2013.03.24 Seminar Pranayama Yoga. Vadim Zaporozhtsev

Pranayama Yoga.


So, friends, today we have 24 March 2013. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a seminar on Pranayama Yoga. All historical data archive all information on the site www.openyoga.ru, www.yogacenter.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru.

 Today we will be with you to consider Pranayama yoga with many such basic exercises. To Yoga Pranayama you went, I remind you that the most favorable time to begin the practice of Pranayama yoga is early spring and autumn. So as of now, I hope, still winter goes and spring comes, it will be a good start, a good start to practice Yoga Pranayama.

I remind you all that Pranayama Yoga – Yoga is serious enough, and unlike the usual physical yogas, it requires more skill. Not casually even Eightfold Path, or the so-called Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali, pranayama is only after performing asanas. Or, in fact, in some way we need to master hatha yoga, learn to do certain poses, and only then proceed to the breathing exercises.

Although, strictly speaking, in more recent times, sometimes tolerated thing when Pranayama yoga beginners to learn even earlier than beginning to be studied Hatha Yoga. But it is connected with some difficulties, because if you make a mistake in Pranayama yoga, and if you will not be near the Master, then get rid of it will be quite difficult. And if you have learned the first Hatha yoga, even some flaws in Pranayama Yoga Hatha Yoga will be compensated. Strictly speaking, therefore, if you are on your own risk trying to master Pranayama yoga yourself, then you should not neglect such physical yogis as Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga, such as yoga, like, say, yoga stretch. It will be quite a good stepping stone, a foundation or a base for practicing Pranayama yoga.

So, a few words from general considerations, we recall, recall what kind of yoga, where it came from, and how it fits. The fact that we spent a lot of seminars on yoga, Pranayama and thus for the entire archive of information you can refer to the website or to the site www.openyoga.ru free online yoga courses www.kurs.openyoga.ru.

We remember you that as long as there are manifestations of man, the same, there are different types of yoga, and we’ll have such wonderful totally unique ability – to breathe. We make some movements, undulating and harmonious, causing another portion of oxygen-enriched air, it enters the lungs, and the other part of the air containing carbon dioxide and still some other metabolic products leaving our body. Thus, this is a continuous process, this process is actually accompanies our whole life.

We remember that in fact, the man is in three states – a state of waking, dreaming state and the state of dreamless sleep. It is, in fact, three facets of a single reality. So, despite the fact that we in turn pass these faces, but these faces something connects, and this bunch is called respiration.

Yes, indeed, in the waking state we have a rhythm and color breathing, in the dream state – the other, and in a state of sleep without dreams – the third, but in all these cases is the breath. If there is no breathing, then we see a state of clinical death, or the state of Samadhi. In fact, only one way to stop this series of breaths – it is to go out, or superconscious state, higher education; well, or die.

For this reason related to Pranayama yoga or breathing yogis were extremely attentive and is accurate to, literally, all yogis and yogis who practiced sometimes diametrically opposed methods of ownership of her body using a variety of tools.

So, Pranayama, or anything that is connected with the breathing process, the “red thread” runs through all our lives. It is something universal. In it there is something that does not depend on a variety of transient factors. So sometimes Pranayama yoga opted for a very good foundation for the future of our spiritual journey. And, in fact, once again, in the later, for example, tantric yoga tradition, is focusing on breathing exercises it. At that time, as in the classical sections, of course, the first thing that was required for the knowledge – it is Hatha yoga, is the management of his body. In any case, such a picture emerges from the analysis of ancient texts.

So, we are all with you breathe. And, according to yoga, the process of breathing – is not just blood oxygenation, which is thinner and more strange process. And, according to yoga theory, the following picture emerges – each of you have your higher self, which is very idealistic, and it is not clear where it is in the higher spiritual realms. At the same time, your higher self is connected to your bodies. Well, in particular, with your gross body, which is necessary to feed that breathes.

So, there is some such attention, such a channel, which connects the one and the other – your higher self and your body. This channel – it is in fact the channel of Prana, so some very interesting things that can be in the same time and as consciousness, and as energy. And as long as the thread Prana connects your Higher Self to your body – you are alive. If this thread is torn – you die. In fact, it is possible to ascertain the death of this factor – whether there is a channel of Prana have a cut between your bodies and your Higher Self

Once again, we are dealing here with such substance or matter which fortunately or unfortunately, modern science has not yet discovered. Perhaps this is the case the nearest or not the future, but, anyway, we heard you information from ancient sources of yoga, best of all, on the basis of these data and knowledge, we have very specific exercises that work regardless of the whether you know this theory or not. Just master the exercises, you’ll just get a lot of and a lot of good.

So, it turns out the next thing that, according to yoga theory, first – is a kind of a promise of Prana, which goes through the channel of our Higher Self to our body and only then it is transformed into a certain impulses nerve, which make us inhale and exhale. That is the process of inhalation and exhalation in this respect is secondary in relation to a certain momentum of Prana, which supports our body.

Well and, accordingly, this emerges such a very interesting perspective – “What if do the opposite?”. If one way or another, affect the process of respiration, ie accelerate, slow down your breath, do delay, and so on and so forth, will it be possible to affect the flow of prana, which comes from our Higher Self to our body? And yoga on this issue asserts the affirmative. She says – yes, indeed, if you work on the process of physical breathing, then sooner or later you pereotkroete the thin thread that connects your gross body with your Higher Self, and as a result, you will be able to increase the flow of prana, which connects your Higher Self with your body.

That is, firstly, your Higher Self is aware of their power to a greater extent, resulting in the disposal of your Higher Self will have more prana. Secondly, it is more of Prana, you can easily redistribute your body and if your body will show an excess of Prana, it will begin the most interesting and most pleasant for you miracles from such understandable, everyday, to such very strange, incomprehensible from the standpoint of modern man.

Well, if you start with a clear, we will observe this effect – will increase your vitality, your immune system, the degree of your health will increase. You will easily cope with various diseases, sometimes even intractable. You’ll be easy enough to carry a variety of hardships, lack of comfort, food, or, let’s say.

You will easily carry this kind of disharmonious psychological environment surrounding you, you like to be a protective layer between you and the outside world, the protective layer of Prana, which will not allow to influence you negatively. You know, sometimes this layer is compared to a bank account – that is, no matter what you pay, but if you have a “chubby” in a bank account, you can easily solve the problem of unexpected financial order. There, they raised the price of something, and you say, “Oh, no big deal, I have there denezhka have always burst into tears.” It is in this respect Prana acts as universal money. That is, it is clear that money can solve a lot of your problems in life, but there are challenges that no currency can not cope in the world. In this respect, Prana more universal currency, and sometimes it solves those problems that can not be solved with money.

Well, as yet, by the way, is a continuation of this theme, which relates to Artha yoga, or the yoga of prosperity, prosperity, yoga money here so it can be called. It is believed that the money – it is a surrogate for Prana. If a person has a large amount of Prana, then, roughly speaking, the money themselves to it “stick”. In what sense? In the sense that this person is doing well, that he was always happy to take on paying jobs, that whatever it takes, it is always effective, and builds business relationships with others, and so on and so forth, so that never a loser It remains. Therefore, first of all, if you want to get rich, it is primarily seeking to increase the amount of Prana.

Unfortunately, today’s students of the Open University of Yoga went to a trend that everyone is starting to read some Western books, some Western training, come to some questionable teachers who begin doubtful teach people how to earn more money, and on closer inspection it turns out that these teachers have not earned in his life a single penny, except on how to teach others to make money. Very strange this situation.

And so many dream of, say, get an MBA. They think that if they have a MBA, is the degree of business administration in the West, then all they will succeed. Or, explore some more economic, accounting science. So, anything like that. You can know all this perfectly, but you can “get out” one thing after another. And no one and nothing will not save you. At the same time, if you have an excess of Prana, you can even make up for the lack of well-known education. Of course, mistakes will be, but you like to be on the move to learn. Here.

And so in this respect, the more prana, the greater will be your dominance in life. Therefore, ignore the science of Yoga Pranayama should not be, and, of course, I am always surprised when topics come quite a few people at the seminars. Everyone wants to be healthy, wealthy and happy, but it is trying to solve some weird for me ways. Know if the body is not Prana, the body is like a corpse – it is falling apart, no matter how well it was done. So it is here.

So, managing the process of breathing, anyway, voleizyavlyaya slow down or speed up the breaths, do delay or do any special exercises breathing, indirectly we become aware of the flow of Prana, which connects our gross body with our Higher Self And what increasingly we are aware of this stream, and what is more we are aware of our Higher Self, the more volume we are starting to show their power, is just manifested through an increase in the flow of Prana.

Everything is quite logical, of course, all calibrated, everything natural, everything is clear. Once again I remind you that yoga – a very logical teaching. It is no less logical and consistent than higher mathematics, where any provision is not taken “from the ceiling” and strictly deduced. Another conversation that we are not always aware of these calculations, we do not always understand the enormity of the ancient knowledge, grains which have reached us, so sometimes there are some such issues in this regard.

So, our task – to work with our breath, pay attention to it, do exercise regularly enough known, and thereby, as taught by the ancient yoga, we increase the degree of its vitality. If the degree of our vitality exceed a certain critical level, then there are quite a paradoxical moment in terms of your abilities or super abilities. Here we have already mentioned a moment like health, wealth and domination in the world of people who have an excess of Prana. But if an excess of Prana begins to exceed a certain critical level, then suddenly you are surprised to themselves begin to discover that your life is completely unknown to invade your physical, mental, spiritual phenomena, which up to then have never in my life was not.

Roughly speaking, if there is an increased flow of Prana, your mind clears, your consciousness expands, and you finally start to know and see the subtle components of the reality in which we live. And they are truly exciting! A variety of effects are observed at the same time – from mind-reading to, I do not even know it until then.

But in our school of yoga, at the Open University of Yoga we try as such moments can be operated less associated with supernormal, with something wonderful. Why? Because these topics rather weaken their minds than developing for untrained people. That is, if a person is to be engaged, is sooner or later come into his life, and he is aware of. But if an untrained person will start to deal with various manifestations of Pranayama, it probably can confuse him, slow him down a spiritual path, rather than accelerate.

Well, in particular, if you are seriously engaged in Pranayama yoga, then willy-nilly, you will observe the following phenomenon – will come to you the ability to read the thoughts of others. First, it will come as the ability to adjust to the emotional state of other people, other living beings. This, incidentally, is very helpful in learning foreign languages – even without knowing the language, you will fully feel what is the mentality of the other person and what he wants. Very helpful. I recommend.

At the time, I had one of the western work, English I do not know. And then I had to compensate for the lack of English here so completely unexpected moves. The same applies, of course, all the other manifestations of language, not necessarily people, but also animals and birds, if so, figuratively speaking. So, it comes first as an emotional feeling, then more and more reality, and, sooner or later, according to yoga, you will fully take concrete thought forms.

But the flip side of it does not slow down affect immediately – you begin to be terribly wounded in front of the modern world, because the bulk of the giant metropolises like, say, Moscow, they are in a state of depression kakom-to, depression, negative mode of consciousness. And then you will be forced every day to perceive these negative waves. This is a very severe test, I tell you. It is for this reason, many yoga and yogini tend to settle as far as possible from the mass human settlements. Because the mass settlement of people do not bring anything good. This solid some idiotic desire, it is a solid way remember this – “Vanity Fair” is solid any repressed depression, repressed desires unfulfilled moments, dreams. And it’s all taken very seriously. A feeling that you’re just swimming in a dirty smelly water, I want out of it as quickly as possible to get out and leave. Once again I say, for this reason, many yoga and yogini seek for themselves a place to live, where as little as possible would not be spiritual people. Nothing to do with them – to communicate with them is very difficult. To help them, you can not, because they are immune, and watch this tragedy from day to day is very unpleasant.

Therefore, there are known side effects in Pranayama Yoga. It opens your power. Do you expect that it will only be good from this power. It really all is well, until you are faced with their own kind, and currently these are beginning to show you some horrors of the modern world, and you feel bad.

Therefore, there is known, as it were warnings for those who for the first time close to Pranayama yoga, known limitations in communicating with other living things, restrictions on the foods that you eat, in relation to the information that you are using, and so on and so like. Because if you go out in the management of Prana to a certain level, then you will have a “knock out” the life of just about anything – you open a newspaper, read a couple of some articles about the imperfection of our world and everything you “knock out”, you will not sleep nor is there, all the experience there, thinking, and so on and so forth. That is, the thinner your perception of the world, you should keep this in mind. Unfortunately, this little speaker.

 And now let us proceed directly to this science – Pranayama Yoga. As it should be approached practically, where to start, what exercises should be done? Well, the very first, how to begin Pranayama yoga is with the fact that you have to realize that there is no harmony without Pranayama can not be carried out, in general, as well as all yoga.

You have to remember that the implementation of any yogic exercises, it must be some kind of joy. The joy of exercise, or the joy of overcoming himself. If no joy, that in fact there is some disharmony, which will not allow you to tune in to a certain resonance with his own Prana. And if there is no resonance, and then you do not understand how to strengthen or weaken the effect of certain trends within your body. Therefore, harmony, harmony and harmony again. Harmony in a square, or do not know to what extent should the study of Pranayama yoga.

And for this we must try to remove from your life all inharmonious from the outside and the inside. In fact, if you live in the “birdhouse” or “ant-hill” or “tarakannike” or even do not know how it all called, you live on some there is the 20th floor of a there is a 40-storey building, well, or a little less, there storeys, in some small-small a burrow, where everything is compressed, all compressed, where there is no vitality, you must understand that it is unnatural and inharmonious conditions for your life. And if you start to learn Pranayama in such conditions, willingly or unwillingly, you will encounter unnecessary difficulties.

At the same time, if you live on the earth, you have your house, your site, or you went somewhere in a forest in the country, where everything is beautiful, where everything is natural, where everything is in harmony, and there you will not encounter these negative moments in mastering Pranayama yoga. From this it follows that if there is any opportunity to perform Pranayama yoga outdoors, nature, land, friends on earth, not in heaven, on the 20th floor and on the ground, you should do it in a natural environment. Then you will not encounter many difficulties, such as air mustiness, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, we do not even realize what a terrible price we pay for modern civilization. Our, at first glance, comfortable apartments, elevators, our overcrowding, it seems, at first glance, helping to save money for our lives. But on the other hand, we are paying their Prana, in this respect, there are no miracles. In one saved – in the other lost.

