

Samadhi will never come as long as we do not learn to control their thought forms, that is, until you learn how to control all thought processes in the mind, the necessary processes to encourage unnecessary – stop. Patanjali described yoga as chitta vritti nirodha, stopped the formation of thought forms on the surface of the mind and, in fact, even the asana he included in order to help it. Therefore, Hatha Yoga, when we take some form, do the asana helps us stop the thought. So there is an interesting situation, if we fix the body and held in position, to us over time, comes the ability to fix this or that idea in our minds, and in the future comes to us the ability to completely block the occurrence of unnecessary thoughts.

Strictly speaking, such a good mental yoga (read thoughts from a distance, telepathy, etc..), Does not begin earlier than we know how to stop the thoughts in my head. And here, as elsewhere, it is important bhava, inner sense of when executed. If we perform and experience the joy of performing, or by overcoming himself, then we have a emotional background, and in the early stages, we are not fighting with thoughts, we have them squeezing sensations. The longer we are in the position, the more we develop the ability to stop the thoughts in the mind, and in the future we learn to consciously focus on the right thoughts and reject all others. When we concentrate on one thought, there will be nothing more than this thought, this state is called samadhi in yoga with the object. Fixing the position of the body, fix ideas.



Perfection in a pose.

We start doing asanas, we get over time getting better and better, and then at one point there is a qualitative change, it is the so-called siddhis in asana. Once you reach Siddhi in asana, in the future, whether you are engaged, or will not, at any time you demonstrate this posture, changes will take place at the deepest levels of your being. If you reach Siddhi in asana, stop watching and will slip. Siddhi in asana can be achieved only through harmony, when you go up to a certain elite. In the treatise said that just like rolling a stone up the hill to the pass and throw it down the slide, and if the pass, it will continue to roll itself. Also Siddhi in asana, do, then there is a qualitative change, there was a karmic debt, and, in fact, more in this position, you do not need. So, it makes sense, if we want to buy something, to get a good long time.



The criterion of success in yoga.

In yoga, the external measures of success does not happen, the main thing – what is happening inside. The criterion of success in Hatha yoga – it’s a habit to do. Others simply do not have the criteria and skills, oddly enough, is determined by one position, this posture Savasana, corpse pose. The meaning of this posture in the ability to relax, shut down, go out of the body.

In order to properly approach the shavasana, so that a good rest, you have to work hard, as in yoga, shavasana better finish yoga exercises. In principle, Shavasana can be done at any time when you want it, at the beginning of the complex, in the middle, at the end, along with other exercises without the other exercises, but to master this pose best after voltage.

When we are tense, and then shavasana as relaxation wave affects even those areas that we do not control. We are straining the muscles that control and automatically tighten those muscles that we do not control, and when we relax the muscles controlled automatically relax and all the rest. In this way we achieve a more serious dive into a state of relaxation, disconnected from his body. Sometimes when we think we are relaxed, we just seem to be a little hands inside keep our body that we do not even feel. To feel them, you have a lot of time, and that they, as it were for the company relaxed, it must first strain that can stretch and then relax that you can relax, and the little hands relax for the company, so Shavasana highly desirable to do in After doing the exercises.

Thus, success in yoga is determined solely by habit to do, but not how to bend our bodies, proficiency in yoga pose Savasana is determined, and the tip – this posture for meditation.

Hatha Yoga science is very harmonious, very natural, science without an external supervisor, which is inherent in you inside. It is a science, which you will be able to learn only if you listen to your inner world which you will open only if you will experience the joy of performing, or the joy of overcoming.


Two principles in Hatha yoga.

First – this is the principle of perfection – no matter how you do the pose, in his personal universe you do it perfectly. You have lived many lives, and then, at what level you come to yoga, it does, you have made the most useful in your life, otherwise you would not have touched this ancient teaching. In yoga, it is believed that if you know about yoga, then you have good karma. Yoga accelerates all processes of life and helps to get rid of the unnecessary. So when you are doing the exercise, assume that the universe is in your execution is perfect.

The second principle – a principle of energy, funnel principle, which we have already spoken. If any yoga exercise already built into our very nature, we should just give this nature appear to us to try to reopen. The point is this, if you are about how you have obtained, take position and will do for a long time, then over time the necessary energy, the desired feelings in you wake up by themselves, and you will begin to bend further, and to bend the most correct way.

Then you combine these two principles, you will understand how it’s going and how to put pressure so that was even better. This is the method of consciousness. And on this cut, and Hatha Yoga is born.

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