2013_05_18 A.Avalon Garland letters. Introduction. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2013.05.18.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Short Description: Who is he, John George Woodroffe. Briefly about it. His contribution in spreading knowledge of yoga. Why he took his pseudonym the name of Arthur Avalon. His book “The Garland of Letters” of this difficult to understand but very strong section of a yoga Mantra Yoga. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva to the introduction of the book “Principles of tantric cosmogony Garland letters: Speech that creates the universe.” / Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe); per. from English. D.Ustyantsev, ed. A.Orlov. – Moscow: Amrita-Rus / Shechen 2007.

With today’s lecture we begin an ambitious series dedicated to the heritage of the ancient yoga knowledge. And the first thing with which we will start with you, from all of those works that have been published by John George Woodroffe, who is more known to us here on the books under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon. Before we begin you study his writings, should say a few words directly to the person D.Dzhordzha Woodruff: who is this man, that he did when he lived, and the like. For us Westerners in fact really the door to the mysterious world of yoga, this yoga with a capital letter, opened D.D.V. It was in the early 20th century. It was the first time he began to work on the publication and adaptation of ancient knowledge to a very good academic language that was equally interesting as people professionally concerned with the philosophy of ancient India, and those who tried to practice this heritage. I must say that the identity of the sulfur D.D.V. covered with numerous mysteries. We really do not know much about him.

And in particular, I can tell you a small episode in his life. About 10 years ago, by chance by going to one of the online stores of Western, who sell books, I saw a book on the biography D.D.V. and it could be ordered well, in particular from America. And I’d read it, and was happy, but you know, I caught myself thinking that I do not want to know about the biography of the man. Because of his work in the field of yoga is characterized by its more than anything else and any biography. In general I notice for such a feature: if I like this or that composer, musician, physicist, philosopher, I try to last as little as possible chto-libo know of his personal life, to the last, that when all have nowhere to go, and that’s when I know. Why? Because usually people write biographies are sometimes interested in something, sometimes do not understand the immensity of the personality of a person, and they are from the perspective of their point of view begin to give one or another interpretation of this or that person. So I thought, thought and decided not to order the book, and, accordingly, does not translate into Russian (it was published in English). But after all these years, I still just realized that after all it is necessary to find and it is necessary to transfer at least a sign of respect and gratitude to those Titans, the heroes in the field of yoga.

In the understanding of complex concepts of yoga, perhaps, he has done more than almost all the others after him. Anyway, in the field of popularization for serious academics, issues related to yoga. As you can imagine, promotion – the first step to ensure that a particular topic anyone interested. If people do not know about this or that science, and accordingly, it does not develop. And the merit of promoter is greater than or equal to the merits of the pillar, which moves the subject. But Woodruff was not just a promoter. It is, as I see it, was a very profound scholar with a capital letter in the Western sense of the term, to examine questions of yoga philosophy. And at the same time, there is every reason to believe that he was the highest practice is very rare and closed types of yoga. Those. he combined his personality immediately several activities. As a European with a European education, he could express in plain language for academia certain yoga postures that trudnoponimaemy. At the same time, being a practitioner and an open man, he had access to a completely closed circles of Indian society, where knowledge was preserved. On the third hand, he directed all the critical and logical analysis to the study of ancient texts. It is not as simple as in the East, stupidly copied, he tried to find out, he tried to interpret. He tried to explain in plain language for Westerners complicated yoga postures. Sophisticated!

All this makes him more than a grand more than the mysterious and mystical. I have not yet seen to date figures, which would catch up with him in the degree of contribution to the half-open secrets of yoga. And the most paradoxical and most surprising is that in spite of its Western origins, Sir John George Woodroffe became a real bridge, which is to transfer knowledge from the upper classes of Indian society to the wider strata of Indian society. Pay attention to this paradox: Western man come to India and get the knowledge, dedication, those whose average Indian had no idea. Then he begins to publish the first English work, the work returned to India, they begin reading wider circles of Indian society and wonder in awe how the grand heritage they themselves possess. So about Woodruff said that he discovered the Indians by their own grandiose legacy, despite the fact that he was a European. For this reason it would be good to find a copy of his biography, translate and distribute at least a sign of respect. Since this man – a giant, it’s titanium! I just do not know with whom to compare him! Until now, some of the works that he had found, not adapted. I am afraid that some people do not even translated into English, of course it is now unlikely, but it may well be, especially if we talk to you about the Russian language.