The second contributing factor – it is a kind of harmony within you. If you eat a normal, well-balanced, natural food, all the processes of your metabolism proceed as it was foreseen by nature. If you start to eat modern food of unknown origin, which is made there from kakih-to sublimated, kakih-to refined and other products, with numerous preservatives, numerous additives and flavor enhancers and so on and so forth, then you are, willy-nilly “knock down” the internal configuration of the body.

Well, actually, even, say, a substance as a sugar substitute, our body can, for example, respond entirely ambiguous. Because there is still a connection between the taste buds and the response of various glands of certain digestive system of our body. Well, imagine – you eat a sugar substitute – body expects that now is the influx of carbohydrates, but they are not! One Lord God knows how it will react to your internal structure. The same is true with regard to flavor enhancers, all kinds of preservatives that do not allow the digested food. And you realize that you live within E. coli, it is sometimes the amount reaches 5 kg. Imagine, that in fact you are not a man, you are a symbiosis of man with a huge number of micro-organisms. They are small, tiny, primitive, but if they remove from your life – you just die.

Well, for example, I’ve recently read an article, in my opinion, in the «Scientific America», which calculated that for a person to live, of course, need some kind of genetic information. So, the genetic information of a person, the person actually ten times less than the genetic information of all organisms that are essential to the human body there. That is your body a huge amount of all E. coli and other-other-other. So, their total genetic code several times longer than the human genetic code. As these organisms will react to this sublimated refined food, we just do not know. I do not want to escalate the atmosphere and say that everything is terribly bad, but simply that no one did. Those experiments, which, of course, are good in mice, they are bad in public. Therefore, if someone says to you about the safety of the product, what kind of security can be discussed if this product enjoyed only 1-2 generations? And suddenly a negative effect on the third, fourth or fifth impact? That is a lot, unfortunately, the problems we slip modern civilization and, therefore, we do not know how much the internal harmony of our digestive sensations can knock these factors brought about.

Therefore, if you are beginning your practice Pranayama yoga, try to eat as much as possible the natural food. Let this be a more primitive food, let it be the most primitive some cereal porridge, well, that is something to which more closely the chemistry is not reached. Even if you can not all the time all your time to eat this food, then let them at least this food dominates, at least some part of your food is clean.

So, the harmony with the environment, harmony with the supply process.

You should also carefully enough to take care of the purity of his body, as often as possible to take a shower, bathtub. That is, the water treatment extremely welcome.

You try to avoid all of the disharmonious environment. That is to avoid disharmonious people, media – stop unnecessary programs to watch or listen to radio programs unnecessary, unnecessary to go on the Internet sites, read unnecessary, destructive, which knocked harmony book. That is, you should also carefully monitor the information, how do you control your food. Otherwise inharmonious information will also start to shoot down all of your exercises in Pranayama and Pranayama – is first of all harmony.

Therefore, of course, yoga schools that are sufficiently developed for this purpose make special places. They are called ashrams, this is such a secluded settlement yogis and Yoginis where people lead a simple, fairly healthy and natural life, and where you can really learn and take the first steps in the field of Pranayama yoga.

This is my dream – once denezhka will build somewhere in the suburbs quite a good center by all the canons of yoga. Well, unfortunately, we are now faced with financial difficulties – no money for that, but as soon as there will be, we’ll do it.

So, if you remember the principle of harmony, and be wherever you life collides with inharmonious, try to avoid it, then you will master Pranayama easily. If you neglect these moments, you can seriously and permanently “stuck” for a few years.

I once “stuck” for a few years in Pranayama Yoga. For several years I spent only wasted because they do not know what it is necessary to filter the food, environment, lifestyle, people, and so on and so forth. I thought: “Well, what’s wrong with that? That breathed Pranayama yoga, and now the news program a look. Or eat here’s the potato chips, it is not clear from what made. Silly or chat with these friends-girlfriends who do not know what they want out of life. ” As a result, it was scrapped. And just Pranayama beginning to bear fruit, how can they be cut. So I ask you – do not repeat the mistakes that have been committed, particularly me, there is no need for this.

Now further. Next side – of course, there is more we should remember that we are hostages of our karma, both positive and negative, so remember – never an ideal place for life and living conditions. Choose the best of what there is now. Remember the saying, “Use what is at hand and not something else to look.” This is a fairly universal rule. That is the life situation that you have – that’s it and use it. Try to find that in your access to the most harmonious and inharmonious be avoided by all means, but do not waste time, do not wait, because waiting could be just your subtle negative karma.

Well, specifically, I will give an example of one of his student, who for a long time in the course of his life waiting for perfect conditions. He told me – “Now I have a business develops, now I earn a lot of money, I will build me on Rublevskoe highway castle, where I will be a greenhouse, and a summer garden, and swimming pool, and a sauna, and a meditation room, and so-forth. And that’s when I retire, there will be engaged in, in particular, Pranayama yoga. ” Well, what do you think? Rich, built everything he wanted. Only trouble is – is not engaged. Everything is there, but there is no desire to engage. I ask him: “Well, what?” You know, it is already moving in some of these facets of conversation, jokes, “Well, how? It helped? “-” No. And here is something else, but then there somehow, and once to me, and then-sho, the fifth to tenth … “.

That is, do not succumb to the temptations that now I’m there, let’s live in a communal apartment, and I do not have much space or capacity. I at one time, when I began to practice Pranayama, lived in a dormitory MiFi. In the same room with me I lived a lot of my guys. Well, nothing, I found a way out – took the mat and went into the street to a nearby vacant lot, and worked there. everything went very well. Although the conditions were more than Spartan at that time. So I wish you the same – do not wait for some sort of excess conditions, use what is. But it is very hard to remember that, as you said – avoid all disharmonious. Who would you not say that. Avoid all. Stupidly avoid. Here I do not want to know anything and everything disharmonious. Otherwise … the newspaper here … turn on the radio, you hear a piece of news on the radio or TV and you “knock out” of the wave of harmony and all down the drain flies. This should be remembered.

With any exercise should begin Pranayama yoga? Before we answer to you, so to speak, theoretically we justify this point, let us do anything practical.


So, sit down all. Back, neck, head along a straight line. Let’s start with a simple exercise that is performed. in the following way. It would be good to choose a beautiful, harmonious place, preferably outdoors or in a part of your communal apartment, in the corner where you will not irritate and do not run cockroaches. You can hang in front of a beautiful painting, a reproduction of desirable cocoa some scenery, create around themselves a modicum of comfort. Sweep this place before, or even better wash it. It is advisable to wash by hand to physically experience the area in which you are sitting, natural him to her. Let it even be a place in the hall of a station where people running around, and you clean for themselves appropriate this place. For it should choose the most pleasant position, this is where your back, neck and head were in a straight line in a free, no stress state. Just remember that you can practice pranayama as a standing or lying down, if necessary.

The first thing you need to start Pranayama Yoga is to sit in a certain thoughtlessness and watch your breath. To your thoughts jumped like a monkey, do not distract you sense myself counting the number of breaths.

And here we are with you now sit, empty your head from unnecessary thoughts and begin to yourself to count the number of breaths. Getting Started …

And now, as soon as we did more or less what kind of exercise should rest.

The best way to do this – to make a full breath, exhale bend forward. And then lie down on your back and relax. We stretch and yawn. Pivoted to the side. Bend your knees, sit neatly.


So, what we need you to understand of Pranayama yoga? What whatever the Pranayama, complex or simple, be sure to complete the rest pranayama. Here you just seemed to sat and did nothing to thoughtlessness watching your breath, counted breaths, and it would seem, why then have a rest? A vacation should be! And remember, the most stringent, after Pranayama yoga mandatory rest. It would be desirable or not desirable, we must make ourselves harshly. If you develop the habit, after each pranayama you rest five, six, seven minutes, well, or how much you have there is time, then you will be able to avoid many of the difficulties associated with disharmony and that the meaning of pranayama will fly away from you. Regardless, once again, a difficult Pranayama, do you lot doing it or not, the rest – is required. Now I would like to make a blitz poll who counted how many breaths?


Answers: 150, 100, 80, 128 somewhere somewhere 265.460. I’m 50, and then breathing slowed and 20.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That, friends, is unpretentious, not a serious exercise, at first glance, like just sit back and count the breaths, is one of the most smooth and beautiful entrances to Pranayama yoga.

You know, all we know from the science of yoga, that the most difficult processes, this transition process. The most common light bulb burns out, or when you turn on, or when you turn off the computer often crashes or is turned on or turned off, many units are broken or when starting or stopping. Oddly enough, if they are cut out, they have less ability to break down, or if they are working continuously. For this reason, many companies never turn off the computer, and they work on holidays, and day and night.

So the most difficult thing is to start something, get off at a certain rhythm. There often stumble. And Pranayama Yoga is a particularly important point – the right to enter into pranayama. Properly build inner feelings, understanding, control of the process. So, counting breaths is quite a soft, not hard smooth way to approach Pranayama yoga. Therefore, if you had never engaged in Pranayama yoga, please include in the first place, such an exercise. Indirectly, will develop the ability of your mind, is to count the number of breaths without stumbling. This is an extremely develops memory and these are the first steps on the path of meditation, when you hold your thought in a given direction, not allowing the mind to jump.

And here beforehand, I want you to say once again, there is such a secret Pranayama Yoga – Pranayama yoga techniques are not obvious, generally we think that we should do much chto-to, strain, force and so on and so forth. Here, on the contrary, if you exert yourself, then you miss a moment of harmony. And without a moment of harmony difficult to do anything to get. It’s a foolproof in Pranayama Yoga. All who are somewhere in a hurry, everyone who is not patient, they do not get anything, they just slip these secrets. Nature knows how to mask the loopholes, the gateway to the mysterious spheres of our body control.

  So: harmony, approximate to the nature around, a clear confining the inharmonious himself in all, a good place, the best of what that is. Next, it is in no hurry to immediately start doing complex exercises, they do not use if you have mastered simple. And finally, rest. Mandatory rest after Pranayama yoga.

  Once you are more or less established themselves in this exercise, you can proceed to the next one, which we are now you will be considered. But on my own I want to add the following item. Here you are sitting and watching your breath, just an exercise, but then when you later have greatly succeed in yoga, you will catch yourself suddenly, that in certain periods of life, only this Pranayama brings the greatest results for you. In particular, if you practice as well and other methods of yoga.

In general, I now have such a concept is born, I now want to make a separate course and call it yoga for seniors or for people weakened. So here’s the paradox can occur if you are serious about doing some kind of spiritual breakthroughs in yoga, it is usually a very large load on your body, and in this regard you approach the perception of yoga about how the people who are already at an advanced age and who have never practiced yoga. Those. it turns out that the simplest becomes the most effective result.

  Remarkably, there are any questions about this exercise?


 Question: When I was breathing, breathing at some point becomes short and then several times had the feeling that here I do not want to breathe and panic, and suddenly quite perehochetsya breathe, what then?


 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Remember that old-old anecdote about a hedgehog for children? What hedgehog went to school, I forgot how to breathe, fell down and died. Then he remembered how to breathe, alive and went on. That is, do not worry, in fact, the protective properties of your body is so powerful, that if something goes wrong, it will turn on very deep processes that are just, literally, make you breathe. Ie even if you fall into a swoon, the deeper structures of your mind will take you to a certain level of breathing, so panic should not be.

On the other hand, if you suddenly see that gradually the number of breaths is reduced for a certain period of time, ie, you begin to breathe more harmonious, more slowly, oddly enough, this is a very good sign saying that you are approaching to calm his mind. And it’s a good thing related to further meditation. Those. there is a connection between the unique color of your breathing, between complacency and one-pointedness of your mind, and your well-being. In the future, as you approach the pointed meditation, your breathing will be more and more natural to slow down, without any effort on your part. This condition is known as kevala-kumbhaka, or when it is without delay breaths. And this is the foundation to manage their feelings and to achieve some higher ecstatic experiences in life. So, in fact, everything is going according to plan. Any questions?


Question: Can I do this exercise lying down?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course, this exercise can be carried out as lying and standing. And sometimes you can even on the go, if you go in a measured, direct expensive, does not distract anything.


Question: If during the exercise would be desirable to sway, move the body, as if to leave in harmony with your breath, it’s allowed?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It may be in the early stages, even welcome, it is a kind, your body tries to rediscover kriya yoga. We are made quite difficult, we have multiple channels and through which circulates centers, including Prana. So, some of them, for various reasons, are contaminated. And when you start to make a harmonious breath, you begin to experience subtle discomfort within yourself, which disappears if you suddenly start to wiggle or make a rhythmic motion. You indirectly helping to clear channels.


Question: Rest lying just can?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is desirable to have a rest, lying down, because the minimum number of muscles involved in this. Although, if you are somewhere in adverse conditions, sitting on a mat and you have nowhere to go in the wet woods, the rest can be in position when you lean forward. But it is better if there is an opportunity to rest lying down.


Q: Very often in the classroom, when you start to focus starts yawning and breathing gets off.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is due to the fact that you do indoors. If you are engaged in nature, this would not have been observed. This is a side effect of disharmony in our lives. We believe the ultimate dream – an apartment in Moscow with many rooms, but it is in fact a prison, friends, where you Rot alive. If you can deal with on a balcony or an open window, it should be dealt with that way, then this is not observed. And even better, if you have the opportunity to engage in the street.


Question: Do these exercises to comply after a while silent, diet is necessary?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It should be remembered that the start performance of pranayama is not too hungry or immediately after a meal. After the meal, wait an hour to come to his senses. All forces in Pranayama Yoga to avoid extremes. Excessive stress, unnecessary hassle, excessive idleness. By all means avoid such conditions and only then proceed to Pranayama yoga. After Pranayama yoga as your life allows, spend some quiet time, say, reading a proven book, or watching a trusted film, that there was no such troubles, which is now full of our civilization, when you look at the transmission and suddenly bursts into advertising and something you impose destructive.


