2013_08_10 A.Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 4 h. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

So, my friends. See how Woodroffe work is done – the same theme is repeated and repeated and repeated, and this is very good, because when they have to read or comprehend, or even less comment on, I always say the same thought, one and the same philosophical categories and concepts so you get used to them. Generally, in fact, this is a serious kind of thing, they do not just provide knowledge, but also be able to bring it to the listener. And, as experience shows, it is several times the same can not be said, several times the same thing does not prepodash until there is some kind of a mental field of a large number of people, where everyone on the same page of understanding, the further study of a topic, it simply makes no sense. That’s how science is formed, for example, modern. It is not accumulated a certain number of people in Europe who know, say in mathematics, there was no prerequisite that there was a scientific revolution. You remember, right? After the wise men missing in all ages – and in the Middle Ages, in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, but for some reason there was no science in the sense of the word, which we now have.

Lecture title:

A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 4 h. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2013.08.10.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Short Description: What is Sabda, Artha, Prato, etc; India accepts and applies the knowledge of Yoga in their lives; mass revolution; the concept of the universe and its principles; as the emergence of principles influenced the appearance of our senses; mobility and immobility, completeness and partly in yogic philosophy; a combination of factors, energy and consciousness; pervovibratsiya; Factors sound birth; microcosm and its imbalance, the concept of 4 goals in life Indian philosophy Vedic knowledge; criteria for human enlightenment; how to recognize their Master.


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A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 4 h. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

So, friends, we have today 10 August 2013, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, this is our lecture International Open Yoga University. All information on this site www.openyoga.ru.

With you, we consider the text “Garland of Letters” John George Woodroffe, more precisely it is a book of his. And seriously advanced. If you have questions about the previous lecture, better ask them now, and if not, then we go on. Are there any questions? No? Wonderful. Come on.

It is noted that of the five Bhuta Akasa and Vayu are categorized as formless (amurtta), while the other – in the category of form (murtta). The first is perceived by the ear. Shabd as literirovanny sound – a vibration to the ear in the form of the name. Tejas, settling down at the beginning of the second category, is perceived as a form (rupa). Thus, artha – the vibration of the eye (mental and physical) in a form. The very power radiated in the form of three aspects – Sabda, Artha and Prato, as such, provides a natural and inseparable relationship between these elements. And again, as vaidika-shabda presumably (for reasons which I will discuss later) forms a natural name, and therefore is fully consistent with what is referred to as artha, it is assumed to be constant. The sruti says that the world is born from Sabda (Sabda – prabhava), and that the creation (Srishti) – is Sabda-purvakam. That is Sabda have prior condition for the creative process, which could not happen if shabda was only a manifestation of the ear and for the mind (or the usual yogic), ie ordinary sound (coarse or fine). This demonstration is followed and the resulting factor, and it is separated from the previous, original state of creation itself. The original state – a source of tension, that is, in the limited space of consciousness, homogeneous and stationary, there is some movement – the excitement. A parashabda – is the name of the causes of tension that occurs before it is manifested in the form of the universe.


So, my friends. See how Woodroffe work is done – the same theme is repeated and repeated and repeated, and this is very good, because when they have to read or comprehend, or even less comment on, I always say the same thought, one and the same philosophical categories and concepts so you get used to them. Generally, in fact, this is a serious kind of thing, they do not just provide knowledge, but also be able to bring it to the listener. And, as experience shows, it is several times the same can not be said, several times the same thing does not prepodash until there is some kind of a mental field of a large number of people, where everyone on the same page of understanding, the further study of a topic, it simply makes no sense. That’s how science is formed, for example, modern. It is not accumulated a certain number of people in Europe who know, say in mathematics, there was no prerequisite that there was a scientific revolution. You remember, right? After the wise men missing in all ages – and in the Middle Ages, in ancient Rome and ancient Greece, but for some reason there was no science in the sense of the word, which we now have.

That is a similar problem as you and I face today in yoga, and in the knowledge that you and I draw from yoga. It is very common to hear a counter-argument to the effect that yoga actually contains something of value – say – well, time is valuable, why it did not show itself in India? Why India – a country of the Third World, with a population of reproducing uncontrollably? Billion there, already under two hundred million will be soon. Where the dirt, poverty, slums. Where, in general, for people shock for the Europeans, while visiting India or some like these godforsaken places. That is the question – once they are there, the Mahatma, focused, well bad as India lives? Here is such an argument. Or accompanying argument that if a person is engaged in yoga and acquires some excess capacity, why the Olympic Games gold medals do not get very often people in a turban? How to link not just such links? On the one hand it proclaims that this valuable knowledge, it is powerful. On the other hand, the place where it was kept until today, at the first examination does not seem that there is knowledge there. And the question is this mental scheme – how many people in this or that country is really really aware of this knowledge, apply in your life and enjoy it. And it turns out that the actual percentage of these people is very small. They “do not weather” is one. But as the only such people will be typed more or less sizeable number as life itself begins to change. Well, I have to compare the following example, which can be better before you come, bring in modern life. The first computers, including those in Western countries, were made in order to decipher German telegrams which have been encrypted. And here was you need a computer to brute force decode the message. The computer needed to count nuclear, well, in the future thermonuclear weapons. And in America, and in England, we spent quite a lot of money to develop computers and computer science. Build a big, big machines, these machines have been relatively strong, but it was still very, very, very many decades before the information revolution happened. And in fact, we can talk about the information revolution in the first approximation with IBM era, when the company began to produce personal, quite cheap cars. And as soon as they become available among a certain percentage of people, just like an avalanche began to change life. But following this milestone was when taken separately, these machines connected to the network – the prototype of today’s Internet. And here, as it were information technology have dramatically changed our lives – every one of you, in practice, is sitting in a cell phone pocket. Any modern mobile phone – a computer, there is a processor, in fact, it is possible even with a certain skill to connect to the monitor and there is something even count. Moreover, many of you have computers that have many, many, many times more powerful than the most expensive computers that have been made there many decades ago.

That is a revolution occurs when there is a certain mass. Similarly, the yoga of knowledge, spiritual knowledge – they can appear in all its beauty, only when collected a certain number of people who know who in my mind there is this concept of knowledge. As long as this does not happen, no speech can be, and what kind of spiritual revolution.

