2008.09.28 Seminar Mantra Yoga

Benefits of Mantra Yoga

Mantra Yoga does not imply the presence of any physical exercise for its practice. What makes it a very useful and indispensable in cases where there is no physical possibility to do yoga: you are on a business trip, train, etc. In addition, if you are having trouble with his own body:. You need to do, and you for some reason can not, for example, ill.

Uttering aloud the words, we change our state of mind.

 Uttering aloud the words, changing our perception of ourselves and the world.

Uttering aloud the words, we need something seen or felt completely different.

Science Mantra Yoga – one of the most difficult in the study. It is much easier to justify how the Hatha Yoga, Pranayama Yoga, Kriya Yoga. What is the driving force of the yogi and why when executed person receives certain effects?

And it is very difficult, if not impossible, to explain the effect of mantras. That is why mantras work? Despite the simplicity of this science (we begin to recite the famous words, phrases, recitatives, and get some effect) to explain why we have this or that effect, it is extremely difficult. And yoga is considered one of the most complex sciences. The complexity of the study is that the effect of mantras is based on the deepest principles of construction of the universe.

Let us return to the words spoken by a person. When a person speaks and when he was silent, his state of mind and perception is changing his mind. Moreover, the changing nature of the cognitive activity of the mind. When a person says, rebuilt its energy flows, and if you talk long enough, a person feels tired, like after physical work. Moreover, when a person starts talking, a lot of things in his mind begins to realize more clearly and more precisely. If we are faced with a complex thing we can not understand, and start it (a proposal) to repeat somehow artfully arranged our mind that begins to “bulk up.” It is a known method of cramming. Sometimes people do not understand a few suggestions that he should learn. He does not understand them, but it begins to repeat aloud, and – oh, miracle, until he “comes”. Although, it may several times to myself to read a page from the textbook, and it still does not understand. And I read all the same out loud – “has come.”

  There is an anecdote, as one teacher complained another.

“I’m so stupid students.

I explain to them, I explain, and they do not understand.

I have myself understood, and they do not understand. “


If you speak their language, you tend to have more developed mind than a person who does not speak the language. It is very clear and the strange relationship between the ability to articulate speech and the ability to think.

Advantages of the “talker”

People who are able to speak, succeed in life more than people-undecideds. Note usually a chatterbox occupies a higher position in society than Silent. Although everyone knows that he is a chatterbox and a chatterbox. But in life it happens that all the key positions usually come Chatters (in a good and bad sense). That is, people who do not keep silent. It turns on a purely psychological factor, if you are with someone you have to communicate, it is necessary to you, and you knew it. The sad spectacle is contact with a person who does not know your language. You something to him talk, and he looks at you. And you can not understand whether it is stupid, or he simply does not understand you. And so people intuitively reach for those who speak. Now it becomes a vital necessity – to learn foreign languages, especially English. Please note: those people who are a little bit in English to say (I say, speak, and do not write or read) errors, “through the stump deck,” they begin to dominate among those who are silent. Especially when it comes to employment. Here is a rigid relationship between skill and mental ability to speak. Conversely, if a person is silent, we perceive it as something inadequate and prefer affairs with him to have.

Word – a vibration

Now back to yoga. It is the position very clearly justify. Yoga says: yes, indeed, the ability to articulate speech is not something accidental in the way of evolution and built into the structure of our evolution. That is, we can assume that on some other planet began to develop other living beings and, for example, they have forgotten to invent a language – they have no voice in our understanding. But there is some analog of our speech, where vibrations are transmitted. And what is it? What is our spoken words? This vibration, as you know, the air vibration. These air vibrations carry some information. We use air. Penguins, for example, vibrations propagate in the water and are extremely sensitive to snake soil vibrations. This interaction channel universe as vibrations, are present, regardless of life forms. And its manifestation reaches the highest in human form, when we can speak articulately. Animals can too. Look at the sparrows, which divide the tithe and tweeting on the dogs that bark at each other, etc. Yoga says: our ability to talk is not accidental invention, but it is the most profound discovery of the principles laid down in our device. And so, in the course of evolution, what it called, not invented, and in us, and so laid.

And as soon as the speech reveals the principle behind them is very powerful principle of reason is revealed. As the pyramid: one layer on the other stands. That is, the principle of disclosure of speech, and mind disclosure principle follow each other. Moreover, yoga gives detailed instructions, which centers within man responsible for what. According to the human body device with yoga positions, the center, which is manifested through the voice, is at the base of our neck, called Vishuddha (in the Tantric tradition). At the base of our neck, somewhere in there, there is a center that is responsible for articulate speech. And following it, the intellectual center, located between our eyebrows (Ajna). The whole evolution of man is the center of development from the bottom up. And as soon as the center has developed a voice, he began to push and indirectly to the development of the intellectual center.

How to develop intelligence

The development of the mind to start with the development of speech. For example, you want to start learning a foreign language or some section of Mathematics. There is such an example. Sits poor student, read, read, and before him did not “reach” the meaning. There is a very practical method: read the same thing, loud and loud. And you will see the difference. This is the “method of cramming,” when referring to that there is the image of the medieval schools, where the rod lies, and students who bison aloud any science. We see this approach as something medieval, from what should be abandoned. No, my friends, from the song words can not erase. So “came” better.

Speech center and the center of the mind is very much related to each other. So, before you threaten to serious intellectual challenges, it would be good to work first with his speech.

The role in the evolution of speech yogi

Several short positions from yoga about our speech. We are with you utter a word, but there is a special word – mantra.

That is, if we are aloud to say, for example, the formulas from mathematics, we have a strong impact on our mind, body and thin structure. But there is a special word, and so cleverly they matched, so cleverly chosen combination of sounds that the effect is much greater. And these words, and sometimes whole sentences are called mantras.

The benefit of uttering mantras:

1. A person develops the mind by force. Therefore, if you feel that the intellectually backward, should be practiced Mantra Yoga.

2. A person who practices yoga mantra, very quickly develops a focused mind. Sometimes it is very difficult to concentrate on something. Thoughts and jumping up and down. And we do not even know that there should be within the stretch to keep out. People who practice mantra, easily keep their attention on the subject.

Picture: “The concentration of consciousness”



3. People who practice mantra, are less prone to stress. Usually, our life is full of troubles. And every thought we capture, while a large amount of adrenaline and we were already beginning to physically shake. The person who repeats the mantra, as if taking and envelops your mind a soft blanket on the roughness of the external world. We can say that he is building a shock absorber between the mind and the world. And it is largely mitigates the penetration of disturbing impulses inside. The person becomes more relaxed in my life.

4. Man practicing Mantra Yoga, gets a beautiful voice. What is a voice? From the viewpoint of yoga – a sensor and indicator of the human body. This is the system, which shows that the person was upset inside. And if a person has a disease or certain karmic flaws, it is immediately displayed in the tone of his voice. Therefore, the most informative part, in addition to the human eye, about a man – this is his voice. You can only hear the voice intuitively understand on what he plans to do something wrong. And in some cases even begin to understand yourself, what karmic flaws it has. But it only indirectly. we can not see the Karma, but defects may determine. If a person for a long time engaged in Mantra Yoga, through the vibration it eliminates the shortcomings, and his voice becomes more harmonious. Here is a very serious connection between the human voice and its condition, but it is a separate issue in Mantra Yoga. It is, firstly, as a method of diagnosis, and secondly, as a method of treatment. If you hear a voice, you can diagnose, but a man who has these problems by working with voice, corrects them. That is, it is as a sensor, and a correction tool. A person becomes a beautiful voice.

5. Man practicing specific mantras is freed from all karmic pollution and health gains. Again according to the effort.

6. A person who is engaged in Mantra Yoga, finds more life force (prana). That is, working with voice and special mantras, you increase the degree of vitality, immunity and your life starts to grow.

7. A person who is engaged in Mantra Yoga, develop their abilities, which later turned into hit. Ironically, working with his voice, we discover other abilities of our body, which later reach such a degree of refinement that no longer fit the usual definition of abilities, this is some kind of hit.

8. A person who is engaged in Mantra Yoga, can eventually control the minds of others. If you are practicing a certain mantra, you can tune in the mind of other people. This is a very valuable asset if you are a manager of a large enterprise. And all your subordinates, like cockroaches, ready to scatter in different directions, and do anything just to not do your company business. And those firms survive, where there is a chief who is able to control it all. And to supervise subordinates – oh how difficult. There is a myth that you can control the big money: more than a person pay – more it will work. This misconception, which ruined not one entrepreneur. In addition to the money it should be something else. This is something elusive that helps bring people together in the name of a single target. If you are the future managers, or the luminaries of our business, and I believe that they will soon begin to appear, then hover your order.


9. A person who is engaged in Mantra Yoga, eventually destroying their negative karma and becomes positive. In general, in respect of karma we have little that can be done. If we have done something wrong in a past life, and thus gave rise to their negative karma, then either we have to answer is about the same get and thus redeem, or we have to pay off. But it’s not like trying to “loosen” the bigwigs of the modern underworld: so he removed the huge number of people, and then built a temple. And I think that all, even. This feeling that he had bought off, false. Nothing like this. Construction of the temple is his article, killed people – his section. But, fortunately, there is a provision in Karma Yoga, that if “according to your negative karma, your hair should be burned, it does not mean that they have to burn on your head.” Therefore, to a certain extent, if you are someone that something should be, you can pay off. Most chassis coin in the universe – it is the prana (life energy). If you are someone messed up life, the money does not pay off. To a certain extent, can improve their position if you give prana. But the prana to be a certain type, for each specific case. One simply does not know where to take her. And there are special mantra, repeating them, you gain the ability to turn out and a special vibration of prana, which were supposed to. An example of this: you need someone to 10 liters of blood. Maybe like this: come and suck a vampire, and you will die immediately. On the other hand, you can quietly take in the blood collection point. And for some amount of time you will type the right amount of blood and reckoning of you and it will not suck again with terrible consequences. But you have to give blood if you take it as a vampire in a past life. Of course, it is, as you know, all the abstract examples. But the point remains – Mantra yoga practice can greatly improve your karmic situation.

Picture: Rescue from karma





10. A person who practices yoga mantra eventually becomes what is called intuition. We have our usual mind, it analyzes the events and issues a new result, as we sometimes think without thinking. In each of us lies this ability. And each of us may disclose it. Methods of Mantra Yoga helps to do it very quickly.

