2013_08_03 A.Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 4 h. 1 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

The word “Sabda» (śabda), derived from the root «śabd» – «make a sound” – and usually means the sound in general, including the voice, the word, speech and language. It’s either “literirovanny” sound (varnatma-ka-Sabda, varṇātmaka-śabda), which has the meaning (artha), ie or designating a thing or implying the properties and relations of things, or is it a “non-literirovanny” and meaningless sound (at least for us), and in this case it’s just dhvani (dhvanyatmaka-Sabda, dhvanyātmaka-śabda), for example, the roar of the rapid stream, thunder, and so on. I said, “for us”, because every sound it makes sense to Ishvara. Sound arises from the contact of two things hitting each other. For example, the sound appears literirovanny speech organs through contact with outside air. Elsewhere, more fully describes what Sabda manifests itself exists as four shakti, namely steam pashyanti, madhyama and vaikhari. They are named in connection with another synonymous Sabda – wack, or Devi Saraswati … “

There Woodroffe reiterates what was already clear from the first chapters. I remind you that his job consists of articles he had written over the years. In this case, we once again remind that this “Shabd”. And since we are studying also indirectly Mantra Vidya, the science of mantra yoga, which is extremely difficult to understand, it is not superfluous to recall that ideology again.

So, the original unmanifested Absolute, the one about whom we can not say anything, nor the fact that he was the one, nor the fact that there were a lot, whether it was then or now, here or there, big or small. Not one word and no one thought does not express its state, the original, beyond, before the creation of the universe, or in advance of its manifestations …

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A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 4 h. 1 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2013.08.03.

Where: International Open Yoga University


So, friends, we have today August 3, 2013. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, and this is our lectures International Open Yoga University, all archived information on www.openyoga.ru site.

We are bravely exploring the book “Garland of Letters” John George Woodroffe, and reached 4 chapters. If anyone has questions about the previous chapters, it is time to voice them. Do not hesitate, there are no stupid questions, stupid answers are. No? Then we move on.

“… Chapter 4. Parashabda causal Shabda.

The word “Sabda» (śabda), derived from the root «śabd» – «make a sound” – and usually means the sound in general, including the voice, the word, speech and language. It’s either “literirovanny” sound (varnatma-ka-Sabda, varṇātmaka-śabda), which has the meaning (artha), ie or designating a thing or implying the properties and relations of things, or is it a “non-literirovanny” and meaningless sound (at least for us), and in this case it’s just dhvani (dhvanyatmaka-Sabda, dhvanyātmaka-śabda), for example, the roar of the rapid stream, thunder, and so on. I said, “for us”, because every sound it makes sense to Ishvara. Sound arises from the contact of two things hitting each other. For example, the sound appears literirovanny speech organs through contact with outside air. Elsewhere, more fully describes what Sabda manifests itself exists as four shakti, namely steam pashyanti, madhyama and vaikhari. They are named in connection with another synonymous Sabda – wack, or Devi Saraswati … “

There Woodroffe reiterates what was already clear from the first chapters. I remind you that his job consists of articles he had written over the years. In this case, we once again remind that this “Shabd”. And since we are studying also indirectly Mantra Vidya, the science of mantra yoga, which is extremely difficult to understand, it is not superfluous to recall that ideology again.

So, the original unmanifested Absolute, the one about whom we can not say anything, nor the fact that he was the one, nor the fact that there were a lot, whether it was then or now, here or there, big or small. Not one word and no one thought does not express its state, the original, beyond, before the creation of the universe, or before the beginning of its manifestation. And this ultraboundary Absolut did a very strange thing that was the cause of the unfolding of the universe. He produced the original vibration, a sound, or how it is said here, “Shabd”. But always there is a question, as we have just said that if there was nothing about any vibration can be a speech? Vibration what and what? The answer is, it should be understood allegorically. This is just an analogy, which must sooner or later touch up our minds to complete rethinking and rediscovery of the date of creation of the universe, and not a detailed description of how it all happened. It’s only a model that is somehow accessible to our understanding of “skudnenko little minds”, that would at least for something to hold on to this great act of creation of the universe. If you do not make such analogies, to talk about what? One naked high abstraction, we can only be silent and smile, as did many great yogis and saints, when asked about how the universe originated, or what Enlightenment. They like the Buddha silently smiled, what to say, if it is not expressible? So, the whole analogy of the Universe – an explanation on the fingers sverhlogichnyh complicated processes. But these explanations are good because they are a slap guide us in the right direction and the narrow horizons of our quest in understanding how it all happened. And it turns out that we have pervoimpuls of the Absolute, which provibriroval to himself or itself shook. As a result of this action, “Shabd” pervovibratsie Absolute in itself, there was a wonderful thing – which is called maya, or which is called prana or pervomantra called, or called the first realization. And the Absolute became manifest. In this sense, the concept of the manifested Absolute is already more concrete and tangible, about which you can say something, as opposed to the Absolute unmanifested, about which nothing can be said. Again the question – manifested through that, how? Once again, we are waiting for a series of abstractions, which with today’s position of reason, we can not understand, but which gives a push in the right direction for meditation and reflection. Make complex Shed yoga for 40 minutes and then 10 minutes to meditate unmanifested Absolute, then manifested. So something and comes to you.

