2013_08_24 A.Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 5 h. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

And really there is any such a universal foolproof that, for example, if there is some kind of a great mind, as Hitler or Goebbels that could demolish the whole world. Is there a cunning system, which only allows this in a positive way?

Vadim Zaparozhtsev: Oh, this is really very good, very important issue. In fact, this is the greatest question of any philosophy, any religion. Well, let’s say, in religion, if God is so good as he made a concentration camp? Or if the Mahatma of the Himalayas with such omnipotent and such far-sighted that they, too, have made it? And so on and so forth. That is, you can bet very hard questions that can not fail to respond.

This is necessary as it … Any philosophy begins, in fact, with the answers to these questions: the questions of life and death, good and evil, questions, questions of fairness. Whatever different answers are given. For example, in the dualistic religions say why evil? But there is a devil and that’s devil is all arranged. That is Hitler – is the embodiment of the evil ones, and why millions were burned. On a direct question: “Well, God, who created the whole world, including the devil, where he watched”? Friends, this question is usually responsible in any religion so, you know, do not like dualistic. You just can not find the answer to this question. No you do not respond to it. Because it is generally contrary to the rigid logic.


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A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 5 h. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

Date: 2013.08.24.

Where: International Open Yoga University

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A. Avalon Garland letters. Chapter 5 h. 2 Comments Vadim Zaporozhtseva

So, friends, today, August 24, 2013. I Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga at the International Open Yoga University Rector.

This is our university lectures. All historical data on openyoga.ru site. We are with you parse text John George Woodroffe, we have come up … I do not remember to what place. Before we go any further, perhaps, really, this week, anyone of you did not sleep, did not eat, thinking? Yeah, there’s a man! I beg. Yes, if you have questions, ask.

Question: answer on Twitter was given a good, but still have one more question left. With regard to these global moments here, when they took millions of people burned in gas vans, and sent to the soap. That is not all be blamed on the law of cause and effect. That is not to say that in past lives they all as one, in the gas chambers worked. Here, some common elements, for example, and how the system would be balanced at each point, is not it? And one wrong move and you say, if to pull out, say, a man of the system, it could fall apart.

And really there is any such a universal foolproof that, for example, if there is some kind of a great mind, as Hitler or Goebbels that could demolish the whole world. Is there a cunning system, which only allows this in a positive way?

Vadim Zaparozhtsev: Oh, this is really very good, very important issue. In fact, this is the greatest question of any philosophy, any religion. Well, let’s say, in religion, if God is so good as he made a concentration camp? Or if the Mahatma of the Himalayas with such omnipotent and such far-sighted that they, too, have made it? And so on and so forth. That is, you can bet very hard questions that can not fail to respond.

This is necessary as it … Any philosophy begins, in fact, with the answers to these questions: the questions of life and death, good and evil, questions, questions of fairness. Whatever different answers are given. For example, in the dualistic religions say why evil? But there is a devil and that’s devil is all arranged. That is Hitler – is the embodiment of the evil ones, and why millions were burned. On a direct question: “Well, God, who created the whole world, including the devil, where he watched”? Friends, this question is usually responsible in any religion so, you know, do not like dualistic. You just can not find the answer to this question. No you do not respond to it. Because it is generally contrary to the rigid logic.

You know, I used to be at one time read Daniel Defoe’s “Robinson Crusoe”. Such product. We usually believe that this is a work of children’s, book. Since childhood we read an adapted version, shortened and simplified. And in fact, Daniel Defoe’s remarkable personality of his era. Incidentally, the organizer of the “Intelligence service”, ie as it is called – the Foreign Intelligence Service. So, his work, “Robinson Crusoe”, it is a philosophical and there were, including such issues. And, on the one hand, it seems to be as it should all pay in atheists, on the other hand, of course, for people to have more intelligent and sophisticated, we understand that there are some, you know, these less obvious factors, when even the most good force, or may interfere with life, or it can not interfere in the life.

And that’s the real philosophy, this, by the way, and religion. You remember, yoga is distancing itself from religion. Yoga – is not a religion and attitude to religion is not. But sometimes a few words and have to say in defense of religion. Because some of followers of religion are so different, to put it mildly, a marginal manifestation, it seems, can soon destroy all religions and, I mean, in terms of the theoretical.