Nothing to look at India, and India to blame – they are not to blame. It follows a very interesting conclusion, my friends, that now began the race for the adaptation of the ancient yogic knowledge. And a country in which this knowledge is spread most rapidly or that country, which is the largest number of people at least understand what it is, begins abruptly lead in all other aspects of life – whether it be the economy, whether it is politics, and anything else . So – a critical mass of knowledge is not observed in India. India even the Indians sometimes compared, I use the words of Vivekananda, a large garbage on which diamonds are sometimes found. It Hindus themselves criticize themselves. I must say that they do a lot to change the situation for the better, but it is difficult everywhere. So, this same situation with regard to everything else. Until then, until a critical mass of people who share certain spiritual views, then nothing drastic can not be done. More precisely, the leaders of the turn, the leaders of the nations who themselves understand something, but controlled by other people who do not understand anything. Here.

And come to the fore – and how do we communicate this knowledge? And here we are waiting for yet another “ambush”, namely terminology. After all, even the most related yogic exercises, the same things are called by different names, and sometimes is so, you know, really, “simplistic” view of yoga. Here, in particular, it is known that according to the concept of creation was firstly established principle reason, then the principle of space, then the principle respectively, air, fire, water and land. And, of course, we come to mind are the principles that we face every day – every one of us saw the fire, I saw the ground water, I hope. Harder with the concept of space, but, you know, the vast space shows us the space. Well, in general, the principle of reason – is also understandable, everything in general, reasonable people. But we can not understand that here these principles have nothing to do with our physical principles. Because all of our physical principles, by and large, are the principle of land. That is the most blatant manifestation of some modifications. And when they say in yogic terms of “the principle of land” means something quite different. Or the principle of space – is quite another. The situation is similar with the word “Sabda”, with the word “sound, vibration.” When you hear the word “vibration” and see in the texts that the whole world was created with the help of “shabda” vibration, it does not mean that someone is sitting and chanting, that’s just like a man utters the mantra. Why? Well, at least because until the beginning of creation there was no mouth, no air, no man. Nothing at all, and no one was there. But, as you know, it is very difficult to understand that what is called, there is general confusion is very strong. And just what fantastic conclusions I have never heard of these, you know, starting adepts in yoga. They’re out there somewhere podnachitalis that this is the principle of the space, then Feng Shui is to be so-and-so … God, what a feng shui! It is quite another area, it is China. Here, you know, right? Or, “Do you really such negative karma …”. And start, you know, confused, everything, everything confused. You know, this bredyatinu sometimes have to hear – “You have the heart chakra is closed, the air is the principle. Hence, it is necessary to blow more frequently. ” And start to lighten up and pretend to be a breeze. Well, bredyatina. This is a series – if you want to become rich, then like attracts like. Since the dollar green – go in a green robe, and they will cling to you. Here’s a fact if the logic, or God knows. And here we have the dollars, but somewhere where gold goes, and there’s call: “You must have at least one thing yellow pocket. And it will be … “That’s when confronted with this, of course, though simple, though fall.

But it is much harder when such misunderstanding creeps in a more serious texts relating as it says here, to “sruti”, that is “heard.” And sometimes something is said and it should be understood allegorically, although some forms are available impetus to understand it figuratively. And understand this is only the person who has the keys to understanding. That is, the person who knows the topic well, and most importantly, the person who has been practicing yoga in my personal life. Because if you do not practice yoga in their personal lives, and remain so, as if to say, “academic professor”, you can compare different points of view, but you do not feel on itself and the probability of error is very large. For this reason, Woodroffe devotes so much space here that repetition, repetition and repetition to finally start to realize that under the Mantra vidiey, under the mantra yoga, much more serious reasons than just mumbling some unintelligible formulas, like a parrot . And Woodroffe throughout the book stated.

Well, I once again remind you that, in fact, that this original act of creation – it is, in fact, the vibration of the Absolute, which is actually in its two poles, through the consciousness and energy, became manifest. Then we read. To summarize.

The creative process can be divided into three stages:

transcendental, calm state, immanent other, though hidden, have Ashabd both, asparsham, Arup, etc., as described in the Sruti;

state of cosmic tension which is Sabda-brahman. Voltage – game shakti in cid-akasha, so that the first condition does not disappear when there is a second one. Sabda-brahman – the Veda. After the demonstration, and at the end of the cycle it is minimized as a potential maya-sakti, when, in the opinion of some, there is only Mahapralaya transcendental state. On the human level, it is an analogue sushupti.

Sabda-brahman reproduces itself gradually and piece by piece in the form of numerous, diverse centers of limited and limited experiences nama-rupa.

Consequently, form together with sounds, images and so forth. Also differ as Sabda. The sound, which is the above-described initial operation of Brahma Shakti – this maha-Bija Om or Pranava. The nature of this grand BG, which is the source of all other mantras, will be the subject of a later chapter, after we discuss what is meant by “natural name”, which will focus on the head with the appropriate name.

Here we end 4 chapter.

Let’s once again you summarize the scheme of creation. So, it was not shown Absolute, or, as we say in our school of yoga – “Absolute zero in a state of law.” Zero is really such a good thing. It is like there, and it seems there is a lot of what he says. That is, the Absolute was so grand a state that is different, of course, from all that, what we are accustomed. And on the other hand, we can not in terms of words or simply to understand the mind and how to explain this state. And then Absolut decided to appear, and he used this pervozvuk, parashabda, original mantra Om. That is, roughly speaking, in the Absolute not manifest the whole world was contained in its potential state, and at the time of manifestation of this potential condition began to unfold. Unfold it began as follows: – Absolute as would voleizyavil occur and as a result, he created pervovibratsiyu himself in himself, and manifested itself in the form of two extremes – the principle of perpetual modification and the principle of eternal constancy, which is a manifestation of a factor, or the first Prana, or the first Maya, or the actual manifestation of the first mantra Om. In the future, as it were, or pervoproyavlenie pervoPrana where consciousness and energy were very harmonious, merged and began to divide themselves, and immediately connect to any other combinations. From the perspective of yoga mantra, thus become, for example, occur vowels and consonants, with the possibility of their combination into syllables, words and sentences that are just the mantra forming objects or phenomena here in this manifested universe.

