2008.11.30 Seminar Pranayama Yoga

Today we have a November 30, 2008, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC “Enlightenment”, next to the metro Novoslabodskaya in Moscow and that we have a seminar on Pranayama yoga breathing yoga section, so it is sometimes described. All the information on our sites www.openyoga.ru www.yogacenter.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru

Subject Pranayama yoga is truly inexhaustible.

Imagine, like the ancient Columbus discovered America you where polnym- full of various miracles, wealth. We sailed it landed to the shore, looked at the natives, have collected five bags of diamonds, were loaded onto a ship and sailed again. And there, in the depths, you still do not know. The normal reaction is – found treasures, play with them and then feel an overwhelming desire to tell people about it, so that others can use.

It says that you can go away entirely into this sphere, and it will open more and more absolutely fantastic, cosmic horizons, which we did not even guess. But we have more to limit myself, restrain, because when you practice itself with terrible force, then at that time you are not transmitted to other people. Therefore, even those of you who are faced with this science, I want to assure you that this topic is so deep, in fact, like all other sections of yoga that you can deal with it for years – and still discover something new.

The teaching of yoga, it is the teaching of a single – the doctrine of self-knowledge. We are once made, we somehow respond to external circumstances of life, and yoga in the first place, gives us the tools that we come to know ourselves. As soon as we begin to know ourselves, opens large horizons, to remake itself. If we are talking about Pranayama yoga, under the phrase “remake themselves” we mean very specific processes. You doing this yoga, you begin to rebuild even some energy cycles.

What is the essence of Yoga Pranayama?

In general, the doctrine of self-knowledge there is a section that is called self-knowledge through breathing. We all breathe. We have a feature – our breath. The process of breathing – is not just a process related to the acquisition of oxygen, it is a deeper process that manages the deepest mechanisms of our body, synchronizes them. So when Pranayama yoga is called the science of breath, it is right and wrong. That’s right, because this tool Yoga – a variety of respiratory, manipulation of the breath, delay, inhale, exhale, a state where there is no inhalation or exhalation. But this is just a shell.

The essence of Pranayama yoga is that we gained Prana. Prana – is a kind of life force. If it is, people joy, fun, happy, it can seriously resist any disease, can live completely in adverse conditions and not feel any effect. If the Prana is not, you can put a person in the most greenhouse conditions, in sterile conditions, but still such a person is prone to disease, problems that occur at the level of the physical body, and at the level of the mental body, to some constant fear gratuitous negativity. And the most interesting, on a subtle level, which is responsible for the spiritual vision, if Prana much a person has a sense of his involvement in the cosmic scale, and if Prana is not, there is a feeling that no spiritual laws do not exist, that all these stories of yogis about higher, subtle levels – all this nonsense. Because a person does not even have an internal vibration, to feel it.

This theme is more than relevant. Pranayama Yoga – the yoga section, which is engaged in the acquisition of Prana, and uses for this, first of all, our ability to breathe.

Before we begin today to consider this issue, and we’ll start with a fairly high level, with a sophisticated level of axiomatic, for our good tradition, we present in a receptive state of our mind and make a few practices with the vibration.

PRACTICE – 5 minutes noises M, A, L, and then all together AOUM sounds.

Why do we do the preparatory practices of yoga before learning the new material?

In our school of yoga Anandasvami it is believed that there are parts of the theory, which in principle can not be here and so to understand, if not lead to the desired state of body, mind and feelings. That is not to make any preparatory exercises you and I can not. We – a single system, and in order to understand something intellectually, need support in the form of muscle tone, and so on and so forth. When I read that in some of the major institutions in the US, where the study of the exact sciences, make a special room for meditation, but in fact they are there not only to meditate, they were doing yoga. I’ve caught a parallel, because in order to become aware of something, you tense up your mind, it takes some energy, this energy is called Prana, and it must come from somewhere. And the result: of the body to the mind. If not in the body? What if some thin moments pass by the mind, the mind does not grasp them.

This advice is very important!

If you want to explore any serious discipline, or you are a student and you have some serious training, then, oddly enough, straining certain muscles, making certain exercises can greatly improve the perception.

yoga axiomatics

According to the teachings of yoga, each of us is the Atma or higher ‘I’. Each one of us – a bit of a higher, transcendent Absolute, which gave rise to the whole world. And our “I” truly prohibitive, and we can not say anything about it – it is so grand, powerful, has all imaginable and unimaginable features and qualities, but the trouble is that we do not recognize ourselves. Treasure can not use. Inside we have is full of strength, ability, and we even do not guess about it.

But, nevertheless, our “I” manifests itself in the world through its two abilities: one of these abilities is called consciousness, the other – Energy. That is, in this world that we can ever see, perceive, as we can in this world to do something. For example, I can do something hands because my subtlest energy manages rougher flows of energy that I get from the food, and I can take a stone, and somewhere to throw it. Here it tougher energy flow, which bend and unbend our muscles, manages more subtle energy that, in turn, is controlled by the finest energy, and so comes to primary energy, which is our manifestation. The second ability is called Consciousness, I can see what’s going on here – again, I can see through the senses, organs of vision, but this information is transferred somewhere out there in the brain, the brain sends to some finer structures, and these subtle structure illuminate my mind and I see that happening.

I want you at the outset to understand that yoga – it’s not some kind of abstract science, where you can not do anything to feel not – each of you can feel literally everything, in fact, you already feel something, but not yet differentiate these aspects. So, you have consciousness and energy. And you can somehow bring them into your life. Consciousness – you can see there – here. Energy – can be done anyway. All very nice, we have two such manifestations in the world, but, as we are taught yoga, even before these two events (Consciousness and Energy), there exists a universal manifestation of our “I”. Our “I” prohibitive, and we do not realize it. Where is it, what is it that it is from ourselves, we are not yet aware of. But this “I” as it is based on a stream of such a channel is something, which is then broken down into two faculties, and one called consciousness, and the other energy. So, this single channel is something called Prana. The concept of Prana – one of the most difficult in awareness.

What is it?


No wonder I began this story with the Consciousness and Energy. Because consciousness and energy somehow we feel, at least consistently. What energy and what is consciousness, we understand. Energy – is that something can be done, Consciousness – it is like something that can give us some information, representation of something. We encounter it every day and somewhere intuitively understand what it is. And now imagine this kind of original capacity, where one in another mixed – and Consciousness and Energy. That is to say – see, do, and can not be divided, where it ends and begins the energy consciousness and vice versa. And this is some weird thing called Prana. Unfortunately, for various reasons, in the West, the concept of Prana equated with the concept of energy. This is not true. More precisely, this is only part of the truth. Prana is higher than that of Energy. Prana – that energy and consciousness. This is our manifestation in the world, this is our life in this world. This is what sustains our existence, that develops our existence, it will transform our existence. It’s kind of a universal substance, although it can not be called a substance. It’s something higher.

We have our “I” that we are not aware, but our “I” is the first manifestation – is Prana. This Prana is then divided by the other two manifestations: one is called consciousness, the other – energy. If you go inside yourself for this chain above the reach of Prana. This, in general, and is a yoga technique – from coarse to finer.

It is best to understand what Prana is possible, using such a science as medicine. Once again, I remind you that yoga is not a substitute for medicine, just as science and religion. Yoga – a system of self-knowledge. Another thing is that when you are self-knowledge, come to you different abilities, including those to treat. But back to the medicine. So, experienced physicians with experience, wise life, as a rule, understand that very few understand how the human body works. The more young professional, the more he was sure – he graduated from college, read a lot of books, all know – the disease is from this, that from the other. The skilled artisan will be the same to say, but somewhere deep down he will realize that he does not know how it’s actually going on. Because he could see too many cases where apparently the young man suddenly began to fade from some random disease and died. At other times, some old man who has outlived all of his generation, continues to live. Some diseases, absolutely trifling, can kill someone, and someone in general do not cause any harm. Resistant organisms of different – treated with the same medications like the same people, but all the same as the dog healed in three days, and another three years already sick, and not yet understood, it will all end. And here, in these experienced physicians have the feeling that there is some force, incomprehensible power, the power of some viability, and if it is present, then the most terrible diseases and circumstances of a person recovers quickly, if something is not, then even the body which apparently seems to be able to resist, recovering somehow bad, through the stump-deck.

In the Middle Ages, until modern medicine began to develop rapidly, there have been various theories about magnetic fluids and other intricate theory. In our time, perestroika, a huge number of healers who like doing something their bioenergy – they have grown like mushrooms. And trying to find out what they mean by the term “bioenergy”, no one to say anything intelligible can not. This is a situation where people feel, but how to say, do not know. Because in all cases they are referring to the concept of prana, but prana is higher than the energy. It turns out that part of these healers are right, but they are bigots and at the same time. Are right because they feel that if there is a certain vitality – a person lives, and if not, it dies. A bigots because they substitute the concept, they begin to bully poor clients in order to shake them out of a lot of money.

We live, and if we have a great level of vitality, we are cheerful, cheerful, happy, full of energy, we do not get sick, and even if there are some difficulties, it is easy to decide them, as if we were in a kind of protective aura. On the contrary, once we feel the loss of this vital force as resistance to disease is reduced. I say all this just to explain that the concept of Prana thin enough: on the one hand, elusive, on the other hand, are incredibly specific, Prana each of you feels. To you do not have the impression that the Prana is something beyond that you will never feel it. No, you’re feeling it right now. Another thing is that you can not quite clearly aware of this and do not know how to use it.

So, back to the axioms of Yoga, the very first manifestation of our “I” in the universe – it is Prana. If you have this flow of prana, it is responsible, in general, for all. Once your life is born, Prana forms the body. Prana in a child creates his organs, when a child is born, Prana causes it to grow. As soon as we get any damage to the body, it is the Prana is responsible for ensuring that all diseases and eliminate heal wounds. This is our natural strength, but at the same time, Prana can not only treat us and maintain: if we want to, then steered Prana in our minds, we begin to grow intellectually. If we have something could not understand any task we are faced with, or there is a problem with which we can not understand, we need only get enough Prana, when an insoluble problem becomes apparent. The man begins to see a lot of brilliant ideas how to solve this problem, and quite unexpected, brilliant. It is as if our brains are earned at some other new level.

