Hatha Yoga. FILM Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Brief Description:

The video is a training tool for the practice of Hatha Yoga has come down to us from ancient times. You will see clearly how to perform many exercises that, as the ancient tradition, burn negative karma of man. The film was made on the basis of rare manuscripts on Hatha Yoga. In the first part of the film presents the basic principles of performing yoga exercises. In the second part of the show directly exercises.

This film was made on the basis of the rare treatise called “The story of Hatha yoga.”

Treatise built as a student by the name of Adya conversation with his beloved as a teacher by the name of Shakti (known as Beauty Beloved). Adya asks her questions about yoga, and she answers them. Therefore, most of the dialogue belongs Shakti.

In the first part of the movie, you will learn the theory and the basic principles of Hatha yoga.

In the second part you will see clearly how to perform basic exercises of yoga. These static exercises are called asanas. According to ancient treatises on yoga, if a person is practicing asanas, then over time it burns all their negative karma and becomes positive.

We would recommend you to master a greater number of exercises from our movie, and then choose a group of seven exercises for their daily practice. Change the exercises in a group is not more than once a week. So a few months you will pass on all the exercises shown in this film. If you are just starting to engage in Hatha yoga, duration of employment can range from 40 minutes to an hour, depending on your ability.

We wish you success in mastering Hatha yoga!


The story of Hatha Yoga


part I



Adya Shakti asked her:

– How did the science of the body and breath?

She answered:

– Initially, Shiva (Lord of life and death) for the benefit of all sentient gave the teaching Hatha Yoga to people. He himself has mastered this science and has made numerous feats in Hatha yoga.

Adya said:

– Tell me the science and where it is known to you?

A friend said:

– I taught her Shiva himself.


And here begins the presentation of Hatha yoga.

She said:

– As much as there is in the world of living beings of different types, so there poses in Hatha yoga. Man, before to reach the human body, a series of runs lives in animal bodies. During evolution they live millions and millions of lives in the bodies of animals, before earn fortune to be born in the human body. While living in the body of an animal, the soul performs or does not perform the commandments of the animal. And yet, that did not fulfill the soul in the body of an animal, is transmitted to the human body as Karma.


And if, as a snake spirit perfectly captured the reptile’s body and reached success in this, then in the body of the soul of man has all the positive qualities from the time of the reptile’s body. If, while in the body of a reptile, the soul has not fulfilled all destined to it in this body, the imperfections are transmitted into the human body. And a person can suffer one or other disease or lack of flexibility, or lack of certain qualities that she had to work out in the body of the animal. Therefore, in the precious human body detected flaws, imperfections from the time of life in the bodies of animals.


Siva in His mercy have a method like within one human life to correct many deficiencies accumulated over millions of lives in the body of the animal. This method is called asanas. By performing asanas, the man removes all dirt, disease, seeds, and other prints, which have long been accumulating in the bodies. Performing asanas, people first neutralize the negative trends. That is, while he is engaged in Hatha yoga, the disease goes by the wayside. But as soon as ceases to engage in, they come back.


In the next stage practices rebuilds your body completely. The body becomes perfect. And even if he later regularly practices yoga, the body is not rolled back. Just as it rolled a heavy stone up the hill: to pass the stone can slide back and then pass the stone itself is heading in the right direction. The pass is called Siddhi in asana. Excellence in performing asanas. Achieving Siddhi in asana if you continue to practice yoga or not, a positive quality of the asanas is with you always. As a burnt pot no longer soak the water and burnt in the fire of yoga the body is no longer subject to disease.


She said:

– There is a law coupling coarse, fine and very thin. While working on the physical body, you get the effect on the subtle body. While working on the subtle body, you get the effect on the gross body. Prana – is the relationship between the bodies.

Adya asked:

– How are we doing Hatha yoga?

She answered:

– Shiva gave Hatha Yoga and the one who performs this yoga attains omniscience. He gave it to those who are tired of the endless disputes about the supreme nature of the universe.

Siva said:

– You can not know what yoga is and do not have any knowledge. But if you practice, you will attain all-knowledge (including knowledge of yoga).