On the other hand, we can say that it’s the original Prana further divided into consciousness and energy, and as their division or difference, she formed the principle by principle. The first was created Mind principle, then the principle of Space, then Air, Fire, Water, Earth. And after the emergence of the principles of fundamental principles for any future appearance of our senses. And in this sense only after arose Mind principle, one can only speak of the creation of the intellect or the mind; only after it appeared the principle of Space, we can only speak about some kind of manifestation, which is then reflected through the usual speech, which we pronounce the words. It is only after the emergence of the principle of the Air, we can talk about that our perception of the channel information that is tactile, or the ability to sense touch. That is a gross-gross incarnation, mortgaged to the most fundamental principle. Similarly, we can say that there is such a thing as sight, not earlier than the principle of Fire was created, or the principle that as the flow of information and the impact that we are implementing in the future through the ability to see. Then the ability to feel the taste did not come before the water principle, according to yoga, that is, our ability to feel the taste of the language – is the embodiment of this principle, but not random, “the notion of” nature. And finally, the Earth principle be allowed the ability to smell, and our nose with our ability to sense odors, it is like a rough-rough embodiment of a thin concept of smell, which arises in turn not before there is the principle of the Earth. Therefore, look – our one or the other sense organ it is due to a particular chakra, whatever the principle, and, in general, goes back to the very fact of creation of the universe.

Well, in the future, in fact, those or other objects, or are a combination of all of these principles, and the most characteristic of such a thing to us is our body. They are in this respect as a small model of the cosmos, and the principles that we have, they are identical to the principles that have been at the beginning of the universe. Therefore, strictly speaking, in the moment of creation is not just Absolut created a universe with numerous forms and processes, but it was still such a parallel stage of creation, when the Absolute voleizyavil “May I be many!”. And in fact, that the process of creation microuniverses each of us made their own. As a result, what was such a phantasmagoric picture – the whole universe on the one hand – the body of the Absolute, in which a bunch of little “absolyutikov” made in his image and likeness, of the Absolute. And here this each copy of the image is on the one hand part of the uniform of this picture, and on the other hand – completely independent part, because the Absolute has given each of us free will. And if you keep in mind a phantasmagoric picture, you’ll see that a lot in life. It’s, you know, just as if you know the law of conservation of energy in physics, then you will already be difficult to surprise perpetual motion projects – who would not have suggested it. Here, in the same way, if you know the basic principles of the universe, or, as we called – axiomatics of yoga, then you have to be hard enough to knock then confused by numerous treatises, poorly understood in the East, or there kakimi-to pseudo guru, who, at times, a very low level, and there is already taken all teach good sense, and you’ll immediately see what’s what.

We are here today will do some sort of machine, or there is some kind of a spiritual thing, and you know how it relates or does not relate to the basic principles of the universe. And you, even without understanding, at times, will already know how it will all end. This is a very good help in the analysis of all the sects of this kind, in the analysis of all this kind of lifeless doctrines and currents, due to which mankind in general, great suffering and suffering. Please note, due to the religious wars, as was the blood spilled to the twentieth century, and during the twentieth century, as it was the blood shed because of ideology. Nightmare easy! Due to the fact that different ideologies, people irreconcilable started just to kill himself – a nightmare! Actually, if you look from the axioms of yoga position for all positions occurring, you just put it bluntly, you begin to understand where you are deceiving.

And here’s my favorite topic in this respect is associated with fascism. After all, in fact fascism ideologically still nobody won. It’s just a crush. And there is no guarantee that tomorrow will not have Hitler Hitler №2 or №3, and will not go again for the same scheme. A win is the doctrine of fascism ideologically possible only with the help of yoga knowledge, using the device of the universe of knowledge. Not earlier. All of these politically correct – “slavering” statements that try there “Negro Negro called, we’ll sue,” they work for as long as people are afraid of, or until the economic situation in the country is more or less good. A start tomorrow any global economic crisis, everyone will forget about political correctness and begin to cut each other, killing on an ethnic, religious or even to some other basis, and try to stop them. So here is the knowledge of the Universe device, actually, for people not a whim, it is a matter of survival. After all, how much, really, honest people, including Germans who sincerely believe in fascism. After all, there were no solid guards in the concentration camps, there were people who were simply confused frankly. And not at all stupid people, if it is like this here review. Who among you can say now, that tomorrow can not find a new kind of leader that tomorrow you are also here “namutili” in the head?

So, chudesnenko. This is what we had the head? So, we finished fourth already, the fifth chapter. According to the fourth question is? In connection may be one, correspondence students? Propiarte yourself! Immortalized! Listen, I do not have to continue … And you’ve got. Good.

Question: I have not heard what principle is responsible for the hearing?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: During the hearing? And you listened to all the previous lectures? Behind the ear meets the principle of the space in the human body it is related to the throat center, or Vishutha Chakra. But I again want to warn you – the ear in Vishutha Chakra means not our physical hearing. Our physical ear – this is a gross physical manifestation of a more subtle form of hearing. Or there is the so-called indivisible particles – photons sound principle. Whether or not there is the principle of space quanta, called tanmatras. And there tanmatra sound. And as soon as you reach the control Vishutha Chakra, you are having the ability to hear this one, as it were pervozvuk, the finest sound. Oh, and as a result, a lot of everything very interesting things there, including to take some revelations recorded in the Akasa. At one time it was a popular expression “Akashic Record.” But it is not alcoholic, you know? And it was one time, I translated – “Chinese chronicles saw a supernova.” Well, our chronicle not see. It is in the sense of chronology, or the place where something is written. In this regard, the space also has a number of very interesting factors of interesting features – a record everything that happened there. More precisely, it is as if a timeless form contains it all. But this is a separate issue outside the scope of our story. I answered the question?

Any questions? On-line is, from our branches? Well, affiliates, generate questions! Okay, come on.

Chapter 5 Shakti as “voltage”

Space condition Srishti, sthiti and laya with the transcendental state of Parama-Siva, as well as the state of Turiya and individual (Vyashti) jagrat, Swapna and sushupti, should be explained (as possible) through a dynamic theory of shakti as a voltage, generating their own moving form . To this end, and to investigate the equilibrium state of motion (dynamics). What is the “stress”? Let’s say that two things – A and B attract each other. The name of the full interaction is “voltage” for which appropriate actions A and B are represented as elements, parts, or components. Likewise, it is possible power three or four things. In an absolute sense, we achieve “absolute voltage”, which is an infinite system of interacting forces. A separate item can be defined as a partial perception (experience) of the infinite system. Professor Paramathanatha Mukhopadhyaya, to whom I owe to this report, and some of my other reports gave consideration appropriate time called “the phenomenon of cut (section)» (fact-section). But the infinite system is never limited to these parts. When the voltage between one and the other part affects consciousness, in any one or two points, in the circumstances and in a certain range we can get a sense of sound, respectively in one of them or two immediately. This voltage – a shabda and sound – dhvani. From one to the other can be several steps. That tension, or Sabda, and forms a thing. Whether it is accompanied by a certain shabda dhvani or not it depends, first, on the significance of its impact in relation to the perceiver, and, secondly, the state of the sense organs themselves.

