2007.07.21 Pranayama Yoga, Yoga Nyasa. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Pranayama Yoga.


As usual, we are on our scheme. But before I hear you ask, I will highlight very briefly a regular yoga. At the last session, we saw Hatha yoga. Today, I will briefly answer the question, what is Pranayama or yoga breathing yoga. We had recently a seminar, but, nevertheless, those who were at the seminar, good recall.

So, we are all with you breathe. We all make a certain number of breaths per day. It is said that this figure is somewhere correlates with the number of 21 600 respiratory movements in 24 hours, well, something like that. It is clear that if we stop breathing, we immediately feel suffocation. And if we are going to stay in this state for a long time, then, in general, we are not big trouble. Therefore, first of all the importance of breath is due to a purely physiological point of view, but yoga says that the function of breathing is deeper than it is to explain the modern physiologists. From the standpoint of yoga knowledge with each respiratory movement, we do a kind of movement of the muscles, it excites certain nerve impulses in our nervous system, where the nerve impulse is transmitted to the so-called fine structures of the body. Let me remind you that these are the structures that make up the human body and the structures that modern science, unfortunately or fortunately, has not yet been opened. So when this impulse is transmitted to the thin structure fine structures also make a kind of harmonious movement and attract certain energy, which is called Prana.


What is Prana?


What kind of energy such Prana? In yoga states that Prana – is even greater than the energy, it’s kind of weird thing that in the human body manifests itself as either one or the other form of energy, or as a kind of thing that expands consciousness. Those. consciousness begins in more upstream, if more flow of prana. So there is a very strange substance that is called Prana. By itself, as stated in yoga, it is not very stable, instantly turns into one or another form of energy. Our human body is largely developed and lives are claimed in yoga, because we are connected to the source of this Prana. Those. Our physical body is supported, including a thin trickle of Prana. Once the stream for some reason disappears, man dies instantly. Those. without air, we will extend to you a while, but without Prana, according to yoga, we do not hold out, and seconds. We immediately die.

What is this kind of thing interesting Prana. Prana – is a kind of universal, I will speak the word of power, even though, strictly speaking, this is not the energy. This is the thing that manifests itself as energy and the consciousness. But since it is easier to operate with the term energy, we call it energy. It turns following this pattern, energy, or prana, even the word Prana refers to something original. She is drawn to our “I” from the vast ocean of Prana, which is diffused throughout the universe. Is directly proportional to awareness of the “I” itself, respectively trickle Prana more or less. Those. if our “I” knows itself to a greater degree, respectively, and the Prana, it may take longer. This Prana supports the physical body of man, and man is full of energy, full of energy, very well developed intellectually. And in general, he has the qualities possessed by the individual strong, charismatic personality. If the little guys, the person feels bad, feels apathy, it does not cause interest among others. He is weak, lifeless, gray and uninteresting. I allow myself to such words. And only explained by one factor, a lot or a little of Prana Prana. The big man comes to the trickle of Prana Prana or small stream. If the stream is big, we are happy, we are cheerful, we are successful, we dominated, we achieve success in all your endeavors. If Prana is small, we tend to diseases, we are prone to depression, we tend to the whole complex of all negative. And it is clear that the natural practical conclusion, it would be nice to get more of this Prana. But, again, yoga theory states that Prana comes directly proportional to awareness of the “I” itself. Therefore it is necessary to work on yourself, that it was more a trickle.


Breathing exercises.


The question is, how to work, where to start? Well, yoga offers such an approach. Since Prana allocated portions and somehow intertwined with our respiratory movements, it’s good to use the breathing movements and make them in such a way as to attract more and more Prana, more and more energy. Thus was born the science of Pranayama yoga. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Pranayama is given very little attention for detail. Literally 3-4 sentences. In later treatises, especially everything about Tantra Yoga, all that relates to the later medieval treatises, there is this is literally everything is built. The same situation is with the Tibetan yogi, where many practices are based on breathing exercises. Those. where this science is detailed enough and focus on it. So it turns out that if we learn to grasp in itself the transition when the movement of light transform into nerve impulses and nerve impulses come to certain impulses that cause to bring another batch of Prana, if we intuitively inside groped here these transitions from the rough breathing motion to thin flow of Prana, and as soon as we hit upon, we begin to strengthen, to make any movement stronger, respectively Prana comes to us any more. And based on this science and Pranayama yoga. Exercises Pranayama yoga, as you know, breathing, ie, we make breathing movements as prescribed. And if anyone of you faced with the descriptions of exercises, these exercises at first glance, very light, very plain. The most serious exercise, they are quite simple. But statistics, experience and warnings that have been received since the ancient times of the ancient Masters, shows that despite the availability of this science, not just one, that succeed in pranayama yoga and general approach to this science.


Effect of Pranayama yoga.


