2013_06_01 A.Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 1 Part 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva


Text: “utter speech vaydhari manifested ear through rough physical sound dhvani, produced by the contact of the organs of speech with the ambient air as a result of the efforts of the speaker.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here on this point we have completed the previous lecture. Indeed, in ancient texts themselves separated normal sound, common words that we speak, and the root cause, which leads us to say these words.

Any words that I speak to you now, from a physical point of view, quite trivial: the flow of air passes through the vocal cords, which vibrate the air and from the collision with the vocal cords occur corresponding vibration that you perceive as the words. You know, if I tried to say anything in a vacuum, you would not hear a word because there would be no impact on the vocal cords of air. You know, make a visual experiences, inflated balloons with an inert gas. You can dial in a little light the gas and try to say a word – you hear the tone of your voice is sharp change dramatically. Moreover, depending on whether you will inhale the gas, one will make your voice thinner and higher, and can do other low but both – a collision.


Lecture title:

A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 1 hr. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2013.06.01.

Where: International Open Yoga University


A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 1. h .2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Friends, today, June 1, 2013goda, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. That we have a lecture of the International Open University of Yoga, all archived information on the websites: www.openyoga.ru, www.happyoga.narod.ru, www.yogacenter.ru.

I recall that in the series of these lectures we study very interesting fundamental work of John George Woodroffe, who is better known to Western readers as Arthur Avalon. This work is dedicated to Mantra Mantra Sastra or Vidya, ie Mantra Yoga, use of the word force in the spiritual knowledge. We are valiantly held for 15 pages in Russian for the two lectures, and I believe we have worked nicely. This is just the author and the text, which did not go quickly.

Text: “utter speech vaydhari manifested ear through rough physical sound dhvani, produced by the contact of the organs of speech with the ambient air as a result of the efforts of the speaker.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here on this point we have completed the previous lecture. Indeed, in ancient texts themselves separated normal sound, common words that we speak, and the root cause, which leads us to say these words.

Any words that I speak to you now, from a physical point of view, quite trivial: the flow of air passes through the vocal cords, which vibrate the air and from the collision with the vocal cords occur corresponding vibration that you perceive as the words. You know, if I tried to say anything in a vacuum, you would not hear a word because there would be no impact on the vocal cords of air. You know, make a visual experiences, inflated balloons with an inert gas. You can dial in a little light the gas and try to say a word – you hear the tone of your voice is sharp change dramatically. Moreover, depending on whether you will inhale the gas, one will make your voice thinner and higher, and can do other low but both – a collision.

 So, that was not entirely primitive understanding of yoga mantra, magic is not that you make once the air vibrate. Magic Mantra yoga lies in a deep and difficult to understand the factors. Indeed, at the level of the physical, if I say this or that vibration, even at the physical level, hot air massages my internal organs, and can be partly explained by the beneficial effect of this mantra. But in the ancient texts it meant something quite different. And Woodroffe here shows that it is understood and the ancient sages.

Text: “The transcendent Brahman alone or Paramashiva no Shabd or Ardha nor Pratyai”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now look: our rough sound – it’s just the embodiment of the fine vibrations of thin sound. But this subtle vibration when something occurred. Those. the root cause, which may be called the Absolute, the Lord God, if you like, or how it is said here, Brahman or Paramashiva he ultraboundary, he created everything. And at the level of the Absolute are no pravibratsii or pramantry, from which then the world came into being. There is also no effort or comprehension of concepts.

In the previous chapter we have touched on this topic in detail, that the magic of our lives – it is in the interpretation of what we encounter. We encounter in this life with something, and in the future, depending on how we interpret, we affect the universe with which we are faced. It’s such a pervomagiya existence pervomagiya impact on the perception of the universe and the universe, which we ourselves and create. And of course, this level has been observed after the creation of the universe. But before the creation of the universe … in fact we can not even talk about it.