Question: If during the execution of want to laugh?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, why not laugh. And then on the practice.

No problem, the next exercise.


Sit straight, take any hand, right or left. We have our thumb and index finger at the point between the eyebrows, to breathe through two nostrils, and then the thumb close one nostril and exhale through the free, then again breathe through two nostrils, close the opposite nostril and exhale through the free. So we do breathe through two nostrils and exhale alternately, then through one, then in another. Continue. For myself, I count the number of breaths. Great, do a full exhalation, then a full breath and leans forward. It is always advisable to frame Pranayama yoga like this Actions – exhale-inhale-tilt forward. The so-called yoga mudra, trust in the Absolute, the hope of a higher life. And lie on your back for a vacation. It should be, as it were, a conditioned reflex. We did pranayama – rest. Mentally we consider legs, trunk, face, try to relax, no thoughts in my head. Great sipping, yawn, turn over on his side, bend your knees, sit neatly.


 So, you just made the simplest version of the alternate breathing. In the future, you will catch yourself on the feeling that you want as well and inhale alternately, then through one, then in another. But for this you have to go yourself, smoothly and harmoniously, without violence. Those. sooner or later you will come to this rhythm of breathing when inhaling through the right, exhale through the left, then inhale through the left, exhale through the right.

But approach it is necessary, when you breathe in through the first two nostrils. Because you may have a runny nose, or one of the nostrils can not very well pass the air, and then immediately begin the implementation of disharmonious. When you breathe through two nostrils and exhale through the one, then in another, how would you easier to keep harmony. Well, in the future, when your nostrils will be loose enough to pass air, then your body will ask you to do it. Generally, it is a keyword in Pranayama yoga “when the body itself asks you to do something.” Do not you impose it, and he asks. Those. you sort of rediscovered yoga. I remind you that once all these exercises were opened by yogis and yoginis in antiquity. All that was once done by them, you may be repeated. From you only need careful attention to your feelings, all the processes that take place inside you. So Yoga is not the introduction of something from the outside, and the discovery of what is already laid. Who counted how many breaths?


Responses: 25, 30,44, 24, 26, 16, 15, 20, 25, 10.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wonderful. It allowed another way of calculating. If you practice yoga mantra, and you have a clear, then you can sort through each one of Pranayama rosary beads. But the best way to develop myself through this very trains attention and memory.

Does anyone have any questions for this exercise?


Question: Inhale and exhale count? Or just inhaling and exhaling only?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This is someone as nice. Can only breaths, then multiplied by 2 or breaths, and then divide.


Question: If you do not want to count? Resistance goes.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is possible in this exercise to have a clock and, say, to appoint a 5 minutes for this exercise, but you know, yoga, they’re versatile, try to do all sorts of objects with a minimum of outside. Imagine you were somewhere in nature, and God knows how much you prodyshatsya, and you already have an inner feeling, that so many cycles did, yeah, everything.


Question: Is it then not be better to focus on their feelings, that’s so much harmony breathed enough?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, my friends, in the future when you succeed in Pranayama and you just do that and will. But once again, the most difficult time, is the entrance to pranayama. And be observed very different, unexpected reactions in your body. Sometimes you will want all breathe, breathe, breathe. So it will be good to go Pranayama that you are ready to sit for hours. But due to overheat your body, and after that, two or three hours will go a backlash in the form of irritability, extreme sensitivity to everything, especially the sensitivity to sound. Bing and you like an electric shock. Therefore, in the initial stages be tempted to go for a pleasant meeting, as is necessary with caution. Therefore it is best to have a plan and stick to it strictly. Those. appointed himself a certain amount of pranayama and all, every day do it. Otherwise, you then do not keep track of that affected the execution.


 Question: Why is the index finger and thumb in the area between the eyebrows?


 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: in general, there is a way that you can keep them at a distance, ie, do not use them. But here it achieved another positive effect, the fact that you do so by touching an exercise area of Nyasa yoga. You indirectly irritate this region and force your mind to focus on the point between the eyebrows. And this, in turn, reduces the number of parasitic thought forms in your head. Such an auxiliary operation. Although strictly speaking, it can do without it. Likewise also the case with the time, applied to one finger between the eyebrows, say the index, or two paltsa- index and middle or just average. Allowed different variations. In any case, at the initial stages. Of course, there are subtleties of using those or other fingers, but these subtleties 3.4 magnitude order. And before you learn how to use them, will take quite a while, and then you feel yourself that you have to do. That such is the answer.


Question: curved nasal septum, the left nostril wider than the right, it turns out one of the nostrils to breathe heavily.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: that’s just if you have a problem with the nasal septum, one nostril is better than others breathe, just an option when you breathe through two nostrils and exhale at a time through the left, through the right, partly just harmonize and remove this contradiction.


 Question: Do you need to level the nasal septum?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, if it was bent as a result of some external influence, it is desirable to return as it was originally in a state of nature. For me, this is a complex question from the field of medicine, what is being done there. But generally speaking, yoga is recommended following this approach. It is believed that if you have irregular breathing, then a left, then through the right nostril, then it can be sufficiently negative impact on the balance of sensations within the body. If you can get everything back as it was, it is desirable to do so. Once again, this area of medicine, which can then have other contraindications, it is necessary to understand in each case.


Q: Pranayama to feel more or less normally, but through the right flow is larger than the left. I am worried because of this.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: and, to level in the sense that if a natural way more than going through one, while exercises focus on the other. This question is?

In general, a difficult question for me. Everything related to Pranayama yoga is a very difficult topic, as well as all yoga, we just do not know much. All instructions were given to people who call in medicine – almost healthy. If you have any disease or dysfunction of any action of the body, then it’s hard to unequivocally say anything. Honestly, no experience, no information, I do not know. Maybe the person has to rediscover? I hope that in the future the science of yoga will develop and, sooner or later, we will complete reopening of all that was lost.

In yoga it is recommended in all exercises to balance the left and right nostril. Let’s say you are doing the exercise through the right, then the same time you have to do through the left. Those. to balance these two streams. And this is connected with what is considered in yoga views the human body about the device is as follows. We have a so-called central channel, which connects the center of our consciousness somewhere near the top of our heads and the energy center located at the base of the body. And this center channel as it directly connects.

But the central channel – something extremely powerful and is almost never used in normal life. In ordinary life, used the so-called left and right channels, which run parallel to the central channel, and also connects the center of consciousness at the top of the head and the energy center at the base of the body. Imagine a center channel, it is such a high-speed track, where you can freely from point A to point B there. A left and right channels, it is slower, parallel to the road.

And the left and the right channel are as considered in yoga, basic to our daily activities. And they, in turn, is somehow associated with the left and right nostrils and to breath, which is a person through the left and right nostril. Because even in a healthy person there is the following effect: there, the so-called dominant nostril. That one nostril breathing is better, then the other. And it is believed that somewhere around the amount of time equal to two, two and a half hours a dominant nostril changes. And it is extremely desirable that they are equally worked, allegedly in yoga. Well, you remember that even modern science tells us about the physiology of the sympathetic, parasympathetic nervous system.

His words, if, that is, the flow of information that goes from the periphery to the center, and is, from the center to the periphery. Apparently, it also has something to do with it. So, in yoga such recommendations: to balance these two streams of consciousness to the energy or the energy of the consciousness. Or how to balance the effects of Indra. A indriyas, the so-called sense organs or organs of action. We are, as it were, not only can perceive the environment, the universe, but also to influence it. So imagine if you only perceive the surrounding universe without the ability to influence it, is skewed to one side. And if you are working only on the surrounding universe, without perceiving it, warp to the other side. It needs a certain balance.

But this general philosophical considerations. How did it all directly connected to the device, and our nose to cross? Honestly, I do not know. It is, indeed, necessary to reopen. Those. in the fall do not need to panic, to fall into paranoia is not necessary, there is breathing, not breathing, crooked, not curved. Maybe that’s okay, it may be offset by the impact of something more subtle. That we do not know. But definitely say little that can be. Go ahead. Questions still there?


Question: There is such thing as a simple breath, have respiratory Shatkarmas there Pranayama.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: respiratory Shatkarmas what is meant?


Question: alternate breathing, Kapalabhati refers to Shatkarmas. Where are the limits? I would like to define what Pranayama. Understand the difference here.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: see, here is a situation we have now published a huge number of books, and such a small hodgepodge in my head is all. To say that Pranayama is one thing, Shatkarma or in other words, cleaning exercise in yoga with pranayama, is something diametrically opposed, we can not. Action is and how to exercise, and as a cleansing exercise. Those. we can not say that this is something different. Of course, you can name all sorts of beautiful Sanskrit invent and shine the mind and wit, but it is, unfortunately, destroyed a generation of yogis and Yoginis. I, first of all, of their students require a deep understanding of the process of understanding how the process goes. And only then, as the one with the other correlated or called. With titles article also completely understandable.

So, what is Pranayama? Once again, where we started our seminar? You have the ability to breathe. This ability is related to the involvement of prana. And your task is to increase the involvement of prana by the harmonious influence on the breathing process. Here is the definition of pranayama, the most common. Exercise to attract prana, but at the same time, they will indirectly and purification exercises channels and centers, because if there is an excess of Prana, this Prana rushes through your channels and centers, and willy-nilly, they will start to clean. Therefore, immediately in several guises can act Pranayama yoga exercise.

But your job, friends, that if once again in their own words to say, once again remind you, remember, throw all the books. They have, rather, will be beat down. Trust yourself, trust common sense and feelings. Rediscovered yoga. Your task is intuitively reach a harmonious state of life, and breath, as with every inhalation and exhalation, and unnecessary delay, you will feel how your consciousness is expanding and expanding, becomes clearer, your energy is becoming more and more power and display more harmonious.

Where does the prana, it is also an interesting question. We’ll talk later about it. That’s the most important thing. The most important thing – the harmonious increase your symptoms. What is Prana? It’s your expression, your vitality, your actual life. That vitality to grow. Everything else, all the exercises, especially the intricate exercise, you can only just confusing.

I have been teaching for a long time pranayama. Sometimes had young people, that they are there to read the exercise, then read. That they have done it, se did sypyat Sanskrit, clever. And in fact, I look at them, they did not move. Why? Apple trees on apples determined. And if a man for a long time engaged in Pranayama yoga, as he claims, but in some moments he slips, that means that something is coming. And I see some kind of insatiable, remember, as a joke? Came the patient to the doctor and says, “Doctor, give me a cure for greed, but more, more, more.” Approximately the same situation. Give pranayama, but more, harder.

Indeed, there are interesting exercises in Pranayama, rather intricate, we will examine them in this workshop including move from simple to complex. But if there is no original harmony, you will not save any complicated exercise, nor the number of executions. Will you slip, will be shortness of breath, yawning, fatigue, irritation or adverse sect then that will drive pranayama to naught. It’s too powerful time to clean the body.

At the same time abuse Pranayama can not, because it really cleans up our channels and centers, and if you really start to clean a little more intensity than you can digest, comes an unpleasant effect. Restructuring is always painful. When performing Pranayama Yoga is the automatic alteration of an organism. Remember, the Soviet Union was, and then started a restructuring and what came of it. Not to get you the same situation with yoga. Pranayama Yoga therefore is considered to be quite difficult to master.


 Question: Is there anything written in Indian treatises, playing wind instruments Is Pranayama?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, there are a lot of moments, casual references when Pranayama is performed automatically by itself. Honestly, I have not seen the pro game on wind instruments, you know, then there should be a parallel, the tools that we have differed with them, in any case, in an ancient medieval India. But in fact, it is possible some parallel conduct sound harmony extracted from the instrument to a particular harmony of inhalation and exhalation directly to the musician.

  In relation to diet in our modern age can be a win-win to give only one piece of advice. It is to produce for themselves your personal diet. Those. try different foods and monitor their impact on our well-being. Because now difficult to predict the actions of certain products. Just try to ensure that the diet was simple and inexpensive. I met yogis and yogis who almost Indian food subscribed to eat here, in Moscow, almost on the plane. This is nonsense, extravagance.

You will recall that has its own climatic conditions for each geographic zone. And that is good in India can not be seen in Siberia. And vice versa. Proverb – all for a good Russian, German for death. So the fans have something indiyskoobraznogo should not be! It is necessary to trust the culture of the country where you live. If historically in one country or another developed some dishes, then it should start with them. In Russia, this soup. Why not eat Borschik than intricate made with spices from India? I would recommend starting with the usual healthy foods, which historically used in the place where you live. Further adjust its anyhow toward cereals is cereal porridges. In India, it is recommended also to use more oil, cow ghee, dairy products, honey, vegetables, fruit. Do not use onion and garlic, to avoid strong spices and seasonings. Onions and garlic stimulates your digestive activity and indirectly causes your body to work in a strong mode, but he is already overloaded. I know people who are very poorly tolerated yeast bread, but the bread was not the yeast them perfectly. I know people who could not eat bread made from fine flour and wholemeal flour – wonderful they went.

But, you know, way of life. Food, food should not be some kind of curse to you, to others. For example, I really like to eat oatmeal, rolled oats, lots of it. Sometimes it just does not boil, and pour water and eat. Those. I want to say that 100% of the food that you eat every day should be a certain percentage of net food. If you want to practice some special exercises of Pranayama yoga, diet and there should be very tight and very strict, but more on that a bit later.


Question from the audience: I have a question about the combination of Pranayama Yoga and Hatha Yoga, but including Kriya Yoga. There is such an effect, especially when it is possible to practice often that you perform a certain sequence, say it is a yoga stretch or kriya yoga and your attention, it automatically switches to the breath, as if we were doing the pranayama, from which the workshop began, the there, as if we sat and watched. There is no effort, you do not force yourself to watch the breath. Your actions, as if they themselves begin to merge with the breath and the most … actually the question, after this performance you … well? Perform another separate pranayama, that is sit down and breathe there purposefully, already … well, a feeling that you have some sort of limit scored. Yes, some limit has already scored and no longer want. That is to say whether this practice is in some degree replaced or be completely identical pranayama yoga?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Depending on what you put in front of goal. If your goal is to make a breakthrough through pranayama yoga in a certain state, then of course have to deal with pranayama yoga in its purest form, and not combine it with other types of yoga. However, it is absolutely correct, it was noticed that if you do this or that kind of yoga, sometimes there is an automatic Pranayama.