That is how the Prana is the maintenance of our physical body, and the thought process. This, too, should you remember from the beginning. Because our reasonable activity, thought processes – a huge consumer of Prana. And sometimes, oddly enough, many physical diseases can be corrected or treated just change our minds work. The mind ceases to consume a huge amount of Prana, it is released and goes to recovery. No wonder doctors sometimes say to people who are the recovery period after illness, that they are not encouraged to work, you need to relax, do not read, do not write. Because when a person begins to devote attention to reading, thought process involved in the work remembers it, he immediately goes to Prana. And she was taken out of the body. And so the body and is not sweet. Here is such a universal thing, our very first manifestation – Prana.

How to determine the amount of Prana in people?

There is another way to determine the amount of Prana in man. There are people to whom all others are drawn. Any entertainers, public people, it is interesting to them, they seemed to glow. Or suppose you are the owner of the company, and you have employees. So among the people can be seen workers, who are always full of energy and cheerful, all they do is easy and fast, no matter what they come from. Such people tend to quickly make a career, they immediately notice higher and promote the service. Sometimes it is a kind of envy to others. For example, came a young professional, energetic, zealous, it was quickly promoted to the post, but they are already 20 years working here, all in one place – the injustice of some kind, they say. Because of his background all the other dull and gray.

And what is the difference?

The fact that one person has a large amount of Prana, and all the others – not. And the man who has plenty of Prana, if you will, not only on the physical plane is dominant – he is cheerful, cheerful – so it is still doing well in work and study. He sets a goal and sells it as soon as possible. It has some potential, and he realizes it. Superiors always sees such people. Because he has to do the work, and the general background of dull working masses he sees a bright light. Of course, such an employee is selected first.

And, as a rule, such people, who dominate the excess of Prana.

There are, on the contrary, the people, from whom all shy. I met with such a man, and one of his facial expressions suggests the transitory nature of all living things, that all that is born must die. And if he starts to speak, every word – a tragedy. Sometimes even the most everyday events he describes as if it is something impossible, just chernukha some. And all of them are trying to not to deal, avoid them under any pretext.

It is not always so clear. For example, people come to yoga, he has come in such a period of depression, and from the beginning to shy away. But this is due to the fact that inside are the underlying processes, so Prana not. And not the fact that such a person for life. Then the man, on the contrary, rises to very high altitudes. Note the autobiography of famous people: the majority were unhappy childhood, they were ugly ducklings, which then began to shine as supernovae. It is a different story, they inevitably go through this period of lack of Prana. But there are people who are always so, and, moreover, they do nothing to change the situation.

And we begin to feel that one person is present, but in another it is not. Another situation – you are dealing with one person, and it infects your optimism, joy, overcoming, with another start talking – one of pessimism, and continue getting worse and worse. It was born in the 90s absolutely monstrous phenomenon – the idea of the energy vampires that suck the alleged foreign energy. Clearly, this is another attempt to come up with a horror story to frighten the person and if the person can somehow intimidating, it is possible and to withdraw money.

But in a sense it is like a present. There are people, communicating with whom you energized, but there are people, after communicating with whom you like wings clipped, you find yourself in a swamp. A very interesting thing – many successful businessmen, as a rule, have a positive attitude that’s it – not those who are in our country, privatized all that bad lay, and those who really built their own business from scratch. And dealing with such people, others will begin to prosper. They are like talismans hang out with them – and all is well with you.

On the contrary, many losers, which are taken for different things, but gives up, does not finish anything they can not – they have complex and a certain aura of negativity. For example, in the Western media line loser – it’s scary. Life is what they have there is calm, there is no rearrangement and crises, and they have the worst thing – is to be a failure, a failed man. About you are all talking like a loser, all of you instantly turn away, no you will not want to do business. Who lead the, from, and rack up. And so they all include a Hollywood smile, where it is necessary and where it is not necessary to constantly use the phrase that all of them OK. This is to some extent properly.

With yoga point of view, what is the difference?

The difference, oddly enough, trivial, if you do not take up very crazy idea, and took up some real, you implement it more quickly, if you have more prana. There are, of course, such issues when you need to invest and invest, and it is not clear when the results will come. This, incidentally, applies to yoga: no one makes no warranty of any yogi goal – to reach the highest state of Samadhi, but when it is, no one gives a guarantee for each individual. And if we are talking about some primitive purpose, for example, to earn money to live, I want to emphasize, I am referring to the western media, then, as a rule, the winner is the person who has a lot of Prana. If Prana is not enough, a person tends to failing business, where it was necessary to think he Pranas not enough brains not highlighted the problem of consciousness – at least, the man missed the solution to the problem. Somewhere I had to do something, but he did not have enough forces. Oddly enough, the concept of Prana – it is more universal: Prana, moreover, that supports our body, it is as if shining through us on, and all that surrounds us, as it becomes an extension of our body.

I have a very interesting backstory, I am their “past lives” only where neither worked. And it is very interesting to observe the good leaders of some enterprises. Indeed, you do not know where it ends CEO Ivan and where his company begins. It is as if the common rays of Consciousness and Energy would hold together. And everything goes to the “cheers”, he only led eyebrow, but already there is a process spun. It’s like your body is in control. On the contrary, sometimes it turns out that people are very educated, received Western education for mad money, and here’s kind of like one of the best representatives, and the case, oddly enough, is falling apart. He’s like all the best Western textbooks do like and sits and thinks and calculates, but still bad. Again, this is Mr. Smith can generally no higher education do not have, but he knows how to manage. He did not have to think – he planning department thinks of its management mechanisms, and so work. He will not work, it will hire the right specialist. This is precisely the Western system. This is what we need to learn from them – do yourself and competently organize the process. And we do all the old do – think, do, solve a variety of equations. So, if there is Prana, you are able to manage all of these, if not all of this will fall apart.

Prana is not only supports our vitality, but also supports all the works that we do, and all the relatives and friends that surround us. If you are strong, full of Prana, even your family and friends, too, do not get sick. And vice versa. Generally speaking, in India there is a tradition there any village thought it best if near to some hut lives practicing yogi. Lives imagine, no one speaks, eats alms from time to time the locals bring him a handful of rice – he pleased, sitting in meditation, smiling. And all the villagers strongly welcome that this figure was around, they like dogs, feel that there is some force behind it. While Yogi nearby – and a good harvest, and everything else is good. Only a yogi somewhere has got – the problems started. It’s simple: the Yogi deals, Prana lot, sitting in the village, the people in her nice living, and he seems to be unwittingly spreading their Prana to all that he sees. And he keeps them. He went to another place, not that he was against to support them, he just forgot about it and went on. And they stayed to themselves. Ends meet ceased to converge. Here is a mysterious thing Prana. On the one hand, it is ultimately not perceptible, on the other hand, every one of you knows what it is.

It is variously called, sometimes people say that here, they say, in my life a wave of good luck! Outlined – done! In a sense, all this can be reduced to a wave of Prana, which solves all problems. The thing is quite universal, invisible, which runs through our body, extends around us, go where I want (for example, I directed my attention, look at the object) – as if on this substance is not ruled ordinary laws. Moreover, what I think, I begin to clothe my Prana. I’m sitting here, around me are people, and it is clear that I support people Prana. But suddenly called a mobile phone, and God knows where, calling my friend and begins to tell me about their problems, I could not help mentally transported back to where it now sits, and there is also Prana. Prana – extremely thin substance.

Is the science of Prana knows?

By the way, the science does not know what the Prana. Why? Because she did not open it yet. So when I read once again that any scientist “Samodelkin” made a device to determine the human bioenergy, I was plagued by vague doubts. Yet there are all sorts of phrases in the tabloids, that supposedly proved British scientists that human vitality … and so on. In these cases, I do not read on, because this is a real journalistic trick. If someone referred, it is necessary to give detailed information on one link, not in the abstract on the academics of some reference, and to a specific source.

Why still can not determine bioenergy, we are also a little touch. Prana for a long time will not be able to determine the very nature of this substance. And it turns out this kind of plug – on the one hand, modern science and scientists as people to be honest, they do not know any of Prana, and all the cameras on the definition of a, let’s call a spade a spade – the purest quackery. Scientists have their own methods, they, of course, the stars from the sky is not enough, but at least, honestly determine. If some thing is not reproducible, then it is not a scientist. There are things that, as they say, “Granny half said,” and he says that he does not know, so it or not. Prana modern scientists have not yet registered. Moreover, there is another prerequisite that they approached her. And at the same time enjoying the yoga, as scientists do not yet know. And the male is solved as follows -We do you represent the finest, most advanced tool in the universe. We ourselves – a scientific laboratory. Scientist as it is from the outside to the inside, and we are already in it. Therefore, it is a very delicate subject. If I, for example, talk to some scientists, it is very competently choose expression, otherwise I would consider it a quack which some nonsense replicates. And these people now divorced a huge amount. Because there is behind all of this kind of financial mechanism: it is necessary to come up with a terrible subject, poneponyatnee, and there will always be a couple of idiots who peck at it and you bring your dollars.

It turns out that science does not know what the Prana Yoga and teaches how to use it.

What is the way for us to you?

Only one way out – is to engage in self-knowledge and learn all the secrets of our body. And if this is confirmed, it’s good. If not confirmed, then you can safely say that there is nothing of this.

So, Prana substance extremely thin and at the same time very real. What could be more real: that’s sick sick, not recovered, and died, and buried him. Ultimately the real thing – or to live or not to live. Here you start your business, he or succeed, or fall apart. It would seem more real and have come up with is impossible. And behind all this is that subtle substance, it is not clear phenomenon, Prana. I emphasize again, modern science does not know what the Prana. Modern science knows what she knows.

The whole thing is that Prana – is our manifestation of the universe, and we can it, in general, to manage. We can use it more intelligently. Note Prana have all living creatures: microbes, bugs, dogs and we are with you. All, when they begin to get sick, to resist disease and recover. There is such a saying – heals everything, like a dog, or tenacious, like a cat. It seems that the wild animals zhizneustoychivye more than we are, reasonable people. And it is perfectly explained because the same dog is not necessary to solve differential equations or think, how to build a career. They all Praana mainly is to maintain the physical shape, and a small portion at the thinking processes, which also occur in them. Emotions are also experiencing, and we is not much differ from them in this regard.

But only since the human body, we can manage this Prana, the supreme manifestation of the “I”, to use it more intelligently. And if a meaningful, if not more efficiently, and, since life in the human body, we are able to increase the flow of prana.

How can I increase the Prana?

I’m going back to the axioms of yoga – each of us is our ultimate “I”, and the source of Prana is our “I”, it is – the source of our power.

And where is our Higher “I”?