Among the Russian-speaking audience, Sir John George Woodroffe, alias Arthur Avalon, best known for his work, which is called the “Serpent Power”, the English version of the book called «The Serpent Power». As it is known to translate the text of Shankaracharya, who was called “Ananda Lahari”. Probably students of the Open University of Yoga almost everyone knows this text, you have it at the hearing. But beyond that, John George Woodroffe huge amount of work, which he published in English, in which he tried to reveal the secret to the Western mentality of yoga. Finally, among other things, he was engaged in that published in Sanskrit, or another text with little or no translation, but rather brief annotations. For example, a particular text that he published in Sanskrit, he supplied quite short comments in the style of that in the first chapter, you read about these, these and these provisions, in the second chapter of kakih-to other, in the third of the third. Those. he seems to be making a bookmark for the future for future researchers who are likely to be interested in more subtle issues. And in order to reduce the scope of their search, he made such information signs ahead.

The dissemination of literature in the Soviet Union.


At the time, I became acquainted with the work of John George Woodroffe as “Mahanirvana Tantra”. The most amazing thing that I found this book at a time in the former USSR. Moreover, in the public domain. Moreover, the nature of the instance, as well as indirect points of its history, I realized that it was a popular product even in the Soviet era. Starting with the fact that this book was restored several times, ending with the fact that I could find a copy of this book, made in microfilm. In the Soviet period, in order to wear out less certain instances, the practice of film otsnimat on a particular book. And through a special device on the small screen is projected content. I was pleasantly surprised that despite the fact that we are living up to the restructuring of the iron curtain, in the spiritual sense, apparently, any of the iron curtain and something was not there. And interested enough to seriously and objectively one or another topic, sooner or later going on the same road. And passes through the same texts and sources. Those. In this respect it is created in the years of the Soviet Union such a reserve, to me he’s seen. Unlike the West, where every year published a book on yoga, or some yoga, or esoteric, or some potustoronschine, or some even obscurantism. Against the backdrop of this worm infested swamp to find the text you want the right of the author or right knowledge is not possible. In fact, freedom in all, in fact you are all you can get, but a huge number of people trying to earn through yoga to life, or just not quite sane people, they have produced a number of different kinds of literature to find something of value – it’s the same thing as looking for a needle in a haystack. And the Soviet Union, which was the most severe censorship, which was the ideology of Marxism-Leninism, and try some ezoterschinu dragged through open sources – immediately fired from their jobs, made a very good thing, it destroyed all this obscurantism, ie it is simply not allowed. But at the same time, some yoga texts freely passed the border.

And our people received the most valuable first-hand, rather than spend the time to research all the secondary. Here we are sitting with you here in the center, and on the floor above us is a bookstore. Even to me it has now become difficult to navigate, what book valuable and what is not. They are so many that it is impossible to even keep track! And the only thing that saves this intuition: you open a particular book, flip through, you begin to read, and have previous experience of telling you – yes it is worthwhile, or is it garbage. But the people who make their first steps in the knowledge of the Supreme, they do not have that same flair. They can have the inspiration bhvava, but the experience is not present. And often, many of you have spent years of his life on it to investigate questionable sources, questionable books, dubious interpretation that is very disappointing. For this reason, I want us to set up in the walls of the Open Yoga University sufficiently rigid academic environment where all obscurantism and potustoronschina destructive, any protrusion of untested points suppressed very harshly so, as we see in the scientific community. They try to say one word, which is then not confirmed, you will have to publicly admit that you were wrong, or soft, polite, intelligent scientific community you will squeeze out from their midst. You will lose credibility. And this is the worst thing in the scientific community, when you stop believing. Therefore, this measure is very necessary, because otherwise we will lose even the little crumbs of knowledge, the legacy that so hard made its way into our lives. Which, note, has passed even through the Iron Curtain.

I remember one of the instances of “Mahanirvana Tantra” has gone through the Berlin library. I understand, just with trophies taken in 1941. And maybe in a different way. I do not know, because it is very difficult to keep track of it. A separate book can be devoted to the fact that it was during the Soviet era and how it was closed, and those who used it. I was surprised to learn how many yogic texts were in the USSR! Of course, in Sanskrit, of course, in English or other European languages or languages of the East, but it was available! You can devote to this mystery.

