2007.06.23 Seminar Pranayama Yoga


Vadim Zaporozhtsev “Pranayama Yoga.”


Proceedings of the seminar on yoga conducted by Vadim Zaporozhtseva at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment” for the Open University of Yoga in Moscow.


All we breathe, are making a different number of respiratory movements.

On average, taking into account day and night, we are doing about 21 minutes a thousand breaths. Should we just hold your breath as after a very short time we feel like teetering on the brink of life and death. Can be arbitrarily confident in this life, but if you hold your breath for more than kakoe-to number of seconds, all of our concepts about the world, about the universe, about the philosophy and other things will be wiped away immediately, and within us wake up a powerful instinct self-preservation, which will force us to continue breathing movements. This is a very serious base of our life, not so obvious.

So, we have this ability – to breathe. Modern biology, medicine and other branches of science have long been carefully studied this process. As a first approximation, from the point of view of science, it boils down to the fact that the air we breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Atmospheric oxygen is needed to go in the metabolism of cells, exhale carbon dioxide, so that the products of the metabolism of us stood. Atmospheric oxygen is the fact that we worked out physical energy within the body, which is manifested in different ways. In parallel, due to inhalation and exhalation solved a number of the most interesting questions. Not only ventilation, and sometimes different set. Physiology is well aware of all these processes. As for the medical view for breath, how it happens, I can safely refer you to the modern science. There’s everything in detail, clearly, unambiguously and clearly described.

What we the loan – this is somewhat more delicate area: it is the knowledge that we have received from the ancient yogis. We get them in full. Immediately I want to mention that the knowledge that we are considering today – it’s only a pittance compared to the huge potential of exercises and practices, which is irrevocably lost, unfortunately.

How can we keep track of what the practice is lost? Of course, indirectly. In many texts, many epics (Mahabharata, the Vedas, other sources) you will find a link to it, no matter how powerful exercise used to be and how powerful are the forces of a man who practiced them.

So, what do we know about Pranayama – is, unfortunately, only a pittance, but even these crumbs with skilful use, believe me, upside down all your life, if you are engaged as prescribed do.

The point here is this. According to the teachings of yoga, respiratory movement is not only a way to attract oxygen, air and remove carbon dioxide and other metabolic products, but also an indirect mechanism for attracting that yoga called “Praana”. There are many translations of the word, but even the prefix “great” in tune with something original: grandfather, grandmother, denoting something that was before there was something after.



So, Prana is a very interesting thing. Sometimes it is called praenergiey, ie the energy that was in the very beginning of creation, the entire universe, that is the energy that has created everything in the world. Now, in the modern era, it is the energy that forms the human body after its conception, the energy that, according to the teachings of yoga, supports our lives. And now the little disclaimer that there is no ambiguity. In fact translate the concept of “Prana” as soon as “energy” – is incorrect. Prana – a more subtle and more obscure the essence of the essence, than the energy. More precisely, Prana contains all the energy with which we can face. This original form of energy that can later be transformed into any known type of energy in the world.

If you ask physicists about energy, they will respond as follows. According to the modern scientific picture of the world, in the universe there are four types of energy or four types of interaction. It is strong, the weak interaction, which can be found at the level of atoms, nuclei, electromagnetic and gravitational. Electromagnetic – we are all with you see the light, the atoms linked van der Waals forces, we have our body. Gravitational – we sit on the floor, and do not fly through the air. According to the modern scientific picture of the world, there are only these four types of interaction.

Question – where is Prana? In yoga, the answer to this question is as follows: Prana – is a kind of primordial energy, which actually does not occur in pure form. It instantly turns into one or another form of energy for a particular purpose. But there is still such a thing in Prana – that it is also a channel of consciousness that manifests as Prana energy or consciousness.

So, breathing movements, we commit the alleged order to saturate the body with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide, in fact, from the point of view of yoga, even indirectly operate as a mechanism for attracting Prana.

It is believed that every respiratory movement that we do are certain nerve impulses in our bodies, and if these nerve impulses are harmonious, we portion by portion starting to take some kind of energy that we call Prana, and which, figuratively speaking, diffused throughout the universe. In this connection, there is a saying in yoga: if we close his mouth and nose, then we will extend for five minutes without air, but if this thread Prana that connects us with the world’s supply of Prana kak-to disconnect, cut – comes instant death for no apparent reason. That is, if Prana – is energy, it is the energy of life.

This energy of life as a part of the inside of us and converted into another form of energy, which is necessary to support the metabolism, the work of the mind, of the body. If this energy is much, according to the teachings of yoga, it is immediately felt in the person by his activity, the degree of sharpness of his mind, according to the charism. I will not talk about the different superpowers, we touch on this topic later.

So, there is some thing that yoga is called “Prana”. In the first approximation, it can be considered as the energy of life, even though, strictly speaking, is a kind of a strange substance that can be manifested through the energy of all kinds, or through the expansion of consciousness. Respiratory movements that we make more than twenty thousand times a day, leading not only to attract oxygen to the brain, but also to enter these portions of Prana. Prana If for some reason ceased to flow into the body, there comes an instant death. If Prana flow slows down, it decreases – it is wilting. If Prana flow increases and it becomes more and more – it is, on the contrary, the dominance. That’s the strange thing Prana.

In yoga, the science that deals with purely practical application of Prana is Pranayama – yoga. Or sometimes – Pranayama. This is sometimes called Indian yoga breathing, or yogic breathing. Under all of these terms hides one – Prana energy management.

The more prana we have, the better for us.

In terms of Pranayama – yoga, our goal – as much as possible to increase the inflow of Pranas. The more Prana we bring ourselves, the sooner we go to the yoga process. The less Prana – the slower.

What are the processes of yoga? First of all, to rebuild our body to rebuild our inner world.

Now let’s talk about the structure of the human body. Here I sit in front of you. What can you see? The body is composed of flesh, bones, still something there. If you practice yoga for a long time, then maybe you will the ability to see fine structures.

What is the fine structures? Probably some kind of subtle energies that modern science has not yet been revealed, but the time will come – will open.

Question: Where is my “I”? Here I have my “I”. The average person thinks: Well, I’m somewhere in there sitting, and the outside like a shell surrounded by, the body. To some extent, this model works. But, strictly speaking, where is our “I”, we do not know. And it is everywhere. It is in me, and Alpha Centauri – everywhere. It is beyond space and time, it is – the highest thing. But for some reason, my “I” identifies himself here with the body. And as soon as my “I” identified itself with the body – through this channel identification, or, as it is called, the channel associations, Prana begins to flow, and begins to revive my body. If this association channel or the flow of Prana cut, my body will no longer receive nourishment Prana from my “I”, and the body falls lifeless, although apparently no one can determine why I died.

Prana – it is something without which we can not do without a second. We eat food, we inhale oxygen, exhale carbon dioxide, which releases energy, this energy is controlled by some process. And there is energy, which is a good manager in the company, controls the flow of energy.

Here I ate the food, I have singled out energy, but this energy is stupid: it can leak anywhere. And above this energy has a more subtle energy – the energy of Prana. She says this flow, “Please go theca, please, do it.” This kind of energy management. She melenko, it has not measured the scientists. Compared with the large flow …. You know, calories measure? How many people have eaten – on so much and worked. If we do not have, we will not have power, and we will fall, exhausted. But in fact it is the rough energy that comes from food, water, and above them there is a subtle energy that governs these gross flows – this energy is Prana. And if you turn off the subtle energy for coarse control, these gross energy flows cease to work. Recently we went, and suddenly the traffic lights broken. Prior to that, all went fine – big trucks flows. As soon as the traffic light was broken – all cork collapse. That’s how it is with a man, as soon as the regulatory Prana is disabled, large energy of the body stop – the person ceases to function.

Again. I have my “I”. It is connected with my body or bodies with my associative bond. My “I” believes itself to a certain extent, this body. For this association starts to flow Prana, this Prana animates the body. If this associative link, the channel cut Prana, the body falls, it is as if disconnected from the management of energy and dies. Our task is to control energy was as much as possible, then everything in our body will work much better. Science, which leads to the fact that this energy was greater called “Pranayama”.

A few other words from the realm of theory.

Sometimes people ask, what is Prana? You can feel it, trying on? Probably, it is possible somehow, but I weakly imagine how. The difficulty is that Prana is instantly transformed into one or another form of energy. This explains many of the phenomena hit. There are people who can move at a distance glasses or read minds. In general, all the usual laws of physics can not be explained.

It is well explained in terms of the concept of Prana. A person with an excess of Prana, it can be converted into any other type of energy, for example, in gravity. Just as gravity acts, for example, one-way, Prana in the form of anti-gravity, or gravity on the contrary, as you like, call it operates in the opposite direction. Many miraculous powers, which are sometimes shown even in today’s days, they are generally uninteresting. Well, think of – the law of nature, only a thin … not that happy.

Explain them, you can use the excess prana. From this conclusion it follows that if one of us is studying yoga with motivation for the acquisition of super-powers or any of increased capacity, it is necessary to focus on Pranayama. Any motivation that leads a person to yoga, is commendable. Another thing is that, as experience shows, one forgets about the motivation. He opened other horizons – more attractive than he could even imagine.

How Prana acts inside our body? Inside our body, according to the teachings of yoga, the Prana works as a good manager in a large company.

Imagine a factory or an organization where there are workers at the bench, the designers in the drawing room, there are analysts who calculate what products to produce, what not to produce, where to ship, which did not deliver. And there is a third category of people, which in modern terminology is called managers, managers. In our country managers who just do not call, but in the West the word “manager” always sounds very proud and respectable corporations are not so easy to get the title of manager. So, Prana works as a manager, that is the person who has all the knowledge of production and can replace any in the workplace. Operating ill – the manager stood at the bench and made it work. Analyst ill – the manager instead of the analyst begins to be analytical plans. The designer is not feeling very …. That is a man-wagon. Once again, the West is the managers, and they get, as a rule, much more than the workers, analysts, designers – all together. Because of this one person will determine whether to operate the entire enterprise as a whole or it will collapse.

