2013_05_25 A.Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 1 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva


If you remember, we have a lecture dedicated to the introduction of this work. Once again I want to say that the personality of John George Woodroffe more than legendary. In fact, he opened his eyes, and the western and eastern world to the hidden world of Tantra, a hidden world of yoga. Moreover, it was quite a big surprise for the Indians themselves, in any case, their main mass, of how they have a huge legacy. In the future, as soon as a serious topic of yoga, tantra seriously began to spread, both from the ground began to arise numerous Hindu guru that in the West led to the famous surprise. How so? While the West is not interested in this knowledge, few people talked about it, few people had done and published. Once in the West are interested in, and the whole of India was interested.

Lecture title:

A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 1 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2013.05.25.

Where: International Open Yoga University

A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 1. Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

So, friends, today, May 25, 2013. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I teach yoga. Are we at the Cultural Center “Enlightenment” in the city of Moscow, near the metro Novoslobodskaya. And that we lecture the International Open Yoga University. All historical data on sites http://openyoga.ru, http://yogacenter.ru/, http://happyoga.narod.ru/. Also, we have free online courses for self-study yoga course – Tutorials on http://www.openyogaclass.com/kurs/ site.

Now we will look at interesting sections of yoga, mantra yoga-related, and the legacy that has left us, John George Woodroffe. First of all, we consider it fundamental work “garland of letters.”

Who was the last lecture or listened to it in the record? You have questions? Then we move on.

If you remember, we have a lecture dedicated to the introduction of this work. Once again I want to say that the personality of John George Woodroffe more than legendary. In fact, he opened his eyes, and the western and eastern world to the hidden world of Tantra, a hidden world of yoga. Moreover, it was quite a big surprise for the Indians themselves, in any case, their main mass, of how they have a huge legacy. In the future, as soon as a serious topic of yoga, tantra seriously began to spread, both from the ground began to arise numerous Hindu guru that in the West led to the famous surprise. How so? While the West is not interested in this knowledge, few people talked about it, few people had done and published. Once in the West are interested in, and the whole of India was interested.

But the interesting thing started then. After the Second World War, in the 60s, there was a so-called sexual revolution. There were glorious times of hairy hippies, and as in the texts, directly or indirectly, to discuss all aspects of life, not only spiritual, but also on human sexuality, the interest in the work Woodroffe has increased dramatically. And not from the academic environment and the environment of Western spiritual seekers. In India it is very interesting again responded. Again, as out of the ground like mushrooms povyrastali many gurus who became one voice shout: “Yes, that’s us! White people, come to us for the highest initiations! “

Unfortunately, such a purely western trend when demand creates supply, began to be observed in the East. When more or less solvent layers of the western population have expressed an interest in this or other types of sections and yoga in India immediately to form numerous gurus, teachers. Many of them with great fanfare migrate to the West, gathering many followers. it looks ridiculous for a detached observer. As soon as there was money taste, flavor of interest, so right there, like a piano in the bushes, and found out a guru.

And further, it is an interesting thing, the Hindu guru to understand that white people at all is not enough, and comes with a fat wallet, it is desirable to quickly lure in their school, sect. How many of you reading Ilf and Petrov “Golden Calf”, remember Adam Kozlevich tempted clergymen because We saw that he had a luxury car? Similarly, the trend went here – the battle for hearts and minds, but rather for the white man’s wallets.

And I ask you to be extremely cautious with everything that concerns the higher knowledge. It is very easy to come to India to find an ashram, where followers will be in one voice argue that they main carriers of knowledge, and it belongs to all of them, and in general they wrote it, and these days their knowledge of exactly 50 thousand years. Few of them are interested in history, anthropology.

It turns out that after the surge of interest in the 60-ies began to spawn a huge number of interpretations of this knowledge, both in the East and the West. And every year, if you keep track of the number of published books about mantras, chakras, kundalini energy, certain channels, venues, you will see that they were growing exponentially. Now every year it published on the subject thousands of books, and write everything does not write only one who does not know how to write. Sometimes it is a strange mixture of the links to the texts of Woodroffe, together with some other books, which, in turn, referred to the Woodroffe and some for its conjectures, and representations, etc., etc.