11. And finally, the most mysterious. A person who practices yoga mantra begins all more and more closer to the knowledge of the “I”, and furthermore, through the practice of Mantra Yoga, he can realize the Samadhi (the final liberation through self-knowledge). Thus, Mantra Yoga gives results that are clear to us, and which are easy to recognize. But more than that, it is an instrument that one raises us up the spiritual ladder, and one which lead us to the ultimate goal in the state. We are engaged in yoga. For example, every day we are engaged in 40 minutes of Hatha yoga. If it is already included in our habit, then over time it will help to ensure that we reach the highest state of yoga – samadhi.

Not practicing Hatha yoga whether other ways to reach Samadhi? (If a person is disabled)

Yes, there are people with different karma. But for all the yoga path is open. A person can practice mantra yoga, and only one with this method, without the involvement of Hatha yoga, to achieve the final result. Even in a period of humanity that was so popular method that you forget about everything else.

We can distinctly pronounce sounds, and no one bothers to each of us to practice the mantra yoga. But the fact that we have not done, says that we are only the approaches to this great science, we have not been aware of all the power inherent in the mantra yoga. If we knew a long time ago it would have practiced hard.

Why we still do not do it?

Now a few negative points. A discouraging – because of our inertia. Our mind has evolved to such an extent that we engage in self-development, we are interested in the kinds of spiritual development, mental state, etc. But the understanding of the role of the voice, the role of vibration in the development of our mind is still very weak. That principle of speech, which is incorporated in all of us, are underdeveloped. Imagine the jungle, overgrown with vines, trees – to pass among them impossible. Approximately the same amount of garbage in our speech center. Animals quietly trodden this path among the jungle. Indeed, sparrows are chirping and communicate with each other. The wild men made a little wider this path, go back and forth and communicate more articulately, they already have a large vocabulary – more than 20 words. This is much higher than the condition of the animal, but not yet called the state of Sciences academician. In the future, there is a man who from one life to develop this ability. And then observed a strong correlation: the more people wild, more primitive his tongue. The more developed a person is, the more complex his tongue. As for the structure, and in its lexical content.

Let me tell you a secret. To know English, you need to know only two thousand lexical units. Two thousand – it is so little, but enough to communicate effectively. But this state average “burger”. This creature, which needs less: go to the supermarket to buy something, come to work and do standard operations. In humans, a cultural and intellectual development of wider vocabulary. And it goes the construction of phrases and expressions more “flowery”. There is a direct relationship between the speech that we hear from the man and his degree of development. Therefore, in an intellectually developed people it is not just some small-track path, and this is a kind of road. And finally, the people very advanced it is “highway” (highway). But still on the edges of the jungle. Do you know what on the edges of the jungle? Here, the forest wall, and here the forest wall. You go, and the sun is not visible. Only a small skylight sky. As soon as a person begins to work on his speech, we have increasingly seen the horizon. And from time to time and drop in the lumens of the sun. Similarly, our speech. So far we are only clearing hacked. I’m talking, I understand. Well, not like Shakespeare, flowery, but enough. And, it would seem that in this direction to do more? There’s nothing else to do, I understand, I understand – is enough. So – is not enough. And just continuing to work on a certain level of perfection of rhetorical abilities, suddenly he begins to realize that our articulate it includes many more features than just chat with each other. What are some processes of evolution run into our speech. And we’re just not able to understand some secret levers of power until our speech is not developed. And the result is a very interesting thing: at a certain stage of development, the person begins to relate to the words, as in the primitive times – to magical effect.

You have all read fairy tales: to carry out a magical effect, you need something to do and say the spell. But we are seriously concerned that not – who knows what primitive people napridumyvali. So, early humans were closer to the truth of the internal structure of our nature than we are now – educated people. And it’s starting to come after the people for a long time engaged in yoga, I widened the road and began to feel that the potential inherent in every word, much more than just talk to yourself like a living creature on kakie-to threads, for example, weather or sports. But we still do not understand, and therefore did not develop in this direction. And if, by virtue of any reasons why a person develops, develops, develops its rhetoric, and before it begins to reach – what power in every word! This is the negative side of mantra yoga. Despite the ease of use of this science, the reverse side, which does not allow us to use this science – our folly. A folly – a very tricky thing, it is rooted in our ignorance, which we from time to time in life have visited. “Why should I disclose my mouth? It is better to keep quiet quietly. ” The man is silent and does not mind certain impulses. The mind does not develop, and if it does not develop, and it is not aware that inherent in speech. And to break this vicious practice – underestimation of powerful tools that are in the hands of each of us – and is designed to practice Mantra Yoga.

This ancient teaching that is called mantra yoga, handed down to us by teachers of mankind, which will not only cut through the road in this jungle, and completely destroyed them. They knew how to work the word. And they tell us: “Friends, you are dismissive attitude to the question. You do not see all that is inherent in every word. “

I am pleased to convey to you the message of yoga teachers that have to work on the voice. And the more you work on it, the better you will be in every sense of the word: in everyday life, and spiritually, and sverhduhovnom. You do not yet feel that building, because the degree of contamination of your mind is too high. But if you will work, believe in the word yoga teachers, then sooner or later you have to “come.” And if you will not work, it will go from life to life with a leisurely humanity evolve quietly, slowly and sadly.

 Therefore, the most useful idea – friends, start practicing.

 Regardless, you understand or do not understand. If you knew, you would long ago have done. This basic idea of this chapter. The most important thing that you should take away from this book – no more waiting. It is a treasure that is in your hands to help you solve a lot of problems in life, which you do not guess. The vast number of students who have already studied mantra yoga, over time begin to ask, “Why did not we know this before? We made so many stupid mistakes, “What we do not practice yoga mantra, says only one thing – about the degree of backwardness of our mind. If we begin to practice mantra yoga, eventually it starts to sharpen the mind, and we first casual, intuitive, and then stronger, begin to understand and feel the power of words. But that I will not instilled an inferiority complex about the weakness of your intelligence, I want to “sweeten” the bitter pill, and I can tell you that over the globe there are not many people who understand the mantra yoga to the end. Yours truly does not understand the mantra yoga to the end. Of course, I understand more and more in Mantra yoga than you, but I’m up to a full understanding of how the moon. Sometimes people say, “I know how this mantra works. I know the mantra yoga. Yes, I have been practicing this mantra and it has worked. ” On the one hand, it’s just a phrase, but if we understand formally, I have to fall at his feet and ask that person to be my Imperial Master. This same theme is one of the toughest in the intellectual awareness. But we will touch upon this later.

We have our language, and we can say the words, some more some less. But there are certain words or phrases, called mantras, and if we begin to practice them, we, willingly or unwillingly, are launching a mechanism of action of mantras. And no one bothers to start practicing tomorrow.

What is the relationship with religion mantra?

In yoga there is a very strict rule – it does not interfere in the affairs of medicine, religion and science. Because we touch some deep-seated feelings of people in religion. And you can every inappropriate word to insult the listener. He can be opened higher, and you start to say that prayer is made up of just such mantras, and the like. Although, I can hold a parallel between the religions with their prayers and mantra yoga. But this is an extremely sensitive subject. I’m afraid to do so tactless, so distancing. There are mantras that are associated with the names of the gods in other religions. Unfortunately, it’s a given the traditions in India. There are so intertwined Mantra Yoga with local religions, that when it comes to the West, people perceive the mantra as worship other gods. Indeed, there are such names mantra. But in addition to names of mantras, mantras have energy and consciousness, about which absolutely can not be said that they have a close relationship to religion. So, Mantra Yoga is not confined only to the names of Indian deities that may embarrass the representatives of other religions. The Mantra yoga there are many mantras that have nothing to do with religion. They are, however, themselves. A lot, for example, “Bija” mantras. They do not transfer and they are specific vibration that is performed at the physical level of vibration massage, ie a purely physical action. So, Mantra Yoga is not confined to religion.

As for the names of mantras, if a man professes any religion: in fact, any prayer can be reduced to mantra yoga. It is possible to “Our Father” to read, but if you do it with the knowledge underlying principles, which says Mantra yoga, then just quickly achieved results.

Once again, a lot of Indian teachings penetrated, including in our country. They sometimes call themselves practicing yoga. And on closer inspection it is difficult to determine whether it is yoga or other religious cult. Like they say, it’s yoga, but dig deeper, it looks like some kind of religion. Yoga is not against religion, yoga for religion, if they help people. But yoga – the science of self-knowledge, and it is built on its principles, which do not contradict religion. But at the same time, and do not depend on religion. That is, a person of any faith can practice yoga. Even if a person is an atheist, he can also do yoga. Yoga helps everyone.

Start yoga practice Mantra

The first thing to which you must begin the practice of Mantra Yoga – to develop a new attitude to words and speech. Often reflect on the words of your speech, and track your status on whether you are talking a lot, a little, talked to some emotional coloring. For example, you sit and read a lecture, and wonder why you are still someone else is listening. Then, over time, you have already pointed out the more subtle nuances of how your mind works, how the body works, what is your condition. Here’s an example: you are at home with his wife scandals and beat the dishes. It is good that it does not reach up to the fight, but that’s about to come. Rubicon has been crossed, all the pieces flying. Are you from a terrible voice switches to cry. You quarrel, quarrel, emotional splash is gone and you realize that your wife / your husband is the / th a wonderful person in the world, peace, and kissed them. This here is a wonderful pastime. But this was preceded by the transmittal of any speech activities. It is important to note for yourself: here you are swearing, cursing, and suddenly come to an end the desire to curse. Would you continue to swear, but – again! – And ended the desire to swear, power ran out. And all that you have hurt and offended, took a back seat. Are you tired and forgotten.

And in this activity that speech is more important than what was said or what was said?

Key points for your further work with voice. In a speech to all the important parts: and what was said, according to information content and how it was said. And in this lies another mystery of our speech impact on our mind. It is playing the role of sometimes not even what I said and how to say it. In the future, we touch and that.

So, “Monday”, you begin to monitor their state of spoken speech. Track your state made speeches from the habit is very helpful to keep a diary. This is a very good habit, it is well structures experience. It’s not even that you will read this blog, or will not, but the fact that at the time of writing are placed points over «i», that is worked through a causal relationship. You begin to quietly gain their inner intuitive sense because, as you say. This is the first, where it all begins.

Second – you do not expect anything, and begin to practice the exercises the voice of tomorrow. In the future, I will touch on this mysterious theme which is called awakening of mantra or the mantra when we do not just choose for yourself and start practicing. And when we have devoted to it, or given the transmission of a mantra. This is a great event and a very serious thing. Many people do not practice the mantra and wait until it happens to them.