Mantra – a method of transmitting knowledge.


But back to our subject. So that we can in the first approximation to say about John George Woodroffe? It is known that he was born on December 15, 1865, the birthplace of Kolkata, India, even though he himself was a citizen of the UK. It is known that he died January 18, 1936, aged 70 years in France. He was the eldest son of James Tisdall Woodroffe and his wife Florence. Father Woodruff was fairly well-known personality, he was a knight of the Order of St. George. I do not want now to cover the moments of his life, still hope that we translate his biography into Russian. In our lectures, we will devote more effort, time, his works.

And before embarking on this great series of lectures, I thought to myself how the work to begin. Once again I remind you that we have it mostly known for his book “The Serpent Power”, as well as the translation of the text “Ananda Lahari”. But perhaps the most prominent role of John George Woodroffe is that it shed light on the most difficult to understand the science in all of yoga, namely the mantra yoga. The fact is that if you start to learn yoga from the roots grow, you will come to this view, that yoga is the orthodox system of India. By this is meant the fact that yoga unconditionally recognize the authority of the ancient Vedas, ie sources such as the Rig Veda, Sama Veda, Yajur Veda. Once again I want to emphasize. Now divorced many people who claim that they supposedly give the Vedic knowledge, and refer to the later, medieval, often sectarian tracts. You should see a clear difference between the true knowledge contained in the Vedas, and that what is now called “Vedic knowledge ‘,’ Vedic cooking”, “Vedic Medicine”, “Vedic astrology, astronomy,” Vedic something else. Often, when you hear the Vedic something there, it can be pure poison, pure obscurantism. I’m just warning you, because the crowds were surprised to later learn that what they call the Vedic arose say in the 17-18 century. While the Vedas – a very ancient knowledge. So, sooner or later, studying yoga, which is considered the orthodox system, you will come to the source, where yoga came from. You will come to the true Vedas, the ancient Vedas. And you will realize that yoga – a collection of various practices, techniques that allow in your personal life to translate the Vedic knowledge. A Vedic knowledge was transmitted exclusively through mantras. In essence, the Rig Veda – a collection of mantras that are transmitted orally from generation to generation, from teacher to student. And at a time when the student began to recite certain mantras with him is very strange transformation. Suddenly it began to change the internal structure of the organism, the nature of mental processes, increases very rapidly and sharpened intelligence. The man was very charismatic, as a rule, very strong, possessed such abilities, which in our present time, we believe supernormal. People were using words to heal, people could manage with the help of words surrounding the universe. People could help to ensure the safety of mantras their relatives and friends. With words that people can deal with disasters, with some shocks in life, such as hunger, attack enemies, etc. etc.

Listen Now modern man as he begins to complain about their fate: no money, no job, no-addition of this fifth-tenth. From the analysis and reconstruction of the ancient Vedic texts it seems that we have no problems. Our life – a paradise in heaven compared to the difficulties and hardships experienced by the sages of antiquity, yoga and yogini who bring us the knowledge of the Vedas. And they have coped brilliantly with all the difficulties and dangers in using mantras knowledge, using knowledge of mantra-yoga, ie the science that we even have no idea or regard delusion.

“Garland of letters.”


So the most valuable, I think, in this regard, the work of John George Woodroffe dedicated to mantra yoga. And it is called “Garland of Letters” or the English version of «The Garland of Letters». In the future, the study of this text, you will understand why the name of this book. And another parallel, which was at one time quite a commonplace in circles studying yoga is why John George Woodroffe took the pseudonym Arthur Avalon. Probably many of you are familiar with the legacy of good old England and heard about King Arthur, about the Knights of the Round Table, chivalry about romantic splash before the onset of the Dark Ages. There is one episode connected with the biography of King Arthur, when he visited the mysterious island of Avalon. And here drawn some parallels. John Woodroffe, when he found himself privy to these grandiose knowledge, heritage of the ancient Vedic knowledge of yoga, felt like Arthur, who falls into a magical and mysterious region.