Okay, go ahead.


Question from the audience: Is it possible to engage in pranayama yoga during pregnancy?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, not only possible, but very-very useful to engage in pranayama yoga during pregnancy, but again, in a state of harmony. It helps sometimes. Especially in times of toxicity in women, it is simply wonderful, with a bang. Similar situations – preparation for childbirth, etc., etc..


Question from the audience: But if we combine pranayama-yoga with hatha yoga that is best to: hatha yoga, pranayama and then yoga? Or it does not matter?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It does not matter. It depends how you have the habit of talking. Some start with pranayama yoga, and then transferred to the hatha yoga, some vice versa.


Question from the audience: I have heard this statement, that Patanjali wrote that first asanas and then pranayama. So the way it should do.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is difficult to say anything. Patanjali built his chain of asanas, pranayama and then, as it is seen, the purpose of which to practice pranayama, you need to have a stable posture. That is some kind of position in which you could do breathing exercises and nothing to distract you. Once again, it all comes down to Patanjali meditation. And there, and asana, pranayama, and need only one to meditation not hurt anything. Like this.

Then go.


The next exercise, we need you to study as follows: sit straight, and do quite energetic exhale the abdomen, that’s the way [demonstrates], and then relax to the very air penetrated back and do a series like these exercise – vigorous exhalation , restful breath [demonstrates]. Do 24 of these breaths, then make the delay.

[In the hall practicing]

Making the delay of breath. You can lean forward. I remind you – very good framing our exercise it’s a part of – in the end, on a breath to lean forward. Then you some time relaxing. Rectified and do the second, third, fourth here such approaches sharp enough breaths and calm breaths. We continue each at its own pace.

[In the hall continued to practice]

            We finish, we go to rest. And let it be postponed in your mind – after pranayama mandatory rest 2, 3, 4, 5 minutes, make sure it is necessary.

[In the hall complete practice shavasana]

We stretch and yawn. We come to life. We lay down on the flank. Bend your knees and sit neatly. Great.


Here we’ll have time for this seminar we learn a few exercises. This input exercises for all pranayama. Here in the first place pay attention to them. Now, we’ll begin to explore more advanced pranayama. They are complicated in implementation, in their development, and the explanation of their action. But be that as it may, the meaning they have not before you have learned here to practice these simple exercises first.

Before we go any further, there are any questions?


Question from the audience: Do I have to do 24 times, or can be a different number?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends can do any more harmonious for you a number that you will, in time, for themselves grope. As a starting point, take it 24.

More questions?


Question from the audience: more nutrition can be?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, our seminar devoted to pranayama yoga, not yoga power. We will pay the appropriate time, this yoga. Otherwise, I do not have time to run a program on pranayama and yoga have become one seminar to another seminar. First, dedicated to yoga and nutrition on www.openyogaclass.com online courses have the appropriate course. It is necessary to consult it. But I urge you, no paranoia associated with nutrition.

Unfortunately, sometimes yoga is converted to a dining club, where all the people act out their preferences. But, as they say, not oskoromites if you eat the food that is eaten all. But you should still develop its own diet.

My experience is the next thing. Once I had to work in a foreign company, but you know what by our Western companies differ? They differ in that they are all there for the client, that the client is eating, then you have to eat, but in particular also drinks (there was also a period of my life I in Siberia, I would not venture to describe it), here, and where go? This is our life, this is our karma.

Before I vegetarianstvoval generally very hard life led for decades. So, I had a headache for all of their friends and acquaintances, friends and relatives. No one knew what to feed me. There were also heavy Soviet times there and it was not up to fat. Later we all issues related to nutrition, discuss. I’m interested in issues of pranayama yoga.


Question from the audience: What do we do at the end of a delay of breath?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Do we have it in order to, once again, some such impulse to harmonize all possible discrepancies in the current exercise. That is, so we could do breaths, breaths. Suffice energetic breath and free breath, and could get off, to complete a full breath and delay it as such a limiting feature of the exercise, that’s all! Exercise finished. Then, a portion of breaths taken, digested, should be understood before doing other things. And generally speaking, it has the following additional exercise is extremely important, it is the transition to the so-called kumbhaka, or breath. Will this exercise.


Question from the audience: Is it necessary to train the length of the delay? If so, is there any recommendations?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev We later touch on these more challenging exercise, which will be given some kind of recommendation, within a number of exercises in some time, it is necessary to breathe, retention and exhalation. We let a little later to answer these questions.


Question from the audience: That we do delay inspiratory and expiratory possible?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Can. But a little later. Now we come to the explanation of more complex exercises, so there is that.


Question from the audience: If you practice Pranayama and excitement develops, whether it is possible to balance the physical practices?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excitement, primarily compensated after pranayama yoga pose shavasana or leisure.


Question from the audience: What if I can not?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What does not work?


Question from the audience: Relax.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, friends, rest after Pranayama assumes that you are currently assigned, say, 20 minutes to lie down, and then will lie. It relaxes you, not relax – it does not matter. The fact is, that in mastering shavasana there is such a method, it seems to you that you can not relax, but time works for you, the longer you hold yourself in a state of lying, so quietly and easily the body itself will take you to the desired level. That means appointed vacation and you need it to do.

Then we go, the next exercise.

Now begins a little more complicated exercise, particularly exercise, which focuses on the breath. That is, in the previous exercises Kapalabhati we focused on the breath. There are also exercises in which emphasis is placed on breath. In particular, this exercise is known as Ujan known this exercise as bhastrika known this exercise as Sukkar, is known to exercise a sieve. Well, actually, a lot of them enough. Here I listed – these are the main. What is the meaning? The idea is that the focus is on inspiration, but the breath is regulated by different techniques such subsidiary. So let’s you and I look at these exercises.

So, if you and I breathe in through the nose, it is hard enough to us not used to, as it were, to determine the time of inhalation. That is inhaled and all, yes. And so, in order to better control the inspiratory time, given the very different kinds of such tricks. In particular, when you are at the time of inhalation start to pronounce the sound, like the buzzing of bees, you are somewhere thus squeeze the vocal cords to the inhaled air produced such a buzzing sound. As a result, it harmonizes the time and duration of your inhalation. In particular, such an exercise is known as brahmari.

Let’s us to you try, do this exercise.


So, sit up straight. Straighten your back, neck and head. Begin to inhale through your nose and at the same time begins to make a buzzing sound.

[In the hall practicing]

We took a deep breath and then exhale neutral, as it turns out. Rest a little and again. Delay as pleasant and calm exhalation.

[In the hall practicing]

We continue each at its own pace. We try as much on narrow throat slit that there was such a clear buzzing sound. That is, the stretch that sound that he lasted longer.


From the audience: it is impossible.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What does not work? Experimenting. This is a fairly simple exercise. So, who still does not work, raise your hand. Well done. We try, we try. This is know as a child sobbing in tears. You know, here and so try then. Hurt, rattle away, starting to cry.

That is, apparently it seems that all is asleep, snoring, at the seminar.


Question from the audience: you snore?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. Do not snore. It is necessary to say throated humming sound. Probably, each have their own particular sounds … but do not snore.

 Great. Make full exhalation, then a full breath. And leans forward, his head touch the mat. Once again, this is a very good framing any breathing exercises. In fact, this exercise refers to the section-wise, yoga mudra – this is called.

Great. Again, any exercise should end holiday. Another conversation that you can do some exercise in a row and then have a rest, but let us better foothold in the subconscious of this need.

To, you know, like Pavlov’s dog was a reflex, did pranayama – lay down to rest.

[In the hall complete practice shavasana]

Great. We sip. Yawn. We come to life. Pivoted to the side. Bend your knees, sit down. Chudnenko.


So, in the mastery of this exercise it may take some time, but most importantly, to have been under the control of breath. Once you have your breath under control, then later you can go to another, to another very serious bunch, this is where you connect and inhale and exhale a known rhythm. And there is an exercise that is called, in particular, the bellows Sanskrit or bhastrika. And there is a similar exercise with a certain gain, which is called the buildup. That allows, in fact, how would drastically increase the range of sensations from doing pranayama. But to start these exercises also should be with caution and correctly, so as not to lose the harmony. Without harmony of such an exercise as bhastrika, or this exercise, as the buildup of you just do not go.

Before we look at the following exercise, is there any questions you have on the previous?


Question from the audience: How buzz?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: If you can not buzz on inspiration, first, let’s try to hum as you exhale. Breathe in and as you exhale hum [demonstrates]. And now the same inspiratory [demonstrates]. And then as you exhale [demonstrates]. And now on inspiration [demonstrating] Then exhale [demonstrates]. On the inhale [demonstrates].

It has the more or less clear or not? We had to … Language is not touching a separate issue.


Question from the audience: Ideally, you need to get to breathe in and out was this buzz?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In brahmari important to breath and delay exhalation and has quietly, exhale as it were a rest, it is not clear.

So, the following exercise, which would be good for us to learn it bhastrika. Well, or the next version of this buildup. How are they alike than not? The buildup has the element of movement without breathing! In Bhastrika, in general, there is prescribed, in general, do breathing.


So let’s start with bhastrika. Sit up straight and do this is an exercise that we are just doing inspiratory sound [demonstrates], and exhale with the sound of [demonstrates]. On the inhale with the sound, exhale with the sound of [demonstrates].

[In the hall practicing]

Now do the following thing: make a sharp breath as if kalabhati breath and limiting sound here again exhale and inhale, exhale and inhale sharply. Now remove the inspiratory sound [demonstrates].

[In the hall practicing]

 And we continue to do so. It turns out, as if operated bellows. Who does not know that such a bellows, raise your hand? But anyway, let’s.

We stopped yet stopped.



Regardless of whether you know or do not know, are two such planes, which are covered with leather, these two planes fastened handles and you start, then squeeze the plane, then expand, just as the man playing the harmonica. As a result, if there is to do even more to make the membrane and a corresponding nozzle, then you will have a flow of air. If you send this stream on burning charcoal, the temperature of the combustion of charcoal sharply increases and you can melt precious metals such as gold, etc. etc. well, or base metals. This is called the bellows.

Here, the movement of our lungs somewhere, partly similar to the action of the bellows. But historically very difficult sometimes for people to learn Bhastrika and much easier to master buildup. Here is an exercise that is called the buildup. What are its features and what is its charm? Here in the buildup of stress it is not even on the process of inhalation and exhalation, and in the process, in fact, reduce the torso muscles.

“Evil tongues” say that this area, such as yoga, swinging, come from Kriya Yoga, the so-called pranic kriyas, transitional pranic kriyas of kriya Union. But generally speaking, it is very difficult to keep track of yoga that was where that came from.

Hence, the meaning is that you start to help with all your torso inhales and exhales itself. That is, it all begins with the usual options Kapalabhati when you do a normal breath, but you bend the body, as in the famous kriyas, that is, you sort of start very slouch. Stronger than Dostoevsky in front of the Lenin Library, there is a monument to Dostoevsky, where he sits hunched, here. Then, straightening up automatically by itself is breath in and as you start to make a series of breaths, breaths, helping himself with his body.

In fact, doing kriya yoga you facilitate your way or move in pranayama yoga. And by the way, is one of the nicest, safest and fastest ways for mastering complex exercises Pranayama Yoga is through Kriya Yoga. A famous pranic kriyas, the so-called. But the yoga section is extremely poorly known and understood. Your humble servant once spent a number of years, not one, to regular Kriya Yoga normally went, because there were also such an ambush, but to more such exercises still, I feel, not all will soon come.


So, let us try to understand how to do this exercise and gradually it will teach, proceed to its study.


Now exhale, inhale, [shows].

Then, the pace can be accelerated [demonstrates].

Then. at some point, you can do these movements without breaths, it is very facilitating factor, which means that you continue to do, but there is no breaths [demonstrates].

[In the hall practicing]

Then you re-connect the inhale and exhale.

Then again some time without inhalation and exhalation.

Then again with the inhalation and exhalation.

Great. Well, in the future when you are more or less caught harmony here these movements breaths and movements without breaths, you start doing exacerbating, ie rock is harder and harder, actually, hence the name buildup. That is, at some point you start to do very, very quickly [demonstrates], and then, as always, do a full breath, close your nostrils with your fingers and inhale lean forward. If you do it right, reach beyond the euphoric state, departure from the body.


But once again, very slowly and carefully begin to approach this, marginalism no, no, so to speak … this gag. And only a very, very gradual approach to a buildup. So, in essence, how would bhastrika is an option, or a special case of buildup, because the buildup is a moment when you have no breaths in Bhastrika there.

That is very neatly we will try to make the first steps in mastering this exercise. I just want to tell you that people are hooked on this exercise. In a good sense of the word. Because it is so powerful then the parasitic breakdown, mental activity in the brain that you like fall through to another world, and then barely out of it, that is not difficult, and was surprised to go out and look at everything with different eyes. But I again and again warn – very carefully approach, because it can be here, and hyperventilation, ie, oxygen saturation, which in itself is a euphoric state, and is a serious load on the nose, throat and ears. If, God forbid, you, there, runny nose, or anything else, we should not be overloaded. This exercise is extremely deep. I generally do not like to give these exercises of pranayama yoga, because it is necessary to prepare for them, we still have other factors, but that we’ll talk later. But on the other hand, and can not remain silent.


Question from the audience: I’ve not figured out all the same, we have to concentrate to the buzzing was?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: To make Bhastrika, it is necessary to monitor how breath and exhale. The hardest thing, in fact, in control Bhastrika breath. Exhale as in Kapalabhati, it turns natural. But breath is crumpled, broken. We breathe sometimes faster than we need, so must develop the habit: after a fairly sharp exhalation, quite harmonious breath. And so it was harmonious, sometimes it can be controlled with the help of sound. As we have done in brahmari.


Question from the audience: That is, as a supplement? How to control?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: As a regulator, yes. So study brahmari, then connect with Kapalabhati brahmari, then proceed to Bhastrika. That kind of logic.

Or completely forget about brahmari, about Bhastrika, about Kapalabhati and begin to make an approach on the part of pranic kriyas, that is, immediately begin to do through the buildup. In my experience, I have been teaching a long time that the best comes through the buildup of Pranayama. Prettier, well, that’s less of a problem than all the rest. There still is the nuances of friends, there are a lot of secrets.

