2007.07.14 Hatha Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Today we have 14 July 2007. We are located in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya in KC “Enlightenment” and all the information on the website www. happyoga. narod. ru, www. yogacenter.ru.

Come on, we as always in our scenario. First question on your part, then the main theme of the lecture, the one that will be interesting. But before I hear you ask, I will answer the question that was asked before the lecture. A few words about Hatha yoga. What kind of yoga? And what about the time you can mention, quickly outlining her?


Hatha yoga

So, Hatha yoga. Under Hatha yoga refers to static exercises in yoga. These exercises, in general, known in the West, the word yoga, ie Yoga in the West is primarily associated with a person who performs a static exercise. For this reason, there is a substitution of concepts. Sometimes the word yoga refers only Hatha Yoga, only then, when a person takes a certain posture. This is not so. Although really, Hatha yoga is one of the most powerful and the most interesting yogi who came to us from ancient times. But along with Hatha Yoga there are many other interesting yogi. Our school has two dozen known yogi. A dozen we teach. But there is yoga, which are different names, but, in fact, are one and the same doctrine. So, Hatha yoga, what is this teaching?

Hatha Yoga – the doctrine, where the person by adopting static postures, improving your body gets sufficient good health. And ideally – perfect health. It clears the internal channels, expanding the horizons of your consciousness. And Hatha yoga smooth man translates to higher yogis. Thus, as a meditative yoga, which in turn make it possible already to manage the internal energy so efficiently that ultimately, the person becomes the master of not only the physical body, but also the master of the mind.

So, despite the fact that Hatha Yoga – the yoga, which deals with the physical body, but if we do it long enough to perform conscientiously and honestly, it will lead to what will increase our intellectual capacity. This is a very unexpected turn. Like the one hand, we are engaged in a physical body. The physical body is really getting stronger, develops, it becomes stronger, more reliable and gives us inner happiness. But, at the same time it began to develop our minds. And in some other points begin to develop our psychic powers. Why is this happening? This is a rather serious subject for study. This involved the theoretical aspects of yoga. Theoretical aspects of yoga say that our internal structure and our gross external structures, such as the physical body, are interconnected with each other. And if we develop our body, we are by prana, which is the link between our gross physical body and the subtle body, we also develop the mind. So if kto-libo of us feels the lack of intellectual abilities, in the best sense of the word, for example, a person learns to gde-libo or before the person is quite a serious intellectual challenge, then, oddly enough, sometimes the most effective it can be solved by the fact that we begin to train your body by Hatha yoga. We begin to perform postures of Hatha yoga. And then the physical structure as coarse and finer, start to develop the internal energy, which include those that can be hidden from us the power of our mind and we suddenly was surprised to discover find out that we are quite easy to learn, quickly grasp complex moments. We have strengthened the memory, we have increased attention.

So, Hatha yoga is meant by a static exercise. These static exercises known to a very large number, but it is believed that the most pressing of these exercises 80-85. Of these, 80-85 are most suitable for the modern man somewhere 35-40. This is a fairly small amount of exercise, compared with the many, many thousands. But, if we do even this small amount of exercise to perform, by the same token, we awaken the inner energy that will clear our channels, strengthen the physical body, and then develop our inner abilities such as intellectual ability, as well as all the powers related to those what is called the power of the individual. It is for this reason that in ancient times, Hatha yoga so highly prized. For this reason, even those sages who, in general, doing meditation, engaged in the study of our surrounding world by their mental strength, all in one voice saying that without the Hatha yoga is impossible to make a solid foundation for learning other yogis, such as raja yoga, jnana yoga such as, etc. in this regard, we should remember that. neglect the physical body – it means to inhibit its development in yoga classes.

Now a few words on account of how to perform these exercises, since this question was. Perform the exercises can be different. In yoga, it is believed that there are two main methods or two basic approaches to the implementation of Hatha yoga exercises. This so-called method of Energy. And the so-called method of Consciousness. This so-called maternal and paternal approach to yoga. You do yoga and the very first question that arises is whether it is necessary to force yourself to do yoga or have to wait for the moment when she would go herself? Should we exert ourselves, or there is no need? Or another question, each exercise for a long time whether to perform a short time? This is a very serious practical issues. And in the depths of Hatha yoga and signed response. So, it is believed that there are two methods of performing Hatha Yoga. One method is when we perform and enjoy performing, that is, we take about Hatha yoga pose and wait for the internal energy wakes up in us and very flex our body. We can only enjoy performing. And the longer we do Hatha yoga, the more pleasure gives us the body from performing Hatha yoga, pure physical pleasure.

So this approach Energy maternal approach to Hatha Yoga. Those. we accept the position and wait for the internal energy of our own flex. Perform each exercise as much as we like, ie, we enjoy from doing. There is the opposite approach to Hatha Yoga, in the exercises. He called his father, it is called the method of Consciousness. And unlike the parent method, we must force themselves to perform. We see ourselves as the eye of a completely yogis. We make your body obey. We make your body bend in such a way as we can see their inner eye. And this method of Consciousness. We overcome themselves. Sometimes it hurts, sometimes it is unpleasant, but there is one key feature. Pushing ourselves, we need to experience the joy of overcoming himself. But in any case, not to test the state of the punishment itself. Those. Whether you are performing yoga by consciousness, whether you are performing yoga by Energy, in any case, there should be a joy from performing yoga. In the first case, the feeling of joy, in the second case, the joy of overcoming himself.