We can say that it is in some point, but we can say that our Higher “I” is at all points simultaneously. And then, and another is true. Because our “I” is higher than the concept of time and space. I can say, for example, that my “I” within me, then at me, and say that my “I” here everywhere around the room, and everywhere in the universe, and so on. This question has no meaning. But it is not devoid of meaning, one thing only: that of my “I” in some incomprehensible way, not out of time and space, and the inside space and time, is my manifestation, and this manifestation in the original form is called Prana. Sometimes, in some mystical books of the Middle Ages we talked about some silver strands that bind the human soul with his body, and as long as this thread is, people alive, but it is necessary to break the thread, the person dies. It’s such an allegorical attempt to express the same thing – that as long as from our “I” is the flow of Prana, our bodies live. Once the flow of prana is interrupted, it all falls apart. And it turns out that Prana comes from our “I”, and our “I” is not clear where, or inside, or outside. I say this to the fact that sometimes you will meet such phrases that supposedly collects Yogi Prana from the outside world, accumulates. Is this claim, if we know that our Prana comes from our higher “I”?

It makes no sense and is not deprived. Yes, nature is the embodiment of our higher ‘I’. There are questions that this way, the forehead, and no answer. So that you can enjoy some very specific visual images, to greatly increase the amount of Prana in us.

So what’s the difference between a person, a dog, a worm and Paramecium caudatum? In terms of Pranayama yoga, the only difference is in the amount of Prana, which can control one or another creature. Despite the fact that dogs and cats die hard, it only indicates that most of the Prana is distributed to the maintenance of the physical body and the mental activity is at a minimum. We are with you, though not as tenacious as dogs and cats, Prana we have still more. Generally, the status of the person in the same way as the status of the dog with respect to the status of a microorganism, characterized Prana amount which can be manipulated by our “I”.

From life to life organism is born and dies, increases the amount of Prana, and thus is born in a more complex body. In the same way, then dying and being born in the body of the animal, sooner or later we will get you the human body. A kind of such an evolution. This evolution can be traced by the criterion of the amount of Prana, which is available in every living being. And if we live in a way that increases the flow of our Prana, it is considered that we are living a nice life and live it knowingly. Because in the next life we rise to a new level. If nothing changes, then it is considered to be made unreasonable such a life, and if the number of Prana is reduced (if in one life it had more and the other less), it says that we have done something wrong in a previous life.

A man Prana is greater than another. Let us turn to yoga axioms and remember that the source of our Prana is our “I”, which can be everywhere and nowhere. And from our “I” comes this manifestation. I will use by some of the axioms of yoga moments and remind you that we consider ourselves out of ignorance not his own “I” and its manifestations. First and foremost, we consider ourselves your own Prana and only then our Prana breaks into consciousness and energy, and then we say that we have consciousness and energy. The more overcome ignorance in relation to ourselves, there is more prana we have. The closer we come to the realization of our “I”, the more we dispel confusion on the action of Maya, the greater the flow of Prana we can use.

If you are from one life to live, so that at least a little climb to the next stage of self-awareness or knowledge of his own “I”, the more prana you have. I remember a picture – went I like that in the old house, where all the windows were packed with iron sheet, it was dark, although the street was a day and a light and someone has a hole in the iron shot, and through it a powerful stream of sunlight. After a while, someone broke a hole more, that something like this happened to us – first we have a small hole, a small ray of our “I”, through which the Prana is. If we live life the right way, by the end of life, we are increasing this hole, and in the next life comes more of Prana. And so from life to life, if we live them correctly, then sooner or later we increase Prana so much that is able to maintain his human body with all thought processes. Here, for example, a dog or a cat – they would be happy to be born in the human body, but can not because they can not afford this body. The pensioner, who lives in his one-room apartment, pay for municipal services for most of his retirement, and anything more money does not stay (shame for our state). And pensioner offer to settle in the oligarch’s apartment, however, there is the rent will be approximately 40 – 50 thousand dollars a month.. Of course, he will not go back, he simply will not pay for such a pleasure. That’s about the same situation with living beings, they could be born in the human body, but they just do not pull this structure can not support it and it will fall apart. Therefore, to get a decent body to make this evolutionary leap from ciliates shoes to any multicellular worm, it is necessary to already have a lot of prana to maintain these sets of cells in the reserve. And to have a lot of Prana, it is necessary to take more of a source of Prana, have their own “I”. And to take it anymore, it is necessary to overcome ignorance as to what you are. The more we understand who we really are, the more we have of Prana. This explains that someone has a huge amount of Prana, and succeed in life. But not like this all the psychics were carrying such nonsense, that there are black magicians who drink from all energy and light. I do not quite understand what they meant, but stable, this situation can not be. Well, because that is the law of Karma, and the source of Prana – only our own “I”.

And how can you have someone else to steal energy?

Very optimistic yozhnoe statement: “All I carry with myself!” And if you need more Prana, you need only one thing – to realize himself. The more aware than further penetrate into the understanding of who you really are, the more will come of prana, the vital energy, and then you really start to shine, really become successful in life, school, anything.

Still, there is justice, that the man who knew more than himself, has more Prana, is building the world around him as he needed it, and dominates. Example – good businessmen, however, are not the ones who have something stolen or privatized, and which to be honest are building your business. This is know as in Stalin’s time the prisoners were building all these companies, bone on bone is at the foundation. And now, there’s new owners. The question, of course, karma, that they are all this easy to get, rather than their Prana. Sometimes even look at this and think, how could such a general release from prison, and he was an oligarch. And if you are all built, then, of course, you are entitled to a higher, including social status, because you have more prana, because you no longer have known what you are actually closer closer to the truth !

The word “wealth” as one of our humorist said, derived from the word “God”! Who has more knowledge of the Supreme, who is more penetrated the awareness of oneself, in even more prana. And if a lot of Prana, it is a matter of time, when you have money and fulfillment of all your desires, career and so forth. Again and again I repeat: all of ourselves!

Animals are living miserable lives, they are somewhere forced to engage in self-knowledge, in order to survive. As we have been taught Darwinian wins stronger in natural selection, smarter, more resourceful and crafty, or yoga words, is the individual who has a lot of Prana. Conversely, individuals with less Prana in the first place and eat. Law of the jungle – “who did not hide, I am not guilty.”

So it goes from life to life, until then, until it has a tool called the Mind. Finally, it is formed at the stage of the human body. So, starting with the human body, you can not use these animals by the laws of the jungle. Before you got the body of a man, animal laws were the only opportunity to develop the mind. Once you’ve got the human body, these laws do not have the jungle animal need.

This was a fundamental, strategic error of Adolf Hitler – was that he spread the laws of animals to humans, but this is not true. Although to a certain extent and it has played a role.

So, starting with the human body, you have the opportunity to use more selective Prana Prana increase the inflow due to a sharp overcome illusion and ignorance as to what you really are. In the human body, you can more quickly realize his higher ‘I’, and as this awareness will grow inflow of Pranas. Since the human body already is another evolutionary law that has resided all mankind. It will also increase the amount of Prana, but abrupt. If the animal was gradually, incrementally, starting with the human body, are abrupt changes, and it is called spiritual evolution. Before that was bestial evolution, it is now the spiritual evolution. Two people apparently does not differ from each other: two arms, two legs, one head, but one practices yoga and has a tremendous amount of prana, and other ordinary people, Prana is much smaller than him. But such a sharp jump in Prana suddenly changes everything inside. Once a lot of Prana inside the mind from different works, some things could never understand, they suddenly become apparent.

I am constantly asked about the law of reincarnation – all who die, and then are born – and who said and who had seen? And suddenly it’s all lies, and suddenly it is not so? What if these cunning Indians lead us by the nose?

Believe me, at a certain stage of yoga, this thing becomes so obvious as day. This is obvious as the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun and that the Earth is round. On the one hand, this stuff is not obvious, the earth appears flat and that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but because we have there is no doubt that the Earth is round. That’s the same here as soon as you collect a certain amount of Prana, some yogic truths become self-evident to you. Logic and sverhlogika will not contradict each other – on the contrary, complement each other.

So, actually, because we have lived with you to the state of the human body, we have won the intermediate race. You and I have won this race well, because now we sit here in the bodies of people. The human body – it is a very great gift, and happiness that we possess them! In terms of quantity, from cats and dogs, we differ in that we have more prana, however, it is distributed in a different way.

Now comes the second part of the marathon – even stronger increase Prana to reach a new level of evolution. Through this should go through all the people. Moreover, long retention on the evolutionary stage of the human body is very dangerous, because the mind has developed very well, and some reflection, spiritual truths absolutely no. And you can make a nuclear bomb, blow up everything and then look for an opportunity to be born again in human bodies. And since people of all destroyed, it will again have to go through this evolutionary path of development.

How to fill depleted Prana?

Every minute we spend a certain amount of Prana to maintain our lives. We have every second within the body are some processes, sometimes good, sometimes not. Regularly killed some cells. They must be like the display. Therefore, there is the influx of prana, is it a waste. Of course, the worst thing – is when this balance is disturbed when we spend more prana than it comes. Do not think that we have been given some kind of reservoir, we have spent and died, no, it’s not. Cyclical process – we came, we spent. And if you spend more than you have, then there are holes and, as a result of the disease. A disease leads to the fact that the body is destroyed. If this level of critical illness that is not compatible with life, the person dies.

The question arises – why one person from the same wounds died, and the other not? A variety of cases have been in history. For example, some uncle dynamite exploded, and he struck his head with a crowbar. He zhivehonky. Furthermore, scrap pulled out, and all overgrown. He has a certain number of years and traveled everywhere showing the hole for the money. Other cases: a tiny some wounded – and the man died. This is paradoxical, not understandable thing for us!

Looking ahead, the problem of the immortality of the many interested in both the practical and theoretical point of view. If the inflow of Pranas will be very large, it is able to replace all other energy flow. In our bodies, we use other energy flow, as well as military commander uses mercenaries in his army. There are soldiers who are fighting for ideological reasons, but is that for the money fight. Here we are, as they say, energy, fighting for money. He died a man and the body decomposed. He died a saint, hop, and the body is not decomposed. Because everything was ideologically. There was less attracted to other energies, and there was more of his. She would replace the energy drawn by 100%. So, if you replace 100%, then you become immortal in principle.