 Friends, this is one of the most dangerous delusions that come from the Himalayas Guru and you will devote your personal, the right for you, a mantra. Yes, he will not come until you do not do your part. In ancient treatises have a beautiful comparison that before getting a Master of the elixir of knowledge, the student must first prepare the vessel for that elixir of knowledge. Just like that, in emptiness, no one will be the elixir poured. Also, a person who is not on the job, but pretends to be given a super strong magic mantra, is not met with understanding on the part of teachers. This violation of the second principle of yoga – not wasting unnecessarily forces. It is useless to give, if the person is not ready to accept it. And that was willing to accept it, he should take some steps to make itself self. So, every one of you is waiting for Guru from the Himalayas, and takes and begins to practice certain mantras, the most common, health. And when he will practice, says yoga: the student is ready – ready and the teacher. As a grand piano in the bushes, there is a Guru who in everything you may need to devote mantra. Unfortunately, there are more and more becoming a witness of how people have learned something about the initiation into the mantra yoga, and begin to walk around and look for the appropriate mantra or the person who gave them this mantra. No sane teacher will not jump the gun unless absolutely necessary.

And with a mantra to begin work?

 The Mantra yoga is necessary to start with simple exercises. First, you will sing the mantra And then will sing the mantra, the mantra then Y, then the mantra M. Then all these mantras, which will be played in a single mantra AOUM, or the famous yogic OM. Sometimes it is called “Sweet Om”.

How loud to sing the mantra AOUM?

As loud as possible, without disturbing others. You know, if I live in the “Khrushchev,” where sneeze on the fifth floor and on the ground saying, “Be healthy!”, And I begin to practice mantra-yoga, and I will roar like a sperm whale, did not find understanding with other tenants. And apart from the positive karma this mantra, earn a lot of negative karma. Starts knocking the battery, then the walls, then the door.

We understand that there is a normal person the ideal conditions for the practice, of course, if you do not have a palace on Rublevskom highway where there is a room upholstered with felt, where you can “rip the full” time you have is not so positive karma.

There are three ways of practice mantras:

 Mantra should be repeated loudly, barely audible, mentally.

 Repeat aloud has a strong effect, repetition faintly ten times more impact than a loud repetition mentally ten times stronger than the barely audible repetition. But, to repeat mentally, you need to have a degree of concentration and the crystal clarity of mind. New yogi simply not able to practice mentally. He repeats mentally, and run in the background other thoughts, and such an option on the degree of concentration is much weaker on the mantra, what, when practiced in full voice – then simply not enough forces on extraneous thoughts. Most importantly, you begin to learn and practice yoga mantra aloud, and as loudly as possible.

Friends, let’s be realistic. We have not yet reached that degree of concentration, when the head is not a single thought, except the thought of, say, the Gayatri Mantra, only she. We in the background flashed different thoughts. Therefore, starting from the gross to the subtle.

By the way, about Krishna. There is a Society for Krishna Consciousness. Their main text – the Bhagavad Gita. And, as is not strange in the Bhagavad Gita is very well described many different types of yogas. The famous Hare Krishna in our country and abroad – they are free fed people. It’s very, very cool. Squander – is food, which they presented to the Supreme and Higher they understand how Krishna. What is different from the usual food squandered? The fact that they offer it to the Supreme, and it seems to be sanctified. And the second part – over eating should read the mantra. When a person reads the mantra, it generates around itself these vibrations, and all that is within easy reach, is impregnated by these vibrations, in this case food. Therefore, food, sanctified with this mantra, it is considered very beneficial, useful and healing. The mantra they use – Maha Mantra.

 You probably heard it:

 (Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,

Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,

 Hare Rama, Hare Rama,

Rama, Rama, Hare, Hare).

 In fact, this is one of the most powerful mantras. Another thing is that Western man created a biased attitude. It is too often sing it, sing in the streets, and here the law of associative links. People think it’s just sing, so it works or does not work. But this is one of the most powerful mantras. And if this mantra is awakened, she really can do mighty things. Another thing, of course, many of those who sing, to wake up long enough. But note, in the same Krishna mantra – an important part of their organization. All Krishnas at least a little practice this mantra. And this is an extremely beneficial effect on every Krishnan. We can say that this mantra is holding the entire organization.

What are the more mantras besides Omagh? Which mantra can still practice?

Of course, it all starts with “OM”, to at least get a taste of mantras. But OM mantra too universal, as well as the entire universe. It gives all at once, but gradually. And it is not always necessary for a person. Sometimes a person wants more of something specific and less of everything else. And then there are other mantras.

Let me remind you of mantras classification: Energy mantra, the mantra of Consciousness, Names mantra. Mantras are also divided on the mantra: spiritual, physical (materialistic or worldly) and mantras mixed.

Material mantra, first of all, solve your financial problems. For example, five-room apartment overlooking the Kremlin. This, of course, longer falls under the category of material desires, rather than a category of higher cognition, “I” or the universe. There are other mantras, they are entirely spiritual. That is, practicing them, a person receives in the first place, spiritual insight, and does not say anything about the material. Can not get any material. And finally, there is a third group of mantras, which is through the selected material makes it clear college. For example, I want to come to me through the wealth of college. And practice a special mantra to rich, to understand the college. Why not live such a life? Or I want to Higher revealed to me through art and creativity. I want to create, and through this to know college.

The third type is the most common mantras, safe and acceptable. Because the material of the mantra does not guarantee you the absence of “failure” in life. Well, you get the apartment, and suddenly you do not want to live there, and the realization that everything is perishable, and will poison your mind. From a purely spiritual mantras, really, you can succeed in the pure spirituality, but you, I’m sorry, will have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. If you have a corresponding negative karma. This will distract you. In ancient times, we struggled with this in different ways. Some practiced exclusively spiritual mantras and led an itinerant lifestyle, eating alms. Someone one thought of it is frightening. Well, scared, then it is not necessary, no need to hard about it. Therefore, the most common and appropriate mantra – is mixed, where you comprehend college through concrete.

 Now for the mantras themselves. Is Consciousness mantra them the most important meaning. There is an energy mantra in them the most important thing is the sound that you say. And there is the most powerful mantra – name of mantra. They are equally present energy and consciousness, so to a certain extent, you can distort the pronunciation and not fully understand the meaning. But to get the result that makes these mantras widespread.

There is a mantra and the mantra of direct action to “foolproof”.

Worldwide common mantra with a “foolproof”. Mantra direct virtually unknown to the general public. And thank God. The analogy is this: there are mantras have items that you certainly will not hurt. They are safe, for example, a kilogram of potatoes. But to give you a hand kilogram of radioactive plutonium is extremely dangerous, you do not know what to do with it. Similarly, with mantras. Some mantras simply can not harm you, because they laid a very tough “foolproof”. They just will not work if the practitioner threaten any danger from their use. And there is the mantra of direct action. They will act regardless of what you’ll get results. Something is thought: – only himself to blame.

99.9% of all mantras – this is the mantra to “foolproof”. They provide everything that is necessary for the average person of his spiritual development, and for a happy life. Mantra direct action rarely anyone needed, but sometimes there are also needed. It’s kind of a nuclear bomb. For example, we are in the arsenal of nuclear bombs and, God forbid, we ever apply them, but they should be. That’s the same analogy in terms of yoga. To no one has arisen about the illusion of impunity in the teachings of yoga. In yoga, there are excellent arsenal, which help to deal with a very, very serious problems. But, God forbid, someone will take up their application. The very existence of these mantras assumes that no one will use them. But even without them it is impossible. There is a myth that the Mayan, or bad karma will turn and start to do lewdness, and the improper conduct will need to somehow fix, stop. And for this, one of the four billion cases, and we need these mantras.

Ordinary mantra “with protection” are different in the degree of concentration of the action. There are more “blurred”, there is a more concentrated mantra. As you can imagine, mercantile mantra that give you material wealth or prosperity, do not care about your spiritual development. Just as spiritual mantras will not care about your material development. So they work. Therefore, each for himself chooses the mantra with which to work.

What are you doing? Once you have at least a little to understand that Mantra Yoga is not a notion or a fiction, make sure “the hard way” in its effectiveness. And if you have a problem, you can start to use mixed mantra (composed of elements mantras Energy Consciousness mantras and the mantras of the Name). In particular Maha mantra “Hare Krishna”, or the Gayatri Mantra or many other mantras. They fall under the category of mantras, which harmonically combine and Consciousness element energy element, and the element name. In particular, the Maha Mantra Hare Krishna’s name – an indication of the mantra of the Name. Although some say that there are simultaneous elements consist of mantras mantras Consciousness and Energy, if you break the word into syllables. And indeed, it is very interesting to read a letter in Sanskrit. Their letter is one text, there is no clear division into words. And you, depending on the context, you divide into pieces, and get the same value, but if you divide the other pieces – a different value. That’s the beauty of Sanskrit.

 In the future, when you’ll need to use mantras, you choose the correct mantra and start working on it – begins to awaken. You do not expect from the Himalayas Guru, who will come and you will devote to this mantra. You, of course, try to find the person who let you into a mantra. But chances are that you will find such a person is close to zero. So you take, and they started to work on this mantra.

All sources can be found universal mantra to “foolproof”. So, in the worst case, it just does not work, at best – you wake up and it will start working “on all cylinders”. The matter is very intimate, very mysterious. If a miracle happened, and you have devoted to the mantra – you have significantly reduced the practice time. The analogy of this in the case of self-awakening mantra: you sit and rub derevyashechki each other until the fire lights up. And when you have been given initiation into a mantra, it is as if you were given a piece of coal that you want to fan the flames. And there, and there need to work, but you will agree, the flame of the coals to inflate more easily than by the friction of two sticks produce the fire.

And you decide your life problems with the help of mantras. You will find the dates of the mantra, and start the same track. Known flaws allowed. There is a corridor, within which it is possible to some extent to say not as if it uttered Brahmin in India during the ritual. The mantra to “protection” is inherent.

I sometimes say: “What if I do something wrong I will say, correctly, that the heavens move apart and punish me?” Do not punish. Just those mantras, which is very tough tone is important, it is the so-called mantra of direct action, which protects part no, you just do not get it. Just as you do not get access to the nuclear arsenal of the country. No you will not let go. Well, why do you need a nuclear bomb? You can even sell the bomb can not anyone. This thing is absolutely useless for you. Therefore, such a mantra, no one does not publish, they do not need anyone. Mantras are now common purpose, and you can quietly practice them, benefiting.