You can certainly go through a tough and rather rude to force myself forcibly. But violence usually inefficient. And if with the help of violence we are making some temporary positive results in yoga, then the body begins to avenge us. It reminds us how badly we treated him. In this sense, our body – it is like an animal, like a dog, like a cat. Indeed, you can brute force to get him to obey, but do not expect love, after you have made brute force the animal to obey. Our body is also about behaving. Therefore, with respect to the body it makes sense to adopt sound policies. Not Gnehm we do not stretch some muscles, we make ourselves, we are overcome, but feel joy. Now, if there is a state of joy, this state is also experiencing and body. It’s the same as if we trained dog. She made some difficult moment, but we make her a piece of sugar or something else. It is in this same sense, we have to feed ourselves with joy. According to a deeper philosophy of yoga, each of us arranged a very interesting way. For us, the inner pleasure is the dominant fact. This is a legitimate internal pleasure, ie inner pleasure that was given to us by the universe when our body was made. And whatever we do, we do in the way of this inner enjoyment.

Again, we can overcome himself. We can ascetic posture standing in the rain to his ankles in water in some intricate pose and hone their will, but in the background there is the joy of overcoming. If there is this joy, then you have yoga. In this case, the Hatha Yoga. If this joy is not – it is unreasonable, then the body begins to take revenge. In the method of the same energy, we simply accept a pose. Sometimes people say: “I’m doing the pose, but it is not like a little bit to the position, which is drawn in the books.” In fact, there is such a secret of Hatha Yoga: is not done properly pose. Here in our yoga school has even relevant treatises on the preparation of future teachers of yoga. So we disqualified because of the word “wrong”. If you are coming to our classes, from the lips of any teacher you will hear the word wrong, you know, he either does not belong to our school or in his clouded mind. Why? Not performing a posture, you will automatically perform another position, ie, in the method of Energy is never wrong postures. Another thing is that if we want to achieve some of the same effect, we need to perform a one-way position. If the other – in the opposite direction, ie, extreme confidence in himself. Extreme trust their inner feelings. This is the cornerstone of Hatha yoga. Sometimes this condition is known by the Sanskrit term Bhava. This inner attitude, an inner emotional state, this internal energy of the finest: enthusiastic, on the rise. If you have a run-time Hatha Yoga is a state of, you know, you perform Hatha yoga. If it is not, unfortunately, it is inefficient.

I’m not saying it’s wrong, it is wrong to do. You can do anything you want, but it is inefficient. Violence against an inefficient. Therefore, if we do something, it applies to any exercise, remember, from time to time to feed yourself with pleasant sensations. Again pleasant sensations from the senses. Either pleasant sensation of knowing that you are here today rose a notch. And it is fundamental that moment. Now the word Hatha. The word Hatha represents the duality. There ha, there is tha. Yoga means union. And so the combination of Hatha Yoga is translated in different ways. There are quite a large number of translations of the word. We have a wonderful movie called “Tutorial on Hatha yoga”, there are given treatises and given a list of what may represent a combination of ha and tha. This film was shot in the hope that everyone interested in it, scan it at least 50 times. Those. This Is Not a Film ephemeral. There’s a very concise manner laid down in general, the whole philosophy.

So we return. The word and the word ha tha can be interpreted as the union of sun and moon, as the union of a man and a woman, as a union of energy and consciousness, as a union of extremes. Or, in the method, as a union. Here’s how to do the exercise? How to perform a method of Energy Union, when we allow ourselves, we do and we are pleased with the method of Consciousness, where we are forced to do yourself.

Now a few words about what a Hatha Yoga today. Now India has penetrated many areas of Hatha yoga. Many schools, which they claim to practice Hatha yoga, but it is practiced in different ways from each other. I will not analyze. Again, the word does not apply correctly. There are different methods, there are different approaches. In any case, if something is done, it is already good. Another conversation, they understand by the word yoga? Usually people go to practice yoga for the decision of some physical problems, and yoga helps with this. Yoga – a universal key to health. The question is how serious and how long you practice yoga. But it should always be remembered that in addition to physical development, you will also give yoga and spiritual, and intellectual and emotional development, and what you want. So I briefly described this teaching Hatha yoga.

Well, and, finally, a few words about how, where’s this slender ladder placed yoga Hatha yoga. Strictly speaking, you can practice Hatha yoga, not knowing anything about the other yogas. Moreover, we can not understand absolutely nothing in yoga philosophy. You might have never heard of such sections of yoga as raja yoga, jnana yoga and so on. But to say that if you do Hatha yoga, the Hatha Yoga itself will teach you everything. This is a very interesting teaching which in itself also contains a process of self-education, self-study. And in the future, performing Hatha yoga, your mind will begin to clearly see the other laws, namely the laws which teach other yoga. So it makes no sense to ignore Hatha yoga, even if you are engaged in other branches of yoga. So I answered this question. Now I am waiting for questions from you, which may only be on the theory and practice of yoga.

