2007.04.28 Seminar Mantra Yoga


Today, 28 April 2007, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are located in the cultural center “Enlightenment”, in the city of Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. That we have a seminar on Mantra Yoga Open Yoga University. All information is archived on our sites www.openyoga.ru www.happyoga.narod.ru www.yogacentr.ru

            First, a little introductory lecture, then we will immediately begin to practice, then theory, and then we will look at the questions and answers. And if you are in the course of the seminar have questions, do not hesitate to ask. It is important for me to make this science for you to open. Because the potential for Mantra Yoga is so gigantic that sometimes it just seems like a miracle.

            Mantra yoga is very poorly known both here and in the West. Moreover, it is practically not understood even in the East, but they have one big advantage, they do not understand, know how to use it. So what kind of yoga? Now, the term mantra began to spread, and people have to understand what it is. Although, this is not just words, but something more serious and severe than just focus on the words. I’ll start from afar. Many of you have heard, seen in any films, books to read, remember the myths of ancient Greece, and so on, which in ancient times were the oracles, priests, mages and sorcerers who cast spells, and something happened. Moreover, these spells have been very different, but the fact that to them constantly dragged people, because these spells work, and the people knew it. And to the modern days, we have lived alone all kinds of grannies that somewhere in the dense forests live in the hut, and are able to allegedly start talking. Something they’re currently whispered, and it seemed the disease has receded. And if you take some African tribes or South American, there generally the impression that the local shaman healer is the main tool. We, modern people with a skeptical attitude to this – well, the word can have such an impact? And the effect is strong enough, and the effect of such a different plane. But, nevertheless, it is a fact and all our ethnographers and all those who have studied the life of primitive peoples, they very often see evidence of this. Attempts to explain this reduced to the fact that, well, all this is due to hypnosis. What it does not matter that there is a person says, as he says, and that it creates a kind of aura of such a person falls into a hypnotic trance and there is a cure or even any reaction.


What all this says Yoga?


Yoga says this, it echoes a serious and very powerful knowledge tool, which is in yoga – mantra is a force! But the fact is that in all these spells and charms, it’s all in a very feeble form and is usually hereditary or somehow intuitively perceived by all those representatives. In yoga, the same is approved, no more, no less, that the power of the mantra is so powerful that in the literal sense of the word, can sometimes give people life, save a life, sometimes, to give all sorts of achieving the goals that are set before the people. These goals are different, someone to seek spiritual knowledge and with the help of mantras is committed to them, someone to strive for material well-being. There are some mantras that give the material well-being. Some strive for health and health gains through mantras, etc. etc.

            And here, a cruel joke on us with all plays civilization. We all, in contrast to the primitive people, very well-developed mind. And our minds, like a sentinel, that if he does not accept, he said to the man – well, what’s the point to repeat any there spells, mantras, recitatives, because it makes no sense! And this same man locks himself does not use this knowledge as a result – not achieve a result, and as a consequence – does not believe in this science. Our mind plays with us a very cruel joke. It forces us to ignore this very powerful knowledge! Usually I hear these words – well, that we, parrots whether to repeat the same thing? In Mantra Yoga, as you know, is prescribed to repeat the well-known combination of sounds quite a large number of times. The mind rebels and says – no, my friends, well, we’re modern people!

            I’ll tell you honestly and frankly, I’m a long time teaching mantra yoga, the only major obstacle that you will be on the way, it is not your serious attitude to the mantras. Now, if you are serious about mantras, you quickly realize that this is a real science and that is called, on the skin, in the positive sense of the word, make sure that it works. If you are skeptical, and thus, as a consequence, not practice, do not focus your mind on this practice with great difficulty and with plenty of time before you reach this science.




            Then we will do the practice. Because before you start to learn yoga mantra, we must understand what is at stake. Now we will do a series of exercises, do not analyze them, and simply observe. Perform the exercise can be done standing, sitting or lying down, like anyone. The only thing I would ask of you, to your back, neck and head were straight. Further, when we look at the theory, you will understand why this is important. And I want to tell you one thing, that the will of fate I have all sorts of science studies, including modern science, physics, mathematics, they are serious topics, and so, Mantra yoga in his theory, perhaps, surpassed all official science, the to which humanity now reached. This is one of the most difficult theoretical justification aspects of yoga.


Why mantras work?


In order to answer this question, it is necessary no less, no more know how did the universe. And you know, it’s such a serious claim. We need to know, how did the whole universe, and only after that we will begin to understand why mantras work.

So, sit straight, straighten your back, neck, head, tip of the tongue as high as possible try to rise to the palate, and how to swallow, and begin to sing the first mantra, the mantra MA (about 5-10min). Next we recite the mantra A, then O, then Y, and then turn all the sounds A, L, M. The concentration at the top of the head. Everyone does at their own pace (the practice is about 30 minutes). Then the practice is completed, attention to the center channel, observe the vibration, if any. Next, be sure you want to rest, we go to Shavasana (corpse pose).


             You are a little singed. You sang with little tricks, these tricks are called Proyoga, they increase your sense of awakening mantras. It should be remembered that the mantra yoga science purely practical. You will understand and realize the effect of mantras, if you start practicing. You can read all the books, but if you do not have personal experience, and you will not be personal, the right attitude, the Mantra Yoga will take you more time. In Mantra Yoga any positive result, it makes a person a different look at it, and if it is in another way it looks, he begins to practice more, if he starts to practice more, comes stronger result. It’s a chicken and egg question. So we remember that if we want to succeed in Mantra Yoga, we have to practice, practice and practice again. Without practice it is impossible to achieve anything.

 Practice time depends on personal priority. If you want to achieve a rapid effect, it is possible to practice several hours a day, as much as time allows, the vocal cords and your state of fatigue. In the future, I would say there are certain moments and events that are extremely facilitate your practice, for example, eclipses days, especially solar eclipses. If you ever catch that day, you know that on this day the practice more efficient than on other days. This solar and lunar eclipse!

Of course, first have a sore throat, then he begins to adapt his throat. So, practice a lot, get a great result, a little practice, therefore, the time to achieve the results required more. We practice with additional techniques in yoga, the result is achieved quickly. Without additional methods of yoga, the result will be slower. These are the factors that are very personal, but, in practice, the person thus begins to practice – it is a day for 15-20 minutes giving mantra yoga, and in some special days longer.