In our body, which in this sense as a big factory, there are different cells have different mechanisms responsible for different things. One must exercise metabolism, others of our mental activity are responsible, but they all stick together with Prana. Without Prana it all ceases to dock with each other. In the case now – it goes bankrupt. In the case of a man – he dies. Do not agree to make ends meet. Whether products are many, but there is no place to take out, whether it at all. Whether or not the plan is to release it. Million all the nuances, and if one is missing – everything stops. Our bodies, as well as enterprises, subject to a huge number of adverse effects, both outside and inside. And it happens that the one function of our body can not work the way we want, then the other. And if we have the Prana, it replaces the missing link. If a lot of Prana – replaces very well. We are in a good state of health. Once Prana becomes low, then any failure leads to a marked failure. In our case this disease. If a fatal failure, and no Prana is not enough for it to close these holes, comes as doctors say, “the state is not compatible with life,” that is death. Therefore, in a sense, the concept of life and the concept of Prana equivalent. Actually, therefore, the name she is – “Prana”, something original.

When Prana begins to manifest in our body? From the moment of conception. Once the cell is formed of a child – the future of the body. Once the soul is held to an association of their future housing, which is called the “body” of this associative link is Prana flow and begins to raise their future housing. A woman then, of course, becomes pregnant. For a while it continues in utero, then the light appears very pretty sturdy child, and for some time it continues to shape the body, but in everyday life. Until maturity Prana is working very actively. Children have it in abundance, because it is necessary to form the body and grow. People of middle age it is at a good level, but now we only handled a certain threshold, the amount of Prana begins to decline, the number of failures – to grow, to patch holes already nothing. The process of decay, aging, which sooner or later leads to death. Death, if it was a natural – a disidentification of our “I” from the body, which our soul is enjoyed. And the time of death – this is the moment when the flow of Prana is really disconnected from the body.

So, once again: Prana, as a manager, as a universal personality, can do any work, where it no set – and there and there and there and everywhere.

If a company has a lot of highly skilled managers, the company is growing. It’s richer, developed and transformed into a completely successful company. If such people is small, does not save anything: no oil fields or scientific developments.

I know a little bit on this subject in our country. Sometimes people think that if they have an oil field, they can turn into superneftyanuyu company. If there is no competent manager, nothing will happen. Or vice versa. We had a good rocket men, they are good drawings of missiles and missile defense systems do, but it’s just a draft, drawing. We need an intermediary, which will bring one to the other, will reduce if – it will be a prosperous enterprise, if not, it all falls apart, even under the most favorable conditions. In this sense, the cadres decide everything. The current slogan. And in the case of our human body – Prana is everything. It was not your physical strength – if the influx of prana, the power of will. Intellectually, you have not been developed – will be the influx of prana, and you will start to grow wiser in his eyes. It was not your creative abilities, you are copied, as did the idols of art, and you have been trying for them to adapt, its nothing could not bear it yourself understood – if the inflow of Pranas, creative thoughts trample, just like a horn of plenty, you You begin to create. Therefore Pranayama – the science is very serious, very promising, and the purpose of our seminar is that you have mastered the basics of this science.

It is not my goal, that after our seminar someone you fully examine this science. Again – this is a very serious science. Like any powerful tool, it requires a long-long practice. Imagine, you have to learn to manage the jet for six hours. Sometimes, they say, there are such cases – that took off and sat down, and did not crash, but has nuances – how to behave in a given situation – produced by many years, practice. In the same way here. This yoga that requires greater attention.

Let me remind you again: Prana – is something pervasive universal. If there is a problem within the body, prana immediately rushes to fix it. If there is an excess of Prana, it is immediately sent to the reorganization of our body. Once again, the analogy with the managers seems to me the most understandable: if the company something does not work, the manager comes and eliminates breakage. If the enterprise so good, a good manager is thinking how to improve the efficiency of how to shorten the process, purchase new equipment – in general, thinks the whole complex.


Prana and teaching yoga

By virtue of their profession, I make yoga teachers. Prepare sane competent teacher Yoga is extremely difficult. Why? Such a person must be universal as Prana. He should be able to engage in a very rough physical work, and the most delicate, sophisticated, intelligent. If you get a person who wagon, which, for example, can understand and in a piece of iron, and the highest philosophy, then he will be able to teach yoga. How to make a man so versatile? He must have an excess of Prana. Therefore, by and large, the training of teachers is reduced to teach a person to gain a huge amount of Prana, which he can later share with other people. Therefore, it is very difficult profession, is completely exhausting man. According to statistics, a person teaches yoga in Moscow six months. Then the instructor as downtrodden horse, said: “Shoot me, I can no longer live such a life.”

This is a very serious profession. You must always be universal. We have for this purpose there are different methods, is karma yoga, where you have to work physically, I mean those who will teach in the future. At the same time, if necessary quantum physics, the person will have to learn and it. Versatility – the same as Prana.

If an excess of Prana, you are not susceptible to diseases. You can go to the pest house, you can keep in the hands of infectious things – an infection you will not stick. If Prana flaw, any little thing can lick, any scratch can lead to inflammation. It should be remembered. Therefore, the more prana, the greater your protection.


Why do we need Pranayama?

There are two sides of the same coin: we can help others, and can help themselves and to our family and friends did not suffer. And by using means all its types. The most obvious – that we do not hurt. If we get sick, even our relatives and friends not sweet. And if they get sick, then we are powerless and do not know how to help them.

There are also more subtle components – mental. If we are constantly likely to be depressed if we are constantly in a bad mood, life with us turns into a nightmare in hell for those who live with us. If we are constantly in apathy, if we have a constant lack of energy if we are deprived of entrepreneurial activity, liveliness of mind, energy, life with us turns into a silent torment. That is our family and friends we are dragging their energy for themselves. We have a shortage of our energy, prana, and so our family and friends this Prana we feed. We Noah forever, we always bad in the emotional sphere. As a result, we are starting to complain about, we become offended by the whole world: “Here we are not watched, something we did not do” ….

In fact, if you feel the symptoms, it can only say only one thing – the lack of Prana in sufficient quantities. If a person has Prana in sufficient quantity, the most common manifestation – you are cheerful, happy, you never get bored. Usually, you know how it is: “In the on-off, I SKU-in-scientifically” – all this is the verdict, one does not have some sort of spectrum of Prana.

Or: “Oh-oh-oh, no one looks at me, not paying attention,” … You know, a person who has a lot of prana, I apologize for Slang, pret. You know, in a bad sense of the word, it is like an elephant, does not see obstacles. There are people, full of activity and energy, they give birth to all around him, and bored by himself alone will never be. Bored and others never will – and in bad, and in a good way. If we do not have Prana, we automatically become in this sense is a serious burden. Moreover, a burden for the family and friends. And if we have full of Prana, we, on the contrary, we take out friends and relatives, who are in the above-mentioned. And the difference between us and them is only in the fact that we know the secret of energy acquisition, and they are not. We have had the experience, but they do not. And we should help them.

We must somehow help intelligently.

Why? Because there are options of vampirism, when you constantly pull out a man and a man in the depths of the soul like that to be hauled. He likes to complain, this is such a thin his game. If this is our family and friends, then there’s nothing you can do about it – you have to drag and drag. And what has to do with them? Remember: we have to be good, we have to help. The more Prana we give, the more it comes. In this sense then replenished, but some moments are, indeed, like a yoga instructor. For some reason, I believe that teaching yoga is very simple. Recently I came to the girl, saying: “I want to teach you yoga.”

In fact, I congratulated her and said, “Yes, go ahead! What can I do – help. ” In fact, I have great respect for people courageous, strong, resolute, who take on the responsibility, drag, rod … But then I began to honestly and frankly the opposite side of her show. What be ready for that, to this – not to talk. The more people who teach yoga, the more I’ll be happy. Less – the correspondingly less.

Of course, for teaching Yoga Prana is wasted, but then compensated, if we spend the Prana from the heart to help others, to convey knowledge – all then comes. Therefore, we need to master this science in the first place in order to help the family and friends, directly or indirectly. Either direct support, or not to be a burden.

Dangers at mastering Pranayama

Danger №1 – this character traits. Pranayama does not like hasty, overly proud, arrogant, greedy, evil. At first glance, this seems an abstraction. It seems to be such a serious science, everything must be mathematically accurate, but here some emotion, greed, anger, arrogance. In fact, everything is very clear and tough. Again, experience.

He comes to me a young man who has studied all conceivable texts Pranayama – yoga and says: “Teach Pranayama me.” I have the same problem of such work is this. We begin doing exercises …

“Oh, no, it is I am able to, come next, more …”

Well, I think it may actually went to give even more.

“No, no, more!”

Again, I give more.

“No, not enough, I need to immediately and that at all!”

I give him a simple exercise, and he said: “I am of these exercises for five years, I know!”

Well, try to do, you’re doing something they do not know how!

“How I do not know how? I make them for two hundred and forty times a day! “

So you’re doing something else! If you had five years to two hundred and forty times every day to do this exercise, you would not come to me that I taught you Pranayama.

Unfortunately, there is such a trait in humans, which cuts them immediately on the approach to Pranayama. In Moscow goes quite a number of people who visit it a seminar, the third, the fifth – these party-goers. They never remain deeply mastered the material – they need novelty. And sooner or later they have produced such a, you know, non-perception fine. Sometimes, the simple words “do not hurry … this is the secret,” meaning to them just do not get …

They say, “Oh, I’m not here with you to waste your precious time. Or, let me now all Pranayama, what have you got secret exercises have to immediately work out! “

Secret is the secret to a surface. And they do not understand. Therefore, in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali the first two stages of yoga – it is Yama and Niyama.

Sometimes people ask, why these two stages of Patanjali put? Yes, because on something you do not go if you do not develop the quality received at Yama and Niyama. You’ll be hasty, inconsiderate, overly proud. You’ll be unceremoniously shove.

