2007.08.04 Pranayama Yoga .Dopolneniya. (Vadim Zaporozhtsev)

Pranayama Yoga.


So, something with which we begin today is yoga, called Pranayama Yoga Pranayama or sometimes. Its meaning is to use all the breathing movements that we make for your self-improvement, and ultimately to the knowledge of himself. So, each of us breathes. It is alleged that on average over 24 hours, we are doing something about 21,600 breaths and because of this we all share. But yoga gives other details. Modern science is inclined to the view that we need to breath, to enrich the blood with oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. It may be some other metabolic products. Yoga claims that in addition to breathing laid very mysterious and very powerful mechanism for attracting Prana.


What is Prana?


In yoga, introduced this concept as Prana. What it is? This is a complex concept. Sometimes it is translated as energy, sometimes translated as vital energy. In more serious treatises translated as a ray that connects our “I” with our body. And this ray manifests itself as energy and as Consciousness. But, one way or another, Prana is what sustains our life. Prana is what develops our body, prana is what builds our bodies, Prana is what heals our wounds. Prana is that supports our well-being. And as soon as the thread of Prana, for whatever reason, it is cut (for example, at the moment of natural death, we have lived to old age, or violent death, when we are out of their bad karma dying earlier than he should), then thread Prana breaks and people actually die instantly. Without breathing, we can lend you 5 minutes without Prana we do not hold out, and seconds.


The mechanism of attracting Prana.


That’s such an interesting yoga. And most interesting is that the mechanism of attraction of this mysterious Prana very tightly connected with the respiratory movements. Here we are with you do the breathing movement. And, according to yoga, this wave-like momentum is somehow transmitted to the structure of our nerve tissue. Then the next step. This pulse is transmitted to these fine structures. Let me remind you, fine structures – these are our body made of matter, but only a very subtle energy, which modern science has, fortunately or unfortunately has not yet been opened. Those. in addition to our physical body, yoga states that we have a thin body. And breathing pulse from the gross physical body goes into a pulse of the subtle body. A fine momentum of the body attracts another batch of Prana. Once the portion of Prana come, we feel good. If an excess of Prana, we are healthy, happy, cheerful, full of energy, we are creative and we did not know sorrow. If the flow of Prana for some reason reduced, we are pessimistic, we are sick, we did not happy, we are bored, we are sad, we are sluggish, we are apathetic. Any minor damage leads to a very serious illness. Those. a difference of only one. Many of Prana – a large resistance, active person. Few Prana resistance is small, people tend to be passive, apathetic. Those. Prana – it is the energy that actually supports our lives.


Versatility Prana.


Now a few words from the theory. But what Prana is combined with the energy we get from food. That you and I eat. If we eat well, all right. Should we starve a little, as the legs are weak hands, you and I can not work normally. Prana – a very tricky energy. A small flow of Prana controls the large flows of energy that we get from the normal food.

My favorite comparison. Any manager in any enterprise. On the one hand so full of employees who can only perform their task. But step left, step right, they do not know what to do. On the other hand, there is a constructor, analytical departments, where people can think over all, but they have never become machine. Here in any enterprise in any company there is a layer – Manager, which connects these two groups of people and any company is falling apart without manager. Similarly, and Prana in our body and supports our energy and our consciousness. She develops our body, and treats. And if some damage, especially to Prana mobilized to seal the hole. And then the metabolism is already restored and everything is going according to plan. In general, this is quite a universal thing and without it life is impossible.


The principle of harmony in Pranayama Yoga.


 So it turns out, if you learn to control your breathing in a special way, then we have control over Prana and learn to bring it more and more. Those. yogi who has mastered Pranayama yoga attracts more Prana, the life of its increased activity, increases the body’s resistance, intellectual abilities increase dramatically. Why? Because if a lot of energy, the mind begins to work at all in another way. Those. Some positive aspects of a large number of Prana.

 But, unfortunately, it is not so simple in this yoga and simple implementation of mechanical breaths will not lead us to master Pranayama yoga. In yoga, there is a principle of harmony. In Pranayama this principle many times stronger. Those. to learn how to attract more and more Prana, you must, first of all, learn to harmoniously breathe, and then feel like every harmonious inhalation and exhalation there is a reaction, harmonious nervous reaction that goes to sensations, to something like that on face. Or yoga terms, we need to find a bunch of rough between the physical body and the subtle body. According to the theory of yoga, a bond between our gross body and subtle body – Prana. Our consciousness, it opens as a feeling. If we find ourselves in these feelings, sometimes very vague, nervous these feelings when they say we have to “catch the tail of Prana ‘yoga school, only in this case, you can increase the effects of exhalation breaths, delays and boost respiratory movements. If not, it is useless to engage in Pranayama yoga.

