Pranayama reduces itself to a set of energy and preparing the body for the passage of this energy. To begin the second more important. Recruitment and accumulation of energy with the help of breathing called pranayama. Breathe called puraka, exhale rechaka delay is called kumbhaka (pitcher). Over the undulating motions of light wave energy comes. If your little red (energy) in resonance with the big red (The energy of the universe), energy flows, and you become more powerful. The air prana and different things. The recruitment process following the prana, our nerves are irritated and cause the lungs to make undulations. The wavelike sensation passes through the spinal nerves, the impulse draws prana. Once prana eaten in a certain place, you must leave this place, then you will escape the disease. Leave space for at least 15 minutes. You can not go far, go away close, you can not leave at all, go up to the other corner. You can not move, suffered a mental (memory of childhood, mental journey, etc.). Before doing exercise Pranayama, do cleaning exercise (Shatkarmas);

1. dhauti – (swallowing a piece of cloth)

2. Basti – (enema)

3. Nettie – (cleansing the nostrils)

4. Trataka – (gazing)

5. Nauli – (churning of the abdominal organs)

6. Kapalaphati – (destruction of mucus disorders)

Exercise for energy gain.

Sukshmapurvaka – alternate breathing. Close your right nostril with your right thumb, absorb air through the left nostril, then hold the left nostril with the little finger and ring finger of his left hand, hold the air for as much as far as nice, exhale through the right nostril, release your finger. This half of the process. Now inhale air through the right nostril, hold the air, as before, holding the nostrils and exhale slowly through the left nostril, without using the index and middle finger. 6 These movements constitute one Pranayama.

Do them for 20 times in the morning and evening. This Pranayama removes all diseases, purifies the channels, making the mind steady in concentration, improves digestion and appetite, helps to manage sexual energy, Kundalini awakens, awakens in the later stages of levitation.

Rules for execution of pranayama

1. Turn off the brain. Give yourself to feelings. The energy displays itself.

2. Do not rush, do not rush, otherwise there will be a painful reaction.

3. Find your own rhythm.

4. Begin to engage in the street (the balcony window open).

5. After school holidays, the redistribution of energy, will not do, will not achieve anything.

6. A strict diet (personal diet), the absence of preservatives.

7. You do not have to work too much, or not work at all.

8. If practicing ascetic method abstain from sex.

9. Control to communicate with others. By all means to avoid contact with someone does not like. Do everything possible. Reduce communication to a minimum.

10.Zhelatelno the same time and place. The time and place must be suitable.

11.Sochetay pranayama with other yogic practices.

lomok period.

Two weeks – two months, began a period of adjustment of the organism (breaking). This process is very painful, it is a pain in its pure form. Her cause of contaminated feeds, accumulated karma. Sometimes it is perceived as depression, sometimes as a burning sensation, hyperactivity.

Methods how to avoid it.

1. Fly in space and time.

2. Shatkarmas.

3. The buildup.

4. Fasting – only water.

5. Mantra Yoga.


Choose for themselves their own diet. As a general rule, you should avoid garlic, onion, spices very sharp, hard to digest food, not fresh exciting food and drink.


It is advisable beautiful room, preferably with a very small entrance, where neither hot nor cold, no insects. There can be burned aromatic herbs and resins. Sitting can be on the skins (sheep, tiger, deer, grass jackpot)

What should have.

Cereal grains – all melted butter, sugar, non-yeast bread.

Six exercises in breathing.

1. Alternating breath.

2. The rhythmic breaths with compression perineum.

3. The buildup.

4. Play with air.

5. Inhale, exhale with the sound.

6. Sita, sitkari.

Treatise on pranayama.

Yogi, in love with his teacher respectfully asked: – Tell me, Shakti, what is Pranayama?

Beloved replied: – Oh, lovely boy, listen. Pranayama – the science of Prana control. A Prana – is what binds the consciousness and energy.

The student asked: – Tell me it’s more.

She said: – Every living creature has two abilities: one of them is called – Consciousness. Consciousness – is the ability to perceive the universe through the senses, the mind, either directly through intuition.

Another ability – the ability to change the universe by means of their physical, mental or psychic powers. This ability is called – Energy.

She said: – In undeveloped beings of consciousness and energy are present to a small extent. And the same is only partially. Shares of Karma. In the more advanced beings of energy and consciousness are present to a greater extent. And the degree of coincidence of so much more. At Yogi energy and consciousness are present to a great extent. And the degree of coincidence is enormous. In reaching the release of energy and consciousness are present in absolute degree. And they coincide completely.

She said: – The average person can perceive the universe, but only to a small extent can change it. A performing any action, is not aware of their place and their consequences in the universe. As if he was stupid and blind.

She said: – The Maharajah is aware of what is happening in his kingdom and in the neighboring kingdoms, much larger and he is able to change the world order to a greater extent. If he starts to do something, then the fruits of its activities realized a huge number of living beings. Thus, the energy and consciousness of the Maharajah more than the average person. And the extent of their connection (yoga) anymore.

She said: – Yogi, with his unclouded consciousness covers their perception of not only this world, but many other worlds. And every act that he performs, resulting in huge consequences. Since Consciousness Yoga has a huge connection with its energy. Any action yoga, even accidental, recognized not only living creatures in this world. But other worlds. Since yoga is enormous energy.

She said: – exemption being has absolute authority over all that takes. And as his consciousness extends to the whole universe, then it can change the entire universe, including the past, present and future. Because there are no boundaries between his mind and his energy. They have merged and have reached the absolute level. All he wants to take his Yogi Consciousness. All this immediately appears in the form of Energy. Therefore, such a being no difference between desire and its fulfillment. Hence, no desires. Therefore, there is freedom.

The young man asked: – What is different from an ordinary person of Raja and Raja Yoga from. Why one is endowed with greater authority and power, and the other less. And if an ordinary person can become a Raja and Raja Yogi.

A friend said: – Yes, this is possible. And the common man is different from the Raja and Raja Yoga on the how much is available Prana Will. Prana, which has being unquestioningly obey the will. What it is, the more the power of the creature. From life to life, there is an increasing amount of Prana, if properly lived life. Therefore, a simple man can become a Raja, in this life or the next, if he will be able to increase the amount of Prana.

The student asked: – Tell me if prana is associated with the Mind. After all, the same can not be fool by Raja? If connected, how?

She said: – You’re right, my beloved disciple, Prana – is something that develops as well and Mind. And a mind is most pronounced consciousness of ordinary people. The energy also gives substance from which built the finest structure of the Mind. Therefore, increasing the Prana, there is an increasing power of consciousness, shining through the mind, and increases the power of thought and develops the power of Mind. Therefore Pranayama – the science of Prana increase, so revered wise.

He asked: – How should I study pranoyamu and how to do the exercises?


She replied: – Here are the rules for the learners of pranayama.


1. Retire to a suitable place where no one will disturb you. If such a place is not held in any other place.

2. Sit down so that the back, neck and head were on the same line. To make you feel free and natural.

3. Turn off your mind.

4. And they gave sensations.

5. Find your rhythm to perform each exercise.

6. At the end of practice is required to be a vacation.

7. For beginner yoga is very useful to learn breathing exercises outdoors.

8. Follow the diet.

9. Try to deal with on a regular basis, at the same time and in one place, if possible.

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