In general, such a mess, I must tell you. Someone goes to the outright marginalschinu grim practices in cemeteries surrounded by corpses, and all that is called yoga. Someone in a deranged ezoterschinu pret – colored chakra seventh ray and you have to be adept in white sneakers to skip through it all themselves. And it is not critical eaten, and under it all tightened sufficiently serious information base, advertising. And just out of nowhere there are adherents of private schools of yoga, and shout that they exceptional followers of a tradition. So try in India, find sane follower. Those who have true knowledge, very modest people. Subject knowledge of yoga, which gave us Woodroffe, has acquired in modern society consumption ridiculous details.

So once again I urge you – more common sense, more than indulgent humor! All somehow earn a living, my friends! Less servile attitude, saying if the Indian said something, it is the ultimate truth.

And now, we will continue to the point where finished, ask!

Text: “… when I was finishing the completion of the introduction of the line, located near the ancient abandoned temple of ‘Lord of the Sun” in Kanarake that in northern Orissa, a distance I could hear a long sound like a Mahamantra. I heard the same sound many years ago in Pomiongchi monastery, where several hundred Buddhist monks extorted from the depths of their bodies mantra OM. Their singing was like when the sound of the sea, as well as the sound of the sea is now reminiscent of the mantra. Here, where the sound is heard, seen green forests, bushes of jasmine blooming cacti, roses and yellow of flowers karaviry and beggars. But after two miles from here, towards the sea eyes the vast desert with scattered here and there clumps ketaki extending from the world famous temple of ‘Lord of the Universe “in the south of the northern jungle Golra. On the west coast of the ocean huge waves Bengal topped foamy crests, turning into mist in the wind. Constantly struggling on a deserted beach. The waves, like everything else, is a mantra, because the mantra in its most profound sense, it is the world, is regarded as sound. But, as I will explain later, we have to distinguish between “natural name” and its pure sense of sound, forming a real force, and the sounds that come from things already produced. All sounds, and consequently, movement, form a “garland of letters”, which is the Divine Mother, and from the aspect of which, such as OM, or “overall sound” samanya-Spanda, the first creative movement, happen all the individual sounds and things. Therefore, all things can be transferred in terms of sound. Universe – this movement. Letters – the sounds of certain movements. They heard how rude letters Kali source movement is in the form of a garland around his neck. I write these lines in a place that I know and love for many years, and may I see him for the last time. If so, I hope not, then I will say goodbye to an old friend sadhu Jagannath – Das and this place, dressed in air magic, which in “Kapila Samhita” states the following … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let us say a few words about the personality of John George Woodroffe, which is extremely mystically mysterious. Shortly before the lecture I was called and told the boys that they found a book relating to his biography, and the like, even ordered it. Incidentally, it was in one piece. Therefore, I hope that all the same we will soon get at least some information about his life. Translate this book into Russian.

Such legendary figures like Sir John George Woodroffe worthy of us to know about them. Anyone even casually mention of his personal life, his perception of the world, the universe is especially valuable to us because it really is the highest spiritual experience of Western man, who was admitted to the deepest mysteries of yoga sections. He missed this knowledge deeply through itself, he has become a serious follower and opened them to us. I personally, for example, generally the most valuable emotional perception of certain sections of yoga than formal – logical. Because when you go to a new country, learn something completely new, you usually enchanted by the encounter with something unusual, unprecedented. You have an association. And when you just look at the map of the new country and the road on which you have to go, it is more philosophizing.

In particular, Woodruff in the introduction is transmitted is the emotional perception of the mantra yoga, as the perception of the entire universe, which is, in fact, can be reduced to vibration mantras. “… As the sound of the waves merges into peals of OM …”. A OM mantra, to remind you of yoga, is a fundamental principle of all, from which developed all objects and phenomena of the Universe. And even a small cry of a baby – is the mantra, which he wants to say something, to make some kind of impact in the world.

So, the reference to the location of the Woodroffe, he emotionally perceived this great science of mantra through the image of the Mother Goddess. In yoga, it is believed that the whole world around us, it is a combination of consciousness and energy. Or, in a more personalized form – a combination of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva, respectively, the masculine principle, and Shakti – the female principle. Shiva – the Absolute in the male form, Shakti – Absolut in female form.