Well, enough. Chudesnenko. Well, first of all, my friends, look. We have already touched on this philosophical concept, and I will remind you more. Of course, when we are faced with learning a new philosophy, we are trying all the categories, names, things, tied to our experience domestic to anything begin to understand. We are, as a rule, are not able to immediately think abstractly. Whatever we studied – mathematics, physics, in our minds, as a rule, some picture there. And here it begins a kind of philosophical fundamental difficulty. Well, in particular, we can fly the world around us to classify objects moving and still. And we would think that this classification in a sense, an exhaustive – what else can you think of? But on the other hand, my friends, if you say that the subject is not moving, then immediately there is a continuation of this theme – not move in relation to what? Well, let’s say, this is a mug in front of me, and we believe that it is stationary, unlike cars that are out there, go and sort of move on the street. And we can say that the cars are going, and the circle is. But if we look at the same situation from the position of the sun, that the Sun we were, then we would see that nothing of the kind – the circle is not necessary, move the circle, and with a rather convoluted path. In the first place, the Earth rotates on its axis, and this mug, it also rotates around the axis passing through our pole. Moreover, even the Earth itself revolves around the sun, and makes a full circle for the year of 365 days. That is, this added more movement in space. But this is not enough. Our Earth is in close proximity to such a satellite, the Moon. And the Earth-Moon system – it’s like two balls. A heavier than the other several times, but, nevertheless, this system as a dumbbell, which is still also rotates around a certain center. That is now in the head does not fit, even this path. Then go. Our Sun, too, is not fixed. Our sun rotates here in this general Galactic device with a sufficiently high velocity at it – get the relevant data, I do not remember them. That is, it turns out that the sun revolves around something that moves somehow. As a result, say that the circle is not possible. More precisely, if we are talking about this, we must always be mentioned in relation to a reference system. So, strictly speaking, this topic has not been such an interesting and attractive to the fact of physics is not found that the speed of light does not depend on the surveillance system. That is, speed of light is 300 thousand kilometers per second, regardless of anything. And it was this factor that literally “blew” the brains of the scientists. Factor this incredible.

As a result of this, followed by all those our scientific revolution in the early twentieth century, including the famous Einstein’s theory, the so-called special theory of relativity, where as a result of thinking about relativity, more such shirokouzkom way was obtained some very interesting conclusions about that, firstly, what time. That there is no such thing as a single time, that time is very “attached” to the reference system. And watching time in one frame with respect to another reference system, you will observe the amendments. Roughly speaking, if the object is moving, relative to a fixed frame of reference while it slows down. In our living conditions, we are not faced with this. But from a formal point of view, we have a passing car, which goes, for his driver’s time is slowed down, it flows more slowly than for us. Moreover, the higher the speed, the more time dilation. But you are no reasonable devices that are now on earth, this difference did not measure up – too small a value. But as they say, for the satellites, which are needed to restore the nuclear warheads for its potential carrier – you know, they rotate and give the coordinates – that there is an amendment, as it is called the “relativistic correction” (a word relativistic English – relative), it is already significant, it has already put into the computer. Not to mention some more global speeds and more global distances. So it turns out that our classification of all shares in the still and moving, it turns out, strictly speaking, such narrow. And it does not cover all the fullness of the phenomena in the universe.

Therefore, of course, in the same philosophy of India, when she first analyzed by researchers even Victorian times, was an attempt to “bind” to the same concepts that have existed in the same classical physics, or, say, in the general philosophy of the moment. And even in this regard, scientists have suspected that the philosophy of yoga is much deeper than knowledge, from a position which they tried to understand it. And so, very much found all sorts of parallels that do not always appear to put it mildly, inadequate. But on the other hand – better something than nothing, better to have some kind of model head than chaos.

In the end, you know, there is such a moment. Here in mathematics there is a concept of absolute circle. But no one in the world has never seen an absolute range, is an abstraction. Does she really? – another question. Therefore, these attempts to give certain explanations should be treated with a certain degree of tolerance and understanding – what was meant in certain years, under those or other moments, not to judge strictly. Because, to be held 50 more years, something else will be opened, and then there is my explanation of yoga will seem ridiculous and out of place. But, on the other hand, you know, here’s this push, when you give at least some scheme leads to the fact that you start to think and to understand deeper and deeper. And sooner or later, get to the very depths of matter. So once again – here are all sorts of comparisons – treat them philosophically.

Then go. Well, I would text. Text to me, because in fact there were a couple of points on which I would have stayed more.

Then we go, my friends. See what there is still a general philosophical classification, which we will still meet, in fact, quite often in yogic philosophy. These are categories such as “completeness” and “partial”. That something can be a part of something, and that something is not a part of something, and completeness is something. This in respect of some of our relative things. But in yoga, in the first place, this bunch of “Purna” (fullness) and partly sometimes goes to a high level, as an attempt to as much explain the entire universe, together with the Absolute, the doers of the universe. And it is also necessary to keep in mind. And sometimes such a division as “whole” and “part” is more user friendly and interesting than the division into “mobile” and “immobile”. Because, if you analyze “And what in our world still?”, Then you will find some very interesting discoveries. That let you argue on, ponder – if we have just seen with you, that all objects or phenomena in the universe are not fixed. In any case, at least in the physical sense, their displacement, not to mention some allegorical things. And whether there is at least some category in our universe, which is fixed, which does not depend on anything? Who has any opinions? Opinions no.

The answer from the audience: Only if about something.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Only if about something. But let’s come up, or open, be like the ancient sages, yogis and Yoginis antiquity, the ancient rishis, and try to analyze whether there is such a thing, which is stationary, and all because the category of movement does not apply to her.

The answer from the audience: In fact, this movement is characteristic. Movement – this is the object.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Movement – this is the object. Yes. But if there is an object which, roughly speaking, at rest?