So, there are some questions that you can not not respond. This ratio for death. If I say that sooner or later everything will end with death – and then I go to work? Meaning?! So dead and so die, huh ?! The question this raises is: well, and what is after death? Because death itself, it’s kind of like, negates life. Well, you will live a hundred years, or more than a hundred years younger. Will you enjoy or suffer. If you then die, what’s the difference if there is nothing left of you? Immediately following such assumptions that do not end with death. But on the other hand, anyone of you have seen people who have come from the other world? No. This phenomena of nature, the law of nature, that in our softly say, a corner of the universe the dead do not come back in any case, in such a physical guise. That is, and demonstrate and explain that there will be then, this, you know, there is no direct evidence, and remains some such flight to our assumptions.

The same is true with regard to religion. It is said that the Lord God is there, which is good. And it somebody saw? We are told: “Yes, I saw. The great prophets and founders of religions. ” The following question arises: “And I can see it, and then suddenly the prophets saw that something was wrong?” Or, you know, when there are representatives of the two religions, and some say: “Here we have the true God, and they have a devil pretending to be God.” And so on each other shows. For the third person, who in the third religion or no religion at all, well, quite already. Remember, this Chapaev? – Red came – rob, White came – robbing, where the poor peasant to go ?!

Then you begin to understand that it is not so easy in this world. With such simple unambiguous questions could satisfy what some shepherds from the uneducated as here in biblical times, it was once a long time to reflect, they have life was simple enough in this regard. And already for someone philosophy professor at Moscow State University, such stupid answers, that here there is a good God is evil Satan, and for some reason, the good God can not destroy the evil Satan, they somehow already in my head begin to contradict the logic and many hid from trying at all understanding.

Of course, all these moments were engaged in ancient Vedic times. Actually, it is the universal questions. And, in my opinion, it is the philosophy, or the knowledge that is given in the Vedas, it gives a more comprehensive answer, not excluding the possibility of religion, but at the same time does not exclude the presence of atheism. That is, our universe is far more fabulous than trying to present in the framework of certain dogmas, say, within the framework of religion or atheism. More than fantastic. And this is our problem, since we are stupid and can not grasp this concept.

And this concept is, in fact, on the one hand must not be contrary to reason, but on the other hand, we understand that the mind is limited and this concept to explain, it is higher than our minds. In yoga, it all comes down to the fact that we have our stupidity, we have the manifestation of our intellect, mind, but also we have the elements of a completely surprising so highly intuitive, direct comprehension that we through direct experience comprehend and learn how it is arranged in fact. And only here with this highest, third position, you can dock, at first glance, not sostykuemye things. How is life and death. Such as: the presence of the forces of good or the forces of evil.

That note, many members are asking religions, they say: “I believe in God.” Why? Because I prayed and prayed and God saved me. But his neighbor prayed, prayed for the neighbor concentration camp, and he was rescued. So, there is some selectivity in the Lord God who saved and who is not? Or some kind of higher power, say? Or meditate on the Mahatma, and escaped death in the gas chamber. The second also meditated on the Mahatma, but it still burned. What is the difference? Why in one case, to work, and the other not?

And let’s say, when I say just meditate, I should certainly have to ask yourself: What if my case is the second? You know, so there is a saying, it is very good that the type, when any event, the man said: “I was so, I did not know what to pray to God.” Do you know such a state of stress, stress that you do not know what to pray to God, or what philosophy to practice, and so on and so forth. Here.

But issues a sharp, not to answer them, you can, until perfected mind. Indeed, a large part of humanity, she spends her life in a semi-instinctive condition, little, different from the life of animals. As an alarm clock stood at the alarm clock ran into the office, at the alarm clock worked, according to the salary received alarm clock, the bar went down, had fun. Go somewhere to relax, I come again. And so, an alarm clock, we run, we run, we do not have time to stop and reflect on the subjects of life, especially if we have to pay for an apartment, if it is necessary to maintain their status. That is the fear. We think: okay, as long as we live – we shall live, and there too it will be visible. And we do not ask questions. And, in fact, is not very much sharpened intellect, it is possible to live happily enough here in this race, a rat race, without asking philosophical questions, as generally it’s all done.