Experience has shown that Hatha yoga people are more or less learn and Pranayama yoga master unit. For the simple reason that the mechanistic exercises without understanding the essence of what is being done, does not lead to Pranayama yoga and does not lead to an increase of Prana. Moreover, it leads to unpleasant moments. Shortness of breath appear, somehow felt discomfort in breathing. And all attempts to force this process lead to the unfunny consequences. Somewhere after 2 weeks of intensive practice begins burning sensation throughout the body, completely upset sleep. The person becomes nervous. A whole range of unpleasant sensations arise, and man throws Pranayama yoga. That this is one of the biggest hiccups Pranayama yoga, it is very difficult to learn.


Obstacles to Pranayama.


The reasons why Pranayama heavily mastered in the first place, oddly enough, the moral nature. We must give up in their lives from some patterns of behavior. These patterns, in spite of the fact that at some point in our lives to help on some other stage, they give us can be very harmful. In particular, our attempt to run ahead of the engine – boost, come what may. Those. there are very strong-willed people. He is currently appointed time: 2 weeks to master a certain pose, it causes the body to stretch. But it stretches the body – it does not have yoga. This is the kind of acrobatics. The circus people tied five knots. But they can not be called yogis. Again, holding the breath. Swimmers, divers, which is taught in every way sometimes brutal methods of breath-hold and sometimes they can really hold their breath for quite decent intervals, and it gives them a lot. They are hardy, strong, strong-willed people. Unfortunately, small harmonious transition point is usually lost. And the next step, which gives Yoga, unfortunately also not sold – is the management of a more subtle mental energies. So all of this, oddly enough, is incorporated into the stereotype of our behavior.

If we care if we are sane, if, on the one hand very determined and consistent in their practice, but on the other hand are able to stop in time, then we have a chance to get closer to the comprehension of Pranayama yoga. As soon began to lose the harmony of all, stop! This is, unfortunately, very difficult to do, because we all love to go unceremoniously. Typically, such a person says, “No, I will not do simple exercises. Give me a little more complicated. I’m going to do a lot of 3 hours per day. ” Now, if I come to these people and say they want to learn Pranayama in this way, I just honestly and openly say: “I can not teach you. I can not “in principle. Why? Because abundant experience shows that this impulse is enough for 2 weeks, well, a month at most. Those. we must be careful, gentle, attentive. Somewhere gentle to yourself. But, of course, with the world, we have to get along with. It’s the first such danger – overheating of the body. Yes, first we are attracting a lot of Prana, but we are on the rise, but the body overheats, the machine, which operates at high speed. Like a lot of Prana, such activity has increased, and the body can not cope. Those. approach to Pranayama should be gradual, very carefully. Firmly, but with the utmost harmony. This is the first point at which stumble studying Pranayama yoga.

 Finally, the second point, it is not obvious. Suddenly he begins to change lifestyle. Suddenly conflicts begin to occur, if the first stage is over. In the family, with friends, at work, with my girlfriend or with your favorite young man. Something that’s begins to spark. Ironically, it is the second group of obstacles that stand in the way of studying Pranayama. Why? Energy comes and where there were gaps even in the psychic plane, it all begins to emerge. The person becomes very irritable, it prevents all, sharp sound, all that being said, a knife to the heart. The door creaked, and it already shuddered. Thins neuro-psychological unit. And, unfortunately, there is nothing to be done, this time in Pranayama is necessary, as stated in our school, creep. There are some things that we jump over, step over, leapt. But, unfortunately, because of our bad karma there are times in our lives that we crawl, and the glory of God. Because it’s better than nothing. So it starts to pour in some friction with the surrounding world. Moreover, the more a person begins to engage, the more prana, the more he becomes a sensitive, incredibly sensitive. This is the second serious risk, which puts the promotion of Pranayama to naught. There are many factors that should have been light, but we have an overview lecture on Pranayama.

The connection of our gross body with our thin structures by Prana.


Now a few words on the theory of how to do this process occurs. So, we have our Higher “I”. It is an associative link associated with our bodies. With our gross physical body, our subtle body and our so-called causal body. The three bodies are inserted into each other like nesting dolls. And they are connected with each other and the adhesive glue, is precisely the Prana. Those. Prana, the glue connects our gross body to our subtle bodies.