You start to practice and solve their personal problems. Whether it’s physical, spiritual, or mixed. Solve all their problems, and then begin to share their experiences with others, and before that it is not necessary.

Figure: The mantra of direct action




Figure: the mantra to “foolproof”




Mantra Yoga – the most positive science. One of the safest in this sense Sciences. If you can not do any exercise, you can replace its practice of Mantra Yoga occupation. To avoid interruption in your daily practice. For example, on a business trip or traveling on a train somewhere else. Now more than some practice Mantra Yoga, Hatha yoga sweat more.

There are mantras, which are accompanied by an offering to the fire, I make sure they?

It happens that in the practice of awakening awakening mantra comes also with the help of fire. For example, you are practicing mantra, sitting at home on the fifth floor. But there is a mantra that is useful to practice, so to speak, with a fire ritual. This is when the bonfire and to add fuel, and thus read by well-known mantra. And in this case, as stated in the text, do as your teacher told you. But, my friends, the mantra will awaken once you have set for ourselves in the sense that even if you give initiation in the mantra, the mantra should be practicing yourself.

The most important thing in mantra yoga, as yoga in general – is to practice.

What is the best practice: for individual sounds or just together?

First, you practice for individual sounds and then together. First mantra A, then O, U, M. M – this is not a letter, a sound ending. When we stop the sound effect.

A person who is just beginning to practice Mantra Yoga, he should seek a mantra (from printed sources), or may take the mantra from someone?

Wherever you are right now does not have a mantra – from open sources, at least in the tabloid press, that only they themselves superfluous syllables not printed. Sometimes there are books with obvious mistakes. So, if you are sure that the mantra correctly and accurately printed, you can practice. There are only open mantra, closed do not go.

There is a tendency in the mantras. If the problem is not life, that mantra practice, eliminating obstacles – Ganesh Mantra. Then, the mantra of the Rig Veda is very popular – Mantra conquering death, followed by the Gayatri mantra is very powerful to finally remove obstacles. Gayatri also gives good fortune that you are not distracted by the practice of yoga. Knowledge of how these have been very powerful in ancient times, and have remained. Another thing is, we have an associative link, if I do not like, for example, the yogi who repeats this mantra, and I think – well, again he repeats this mantra, the mantra means weak, I will not repeat it, since people do not like. But man – a man and a mantra – a mantra, nothing. He may be repeating it like a parrot, without inner attention. This is what, if we do not like a tape recorder, and we do not like the singer? When you begin to work with the mantra, it will start to wake up, that’s when you do it all clearly understand and feel. Sometimes the yogi begins to practice a mantra, then moves to the other mantra, because he understands that another mantra he is closer to his current problems. As a rule, one mantra gently conveys another person mantra. The person starts to practice mantra, and it reveals his mind and reveals: “What are you me practicing, because you have other problems. Take a mantra, my girlfriend, another mantra. ” And the man goes smoothly. Another thing is when a person jumps from one to the other mantras. Oh, before dinner I want to become an astronaut, after dinner somebody else. And a person starts to rush. And it turns out that no one mantra he did not awakened, not brought to fulfillment. And he gradually lost faith in the mantra. This is a mechanism to collect. While the last part is not fastened – the motor is not running. A motor assembled to half – and tossed. Another motor assembled – and tossed. The third … As a result, the residue remains in the head: “Where is the guarantee that this will work? Not once did not work, is there any guarantee that this time will work? “Therefore, each successful, brought to the end of the awakening of mantra adds you strength and confidence, and this mantra you awaken quickly.

But the awakening awakening hatred mantra. It’s one thing to awaken mantra and get a five-room apartment overlooking the Kremlin. It is, in fact, small problem, very small. Another thing – to reach the superconscious state of consciousness. It is not even measured in the apartments. This is an order of magnitude greater, and in another area. Therefore, the awakening of mantra different in strength, depending on the task that you set, and depending on his karmic situation. Obviously, if a person has good karma, he was a businessman in a past life. And in this life and he begins to practice the mantra to enhance their business. But as he himself is able to take care of business, the mantra and enhances all.

And another thing is that five people lives was, for example, a parasite. And not only that parasite, also dissuaded other work. Not only that he did not do anything, but also around them created in a previous life sloppiness atmosphere. And it is not enough that we must make an effort, so more and compensate for the negative karma of his inaction. And labor accounts for more to overcome this tendency karma.

It sometimes happens that a man comes and says: “Yes, wonderful science and when I get the result? I’ll pay the money. You give me now the mantra, I teach and when the result? “Yes, maybe never. How do I know his karma than the man involved in a previous life, and whether or not diligent in Mantra yoga in this life? That is, no one ever gave no guarantees, does not and can not give. This is a known problem. Why? “Oh, there are no guarantees, so it’s all hype.” Indeed, and how to check who you peep into the soul? How to check? And did not check. More – more: “Okay, then I want a Mercedes, albeit rolled. That’s the mantra Practice “. Sometimes very strange situations occur, and accurate to the smallest detail. Only when this happens, the person is not funny it becomes. Because he did not believe in his heart that it would work. When worked, it became frightening. So, no guarantees. Guarantees gives only the Lord God.

Is it possible to practice a few mantras a day?

Yes, this is allowed. Although always called that, if practiced two mantras, the one – less time, less effort and less concentration. About Mantra defeats death – the more well-read, the better. Very often in the yoga rules are beginning to emerge “from nowhere.” Mantra, overcoming death, she is the mantra, conquering death. How many times it is repeated to achieve the effect? An example of this: if I am in a past life just doing that cut the Brahmins, like pigs every day for a hundred? Can you imagine what my negative karma. And if I can read and wait for mercy, going to work or not work? I have worked very hard to recite the mantra to reinforce its action. I want to make you remark. You do not have to tell me what you are practicing mantra. After all, I did not give them to you, so it’s your personal practice. When you begin to practice any mantra, it needs to know (what you are practicing mantra), you and your teacher-guru. Since I did not give it to you, and all those present, too, this theme should be for you the strictest secrecy. But we, Westerners, frivolous, and not accustomed to the principle mysteries. You did not have me say it. Therefore, in the future, do not say anything to anyone. Now, with regard to whether it is possible to practice two or three mantras. Yes, you can. Sometimes it also comes. Why? Sometimes there historically. The man began to read a mantra. One moved him to second, but that still remained.


Figure: The principle of secrecy in Mantra Yoga





In general, there are different options depending on your karma, your life, your preferences and the like. There are mantras that you read all the time. There are mantras that you read to an end. For example, in our Yoga University on a course to train teachers to exam. I’ll be the evil-prezlye. Exam-prestrashny terrible. And you sit back all the time. Here, without the required mantra is indispensable. But she’s single. You passed the exam, received a C grade, and no longer need to read the mantra. And there are mantras, where there is a serious problem for a long time. And she read constantly.

There is a very useful practice-approval. For example, do not get me to this point, I have not yet read 1008 times mantra. This asceticism, tied to the time, place and force, that was the feeling inside made and brought to the end. He outlined – fulfilled. There is a component of the Raja Yoga, if done intentionally (spawned Sanskar), this intention will be very beneficial effect on the entire process of accomplishments. That is, he appointed himself a portion of some of the work – done.

And once again, have to mention that the practice of mantras most opportune time – lunar and solar eclipses.

By the way, the mantra, conquering death, is extremely favorable birthday. There are people who do not like to celebrate a birthday. Why celebrate it? You’re getting old and getting older, and Samadhi all be seen. Another reason reminder lounging. Guests gather, so they will be reminded each time: “… Already a year has gone, and you’re still here, are not dissolved in the rainbow. Well, nothing, nothing … “Gifts even as condolences to bring. To’m not upset at all. In general, do nothing. And it’s time to practice mantra, conquers death, so that at least the next year or two to reach. Maybe, for the year or two it will be able to do something. That is, formed such a binding to specific dates or events. Increased speed, which you can awaken mantra. But again, no guarantees.

How many books on mantra yoga?

Books on the mantra is very small. even less sane. With a good theoretical basis at all. More or less decent, where something is said on the theory of mantras – is Woodruff, but it can not be read. Try to read it. Read it – very hard. Therefore, I would not agree that the theme of the mantras known. That is, it is known, at the level of the tabloids and TV shows on our television channels. So I know this is very doubtful. Even sometimes do not understand, whether in medieval obscurantism was, or somewhere else. And I would not say that it is able to bring a person to mantra yoga. Another approach – the US, where the Hollywood smile. Did you have a problem – you will not be. Here’s my book “The mantra for five minutes.” Want a lot of dollars – all wear green because green to green sticks. But, my friends, what is this? This is a mockery of common sense. I understand, in medieval Europe, where ignorance, downtrodden people, plague, cholera, such topics could still take place. But now…

Therefore, I would not say that this topic is illuminated. Books are very few. This topic is hardly revealed in the school tradition of Rama Krishna Vivekananda. There is at least some mention of the theory and the axioms of this theme. And basically – a conversation about anything. Therefore, it has become such a “novokommercheskaya” theme. You know, there are people who are very bright, they want to earn easy money. It comes a topic from the East. They read a little book for one night – and an expert on Feng Shui. Or, for example, landscape design with all the rest. Assign advice for big money. Once – and interest in Feng Shui is gone. But, let’s do something else, struggle Nanai boys come up. These professionals are instantly re-classified. And now, the mantra will become popular, and I assure you, at every corner these masters will be initiated into the mantra, not less than $ 1,000 for each letter. With dedication, a ceremony will be, in general, all as is necessary. It is a way of pumping money. Yes, even with intimidation: “God forbid, there is not such a tone …” But this is not science Mantra Yoga. Therefore, I do not agree that the science of Mantra Yoga is known that it is known, and if they do, they know sanity, and they know practically. And those who are even a little touched, they are prepared to practice.

There is a mantra, which is applied to music, and for different reasons they begin to sing. Normally, you could practice. But the double theme here. Here you are going to practice with like-minded people, and have chosen to practice a mantra. Another part – it’s your personal mantra when you practice without associates.

Beads can be used?

