Tantra Kriya Yoga, a treatise on Kriya Yoga

1. My Teacher  – “Joyful”. My Teacher – “ Beauty-beloved” . Mine respect to them.
2. Here is stated the Kriya-yoga, which given by great Teachers.
3. Out charity of my teachers, this treatise is given to those nice yogins which have not found the teacher on kriya-yoga, but are already full of determination and boldness to burn the karma. Or that, who has already studied kriya-yoga, but wishes to know all secrets of it.
4. In this treatise given all descriptions, carry out the exercise, how they are stated here. If in the description of exercises is something is not explained, and you don’t know how to act, do as you want and as you can. Therefore the same exercise can be carried out by different ways, but leads to one result.
5. Oh, disciple, know, that each exercises in this yoga named  Kriya. Quantity of kriya is very big.  The kriyas divide into: coming kriya, basis kriya and the muscle-strengthening kriya .Kriya means – carry out, clear, make, correct incorrectly made (i.e. negative karma). Remember, that in Kriya-yoga is very important to do kriya one after another, because it unties the knots of negative karma.
6. During performance of exercises the most important – is a continuous sensation of harmony inside of yourself
7. Everything, that destroys this harmony, should be ruthlessly rejected, whether it be excessive effort, or an indisposition and wrong ideas, or doubts, or insufficient concentration in internal sensations.
8. Doing the Kriya, forget about your rough body. Draw in the thin body, then in a causal body, and then reject also a causal body, becoming the master of a prana.
9. Study kriyas one after another, how they given in this treatise. In the future you can change these sequences in conformity with the needs. Just as letters study through recurrence of the alphabet, similarly to it, the kriyas study through performance of the certain sequences – circles of kriyas. And in the future when letters are studied, you can make them in words, as in kriya-yoga, having studied the alphabet kriyas, we can make own sequences of exercises.
10. Do the kriya during the fixed time, for example – 108 repeating of kriya mantra (about 75 seconds), or the fixed number of times, for example 27 times, or use two these metods.
11. Keep in a secret your Kriya-mantra. It is Shakti (energy), undoubtedly.
12. If you wish to have health and beautiful body, make Kriya-yoga dressed in the sky (i.e. without any clothes). So make kriya in or out of house, and the bad weather let not frighten you.
13. Carrying kriya, don’t talk. Keep silence. Try to study in each please , where nobody can disturb you.
14. If you haven’t such please, study where you can, take no notice of anyone.  So you will subordinate to yourself all of energy of that place.
15. Don’t wit for favorable time for practice kriya-yoga, start right now. If don’t make yoga, time is your enemy. If you are making yoga  – time is your defender. 
16. When you will have success in usual kriyas, then you can carry out transitive (pranical kriyas), Kriyas of the union, and another kriyas, which given for devoted yogins.  All in This Magic world of perpetual changes – is movement around the gospel truth. Only coming near, you will find happy rest of enlightenment. But if you will stop, not attain the gospel truth, the pain will come soon.- But be wise, oh nice yogin, and find your own rhythm of life. Remember, if you will move slowly, your “bed” karma will overtake and surpass you, an you will suffer from it. And if you will move too quickly, you will overtake your “bed” karma, which is run away from you. Both slowly and quickly is unreasonable.- But, more better to move quickly and overtake your karma, than to move slowly and lag behind.- Remember that’s all then you are doing kriya yoga. Find your own rhythm, and know that this rhythm will also change. One day you will want to move quickly and with effort. In another – you will move hardly. Only your own sensations will prompt you haw to do.- It is impossible to attain any results without practice. Only with practice you will attain any results and understood kriya-yoga, yoga of action.- When you are doing kriya, you understand, that you can control your bodies and your Mind. Use the kriya for change yourself.- Do Kriya thus, that your bodies don’t disturb to you, without pain and discomfort. If you feel pain, be indisposed, feel nausea, at the same time slow dawn or stop kriya.- Pain and kriya – are incompatible. If there is a pain, there is no yoga.  Making kriya, you’ll feel heat in different sites of body, in backbone. Behind heat will come feel of thin energy. Then you’ll feel your own channels and centers. Then you’ll see it, as clearly, as it is behind you. In this yoga every thing is attain from rough to thin. First you feel rough sensation, then more and more thin sensations, then the most thin sensations. To every kriya correspond, its own vibration, which heard as hum of the letter in different centers. Making kriya you’ll feel vibration of energy as vibration of sound. If you confirm in that vibration, you can call to mind that vibration, and get the action of kriya. Pronounce mentally or in voice this sound, you’ll get action of kriya from thin to rough. Doing kriya, get state, when your body doesn’t disturb to you, when you are doing, and want to do. When your Mind don’t tell you what to do, only observe, and you observe a Mind. Its help to be divided with your Mind. Watch an emotions and ideas, which coming.  From some time ideas becomes ever less and less, an you’ll clear your Mind from any ideas. Such, you’ll become  master of thought.  Pull out your EGO from your bodies, thoughts and feelings, as a sword from sheath. Destroy karma each action, ground it in dust and sand, as millstones grain. Don’t thing about breath, let it taka care itself. When you’ll attain perfection in kriya, you’ll combine breath and kriya. Such, you’ll attain happiness. 