 Text: “so there is no name, nama, neither form rupa”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And look, in fact the creation or manifestation of the entire universe – is the creation of both name and form, and, in the future will be approved, can not be one without the other. As the ship be called, so it will float. If you control the name, you control the shape. If you can properly deal with the vibration, you have an impact on all the most mysterious way. Friends, not because it is some kind of magic, magic or superstition, but simply because in each of us laid the same capacity as that of the Absolute – just the will to create the universe. And it will turns into an interpretation that in one and the same time a process of learning and the process of naming. Please note that the process of learning and the process of naming – the same process is considered to be serious in this yoga theory! But this occurs only after the creation of the universe.

 Text: “In this infinite peace arises metaphysical point voltage Bindu or ghanibhuta-shakti, which acts as diverse forces of the universe”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Before the root cause of being to create all this world, there is a first expression of the will, first Firebolt, which can be interpreted as a process of naming, the rendering process, inventing imagination first impulse vibration process. And with the help of which the world was created by the Absolute, this power is in each of you right here and right now. Nobody interferes in their personal universe take this magic word and rebuild your personal universe as he sees fit. In this respect there is no difference between you and the Absolute itself. And your higher self in this respect resembles the Absolute, which will pervonapryazhenie unfolds in all the changing events, objects and phenomena around us.

 Text: This charged, as well as causes jivatma perception of the world with its duality of subject and object.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And in the future, see what is a very interesting thing is that the very premise that we can talk about something as a subject and object, or in the rough interpretation you can say, “Here I am, and here it is – the whole world “, and has the most of the question you do a clear line that I and the rest of the world – things are different. What have I perceive the world, and there is a world that I perceive. So he starts with this first impulse. And here lies another very serious mystery, the mystery of the force that creates the entire universe, the mystery of Maya. Unfortunately, it wrongly interpreted as an illusion. Maya – is a mysterious mechanism of the Universe device than an illusion. The illusion – it’s just a consequence of the duality and the effect of Maya.

Text: “This game Shakti going on in the space of consciousness (Chitta porridge), so that it is not destroyed, and is not exposed at the manifestation of the subsequent state which is both transcendent and immanent.”

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Single pervoimpuls creation, which is now enclosed in each of you, and which rests against your will. And your will is based on your Higher Self This is the part of the will is the pervoimpuls, which then is a manifestation imenarecheniya, knowledge creation; and going nama and rupa, name and form. And as soon as they are created, we can say that there is a knower, it is knowable.

I really like the analogy we like spiders weave a web of himself around, and we live in this web that wove themselves. Then at some point, we are entangled in the web, and think, “Why such a bad world around us?” And the answer is: he himself naplel. But the conclusion that he did something, he can and clean.

But here at the Woodroffe very heavy syllable, it immediately appeals to a very high understanding of the theory, in order to cut off all obscurantism, which hammered the whole of India today. He immediately gives a bunch of other basic principles, namely the principles of consciousness and energy. The principle of energy goes back to the concept of rupa, form, or through forms and eternal modification of these forms. But the principle of naming this form goes back to our consciousness.

What is the name of any? Any name – it is a piece of information. And the information, unlike matter or energy, it has no substance. The substance can only be a carrier of information, but certainly not the essence of information. And to distinguish whether or not the name of the information or is it just chaos can only our consciousness. Therefore, for a single person, as well as for the Absolute, the whole world around us – is mind-rays, which penetrate everything around, and under which adjust energy waves.

And here, in fact it is said that the whole world around us – it is the interaction of consciousness and energy. And you create, create and will create your personal universe using only these two levers or two tools: his powers of consciousness and its energy power. And it is wonderful when you have crossed these two forces. When your consciousness is supported by a certain action, then nothing does not know the obstacles in front of you posed objectives. This ternary medicine, namely a bunch of will, knowledge and action. Or in another way, if you will Sustain your mind of what you want to do (and consciousness in this sense operates through knowledge), plus the actions that you start actually doing (ie you start to generate energy waves), then this triple gathered together the force, do not know the obstacles in this world. Friends, this is the most mysterious law of the universe! I do not know whether yoga are able to fly through the air in bad weather, about the third eye can not say anything, about the Kundalini energy, a little that I can say, but about the fact that this triple medication works, I can say for sure.