        A lot of people try a little bit and then drop out. Why? The answer is very simple. Unfortunately, on the way Yoga Pranayama there is a very hidden factors that do not allow us to master this powerful science. Once again I want to remind you that it’s really powerful science. You will learn how to attract abundance Prana. And the first thing that starts to spend Prana, it will start to spend money to cure you from all kinds of diseases, which you just were, are and probably going to be, but now will not. Once the disease is over, Prana begins to rebuild our internal body so that it was effective, that each mechanism has been debugged within us. In simple terms, it is good health. Once we achieve this health Prana begins to rebuild our body. Like the fact that 100 years ago on the railway running steam locomotives, and now high-speed locomotives, and they both ride on the rails, but filling, as you know is diametrically opposite. Similarly Prana begins to rebuild human. Therefore, in a sense, a person who is engaged in Pranayama yoga, has an internal structure that is different from the internal structure of the person, who is not engaged in Pranayama. Those. is next, if anything, evolutionary step.

After internal restructuring occurs after a man opened new channels, unwanted channels through which we lose energy, they are rejected, the person becomes very effective and it begins to unfold what is called supernormal. This thing is quite attractive, it is written in many legends, myths, yoga books, etc. but even now we leave alone supernormal abilities are usually able to begin to develop very rapidly. Man becomes intellectually very strong, very developed, it strengthens memory, it strengthens the will and so on. Another such a small feature. Typically, such a person becomes infected with energy and force all around him. Those. He shares his Prana. This built another very interesting component of this science, it is the ability to heal other people. As you can see, a full set of positive things from the master Pranayama yoga. Why not take possession of all of us? But, unfortunately, it is not so simple. The reverse side of the coin, just the unit at least closer to this science.

Obstacles to Pranayama yoga.


Let me remind you, we discussed at the seminar that there are some factors such traps on the way, which do not allow a person to make this a major breakthrough. And these factors are many. They are of a physical nature, as a physiological nature, they are the worst thing, the emotional nature. They’re nature is not entirely clear. Those. if a person has by some moral character, he easily avoids all the traps in the path of Yoga Pranayama. If he does not possess these qualities, he falls into the first trap. That is why yoga was made a focus on the moral aspects. As long as the moral aspects are not worked out, nature has never let us into their secrets. There is a law foolproof. As long as a person does not get rid of some negative points in relation to the other, in relation to itself, it has a tendency to stumble on the path of Yoga Pranayama. Sometimes we even do not stumble because they have a negative qualities, but simply out of habit. Here we are used to some course of action, we have no negative qualities, but a habit to do a certain way in certain situations, it has remained. And it also does not let us. So these traps and ambushes enough. I have some of them voiced by now, but this is again a matter for serious workshop.

 This is, firstly, not causing harm to any living being. Why? Because as soon as you have a surplus of Prana, you can emotionally feel rage, anger, ie, such strong moments. And you immediately squandered Prana on some activities that are not related to yoga and be left with nothing. Those. the very first trap is the relationship with the outside world.

Another pitfall is a neglect, neglect of his body. It’s when you do not exercise your body. Yes, indeed, you begin to practice Pranayama you a large portion of Prana first attract, but the channels through which Prana flows in your body, they are not designed for such a large stream. And you begin to feel the entire complex of the most unpleasant sensations in the body. For this reason, people also throw practice Pranayama.

The third factor is you immediately begin to worsen the relationship. Those. where the thin, there will begin to tear. Some relationships with friends and family suddenly become strained. It would seem things are not related to each other. But in fact, everything is connected. Why? Because if you previously turned a blind eye to it, then, as soon as you receive an excess of Prana, you can see it clearly. And, as a rule, such a person is not inclined to put up with it. He begins to take some steps. And since no one usually does not accept moral principles not to cause harm unless absolutely necessary, the person starts to hurt. Consciously, unconsciously, that’s another matter. It negates the acquisition of Prana and therefore all these positive qualities of Pranayama yoga, they become inaccessible.


The principle of harmony.


Now a few words about Prana. So, a lot of exercises in Pranayama yoga, they once again I emphasize, very simple. And finally, the most important thing that needs to be learned if we are going to do Pranayama yoga, it is the principle of harmony. Until then, until you feel the inner harmony of attracting Prana is useless, for example, to enhance the amount of exercise or do them with a sufficiently large force. Usually people come to me, I say: “Do this and that exercise.” They say, “No, it’s too easy. Give me a little more complicated and more difficult. ” Man is given more difficult and more complicated, and human enough for 2 weeks. Then the body is overheating, sharp pain begins, and it just throws. Those. it is in fact an internal factor of such impudence. Secrets of nature here so unceremoniously shows. The most important thing to understand how these internal swing swinging. If you understand how to sway the internal swing, only after that it is necessary to force them to swing. Similarly, in Pranayama, before you rush headlong into this great, fantastic science catch the principle of harmony in yourself, in the world. Harmony between the breathing exercises and the processes that take place inside. Grip, only then quietly, smoothly enhanced. And certainly do not forget to rest after Pranayama.


Pranayama – the way implementation of the main goals of yoga.


