2009.02.22 Seminar Kriya Yoga. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

How many types of yoga?

Yoga Science – unified science. There are different sections, Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Raja Yoga, and in general, everything is a single yoga. In the West and in our country, under the yoga is a system of physical exercises and postures, called, asanas, but it is only one of the sections, called Hatha Yoga. Apart from it, there are still many different types of yoga, but they are in for various reasons are poorly preserved. One of these sections is called teachings of Kriya Yoga.

What kind of yoga? It differs from the other yogas that dynamic exercises it. These exercises, called kriyami, and make it visible core. It is certain periodic repetitive motion, but it is only a superficial view. Like other types of yoga, Kriya Yoga leads to a higher state, reaching the top, the attainment of self-knowledge and freedom. Knowledge – is power, and any knowledge about themselves gives us the tools to find solutions to problems and to avoid negativity. In this sense, Kriya Yoga is a full-fledged Yogi.

What is Kriya?

What does the word “Kriya”? This word in the West and in our country understand the different yoga. Somewhere emphasis on bodily practices, somewhere on meditation, somewhere in the cleaning. Each of these groups can exercise called Kriya Yoga. Even now, in different books, you can read about that under Kriya Yoga refers to two very different things. Yoga Speak disappears, and the teachings of Kriya Yoga was once included a variety of topics. Gradually, with the transfer of knowledge, only a part of the extant. Different pupils transferred various sections of this yoga. In one school of yoga have focused on physical exercise in the other – in the meditation practices, and so on. There is no contradiction, but there are different facets of teaching, which in turn is part of a larger more general yoga exercises.

The word kriya, has many meanings, so you can not translate it clearly. This “making” this and “purging” and simply say “do”, sometimes – “to correct the wrong done.” Apparently, the word “Kriya” and “karma” have a common root in Sanskrit. The word “karma” is set to “already done” and “what brings results,” and the word “Kriya” is the process of making karma, as well as its elimination.

Kriya Yoga through the prism of the axioms.

According to yoga theory, any of her for not illogical, since it sverhlogichno and sverhlogichnost not illogical. Therefore, any teaching of yoga you must first be approached logically, but then, as you progress, you will not notice how to approach the sverhlogike. At first, it will seem a miracle, but in fact no miracles, but there is more crude and more subtle laws. So Kriya Yoga is based on a sufficiently strong and slender axioms. In the future, any position is displayed within the logic. There are some initial axioms that are unproven, and given to us as a gift, but so cleverly that during class we go to such a level sverhlogichnogo that begin to understand why it had been given these axioms:

Each of the people is the supreme Ya This higher self is absolutely free. It is neither of which is independent and it is a manifestation of which is called prana. In the future, the prana is manifested in our universe with two faces – Energy and Consciousness.

We each have our separate equal-I-grand-equal-and beyond. That is to say, our higher self, or atma, all equally great. In this sense, there is no difference between a yogi and conventional, primitive people of our society.

The sum of individual I’m not there by itself, and at a very high level, they all merge. The result is a kind of universal Self or Absolute. We are all particles of the Absolute.

Our I, despite his freedom, feels its manifestations, prana, or of consciousness and energy. This leads to the fact that these are determined by our actions and the results of our actions.

The easiest method to find out your karma.

Each of us feels the Consciousness and Energy. This is something that nobody can take away. Each of us has ideas about himself, feeling is the body through which these sensations are. Kriya Yoga explains that our bodies that we receive from parents, settles our self, as if the tenant moved into a new apartment and began to live there. This body is not accidental and is completely determined by our karma.

If someone wants to know what his karma, at least in rough approximation, it is necessary to undress and stand in front of a mirror. Here you and your karma, but only on a physical level, because it is the most visible and tangible, it is easiest to work and yoga enjoys it.

 If there was a mental mirror you would see your karma on the level of the subtle body. This is a frightening sight than the look of your karma in the physical layer because it is more pleasant than a conglomerate of fear, uncertainty and stupidity.

If there was still a third magic mirror that shows our causal body, it would be there waiting for us even more frustrated. Because regardless of our physical and subtle bodies, there are moments which we have programmed, for example – suffer in any conditions. This depth setting may be at the level of the causal body. To suffer in any positions. You can have a perfect body, completely clear and pure mind, but if you have this mark on the subtlest level of “suffering” – nothing will bring satisfaction. This is a case about which the newspapers, when millionaire who it was, and that nothing does not deny, of boredom committed suicide. This happens from the psycho-mental problems and is expressed on the psycho-mental level, but then there are therapists for this, that’s just not something they particularly help. There are some problems that mental training and courses can not be solved. This is the level of the causal body, one of the most terrible and harsh. This is the most unpleasant part.

Why are we born in different environments, with different bodies and different possibilities?

All this is our karma and the kind of body we have, due to it. The law of karma is very complex action. Defects of the body – it’s not our fault, but rather our relatives (??? Ed.). They are not trained your body, they do not engage in sports.. Compare body cult in ancient Greece and amorphous relation to the body in the same era in other countries. After the death in a previous life we are looking for the right parents for this life, and get those parents who deserve, and our parents get that child, they deserve. Our parents are determined by our karma, not someone else’s. Throughout our lives we do business, according to which we get the result, which is reflected in the form of our place of birth, body condition and life expectancy, as well as diseases. Blame no one can, all that we have, we have earned. Only this “process of formation of karma” was stretched on many lives.

We have our body, physical, subtle, causal. They were formed from life to life, and our Energy and enliven their consciousness.

With the passage of time, while in the body, which is inherited from the parents, we start with him to do something, that is, train, physically, mentally or yogically. If in one lifetime we have raised his body up to a certain physical level, then in the next life we will receive the body or as good as. This justice of karma. And even if we get a little worse, then we have the potential to restore it to the level at which the left.

Karma – a difficult thing. We can not say for sure that we will suffer or enjoy for everything you did. Sometimes it happens that a man doing yoga and purified, already enjoys. There was a weak and sickly, and became strong and healthy.

From this it follows that we have a clump of bodies, which operate through our consciousness and energy, it is prana. Our energy and consciousness – a manifestation of the self, which sverhmoguschestvenno, and is in the highest happiness. This is his highest state, without external impurities, or Satchidananda. But our higher self mistakenly believes himself these manifestations, ie, these bodies. This is the base from which Kriya Yoga begins. It is a given. Given that we feel with our bodies, given that we have received these bodies according to our karma and that we can do something with them. Given that our ego does not feel what it is in reality, and feels its manifestations. Body well – consciousness and energy is good, and as I said, our consciousness and energy itself, it also rejoices. If the body is sick, the mind with the light energy through a dim and our higher I’m not feeling very well. And because the energy of pleasure that runs through us prejudiced, then clamped and body. As a result, our natural manifestations face and the body feels pain.

The result of evolution.

What to do? The result may be pain and dissatisfaction. We are doing something, but we are told that it is not necessary to train. Previously, more people went on foot, and now sat in the subway or on the bus and drove off. Previously, it was necessary to make a lot of effort to prepare food, and now went to the supermarket, bought food, eat, and do not even have to wash the dishes.