Text: “This is the creation, Srishti, or rather the apparent development parinama because Eng. word creation – creation, creation, actually expresses the essence of this process. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Woodroffe first translated all into English, and we have already read the translation from English into Russian. Very hard to find adequate words from European languages for certain terms of yoga. They have a completely different focus.

Those. The universe is not created, and deployed. Pervoimpuls in its potential contains everything that will be done later. Here is a long dispute whether a person can be considered as the inventor of something else in the universe? In fact, I do not care. Already everything is invented was the Absolute, when he created this whole world. This is the question when they start arguing about copyright. What right can put people copyright on something, if everything is already invented? Roughly speaking, this man first saw the Absolute invented.

Text: “Creation in the Christian sense of the word excludes the idea that God is the material cause. Creation is not due to pre-existing matter, and not from God’s own substance. “

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Next Now go lengthy reflections of John George Woodroffe on how to relate the ancient Vedic knowledge from the prevailing philosophical views in Europe. Do you remember what time of Woodroffe, it’s the end of the Victorian era, it is clear philosophical and religious concepts, and views to the west. And of course, for the people of that time it was interesting, first of all, to compare the Bible with the philosophy of the Vedas philosophy in terms of religious compatibility. so it is no longer relevant to modern man as relate to certain provisions of ancient Indian philosophy that says, for example, in the Old Testament. Because now there was a division of life and religion. At that time, quite a clear had a bunch.

Now we read in large chunks, because if I have something to start talking, then unwittingly climbed into the territory of religion. Do you remember that yoga is higher than religion for the simple reason that in order to be a religion, we need a minimum of life. If there is no life, we can not talk about religion. A yogi tries to explain what life is. Therefore, yoga is distancing itself from religion, and that is why yoga feels good in all religions and even in countries where there were no religions. For example, our former USSR, feel great yoga, she has focused on the physical, psycho-physical exercises, to a lesser extent on metaphysics. And if you gave metaphysics, it is so difficult to understand that it could turn out, in the direction of materialism and towards idealism.


Text: “This involves the creation of as absolutely primary manifestations. With this caveat, and the term “creation” is used. To be more precise, the Brahman manifests itself, prasarati, in the form of power, Shakti. It lasts for one day of Brahma, the end of which, according to some, there is a complete destruction Mahapralaya “.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, the Absolute, when he created our world, He created what is called a combination of consciousness and energy. And all that you see around you, it is a combination of consciousness and energy. You see the form and names around it, you do not see anything else. It is believed that the forms are manifested through the principle of eternal modification, or principle of energy, or Shakti, the names – through the principle of eternal immutability, permanence or eternal, or the principle of consciousness.

Indeed, the name can not change, and the form can be. But with the change in shape may include the name, but that’s another conversation. And it turns out that the root cause of this surge, name and form, it is to a certain point starts, goes through all the stages of transformation, and then dissolved, the term laya. Laya – in one of the meanings dissolution.

It is enough to spread the myth that the universe is created, it takes all forms and then disappears. And then going again, it goes through all the forms and disappears. I do not know how you satisfy this explanation, because the shape is beautiful, but in fact you have to shoot down, you start immediately to ask questions: “What for?” But the form of the concept is similar to the concept of modern science. I remind you that the dominant view of the emergence of the universe among modern scholars is as follows: once was a “big bang” and the whole universe emerged from a single point.

I’m on my specialty former physicist and one of the founders of our department Yakov Borisovich Zeldovich once wrote a fundamental work about what the conditions were when the world occurs. That was a time when there was no time, that there were such states of being that seem to us at least strange. And the whole subsequent universe – it is an extension of the first explosion. I must say that Ya.B. Zeldovich created nuclear fusion bomb in his time, and therefore an explosion topic is he probably liked (laughs). That’s a bomb, so a bomb blew up, blew up so! That the entire universe was formed.