Well, and, finally, whether it is possible with the help of Pranayama yoga to make the highest jump in the field of self-knowledge? The answer is yes. Moreover, Pranayama Yoga is the cornerstone of many practices. I’ve mentioned Tantra yoga. Why? Because there are all based on this, all that being said, this is kept. If you pull out aspects such as Pranayama Yoga, it is the same as if you deprive the engine car. So sooner or later will come the amount of Prana, will go to the internal evolution. The more Prana will come, the faster will go to internal evolution, and the faster you will achieve the highest yogic state. Let me remind you that in terms of Patanjali, the highest state, is the state of Samadhi. Samadhi with the object and, finally, the state of Samadhi without the object, which is called liberation, enlightenment, whatever you like to call it. This is the ultimate goal of yoga. And Pranayama yoga leads precisely to this state. Here I will briefly outlined Pranayama yoga. Now I hear you ask. Any questions on the theory and practice of yoga that you would like to ask. I’m happy to answer them.


Answers on questions.


Nyasa yoga.


Question. About Nyasa yoga can be? You are doing in the classroom Nyasa. You always tell us what to do Nyasa someone else. … Can you imagine what it is you do Nyasa, at a time when we are engaged on their own or have a rest? Or it will not be Nyasa, and something else?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Good question. In fact, a very profound question. I am glad that we come finally to such yogis as Nyasa yoga. A few words I have to say that this Nyasa yoga, before answering this question. Nyasa yoga is one of the most powerful, and I may say so mysterious yogi, who are present in the arsenal of yoga. If you use chemical terms, Nyasa yoga – a catalyst.

 We remember from school that there are substances that if even a small piece to add to the reaction, it all goes faster, better, stronger. This is called the catalyst. Those. a substance that is in the process as it is not involved, but on the other hand, it accelerates enormously. So Nyasa yoga I can compare with the same catalyst for the promotion of all performing yoga. Theory Nyasa yoga is deep enough and obvious. According to ancient yoga statements, we are now with you on a very serious crossroads. We were stuck at the next evolutionary moment. Animals see better person, better hearing, they have a developed sense of smell, etc. In yoga, it states that man is superior to all the animals on the basis of touch. Those. our ability to feel (when we touch, sense of touch), affirms that in this we are superior to all the animals and, furthermore, in human evolution this ability is dominant. If it develops further, we would like to go indirectly towards evolution. If not, then we will stand still – stagnation. About insensitive person say he skinned. He does not feel the touch. touch principle is associated with the heart center. Sometimes called the heart chakra. Translated chakra – a ring or wheel. Sometimes it called lotus. So, we have an inner center, which is located somewhere in the middle of our chest. Where, it is very difficult to say, because it is made of a thin material. That matter, which modern scientists have not yet discovered. This is a very specific topic. While about it, we will not talk. So in this matter, our structure is made thin. This fine structure, it is responsible for the sense of touch. Including for balancing decisions. Usually we say, take heart decision. Neither the mind nor the senses and the heart. Why? Because this center is balanced and well removed from the field of consciousness and that is on top of the head, ie, it is our intellectual capacity; and on the field Energy, which is located at the base of the body and is responsible for more than feelings. And so the evolution of human task for the moment is to open this center. If this center will be revealed, then we will begin to feel the whole world around us just like themselves. Good expression “skin feel”. Then we will make a leap forward in the evolution and move on to another facet of humanity. If we do not do this jump, it seems, humanity will disappear. Similarly, as probably do not know is true or not, all of these have disappeared, and so Neanderthals. Deadlock branch of evolution that must be swept away. Here is a sentence really serious.

 Not long ago, the Cold War ended. What separates us from self-destruction? Absolutely nothing is separated. By chance, we were all alive. In today’s world we encounter every day? We are faced with the hustle and traffic jams. It compresses our universe, so that we, roughly speaking, to develop this center. When you go on the subway and trash about someone else, you have revealed the heart center. Therefore, we say that the road built a few, or few cars allowed in the subway, it is necessary more. In fact, it is a problem how wise yogis see it, it is much higher order, and this is just a consequence. Build twice as many roads, still it will not give results as long as we, as they say, do not learn their skin feel skin companion. I outlined to you the evolutionary plan.

 Therefore, if we develop tactile, we are going very fast evolution. If we become insensitive, around us suffering, pain, injustice, and we do not care, we are in evolutionary terms are degrading. And we have a chance not to survive this stage of evolution.

Now I go back to the Nyasa yoga. Nyasa yoga, which is associated with tactile effects on the human body as a completely easy to understand, it accelerates the evolution, ie, It accelerates your yoga. In Nyasa yoga states that it accelerates its 7-10 times. A serious figure. Imagine that instead of the 10 years of yoga in order to achieve something, you need only one year. Nyasa yoga – yoga is the accelerator, the accelerator of evolution in yoga, it is the internal accelerator samostanovleniya person. Or in another way, the accelerator of consciousness itself. We have our “I”. And the main task of self-knowledge is the knowledge of the “I” and if we go at an accelerated pace in this direction, we avoid the huge amount of pain and quickly get numerous positive aspects of life. We live and enjoy life. And it is well understood in yoga, so Nyasa yoga is widely practiced in a very private yoga ashrams. Ashram – it is a community where yogis live. Analog, are our universities, but of course smaller and more modest. There, people live and learn, and there are some practices. Those. as a spiritual laboratory and, at the same time, it is such an educational center.