Pervovibratsiya, in fact, it is prana, and it also proves how energy is how consciousness. We come to another description of the concept of vibration, high axiomatic. What is any vibration? Take a ruler and hit her on the table, it will start to swing, and you’ll see that there are two extreme points and a movement that connects them to the vibration. You people today and everyone in the house has electricity, can not be said about the ancient rishis, sages. And in the house you have a socket, and in it two holes, if, of course, you have a single-phase current. One hole grounded postings from it goes straight into the ground, the deeper the better. The other hole is called a phase, in fact it is in it, and there are 220, and the hole in the tension changes its polarity from + 220V to -220V by nobody periodicity law, describes the functions of sines and cosines. It turns harmonious wave from + to – there is a change. Similarly, the Absolute manifested in the shell of prana – the vibration between the two poles. And following these poles – the eternal principle of modification and the principle of eternal immutability, or in other words, the male principle and the female principle of Consciousness Energy. In the description of prana originally contained a further separation of the single Absolute on two factors manifestations – male and female. Incidentally, this is why yoga is believed that everything related to the relationship between men and women, ranging from simple drives, likes and dislikes, and ending sexual desires and preferences, its roots out in the most that gorge on the depth of the creation of the universe. That is why in all sane schools of yoga say that everything that happens in the kitchen between husband and wife is the planetary and cosmic dimensions. The principles of harmony and contradictions were laid long before you were born, when the Absolute created the world. Is it any wonder the problems in family life? The solution to these problems involved in various yoga in our school is the Yoga of Love, Tantra, Triad Yoga sexual union, but not the point. A question that these extremes are mutually exclusive. Extreme eternal modification, essentially extreme volatility and eternal immutability. And the term pervoshabdy just means the vibration of the Absolute in the Absolute, from one extreme – modifications, to the other extreme – permanence. Later this pervoimpuls in their various combinations gave birth to all the other principles – the principle of intelligence, space, etc. to the earth principle. Everything that you see around you, wherever you look is not thrown, it is precisely the product of combinations of these two principles – the principle of continuity and the principle of modification, only in different proportions, fragmentary, fragmented.

Vibration then into something immaterial, what is consciousness, the energy, Shakti, in the material, to which we are accustomed, but to the end and did not understand what it is. The part that is material, the principle of Shakti, the principle of Energy, Woodroffe was divided into four components, four Shakti. But he did not mention that four of Shakti are four gradations of consciousness, according to the degree of refinement. So here we are named respectively couple pashyanti, madhyama and vaikhari. The latest, vaikhari – a sound that breaks from his lips, the sound vibration. For example, I am now speaking, and air molecules are first rush forward, then back, they move, and you can hear me in every corner of this room. It is known from the laws of physics, you can read the tutorial and remember what a sound wave. It turns out that the manifestations of the vaikhari, it really is Shakti, the sound wave, I’m talking about, and your eardrums is quite specific energy impact. For example, there is an extreme form of sound, called a shock wave. My specialty – physics of fast processes and I very well know all about explosions. When the bomb explodes, one of the worst damaging factors – a shock wave. A person can be without a scratch, but shell-shocked by the shock wave. Energy factor in this case is described by the law are not harmonious as the sound and sharp edge. Shockwave – a terrible thing, the pressure drop no building stands on the floor of the atmosphere, it just blows away.