The answer from the audience: Well, if there is no movement – no object.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah. No object

The answer from the audience: If no movement is seen by someone, it means that there is one who sees.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So look, it’s a very good point. Look, we come to what that motion and the object can be assigned, but the question – where the subject? That is to say, there is no movement or motion to determine that the circle moves along a complex path around the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, the galactic center, and God knows what, want someone who’d flashed the situation. Roughly speaking, the subject of all these phantasmagoria. And here we come, in our case, to the concept of man. I do not know, maybe in the Alpha Centauri there reasonable octopuses live, but we do people. Although, at times, turn on the TV and in general even begin to doubt. So, you need a man. Good! And then what a person’s ability to eat? Well, what? Sensing or consciousness. So, if sufficiently lengthy discourse further to continue, we just have time to do it not, then we come to another factor, the factor of Consciousness. That consciousness is really the kind of thing that does not fall under the category of movement. It just is, and all. Here is a man, through which it is the light of consciousness, it is, of course, could just move back and forth. But now, this very factor of consciousness, it will just be in this respect, the pole of immobility. And so if you divide the universe of all moving objects and stationary, then in fact, all the “carve-up” will look like – is in fact the entire universe, which is subject to our senses, where whatsoever, everything changes, plus the factor immobility – it is our consciousness. And even on this side we come to the fact that the whole universe – is a combination of factors, energy and consciousness factors. And we can not talk about energy without consciousness and consciousness without energy. But more on that later.

So, we go further. Yes, forgive sorry, I again leave aside. So, the next link here, we have already touched on it, I have explained it, but it is useful to remind you. Indeed, a particular sound that you hear with two ears, it is caused by at least two factors – is air collision with your vocal chords and the sound is born. Or, there are two objects hit against each other, and here comes this oscillatory motion sound. On the other hand, the root cause, or Pervoshabda or Parashabda is pervovibratsiya in Absolute Absolute. That is, as we have already told you, the Absolute zero state, when there was nothing contrived to himself, then somehow push. This is an extreme degree of abstraction, friends, and therefore the source of all subsequent vibrations, or is this duality, when viewed in so to speak, philosophically, it is, of course, goes back to the principle of non-dualism, or the potential duality. Then go.

Therefore, in order that the sound can be heard, the level of vibration of air should be appropriate. The ears and the brain must also meet, etc. etc. Outside of these limits may be no sound. Thus most of the objects of perception, such as the earth, sun, moon, stars, etc., although affect us, but do not appear in the form of sound. The transcendental Paramashiva or state aurochs, which is nirvana, all voltages are dissolved, and Shakti, thus, in fact, is nothing but a cheat, and chidrupini chinmatrarupini. This can be illustrated by the causal voltage which is the sum of the forces they all disappear individually and therefore separately each represents zero, so that the overall result is zero. This transcendental state nishkala in which no-Srishti Kalpana or artha or Sabda (Ashabd both). In the case of space sushupti, we need not take into account any external system, since nothing can be external to the Cosmos. In this case, we have only static state where a separate member is not zero, but the forces, forming a voltage balance each other, resulting in a balanced state, and energy generated. Such is the state-gun in Sarup parinama that with the loss of equilibrium in the process of creation becomes Virupa-parinama.

So with. Here, in fact, a very interesting conclusion. So, again, here, Woodroffe, quietly, step by step – once again, as the chips removes the ignorance of mind reading and continuously, more and more such interesting concepts put forward. See, it is the practical conclusion, living a conclusion practical. It turns out that if indeed, as he said, the sum of all forces is zero, or in other words, we see around the universe. It seems sometimes strange. I’m talking about a purely emotional and the subjective factors of perception. It seems we are sometimes skewed – somewhere wealthy oligarchs, and somewhere poor grannies bottles collected by the trash, though, the country has built all the people, one has got all different – nothing. And somehow tolerated, somehow say that it should be. And, of course, you do not understand how all this could be why even our world is so skewed, why it is so imperfect? And in general, whether it can make perfect? And here, see what an interesting concept, a philosophy, a spiritual law that helps you make a spiritual revolution that will make of you, they say, the real devotees of yoga, which will be impossible to win, buy, break, and sometimes even kill seriously. It is your knowledge of how things work. And here is the realization that at the moment the universe resides in the zero state, ie in the state from which the Absolute created everything, and in a state where he’s started to do, and all-all-all further intermediate states , up to the present point in time. At the same time the laws are working, as if the universe was unmanifested, manifested and exercised with distortions, the oligarchs, and the old lady with all these horrors.

But at the same time in every point in space, in every second time the universe is balanced and perfect. That is, any point in space and at any time for you personally may be the entrance to enlightenment. That is not necessarily in the Himalayas or somewhere to go there, to attain enlightenment or to achieve higher states of yoga, though, they say, sometimes helps, sometimes it is useful. Although sometimes bad happens. That is, in every second of the time you are enlightened. And this awareness allows you to “pull” the status of an enlightened being, an enlightened yogi or yogini who has reached the ultimate goal in the present moment. That is, no one bothers you right now to take advantage of its status as Gods and Goddesses, or, roughly speaking, the Absolute to change how you think this skewed world for the better.

But, by and large, when you use it, you will realize that return have not skewed world and himself, skewed. And if you see this imbalance, it is, in fact, your microcosm. And you must do to restore order, and not moan that’s oligarchs robbed grannies and something else and something else. That is, remember this slogan – start with yourself! But it turns out that in some cases you can fix your inner universe, not earlier than fix the external universe, because the karmic connection “abut” for you. That is, roughly speaking, in a past life you were a yogi with supernormal and you got dropout-student, who said – “I want to be rich, I want to be rich!” And you his bless – “Yes, in the next life will be rich!”. And it is in the next life became a tycoon. And there is so, then this wealth to dispose of the mind – somehow there redistribute it, there is something to build, to do. Actually, a lot of money – this is a great opportunity for bringing benefit to all sentient beings. No, it means that God began to know what it’s spending. And you are forced into this life all watch it, because they themselves were the cause of the forced position. Well, I’m one of the most cited examples such hypothetical, they can come up with a billion very different, but it turns out – is not taking back or left of your universe is skewed.