Oh, nice yogin, listen about coming kriya 
1. Lie down on to a floor. Put your palm under shoulders, pick up than pull down your body, by the hands, and hold breathing as long, as enjoys in it.
2. Squat and stand up, hold your hand in front of you. Do it many times. Than you are squatting, let to power to swing round the spine.
3. Forward inclined, touch ground, make many inclinations. Let to Power stream down to head and hands.
4. Stand straight, stand with legs part, raise your hands asunder, parallel to ground. Then bend down in loin and whirl to left, then to right. Thus clear the way. 
Now I’ll recount to you about some of Basic Kriya 
1. Sit down, hold on right wrist by left hand, forward inclined touch ground by head then, stand erect. Do it many times. You’ll out all sins, your energy will shine.
2. Sit down, take hands one to other before you. Whirl to left and right many times. So you’ll come up state of “no breath”, you’ll understood law of identification. 
3. Sit down bend your back, us under burden of concern. Then become straight, us if you’ll throw off all concern and flood up.
4. Sit down, elegant bent to left, then right. You may help yourself by hands. Head also turn to left or right. So you’ll become beauty. 
5. Sit down incline head forth, then back. Do it many times. Run energy over spin and neck.
6. Sit down, make your legs forward. Incline and take legs by hands. Put down and back head and body to legs. Do it many times. Run energy over spin. Energy, which destroy all obstructions. 
7. Sit down, make your legs forward. Incline and take legs by hands. Roll from one right let to another. Do it many times, pull muscles of legs, open energy in legs.
8. Sit down shake your body, as stone in empty jug, in every part. Such move energy to center duct, as supple cane to the pipe. 
9. Lay down on a back so that legs have been bent, and the bottom part of a back laid between a foots. Tear off a bottom of a trunk from a floor, then, come back. Force Its (energy) to wake up and pour It from one vessel in another, as a precious drink.
10. Lay down on a back so that legs have been bent, and the bottom part of a back laid between a foot. Tear off a bottom of a trunk from a floor, then, come back. Do so many times. Rouse energy.
11. Kneel also palms of hands, curve a back an arch upwards, then bend downwards. Do it many times. Feel heat in a backbone. 
12. Kneel also palms of hands, lift a leg upwards, for a back as though the scorpion put a sting then return a leg back. Do it many times.
13. Do same by another leg.
14. Kneel, a head put on the ground. Bend a backbone downwards. Force Its (energy) to flow down, as water on an inclined trench.
15. Lay down on the bent knees, grasp wrists of one hand a palm of other hand behind a back. A forehead put on the ground. Disconnect your Mind from an external world. Release, pull out It – Shakti from an external world.
16. Put a head on a floor, clasp a head hands, bend and unbend knees, socks of legs you can tear off from the ground. Do so many times it will make you Sovereign of Reason.
17. Sit down between foots on the ground, straighten a back, a neck, a head. Tear off from the ground and lower a trunk many times. So you will drive IT, destructor of barrier and sufferings in the central channel.
Second group of Kriya-joga
Now, listen about second group of Kriyaa ( second chakra)
1. Sit down on the ground, bend legs, connect a foot of legs together and clasp with hands. Be shaken forward and back so you will eliminate obstacles in legs and you cognize a secret place of force in yourself.
2. Sit down on the ground, bend hands in elbows so that brushes of hands concerned with shoulders, do circular advances, similarly to a nestling who tries to fly. So you will waken Her – goddess of wisdom in a heart center.
3. Sit down on the ground, try to look in one point, rotate a head on a circle, inclining it forward, aside, back. It is eye kriya (Drishty Kriya),which treating illnesses of eyes and giving lucidity of mind.
