2005.02.28 Kriya Yoga (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Exercises Kriya Yoga second round.

What is Kriya Yoga?

Kriya Yoga refers to the force action. In Sanskrit, the word “Kriya” – the root of “cr”. Karma comes from the same root, but karma – it is made, that is, we have something made and now we get on the merits, and kriya – this action.

How to start a self-knowledge? Knowledge is we do not have. Our will is strong, but we do not know how to develop and use the tool. There is only one reliable tool – this action. What does it mean? There is a good proverb:

Two frogs fell into a jug of milk, and they could not get out. One frog said: “Why resist?” – And drowned. And the other said, “No, I am not so easy to take,” – and began to beat the legs, while milk was not formed a pat of butter, from which it bounced and jumped.

Actions Kree – is what allows us to make this piece of butter, from which we can make a start and to overcome all the problems, whatever they may be. In yoga this is called karma. We all have karmic imprints, debts, that is, each burdened with their karma. We’ve done something that is not right, you should have been, and now it does not allow to properly deploy. From this it is necessary to get rid of. Kriya Yoga – it’s one of the Yogi, which allows us to “grind” karma as literally stated in the paths, “Karma frays as millstones grain is ground.”

There is a set of repeating, dynamic exercises that are different from static yogi. Movement Kriya Yoga cyclical. What happens when we make them? They are selected in such a way that if you know the internal principles of their implementation, the effect is most unusual.

What gives us the Kriya Yoga

First, we begin to feel the subtle channels of the body. To us comes the ability to avoid their feelings and mind. We begin to observe themselves from the outside, both the actor who appears on the scene, that is usually not possible. Basically, we cling to the body and the situation, and as a result we have, like a robot, all the spoil “clumsy” movement. And if we begin a trace, the result comes Jnana Kriya, ie knowledge. Kriya leads to Jnana, action leads to knowledge.

How does Kriya yoga

An analogy. Imagine that you are a great military commander and you face the enemy army, which you really do not know anything. Not what weapons he has, nor what his troops, nor the tactics of warfare. Nothing at all. There are front line and all. Or maybe he’s secret weapon? At such moments, it carried out reconnaissance in force, where the most important thing is to join the fight, but we’ll see what happens.


Kree Tech in part it is this – the main thing to take up the study of se6ya by the action and watch the reaction of the organism. We do kriya for 1 minute 15 seconds (blue kriya), or more, and begin to see that the body has become an unusual reaction. Sometimes Werth all day, but there is no effect, but here you need to specifically sit properly tune, remember all the teachings, and start to make it clear that at some point, the body’s reaction completely changed. Inside it begins to wake up something unusual. To get involved in this fight, we began to see the reaction of the body, followed by a coming intuitive knowledge of how to manage it.

Watching, we understand, knowing we manage

While working on his body exercises Kriya, we get the reaction of the body and mind.

Watching the reactions of the body and mind, we know how to control your body and your mind.

If you come from a formal position, a set of tools that allows us to achieve the highest goal of yoga. In yoga, there are a lot of different methods, including the method of cyclic, repetitive exercises, called kriya – action.

Interaction of Kriya Yoga with other types of yogi

The first section includes kriyas not breathing. The next section includes kriyas of kriya transition, ie transition to Pranayama (breathing control, breathing Indian yogis), which unfortunately did not immediately seize. Kriya also helps to further mastery and Hatha yoga, because before that a bend in the exercises of Hatha yoga, you need to have developed body. In addition, there are a lot of exotic things associated with Kriya Yoga. One can consider options for Tibetan yoga, for example, the famous Yoga Tumo where naked Yogi sitting in the snow and it melts his body. And they have there terrible test. Night, full moon, and he must retire to a mountain pass, and there to show their art. Tibetan Yoga Tumo teaches possession inner fire that makes a person totally insensitive to low temperatures, and it is not a fairy tale. My very good friend, the same age as my parents, every year passes the Caucasus ridge, in the buff. This man is not from Tibet, and the real, which is probably mastered this art to perfection, but its methods. He twice drove to work, because he went to work in the winter and in the summer in shorts, and sometimes managed to come barefoot. About it told a lot of interesting things, and it’s not fiction.