And this conclusion, my friends, is very important. And it is very important first of all not even for us, and for India. Because, after all, and this rebellious revolutionary spirit lives on in Europe, and in Russia, that if we are faced with injustice, in any decade, we still make the revolution or riots (remember how Pushkin’s “senseless , bloody, merciless “), but we do. Unlike, say, from India. Because they are, say, a finger does not hit, because they believe that it should itself become all that they have nothing to do with that in their personal universe all is well. And in fact, this is nonsense, this monstrous distortion of the Vedic knowledge with him very fiercely fought all the reformers in India, all the philosophers of India, all the sages of India, this skew. But, in fact, look what a thing is impossible – if you are aware that every second of time at each location space is balanced, what would you have not had the desire (that remember all their desires), and so you know that exactly at this very moment there is a possibility, and the like, all of the factors for the execution of your plan. And the performance of your desire and passion rushes to your request as your desire to implement it. You understand, right? That is, the tunnel is dug on both sides. And all this leads to the fact that you realize your true status of God, or Goddess, or the Absolute. That is, how would you have timelessness of his true nature, and took advantage of it in time and space. And on the one hand, there is a pleasant feeling of security ( “And, everything I have is perfect”), and on the other hand, there is a real desire to change the world day and night for the better. And you throw in karma yoga work, you rush to do something useful for people to do, forgetting about themselves, about their benefits, about their some other ideas out there. Why? Because you know that the fault in the long run it is you, and until you do, you’ll still see from the inside what you see outside. As a result, there is a very correct attitude towards life – that you ever have to remain completely unaffected and calm when all around go crazy in some sort of their desires, aspirations, and you look at them, and it does not concern you, that is, you do not buy them. On the other hand, when all the idle and when nobody cares, you develop active and change the world for the better. And on the third hand, there are times when everything involved in the work and you get involved even more in the work and become a leader of those who got involved in the work. On the fourth side, there are times when all around “peace and quiet, but God’s grace,” and you are well.

So of these combinations is born taste, “race” of life, which brings you to the so-called the four goals of life. Do you remember whatever you had no taste, desires, you have four goals in life, they are reduced to four large groups. This is the Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. Life personal journey, success, and other sensual enjoyment and final liberation. Or, if your own words to name – that you were born, you have to live a glorious life, full of events, accomplishments, honor, respect, tranquility, privacy, self-study, and so on. In general, you should completely get out of this life of happiness to the maximum, do everything that you just wanted to make in this universe, and then, in old age say, “All right, and now the Enlightenment! I am here all did enough of all that he could stop playing, I left a brood of offspring grateful. I gave debt ancestors. All friends, all happy. ” And you say, “All the guys did everything, the full” pulled “in this universe, and now Awakening!”. And go. And it’s all falls into the concept of the four goals of life. So this is the real concept of Indian philosophy Vedic knowledge. This is the concept of the Vedas. All that you will meet another, appeared much later. In the Vedas, you’ll meet soon. Cheerful such an attitude to life, is living the life that you then naturally, without some sort of “strained” and should bring tears to the state SverhSamadhi.

And, in fact, it turns out that the realization of this, you can use it. Or yoga is such a section, the so-called fast methods of Yoga, where the subject of many, many, many explanations. I’m interested in all the post on our website free online yoga courses, where anyone can learn the theory and practice of yoga. It is located on www.openyogaclass.com site. Find the relevant sections there.


Yes, but we’ll be back. Thus, at any given time, every second space in the universe balanced. Something passionately want now? That’s just as passionately it is now committed to you. Because the total sum of all forces – zero. You see? It is even such a purely mathematical concept.

Chudesnenko. Then go. Yes, if the questions – ask now. Nothing is clear, it is not clear … Come on …

Q: That there are yogis who have reached enlightenment, and they are engaged in some activity, … (inaudible) or something else. And I have a question – is it possible to achieve a state of enlightenment of all, what do you want?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, come on, we divide the question. There are people who have achieved enlightenment. Does anyone of you have met people who have achieved enlightenment? Yeah. So, now quiet, just me on bumazhechke … And then, immediately, all the “lomanutsya” and Sasha finish reading a lecture. Very good karma. Very good I Karma. Farther. Well, we have agreed – just me. Or in your ear. Farther.

Comment from the audience: Well, at least all recognize this.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it’s two different things – all recognize or really are. Although you understand that this is a rhetorical question is controversial. You know, there is still a lot that can be said. That teacher is not the one who teaches and the one who learn, definitely. But the question – all recognize this, I do not agree. Because there will always be followers of some religions that say – but nothing like this …

Comment from the audience: Well, well, then you have probably define enlightenment criteria, you need to understand …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Excellent theme, friends. Do you remember the question, we’ll be right back. Simply, we are now part … So, what are the criteria for the enlightened master? VZV is sitting in front of you – Vadim V. Zaporozhets – he enlightened master or not? Who has any thoughts, comments and suggestions? Solve will vote, or how something will test? What chemicals throw at it to determine if it is an enlightened master or not?

The answer from the audience: Well, only one criterion – our personal relationship. If we accept this man as your Master, we believe it enlightened for himself, and if he inspires us, and we strive to learn something new for yourself …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, let’s fantasize. VZV – the enlightened master, in his mercy has come to you this universe, the lost sheep of the cycle of Samsara to pull out because you lost along the way. Well, no matter, I speak figuratively. And, for example, it happened – pulled it! For hair pulled. Although he had a haircut after that, the next time I did not pull out. And for him, yes, VZV – Absolute itself in the flesh! But, I assure you – there is an army of people who will say – “Yes, you do that! He who at all? “And just be right. Where the criterion of enlightenment or enlightenment? Let’s hold a plebiscite, or as it is called – the vote. We nominate the candidacy of a person and decide – if 2/3 believes that the enlightened, then so be it, and if at least 1 person is less – the unenlightened. Where the criterion of enlightenment? Maybe Sasha enlightened? Sash, you are enlightened?

Alexander: Probably

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And you yourself, is it not up to date?

Alexander: Well, hard to say

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: By the way, the next question, my friends, for a discussion – as a man can be enlightened, and not speculate about it? Let’s, let’s expressed. Let’s take a little bit “dilute” Woodroffe. Life should be a little bit more in the yoga.

The answer from the audience: Well, maybe

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Maybe. Sitting Ternovskiy, in general it is an enlightened guru, but he does not know. Forgotten …

Comment from the audience: Let’s give a definition – enlightenment – that … can be defined?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I was just on you and this demand. You just prompt reflection.

The answer from the audience: The main thing in yoga – freedom. Enlightenment – this is an absolute freedom.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here is an interesting position already – bound states of enlightenment to the state of freedom. Good. But here, you know, what the situation is – because if you take each of us, it turns out that your Higher Self in all freely. So, it turns out you have all the enlightened?

The answer from the audience: Potentially – yes.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Potentially – yes. And in real life?

The answer from the audience: No, not really …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And in real life there. And why did you in real life are not free?

The answer from the audience: Ignorance …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Because ignorance. Yeah. Here we are approaching closer to the definition of who is enlightened and who is not. That is, what factor?

