Pranayama Yoga (based on the seminar “Types of Yoga”)

Pranayama Yoga. We have the ability to breathe. Respiratory movements are very kareliruyut our inner state, if we are calm, one breath – if not more, if we sleep – the third, that is, the breath – is a kind of indicator of our inner state. The ability to use yoga breathing, but, in fact, pranayama yoga is much grander than just the work of breathing. Unfortunately, the modern interpreters of yoga pranayama reduce it to just to set oxygen, cleanse the lungs and so on. It’s all there, but more profound effect Pranayama yoga is somewhat different. We talked about the fact that our three bodies connected by glue Prana Prana is the source of our higher self In order to maintain our bodies in a living state, and that they interact and transmit the signal from the fine structures need to rough prana. If there is prana, the body dies instantly. Respiratory motion gives a nerve impulse that is transmitted to the thin structure, which, in turn, refer to the source of prana, and in reverse order, this source of prana returns. Thus, the respiratory movements, we need not only to vydyhnut carbon dioxide and breathe oxygen, as well as to run a very thin and non-obvious mechanism to attract prana. In yoga, to learn to draw and learn to control the prana, breathing movements are used. This is the science of Pranayama Yoga – through the respiratory movements attract prana. Prana – is a tool, which has our self or that vitality, which later manifests itself through our body as energy and the consciousness. Sometimes the concept of prana to reduce energy, it is not entirely correct. Prana can manifest in you, and as energy and as an extended ray of consciousness, and in the right place, it is desired to manifest it in that sense, it is universal. In a way to transform your body, clear the channels, get to work centers, open hidden features, you need a surplus of prana. By pranoyama yoga we can get this over. Now the danger. Yoga, this is really quite dangerous. First, acquire her own is extremely difficult, but possible. Very much in this yoga unobvious things that nullify the entire practice. One of them is a rest after exercise, not doing that, you do not get the result from the practice. Before practice yoga pranayama is highly desirable to perform a cleansing technique, diet, be selective in communicating, to find a place where you can retire. It is desirable to begin to engage in under the guidance of an instructor, but the difficulty lies in the fact that it is very difficult to find a sane pranayama yoga instructor, a very subtle and unobvious science. If hatha and kriya yoga keyword – the harmony, the pranayama yoga – the harmony, multiplied by the harmony.

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