So, sit down. We do now with you swinging. And remember that the most important thing here is to sustain the rhythm on the rise, ele-ele first move, then as soon as we caught the rhythm, start mode In this mode, move at breaths, then at some point we can move without breaths, then inhaling and exhaling like a nice, then growing stronger, stronger, stronger then a nice big deep breath and harmonious. Close the nostrils on inspiration, we lean forward. That such is the sequence.


Question from the audience: When stronger, harder we breathe or not to breathe?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, that’s the fact of the matter is that here … This exercise comes from the secret section transition kriyas, is a secret section, quite a secret, and there it is a little trick you do not yet feel the harmony, and you its hard to find and that’s due to a period when you have the inhale and exhale, and due to the period when you are not inhaling and exhaling, you easily internally, within themselves, find harmony. Therefore, this hard, very hard schedule no. You can do in one approach movement as with inhalation and exhalation, and without inhaling and exhaling, and the other permanent approach can breathe. That is, here’s how you go inside processes. Well, right now you will understand just now on practice and understand.


So there you go. Then we breathe out as in Kapalabhati, but even muscles in kriya yoga, bend, and here and so begin slowly, as if reluctantly.

[In the hall practicing]

Then, gradually accelerating, helping muscles. Then we begin to feel that went hyperventilation, burns the nostrils begin to do, but without the breaths. Pain gone, again adding inhale-exhale; again felt – the air burns the nostrils, again without breaths do. That is not something that without inspiration and expiration, the very air in and out only due to the fact that you are doing these movements. Then again with the inhalation and exhalation, and on the rise. Full breath, close the nose, breath delay, forward …

Then we go out and do the second and third approach, each at their own pace. Friends, remember the basic rule – the harmony. The second – the muscles are actively working. To bend, stoop, straighten; bend under the weight of a problem, remember, “throws off”. Due to this force helping sharp breath and.

As soon as we feel that the air burns the nostrils, which are not in harmony has become, do movement without breaths, that is, the air, as if by itself, without our participation, slightly included, a little bit out. Doing some amount, then with the breaths, and then on the rise, growing, growing, full breath, delay, leans forward. We start with a very lazy this and on the rise …

[In the hall practicing]

And, as always complete the rest.


part 2


So friends, this is our second part of the seminar on Pranayama Yoga. Today, March 24, 2013, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. You and I began to study the buildup in the preceding paragraph and therefore I would like to hear questions. Are there any questions about this exercise? Do all clear or need to give additional explanations?


Question: We need to catch the buildup of a time when we do not control the breath and in the meantime, as we control the breath? That is, here in this bunch, this cut we feel for that moment where we just need to watch the breath, just do the movements and where you want to add a control? Just this and adjust, where we add a control, where we remove?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, here, look, the thing is this: there is an additional tool. It is your body’s involuntary action. You are at the expense of body movements can affect the respiratory processes, thereby expanding your scope to capture the actual harmony. That is where a normal inhale-exhale stops working, for example, you do not hit upon his rhythm, you take, you disable active breaths and remain passive breaths due to the fact that you are doing the motion of his body, like the movements of kriya.

Once again, the buildup has come to us, as some say, of the transitional pranic kriyas, this is a very powerful exercise. From these approaches, there are many, it is considered a closed chapter in yoga, in any case, was considered for a long time. And it is extremely euphoric, my friends! That is, if you learn to do the right buildup, you will reach a huge euphoric states.


Once again I remind you, you first start slowly do anything denoting, then faster and faster with the inhale, exhale, and then if you feel that breaths to be shut off, unplug and make movements without breaths on the rise, and then at the end of the delay for this delay, you can also do the movements, but with closed nostrils.

I am here I want to emphasize the difference: in the moment when you can not breathe!

Now, if you breathe, you’re just doing the movement as in Kriya Yoga in the buildup, it will not, will some of the air from the lungs comes out, because you like to squeeze it and then rushes back when you right. And you, in principle, not making respiratory movements ventiliruete their lungs. In fact, it turns passive Pranayama. Then you add the active component, that is, you start to bend, unbend, but with the active breaths. And then you start to play it, and begin to grope harmony. Once you have caught the harmony, you have a feeling as in Kriya Yoga, and when you do want to continue to do, on the rise. And you begin to strengthen these actions, you end up doing a full breath, and close your nostrils, and that’s after you close the nostrils, you can do again kriyas, but already in this case there is no passive pranayama, ie passive ventilation .

And as you close the nostrils, there are several other processes. And so you do long enough, then you lean forward, and if you redistribute your attention at the point between the eyebrows in the center of the mind, you may experience failures parasitic thinking mind and, as a rule, a wave of euphoria, plus hyperventilation. A wave of euphoria completely starts you pick up at the physical level, and then begin to open quite thin channels inside. This is even more euphoric, you just fall out of this world. You can simply fall out and just after some time to wake up, and for a long time did not understand at all where you are who you are.


There are a lot of tricky passages from such understandable to the incomprehensible, but it deals with a separate yoga section. I give these items only to you quickly mastered Pranayama yoga. Unfortunately, in some areas full I can not give. This is a common trend has gone so that everything is already starting to consider himself a great guru, the great teachers of mankind, including those I have studied. I sometimes funny to watch, they think they know everything, and it is only the first steps, and there is a country unknown and secretly already start some themselves begin to teach what is not necessary.

I’m afraid to corrupt the phone, because some students overconceited big, they do not realize that they still do not understand anything. They can transmit those practitioners who do not yet possess. Therefore, I can slow down, not because I was hiding something because I have to collect quite a number of people who have mastered this or that yoga before giving many details, or go spoiled phone. Whether we like it or not, so that’s the reality here in our world.

The city of Moscow is not involved in yoga, we are here all yoga teachers, some guru, and a small percentage of enlightened masters, too, go and enlighten. I, of course, always with humor to this attitude and attitude, but this is now beginning to be added to the money factor, they are all trying to earn some money on this. And when begins the desire to earn a lot of money on yoga, sometimes it comes at the expense of the very process of yoga. I’m not against making money, in the end there and the rent is necessary, and besides yoga teacher should be something there. But you remember the ideology of yoga, especially the doctrine, and then everything else.

   So, when you do these transient, pranic kriyas, then the delay there is a whole range of movements, which on the one hand take you to some height, on the other hand is very active start to clear your channels and centers, then there is your quick evolutionary growth.

But I’m interested in questions about what we were doing.


Question: And be sure to close your nose?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, certainly close and certainly lean forward. Some say that after the buildup want to be able to live, in fact it is a negative trend, kakaya-to of them not relaxes and they later life sometimes show a certain insanity, in the sense that kakie-to of the strain in us and not time to relax and here you are with this core voltage begins then to live, and you have to relax and begin disruptions in people life. In yoga, this is called the causes of schizophrenia. This is a typical disease among yogis and Yoginis at some stage in the practice of yoga and Pranayama yoga enhances enormously.

Once again, why I do not like giving pranayama yoga in the discovery of many? Because precisely today he pumped himself prana, it seems euphoria, he euphoria of omnipotence, his euphoria, he has himself a teacher, his euphoria, he almost can fly through the air, and this is just an illusion! And then this euphoria abruptly gives way to the other, the person becomes irritable, edgy, not very tolerable, not adequate for detail. And all just because Pranayama yoga broken approach in learning, digesting prana. It happens all the time, so in fact, everything that is connected with breathing exercises, very jealous always guarded. People are not controlled, very nervous, not very discreet, what is called the causes of schizophrenia, particularly if there is no rest, or if you do not follow strictly the instructions that are given explicitly.

Once again, we in the city of Moscow for all the gurus, yoga disciples left, there were only teachers, masters and enlightened gurus, yoga student simply is not found.


Question: Does any safety advice there for the beginners? We realized that starting from the simple to the complex, but may still have some important moments?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is still a lot of things. There are factors that are completely neutralized by the negative effect of pranayama, but it is quite another yogi, in particular from Yogi triad, there are certain exercises that fully compensate for this overheating, but this, you see, a little on the other side of the approach.

In particular, if we are talking, there are compensatory exercises called kriyas Union or when a man and woman do exercises, such as the steam room yoga, not only static exercises and dynamic exercises. That is, to a certain extent, reduces the danger of Pranayama yoga. In general, the interaction of male and female, not strange factor that most beautiful, gently and smoothly removes the causes of schizophrenia, nervousness, lack of balance in his life, caused by the fact that people started to practice Pranayama and slightly miscalculated his strength.

From ordinary life, this is definitely a vacation. It Savasana. And in Shavasana need to rest, regardless, I want or do not want to, relax or not to relax. Just willpower said to himself: “I go to bed and not get up twenty minutes, without moving.” And the first time you lay tense, and you think: “God, how stupid lie, it would be better ran something useful to do, because it is still in tense”. And you realize that you can not relax. Even give yourself a mental order to relax, and it is impossible, not physical, not on an emotional level, and in my head any more idiotic thoughts, obsessive-manic.

The reason I say that is locked topics because management thought, mind reading, you will begin to understand. Any idea idiotic, parasitic, hitting you in the head, if it captures your emotion, she immediately suck prana that you typed Pranayama yoga. And because you have typed a lot of prana! And this idea will swell up to the size of the universe. Now, if you had anger, it can grow. Or suspicious, you are in full suspected: surrounded by enemies, intrigues weave around me. At work, bosses, subordinates do not like me, the causes of schizophrenia in its purest form, when ingested thought on a large number of prana and when this idea is connected with emotions, that is, find a weakness in us. That greed, for example. And usually a normal person becomes obscenely greedy, rotten leaves he did not beg. Jealous because jealousy is crazy. Anger, because then the anger over the edge.


Question: So, Pranayama Yoga strengthens all of our waste is not negative features? That is the basis of this, we should pay attention to the usual practice of yoga?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly. Triad, she goes alone. Triad is very difficult to do, because you have a sufficient number of associates or partners, and still know, sometimes this is not possible, neither physical nor what. And of course, the question here is, to balk at the meditation “May all beings be happy.” Because when you really bears, bears in anger, such verified yogis twenty years that were unperturbed, but they, at last, came into possession of secret knowledge, and they’re two months to practice, and you see how the person actually It carries and can not do anything with it. And save only what he before that, twenty years practicing meditation, “Yes, they will all living beings be happy” because it blocks his insane acts.

Or Hatha Yoga stabilizes, Mantra Yoga stabilizes. I’m just why now focus your attention? I should, in theory, give you more exercise, now I’ll do it, but I did start a little afraid of yoga, some sections begin very deliberately to slow down, do not know why. This may not be correct even. I’ve been looking at some of his disciples, too fast, and they zealously ran. I fear this is the real knowledge. We are used to this ancient knowledge, powerful. But we do not take it seriously. We perceive as a strength? As cinema: included, I looked and turned off. And it’s everyday thing, which can affect all aspects of our lives.


Student: I would like to add that if you have a pair, even if not touching the triad, you can just relax together as a pair, just lying in an embrace after pranayama is very much harmonizes process.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, crank husbands and wives build strong families, there is no better medication safety in yoga for men, there is no other than his wife. And his wife is no better drug safety in yoga than her husband. The universe itself came up with such a moment. Whatever the causes of schizophrenia would not be the husband or the wife, but the husband is embracing his wife, pet, kiss and soothe, and everyone is in vain.

The only thing that sometimes causes of schizophrenia have a wife against her husband, he wants to reassure her, but she is not given. Now that’s the trouble.

Just why I say friends, I myself passed through it. In general, I only teach what I know myself. I try, in any case, to learn that he, at least partly passed, and I remember being carried. And I must tell you, I am now, in hindsight, I remember all their throwing left-right, really, scary! Because the feeling of rage, clarity, a feeling that you’re absolutely right, and even a sense of ruthlessness. This is the real thing. I remember, as I grasped, bore. Thank God, the grace of the teachers, to reason with me, as they say put on the right path, but then so would still be carried. Intolerance, giddiness, lack of respect for elders, disrespect for teachers. This attitude, I am now a source of strength, intelligence, power, I full of prana, I was rushing, everyone must obey me. Tempt the government – it is a terrible ordeal in yoga! And if the seeds of this negative karma is not fulfilled, it shall be thorough, particularly.


Question: These negative karma seeds, even if we have been the causes of schizophrenia, carries us, they still practiced or it may have back?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Of course they are processed and burn out faster than we can commit follies. Usually you need to commit the stupidity of some time. If this time is not present.

An example of such is not yogic, I was a friend of the pair, is already aged people, they were husband and wife, the husband was drinking, drinking openly. The woman developed this behavior for yourself, would not let me in every way, but he still got drunk, it is not clear where, for any money. From time to time they were invited to some celebration, the total meal, well, how can we refuse, all drink and it seemed, and he should. So, she first it poured as much as possible as tight as possible, so that he, as soon as possible to get drunk and then fell. If he will quietly drinking, it will be a long time for adventure, and immediately it fell, and disconnected. But it is also a dangerous phenomenon, because for some people, on the contrary, comes a second wind after a certain amount of alcohol consumed alcohol. Because it is the same situation in a drunken man, karmic slightest flaw, he did not feel the inadequacy of his behavior and now it carries on feats. Let us still go back to the exercise.


Q: How does the daily practice to grasp the second cycle, which we have considered? Should I start with alternating breaths can do something beforehand?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is the question in the sequence of exercises study?

If you have never done breathing yogis, you begin to master them in the order that was given in our workshop. That is, first you some time practicing the first breath when you just breathe and count the breaths breaths, then alternate breathing, then Kapalabhati.

As soon as you feel the first taste of harmony, you will feel it. How did you feel? You will be engaged, and after school feel better than before. You will inner harmony and so on. Then perhaps it makes sense to have quietly add exercises with inspiratory control, with Bhastrika. And best of all, in the tradition of our school, I would recommend to swing, because it is easier to swing approach to Pranayama.

The buildup can not go with you the first time, my friends, because as all it requires getting used to. There are added proactive reduction of our muscles, we slouch, straighten. Then, in future, it will get better. This experimental fact, I just have statistics.