Now we’ll quickly go through the theory of yoga mantra. I already told you that there is no more difficult to explain the theory, the theory of yoga mantra. Believe that other theory of the Yogi, they are an order of magnitude easier. Once upon a time not so long ago, we made a film “Kundalini Yoga Mantra”. We have limited resources to shooting movies, so in 15 minutes we did not take off. Therefore, in this film it is very dry pomace theories on mantra yoga, and all the initial exercise. We released the film as a tutorial. I myself took part in the shooting of the film, even my face in there somewhere to be, and I did this film reviewing from time to time. Because that theory, which is set out there, it is not so simple. Now we see a fragment of the film. There is a theory in terms of the philosophy of yoga. Before explaining to the philosophy of yoga position, I shall try to justify the Mantra yoga from the standpoint of modern science, or what you already know.

First, each of you his tone of voice. When we work with the voice, whether we want it or not, we create sound vibrations are transmitted to our body if we correct the correct combination of sounds repeat, we have carried out a massage on a very subtle level, all of our body. And it is clear, first of all to the areas close to our vocal cords, at the micro level – the lymph vessels (it is better to consult a doctor), at the level of the nervous system – blocked all impulses coming from outside. There is a factor that a person first feels its own language, and only then is what is brought to him from outside. So those of you who are studying any foreign language, remember that without such a stupid cramming pronunciation and learn it much harder. It is necessary to constantly repeat and talk and talk. Because the mind is listening in the first place, your own language, and then everything else. When you utter the famous vibration, you are disconnected from the outside of nerve stimuli. Moreover, there are sounds that repeat (including M of the mantras that we have practiced at the beginning of the workshop), you have blocked ears, that is, you can not hear what is happening outside.

There are a large number of mental phenomena that can be explained in terms of science. And believe me, science is now engaged in this, and in the future kopnet deeper and more serious. Do you remember saying – what would we not do science, in the end always get the bomb. And today invention, NLP and other manipulative mind training, give people a powerful tool, but does not oblige them to observe ethical principles. This is a rather slippery slope. Full of people who have these methods used in advertising. But remember, my friends, the law of karma has not been canceled. But, nevertheless, does not stop the evolution and they dig, including and up to the theory of why at least the physical layer operates Mantra yoga. Now began to appear some books, it all settles. This is all very interesting and wonderful, but for my part I should add that it is a small tip of the iceberg Mantra yoga theory. But the real, deep theory of Mantra Yoga, so serious, so grand, that it is considered one of the greatest moments in yoga.

Now, that we become familiar with the way it happens in yoga, we now have a look of the film “Kundalini Yoga Mantra”. If something mean – rejoice if something does not understand – do not worry. Asking questions. I assure you, over time, understanding will come. I sometimes think that quantum physics is easier to learn. Knowledge of the theory really justifies why Mantra Yoga works. So, there are the famous words, words of power so they are sometimes called, when a man long, long time to repeat them, these words suddenly awakened and their effects disproportionately, and is in a completely different plane than our speech. These words are called mantras.


Where does it come from, the mantra?


Mantras were passed to us from the ancient teachers of yoga. At one time they practiced the mantra, repeated them, reached the enormous number of different kinds of results, and subsequently handed over to us. We hardly understand the theory arranged mantra yoga, and it is not enough that this theory understood, they have almost used, and gave us the result. Roughly speaking, it is as if you are in a remote forest in the midst of Neanderthals found a Kalashnikov, that’s about the same situation now. Now float such instruments of force from the East, they do not even dream of our military.



So, there are certain words, sometimes it’s short words, sometimes it offers, sometimes whole stanzas, called a mantra. And unlike ordinary words, quatrains and verses is that the actions of the unthinkable, from another area. But to this mantra has acted, it must be repeated. Repeat is necessary for a long time, as long as the mantra does not wake up. Mantra is in a sleep state, the task of each of us this mantra to awaken. For if you practice mantra, understand its theory or not, it has a very indirect value do not understand, and God be with her, but you can practice it.


What is the theory, to be honest, in all honesty?


The theory of mantra yoga is needed for a few things in order to bring down a peg with our mind. Each of us has a mind is a beautiful thing, but, unfortunately, our mind does not understand many things, so that he does not understand, he denies, rejects and throws. And the theory is needed to give the mind a worthy goal – but you try it, see what’s what in this theory! The theory is logical, there are no inconsistencies. Here let the mind and deals with theory, but we will take up the practice. And once you get a small, small results, you calm down. Yet one position from the theory, I add:

The world we see around us, it is no more, no less, as the vibration. The whole world – is the mantra. Any object that we see a piece of this mantra. All vibration as a whole has created this world. Then, this primordial vibration of OM was smashed to pieces, like a spell, and they started in different types of dock. Just as the alphabet can put any word object also includes any combination of the vibrations. Well, and then begin wonders – why we have access to this energy. If we learn to produce these vibrations, we will learn how to create or destroy things. The materialization of pure water. Not necessarily things possible, and phenomena – the wind blew, the phenomenon and this phenomenon has a combination of vibration. We are starting to play it, and create a new object in the universe, or the phenomenon. Therefore, from this point of view, when we say the mantra, we are neither more nor less, we create objects and phenomena. Therefore, these ancient spells and it worked!


Question from the audience: I walk down the street, and some guy sent (swearing obscenely) me, while adding every word so much sense, and in the process it is also in a sense, a kind of mantra, but I will not depart? Why is this not happening?


This is because the one who sent me, he did not awakened these words. They are for him just vibrations in the air. So you anywhere and not fly away. Here, for example, I go down the street and a homeless person asks me for money, I give him 10 rubles, and he tells me – and why so few? I told him – enough! And he sent me, and I will not depart. But if I went to India, and some local yogi, I’m sorry, not much is different from our homeless, except that does not smell so and so, if he sent me, I would not like to ran, I would fly, probably to where he sent me. Because if people with supernormal and awakened mantra begins to do, the mantra begins to act. The difference is valid or not valid mantra, only one, it is awakened or awakened. And now you can imagine how this is a serious weapon. Our military is not even dreamed of. Enemy simply sends, and he will fly to the right place and it is not necessary!