But, you see, the trouble is, then what is that sooner or later, if you have a good run in the rat race, you like to accumulate a surplus, you become a professional in his office. And you the same work is done in less time and make more money, you have freed time, you start to read now and then, to think. There is time.

And then, after a time, there was, and the mind has ceased to be instinctive, suddenly bore down upon you the worst stage in life when you realized that you previously resided in the holy ignorance. And now, when you have these issues unresolved, and you can not answer them, they poison you all your life. That, and the more you hone the mind, so everything looks pessimistic. All pessimistic friends. Here you read any novels of the fifteenth, the seventeenth century and understand – these people for a long time there, they were dead. That’s all.

If you remember, in Buddhism (Buddhism with this, actually began), when the Buddha was young, handsome, strong, everything about him was great as long as he has not met with the negative side of life. He saw death, poverty, and disease. A man was smart, from a noble family. Before he immediately realized that, without answering these questions, you can not really enjoy life, because these questions you will poison your whole future existence.

And this is the way, a difficult period in the life of man’s spiritual development. These periods have, known in yoga as brains is well honed to understand that from the point nothing can be explained by the naked reason, but everything is very gloomy, but still have no experience extrasensory experience higher intuition, when you know, in general, there is little, due. Specifically higher explanation, it is consistent with the logic, but it can be explained. And here is what is called the knowledge of the Vedas, in the end, or the knowledge of yoga.

And yoga encourages each of you to acquire this knowledge, otherwise you will not be happy. Yes, I know, many now, in particular in Russia, problems with money, housing, work and so on. I assure you, my friends, it will take some amount of time, and you decide all these problems. After that you will come as you feel the sweet life in abundance, but in the same moment you will come suffering a degree of strength that you never dreamed of while you were running for a piece of bread.

Because before you become intractable questions that can not answer the intellect. Besides intelligence you still have nothing. Here. And it would be good, so by now you at least know where to dig, where to look. That you know, it is good that by the time you become a beautiful prosperous oligarchs, you would know then what to do when you become sad, despite the wealth, money and everything else. That is spirituality vaccination, vaccination supreme knowledge, supreme intuition vaccination.

So, with this higher position, you can at least to some extent, respond and internally reconciled with such concepts as death, with concepts such as violence, evil, and so on. You begin to understand, on the one hand, why it occurs, on the other hand, you start very hard to understand that there are times when you are with all his omnipotence can not intervene. Here I am in favor of Mahatma, and the Lord God speaking. With all the power – can not intervene. Because there are some fundamental laws which can not be violated under any circumstances. And the higher a level is the highest law, according to which made this universe, it is the law of freedom. Absolute God or the Lord, as you like, when he created us, he created us in his image and likeness, without pre-knowledge. Therefore, in this world can live equally well, and atheists and religious people. Perfect to get along, I hope with each other, if only his own foolishness will not trample.

But, on the other hand, come into your life can only be the one you called. And even so, you know, the one you called, but not so much that you are a hundred years before it was run, and then suddenly decided to call. But just imagine, you chased his neighbor a hundred years, and then something happened to you, you began to scream: “Neighbor, come, help me.” But he still can not really understand: you really call him or not. Because first you voleizyavlyali one thing, and now something else. A neighbor had already closed his ears, eyes curtain so as not to interfere with your freedom.

And here it turns out such a thing, if you are invited into their lives some strength and long enough to coexist with these forces, then you can rely on them, then you really can for them to address the critical moment, but they They have a tendency to come and intervene in your life. Again, all of your history. And it’s interference in your life, at the same time, at any time to explain how the law of karma, of the type: what you sow that you reap. So will the Lord’s providence, or the Absolute itself, or is there a Mahatmas of the Himalayas, which are flown. And a simple, clear explanation for our mind – it is the law of karma. It is closer to the logic – what goes around, comes around.

But, my friends, God forbid you, that’s so stupid to understand the law of karma. Because of this law of karma immediately implies the following: if the Jews were herded into concentration camps and burned, according to the law of karma, they all had the karma that they have someone herded and burned, too, in a past life. Someone adds that savior, allegedly also was unhappy. But this is another story, understand! If you profess this view of the law of karma, friends, you, anyone, but not yogis and yoginis. Half of India professes such laws and, therefore, such a big problem.