The answer from the audience: Eliminating ignorance …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Have knowledge. But you will find a huge number of people who remember how in Alice in Wonderland, which smart as explanatory dictionary – they know everything, that is, the knowledge they have in full, even better than in India, and they are enlightened?

The answer from the audience: Well, maybe as a result of their activities? That is not only in words but also in deeds to be seen …

Vadim Cossacks: Okay, so let’s. Man has the knowledge, a free man. And how do we know superficially, that he free?

The answer from the audience: By activity.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And maybe he does not want to do anything?

The answer from the audience: it can not be influenced.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: How do we define, can or can not?

The answer from the audience: That goes to him some … “moron.” And it is trying to somehow influence. Money take away.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And what? What does he have to do? To give or not?

The answer from the audience: But he will not do anything.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Perhaps it is necessary to call the police, and that he is still half the town Oberst.

The answer from the audience: Well, it is not clear.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is just the point. No one knows, my friends.

The answer from the audience: Well, this is the situation – appropriate or inappropriate.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And who determines appropriate or inappropriate? Only himself. And the external factor will be able to determine from the outside?

The answer from the room: None

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. So what conclusion we come? We come to a very important axiomatic conclusion that you are basically not able to determine a person is in a state of enlightenment or not. Or another sequel – you basically are not able to determine before you master life or rascal. Basically. Here in front of you is an internationally recognized guru. With Rolls-Royce, with the aircraft, what you want. It’s, you know, in the 60-ies. It was such a dream, that the Guru should be free. But it is outside. And inside, we do not know because we do not know about this principle. On the other hand, you can come to India and to the right for you toothless beggar. And you may find that it is enlightened free man. And you say – and it toothless something? Let them have the will power had grown a couple of teeth. And God knows it. He’s even free. We do not know the motivation of his actions. Maybe he’s waiting for his body itself is old and no longer that, without violating the laws of Karma nice to get out of this universe. Or, for some other reasons. That is to say that we can definitely say that this or that person is an enlightened master, we can only with a single criterion, friends – his personal relationship to it. Now, if you feel that you have to master – so the teacher in front of you. If you do not feel – but at least the whole universe will blow that in front of you enlightened master, you it may not mean anything. It is only if your intuition Absolute recognized the man – yes, he’s an enlightened teacher for you. And if not – do not. So here is slippery kind of thing – that this or that enlightened master, and he does so. Well, if he is enlightened, he can do anything. On the other hand, for the other it is not illumined. Yes, but let us return to the question. The question was slightly different.

Question from the audience: Well, suppose that happened to us is …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What, what, what happened?

Answer: Well, we suddenly realized that we are enlightened …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So. Ternovskii here. Sit down. We’re giving away Natyu it to be clearer. Yes. Let’s “dilute” Woodroffe because heavy topic. Come on, you have to write. Let’s sit down here. Here, here, here. Thus, we are giving away Natya Yoga. I remind Natya Yoga – Yoga is the theater. This is a very good way to quickly understand all – to play in the formulation. So Ternovskiy. You just realized that you are enlightened.

Question from the audience:. Does this condition possible … (inaudible)

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, let’s once again in order. So, Tarnovo was full of life problems. He did not sleep, did not eat. He entered in the Open Yoga University in the Astra group. Wonderfully unlearn and learn. Brings good, I hope, to all living beings. He had problems through the roof – and pay for an apartment and a car (he’s got something did not work) to repair, and more, more, more, more and more. And then one morning he suddenly enlightened. Next scheme.

Continuation of the question: What are the problems, in general, all left, and the machine, and flat, and the wife must seek …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: wife – is the number one problem. Girls, by the way, pay attention. This groom is lost! The problem is, by the way. That is to me the girls come up and say – here’s the problem – we can not find a husband. But here’s the problem – not the man himself to find his wife. I’ve been telling you that the universe is balanced – if there is a desire, it is possible to implement it in the same moment.

Comment from the audience: It is not lost, he matures.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Wait, let’s see – if a person is in a state of enlightenment, does that mean that he has matured?

Comment from the audience: Well, it does not mean that it disappears …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Okay, let’s leave, and that we are now in the direction of leave. So clap. There were problems – housing, a car, a wife. And he is enlightened. So what?

Question from the audience: Well, I try to imagine what will you do?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What to do, then you will, you’re enlightened. Come on, take the rap. We have to put your experiments. Come on, come on. So you’re already enlightened.

Igor Ternovskiy: Okay. Then start with the third item. For the wife propiarili me and maybe someone will offer his candidacy.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is, the main thing to say about myself that I am enlightened.

Comment from the audience: You have not said where to write the letter.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Where to write the letter, then? What is your mailbox?

Igor Ternovskiy: I have a Twitter.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, write it on Twitter. And also, I accept the following Friday, the price of individual lesson – 2000,00rub.

Igor Ternovskiy: Well, then, then. With the machine – depending on what the wife will, can she has her own car will be, so that the machine can be solved factor. And to the same apartment. So, we reduce everything to one – Factor wife.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, we reduce everything to one. I am a wife with an apartment and car. I declare that I am enlightened, and choose a wife with a car and an apartment. It is necessary to state – I enlightened master. And wait for any girl in it does not see. And if a lot of girls, he then makes a selection for apartments and cars. So, well, it’s a joke. And now let us return to the problem. Yes, indeed, Ternovskiy is enlightened. Enlightened Master Ternovskiy. What is the name! Ternovskiy Master! Iodine Master rest! All we have you now PR – Mantra workshop, retreat “Tarnovo Masters.

Comment from the audience: I think that the realization that the Absolute Consciousness within you that if you will be directed to any problem, the problem will be revealed.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes, yes. Good. Then let us send a little while, will focus question. So, what will he do outside, or what he will do in it?

Q: What has changed in your condition?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, what has changed in your condition? Share with us. You are already in what state? Well, you’re already enlightened, in which you have a state?

Igor Ternovskiy: Well, I’m so happy, happy. In principle, according to this logic …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Even the absence of his wife? And basically, if you’re on this ogy? So, you’re joyful means in a state of enlightenment. But his wife is still there, no car and no apartments. Are you going to look for them, or will not, once you so well?