So ashrams, they tend to be all closed. Actually, I have to tell you that the science of yoga closed. Until now, there is the tradition of yoga, which will not let anyone, even close do not admit, and not because they have something to hide, just fear that all is lost and so, and if they lose it, then nothing will be left.

Returning to the Nyasa yoga. Therefore, it is clear that if there is an opportunity to practice Nyasa yoga, it is necessary to practice. Unfortunately, as I always say, there are two downsides to the Nyasa yoga. The first point that Niassa, in general, need to learn. Those. this is not just a touch. Learning should be long enough. 7-10 years. But that’s not the worst thing, it’s all in the end solved. Another situation is more sad. In order to practice Nyasa yoga, Nyasa You should someone do something. Those. if you are sitting in his cave alone, practicing yoga. You would be happy to strengthen their practice 7-10 times. And where you find someone who will make you Nyasa? Nyasa himself can not do. In fact, that’s the second factor, it is also evolving. He, oddly enough, is not as simple as it seems at first glance. Evolutionarily it is the following. We once considered the matter, so that we are organized, which usually come in yoga singles, for a long time and do yoga only after they feel the need for like-minded, they are looking for their own kind. Those. as you know, just two factors. First, people should be interested in and doing yoga. And, secondly, he must already be engaged long enough to realize that no matter how he was not comfortable, and well in his cave, or in an apartment, or where he is doing, but he needs followers. And here is the awareness of the need for like-minded people, yoga is a very serious next evolutionary leap. So if a person has a like-minded, then, of course, you can practice yoga Nyasa. And if he is a yogi householder, who is sitting in a cave, and single-handedly trying to attain enlightenment, and to the rest of humanity to him, in general, and does not care, then the universe from it hides a tool such as Nyasa yoga. For selfishness universe it punishes severely punishes. More precisely not to punish, we ourselves like to punish. Here you are sitting in his cave, well, sit. Practicing for 10 years, will reach that person, who has practiced in the ashram, reaches for the year. So there are two flaws in Nsa yoga. The first is that we must learn it. The second drawback, that this is a completely new method of communication should be with their own kind, to the outside world. It is for this reason, I from time to time in the classroom do Nyasa yoga, although to be honest, it’s not in our plans. Usually Nyasa yoga and then rarely made at the seminars. Typically, in the classroom, it is never done, but I want you to quickly reach heights in yoga, I stress occupations. Again, from time to time, not always possible. There are some reasons that do not allow Nyasa yoga. But when you can, I try to do it. Generally speaking, I could not do it at all, and you could even about it and did not recognize. Those. I had the right. But, again, the situation is not in order to hide any powerful technology, and to the contrary, all they have enjoyed.

Now further. So I do Nyasa yoga. There are certain principles. This science is serious, not just. It has its moments, but I will not go into details. But, nevertheless, if I am or I’m not sure, but someone else did Nyasa yoga. It is clear that if then you do at home or in the open air, or anywhere else, is doing the same exercises you are, in principle, can mentally reproduce the sensation. Can you remember the feeling of Nyassa, which was made at the session.

The question was that whether it is possible to do so, and that all this be done? The answer is yes. yoga, and it is designed for Niassa. If once you splash a line on a subtle level tactile channel, you each time in a mental space of his senses by playing it, and you get Nyasa. That this is precisely the charm that can help thousands and thousands of people. It is enough for a person to do Nyasa several times and, if it is to practice it, he will reproduce the feeling and Niassa will work. There are moments. Sometimes feelings are forgotten, lubricated, with time goes on there. Sometimes some time hold, then go to nothing. Sometimes people just can not remember. And sometimes the feeling lasts long enough. It is each individual. But if you can reproduce the feeling of Nyassa, when you are doing yourself accordingly you will get benefit from it. But I again and again to remind you that in the yoga are also different levels, ie, Nyasa yoga – Yoga is a gift from a higher level. Present those yogis who are not only working on themselves, but still help the world. Present those yogis who have the motivation that they do, it is not only my personal enlightenment and liberation, and even help to all living beings that surround it. And as a consequence, yoga on this second level, they are looking for like-minded people. They know each other. They are like “birds of a feather can see from afar.” Such people are quite caught one on one look, they already understand who and how much. Therefore, it is a gift. I would be more than happy to have you had the opportunity to someone you do Nyasa. To help you do yoga in the like-minded environment. It is clear that the majority of yoga – a single work with him, without it anywhere. Those. Yogi Union – a union of self-sufficient people. Each of them can live a life independently of any emotional, or in any other respect. But these are in that sense, people are looking for their own kind in order that they understand what is the next step. So I would have called to seek their own kind of people together to practice yoga and of course, learn all its destinations, including Nyasa yoga and later practiced yoga and Nyasa. So I would still recommend doing so. In one small question I have turned a whole lecture on the Nyasa yoga for you. But this is a serious topic, and I’m still going to talk about this topic. I hear from you other questions.