But by and large, my friends, that is the law of karma? This is not something that someone like to tell you something to do and a mirror back. It’s only those laws that a person in his universe voleizyavil and under who got to live. And why he voleizyavil them? By ignorance. And so when I meet with such pseudo-yogis who say, “Oh, you bad!” Here we have, by the way, and at the Open University of Yoga, there is no secret, we have some of the students well behaved. I will not specifically call. This is bad, and he replied: “Ah! It’s in your bad karma, all his own fault, so let’s torments and one “! If you profess this ideology, it has nothing to do with yoga. Yoga – a charity, it is understood that if a person is suffering, you shall in no case should not sarcastically saying, “Yeah, that was a fascist grenade got what he deserved.” Now, if you think so, you – not a yoga and yogini.

But if you realize that you have become, unfortunately, witnessed a tragedy when an error at some previous step has led to this conclusion today. Incorrect laws voleizyavili people enjoying full freedom, and now get yourself a return of his own freedom, the consequences of the misuse of freedom. And when you realize that you see suffering, and if you have even the slightest opportunity to relieve suffering and help, but in this case you can be called yogis and yoginis. If you just konstatiruete fact that here they were burnt, and so they have to – you are someone else, but not a yogi and yogini.

And in fact, for this reason, I sometimes ask why this or that religion has no concept of the law of karma? And because, you know, that in everyday life the law of karma – it’s a good explanation, but a bad guide to action in the plan, if you have something broke. Those. the law of karma is good to know that in future nothing idiotic not to do if you have something broke. But it does not help to correct what has been done before. Therefore, in religions and it especially does not abut. And in religions, in all good sane religions longer rests on charity.

What good is now reason why you feel bad if I can not help you? Now, if I can help you, so then we’ll talk, huh ?! I’ve been in constant communication with this, by the way, always cite the example of the Upanishads, it is very revealing. If you understand it, you will understand the heart of yoga. Myth such bike.

Sage sat and meditated on the Supreme, for good, all things wonderful. Suddenly, it flies a dove, and says, “Save me, O sage, chasing me kite and he will eat me now.”

The sage said, yes, well, I’ll save you, do what you have, you’re good.

After a while the kite flies, and says: “I saw that there hid a dove, I have to eat it.”

The wise man says, “No, I will not give it to you there.”

Kite said: “Well, if you do not give it to me to eat, I have it in my little nest of chicks, they will die of hunger.”

And here is a real life situation that you personally face in life. Exactly with such situations you will encounter throughout his life. You know, such an ideal case, when it is possible for others razrulit and stay at the same time in the role of Mahatma Gandhi – you will not succeed. Now, if you learn such a situation razrulivat you yes, then you leave a memory of himself as a great yogas and yogis of teachers. Because now, in Moscow, who did not ask, all the teachers, the students remained in yoga. What only do not teach.

You know, what it was the continuation of this story. And this story has continued.

For a long time pondering sage, and then did so: pigeon weighed how much weight the dove. He took a knife, cut off a piece of meat on my own – as much weighs a dove. And I gave vulture. Then let go and hawk and dove.


You see ?! This is the ideology of yoga – at their own expense to solve other people’s problems. Not razrulivat law of karma: “Well, you do here, it’s so, and here like that, all I have now divorced.” Such an expression of the ’90s, thank God, very few people now they are already using, called “breeding”. It has two or more values of this word. The first is when interests collide there. Usually representatives of criminal groups is a third party, which makes all happy, throws the warring parties, as you know, the United Nations mission. And only later, under this deal, it is already in a negative value, in the Russian language the word “divorce” – this is when somebody else has decided for free to portray some activities and dividends to fuck with the two remaining sides. That is the Russian language, as well as Russian life, she lives …

That’s the situation, you know ?! Here is a situation where, when faced with suffering, you begin to realize that you are the fact that you know about the suffering – to blame for this suffering. Once again, think about it in what I said. If you are in this world, at least somewhere or somehow confronted with suffering, injustice, death, that is, that is outrageous, you know that in the long run, even if we are talking about the law of karma, you have a negative karma belonging to all this, directly or indirectly. If you did not have negative karma, you would not even know about it. You see ?!