Question: Could you talk a little bit about kriya yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We last spoke about her lectures. In contrast to Hatha Yoga, a dynamic yoga. It is perfectly combined with Hatha yoga. The only thing you should always remember that Kriya Yoga is not primarily a body science. It is the science of the inner state. This implies a tougher time than in Hatha yoga that all unpleasant moments with the performance of Kriya Yoga Kriya Yoga incompatible. Those. if we start to perform kriya yoga and nausea, discomfort, we should immediately slow down or completely stop performing these exercises. In Hatha yoga can still be himself somehow to make, but in the Kriya Yoga, if God forbid dizziness, pointless to continue doing kriya. Kriya Yoga can we translate smoothly to perform Hatha Yoga. But I again recommend to perform these yoga together. If it is possible to combine, then combine. Now, if briefly talk about kriya yoga. I look forward to your questions. If no questions, we will go further. Do not hesitate, because this is extremely important.


Question: Please tell me, we will have a seminar on jnana yoga. There is also the theory and practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly.


Question: That is in jnana yoga is also a practical tasks?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Moreover, it is quite serious practical exercises. I do not know, I will reveal a secret to you or not, most of all psychological practices, psychological training, which is now engaged in modern psychology, or other areas of work with the man, they all have very deep roots in the teachings such as jnana yoga. You all remember that the American stereotype – a Hollywood smile and every question: “How are you?”, They invariably answer: “Yesterday was good but today more than ever good, but tomorrow will be even better !!!”

Or, let’s say, this approach is self-confidence, that is, the average American knows a priori, everything, everything can all understand. This is a very good feature. We scoff at her a little bit. But we, of course, mocks some marginal manifestations. But generally speaking, this is a good feature of self-confidence in the good sense of the word. And each of us is incorporated what is called our “I”. Our “I” has great potential. And, if we are to think of any uncertainty, with the position of jnana yoga, we arrive at the illusion, we arrive in Maya. Because if we had seen or even remotely felt the power of the “I”, believe me, you would have no trace of an inferiority complex.

We have quite an interesting situation. We say, the girl even won, say, in the Miss Universe contest, apparently they are very confident, they are very beautiful, educated, but deep down, sits a little mouse, which is not yet fully understood that what and how. I do not mean that each of the fair sex, but this is a very common situation. Diffidence. Why? Due illusion. We consider ourselves not by what we are in reality.

Jealousy – a scourge of the modern world. Who has the potential to practice tantra yoga? Anyone. Foolish man, the person quick-tempered, etc. But if it appears jealousy, then oh, how hard it is to do anything. Why? What is jealousy? Jealousy is as jealous of someone or something, it is not necessarily jealousy of a man, that is, We certainly see ourselves as more disadvantaged, second-class citizens. Once someone can not look at us, and on another object and give it priority, so we accept that we are in something worse. This is mistake. This is a serious mistake. This does not mean that we do not have those moments with which to work. Work on yourself is necessary. It is necessary to sharpen the mind, it is necessary to perfect the body, it is necessary to hone their behavior, ie, the ability to control himself. We have a lot of problems. But when we put a priori on a cross … We have not yet come to the solution of problems, and has stated: “Here I am so-and-so.” This is a serious error and overcome it a variety of methods. Sometimes a little bit of poison acts as a medicine. Sometimes, on the contrary, focus on what we are in fact, leads to paradoxical results. Those. in jnana yoga has a large arsenal of practices. In general, yoga is all practical. Yoga would be uninteresting, at least, I personally would not have worked at it, if it would be impossible to apply in our particular life. Nuance not in some theoretical, and in this particular situation. Therefore, any Yoga is extremely practical section. Maybe it’s in a positive way distinguishes yoga from other exercises.


Question: There was a phrase that “if jealousy is hard to do ….” It’s hard to do that?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is understood that it is difficult to achieve results.


Question: In yoga or life?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In yoga in the first place, and even more so for life. In fact, yoga is, in a sense – it accelerated life, ie, in yoga we live for the day that in real life people live for a year. But this I say so exaggerated. In yoga, all internal processes are accelerated. Here we are engaged in Hatha yoga, we produce energy, we have the mind works in a different way. And what the person usually take a year, on the realization of something, a person who practices yoga, takes 5 minutes. I, again, exaggerated saying. Now on, if we do not consider ourselves to be what we really are. Each of you has a higher ‘I’. I do not want to go into jnana yoga and voice all these things, but it’s still useful to remember. Each of you have your “I”. It is the highest it beyond. In this sense, every one of us is equal to each other. Because the “I” of each person – is potentially small part of the Absolute. Another thing is that we can have a completely different quality. Someone smarter, someone more stupid, someone has some abilities, some others. But from the standpoint of yoga, it’s just karma, that is, in a past life you paid over time to something, and that you have developed in this life. If you have paid less than the time, then, accordingly, less developed.

Sometimes people say, “Well, well, well with abilities. But the girl. Here it is beautiful or ugly. Or the young man. It has a consciousness, or does not have, that is, attractive or unattractive. ” But I exaggerate the situation. But it is also the karmic consequences of previous lives. If you have a previous life was closed, if you do not consider yourself in what you are, you, of course, its own energy fueled by his own personal problems. You set the rules of the game and received the results in the next life. Therefore, yoga, in this sense, absolutely optimistic doctrine. Each of us is absolutely free. Each of us has the absolute potential. If you want to buy some quality, you will get them. The question when. Why? Because karma. We did a lot of other actions and are now reaping the fruits of those actions. If you start today to do the right thing, it will take some time and you will get the desired results for you.