There is truth nuances that protect this knowledge from people mentally unstable enough. A kind of “foolproof”. And, by the way, you know what the most powerful “foolproof”? The fact that here are clever men, they do not practice yoga mantra, because their mind says it’s bullshit that I would like a parrot, repeating. This, oddly enough, one of the reliable protection, but on the other hand, this protection does not allow people to have matured to practice this method, because the mind again disables. Too simple, just to ugliness. In fact, it’s not so easy, because in order to awaken the power of the mantra has to work hard, and before you awaken it, you get rid of all the selfish things. True, the words of a song you can not throw, there is a mantra that does not care about your spiritual condition, and they like the Kalashnikov assault rifle in the hands of a Neanderthal, which will send back and polosonet place. But, thank God, these mantras are not published, they are not available. They do exist, but to be honest, they are like nuclear weapons, protect, and try, go. There is a mantra of direct action, they will not have to worry about what will be the consequence, you understand that it is for this reason that these mantras in our workshop, I give you will not, and what’s more, I like an honest man should mention that it is, you to understand the theory of mantras. All the mantras that we will be with you here to practice, they are “foolproof”. These mantras, in the first place, eliminate the potential danger from its use, and only then come into direct action. Such mantras are given to all of our needs. they first check whether there is danger from the use of this very mantra, and then, if there is no danger and can act, they act.

So, once again, the whole world that you see around you is vibration. If you learn to play all these vibrations, you will learn how to reproduce objects and phenomena in the universe. If you are good, and all his efforts were directed to the aid and support of others, trying to make this world a better place, you have a tremendous tool in the hands! You can help the many who are, themselves and others, and everything. If you are trying to use it for their stupidity, the more reason to use it to the detriment of, no. But remember, nobody canceled the law of karma, what goes around, comes around! All this will come back to you.


Question from the audience: how to understand it bear my good man in consequence of evil and pain?


Difficult question. Do you remember our principle of not harming any living being. And this, of course, the question of inner understanding – the surgeon, for example, a person with a knife cut, and, on the one hand, bring him harm, but on the other hand, he saves his life. This question your motivation, and with what intention you do it. That is why this meditation on the heart center, with which we started our workshop on mantra yoga, sometimes helps today.

So, all around the mantra, from the point of view of mantra yoga. Matter is not, all around – a vibration stuck somewhere condensed. In the future, there will still be an episode in the film. You very much recommend it. For a long time we did, meticulously collected theory.


And in terms of Mantra Yoga, we are with you Who?


It seems like a frozen piece of meat sitting. To a certain extent we are also with you the vibration. Our bodies – the same vibration. If this vibration is not false, we are in very good condition physically. If there is false, we have pain disorders. That old piano stood, rassohlos all start to play, and there are not the same sounds that want to hear, in the same way and our body. Comes master and begins to tune the string like this in our arsenal is the mantra. Healing Mantras that we treat. If we begin to pronounce them correctly, long and hard for them to wake up, roughly speaking, all tuned to resonate chord of our body and soul, and we’re back in their harmony. This is an enormous health benefits and mantras. Try some stuff for a long time to say, for example, for three hours. You get tired. But if you start to repeat the mantra, especially if you get them a little bit awake, those three hours you will repeat, (yes, the throat gets tired) but you will be quite a different feeling. Sometimes, even relaxed. Here is a paradox!

Sometimes a person says that he is bad, a lot of work, tired, but work out two o’clock Mantra Yoga, he is a cheerful and full of energy. Because the vibratory action!

Finally, a logical transition to the second part of our workshop. I remind you that theory is important for me just for one that you are interested in this yoga and started practicing and practicing, to get at least a small rezultatik. When he get all the way will be open for you to explore further, and you will begin to be interested.


Question from the audience: it turns out, any prayer mantra, too?


Yes, all right, but for some reason they have lost their power. We’ll talk later about why wilt mantra why they fade. Just answer this question – because we have the time! If a person is lying if his consciousness and energy costs, it begins to diverge in everything, including prayers.

 Therefore, in the mantra yoga there is a way – if you want to awaken mantra, learn to speak the truth!

 Or, as I say, tell lies no more than 50-60 times per day, no more! If your words are not at variance with the case, teaches yoga, the ability to awaken mantra awakens you automatically. Try to imagine your life just for a second, if you start to talk honestly. Nuthouse provided to you, I assure you, everyone, no matter what you do. Our world is so constructed, the world of falsehood. People say they do not give bribes, but then they take themselves! You see? We say one thing, do another. But somehow our world squeaking, yet still alive, does not fall apart. Although it is said that there is a critical mass of lies, then it all falls apart. Therefore, we try not to lie as much as possible. I emphasize that I am a realist, not to lie as much as possible! And most importantly – try to be honest with ourselves. If I do not have opportunities to all to tell the truth, then, in any case, for myself, I must emphasize that this is where I really played a cunning trick, and here, too, and there was a fair. And it significantly cuts the roots lie. And, of course, do not have to be an idiot and go into paranoia, and directly tomorrow to do sharp movements, let all be harmonious. If you can not be true, that is a lighter option, try not to tell the truth, that is, if you feel that the issue is coming, which causes you to lie better to avoid such issues. In ancient times, sages and ascetics withdrew into a cave, and vowed that they would tell the truth and the poor, and the king, but I can just tell you, this is the image of the homeless life. And not everyone is here and so dare tomorrow night at the station. And in this there is no need.

So, if we have not the time, the power of our words is increased if we time decreases. Words consumed. In terms of Mantra Yoga, Consciousness at odds with energy. We say one thing, think another, making the third. The internal channels through which energy flows, they begin to react. They are filled with mud, and the following message, which passes through them, are already weakening. So if I am verbally send anyone very far, it is unlikely to fly, as if there had been in my place yogi who was telling the truth all his life, he has only to say the word, and everything happens as it says.