Here we go on the subway, are experiencing what some think, ponder plans. In fact, we like to focus in our subtle body. Or we sleep, our dreams. We see ourselves in the subtle body. The gross body is still there, it immediately goes to the next metro station, but we at some point forget about the body. Again, Prana connects the subtle and gross body, begins to appear on the gross physical body. And because of the breakdown we begin digestive problems, headaches, fatigue, etc. There is a saying: “All diseases of the nerves.” To a certain extent it is true, because if the internal state of the poor, the Prana passes it to the gross physical body. But the opposite is true. If you and I are engaged through physical body Pranam, the excess prana affects our subtle body and the person who is engaged in Pranayama tend to be more cheerful, joyful, inclined to help others, showing love, care, etc. Once again, the Prana is the glue that all of our bodies together sticks together. If we remove the glue, the gross physical body is detached from the thin, subtle reason. The common people, this is called death.


Pranayama place in a number of other types of yogas.


How to master Pranayama Yoga? Usually Pranayama Yoga comes after studied physical exercises, postures of Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga – is a static posture that we take and are in their different ways. Sometimes quite a long time. Very smooth execution of Hatha Yoga leads to the fact that the internal channels through which circulates Prana begin to be cleaned. And Hatha Yoga brings us, as it were to the next stage. Usually in the classroom there is a saying that when you do exercise, do not worry about breathing, let it take care of itself. And this is true. Why? Because the exercises in Hatha Yoga, we begin to feel intuitively how we employ breathing.

If we succeeded in Hatha yoga in terms of physical exercises – asanas, inner harmony developed greatly, it is sufficient to make only one step and we have moved on Pranayama. Therefore, if the Hatha yoga is the harmony with their inner feelings, in Pranayama Yoga is harmony twice.

If we have reached the moment of harmony in the implementation of respiratory exercises, through the senses, we begin to involve more energy and the next stage begins. The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali is the last stage called Pratyahara. This pulling out of feelings of the senses. Those. we cease to see, to hear, to feel, to be aware. We like to take out myself from the eyes, from the ears of all. It’s just the case, when they say that the yogi’s sits and sees nothing, hears nothing. This stage is called Pratyahara. And finally, the last stage, which together are called Patanjali sanyama. This concentration of the mind on the rise, which in its very large top leads to what is called Samadhi.

 So, if we do not have enough prana, we with great difficulty be able to focus your mind on something. But if a lot of Prana, it can be fairly easy to direct your attention to a particular object, and achieve a state of well if not Samadhi, the state of extreme concentration.

All. That we have such a small digression on Pranayama Yoga. If you have any questions about Yoga Pranayama, or do any other questions about yoga, let them now going to discuss.


Answers on questions.


Question. Explain how your opinion is better to start practicing Pranayama. How to do it in practice?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. In fact, I’m going to say such a step by step recommendations, the first axiom that you should remember – mandatory rest after breathing exercises. I would like you or do not want to, rest is required. At least 3 minutes to breathe, but then lie down and relax.

The second point. It is desirable to begin to learn Pranayama yoga outdoors. I will not decrypt, simply do not have time. Then it is highly desirable to pay attention to your diet. Usually, on the yoga classes I say the following thing: “Guys, what you ate before this time, then, and continue there. That way of life that led and continue to lead. ” So that was not “on Monday a new life.” It never had anyone come to nothing lead. The time will come, you do give up the bad habits that you feel bad and will get positive. It all comes smoothly. But in Pranayama, when we begin to engage actively, there is, unfortunately, there is a limit. There is a list of products, which are strictly forbidden to use. Two of them I will mention. That onions and garlic. In no views. They overheat the body. Onions and garlic, if you just eat it, this is a very good products. If you do Pranayama, you will overheat the body and the effects are not very pleasant. And, finally, will have to reconsider their views on life. When we have a little power, have little anxious. When we have a lot of energy we sometimes begin to disturb any trifle. For example, we live on a staircase with a neighbor alcoholic who every Saturday and Sunday drinks and knocks on our door and we’re on it somehow did not pay attention. But if we do Pranayama, when we have a desire to build it, press it to the wall, ie, to have some sort of righteous anger. If to this we quietly looked at it, but now we are ready to go into battle for any reason. This is a very great danger, unfortunately, Pranayama yoga. And it’s in our nature. Here on this, by the way, cut off most people. Because you gain Prana and then lose it. And if you lost, you do not have Prana to realign your body. During the execution of Pranayama yoga, you’re not only gaining Prana, but also rearrange the internal channels. Now, if in a few words where to start. More questions are not necessarily on Pranayama Yoga. Remember that there are no stupid questions, stupid answers are. Therefore the risk of me, not you.