Now imagine the condition of the person who is jealous. For example, one girl is jealous of another girl. She thinks to herself: “I’ll never be as beautiful the same sex, the same attractive, as rich, such as smart” or something else. And the man himself gives the installation and makes its own energy to maintain this setting. And our internal energy, it does not say in the matter, that silly, but what you want to believe it and will support it. And we are beginning to support something from which we suffer. We finance our own enemies. We finance the things that oppress us. Therefore, there are emotions that a trap, using our own energy as in the fight against us. As you know, not very pleasant to live with these things. Though it is necessary to be realistic. If you are jealous, it does not mean that you will no longer be jealous of tomorrow. It velos. From this it is necessary to get rid of, come what may. If you are greedy, stupid, just as well. Again, you have to put some efforts in this direction. But it is easy to say, a force is applied. We need some makeup, some support. In this sense, yoga – a universal doctrine. Doing yoga, you develop the subtlest energy, subtle effect. And if you hold it, then sending it to achieve the results you get rid of negative emotions and negative qualities. Yoga – a mechanism for earning money in the form of internal energies in the form of prana. And the money you can already submit to the decision of your personal ambitions.


Question: And how auditory training influences? For example, installation of a negative: I – the ugly …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I’m curious, what we are now slipping on jnana yoga. That’s what I had to say just at a seminar on jnana yoga. There is a small feature, I’ll talk about it at the seminar. Remember the saying: “How many do not say halva, the mouth will not become sweeter.” Here, unfortunately, sometimes this effect is obtained, and sometimes does not work. Takes two human autogenous training. And one is all fine, but the second is not. Why? Unclear. The answer is given in the following yoga, that in order to get something to work, it’s something that should have a certain strength. As long as you do not have power supply, it will not work. Now, if you are aware of the principle of the “I”, if you’re a little bit closer to the source of its strength and at the same time repeating the mantra corresponding autogenous training, you have all the work. But if you do not feel a sense of the source of their power, but just like a parrot repeating some abstract wording, do not even believe, it does not work. And by and large, it depends on the individual. Every word has the power not in itself, but from the one who said it. If the person uttering this word, confirmed in his “I”, the word becomes the law, the word becomes a force, the word begins in this world to destroy the empire and create new ones. Word – is the impulse, but the momentum must be impregnated with the energy of our “I”. If we become aware of our “I”, if we are aware of this principle, yes, it works. If not, no.

Again, these Hollywood smile. I know that in some Asian countries, enterprises are singing hymns, praising the firm. It fills all this fighting spirit that we are the best, that our competitors smash to smithereens. This triggers the one hand to a certain level. And, since a certain level, it all collapses like a house of cards. Why? Because if there is no internal force beyond the limits, which gives it a real manifestation of emotions in this world, it is just empty words.

Very subtle topic. The doctor gives the patient the water and says it’s a powerful drug. The patient drinks and cured. Everyone says that triggered the effect of suggestion. Yogis say: “No, this is not the effect of suggestion. This effect doctor Consciousness, multiplied by the power of consciousness of the patient. ” Unfortunately, or fortunately, we do not have every step of this power, the power of Consciousness. We recognize the power of Energy. That energy – this is understandable. Around us something moves, mutates. We ourselves can do something. But in the universe there is another hidden power. This is the power of Consciousness. And depending on how a person’s consciousness that ever does is either activated or not activated. This is the same real power as the power of Energy. Here it is devoted to Jnana Yoga. It is dedicated to the hidden aspects in us, non-obvious aspects. Over the placebo effect, doctors are fighting, as far as I know, for several centuries. I just wonder why they did not read the yogic treatises. At me it is puzzling. They explain this some structural properties of water.

Homeopathy is from the same area, but as they say, left view. What allegedly passed on information on the level of the water structure. Many, perhaps, do not know what is homeopathy? Homeopathic medicine is when taking a thimble of some substance, and roughly speaking, it is diluted to several thousand times and say that it is a medicine. At first glance, the purest nonsense. Contrary to all appearances, what only can contradict. Yes, the water in the faucet before dotech to us, even distilled, it is the amount of contact with all the passes that can not operate it, ie, energy level, homeopathy effect, the placebo effect can not be explained at all. Explain possible only using yoga axioms. If you are good at yoga, if you know that in this world there are only two forces – the power of energy and power of Consciousness, all becomes clear as ABC.

So, despite the fact that homeopathy – an obvious nonsense, but it works! Huge number of people helped, help and will probably be more help. And it is not at the suggestion or self-hypnosis, but the point here is completely hidden part of the forces of the universe. The so-called power of Consciousness. So much for the answer to the question of the autogenous training. Therefore, if you have a strong mind, all your postulates, all these moments will work before your eyes. And if not, then not. If you have more questions, let’s discuss them.