As part of energy is always hidden component of consciousness, showing a color is sound, what’s the meaning of it. If this meaning is connected to human speech, you know what I mean, and if I like a sparrow started chirping, the components of the energy would have reached, and the component of Consciousness – no. Or, as stated in Woodruff, if I started to clap – component of the energy comes, and the component does not reach consciousness, so for us it seems meaningless sound. But from the standpoint of the Absolute for each vibration, whether cotton or my word, always hidden Consciousness.

It turns out that at the level of Sabda, in the form of a pair of the sound is not yet divided into energy and consciousness. And then the shape of the support (energy) is becoming rougher and rougher, and the factor of Consciousness, immutability, unimpeded through it airs. They say that if you climb a notch, by the sound of speech to speech mental level, you will begin to understand the language of animals and birds, not to mention foreign languages. Sometimes you have many years of teaching a foreign language, and run into a foreigner, he speaks very quickly and nothing is clear. So, yoga states that if you climb a step higher, the level of consciousness, which is prescribed by the vibration of the words of a language, go to a higher level of consciousness, you will begin to understand the language of animals and birds, and then and in general in all the language . For example, the thunder struck, so it is for someone thunder struck, and very specific message for you.

Any vibration has two poles – the air vibrations and a sense that your consciousness draws from it. And then, as axiomatics claims still fun. We have considered the transition from the one pole to another. From Consciousness to the Energy is Sabda, vibration, bearing a meaning, and that is the simple equation, one energy and one of Consciousness. But, according to poorly preserved tracts and knowledge of yoga, in turn, energy and consciousness as a fraction, and appear accordingly – energy in five aspects, and consciousness in four. Do not ask me what kind of aspects, axiomatic, I will not answer. Many hypotheses I have heard what the five types of energies, and four kinds of consciousness. For the ears, and drags types of temperaments, remember, sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic, melancholic. And as the energy of such a spread idiotic views up to the classification of women, according to the Kama Sutra, the elephant-female, female-hare, who do not read, and that it is not necessary, and who read, will understand me. That’s bullshit! This refers to another thing – Aspect Energy and aspects of consciousness, the notion of a higher, more axiomatic that are even higher than the manifestations of man in the form of a man or woman. We are so made that distinguish the aspect of consciousness can only Energy and Energy aspect distinguishable only Consciousness, on the hyperfine level, even before the adjectives in terms of energy or consciousness. Friends, this is a very complex topic, it remained virtually grain of knowledge. But even these grains give a very good result, just as if you have found a few pages from the textbook of mathematics dedicated to solving cubic equations. And you do not know how these formulas were derived, but if you use them, it turns out the correct answer. I remind you that for millennia aerobatics in mathematics was the solution of cubic equations. And to solve the cubic equation really learned only in the modern era, somewhere in 1500, and it was the impetus for the emergence of science associated with the names of scientists, mathematicians like Cardano, Tartaglia.

So, until we reached algorithms – solutions, but how to get them in ancient times, this knowledge is either lost or not made public, which also can not be ruled out. Perhaps the time will come and find the manuscript, explaining the situation. A couple of years ago in an Indian temple found several tons of gold, and it is in the poor of India. So, it turns out that from the perspective of mantra-yoga, all that we have around, can be explained by Sabda, pervovibratsiey. But this vibration is not as stupid as it sometimes seems to some narrow-minded followers of yoga. Friends of sound vibration – is the tip of the iceberg, this is the most primitive. The power of the spoken word explained by this. After all, the word – a tool that is present in every one of you. And how do you use them? Abused, or even worse, lying. And now look at what happens when you’re lying. The two extremes – Energy and Consciousness separated, and in addition to that, and so on every level of the coarsening is a substitution, according to the law four and five all mixed, so more and you call black white, speak not as it actually is. So I at each lecture on yoga, mantra, repeat, take an example from me, do not lie more than 50 times a day. This is normal, when you can live, and if you lie more, you can definitely get lost, severing the name and form, artha Shabd. I have already cited the example on the previous lectures that the Polish “monster” – a beauty, and said in Russian: “What are you freak!”, It is unlikely she will be delighted. And those words-shifters particularly Slavic, Indo-European, as it is called scholars, language group, very much. The same roots, have the opposite meaning. There is a division of peoples, for example, the Slavs in the north, the southern Slavs, etc., and here – the border, and the concept of change. My sister lives in Ukraine, as she traveled to Poland, and really surprised me by saying that the Polish language is closer to Russian than Ukrainian. I am not a linguist, and Ukrainian, I do not know, but she says that a lot easier for us to understand the words and they sound well. And so it happens that related nations are like a cake layered, time – disconnection time – the substitution of concepts. I understand that it stems from the personal animosity, once he is good, then bad for me. In particular, there is an example of a well-known story in India of gods called the “devas”, as the word “girl”, which means divine. And let’s say in the related culture zaraastriytsev “devas” – a demon. Conversely, at higher light zaraastriytsev Ahuramasda deity, and in the late Vedic tradition, the word “asura” (consonant “Ahura” and “Asura”) refers to a demonic creature. Related once people with a common language (vedic language closer to the Avesta language than to Sanskrit), which is not divided, rasplevalis, quarreled, separated and began to each other to sling mud, then they white, I have black and vice versa. Remember the myth of the common language and the Tower of Babel, and then actually everything went awry. There is the same situation, we introduce additional lies maya and durim themselves. Therefore, my friends, once again, very much lie – bad! Sometimes, though, there are times when you can tell the truth, but it would be better if you were silent or spoke not the truth. The confused state your best to stick to a fundamental law of Rita, or in other words, the first, second and third principles of yoga. Because there are clever people who cut a plain truth, but do tricky, they want this truth to someone to do evil. On TV a lot of characters, their timeless revelations, but they have their own self-interest.