For this reason, we are beginning to consider the book called “Garland of letters.” Unfortunately, the translation and publication of this book was not done within the walls and the International Open Yoga University, for which I am ashamed. I honestly do not know who did this translation from English into Russian. The only thing that I can say that copyright affixed as follows: translation from angl.yaz D.Ustyantsev, A.Orlov editor edition of “Amrita Rus” and the copyright belongs somehow not the interpreter, and written Shechin, translation and layout of 2007. In any case, Shechin, as I understand it, is a surname, then a deep bow and respect the man for what he has done something that you and I can not for a long time to make. So you remember our policy – a monument with life- Ustyantsev, Orlov, Shechin. And the book was published under the pseudonym Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe), and named it “The principles of tantric cosmogony. Garland letters. Speech that creates the universe. ” Distinguished name from the English original, but probably this is done in order to promote and to ensure that this book could then sell. Therefore, I believe that this step is justified. Because we ourselves have had the experience, when we published a book called “Kaula Jnana Nirni”. What do you think, how many copies selling out the book with the same name?

I do not know how the translation is done properly because of which I also have to say. Suffice it difficult to read, even in English. And Russian translation – this is truly a feat. Those. his tongue is extremely difficult. I have seen such cases, the translators could not cope with an adequate transfer, especially if people were taken for translation, as they say, not quite in the topic of yoga. Therefore, on the one hand, of course, a monument to those who translated it. On the other hand, we are now beginning to consider that there is, or once we lose time waiting for our transfer.

And we start in this book with a preface. Preface of the book itself is extremely interesting, and you can even make comments on the introduction, that we begin to do now.

Introduction. In this book the first time an attempt is made to explain the Western reader rather difficult subject, so I would like to recall the following statement: “The sacred knowledge frighten a person with little knowledge because it can be harmful.”

And now here, my friends, you can stop and a lot of things to say. Indeed, the ancient Vedic knowledge was so powerful and so practical that taken out of context or that of his pieces, sometimes seem strange and sometimes frightening. The process of learning can not be stopped, and sooner or later we have to go forward in the understanding of the universe. And, unfortunately, we are alike, we all have inherited perfect bodies of our ancestors. Ancestors in his mercy allowed us to live and inherit the perfect bodies, but souls who live in these bodies, often differ considerably in the degree of self-awareness. Higher Self of every person of equal, ravnomoguschestvenno, and we can not talk about the division of people according to the criteria of race, nationality, religion, skin color, etc. etc. But the degree of ignorance, or even can be said roughly, the degree of bestiality in humans is different. And in spite of the perfect body and the perfect higher self, bestiality this does not become more attractive. For this reason, whether we like it or not, we are grading people. Once again, not on the grounds of bodily or genetic, not on the basis of that one perfect Higher Self and the other unfinished – no. And on the basis of how self-aware, responsible person is.

If higher knowledge begin to penetrate into the environment are such animals, even humans are not quite adequate, it is more likely to harm them than to help. Give pain medication to some close person, so he’s a drug addict in turn, it has already demonstrated that a civilization. At the same time, pain relievers saved countless lives from the shock when receiving injuries. And here is the same situation, and, therefore, entering the path of knowledge of the higher knowledge, we have to very clearly understand that we should at least to themselves define a code of honor, in order to be sure that our latent bestiality will not play with us a cruel joke.

Unfortunately, by the latent bestiality no one is immune, no ordinary man, nor the man who became the way of studying yoga. Moreover, sometimes there is a very interesting trend, to the extent that, as you progress in the study of themselves and begin to clean their structure, you begin to wake up the hidden deficiencies, or some kind of your latent bestial karma, which you do not even suspect. And here come completely paradoxical things: like decent people learn yoga, have reached a certain level, and then begin to exhibit such traits and behaviors that literally obscene. Unfortunately, we are all susceptible to this disease. Sometimes it is explicitly, beasts climbs from have sometimes in disguised form. On the one hand it is good, because it says that yes, indeed, you come for the restructuring of his inner world. On the other hand, it is unpleasant for you yourselves to face it, and even less pleased with that face the people around you. Therefore, in yoga there are certain principles, where each of us are asked to check every thought and action with these principles. What are these principles? This is the first principle of yoga – doing no harm to any living being unless absolutely necessary, and if this is not possible, you should do what tells your debt. And the second principle of yoga – you have to be sensible and consistent in his life. And the third principle of yoga – a vow to help in the rejection of the suffering of all sentient beings simultaneously with the rejection of suffering in their own lives. And just in case you sanctify all these three principles, all knowledge will not cause you or the people around you harm. If we are in doubt refer to these principles … I was faced with this view, saying: “The principles of yoga can be understood in different ways.” Friends, then, they are the principles that they understood clearly! Will they abide even higher knowledge will bring you favor. Give up the slack, your bestiality bear, bear you and not benefit you to higher knowledge. Further…

Quite naturally, taking into account the difficulties and mystery that surrounded the topic that are unfamiliar with the culture of India, the Western people have difficulty understanding mantra. But it does not follow, as it often happens, immediately come to the conclusion that all this is meaningless superstition.