My friend was a lifeguard, who was looking for the missing climbers. Well, mountaineers climb the mountain, and we then say on TV: “Again, a group of young dunce disappeared. The whole country is looking for them, can not find. Three survived, the fourth – is not known. “

He worked as a time saver, it pulled out of the dunce, if they were alive, and there are fifty-fifty, in different ways. And he himself is a good climber, with great experience. His favorite tale was that at times that on some top of climb, it is necessary to climb up to the top of this done in three days. Moreover, there is cold, very uncomfortable sleep somehow. His instinct tells you, “No, that something is not right, and the weather is not the same, and in general that something is not right.” And quietly, without emotion, roll up and leave. You could have a year to prepare for this, but – again! – And it worked flair, intuition: “Do not go!” Calmly going and leaving. These are the people not only reach the top, they still survive, the most important thing. And the same people who … climbs unceremoniously.

I told him: “This is yoga, yoga secret, in ancient times it was taught for forty years!”

And he said: “And I have already passed and the struggle Nanai boys, and that, and that, I already adept, I understand. I know everything!”

Produced pride and arrogance. Pranayama simply cuts off such people.

But what about the other negative manifestations? The list goes on and on.

Now the situation is different – but what about the greed? Now pick up the Prana will be good. May be. But the fact is that Prana is spent primarily on strengthening the qualities that have been, and only then to overcome them. If a greedy person attains Prana above a certain amount – it’s like frog skin falls off, and the princess will appear in front of us. Similarly, the greedy man is reset, but until then Pranayama, on the contrary, it will strengthen the emotion. If the trend was the emotion is still stronger, and this person will go to the side. Immediately there is a million things that will distract him aside.

What leads to the side when doing Pranayama? As soon as there is a surplus of Prana, it amplifies our emotions and tendencies. Man begins to master the manic desire that lead him to the side – in relationships, politics and so on.

Now explain what I mean. Again, there is a trend: a person who begins to practice yoga, he got a little bit of Prana, and everything – surrounded by enemies, “” What do we have politicians sit !? “energy immediately increases. These people are the first to climb the barricade, what if the revolution – will be headed. This can manifest itself in different guises: “Around the plot, around secret saboteurs, fifth columnists!”

Any negative trend of the mind begins to swell. Man involved in it, he has already forgotten about Pranayama, everything else starts to run for the Duma, something else to do, what he should not have. We have a spy inside. If he gets access to energy, it begins to blow it all up to infinity.

The only thing that helps to cope with these manifestations – is the strict implementation of the principle of non-violence, nerastrachivaniya principle itself and the principle of happiness all around.

Now the warning immediately, if just a little Pranayama you go, and you avoid all the ambushes, which we will discuss later, you will feel a huge influx of energy within themselves. Your mind will be clear, you’re full of energy, and if you see an obvious falsehood, for example, on TV … In many policy stumble, do not know why … What, you can see clear, from your point of view, the injustice in you will rush the flow of energy to eliminate this injustice. And you can a number of mangled wood …

Once again I say: the person who has a huge amount of Prana, pret! If he has no understanding of the nuances: the no-violence nerastrachivaniya detail … Ask yourself: Do your thing – to go into politics, whether your thing – to defend rather questionable moments? If you get involved – all of you, this will leave Prana in political activities, somewhere else, somewhere else. And you’ll be left with nothing again. And these dangers – danger number one – they are more psychological, emotional.

Dangers №2 – physical. After Pranayama mandatory rest. Let me explain. If we do not have the precautionary principle, which we mentioned above, if we do not have the right character traits, then, as soon as we work out Pranayama, if we do things right, we will cover the excess of Prana. You immediately begin to be born in mind great ideas at work you some problem could not solve, work out Pranayama – struck. The surplus stood Prana, mind began to work better – has come! You just finished Pranayama, we ran to execute an idea that came to you at the time of Pranayama. This is a gross error. Do not succumb to the illusion of power.

So what happens? Do you really have some nerve centers are fully inflated Prana so you clueless better, you feel better, but it is necessary to distribute prana throughout the body. This occurs only when the rest of conscious. Workout – formed. Over time, Prana redistributed itself, we should not even worry about it, but if not, it turns out that inside the overheated ganglia, and outside completely unaffected by the physical body. Discomfort is provided to you after that. During this off, you then pay off prostration. Therefore, rest is required.

Disabling thoughts. The thought consumes Prana. Any thought, like a leech, sucking out your prana, and she becomes obsessive thought.

Food. Improper food would nullify all your efforts.

Communication. Incorrect communication from you all suck Prana.

And what is “wrong communication”?

If you are talking on time more than a certain time, then you are wasting Prana more than receive. Everyone with whom you communicate, rejoice. You would like them to fill up energy, and your process is slowed down dramatically, so we need to seriously dispense communion.


– What about children?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– And the children – not just those beings who, rather, we are presented with Prana, rather than take it.


– How to dispense communion?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– It is necessary to immediately agree: that all these warnings, first of all, for someone who wants a very rapidly and strongly enter in Pranayama. To do this, of course, it is advisable to conduct a few solitary life as long as you do not go out on some kind of a level.

As for our communication, it is the continuation of our karma – as far as we can quickly build around himself a favorable environment for yoga or can not … Too serious moment.

It works much the same as in business. Exercise Pranayama – earned Prana. We put it in the next operation. We cranked out this operation, received even more – and so on the rise.

If we talk too much – we’ve earned something and then it is spent, then again it is necessary to make from scratch. And it is clear that for a long time we did not succeed in this business. The body will wear out more than it takes. Therefore, a lot of communication that defines.

Of course, there are different scenarios. If you talk too much, you will not achieve anything. If you do not communicate, you will wash away and talk. All these stories that the yogi went somewhere in the cave and there achieved something – it’s a good thing for the good of yogis, but if the average yogi is removed in a cave and has an excess of Prana, the first feeling with which he encounters – his I want to share it. Then begin to come manic, Messianic idea that “I have to do much good for all mankind. I’m full of energy, and they are all there at the bottom mistaken. I’ll be back and I will give them a new yoga! “

It’s all illusion Prana. It is worth to him to reach the first village, to communicate with the first resident, he deflates like a balloon, and will wonder: “Why is there, in the mountains, I felt good, but here, at the first movement benefit humanity – was blown away !?”

As long as you do not establish yourself in Pranayama, keep these thoughts to help direct the Prana. I know that many people help direct Prana. This is unreasonable. But when established themselves in Pranayama – then you can help direct the Prana, and before that, no, do not. That is, we have to put money in the bank and not spend the principal amount and interest. That’s when earn a good amount, the interest – for God’s sake, to charity. To you people came with obviously vampiric intentions … Well, just come, then come. If karma was not, therefore, would not have come. But it is necessary to distribute the interest and not capital assets.


– What about the wrong food tell more.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Improper food. The fact is that when practicing Pranayama begin to rebuild our internal structure. Dirty elements (I speak figuratively) removed from the body, in their place must come clean elements. If we take nowhere, the dirty items are gone from the body, turned, turned it over – and back. Now the question is: what food is suitable, what does not fit?

Only your personal experience tells you what to eat, and what not to eat. The only thing I can say is if you practice Pranayama vigorously, almost one hundred percent completely necessary to avoid eating onions and garlic. Totally, all kinds. All other things – individually. Sometimes it is better to eat a piece of raw meat, than this supposedly a la vegetarian food, which is even worse. There is only your inner voice and your inner feeling.


– Why do onions and garlic?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– The fact that the onions and garlic, and so they stimulate the vital processes in the body. And when Pranayama you stimulate the same processes, but in other ways. You get like a superposition of two loads. You spurred his horse, and then even more, and so he hardly had already poor, is, and you again.


– A spice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Spices – individually. Also different is. Different people, different constitutions, different lifestyles. There are some general rules, they are in any book sane and insane is. You still have to develop their own diet.

It is recommended to have melted butter. Cereal crops – cereals of all kinds and colors. Honey, sugar, vegetables, fruit. Here with vegetables and fruits, unfortunately, there are also nuances.

Almost everywhere not recommended the onion and garlic, I do not know of any exceptions to a person engaged in Pranayama, I could eat onions and garlic.

What I mean by “if a person is seriously engaged in Pranayama ‘? What does “serious”? This means – more than 40 minutes a day. We’re with you to the maximum swings – fly through the air! So let’s be prepared for it.

I have such a card up his sleeve – Statistics. I know I have some idea who is doing what in the field of yoga who makes any mistakes, and who from what motivation begins to practice yoga. Once again, any motivation – positive. Man wants to fly through the air – well done. Let them fly with the help of yoga. But he starts to speed up the process and the stumbles on the same rake. It is my duty – to warn.

This does not mean that I am able to fly through the air – I can not fly through the air and do not want. In the end, the aircraft has to fly through the air.

What else to avoid? Abstract a concept, do not even know how to detail – preservatives. There are substances that are added to foods. After that, milk can for six months in the refrigerator stand, and though that. Average milk set – two or three days, and all turn sour. What does this mean? So, something is added. And, unfortunately, add those substances which affect on the average person without consequences. But the man who is engaged in Pranayama, as he sharpened the sensitivity of the organism, acting very bad. Unfortunately, I am not an expert in these “E” and all those sodium gluconate and other chemicals, as I know only one thing – sometimes eaten, and then bad. You take a pack, and then the whole periodic table, that is not moldy. This, unfortunately, can not help, because they sometimes do not even write. Add and write.

Comment from the audience:

– They are almost everywhere now added.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– In the danger. I do not know what they are and where to interfere. To the west it is now a very profitable direction – “organic food”. Food grown without chemicals. It should be on average three times more expensive. But people are buying.


So, these dangers are many. What is the first thing of which you have to get rid of? Do you remember that the very first danger – it is your character. The second – failure to comply with some basic moments of rest, eating. Adherence to these points should become a habit.

When you go Pranayama, oh what a temptation will be – take a breath, gather Prana, and for the work to take: “Oh, brilliant idea, I now know how to do !!!”

You just can not imagine! Sometimes there are “beautiful soul impulses”!

Or vice versa: “That scoundrel this Lyapkin-Tyapkin now go and deal with him !!!”