Question: A question for the studies. I’ve been doing recently, and I need to sleep after class. I’m just very tired. How to explain this?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is a very good reaction. The fact is that doing yoga, we first of all, begin to clean your body. This is a very serious burden for us. We begin with a yoga point of view, to clean the structures that remained intact for decades. And, of course, that in us this dust rises, these processes begin to occur that such a reaction is quite obvious, it is predictable. But if it is not caused by something else. Because sometimes we can do things in parallel, and to write off all to yoga. Now, if everything else is in good condition, then this can be explained by the fact that as a result of yoga, the body begins to be cleaned and the body needs more time to recover. Therefore, do not worry.


Question: Do the right thing when I get tired, it is better not to go to yoga. Because if I was tired, and the lesson I spend a lot of effort, it is better not to go?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: there are different fatigue. But you should not forget one fact, that if you come to class, you get a surplus of energy. This energy of the group, it is the energy of the school, it is the energy of yoga, it is the energy of the universe. When a person engaged in the house itself, the effect is not as big as in groups. Moreover, you will observe a very interesting phenomenon. You are completely broken come to yoga. And, suddenly, your tiredness vanished. You thought that you would have to crawl into bed, but somehow crawled to yoga. And then, moreover, that for all classes fatigue with you gone. So even after you leave class refreshed. Why is this happening? This occurs for two obvious reasons. Firstly, in order to carry out yoga, what must be confessed, the instructor “wasted.” Yoga Instructor supports field. This makeup in a good way. Moreover, the process is accelerated. Very good to learn yoga in groups.

And one moment. Where does fatigue? Fatigue is usually taken from the fact that some internal processes, we call them karmic … for example, we should have during the day is something to realize, but it somehow did not cranked. The reaction is transferred instantly and the physical layer, so what mechanisms, do not ask me. This question is the future of medicine will be responsible. But once we have failures occur, the lock, and we came to yoga and everything is cranked. And the rest of the system work faster, and we have lived for 15 minutes in this sense, as it ate week rest. Such an effect is observed. But again, I’m afraid to give such facilities, which, by all means, come to yoga or do not come. Here at your discretion. Try and so and so. Make it a conclusion. If the output is acceptable to you, favorable, continue in the same vein.

Now, as the number of classes. Long enough experience shows that if you do less than twice a week, it is inefficient. You should do at least twice a week. But it is extremely desirable to also engage in the house. You must understand that you will not ever go to a yoga class. Classes in yoga – it is a gift. This, if you will, a gift from above. This accelerated the lightened method you become on this track. The main yogic work you will, when you engage yourself with a home. Treat the course, as the school where you learn to read and write. But all the major works you read and write themselves. It zalazheno initially. Yoga – this is self-improvement. We can help you make the first steps, to teach the toolbox. But the main focus will be on your personal practice. And the most wonderful experiences of my yoga you may be, will live, when there will not be anyone. You will be alone to practice yoga. So, at least twice. It is desirable to increase the number, but within reason. If you really have everything, no, then maybe it does make sense to take a break and relax. More questions.


Comment from the audience: That even if very tired, you still sense – is to make the bottom … eniy.ii.e, rivoditie in a row with Hatha yoga there are many other interesting yog.sti. or other postures. after yoga appears good mood, which was not before the lessons.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: After all, we arranged very difficult. Doctors are studying the human body the device, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. What’s going on inside … All of these energy channels, all the relationship between the gross and subtle. From our emotions, our health depends. Again, in all psycho talk about what we need to have fun, enjoy life, be optimistic, and then you will live a long time, then you will be all right. Americans why they smile at each corner? This does not mean that they are fine. They have problems as much as we do. They just learned to hide them. Why? Because if you smile, people you do not shy away. But if you are a sour-faced, then you stop communicating. And if you stop communicating, then you get out of your predicament, as a rule, is always difficult. Therefore, any price is a good mine at any game. It’s just the law business. Even if your company goes bankrupt tomorrow, today you portray in the evening, that you all wonderful. Why? Because much of the night that can be changed, and, in the end, you can become a billionaire and heir to repay its debts. Much of what can happen. And it works. Positive attitude towards life works fine. It really should be like Americans.

But, unfortunately, sooner or later you will see the reverse side of life. In the form of disease and death. In the form of failures, failures. In the form of anything that is not pleasing. And at some point, you have come a state of inner integrity. You will not at any price can not make yourself out to portray a pig squealing pig and delight. This is usually our people with such a countenance go through life. In this sense, they are honest. What’s inside it and outside. And Americans, inside, nobody knows. But from the outside – the facade, zalyubueshsya.

What this bill says yoga? Yoga says, yes, all right. If you have a pig delight of life, but it is not supported by deep knowledge of the philosophy of life, it is only a matter of time, when you fall into a depression. And if you understand the basic principles of the device of the universe, if you understand how to make this world, then you have then there is a real optimism. But optimism is not so silly, I’m sorry for the word, and optimism, built on a fundamental sense of being. You’ll understand why these millstones rotate. There was a reason, a consequence, etc. And when you see that the purpose of our universe is not to punish us with one hand. On the other hand, it is not for us to do a celebration of life. And the purpose of the universe is to allow us to live as we want. We would like to suffer – will suffer. We want to develop spiritually and to go up, we will develop and go up, ie a yoga point of view, the world no. He was not angry, but he is not good, it is no. For it is unacceptable category of positive or negative. Good comparison: the world – a reflection of us. That the inside and the outside. We want it to be so, so, so be it. Want to make it in another way, then so be it.