And the next very important issue in understanding yoga mantra. In a practical application of Mantra Yoga is so simple, that Western man is often puzzling: Is this simple practice can lead to tremendous changes both inside and outside. And for the western nihilistic mind for this reason that any mantra seems to be superstition, or something frivolous, or the legacy of some civilizations wild, wild people. And there is a fork in the paradoxical mysteries of the universe. It turns out that a primitive man, who has not yet developed the intellect, which is close to nature every day meets a real danger, for example, lives in some woods and is saved from a tiger. Such a person, as a small child, is not burdened more intelligent analytical skills, close to nature and good sense of the word gullible. And if it gets to the science of mantra yoga, he is trusting her, he begins to practice it, and begins to enjoy all the benefits and all those powers or supernormal, which give certain mantras. Those. The universe favors their children.

Until today, in many tribes of people who are wild, primitive way of life preserved science spells all sorts of chants, voodoo spells, etc. etc. They are the generations passed and still working. But, as a rule, people at a sufficiently low degree of intellectual organization. As a person develops the mind, the mind helps him overcome the many difficulties, helps to better survive. And now, the person ceases to be afraid of the Tigers because he invented a firearm with which no tiger can not cope. For man invented agriculture, and to a greater extent depend on the fruits of their labor rather than at the mercy of nature. Here people are less dependent on the weather, he learned to build housing, learned to make warm clothing. It is already beginning to fear the disease less because there was medicine, and medicine. And it turns out that developing the mind, a man begins to overcome the dangers and problems of primitive man, and the mind seems to deity. And from the standpoint of reason to explain the science of yoga mantra is extremely difficult. The mind simply refuses to believe and understand.

And a man of understanding disclaims the knowledge that he would have inherited from the ancient times through the mantra yoga. Modern man it seems some nonsense. He begins to rely more on their abilities than those hidden mysterious force that I enclosed in each of us. And so modern man robs himself. He is not engaged in Mantra Yoga only because it does not believe. And if it is not engaged, it does not get results, and if there are no results, then how he can believe in it. And the circle is closed. And it turns out that intelligence plays a bad role. It sometimes closes access to our abilities. At the same time, people simply primitive faith and practice, and to this day remain in certain echoes of this science. But, of course, science among primitive people momentary, sharpened to a very worldly problems. And no sane coherent theory of why spell or chant works, you are from the primitive man will not achieve. And anthropologists who study this or that culture, faced with the phenomenon of the mantras in the jungles among primitive people, they fix it, and because no no theory, they leave it like some kind of paradox phenomenon. But, as is seen from the analysis of ancient yogic knowledge, and first of all the ancient Vedic science of yoga mantra was extremely logical. But this logic becomes sverhlogiku. And this bunch is absolutely not perceptible to our ordinary mind. But any attempts to explain, some aspects related to the justification of this science were there. And Woodruff in this book “Garland of Letters” trying to throw up our minds at least some explanation. In the sense that the thinking and reasoning, we shall not deny that science indiscriminately.

Mantra is really meaningless for those who do not understand its value. But understand, this is not superstition. And since Some English-speaking Indians have similarity with the majority of Western people ideas on the subject, even among them you can meet people who are considering a mantra as meaningless gibberish. Indian doctrine and spiritual practices so long and so thoroughly distorted and not understood by foreigners, which I always felt sad that this Phunya born in Pune (Fertile Land) because of their misunderstanding of slander owned by himself. Although this does not mean you have to recognize it as priceless, simply because of its Indian origin. But they should, at least in the beginning to try to understand what is condemned by them as meaningless.