You have to practice every day carefully to succeed, vigilantly and consistently. It is only because the effect is acquired in Hatha yoga. Blank discussion is useless. Performing asanas, you’re not only cleanse the body and rebuild it, but also understand the law in such like, which reads as follows: for the Hatha Yogi entire universe – his body, and his body is the body of the universe. By changing your body, you change the universe. But making changes in the universe, you change your body. And there is no difference: inside or outside the body.


Of all the countless forms of living beings, which took place a living soul, Shiva chose 64 thousand or 64 thousand creatures asanas. Of these, in the modern era are relevant 85. Of the 85 most important 35. Of the 35 major 3. Of the 3 most important one – Siddha-asana. Begin studying Hatha yoga from simple to complex. Master a single exercise, then another and so on until you rack up exercise group. Then, make another group, the third and so on, all 85 exercises included in this or that group.


Practice hatha yoga every day. Preferably in the same place at the same time. If you can not do all the exercises group, do those who can. If you can not do the usual time for the duration, do as much as you can. If there are no conditions for this, at least I think about what I had to do. If you forget and think, do it the next day.


Adya asked:

– Why be afraid of in the study of Hatha Yoga, not to make mistakes when performing?

A friend said:

– Beware of lazy, avoid the delusion of mind. The principles of the comprehension of Hatha Yoga as follows.


The first principle – the principle of perfection.


The second principle – the principle of energy.


The principle of perfection says, as if you did not do the exercises of Hatha Yoga, as if you did not, you’re doing these exercises perfectly, even if apparently they do not look like that were instructed to do. The very fact that exercise makes it perfect execution, and on the approach to getting better and better the approach you will get. Therefore, it is an intermediate perfection. Eventually you will reach the end of constant perfection. Therefore, the concept of “do the exercise properly” does not make sense. The most important thing – to engage in regular and long-lasting, and be sure that in our personal universe in this time and in these circumstances we do asana perfectly.

Energy Principle says that just as the ball rolled into the funnel is always in the neck, like this, when we make a particular asana, the excitation energy itself bends and transforms the body. No need to worry about the correctness of the exercise. The main thing about play asana, making it fair, for a long time and regularly. Excite energy and energy will do yoga.


Adya asked:

– What is the success in the implementation of Hatha Yoga?

A friend said:

– It’s a habit to engage in Hatha yoga every day. Habit – is inertia behavior and thoughts. Bad service play a negative habits – there is no worse enemy. But Siva in His mercy has given people such asanas that if included in the habit of doing them, then they bring the highest good in life and then release. Laziness, obscuration of mind, uncertainty, anxiety, weakness, intelligence, anxiety, neurotic poor digestion, unhealthy complexion, terrible disease, dark karma and more overcome by habit to engage in Hatha yoga. If you feel that without yoga can not live a day, it means that you move in the direction of light. It is a sign on the road.

Adya asked:

– Is there still some signs of success on the road?

She answered:

– Wellness, Mind stability, body beauty, nice complexion, strong digestion, ability to remain motionless, the ability to capture opinion on the subject, the lack of mental chatter, the first manifestation of supernormal abilities, good health, happy feeling, deep mysterious dreams, increased sexuality – it marks showing success in Hatha yoga.

Adya asked:

– What are the interference in Hatha yoga and how to get rid of them?

A friend said:

– Extraneous sounds in the classroom – such as empty talk, quarrels; when the room (which you do) there is someone else; when during the lesson stick with questions, the lack of healthy food nutritious and fresh; when the air is poisoned by toxic fumes of the city; endless arguments and defend their views in front of the ignorant; trying to convince the fools; dedication to his practice of idle curiosity. A drawback is, if you do not do yoga in one place at one time. Excessive amount of work or excessive amount of inactivity, improper waste energy on all sorts of things, excessive suppression of the body, not taking care of your body, not allowing him to relax and frolic, excessive waste of energy through sex, self-doubt, doubt in the teaching – here are some of interference.

Adya asked:

– What are the consequences of the implementation of Hatha Yoga, and whether there are negative consequences. If there is, how to neutralize them?