But how to take x optimism in yoga? And yoga says: “Well, you like, so it was good! You also full of energy to do it. And the world will react to it immediately. ” Therefore, unlike the American, who is constantly smiling, in which “everything is fine”, while inside it is not clear that the true yogi, too, smiling at him all too well, but he and all is well inside. Why? Because he understands the fundamental principle of the universe, he uses it, he lives for it. And the only thing that makes him suffer, it’s only one thing that all other people, unfortunately, do not understand this. In any case, such a position is a yoga teacher and is one of the most fundamental aspects of our attitude to life.

On the third hand, no one has canceled our karma. If we only engaged and in previous lives that poison the lives of all the other people around him when we worked only the negative, then, of course, the law of karma has not been canceled. Even if we decide that everything is new, everything is bright, for the previous actions will have to pay in our lives. But here Yoga says: “Yes, have to pay. But, guys, there are mechanisms that allow you to earn a lot of money very quickly and painlessly pay for itself. ” And just the same Hatha yoga, kriya yoga is the same, the same Pranayama Yoga – a set of methods is very rapid payback and energy on all the karmic debts. If someone is something we have to, if we have done something wrong in previous lives, having paid off their energy. And in the future we will have to live with full awareness of happiness and joy. More questions, please.


The apparatus of the human body from the perspective of yoga axiomatic

If no questions, then we go to one of the fundamental themes in yoga, yoga is axiomatic. This is what we started talking and will talk for a long time. Thus, the device with a human body yoga standpoint. Here we are sitting here with you. We both men and women. We are in a different state, any factors separate us. Despite this, as stated in many traditions, we made according to a single pattern on a single sample. And this pattern is admired. And we are with you just take up the study of how we are organized.


And we arranged with yoga standpoint, as follows. Each of us have our “I”. This “I” prohibitively higher than the concept of time is higher than the concept of space. Little can be said about our “I”. But this “I” with all its power deceived by the power of maya, or illusion of strength. Those. Our “I” is not aware of itself. Our “I” has two abilities. One ability is called Energia, the other ability is called Consciousness. Our “I” is the ability of Energy. What is the ability of Energy? I can do something with this subject, I can affect its energy to other energy, in particular a piece of cloth, which is also an energy, just compressed. It’s one of my abilities, this is one of the abilities of our “I” to do something, to appear.

Another ability is the ability of Consciousness. Ability Consciousness – it is a very complex power. Consciousness here as a ray of light. It comes from our “I”. And the ability of our consciousness is quite remarkable property: what would our consciousness has not been sent, the object or phenomenon reveals itself entirely. It gives any information about where directed consciousness. Sometimes there are people who take the subject and say that the subject belonged to something, and the something. This person is there, then there is something, that is clairvoyants. In fact, the ability of clairvoyance all laid. If you learn to guide your ray of consciousness in this way on any subject, you will learn about the subject all that want to know. But more about that a little later.

So, we have two abilities: the ability of consciousness and ability to Energy. Our “I” overshadowed it misled a very strange thing, which is called maya, illusion. What it is? It’s kind of a strange thing that makes our “I” to consider themselves different from what it actually is, and something else. Those. if our “I” itself has realized it all, the ultimate goal of yoga. But no, it is not aware of itself. Moreover, it starts to rush and grab the first available object that displays Consciousness and samootozhdestvlyaetsya with him, ie “I” begins to consider himself or itself, and something else. That’s the way we had our bodies. Those. Our “I” feels our bodies. We say, “Here I am. Here I sit. ” In fact, the “I” is not. They do not understand where it is out of time, out of space. And it’s just a piece of meat with which our “I” identify themselves.

And here arises the following very serious concept, the so-called associative channel. If our “I” to identify himself with something, then there is an associative channel through which flows as Consciousness and Energy, and our “I” begins to animate the object with which they identify themselves. My “I” identified itself here with this piece of meat. Once it has identified itself with this piece of meat, a little stretched associative channel. This channel energy flowed and flowed Consciousness. This piece of meat alive and talking to you right now. If all else does not change, and cut the associative channel, this piece of meat immediately fall down dead.

So, again. We have our “I”. Our “I” itself is not aware of. Roughly speaking, our “I” think, “Who do I have this?” It begins to grasp at the body.

Question: identify ourselves with him. And where the channel?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: From the “I” of the body is the channel. Or rather not even from “I” to the body, and from “I” to our mind. This is a more subtle details.


Q: So the “I” in there somewhere?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I can not say there is or there. It is higher than the concept of space and higher than the concept of time, ie, we can say there is or there when we are in the space. And if it is higher than that of the space, we can say that it is everywhere and nowhere. The difficulty lies in this, that this channel, he seemed to come out of nowhere and starts from this nowhere to animate the human body. As soon as the channel disappears, the human body is not changed, but there is no life. By inertia for a while it still exists, and then decomposed.

Q: And our “I” chooses another body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely, our “I” chooses another body.