Question: And if not statistically, but paramount swinging first?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, that’s kriyah Union, pranic kriyah, there are all, first practiced Kriya, movement. You probably all been practicing Kriya Yoga, there is a similar exercise, in fact, even the same exercise, but with a very interesting approach to the breath. First done many, many movements and due to these movements there is a passive-active inhale-exhale. It can be called such a succinct word – dynamic meditation, there is the speaker, but at the same time inside of you is still something that watches over all. And if you make the appropriate emphasis on respiratory processes in the breaths, we can come to this side through the more primitive exercise, then walk to the swing, and then move on.

Let us, if we were talking, here, see, I do buildup, do-do, and then on the rise, then take a deep breath, stick out the stomach, close the nostrils, and then can switch to the next kriya, that is, the inspiration I make this kriya to delay, and then only go down.

And due to these very tricky transitions, roughly following the theory – the theory of pranic. Prana, it is in a sense, in the first approximation can be regarded as a liquid. Imagine that you are inside the body are numerous canals, pipelines, pipe somewhere more, somewhere on the tube-less, somewhere they are connected. Chakras – where many tubes connected. Some two main pipes, center pipe and all arms and legs riddled with small-small channels as circulatory network, really, by the way, looks like or nervous.

It turns out you – time and accumulated amount of Prana, and this Prana in the free state thing extremely euphoric. This euphoria in pure form. If you are then going to do build-up and fall into the euphoric state, you know, you try to taste, in part, prana in its purest form. This is a very strong pleasure, it is stronger than all the others, including the chemical. At one time there was even talk, and so far, it is one of the ways to treat people from addictions, drug, alcohol of all the crap that our modern civilization has given us in the form of doping. Because here you have pure prana and pure prana is always stronger. Illegal pleasure can be replaced by a legitimate pleasure. And as I see it, this is the only method of treatment. You never make a person give up on pleasure, not allowing him to even more enjoyment.

And in this respect the transitional pranic Kriya, Kriya Union, they give pleasure in its purest form. But that comes with this prana? Prana is energy and consciousness, and each parasitic thoughts, you will notice is that you chto-to goes and you kakie-to channels inside the locked and no pleasure, and in another moment kakom-to – time opened once , stream, and you fell into this euphoric state. And you’ll be a long time to ask ourselves, what is changing? Changing the next thing that this is now a system of canals and over they are called in Sanskrit, they then pass, then do not miss the prana. Some channels are contaminated. And now you, a large amount of prana, and she rushes into these channels. If contaminated feeds, pressed under high pressure, and can not pass, this discomfort.

But if struck, then you may experience a variety of phenomena. In the first steps of perspiration, then the sweat, then clear, then, as the texts say, believe it or not, the ability to levitate. That is, there are such things, that first involuntary contraction of the muscles, because prana strikes the closed channel and instantly begins muscular response, then it is increasing, then the person starts to jump up on the spot, like a frog. Because so strong reductions that cut legs and right throws up into the air. And on top of all say that the throws, and he hangs up. Did not see, I do not know, I will not lie, but many texts say here about this sequence because prana in its pure form, it is a matter of fact, only the root cause of all energies. After all, gravity is that? It is a form of manifestation of a force that can be compensated by another force. And if there is an excess of Prana, then, allegedly, it may have something to do with gravity.

Friends, I myself a physicist, I can not stand myself any ezoterschinu and insanity, all sorts of tales I also can not stand, but I have to be honest and say openly: yes, in all ancient treatises on yoga, sane, it clearly states. How does it actually, it probably is, those secrets that someone of you pereotkroet and someday will arrive here in the lotus position, I hope, and will tell us. And the approach is through Pranayama yoga, this is a very serious and powerful knowledge, and I see a little serious attitude of many students to Yoga.

Ladnenko, the technique to the buildup, slowly start.

Please do sluggishly, from simple to complex, and then as soon as you feel that you start in a good way, carry, throw on quietly. Do you feel that something has gone in the wrong direction, make movements without breathing, and here on this start to play. And so very quickly feel for the rhythm, the desired sequence and so on, otherwise you long with Pranayama will not go.

Then go, the next exercise, we need to consider, it is close to a buildup and in fact, maybe it was necessary to first set out, not swinging, but I lost a little bit here in the sequence does not matter.

This is a game with prana, playing with air.

This is when you start to breathe and at the same time to do a variety of body movements, trying to find some harmony in itself. Or movement on inhalation and exhalation. For example, you breathe out, but not in one go, and for three.

 Or inhale – exhale – inhale. One step forward and two steps back. Inhale – exhale a little bit – and then a full breath – and delay.

 The game begins with the air, you start to play with the inhalation and exhalation. Not that a full breath and full exhalation, but change the vector of breath. Inhale – delay – exhale …. And in a variety of options, all that comes into my head. Any colors inhalation and exhalation. And you start to work, work, work …

 Playing with Prana is obtained.


 Following exercise of the inspiratory control of the series, it is known as Sitkari.

Sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head … The tip of the tongue leans to the sky up, so do the mouth slit. Suction breath, breath. Air passes left and right tongue, cooling it. Delay. Then exhale through the nose. And again the same breath – the delay – exhale … ..

 This is one of the few exercises that focuses on the breath through the mouth. In Pranayama Yoga general rule – it is advisable to breathe through the nose, but there are some exercises, which are allowed to use breathing through the mouth.

 In particular, such an exercise as breathing “HA”. When you say “HA” on the exhale. Do not breathe out through the nose and through the mouth. And sometimes the breath, where you are working on a breath through his mouth. In particular, this is an exercise – Sitkari. That is, you inhale through your mouth and exhale through the nose.


 Sitkari – a very good exercise, it is very helpful when you want to eat or drink when you want. It so affects all your internal state that relieves hunger, thirst. Sometimes the disease is useful to do Sitkari.

In this exercise, the language rises to the sky, and inhale and exhale through the nose.


The next exercise, which need to know – this sieve.


Here, too, used breath through the mouth. The peculiarity lies in the fact that you minimize tongue tube. The mouth is in the form of a circle, as if you are saying the letter “O”. And draw out the tube folded tongue, and start sucking air, as if concentrating on the tip of the tongue. Exhale through your nose again, normal.


 Let’s do a few times ……


What good are these exercises, here you can control the speed of inspiration, both in the sieve, and the Sitkari.


Q. And as you exhale language clean?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.

By concentrating on the tip of your tongue. Another very important detail in this exercise. When you, thus breathe and you are not allocated a large amount of saliva. It is believed that the saliva prana saturate and it should always be to swallow, and in any case not spit. It you can replace to some extent, food. As if it was filled with the substance of prana, and you have fed on pure prana. Thus, it is believed that it helps to neutralize highly poisons. The texts which do not have such a comparison, the snake sticks his tongue. In the “World of Animals” show: crawling snake again, his tongue stuck out and crawled on. Similarly, a person becomes sensitive to the poison, as a snake. Also helps to fight hunger, thirst.

But there is another very important application, it concerns men, and bound, if not strange, sexual yogas. This exercise helps to maintain and increase sexual potency of men. It is believed that the saliva and sperm in men are strongly linked. And if, by some chance, you have spent on sex, it is one of the exercises, which to a certain extent, restores power. But this is more of a yogi triad …


Q: How many times to do these exercises?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Sitkari and sieve enough to do 10-20 times, both one and the other. This is quite enough.

This exercise, which does not make sense every day, these exercises make sense to do only when necessary with some frequency.


Question: That is to do in the circumstances?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, under the circumstances …

 It is necessary to know how to do …. It should first learn this exercise, feel the effect of it, and then, intuitively you’ll feel the need, when you need to.


Question: That is, if some exercises we can make in everyday practice, it is not everyday practice?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, this is not exactly an everyday practice. This one-time …

There are a continuation of the exercise, which consists in the fact that when you make Sitkari and Sita, in your mouth is a certain amount of air, and if you start it swallowed with saliva, then sooner or later you have the stomach inflates like a drum . Because this air gets there.

 This is extremely important and extremely useful exercise for all. It’s called – Plavini. To remember the name, I’ll give you a mnemonic formula: when you are so swallow a lot of air, then you will be filled with the stomach and intestines, if you’ll do for a long time. And then if you go swimming, you will float on the surface. Conned himself as a life vest and all: big and round belly like a drum, empty inside. You want – do not drown, so Plavini.

This is a very good exercise, when done with the sieve and Sitkari. If you ate something from what you feel bad, from what you feel sick. This is a combination, when you pass the air through saliva, and saliva, as it were enriched by prana, as one would say in yoga. And then swallow it with air, then there is a very good effect on the cleansing of the body.

And the explanation for this may be many, even quite ordinary, not from the point of view of the power of prana, and it is quite natural. Imagine you have something to eat, and the wall of your stomach and intestines are directly in contact with the remnants of food, which contained poison. And you begin to swallow air. And it turns out that you, as if a layer of air between bad food and those parts of our digestive system, which is just responsible for the absorption and digestion. Plus, excess saliva, oxygenated. And it allows you to encapsulate all of these poisons and remove as soon as possible. Here, apparently, a lot of explanations can be found practical, physiological, but it’s more questions to doctors. I’m not a doctor, it’s just my guess. I could be wrong.

 But the experience of the application creates the impression that if you ate chto-to not, make Sita Sitkari and saliva with small portions of air swallow, swallow, swallow … to drive the air as much as possible, then quite naturally, he goes all your digestive tract. You go to the toilet, and it leaves you safely.

 Do you like to clean the system is run through a breath. This is a very important cleansing exercises. There are exercises as yoga or yogini washed himself with water. They drink salt water until until completely washed as intestine and the digestive tract. But it is extremely hard, rough and not always relevant procedures, especially for modern people. But the version of the air, where as softer, prettier, easier-to-use …

It is necessary to master this exercise. And as soon as feel hunger, thirst, dizziness, nausea you, bad or suddenly feel that is about to get sick, you start practicing sieve Sitkari with air swallowing and saliva. That, at least, give you time to crawl to the house, call a doctor and be treated really.

 I remind you that yoga is not a substitute for medicine, so if serious disease or poisoning, you should consult your doctor! Unfortunately, now we went to such trends, why should we physicians? We already possess supernormal yogic, acid can drink, can have a glass, and physicians we can not decree!

 Friends, few people among us can boast that he can do without doctors. Therefore, physicians love, respect and appreciate! They are needed.

But sometimes it happens that first aid is necessary to exert himself.


Holding your breath – Kumbhaka.


Kumbhaka – holding your breath. Ennoble our seminar Sanskrit.

In yoga, in any case, in the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, there are three types of pranayama. Breathe. Exhalation. Delay. Puraka (breath). Richaka (exhale). Kumbhaka (retention).

 There are many ways to put the emphasis. It is important to the relationship between inhalation and exhalation, and latency indirectly shows how in tune you are doing a particular exercise.

 In some medieval yogic texts, such as the Shiva Samhita, Gheranda Samhita, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, and others from the same series, makes the following recommendations: If your ducts are clean (I say), if your ducts are clean, if you are in good condition, sooner or later, practicing Pranayama continuously, you can see that the ratio between the inspiratory time, expiratory time and inspiratory time delay. The ratio of the following: one size for inhalation, four steps to the delay on the breath, and exhale two measures.

In other words, you sit down and start to breathe in, breathe normal, delay and exhale and begin to consider themselves pro. Think breath, for example, one, two, three, four, five. Breathe. Then I think to myself: one, two, three, four and twenty ……… delay. Exhale and make myself think one, two, three ……. ten.

 It turns out that the ratio of time between inhalation and exhalation, as 1 to 2, and between inhalation and delay, as 1 to 4. But just warn you that this is an ideal to which you can approach for a long time.

 From the texts we know the following: when you see your breath, like the first exercise of this seminar, but now think not inhaling and exhaling. And you think inspiratory time, delay time and expiration time. That is just sitting, back straight, neck, head and breathe, myself, think of how you breathe. Then they detained counted. Then exhale, counted.

 You begin as follows: first, try to make the ratio of inhalation and exhalation 1 to 2, and the delay is obtained. Once you have approached the relationship between 1k 2 inhalation and exhalation, you can gradually delay sum to the relation 1k 4. That is, the delay is 4 times longer than a breath.

And sooner or later, you come to a harmonious breathing process where each phase corresponds with another phase clearly enough. But to get such an idyll between inhalation, exhalation, and latency, you have to buy the right approach in the process of inhalation and exhalation. It is natural, automatic way occurs in every normal healthy person.

It consists in this, that while breathing in, you pay attention to the fact that first you have filled in the stomach, then expanded in different directions chest, and the third phase you have lifted up the breasts.

Then exhale into the same sequence from the abdomen.


To better understand what processes you need to be, let’s run together.


So, on the other hand we have the stomach palms. Inhale, the belly forward. Then extend in different directions. Finally, the upper part of the lungs.

 You should have seen the wave, harmonious movement: belly – rib in the side – the upper part of the chest up. The three portions, transition smoothly into one another, you are filled with air.


When you have a long read, read, read and then got distracted and want to breathe deeply, watch as you go process … As a rule here and goes belly with ribs in opposite directions, the upper portion rises.

 This is also known as a full breath of yogis.

There was a famous uncle Yogi – Ramacharaka. This alias American named William Walker Atkinson. Once it is completely revolutionary book published in the late nineteenth century. It was called “The Shadow of Indian yogis.” In Russia, it has been translated before the revolution. And many of those who engaged in yoga, even under Tsar Nicholas many began. And Russian has settled a term such as “breath of Indian yogis”, what is the “breath of Indian yogis”?

I mean, full breath, calm, harmonious, where you completely fill each lung.

On the exhale the same sequence as in the breath: belly, ribs and ….


Question: There are such indications, it is filled in the following order, and exhale, supposedly, in the reverse order. As if to pour the rice into a sack, filled the bottom of the first, then pour on top … And vice versa. Very often explain that. It’s got a bit of course …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: It is difficult to me to say something. Where we have knowledge of yoga? That someone has written a book, someone translated, some not properly translated and misunderstood, wrote his book. And it someone translated and read, and understood correctly, wrong … .. and very hard to understand.