She answered:

– Whatever you did not do exercise, gut feeling and common sense should be your principal advisers. And if they say that it is necessary to reduce the load – is reduced if you need to increase – increases. Remember the principle of energy. Energy will tell you how to do the exercises. It transforms your body, it will give a sense of what to do and what not to. It will warn you of the negative consequences. Listen to her. In the early stages of yoga when the body clean and dirty channels are still observed effect of ups and downs. As a person walking on the hills, the hard climb to the top, it is easy runs down. Similarly, the yogi is eagerly rushes into yoga, it hardly makes himself engaged in it. The gaps between the ups and downs become more and do less recessions. After a year or more practice goes on even level without exaltation and without deep falls. And if you stay on an even level of a year or more, starts feeling an increase in the take-off. But it may come through a complete change of life. If the practice will last six months, he begins to develop the habit.


It should be particularly attentive to the implementation of respiratory exercises in Hatha Yoga. There should be more careful and use more common sense than anywhere else in yoga.


Neutralize possible negative consequences, reducing stress, changing exercise, increasing the rest, creating a comfortable living environment, eating nutritious and healing food, using drugs, making cleaning procedures by having sex only in accordance with the yoga of sex. Learn yoga treatises, consider them, communicate with the practice of yoga, live among them, find a competent teacher, to ask him, in every way you serve it and take initiation from him. Applying common sense, listen to the feelings, observe the instructions and then you will avoid all possible negative trends of its Karma. Foolish, inconsiderate and foolish student can get hurt even if he eats soup, not to mention the more difficult things.


Adya asked:

– Tell me about asanas, what they are, what they are called, both from perform and under what diseases they help?


part II



Adya asked:

– Tell me what the word “hatha” and how it is to be understood?

A friend said:

HA – a father, Tha – is mum. Ha – this is my mother, Tha – is Pope. Hatha – their union, their child.


HA – is the Sun, Tha – is the moon. HA – is the moon, Tha – is the sun. Hatha means eclipse.


HA means a day TCA means night. HA is the night, TCA means the day. Hatha means sunrise and sunset.


Ha – this breath TXA – a breath. HA – is exhalation, Tha – is breath. Hatha means when there is no inhalation or exhalation when breath absorbs breath and exhaling absorbs breath.


HA – is vowels, TXA – it consonants. HA – is consonant THA – is vowels. Hatha means mantra.


Ha – it is right, Tha – is left. HA – is left, Tha – is right. Hatha means the middle.


Ha – it is white, Tha – is red. Ha – this red, Tha – is white. Hatha means sky-blue.


Ha – it means recognize TXA – it means to act. HA means to act, to be aware of TCA. Hatha means to achieve higher results.


HA – is the voltage TXA – a relaxation. Ha – this is relaxation, TCA – this tension. Hatha – a way of life.


HA means to force yourself, then allow yourself to TCA. HA means allow yourself, Tha means to force yourself. Hatha – it reach higher results in life.


Adya asked:

– How is it to be understood?

A friend said:

– In this yoga you can do the exercises as a method of HA, and by TCA. You can practice all the exercises in yoga parent method (the method of wisdom, energy method, sensations), or his father’s method of self-transcendence (the method of consciousness method of determination). In the treatises it says that just as the need for the child’s birth mom and dad, and for understanding the need to practice yoga exercises and the energy method (the method of the parent), and the method of consciousness (by his father).

She said:

– The word “Hatha” can be explained as the union of thoughts and feelings, as the union of mother and father, as a union of consciousness and energy, as a union of the left and right, as a union of vowels and consonants, as a union of night and day, as the union of inhalation and exhalation as a union of decreasing and staying, as the actions and omissions of the union, as the union of asceticism and pleasure, as something that is between the extremes. Give up and you embody the extremes of Hatha yoga. This is a great way of non-suffering and ignorance.

Adya asked:

– What does it mean to practice the exercises by the female energy? And what it means to practice the exercises by the male mind?

She answered:

– When you are doing the exercises continuously and without too much effort, when you give the feeling when you allow the energy to wake up in you and in the right way, bending the body in the position of hatha yoga – this is called the maternal energy method, wisdom, method, sensations. Not caring about the correctness of the exercise. Approximately accept a pose and waits for the energy your body flex itself properly. Energy as a caring mother, will lead you to achieve perfection. Trust the energy of the body, like his mother. This method of power, wisdom, feeling – feminine method.