Comment from the audience: Well, because it is, in fact, can manage Maya, once he enlightened. And what he voleizyavit, then …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah, well. Stop, stop, stop – this is a good topic. So Ternovskii – the enlightened master. Basically, inside, he said, he was completely happy. In fact, it is completely self-sufficient and do not need anything to him. Nothing needs to be, because he has, in general, and so happy. But, on the other hand, there were problems – his wife, car, apartment. And whether he will seek to him? And if so, how – magically finger clicks. He sees a beautiful girl and say – “I am Master Ternovskiy. Come to me?”.

Comment from the audience: But he did not have time to break – it is only the desire to formulate, as directed by his …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, there is the issue of speed. He can magically, out of the lineup, the back door, they currently attract their desires, which he wants. Or wait, that they will naturally come. And where to take the time – he was happy.

Igor Ternovskiy: That is the time factor, in fact, already lost.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here the question – how will it be? This is from the perspective of an enlightened master, if you are inside the already happy, what’s the difference – come to your wife now, or there is, say, 2 years – well, what’s the difference? Well, the fact that coming? Come. Why? Because the universe is balanced. If you were left imprints of previous desires, they must be neutralized

Comment from the audience: Any desire creates cause and effect. He understands it?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, he somehow enlightened. A desire something were still those until he was enlightened, you know. He was “zabukiroval” a wife, a car and an apartment and a car is on the way, his wife is, the apartment is built. The question is, yes, a good question – and that with his karma?

Comment from the audience: It is necessary to work …

Falls off together with the problems, and the karma and all. As an enlightened man, he had already become out of Maya. It reaches the Absolute reaches its higher self, and becomes out of time, out of Maya, is space.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: But he’s free – and can be both in time and in Maya, and in space.

Comment from the audience: He voleizyavlyaet back, and all that it did not complete before the enlightenment – and his wife, and an apartment and a car …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: question, you know, in fact, meaningless. He’s free. And it means – that he wants, and does.

Question from the audience: So, and then what is the state of this different?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s what’s the question! As there are no criteria that allow the outside to determine what he enlightened master, or a rogue, who declares that he is an enlightened master.

Comment from the audience: Suffering is not just that he has no wife, apartments …

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: This suffering? Him?

Comment from the audience: And the third principle? And if he does not voleizyavlyal third principle …

Vadim Cossacks: So, friends, I’m sorry, this is a very interesting topic, let us leave the intrigue. Now I just have the next group is coming, we have a very tight schedule. Let us, then we will continue this theme. Well, I ask you – treat Woodroffe creatively, because here I have read, start to think for yourself! Begin to generate some questions, and so on, because otherwise everyone is starting to get tired.

So, stop-stop-stop. I still have to tell you.

I remind you that my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga, I was rector of the International Open University of Yoga. This we had a lecture on yoga. But we still hold classes in classical and rapid methods. The cost of 300 rubles, get our schedule. Workshops and retreats. The workshop will be next August 18, 2000,00rubley. The theme of “chakras. Svadhiskana Chakra “. Individual lessons we spend – Ternovskiy Now, not only Ternovskiy, definitely. The cost of 2000.00 rubles. More we have free Internet Yoga courses www.openyogaclass.com site, where you can independently explore the theory and practice of yoga. If one of you in the future plans to become a yoga teacher – now there is a set of the group Vega teacher training. Classes start from October. All information on this site www.openyoga.ru. Well, take here have different brochures – “What is Yoga”, advertising, schedule of classes, please read. Everything’s all for today.

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Akasha – ether; amurtta – without form;

Artha- value; feeling; target; an object; the perception of an object; object of desire; wealth,

Arup – the formless;

Asparsha – imperceptibly; the name of the Brahman,

Ashabd both – without a sound; silently; (Refers to Brahman)

Bhuta – that came into existence; It is as opposed to the unmanifested; any of the five elements that make up the universe; elements or elementals;

Bigi – grain; a source;

Vayu – the god of wind; air; breath of life; Prana;

Veda – the highest authority among the Aryans of India; it is assumed that it has never been written by someone else, and therefore, is free from imperfections, which is endowed with people. When this is forgotten, it plays Rishi through meditation. Because the sounds forming Ved text, occur in the same manner and in the same manner, it should be eternal; they learn who and what is Brahman and how to worship him; Smriti, Purana and Itihasas only enhance his teaching; the oldest, authentic scripture of the Indians;

Vishuddha – one of the centers in the Yogic system, located in the area of the throat; Hun – quality, generated by nature; Vyashti – individual; microcosm; jagrat – the waking state;

Dharma – the righteous way of life; as prescribed by the scriptures; characteristics; virtue;

Dhvani – tone; sound; subtle aspect of the life Shakti Jiva in vibration;

Kama – the desire; passion; lust; laya – dissolution; merger;

Maya – the illusory power of Brahman; (For) veiling and the component force of the universe;

Mantra – sacred syllable, word or word order, using reflection and repetition that man attains perfection or realization; Mahapralaya – Flood or the total destruction of the world; the final destruction of all creation at the end of the cosmic cycle;

Moksha – liberation; term, especially applicable to the liberation from the bondage of karma and the wheel of birth and death; the experience of the Absolute;

Murtta – private;

Nama-rupa – name and form (the nature of the world);

Natya Yoga – Yoga is a theater;

Nishkala – without desire; “Unqualified”

Param – the highest; Higher; parashabda – highest sound that is in an undifferentiated state; first Avyakta – sound condition;

Prana – the vital energy; breath of life;

Pranava – sacred syllable (symbol) “OM”;

Prato – reason; mental effort; imagination; the idea of the differences;

Rupa – appearance; the form; view; vision;

Swapna – dream; illusion;

Srishti – creation;

Sthiti – sustainability; condition or state; Existence; being; preservation;

Srishti – creation;

Sushupti – a deep, dreamless sleep;

Tanmatra – atom; elementary particle in an undifferentiated state prior Panchikarana or five-fold increase;

Tejas shine (especially spiritual); the element of fire; Agni; heat;

Chakra – plexus; energy center in the human system;

Chit – the principle of the universal mind or consciousness;

Chidakasha – in its aspect of Brahman as the unlimited knowledge; unlimited mind. It is a native concept of the Upanishads. This does not mean that the physical ether is consciousness. Pure Consciousness (Chit), which as an ether (Akasha) and pervasive continuity;

Chinmatra – a simple mind; one consciousness;

Shabd – Sound, vibration;

Sabda-brahma – the word Absolute; Omkara or the Vedas;

Shakti – the power, energy; an effort; The divine power of formation; (Obvious) seemingly dynamic aspect of eternal life; Absolute force or cosmic energy;


Shruti – heard.

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