A variety of manic or okolomaniakalnye thoughts begin. Prana – is energy, it strengthens that in mind. If the head was something – it will increase. And in my head – things are not always the most optimal. So again and again – the principle of ahimsa. Yes, you really breathe, and you are really aware of: “Yes, I understand, Lyapkin-Tyapkin – the enemy of my life! I understood why I lived, it was he – the devil incarnate, am going to go deal with him !!! “I speak metaphorically, but some it will be a revelation, as if the scales fell from his eyes, and full of emotion, willingness to finally do something. This is an indicator that the flow of Prana went.

Therefore, I urge you – observe the principle of ahimsa! Do not cause any living being suffering unless absolutely necessary, do not waste this Prana on useless gestures. On the contrary, do so that everyone around you were calm, happy. Reasonably approach to the issue, even if you really open, who have for so long led by the nose …

I repeat – during Pranayama is all! Sometimes the problem is solved in the business, sometimes in private life, sometimes in communication, at work, in school. I urge you: that’s struck you – nothing, nothing, lie down a little bit. Do not jump immediately run to beat the muzzle. Not always in the form of a marginal case. Sometimes some brilliant idea … Man could not finish the computer program, and then p-times – revealed! Do not. It is necessary to stop, lie down, lie down. After each Pranayama.

Fifty per cent of people – those who started practicing Pranayama, is cut on this simple technique. It’s like a nail in the shoe – and like a trifle, but it is impossible to go further. There should be a habit to rest after Pranayama.

How many? Individually, at all different. Sometimes a minute, sometimes more, depending on how many previously engaged. The main thing – to redistribute prana throughout the body. We have to give her time, and she, like water, will be spread throughout the body.

Let us remember in our country brilliant politicians began to make reforms. We lived under socialism, and they said: “All the guys, capitalism will have tomorrow,” And what it led to? The same analogy and Pranayama. The fact that our internal structures are rebuilt. Roughly speaking, we live in a single order, and will be at the other – I do not know, communism or capitalism. What matters is not only the starting and the end point is also important literate transition from point A to point B. To the literate transition was not such a blow – bang – and a knockout. The first starting point for this smooth transition is precisely the navel center. Slowly we begin to work here and work until it all starts to grow. This results in the following process.

In order to practice Pranayama, it is necessary that the internal energy channels were clean. Otherwise, it’s like a pipe clogged. You pump energy and it does not pass. You are pumping a stronger, you simply bursting – and the energy does not reach. Therefore, it is necessary to quietly clean the energy channels. Once released superfluous Prana, she is starting to eat away at the dirt, but if it is too much, then it’s really pressure. It is, in general, attacks, and you bursting. This manifests itself in a very negative feelings. Therefore it is necessary portion by portion, a small step for the small step, more energy, more, more and more, and we must begin with the navel center.

That man has resorted to me: “I would like Pranayama, quickly teach me!” I can see that I had not learned anything. With this approach – I learned nothing. What is pranayama? “I have already passed this and that …” I begin to enumerate all that they have been, have a guru to me … But this is absolutely not interested. If the person does not have a harmonious approach, then nothing can save him. Therefore I urge you, these mysteries – they are, on the one hand, on the surface. On the other hand – exercise more than simple. But most importantly, if you rock the swing, get into the rhythm of the swing, not just waving a hand, you know? Why are there three times the word “harmony”? If you do everything in harmony, then you are doing and feel that I want to do. If you feel that something has gone there, that’s when you can be strengthened. And when people come and say, “No, I want to just reinforce and feel … I want to! Want!”

Well, I do not know if anyone else teaches differently, but as far as I know, all the teachers are not particularly fond of this approach. There are systems that are really using the respiratory movements can bring you into a state of polutransa. There are all kinds of exercises such as holotropic breathwork, and others. A separate conversation about them. With all due respect…

Indeed, the practice of a very strong man, as they say, “flies”. But, you know, it’s a one-time mission. And we have …

What is the criterion for such a person?

“Here, I passed a certain kind of breathing exercises, something was revealed to me that something was closed, I have something in itself has changed …”

I met him a year later, I say, “Well, do you do that?”


“By the same?”

He: “No, do not do it.”

He had barely remembers what was the practice. That is, the apple – for apples. If this is a one-time action – broads really light a wedge has converged, something opened, then something closed, then two weeks you go – Yeah, really gone! And forgot what it had a year – then you should understand that these breathing approaches, by and large, do not work.

Why yoga thousands of years spent at this great time? And why are we something so different, that we are now able to do all of this in three days? we can not do! Do not have time to readjust the body internally.

Again and again – I did not belittle the value of such assaults in the fast breathing exercises, but if we want to get the highest reward, if we really want to master Pranayama – yoga, we must have patience. And there is no extremism. There is extremism – will result.

Once again I remind you that, according to the tradition of our school of yoga, yoga can not be taught but can be learned. My problem – it is only to eliminate the obvious, visible obstacles. Your task – to rediscover this ancient teaching, listening to your body. Therefore, in any case, you will have this ancient practice by himself for the reopen. Reopen you can, if you are in harmony, listen to yourself. It is impossible to teach outside.


The uniqueness of Kriya Yoga

I will constantly use “our school of yoga.” What I mean? We have a regular yoga, just have some features in the approaches, especially in the sequence of exercises. We started, as they say, from the end. We learned that when done correctly, Mantra – Yoga Pranayama automatically starts running. We learned that Pranayama should begin with the navel center, and to do so shallow breathing. And the third point in the next practice. We have an absolutely wonderful yoga, which is called “Kriya – Yoga.”

The uniqueness of Kriya – Yoga is that it seamlessly from one yoga can transfer you to another. For example, practicing Kriya – yoga, you can seamlessly switch to Hatha – yoga, without undue stress on the body. Catching Kriya – yoga, you can gradually move to the practice of meditation, meditation classes. Catching Kriya – Yoga, which is very important, you can gradually move to Pranayama. And there is an equal Kriya – yoga – she gently takes you to Pranayama. To set a conscious exercise of Prana through the respiratory movements.

But once again: the most important thing – the harmony when you are doing and want to do. The most important thing – to understand how to swing the swing, and only then with a force them to shake, use force. If you are not caught by the tail this harmony – it is useless to you, even with a very large force to do so.

Come sometimes sane guys quite strong, felt – flint man, with time he will make a good judge. But, unfortunately, Yama and Niyama in these little things, he has not yet passed. He still thinks that now it unceremoniously takes three days. Do not take it! As long as there is no internal harmony, a sense of Prana flows, harmony with the whole universe, the harmony of continuity – this influx comes. He did not feel the inside harmony. And if you do not feel – he does not understand the speed with which it is necessary to inhale and exhale. And the complexity of Pranayama is that Pranayama exercises to perform can be formally taught for twenty minutes every. It is only necessary to grasp the tail fine. Now if we grab hold of the thin structure of the tail – the tail of Prana, then the physical movements will be transmitted to the thin structure, and fine structures will lead to an influx of Prana. If this harmony is not – it is useless to do these exercises.

Divers, swimmers do their breathing professionally, and only those achieving success in Pranayama, which, like a fish in water, feel where to breathe, where exhale. Only in this case they are suitable for work – and all the other divers. They can hold their breath, giperventilirovat easy to sink to the bottom, different methods. But this is not Pranayama. This oxygenation of the body to the weathering of carbon dioxide, but Pranayama. Pranayama has no relation at all to oxygen and air. Pranayama – is the influx of subtle energy, prana, breathing and movement indirectly. They indirectly. Sometimes such nonsense written in books – ostensibly Yogi pulls Prana from the air. Yes, he pulls it out of the air, but also of all the surrounding space. As well as from the entire cosmic reality environment. I say: “In the past about the oxygen ancient yogis did not know why they called oxygen Prana.” Nonsense! Prana – not oxygen.

Therefore, the physical plays second.


Cleansing the internal energy channels

We have internal energy channels that are contaminated. The concept of the mud – a relative term. Mud called things not relevant. When we have things that it is desirable that it was not, it is called mud. This dirt is not absolute and in relative terms.

Here are our internal channels contaminated with these inappropriate things. What are these things? my answer would be very strange: on the physical level, this is a purely physical matter. Sometimes referred to as slag, sometimes – toxins. The fact is that it is a natural substance blocks, makes a different work our whole body inside the factory – on a physical level.

But there are also other contaminants, more subtle – the so-called associative, or contamination from the impressions. Ironically, within us there is such a stable emotional-energy structure, which is within us something or squeezing, or, conversely, unclenched. Or as soon as the external conditions of any show us some picture, we, like Pavlov’s dogs, triggered internal instincts, and we are some internal reaction, often completely unconscious. Set these negative impressions, fingerprints, soul cake … Here we are with something faced with the unpleasant – all unpleasant aftertaste remains: “Ugh!” And, in fact, it is in terms of Pranayama – Yoga balances some impressions, which is clamped and blocked within us. Do not give power to go free. And from these points will definitely have to get rid of. These are our some previous experience, our likes, dislikes, which is not quite appropriate to split into fragments. Fragments messed up and did not understand that behind what is becoming. We become bearers of emotional stuff. So, in terms of Pranayama is also a contamination of channels.

When performing exercises all this stuff starts to quietly sleep of us go out, and in its place comes the pure experience, pure association, clean feeling. And it will be a long process. Sometimes it takes several years, sometimes it takes a few months, but as soon as the channel cleared, feeling such a person, to say that he was born again – it does not say anything. It is as if the stones out of it really rained. Some cargo fell off. In the known texts describe these states, I am not going to quote them, I just then you will send to the original sources, where you can read it yourself.

Feeling quite incredible. Without a lot of things with which you have lived for many years, and it seemed that without it can not be, after the occupation of the active Pranayama – yoga, you suddenly see that it is not only possible, but also to live. Without all this inner hash of all our experiences, fears, likes, dislikes, plans, no plans – just what’s inside cover. Pranayama methods we start it all cleaned out.