In the future, it is believed that the entire universe is expanding, expanding, and then go to some very interesting details, which modern physics and puzzled. It is believed that after a certain point the process will go in the opposite direction. But now being investigated more and more mysterious details of the universe. Allegedly found such factors as dark matter and dark energy – an extremely exciting area of modern physics. But the idea of a pulsating universe traced from ancient Vedic times: creation – the opening – laya – dissolution.

 Text: “There are those who claim that there is no Mahapralaya. But there is always a kind of universe, while the other may disappear. “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And the Indian philosophical schools in this sense, are not uniform. And there are serious debates and disputes. So when comes the next representative of either sect, or religion, or yoga, and begins to assert that only in this way and not the other way, not in a hurry to believe, my friends, because in India a million points of view, sometimes the spirit of each other can not tolerate and dispute. Someone thinks that there is the pralaya, the final dissolution of the universal to its original state. In some schools, they say that this can not be, that part of the universe is dissolved, but something with the remains and waits for the next manifestation. There are also different points of view, and Woodroffe, an honest researcher, they simply lists so very neatly, casual.

 Text: “In the state shown by Mahapralaya potentially contained in the undeveloped and dismembered Maya Shakti. Sabda-Brahman like Ullas Shiva is constantly immersed in the existing peace, just like billowing waves crash on the shore, and again merges with the ocean or as a fountain spray again fall into the water, which absorbs them. “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: The concept of the Absolute, the concept of the Creator, Brahman is so large that we can not imagine it. What both the Absolute, who created the entire universe, is in a state as if it were the universe has not yet created. On the other hand, he is in a state as if he created the entire universe, and the whole universe is his body. On the third hand, he not only created the whole universe, where all is his one body, but he also at the same time shattered into many absolyutikov such pretty small, and each of these absolyutikov – it is you, sitting here. But at this point we can not say that you are one thing, but we can not say that you have something different. Those. parallel existence of the Absolute on completely different levels. It is a fundamental phenomenon, it can manifest itself as anything. And it turns out, as in the case with the infinite or abstract mathematical terms, we can only outline them, not understanding, because the mind can not grasp these concepts at the same time, it just is not designed for this. To comprehend these things need a higher intuition, ie, so-called “direct apprehension” or “samadhi without object” in terms of yoga.

 Text: “Such an idea about what it is, is very ancient. When God speaks, the words and things manifest. So the Hebrew word signifying the light of “auras.”


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: There will continue to link to the Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity. I’m just not competent to speak, of course, I know something, I met with some of the followers of Islam, Christianity, Judaism. Among them there are very smart people who understand that there is a deeper layer of understanding the same text, but to tell them his interpretation, I’m afraid: be sure there will be someone unhappy.

 Text: “The book of Genesis says:” God said, “Let there be light” and there was light! “. God’s word as it is written in the Hebrew Scriptures, has the power of creation. Further development of thought in philosophy presents us with the concept of the Most High, or the person who creates. Thus, we have God and the Logos, the Brahman and Brahman Shabda-. In Greek, logos means as aparashabda “thinking” as well as “the object of thought.” For Heraclitus, the Logos was the principle underlying the universe. For the Stoics, it was the spirit of the world, the unifying principle of all reasonable forces operating in the world. According to Plato, the logo – it is super-sensible images or primary form, jati, visible things. Philo of Alexandria, inspired platogonizmom, and other Hellenistic philosophical doctrines combined these two concepts, and wrote in the Old Testament and Hebrew theology being intermediate between that and diverse universe. Such an intermediate being and was the logo. According to him, the idea of forming matter. God first makes intelligible world of ideas … “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, forgive forgiveness, “intelligible world” – it’s who translated? This is the question of the transfer of ancient knowledge. Unfortunately, before we hear the ancient knowledge, they pass through a broken phone! Or Vedic Sanskrit is usually translated into English, and the distortion is already under way, from English into Russian.