Sometimes people ask me, why some more prana, and others less. If in this life is given to you more than another, it says only that in a past life you have spent some effort, so that this life has been such a situation. If someone has the, what you do not possess, is the only question that this someone was engaged in it before, and you have not. No difference. So it is here: someone last five lives in the monastery of Shao Lin standing on one leg with arms outstretched under cold water and otherwise trained himself, and someone luxuriated in the emperor’s bed. It is clear that the reasons for the law – the investigation carries all the credit from life to life. That is safely bask in the emperor’s bed can be only the one who has passed all previous levels. Power, when it falls into the hands of random people, very quickly running out. It is the same with wealth. People are not ready for it, they can not keep, they would, on the contrary, continue to work to at least one level of Prana support, and they relaxed.

It turns out that we are the owners of Prana, the owners of this ability, but since we might just spend on the maintenance of life, we do not realize it. You know, like a man who went to work, earn money to pay for housing, for that for another – and there is no money. All sold out, how come and gone. And he does not feel free, and somehow in the process of changing days. Just imagine another case – every time you will be paying more and more than you spend, and you will flow over. That’s how it is with Prana, if it happens that you will do each time more and more of Prana, it will start to show in its pure form, but in its pure form, it causes extreme euphoria. But as Prana in its pure form does not happen, it is immediately spent on maintaining the life of the body. And the body is fed poorly, living in poor conditions, unhealthy lifestyle leads, and all of this is spent Prana. Therefore, the joy of life is the minimum number, the whole Prana is absorbed by this process.

Which is better: the euphoria of the drug or the euphoria of the accumulated Prana?

If we go down the road Pranayama yoga, we are attracting more and more of Prana, and there is a surplus, it is experienced as an extreme form of euphoria.

All drugs that have been, are and will be, just relax on the extent of human exposure compared to net Prana. Drugs kill, and Prana gives life. More specifically, the drugs are as follows: – our body relies on every day a certain amount of Prana, the maintenance of life distinguishes her, and takes the drug and immediately picks up a portion of that, say, within the next week was spent. And here we are in for a few hours on the rise, and then a sharp decline. This is a consequence of drug use that horrible, terrible and bad effect on the body. Because Prana spent while taking the drug, and then for a long time remain on a starvation diet. And it is clear that a person becomes vulnerable to all that only is and his mood is very bad, and physical condition.

Now, drugs is a way for a short time to pull the Prana, which calculates the body for a long time, and spend all at once. Therein lies the danger of a terrible drug. Drugs are the sensations that are inherent in ourselves. I remind you of the axioms of yoga that our natural state – a state of happiness, joy, light, and it turns out that a drug for a moment we feel gives this condition. And the consequences of this terrible, people can not refuse this. It seemed breaks. It is, on the one hand, realizes that drugs are bad, but on the other hand, it opens within a certain clearance, which is inherent in ourselves. And it makes people addicted to drugs, and they die, most of them.

Now very often is flirting with drugs under the aegis of the study the depths of his being. Blink you will not have time as doissleduetes to the grave.

See, here’s the euphoria of the drug takes from your natural Prana.

In contrast to this, Yoga offers a different method! Why use such methods terrible as drugs? Sometimes I hear such arguments, saying that the drug helps to see things that are not normally see! If you want to expand your consciousness, such as the climb to the next level – to practice yoga, work out of this Prana in its pure form is more, and you will experience the state, at times more than give you a drug with no consequences, destructive and of yourself, and all around!

It turns out that that Prana, which comes to us, support our lives, gives us a small piece of everyday happiness that we had the tone and wanted to live. When you start practicing yoga, in particular Pranayama yoga, then you have the opportunity to develop more and more Prana appeared to surplus. This surplus will be manifested as euphoria. Therefore, if someone is chasing euphoric state, believe in yoga legitimate, beautiful, uplifting spirit of ways to go through so much euphoria that the addict does not even dreamed of!

Probably, our body chemistry works as follows: To select a small portion of this Prana, produced by certain chemical substances. Here, they stood out in the blood, there is an influence on the gross body thin, thin at the thinnest – again, a small portion of Prana stood out in a natural clean. There is a temporary link between the release of prana and certain chemical that is released into the blood, and we experience a similar condition. Just as money – it is a measure of work that a person spent, and, accordingly, then he can buy the right product for themselves or to have fun as well and our body produces internal money, called endorphins.

Drug addicts – it’s almost like counterfeiters, they throw a lot, a lot of counterfeit money, all the fun at first, then inflation begins when a million loaves of bread do not buy, and the drug body just reacts. But it is a question of the chemical, in fact, different chemical substances act differently on different people, different races and different nationalities. I think it is no secret that the trouble North African Indians, Chukchi, Eskimos – drunkenness. The fact is that for them the alcohol, that is contained in any fault, vodka, in its action is a substance that produces a large amount of Prana. And they drink too much. For example, Europeans are less drink too much. True, they say that we do not drink too much, for the simple reason that we have already passed natural selection – we drink longer! That is, the Western countries are drinking more. And we survived only those people whose body’s response to alcohol more blunt. Well, of course, the Eskimos from alcohol? Not because of the seal is to drive it. Therefore, as soon as they penetrate into the product environment, so it acts. Similarly, drugs are. And, strictly speaking, an organism for evolutionary epoch as the feeling that his cheating, he immediately rearranges his reaction. This is due to the effect of addictive a drug addict, the body feels that this portion of the material is constantly coming, and no longer gives.

What if the drug came to your children, how to influence?

If your children are minors, you have the most severe, the hard way not to start, to punish. If the person is already in a more adult, you can not do anything. In any case, I urge you not to flirt with this theme. I sometimes hear, especially in this spiritual environment, begin to talk about their experiences, what they say, someone went mushroom ate, where he opened a vision, or something else. Willy – nilly to those who listen to you, it becomes very interesting, they also want to go and try. This is a hidden advertising. It is necessary to create an atmosphere of intolerance and fear atmosphere such prudent to treat narcotic substances as well as potassium cyanide, which kills.

Sometimes I hear such arguments, that one should try everything!

But this is a stupid argument! What is this, to make sure that cyanide is fatal, it is necessary? And do I need to get hooked on drugs and become a drug addict, to make sure that can happen? Silly!

Unfortunately, humanity is one of the factors of difficult is when a person has developed the mind is serious, and the chemistry is able to synthesize many substances and penetrate the secrets of the device in our body, and in the meantime some moral aspects of consciousness do not reach. As a result full of scientists who synthesized this stuff, and drug cartels are spreading it all. It must be very hard-stop !! Monstrous topic.

For its part, it is clear that it is not always appropriate to actively influence, but not Accompany ever! Let all those involved, what they want. To avoid the substitution of free will! And so it was not playing up your initiative, otherwise it’s your bad karma.

As for tobacco and alcohol, there is not the situation. alcohol problem – a problem of dosage. So the person is arranged, that he often can not stop and goes on increasing the dose. He wants to squeeze out of himself over Prana and enjoy. Before that, as they say, enough to sniff the cork, then on more and more. The thing is that this product, so to speak, the natural food chain. They are found in nature.

With regard to synthetic drugs: they never were in nature, and if they were, evolution would have reacted to this and would forbid them to react so positively. So all that concerns natural products, to a certain extent can be, but that synthesized – it’s scary.

Some offer to legalize marijuana in Europe. Friends, well, is not it the same culture is quite different, people are more cultural level.

And we have that will?

The trouble is not marijuana, but the fact that those who have tried it, the next day will want to try something more powerful – heroin or anything else stronger. Before me now reach rumors that some “diy” any available pill prevent such terrible things that are obtained. In any case, you use this pleasure, pure Prana karma burdened way! As a result, comes the reckoning.

So, back to Prana.

The treatment of this can be only one. Strictly speaking, such an attempt has already done, remind me, almost heroin invented as a cure for morphine. To get a cure for morphine, heroin was synthesized, and then he turned into a drug. On the one hand, it can be traced very sensible idea, but on the other – monstrous. Sound idea – here we spoke about this yoga – that the person refused to addiction, it is necessary to give him pleasure that is greater than the pleasure derived from the drug. On the other hand, it is a delight to be natural or, if you will, legal. I mean not a criminal, but in the sense that we do not deceive your body. Therefore, the only possibility for dependent people – courses, including yoga, to increase the internal inflow of Prana, and even the body itself will realign internal filing system endorphins. It is believed that yoga helps production of endorphins. It’s a nice phrase, but it does not convey the essence. Yogas do not care about endorphins, yoga attracts more Prana, and endorphins are arranged under this Prana, just as there is gold, and you can always print money, that amount of gold.

Sometimes yoga to reduce chemical factory. Well no! Yoga is thinner and more job leads, and as for the chemistry, it’s adjusted. Rough physical body – it’s just a reflection of finer structures, fine structures have changed, come Prana flow and rough work in the form of excess endorphins.

That is the only way guaranteed to cure a person from addiction. But you just can not imagine how much this is due to other problems. Firstly, we need conditions – this person should be able to at least do some exercise. And, as a rule, people are not able to, and does not want and can not, and it is easier to die than to do anything. Therefore, in our case, it is much easier to prevent the penetration of drugs than to fight them.

Why am I talking about drugs?

In fact, there are not only drugs, it is everything that is illicit pleasure, the pleasure that is destroying us. That pleasure which beforehand selects all pleasure, and then we leave with nothing. This may not necessarily be drugs, it could be anything.

So, as soon as the coming excess of Prana, two processes are started. Firstly, this excess will be felt euphoria, so Pranayama yoga (if you’re really doing Pranayama Yoga, about it we will talk separately) will cause you euphoric. Naturally, this euphoria, worrying you then begin to glow with energy, happiness, charisma, you will have strength to move mountains. Our modern world needs young men and women who are full of Prana, to turn this world. If they are full of Prana, they will be able to do, will not be the task that would be impossible to do.

So, one part goes to the euphoric effects, while the other part immediately starts to lead the restructuring of the body. This is a very mysterious process, and, I must say, very painful! Therefore, if not all is balanced, the rise of energy is a recession, but the decline is caused by the fact that part of the energy begins to rebuild your body.

Just imagine, you had a factory for the production of, for example, basins. Here you antiquated methods produced 500 basins per month, you still 1914 machine was, it still Demidov cast cannon. This machine survived the First World War, the Second World War, and that went basins in the price. Why? We learn from them, to do a satellite dish. That is slightly altered form, and they went on “hurray”. And they began to come loose money for the sale of basins. It is clear, on the feast of the enterprise, banquet, all handed out the award, but money is still a lot. What to do? It is clear that it is necessary to strengthen the production, and even so the seams bursting machine. It is necessary to do the upgrade. A modernization – this is an extremely painful process, it is necessary to destroy the old, bring new and place. So they begin to change all this, and there is dust, junk, and even bomb that since the days of the Great Patriotic War is not exploded. So, it’s necessary to dig, pull out, but, God forbid, even explode, as they say, bad karma from previous years. That is, it is an extremely painful thing!