One of Shakti name as the woman – the goddess Kali. In the West it is known in his awesome form, and I saw a half-dozen films, where the goddess Kali ascribed the monstrous destroyer of quality, ranging from Spielberg movies with Indiana Jones, ending with lesser-known paintings. This is absolutely wrong, Western perception factor Energy, and how its derivative – the time factor. In fact, the goddess Kali – this time, the energy in his eternal modification – all that has been created will be destroyed.

On the other hand, the whole manifested universe we see around us, it is a manifestation of the Mother Goddess, Shakti, the Goddess Kali – materialized mantra. Everything whatever you see around you, in the mantra yoga is considered the condensed mantra. Just as any word consists of letters, as all of the objects and phenomena in the universe consist of a set pervovibratsy, pervozvukov, pervobukv.

In India, a known image of the goddess Kali, quite frightening to the Western man – young, full of energy girl who, instead of necklaces, beads, hanging severed heads. Can you imagine? An eerie sight! But means that each head – it is, in fact, not the head, is one of the letters of the alphabet, one of energy, one of the incarnations of energy.

And just as all of the objects and phenomena can be called one way or another name, just as all of the objects and phenomena can manifest through a combination pervoosnovnyh mantras pervoosnovnyh vibrations. Hence the title of the book was born and Woodroffe – “Garland of Letters” – Necklace Mother of the World, which hang on the neck letters, from which it generates all objects and phenomena in the universe, always coming and crumbling. Here’s a poetic image.

 ext: Chapter 1. Vak or speech (the Word).

It (lat. Vox) comes from the root “vac”, which means “to speak”. Thus, a feminine noun “vak” and literally means “voice”, and expressed to them the word, as well as the sound of inanimate objects. Therefore, the meaning is the same as the term “shadba”.

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here, my friends, we are faced with a real Woodroffe. What is the difference Woodroffe? Suffice compacted and difficult to understand the language of the presentation of certain knowledge. His language resembles the language of a good level of scientific works in different directions of natural sciences. And read Woodroffe as fiction is not possible. We stumble at the first sentence. Like Western science, where it was decided to use the terms in Latin, ancient Greek times, Woodroffe gives certain terms in Sanskrit, is not particularly examining their values, assuming that the reader knows the subject very seriously and can understand what is at stake. Open any serious work on the scientific discipline, physics or mathematics, and reading this text you’ll stumble on special terms, and for the expert, they will seem natural and understandable, but for the layman it is Chinese grammar.

I remember the examples from their lives. At the time, I studied physics at a fairly good academic level, and as long as we studied it, we would quite naturally speak the language of the terms. When I told my friend that there is something growing exponentially, you have no doubts that you will understand correctly. And then, when I will destinies had to stop communication with the scientific community, and I am in freestyle conditions continued to use physical and mathematical terms – “exhibitor”, “log”, “expansion in the number of”, “first approximation”, “second order “that I very surprised, why I do not understand.

Woodroffe is why it is necessary to read a leaf paper, pencil, and preferably, be at hand was the Internet with its resources, so you can make an idea about the meaning of certain words in Sanskrit.

Let me remind you that Sanskrit is derived from the so-called Vedic language. And the Vedic language of their sound and its semantic content is extremely close to the Russian. And so, listening to the sound of certain words, you can sometimes intuitively monitor their values. You will hear something consonant with the famous words of your everyday life. Very interesting science – linguistics, which explores how one language arose from another. You can learn a lot of interesting, including historical facts from the analysis of language. Scientists know the rules, how this or that sound, or this or that word can change from one language to another. There are even so-called reconstruction of the table. It is extremely interesting area of knowledge, I recommend to ask, you can find confirmation mythological fundamentals, including the ancient yoga knowledge.

From modern linguistics known that all existing groups on the ground of languages we can reduce to the seven major groups. And they, in turn, to Borean language. And it seems that the language spread from the center to the north. There was a certain impetus to the language that has been passed from nation to nation, sometimes distorted, sometimes changed. It turns out that there was a single parent language, and the very name “Borean” concluded indication of where he came from. Do you remember, “Northwind” – “northern”.

As you read Woodroffe and meet numerous terms, primarily on Sanskrit, it tries to let go of your imagination and your own decipher what it means to a particular word.