Yes, the rosary helps to determine the number of mantras you recite the day. They primarily play a supporting role. If you, for example, have appointed themselves to read 108 mantras, for example, Gayatri. I focus on the mantra – forgot how much reading. And not to be distracted by this, it is possible to sort out the rosary. The usual rule – do not use your index finger. Used everything except the index finger for perebiraniya rosary. What is the reason, no one knows. We can assume that there is some sort of associative channel is built. And yet – do not intersect big 109th bead (the so-called Mayor). Once it got to – back. The value of the rosary – only auxiliary. I know people who use a rosary, and that do not use. In the initial stages it is very helpful to use a rosary. They become like a battery. They are impregnated with that vibration, and in the future you can simply tune in and easier to start practicing.

What is the difference from the usual mantra of words?

Yes, any word that man says, to some extent, the same effect as a mantra. But due to the fact that in the process of development of the language was a series of metamorphoses. This is when the same word began to change its action, that is, mankind began to lie, and all mixed up. Biblical legend about that says that there was a common language – the language of truth, in which all the talk and understand each other. Then, as you remember from the Bible, it was Babel … in other religions – are other legends myths. We all formed different languages, and people no longer understand each other. This allegorical theme of the fact that the same words began to be attributed to the opposite values. It is interesting, for example, a group of Slavic languages. Some words in Russian and Polish have opposite meanings. If I’m not mistaken, there is the word “freak” – is a beauty. People began to speak metaphorically, lie began. But every original vibration mantra belongs to a particular object. Just imagine, the word meant one and the same object. It took a while, but in the popular mind, it has changed its meaning. Therefore, we say one word, and the tail of the mantra (that is, the real vibration effect) – on the other. But we have already tightened the value of the other. It turns out that a step forward – two steps back from the action of the word. And now, in modern times – a million steps back, back to a million, and in different mutually exclusive forms. Therefore, in contrast to the usual words that have come a long way of transformation (from what they were originally meant, of what is attributed to them), mantra, to a certain extent, retained the uniqueness, the original word. Just this mantra and different from the usual words.

Where did the original proto?

Ironically, the linguists also confirm the hypothesis of the presence of a certain original, Nostratic language. And from whom came all the other languages. Scientists came to this not through religion or mythology. And in a language reconstruction. There is an interesting science, it deals with linguistics, both from one language comes another. incredible results have been achieved. And, I am proud to say that our country is significantly ahead of all progressive mankind, oddly enough. But since this issue for a very narrow specialists, few people know about this, and not much to brag about. So, it all comes down to the fact that, indeed, they are tracked, that there was an ancient bareysky (or Nostratic), or northern language, which then began to spread to the southern region, is gradually transforming. Divided into groups, then these groups have faced, mingled, once again fell into the other groups. One ethnic group could take a group of languages and transferred to another, and then he disappeared. And this language like the baton – and went and walked on. Do you think that you are now learning English. Certainly not. To a certain extent, it can be called a modern language version of Latin. Because the bulk of the words (the most common English) are precisely of Latin origin.

Another big part in this English – French roots. Actually, European languages differ in some miserable crumbs. Because it was the Roman Empire, and it has left a Latin language. The Roman Empire had disappeared, and remained the language. Why European languages are so close to each other? Not because the people there are close to each other, but because it was the Roman Empire, the territory of which was Latin. Empire collapsed, and the words were. As a result, the words themselves and their meaning undergone opposite. The very original language was somehow connected with the energy of the Kundalini. A vibration of thought and vibration of the Kundalini energy – this is a very serious theory. Every word that you say – it is an emanation of the Kundalini energy. Accordingly, the word that fully conveys the vibrations – and there is a mantra.

The methodology of practice yoga mantra

We stopped on the fact that you start practicing yoga mantra out loud, loud. Then, after you’re long enough to practice out loud, you can dramatically tired throat, and you yourself can become very tired after that. Therefore, chant you can then barely audible, and finally repeat it mentally. But only until such time as you will not re-power to practice it out loud. At an early stage Mantra yoga you need to get a certain amount of time the practice of mantras aloud. In books, treatises, elsewhere you can read that when a barely audible practice, it is stronger, and when to himself mentally, it is much stronger. This can create for you the illusion that you are practicing or barely audible to himself, reached some sort of the next step. It is self-deception. Do not succumb to this self-deception. The criterion is simple: if the background (while chanting mantras) you flash any other thoughts, the degree of your concentration drops sharply, and it is even less than that when you say aloud, respectively, and use less. Do not expect the promised “ten times stronger”, and maybe half of effectiveness, rather than when you are aloud. Even now, when you are practicing out loud, you have to build the entire chain, from loud to barely audible, to from barely audible to the mental. Therefore, you practice out loud. Throat tired – quieter, even more tired – to himself. Then came such force, start again from the beginning, in the ears.

How long to practice? You start with 15 minutes a day to further increase the practice. The practice of Mantra Yoga is highly desirable every day. But the possibility is not at all. Therefore, at least not less than two times a week. It’s a minimum.

So, you are looking for a suitable place to practice and start practicing.


The principle of secrecy in Mantra Yoga

The next point in the practical mastery of mantra yoga. You do not tell anyone what you are learning and practicing Mantra Yoga. No one can know what you’re doing. No one must know the nuances of your practice. You want to avoid the many problems in the practice of yoga – keep their practices in secret. This is a common position in yoga. Here you reach the results – then you will disclose. And the results have not yet reached – shut up. Because if you do not keep secret, willingly or unwillingly can create difficulties on the way. I will speak now as they arise, but there is a golden rule of yoga. Generally, it is a general trend that, if you want to quickly achieve results in yoga, it is not his business to devote all of those who have nothing to do with the process. Then get a result, then you can help others, do whatever you want. there is a section of contemporary knowledge “quantum physics” in scientific circles. As a result of experiments, the researchers came to the conclusion that it is impossible to test the system without affecting it. If someone would be excessive curiosity about what you’re doing, and you can “open the gate” only if they themselves will say what you are doing. On the part of the observer does not understand what you’re doing. Mutters, mutters. If you saw the occupation of mantra yoga, get an evasive answer: voice coach. Lying is not necessary, but especially on the underside too, should not be turned out. Sometimes I hear: “How is it? From family and friends, I will hide something? “But imagine that you are preparing New Year’s surprise. Here you reach the super-powers of yoga, earn a lot of money or other positive aspects – will please friends and relatives. But, again, it is impossible to test the system without affecting it. Now the big collider physics run. They run, run, and he them – again and broke. That’s right – “trumpeted” the entire universe. It was necessary to get the results first, and then ringing. And they have all raised public opinion, including against himself. Immediately some hackers decided to break their computer. Wishing to insert a stick in the wheel – more than enough. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. So, better to keep quiet. Achieve results, it was then, and rejoice. This is a general rule for the practice of yoga. You just start to work with the voice, and no one cares what you do.

Terms and conditions for the practice of yoga mantra

The next point – is highly desirable that you no one interfered. But it is a matter of your karma – will bother you, or will not. It is advisable to work with the voice of practice to accept water procedures. This may be a bath, a shower, rubbing with a damp towel. I remind you: in India there is a custom – twice or once perform sacred ablutions. Moreover, if the Ganges is flowing, so in the Ganges, if any creek, the creek. But we from the water flowing our local Ganges. Opens and bathe. It is extremely useful. It is not absolutely necessary, that is, if you can not, and should not be. But if you can – do not neglect it.

At the initial stage of practice Mantra Yoga is equivalent to asceticism. Do not be surprised that in the early stages you will be very tired. Again, I give you an analogy. Here you have a small path in the jungle, and you start to cut down on the jungle. It is very hard work. Sometimes it happens that force yourself to open your mouth. This is the practice of asceticism. Sometimes people ask me: “How to practice asceticism?” Forcing yourself to tear the mouth. There is an explanation why this is due to austerity. Because every time you open your mouth, you voleizyavlyaete. And the expression of the will makes your “internal gear” spin. And since they are not lubricated, rust, entered a layer of silt and sand, it takes a tremendous effort to turn the first time. Further – more, then – more. Sometimes a student comes and says that he is afraid of once again mouth open, it is difficult – well, he does not like to communicate with people, afraid of them. The answer is only one – all to be afraid, everything was difficult. Any speaker who lectures incessantly can read, once it was on the same stage. But he forced himself, “cranked gear”, and then it is easier, lighter. Therefore, it is a serious ascetic practice – engage in Mantra Yoga. We’ll have to work hard. In the “free” does not pass. And how differently you can with all the karmic layers and remove the dirt? According to another – in any way.

Therefore, the ratio should be such as if you are preparing for a major operation. Mantra yoga practice should not be made if you are very hungry or you just ate tightly. That is, if you ate tightly, let the body to digest food. If you are hungry, that you are weak legs, something to eat light, is not a burden to you. Sometimes very strange effects awake during practices. The man appears giperappetit. That is, before he normally ate, and then began to practice, and then – a huge appetite!


Contact Mantra Yoga and Pranayama

The process of Pranayama, or the presence of prana, and associated with mantra yoga. In the future, when you are doing a lot of mantras, it produces a lot of prana. Example: You have presented a factory for the production of toys. But this factory all broken, all the machines are broken, all covered with rust and debris entered. You spend the strength to run it. And then, when it is already running, it runs itself. And it makes a profit, and this profit itself supports. But first there must be some costs. That is also here. First you need to seriously work hard in order to start the process. Moreover, for various mantras, or for different tasks necessary to revitalize, to start the process. Let’s say you started for a mantra, and for another you need to start all over again. Although previous experience helps.

The will in Mantra Yoga

Remember, the most important thing in mantra yoga – it’s just practice. Do not prepare for practice, namely to practice. Well you are able to, in a poor state – it does not matter. Sit down and practice. Because all sorts of prevarication – just now I am gathering other practices prana, and then I will go all the better – leads to the fact that the emphasis is shifting, and the man did not open his mouth. And the most important thing that you need to overcome the inertia of the will. Of course, if you dial other practices prana, it’s easier to practice. And if you are patient, then worse. But in any case, in whatever state you may be, the most important thing – this is the practice. Therefore, it is desirable factor, but not mandatory.

In yoga, it all starts with the will of the “Voleizyavlyayu open his mouth.”

 If there is a will, everything else will come, and if it is not, you can make a million supporting factors, and most do not practice.