Question. Milk should drink more when doing Pranayama?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. This is again in the continuation of Pranayama yoga. Any diet. But we have said, so that the diet you choose for themselves. I know people that milk consumption does not lead to positive moments, and led to negative. Why? You buy the package milk powder and it is half full. This, in general it does not milk. Therefore, the diet are working strictly under him. They tried to trace the state of health. Good – continue on. If bad, though there in 5000 will be discussed treatises do it, discard. Common sense and personal experience above all else. Once again, ghee is also prescribed. Who sells ghee, and you read out what it is made. It’s just some cleverly modified fat. It has no relation to the melted butter. Therefore, we can very easily get caught on evasions advertising. Oh, and preservatives – a terrible thing. Usually you drink juice. Well juice and juice. And should you start doing yoga, you utonchatsya internal structures. A glass of juice drink, and so impressed the next morning, and that you have not slept. Why? Because it is a matter for the average person, it is really harmless. But is it worth to you to thin the nervous structure as harmless substance – a preservative for you can be very, very negative impact. This applies to all. We keep track of your condition.


Question. Khechari-wise. I’ve learned that it works not only when you are doing any exercise, or do meditation, but also applies when you are in some kind of a negative situation, or in the wrong company, ie it kind of puts a block. How does it work?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Good question. I will explain for those who do not know. In yoga, there is an exercise called Khechari-wise. Its meaning is as follows. We raise the tip of the tongue as high as possible, as if trying to swallow my tongue. So we keep it, and keep for a long time. We can hold an hour, we can hold two, we can hold half a day, depending on the exercise. If the tongue gets tired, a little rest. And then again. This is one of the most, is not afraid of the word, the secret techniques of tantric yogis.

Generally speaking, yoga is said that with the help of wise Khechari yogini beautiful girls in the Middle Ages were flying through the air. Those. He gains the ability to fly through the air. I do not know whether any of the lovely ladies will fly through the air is now performing this exercise. It may well be so. Keep in mind that this exercise can not be taken out of all context. A context is the following, that when you methods, including Pranayama, the Kundalini energy awakened and fulfilled Khechari-wise, it may well be that this effect is manifested and people could really fly through the air. Why not? From the point of view of the theory of yoga, it does not contradict anything, because you take excess of Prana. A Prana – an interesting energy. It instantly turns into a kind of energy necessary to us. Modern physics knows four types of interaction. Strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational. That is why not turn Prana in gravity or anti-gravity and fly through the air? Actually all honest. But the question is, which have the following effect on the application Khechari-wise, it should be considered in the context of the tradition of a particular school of yoga, where the wise applied. If you take it just as an exercise, the effect is definitely there. A very strong effect. Well, maybe not to the extent as it is written in the ancient texts, so beautiful girls, I recommend that in addition Khechari wise even deal with all the other types of yoga to really fly through the air.

So Khechari action-wise, if we pulled it out of context and begin to use it simply. Those. here we sit at work, we should not talk. We can perform Khechari mudra. We ride on the bus, we can perform Khechari mudra. In the subway, anywhere. Those. if you have a spare moment, in principle, can be carried out Khechari wisely and act on it is extremely positive. First, it focuses our minds. Secondly, somehow cleverly it works in such a way that the potential concentration of the mind begins to rise sharply. Some internal channels are closed, and comes in a clear brain. Then, if we suddenly became ill, we lose consciousness, we do Khechari-wise and oddly enough, to a certain extent it clarifies our consciousness. Then, all of a sudden we feel that we are about to get sick, quickly begin to make Khechari mudra and go home or to the doctor. If the time to start applying Khechari-wise, you can suppress the disease. Here she is just beginning to show itself, and we have taken and crushed her energy. But, then again, so if you are sick, then to the physicians. Doctors holy men. If the Lord God made the doctors, probably not in vain tried. Yoga complementary medicine. Sometimes it is a good supplement. Moreover, sometimes the Yoga takes up the cases for which the medicine is not taken. But when all the while yoga is extremely respectful of modern medicine. Therefore, I am extremely opponent, when they begin to speak, that modern medicine is not necessary. This is not true. Therefore, we start to hurt – use the whole arsenal of yoga, but doctors do not neglect.