Question. A more efficient will simply be the feeling that we got the lesson, or more effective will be the person who makes Nyasa?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Of course, we made so that we can more easily imagine a man. Those. Here the degree of abstraction it is an area that we have not developed. Therefore, the mind need some kind of clue. In principle, some turns and so and so, but sometimes it is easier to imagine any scenario that is unfolding, and then leads to feelings rather than feeling immediately. Because the right to represent the feeling is more abstract, although some work. That is, in this case, as there is, and thank God.

A small secret of Nyasa yoga. The man who makes Nyasa, it feels really do not touch the person, and he feels the touch of the entire universe. In Nyasa yoga is called depersonification. Those. People who do Nyasa, he feels that until it touches not the other person, and before it touches the Absolute. I can dig deeper with a poker in the fire, but that does not mean that this process is controlled by poker. Those. I called for? The main role is not the one who makes Nyasa. But oddly enough, sometimes it is necessary to present the specifics to the process went. But this is such a subtle moments.


Question. And the one who makes Nyasa it in this case? He thus sends its energy to that person?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Well, since I was asked this question, to open a little secret of Nyasa yoga. There is a principle in Nyasa yoga: Nyasa doing another, you are doing it yourself. Those. as you want and decrypt. Still any questions on the theory and practice of yoga, you have faced.




Question. How to use the rosary? Do I have to use beads, hand on heart level?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In fact, not necessarily at the heart level, because if we lie, the hand may be near. In general, with respect to the rosary. What is the rosary? This rope, beads strung on it. At the end of the tail can be any sticks can be something else, in general, different. Usually this attribute what some religious leaders. Religious leaders usually count prayers. The idea is that it can be of course not really a valid comparison, but still, it is a spiritual battery. We can charge the battery and then use its energy. Similarly, we can charge the rosary.

 In different traditions in different ways considered as a clear need to sort out. Again, this is probably not even the tradition and religion. Some plucked with the index finger and thumb. In our tradition, it is believed that it is better not to use the index finger, and the best use of all the fingers except the index. Some traditions say that it is necessary to use the right hand, in some of that left. In our tradition we say what you want, and such use. Now, the number of beads in a rosary, it is divisible by 108. ie, or 108, or 108 half or one quarter of 108.

Now, how to keep them? Generally it is believed that it is better not to show the process of sorting beads. As a rule, it is all secret, so no one could see what you’re doing.

Now, at what level. In fact, at any level can keep the beads. Sometimes it is easier to concentrate when they are held close to the heart. But, strictly speaking, can be kept anywhere. As for other areas, currents in Buddhism … Buddhism, too, is yoga. In Tantric Buddhism’s famous Tibetan yogis. They are related. Actually all came from a single source for a long time. Then, each tradition has its own emphasis. I find it hard to interpret why they have so, and we have commercials. Here, of course, the role of tradition. That’s happened. It seems to work. It’s like moonshine drive. Can not understand all the chemical processes of sugar sprinkled with yeast and all. Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic, as he knew the methods of making moonshine. Those. the most important thing to know how to do. Not understanding in chemistry. Works, and the glory of God. More questions.


Question. And what is the magic number is 108? Where did it come from and why it is 108?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Hard question. Actually interpreted in many different ways. I’ll leave this question unanswered. In fact, you’ll find the answer in some books. But the fact that it is associated with some fundamental principles of construction of the universe. And as clearly linked to mantra yoga, using the rosary we count the number of mantras. From the point of view of science of yoga mantra, everything you see around you, this is the mantra vibration. That was the vibration of OM, it is fragmented into pieces and then the pieces interact with each other, gave birth to all the objects and phenomena. Roughly speaking, all from the perspective of yoga mantra, the vibration around us. Even our body vibration. All vibration. So sometimes it is given the explanation that some 108 basic points in repetitive combinations and created all variety. If less, then something not to be missed. If more, then more abundantly. But then again, this is a very difficult question.

Let me remind you that I am so confident in front of you sit and something to tell you this, but in fact, for the most part, the yoga of knowledge is lost. What we now use, are small crumbs that accidentally or not accidentally do not know, have lived before us. And from these crumbs large part lies in the form of texts not translated from Sanskrit, with other languages. But I do know even less. So my role is more than modest.

 You know, sometimes I think our situation is, it is as if Neanderthal could have presented a supermarket. There it is. That’s just as well and we are spiritually presented to the supermarket. That’s not all. It’s part. How is it done? Where is it done? What are the principles? God knows it. But take include – works. And once running, begin to apply. Then, if you start to use, there is a desire to understand how it works. So now the focus of the narrow circles of yoga, in those circles where, I think, really understand what yoga is very intense, very intelligently hard work of deciphering and understanding the hidden mechanisms. It comes with varying degrees of success. Some techniques, managed to rediscover some of the mysteries. You know, it’s like shards of folded original picture. Over some secrets of my knowledge not beat the fact that for decades, but centuries and came close yet. Again, it is believed that once was, well, I do, if not more advanced civilization, then at least a part of this civilization highly developed people, souls who enjoyed it. Which is likely to achieve all the goals that are set for themselves and probably gone from our planet. And then I left the supermarket, or here’s what’s left. I’m here, at least, the impression is created. Although it is clear, it’s more like stories. If somehow tied to historical events, it is a thankless task. Historians do not like this myth. More questions.