Not everything is determined by prana. And everything depends on the internal state, or the state of Bhava. That is, the inner attitude towards the practice. Can be arbitrarily favorable conditions, and the person may simply bursting with strength and vitality. But force yourself to work in the field of speech, he simply can not. If he does, then it helps. But if he is not involved, it is know as the availability of money. For example, a businessman wants to open a new business. He needed start-up capital. He has an idea, and he is already working in this direction, and this will help him. Another example – you have a lot of money, but you do not know what to do with them. That is, the availability of money – this is not a guarantee that you will successfully create an enterprise. You can just spend them on trifles. Likewise with prana if you do not have the inner attitude to the practice, the internal will of using the mantra yoga to know yourself, you will not save this prana. In this and the complexity of the science. For example, there is a formal requirement: if you read this or that mantra one million twenty-seven thousand times, you’ll get the effect. And people tend to be gaining. I read everything, but there is no effect. Why? And no state scored without voleizyavlyal. It is included in the process of such subtle, factor – the ratio of internal to the practice. But the inner attitude to practice, again, not limited to the prana, and to consent. Therefore, if there is a will and there is prana, I agree that all the efforts. But if there is prana, but there is no will, then no warranty. We’re with you all-powerful, not voleizyavili – nothing will happen. Otherwise, it would be simple! Gaining prana, and automatically reach for something else. And the universe is “no” says until voleizyavish to do something, nothing will happen.

There are a large number of mantras, which are very attractive, for example, how to become rich or sverhuspeshnyh. Such purely utilitarian mantra that do not claim to be the opening you any spiritual truth. And just to solve any of your financial problems. For example, I want a five-room apartment with a view of the Kremlin, and I would like a mantra, that all this will take place. Very tempting. And, of course, if a person starts to practice, it is too long to practice, because a big factor will have to budge. There are techniques that allow you to enhance the practice. You know, there is a saying to help is to those who help themselves. Similarly, here, you can strengthen the practice, which is itself. You never know who has what desires, someone – five-room apartment overlooking the Kremlin, someone – something less harmless to others … So this theme (strengthening the practice of one another) – a rather closed. Later, it came down to what is called the beginning of “rite”. It’s kind of hard practice, consisting of separate podpraktik, but together they have a breakthrough effect.

Mantra Yoga begins with the fact that recognized the power of this tool. The problem is not that you have no need for you to mantras. Mantras can be found. The problem is that you just do not feel for this force. First, yoga- Mantra is an abstraction, even tempting. Therefore, the very first is your goal in Mantra yoga – is to realize that this science really works. And not realize at the level of books read or passed seminars. And should be intuitive inner confidence. If it is, you will voleizvlyat practice, but if you practice, you will get a result, but when you get a result, you will be easier to get a second, third result, and so on.

Therefore, “OM” you start practicing tomorrow.

 Firstly, to hone your mind to understanding of this science, so you really sure that this science works.

What else is the difficulty? For example, to some uneducated native to India, I happened to be the Guru and whispered in your ear the mantra. And he – shepherd shepherd. It is up to the person’s status is not quite mature enough yet, in the human body only the third birth, long ago learned to speak. But he has a dog’s loyalty and confidence in the subject. He still does not understand a lot, because the mind is not too developed to block confidence. His mind still believe in any miracles. And then he starts to practice with sincerity, and receives the result. The same mantra, the same Guru gives to some intellectual development of an Indian who was educated in England and already feels quite modern man, but he already has a worm of doubt inside. This worm eats his faith in the mantra. Accordingly, he does not practice the mantra and your mind does not clear. And if they practice, the way “for show”. That is, one part of his mind practice, and the other is watching practitioners. It’s like a step forward, two steps back. You know, man, however, makes no headway. He first rushed to do anything, but then stepped back in doubt. And it turns out that the civilized man with a sharpened intellect does not receive the effect of the mantra. A savage who knows only two mantras (one heals from a snake bite, the second from anything else), they completely mastered and enjoyed. Although, one developed intellectually and not received, and the second is not developed intellectually, but he has confidence in the teacher, who passed mantra. And it gets results and develops the mind.

Trust – a very important factor. The worst thing that our disbelieving and critical mind often kills the practice on the vine. I urge you not to be so gullible, credulous and uncritical. Not at all. Yoga as time, science is not for the gullible. I urge you to recognize the complexity of this issue. To understand the mechanism of action of mantras is extremely difficult. Therefore, the first thing to start your practice Mantra Yoga – let this practice will reveal the grandeur of this science in general. And when she opens, then there will be choosing more utilitarian goals for yourself. And then, every successful understanding, every successful step will give you the confidence to achieve results every time.

There are mantras with very specific predictable results. Some mantras give mercantile result, other mantras give a result solely in spiritual development, and there are mantras that give both in “one package”.

Any unique mantra, it gives a specific unambiguous result. But there is a “kingdom of crooked mirrors” – this is our reason with our Maya, which sometimes distorts the obvious events in perception. And we can not clearly say whether it was the correct result, which wanted to practice, the result Was this some kind of a side … As if he wanted one, but in fact, like a completely different, and suddenly it turns out that all wanted the third: that and that, and another, and that all is well … is such confusion with himself there.

Therefore, there is a mantra to “foolproof”, who are in no hurry to fulfill all the needs of the practitioner. These mantras are mainly and distributed. And a very small probability that before the other mantras, the so-called “direct action”, you get in this life. The mantra to “foolproof”, first of all, checks, and would not it be worse to you on your desire, and only then implement or not implement it. Perhaps this situation is that our desire may have been such that we would hurt, but the tricky mantra did not carry it out, and give it in a distorted way, that there was no harm. A lot depends on the situation and on the karma of man. Karma at all different, respectively, and are different nuances. But in all cases exactly the same for all practitioners is that the mantra works. Understand that the mantra works, you can only develop intuition. Our usual understanding is likely to argue that the mantra is a nonsense, rather than practice – “Well, what is it – like a parrot repeating ?!”

So tomorrow you choose a place in the sacred Ganges namoetes, snack and start bawling obscenities good this mantra, do it for 15 minutes. On the question of surprised family and friends respond that work with voice.

The inner attitude towards practice

Next time – this is an emotional attitude to the practice. It should be confidential. Often in man there is a separation in practice and watching. It is a kind of a trap on the way to yoga. Traps for the unworthy, that did not get the result. Because the man is cunning, cynical and canny, that is the one that looks as though interested in yoga, but inside it looks at everything from their position, such ehindenkoy: “Come, Now look, see what’s of practice …. ” Which, on the one hand, it seems to strive to transform itself, and on the other hand, the aim of this little eggshell ego to maintain unchanged. He, on the one hand, and attracts potential superpowers and power produced by these practices. And, on the other hand, the change he does not want to. And the result is a kind of split personality. Here’s an attempt to go into the river, and not be wet. This situation is completely blocking the practice of yoga. Now a favorite theme – the Himalayas, the mysterious yoga, llamas … It all seems so far away, and our imagination draws all so fabulous. But at the moment, you can quite easily get to the Himalayas and see this whole mystique of their own eyes. So, such a person arrives, he looks: the chicken coop chicken coop Yoga Ashram, and there the doors are not closed. And all the inhabitants there homeless bums. As soon as that’s such an emotional jolt. He himself painted a picture of something mysterious, exciting – and there is something commonplace. Moreover, you can go to our southern republic – see the same thing, there is little difference in the third world countries. And it is doubtful – he drew himself one, and now sees more. Well, I think again come sit, practice in a holy place, which in the books they write. He sits down, and he is worried, but not whether it is a hoax, all put together? And here begins the most interesting things. If a person is very crafty, insincere and prone to deceive others, he begins to suspect that his fool. And if the man was sincere and did not deceive anyone, it is adjusted to the desired wave. The man who was not worthy of yoga starts to rush, and he has not reached the desired concentration of consciousness, although the place can be supersvyatym. Just his mind is torn and doubts. And the guru here he does not like some, with a sly smile, probably wants to me anymore denezhek deflate. And there is such a condition within a person when one part does the practice and the practice of trying to get something, and the other part tsinichnenkaya such that for all watches, all analyzes and writes the magazine itself. And now, this state fully covers the path of yoga. Indeed, a man with an open vision gets results, and the man who is torn, does not get the result. Why is this happening? For two reasons. Firstly – karma. Here’s a karma: he cheated, and now suspect that you were deceived, and thus blokiruesh their practice.

In yoga, it is postulated that everything that someone has reached in this universe, can achieve any. What is the extent of our power is limitless. And everything that has ever or anyone opened or completed, can be achieved in any other, practicing yoga. That is, the original formulation of the question. But a new question arises: do I trust this setup. Well, I say that I have my Atma, it is immortal and all-powerful, and so on. Yes, I like that I have the Atma, it sounds good. But I believe he said it again, or I’ll start to rush? No, I did one, and call me in any way, and in general, I will never attain. And plus any karmic layers. And karma right there: yes, you’re nobody and call you in any way. Therefore, there is the practice of asceticism. What is called squeezing “spiritual teeth” need to go forward. You voleizyavlyaesh, no matter what, go ahead, and this is a key question for the awakening of any mantra. To mantra started to work, we must voleizyavit to mantra worked. And if we are in rush, and we understand that rush? Well, we understand, but voleizyavlyaem inside that we should get rid of these ravings. If we suddenly found that indeed the one hand, are involved in practice, on the other hand, as if from its over all skorlupochki observe it is possible, from a third party, and take the dissolved eggshell stream. And this is what is called, the internal attitude to practice. In any yogic practice, this key topic. And it is – the will. In any yogic practice, without this it is impossible to achieve a result. Why? Because if I do not voleizyavlyayu it and voleizyavlyayu something else, it is something else, and begins to come into our lives. Why? Because each of us is all-powerful: he wants to see, and then see.

Again, remember the tale of how the guy can open: what he would think, then it happens. I thought: is not bad it would be to eat. Here again – magic tablecloth with food. Not bad it would be to lie down, then again – a sofa. Not bad would be girls around. Then again – and women, song and dance around. Everyone already ate, I rested. And now he is suffering from idleness. And I think, but if the tiger to the tree under which I was lying. Time – and a tiger there. Voleizyavil – time and fulfilled. You want it to be – it will be. And this is a very serious problem in principle in any spiritual practice, yoga, or anything else. What is the last word of our “I”: I want it or do not want. And if in my heart I do not want it, then it will not come. Although, I can practice in the world to do. While doing all these practices, I may be out of state “do not want”, then somehow I transform your look into a state of “I want”. However, the process of cleansing and transformation can be. And it can happen if we are engaged in practice for quite a long time. And so we have been a long time, the practice should become a habit. In Hatha yoga, as in all other forms of yoga, it is the golden rule: Yoga is not included in the habit, you understand or not understand, or voleizyavlyaete doubt, then there are no guarantees. And if you develop the habit, then there is hope that everything goes well.