She said:

– Now I hear about men’s method of consciousness, the exercises of Hatha Yoga. Perform each exercise for a limited time. Let this be a time of even a single breath. Strain all his body, his will, making use of every effort, the inner eye see yourself already perfect yogi. Transitions from pose to pose, like Shiva dancing. This method is called consciousness, his father’s method, the method of determination and effort, winning inertia and body weakness.


Adya asked:

– How should acquire previously unknown postures and how to practice already known to pose?

A friend said:

– The wise say that it is best to start learning postures energy method. As a caring mother feeds a newborn baby, and energy method allows to establish themselves in the beginner yoga exercises. Let it will be at least one exercise per day. Then the same, just like a baby breast-fed mother begins to play with Dad like this and begin yoga should already learn yoga exercises paternal principle of consciousness.

She said:

– In the daily practice, choose 5-7 exercises and do each one for 20-30 breaths breaths energy method. Or do during the same time the maximum number of positions, moving from one to the other, by consciousness.

She said:

– If the yogi is already adept at doing the exercises, he can perform the exercise group every day. First, the energy method (continuous), and then all the same exercises by consciousness (short time, with the use of force). This cute yogi can also use these two methods simultaneously. That is, start doing the exercises by energy, surrendering to sensations and complete method of consciousness, forcing herself. Or the opposite: start to perform the method of consciousness, forcing himself and finish the energy method, allowing yourself to enjoy the feeling when performing.


In future this nice yogi determines for itself what exercises to do by the mother energy, and what his father’s method of consciousness. What kind of exercise these two methods. But only a union of these two methods, the yogi achieves the final result in Hatha yoga. Oh, Adya, is well aware of my words, and you will avoid many obstacles on the path of Hatha Yoga and attain supreme happiness.


Adya said:

– You told me about the two methods of execution of Hatha Yoga. Tell me about the negative aspects of each method?


She answered:


– A man practicing this yoga only energy method is prone to slide into inertia and passivity. If he practices only by consciousness, he slips into fanaticism, ie excessive activity and imposing their views on others. Just between the two methods is a narrow path to achieve higher results in yoga. Therefore the wise say: Give up the extreme – and you will achieve success uravnoves maternal paternal principle of the method – and be born as an immortal perfect Hatha Yogi. Once again, and once again think about it, Adya. Refuse from the extremes, they have no effect.


Before starting practice sit up straight, refresh your mind and wish happiness to all sentient beings in the universe. Then, think about all yoga teachers and ask them for protection and assistance in mastering yoga. Think of the transcendent Absolute. Then start to practice.


She said:

Pose for the stomach

1. That posture abdomen. Lie down on the ground, with the breath BOAD hands behind his head. Then exhale, bend the feet and grasp the ankle of his feet, palms of hands. See that your knees are straight. So give yourself the energy within you current. Then you touch his forehead knee. By doing this posture, eliminate all diseases in the abdomen. It will delight you.


Cobra Pose – udzhangasana

2. cobra pose Here – udzhangasana. About a nice student, put his body on the floor, on his stomach. Place the palms of your hands under the shoulders. Lift up your eyes, then slowly raises his head, flex his neck, then flex the back, helping himself with his hands to bend more. So stay gave her (energy). Then do everything in reverse to get out of the pose. Yasnaya rage brings this asana in mind. Like a cobra ready to strike. This exercise will heal the eyes and the upper part of the spine. Clarity of mind you get by doing this asana. Awaken forces dormant in the sacrum.


Pose – a symbol of the yogi who gave up misconceptions

3. Sit down on bent legs. Straighten your back, neck and head. Bring the wrist of one hand palm behind the other. Exhale as lean forward and touch the ground head. This position – a symbol of the yogi, who refused to delusion. Like the air exhaled by tilting, the yogi breathes out all anxiety and attachment to the illusory things of the mind. Strong thread of Maya breaks this exercise. Yogi ceases to be an easy plaything of illusions. And if the power of maya overcome what is maya network still need to be overcome ?! Breaks network of associations, holding the yogi in captivity ignorance. Like a fish, breaks out of the seine, the yogi becomes free. You can do this pose, sitting in the lotus position. If extraneous empty bother you desire, practice this pose diligently.