 Then, sometimes, we’re going in the subway and next to us a subject of very unpleasant appearance and we feel that the discomfort of it rushing, naked. There are such people. Nearby are and you feel bad with them. And for various reasons. Some in themselves are actors, some are unpleasant to us because of some moral and ethical considerations. For various reasons, the situation is unpleasant to us. So, if we do Khechari-wise, we would like a cut out of the space. We seem to be on their own, the rest of the world itself. It helps. Those. Again, apply. But at the same time remember that here is a fundamental action Khechari-wise very complicated.

 This topic is one of the most difficult discussions among people who really know yoga. We remember that yoga is lost. All that we have is the crumbs of knowledge, which was in ancient times. Therefore, certain aspects are not well understood in Khechari-wise. In one of these major schools it believed that we have a center of consciousness in the crown of the head and there is a place where the image of the so-called point bindu or point of Windows. It’s like a box of our consciousness. Those. is the point through which the light of our consciousness, as it is part of us. Very difficult mysterious process that supposedly this point then acquires the finest energy and begins to descend, maintaining our health in good shape. Those. Consciousness as it begins to drift down. And as soon as it reaches the area of Energy, where it absorbs the energy and dissolves into energy. But if we do Khechari-wise, we do not give these points of our energy absorbed and thus a subtle aspects of consciousness and subtle aspect of energy begins to accumulate. But this is a very complex theoretical aspects and to be honest, I did poorly versed in them.

 That’s the way they say that Chinese acupuncture is based just on the fact that the track on which trajectory is this point, and if the right moment a needle or something else it fixed in a particular area of the body, then just born this effect, and if not fixed, it will have no effect. But it is very difficult sections of little yoga. Also, please question.

Question. With Uddiyana bandha day start with your point of view, it is right or wrong?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Generally speaking, it is a question life. If we practice yoga and conduct one way of life to us one set of rules apply. If, however, another way of life, then the other. For example, we retired to the woods, put the tent and began to practice yoga in the open air. We painted all day. This is one strategy. If you and I every day go to work, study or, for example, we have shifted the schedule. We go to bed late and, therefore, get up late, it is the other rules of the game. So here I can not give an answer. In each case individually.

Now a few words about what the Uddiyana bandha. Uddiyana bandha – is an exercise in yoga. One of the possible translations of the word uddiyana – this ascent, rise. Something that raises. One of the meanings of the word bandha – lock delay sealing. What it holds. The point of this exercise is as follows: we draw in the wall of the stomach back up and exhale, as a rule, and hold in this state for quite a long time. Here is an exercise called Uddiyana bandha. Very good exercise. It fueled the digestive fire, because it affects the navel center. And the navel center is the concentration of the digestive fire. After we’ve eaten something, the roughage of our energy is decomposed into fine components. As well as the fine structures would be stretched. And if we have a strong digestive fire, then we can with impunity, there is everything. If weak, then even a little stale food and everything – an upset stomach.

So Uddiyana bandha good exercise. His practice, as a rule, on an empty stomach. For the simple reason that if you ate tightly and start doing Uddiyana-bandha, the food in the stomach starts to hurt and you begins to emerge discomfort. Therefore, as a rule, it is recommended to do after a little digested food and stomach are not so full.

And generally speaking, this is only the tip of the iceberg Uddiyana bandha. There is also the invisible part. This is a very serious exercise to make our domestic energy gather in the navel. And as soon as they are collected in the navel, this mixture of subtle energies, it has a very interesting feature. It is the absolute acid eats away any dirt. When we become dirty sink, we pour into it a liquid base which is usually acid. So roughly, the same mixture, only for our internal energy channels, because they tend to be packed with our filth, primarily associative mud. When we do Uddiyana-bandha, it is just one of the components to mix these ingredients and focus that energy into the umbilicus. With the navel begins cleaning all of our body. Sometimes Uddiyana-bandha is compared, as stated in the text, with the tiger, the elephant that conquers death. Those. in terms of the fact that if we have contamination above a critical level, you and I get sick, grow old, and may die. And if we constantly clean energy channels, we can overcome many, even quite unfunny disease. More questions.