Woodroffe in his preface describes the situation that prevailed in India in his time. And I must say that this is a very interesting times when Woodruff lived and worked. This is actually the end of the Victorian era, this is when the forces of self-consciousness in India began to awaken. This is the time when India began to demand independence. Do you remember that India was a British colony. The strength of the consciousness of the people start to wake up and grow. And accordingly, we started reformers throughout the Indian life? Indian reformers saw how good life in the West, as a bad time with them, and came to the conclusion that the cause of their bad life is their cultural heritage. Those. blame their religion, their philosophy, their way of life. And in order to change the situation in India, you must drop all Hindu. It applies to the entire heritage of superstition which kept India. You do not look like this? This is a tracing a situation that is going on with the former USSR. One in one!

We are asked to give up all of our heritage for the sake of some strange ideas and values that come to us from the West, while in the West do not understand clearly what they have going on. The same situation was in India. And many progressive strong personalities began politics as they called it, against superstition, against the backwardness of India. Under this brand, many have tried to bring the export of religion in Europe, although their religions there is more than enough. And many of them angrily denounced the superstition of Indian life, and those of you who have been in India, realize that it negoloslovnye statements. The degree of oppression, backwardness of a large mass of people simply awesome. There’s no culture, education and knowledge, there is really superstition. And of course, there was a desire all under a zero carry, not understanding. And a man like Woodroffe had to stand up for the Indian culture among the Indians themselves. And calls upon them to ensure that, no, guys, do not rush to give up their identity, do not rush to discard the legacy will be examined first, and then deny.

It played a role. Many circles, including high-level, no longer so negative about their heritage, and began to study it. And seems to be from the entire history of Indian life, the whole of India was sharpened by only one goal – is to preserve knowledge. From generation to generation the knowledge passed down from generation to generation they were stored. The sacrifice that the knowledge stored and formed the so-called Indian lifestyle. And what is the Indian way of life? This is an extreme conservatism, this superstitious attitude to some taboo. But they worked. In the name of that up to now at least some crumbs of knowledge preserved from generation to generation, people have sacrificed their lives. They all honed their daily activities only on one thing – that the knowledge preserved at any cost. Therefore, demand from the Indian deep understanding and application of knowledge, we can not. They are already too high a price to pay for ensuring that it at least keep the modern day. And now we have it saved them the knowledge to take and distribute for all mankind. Require it of Indians can not be friends, they have paid a terrible price, they do not have the freedoms to which we are accustomed. Often, to date a boy and a girl can not marry for love, and they are married or marry parents. There’s a rigid caste system is very rigid system of forces that permeates just about anything. And sometimes it is not clear why, why. And the meaning is only one – to keep knowledge.

But at the same time, many have ceased to believe that this knowledge is there. And they were all desperate attempts to carry. In my opinion at Vivekananda there is a comparison of India with a giant dump in which the hidden diamond. And in order to preserve these treasures, this layering of different debris. That such a situation was, unfortunately, in the era of Woodruff.

The same situation we are now in Russia. I see that the Russian mission this knowledge to adapt and distribute. Being in this case in front of the entire planet. I have other ideas such missianskoy not see Russia. Because we do not feed bread, let me bring a man into space, to “catch up and overtake”, “build a paradise in a particular country.”

When I first began to study this sastra, he was confident that India lives did no less foolish than they have in other nations. And what’s more, it gave rise to minds that are at least as worthy as anywhere else. I was sure of the ignorant practices, which in varying degrees are present among a variety of different beliefs must be some rational principle, because in general, people will not do something pointless, therefore, futile, for centuries. And I was not disappointed.

And he was not disappointed. Woodroffe pragmatic Western view of the investigator began to study yoga. I am very impressed by this approach. I would like to see this approach in the International Open Yoga University. To give you a very clear approach to the study of this heritage. Unfortunately, I became a witness right now that all that to us any Indian comes deified. No, my friends, let’s just as friendly enough and Woodruff and critical start to study the legacy of this civilization. Let’s think. Unless the Millennium Goals, and the centuries passed this or that science, that in fact she somehow survived, ie, her powers were. Why are other civilizations and science does not survived, and survived this? So, after all of this there is something ?! Why even related systems in the same Indian appeared and disappeared, just a few decades. And this science from generation to generation passed. At the time, I listened to a very interesting series of lectures in a reputable institution where anthropologically analyzed people who performed in primitive societies function priests, sorcerers, soothsayers. And according to statistics, these people lived poorer remaining members, but at the same time, they survived, ie, society feeds them. A society will not feed parasites very much, because, and so not to fat, particularly in primitive societies. Therefore, a good share of irony, common sense you should be in the study any yoga. Do not be aspirated by opening his mouth to pray to any Indian who say something to you in Sanskrit. Do not believe all those who comes to you and starts something there to broadcast, and you can not tell whether it is a sect which, or religion, or yoga, or indeed higher knowledge. You should not have the arrogance and audacity, you should be tolerant open attitude. You must have the original trust, otherwise it makes no sense at all to do it all, and then draw conclusions for himself as it did DD Woodroffe.