So, the meaning is clear, as the involvement of the world, the farther we are from pervoimpulsa from pervoshabdy, the greater the lie, the easier it is to get lost. We say one thing, mean the latter, do the third. In fact, we ourselves confused in this life, and it is necessary to unravel. By and large, what is a mantra? Mantra – is the Ariadne’s thread by which thou goest, and will sooner or later come out of the labyrinth of the Minotaur – lies, which devours all. What awakened mantra? When you do this on a thread at least once reached the pervozvuku – parashabda. Once out – all you’ve got the taste of victory! You already know how to awaken her, but it is the practical aspect of the mantra vidya.

 … And again, in his manifestation Sabda or immanent or transcendent. The first three ways – 1) With the standard point of view, this means the sound of the same class, as well as audible ears, and sounds, whose power (shakti) refers to the normal, publicly available standards. 2) From the yogic point of view, this means a subtle sound perceived by the ear and the mind, which is superior to conventional sounds and whose shakti is above average. But the ability to perceive subtle sound can be big or smaller, and therefore there is a gradation; the ability of one person sometimes higher than the other, just as one can hear better among ordinary people than others. 3) From the point of view of “absolute ear”, ie the ability to perceive sound without restrictions, as is the case with a perfect yogi – this means clear sound, or Sabda-tanmatra. He perceived a perfect yogi in its pure aspect. For annotations to the most important philosophical terms it is deployed in this way. Consequently, there are different definitions of terms such as Prana, Akasa, frond, etc. The term shabda has four values, in the comprehension of the thoughts which have been developing for the above given sample. Some may think that from the point of view of pure logic, this situation is unacceptable, but we have to approach things practical, because the life is usually not meet the requirements of pure logic. But despite this, these methods and regulations correspond to the truth. For example, the Brahman – all things in the form of Shakti, despite the fact that he himself Brahman (brahma-svarupa, brahmasvarūpa) is beyond them all. And if those to whom all these connotations Brahman laid out at the same time, complain about the uncertainty this is due to the fact that they are not quite comfortable with the subject. But as this topic is being developed gradually, step by step, the guru holds sisya up to the place where all aspects are taken into consideration in relation to the whole (Purna, pūrṇa), whose aspects they are … “


And I’m going to have a guru, sisya teach the mind to reason. But in fact there Woodroffe said already that I announced in relation to the three forms of sound. More precisely four of them, but it is not so discernible in the steam level, there is little that can be said, he is there as it is one. Regarding the comments of Woodruff, all can be divided into an immanent or transcendent pole – Find dictionary, it will be necessary to explain what is immanent and what is transcendent.

Immanence (Latin immanens, rod.pad immanentis «indwelling”..) – A philosophical category denoting inalienable, internal communication, as opposed to the outside.

Transcendence (transcendence, transcendent adj.) (From the Latin transcendens -. Crosses, superior, going beyond) – a philosophical term used to describe something that is fundamentally available empirical knowledge or based on experience. In a broad sense transcendent understood as otherworldly as opposed to the immanent.