Question: Why is our “I” identifies itself with such a body? On the way we see it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Before our “I” was to identify with the body, which we now see, I will reveal a secret, we have billions of lives have been with you, when we identified ourselves with different bodies. There was a time when we, for example, identified with the bodies of animals. We have lived the life of an animal. Even in earlier times, so to speak, our “I” identifies itself with some single-celled creatures. And before that we identify ourselves with the minerals, with some structures. And before that, we identified ourselves with some absolutely elementary particles, some atoms. And, before you learn to identify themselves with the human body, our “I” passed the chain of identifications.


Q: But why such a body? Why after a while we began to identify with another body?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Ie Why is evolution? First, we clung to something small and insignificant, and could manifest itself very weak. But every life we cling more and more interesting, and can manifest itself in a greater degree. Finally, the moment came when we got to the human body and manifests itself on all cylinders. Further, if we are not the solution and will not achieve the ultimate goal of yoga, we begin to identify with more highly developed beings and begin to manifest itself even more strongly. From all this evolution is visible, ie “I” from life to life, if they live this life worthy (it is an abstract concept, but I do say so) way, during the life of our “I” increases your energy and enhances your little consciousness. And roughly speaking, in the body of an atom is already cramped, you need a body of the crystal. He lived in the body of the crystal, the crystal is already in the body closely, it is necessary to something else. Unicellular, multicellular animals and so we come to the human body. In this sense, one life from another along the path of evolution characterized by the fact that each life we are able to show more energy and more consciousness. Moreover, if we live life and increase energy and consciousness in their lifetime, it is considered (a religious word, but it is very suitable) good life. Now, if you will live this life and at least for a little increase of energy and consciousness, you’ve lived a righteous life. But if you’re on your own stupidity conversely narrowed and lost consciousness energy, it is unrighteous life and you have to be born in the lower body.

Sometimes people ask: “Is it possible to be born after the human body in the body, such as a dog” Easily. As Sharikov in Bulgakov. And, conversely, the body of the dog in the human body? Even easier, ie These transitions are not allowed. But there is a common vector. This vector is called evolution. If “I” is upward, then sooner or later we come to a state of the human body. The human body is fundamentally different from all previous bodies. In this sense, according to yoga, the human body – the crown of creation of bodies. Because starting from this level, you can make a huge leap up. Now, if the body of the animal is not particularly clear up, if we got the human body, it is possible to make a huge leap up. Therefore suicide in yoga is considered the biggest nonsense that just might make the “I”. But if such a gift it has taken and destroyed. Therefore, in yoga and states that ignore the powers laid down in the human body just crazy. It is clear that everyone has the right to dispose of all the way he sees fit, including his own body, but perhaps it is unreasonable.

So that’s why the human body? Because the human body is the most satisfied with the consciousness and the energy that we have developed during evolution. But we should remember that there is a second parallel branch of evolution. This is a very serious issue and we will have already touched on one of the lectures. Evolution is a double way. While we are in the body of the animal, the animal’s body evolves at the genetic level. That’s what scientists are now engaged. Why was the fish and become a monkey? Evolution runs parallel. The evolution of our “I”, which is expanding energy and consciousness and evolution at the level of matter, ie, Our “I” jumped into the body, it has developed to a certain level, genetically transmitted to their descendants, and died itself. Then again, it is born, and tends to be produced in the body, which he was given his previous children. It turns out that we are going in parallel on the ladder of evolution. Roughly speaking, there are two evolution. Body Evolution, this is precisely what the scientists involved. Well, they are, indeed, achieved good results. Although now there are all kinds of teaching that God is the Lord in the last 7 days did people. With all due respect, this is not enough logical theory. It seems to me that yoga theory is more complete. Indeed, at the level of the evolution of the physical body it is difficult to explain why such complex jumps occur? But if we know that is parallel to the evolution of the spirit, or the evolution of our “I”, it is perfectly explained. I answered the question of why our “I” chose in this life is the human body, not the body, for example, the ant.


Q: And why is the body, for example, instead of three eyes, three hands?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But it’s as you wish, as an order. So, we have our “I”. This “I” because of ignorance beginning to associate themselves with some body. As soon as it began to associate themselves with a kind of body, there was the so-called associative link, which flowed on energy and consciousness in our body. And only thanks to the energy and consciousness, life alive. Why does this law associations? This law arises from the fact that there is such a thing as a fundamental ignorance or Maya. This is one of the most serious questions of philosophy in general, and in yoga in particular. What is illusion? In treatises on yoga written so that it is difficult to make a very difficult thing, but the thing is impossible can make only the Absolute.

And he seems to have done such a thing. It Was Absolute. He came up with the thing we call maya and, roughly speaking, as a chemical reagent acted on maya. As a result, the Absolute crush or create the illusion that it shattered into separate pieces. On the fragments. So, each of these units and is the highest “I” of every living being.

And finally, the next point is very important. He answers the most fundamental question, but what connects us with our body? The answer is very strange. With our body we are bound only associative law. We used to consider himself this body. As soon as we look at it and begin to consider himself this body, we begin to revive him. But much more interesting is when you and I will consider other yoga and some psychiatric, psychological factors within raja yoga and other yogas. In fact, the associative relationship goes further. And if a person does not even know about his “I”, but he begins to build an association with kakim-libo object, phenomenon, man, he is also connected with him, and also begins to feed, both in positive and in the negative sense of the word ie in this world there is nothing, except one, all connected associative bond.