Here and possible occurrence of certain events of the crisis, because our bodies are formed from life to life, so that we strained them. But the conditions of life have changed, and we stopped to give them the proper load when initially been put that the body needs to move. During the day, the body has to collect a certain number of movements and mental abilities must be placed before any challenge, because our mind is required constantly posed, stiff task to solve. The mind takes practice. In ancient times, it was necessary in order to survive, and now we have removed this problem. Turn on the TV, and you will be entertained by the principle of “everything is calm in Baghdad.” As a result, changes in the conditions or lifestyles, this leads to the fact that our bodies conglomerate ceases to work, and as a consequence, our displays can not shine through our body. This leads to diseases, depression, black melancholy, which brings people to suicide. It’s determined by our karma. Cease to do his own body and physical ailments in the offing.

How to explain the supernormal yogis?

If our Higher “I” itself to realize confirmed in himself, that his prana it could reconstruct any situation. This explains the miraculous powers of yogis, to the extent that the yogi can rebuild in front of his body, because he is aware of itself, and its manifestation is only his instrument. He is able to razotozhdestvitsya with his consciousness and energy, because it has full control over them. Our consciousness and energy – it’s very powerful tools, unlimited time, and they can rebuild in front of the “house” through which manifest themselves, can do wonders for the body and heal from mortal wounds. The yogi knows how to use prana. We are aware of themselves with their displays that shine through the body. Those. we feel his body, clutching a stranglehold and it is impossible to fix it. When you repair the clock, they should be put separately to explore, to tighten up the screws, and you took them in hand and not let go. But the other hand you do not have. A Consciousness and Energy, it is like our two hands, that we keep our bodies. And if we let him go, it could have something to do with it. But this feverish existence does not allow us to carry anything.

There is a positive thing, it is enclosed in evolution. As a result of ignorance, there are manifestations of such foolish as Tamas, ie, somewhat stupid, confused attitude. But Tamas comes the pain that makes us move, and at least something to do. Recently celebrated the anniversary of Darwin, there were many programs on television. Someone denounced him, someone thought that it opened people’s eyes. And the most interesting thing is that both sides are right. But the reality is much higher than our knowledge about it.

What is the essence of natural selection?

Anyway, poor living conditions force us to move, and if we do it as necessary, then try to avoid another pain. We shape your body. In this sense, Kriya yoga and Karma yoga is absolutely contrary to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Survival of the one who is moving more and more quickly. If you count or prince, does guarantee that your children will be, the white bones, blue-blooded? The answer to this question is very difficult. On the one hand – and, on the other hand – is not present. Yes, because according to the law of karma, all these princes and counts, really were once the most worthy, and karma they can not be born unworthy children. But when they began to do lewdness, the result is a decent family man could be born unworthy and all mixed up. Everything goes according to the hard law of evolution. If you are stopped on the road, you either blows or you pull the hair. Taken together, this resulted in a pessimistic philosophical approaches based on the fact that the whole world is full of suffering, which is not good.

 Yoga does not think so and says that the world is not clear what. But if you do not want to go alone, you will drag the hair, or erase from the face of the earth. This is an attempt of the same Darwin described this law from the outside. But the upside – it’s just a reflection of the inside, which is necessary for an understanding of Kriya Yoga and Kriya at all. And it is how we identify ourselves with what we are not, or how much we razotozhdestvlyaem themselves with what we are not. We receive a tool to manage it. Need some foothold. All of our previous and present life are based on how to find such a point that will not depend on any external signs to lean on it and get your “tail”, mired in problems.

Why should we move?

 In terms of the axioms, you think you are energy and consciousness, which are impregnated with your body. Those. you think that you have and your body that need to be addressed and strongly protected. But this state is close to the animal state, and as soon as there is a danger, we give as a hare strekocha. It is necessary to improve their body, this is the natural selection, which Darwin wrote, although modern science has stepped into this matter further it.

This explains the fact that animals and wild people problems with the body not because of those who had problems – ate. It is said that in the old houses were built better. No, they built and built the same way, only to now have lived only those that were well built. And if you have not eaten, you have to work the body, which is able to survive, it assumes that you have during the day to make a certain number of moves. Our body is designed so that it has to do some certain number of movements per day. It is incorporated by default. Otherwise, we would not have passed a certain stage of evolution. In this sense, our karma is that we have to move! We will not move, there will be problems.

Sooner or later, the living entity goes to the next level and begin to understand that it is not the body, but rather the thoughts and ideas. To a large extent this is manifested in people reasonable. Again, natural selection, there is a certain higher bracket. As soon as we took the body everything we could, competitive advantage has been going on at the expense of reason. Man as homo sapiens in animals do not know their own kind. The reason for this is that began to develop the mind, which provokes that the person is no longer considered himself a body.

Why is it important to have a healthy body?

At the level of Kriya Yoga, the following picture. Our consciousness and energy that shines through our three bodies (causal, subtle and gross physical), and have drawn into themselves. Some part continues to shine through the physical body, but, as scientists say, somewhere on a subconscious level, we still continue to believe themselves body. It is acutely manifested, when it comes to one or another disease. Mind you realize that you are not the body, and you twist so that not even a thought in my head. But if the body is healthy, some part comes from the power of the physical layer and leaves a subtle power. We begin to feel themselves more in the “I’m a man,” or “I’m a woman” category, and I have such a quality. We are increasingly beginning to live either past or future, while the man lives on the gross level present. The slogan of the “here and now” is the slogan under which we lived when we were wild. There are food, mammoth, a girlfriend, a cave – everything. Joy. And there are no unanswered questions “to be or not to be” and no rushing. In the future, the evolution led us to develop the mind, but from the point of view of Kriya Yoga, we razotozhdestvilis with a solid level, moved to thin and somewhere on this level and get stuck. How Yoga teaches us, and particularly the principle of “for Tamas to be pain” comes and other irritants that make us move. These stimuli and sharpen our minds. But the mind belongs to the field of the subtle body, which is also imbued with energy and consciousness emanating from our self, and we consider ourselves, they are fully impregnated with our mental structure, they also enslave us and at the level of most of these mental structures. As a result, we begin to consider themselves mind. We like it. Read the philosophers of the Renaissance, a hymn to reason! In comparison with the Middle Ages, it seemed like something lighter. Hence the saying “we have no God other than reason.”

The toughest of the gaps in the evolution, or traps of our mind.