Question. I have a question about Pranayama. I read somewhere that in order to deal with serious Pranayama, it is necessary to cleanse the body. As much as you need and how to do it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I voiced the question again. How would have said before, from the open press, it became known that before …. Why do I say open the press? Because there are many treatises have not yet been translated. And some treatises on yoga, by the way, keep still a secret from us to you. This is so that you do not flatter yourself that we all know in the world. There are secret adherents of the secret sciences, which are very jealous, believe me watch, that knowledge ahead of time is not leaked to the masses. Maybe this is justified. So before practicing Pranayama should be done cleansing exercise and some cleansing exercise, to say the least, for the average person associated with a feeling of discomfort and stress. They are unusual and complex in implementation. In particular ingestion bandage. And there are even more serious methods. But in fact, a rigid need for this. You can quietly approach Pranayama without making these hard exercises. And to achieve purification of the body other, softer methods. I’m generally a supporter of milder methods. Those. swallowing the bandage is not necessary, although to be honest, it’s very, very effective exercise in yoga, which gives a lot of positive qualities, such as aggravation of view, from gastritis is very helpful. But if you feel that it is a horror, that extremism is not necessary for you. There are many other exercises that gently do the same, well, maybe a little more time it will take, and will take you on the same level. I know that there are people who read about these exercises and they are already light up. They say: “Yes, I begin to bandage swallow today” and well received. And there are people who shudder at the thought. I once asked my mother (and the parents have to teach yoga), so she cleared her nose. She said: “No, not for anything in the world!” And it’s my right. Why? We have some associative habits. But the same can we achieve detours. Moreover, if we have long engaged in Hatha yoga, we are doing the asanas, poses quite a while and indirectly exercise asanas do the same, but the time it will take longer. Therefore, if you do not hurry too much enlightened, and dissolve into a rainbow, in principle, to go quietly, slowly. Through other exercises to achieve the same.

Now here’s the unpleasant side of these cleaning exercises. So it turns out that from time to time I have to travel around the country to conduct workshops on yoga and now you come to any city … That we have a million on the second floor of any books on yoga, but there is, in general, is empty. In the hinterland you come out there, and if there are some treatises on yoga, then at the level of tabloid tabloids. Something somewhere torn out and called yoga. And, unfortunately, I have met with people who are so rigid practices (not to say that there were fatal damage) in trouble, they have earned themselves. Those. the body’s response was inadequate. Why? Because everything has to be done carefully. And if you feel that you are without it can do, then for God’s sake, this is not a necessary factor.

 Well, now the positive side. In particular, from this exercise on swallowing the bandage. It really just seems that it is difficult. Of course, if you start this exercise, you will have a natural gag reflex. Something falls and there is a foreign natural gag process. But as the long-term practice, the third attempt to gag reflex disappears. Those. strictly speaking, not necessary to swallow all these 7 meters of bandage. Suffice it to swallow a piece of the esophagus. Here the most important thing is not the stomach and esophagus. Well, again, everyone has their own preferences, each with its own stock character. But again and again, there is no need. You can go to yoga flatter, smoother way. I believe that it is more reasonable.

Generally, in an advertisement for yoga should not be the image of yogis who are in difficult positions. A lot of people do not do yoga, simply because one wise guy decided to show how he learned to curl up in a knot. And in this way he has created negative karma, because he is scared of the remaining people. People can be reached, if he sane manner shown yoga. Usually people think that a yogi, a person who is standing on his head and sleeps on nails. This stereotype. This is an image, the image of yoga. But it is not so. Yes, indeed, you can learn to sit on nails, and God knows what else to do with herself. But you must remember that the purpose of yoga is not to demonstrate their circus skills, and to achieve harmony, self-knowledge, knowledge of the “I”.

So when I see in a magazine that someone sits curled up in three knots, well, why is it necessary? There are other poses that everyone can perform. Show them. And if he wants himself, it will curdle. Especially since I do not know, you are aware or not aware, there is a completely non-obvious exercise. They have a huge effect its revitalizing effect. Here is a simple exercise. I just lifted my body. I’m not curled up in the lotus position. So sometimes the efficiency, it is not indicative, but all that seems at first sight so convoluted, it is in life, in general, it is not always necessary. More questions.


Question. What is your attitude to all kinds of fixtures in yoga?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev. Drinking my two ways. Firstly, from the tradition it is known that in order to practice yoga, it is absolutely necessary is just one thing. This space station smooth, without stones, not skewed, etc. Those. what we need for yoga in an absolute sense, it’s a flat floor. Good location that was not stuffy. But on the other hand, I know that in many schools of yoga are used all kinds of support tools in the form of straps, ropes, blocks, etc., That allows people who have not developed the flexibility to take the first steps in yoga. Well, you can not reach your feet, you yourself are attracted rope. I believe that it is justified. Especially when people start in old age yoga, they see some progress there. They will continue to do yoga. But, as you know, in the absolute sense of the word yoga in general led a vagabond life. With a no bricks, ropes, etc. they were not. So choose, as you prefer. If it helps, for God’s sake. But this is not an absolute necessity. Please more questions.


axiomatics of yoga.