Text: “God first makes intelligible world of ideas, which is a sample, aparadzhati to the physical world. Because in itself it is nothing more than a logo, the latter is the creator of the ideal world. As an architect designs in his mind a city plan, and then builds a real city in accordance with the sample, so did God, when he created the world, this metropolis. The author of the Fourth Gospel uses a similar idea, but it gives them a shape corresponding to a Christian theological needs. It is said that the use of the ideas of John was not a simple copy, but a free adaptation Filonov logo and its Christianization. Accordingly, the evangelist logo is a person that was before the creation, and she herself was God himself. This is the external potency of wisdom derived from unmanifested Divinity for the purpose of existence of the world. And in the world – is immanent divine wisdom. Logos, through which the world is created, it becomes the avatar body, manifested in human form. He is the son of God, Jesus Christ, he who is called in the heavenly pre-existence of the Logos, and, after his incarnation – a man named Jesus Christ, who is neither a prophet nor a superman, but purnavatara God. Logos – the perfect expression of God in the son. In Jesus realized the identity of being and God. The Fourth Gospel begins grandly: “In the beginning was the word. And the word was with God. And the Word was God. ” But what is said in the Vedas: “In the beginning was Brahman, with whom was the Word, Vach.” The word Brahman should be followed because it is the first, contained in potency. And then there is already Shakti. Word – is Brahman. “

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I deliberately did not want to say anything on the connection between ancient knowledge and Vedic religions. My experience has taught me a sad side to bypass the theme of religion. Even from the very good reasons to clarify that not all stupidity in all religions, bump, then some fanatical followers who crave blood and screaming: “Where climbed? We are no better than you know! It is better to get out in good time. ” Either resentment: “Why do you mention about this religion, but about our not say?” With all due respect to religions, I believe that religions were at the time of the progressive things, and probably made a huge amount of good … But that just is not so say – someone was offended.

This general idea that can be traced in many cultures, it tells us about the general appearance of the push this knowledge, which then started to break up and traced through different religious and philosophical concepts.

 Text: “Wack, thus, there is Shakti, the power of Brahman, which is not separated from the empowered Shaktiman. This Shakti which was in it, builds up with him and develops in the form of the universe, however, always remains what is the Highest Shakti “.

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I recently encountered such a series of lectures, which was called “sacred marriage”. A man and woman are married, get married. Oddly enough, the topic of marriage is extremely mysterious, difficult to understand and goes back to the very basics of life of the universe. A difficulty in recognizing the sacredness of this is as follows: at the time of manifestation of Brahman through Shakti is no difference between the Shakti and Brahman. Or in other words, when the display is no difference between those manifested by the fact that through manifested.

Or, if we say the terms of the Vedas, if you marry a man or a woman according to the canons of the most high, then you call upon, no more, no less, as the Absolute manifest itself through the human body. And at the moment there is no difference between the manifestation of the Absolute and the body. It is very difficult to understand the concept of western people. In a more sophisticated form it manifests itself through the concept of the unfolding world of perpetual change. Does he take away the root cause of it being the Absolute, or not? Can we say that the Absolute itself, and the world itself?

On the one hand, the Absolute – prohibitive thing, but the whole world can not exist without it. And the whole world for that matter – a manifestation of the Absolute.

And I will say a few words about the bundles with the religions. In some religions it is believed that the root cause of being, or God, is not knowable in principle. In other religions, it said that the root cause is knowable, but it is the forms and names. Still others say that the root cause can be shown through the form and name.

Absolute Absolute, and the fact that it may appear so, as he pleases. It pops up a term such as avatars, ie is the embodiment of the Absolute beyond, about which we can not say he is a person or not a person at all … superperson can not say anything. But after a quite specific form or completely individual. And in ancient Indian mythology, it is believed that at times the Absolute, who created the whole universe, in his grace takes the form of man and comes into this world. At first glance, this concept had not intermeddle. Well as ALL gathered in one person, but still manifested in his creation? And at a time when it showed up, there is a difference between a person who is an avatar of the Absolute, and the Absolute itself, or not? And how many mines was broken around this theme!