Mind and all its structures, made of finer matter. If we consider ourselves to these structures, it is only a matter of time before start of depression, a lot of suffering, that is what we have seen in modern humans. This is due to his dissatisfaction with life. Although, from the standpoint of modern man, we’ll ride like cheese in butter. We have shelter, food, but we have all these benefits begin to look different. This is very sad and hard of gaps in evolution, which we at the moment and experience. We consider ourselves to reason, our lives and preferences make it be more perfected. We learn, then to get a better paid job. And, mind sharpened very well, you do well and do not have competitors. You perfected it so that if you need a million or a Nobel Prize, you will immediately know how to get it. You go to the science and to make discoveries. And we ought to rejoice. But not all so simple. The more sharpened the mind, the more it slips pessimism and realizes that his life is hanging by a thread. Any microbe or combination of circumstances, may kill him. It appears awareness of the fear of death. If the mind is not very developed, death is seen in the distance. Ancient people escaped from the tiger and is happy and not thinking about the future. Imagine that you have escaped from the maniac, but tomorrow he will again be wandering somewhere in there, and you along this road to return home every day. Are you going to sleep peacefully? Yes, you thought this would kill more than all these maniacs. It includes a mechanism of self-destruction. Mind, we have perfected, but that is not a separate tool, but in the best case itself. Life quickly becomes unbearable. As a result, a person begins to understand that the only reason to survive very difficult position. Every day – is the risk. If a rich man, he begins paranoia on the safety and cleanliness. He hires himself guards armed to the teeth. Suddenly there is some kind of disease, which is actually a long time there, and it begins to look paranoid vaccine from it, because, God forbid, he will die! Life turns into a nightmare, and this creates a nightmare mind.

We are just now at this stage. Yoga in general and Kriya in particular, says that we need to make a breakthrough. We must razotozhdestvitsya and with reason too. To be able to pull out of consciousness and energy of the mind.

As long as the mind is developed, he will terrorize us in every way. And when we begin to train him to be getting better. We won in the animals themselves, illnesses, diseases, invented the modern technique. But over time, together with the realization of these achievements, one becomes aware of the horrors of this world. I passed in the car, and the mind screams, “Do you know how many accidents in this time with fatal consequences?”. So imperceptibly to this barrel of honey added a spoon of tar. The neighbors apartment was robbed, not whether your apartment is next? The mind begins to poison our lives. Therefore, in many ancient scriptures it says that “knowledge multiplies sorrow.” Yoga would add that this is a certain stage of evolution. The vast majority of problems are programmed, they are not your personal. They are programmed so that you have a human body and are talking this way evolution. Also, they do not win a man’s disease, until it sharpens your mind, not mastered the science, as well as to not catch a tiger in ancient times, if he did not mind. Now we are on the verge of it. This threshold is very dangerous, because smart people will fall into this trap. Stupid people who live in the “here and now”, there is such a slogan. But it is good only if you win your mind. If, however, in the mind of the jungle with wild animals, then this method will not help. Rather, it reduces us to the level of primitive man, who has a piece of meat, and he is happy. “Here and Now” – only after the victory over the mind. Not before.

In an effort to at least temporarily eclipsed mind, which turned into a tyrant, as a consequence subject to any adverse trends – alcoholism, smoking, drugs. People drink vodka and well and happy and sober, all the problems come back, and even the mind is not satisfied that much to drink. This is very dangerous, in terms of development, transition. We have on the one hand have to sharpen the mind, and on the other to surpass it, and go to the next level. If not, then people like epidemic will mow drunken fights, smoking, drugs, etc.


The transition to a new level.

In an effort to razotozhdestvitsya with your mind, we arrive at a more subtle level of the causal body, which also have to work very seriously. This is the next stage is very high, but there is the same pattern of behavior, as well as on the gross and subtle mental level. We need to pull your consciousness and your energy. Causal level – this level is very good yoga, which flies through the air and passes through walls. But the essence is the same – razotozhdestvitsya with what you are not, with the bodies, gross, subtle, causal, pull out of consciousness and energy of these structures. Once this happens, you get power over all these three structures. With this higher position, you can change them in an instant. As in a dream a person can effortlessly create, is also on this level, you can effortlessly manage these structures. Yoga or yogi does not need to think about how to make a beautiful body, if it is needed. Simply voleizyavit “want”. And you can forget about it, the body will adjust itself. Of course, there are certain chemical reactions that have to go through, and they take time. But in fact, nothing more is needed than to razotozhdestvitsya and voleizyavit. Everything else will do Consciousness and Energy. The same applies to the intellectual abilities. Well, they are not developed in you, because you were born in a village where there was no school and want to catch up. First kompleksuete that did not end in physics and mathematics school, but yoga point of view, it does not matter. When put under the control of the mind, you will be able to quickly catch up.

Half step up to the highest point in yoga.

What happens when we have learned to pull out all of its three bodies of energy and consciousness, which in its pure form is a prana? This is a very high level. Half step up to the highest point in yoga. When you are in pure form identified with consciousness and energy, and they are not due to any bodies, is the highest state of happiness, joy, clarity, life. Everything that you can think positive, everything that you will find in the dictionary of the Russian language, everything will be there. More something for which there is no word. The final step, according to the axioms of yoga, when you refer to the source, your higher self and learns than really are all manifestations of “flies” to the man, he stated in his true self, which does not need support, but very it is an. You self-consumpting in I, and this Samadhi without object, since I is not an object. Once you have reached this level, then the next, and there is a different interpretation, you start to understand that you are identical with each person I am. Moreover, the sum of these I am the Absolute and you are identical with the Self Absolute. The highest thing.

When you identify with the level of the self, you immediately disappear enemies. The enemy, meaning the person with whom you have some contradictions and differences. You become I each, including I’m your enemy. This is another level in a coherent logical system of construction of Kriya Yoga

We have our body, which we consider ourselves. Through it we can show their consciousness and energy, and also something to see, feel, and do. These consciousness and energy to something identified, and we need to find a way to razotozhdestvitsya. You can give a more rigorous description of what is called Kriya Yoga – a method of identify itself with what man is.

Wisdom method of Kriya Yoga.

In the beginning it was said that Kriya Yoga is some kind of movement that makes the man. Many believe that this is a kind of aerobics, gymnastics or dance version. Yes, like a dance, but it is only an external description, everything is done to identify itself. And here Kriya Yoga? The wisdom of her technique is that first you have to decide which is your body, and what is not. To some extent, we feel his body. When a toothache, it is very difficult to talk about this I am in bliss, I want to drink a painkiller, or go to the doctor. It turns out that we have blind spots inside. Close your eyes and say, “I – this body.” It must fill the food. That hand, it is necessary that they have embraced the girlfriend. In general, the attention will be focused on some external stimuli, and subtle nuances are in the blind zone. Our consciousness is something flashes, and what-not, but it permeates everything, and what we see and what we do not see. First, you need to take an inventory of what we are on the physical level. The easiest way to do this – all touch, twist, twirl. There hand, they can be moved so-and-so. If we start this way “twist and turn” that reveals the inner horizon of our sensations. This is the first step that leads to Kriya Yoga. To do this we must somehow move the a.

How many and what kind of movement can be in Kriya Yoga?

Movements, which can make a person countless. This is a purely mathematical problem. There are degrees of freedom defined formula that can calculate different variants and their movements will be very much. You, perhaps, for life can not do everything. Yoga would not be yoga, if would not have a practical approach. Kriya Yoga says that the movement has demanded it for your body. That is, if it is probable, and their bodies will be done differently ever since Alpha Centauri arrive humanoids-octopus. Accordingly, their Kriya Yoga is based on other movements.