Question. Beads can be an amulet? Can they show and how much should be readable? And because of that it is better that they were made? Of wood, stone?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Clear and so are the amulet. This is the most powerful amulet is the most powerful weapon. Rosary take the first blow. As a knight, clad in iron armor. As for his first sword, armor, and only then of the knight. Similarly, the rosary. If they practice Mantra Yoga respectively magnetized or charged, in the first place, they will take the brunt. For this reason, and so they are quite powerful amulet.

Now, whether or not you can show. Of course, it is not worth showing. It is quite intimate things. Especially wave them considered immodest. On the other hand, should not be paranoia. It is also unnecessary. There must be some reasonable approach.

What can be readable? Strictly speaking, there may be many. Sometimes the different purposes using different beads. Sometimes the same beads are used for different purposes. It all depends on what type of yoga practicing people, which to him are the objectives and other factors, again, it is very personal.

Now, what material should be made rosary? Here I can refer you to the books, which you will find a list of various beads and they are consistent with certain mantras. Those. what goal we have set, the corresponding mantra we use and, accordingly, there is a binding of the material to be made rosary. I am not going to talk about it because it’s a huge list. Each mantra is an indication of what material should be clear. This rock crystal, this only made of turquoise, and this can be made of glass. This gold and silver, and stones of this possible. I’m here to focus your attention on other things. You have to remember that the very nature of the energy that permeates the rosary, it is very thin. And the laws by which it’s built, associative. Therefore, the most important, repeating the mantra. A soak possible, even if, sorry, make a rosary out of toilet paper. If they are imbued with mantras, they will work. For the people who know it is a powerful thing, and for the ignorant is a useless thing. A couple of times we were brought from India quite rare rosary. Such public in India was nowhere to be found, but our man, he always held. In all the monasteries fit even the most closed and organizes small business. So we’re done. This is a good feature. A couple of times I have seen here is really rare rosary. I do not know to whom they were sold, who bought them. It is another matter. But in fact, if they do not read, they are after all, will not work. What good is that they are rare? What good is that they would operate better and faster? If you can not read them mantras, they will not work. So I urge you to refrain from paranoia in the rosary. I understand that this is quite a good source of income for yoga. Something must be sold.

 But first of all, remember that the most important thing is your personal practice. If you are reading a mantra, a rosary, not the rosary beads without reading it, as you like, you will be creating around him is a blanket protection. Rosary accumulate. They seem to be part of this protection. Sometimes it is necessary. But the most important thing to recite mantras. If you will not read the mantras, the material will not save.


The practice of yoga mantra.


Question. And when you read the mantra, a rosary in his hands it is necessary to keep? How it’s done?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. We had a seminar on Mantra yoga. There we partly touched upon this issue, but I will briefly repeat. When we chant, we need to calculate how many mantras we read. What is it? It is necessary to ensure that every day we have appointed themselves some practice to perform the same number of mantras, we should repeat. And for this, as a rule, used beads. We iterate through them. Again, I remind, do not use your index finger in our tradition. We sort out, as a rule, middle finger and thumb. Again, in our tradition you can iterate with either hand. They are primarily designed for counting mantras. They appointed themselves we chant every day 108 times, and how to count? Because sometimes, when reading a mantra more advanced practices, which is a long time engaged in Mantra Yoga, he is, roughly speaking, it falls into a trance. The mantra has a very strong energy. It makes easy to disconnect from the outside world. It seems that you are in a different reality. Watch here do not help. It is only if you put the next alarm. In order for the mind was such a moment for counting beads are used. This creates a very strong association between beads, mantras and the person who reads the mantras.

 At the last session, we addressed the issue with you associative links. Associative relations are the most powerful in the universe. They were all built. Accordingly, the beads are impregnated with energy. Those. You have to understand that if you treat the rosary in the laboratory, and the physicist begins to instruments to measure electromagnetic charge, potential, it is unlikely there is anything detect. Probably will not find anything. You have to understand that the nature of these interactions is still closed to mankind. I myself come from a science, and I know how bad reputation in the scientific community are the modern trends. That energy, that, behold, it is irritating to scientists, it infuriates them, simply leads to anger. They say, “You used the term. And what do you mean by them? What is energy? Where it is? Who has measured? “And, on the one hand, scientists are right. Nobody yet these things, as far as we know, is not revealed to me. Maybe the CIA in secret laboratories work for a long time coming, but in the open publications subtle energy structure, fine structures of which we have made with you, is not yet open. And you know, with some thought every time I encounter almost every day, I think, that the glory of God, that no one has yet discovered. Would another bomb immediately. That is, apparently, there is some law that ahead of time does not give some scientific breakthroughs happen. Why? Because, remember Nyasa yoga, we are stuck on the heart center. We have nuclear clubbed each other almost killed. And it really is not funny thing. And if potustoronschina popret, it’s just appalling. These things are quite thin, non-obvious enough, and call it an energy that permeates the rosary is not entirely correct. At the same time, in some cases, the effect of this is, as if they were actually charged with energy. Those. something to eat and something affects. But in some cases this impact wakes up as an extension of consciousness. Those. the man who holds in his hands, he did not so much as due to the energy, how much he as the veil from the mind subsides, and he has some things starting to see more clearly. To say we can not impregnated beads. So the only thing left is termed as an amulet, a protective amulet. But with yoga point of view, all of these things are material, although subtle material. All these things fall under the section of the law, the same laws as the laws of physics. Those. In this sense, it is not some potustoronschina that can not understand. No, it can be understood, it is possible to use it. Moreover, Yoga it was used in ancient times and, accordingly, have reached us this knowledge. But the nature of this interaction, it is not obvious. Therefore, we sometimes think that all this is Maya, like magic for some. No it’s not magic. This manifestation of subtle laws to which we have not yet come, and I do not know when we come. In any case, until the heart center did not reveal, and the glory of God, that will not come. Questions.