This is the same situation begins with the people who become involved in Pranayama yoga. On the one hand, the sharp increase of Prana, and on the other hand, begins a sharp pullback, because the terrible restructuring begins. Do not rebuild the impossible – to rebuild and very painful. Therefore, it is necessary and a teacher, a mentor, guru, whatever, for the person who is practicing Pranayam yoga to time he turns on the brakes. A man is a man, he gets euphoric, and it seems that now move mountains (it is a problem of many businessmen, receive the first money and think that it’s done). No, you have to stand firmly on its feet. many dangers associated with it!

We classify these dangers. They fit different hand. When you are a physical alteration, it is clear that you have toxins are eliminated, you will experience pain – it is physically hard, but, oddly enough, it’s less embarrassing moment, rather than more subtle, secondary point – is the restructuring of your relationship with your family and friends it is all that relates to the issues of sex.

Unfortunately, India was the country in general, Puritan, there is the question of sex in general People do not discuss. It is now to us began to leak materials from the Kama Sutra, and it seems that there is rampant. But in fact it is tough, orthodox society with a rigid censorship, that all this is generally considered marginalschinoy. Therefore, to us, in a greater degree, come practice relating to Pranayama yoga, and the side effects are simply silent on the grounds that they are not taken there to discuss sexual issues. As a result, a person is unprepared. And here is one of the most serious problems. And the problem is there is not that sex, on the contrary, stand there above the roof – energy beats, but the problem is that a person starts to spend her wrong. And it was his karmic ties in knots. It’s like Gulliver tied dwarfs small threads of the ground. It would seem on the verge of, gained power with the help of Pranayama yoga, here now would stand up, but everything to do. Just you lay down to rest for the night you tied, and in the morning you already can not stand.

It is clear that all this is connected with the restructuring of the internal systems of the body, it is very painful, long period, it is very unpleasant.

Sometimes it’s the euphoria leads people to the side. Such a person forgets about yoga, running in the policy, the religion. It’s such a force, when there is an excess of Prana, and the body is not yet clear, the word is there – “nonsense”! Man healthy, strong, powerful, but bad. Here is his pret it somewhere climb, all breaks on the way, where it was possible to do accurately. As the saying goes, power is – do not mind! Here’s a still suffer from the disease of yoga.

Anything for free is not given! For an opportunity to increase sharply evolution must be paid here to this danger that all evolutionary problems sprinkling on you, like a pea from a leaking bag. Only manage to turn away. And that there must be confessed, is not taught anywhere Pranayama yoga. No one never learns! And the fact that it is given – breathe right nostril, left nostril breathing – these are the first steps, the initial level, and then, one far it does not reach. Neither we, nor in America, nor in India, never teach because it is a dangerous topic. Give some at least balanced. Yes, because then no one does not want to answer for the fact that someone out there … you know, every surgeon has his or her graveyard. Every teacher of yoga also has its bad experiences. I’m full of such examples where people have come for yoga, and began to study. I told him: “a little slower”, but it forward! I did slow down, and it forward again! Once, napranayamilsya, “His head blew off,” and he went disassembly uchinyat, quarreled with everyone with whom one could, and with me as well. His rushing, energy goes, and he still does not understand where to direct it. And who is responsible? Your humble servant. There was nothing to teach him! And it is not impossible to learn. As they say – to teach dangerous, and you can not teach.

Knowledge of Pranayama yoga is not distributed, not because it is a secret, it is no longer a secret, but because they take responsibility for the person, and he makes his choice with which his nostrils to breathe and so on. And like as not come to him and say that, well, listen, I have given you knowledge, you at least for the sake of propriety do so, as needed. Our society is democratic, and thank God, but there is the danger of its own. Then bear this sorrow student, and you’re sort of in charge of it.

Part of the Prana is distributed to the euphoria in part by restructuring and partly to the charism, to a certain appeal. Man gets lucky, successful, but it is a dangerous period, it overheats. He pulls out a large amount of Prana, and the body can not miss it, and the body begins to warm up. You know, through the water pipe can be pumped for some amount of water, but if you want five times more water, you have to submit it under a lot of pressure, but rusty pipes. They break, burst, and all the bad. Or, for example, the grid: including both washing machine, iron and something else, and knocked the plug. It is simply not able to miss them so much energy, so they are disabled. This well-known analogy with the person begin to practice Pranayama yoga. It overheats these methods themselves, and he has these states of euphoria and elation recession begins when he none at all.

A variety while there are symptoms of various diseases, which could not be diagnosed. Well, what doctor will diagnose if a person pumped a Prana, and the restructuring is, and not for any classifier can not determine anything. Someone is ill these yogic illnesses, they are very strange. A variety of reactions to this: someone suddenly changes the way of life, taking a tent and go into the forest for 3 years by feeding on pasture, then returned, and everything seems fine. It’s like a nymph butterfly weaves a cocoon around itself, in which the transformation must take place, here are just looking for a yogi conditions pleasant for practicing Pranayama yoga. And for this we must have good karma. After all, many do not have even the possibility to retire. He, poor fellow, Pranayama exercise, and like all good, flatlet meter on, and there are 50 people live. He would stay alone in itself to come, and have nowhere to go. Karma such housing. Our country has the most monstrous housing karma. Or another time – he wants to eat and nothing to eat, buy some product, and there sits preservative preservative preservative and chases. And, in fact, a natural by product of this is only the picture on the package. It is clear that such products instantly cause a painful reaction of the organism.

I know many yogis, sane, who came to Pranayama yoga and embarked on this path, work out, and then, oddly enough, they realized that if they go further, delve into this topic. So they indulge in this, to go out and spread this knowledge further. If these people were not, you would not now have heard of this knowledge. My teachers did just that. They would withdraw into himself and disappear the rainbow, using Pranayama yoga, but they did not do to give us this knowledge.

This science requires a lot of attention!

The key word in Pranayama Yoga – the harmony!

In general, harmony everywhere in yoga, but yoga, Pranayama is the harmony, multiplied by the harmony, and harmony once again. Harmony in the cube!

What happens when a person gains a lot of Prana?

I already mentioned that our Prana controls the other large streams of energy, which we take from the food, and, as a rule, it is a dirty energy flows, but they are working as mercenaries. Crooks crooks, and amassed an army of them, you see, they still win. So begins the replacement of unnecessary bad energy on a more or less sane. This leads to the fact that even if, God forbid, the yogi died, his body is not prone to degradation. Energy just disciplined. When Prana is very much in the long term it is the state of immortality. Because, you know, so you use energy flows from the outside, and if you cut the flow of energy from the outside, you have everything fall apart, and you have any process can be supported by its own energy – Prana. And as the source of Prana your own “I”, no you do not take it away. No force in nature such that even in the physical layer could destroy you. But this is a very high altitude. From time to time, myths convey information about some of the immortals who live high in the mountains, and only dedicated to see them. But, again, with the point of view of yoga, physical immortality is not rational, it is stupid. In every life drained some of his tasks. Yoga task – to go to a much higher realms, and there does not matter, you go out there with the preservation of your body or not. Just when you go to a happy country – you bring along your favorite shirt or do not take, what a difference.

As soon as you have Prana more and more, you begin to monitor all processes and phenomena that occur around the vac. You like Prana infect all others, they, in turn, further. As a result, you have more opportunities to change anything for the better, though sometimes for the worse. Unfortunately, sometimes there is such a terrible, subtle karma yogi when engaged, is engaged, died, he was born in the next life with a huge amount of Prana, and it is not sent in the right direction. From my perspective, this was a shining example of Hitler, who had a tremendous amount of energy, literally soaked it all Germany, forced her to march, to each other in the back of his head to look, all kept at bay. Now we began to publish these memoirs, although this topic has been closed for a long time, and correctly, in fact, there is always a risk of recurrence of fascism. So, what is interesting is that Hitler himself is so identified with Germany, when at the end of the war, our troops were about three hundred meters from the bunker, Hitler suddenly turned into a wreck on as Germany collapsed. As soon as the troops are advancing, it’s hand is taken away, it still had any ailments. It is so common flow Prana kept everything so identified himself with the country, as soon as our tank troops chased the Nazis out of town, then from the other, Hitler felt it, as if it rend him to pieces. Well, you remember how it ended: Hitler committed suicide, and all were very surprised that it is in a short time turned into a complete wreck. It is a controversial figure. All of these heinous crimes, which he did, would never have been possible if he had not had this accumulated Prana.

Hazards during pranayama yoga.

I have repeatedly mentioned memoirs of people who are by no means be suspected of loyalty and flirting with otherworldly forces: what some field marshals who are not hanged at Nuremberg. They left behind memoirs, that’s funny, though, to read. They betrays one thought: “Why we lost,” not “How many people we killed,” not “How many we have brought sorrow,” and “Why do we have lost,” That is the desire to start all over again. Though there was in 1945. It was so zombiruyuschaya power of Hitler. They were all amazed, and all admitted that cost Hitler communicate with anyone, people immediately changed his views on the opposite. So Hitler could impregnate all its Prana. In general, this is a very dangerous thing! People who have this here’s charisma, force, but still do not comply with the first and second principle of yoga, they are at a very dangerous brink. Hitler just did not keep what in yoga is called the first and the second principle. Namely, not to harm any living being unless absolutely necessary, and not to waste power on trifles. But the words of the song can not erase. Not us, of course, the judge – historical processes of deep and global. But do be afraid, not to turn on any local level, for example, its own kitchen or firms, such as the Fuhrer. And the temptation is very great, rushing you, in you, a lot of energy. You feel as it should be right! This is a very slippery slope. And there is a great temptation, if any, do you think that wit is in your way, destroy it. This is a strong temptation, and this topic is very serious. For some reason I warn you? Because the eye does not have time to blink, and you will not notice how the status quo is broken and transforms himself into a dictator. And the danger is that here’s these habits head you certainly have to be, otherwise you do not do anything, but it is very slippery edge. Understand this will help only the first and the second principle of yoga. They will lead you to the concept of Dharma – duty, and only with the debt position, you will be able to determine that I have here, but not here.