Here is an example of a well-known mantra of the Rig Veda Mahamrityunjaya. The word “mrtyu” in tune with what? With the word “die”. The mantra that begins “OM TRAYAM tanks …”, if long enough to say, and to listen, in the head can be born such combinations: TRAYAM – three tanks – OKO. Indeed trioxide – an epithet of Shiva. Good enough to explore the intuitive hint Woodroffe. However, like all other texts related to yoga, and where the terms that are in transit to the Vedic Sanskrit language came from.

So, study the text of Woodroffe’s start with explaining the meaning of some words. This, vak, sometimes found in the “Vach” texts, Lat. «Vox». Note Woodroffe draws a parallel with the Latin word «vox». You can recall the Russian word “Chamber”.

This is such an exciting game, I was at the time to consciously stop myself that it would not do, because when you start to analyze everything literally, more time on what is missing, no work, no matter yoga.

 Voice from the audience: I can afford a comment?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly.

A voice from the audience: We started talking about the language, and by the way, why Woodroffe leads Latin equivalent? When Europeans began to study Sanskrit, it was the end of the 18th century. – The beginning of the 19th century, in the period just originated Indo-European linguistic science and comparative linguistics.. When Europeans encountered Sanskrit, they were stunned by how Sanskrit appeared similar to Latin and Greek. Then just started to build a phonetic matching for related languages, something about what he said Vadim V.. Then with the help of Sanskrit was partially rebuilt so-called PIE. Completely restored it was not possible, and this is related an interesting story. In the early 19th century it was engaged in this topic, mostly romance of European literature, and at some point it seemed that they did completely restored and has even written a fable on the Proto-Indo-European language. Although, of course, it is not possible to restore completely, but you can only establish compliance.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, Woodroffe lived at the end of the Victorian era. England owns half the world, it is a center of science and culture center.

As an anecdote I will add that Shaw has a magnificent work “The New Pygmalion”, in the 60 years was put a musical called “My Fair Lady”. The story is that one Dr. Higgins returned from India, where he studied languages, by the way, we will find echoes of yoga mantra that Higgins professed ideology of mantra yoga. He believed that, depending on how the person speaks, he holds a particular social position in society and his income, respect, career entirely dependent on the speed of speech enjoyed by the people. Let me remind you that the plot of this film lies in the fact that he made a bet, and undertook to enter into high society very homely girl of the common people, which did not differ special grace in the presentation of his thoughts. I recommend, watch this movie!

Text: “… It (. Latin vox) comes from the root” vac “, which means” to speak “. Thus, a feminine noun “vak” and literally means “voice”, and expressed to them the word … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Pay attention! – A feminine noun. Another feature of the complex, rich language is to separate objects and phenomena by gender. Friends, many of you will probably learn English and meet interesting English property in its present form, the division into masculine, feminine and neuter, mainly refers to people less likely to objects. In particular, the names of ships (ships) and the family of the ship, as a rule, have always been women. A dog or cat in English, as a rule, do not differentiate by gender. Of course, it is advanced to simplify essentially English in large part consists of Latin roots.

So, in addition to the sound of a word can be very useful to analyze the race, we are in the Russian language are endowed with this ability. For example, the “post” – it’s mine, “picture” – it’s mine, and we’ll define the masculine or feminine. In English, this is not, and in the texts of Woodroffe gives an indication of the kind of semantic and underline. Science says is largely feminine, closer to the manifestation of Shakti, or the principle of eternal modification.

 Text: “… Thus, a feminine noun” vak “and literally means” voice “, and expressed to them the word, as well as the sound of inanimate objects. Therefore, the meaning is the same as the term “shadba” … “


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here Woodroffe mentioned quite often used the term “shadba”. It has many meanings, but you can use it as a “pervozvuchanie” or pervoimpuls, that pervovibratsiya that spawned pervomantru from which emerged all the objects and phenomena of the Universe. Therefore, as Woodroffe writes the word “speech” and the word “pervozvuk” have similar meanings.

 Text: “… Artha is the meaning or object …”

  Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The next term is extremely important both in itself and in that yoga, which increasingly needs Russia. There is a yoga section – Artha Yoga in the free interpretation of the term “Artha” can be translated as mastery, ability, skill in using the benefits of the Universe. And in a very vulgar translation – Yoga on earning a piece of bread. In the original sense of the word “Artha” – the object being, something generated.