Our body – a clot of our karma, and of all the options you can select a few basic, which effectively gives what we want, and other variations on this theme is nothing new will not give. Thus, there are exercises in Kriya Yoga. Also, any asana Hatha Yoga, where any position can be considered formally asana. Any movement may be movement of Kriya Yoga. But we have reduced to a minimum posture so that they cover the maximum. Set this minimum number of movements and communities called kriyas or chakra kriyami.

Kriya Yoga as a disease prevention.

There are certain repetitive movements. We begin to move the body, and highlight blind spots that previously ran only in passing. As a result, after such an inventory, we begin to feel better, because there are areas that we are lifelong overlook. I should add that the time of death – is forced disidentification. We were picked up and pulled out of the three bodies, then that we do and feel, but it’s too late. We remove blind spots and impregnate your body energy and consciousness, which is a result of the answers thanks. Imagine that you are the king and you are under the control of the whole country. And if in Moscow and in St. Petersburg, you are something else happens, then in Nizhny Uryupinsk were not even once, and then the chief officer embezzler, the mafia and corruption. You come back, and by the fact of his arrival are improving the situation. “We were coming Auditor”. As a result, embezzler and less steals and settled down crime. But the king did not do anything, only I visited the Lower Uryupinsk. The same thing happens with our body, because there are areas where we never look down, and there ball is ruled parasitic strange reaction that “the money from the budget take, lit corruption, local crushed themselves reign”, and bring harm to all body. Usually it ends disease. That’s when a man and begins to pay attention to this place, but it is an extreme case, when it is “the people took to the streets with banners, shouting. As a result of the strike, they blocked the road, paralyzed the whole country “, on the physical level, this pain. Also, in our body, there are places where the body suffers, suffers, but when it became absolutely unbearable, meets disease.

If you periodically review your whole body, you are in working order, “aware of the situation.” If a person for no reason at all grabbed sciatica, which means that he did not pay enough attention to the body. “Thank” you body. This is the most demanded part of Kriya Yoga in the world today. People are engaged in it, to feel good about themselves. It is absolutely brilliant yoga. Firstly, you are doing all inherent in your movement, viewing the body, and willy nilly fix. But this is not the ultimate goal of Kriya, a side effect of a deeper action, which is called self-knowledge. In Kriya Yoga is offered disidentification achieve self-knowledge.

Getting in his personal response, we find harmony.

So, you more or less feel my body, are in good shape and it is grateful to you for it. Next, very yogic moment when you suddenly start to notice that there is a person your inner resonance performing kriyas, and at different times of day or year, it changes. If you fall into this resonance, a miracle happens – you start to forget about his physical body. How does this happen? This harmony of deep fulfillment. You do, and I want to continue to move the body in the dance moves from one to the next kriya. You forget about the time, but at some point, and about the physical body. This is the hardest part. Those who pass the training course Kriya yoga, learn to find a response to every student in the room. If he is unable to do so, then he is not well off as a teacher of Kriya Yoga.

 We produce tutorials on Kriya Yoga, which spread across the globe. There are people who acquire this tutorial, do it for a long time engaged in, and begin to teach. I respect these people who are at your own risk and are trying to change the world for the better. The trouble is that doing Kriya yoga for yourself and be a teacher of Kriya Yoga – are two big differences. Kriya yoga teacher should ensure that harmony, otherwise the people will never forget about your physical body, and will not come to the point where it falls in the realm of thought and body works itself. At this point, there is disidentification with the physical body. Consciousness and energy within our physical body are only for it to be alive and passed all the processes that are needed to sustain physical life. This percentage share of energy and consciousness, who “drowned in the swamp” of our physical body. When we live in the emotional background, which is determined by the state of our physical body, it is difficult to talk about a man of high principles of yoga, if he has a stomach ache. In our everyday life, the majority of energy and consciousness to take away the parasitic phenomenon inefficient physical body, but need a fraction of a percent. Accordingly, no matter what the other lacks. If the budget is constantly stealing, there is not enough nor the army, nor science, nor art.

Why is it important to get this response?

When you make a Kriya yoga in the resonance condition, you pull out all the part that parasitically went “nowhere”, and remains a very small part of the energy and consciousness (if it was not, we would not have been able to move his hands and feet, although some traffic acquire the character of the engine). Everything else goes into the mental level, and the man falls in their thoughts, feelings, memories, and so on. Being here and now – the state of Buddha.

How is the development of the mind?

mind development occurs through one-pointedness and kontsentratsii.Moment “here and now” is always present. The only question is what we are focusing this Condition, the past or dreams of the future? This is concentration. The principle of “here and now” bears fruit only after honed mind. This is the effect of the wall. We meditate in front of it and like to find here and now, but in doing so we drive our minds to Tamas. “Here and Now” painful subject, as most yoga “cuts” the inability of teachers to use these methods. Our mind has to work sporadically. There is a problem, the mind – again, switch on and off. And while it is off, according to the “here and now” we have to stay on the level of intuition, the causal body, harmonious sverhosoznaniya universe. If it is not, that is, the mind is not perfected, but we try to stay here and now, the situation is no different from the wild man who ran away from the tiger. I ran home and did not even think about that tomorrow the tiger again can attack him. Sometimes the “here and now” is at odds with the work of the mind. First you have to do everything exactly with it, and then turn off and stay that state. If the mind is still disconnected, and you’re trying to stay in the here and now, it looks like a drunkard who drank vodka and remains in this state. How is it then differs from the greatest adept of yoga? Unfortunately, there are methods that beautiful sound, and they are as beautiful to use, but in order to be eligible to take advantage of them, have to spend years of his life in the dirty work that no one likes, but all consider themselves advanced yogis. Of course, I want to go back to the ‘here and now’, and remain in a state of Buddha, but in fact you may be able to Tamas. This misconception has ruined too many. In order to use the “here and now”, should be able to disable or enable the mind, it is the last two stages of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – sanyama, which comes immediately after the pratyahara, pulling out of feelings of the senses. The ability to pull out hearing from the ears, vision of the eye.

Why is it important constancy?

At the level where access to inner harmony and internal resonance performing kriyas leads to the fact that we tend to forget about your physical body, all excess energy is withdrawn and it remains only a vital part of that is necessary for the reconstruction of the internal structures. Now we have a body, inherited from their parents, and you need every day to gain a certain amount of movement, or to begin a health problem. By doing Kriya Yoga, we recruit this number.

But there is another side. Gradually, rearranging his body structure, in the future, when you reach perfection, you do not need these movements. Previously, there were continuous production plants, for example, of casting iron. If you stop the production, the furnace with the metal to cool and make it work again, would have to dismantle it. But now there are plants, where you can stop or resume production as desired. In oil wells motors are made so that if they are turned off, when the 10% is not included, go to failure. In Saudi Arabia, people are cunning. When it is necessary to pump oil to sell, they include motors that do not need to turn off. This is a different design features, which were caused needs. Some motors are more expensive, while others – less expensive. Also, we, the body requires constant movement every day.