Another serious problem – a problem of sex. The fact that our body is made so that the first thing he reacts when there is an excess of Prana – is the increased sexuality. It is an indirect signal to the body that is dominated by individual, that this organism vitality. The man in charge of Pranayama yoga, there is an increase of sexuality, and any attempt to suppress it leads to very dangerous consequences. Sexuality does not tolerate suppression. Yoga Union – is a separate, a huge section in our school of yoga Anandasvami, it is included in the so-called Triad. Gray-haired yoga relate to sexuality on the “you”, and God forbid it to suppress. They are looking for a way to coexist. God forbid, sexy realizes that her suppressed. Sexuality – is neither more nor less than the mechanism of procreation, and for the nature of the most important – life is hidden within us the mechanism of protection of procreation. It is hidden at the level of the causal body. And if any religion, philosophy, current, or anything swings on the continuation of life, this mechanism simply turn off the brain at a time when the suspect that you are against sexuality. The consequences can be from this trip the most monstrous brains for poor practice yoga. Therefore, there is a way, how to relate to sexuality. On the contrary, there is a way how not to live together, and direct this energy to further increase the inflow of Pranas. This is another very closed topic, how to use sexual practices open the second breath Pranayama. But this topic requires a separate study, a long, thorough, it does not tolerate any marginalschiny.

Well, the downside is very interesting – the fact is that almost any manifestation of negativity from doing Pranayama Yoga can completely remove or neutralize just sexual techniques. If you know yoga Union, then you are not only easy to get rid of all the negative effects of conventional Pranayama, but also strengthen it. Let me remind you that this topic is extremely sensitive – well, for a start, because it’s sex, and also because this theme requires sane people to approach this subject should be very, very sanity.

Therefore, on the one hand, the sharp increase in Prana there is a risk associated with sexuality, and on the other hand, the same sexuality is an antidote that neutralizes and this and other dangers.

These hazards can be classified in several ways.

1. The hazards associated with the overheating of your physical body.

2. Dizzy with success and becoming a tyrant in its wake.

3. The risks associated with the suppression of sexuality and not knowing what to do with it.

Sexuality is able to indirectly influence other hazards: a person peremknulo, it is prone to a variety of sexual contacts, and this is karmic clues. It seems like all is well at first, and, as expected, a person must create a union – to get married, and then it turns out that her husband is not a wife or a bitch. And they are to each other can not stand. In short, the issue is very complicated! She did not seem directly related to sex – sex only inspire you to strings, and those strings will make your life a living hell. You get stuck on all counts: both emotionally and physically, and how you want. Here in different directions, most yogis yoga led a monastic life. Not because they need a monastic way of life, and that to them no one bothered with the proposals to get married when he or she does not want it.

Sex, of course, needs to be addressed, and it is important that your partner, husband or wife, were not random people. You are grasping at first got a partner and think that here, they say, this is my husband! I waited all his life! And this is Maya – Illusion. You pumped himself Prana, and see everything in pink. Yogi manages to tie, but when the fog clears, it turns out that ensued not so. Yoga encourages you to a certain caution, common sense and understand that when awakened sexuality, continued protection mechanism kind of good at all to show in pink. When sexually aroused, this mechanism acts on the causal level up to hallucinations. God forbid us to deal with the mechanism of procreation!

For some reason I’m talking about that? To a spoon of tar in this barrel of honey Pranayama Yoga add. Too tempting cake. Everything seems so simple and easy. It would seem that, pick up the Prana and rejoice.

How many years can go on this cleaning, alteration of an organism? The texts are given the shortest possible time. It’s just as they say that the Olympic champion ran for so many minutes and so many seconds. And this does not mean that we will run faster. God grant that we nearly missed these deadlines. Best known as the minimum period of 6 months, it is mentioned in the texts. Generally, in humans it may take three or four years old, and sometimes 6 – 9 years. In any case, there should be a reasonable approach. If you feel that not cope, some intensity to slow. In yoga it is necessary to know how to make a detour, perhaps at the expense of the other yoga to do something. This is wisdom. Because sometimes a direct head-on collision – a violation of the second principle in yoga, it is best avoided.

For example, people read somewhere about Pranayama, about alternating breath or anything else, and began to practice 40 minutes a day. It is Pranayama?

Maybe yes, maybe no. You know, there are divers, and tetechki uncle, they are prepared to underwater diving suits long stay. All sorts of them give breathing exercises, some very serious, to increase lung capacity and so on. But it’s not a guarantee, if they make a large number of breathing exercises that they are doing Pranayama Yoga and attracting Prana.

So Prana – this thing, on the one hand, an abstract enough, and on the other hand, the extremely specific. By the number of Prana we can indirectly determine worth living thing on which evolutionary level. The more Prana, the closer it is to the source of Prana, respectively, the closer it is to the comprehension of truth – of what man really is. Prana can be manipulated. Prana manifests itself as an energy and a consciousness, and therefore, if we go there or here consciousness is indirectly able to send the Prana. If we direct our consciousness to the relatives and friends, which can be very far away from us, then, oddly enough, according to the teachings of yoga, so I do not know, what’s the channel is established, but we thereby support their Prana, those that we remember, mental care. It is used in yogic meditation, if you remember, we wish happiness to all living beings and their relatives and friends. Even a fleeting recollection of them – this is the direction of their consciousness, and somehow quite inexplicably transferred to Prana. Once again I want to emphasize this is a very delicate moment in terms of binding to modern science. Modern science does not know what the Prana. She does not know how Prana can flow at large distances. Probably, some more subtle laws of our nature are used, of which we do not know, but they know of yoga, and they can be used. The most negative impression the person who from time to time starts to say that all have proved everything already received. Nothing has been proven, nothing has been learned nothing else is not measured! All that came before us, it is the crumbs of knowledge of an ancient civilization. But, theoretically, we can use this knowledge for themselves.

Another point. If we are hurt, the pain immediately attracts our consciousness, our energy attracts, draws our Prana. Therefore, the factor of pain – is the mechanism that we pay attention to is the attention and care for the sick area is Prana and restores. And we would not even know we would have demolished the floor of the skull, and we, as if nothing had happened, rejoice. And then we feel some dizziness, discomfort.

And how this process proceeds normally, and how it can boost the yogic techniques?

We’ll start with this word – “harmony”. The word harmony is the key! In the recruitment process Prana important element is cyclical – recurring processes that take place in the entire universe. And the mechanism by which we get the Prana, this, too, is subject to cyclicality. As if we have received it by some portions, just like waves on the ocean brings us a portion by portion. We receive according to his self-realization, and it increases the influx. But there are resonance effects when small systematic actions may result in a disproportionately large effect. A textbook example about soldiers who go over the bridge: before you get to the bridge, they receive a command to go not to build, do not keep up, otherwise, if the company goes hand in hand, the bridge may enter into resonance, and uhnut from that, though theoretically and can withstand a greater number of soldiers. That is the effect of resonance – it is very interesting. They say your voice Chaliapin could break up faceted glasses. He began to sing a note that the glass started to rattle, rattle, and then split. Now, as far as I know, there are computer programs, by which at a certain location of the speaker, microphone, and glass can also break up the glasses as Chaliapin voice. It would seem that the sound intensity is small, but when it’s all going in the right rhythm in the right harmony, the effect is disproportionate.

In fact, in Pranayama Yoga enjoyed this property. If you develop some algorithm such interaction, and it is in harmony, it is in resonance, thereby dramatically revealing you access to the source from which the Prana comes. Do you have Prana, which you arrived, and you somehow resonate start to do something. It turns out that the Prana is in resonance and abruptly disclosed a hole from which it gets to us. This I figuratively speaking, of course, it is not about the opening, and of a certain overcoming of Maya, Illusion. Once we begin to intuitively guess where Prana comes to us, intuitively themselves begin to bump into our higher ‘I’. And if it happens to be working Pranayama Yoga. If this does not happen, but at least five times you breathe through the left or right nostril, do at least ten times the delay is not Pranayama yoga, breathing exercises and some, perhaps even useful. Therefore, this moment of harmony, resonance – it is the key.

Another one of my favorite example: imagine you rocking the swing. If you were swinging to the beat, you can rock the more and more, and if you do not get in rhythm, the swing can break your hands. Similarly, breathing. If we do breathing exercises and do it perfectly, we can get into a rhythm, in a certain resonance and very serious progress. God forbid, we are doing something not harmonious, we also cripple themselves. Therefore, once again I repeat, this aphorism, which is often used in the ancient texts, that just as the tamed wild beasts, just need to tame and Prana. If inexperienced yogi started, pumped himself, and then did something inharmonious, this bias distort his body and is expressed as a keener sense of discomfort and malaise. You see, what’s the danger: not only that in itself is already the practice purifies the body, and it has malaise and discomfort, and may even layered effect of what we do is not done correctly. And then try to figure it out, or have to endure, whether it is necessary to slow down the pace of practice. Therefore, Pranayama yoga only patient, but cautious man gets results. Anyone who knows where to stop. That’s the whole point: it is necessary to understand and feel the harmony of Prana inside, somewhere inside yourself to feel a state of tranquility, of elation that occurs in the future to strengthen it, again in response. And now, most importantly, why Pranayama yoga confused with respiratory science: because the easiest way to do breathing movements. We make breathing movements, breaths, they go on such a harmonious cyclic law. Generally, the color of the respiratory movements are very much can be said about a person whether he is in fear or in peace, according to the rhythm of the breath is determined.

So, as the basis of Pranayama yoga breathing taken our movement.

Why respiratory movements?

According to the teachings of yoga, it is believed that respiratory movements we do just by the action of another influx of Prana. How would this portion comes, it affects the subtle body, the subtle body – in the gross body and nerves, nerve endings affect the muscles, and the muscles are forced to take the next breath. Such an algorithm from the finest influx of Prana to respiratory motion. What we are doing the breathing movement, in this sense is the offspring of Prana. The generation of this pulse, which comes to us from some transcendent heights of our higher ‘I’. You remember that Prana – is our highest manifestation. The logic of all this is that we first listen to your breathing and try to find where are these subtle impulses which make us inhale and exhale. Somewhere in the depths of our nervous system. And for a while we are watching, we get used to it. Then, as we intuitively understand how this process takes place within us, we begin to correct it. The fact that an effort of will we can hold breath, breathe in a certain rhythm. And we begin to breathe, like to play with these rhythms. Some draw drawing breaths and then track how change our condition. But in order to accomplish this, we need the best possible conditions, a place to study, so that no one will interfere, it was warm, the mosquitoes do not bite all sorts and do not distract. Nobody and nothing should distract you, even the sound: if drunken neighbors are fighting outside the wall, you do not have to inner harmony. The food should be good, and then to eat if you do not know that, then you tend to sleep, you can not sit still, you bad. And it is clear that in such moments, neither of which the harmony of the question, you can hardly listen to the internal processes. These factors, at first sight, minor in everyday life – they Pranayama yoga, oddly enough, the main. Otherwise, you will not hear, feel, what your processes are. To speed up this state of sensitivity, the yogi or yogini would be alone, they lived separately, were measured way of life.