So, the answer to the question whether there is a mechanism, roughly speaking, to protect? The answer is: yes and no. No machine can not be higher than the main law – the law of liberty. Even the Absolute will not go to us.

You know, sometimes I go to Moscow, and come up to me and all religious people there: “Here we will give you now, we’ll tell you all right now is the truth.” Have any of you seen the Absolute, which runs the city of Moscow, catching the first available man and says: “I – the Absolute, man, I’ll tell you now?” No. He respects our freedom, including, and not know that at all Absolute is. That is, here such proselytism, it is more common to other forms and religions.

Question: With regard to exactly what we are seeing suffering. Yes, that’s something to think about. I was accidentally struck, it turns out, because it is an explanation of why the indifference – of the horrible vices. That is, it turns out that people lived like a flock a certain number of people. T “… Is, so let’s torments and one with restrictions lifted 7.30 yu, refused to transfer claims that it is the” ёёёёёёёёёёёёёёёёёёa the second world, voleizyavlyali live differently, but – no detailed, roughly speaking. And when he came to martial law, they, like the flowers in the hole dangled, without knowing what they wanted. Those who do not voleizyavlyal higher, those who did not work for the benefit of others, those who were still those who were living in the same way as a flock of sheep – they come under those laws, which were at that time common to all. It turns out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So so. Especially, you know, any war, any cataclysm, you know how such a hackneyed phrase already: the best that there is in the people, manifested, but also manifested the worst that they have. The critical moment, when it is not impossible to answer the questions. We can not answer the questions, because for all the life you crushed. On the other hand, that these global processes.

Let’s dream up right now. Just imagine now, that each of you Mahatma. You have everything you thought at a distance to read, manage, materialize, dematerialize – whatever you want, you can do it. Sit in your Himalayas and looking at here is the unfolding picture of, say, the beginning of the First World War … World War II, and the first. And yet it was the first, in fact, terrible, terrible. Simply, it is less well known. There generally was bleak, with all of these poisonous gases.

And you see that here they are free beings, you have no right to violate their freedom, because if you break their freedom, by and large, you’ll be the aggressor, worse than Hitler. And you see how these creatures in this fit of madness are beginning to escalate, escalate, escalate, but you do not call to resolve a situation. Sam you can not climb, because otherwise you will replace them with his will. And they are stronger, stronger, stronger, and here they have already started to wet each other with terrible force. And you look at it, and what to do then ?! Yes, if one of them voleizyavil to you turn to the prayer made, and you can see that, yes, he really voleizyavil that was in his personal universe is a situation that would be Mahatma of the Himalayas, and that they can help, here then yes, flies on the carpet plane, save and fly away. And if not voleizyavil, here you pulled it out of the kitchen, well, it would seem – to save lives, and God knows it? But you switched his will with his will. It is something they do not understand, he has some in mind warp, and in the next life he was Hitler himself, thinks that all he is allowed and just what was wrong, he knows: “… will arrive suddenly a magician in the blue helicopter and free show a movie. “

That’s why, by the way, in all the yogis in all treatises of yoga you will find only one warning – never use and shows no superpowers. I always thought on years of youth: “What is it, Lord? Yes they are all hypocrites, they have no superpowers, just write books. ” And to the question: “Where is the superpowers?” – “And here in the treatise it states that it is impossible to demonstrate, so I do not show or show only individually agreed amount.” Reasonable agree that a reasonable approach, ie It is, as they say, the elusive Joe, which no one can catch, because nobody needs. Or there is a terrible secret that nobody knows. How do we know that this terrible mystery of all is, if no one knows about it? How do we know that there are supernormal, if nobody show them only written in books, and it is said that even if someone has them – do not tell. And you begin to ask yourself: “Is this a hypocrisy is cleverly veiled, subtle? Or does it makes sense for this? “

And now, from the perspective of ancient knowledge, you immediately see the demonstration of super-powers in the circle of those who voleizyavlyayut to these super-powers were not, you generates negative karma and with supernormal, they then begin to believe in the deterioration in the evil eye, in witches, warlocks in. And arrange a demonstration burning witches every week. Why? Because if a miracle happened in a positive way, then all the negative things can be interpreted as a miracle in the negative side, it means that there is some very specific living source of evil, it is necessary to find and burn. You see ?! And that’s how you once demonstrate in a village superpowers, after which the village begins to methodically burn everyone whatever is handy, only because of their universe, it was not, they did not voleizyavlyali it to be, and you them imposed. The consequences of this spread is a completely crazy on some areas of life.