Text: “… Prato – is the ability to grasp the mental …”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: When you see this or that object, or hear a particular name, then there is awareness. Think of a situation where someone you says something, and you like to hear it quite clearly, and do not understand the meaning. And you ask again. Or do you see something, but do not recognize it, and then at some point – bang, and recognized – is the process of awareness.

 Text: “… All things have a triple meaning: the highest (pair), thin (sukshma) and coarse (sthula) …”

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The whole world is like a matryoshka, where brutal display is just the epitome of a fine. Slim – the embodiment of the finest. Later Woodroffe will write about it, there is a threefold division of the whole world around us in the three planes of existence. The so-called causal level, thin and rough. All these levels are linked, intertwined, and pulls out one another.

“… The highest (pair) …”

This subtlest level.

“… Thin (sukshma) …”

“Sukshma” – a term quite often. In yogic paths it can be written, “… exercise sukshma or sthula …”, which means on a subtle level and on a gross level.

“… Gross (sthula) …”

Woodroffe gradually engaged in an educational program in the field of values of certain words. Please note, we read only a few sentences, but as things got boring. When you read about the Kundalini, the opening of the third eye, it’s all so exciting, so mysterious. And you begin to study the dry residue, it becomes very boring, but then, when you are in your personal yogic practice will get the result, will catch themselves on the same idea: to explain what is happening to you most easily with the help of Sanskrit.

In this regard, one further remark. Very important, the key theme – the development of common terminology to explain and describe certain processes and phenomena in yoga. If we are going to present all exclusively in Sanskrit, no one will understand, yoga will not develop, will not adequately funded, and it will disappear. If you talk in plain language to the ordinary people, that is the likelihood that we will be using is not the correct translation, not the correct values, which ultimately will bring down all confused.

As an example, the word “prana”. At the beginning of the study of yoga West the word “prana” is translated as “air”, and you can not imagine how many errors out of it. As seems to me now, with the passage of time, we are quite complex, meticulous work on the development of the language in which we explain yoga. It will be part of the Sanskrit word, partly translations, just as in any science, there are a huge amount of borrowed foreign language terms. It is a lot of controversy and misunderstanding of yoga is connected with the fact that we have a common vocabulary is one to understand the term. Woodroffe was nowhere to go in explaining the science of yoga mantra on what would make the terms in Sanskrit, with details of their values.


Text: “… Paravak – a cause of stress, which in Prato terms is defined as a cosmic thinking Ishvara …”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And look, he first defined the word “vac”, as “it” and “steam”, as “subtle.” And it turns out that the most subtle level of comprehension and understanding is different from the ability to empower name or pronouncing the name of an object or phenomenon, you comprehend.

The essence of recognition or understanding, which we are all endowed with as reasonable people, in this sense, is reduced to the mantra of the yogic process of granting the name. You take an object, you give it a name, and then comes the realization of the object. It will be very complex topic of the continuity of the object and name. And even more interesting topic, as it is implemented within the framework of our body. To this theme right now is very interesting, I refer to the section visualization yoga, appropriate material can be found on http://www.openyogaclass.com/kurs/.

 Text: “… Paravak – a cause of stress, which in terms of Pratyaya defined as the cosmic mind of Ishvara. This Divine speech … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here is the very interesting bunch of yoga in cosmogony, explaining to us how the world came into being. And it comes down, friends, an interesting phenomenon – the Absolute, the original cause, when he wanted to create the entire universe, made it an impulse that we can call at a time, or mantra, or awareness. He thought about it and did!

To draw a parallel with our normal life, remember that each of you has the ability of imagination, or visualization. You can at the moment to visualize or imagine anything, any world, any environment. And similarly, the Absolute created the universe.

Once again, on the one hand is the utterance of the mantra, pervovak, pervorech, pervoimpuls, pervovibratsiya, and on the other hand it pervoosmyslenie – he voleizyavil to stay so he comprehended that it should be, and the universe emerged. Here is an interesting meditation linkage between speech, imagination and learning process – the nature of the creation of the universe. How huge potential in each of you there!

Even more simple and obvious example – a state of sleep with dreams. We go to sleep and have dreams. And how realistic is that we have seen in a dream? And in general, where they come from, and what is the nature of occurrence of sleep? Why do we see these objects and phenomena, and not others. And it is not strange or paradoxical sleep nature of creation is the same as the nature of the visualization. You are in fact endowed with the same powers, by which the Absolute created the world, but we take it for some reason not seriously, as something familiar and secondary. And its consequences visualization as real a thing as our whole world. It is enough to correctly visualize how the world around you will begin to change.