A variety of scenarios are the people who go to yoga. Exit someone, it is not seen for years, and then, again, emerges: some did and cycle back into society. But again, for me it is a very serious indicator: as a rule, all the people who have reached at least the slightest results, returning to the world, begin to violently with eagerness to work. Sometimes they sometimes do not understand altruism. But they simply can no longer different. For me, the highest that man though something serious hit if he then starts to work for the people. All other words about Pranayama, Kundalini empty to me. Who knows what he experienced hallucinations.

So, a person retires, listens, it needs factors in the form of food, places and interesting people. There are people who have withdrawn from themselves, and somehow we have to communicate with them, and they annoy us, excite and lead to a nervous or inhibited state. Any of these factors, the minor can bring the whole practice of Pranayama to nothing, if you neglect them.

Next time. Once you have learned to listen, to play with these internal processes of inhalation and exhalation, as if you start to put thought experiments on them. That one rhythm of breath, then another. As a rule, all the experiments lead to breathing alternate breathing. By the way, the techniques of Pranayama is very small, and they seem quite trivial. Only it is necessary to approach them not through books, but through self-examination. If you go through the book, you will concentrate on how it should be, rather than what you have. And you miss this small, small element of harmony. And if you do not grab the useless then breathe. If you do not fall into the rhythm of useless rock swing. To get into the rhythm should be in harmony. This is the secret of Pranayama yoga – to grasp the harmony within yourself. If Grip, then all will be great. And not grasp, it is unlikely that any will reach. It many cases, when a person begins to speed up, and thinks that the more he will breathe better. Nothing comes of it. The fact is that Yoga Pranayama – is not breathing exercises and a set of Prana. A Prana – is not such a simple thing.

The easiest way to grasp the inner harmony, when you see the harmony around them, for example, in nature, in a beautiful location, on the edge of the forest or in the mountains. And you have the impression that you are Prana absorbed from the environment, as if you drank it.

Once again I want to emphasize the source of our Prana – our higher ‘I’. It’s kind of everywhere and nowhere, as if our “I” has been dissolved in all the beautiful pictures that we see and that we drank through their own “I” on the edge of the forest. The concept of Prana is very high, it is higher than the concept of space and time. Therefore, once impose strict limits on what Praana should be in such a form or in such a time, or in such a place, it does not lead to any result. Prana must feel. The fact that it is necessary to feel, puts an end to the implementation of Pranayama yoga on stream.

It would seem that what could be simpler: take a battalion of soldiers, still toil foolishness. Our army, I hope, will ever professional, and until then – what they were doing? That, and it would seem, I have caught them and began to learn to breathe and develop spiritually. Give them all like tools, and zero output. Yes, because there is the most important thing – the feeling of inner harmony. A sense of inner harmony to every soldier has to walk alone, not in the form of an order, and everyone should feel. Therefore, Pranayama flow pointless to put this piece goods.

You can, of course, do some breathing practices that help to someone, and someone is left indifferent. Actually, what is happening now. Now full of various breathing practices by hyperventilation and other various. Someone in the euphoria of lead, but it did not pranic euphoria, and from blood oxygen saturation.

Here in one beauty salon there as they called it, Prana camera. In fact, the cost of oxygen cylinder, gas welders such use. They’re the valve opened, a man like prana breathed, eyes on the forehead, and the like as well, and everything is OK. But not to be confused with hyperventilation Prana because of hyperventilation does have its euphoria, but it passes quickly and does not affect the structure of our thin, there is then a spiritual spirituality and light in the eyes of a man who breathe from this cylinder. You can drink and vodka – will first spike, then drop. Pranayama is much thinner and more serious. The question comes down to each person individually. He should feel the harmony within yourself and harmony with the universe. If this is not the sensation, he felt the rhythm, and enhance the inning. And sometimes, to feel the need to spend long years, until all the conditions do initially not to get pulled, and then something, then behold. The sense of rhythm Prana somewhere beyond the mind, the mind can only analyze it, but it’s the same feeling there is an animal, that feeling is at all. It is somewhere in the depths unimaginable. Even if medically speaking, there are some neural bases which are more ancient than our minds. So many people do not realize how many feel this harmony of Prana inside. And if caught, then you can begin to quietly do here these resonances. Pick up such breathing rhythms, inhale, exhale and delays, which will strengthen the internal rhythm of the harmony of Prana. And this effect is observed at resonance, a sharp change of perception, awareness, mind works differently, the body works differently, it’s different starts. From a formal point of view, you are pumping a Prana itself. With an informal, you just breathe into resonance and begin to realize that your mental state changes. This is what they say – an altered state of consciousness. Expandable some horizons.

Then you start to find yourself some rhythms, constantly repeated. Alternate breathing it through one nostril, then through the other – you are bound to come to this, not even knowing that there are such exercises in yoga. The forces engaged in sex, breathing, on the floor trying to force to feel the harmony, and at some point you know, where one merges with another, and it’s very good. But if you do not find this link between rough breathing and inner harmony, nothing you do not get absolutely not even come close to this science.

In the future, you begin to breathe, and there comes this energy, and it starts to rebuild the body, the body begins to change very dramatically. Associated with this will be painful and some factors, but should be within limits. If something went wrong, we must immediately stop, stop – apparently somewhere broken harmony. Suddenly I have a feeling in the body is changing shape, changing your food preferences, changes everything. This condition is extremely painful. It is necessary in every way to protect yourself from negative factors. Therefore, at the time of pranayama yoga, of course, well-retreat. Anyway, to make for themselves the most favorable conditions. Later, when you’re more or less grasped this rhythm and continue to follow this rhythm, breathing pattern begins to change again. Then comes the state, it is very strange, when no inspiratory or expiratory or delay. No general respiration, but also do not want to breathe. Now that’s quite a serious level in the possession of Pranayama, and it should come only natural. The slightest idea of how to make myself breathe way or another, breaks the harmony of the whole, and you’re left with nothing. And it turns out that you do not seem to breathe, but feel like Prana waves pass through you themselves. And here is one of the reasons that yoga can control breathing, detain him, God knows how much.

How to start Pranayama yoga?

Of course, a good idea to study the couple – three breathing exercises. This alternate breathing, this buildup is delayed, when we stifle nose and leans forward. Sometimes, if all goes successfully, they are easier to allow it to grasp the harmony within yourself. But if, God forbid, doing these exercises, you do not feel anything, or feel discomfort, it is better they do not do. Actually, we are talking about it at each session.

Where best practice Pranayama yoga?

A place.

It begins, oddly enough, with all the space. If you do not have a decent place where to practice yoga, you will not get results. It is highly desirable that it is outside the space. Because, being in the room, unless it is a special room, as our Cultural Center “Enlightenment”, where some measures have been taken for the smooth yoga practice pranayama, the home environment is usually very distracting effect – the noise, the smell, what -That oppressive aura. Catching Pranayama, you are very thin, you are painfully react to it. There downside, very tough, in Pranayama Yoga: you will be very refined nature, you will be a painful experience for some time the slightest trouble. Any sound will seem unpleasant, loud. Therefore yoga in ancient times were inclined to lead a solitary life. He lives alone or if practicing pair of yoga with his girlfriend. And no one speaks of the society, because it is so sensitive that it is beginning to bear the physical pain of communicating with ordinary society. Society appears to him in a loud, not thin. You walk down the street, it seems, everything is fine, and began practice Pranayama, all thin, and the stench is horrible on the street, all around annoying. This is another feature of Pranayama yoga, and if you do not abide by this one place the principle, you will become irritable. If you are on the street, the very nature of all natural smoothes. Location is very important for practicing Pranayama yoga.

Rest after Pranayama yoga.

The second very important factor – a rest after Pranayama yoga. You, as follows, exercise, removed a piece of Prana, she went euphoria, and you are already in place can not sit, ready to have somewhere to run. Are you ready to have some things to do, and the body is tense inside. So the rule is: if you want – you do not want, and lie down and rest. Literally in the form of an order, at least 5 minutes.

Meals during pranayama yoga.

The next very important factor – it’s food. Meals should be balanced meal should cause appetite. And some mountain yoga so himself in check hold that for them to eat a morsel of food – this is austerity. The food should be tasty and, if possible, natural, with a minimum number of preservatives. Cereals must necessarily be in the diet, cereal. It is also prescribed to eat cow’s ghee. I sometimes think that the theme of the sacred cows in India occurred precisely on Pranayama Yoga. This poor Brahmin had somehow fed and cow gives your heating oil is the power set that is most favorable for the pranayama yoga. If for you it is an excessive load, then eat whatever you ate before, but listen to your body and keep track of the slightest discomfort that arises. Workout and then eat, feel uncomfortable, consider what product gave this response. Gradually, you will leave on your own diet. In this respect, yoga is said to eat well, not very much, but, by and large, people diet itself produces for itself.

I actually came across a paradoxical cases – known yogi who ate steaks with blood. Now I do not see the power of meat with the moral and ethical point of view. For him it was the best diet. However, then the body was reconstructed, and he did not want more of this is. Here it is – harmony. He is not forcing himself grabbed harmony within, and then spread this harmony that outside, and completely fix all of his bad habits. Food – a very serious moment, but at the same time, it is easier to treat. Food should not be a cult. But remember that if you neglect the diet, then do not grab the inside harmony. You will distract the process of digestion.

Communication during the practice of pranayama yoga.

So: a place of rest, food, fellowship. A common mistake: people work out, pick Prana – and go anywhere in the company. He is on the rise, all starts to revive. As a rule, all companies are sitting like corpses, which have already been buried, and here comes this full of joy and energy people, and suddenly these “corpses” moved. It turns out he Prana spends on them, and in the early stages of the waste it is not necessary, within the alteration of an organism is. To a certain extent, in the early stages of pranayama is necessary to limit communication.