So you start working with your voice, start to track how work with the voice influences the mind. And this: You start to practice working with the voice not only when you are engaged in Mantra Yoga, but also in all other suitable occasions. Here, for example, a casual conversation at work can also be converted into practice. That is, every time you open your mouth, this action can be transformed into the practice of it in order to come consciously to the words that we speak. You see, it all starts with having to pay attention to. Inside we have a dark spot, and it seems to us that there is nothing interesting and understandable. And there, on this dark territory, hiding some very interesting things that do not directly and indirectly affect all of our lives. So quietly. And we believe that there is nothing, there is empty. And here, we must turn our eyes to this area, dark, murky, which is called articulate speech. And so we did not talk, track. If until now, the topic was about “the way”, but now the topic of our attention.

You can just shout the mantra, which is also useful, but at the same time be in his ego-shell and watch everything going on, and then all complain, yes, I was at the seminar on the mantra, so I shouted these mantras, and I did not work . Well, what can we say to such a person? And nothing can be said. Why has not worked – is unclear. Whether because he voleizyavil to no effect. He says he wants to act, but at heart still does not want to act. Man is very difficult being very contradictory: one consciousness says instincts – another feeling – the third. That is all very vague. We present ourselves in a very murky plexus urges, desires overt and covert. You press one button, and the reaction goes completely different. And the only thing that can bring to light – this is our will. Finally, to understand all of its vague urge. That is, to illuminate the light, but there do not want to watch, it’s dark and scary.

Remember the anecdote about the man who went under the lamp at night and looking for something? Another man approaches and asks: “What are you looking for here?” And he says that the house keys lost. Somewhere on the way home. The second asks, “And what are you looking for here, not on the road, where the lost” The man replies: “There is lighter.” Here as well we do. Take the yogic practices and begin to practice it on the other side, which is already so clear and bright. But not the dark part inside of us, we are afraid to even look at. And in order to see, sometimes you have to bite the bullet. It is terrible to watch, never we had not looked. Another conversation that you have to be honest with yourself at all times. If we are honest with ourselves, and voleizyavlyaem look where we have not looked before, sooner or later, all the darkness dissipates and opens the action, including Mantra Yoga. But you need the internal state, that – yes, I have decided to do it, I voleizyavlyayu to watch. Once again, this is a state where people say, well, yes, I have not been here this seminar, yes, something we are there to do, interesting experiences. These people obviously as you know, they want to take a dip in the river and put on a waterproof suit. It seems to be, and splashing in the river, and apparently was not there. Things completely block all yoga, including yoga and mantra.

Half of India from morning till night singing this sweet OM. Om Namaha Shivaya there just dumb, probably does not pronounce on the case and doing nothing. You know, you look at these characters who piously repeated on the audience. That they do not make the impression that they get some sort of result. Or, perhaps, to this was the karma of some oak, it is now up to the individual level reached, see – and even talk! But not impressed. Because of this outer paraphernalia was not an internal expression. In general, yoga is in this respect a very ferocious science, but absolutely honest. And when I hear: “In my life everything is bad and nothing changes”, according to the axiomatics of yoga, I have to say a very stiff sentence: “So not even bad, how will. That’s when it will be really bad for you to change. ” So, still not really bad. After all, people change when it becomes really bad. Prior to that, it is a hobby, a kind of masochism. So when a person says that he is bad, it does not work, it does not work, the fifth, tenth. Well what can I say? You hypocrite, like swim without removing waterproof clothing. Brutally so to speak, on the other hand you realize that when you really become very bad, the person begins to beat paws. That’s the way this world. And before that, you have to wait until it becomes worse. Okay, do not let the atrocities going on yoga. And, at the same time, we must help all.

Remember the wonderful film “listener”? You’re turning into a listener’s life. To you all come and whine as they feel bad in life. This is so bad, this is so bad. Always there is a desire to join them, let them talk to each other as they feel bad, and you will watch it. All the whining, rather than use the tool and to change something in their lives. Remember the anecdote: even when you have eaten, you have at least two exits.

So, the most important thing – it will. You see, even here the logic of this – you are all-powerful, as long as you do not voleizyavite to change something that has been with you, finally, this five-room apartment overlooking the Kremlin. Well, will not it, because deep down, you may be voleizyavlyaete something different, and sometimes themselves in this report do not give. Or vice versa, both or mutually exclusive things voleizyavlyaete and neutralize one another simultaneously. I want to live with unspiritual people and to grow spiritually. Sometimes, we want mutually exclusive things.


Practice, reinforcing Mantra Yoga

Next time – this is the other practices that increase the mantra yoga. It is no secret that there are ways that are able to enhance the original will and original practice. And absolutely correct was seen at the beginning – is the presence of prana. That is, if you have a lot of prana, it is under the will – to change ourselves and the world for the better – you give more prana, and it’s easier to focus on this, with a great dive and everything like clockwork. If prana is small, hard: and aching legs, and tail falls off. That night we mantra retreats. Six hours of repetition of mantras, from twelve to six in the morning. And ponyatnenko, all cheerfully start and hours to four or five takes its nature – want to sleep. And really – and posture, and legs numb. If you have been working the day before – very hard to practice, and if you are in front of the retreat, rest day, the practice is to “cheer.” Therefore, favorable conditions are crucial. But then again, it’s all secondary.

There are different factors that increase the effect of mantras. Like everything else, it all comes down to energy or methods of consciousness. Firstly, Pranayama yoga can greatly enhance the practice of Mantra Yoga. To the extent that properly doing Pranayama yoga, a person enters the Mantra yoga intuitively. Law reopen, he suddenly begins to breathe, and with the breath watching one sound and the other with an exhalation, the sounds, both mantra Soham.

Then, strangely enough, the practice of mouna (silence). This is when you, at first glance, start to make the practice completely the opposite – you stop talking, start silent. You about something ask, and you are silent. Well, before this warning, you’ll practice for some time. And then begin the amazing things within you. You asked, and immediately came to answer your momentum and you just start to feel within yourself, as this wave rose to answer. But then you remember that practicing the practice of silence, and his beak, so to speak, both hands clamped. And now, these pulses are very close to the pulse of expression uttering mantras. And if you control them, you learn voleizyavlyat not let them go, and then you begin to intuitively understand the opposite: to complete the program to give them a go. And for this it is necessary, once again, that inner feeling and opinion in the region, which we usually do not look down.

For example, “Mark!”. Mark once in my direction, he has the desire to respond. And he says to me, “What?”, And he went to this wave of expression, he heard that we have to answer, the energy was born, and at the last moment he stops, and this wave up and hitting it. He needs to make efforts not to give the answer. He seemed to be kept internal energy kick words, and again it back. And if he knew how to restrain the blow, he understands the opposite.

The practice of silence

It is assumed that you, like Mahatma Gandhi, once a week, with no one to talk. In the best case, by using paper and a pencil. After all, he was a big man in political life, and he could not just pick up and leave for a day. Everyone knows that you are silent, you are warned everyone that you are silent. Another conversation, when you really need to force myself to keep quiet. When you do not undertake such a commitment. But your inner wisdom says it is better not to open his mouth. Again, for example, you and your girlfriend in the kitchen killed all the dishes. For frying pan in his hands, and went to the most terrible accusations against each other. And it is good to hold the mouth. But you shall, you woke up this energy. You yourself know that then because of this regret, that his mouth opened, but you all still bears. We need austerity, serious austerity, to shut up. I was once one uncle was telling a story. Here, there is a large water pipe, and the water flows through it. And earlier in the Soviet Union had a long time to turn the valve to the water flowed, and then a long time to twist, so that the water stopped flowing. And then there were modern cranes, where he opened a lever, the water began to flow, closed – has ceased to flow. So, this valve is made an order of magnitude easier. But the original faucet, with all the cogs, was very difficult to do. And I could not understand, do in our country were so stupid that they could not do this one straight cock, easier and cheaper? As long as one smart plumber with experience this, you know, not a single liter of vodka is drunk on these matters, it is not so much known hydrodynamics as his personal experience … So, the effect is as follows: when you have a flowing stream of water and you abruptly stopped him, then back from the obstacle is the so-called stop wave, that is, here it is – stopped, then continue flowing – stopped, and if we consider it from the point of view of a physical system, it’s like a shock wave … and here it is the tubes passes, passes to the first turn, and the first corner kicks, and there is a pipe break … Well, neighbors flooded, in general … But if you quietly spins crane, a sudden stop of water there, and she quietly slowly flowing, and there is no gap pipe. Before the pipes were rusty, old, and it was better to invest in cranes than to change then a huge piece of pipe. Similarly, in our sometimes swearing, sometimes abruptly stop very hard, if it happens, then this wave, and the emotions and energy that we had to throw his girlfriend or wife begins to beat us internally. Abstaining we do not speak out, but we – broads! And we are no. Man, it feels intuitive, and it is very difficult to close your mouth when it has suffered. He intuitively feels that if he abruptly closes the mouth, it will be very bad. The same situation with the fact that we were able to handle this energy, and the energy is the same as in Mantra Yoga. You have to force yourself to some time to open his mouth, and sometimes have to force myself to close my mouth. And note, that this parallel: the mantra you should read with emotion, you have what is called a mantra pour his heart and soul, with this inner will and aspiration. If you simply recite the number, you will not get anything, because inside you one small part will observe what is happening and not be involved in the process. And it will be like the nail, or that stick in the wheels, block all the rest.

So I recommend that you, as a time to remember his last quarrel in the kitchen when you suffered. In general, yoga is stated that there is nothing good or bad – there are appropriate or inappropriate, but in any case, of all possible to extract the wisdom and all can learn. In Tantra Yoga generally argued that the scandals in the kitchen is born spiritual humanity. Why? Because there is a law of four or five, and if there really suffered, so suffered. No one knows how to catch a man like this can make a woman. No one knows how to hook a woman as a man. Woman women do not bring balance to a state of hysteria, in the same way and the man – man. They are made for the other. But when these opposites, they – uhh .. So, remember, when you have suffered, and when you can not shut your mouth, you are completely under the waves of emotions of injustice. He told her, she told him … “You’re ugly!” … “Ah !! I – the ugly !! “… and we ought to have silenced, and it can not, and she tells him feelingly phrase:” And you – stupid !!! “What, in fact, true?. Because if he were smarter, he would not say the phrase that “it is ugly.” All logical. But she said it, like a mantra, she put everything into it – that’s just as well, and you have to repeat the OM. Investing completely, entirely. And if you’ll just recite – Ohm, Ohm – cats out there, scared away, neighbors … But without this inner emotion pointedness.