Text: “But …” vac “as the result, fine or coarse …”

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So look no further – the interesting thing, difficult to understand. At the time, I studied the higher branches of mathematics and physics, and many if not strange phenomenon is much easier to explain in terms of quantum mechanics, rather than ordinary language. Interesting bunch of cause and effect. On the one hand it turns out that we perceive, on the other – gives rise to the perception, and giving birth, we perceive. A certain cyclical poultry and eggs.

Or more complex, but practical example for you: here you are sitting in a lecture, and what you see around you? In fact, you can shakti or manifestation of the principle of perpetual modifications that you have formed a previous perception in the world that you see. In fact, you have created this world! No one outside of you! That there is no peace! Moreover, what you perceive, not the fact that it receives a neighbor sitting next. Because he came to this point of intersection with the other hand the interpretation of the processes of creation and perception of creation.


Text: “… Pashyantivak – vak is manifested as a laksana, vision. Next vak manifests as sukshma madkhyama vak or haranyagarbha Sabda, which is a state Matrika shabda … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Next, for pervoimpulsom is: whether perceive, or resulting from, why the world is born. In another way, you see around you formless clay, from which you are recognizing, is generated. And on something formless you run the processes of recognition, creation of knowledge and at the same time. This is an important ligament in explaining the teachings of Advaita Vedanta, when you go on the road and you see a snake, and then come closer and understand that it is not a snake but a rope. Here arises the concept of maya, there are smart hooks, maya is taken from the game. Recognizing you – create and imagine – to know, learning – create, hard to break this chain, there is another one pulls out. In fact, we fixate, find themselves imprisoned by maya, a prisoner of the world, who have come up with themselves. Like the spider which wove a web, and himself in her confused. And then there is a bunch of rough from the vapor state to the state pashyanti.

 Text: “… Pashyantivak – vak is manifested as a laksana, vision. Next vak manifests as sukshma madkhyama vak or haranyagarbha Sabda, which is a state Matrika shabda … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Fairly complex chain, which explains the stages of creation of the universe, from the first pulse, and the last appearances pervoalfavita coarser, from which then comprised all objects and phenomena. This theme is also known from the Vedas, I forgot, however, what a mandala, a verse. About four step conversion of a fine speech in the rough, which becomes the name of rough objects or phenomena.

We are more than just a bunch of interesting that even knowing the name of the rough, we would like Ariadne’s thread, leaving in pervoimpuls creation of the object, which is the name of the rough. All the magic of yoga mantra is built on this – knowing the name, you control the shape. Knowing the name (mantra), you can play that is the mantra. It is for this chain – from pashyativak to the rougher stages.

Your humble servant once killed a lot of time on something that would make a film “Kundalini Yoga mantra,” it spent a lot of effort, to the means of computer graphics to video images of the world occurs. I beg you, please take this film, we laid out in the Internet for free, play it. There is such a moment – one is falling to pieces. Pervozvuk, cause, or pervoshabda pervozarodysh world peace grows, and is divided into the alphabet.


 Text: “… As a microcosm, then it is potentially there before its subsequent rough manifestation of Varna, speaking, vaikhari-vac …”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Woodroffe does not spare us, gives Sanskrit in full. Our rough speech vaikhari, is the embodiment of a fine speech.

There is a very elegant explanation for why so many different languages on the earth. Why one and the same thing is called differently? After all, according pervomantry concept, there should be one name on any subject. Vibration on a subtle level is the same in all languages, and the embodiment in the rough distorted. There is the emergence of language, mixing them because of maya, when we do something one think something else and substitute concepts. Remember the myth of Babylon? Lying start in fact, not consciously lie and stupidity. And it turns out that the linkage between a thin and rough is more associative. That is why it is possible to extend the work of the mantra through different languages.

For example, there are mantras class – mantra of consciousness, where understanding the action of a particular association, and you do not care how it is implemented in a rough sound. But there are mantras which fine vibration correlation with crude form of casting critical.

A voice from the audience: It is not clear how it is: a world where I do not exist? After all, I Absolute, or there is another absolute, or am I alone?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, let us not all at once. Let us step by step. And as we learn Woodroffe, we will approach the different sides to the answer to this question. There is still a lot of pages of fine print. We have it for 10 years disassemble.