4. free from obstructions place stand on both feet. Breathe in deeply invigorating air, BOAD with his hands up. With an exhalation, bend down and grasp the ankles. Let your knees are straight. So stay long. This cure many diseases of the brain, it will give away much, this proniknesh in internally. The upper part of the body can be cured from all diseases.


bow pose

5. Now I will tell you about the bow pose. Put your body on your stomach, bend your knees, his hands grasp the ankles and stay so for some time. Wait until this energy awakened posture. Then, a beautiful student, begin to straighten your knees and bend back. So you take the bow pose. Stay there as long as you allow your body. This unrivaled position to foment umbilical fire. Weak standard fire treated this posture. Shoulders and joints of the hands are cured of this posture. A lot of negative karma to burn through it as in a furnace.


cat Pose

6. Stand on both knees and both hands. Then rotted so that the head, hands, breasts were on the ground. Like a cat that crawls under the fence and pulled. Stay in this position for a long time that the energy from the top of the glass of the pelvis to the head. See that the spine was bent down gracefully. Upset stomach and lungs helps to eliminate this pose. You will become resilient, razovesh mind.


Pose twist

7. Sit on the legs bent at the knees. Straighten your back, neck and head. Then perebros left foot over right knee. Then turn your back, neck, head left, helping hands turn to the left as much as possible. Being in this position for a long time. This will eliminate many diseases of the spine. This posture can change during the lunar to solar energy. Or Solar moon. In the same way come back to the starting position and do the exercise right. By doing this asana understand the duality of the world, you realize one of ambivalence.


Plough Pose – halasana

8. Put your body straight back. Take a breath, exhale BOAD your straight legs behind his head. Touch them at the head of the earth. Hands free to let lie on the ground, or place them behind your head. This position is known as the plow pose – halasana. It eliminates pain, and neck.


Gamukhasana – pose cow head

9. Gamukhasana – cow’s head posture. Sit down on the floor on your knees bent. Perebros one leg over the other, straighten your back. BOAD one arm bent at the elbow, behind his back. And the other arm, also bent at the elbow, BOAD behind. Then, let the palms of the hands close around behind his back. Repeat this in the opposite direction. This posture change channels with the moon in the solar and lunar solar. It is used to perform the wise and bankh.


Upside-down posture – viparitakarani

10. Listen to the description of the inverted poses – viparitakarani. In a great location directly put the body on the floor. Lift your legs up, keeping the bottom of the trunk with his hands. So stay long. This exercise time to reverse the river. You’ll look younger, all the wrinkles straightened. This yoga asana change the energy and consciousness of places. Countless blessings bestowed this posture. But do not overdo it. Duration increases gradually. Eat well and avoid bad company. Yogi performing this pose, holding time in the arms. If otvedesh feet farther from the head, so they kept their hands – you will master the sexual energy. Only then brahmacharya is achieved when this energy is under control.

Polukorolevskaya posture – Artha sirshasana

11. Place the head on the floor, grabbed her hands. Feet while put on their knees. Then, straighten the legs so as to build on the feet, head and hands, clasping his head to the body was bent at the waist. So stay and will acquire a sharp mind, excellent vision and knowledge of the subtle energies. By its action, this asana is compared with the reception on his head, so she called polukorolevskaya posture – Artha sirshasana.

Trainee my, if you’re in authority, if you will lead a live Raja, which requires constant vigilance and that requires your personality shine, like the sun shine, to cause fear and respect for close enemies, perform this royal pose.


 Pose Raja – sishasana

12. That position Raja – sishasana. Let Raja in a great location will put his body on the head, to rely only on his head and elbows the hands and the body at the same time it would be right. If you run the country and the lack of time – the practice of at least this pose.


Sarvangasana – shoulder stand

13. Sarvangasana – shoulder stand. Lie down on the ground on his back. Raise your legs and torso up. Let them be on a straight line vertically. Chin thus let rests on the chest. Hands can keep along the body, or you can prop the body, you can freely put them on the ground. This position is similar to sirshasane (headstand). If you have mastered this asana, you will master the upper center of the body.


Ushtrasana – camel pose

14. Ushtrasana – pose of a camel. Get on your knees, in the back the rotten back and Put Your Hand in the hands heels legs. This position allows you to plod control of the upper respiratory organs, and gives endurance.