Woodroffe again leads us to the idea of the two poles between which the manifest being. What we are saying more understandable language, divided into energy and consciousness, it can be shared with other positions, other language definitions. Is not it important for us. It is important that each value, each vibration has nested concepts. Remember “Alice in Wonderland”, the moment where Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice wisdom and said that there are words, like a wallet, deploy them, and then you turn. By the way, this is one of the most quoted books in the field of physics and mathematics. It is necessary to create a library of quite necessary for students of the Open University of Yoga, which is mandatory to make “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass”, believe me, you will not lose, but only gain.

So, it turns out that there are different depths of fullness of each word, however, as each sound. Some words we zavralsya their associations, some we already got mangled, some rooted on the pulse transmission chain from finer to coarser carrier go so deep, in fact getting at is to make sense, it takes a long time. But as soon as you have to grasp the true meaning of any word, it becomes a mantra corresponding to a particular object or phenomenon in the universe. You become the master of the Master or manifestations, like the Absolute. From the standpoint of yoga mantra, the mantra sastra as Absolut controls the universe? Do you think he rolled up their sleeves, digging holes? Yes, digging, only to roll up their sleeves are not your own, and your. And in fact, management is at the level of the mantra, which further coarsens before you, roll up their sleeves, dig pits. Attempts to explain the yoga mantra, which are given in vidya mantra in the six orthodox systems of India, in different groups, sects, religions, doctrines and currents are very contradictory, and it seems that they explain everything in discord, but, in fact, lead to same. And the task of the guru as has been said here, take your sisya (I Star Wars remember, “Oh, my young podovat, I am teacher and now I will teach you!”) And drag it from the rough form of the ratio of vibration of Consciousness and Energy to more a thin, thin and push it into the pair of sound. And for that, my friends, used a variety of methods to facilitate. In particular, while you yourself in good physical shape bringest not, it is unlikely you will achieve something. All yoga interrelated, but here says Woodroffe, it’s not nonsense, no hallucinations, and not a set of disparate theories and fragments, echoes of a single doctrine, which goes back to the Vedas, but who subsequently become worse and worse understood and interpreted differently, and that’s why there were different branches of explanations.


“… The first chapter, I started with the causal Sabda or Sabda-brahman. Shiva has two aspects, namely nishkala (niṣkala (lack of parts)) and Nirguna (nirguṇa (no attributes)) Sakala (sakala (presence of parts)) and Saguna (saguṇa (presence attribute)). First – this is the unmanifested and the beyond college, and the second – a manifestation of the immanent and creating Lord (Iswara) and ruling Mother (Isvari) … “

Here again there is a substitution of concepts, poor Europeans do not understand. Sometimes, when the Siva said to imply masculine manifestation of the Absolute, as opposed to the concept of Shakti, the feminine aspect of the concept of the Absolute, or his wife. But sometimes, when they say Shiva is meant Paramashiva or Absolute. Therefore, in the minds of the confusion may occur. Here we mean that the Absolute appeared in the form of Shiva, the male principle of permanence and, accordingly, in the women’s eternal principle modifications. Just as there are differences between consciousness and energy, there are also differences in the descriptive characteristics:

“… Nishkala (niṣkala (lack of parts)) and Nirguna (nirguṇa (no attributes)) Sakala (sakala (presence of parts)) and Saguna (saguṇa (presence attribute)) …”

In fact, what can you say about consciousness? How many parts of it consist of? Nothing you could not tell … Or what characteristics your consciousness? By definition, a consciousness – a tool that displays all of what it seeks. It can be directed to the white light or black paper. We can not attribute the diversity of any forms or manifestations of consciousness that we can easily do for Energy. Therefore, the above is only a gradation in the consciousness and energy, only in other words.