 If you are doing Kriya Yoga, then you rearrange your body so that you are at a very high physical level, even if you do not do yoga. This so-called siddhis. You are engaged, or not, you still feel fine, like all yoga teachers who have finished studying his and reached a new level. They have rebuilt structures of the body, and we still do not have, because we are still at the first level, where the energy is spent on it, to realign the body as it should be, and then to give the required amount of movement every day, eliminating debt, has accumulated. Kriya Yoga in this sense is a gift and a very well-made yoga.

What is the purpose of yoga?

The goal of yoga – is freedom. But how does the guru calls for freedom, when every day you need to do yoga. And if a person falls into dependence on yoga and can not live without it? The logic is obvious, and if you feel good, do yoga every day. But it is not yoga replanting at some stimulant?

Yoga – this is a good stimulant and, importantly, natural. Deep contradictions here, as always doing yoga, you get Siddhi, in which the gain this freedom, and can either engage or not engage. It’s like when you threw a stone on the mountain, rolled over the top, and then he rolls. Similarly, in other types of yoga. But this is still so far away, and it is better not to believe the people who say they do not need yoga, and that they have already transformed their bodies. This in any case is an attempt to wishful thinking.

When you forget about the physical body, to rebuild, your whole consciousness and energy go into the area of your feelings, thoughts, emotions, memories, sensations, you fall through them, and they capture. They also come naturally, revolve around you, and not very interesting. As a rule, it all starts with the consumer mind, and so that every day in my head. They arise in the very form of acute. In fact, you learned consciousness on a more subtle level, and he repeats the physical, and you begin to move your subtle body structures. Come any feelings or memories. It is the whole phantasmagoria of thoughts and feelings. And if you do reach a very good level of Kriya Yoga. This means that you could more or less razotozhdestvitsya with the gross body. And for that you need and find their rhythm or resonance, the nature of which is very important, as this kind of pair of rough, thin and very thin body, which are connected to each other by springs. And if you fall into this resonance, you manage to get out on the subtle level. To achieve this rate is possible only if there is harmony. Pain or some discomfort to the implementation of Kriya Yoga, harmony and have nothing to do, so in all treatises on Kriya Yoga says that if there is pain, there is no kriya. This is a typical trap for those who are starting to engage, they believe that they will be stronger than the waving arms and legs, the better. In fact, all of this has an indirect relationship, the movement needs to catch harmony.


How do kriya? What is important in the performance?

Sometimes people go, so that it becomes bad. This is a sure sign that the man had no right. If there is no internal harmony, it is useless to wave their arms, legs, and if still present, and pain, the practitioner just never switch to more subtle levels. Pain, discomfort, nausea, should not be. The stronger, the more is not better. You will catch the harmony, making barely, as if mimicking the motion. There will be times when there is a desire to do at full strength. But in any case, must be inner harmony, and it is necessary to bear in mind.

We are not robots, and very mobile creatures. In Kriya Yoga chosen precisely those movements that will give the maximum. All that does not say, do as you wish. Correct or incorrect execution of kriya checked inner harmony. Outside, it can not identify anybody. Make you beautiful or not – is not so important, because you are not running at the viewer. To absorb the harmony and do so, as it is written in the treatise. You can do intensely, and you can hardly denoted. And you caught this resonance or not, will be the determining factor in whether it is Kriya Yoga. It’s a trap. People who teach this yoga, you have to learn how to teach, not to reduce it to a conventional waving legs, arms, head, which is especially seen in the West.

When we found our rhythm, which can vary as we pleased with the time we forget about the body. The next step when you are immersed in their thoughts.

Internal processes in the performance of Kriya Yoga.

In the first place all the problems emerge. The fact that you suffer in this period of life, begins to manifest itself. The mental structures of the body begin to come in motion, it is when you wake up or fall asleep senses, sensations. They in turn can arise or disappear with those thoughts with which they were assotsiatirovany. Let’s say you have a particular sense organ manifested at a particular thought. Accordingly, it is the same feeling pulls out the same idea. Because each has its own story, a different feeling stretched different thoughts, positive, negative, frightening, inspiring. The subtle body is in motion, and starts Kriya on a subtle level, and the physical body while still doing kriya at their level. This process, in which the levels are based on one another, while the first is not running, the second will not start. The main thing that was first worked out more or less, there are different nuances pairing, but the logic of this.

We dragged the energy and consciousness of the gross body, and now it is at the level of the surplus of the subtle body. For this reason, all of these thoughts and emotions of waking. We’ve got an extra resource. Here comes in the role of our karma on the level of methyl. Begin to emerge the thoughts or situations that in the first place may involve some difficulties, problems, unpleasant states. Just when you begin kriya only on a physical level, karma emerges in the form of pain in the arms, legs. Hands, feet get tired, there is shortness of breath. Your untrained body – it’s your karma. Karma – is not something beyond, karma for each of you something to your private. This is your untrained body flaws, the toxins in the blood. By itself, the toxin is not good and not bad. But in case it might be your negative karma. And you must understand that the concept of karma is subtle, it is not something tangible. This is a situation or phenomenon, which give rise to the following situations and phenomena.

When you start doing Kriya Yoga, your untrained muscles resist. There is the same situation only at a mental level. Here emerges emotion come corresponding thought that see a lot of energy, and like leeches begin to eat it. Man doing Kriya Yoga, but a whole life unfolds on a mental level. Family problems, squabbles, trouble at work, as in a dream colorful picture filled with emotions. The case can be up to that person will remember some failures. In other circumstances, people began to behave inappropriately, and then saving action has physical kriya. It keeps a person as a child in the cradle and does not allow him to jump. Man remembered as someone insulted him yesterday, and if it was in a normal state, he would have grabbed the phone, be uttered nasty offender, or showed himself to be something else. But the movement held in the cradle.

There are also other situations where people fought for three weeks on the solution of the problem, and then suddenly in the Kriya Yoga opened and you want to run and record the decision, but Kriya Yoga does not, you must first finish – then burn. In this rescue.

The interaction of bodies in the implementation of kriyas.

The internal structure is also coming into a certain vibration. A certain level of Kriya thin body. And since a lot of energy, all these ideas can grow to enormous sizes, like leeches, which were filled with this energy. We begin to destroy the boundary between the physical and subtle, between emotion and clenched fists when we are ready to run and someone to beat. This bundle also have karma. This or that the situation at the physical level provokes emotions, and emotions provoke a physical reaction. This is lightning fast, uncontrolled, and it is good if it serves us. In the Wild West were the arrows in Westerns. He shoots first, and then look in someone fired. Any thought or emotion and instant reaction. This is good in the Wild West, and if such a reaction would be in a civilized society, for example, suspected of something human, and immediately killed. This is a very negative karma.

Kriya Yoga helps to disengage the rough with delicate. Next time, if some thought is strongly hooked, and you will have to tear the rage, you start to curse, beat the dishes, such as physically show their emotions, and they are often very hard to stop – to blame a bunch between the bodies. There is a conglomerate of processes and Kriya Yoga allows you to control it. Float the same emotions, and the body says, “Wait, then.” This happens once, twice, and gradually weakens the chain, and more and more uncontrollable. Finally, the same point in regard to the dark areas are the same processes in the subtle body level. Do you have thoughts, sometimes routine, sometimes quite strange, sometimes wonderful and exciting. First memories manifest gross bodies, but then begins to manifest something subtle, intangible, and that words can not express. And as a result, a person begins to perceive as made subtle body, chakras, nadi channels.