Mantra Shastra is very far from what is often defined as a meaningless superstition and gibberish, and deserves more thorough study that will allow to reveal certain values for free from prejudice, inclined to metaphysics and thoughtful mind. In tantra mantra sastra iogamah contains profound doctrine expounded ingeniously, albeit with caution. Then it was a blessed time for the opening of the mysteries of science atheatmika, because then in this country there was a turn of flow: a class of people who would like to join the European criticism of his homeland because of misunderstanding and distortion of the ideas of social norms fortunately disappeared. Those who are cured of blindness after the first encounter with a foreign civilization, were able to correctly assess the pros and cons, as well as to understand the truth, expressed even Schiller: “Hold on to his dear and beloved homeland, in her powerful roots of your strength.”

Yoga encourages you to be free. Fluent in everything: the spiritual and the material. Yoga encourages you to be citizens of the universe. But at the same time, we must remember that there is such a thing as homeland with their culture and heritage, a way of life, etc. etc. I warn you that you do not become Hindus. Our strength is in ourselves. Do not pray for all Hindu. Similarly, unfortunately, I have seen this trend is beginning to pray to the West: “Oh, so they have all the good and beautiful! So thoughtful and sated! “I assure you, while you are in a guided tour, you’ll country seems like paradise, but when you get there start permanent residents dwell inside out and see, invisible for the tourist, the plaque fascination quickly departs. This disease desperately ill post-Soviet society. Himself have to be in demand this universe. I am more than confident that Russia has a specific mission, a mission to spread the ancient Vedic knowledge. If I was not so sure, I would not stay in his time living in Russia. I have 3 or 4 times has a full opportunity to leave here, and through science, and business lines, and even across multiple lines. But there is such a thing dharma – a way of life. You have to understand where you are most needed. This does not mean that you can not live abroad. But you should always remember that if you have something binds with Russia, it is not just, it is your karma and your dharma. And then you will not engage in idolatry nor to Indians in yoga, nor the Americans and Europeans. I only see this our way, only this we can at least something useful to do.

In addition, the West also has a motion, leaving from materialism, believed to be the only reality rough sensual matter. And also there is a movement to the point of view from which it follows that the same thing, rough matter, and there is a thought that is as real as any external object. For both aspects of a unified conscious self from which appears as mind and matter. This self, Chit, is the soul of the universe, the universe. A universe is Chit, which becomes its own object. Thus any being is consciousness, or Chit, manifesting as multiple forms of mind and matter, which form the universe. This movement is called West and his followers a new way of thinking, although such a fundamental principle as old as the Upanishads themselves, proclaiming that all there is a sense of consciousness, Chit. And so the man becomes what he thinks. In fact, thinking is much more important than any whatsoever material means. But here I will not go into the details of this vast, because the topic can not fully be covered in this work. Either way, the meaning of what I want to convey, Mantra Shastra – this is not some sort of nonsense was supposed before.

Fortunately, Woodruff almost all of his works are written in a language. When I meet a clever from yoga, it is always very nice to send wise men on some heavy text, where nothing is clear, if you do not understand the meaning. And on the one hand, this may not be the text for all, because it’s hard to understood. On the other hand, it causes fear in people who are accustomed to, as in America, not understanding anything, has to write books about the awakening of the Kundalini energy.