“… The first – is nishpanda, without movement, because it is a constant and unchanging Brahman. It Ashabd both, which here means the same as in the absence of manifestation is not as a result of Sabda Sabda and there is a reason. This means that in this case there is no cause of tension. The second aspect is called “Sabda-brahman”, it manifests itself as creation of Brahman, which is a balanced state of Shakti. From Sabda Sabda-brahman all manifested in the form of mantras or otherwise. By itself, the Sabda-brahman is unmanifested (avyakta) Sabda; Recently Sabda-Brahman is the cause not only of Sabda, but all artha and protyai. This is true, but in the sastra term Sabda – Brahmin used due to the fact that here it refers to the origin as well as Sabda Shrout, obyasnyayuschiyprotsess creation also represents Sabda, Artha and pratya. In this case, said creation, creation of shabda- prabhava because her universe in its causal aspect consists of Sabda (vānmaya). Also it refers to the “creation of artha,” ie, Artha of higher, cosmic matter, which is Prakriti-Shakti. It is known to us result (Karya), correlated to the single cause of all results, and at the same time, however, this reason is given the name of the results that are the subject of consideration. Moreover, Sabda-Brahman aspect is of the greatest importance, since it is in this aspect, it is Veda … “

Here Woodroffe listed numerous points of view, where there is a substitution of concepts from one to another, and the confusion getting scared. A duality duality is replaced by another, modeled on the above example with Shiva – Shiva sometimes – the Absolute, and sometimes Shiva – consciousness. It also confused the different duality, for example, “is not manifested Absolute – Absolute manifested” – is a duality. And the Absolute, manifested in the consciousness and energy – this is another duality. In fact – the four components, and take them and mix, then no one Western follower does not understand what it was about. That’s the trouble! Looking for clues about these texts because, for example, mentioned the so-and-so is, but from the context it is clear that it is necessary to understand differently. I therefore anyone interested in yoga warning before for intelligent books brothers, come to us on the internet site www.openyogaclass.com yoga courses – go axiomatics of yoga. Otherwise, the head will develop such bredyatina!

Woodruff is mentioned that this confusion has developed historically in India for a long time. Western scholar, not weighed down by tradition, begins to learn from different sources and get porridge. We must pay tribute to the Indians, they are more consistent in this respect, if you were born in a certain tradition, he and her hammer from birth to death. A jump from tradition to tradition, is not popular, it is believed that you have to grab a piece of knowledge and the long grind its inside. This is in contrast to the Western followers who rush from one guru to another, a kind collectors initiations, mantras, knowledge, practices. You have to understand that when there is a conversation about Dwight Nirguna or Saguna, ie when given descriptive dual system, then, firstly, it is layered, and secondly, it has an emotional color. I then got a secret adept of Sciences, which is groaning and wringing her hands, saying, “Oh, this duality!”, And I could not understand why he is not pleased duality. After all, there would be no duality with regard to the manifest or not manifest the Absolute, then there would be the most adept of this, no one would wring his hands. Similarly, the sad crowds of adherents, which Maya is not pleased: “Oh, this Mayan” and almost a mother to her. But Maya does not have the emotional color, the Maya – this is part of the duality of Absolute to our world, not from the manifested to the manifested, there would not have maya and wailing. And this duality can only then be manifested at another level, as a principle of eternal constancy and the principle of eternal modification, but that’s another duality.

Now all the Indians who went to college and received a Western education, find a compromise between the European and the influence of their religious obscurantist views in Advaita become Advaitist. You begin to wonder how well they adhere to the non-duality, and clutched his head. Because if you really stick to non-duality, that is why it rests on the caste division of the people? Therefore, my friends, be careful with philosophical concepts, it is not so simple.

“… But what is the meaning of the word Sabda that is used in the term” Sabda-brahman? ” This has already been discussed above. “Shabd” in this case does not mean merely rude or subtle sound. Since consideration of both results (Karya), we go to their cause (Karana). Manifested sound – this mode of Akasa. But what’s the point? After shabda not just property of space and nothing more; those. Sabda, the term is not limited to the mode of Akasa. If this were so, then there would be no opportunity to explain the well-known scientific experiment (that is, whether it is known before, probably, “destroyed” to all the Hindu theory), in which the ringing bell ceases to be heard in a closed flask, from which air is removed, but still it remains a space (akasha). If shabda was only the mode of Akasa and there would be no longer associated with anything, it would be impossible to say that the sound is amplified and attenuated, it appears and disappears with the Vayu. Hence, the term “Sabda” is not limited to the sound, gross or subtle. That causal voltage (Spanda), which is characteristic of stress state chit-shakti, and maya-sakti, initially manifested as the Sabda-tanmatra for “absolute ear”, and then more or less subtle sound of “yogic ear”, according to how the fundamental Ākāśa Spanda-adapts to it (i.e. ear) relative ability by more or less dense medium, and finally appears as a normal sound, when the fundamental Spanda adapts to the ability of the human ear by a dense medium as air. And so the air, as well as the ear is one of the fundamental factors Spanda manifestation, which is like shabda original creative source of tension or arousal in the body of Prakriti-shabda … “


This is actually the same as what we started with a lecture. Woodroffe consistently shows that it is not necessary to understand the concept of primitive shabda as only sound vibration, because in fact there is a transfer of pervoimpulsa from the finest medium to a coarser carrier. Rough vibration we can hear the ear, on the more subtle level – our subtle sense organs, is the fact that the yogi can understand the language of animals and birds, even thinner – it tanmantr level, ie quantum phenomena and then it parashabda, not split in half vibration where manifest and hidden.