The answer in this regard a trivial: Absolute on it and Absolute Almighty, that he both wants and does. And at the time of its manifestations is no difference between the way it manifested itself, and the essence.

And there is such a topic – the effect icon. You can go buy an icon, a piece of paper on which something is shown. But if you will turn to the Supreme through the paper, calling to manifest through this piece of paper, and if the college begins suddenly somehow through this piece of paper to appear, then it ceases to be a piece of paper. This is something more than a piece of paper. That is why they say “namolennaya icon”. There’s just an icon, but there namolennaya icon. What does it mean? Then someone opened. If opened, the properties of it in some incredible way quite different. Moreover, the physical properties are not. Do not electroscope to measure the voltage or something else. This property of the field quite elusive.

There was a series of lectures on the Bhagavad-gita, there was the same thing: Absolute came in human form. Moreover, at the time of display no difference between the Absolute and man. Friends, this concept should not be placed in your mind. It is more than reason. You can not understand it, you can get used to it that it happens. You will understand it, according to the ancient knowledge, only after a long, long private practice you will go to the superconscious state with the highest position of intuition is directly apprehend. The plane of the mind, in the best case, it seems some are not engages in the worst case, it seems nonsense.

 Text: It is possible that the human mind can develop in the same way, being an independent. It is also possible due to the influence of India to the West, Filonov, and St John Neoplatonic concepts were, at least in part, borrowed from India.

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In fact, we know little of the history of the ancient world. We do not know about the links that connect the country’s East and West. How do we know? Written sources have survived, no artifacts have survived, and so we begin to complete construction on the basis of what is, and is very much distorts perception. And it may well be that in those days, even in the Hellenic era, the heyday of ancient Greece, the link between India and the West have been a much more closely than we are now represented. It is quite possible that the idea penetrated India. There are other points of view. If you trace the background of all the Abrahamic religions, they also go back to the East. Those. it is an open question, a question for historians.


Text: However, despite the similarities, there are differences that should not be overlooked. So Brahman is the material cause of the world, whereas the Christian logo – no. Christians claim dualism. Wack – is not a person within the Trinity. Vak – This mother herself Trimurti, which are Brahma, Vishnu and Rudra. For her, the highest one with Brahma Shakti.

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, friends, it went a complicated matter, let us leave to the next chapter of her. Questions anyone have?

 Question: immanent – what is it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In this case, probably “knowable.” Transcendent – a fundamental unknowability. Look, there is such a thing “transcendental number”. We know what it is, but we can express not. We can prove that it exists, but it is not to grasp, unknowable in this regard. But here, in contrast to the transcendent, if digging, you can dig up something.

 Q: At the time of manifestation there is no difference, and at other times?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This anecdote is. Imagine that the owner has decided to break his stick dog. Execution such punishment. And, in fact, the entire process chain: stick – Dog – owner – anger merges into something unified. We can not say that the stick in relation to the host anger – is one thing, the boss – something else. Those. hits the stick, but the owner … “king of good, evil boyars” – the usual Russian interpretation.

Or in other words, a Hindu yogi, for example, is engaged in meditation, spiritual exercises, and then he – darshan, contemplation, say, Shiva. Here he was sitting in his hut, doing yoga and then bang !!! Phenomenon! Most are different experiences at the same time. Too often, in India, that: “So I was sitting there and I was a goddess.” And she looked like? And he begins to describe it. And it is clear to the modern psychiatrist is immediately suspicious. And in terms of spiritual experience it does not matter whether it was a projection of your mind. Some mechanisms are created this way, just as we are in a dream create the whole universe, but it is only in the waking state. Or indeed from Galion fields formed the figure of the Goddess, and then disappeared without a trace.

It’s not that. It is important that at the time of manifestation of the Supreme in His grace manifested through a specific form, and personally for you there is no difference between the higher and by this form.

And when this happens to you, let’s say you have chosen as their Ishta Devata and began to meditate on it and it was. Ishta Devata – the selected image is the Absolute. And at the time of manifestation of this image for you is sacred. In the future, if you think about the attributes that he had, on jewelry, clothing, etc., it will be you natalkivat directly to the idea of the Absolute. And the more you think about it, the faster you will achieve the ultimate goal. Those. expression when it was, there was no difference.