Does anyone of you cleaning sewers? Polezesh – everything is black, smelly, stretches. The same analogy and purification of internal channels, only on an emotional level. From this we should get rid of garbage. Once we get rid of it – all the channels very well begin to pass energy. And so any extra portion of energy spreads freely. But if we did not catch the harmony and begin to practice Pranayama vigorously – I cite the example of “gentlemen bustler” who want to three days, and they think that the steeper the exercise, the more they made it, the more something is achieved. So, nothing but a headache, they will not get. Get so they will pump an energy, and this energy begins to inflate them, but instead of having to go through the channels redistributed in a very pleasant inner feelings … (Yes, pranayama gives a very pleasant inner feelings). So, instead they get a sharp pain, become sharp, antsy, inadequate people. The more they themselves pumped up, the more inadequate becomes.

It is a question of cleansing channels. By itself, Pranayama cleans channels, so when people come to me to learn yoga sane people, I say to all of them: “Guys, I beg you, do not force Pranayama. Do not do more than your body allows. “

In this sense, better to spend a few years and achieve results than unceremoniously jump – and do not get anything.

Question – but where is the emotional pollution?

Each of us remembers that he has a personal “I”, and this “I” is connected with a group of our bodies through the association. And in this regard, is the influx of Prana.

Now the tips:

1. During a disconnect thoughts. Give yourself to feelings. Harmonious energy sensations will bring you own.

2. Do not force. Do not rush. Otherwise there will be a painful reaction.

3. Find your own rhythm. And his own execution.

4. Begin to engage in the street or on a balcony at an open window.

5. After studying a rest. Redistributes energy. Not going to do it – do not reach.

6. A strict diet, personal diet, lack of preservatives.

7. You do not have to work too much and do not have to mess around. Work – in moderation. This is the way of life – I mean, if we go to work or learn at the institute.

8. If practicing ascetic method abstain from sex; if practicing the fast track, have sex only in accordance with the yoga of sex.

9. Control to communicate with others. By all means to avoid contact with people who you do not like. Do everything possible. Reduce communication to a minimum.

10. Perform Pranayama preferably at the same time and in the same place. The time and place must be suitable.

11. Combine Pranayama with other yogic practices.

These are some of the most frequently requested advice. Now, I quickly run across it with comments.

We are all, well, not all, have read books on breathing exercises. We have some concepts, ideas. We sometimes think that we know how it will be. We are waiting for some feeling of Pranayama.

We can read many different books on Pranayama. As practice shows, the more you look at Pranayama books, the slower you go. This paradox. All re-read the books, everybody starts to sit and remember the teachings – breathe on one measure, delayed by four, exhale for two and more. A person begins to engage in Pranayama, it is in the head, with one hand holding his own ideas about how it should be, on the other hand – a good smart teaching, but in a context that is not quite appropriate. And it all starts with his fold. As a result, rather than surrender to the process and to focus on what is happening inside, he begins feverishly to remember – that he did so, not so much as paused doderzhat – not doderzhat, and as a result it does not work.

When you practice Pranayama – you have to remember – keep your mind completely empty. Or thoughts come and go, but you do not react to them.

Why it is very difficult to teach Pranayama? Because it is a very intimate process, it can not be formalized.

Why? Because here the rough transitions in thin, thin – the thinnest in. The slightest nuances, the smallest memories, the smallest your reaction, you like or do not like – it can all or strengthen or put an end to your pranayama. In this sense the “tail of Prana.” So turn off your mind, turn off the notion that it should be. A man sits and thinks, “Now I will be so-and-so.” This deadlock decision Pranayama. Sit down and just do, and what will be – will be.

Why is this happening? Unfortunately, the thought process consumes a huge amount of Prana, first of all, free of Prana. Once again, the thought, like leeches, they immediately suck all the free Prana. As a result, people suffer from obsessive thoughts. It is the scourge of mankind – thoughts constantly revolve, they are afraid, they are forced to tremble, they suck, squeeze energy. It is true tormentors of mankind.

You buy a really good treatise, it really observe a pause, a breath on one measure, exhale for four – it is a very good lesson, but it will come to you and so very gradually. But if you think about it, this idea becomes obsessive, it will suck the energy, and you should feel the Prana, and it will go on to capture your thoughts, and you will not feel the taste of Prana. I speak metaphorically, but you must understand. If you feel you do not understand that at all – Prana. Answer it harder to master than Pranayama. I do not know how to explain what Prana. I just do not know. It’s like a breath after a stuffy room when you go out after the storm and inhale. This flight, inspiration, clarity – all in one bottle. Explain it is almost impossible, you have to feel it all. Teach you that no one can except you, you do have to teach yourself.

You must rediscover yoga. Yoga can not be taught, only God teaches yoga, all the rest is only removed the obstacles in your way. You have to reopen it. And the extra mental concept nullify practice. And if you give sensations … yes, will the thoughts come and go. Some kind of out of it, out of it and go, and more and more, more and more energy every time we are smoother, more harmonious, clear – but it is through the process of feeling, of what is happening inside.

Do not force, do not hurry – these are the first two steps of the Eightfold Path in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Until you develop them within yourself, the universe will open to you the secrets, she closes them from you. The universe is very cleverly hides some secrets. Moreover, the criterion of who can open secrets, and who does not, is sometimes our behavior, our way of life, how we behave.

And you know where those guards that we do not give it a higher knowledge?

We have inside. They themselves and block. This is a tricky system. The yoga system is able to defend itself. On the one hand, for the people clean, open to all over the world have decided to help – on a silver platter. At, take it, enjoy it! And a person takes, uses and receives. And for people who are self-centered, selfish, but still somewhere positive, it opens, but more slowly. The more inside somewhere wrong views, the more bad habits …

A man always in a hurry, always until the end did not finish – it is useless to practice Pranayama. It does not advance it’s there, because he did not work in the previous stage of its evolution. First, learn to be patient, nezanoschivym, calm, and do not rush – it worked, to develop. And then again – and it opened, now and in doing Pranayama.

Why do I say this to you all? Because each of us has its flaws, we all make mistakes, I’ve made mistakes, so many mistakes. Students I … Five years of hard training did not lead absolutely nowhere, except for shortness of breath. It is sad.

Find your own rhythm. How many times to do, how long, what time of day – it is all given to you at the mercy of. You are doing something, get a result, analyzing.

Next – the rest after each session will have a habit, and we do not make these mistakes.

Strict personal diet. We have already touched on this topic. Each of us must work out their own personal diet, suitable only for us. The fact that the neighbor works for us may not work, even if he succeeded in Pranayama.

You do not have to work too much or too little. If you’re a workaholic, you’re in, it overheats the body. We produce energy, and then she spent on the job. Body as a heavy load. This is not much a violation, but, all the same, a reasonable approach – combine work with leisure. As in the West – there are good people work, good rest.

Farther. With regard to sex – this is a very serious issue. In fact, I, of course, a few words to say, though, to be honest, it’s a combination of boundless reservoir of sexual practices with breathing, which in a nutshell is practically not say. The only thing that there is a very serious law, some triad – three manifestations of the relationship of man. Inside man connected three things – it’s his thought process, his breath and his sexual energy. Acting on the one we can affect the other two. Or, on the contrary, working on the other two, we selectively working on one thing. Therefore, having sex can make a success in Pranayama to “no” if we have sex with energy losses. Similarly, if we have sex, as prescribed in the well-known yoga, we called it “Yoga Alliance”, the so-called “sex without losses”, on the contrary, vo-pervyh himself that sex greatly accelerates Pranayama, vo-vtoryh , remove all side effects. On the other hand, Pranayama, in turn, greatly raises the sexual potential. And there are two approaches.

I know people who say, “Everything will be half to lead an ascetic life, I will control myself! I want to make a breakthrough in Pranayama! “

Very commendable, remarkable. But this is not always optimal, is not always wise. Depending on what you are driving lifestyle and proceed. We lecture was once about sex – sex trifled with. All attempts to crush sometimes lead to the opposite.

Next – control communication. Monitoring in communication – this is about the distribution of karmic debts. We have karma – to communicate with people with whom we do not want to communicate. It is our karma, if it was not our karma, we would not even have seen, did not know that they exist in the world. Since we are dealing with them, then willy-nilly, if we have a lot of Prana – Prana begins to flow to them. On the one hand, the process seems to be not bad – they just near us, so we give them something to be. Well, just have to, let them take.

On the other hand – it is not always wise, when we are just beginning to learn Pranayama, because they can take more than the time to come to us, and we feel extreme discomfort. Therefore, at the time of study such serious practices very desirable to dose their communication. And if we have negative karma so tempted to kakim-to their friends to talk, and we gde-to subconscious know that we are after this communication will be squeezed like a lemon, but go and talk, and then truly squeezed like a lemon, it is our negative karma. These thoughts were caught. If we have to pull – no, do not go there to lose. It is too early. But then when a lot of money – will distribute to all debts.

Preferably in the same time in the same place to do, because all kind and all the surrounding atmosphere sets you on the right footing. You sat down, and everything went. It is desirable that no one will interfere. But our country’s bad karma housing is extremely bad. Therefore, not all, unfortunately, have the opportunity to engage in a private room in a separate location, and so on. Therefore, we are looking for a good, the best of the worst. And engaged in the same place at the same time.

Now – it is highly desirable to begin to learn Pranayama in the fresh air. If you start to learn Pranayama in the fresh air, you are about fifty percent of future ambushes uncheck. It is highly desirable, if you have good karma, if you have the opportunity to engage in the street – were engaged in the street. If you can not on the street, then let it be a balcony. If there is no balcony, let it be an open window. If you have the opportunity – start on the street. In any weather, dress warmer, everything goes well.

Now is when we must deal with. It is desirable to do in the moments when the whole of nature calms down. It is nice and with minimal losses, if we begin to engage in early spring or fall, when all nature is either calm down before awakening, or calms down before going to sleep. In these moments, when we begin to perform Pranayama – all this harmony, diffused throughout the environment, it contributes to the fact that our mind calms down, and we easily feel the inner state of harmony and overcome all the troubles that we can expect.

Now the most important, the key question. Here you choose to practice Pranayama.

Where to start and how long do?

We must start with the exercises you will learn in our seminar today. There are others, but, unfortunately, we can not accommodate them within the framework of our seminar, we are limited by time. But we must begin with these anyway. Moreover, other exercises – a variation of the same.

Once again – the secret of Pranayama is not in how many different exercises you do, not how intensively you do them, and how often, all that is secondary. This is one of the major mysteries of Pranayama.