Question. Mantra is necessary to memorize or read it in the book?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. If you read a hundred times in the book, in the hundred and first time you do not need a book, you remember the mantra. Imagine, for the practice of a mantra to repeat its prescribed 10,000 times. To ensure that you do not have the impression that the mantra yoga, like a fairy tale. Abracadabra and everything was gone. In fact, possible to achieve such a state that one chanting will suffice. But for this it is necessary to awaken the mantra, but in order to awaken, it is necessary to repeat and repeat. And the number of repetitions is the order of hundreds of thousands. Now count how many it will take time for it to replicate even a short mantra Hrim 100,000 times. Take a calculator and count. You will immediately understand some moments in Mantra Yoga. Mantra yoga is necessary to awaken. This is a serious science, strong science. We are still accustomed to the magic. That I will not do anything, and it will work itself. It will not work. It is necessary for this to work.


Question. It is necessary at some point to be reading a mantra, or can be, and transport myself to repeat it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. It can be anywhere. But I have a reservation. The fact that there are different mantras. There is a mantra of direct action. As a Kalashnikov. And he drew the enemy’s cabbage. It is clear that such mantras are not common, and no one was particularly advertise, but they exist. They are rarely needed. We remember the principle of not harming any living being unless it is absolutely necessary, but nevertheless our “armored train standing on a siding.” It is clear that such mantras better public transport not read. Little did someone something peremknet. We have an evolutionary problem. For these evolutionary problems have a huge number of different mantras for each person with his personal problem. Solving this problem is a person at the same time the spiritual path. All these mantras, they tend to foolproof. Those. Mantra in the first place to protect people from imminent threat and only then takes what he wants. Why? Because sometimes we think that we know exactly what we want. And in fact….

I have always led an anecdote at a seminar on Mantra yoga. Imagine, a man comes home drunk from a party. Suitable for the door, but he has lost the key. At first, he was bursting – in any way. Closed door. Then he remembered the mantra. There is a corresponding mantra removes obstacles. And let her drunken voice singing in the hope that will help, and the door will open. The door did not open. And at the same time, the apartment has got a thief and he was sitting behind the door, and shaking. He already took an ax in his hands and waited for the owner comes in, and he and his immediately prihlopnet. Therefore, the mantra will be triggered only in the event that the door is not necessary here is creating.

Sometimes we want to get something very passionately. But all may not be so simple and not so trivial. There may be some kind of another trap. So the mantra, which is usually common and practiced in yoga circles, at least all those that I call you to read, they “fool-proof” and mantras are not directly applicable. direct Mantras, they are very rarely anyone would need. Mantra is made so that first eliminates the danger of execution, for which it is intended. Those. what’s the use you to get rich, if you three days before his death. Yes, you get rich, and all three days. Therefore, the mantra, it is primarily eliminate your risk of premature death. And only then begin to implement all your plans. This is a delicate moment in this mantra yoga. Therefore, the “fool-proof” mantra can read anywhere, anytime.


Possible causes of the death of the spiritual centers.


Question. In the history of many deaths spiritual centers of all kinds everywhere. What is your opinion … one of the last cases 50 years ago in Tibet. Interpretations are different. What is your opinion, why did this happen?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. A very serious question you asked. And it is in the philosophical sense, even such a painful question. Those. physician, heal thyself. I remind the audience may not be aware of all, if you look at the map, you will see that our country is on the border with China. But we had the Soviet Union. And if you look at China, this is a great spot in Asia. Much of this territory does not belong to China before. More precisely, there is a very slippery situation, either belonged or did not belong. But now the Chinese have announced that it has always been a part of China. So, this part is called Tibet. Very strange, very mysterious country. It is located on the Tibetan plateau. This is the last of a vanished civilization. Civilization is about the same number as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome, as the Maya, the Aztecs like. In the sense that it was a theocratic civilization. Everything was built there only one for enlightenment beings. The most important role in this hierarchy played Lama. That’s why we our state? To protect the border, increase wealth and so forth. What was the state of Tibet? To as many beings attained Buddhahood, as they call it, or the state of enlightenment. Therefore, Tibet was a giant factory for enlightenment. A quarter of the population is said to have lived in the monasteries. For the happiness of all give thought someone from the family to the monastery so that he studied there. And it’s very peaceful civilization. The principle of Ahimsa (the principle of not causing harm) was the basis of public policy. Although the structure of the state rather feudal. The device feudal, but the goals are unique. Where you have a country in the world meet? Where everything was subordinated to the fact that people came out of the cycle of birth and death, it reached the highest levels.