Another major thing is, I already talked about it, it does not succumb to the illusory nature of recovery, when you will have to throw on the exploits and you will feel the strength. Remember the fairy tale about Ilya Muromets – the elders came and said: “Ilya, let us drink.” Ilya replied: “Are you old marazmatik, I was lying on the stove 33 years old, and you send me to fetch water.” I do not remember what it was over, but it seems they gave him water to drink, and he felt in himself a force that could spread and the earth and the sky. Then the elders said: “On, otpey from this bucket.” And power was reduced. This temptation, when too much force. This is the same temptation, as well as money. I remember how the “new Russian” in the 90’s for free five billion seized, and they went to the roof, they do not know where to go, what to do, top and bottom reversed. To a certain extent, it can be compared with the feeling that a lot of Prana comes.

Sex and Pranayama Yoga

Well, finally, the question of sex. If you have a sexual partner, it is desirable to take an interest in this section of yoga, like Yoga Union, issues of sex without loss. If you start to have sex with losses more frequently than a certain number of times, it also becomes a negative factor for the pranayama yoga. You type Prana, having sex with a loss and do not feel the result. There is a reasonable chapel sex with losses: doing Pranayama, and sex with losses allowed, but better sex without loss. If you do not have a sexual partner, then it would be good for this time to lead a life without sex, but then again, if it is in harmony. God forbid, if it is not in harmony, it is necessary to take very seriously this issue. In general, all the jokes about sex bad end, when we try to suppress it. Sex losses can greatly slow down your practice, especially in the early stages: you need to balance within, and sex with losses – is the continuation of life, and you spend a lot to have a new life. It is justified if you want to have had children, and ate there, it is clear that the body begins to compensate for this loss, and begins to take the Prana that you have accumulated from Pranayama.

In general, sex and the Prana is extremely tied to each other. Oddly enough, even if you have had sex with a loss, there is nothing that makes up for all the energy spectra as Pranayama. One is related to another.

But I must mention that the nature of the universe we have created men and women, and has given us the opportunity to have sex is not for us to self-harm, but in order to get through the most simple, harmonious way to bring us to higher. So, there is such a section, it concerns Yogi Union, our Triad, if you are, according to this doctrine, have sex, then you have to build in such a way the rhythm of your breathing, so tune in harmony, that jumps to Pranayama yoga easily. Having sex without losses can be a bridge to Pranayama yoga.

In India, knowledge of yoga is not widely distributed, because the people who carried yoga, far ahead of society, where knowledge is stored. There’s the usual orthodox Indian society is not accepted at all about sex talk, in any form! What we have with you is going on here, it’s unheard of libertines. About any Kamasutra there’s no telling know. More precisely, he knows very narrow stratum of people, but it’s more pro-Western youth. This theme is very well developed, both through sex make this transition to harmony, to Prana. Oddly enough, after sex, you can quite gracefully enter Pranayama yoga, and more, if you do Pranayama yoga, you can balance out some distortions that arise in restructuring the sexual life. Because sex is by nature represents Prana, but on a gross level. Prana – is a kind of substance that behaves something like consciousness, how energy. The living entity, if it is in the body of a woman is the embodiment of energy, and if a man’s body – the personification of consciousness. But when they are in sexual union, consciousness merges with the energy, ie from simple location beside they produce clouds of Prana. How’s everything going on, I do not know, do not even ask me. This is a separate topic for an explanation. To a certain extent, if there were some distortions in Pranayama yoga and then had the right sex without a loss, these distortions are eliminated.

It is necessary to practice Pranayama, not boosting, gradually. You do not have to throw everything and start practicing Pranayama yoga at the expense of other activities. The Universe does not tolerate such selfishness. Sometimes a person is going to create a good environment for training, and he has nothing. Conversely, a person goes to work for the benefit of all living beings, and the universe itself on a silver platter brings all conditions, including, and Pranayama yoga classes.

What is the amount of time necessary to practice Pranayama yoga in the beginning?

As the teachings of Yoga, Pranayama is necessary to start with 15 minutes a day in the fresh air. And this time, you can do nothing at all, just sit and watch your breath. This strange event happens you: whether you sit meditate, or do pranayama yoga. Then, gradually, to the diversity of their feelings, try to play with their breaths. Just play. There are so breathe and breathe that way now breathe through one nostril and then through another. Usually people who become involved in Pranayama yoga make one very serious mistake: they pop up in my head all the tracts that they have read about it. A treatise, which they later, or books written on the basis of the treatises, in which more definitive flattery. It must be confessed, a huge amount of literature on yoga – frankly hazardous waste. Here they write: “you have to through this nostril breathing, exactly so many times, so-and-so, breathe out so-and-so, if you do not do – five years by hanging, and should do so for three months and if you miss once – start all over again. ” And poor practice, he would have to tune in harmony, he would feel, and he frantically says, as if he, God forbid, something that is not confused. As a result, it blocked the feeling of naturalness, a sense of life. Therefore we must always begin with the game, play to air. Povydyhayte, closed down the one nostril, then the other, inhale through the mouth and exhale through the nose, and so on. Play with air. And so it would be good to play N number of months. And if there is no desire, then just sit around doing nothing. Select a point some on the street, a leaf, for example, and look without blinking for about 15 minutes every day, and it will come by itself. Once you start playing with the air themselves pereotkroete all possible rhythms delays, inhale, exhale and slowly come to the exercises, which strongly recommend yoga – this alternate breathing and so on. But you come to this, rediscovered them harmoniously, naturally. You will understand how these swings swings, and when you realize you will experiment – something a little stronger, a little weaker than it. And it may be that these your 15 minutes may go to some other time.

And this is the time to combine with other yogis?

Catching Pranayama yoga, do not forget that other yoga has not been canceled. Therefore, there must be a balance, a compromise approach – that, what, where, why. My advice – you are now as if you know in advance that the subject is inexhaustible, that many yogis, who started this thread, then dropped a class, because they have other things to do. Otherwise, so it is possible to fail in this topic, and all the rest of humanity and does not recognize that this yoga is, if you do not tell them.

From time to time will want to do more and more, it will have to pick up. In fact, this feeling of harmony you will start to pick up, and you begin to unconsciously increase the practice, if all goes according to plan.

There is one such error: people who want to practice Pranayama, people think that they have to push yourself. If there is a relation to practice, it is necessary to sit down and make myself exercise Pranayama, which means that all the previous time, you are not doing Pranayama, and something else. It should be the other way around: “But when will come a time when it will be possible to go at least a little to breathe!” That is the reverse, you will have to pull. If you have to force yourself to, you know, obviously you went astray. That these little subtleties do not allow to master Pranayama huge number of people.

And further. I want to say in advance, Now you must not touch it – when you come to the intensive practice, when you really start to speed up, you select the location you choose the time, the situation and can bring Pranayama to several times a day, remember, with the right will abrupt adjustment of the organism. It is better to gently, gently come after a number of months, and then sharply boost.

In what position do Pranayama yoga?

It is desirable posture for pranayama yoga, if you it, of course, know how to do is the lotus posture. If you do not know how to do it, it is permissible half lotus posture. If it does not know how to do, or at least bend your knees and sit on your heels. Well, if it does not work and then just sit as comfortably. Moreover, some schools of yoga, for example, in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, said that, by and large, a class of Hatha yoga asanas in the need for us to develop a so-called stable position in which we could sit for a long time. By “long enough” means an hour or three, four, five in the same position. The next stage of Pranayama Yoga Patanjali extremely kutse described, literally two aphorisms, and then, it is not clear what. Of course, you can practice, and lying, and standing. In principle, these postures are allowed.

But in inverted poses just is not desirable, because these positions are already their processes due to the very posture, and you need to focus on the inhalation and exhalation. And when you have an inverted position, it is clear that there is something twisted, clamped. None of this freedom. Lotus Pose is most favorable, there is nothing stopping you from breathing, back, neck, head – straight. The whole body is like hanging on the spine.

Once you begin to practice Pranayama, you will discover what meditation is. Part of Prana is released, and your thoughts raced, millions of thoughts. Pranayama very sharply boosts the creativity in people. And the flip side is – you can overdo it by mental activity. Prana much brains are constantly working, and then they overheat. This, too, has its own dangers. Of course, you will catch yourself on what Pranayama goes to some other thought processes. It will be interesting.

And what happens to the body when holding your breath? If you hold your breath for a long time whether the pressure rise? Is there a danger?

Of course, our organism reacts once for all. The danger is, even more so if we have some kind of disease. That’s why I began by saying that we do not start Pranayama with delays and alternate breathing, we start the game, play with the air, to feel their potential. Sensed that something was wrong, then do not make the delay. There are no rigid prescriptions. The idea of harmony, in monitoring its breathing. We breathe, look at the effect of after – if you see that jumped up pressure, then think whether you need such an effect? Probably not needed. Then do not do. Especially because we all have our body with different capabilities. All this falls under the definition of harmony.

And how do you know that you caught his rhythm, got into his swing? What are the criteria?

Criterion just as opposites: if you do not hit the rhythm, the problems begin. Shortness of breath, discomfort.

How important is the day to Pranayama yoga?

It can be wisely used not only during the day, but also the time of year. It is believed that the most favorable time for Yoga Pranayama – is when day gives way to night and night follows day. Sunrise or sunset. The most favorable time of the year, is when one replaces another season. This spring or autumn. At these moments, everything is harmonious and calm down.

Is it possible to combine Pranayama with other yogis?

You see, what a thing is observed: in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the so-called Ashtanga (Eightfold Path), Pranayama comes after asanas. If you are considering yoga, more realistically come down to us, then there is clearly expressed influence Tantrism. And in some Tantric schools generally start with Pranayama. In other schools, for example, Nath, so there was a different approach. While I’m talking about “school”, but in general, God knows it there, it is quite closed institutions were – then, as we heard this knowledge, and that, thank God. But generally speaking, in this regard in all these treatises said the following streamlined phrase “do as you teach your teacher!”

From the point of view of the philosophy of yoga, so what’s the difference. If you have a body in order, you can start with a meditation and yoga. Although in terms of Patanjali Pranayama – is the last step in yoga. You can simultaneously once engaged. Yoga, she encourages us to become a teacher yourself.

I am very afraid of these categorical statements. I read ancient treatises – there is no categorical statements. As if you tell a story to the child. Gently, of course. There are, of course, the rules of yoga, which should be observed – for example, rest after Pranayama.

Yoga lies within us, and we rediscover! Yoga does not exist because it came up with the Indians with some severe restrictions, but because we have made, and we use these laws within us, for your benefit. And we made you very harmonious!

It turns out that we forget that we have made? Not to forget: we have with the human body is only an opportunity to become aware of this fact. We have many years of evolution worked out “Ponimalka” her to understand where we are. And after, when she realized we make certain conclusions. That is why, once again emphasize the human body – one of the most expensive gifts that we have!

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