In Pranayama, if you grasped the inner harmony of Prana – all, no matter what you do, it turns into Pranayama. Conversely, if you have not caught the tail that inner harmony of Prana inflow – does not work. On the contrary – you start to deal with, and worse and worse. Well, in the best case, will develop lighter, which, in general, not bad, but Pranayama – is something else, it’s psychic energy.

Now, one more thing – Prana where more and where less. It is a mystical kind of thing – Prana. In all the beautiful places: the river, the sea, the ocean, the mountains, where everything is harmonious and beautiful, where the fresh air – for some reason, there are many Prana. Typically, in these areas do health resorts. their health People want to touch up, come somewhere in the Caucasus, and everything vibrates, for some reason, there it in abundance. Man there prescribed pills and the like, and other treats – the atmosphere itself. The doctor says: “Yes, this medicine worked!”

Unfortunately, doctors have to smile in any game to keep, but sometimes it is determined by the presence of a person in the right place. Moreover, there are places rotten, the place where the lack of Prana, painful place where you feel bad. I know that in Southeast Asia, there are places – anyone went there and immediately picked up a fever. Prana is gone, and off we go. Maybe it’s some other kind of Prana, I do not know, this is a very complex topic.

I emphasize again – is not energy, it is rather praenergiya, but it is even and as consciousness. Very strange. When Prana only to reduce energy, to a certain extent this is correct, but not completely honest. So, if you have chosen a beautiful place – on nature, where nothing hinders, and this place could be anywhere.

I literally walked through Moscow recently, sometimes you come into some alley and feel – yes, it’s here, and sometimes even go in the woods and you feel uncomfortable. That is, should be private. If we live somewhere, then we practice Pranayama where we live, but most importantly – on the air. I again and again to do the accent – on the air. It is just as important as the rest after Pranayama. If you are engaged in air – you very quickly, harmoniously grab the all the things I tell you.

Now a little digression. Why do people smoke? For one simple reason – they indirectly perform Pranayama. It is their soothing and nicotine … Yes, a chemical in the metabolism once it is built, but so many people calm uniform breaths to some abstract place. This is a deeper phenomenon, so smoking is much harder to get rid of. Who does not smoke – do not start. This is an analogue of Pranayama, but for ordinary people.

God preserve me advertise nicotine and consequences. To be honest, it is necessary to poprizhat cigarettes.

Why do we have some substances are considered taboo, and the prosecution is for some substance? A nicotine than better or worse? Although the force of action – the same thing. Some sort of illogic. But I am concerned. In any case, it should not be in one-step access to. Let there be in any supermarket, but to try him even reaching. And in fact, smoking is now all – it’s bad. Who has already begun – where to go? The question is, who did not start.

Now the most important point. Pranayama – this thing is psychophysical, meaning your images, thoughts and feelings during the execution of play no less important than what you do physically. Only if what you are doing physically, blends in harmony with the inner spirit – only if you have a chance to catch the tail of Prana, not before. Therefore, any nuances are important here. There is such a good psycho-physiological method. Everything in our associative. The main tool that connects our “I” with our body – is an associative channel. Inside we have an associative channel forms the main channel of our existence, it is the central channel – Sushumna. It connects our energy with our consciousness and goes somewhere in the region of the spine. It is absolutely empty, straight, sky-blue color. This is the main associative channel, after which the auxiliary associative channels are built.

Supporting associative channels following the Sushumna, Ida and Pingala are. Paired two channels, which are on either side of the Sushumna. There are a huge number of other smaller canals, list them no opportunity nor the inclination nor the time. These associative channels are becoming more and more subtle. But any associative connection that occurs in life, any response to experience – is, strictly speaking, your associative channel. it is only a thin as gossamer, it can be quickly removed and easily drawn. Basic channels – they are fundamental, they are all our life is built. Therefore, the fundamental associative channels we clean, they are necessary. And that formed a parasitic manner in which the Prana goes, we do like cobweb broom, sweep away with himself.

Even such a thing theoretical: since all that unites our “I” with our body, there are associative links, we have no real tools to change themselves but associative. That is, it says that in order to break an association, we have to create an associative tool is your imagination, if you will, then reinforce it with their feelings and energy, and then inside to clean all this mess.

Today, we have learned four exercises. And you know that these exercises are more than enough for Pranayama? For our purposes today, even though we know perfectly the theory of Pranayama, even if we know a lot of other exercises, no less common and less useful, here it should start with. If you do not learn how to perform these exercises – believe me, you others, too, did not learn how to do.

Now such a moment. If you begin to practice Pranayama very seriously, of course, your whole life will change. I do not know a single person who would not have changed life – for the better, of course – of those who have ever engaged in Pranayama. It changes everything. But during cleaning can be very painful and unpleasant. So I warn you once – about manic behavior after you go Prana. It is a great temptation with a sense of power, a sense of energy to restore order in armor, take up some things. Why do I say this? It is very real life situations, scenarios, with which I, for example, has to face on a routine basis. Although it sounds a bit strange – why is the man suddenly punches in some activity?

More like a punch! Therefore, if you do Pranayama, you come inflow of energy, and suddenly begin any fixed ideas, concepts – a revolution, the powers that be replaced by a more righteous people, punish the villains, a spectrum can be a variety of things – you know, that the highest sense of the word you have not lost a man, you have a sense of justice, it is a sense of justice will be exacerbated to the limit, you are at the site can not sit still, looking at what is happening around.

You see the paradox and the danger – indeed, with eyes like a bandage subsides. If you like, call it a supernormal. You will look at the person and speak – is stealing. Or – embezzler, bribes. And it will be confirmed with a certain degree.

And you, of course, if you previously did not pay attention to this injustice and pain of the world, once you begin to practice Pranayama vigorously, it will appear very sharp!

You will want to do something. So against this point and I warn you. Wait to do. Because it is possible to commit follies. If you do something, remember the principle of ahimsa. Not to harm any living being unless absolutely necessary, even if it is a living creature – a scoundrel last. A better direct their time, their lives to help people, to the extent that you can.

In this sense, you have a huge potential.

What does Pranayama? Mastered Pranayama – learn how to treat the laying on of hands. In the literal sense of the word – if you feel the Prana, it will start to flow in any associative channel. You just need to look at the sick man, begin to empathize with him – as you have established associative channel, and Prana begins to flow from you to him. Very serious ability.

I know doctors – doctors why I have admired and respected? Among them are different people, to be honest, but there are among them, as they say, from God. There is a doctor who will talk with you, look at you, and the easier it becomes. He even prescribe you some medicine, but in fact all power was in the doctors. He just gave Prana. As they say, from God. It is said that if a person is engaged in Pranayama, he has such an opportunity appears. This is a very serious challenge – to help people. Unfold creativity, greatly develops the intellect. Very greatly increased vitality.

But the flip side is also waiting for – start cleaning the body, and it is usually very painful, it is directly proportional to the way you do with any effort. This is directly proportional to the cleansing of the body. It is very painful. Over the ability to pay a very good price. In the future, you will begin to feel the pain of others more than his own. As in the joke: someone bumped his head, and you bump grew. Once this starts to happen, you know – you are on the verge of superpowers. Unable to possess superpowers and be in his shell. Supernormal comes only after there is no difference between your body and all around the world. Only in this way you are able to do something.

I’m going to show you the balance. On the one hand, a very large open horizons. On the other hand, things are opened sufficiently painful. And I warn you once again – Extremism, because so tempted to make a revolution. This is not a funny word, I know real people who have been doing. All. These four exercises.

I would be very happy if we began to slowly learn Pranayama, doing these four exercises.

How much time to devote to Pranayama?

We must start with 15 minutes 1 time per day.

Then I would have been happy if we started twice, too, for 10-15 minutes.

But in the future – this is how you go inside everything. If it goes, it can slowly build up. Again, I warn you – it’s like drinking wine. You do not understand at what point you start to get drunk. That is, you drink, drink, like a sober, like you jokes are normal, and then the next day you say that you are there something worked. In Pranayama is the other side – you will have no restrictions.

Usually, people are very shy, typically to help the world, you must gather the nerve to express yourself, what you are.

Usually, people are very modest, particularly those engaged in yoga – they will not say the words aloud themselves clamped, so as not to offend others.

This is a good position, but if we want something real people do to help, you have to learn how to express themselves. And when we begin to practice Pranayama, in a good sense intoxication Prana comes – when we no longer care how we are perceived: we scold, praise, share our point of view is not shared. This is a very good tool to make something real. But, unfortunately, this is a very dangerous tool, if we start to do some lewdness, thinking that we are doing something useful.

Well, finally, the most important – it is the principle of harmony. All physical exercise – it is just one part of Pranayama. If there is no sensation of internal harmony if there is no influx of life … You can practice Pranayama, and some thoughts will very easily come and go. You calm down, and then more and more power … If you are doing twice a day, it has such a rhythm of work – a boost in the morning, in the evening push – you’re in a kind of rhythm you fall. And the main thing here – to match it with the world, because it interferes with work, more precisely, imposes its own prints. Ambient air, food, communication – all factors.

All this in a very serious lump sum, and you have to be careful. Dangers – again! – In Pranayama it is not obvious. We are waiting for one, and comes from the other side. We are waiting for that feeling should be, and begin to quarrel with his family and friends, and in fact a continuation of Pranayama can be. We must be careful, as one climber – rescuers. He crawled, crawled up to this mountain, feel – that something is not right, turned and crawled. And the second, which is useful – it crushed, then barely pulled him out.

Now the next time. It is extremely important to learn how to breathe through the nose. If someone has a habit of breathing through the mouth, mark it to himself and gradually try to get rid of this habit. But if some of it is caused by diseases – the nose does not breathe – is a different story. But if your nose runs, and we breathe through your mouth – it is a serious symptom, to stop and think. This yoga is considered to be unreasonable. If somewhere in a hurry, running, breathe through your mouth – this is normal. There are exercises in yoga, when we breathe through the mouth especially – this is normal. But yoga is believed that in normal daily life, we have to breathe exclusively through the nose – to us and it is given.