Can we see the subtle body?

 Now where only do not publish information about it, even in the tabloid press. Number of nonsense that write about the chakras, second only to karma. As a rule, this is the seventh water to jelly. People are talking about it, but really do not know anything even close to this subject is not approached. Although there has been the source from which they blamed it all. This knowledge is preserved in a very chёtkom, see Tantra yoga. But someone initially saw all this, draw, someone has had the same vision of the internal structures. Now Moscow has divorced a lot of “seeing”, except that the wizards anymore. God will judge them, if only to not bring harm. Unfortunately, experience shows that some of these “seers” is mentally ill. Even there are circles of people where you start talking about the chakras, channels, it seems as if you are swearing obscenities. It is unacceptable to talk about the chakras in the cultural community. A pity, stained knowledge. This does not mean that there’s nothing to. This is a real device of your subtle body. As Kriya Yoga claims, sooner or later, the ability to see subtle body arises. And feel the channels and centers, so clear that you can sketch them. But what you can see or perceive, can have so little to do with our physical eyes and our physical geometry that debate passionately about the color or the shape of the chakras do not make sense, all this is in parallel space. A person perceives all this and is looking for something similar from what he had seen before. Everyone has their perception, so in one text on yoga chakra is red, the other – blue. People who are just beginning to study yoga, my head is spinning.

The situation is the third – it is inexpressible, all attempts to portray be inaccurate, but it is possible to go through each. Yoga encourages you not to listen to nonsense about the chakras of all these “seers”, and they usually see something bad, so you got the wallet and pay for it, that was good. Everything else – this is the way you breed for spending money with the help of mirrors, magical amulets, rituals and so on. They make money on it, and very bad. They receive very little, so hungry and angry, grab the first ears that listen to them. Such people are also needed, as the mold need to trash. But in your apartment it is nothing to do. It is inappropriate. Do not get caught.

What is our subtle body?

If you move to another level, your senses become thinner. Nevertheless, we have a single body. We can not say that the gross body is separated from the thin and have associative connections. Physical repetitive action leads to the fact that the movement of the internal structures come. Eventually, when the performance of Kriya comes to automatism, in the same part of the body there is heat. Then jitters, then very subtle arousal words to describe it is impossible. It can acquire different shades, sometimes pleasant, sometimes not. Absorbed in one way or another center. Then you discover the true subtle vision of the structures in the first place, and what you see there will be a parallel space. There is our physical space. The subtle body – this parallel space imposed on the gross, as a projection. Does your vision you will draw from it. This space we can not even describe. It is very strange and incomprehensible dimension there. In our usual space is the length, width, height, there is still time, what are the modern physics. Five-dimensional space in the head does not fit. You can see it, feel more clearly than the eyes can see, and you do not have any doubt about what you see. You are trying to somehow depict or describe visible. As a result, the chakras are born drawings. But all the pictures can be different. Everyone will draw their own way, because he had another associative array, due to the excitation of a center of the other, it was a different story. In Tantra Yoga that there is a good explanation of what each person is associated with each center of some feeling. The sensation, touch, touch and so on. The experience is different for everyone, and feeling takes place in the reverse order of how we got them. Sensations from the experience and vision at everyone, but the “bump” they are all on the same theme. There is a central passage and have centers arranged along this channel. These centers are beginning to attract consciousness, and so much to absorb it, you start to draw in something. But when you try to pass it known to us the means to get very dry circuits, which are not relevant to what we experienced there. If you hear that someone is arguing about the number of petals in the center, about the color of the chakra, it means the disputants do not understand the subject matter.

Surprising amount of detail. Read the ancient treatise, there is described all very soft, strokes, approximately. The modern author’ll be painted to the smallest details, which never meet in the ancient treatises. This is some crazy fantasy author’s principle, “Ostap carried.” Be careful!

Perceptions and experiences on a subtle level.

Once activated this level, you start to move to more subtle structure. The subtle vision is more real than what you are perceived through the senses, as the subtle level, all the more acute. Our gross body can not miss more signal than it is incorporated, as well as your TV may not work louder when it is included in the maximum volume. If you try to play louder, you tear the speakers as they are not adapted to a higher volume of sound. You are limited and our physical sensations. This also applies to pain and pleasure. If the pain is above potential, the death occurs from shock. If you try to bring yourself pleasure above the rails, that you are an alcoholic, which is more and more drinks. As a result, he has hallucinations and delirium tremens. There are more monstrous example – drug addiction, when a person dies from an overdose. It seems that now is good, he will introduce twice and he will be twice as good. But this is not the case.

On a subtle level, everything is much sharper, and pleasant, and unpleasant. You approach it thin, as if it was in a parallel space. Just as it takes a lot of energy to rebuild the physical level, also requires a lot of energy, to bring order to the subtle level. Break all the negative associative connections, to control the manifestation of negative feelings, and come to the point where you start to control the mind. The fact is that when a thought enters the mind, it is colored by emotion, and yet have the energy, the thought of anywhere from you will not go away until there is emotion. She begins to suck the energy, all to the last drop. This explains the schizophrenic manifestations in humans.

Our civilization is sick. There is a very large percentage of insane people. Many of the following occurs. The idea becomes obsessive, and she sucks his energy. It can be fear, or fear in some more specific performance. The fear that they will kill the fear of jealousy that a loved one is taken away, that is, negative, colored by specific thoughts. Thought to be specific, the fear – abstract, energy – life energy. That is, emotion thought + + energy. If the energy is over, then the thought came off, or switched to channel energy. For example, a person is given an antidepressant that temporarily turns him into a vegetable, and he would be happy to think so no energy. As soon as he comes out of this state of mind may come back. Yoga is not a substitute for medicine, doctors get paid for it, even though such knowledge could help people in the future.

The mechanism of action of Kriya Yoga.

It is necessary to disengage thought with emotion, and if it is not able to do, you’ll never put a thought control. This saving is a loophole – to disengage thought with emotion, and then manage that emotion. You can solve this in the forehead, or a roundabout way. Kriya Yoga is one of those ways. You like in a rut, keep the movement, plus a time limit (one or two rounds with power kriyami), and you will still wait for the end of the implementation of kriya. Physically, you are busy trying to exactly relate to thoughts that try to make you an emotion, but you are indifferent to it. Came – gone. You cease to be sent to her energy and consciousness and thought are not fueled. Kriya Yoga helps to facilitate this process. There is a condition where the thought came to chill and passed on. You razotozhdestvlyaetes with emotions. This is a guarantee that the state will come when you will feel the approach of the negative thoughts that try not to think about it and do not get involved. In this step, the idea can be deployed to the side. But as soon as the wounded emotions associated with the idea, the thought completely enslave man, and like a leech starts to rise, sucking energy. In Kriya Yoga has a power limit, but the idea wants to capture it all, including the physical layer. A body is busy performing Kriya, it moves as in a dance. And then your physical movements are beginning to grind to dust the emotional components of thought. During the Battle of Kursk, in the 1942-1943 year, one of our soldiers tanker broke into the enemy camp, where there were German planes and transferring them to the tank. If only one of these aircraft took to the air, it is from this living space of the tank would not leave. Same thoughts. While they were in the air, try to do something with them, and once down, everything, do anything with them. As stated in the treatises, Kriya Yoga grinds our negative karma as millstones grain.