 Let’s both sit down now and watch out for is how you naturally, you breathe out in one and the other order. Try to blow off the top, if the abdomen is inflated.


Therefore, the criteria, friends, that would be where there was written, no matter what the guru parampara with which to you here from India did not swing, trust in the first place, the harmony of the senses. Guru this again, maybe not again correctly read that William Walker Atkinson, read inside.

 Therefore, the answer is this: first of all trust their state of harmony.


Student: But there was an indication that some practice is difficult to master. Perhaps just this and there is such a practice …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: At-a-by, friends … Good line of thought. I’m just grateful to even …

The question of complexity. So we say, “difficult”, it may be the cost of the Russian language? Or maybe even all European languages. Here we have the word “difficult” means, in the first place, “hard physically.” That is, it is necessary to break himself of the knee, it is necessary to make, you have to force yourself. Here is a “difficult”.

 And the word “difficult”, there is another shade that you just do not understand some of the finer points. There should not be done by force, it is not necessary to break himself of the tribe, you have to catch the elusive catch the harmony that is difficult to grasp. When I say that to master the difficult pranayama, it means that in the first place is difficult to grasp the harmony. And if there is no harmony, it is useless to do! Do any unnatural movement, in the hope that a hundred-fifty-thousandth time, you will turn inside out, and you will like it …. That is a little bit not approach yoga is from a different region. So, trust yourself, trust your feelings in the first place.


Let’s do it again.

Inhale – abdomen, ribs, upper part of the lungs.

Exhale – belly, ribs, upper part of the lungs.

In this sequence inhale – exhale, inhale – exhale ….

We sit down now and begin to count internally on how many we do breath. For a number of accounts we are pleased to make the delay, and for a number of internal accounts, we are pleased to make an exhalation. We do not try and go on about their feelings. Go for inner harmony.

Delay do on inspiration. On the exhale, do not do.


Zamechatka! We stretch and yawn. In itself we come. Pretty, happy. We lay down on the flank. And then sit down. So well, let’s carry out the survey. Which sootnoshenka what turned out?

From the audience:

2: 1: 3

5:10:10. Then 5:20:10.

6: 8: 7


5: 5: 8, then 8:10:12




Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah.


From the audience:

First, 10: 15: 2 and zetem 10:30:15

4: 0: 7

2: 0: 4


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excellent!


From the audience:

7: 4: 5

10: 9: 4

4: 16: 8


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, my friends, well, look here. No paranoia over whether same is not the same. It is such as would be an indirect indicator of which may vary. It is believed that if a certain part of the rhythm of breath, delay, Rita, it is better to go to some kind of meditative practice. Accordingly, it is easier to manage and have prana. As for the delay on the exhale, it is also possible to do. But, you know, some clearly expressed, well-established relationships of yoga is not known. In any case, from such sources rather serious, to me, almost nothing came.

And then what’s the point of such complete harmony of measured breathing? It is then that, after a sufficiently long these exercises, you will see that you will fall into a state of down and died. When there is no breath, no expiration, no delays. When – times, and stopped breathing. And this condition is considered to be very valuable. The so-called kevala kumbhaka. It is believed that in these moments as if spiritual transformation, cleansing channel, center, spiritual attainment is carried out perfectly well, as if in full.

Are there any questions on this section?


Question: You said that the state’s not breathing, he was at what point? At the time of the delay?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s the fact of the matter is that she suddenly suddenly – hop, and everything, and do not breathe.


Q: I do not understand. It’s not breathing?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Absolutely.


Question: I had a condition that just count the breaths, breathe in here, did you get it as straight. And then did not breathe, but all the same as if the upward movement continues. Then delayed and then again, so do like the delay, but still goes down, and then turn on the breath. In the beginning there were those moments that does not breathe, but the inner movement remains.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, friends, really, I just do not want to touch this topic is now Pranayama yoga that you are not confusing final. You see, Pranayama yoga is a very powerful section of yoga, it has to do with the prana. Prana – is our expression, right? Prana can simultaneously manifest as energy and consciousness. And so this is the next not completely understood in the West, for the Western mentality section as the channel cleaning through prana or manage Prana inside.

Indeed, if prana can be shown, how the energy is as consciousness, it depends entirely on your consciousness. And directing or controlling your mind, you are pointing to the Prana, and this Prana can already become a power factor and is somehow affected. That is, it turns out that you have enough versatile tool will. And in the future, if you do the correct visualization, then this excess prana begins to transform you as you wish. That is, will start to rebuild all of your internal structures will begin cleaning your TV, centers, and, finally, it will make you extremely efficient living being. It is believed that after this, if you have mastered Pranayama, you have reduced the need for food, sleep, water, and you are, roughly speaking, begin to eat prana.

How much for the modern man it is true – to completely abandon food, water and feed on prana, I do not know. But the fact is that yoga and yogini, in this sense showed miracles. And then the fun that begins so that’s a game that you should consider, as a wave of sensations somehow starts playing inside your body. Following your imagination. Moreover, in contrast to just some fantasy for these games is a real restructuring of your body. In fact, at your disposal is a direct evolutionary mechanism, apparently, the transformation of bodies. I do not know how it affects something in the structure of DNA, or even once. I do not know – it’s great mysteries, or only on a subtle level, but as a result you achieve the state of siddhi or perfection, that is, your body becomes completely with all its consequences.

So, there are issues connected or even from someone?


Question: Can the ratio of 1-4-2, only during practice or everyday life tends to a breathing?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, let us so. You do Pranayama in useless endeavor will not. Your aspiration to Pranayama, what else can block receipt of results. Here let it happen. Let samadhi happens by itself, yes. Let this ratio will happen by itself. You just quietly doing the exercise will be gradually cleaned your feeds and then, suddenly, all of a sudden you realize that you have reached this state. If you consciously to this approach, you will not help yourself somewhere to suppress an attempt to drive under a common framework. This is extremely destructive. In Pranayama extremely destructive theme is some rude interference.

Unfortunately, I have to admit the fact that the enormous number of schools, psychologists or so psychologies about yoga, they use active intervention in the processes of respiration, in the execution of various exercises. To be honest, I was even students that we learn to come and they are somewhere on the other some training in some other schools of yoga them, apologize, someone raped in this way breath and they are trying here themselves breathing, and try to impose on others this approach.

Friends, you have to be very careful with the breath, very carefully. In one communication tracts compared with the breath, as communication with the tiger. Imagine a jungle in India in Bengal, there is absolutely ferocious Bengal tiger, a little, which is not immediately eat. But would still, from time to time it is possible to tame. You know, one wrong move, one is not correct, a sharp, not harmonious, and has been from the tamer pieces flew zakoulochkam. Completely the same situation with Pranayama yoga. This is the thing I know not by hearsay. Sam passed through it. You do not break the harmony in Pranayama on a bunch of little bears, you know, yes.

And that’s why, when I get on any training, and I say that now we prodyshivat chakra and force all to at sineniya something to think and come on, come on, come on, you know, a cure for greed by more, more, more. As a result, what occurs? Well, some time for yourself can be raped, and perhaps even because of the hyperventilation of air in the lungs is a certain state, but then one or another area you simply begin to hurt. And this match a thin, imperceptible causal pain. The feeling of discomfort, and so all these practices one time. Once done, then half a year to recover.

And Pranayama is the practice of everyday, continuous, harmonious. Here, therefore, conscious intervention in the process of breathing is fraught with very large consequences if you do something is not harmonious, but force yourself to continue the breathing, then very soon you will pay for it. This is one of enforcement points in Pranayama. Foolproof. Fools in pranayama not fall. So sometimes I meet just such adherents today, they begin to experiment. They say: “Now do this exercise and breathe, breathe, breathe, meditate on this center and you will have happiness” So, there will be nothing! No happiness is not, nor yoga will not be perevospalenie internal neural structures. there quickly enough on the second, the third week. Two, three weeks of training and then you wake up and think it would be better to have shot one morning. Because it is the most powerful crash the entire system. You sleep and in the morning wake up and think as if you drove all night bags. You all some not. And it’s very, very often, unfortunately.

Once again, a large number do not even know neudouchek exploded into yoga. I repeat, no students here, there is one teacher. They learn from each other. One wrote a book, so that he has read, he became a teacher, wrote a book, and this is now, here it is, here it is. They live by the fact that attract more and more adherents, that they do not stay long, week or so, two, one, then the next batch, the next batch. As a result of Pranayama sane you will not find here. It is very hard to find a sane pranayama. So, we ladnenko go on.


Question: What is the relationship of Yoga Pranayama Kundalini energy awakening?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What is the relationship. In what sense? What is the relationship between yoga and Pranayama awakening Kundalini energy? Pranayama yoga is one of the fastest and most intelligible such as direct instruments for the fastest awakening of Kundalini energy. If you do pranayama known, you have a surplus of Prana, and this Prana will direct you to the respective centers associated with the Kundalini energy, the energy of the Kundalini beginning to be your first conscious, and then begins to be awakened.

And indeed, this is the main method of Tantric yogi. There is a section of a yogi, who first of all, is not based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and numerous Tantra. And that’s where you will find the following indicating that there are beginning to directly teach students immediately with pranayama. In the hope that under the able and reliable guidance of the guru they succeed, will direct its energy Kundalini, will awaken the Kundalini energy, and quite quickly come to a qualitatively new level of spiritual development. What really happened and is happening still. Only you have to understand that it requires a qualified guru. This tantric yoga, where the need for teachers is absolute.

Because God forbid you to Pranayama anything mess up, but still something to mess up with the energy of the Kundalini, you just do not know, a ram’s horn bend. And when they start to wake up the first emanation of the energy of the Kundalini process and will identify itself, you will feel quite terrible panic and fear that you are dying. Neither incomparable. It is a terrible condition. That’s why it’s really, really powerful and fast method for energy awakening of the Kundalini, but it requires a certain caution. Another question is there?


Question about mudras and bandhas pranayama?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good question. Later, we will pay this time.


Q: When practicing pranayama shathanu, it is necessary to include this one in an alternating rhythm of breath?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly, yes. Here you need to say in Russian, what is meant is not clear because many Sanskrit. There is a way to cleanse the channels using alternate breathing. Here’s an exercise alternate breathing, it is at the same time is a way of clearing of channels and centers of dirt. And of course, it is like two in one. This method of recruitment of prana, and the method of cleaning of channels. Therefore, with regard to exercise in general, and applicable for this purpose.

Q: Three years ago, an away seminar we Vick gave us the practice at the time of practice to connect visualization. Then we made such a breath, and directed attention .. (inaudible)


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes, yes. So, see friends, have a very serious bunch between Pranayama yoga and visualization yoga. That was the question about the Kundalini energy, about the awakening of the Kundalini energy by means of Pranayama yoga. So, awakening occurs only if you use together with Pranayama yoga, visualization, yoga. Roughly speaking, you do visualization tool, you type the prana and your mental visualization tool turns into a real tool to work with your internal structures. Why? Because you have an excess of Prana.

Here you usually imagine something visualize – and it can stay awake dreams. But if you customize a visualization still quite serious flow of prana, it is because visualization is converted into a power factor. And is aimed at a particular chakra, aiming at a particular center, you can get them to wake up and resonate. And you can quickly feel the response of a particular chakra, or that center. It is much faster than, say, the usual classical yoga, say hatha – yoga and so on.

That’s why there are such well-known visualization exercise, which can be added at the earliest stages of Pranayama yoga classes. Exercise This is what you are doing alternate breathing, but in such a way that when, but you breathe in and out through different nostrils. That is inhaled through the left, exhale through the right, inhale through the right, exhale through the left and vice versa. And at a time when you inhale air, you begin to visualize how the flow of prana rushes along the spine, for example, on one side of the central channel comes to your body’s foundation, as it were, so by the U-shaped tube bends around the base of your body, and exhale out the other side.

Under it, you can draw all sorts of imaging pictures. Can you imagine that fresh, clean stream know of prana as clean water rushes and washes your body, for example, to the right, then strikes the base of your body and rises and exits through the left channel in the form of a dirty water, which makes all the dirt out of you . The beautiful and come up with clearer image, the better it will use the prana, which is released during respiration, and the more real tool for the restructuring exercise itself is transformed. So once again, Pranayama yoga bunch with renderer Yoga is a very powerful a tool.


Question: If the whole day then pranayama irritation. This means that the cleaning began, or simply do not do the exercise in harmony?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In each case, you need to understand. We do not know. Well, that is if there is irritation after pranayama, then most likely the very first violation, which is 100 percent – it was not a holiday or vacation has not been sufficient. Did a lot of people and pranayama not rested. Or did, swinging, swinging, swinging, and stayed here and so with a flat back on the delay, when it is said clearly: it is necessary to bend down. Even my closest disciples made a mistake.

I do not know. You know, that there is something like that. Something there is in the despotism of Indian gurus. I have been, as they say in this thread, and I understand that that’s not on the good comes. It must be somewhere in here element such obedience that’s hard to enter. Because all the smart, all the gurus themselves. Yes, but I went away to the side. Yes, and so vacation.

The second irritation – it’s food. If the food is not the same, even a little bit, everything you depart.

Then third, but this is the environment. Not a favorable environment, the fact that you are very aggravated case after Pranayama yoga and find yourself in this one is not a harmonious world, and all of you, just annoying. In ordinary life people so thick-skinned, but when you do Pranayama yoga, you become very sensitive. Any injustice, any nonsense, any someone retardation or inadequate you start to beat out of you. Yes, but again, this is because there is a process of restructuring and without that the body seriously, and then there’s the outside circle, strange, I am sorry, characters.

So if, well, what advice? A little slow pranayama, a little slow, reduce the number of approaches and execution time, it is sometimes very hard to do, because you start to do pranayama, so everything is in harmony, so depart, that I want another and another, and another. And then here comes the wave. So.

Let us now touch on pranayama with other exercises, such as mudras and bandhas. Although this separate workshop should be devoted, but this topic is important. The fact is that when we are doing breathing exercises and then when we do delay, sometimes we automatically will, not the will to do certain exercises in yoga.