A voice from the audience: Is the division into four stages: a couple pashya, khyama and vakhari, and before that he gives the division into steam, and skhumnu skhulu. And I think that the couple is the cause, yet there is nothing and nothing can be seen.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Couple – this is not discernible level where it is not clear whether known the object, whether it created. This is a very subtle thing. There is a level where it is not clear, you may know or have done. When this stage is sprung, the remaining three levels according to the degree of increase of roughness, from the finest to the intermediate, and quite rough. All I again refer to the visualization of yoga.

Let me give you my favorite example of quantum physics – Schrodinger cat paradox, it is well described in the book of Richard Feynman “Quantum electrodynamics. The strange theory of matter and light. ” This book was translated into Russian. And, despite the fact that it was written in the 60s, one of the authors of more recent figurative paradox about Schrödinger’s cat is not described. In this paradox we face a phenomenon fundamentally impossible to distinguish between the process of learning and the process of creation. Getting to know, to do, to do, we understand.

steam level – Have you visualized it, and then it saw, or saw and began to perceive and act. In the future, when we study the mantra yoga, the creation pervoimpuls mantras or uttering any word – pure creativity, during which you generate the universe.

Of course, I understand, my friends, that it is necessary to set out strict, tough, technical and confusing – scientific. But if there is no parallel to a normal life, you will very quickly come off, Woodroffe will not be able to read and understand, so I will give myself to let these parallels.

So, you know what conclusion for all of this? In fact, every word that you say – changing the world, creates your universe. And not at the level that you have someone to tell something and that someone did something, no, on a deeper level. We are making every word will of interpretation, generating change. Or in other words, how we interpret, so be it. You encounter something and you start to interpret it, so be it. Interpret in one direction is shifted to the universe, interpret to another, to another displaced. And it happens all at paravak – pervorechi.

A voice from the audience: We use the mantra yoga division into four stages, as in all others – the division into three stages. I think the reason and subtle – a different state.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The word “subtle” is easily confused with the word “thin”, therefore it is better to use the term “does not differentiate.” So, do not differentiate, subtle, delicate, rough – that such a sequence.


Question: Hiaramigatha – a creation of the world, but here Woodroffe hiaramigathu classifies as not to steam, and the state of marthyara to the median, thin state. I think maybe in marthyara state all is a single entity, and there is illusory, no different creations?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Actually, there are more stringent explanation – the transition from level 0 of the law in law 1. But here I must say that in the texts of Woodroffe you will meet a lot of Sanskrit, many terms, but if you analyze where he takes them in his all you find out that it is quite a different class of Indian literature, which he brings together. Therefore it is not always appropriate to raise the parallels. Subject hiaramigatha very popular in one word class, and on the four step pervossylki sound back to the subject of the Rigveda, a very ancient, in which even the experts with difficulty, they understand. In the future, too, will be observed such moments, and we need to understand how it was. Woodroffe wants to organize and present a unified picture of Indian metaphysics, based on different sources.

As for the universe, pervoimpuls, pervoporozhdenie, we can not grasp it, we can not even be called an embryo, grain. And only then we can interpret as a subtle seed from which start to germinate more rough.

A voice from the audience: The subtlest level is not ambiguous?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In later chapters, there are some explanations, we we come to them. Another reminder of times. Text Woodroffe “Garland of Letters” – not a single work, a collection of articles written by him in different years, and in some cases he mentions in passing some things, and examines in detail their subsequent texts.

 Text: “..in the Rig Veda Saraswati called Paviravi or Daughter of Lightning, that is, the Great Vajra supporting worlds. And it is, according to Sayana is madhyamikivak. Vaikhari pronounces it appears to the ear due to the rough physical dhvani sound, produced by the contact of the organs of speech with the ambient air … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here a purely philosophical point, which is partly reflected in nada yoga. Every word that we say this is a gross incarnation of something subtle. At the gross level is a collision of objects, from which is born vibration. On a purely physical level, how to get the vibration? Connoisseurs of the physiology of the human body, who will tell me, how is the vibration of voice? The air flow collides with the vocal cords.


Heavy topic, I will not overload you, continue to the next chapter. Hooray!

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