In terms of Mantra Yoga makes us different GRT entire universe from the Absolute, if anything, one of the Enlightenment, as if we part of this consciousness, we are part of that energy. Here I have my energy, but it’s like mine, but in fact it is not really mine, it is the energy of the Absolute, and I just know how to use some slice. I have a consciousness, and it is, for example, in this room, but it’s not my mind, I have taken this Consciousness, roughly speaking, for hire at the Absolute.


What separates me from a whole?


This so-called name of the mantra. My mantra Name me and separated. But it must be understood in a deeper sense than just our name. Each of us has a name, surname, patronymic. Under the name, I mean a deeper name. You’ve probably heard, sometimes people take yoga spiritual names, for example, was John Doe, and became some … ..Ananda. End Ananda, said to belong to the Order of sannyasi. This name is largely determines. And if you explain your fingers, then the ship call, so it will float. Whether we like it or not, the fact that each of us has a name, like it or we do not like – is vibration. Of course, this dull vibration, not in a literal sense the vibration of our nature, but, in any case, some characteristics of a person’s name to places. And, to some extent, restricts or expands one or another of its manifestation in the universe.

Practice your name.


Therefore, we are with you to work with his own name. This is quite a fun experience, not trivial, we all sit down now to the head neck and back were on the same line, straight, and begin to repeat his own name. Name, full or short, you decide for yourself, that is what you need to say the name with which you associate yourself, let it be Bob or Basil and so on. My parents, for example, want to call me Dima, named Vadim, and in consequence called Vadka. So, decide what you closer.

 And so, we begin. Practice really funny (practice last about 10 minutes). Repeat, repeat, repeat, as long as it does not seem to us a stranger. Thus, our name has an impact on us, just like any other word that we say, why in the Yoga and urge us all to speak the truth as much as possible, again without paranoia.

On the other hand, there is a certain position in Yoga – that which has no name, it is not in the world. Think about it! If you have something you can not say, it is not. But no where? Inside our Universe. And there is one such thing which we can not call it our “I”. “I”, it is higher than that of words, than the definition than any quality. Therefore, as soon as our “I” is called in any way, by the same token its limit in its manifestation. From this point of view, our name is not only good, it is also a limitation. And so, to understand the restrictions imposed on us our name, is here this practice that we have done with you. The more we practice it, the more we realize our behalf mantric effect on our destiny. And we understand where something is so, and where that is not so. Name we do not choose, Mom and Dad decided to call it our all. From the point of view of justice, they have every right to call us as they want, but on the other hand, we have the full right to be called as we want. From here there are spiritual names, or the name of that person has made for himself. For the others I say, Vasily Vasiliev, but for myself, I call myself by that name, which, as it were closer to my core. It is for this reason began to be born our names. Our names have roots or from any of the saints, or by characters who have come to us from different languages during antiquity. Each of the names, when it was given, it was assumed that a person inherits the qualities which that name denotes. In ancient times, it worked just “Hurrah!” In modern times it is not so much to work, but it still works. In many religions, people take themselves spiritual names. Therefore, in terms of Mantra Yoga, it makes sense to think, and what is the name of our being? Well, Mom and Dad let us call them as you like, then, they are mom and dad, but we have set for ourselves as we think. For example, what aspect we want was manifested in us, or more manifested? And then begin wonders when you choose a name for himself, and even if the name is the name of the mantra, this mantra name will influence you, and you perforce begin to manifest those qualities, what are you called. From the point of view of formal scientific explanation for this, only one – self-hypnosis, but when things start to happen, which is higher than the concept of hypnosis and do not fall under this definition, there is just detected the hidden essence of mantra yoga. Everything in this world – vibration, everything. This world consists of two parts – a Consciousness and Energy. Energy – is the manifestation of vibration, as our consciousness, from the point of view of Yoga is the hidden vibrations of our “I”.


It is very important that you understand that Mantra Yoga – this is the greatest tool you have in your hands! Greatest!!!


You know, sometimes people come to India seeking spiritual teachers out there, they’re really there, but the first thing that catches the eye, it Ghastlier poverty obodrannost, wretchedness of mind, superstition, earthiness. With all that they are there forever and always repeat the mantra. And usually have an aversion to Europeans is transferred from the mantra that’s aversion to this situation. And it’s very, very sad. So, the purpose of today’s seminar, so you at least think over this issue, and if you start practicing, I’ll be happy. And if you are some stupid people will say that he already knows the mantra yoga and practicing the fifth and tenth, then, almost with a few exceptions, this person does not understand the actions of mantras, and if he is not a teacher of yoga, it is for sure – talker because there is such a position that if the mantra practice is kept secret, the person achieves results quickly enough, and if you do not keep a secret practice, that is the mantra, that you did not reach the result. Therefore, if you will hear anywhere on the street, someone casually begins to rant about Mantra yoga, which he practiced the mantra, that heard it read, believe me, this man is very far from Mantra Yoga. Because if he had at least a small grain of action yoga mantra felt on his skin, he would shut up. kept silence, and kept quiet, maybe the rest of life, because it is really a big experience. As a source of energy as a treasure, as a treasure. As soon as you hear when someone is familiarly starts with Mantra yoga to communicate, and that fascinates me most, when people say that they have already passed the mantra yoga, we studied all, you know, they are nothing of the science does not know! You probably know or have heard about this great society “Krishna consciousness”, they in these clothes colored walk, drums banging and singing Hare Krishna mantra. You probably heard it all, because before it was popular to have to walk down the street and sing, now something has become smaller. I have great respect for society “Krishna Consciousness”, I respect in the first place, because they are fed free of people, I do not know their philosophy, do not delve into it, but I do know that their entire organization is kept on a single mantra. There are people who hate them, there are people who laugh at them, there are people who help them, but the whole organization rests on the strength of their mantras. Pull their mantra of their organizations, it is to collapse one day and no trace will be left of it. Again, I am not in any way do not blame them, and do not encourage. But when there is such an element of the old tired, is someone sings a mantra out loud, on the one hand it is good, it has an impact on the other, as it were, devalues them. As long as you are not awakened her, or until you had a personal experience that it works as it is considered not modest on the subject to spread. Therefore, we remember the principle of the mysteries, if we want results – keep quiet, if we want to show off knowledge, you can shoot the breeze, but the most reasonable, it’s the middle. It is possible that someone does not know about Mantra yoga, but at least it is necessary to know about it to this person, but on the other hand, to comply with a certain modesty.