Well, in particular, mudras and bandhas. Let’s say you made a delay, you breathe, breathe, breathe and then, and then did a delay, shut down the nose and chin pressed to his chest – the so-called dzhalanhara bandha and the self turns out that the entire flow of air out feeling in the abdomen. And these inner feelings, by such actions, they are starting to be perceived a little differently. And they start another clean our body. If we delay, in addition to what we do jalandhara bandha, further reducing the crotch area, it turns out not only that the top such as the pressure of forced air, prana, feeling displaced down and the bottom up another piston begins to push these feelings up . And somewhere in the navel of these two pulse come together.

Some treatises of yoga is believed that jalandhara bandha one of the types of prana is directed downwards and the other types of prana is directed upwards. That is, it is believed that Prana is also different, as if you want colors. So when the two here, these two types are connected to the navel, then with the greatest force this causes a change in the body. And, as a rule, as it is the process of cleansing the channels already directly from the navel center. And that, friends, is enough vantage point in order to purify themselves.

That is for each activity, roughly speaking, its chakra. For example, to make a decision, it is the heart chakra. But for the first, some moments to restructure itself, it is the umbilical chakra. And when you say, imagine, began to make the buildup, do, do, do it later, on the delay did Mulabandha, that is squeezed crotch and jalandhara bandha, pressed his chin to his chest, and if you are in this example, inflated or somehow in other words, there are options, I am not going to touch, a lot of options that can be done. So sometimes you can throw into the pot immediately.

And then the processes that I have mentioned that in some yogic treatises described so that here these two streams are called prana and apana are connected in the area of the navel center. And imagine, when two counter flow each other are moving, they are twisted in a spiral. And this spiral, as the drill bit, drill all the dirt begins to the navel center. You begin to dominate as the navel chakra or wake up. She also called Manipur Chakra, it is the principle of fire, the principle of life-fire. And the result that spreads throughout the body, so that’s like, vital impulses responsible for the body’s resistance to all negative external factors or internal immunity. From illnesses from dirty food, unnecessary communication, etc. etc.

Therefore, the combination of Pranayama yoga along with mudras and bandhas, along with visualization yoga really is easy enough to imagine a drill that bores you, roughly speaking, navel dirt when you’re doing these manipulations. Because, and so the feeling go. Even a little bit of imagination, and the process goes much faster. As the catalyst accelerates. As a result, the channels will be cleaned.

And, friends, I ask you one thing, if you have seriously decided to experiment with Pranayama yoga, then, first of all, select a time, long enough, choose a place where you will have a minimum of communication with society. Where there is good food, good accommodation, socializing with like-minded people. That construct, ever, Ashram near Moscow and will be there to practice. Come on for about two months, and three will be there practicing pranayama. Because if you start to do it at home, instantly overheat, burn out. And it will turn out like this: Once you have cleared itself, in part, but faced with a dirty world, so involuntarily, suffered you to unwanted side. Very painful, my friends, believe me, very painful.

But as I see it, can be the most efficient way for modern man to approach the mysteries of Pranayama yoga, it’s still friends through yoga Triad. Actually, it was one of the reasons why its time to move this topic. The fact is that when you make a pair of kriya, it will not-will, you begin to be performed Pranayama Yoga. Willingly or not will begin to clean the channels and centers, but then the principle of, say, a female male principle compensates for overheating. Therefore, strictly speaking, that such an exercise is swinging, it is migrated again, allegedly from kriyas Union. In fact, a section of Tantra triad.

It seems to me more harmoniously, without side effects, to sum up the ordinary people who live ordinary lives, not refined and in which the Ashram, and live a normal life, after all, most, I think, is better through the practice of kriya Union, through the practice of Tantra triad . It’s safer, it’s not weird, it’s safer.

Because I myself remember as I walked into this Pranayama, at random. Some episodes of his biography, I hold back. If you knew, you would be very surprised that I had there at the time. How I could have screwed. Praise to the teachers, that means stop, enlightened. Chudesnenko if there are any questions about Pranayama yoga?


Q: When and how much can be practiced in the Pranayama Yoga?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here let us, we are at moments the curtain. When, how, where and to whom? It is best to start practicing Pranayama yoga is early spring or autumn. Best of all it is necessary to engage in Pranayama yoga, it is at the moment sandhi is when sunrise or sunset. We must start to engage in Pranayama yoga time, probably 10-15 minutes. It is advisable to engage in the street in a secluded location. And no one would be around you do not jump, do not distract. And once again, there is no perfect place, use what you have. There must be a vacation.

It is highly desirable to Pranayama yoga take water treatments. But then again, you have to be careful, because if you take a shower and then go outside with a wet head, then strictly speaking, not end very well. It also makes sense to take water treatments after pranayama yoga. Generally speaking, the more water treatments with pranayama yoga you will take, the faster and easier will your exercises. In India, a sacred bath in the Ganges at least twice a day. If you start to engage in Pranayama yoga, try as much as possible water treatments take.


It is necessary to begin to learn to practice Pranayama yoga with the following exercises.

First, it is a calm observation of breathing, counting breaths.

Second, it Kapalabhati – rather sharp breaths and breaths free.

Third, this alternate breathing. At first, when we breathe through both nostrils and exhale turns to the left, then right, and then we come to the level where we breathe through different nostrils, exhale through the opposite. After more or less established themselves in this practice, more practice 10 minutes, no more than a day! Most importantly, develop the habit and try quite regularly. Engage at the same time in one and the same place. Again, if there is such possibility.

Do not engage in Pranayama yoga is extremely hungry or just eat.

Do not engage in Pranayama yoga is very tired or in that, you know, suffering from lack of state. It is necessary, either to relax or shake yourself first physical moments. So, after Pranayama yoga, it is desirable to eat. That exercise came, ate something. You do not have much, but it is like stimulates the cleansing of the body adjustment. Well, we said about the rest.

In the future, once more or less all you go, you start adding your exercises all the ones we have today you have learned. You can do so, choose as a basis, some exercise and do every day, others once a week. That is, there is nothing to be done once a week sieve. Then Sitkali. Then, once established themselves in this Pranayama yoga, quietly proceed to the buildup. Quietly, quietly proceed to the buildup, not in a hurry. Here’s a general plan for mastering pranayama. Of course, for different people and for different circumstances is there are different nuances, but said some details of one, so they may not be suitable for another. It is already in the individual order must be addressed. Are there any questions?


Question: Please tell me, bandha in the slope or sitting doing?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, my friends, I do not want to deal with this topic in detail, but bandha is usually performed while sitting. But in fact, there are nuances. Now here I say casually, but there are nuances. Come on, we shall place in the workshop Mudra and Bandha, which, hopefully, will hold. More questions?


Question: Why is the house is not recommended, why it is necessary not to interfere?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, well, yes it is not recommended. You can do it, but it is not recommended. Such subtle pitfalls that we do not notice, but which can negate the entire process. It is just as if you were going to go on a trip, put on boots, and a nail sticking out of boots. A trifle, but you can not go. This is unfortunately our home is full of little things that we do not see, and that in everyday life is not particularly hinder us. We just do not notice them. But as soon begins Pranayama, they are the nail in the boot. It seems not particularly affected, but will not go further.

What is it can be factors? Firstly, purely objective factors. The presence of certain odors, which we usually do not feel. Please note, you come to visit someone from friends, you feel that the smell in the apartment any other and everyone has his own. In his visit, but not normal. But the same situation with your apartment. Only you have adjusted. And, well, where? Paints, you never know because of what may be the smell. Full of chemistry, etc. One thing, you just live, another thing when you start to strongly boost the pranayama. A small amount of smell can bring down.

Incidentally, in the continuation of this theme, then you’re scared, you know, suffer from what? From spirits, especially in the subway. You will just feel sick. What else will go to Madame, and you, Lord, that she drinks it? Or there is bathed, and in general, as it can be? That is, you just feel that you are inside turns. That some physiological changes within these odors. The same situation is with our apartments.

This is the first time. The second point is the psychological moment. The fact is that as a rule, wherever we look, we are surrounded by things that certain associations. Look at the wall and think a pancake, it is necessary to re-stick wallpaper, and I’ll do pranayama. That is, what would not fall your opinion, is the associative link. It is also very destructive, interferes. Because you need to relax and get away into abstraction. And everything is in short supply.

Therefore, by the way, since we were talking, the most efficient place for the mastery of pranayama, this draw area. Now I have, indeed, comrade, with him, there, almost castle. All the conditions, everyone! And he still goes into the nearby woods, watching and Pranayama yoga. Why? And he said that at home, it does not look like, all right, but distracted. And then nobody’s. To it belong to? Absolute. That is easier to tune in harmony on the nature of the universe. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to engage in the no man’s land, the best, even so. Well, or so on the site.

And there are still many details that are not visible here such, violate the harmony completely invisible ambushes. And if there is no harmony, if you remember, and no pranayama. For the simple reason, once again, pranayama and breathing, it is rocking the swing. If caught harmony can be stronger and stronger. And if harmony is ranked in the opposite hand will start to move, so you swing it on hand as vmazhet hurt. That’s the same situation here. We would like if there is no harmony, and it is very easy to lose, everything goes here this here scrapped. So, still have questions?

Q: Thoughts hinder us, you begin to breathe, it is already beginning to head ache, it is best to re …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: My head hurts because of what, because of thoughts or because of breathing?


From the audience: All together. That is, it is best to start tuning?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, you know, it’s difficult this time. Thought thought alike. You will then catch himself, that on the contrary, breathe, and so well thought of. Before that creaked, such thoughts prickly, twisting inside out. You start pranayama, each island thought as such, you know, the pads again, again, and then it becomes so myagonkaya. In a head to talk, chat and – time flew. Ingenious solutions, brilliant ideas come, I want it …

You see, pranayama, it kind of painkillers. That is, if the right to use, even the most such thoughts, they go away. But on the other hand, if, again, we have said, we are in the wrong place, in the wrong environment, we on the contrary, begins to cling. And the general rule as follows: harmony, harmony, harmony, and harmony once again. As soon as we feel that the harmony is broken, you can not force yourself under any circumstances. Suppose it does not matter, well, God bless him, he was not to be. You should not continue. So, there is still okay?


Question: Can we say that achieving harmony in pranayama, we automatically achieve harmony in our physical body?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Honestly, I have not quite grasped the meaning of the question.


Clarification: harmony in Hatha Yoga.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But it’s not the fact, my friends, is not a fact. our physical body, it needs all the same, in the physical training. These are things, though related, but they are on their own a little bit. Well, imagine if there is no muscle tone, the first heavily in pranayama to achieve something.

 That is, on the contrary, if the physical body harmony, something about Pranayama would be difficult to say. That is all your mind will go into the tone.

Well, in general, yes. Okay, any more questions?


Q: How do you can or can not do in the selection of species from the fact that you have listed, to focus on their state, as it were, the results after Pranayama yoga and their status?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, you should, first of all, solely on its status and the results that you get. In fact, at one time, when I was … a very long time I did not go pranayama. It was not very long. You know what saved me? Saved by the fact that I realized some disharmony, it is necessary to stop. Sometimes stop in time, it is the most intelligent that sometimes can make. And stopped, as if to analyze the results, analyze the consequences. And pay attention, do it, it’s, like, not so bad it was, and did it, it became worse. So maybe that was the worst, it is best to discard? Leave where good? That is to feel internally. Once again, harmony, harmony and once again harmony.


Q: Even if it is the recommendation?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And what sort of recommendations? For example?

Clarification: As an example, when we finish the breathing practice, we need to delay uncomfortable and I bend over a lot. I like to clench the lungs and on a breath … I do not hold this delay harmoniously …


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it is not necessary, the slope can not delay. If it is not convenient. So we did, do and took a deep breath, then exhale bent. That is not necessarily delay. We like to delay or not to delay. This is a different approach.

So, once you explain why we need a forward bend. There is a very simple explanation. The fact that in some euphoric practices simply lose sensation. And you should be up to the machine as soon as the euphoria, not backward overturned neck and bent down in front of safely. And your feet to absorb. If absolutely nothing you can not tilt. Let’s say you have done one exercise, for example, Kapalabhati and can proceed to the alternate breathing without tilting, and then only go for a vacation.

But still, friends, leaning forward, it is a separate position. And it is called yoga mudra. It is extremely effective, it is in this respect, takes some stress, some stress with the internal structures and muscles that are usually very hard to relax.


Q: And then you can do?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, of course. Everything related to the slope ahead, this is not a tough recommendation. Hard recommendation is, for example, lack of rest. That lack of rest, it does, and forward bends, know that such a recommendation, that is, as it were, a positive experience. Develop this habit. Firstly, I will say what will be the benefits of this. You will, in time, even if you do not get the lotus posture, sit down with time. Once bent – again, you podrastyanulos. The second time, third time, and then again, and again has got legs like they should. But again, if you do not go, do not go.


Q: We saw Bhastrika when you said that bhastrika buildup, said that at some point, something does not go. You’re going to be movement and not breathing. And if in another form of pranayama (inaudible)


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Allowed, friends. Here you will do alternate breathing, for example. And suddenly you feel like something that is not there, you can connect the Kriya. That’s why I say everything, everything lick, going, when I start giving these kriyas, pranic kriya. Because they are very helpful. You feel some internal flows, so he walked and walked – just somewhere stuck. And such discomfort. It seems to breathe normally, but there is something you pereklinilo, stuck. You start to make some kriyas and crawled, crawled, crept, cleared. And it once again, the approach of pranic kriyas. Section serious and good.


Q: But if you do not know about the kriyas?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Intuitive rediscover. That was a question, if you want to wiggle. It was one of the questions. Breathe and want to wiggle. Wiggle.


Question: That is sometimes a catch, trying to go on, and you know you have a slower pace, and continue. Whether you stop it, but you’re not, how … here.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But it’s a complicated question. In any case, if something went wrong, and to cut off. And then just to understand. In no case….


Question: During the deal does not make sense, right?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I find it difficult to answer this question. But as a rule, all the points are observed, allegedly, is a clear channel. Then, when the channels are already cleansed, you already feel uniquely flows inside. And you can already uniquely interpreted, where they went. So, well, my friends, I ask, write to all who listened to the broadcast, tweeted something write, create information background. As a board, go, please, to the site, get feedback forum and write something. Praise, scold, but do not be silent! Friends, I beg you, too, for that matter, do me a favor and write.

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