In order to be understood by the nature association, here’s my favorite example. Now there are TV shows on TV. Man watching the first series, second series, third series. And he starts to live the life of the heroes of the series. If the characters are all well – he is happy. If the characters all bad – he laments. And glad and sad really. Well, where is the thread that binds the living person with the character on TV? It seems like there. And at the same time it seems like there. And this thread – associative connection. Once the association is there, you know, your energy flowed and flowed Your Consciousness to revive something. And that something begins to live his own life, because we do enliven. It is not always wise to revive the foolish things. Not all TV shows, I would advise you to animate. For all behind this very clever writer, who wrote the script. And you think there is life. You animated character. You enjoy or suffer it. A really crafty writer manipulates you.

And in the same way a great number of the problems from which we suffer, we feel quite objectively. Here we have a problem. But from the standpoint of yoga, if you kopnete very deeply, it turns out that the only thing that connects you with your problem, it is your association is. And if the right way to manage associative: Strengthen and unnecessary tear, it is sometimes possible to solve the problem, they say, without getting up. But this is a separate issue other yogas. We return to the axioms.

Thus, our “I” is connected with our body of only one thing – the association. Here is our “I” like to think that it is our body. All! More no real strings there. But as soon as there was this thread of our “I” energy flowed to the object, which associates itself our “I” and consciousness. And our consciousness as it highlights the object with which they identify themselves, and then, as if through it highlights everything that is going on outside, ie, My “I” associate themselves with my body, and through the senses, my mind goes further and looks that are going on, like a repeater. But the nature of this relationship is the same. For example, I love beer. I walk past the kiosk and saw beer. I saw, I lined up the associative link. I’m going to, and in my mind: I want a beer. But if, for example, the windows hung a curtain, I would not see that there would be beer and passed. Why? The association has not lined up, and she would like a rubber band, not pulled me to him. Or the girl go and see some beautiful thing in the shop for ridiculous money for nothing can be said. And so it goes, but it still pulls. If the counter is not to be seen, it would have passed.

The nature of the emergence of associative connections and thus break the associative links is a very serious issue in yoga. This is the theme of asceticism. It so happened that when the British came to India, they, of course, faced with the Masters. And they are very confused for a long time yogis and ascetics. Worth uncle with his hand raised. Year stands. Second … all say: “Yogi.” But in fact it is two although somewhere overlapping system and two systems that use the same methods, but still there is a diametrical difference between the two systems. The question is, if you start to restrict themselves strictly, ie do not let arise association with some small things, then sooner or later you have accumulated excess energy and consciousness. And if you then decide to implement some large and bright wish, it is realized much faster when you have a supply of energy and consciousness. You just line up an association and all, like an avalanche, is directed to the realization of this desire. If you read the ancient Indian legend, there is the first subject. Prince went to the ascetics in order to gain power and conquer half the world. And, indeed, for a long time spent in asceticism, he has gained considerable strength, returned to the world and become a great master. Or to perform a particular desire someone retired and began to lead a strict ascetic life. For a long time it led, then he came, and everything worked. These practices are difficult to understand. Whether it is true, is not it. In general, what is it? And here asceticism and desire? But in terms of the axioms of yoga, all, oddly enough, very transparent. You stand on one leg and one arm raised up and otherwise torturing yourself. Do not allow yourself to see any beer in a stall or beautiful things in the shops, or any sex, no food – no pleasure. As you begin to accumulate an excess of this one. And then, if you are drawn an association: “I want it!”, Then it is performed, ie, We enliven objects and phenomena by means of association. In association is Energy and Consciousness. How? From our “I”, ie by and large, everything works miracles is not our asceticism and our energy of “I”. But we somehow learn to save, and then send the goal. Therefore, if you have any worthy and serious business in life, you want to achieve results, and do not know how, try asceticism. In ancient India helped. I do not know if you can help, but in ancient India worked.

But we are now on the theory. So associative connections are necessary and unnecessary. The desired associative relationship – you want someone to treat you set an association, and your energy and your consciousness is starting to heal. But there are also negative aspects in association because numerous associative strings as strings, bind us. It turns out that we, as Gulliver, lying on the ground, and some billions of small desires, passions, interests, in general, the whole of this web, do not let us do anything worthy in this life.

I was always touched by the situation, when people practiced yoga, and then asked him: “Well, are you doing?” “Oh, no, you know, so much to do!” If the terms of “I” watch, the man went into the dressing. I understand there are important things, but often it’s just pandering to his laziness. These associative strings of our energy goes into the sand.

By the way, the question was, what we get tired, and after yoga feel a surge of strength. When you come to yoga and do the same Hatha yoga, kriya yoga, like that made by these exercises that taking a particular position, so your consciousness works, and so your energy is activated, the small associative links through which both mosquitoes suck blood and these small associative connections we suck, and we feel very tired. But if we snapped all these vampires away, when suddenly it turns out that the energy of a chock-full. It concerns and thoughts. Sometimes every day we have something depressing, some thoughts, some problems that we do, how can we be? Every thought is like a leech. The association in the mind. She also sucks the energy out of us. But it is necessary to tear off those unwanted association and communication problems, as usual. This is a very important moment. On this we conclude today’s lecture.

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