Pose polukolesa

15. Put your body straight to the ground. Let your arms lie along the body. Bend your knees and put them on your feet. Bring hands ankles and rotten trunk up. This posture polukolesa, it provides the same benefits as the wheel pose.


Pose circle – chakraasana

16. Lie down on your back, bend your knees. BOAD hands behind his head, and put them on the ground. Rests on the palms and soles of the feet. Rotted his body up. Then, let the feet and hands go to meet each other – so get the circle position (chakraasanu). This asana removes dirt in the spine and increases vitality.


Hero Pose Recreation

17. Sit down on the ground between his feet, helping hands, put his body on the ground. BOAD his hands behind his head, and so remain. This posture eliminates the disease in the joints, as well as the shoulders. She is known as the resting posture of the hero.


Pose stick


18. Pose stick. Put your body straight to a beautiful litter on his stomach. Arrange your palms under your shoulders. Raise your body straight on straight arms, as if the body was straight as a stick. Do this pose and you mobilizuesh your consciousness. If you feel that barely in control of himself, this pose will not let anger get out. This position gives you clarity of mind. All the diseases it treats hand.


dog Pose

19. Do all as well as in the position of the stick. And then bend at the waist so that his feet were straight. Hands, head, torso, to align in a straight line. This dog pose. Keep it clean and you get channels in the arms, legs and waist. Blood with prana bathe your hands, torso, and head. That you’ve updated your blood in the legs. Endurance acquired this posture. She has to balance the balance of blood and energy in the body.


Stranded handstand

20. Lean on your palms and toes. Bend your elbows and place your elbows on top of the hand as elbows, knees to the feet rested on his elbows. Then, while maintaining vigilance, lift your toes off the ground, relying only on the palms of the hands. This position is known as a twisted handstand. It develops the abdominal muscles.


Peacock Pose – Mayurasana

21. Get on your knees, lean forward. Put your hands on the ground, palms facing towards his feet. Sweda both elbows together and upris them in the navel. At the same time the head should rest on the ground. Straighten legs, tear off the head from the ground so that the emphasis was on hands and toes. Stay one until the energy flow. Then, leaning forward and lift your toes to the torso and legs are parallel to the ground, and the whole body was kept on the palms. This pose is called peacock pose – Mayurasana. Those who practice this asana has a strong digestive fire that digests all poisons. This posture eliminates all stomach ailments.


Triangular posture

22. And now I will explain the triangular pose. Be straight, spread your feet shoulder width apart, back, neck, head keep on the same line. With breath raise your hands and keep them parallel to the ground, so that they amounted to a straight line. With an exhalation, bend the right and touch it with his right hand, left or right foot. Suppose also that your eyes will be drawn to the left hand. Hands try to keep a straight line. Then do the same exercise to the other side. This asana would eliminate the pain in the spine. It also changes the solar and lunar currents.


locust Pose

23. Lie down on the ground, on my stomach. Arrange your palms under your hips or couple the palms of the hands in the groin area. Relies on his hands and lift his legs as high as possible. This posture of locusts. It gives strength in the hands.


tree Pose

24. Be right on one leg. The other leg, bent at the knee, though it rests on. Raise your arms above your head and somknite palms together. This position provides the stability of mind and insensitivity to external influences. This line is known as the tree pose posture.


Pose flight

25. Be on one leg, lean forward. Lift the other leg in the continuation of the body. Spread your hands in different directions, like a swan spreading its wings, sitting on the water. Keep at this balance. This position gives a sense of space and controls the position of the body in it. The pose of the flight.


26. Sit on the ground with the legs straight. Bend the knee and Abut it into the inner part of the thigh the other leg. Lean forward. Bring your palms straight leg.


Pose the stretched side

27. Sit on the ground with the legs straight. Bend one leg at the knee, the other leg is taken aside. Torso to one side so that one side was stretched and the other squeezed. Can you capture the foot straight, palm up. This posture stretched side. It provides flexibility and control over the ribs.


28. Sit on the ground with the legs straight. Put the straight legs as wide as possible. Lean forward and grasp hands straight legs feet.


29. Sit on the ground with the legs straight. Put Your palms of the hands behind the back. Rotted his body up so that rested on the palms of the hands and feet. Let your knees are straight. So stay long.