Now, a few moments of formal practice.


1. Mantra – is the special power of the word.

2. There are mantras Energy, Consciousness mantra, the mantra of the Name. The mantras Energy – Power Energy in the Mantras of Consciousness – the power of Consciousness in the mantras – namely, power and energy, and Consciousness.

3. Mantras are to achieve spiritual knowledge, to achieve the wealth (of a kind), and mantras that through material possessions produce spiritual knowledge.

4. The mantra should be repeated – a loud, almost inaudibly, mentally. Repeat out loud – has a strong effect, repetition barely audible – affected ten times stronger than the loud, mental postorennie – is ten times stronger than the barely audible repetition.

5. It should be kept in secret mantra to achieve a result.

6. It should be repeated 108 times each Mantra several times by 108 or 108 by half or a quarter of 108. That is, 54 or 27. The number is counted to be on beads.



Strictly speaking, all the words are the mantra. But what is the difference from the usual words of mantras?


The mantras of the word and its effects are the same, but not in the usual words. Once was the myth of the common language in which all people are talking. I’ve consulted with scientists working in the field of linguistics, they are just engaged in clarifying some language from which there was, moreover, they have a very interesting moments, they have learned to deduce the laws of transformation, and furthermore, the transformation ago, and may reproduce word in the language, which is now dead. It is a grand area of expertise, I just take off my hat. She analyzed the ancient sources, collect the crumbs of all the words and passages and so on, and so, if twenty years ago said that there are seven main groups of languages, as far as I know, now it’s all reduced to one source, the so-called bareyskomu or nostroticheskomu language. What once was a single language, then he split and began to break up, and all the languages we have today, gone from one source. In the future, the meaning of words and the energy contained in it began to disperse. Energy and Consciousness word began to spread. And we begin to use the words, the energy intensity in which in one way, use them in relation to other key processes. What it is called a lie. As a result, the power of words to action beginning to weaken. This is the same as giving the army command – forward, and immediately command – back. Here they jump back and forth and expire. Strength is only two kinds of words: it is in the Mantras and in the mat. All around are what energy must comply with these words – it’s mate, and mantras as if the words came not distorted from time immemorial. Now all our words simply have lost their meaning, vibration they should cast (well, roughly) like the box, and this vibration can indicate here the remote control (for example). There has been confusion. As a result, ordinary words have ceased to be mantras. They have ceased to operate, their meaning was sold with the energy. And mantras preserved.

Mantra – is the special power of the word. Although, formally, any word – mantra. But hackneyed mantra, greasy, mantra, lost energy. It should be remembered.



There are mantras Energy Consciousness mantras, mantras names. Mantra Energy on the action producing objects or events, said the mantra, and you start to realize this or that object or phenomenon. As the mantra we have not awakened, we recite the mantra, say the mantra Ram Yam Ham, as it is, they are not translated, they have no meaning. How to translate these mantras? Well, in a sense, we can say that Ram is the mantra of fire. The mantras of Consciousness in which another focus, they have the meaning of the mantra, it means something. And so this mantra can be translated from one language to another, the most important thing not to lose value. An example of these mantras: there is such a science, Advaita Vedanta, have there favorite techniques – this is just consciousness of the mantra. They consist in the fact that people constantly repeats: I am Brahman, and so many times. Brahman refers to the total Absolute. What is my “I” is no distinguishable from God, if so wish. In Sanskrit, they can say: Aham Brahma – I am Brahman or Shiva Ham – I am Shiva. So, whether you pronounce it in Sanskrit, with the knowledge of the meaning, or any other language, it will work. The most important value is that it means. That’s the mantra of Energy can not be translated, you will not find another word. And, finally, there is the Name of the mantra. With them, the most difficult thing there is – what exactly mantra as both energies of the mantra, and the mantra like consciousness work. They carry a certain sense, and and they have an effect. Again, I will refer to our friends Hare Krishna, their mantra is called the Maha Mantra. You it is probably heard more than once:

 Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,

Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,

Hare Rama, Hare Rama,

Rama Rama, Hare Hare.

 They sing it everywhere in every way, the last thing they care about privacy, on the contrary, it is considered good form to sing it to other people in the community to assist them beneficent influence. Again, I do not want to comment on, it’s not my diocese, but if you analyze the very mantra, there are Krishna, Rama, very specific characters, according to Hindu mythology once Absolut decided to descend to Earth. Absolute – he is the Absolute, it can do whatever it wants. He picked up and turned into a young man, the beautiful Krishna, with hands, feet and some qualities; walked, wandered, killed a bunch of demons, in a word, a lot of things useful to do during his life, showed many good qualities – was a brave warrior, female half was not indifferent to it and more. In terms of Mantra Yoga, if you start to repeat the name, or call yourself that name, or someone else, then you play those qualities that are reproduced Krishna. That there are spiritual names for this reason.

Mantra name the most simple and fast in operation. It is just like when you have to do something, and you can do yourself, and Vasya can shout and ask him to do. Similarly, in the mantra, as if you are accessing the power that has the intelligence and ingenuity and can do something. Again, the mantra of Consciousness, they will set up your consciousness and energy really connect what you have. Therefore, it is more preferable to the mantra.