What to say Woodruff? Already at the time of the 20th century, when the idea that the world is very much They reflect our perception of the world, began to spread to the West. And in Western thought it was something very new, was seen with a bang and has generated a lot of idealistic movements and currents. Woodroffe gently makes it clear that these ideas are old, they still have their roots in the Vedas. On the other hand, he suggests that the world is more complex than pure idealism. Those. it turns out that our world – a combination of materialism and idealism. With one hand, each one of you through his perception of reality creates this reality, which is then perceived through the senses as matter. On the other hand, the material that has already been formed on the begins to affect perception. And the next step is the transformation of the world is also changing. Those. said that initially, matter or consciousness from the perspective of Vedic philosophy is not possible, because in fact all of the second, that all duality. And the truth is not ambiguous. So we can not talk about the matter without consciousness in the manifestation of the world. And on the matter, without consciousness, formed this matter. E. It found continuation in the Mantra Shastra, the explanation of such a thing as a letter. We’ve learned that the letters are divided into vowels and consonants. But what is a consonant letter? Co-vowel. This one that is not without a vowel. Similarly, and the combination of energy and consciousness. Our whole world is like a big novel, written proposal, and the proposals of the words, and the words are composed of letters, vowels and consonants. And if you hold a further interpretation, it is the words written in letters of consciousness and energy. Consciousness, Cheat, and energy, Shakti. Only a combination of co-born all visible. We see that interpret their consciousness. And under this interpretation through visualization yoga universe assumes all these forms. In the future, we see only what is in front of this visualized. Those. we see a continuation of his previous consciousness. In this sense, matter, energy, all forms of the world is reduced to the previous consciousness. But the next consciousness is formed under the influence of the generated energy. It’s a chicken and egg question.

And this, too myagenko-myagenko, very good English, casual mention Woodroffe. Why casual? Because the very idea of idealism to the early 20th century, the whole world is a dream, but we have only consciousness which determines everything, it was revolutionary. But to make the next bunch that there is still a reflection of the consciousness of energy, ie, on what you did before this, it was too aerobatics at the time. I think the more beautiful it is mentioned in the English version.

This book, as already mentioned, a collection of articles and lectures on the theme of Mantra Sastra. This name is also used for the name of Tantra Shastra.

Another explanation. There will always use the word yoga and tantra. Under the tantras to understand the text. Those. texts that have survived from some times, this is a common word. You can put an equal sign between tantra and yoga, because yoga in our modern version reached only through the texts written in the tantras.

Practically, it consists of two parts. After chapter 1, which refers to the “Speech”, the heads 2-9 are dedicated to the principles of the general doctrine of Shabda. I am very grateful for their assistance in the preparation of these chapters to my friend, Professor Paramathanatha-Mukhopadhyaya. Heads of 10-21 illuminate some sections “Tantra Shastra”, which uses a slightly modified with respect to the doctrine Mimamsa shabda to compare it with its own doctrine of Shakti. In chapters 22, 28 and 29 dealt with “Om” mantra and the “Gayatri”. Understand terms such as “shakti”, “nada”, “bindu”, “causal shakti pranava”, “Bija-Mantra” and so on. It is very important for anyone who wants to understand sastra, in which they occur. In the past, such knowledge had a guru and sadhakas. But this does not mean that my information has been derived only from the oral instructions. On the contrary, the description of this can be found in the tantras, but mostly they are not well known. Relevant definitions are found in many shastras. These concepts are explained and also from the standpoint of general knowledge of sastra and oral instructions Upasaka (upāsaka), which support the tradition. As for the technical terms, I send my readers to my other books that have been published, in particular: “Shakti and Shakta”, “Serpent Power”, as well as the volume of the series under the title “Peace Force”, which describes the main the concept of Indian philosophy and religion. Heads of 10-21 and 14 reprinted from the journal «Vedānta-kesarī». Heads of 22-23 – “Om” and “Necklace of Kali” – first appeared in the journal “East and West”, and the heads of 28-29 – «Mantrasādhana» and «of Gayatri”, – in the introduction to my edition of “Mahanirvana-tant-ry “. As for the administration, but now it has completed a more complete description of tantra and tantric rituals, as outlined in my book “Shakti and Shakti”, and as the text itself – revised edition, which I have prepared. Chapter 30 – “Gayatri as an example of logical reasoning” – is a reprint of a paper read by me before, “Indian Rationalist Society” in Calcutta, and which was previously published in their newsletter. Ten reports on general principles, at the request of the National Board of Education were represented by me in 1919 in Bengal as extended lecture.

So friends – all for today. We continue to the next chapter.

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