– You said to start with fifteen minutes – a total of four exercises. It turns out very little …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Breathing exercise for four minutes – is not enough. It’s not small, it’s even normal. Another thing is that I’m told to “fifteen minutes”, but did not say what kind of exercise. And of these four exercises you can choose from. You can make one, maybe two, but you can all four – that is at the mercy of you. It happens that somewhere a voice exercise do not, everyone will look back at you – whether you’re in the right? Sometimes when a voice is very easily done. For example, strangely enough, by the voices sometimes negative impact of any room is overcome.

But the street is good to breathe alternately. Another question – where. Still a lot of different factors. Suppose you have laid the nostrils, and alternately breathing very hard. Focus then on the first two exercises. That is – play exercises. And in the end – that I did not – it’s more advanced techniques in Pranayama – yoga. Talk about them before you have mastered this, it makes no sense.

There are several exercises – one of them is the key. This is a game with the air. Even performing these exercises, play with the air, modify the exercise, “now so, but now – so little” to exercise itself brought you on how to do it.

It is impossible to teach Pranayama. Pranayama can only learn. Only the Lord God teaches Pranayama, I do not teach Pranayama, and no one else teaches Pranayama. I just remove the obstacles in your way that you rediscovered Pranayama. Therefore, certain amount of creativity in approach is required: “It’s so, so here a little, there a delay, but here I will not do …”.

It should be remembered.

And finally, the last thing – pay attention to the back. If you practice Pranayama, eventually straighten itself back. But if you straighten your back, it will go faster and Pranayama. Therefore it is good to take it a habit to back, neck and head were in a straight line, so that nothing hurt inside. You do not have to sit the way I am. Sit on a chair, on a cushion, somehow, back, neck, head – straight. You can not sit down – do the exercises, lying is permitted. You can not lie – do standing – is allowed. The only thing that it is highly desirable that the back, neck and head are straight.


– When do Pranayama, mantra, you can visualize?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Good question. When we do Pranayama, an important part of – our images. So sometimes visualized mantra in her writing, or any picture, or something else, it is each individual.

Generally there is a golden rule: it went spontaneously – for and cling. One way of spontaneous one, the other – the other. I remember one uncle, was an electrical engineer by training. He has some very specific images of the three-phase currents, there is something here goes, here goes. He immediately brought forth some sort of transformer section. This is the same associative tool, just like everyone else. He had quite a specific burden for him. The yogis sometimes very often recommended to provide Mantra. Sometimes it’s a huge amount – for example, in the Tibetan yogis is known mantra, they are hooked, that’s a definite hook – in different ways.

The only thing that unites these practices – an associative image, which either spontaneously born, or close to us and does not cause rejection. Therefore, we can meditate in our part of the net stream of prana, that we “Om” breathe in and out all of our fears and lumps. Either way is acceptable.


– At the seminar on the mantra – yoga has shown an association of Kundalini – yoga and our speech. You can talk about communication Kundalini breathing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– This is a very complex topic. In fact, all these yogis, they have little overlap. Explain Kundalini – Yoga with Pranayama standpoint – Yoga can only be her way as to awaken the Kundalini energy. In fact, the associative tool of Pranayama, with whom we are working, he is not only aimed at the purification of the body and bring the excess of Prana, but also to awaken our basic energy called “kundalini”, which is located at the base of the body.

A very strange thing, a very strange energy, our only energy. All the others – this is a special case of its manifestations.

The question arises, as well as the Kundalini Pranayama is associated with? If Prana – such as energy and Kundalini – energy? At this point there the next moment, in different ways explained in different schools. In some schools, they say that every respiratory movement attracts Prana. In other states that not only attracts, but also connects the inner consciousness with the internal energy, or more precisely, carries out their connection, and consciousness expands, and the energy is expanding.

A lot of interpretations. Unfortunately, that’s such a clear response from the academic point of view of yoga, I can not give you.

I can recall once again. Unfortunately, all this knowledge came to us in a very abbreviated form. A huge part of the knowledge was lost, very few people imagines what it is, so I can tell what I know on the subject, but it would take too much time.


– From the standpoint of yoga, which is included, is born mechanism of inspiration and expiration, when we are born?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Generally speaking, it is our desire to live, our desire being. This is one of our most deep-seated structures. We wish to live in this body, in this our body must be maintained. Once in the body there was a lack of energy, it begins an associative link between our body and our “I”, roughly speaking, stretch, and we instinctively begins the influx of Prana. Man struck: “Ah, it hurts”, held his breath, squeezed his hands. What did he do?

In the breath-hold, he unleashed some small portion of Prana, hands and mind, sent to where the hit. Such instinctive, intuitive self. So we just clamped his mouth. We do not breathe, do not breathe, and then again, all our thoughts are gone, the hand itself fell, we fell into a swoon, but we continue to breathe. It is deep enough serious phenomenon. This is our “I” voleizyavlyaet live – in the form of a body, and all that’s in danger, is swept away.


– How to relax, doing on the street?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– Good question, a serious subject. I usually recommend that if we do on the street, take this type of camping mat and find a secluded place to just lie and lie.

Sometimes it happens that this is not possible, and there is a sub-variant of rest – this exercise when you lean forward. Here the effect of relaxation is that you did not have a strong-willed determination to keep himself, and the most relaxed body to inside the channels opened up and the energy flowed. In some cases, such as yoga posture – wise it is like vacation. But nevertheless, it is desirable to lie down. Lying on his stomach or may be on the back – it also does not matter.

Now – if you do not rest after Pranayama, and jumped up and ran. There are different kinds, alarm clock or cell phone rang – a call that you have been waiting for three days. You can not miss, what to do? Clearly, you jumped up and ran, solved all their problems – then the rest after. It is also allowed. Realizing the error – corrected.

If, after a phone call: “Fast work”, it is necessary to do something, and you get run, then compensate the individual, remembering rest. Home even – association between employment and recreation. Sometimes different karma.


– There is a meditative practice – the “purification of the mind.” I would like to clarify – because thought consumes Prana, whether the result of purification of the mind increase of Prana in the human body or its inflow decreases as the liberation of the mind from thinking?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev:

– A wonderful addition, but only in the framework of the seminar can not cover everything. If you start to struggle with your thoughts, then you released Prana. Poor comparison, ugly, but in life – thoughts, like rats, take away our vitality. There are thought necessary – to work, to communicate, to live. And any thoughts parasites. And energy, Prana, it is to a certain extent, and this rat burrows all pull apart, and we are powerless. If we practice meditation we purify or reduce the number of thoughts – it was a hundred billion of thoughts per second, and therefore ninety-nine billion – the energy is distributed already on fewer, so every thought becomes sharper, more juicy, it becomes nourished with energy, and this energy is already higher stock.

Therefore, the smaller the thoughts in my head, the greater the flow of energy, we feel in the body. My comparison again incorrect, but in life – sometimes a man has no strength, he was in trouble, chaos in my head that makes our srednestatichesky man?

He goes to the store to buy a bottle of vodka, pours a glass, bang, drank. Due to the action of chemicals, which I deny. But this is not the way, and a reason to become an alcoholic – I’m here saying this is not an argument “for”, and as an illustration. At any time in a person’s head under the influence of alcohol reduces the number of thoughts. That is the way our body. Some energy is released, and he says: “Oh! Feel better! “

Feel better you, dear, not vodka, but from the fact that the amount of thought has been narrowed, and even excess energy allocated in the body. If we reach a state of thoughtlessness, at least for a fraction of a second, we feel a sharp tide, wave Prana. It was spent on these thoughts, and little thoughts that oppressed us. Usually we go …. “Oh, everything is bad, it’s bad.” But every thought feeds on our own energies. And if we have these thoughts from yourself delete – this energy be released. And, first of all, it is free up as your well-being.

The energy pumped from the thoughts gives a push. That is why we are engaged in Hatha – yoga. Hatha – yoga, we thought by squeezing sensations and feelings, we then disable. After the lesson, you tend to feel more rested than before the training. Here is the answer. Therefore, any practice of meditation, strictly speaking, also lead to an increase of Prana. Once again, there is the triple bond – sexual energy, breathing and thoughts. And acting on one another, we can increase. In this case, we are at the expense of energy thoughts increase the amount of Prana.



In the world Pranayama almost no one teaches, and if teaching, then a monument to him in his lifetime should be put – is very hard to teach Pranayama. There are cases where people have spent five – six years of unsuccessful attempts to master Pranayama. Therefore, first of all, we will remove the most obvious obstacles, we will slowly start to practice, and over the years to come.

We will do a little warm-up exercise, which we need for Pranayama, but it is, oddly enough, to be a voice. So, sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head, raising the tip of the tongue as high as possible, as if trying to swallow my tongue and begin to sing the mantra “M”.

This exercise of mantra – yoga. Why is it necessary? If the Mantra -yoga and, first of all, this exercise is done properly, then over time normalize your breath and your breath, and you really begin to gradually approach to Pranayama. Exercise, which we did, sometimes called in Sanskrit recitation of the Mantra “Om” – “Pranava”.

1. If the mantra is performed correctly, it automatically leads to Pranayama.

2. If Pranayama, they say, “did not go”, you feel uncomfortable, sometimes very strong, the practice of mantra allows you to correct the error and remove the discomfort.

Like climbers have a spare rope harness and Mantra -yoga – spare a safety rope in all yogas.

When you have got into some area where dangerous enough, after all, Pranayama Yoga Yoga quite dangerous in this sense, it is always good to have a spare rope. You never know what’s there. Now, Mantra – yoga – a spare rope. Generally, it is a spare rope for all yogas. In the first place, for the sexual yogas, there is generally the most important thing. In yoga breathing is a very strong help. So remember: if you did not work, then in the future – this is the recipe.

3. The most important principle when dealing with Prana – harmony, harmony, and harmony once again.

What do you mean “harmony”, and why three times? The answer is simple – if in Hatha – yoga simply the word “harmony”, the Pranayama – Yoga – three times as much. If not respected the principle of harmony, you will not move a single step. More precisely, as Vladimir Ilyich Lenin – “one step forward, two steps back.” That will be about the same situation with Pranayama.