Mantra spiritual and material


According to Indian philosophy we have 4 goals being. The first three is generally something tangible – a good meal, a sweet sleep, to be claimed, to take its place in the sun and enjoy it in every possible way. The fourth objective of life – this is when we realize that there is something beyond and would be good in the end, it is transcendental to go. When we begin to seek spiritual knowledge, we have to spit on the Mercedes, the Canary Islands, to spit on a bank account, we realize that all of this to the grave not utaschim, still it will be in someone else, well even if our close, bad, if not our family and friends, and our enemies and envious. But all the same, and the grave of anything with them not to drag, and therefore people will sooner or later begin to wonder what, indeed, we are waiting for? These issues impel him to spiritual reflection on how things are done, and people increasingly begin to take care of that sense, rather than the accumulation of material goods. But when we are young, we are strong and toothy, we want to eat, and when at the time when we really want to have, we begin to feed any kind of philosophy, which, they say, all incoming and outgoing that we all will be there, we on this will not better fed. So, to solve these two problems of different origin were given various mantras. Some mantras solved only your immediate problem – what to eat where to sleep well, or more subtle – how to achieve health, wealth or knowledge, or more refined – where to find a friend or a friend of his life, although it is a subject becomes spiritual. Nevertheless, these are the things that you ask them tangible. But there are mantras that you do not give, but they give the spiritual knowledge, you begin to realize that, as arranged. You do not get any gold or bank money, nothing, you get an understanding of what is the cycle of karma, we are born and die, that my “I” is inseparable from the Absolute and everything else, and so on. All that I have just said, when this knowledge reach the man, he begins to understand and realize that his life might be a complete change for the better. Again, there are people who are engaged in purely spiritual practices, there are people who are only interested in material things, and at first glance, appear to be the first such lofty, they tend to the spiritual, and the latter to such ignoble purposes. But in fact, I would recommend you, if you ever get up on the path of Mantra Yoga, combining business with pleasure. And you know why? Well, first of all, all of us have a desire to get the next Mercedes (now worth five and the sixth is just not enough), why not? This is a worthy and reasonable justification, but the fact is that as soon as the mantra purely mercantile work, material, one small miracle to happen – that’s when you believe in the mantra yoga. Prior to that, your mind will say, “Maybe so, maybe not, maybe it’s cunning Indians came up with an intricate system.” And when really felt this result, it is quite a major boost for your mind to be. Therefore, all the mantras, and material and spiritual, and the spiritual and material, they are all acceptable.


What is the spiritual and material mantra?


 Let’s say I want to know the college, but I’m an artist, I want to paint the picture that it was inspired by the whole world. This, in general, sufficient material desire – fame, recognition and so on. Good. Will draw this picture, but through her drawing will understand the principle of beauty Goddess Sri, the Goddess prohibitive, and the whole world was created only for us to understand Sri principle. So says Sri Yoga Vidya. And here it is, the poor fellow, long practiced mantra, painted a picture (Goddess Saraswati Arts in the form of vibrations inspired it), a beautiful picture, this picture does have a bunch of influences, he has earned a lot of money. And the time of drawing such a strong impression on the artist made, he began to open the spiritual laws.

 When the spirit comes through the material, it is precisely these mantras.

I recommend them to you in a greater degree. Although there are people who say that they are satisfied that the material life, and Mercedes, including, but want to know the spiritual. There are such people, a lot of them, they are quite sane, so to speak, experienced. They are so beautiful and believe that the mantra yoga works, and they do not want to waste your time on trifles, to another once the helicopter to buy, and want only to spiritual discovery. They practice only the spiritual mantra.

Whatever you are practicing mantra no – this is happiness for me. Because there is a likelihood that it will work, and you believe that this is indeed real science.


So, how to chant?


And we repeat here – and loudly and barely audible, and to himself. It is believed that about myself – the strongest effect, almost inaudibly – stronger than loud. But it should be practiced by all three methods.

principle secrets


Principle secrets. In Yoga principle is sacred mysteries. But you must remember the secret – without paranoia. Because I met these adepts of the secret sciences, which, frankly, depressing they had on me. Yoga partly disappeared because of this paranoid protection of information. After all, knowledge was and there were people ready to receive them, but the aura of secrecy, secrecy – not given. So I’m sitting here and. I sit, not because I’m so smart, but because knowledge disappear. I first got to the point where it was locked up and is now ready to publish, but, remembering that if we do not keep secrets principle, involuntarily in our practice of the consciousness of others, someone else’s energy begins to penetrate. And it is like this, as if you were building a house of cards, or engaged in soldering the chip, and suddenly someone will open next to the window, where a strong wind flow will blow your house and will bring dust into your chip. Therefore it is impossible to open their practice, until you reach the result. Therefore, if you practice yoga, we are carefully considering what you need to practice, choose practice, especially not disclose this practice, but if we get a result in full or at least in part, but then we have, what if, the right to speak on these topics. And talk about it can only be for the benefit of all living beings, so that they, too, knew about it, about these opportunities, not otherwise.


Question from the audience: And if you practice mantra to change your body, for example, I’m black, and all my life wanted to be white, which in this case is also valid?


 If action is to awaken mantra, then it starts to work on the physical body as well. Do you want to – believe it or – check. Here miracles begin. It is from the standpoint of the theory is explained, as if we reconstruct the structure of the causal body, the causal body then rebuilds the structure of the subtle body and the gross body – made up of atoms, is, roughly speaking, is that of food stuck to the subtle body. Here it turns out the gross body. If subtle changed gradually beginning to change and the gross body. Anyway, I know the kind of thing that people who practice yoga, they are almost at will change the shape, appearance. I know it sounds like science fiction, but it is. An example from my life.



Usually used rosary beads, a variety of reading mantras. For different mantras and different purposes different beads used. The rosary consists of 108 beads, bead 109 connects with a rosary and is not used. When shuffling of beads we do not cross the 109 bead. We do not use the index finger at the shuffling of beads.


And so, back. For different purposes recommend different beads. Why? Because different mantras have different vibration, practicing, you play a vibration, these vibrations begin to impregnate the material beads, then you are no longer recite the mantra and prayer beads absorbed, as a magnet, these vibrations. So, for different purposes have different vibration, and the bearer of them are different beads. Therefore, they are made of glass, wood, gold, precious stones, semi-precious stones, from the bones, plant seed crystal. In general, from what they just did not happen.

You decide to buy a rosary. Do not rush to use them. Next, you should demantrirovat them. You do not know who made them, I sat some local native with evil thoughts, strung them on a string, and swore has bought after that he paid little for them. So, what to do with the rosary? Rosary demantrirovat necessary. (Ie parse embedded mantra). You never know who’s there, holding the rosary in their hands, who, where and sent not a good word commemorated. Formally, from the standpoint of yoga mantra rosary imprint received and are currently on.

Therefore, it is desirable, but not required, to disassemble and rosary strung again, sometimes it happens and important, because there weak rope.