If no questions, we will go further. We continue with you axiomatic yoga. Excellent teachings of yoga. By and large, all yoga, which came to Russia in the first place came from the West. There were, however, such a number of unique attempts very successful, when yoga is directly passed on to us from the East, but they are much smaller. Therefore, for the most part, is what is called yoga, came to us from the West. From the West came to us primarily Hatha Yoga, ie, is some static exercises that person performs. Hatha yoga has come to us from the West, for one simple reason. This is the part of yoga exercises, which was the most easily perceived by the West. Here are some philosophical points were taken very seriously the West. Moreover, we are with you today talking about Prana, about Pranayama yoga. So, if you read the early translations of books on yoga, the word Prana is often translated as air. As you know, the whole essence of yoga is lost in this translation. Therefore, all that the West did not understand, he wisely left in the East. But Hatha yoga is really well taken root. Anyway, in terms of doing the poses. And it gives good results.

 The triumphal procession of yoga began not so long ago. 150 years ago, if the maximum. The first major surge of interest in yoga is the time of the pre-war Hollywood, thirties. Then after the war of 50-60 years. Bursts of yoga becomes more interesting, then forget about it, then again there is interest and forget about it again. But still it dominated Hatha Yoga. But in fact, Hatha yoga is not a goal of yoga. Execution poses of Hatha Yoga is a great tool for gaining health, gaining for the will, determination. Those. themselves tidy. And Hatha Yoga perfectly cope with this task, with this feature. But yoga meaning somewhat different.

There are many ways to describe the task of yoga. One option – it is the knowledge of his own “I”. So Hatha yoga – it’s just a tool. And once more, Hatha yoga is good as long as it is done in harmony. You took a pose, you are your physical body as something curved. But Hatha Yoga – Yoga is unique. Do you remember that there is a gross physical body, delicate and subtle body. And all three bodies linked Prana. So working on the rough, we are working on a subtle means of Prana. And really, if you do hatha yoga for a long time, then you have the intellectual abilities begin to grow. It would seem that you are doing physical exercise, and the mind here? But it begins to develop and the mind. So, through gross to the subtle. And if you are just fixated on the physical performance of, it’s just acrobatics.

 I saw on TV a Chinese circus and realized that yogis chase the Chinese simply do not. When shown the boy who clutched his hands on his head and hopped up the steps. I decided that I’d better not to climb in this area. The idea of harmony. Doing a rough, you need to grasp the subtle. Fulfilling posture Hatha yoga, it does not matter how you actually oppression. Someone bends well, someone bends badly. If you are going to do for a long time, everyone will bend well, it’s a matter of time. What is more important, if you “grab the tail of Prana” that links your gross body to your fine structure, it is yoga. If you focus only on the physical body, it is gymnastics. Also a good thing. How to catch? Grabbed by a harmony. Therefore, the key word for yoga is the harmony.

And as you can see, it all comes out of the axioms. In the last two sessions, we began to consider the axioms of yoga, so if someone missed the lectures posted on the Internet in the form of video lectures, so that you can view these pieces. I remind you that according to the teachings of yoga, each of us have our “I”. And it is indestructible. It generally has no relation to anything. A related our “I” with our bodies through so-called associative links. We used to consider himself one way or another and this habit is built associative connection. For associative relationship begins to flow of consciousness and energy to our body, or in other words, Prana. Exactly Prana begins to revive our physical body. Once Prana ceases to animate the physical body, the body is falling apart. Although it will be all right, but the body is lifeless.

We stayed with you on the fact that our “I” is a property of the will. And it will feature a deeper, more fundamental than even the property of the energy of our “I” Consciousness and property of our “I”. Those. We laid in such a very strange feature, and this feature is called the will. And if we voleizyavlyaem practice yoga and do it, then over time we are rebuilding themselves and acquire all the positive qualities. So will the fundamental thing.

Three groups of bodies.