“… Shabd – is itself cosmic tension present in the primary space Spanda-shakti, which produces Sabda-tanmatra turns into Akasa-Bhuta, and then in the rest of Vayu tanmatras and Bhu-you …”

I’d be curious to look at the English version of this text, I wonder what the original English word has been translated as “stress”. Sometimes translators are tempted to translate words in a template, a typical value. As a result of such transfer, at first glance it may seem that the text turned out quite natural. But every word has many shades, and it is necessary to drip inside, that would understand how it should be used for this. And then there are those words, false friends, for example, the English word “accurately”, we want to translate as “neat” and the correct translation -. “Precisely” Or the word “intellectual”, in our concept is an intelligent, spiritual, honest people, and in English, is “nerd.” Before anecdotes came when in one text the word “Shakti” is translated as the word “potency”, and instead of that to say: “… And God Vishnu with his Shakti …”, he said: “… And God Vishnu with his potency … “. Hue was obtained immediately rather doubtful.

“… In accordance with this Vedānta pancikrta, i.e. Each tattva has four parts of its own member as well as one from each of the other four. Due to the indirect causality bhautika-Srishti, or there is a combination of Hiranyagarbha tattwas produced by Bhuta-Srishti in the immediate causality (sākṣatkartṛtvam) Ishvara producing rough world of human feelings, which is the Virat. Thus, a single, primary voltage is transmitted in the form, as well as through its chain results. To distinguish this primary Sabda, it is called “parashabda” and Sabda manifests – “aparashabda”, or simply “Sabda”. The latter is a thin and rough sounds available to the senses, or what we call discrete matter; and the first supersensible seems to ordinary consciousness and senses. Thus, parashabda – no sound, but the state of Shakti excitement of space, when during the maturation of samskaras violated previous equilibrium (sāmyā-vasthā) Prakriti … “

Here an interesting inclusion on how to create or tattva are such basic building blocks of our universe is constructed. A complex topic, I will not comment on it, at least for now.

“… So there is anxiety (anxiety) (ksobha), or general movement (samanya-Spanda, sāmānya-spanda) shakti and this cosmic power, which is parashabda or paravak disclosed in the form of manifestation of Sabda (Apara). This voltage, as the potency of all manifested, manifested in man as artha, Prato and Sabda into objects (Prameya, prameya), he learns (Pratyaya, pratyaya) as the knower (pramatri, pramātri), and the name by which he thinks about they, as it were “carrying out the subsequent explanation of the intuitive experience of life” – how well remarked professor Pramthanatha Mukhopadhyaya. Primordial Sabda or paravak (in some ways similar to the Logos) – a cosmic predisposition and the premise of creative evolution. It’s the excitement of the primary substance, projecting itself on the sensual plane of existence, it becomes audible in the form of sound (dhvani), but, by itself, it is only a possibility and sound substrate. It is said that creation – is Sabda-prabhava, that is, it comes from, and is a manifestation of stress, or cosmic Shakti. In this sense, every movement, or process in the universe there parashabda. Although the voltage (forming force) is one, for a variety of senses, it manifests itself in different ways. When the causes of tension in contact with the ear and the mind (intellect), it produces a sound when it comes in contact with the eye and the mind, – the color and shape, and when it comes into contact with some other senses – there are other kinds of sensations … “


So, all of creation began with pervoimpulsa, and in fact, all around – a combination of consciousness and energy, or some mantra. All that you see, the whole world – is carried out by the mantra. There is a mantra in this cup, and if you know it, according to the above ideology, can do with this mug of whatever – to create, to destroy, to preserve. There is another very interesting approach that I like the approach of the Indian philosophers, sages. The whole world – is a combination of energy and consciousness, the manifested part, Shakti, and the hidden part of consciousness, Chit. For example, our ears perceive the vibration of air, carrier information, we recognize our consciousness. Roughly speaking, we have a range of our consciousness that perceives information from sound waves. Next, you see the eyes of some information, ie there is a channel of consciousness through the eyes. Similarly, tactile sensations. Streams of Consciousness and Energy, and if you analyze it, how many of them will turn out? The ancient yogic teachings converged on the five senses.