Take a cool running water in the river or from the tap, which will appear, spread with honey beads and go through them using the “Phat” Astra Mantra. Here you have smeared the rosary and “prophatili” each bead. Then you lower the arm with the rosary in the water and start again, “Phat” (Phat) to pass, and then the “ohms” (Om). And so to do until all the honey does not wash away. Then this vodichku poured into a river or somewhere else, depending on where you are.

109 bead – Mayor, we do not cross. The index finger when iterating rosary we do not use. Reaching the 109 beads, we turn and climb again 108 times before meeting with the Mayor (109 bead). Measure it as our central channel Sushumna, around it all turns, so it is here.


            Question from the audience: rather than the guilty finger, why it is not used in the shuffling of beads?


            Difficult question. We remember that the yoga of knowledge came to us bit by bit, piece by piece. The Yoga of the lost knowledge. But we remember that yoga is logical, any position in Yoga is displayed, as in mathematics, but many of the findings did not reach us. Therefore, in part, that knowledge gaps are compensated tradition. That said so, and do it. Because before we did, and it worked, and we do the same work. Yes, God knows what will happen there, if you start to use your index finger to iterating the rosary? Perhaps this associative links some complicated, someone explains some tricky interplay of energy channels. It is difficult to say why, but the index fingers in iterating beads are not used.


We aspire to no one saw how we iterate through the rosary. And we do not try to look. The explanation for this is not. There probably time such associative. I see representatives of some spiritual currents make it as a show. It should be publicly and fingers a rosary. In Yoga it is considered at least as modest, and to a certain extent, this is a violation of the principle of secrecy. Well, involving the consciousness of others, you attract other people’s energy, and it is like a stick in the wheel, to some degree blocks your practice. When we look at ourselves, we also concentrate on sorting beads, and we need to concentrate on the mantra.

Rosaries turning into an amulet.

The mantra should be awaken. Mantra awakens multiple repetition and additional yogis and rituals. We repeat it and repeat. It is sometimes repeated several thousand times.


How can I become a mantra to work or not?


Well, how do we determine if the mantra is working or not? First, we read it for some purpose, we look at the result. We begin to repeat, repeat a mantra, and thus awaken her. How? Awakens the energy of the mantra only when, repeating the word, vibration, we come to our body’s foundation, where we located the energy of our body (Kundalini), and if they fall into resonance, that our energy in the same vibration works like this word (mantra). This energy plays all of the events that we ask, through the mantra. For this purpose it is necessary to awaken the energy to get through the vibration of the word before. The vibration is transmitted, and the vibration of the media is becoming thinner and thinner, it comes to the Kundalini energy, and it begins to vibrate in the same vein. And this energy is very strong and makes everything that you want. And when this happens, the mantra is awakened. And there are ways to support calls. If we are still engaged in parallel other Yogis, we indirectly contribute to ensuring that this process is accelerated. All Yogis – Hatha Yoga, Pranayama yoga, Kriya yoga and so on. There are practices that work like rituals. This is when in a certain place a person takes, lights the fire and pours into it a little melted butter, and if it is in itself, fire, focuses, and all the action has a very strong influence on the awakening of mantra. Called Homa – fire ritual. Speeds also effect the mantra if you stop lying, deal with bad people; If you are practicing mantra in a beautiful location. If you’re more or less solitary life, the mantra awakens faster. There are so many factors. Anyway, the main thing is that the mantra should be repeated, and all other factors can speed up or, conversely, slow down. Violation of the secrecy of the principle, on the contrary, slows down the practice. Sometimes the “out” reduces all practice. On the contrary, meditation and working with prana – accelerate.


There are mantras that work regardless of whether you understand Mantra yoga or not, whether you know the value of a mantra or not. Do you consciously or unconsciously utter it.


Question from the audience: why, when we practice the mantra of the Name must first put the OM, and after the name Hrim?


            OM – is a universal mantra, it seems to be preceded by the practice. Hrim – it kind of completes the practice to name is not merged into a solid. There is a more serious explanation, but I do not have time for this.


At the base of our body is the Kundalini, so any word that you say, strictly speaking – Kundalini energy emanation. Sama Kundalini energy – the essence of the mantra, the vibration. Similarly, the vibration is energy. The concept – energy, it comes down to the concept of vibration. Most interestingly, it is also considered, as in physics, modern science, and in Yoga, Yoga just before reached tens of thousands of years before. Next, we will teach you one of the mantras that you will be extremely necessary if you decide to engage in spiritual practices.


It Mahamrityundzhayya Mantra – Mantra conquering death. It is advisable to read it in order to avoid all kinds of accidents leading to loss of health and life. This mantra gives, in the end, the highest spiritual knowledge.







Many have this mantra assignments or specializations – it protects, it heals, it provides the ability to heal and protects. Especially prescribed recite this mantra birthdays.

The literal translation of it does not. Rather there are many versions. I do not think that if we do start to translate it literally, this translation will satisfy us. This mantra in Sanskrit. Sanskrit language is very multi-valued. Now we will not spend time on it. Now we are with you will practice this mantra.


For what it is, this mantra, Mahamrityundzhayya?


Little did anyone of you explode in extreme kinds of yoga, here – to his neck there is no collapse, and this mantra is needed. We do not know this world, we do not know their karma, and therefore it is necessary to recite mantras to awaken them to the protective layer of vibration around us were. They will take the kick. There is a moment that if the beads are broken, then took the blow. He was supposed to be for you, and the rope was torn.

A few more words about the mantras. Sanskrit is a very interesting language, how he heard and written, in contrast to all other languages. Because that was first oral transmission, and no one risked it even record. Oral transmission then taken and recorded, so the same word there may sound the same, but in different ways can be written.


      How can distort the mantra?


In fact there are quite a large corridor, of course, we are not Hindus, although they are also in Sanskrit, not all are able to speak, so we say the mantra as we pronounce it. This is similar to how your name would not have spoken Vadim and Vadym, you still have to understand that you are turning and turned. Therefore, to a certain extent this can be done. Sanskrit – a dead language and its speakers are no longer in real time. These mantras, which we are studying here with you – clever mantra.

(The following is the practice Mahamrityundzhayya mantra).


So, yoga – something fantastically exorbitant, it reveals to us all that is laid, and sometimes do not realize that it is in us. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. So, with regard to Mantra Yoga – practice, practice and practice again.