Joint practice

Therefore, there is a reinforcing practice things, and they sometimes come in general on the other. It is useful to practice mantra, the mantra when practiced with like-minded people. Suppose you woke up and decided to – that, where the world is heading? Lack of spirituality … It’s time to all get together and sing sweet OM to generate cosmic vibration that will make the world change for the better, to the hunger disappear, the disease and the like. Here, you are all assembled and began to sing. And here is a very interesting effect is observed: this is the effect when a player enough for the momentum, and then his energy dropped, but the other grabbed the third … And then it’s all on the rise, and that this joint practice of the mantra of all results in a strong state of vibration. In humans, after collaborative practice it has the impression that, like electricity, it is all electrified. Therefore, a joint practice with like-minded and very much in it helps.

Figure “practice with like-minded people: because it is not necessary”



Figure “practice with like-minded people: better so”




Then, it helps the continuous recitation of mantras. Suppose someone starts a mantra, tired, out, rest, and the other picks up at this time. And so the circle, one after another, a continuous relay mantra, which lasts a very long time, but not one person says it, and in turn. It is electrostatically charged atmosphere.

Somewhere, even it is written in the holy books, if you remember the story, was the city of Jerusalem, where the temple was very serious. The Romans crushed the uprising, the most ferocious way all killed, and decided to destroy this temple too. From the annals of military chief, who went into the temple, the Holy of Holies, there is not that a mere mortal would not let … He went there, this man, as you know, was clearly not the timid, and I felt this vibration, and he anything not do, it just came out. And probably came with the clear intention to demolish all … This is such an effect that even the biggest skeptics fall into the field, where the vibration is awakened, they begin to feel it physically. It was the same with the British – a skeptical nation there. As they took to India? Trade company. Still, there are descriptions of – that some Colonel came to the place where practiced this or that practice, then another, then the third … And they themselves have described how it acted on them. Finally, there is an extremely closed topic, do not mention it, I can not, but very spread is not included in our current plans, this relationship Yogi Triad with Mantra yoga. That is, it’s the topic of the relationship between men and women, all the threads work with sexual energy and strengthen the practice of yoga mantra. But this is an extremely closed topic. It is preferred to once again not to speak aloud, but you should know that there are such methods.

Yoga and drugs

Immediately counterarguments: that does not work and does not enhance the practice of mantra? All kinds of “dope” (drugs) result in a failure of the practice of mantra. Moreover, it is very insidious. Indeed, that someone had eaten, for example, any nonsense, and like to some extent it has narrowed consciousness to a certain theme, and like him there is something opened, he felt something, the whole world as vibration, and so on … as long as this “nonsense” has acted. But then comes the backlash that destroys all that is, then it is so bad that he even forgets these feelings. So if you hear that here this “weed” that’s the mantra awakens, you know that you need to stay away from it. Do not dissuade them, a lot of all different walks of public, everyone is called, in their own building its road to hell is not your karma may be – to dissuade them of this. But also not your karma behind them to fall. Poet, “chemistry” is completely eliminated.

Sometimes, though, give examples of that, they say, in the Vedic times in all recitatives … Indian civilization and survived and brought to us thanks to the practice in the first place, Mantra Yoga, which then resulted in the famous work entitled Adharva Veda. Very grim set of mantras there is, and nowhere to go, so now there is a Kalashnikov rifle, just in case, and then was Adharva Veda, just in case. Allegedly, there is mentioned, what they drank the drink Soma, a very mysterious topic, no one still knows what kind of drink. Ostensibly, the divine drink that use its strengthened and reveals the vision and practice and stuff. Now on his own corruption trial, and many believe that it is any there were opiates. Immediately I can say that most likely it was something organic, and the strength of its hallucinogenic actions amounted to a modern bottle of beer. But in any way to any “dope”. Most likely, this is some kind of intoxicating drink. Although no one knows how to do it. But when I hear that here, they say, they eat huge amounts of some drugs, which they did, and they have there something opened … Be aware – this is a direct road to hell or to cirrhosis. Because all this is delayed. And secondly, in the ancient texts at all about it does not say anything. At least for the simple reason that most of the “dope” was invented in the last number of years. Third, from organic compounds in yoga generally excludes the use of all that overshadows the consciousness. Why? Yogi and so struggles with hallucinations, with Maya, the illusion. And so this island, on which we live, it is fragile. And if even more on the direct hallucinations, nothing good. So if you meet with a theme that should be some kind of “nonsense” to enhance the mantra – do not believe in it.

Figure: “Yoga and drugs”




What else enhances the practice? Ironically, the practice reinforces a solitary life. Therefore, sometimes, for the purposes of the practice of a mantra, a person at the time of retreats. He takes with a supply of food, and for a while withdraws.

So, I want you to understand that there are methods that enhance or help practice, but most importantly, the original – it’s your will. If it is not, no amplifiers will not work.

For example, the microphone itself will not talk with the amplifier, if the person does not say the right words. Likewise, all supporting the practice. Questions?

Question: Is it possible to combine Hatha Yoga, Mantra and Pranayama yoga?

It does not just possible, but extremely useful. Here, by the way, well you reminded me about the strengthening of Mantra Yoga all other yogis – hatha yoga, pranayama yoga, Kriya yoga and others, they are drawn indirectly and mantra yoga. It turns out that if you have made a breakthrough in one yoga, this yoga starts to pull the rest of yoga. I know such examples: a person started Hatha Yoga, Mantra Yoga and about even then, not to know, and thought it was nonsense. What, like a parrot to sit and imagine something to repeat? But Hatha yoga – yes, indeed, I do something real. And now, a man for a long time engaged in Hatha yoga, somehow indirectly developed his mind, and began to listen more this topic. Then he engaged in Pranayama yoga, so this topic is even more gone. Interesting case. At night it peremknulo. There we have the night retreats. Here we will have a yoga dream, certainly after the yoga of dreams all have to write reports. In general, we have after each retreat all the reports written about their feelings. First, it is helping others who have not passed it, and secondly, it is a serious attempt to systematize all that you yourself felt. So, this man Pranayama engaged, is engaged, so hard, even though this person a hard life was … night (tells me later) sleeping, and suddenly, as if in a dream, wake up, and then began a … I mean, he probably , Pranayama yoga aroused some energy, the energy began to go through internal channels, while the channel has the property that, when it is the energy, they begin roughly ring. As the guitar string, for example. And this drone is on the rise, then the hum is the sound, beginning to transform into something very concrete … In general, he resorted to me square eyes (and big skeptic was in this respect), and starts asking me. I was very surprised such dramatic changes. It turns out, something he provoked a yoga, a certain tone of hurt out there, and I heard some inner sound. And I realized that the vibration has ceased to be an abstract thing for him, he realized that the macrocosm and the microcosm – the things are the same. You know, it was like the Pythagoreans – music of the spheres … He suddenly felt that in the beginning all vibrate. Instantly change in attitude to the Mantra Yoga, he asked me the thickest book on the subject, and most thick book (and the hardest), the only imputed literature – a theoretical exposition of Mantra Yoga – George Woodruff, who is also known as Arthur Avalon. He has several books, one of them called the “Serpent Power”. But the latter, by the way, recently published in translation, it is called a “garland of letters.” Here the theory of yoga mantra. Leaf through, but read it you can not – just say, because there is nothing not understand. I’ve read it so hard … I gave the man this book zubodrobilny this text, and I saw – people really interested. It is really something experienced. He truly came to practice, genuinely experienced, and flew down all the unnecessary – he had stopped me to ask stupid questions “about the parrots,” it’s been his favorite subject. “Who am I? Cockatoos will, or someone else? “Why? Once he “hooked” principle, and everything changed. Therefore, one yoga can “pull” the rest of yoga.

Q: In what order to do different yogis?

All individually. Say good morning exercise Pranayama, or Kriya Yoga is great. Combining different types of yogas can be, but in our school, it is believed that all the best to individually examine, and only then “mix.” That is, to understand how to operate different types of individually yogi.

 There are yoga groups – there really can not tell whether it is a sect some, or all of the yogic group. Why? This tradition of India – India is in order. This is how we, in the West, in the order of things, that each person has some kind of political views, and poumnichat about the policy – it is our “tradition”. In India, the issue of religious views and permeates everything. They are difficult to determine where one ends and religion begins yoga. So, sometimes it is very strange methods to strengthen mantras. They look similar to some religious ceremony. Let’s say, for these purposes, the place is decorated with flowers, dig up quite a sacred place for the sacred fire, kindled the fire, let it pour of butter melted, and recite these mantras. This is a Vedic times is – is called a fire sacrifice. But, actually, this is a very delicate practice that can significantly enhance the mantra. There’s you, and meditation on the fire, and the surroundings, the smell of oil, and many, many things, and in the bosom of nature, and all mysterious or, you know, in the light of the moon … It’s nice, and it somehow naturally puts a person in such, a bigger meditation, it is more calming, more customizable, more if you like, believe, or something … And the result is better. But outwardly it looks more like a religious ceremony than a yoga class. But the works!

Q: When recites many different mantras, can be such a practice?

So I did that and I say that there is a selection of ingredients … It is all from the psychological side of thought, for example, first redeeming mantra in case we have to follow the ritual to do something wrong, then we kind of pre-write an apology, then – mantra, calling for the success of most of the procedure, then the mantra sanctifying the place, and then the mantra, cajole local spirits … It’s like until recently (I hope this will not happen in our country) business somewhere open somewhere in the Lower Uryupinsk : you have to take a suitcase of money, and before his shop open, you have the tax go to the envelope unfasten to a firefighter to go, that is, all cajole, and then – to the very “chapter”, “mantra, known redeeming” if we have done something wrong … And then you can start doing your business. That’s about as everything is there, too, all you need to appease, to get support, a lot of different factors, and these factors are purely psychological. Nobody really knows how to do this ritual. All make them at your own risk. Because in ancient texts say – comma mantra miss – all go to hell along the straight road, and no result. That is, the weight of the conventions. On the other hand, the ritual should not be easy, and that on each corner will do it. The complex is a psychological game. Those who have studied the axioms of yoga know that all this falls under the wonderful term “working with associative links.” Those who know of what I speak, draw the appropriate conclusions. So, there is work with associative links is great, accordingly, the concentration of the necessary connections are strengthening, in general, do everything as it should – and as a result of practice is stronger.

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