 Finally, we have what is called our body or group of bodies strictly speaking. We’re sitting here with you and feel in the body. Even our physical body can be seen either as a single body, and a few bodies. For example, the circulatory system to allocate a separate body, the nervous system – a separate body, the functions. Similarly, we have a thin body. There is a subtle body is the causal body. More specifically, these two are not the body, and two groups of bodies.

Our subtle body we recognize you when we sleep and dream. We see ourselves in the subtle body. When we go with you and something we think, experience, something to make sense of. We have an internal image of themselves. And this inner image – this is our subtle body. Once again, it is made of matter or energy, more subtle energy or finer matter than our physical matter. But it is still a matter which is still, most likely, the scientists are not disclosed and if disclosed, they are about it for some reason, keep quiet. But maybe it’s justified.

So, the first group of bodies – it is physical, our body, the second – a thin our bodies, and finally, the third group of bodies – the so-called causal body, the most insidious and unpredictable body. It gives as an ordinary person a lot of trouble, and even yoga, it brings trouble simply can not list how much. And just to be clear, what is at stake, and bring aphorism from the tradition of our school, who says: “If you feel a bad mood for no reason, irrational negativity, you know, it awakened your causal body.” This is a very strange body. It is by and large is only two things: to enjoy or suffer. All the pain, the more subtle the pain comes from the causal body. All pleasure also comes from the causal body. Thus, the causal body is the most insidious. Man it is usually not aware of. Therefore, the causal body as an enemy invisible. Imagine that you have an invisible enemy. And imagine that the same situation with your body. Like you make mischief or vice versa experience any euphoric state, and you can not see it and do not realize. You can be more precise it more aware, track for its effect on your emotional state. And all the depression that we are experiencing with you, unexplainable depression, they are largely caused by the causal body.

In the West, in prosperous countries the wave of suicides. As we said earlier, “with fat rage, we would have their problems.” And in fact, there are very severe problems. These problems not only on the physical level of the body not at the thin body and the body at the level of the causal. And the problem, if we compare, even more terrible than we do. We in the end life is bad, all the dirt, all stolen. Walk down the street, see how we live. But we are less exposed to the causal body. When is starting to show the causal body, so again, causeless depression, is a complex of some psychosomatic disorders. Doctors are fighting over it, and radiographic scanners, and prescribe pills – does not help!

This insidious body, very insidious. And it will be especially treacherous if you prefer yoga. You will have with him face to face and it is desirable for it to be prepared. Many people light up yoga. So they read the book, all the cheers !!! This surge lasts, and then implicitly nowhere begins the dark side of the world manifest itself. Suddenly it begins to appear pessimism, apathy, all interesting. People who were interested in yesterday, today annoying. Although if you analyze everything from the point of view of logic, all is well. Those. this body will have to face it and, believe me, simply because its position does not pass.

But we are now concerned not the causal body, it is a separate issue. We touch axiomatics of yoga. So, we have a group of bodies, like nesting dolls. Although this is an incorrect comparison, but nonetheless. Rough physical group of bodies, subtle and causal bodies of group group of bodies or one causal body. About this too, no one knows anything. It is a mysterious area. They all joined together, and so they do not fall apart Prana, glue them all stick together.

The thread Prana goes to our “I”. And our “I” prohibitive. It is beyond space and time. So tell me where it is, this question has no meaning at all. It’s kind of like everywhere and nowhere. Once again, I will focus on that all analogy is only an analogy, but that you understand that this is a complicated thing. We sit here and we each have our “I”. So we’re both in the room and in the Alpha Centauri or anywhere else. Those. we just attached to this piece of meat or the group of bodies. Most have nothing in common with the outside world. More precisely, this binds the finest thread that comes from our “I” to our groups of bodies, and this relationship is called the associative link. It is for this association is Prana. It is Prana animates us and we ourselves somehow manifest here. Those. Three groups of bodies they relate Prana. It follows a very interesting conclusion. If we do one yoga, we will automatically affect all levels. Those. if we do Hatha yoga and Hatha yoga is done perfectly, you remember that when performing Hatha Yoga should be what in Sanskrit is called Bhava or state. So the state is to be one of two things: either the joy of performing, or the joy of overcoming himself. Performing Hatha yoga harmoniously, we have an impact on our gross physical body. But since all of our three groups of bodies linked associative relationship, the impact of the implementation of Hatha yoga applies to all of our body. And, therefore, we not only improve our physical body, but also working on the subtlest of the body, which results in an increase of our intellectual abilities, mental abilities, etc. That is, acting on the rough, and we are working on a delicate and subtle; and vice versa.

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