How to start a study of Pranayama without undue negative consequences? From the navel center. Remember that when we emerged into the light, we have been attached by the umbilical cord to our mother. Navel center – it is just the center of the physical dominance. Action Prana, primarily manifested in the fact that our body does not fall apart, that no infection from the outside we did not eat. Umbilical fire does not allow external negative factors destroy us. At the same time, the umbilical fire destroys at the elementary components of the food that we are eating. We all ate something, and it’s been used to structure another organism. Umbilical Prana must destroy these structures to the ground, so that later we can incorporate them into your body. Therefore, the navel center in the beginning of the study of Pranayama should be given increased attention.

The first exercise that is necessary to do the following:

– Making the vibrational motion of the abdomen wall opposite the navel. Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale.

How to massage the navel Department. Very quickly, here and there. Now a full breath … to breathe, rest, breathed – again rested.

Why is it necessary to start from the navel center? The fact that it is a hearth that goes on last. In what would be a bad state, no matter how sick we are – begin to rebuild your body should be with him. Here are intertwined the basic channels that give us vitality. Start with other exercises is not optimal. It is necessary to stir up the fire of life, which somehow smoldering rather than one which is not. These rhythmic movements we make energy rouse, wake up. Then all will go more and more. This fire is blown, burn the dirt in the channels, and in the future we can practice more complex exercises.

This exercise is done in different variations, but the key, which you must always remember – it is harmony, harmony, and harmony once again. This is when you are doing and want to continue doing. Make, and as if to wave, to the rhythm of a tune. If stabbed unpleasant – so it is necessary to relax, do less, somehow change, modify. Unfortunately, these muscles are very hard to describe – how to do it. It seems like clear – abdominal wall move, huh? But as each inside – hard. Sometimes there are absolutely not developed the muscles in some. One made ten times, and have stabbed, hurt, and the other is two hundred times to do these movements, and all the same. Therefore, it is individually and the principle of harmony.

So, we do a certain number of breaths. Then, after the nth number of breaths, each individually, we do a full breath. And then a very interesting thing. We make the stomach in the form of a pitcher – inflate it. And the delay at this stage. “Delay” in Sanskrit sounds like “Kumbhaka” and another meaning of the word – a “pitcher.” Belly-pitcher. This leads to the fact that eliminates contamination in thin channels, and it is easier to make more complex exercises. We remember this exercise.

The next practical point – Kriya – Yoga. If you remember, in the Kriya – Yoga is an exercise about with this text: “… bend as under the burden of care, then shake off …” We make such movements, this movement is not breathing. I remind you that the process of breathing, harmonious change of muscles, ribs, causes that momentum going in the deep structures and deep structures are forced to stand or come a little Prana. And there is forced movement. They are not breathing, but they are even more force to connect the breathing impulses by which the portion by portion comes Prana. Let me remind you that, in the Kriya – Yoga is said that everything that is said is, do as you wish. Very serious system.

That is, the same exercise can be done with an inclination of the head, can be done without tilt – in a fairly wide spectrum. And the idea is as follows: the second exercise, she – the transition kriya.

So, we are doing this exercise. And since at some point, begin to slowly make this kriya, the so-called transitional kriya. And due to these movements, we rock the system. We call this activity “swinging”. Sometimes it is called “bhastrika” – bellows. To be honest, there is some confusion with the names.

The second exercise, or a third, if you count on working with voice – this is when we start to strengthen this movement is very powerful movements due to muscle back already. Bendable-extensor. This movement is like a fire as we kindle the fire. The analogy – you are in the navel center bonfire: first barely blow, so as not to blow away, but once kindled, immediately begin to enhance air flow. Here it is the same – to intensify. So here it is allocated in a separate exercise, because for weak people who have just started to learn Pranayama, of course, too early to add. And for people who have already passed the first stage, very well.

The main thing – to grasp the harmony within yourself. Did you catch like swing swing, and there was time to strengthen, at best. Make-do. Further thing – do, again, full of breath and delay, and delay – also very serious rule – lean forward. For a while we sit – if nice. And if you feel tense muscles – lean forward. It is necessary that had a habit of leaning forward. Also, the delay is sometimes very pleasant to pinch your fingers nostrils hands.

Why? Because then all the other muscles can be relaxed. When we stifle, everything is relaxed, except, of course, of the fingers. I lean forward, I completely relaxed. And thereby I have to force a redistribution of Prana. And then I have less need to lie down and rest. In addition, there is enough good reason to develop the habit of leaning forward. The fact is that, since I do not know, someone says that this is due to hyperventilation – I do not really believe, though, probably, and this is the component, but if Prana is directed to the center between the eyebrows, the yogi loses sense of reality . Quite simply say – everything is not to say that floated – and disappeared. Well, in one way or another with this, each of you will face, even if it is doing right now, so when you have the reality will fade if you toss back, you hurt banging his head. A forward – even if it knocks – samortiziruyut legs. This is important – that all was ok. This is the second exercise with greater activity begins to clean the channels, and once cleared the channels – Prana flows already with more intensity.

If, nevertheless, it so happened that one morning you could not stand up and even thought with regret – why did you go to sleep, it would be better not to lie down, maybe it would be easier. So, where we should start? From the first exercise. Try to break through the voice, through the “do not want”, and try to start working with the navel – a little-little breathing. Even if you are lying on the bed, start to rake from the place from which easier.

Mystery Pranayama is that it is a psycho-physiological system. The internal state of inner feelings here are much more important than the number of breaths. Therefore, it is highly desirable state of inner peace, calmness. Then you will understand how this harmony begins to emerge, grab for it, and begin more and more to attract her. But the most important thing – to seize. And given the following exercise, we call it “alternate breathing.”

There are many other sources of yoga schools, where it is called differently, but the meaning is the same: we alternately inhale through one nostril, exhale through the opposite, and then breathe through it well, and exhale through the opposite. Such alternate breathing. That is, we breathe the air stream as if we bumped inside, everything is clean and come out through the other nostril. Such a kind of “V – shaped” movement. The question is that the breath one nostril or the other.

Now all a little closer sat down, away from the walls. Now we will do this alternate breathing. Who is studying for a long time we have yoga, I know that there is such a beautiful Niassa – yoga, which accelerates the flow of yogic processes several times. Do you remember what Nyasa yoga – an amazing, wonderful yoga, but there it has two drawbacks: Nyasa long time to learn, and you Nyasa someone has to do. When you are doing on their own, who you going to do Nyasa? Need associates. To be like-minded, one must already be in another karmic level, you have to be quite sociable and open. Not all people who practice yoga, oddly enough, are ready for sociability – is the next step. So, I’ll ask the guys at the time, as long as you do the exercise, you do the proper Nyasa – in order to have the process go faster, so you will understand what is happening.

So, take any hand – left, right, whatever. Take your index finger, set at the point between the eyebrows. Then remember: never usually nostrils pinched his index and middle fingers. Hold the large, little finger and ring, and the two do not touch.

Therefore, to accurately index finger did not touch, place it at the point between the eyebrows. Inhale through one nostril – smoothly, quietly, slowly, and then exhale through the opposite nostril. Then inhale through it well, and exhale through the opposite.

Now – to breathe, and if we want to make the delay – we will do it. If you do not want – do not do.

On the exhale – you want to do delay exhalation – do not want – do not do. Maximum adapts to your feelings. Mind, if possible, eliminate from this decision, otherwise he will ruin us all his concepts.

Try to teach a person on a bicycle ride. If it is with the mind begins to learn – he immediately falls. Will think – on any leg pressure, how to raise.

Any spontaneous mental picture that helps us to do an exercise, it is welcome, and should not be ignored. This is our associative tool, and it eventually will help us get rid of all superfluous, unnecessary.

So, in this case, we do the following exercise – we visualize how the flow of air, the Prana, the energy – what you want – breaks into us. Here we have the central channel, the right channel is secondary, the flow is on the secondary channel to the base of the body, there is a tube strikes the base of the body. Imagine the whole flow of air sweeps the dust is discharged through the opposite side. How would our body blows. Then the other side of the upload to the net flow. He enters, mixed with our inner “mud.” What image has come, he is good. Imagine how it goes then through the opposite side. Reinforces our feelings associative image. The associative image after its reinforcement Prana ceases to be just an abstraction. It is starting to be a real tool, firstly for self-knowledge, and secondly, to change your inner world for the better, clean and so on. So, alternately we are doing, we present what I was saying. Guys, I ask to do the proper Nyasa left and right channel. To make it easier to focus, I play music, but, in fact, in nature, you may not need anything.

And as the curtain fell – some auxiliary exercises that will help you learn Pranayama. Why? Sometimes the nose is stuffed up. One nostril is working, the other – no. Sometimes the whole spectrum.

One exercise I will show and tell about the second. We have in hand a piece of fishing line, fishing line most usual, but thick enough. In general, the line can be more subtle, even, perhaps, it is too thick. Then take a lighter or matches, ignite and make a ball. Here, I have it too small, and could do more. And here comes a moment. When we gently, without sudden movements begin to insert the line into the nostril, quite shallow, further, further and reach the boundary of the moment, that all begin to sneeze today. With the tremendous force several times in a row – for this and given wipes. We reach this level, when we start to sneeze, and all. Then, in principle, the line can not miss. You will begin to sneeze five or six times, and the whole system is cleared. There are, of course, more fanatical followers of yoga, which are able to skip the line to the throat and pull out of his mouth. It is very simple, but I do not encourage you to do it now, it’s at your leisure. It is very simple, each of you to experiment at home. So, do first in one nostril, sneeze five times, then the other nostril, and then five times sneeze. This is enough.

So, here is such a wonderful experience, one of the subsidiary. She has a few side effects, positive, saying it sharpens visual acuity, all sorts of factors are.

The only thing I urge you – in all yogic practices with supporting tools necessary to apply common sense, do not hurt yourself. You know, there is a saying: “Make a fool to pray, and he smashes his forehead.” Common sense – do these practices when there is a need for this.

Now another thing – if, indeed, we have laid the nose, this alternate breathing we can do the next option. Inhale through both nostrils and exhale alternately – is through one, then in another.

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