Mantra completely rebuilds the fine structure of the body.


What actions have mantras?

Sometimes a lot of situations in life, and to address them need different mantras, with specific actions. Here I will list you now that, in principle, can be found on the Internet. The collection is called “the mantra for Tantra.” Tantra Yoga – is a strong aspect of yoga, and it is believed that without Mantra yoga there is nothing to do at all. In the West, Tantra yoga gained more sexual aspect. Tantra Yoga uses any energy in our body, and you remember that she is we have two energies, and sexual energy – it is a manifestation of our unified energy. So, to manage it, there is a way – a time mantra. This collection contains a variety of mantras for different purposes. On our site you will also find www.openyoga.ru section with mantras.

There are mantras narrowly sharpened by some purpose, as a rule, have survived those mantras which are then practiced. There mantra “wider”, for example, Mantra Prosperity. Prosperity can you send that you need. Or mantra harmony in the family, but God knows what is meant by this. In fact, I want to please you – if you are practicing mantra, you understand their meaning or do not understand, you are able to concentrate their practice or after intoxication, in any case, it works. In this terrible beauty of a mantra. Mantra yoga is very optimistic science, she says, that even if you are in this yoga has come quite in despair, still one retseptik there. It is not that right, not to on a silver platter of gold, but there is a way. This in itself is the greatest power. And if a man, although the share was convinced that it works, even though the mind, he still refuses to accept it, believe me, you will experience the joy of grandiose!

Now, all that concerns the practice of yoga mantra, there is such a good “gentleman’s set” that must be practiced. It is best to start learning with Mantra yoga mantras, eliminating obstacles, a group of mantras, the so-called Ganesh Mantra. Seen, probably, he is depicted with an elephant’s head, tummy had a round, apple in hand holds. Ganesha is considered to remove the obstacles or the one who creates them. Round trip. He can put an obstacle in your way, and just clean it up. On what basis? Well, if he sees that corresponds to your desire spiritual progress – removes the obstacle, if he sees that you climb these spiritual knowledge, and do not quite understand what, how and why – on the contrary, puts obstacles.

Then he recites the mantra Mahamrityundzhayya, is the fact that you will not “have screwed.” What do you think, is what we are now you sit and understand the theory, but somewhere in the Lower Uryupinsk, in the woods, sitting practice, young boys and girls. And they are doing to their bodies … I can not tell you. They practice in full. Lack of knowledge is compensated effort. They cling to all the practices available to them. In “Moscow Komsomolets” tomorrow will print some practice – they will do it. You understand that this can be done, just not be good. So let’s start having read for Mahamrityundzhayyu mantra. Highly recommend it as practiced on the day of his birth. Feast booze and arrange the next day and the birthday of a better loan. Guests can wait. During the eclipse as well practice it. There are some indications that this is done at the navel in water, but it is the individual practice. Now I do not want to overload of information. It is also good practice Gayatri mantra. Then, when a man long practiced Mantra Yoga, he brings to his personal mantra. That’s just the mantra should be held as nothing more than a secret. Here already will all personally, individually and very strong. But this should come. If you want prosperity and wealth, remember that there is such a Goddess Lakshmi and her sister have Dhumavati – a widow living with her husband, a very frightening form of energy, if you will. So, it is believed that before the worship of Lakshmi, and is a nod in the direction of Dhumavati, it is still an older sister. But these are nuances. Sometimes the mercantile aspect of the practitioners in advance goes. I do not mind that, it’s better to be rich people first, believe in it, that the mantra works, and then realize that you need to deal with the spiritual. Otherwise, he did no not believe in anything, neither in spiritual nor in material. Accumulating mantra, you know, it’s like a money to the bank put – accumulating it and accumulating if some karmic trouble asking for us (who knows what we have done in a past life, can we not feed bread, give me someone to rob, of course, that begin to pay for it in this life), and Mantra yoga us in this regard preserves. You remember the law of Karma can not be undone. It can only be a positive outweigh the negative, but already there is Mantra Yoga takes the kick. As they say in the myths of various blow falls on the first knight armor, and only then by the very knight. Here you are Mahamrityundzhayyu mantra recited it like a cloud hanging over you protection today. your Karma can be any, and the action it can turn around in unpredictable ways, and it would be good to alleviate the effect of the mantra.


Question from the audience: here you are talking about the number of mantra pronunciation – 108, 54, 27. It is in any case, how to count?


In general, if possible, always have to read a multiple of 108. Now we will practice without the rosary, and if the Rosary, would come to the Mayor (109 bead) and stopped. Or if we had appointed himself to say three times, we would still be spared the rosary a couple of times. This is a way to count. Because when a person repeats a mantra, it is usually at such depths of his subconscious out that not even time to determine. That’s how we are practicing 35minutes, and thought no more 10Minutes. Then with a Rosary in your pocket, around your neck. They have a very good impact. They are like the battery of these vibrations.


Question from the audience: the speed with which it is necessary to read the mantra?


With the rate at which reproduces the mind. Read the mantra we can not focus our attention on the breath. But there is such a wonderful opportunity, when we combine the breath with mantras, and yet all of this is done in the open air, we automatically get Pranayama. This is a wonderful opportunity to combine two of yoga together. But it is not always possible, for example, when you are traveling in the subway, Pranayama certainly will not work.

There are practice: when I started to learn yoga, I was struck by the abundance of rituals. In our imagination ritual is more to beauty than this have any meaning. In fact, not everything is so simple, the ritual – it is a very fine practice that non-obvious way affects our senses and our brain. Here you read the mantra, your brain starts to fall into a trance, it is good, but sometimes you have to push. In this way we have given impetus to the self-energy. As in the ancient treatises, they say – it is necessary to give a boost to energy and awaken mantra. In fact, you know, we’re just concentrating his attention more. In Buddhist monks, they call the bell during practice, the drum beat. On the one hand, this is such a trance technique, on the other hand, removes from the sleep of reason. Because when we read the mantra, the mind has a tendency to fall asleep, but in the dream it was clean. And here we strengthen the cleaning.


Question from the audience: which hand it is necessary to keep the rosary?


Different schools of yoga in many ways. In our school of yoga traditions Anandasvami keep as you like.

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