There was a thought. Then emotion. The idea stuck to power, it begins to drink and sooner or later comes to ligaments, when the subtle body due to the rough. But still rough, it continues its movement. As tankers davivshemu tanks. This is the cornerstone of Kriya Yoga, where there is much of that relates to the subtle, done on a gross level. If we are incorporeal beings could be happy, because they do not have to feed, to please. Thin body more tenacious, and more unmanageable. On the physical level, everything becomes a ritual effect. Made, invisible threads, and all this is transmitted to the subtle.

The physical body – the greatest wealth. If you think about suicide, the extent of your stupidity is simply fantastic, because then you will be without the gross physical. And then deal with these compulsions are no longer able. It will be hell. Nightmare. And you can not wake up. This is a very important action of Kriya yoga does wonders when trying to treat diseases associated with phobias.

We must move on to another, a thin layer that is so huge that people engaged in Kriya yoga for many years, it opens more and more. Those who are “caught” the harmony, and moved to this subtle level, found there a whole world. And it is possible to manage it due to correction of the physical body. It’s like a cog, which helps to tighten up. This is when a computer mouse or keyboard are disabled, even the simple operation can not be done, even though the screen scratched. Many even reveal creative abilities, and someone gets a good effect on the intellectual plane. And the subject is inexhaustible.


Kriya Yoga at the level of the causal body.

Once you put under the control of thoughts and emotions, to some extent you are able to control the mind and will come to a new level, the level of the causal body. Strictly speaking, the method of “here and now”, starting from this level. You turn on at will the mind and, consequently, all the problems. And all this themselves, and turn off. You are in a state of “here and now”. As long as you have a mental apparatus is not brought under control, it moves randomly. And while you are trying to stop this flow, you can enter your mind into a state of Tamas. It occurs in very tired man, or like a sheep who does not need anything. But it’s not a very good state of shock, not a “here and now”. Although, here I am, a sheep, here and now, overcame at a new gate. And the state should be at the clarity! But there are no thoughts, and you start to use the higher intuition, which knows without thinking. The state of “here and now” is when you do not know the thinking. Without thinking do not know, is a state of dullness. Apple tree is determined by the apples. If a person says that he is “here and now” and that burdock will turn into apples, then you have most likely led by the nose. The state of “here and now” is called sattva – clarity and the highest state. But there is work to do. This is a very high level, when you are in this state, pull out any thought to occur in your mind. Selectively. One or the other, that it fills the whole mind. And this condition is called – Samadhi with the object. The last stage of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

From logic to sverhlogike.

Further, this ability to turn off the mind into Kriya Yoga comes with a consequent reduction of thought-forms, and sometimes as an off-switch light. There is a thought, and then we removed it. It is also a meditation are two approaches:

1. Gradually draws the object of meditation.

2. Instantly play back the image.

This Kriya Yoga causal level. But we can razotozhdestvitsya and our causal level. So, we can pull out of consciousness and energy of the causal body. To get the energy and consciousness, it is necessary to them anywhere redirect. This is our “I”. More precisely, during the occupation of Kriya Yoga at this level, it is there and gets. You understand that the higher the “I” is, and only then you will understand why there is an axiom of “each of us has his own Higher Self.” The circle closes. Yoga logic is completely closed and begins sverhlogika. But to understand why it had been given these axioms and the situation from the standpoint of logic, you can not.

Who passes the knowledge of yoga?

In order to carry on yoga, not necessarily to achieve most of its height. It is still a demand from the primary school teacher who is able to explain something basic in physics that it was Einstein himself. It is not necessary. Yoga – it is a gift. And I – gift support, who informed to have this knowledge, but he went only some steps. Those with whom I got this knowledge, took them from their teachers, and they have taken from those teachers who have reached the top, and gave us a starting point to help us reach the highest states faster. The fact that we have this knowledge, says that it is – a gift. It can not be proved and vnekarmichno. And each of us it is necessary to implement. Even if I had reached the highest state, you have no way to verify this. But there is knowledge. And the fact that you are reading this and you can get this knowledge, is already your good karma. You save time. But sooner or later, you have to rediscover this knowledge themselves.

As the first step, you will prove to yourself that knowledge work. And so it will continue until you get to the highest point – Samadhi. And then you will tell other people that they started from the same axioms. Users will also require evidence from you, and you just can not give them.

There must be trust, but for you, no one yoga does not take place. The faster you start, so get the result faster. The end result is the same – beyond words, he vnekarmichen, is all. If this could someone do something to you, then you will be able to. There is no fundamental difference between you and the ancient sages.

According to the logic we razotozhdestvlyaemsya the causal level and try to get the energy and consciousness of the mind. This state is called Samadhi without object. In parallel, there are processes in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, which is mainly used Hatha yoga.

What is our true condition?

Our High “I”, which is mistakenly consider themselves its manifestations, is in a state of Satchidananda. This is the basis of existence, consciousness, bliss, happiness, joy. European languages to translate the word “ananda” impossible. It can be implemented as of Sanskrit may be confusion in concepts. If you try to explain it is, we can say that we all aspire to happiness. After all, someone has ever experienced this state, the second happiness. It not yet was bad from birth. In the mind there is a favorite game of pretending that everything is bad. Now imagine that you are without effort on increasing experience this condition. As a mountaineer who climbs the hill, overcome difficulties. This is analogous to Kriya Yoga, to climb to the top, and experience happiness. At climbers, hikers and anyone who seeks to somewhere, it is a kind of disease. They just rave about it and waiting for the next holiday to make some effort. This is important, not the very top, and all together, the way to overcome yourself. Now, imagine this happiness, but without effort. Do not climb or make a billion, that is to take something from the outside that will bring happiness.

Each of us has something that we think will make us happy. Now, imagine the same state of happiness only unconditional. Nothing else to do. Now multiply this situation and bring to a state of inexpressible. This is the true state of your higher “I”. That state which you are experiencing right now – this is a misunderstanding, and the sooner you remove it, the better you and others. What follows from this? All that gives us yoga is not introduced from the outside, and reveals what laid inside. Razotozhdestvlyayas with what you are not, you get closer to nature and to the state of supreme happiness. The only question the method. Kriya Yoga gives it the same way as other yoga.

The theory of motivation.

The method should encompass not only the way, but also a stimulus to pass this way. In the cartoon or movie was a camel, who did not want to go through the desert. They took the bait and date. Camel sees the date and come after him, which date to the right, there and goes. But sometimes you need a date for a camel to feed, not all at once, but gradually, or all the way is not enough. Our bodies – these are the same camels, and they need to plёtke and motivation. We must force yourself to do anything and sometimes give a date. In yoga this is called motivation theory – one of the most magical yoga sections.