4. Sitting on the ground, bend hands in elbows so that brushes concerned with shoulders, do circular movements back.
5. Sit down on the ground, try to look in one point, rotate a head on a circle to another side before. It is eye kriya.
6. Rise directly, grasp one hand to another, behind a back. Bend forward so that legs were straight and the straight, linked hands behind a back would be allocated as it is possible. Do so many times as impact of a lightning Energy of a life will pass through your legs, trunk and hands, wiping all obstacles in its way.
7. Rise on a foots, legs let be direct or bent. Serially throw one, then another hand for a head. Such you will clear the left and right channels of a body.
8. Sit down bend hands in elbows that brushes of hands concerned with shoulders. Do circular movements by hands serially forward, similarly to a floating turtle.
9. Sit down, try to look in one point, turn a head to the left then to the right. It is eye kriya.
10. Sit down bend hands in elbows that brushes of hands concerned with shoulders. Do circular movements by hands serially back. So you will open It (Shakti) in a heart center.
11. Rise directly, grasp one hand to another behind a back, let hands will be straight in elbows. Cautiously turn a trunk to the left,then to the right. Looks there where the body turns. Do so many times, but be not overzealous. So, youll feel the left and right channels.
12. Rise directly on a foots,, then start jumping on one or two legs. Let all body will be weakened. So you will reach endurance, so you will weaken the compressed channels of a body, and energy of a life will run on all your body.
13. Lay down on a back, grasp a head with hands, lift hands a head, helping muscles of a stomach, then lower back. Do so many times so you will eliminate all barrier in necks and the top part of a back, and it will reach a nape, filling a Mind.
14. Lay down on a stomach, put the top part of a body to the hands bent in elbows. Bend and unbend legs. If you can, strike heels the basis of the body. Do so many times so you will waken It inside of a body.
15. Rise on a foots, hands throw for a head. Rotate area of a basin on a circle. Find Its place (Shakti), around which all worlds rotate. 
16. Rise on a foots, hands throw for a head. Rotate area of a basin to other part. Complete  self-knowledge. 
Now listen about Power Kriyas 
1. Squat down. Encompass the legs with your arms like embracing them. Overturn back and sweep over the backbone smoothly from the buttocks till the neck and back the same. Make it many times. Force It in (Shakti), like a wave, from the basis of your body across the back, from the neck to your head.
2. Lie down the belly, put the palms under the shoulders, bend the back, neck and head back helping with your hands. Make it many times. Make It (Shakti) creep up to the backbone.
3. Lie down the belly, catch the ankles-bones with the palms of your hands and bend in your back. Helping yourself with the hands and unbending the legs in the knee, swing forward and back many times. In this way you will inflame the fire of Shakti in the navel and clear It.
4. Lie down the belly, bend the back, catch the ankles-bones and roll over right and left many times. So you will remove barriers on Its (Shakti) way and became the master.
5. Lie down the belly, put your hands under the hips, between them. Raise the legs up and let them down, leaning on hands.  Make it many times. Lead It (Shakti) through the legs and heart.
6. Lean on the ground with the palms of your hands and the feet, bend in your waist up so that your hands and legs are straight and the head is between the arms. Then bend opposite that your straight legs are along the ground and the back, neck and head bend back. Make it many times. So you will lead the stagnant life energy in your arms and legs out of dream and lead It (Shakti) into the backbone. 
7. Lie down the belly, Link the palms behind the back and bend back, stretching the arms then go down. Make it many times. Lead It through the heart center and neck.
8. Lie down the belly, curve the legs in knee, catch the ankle-bones with hands, unbend the legs and bend in your back. Then go back in home position. Make it many times. So you will remove all the barriers. You will lead the energy from the arms and legs out and lead It (Shakti) into the center which is behind the navel. 
9. Lie on the back, let the hands be along the body or under the head. Let the legs be straight or bent in knee. Cast the straighten or bent legs beyond the head and take them back. Make it many times. So you will lead It (Shakti) from the navel through the neck to the crown of the head.
10. Sit on the bent in knee legs, catch the wrist of one hand with the palm of the other behind the back. Then stand on knee. Bend in waist back. The face let look up. The arms behind the back let be straight in elbows. Then go back to home position. Make it many times. So you will lead the life energy from the heart through the throat to the crown of the head. 
After the carrying out of all the kriyas you should lie down on the back or the belly for the rest. Let the thoughts come and go, you can  be carried any way you want. 

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