And so, unfortunately, in all. Even with super-powers, omniscient God and seeing in the next portion of the camp are to burn, you have, by and large, very limited intervene. Very limited. Because, even if you interfere, you will intervene with impunity only in one case – if you were invited to intervene.

That’s why all the churchmen urged everyone to pray or yoga puja ‘pujari’ or mantra to repeat, or something else. In fact, it is an invitation to the higher powers to intervene when you voleizyavlyaete to your life it was, then come. Voleizzyavlyaete not, just do not come, they will come without being invited – the consequences of this will be a lot worse, a lot worse.

Then, there are a billion different factors, friends, war-related. Again, in this regard, my very favorite example. I am now very actively interested in history, first of all, the Second World War. Walks such tale, a legend, do not know whether this is true or not. It was this actress – Olga Chekhov. She was part of the near Hitler’s entourage. And now it turns out, it is our NKVD, SMERSH recruited, recruited by, re-recruited by. And I had the opportunity to kill Hitler. But it was, I do not remember, I think, or 1943 1944. That is, you can with high probability to kill Hitler. Do you know what Stalin gave the order? To the hair with Hitler’s head did not fall. Why? It’s very simple all. If Hitler killed Hitler place his henchmen come instantly conclude a separate peace with the Western Allies, and then jointly to the Far East are moving, destroying communism. And, you know, it’s like a chess game, it would seem, it is necessary to do so, it is clear that Stalin, you know, he belonged to Hitler, and for all that prohibited conduct, which however operation. Because consequences can be much worse.

And just as the Mahatma from the Himalayas look: Yeah, war is, millions of people, yes, but on the way the atomic bomb. If the war had lasted even half a year at least, a year, it would be turned into a nuclear war, my friends. I recall the first explosion of an American bomb “Trinity” was the month of July. I forgot area, as is called, New Mexico? The second did not have time to throw on Berlin, 9 May he was taken. Incidentally, the Germans have got more cool, easy, and the Japanese failed. You see? But the Japanese were on the full program.

And then, here we say concentration camps. We say, “the SS lead, tortured and killed – how awful!” How they killed people for all time? There was a big problem, it is now historically, again, the documents. Firing squad. Human psyche is such that you can not kill more than a certain number of people, even if it is your enemies, you just then the roof goes. They drink too much, in general – a bad thing. The first firing squads were selected from the SS, the Nazi idea of the devotees. We all went to the roof! And they understood that the murder of the process is necessary to remove the person. A normal person can not be like this at close range killing more than a certain number of people. And they come up here, these gas chambers, and so on, where one group starts and the other corpses endures. And this process is invisible. And all with a healthy psyche continue to live.

But as they were able to kill? Yes, they have killed one million, five, six, ten million they burned. It does not matter. My other example, one small thermonuclear bomb, so small, it is not very much, friends. Petite. Now the Polytechnic Museum layout of the first Soviet atomic bomb look – healthy. A modern fusion of several million times more powerful, it is quite small. Petite! One push of a button and say, twenty million adults, women, children, babies, everybody. Times and incinerated in the dust! And those who, as they say, still alive, would be envious of those who have already died because he did not live long after those injuries and burns.

And, you know, when you start to look: that’s one obvious evil, and yet still possible, they say, angrier evil. So here and so to blame the Lord God in myopia or Mahatma refusal in need of first aid. You know, like the doctors have the Hippocratic Oath, all the Mahatma has also vow to help all beings. Only trouble is, very rarely, when our lives have a real way, even to help someone. And if you analyze all the truly effective ways of helping all. You can, you know, throw in a fire, pull people out of the fire. It can be, well, there is something more heroically so show. But you know, then you start to analyze and what the hell, in fact, there was a fire? A fire was because someone did not finish, something they did not complete. Uncle Vasya drunken wiring not to spent sparkled.