 How to build your own way to make it, and effort and reward? You have three camels. The first camel – the physical body, dragged you to a new level, then another camel – the subtle body, again dragged to a different level, a very thin even further. As said Korolev: “To fly in space, you have to pass three stages, and each stage is necessary to work, to go to the next. And then you’re in the cosmos “- that is, in the Samadhi. Also, in yoga, it is necessary to work out a sequence of actions that life does not turn into violence on themselves in penance, although it is also sometimes necessary, and at the same time that this date was on the way. Initially, Kriya Yoga was so good that a man held without effort step by step and reached peaks.

Now yoga disappears and is only a grain of surviving knowledge. Therefore, most of it every practitioner is forced to rediscover himself. Not all of the treatises have survived, did not live up to our times teachers. There is a “physical” part of the “fine” bit is preserved. But still we have to start with the first. There must be trust, and if everything goes right, you occasionally will get a date. If you practice yoga for a long time, but life is getting worse (I mean a long period, as in the way there are ups and downs), it is likely that you have something not caught. This is a good signal and you need to change something.

Can we give up the pleasure?

What happens when we razotozhdestvlyaemsya and fulfilled all three levels? On the physical level, the body works well, high efficiency. To go, locomotive car needed with coal from behind, and now there is a more economical gasoline engine. When you pull out of consciousness and energy of the parasitic structures, they are in their natural state are allocated a euphoric manifestations of ecstasy. It’s hard to describe. In its natural state is released prana, which is in free form is perceived as euphoria. Imagine you have any extra money, after a period of austerity, and you can and go to the museum, please yourself. This trance, ecstatic moments when the practice of Kriya Yoga. By the force of pleasure that gets people using something from the outside, they are much higher. It is important that a person never gives up pleasure. To get rid of bad habits, a man must give something in return. Strong, but legitimate, in terms of spiritual evolution.

On the basis of Kriya Yoga are built numerous techniques that give euphoria. Now, there is a tendency, though not very good, when people who are interested in psychology and take an ancient technique and then releasing it under his own name. Who can, who will take advantage of those who can not – will not take advantage. This is called discovery, and the man took a little bit from each and used yoga. This is the negative side. And when Kriya Yoga is given in full, it gives a true natural date, and not a drug, when we steal from one structure to receive pleasure.

Kriya Yoga is a system that allows you to release the energy and consciousness – prana. This is what we perceive as the ultimate euphoria. Moreover, the process goes from fine to coarse. We first squeeze of the physical structures of their maximum, then the first step worked out and we go to the next level. There’s euphoria is much higher and the body is not able to pass it through itself, we are not adapted to this. The second stage worked, went out into space like Gagarin. Spent thoughts, emotions, came to the causal level. On the causal level to talk is useless. These are the people who live in the “here and now” on the causal level of the body, they are serene as the ocean. It is still a large degree of euphoria. Drugs are dangerous because they are unfairly “throw” to the level of the causal body of pleasure, and then the person is unable to give up the drug.


How to combine different types of yoga?

Is it possible to Yogi synthesis? One method is never. It is always the synthesis of other yogas. One yoga moves to another. One yoga can complement the other. We are all individuals with different histories and different fits all. Therefore, everyone chooses for himself, than to use in the future. Learn desired under someone else’s guidance. But do not expect that you will find yourself a guru from the Himalayas. Karma is not good enough. All gurus are working with trained people. Take a step, and the universe will make you a thousand steps forward. To begin we must stand the school, with the teachers who are available. If there is no school and teachers, then start with the methods that are available. The main thing is not to wait. People often wait for a guru. Do not hold your breath. It is better to choose a school and a teacher who seems sane and start studying. In the process you will understand your teacher or is not yours. And then, as a “grand piano in the bushes” will appear and your guru. Ready student is ready the teacher. Therefore, use what is at hand. If you got to the school, where it is not like it, find another. Yoga is not a prison, where you have to sign in blood. Our karma gives what we deserve. There are people whose karma is very doubtful, but they sit and wait for the teacher will come. I do not know everything, but it seems to me that the teacher sits and waits. The teaching of yoga is one, but there is a huge number of approaches.

How to understand the causal body?

Where to send energy and consciousness, when we take out of their subtle body? What will help realize the causal body in the performance of Kriya Yoga? When you pull them out of the subtle body energy and consciousness, you can redirect them to the universe, or the other person, and go through his eyes to see the world. This so-called superpowers. Currently there are no conditions, the structure of our causal body behave as if they were asleep. We can not even feel them. But once freed more energy and additional Consciousness, then, as soon as we pull them out of the relevant structures of fine and gross body, they are immediately sent to the causal body.

Why is the human body the most preferred for rebirth?

 Our mind is a very complex mechanism, which passes through three components: the gross, subtle and causal body. As soon as there is excess energy, it resembles a computer that was turned off and then turned it on, and he himself is somehow begins to react, to manifest, to show pictures. To rise to the level of the causal body, which is a very high level – this is not a guarantee of magic. Make a final push as hard as razotozhdestvitsya with his physical body. But there would be no physical body, razotozhdestvitsya with the causal body would be a billion times heavier. The human body is the most preferred for rebirth. Why? There are different forms of beings, which we did not even know. But to make the last leap and get out of the causal body, it is possible only with the human body. As the saying goes, even the gods are jealous people, since in order to achieve liberation, they need to be reborn in the human body. Acting on a rough, we will be able to razotozhdestvitsya thin. In Patanzhdali it is written: “… self disidentification and sattva.” “Self” – that is our higher self, “sattva” – is the causal body level. For a long time in science people do not know that there is air, this substance so thin that we can not see it. We feel that there is no air, when we start to choke. The same can be said about the causal body, which seems to us clear and transparent, that is, the quality is as intuition is on. But this is conditional existence. It is necessary to beat. And beat him only from the level of the physical body.


What is the procedure pulling energy and consciousness in the causal body level? No effort, you just need to do kriya. Like in Hatha Yoga, in between, you will open the various states. The same is true in Kriya Yoga. Everything else will be tightened.

  How many laps to do kriyas those who are just beginning to engage in Kriya Yoga? As a person studies the first letter, then to make of them the word, as in Kriya Yoga first learn the alphabet. First, to better understand the first round of the kriyas, then add to it a second, then kriya power. That is, if you do at home, but if you got to school the teacher, forget about everything. To you it was good, it is the task of the teacher. But if you learn for yourself that it is better to do everything slowly.


 In hatha yoga we thought vent physical sensations, but is a well-thought in Kriya Yoga? Hatha Yoga is not only an attempt to take thought, this is something more complicated. Man – this is a very complex mixture, which is intertwined with thin coarse and rough to the subtle. At each of these levels there are imprints of the positive and negative karma. Everything is intertwined in a “spaghetti”. Potyanesh for one pulls the other, it is the same as in Hatha yoga, so you just need to go into the feeling.

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