Studying Yoga Tumo, you come across such practices, which are not advertised, is “Marpa motion,” “motion of Naropa”. Some preparatory exercises, which brings to master this yoga. And I have a very good reason to believe that this is a Tibetan version of Kriya Yoga, but it definitely can not be said, it is still another tradition, other dioceses.

Consequently, Kriya Yoga can bring you and Hatha yoga, and breathing exercises and exotic yogis as Tumo and so on.

Sometimes there are superficially similar systems. Let’s Kriya similar to aerobics or stretching, but it is essentially two different systems. And the biggest difference is that Kriya Yoga is engaged in the body in the second turn. It deals with subtle energy bodies, and the body should not interfere. And aerobics and stretching only on this and built to for greater stretch and strain the body is.

The second round of the Kree.

The second round should be studied, we learned after the first.

Manual on the second round of the Kree (second chakra Kriya).

The word “chakra” is understood as the vital center of our body, but the word has another meaning, which literally means “wheel, circle”.

Circle, because doing cyclically: the first exercise, second, third, fourth, fifth, and so on. And then again in a circle. By “physical chakras” it refers indirectly, though of course, each exercise, one way or another, affects the different centers within our body.

This is followed by transfer of these kriyas. Imagine that you went to an ancient manuscript and you, never having seen the exercises need to repeat them. This happens all the time. We found some ancient text, such as prediction, and try to reproduce the exercise, given that two hundred years ago, no one did not bother themselves pictures.

Freedom of choice in action

The basic principle of Kriya: “What is not said – do what you want.” In law, for example, there is the concept of “presumption of innocence”. If it is proved that you stole, that everyone should assume that you’re not a thief. Here is the same. If nothing is said, then do as pleases, experiment, add, diminish, change.


Leaving on further in the hinterland, unfortunately, it is a very sad sight. All each other in the back look, step left, step right – shot. Every movement of the arms and legs should be strictly defined and regulated. In yoga, saying only the most necessary. The rest of you in a different way can not do.


Sometimes there is such a point of view, “the text says only a part. The rest of the guru gives oral instructions. ” Indeed, there are practices and texts, which allegorically said one thing, and then the white-bearded guru in your ear you whispered something else, but not in Kriya Yoga. Here too there are secret things, but they are hidden in a different way.

And remember, kriyas have to be on the subconscious, that is, to think the brain will not be to think the body.


Kree made 1 minute 15 seconds on each side, eyes closed, in addition to eye kriyas.

Second round. First Kriya.

Sit down on the ground. Bend your knees. Unite your feet together and clasp their hands ruk.Raskachivaysya back and forth, so to remove obstacles in the legs.

Why do you need to sit down on the ground, not on the mat? This translation difficulties, a play on words. The base of our body – the center of the earth, but it is a soft expression meaning “sit on the back of your body.”

Also, when they say “sit down on the ground”, meaning that you can take as you like. Unless, then do as you please.

Second round. Second Kriya.

Sit down on the ground. Bend your elbows so that the hands touching the shoulders. Do circular movements forward like a chick, who is trying to take off. Then rotate your hands back. This awakened her in the heart center.

Second round. Third Kriya.

Sit down on the ground. Try to look at one point in front of him. Moving head in a circle, tilting it forward, sideways, throwing her back. Then do the other side.

This eye Drishti kriya, treating eye diseases. The only Kriya, where the eye when performing open, all other kriyas are done with eyes closed to anything outside us is not distracted. It is primarily directed at muscle of the eyeball. Rotate the head, we are trying to look at a single point, and the eyeball itself compelled to lead in the end positions. Thus, the eye muscles are massaged.

scalability principle

What is not said – do what you like. Why is it they say? There is such a thing scalability. A young child needs small load, and an adult strong and every man his own. Similarly, with regard to vision. The eyes may ache, maybe would hurt too much to do. Or maybe you want to enter into a rage, to perform to the limit. There is also the keyword “try”, that is, it becomes clear that to keep in sight the point hard.

Second round. Fourth Kriya.

Stand up straight on your feet. Bring the wrist of one hand palm behind the other. Lean forward so that the feet were straight in the knees. A direct clasped hands behind his back were reserved, as far as possible from the body. Do this many times. As lightning strike energy of life goes through your legs, torso and arms, sweeping away all obstacles in its path.