Tibet was a very closed country. Foreigners are not allowed, and the travelers were required decades to secret paths to penetrate. And then, if they were caught there, they were deported. But, nevertheless, once they get there, and we even know something about it. I now everything can be outlined in a rosy picture. They, of course, had their own problems and quite serious problems. But overall, it’s been a unique place in the world. First, the British wanted at the beginning of the last century, Tibet attach. Then, the Chinese also like in the days of the Empire, Tibet to attach itself. Tibet is caught between two fires. On the one hand the British, on the other – the Chinese.

And now, that’s just the anniversary of 100 years had passed since these events. A couple of years ago, declassified archives of the tsarist government, from which emerges a fantastic picture. When they wanted to seize Tibet either English, or Chinese, the Dalai Lama held talks with the tsarist government on entering Tibet in Russia. And it is not at the level of tales. At one time, the tsarist government even sponsored the Dalai Lama. But then came the Russian-Japanese war and was not up to it. As a result, Tibet has remained torn by these two forces.

Then the communists came to power, led by Mao Tse-tung, and they announced that Tibet is an inalienable part of China, it historically belonged to China. And historically there is very turbid history. The fact is that a very long time, China has been the guarantor of the integrity of Tibet. Those. eating someone intruded into it, China was supposed to protect. In general, there is a difficult situation, not unique. But, nevertheless, Tibet, China announced its own territory. And so, as they have been in power for the Communists, they did not say that fast, they slowly infiltrated into Tibet. Lama even tried to work with them. Dalai Lama even met with Mao Tse-tung. They even allegedly agreed to formally enter into China, but the fact remains the same Tibet. But the contract with the Chinese was very bad. Over time, the Chinese began to send troops. And it became clear that Tibet took one morning. After this, a huge number of llamas, a huge number of people went from Tibet through mountain passes into India. The Chinese believe that no occupation was not, and that Tibet is their legitimate territory. And this civilization disappeared last we can say in front of us, 50 years ago. I always bring it up as an example of how yoga is fast disappearing. Tibet has been a very powerful center. There were monasteries there were yoga practice, there were people who possessed absolutely miraculous abilities. Some were forced to leave, some were killed.

 But the worst thing is not even that. Continuity was disrupted. A teacher can not teach an apprentice. Imputed students fled to India. Those. the situation is grim. Tibetan culture itself disappears. Tibetan culture yogic plan disappears even faster. If even say 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with lamas who have hardening of the, they come here. Now all they have left. Knowledge is lost. This destruction. It’s really a colossal death. This tragedy can not even say human. Because after all the Chinese came, they held to electricity, paved road. For the average person feel better as a way of life. But as spiritual knowledge, it’s just a huge blow. This is a blow from which so far no one has not recovered. Thousands of scrolls with texts were destroyed. During the Cultural Revolution destroyed temples, libraries, all burned.

 And the question is, well, if Tibet is such a powerful country with such powerful practices, again machines in the form of direct action mantras there, I think it was more than enough, that is why they were unable to defend themselves or why they allowed this to happen? There are various interpretations on this subject. One of them is the following. Tibet was a repository of knowledge. Starting from a certain point, when they lived in isolation, this knowledge had spread to the West around the world. And on so late all grab that no one could do nothing. And then, apparently, do Lama decided that the more they maintain such a situation will not. And as the country is in fact the feudal, it is this energy llamas, maybe held. If Lama decided that all this does not work for the good of the milestones of living beings, do not forget that the main lamas not to Tibetan was good, and the same Chinese, Russian, anyone. For them, there is no distinction in this regard, your or someone else’s. Where you can dream, but the most obvious thing for me, if we honor the Roerich, Blavatsky, we honor other travelers who have sex life spent to touch this knowledge … Now almost every half year Lama come to Moscow, carried out practices such who have never dreamed of 50 years ago or more, and the half-empty halls. But on the other hand, this knowledge became available. I am in Moscow without ever leaving the city, I get a huge amount of transmission in Buddhist yoga. I can get … Our friends from Tantric Buddhism is the practice of direct transfer of consciousness, post-mortem transfer of consciousness, yoga of clear light, and others. It is very powerful yoga. I even have to go nowhere, I just, as they say, the road went and got. What I used to be the life of the floor would have to prepare an expedition without a chance, I’ll make it up to those lamas, and the Lama would agree to teach me. From this point of view, this situation probably was laid in the main part of the Tibetan government, to keep in the dark medieval century this knowledge intact. And then, when the chick has matured, it has hatched from an egg. In any case, in their speeches the Dalai Lama said that if Tibet and become independent, it will change the form of government. It will soon be a democratic state, America type, but the old will not return.

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