And usually occur after this experience the world’s religions, well, not the world, just religion. Someone opened a single image, and man has no doubts, he begins to tell another, others believe in it, and also the way for them to work. It starts multiplying, multiplying, grows to a certain size – and there is the cult of a deity. Someone says, that it is necessary at all to see Krishna, someone – not Krishna, Shiva need to see someone – no, it is necessary to see the Garuda, someone – no, Hanuman, Hanuman here – yes! Why? Because it was originally a pulse through a phenomenon (let’s call it so), through which the manifested Absolute, and when symptoms there was no difference for the person to whom he was, in fact, remained a kind of magnetization of this image, and it somehow transferred to other people. There are religious beliefs, usually. And then all of these views are beginning to laugh and call it all idolatry.

And throughout the history of mankind is one and the same situation: that some sacred image first, then someone says that it is idol worship, let us do all the images remove. Begin to remove all the images, but the images do not think hard. Begin replacing images administered in the form of geometry, the same yantra. Then after some time, all this bothers geometry, everyone wants at least some of the image. Begin to paint icons, make sculptures. And here it is a continuous thing – a man without a hard image and glory of God, that at the time of manifestation through the images, and that manifested itself, there is no difference. It is very difficult to understand the idea, but further, with the passage of time or for other people, and it may be not so.

And here the most terrible danger – fanaticism. Some foaming at the mouth screaming, “Here it is the symbol of my faith, and through it all you will!” And someone says, “Oh, nothing, I do not see it!” And there is a conflict. Even Vivekananda wrote that because of these conflicts more blood has been shed in the history of mankind, than for anything else. He wrote it, of course, before the First World War.

 Q: How do I get the mind to see those things which he does not yet know the names?

 Vadim Zaporozhtsev: You know, these paradoxes is a purely mathematical: there is a terrible secret that nobody knows. If no one knows that terrible secret, how do we know that this secret is? You see, the looped itself. Even the question itself, that if we ever something we think you already have at least some idea. It’s not that “I feel that there is something!” And how to make the mind? It is fixated logic problem. It is insoluble, because otherwise it would not be the meaning of all religious tests in all of these religions.

Well, as called for all religions or philosophies? They are, in fact, urge to know yourself, or know of the Absolute, God. And not so that all turns out “with a bang”, friends. We go to all sorts of tricks. In religions, for example, “fasting and prayer open to you on the fortieth year of kneeling.” Or yoga “going to do this and that, you will be Shiva himself and will ask him for the execution of their desires.”

Probably, this problem is solved directly in the following way: to get to enlightenment, we must first think of it. We must voleizyavit Absolute before it will be in your life. Not because it does not exist, but because so does the universe. Both the factor that you want something, it means that somewhere already cranked the wheel.

It is much harder to another. Here you go outside, meet another person spiritually inexperienced, a man who “much superior to us in their ignorance,” and try it at least some concept of the Supreme describe. He will say: “Yes, you che, man, delirious?” I’ve been very often in an electric food sitting young people drinking beer. What they discuss? You know, a specific range of interests and different variety, and also the appropriate Slang: 5-6 verbal nouns. Here come to them and say, “the transcendent and immanent Absolute” … can and bottle to get. (Everyone laughs). Well, here’s how to touch up on the idea of the Supreme? And nothing! While they do not voleizyavyat, they live as if it did not it would be in the universe.

Future graduates MOYU! The most difficult, honorable and responsible task – is to be a teacher of yoga. How to convey to others the higher concept? You can only inspire a person to rediscovered them. And you can not export, you do not have it any rights or opportunities. Absolut made all free, free of everything, even of knowledge. If they know nothing do not want to, they do not know. In the same way we do. Until we voleizyavim inside, we do not get anything. Available! Available even make mistakes, to be in the dark.

All of today. Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!



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