Second round. Fifth Kriya.

Get on your feet. Legs also let it be straight or bent at the knees. Alternately throws, then one, then the other arm behind your head. This will purify the body left and right channel.

Options exercise set. Sometimes, it seems that these are different exercises, but they involve the same structures or channels in the body.

Second round. Sixth Kriya.

Sit down on the ground. Bend your elbows to hands touching the shoulders. Do circular movements with his hands alternately forward like a turtle swimming. Then do the same thing in another direction.

Second round. Seventh kriya.

Sit down on the ground. Try to look at one point. Turns his head left and right. This eye kriya.

Second round. Eighth kriya.

Stand up straight. Bring the wrist of one hand palm behind the other. Let your arms are straight at the elbows. Carefully rotate the torso to the left and to the right. Let’s face looks to where the body rotated .Delay so many times, but do not overdo it, so feel left and right channel.

There are two words that are rarely found in Kriya Yoga “caution” and “do not overdo it.” If something is written, it is not just. This is an exercise in conjunction with other kriyami very much an effort on the vestibular apparatus, and may vomit. This is a deceptive exercise, and if you overdo, you will begin to turn out inside out, because there is an internal limiter, since such movements we do in life.

Second round. Ninth kriya.

Stand up straight on your feet. Then start to jump on one or two legs. Let the whole body is relaxed. This attain endurance. This relax tight body channels. And life energy will flow throughout the body.

This is one of the most difficult exercises. Enough hard proprygat on two legs, but the jump in two, and then each alternately much easier. Kriya Yoga – Scalable – everyone can take the load on the shoulder itself.

Second round. Tenth kriya.

Lie down on your back. Bring palms head hands. Raising hands head help themselves abdominal muscles, then lower back. Do this many times. So eliminate all obstacles in the neck and upper back. And it reaches the back of the head and fill the mind.

Second round. Eleventh kriya.

Lie down on your stomach. Lean your upper body on the bent at the elbows. Bend and unbend your knees. If you can, you strike your heels and soles of the foundation of the body. Do this many times. So awaken it inside the body.

In yoga, everything should be natural

Yoga – a living science, is a system for people, not for cars. When you are doing something for the car, there must be clearly described all: here the screw, here at a certain angle to turn, here on so many centimeters that something must be done. But we are not robots, not cyborgs, but living people, so the yoga written explanation for the living people, which invested a large enough range of freedom. Studying science under the guidance of a teacher, a guru, and does not occur, it is necessary to do clumsy. He naturally does, we copy. And having read too many books, we begin to act like a robot. Written on such and such a proposal, we understand his hard, literally, even a wrong translation. We have the same book, in the beginning, in the English translation, and then only in Russian. No, that just from Sanskrit into Russian. Sometimes it is even a funny version. The book was written in French, then translated it into English and published, then managed to Russian. You can imagine that there left?

How important is consistency in the implementation of

We learn Kriya Yoga, as the alphabet. This order is necessary in order to enter into Kriya. And in the future, as the letters we make for ourselves a word, and already beginning to be the sequence of kriyas that is right for us. When you’re doing Kriya yoga for a long time, it will be intuitive knowledge. You start doing breathing exercises or meditation and suddenly feel the need to do any particular kriya, the body asks itself even begins to bend. Because we sometimes indirectly, click on the painful point and the body already “knows” what the difficulty is corrected certain kriya. But before the body to make it clear, we have to teach him, so we will first talk to him, that there is such a Kriya. And our body remembers everything, and at the right moment knows exactly what to do. Your goal – to become a teacher for himself. The largest yoga teacher for you – is you. The rest of you will just show you how to do the exercises.

If you want to see your teacher, look in the mirror.

Ah look, meet at closer.

At an early stage, of course, useful when someone says and gets engaged, in school, but in the future has no overseer, and the gray-bearded guru, no, that would be sitting and watching you. You yourself become a guru for yourself. And it must be open to this ability, because we are used to when we make: the parents in the school, head to work, advertising on television. Our task in the other, we must, when you need to make yourself, and when you need to afford.

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