30. Stand up so that one leg was bent at the knee and the other straight. Raise your arms above your head and couple hands together.


Pose balance

31. Sit down on the ground, then lifted straight legs and grab their hands. So keep your balance and stay long. This equilibrium position.



32. Become a straight, we must join hands head. Bend your knees so that the body and hands in a straight line.


33. Be straight, bend at the waist so that your knees are straight and outstretched arms and torso are parallel with the ground. Stay in this position for a long time.


Pose double angle

34. Become a straight, join hands behind his back. To bend so that your knees and elbows were straight. Raise your elbows as high as possible. This position is a double angle.


Pose Dancing Shiva

35. Be directly on one leg. The other leg bend at the knee back and grasp her hand palm. The other hand lift up and forward. Raise your bent leg as high as possible, helping himself with his hands. So stay long. This posture of Shiva dancing.


Brahmacharya pose asana

36. Sit with legs straight on the ground, to the torso, neck and head were on the same line. Lean hands on the ground and lifted his body, to rely only on the palms of the hands and feet heel. The one who performs this pose, finds many positive qualities of other postures. Therefore, it is necessary to practice it with diligence. This asana posture brahmacharya.


Now I will explain to you the beautiful posture for meditation and many of the yogi.

 Vajrasana (diamond pose)

37. In a secluded area sit on bent knees. Back, neck, head let it be on the same line. Put your hands on your knees. The eyes of a rushed re. This exercise is acquired diamond strength, and therefore pose asana is called the diamond.


Pose subhasana

38. Sitting on the ground, put his left or right foot, respectively, on the right or the left thigh. Back, neck, head straight out. This posture subhasana.


Lotus pose – padmasana

39. Sitting on the ground, place your left foot on the right thigh and the right foot on the left thigh. Or place your right foot on the left thigh and left foot on the right thigh so that his feet were woven. Straighten your back, neck and head. Posture is called the lotus pose – padmasana. This asana is unsurpassed, ideal for pranayama and meditation.


Pose bhadrasana

40. Sit down on the ground. Unite both feet and tighten them as close as possible to the body. It bhadrasana giving many perfection and control of sexual energy.


Fish Pose – matyasana

41. Sit down in the lotus position on the ground. Then lie down on your back, place the palms of both hands behind his head – posture is fish – matyasana. One who perfectly mastered this asana, feels like in the water. And it may have called for a long time in this position.


Udiyanabandha asana

42. Become a straight, take a deep breath. Put Your hands in knees bent legs. Retractable wall of the abdomen on the exhale as high as possible.


Pose – Krishna dream

43. Lie down on the ground. BOAD bent legs behind your head so that the head appeared between her legs. This position is referred to as Krishna’s sleep. By practicing it, the yogi can instantly fall asleep. Sleep in this position brings many benefits.


Pose winner

44. Lie down on your back, tighten the legs bent at the knees. Skip hand between her legs and grasp the feet, palms of hands. You can move the feet and hands as far as possible behind your head and touch the ground with them. This is one of the most important key to gaining control over the sexual energy. Whoever owns this pose, in full control of apana. Sleep in the position make many Siddhi. When you feel upset by fatigue in the body – the practice of it. All diseases of the intestine and internal organs are cured of this posture. Those who practice it cures diseases and finds the clarity of consciousness. Yogi performing this pose is disconnected from all external influences. This pose is the winner.


crocodile Pose

45. Put on your stomach your body straight. Put your head on your palms. So continue in this posture, pose a crocodile. It gives rest to body and mind.



46. It is necessary to complete the exercises in yoga pose precious – shavasana. Like no other, this posture gives success in Yoga. If you know Shavasana, you know all the poses. Not knowing it is difficult to succeed in yoga. So, listen, about the worthy pupil!

Put your body on the floor. Let down your muscles, your face and so, like a corpse, are in this position for a long time. Try not to breathe, then there will be even thought. This position gives tranquility of mind, restores energy, redistributes sensations. As the main diamond in the crown, Savasana – most important among other asana postures. Consider that you are dead. Then slowly come back to life. Start with breath awareness and then only after the body. Do not jump up dramatically. And if you jumped up, do calming exercises. Practice this pose is always neglected by her madness.

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