Question from the audience about the vestibular system.

A VZV: Its location we define using the vestibular system, in fact it is a small crystal that is pressing on a nerve that one side or the other. And we can make a conclusion, we are in what position.

So, five streams of information from the outside world, which are reduced to sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste. Each flow of information does not in itself, it has the support and we can talk about the Shabd, or vibration, or mantra, characteristic of, respectively, the ears, the eyes, nose, etc. Alternatively, there is the media, which is a vibration, wave, Sabda, and we get the information, what’s going on in the world. Those. for each of these vibrations is the characteristic photon, or tanmantra, indivisible building block of a stream of consciousness and energy that we receive through the senses. In everyday life we use coarse senses, he sees the first sight, but then comes the confirmation on a subtle level. And as we have said several lectures ago, according to the ancient texts, yogis there is the ability to perceive these channels of information outside the coarse sense organs – the eyes do not see, do not hear with their ears, not to feel the touch of skin and etc. Just go to the reservoir, the level generated by the corresponding Shabd, and draw experience from it. It is sometimes called extrasensory experience, but not in the sense that there is no sense, but in the sense that the level of the other.

Question from the audience: You said that the consciousness illuminates all that we are sending, and has neither positive nor negative color. And it can be divided into four parts?

VZV: It is not divisible by four, it is one, it appears so. And it helps him in this Maya, and how one of the great mysteries. we do not know much. For example, in terms of the yoga of love, which is tied to our ordinary experience of life, it is believed that this in such that on a rough, even on thin. The explanation, which is not everyone will like it, but it all will understand, just as the girl, if you put in front of her young men lined up, one she liked, she begins to feel attraction, and other – no. And why is this happening? Of course, here it plays an important factor – our previous experience, finger, samsara that we drag from past lives. But not all so simple, is recognition or craving comes to different aspects of consciousness. For young men – to aspects of Energy. Splitting one Consciousness – it is solely the Mayan girls. A division into aspects of Energy – is maya for boys. Maya acts on the aspect, and by what methods it realized Absolute – Learn yoga lovers, Sri Vidya, Obtain 16 hexadecimal mantra, etc. This is a great mystery, and so they just will not let you! The conversation is not about separation, but of our perception, this is a topic for intellectual comprehension. MOYU grows to large proportions, it will be a resource for discussion of such things. Like the higher mathematics, the more you study it, the more it is absorbed, and the ordinary world of numbers turns into an incredible combination of properties. This is interesting in itself. Someday we will hold brainstorming. But brainstorm about higher mathematics can be carried out only by those who know her.

Question from the audience: Is it possible to reduce the Maya to the pollution in the mind? Or is it something more?

VZV Maya arose when the mind is still and did not smell. Therefore, to pollution of the mind we can not take it, but probably at the level of the mind is an aspect of maya.

Question from the audience: Is it possible to perceive the world through the Manas? Or once in buddhi?

VZV: What does it mean to buddhi? Imagine a computer where you do not upload photos and you will see it? At least something has to be downloaded. By means of buddhi you do not know anything, buddhi – intermediate, facilitating knowledge of the instrument, creates an exact copy of the information. You’ll see just what got into buddhi, until not reached the highest state of Samadhi, when you can learn without going through buddhi and manas.

A voice from the audience: I meant that you can pass through Manas mantra and immediately make a copy in the buddhi.

VZV: Absolutely right. This is a good point, the practical application of mantra yoga.

A voice from the audience: there is a space of intuition, in which we contemplate, bypassing all?

VZV: If “bypassing all”, it means I’m between your and the Absolute, there is nothing.

A voice from the audience: I would like to share a copy of the buddhi, which I had created and intuitive understanding without effort.

VZV: As I understand it, the word “intuitive” is understood Samadhi without object, because all our intuition – again in the buddhi, my friends! A higher state of direct realization, is when do you get your information directly, bypassing all, any of your higher self, which is equivalent. Plenty of room for meditation.

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