Still, all will be reduced, by and large, one is to help knowledge. More you do not have the tools. More precisely, all the other tools, it is such a feverish attempt to reduce harm.

In the ancient Vedas, there are two deities at the time dominant. Well, not a deity, but as if the forces of nature, one of which Varuna, Indra and the other. And here’s a very interesting concept of Varuna. Varuna protects from evil to the point where someone can conceive of evil. Imagine, yes, even in the mind of a maniac was not born the idea to kill someone, and all Varuna does well to continue to not being born. But the concept of Indra is a MOE, the fire brigade with Shoigu headed it when everything is burning, sinking. When it is too late to ask who is to blame. Who’s the nut unscrewed who sawed cable, well, our usual carelessness, and it is necessary to have, really. and rush to save those who remained.

Of course, by far the most effective way, which, here at this very early stage ?! And in the long run it you will. Especially students of the Open University of Yoga, you are ready for yoga teachers, is the aerobatics. I am in my life I know to compare. I was in science, in a serious science, academia, atomic bombs were doing there, I know what to study physics. Quantum physics or take advanced mathematics, is simply bursting head. I have worked in the business, I worked as a consultant in the largest companies, I worked with a worldwide reputation. Age these firms one hundred and sixty years, you know? One hundred and sixty years it’s all consulting firms, there have been different, I talked with different.

But I can tell you absolutely clearly, the work of the true teacher of yoga – aerobatics, which overshadows everything that was there. And the degree of load. And according to the degree of job satisfaction. Because you are, indeed, the world is changing for the better. And reduced your future work will be only to two factors. This first – to convey knowledge, and the second – to encourage people to apply this knowledge in their lives.

In fact, the two things you can do, you can say that’s it, the knowledge, to acquaint him with those voleizyavit meet. Because those who do not voleizyavit you that, to impose, whether that be? Even if the Absolute itself is not PR. This, incidentally, to the question of advertising – PR itself is possible only in the circles that voleizyavili that you yourself among them there is PR, but in the other climbs – this is called spam. Absolute spam does. Have you received a letter? Nigerian letters from the Absolute. So, you can do only one thing, it is to give the knowledge of how to do certain exercises, meditation, and so on, philosophy, and so on.

But aerobatics, and you will then share in the degree of skill, if you then will be able to inspire other people to use this knowledge in their lives. According to the principle: you see how you have, you see the knowledge, but if you apply the knowledge you will have a life like that. And if you inspire by example, people will take advantage of. I stress, inspire! Do not Bind, not force, do not vparit not zazombiruete not zagipnotiziruete, namely inspire. That’s the only thing that remains. There is nothing left.

Q: Then I do not understand a bit, over here our sheep, huh ?! Teachers. That is, if it is such a vow, right? The Hippocratic Oath for yoga.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We call it “the third principle of yoga.”

Q: And why did we have said that you can take, but you can not? Obliged to only those who are quick methods? All are required!

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, well, as you say? That there is in the yoga concept of “rapid methods”. I myself once encountered, I must say to them that I was a normal childhood classical yoga, this ascetic nature and rapid methods, it must be said, met late enough. I was already short years is not enough, and I started to deal yoga classic. If so, as a first approximation, much different from the classical methods of the fast? In classical methods do you know the first and second principles of yoga apply. And in a quick method to the first and second still added a third principle of yoga.

What is the third principle of yoga? The essence of the third principle of yoga is just that you will do my utmost so that, as you say, to resolve a terrible karmic situations of suffering, that you, at least ever come across anywhere. Or, to put it bluntly, you have to turn into a sage and that to you every day will arrive on a dove and hawk, and you from yourself – again, a piece of meat, on the second day – again, a piece of meat, and the third – just a piece of meat. And so, in order to effectively act as whittling on meat slices are practice, very powerful and very fast to you, at least for the night, the meat re-grow, and you quickly ran out. You know, huh ?!

And you learn these practices, first of all, in order to help others. And not to, roughly speaking, to engage in their own personal enlightenment. To the extent that a future teacher of yoga will take on the third principle, and will depend on how effectively it can, roughly speaking, to help all living beings.

Third yoga principle tells us that we will strive to help in getting rid of the suffering of all living beings every time we are faced with these sufferings, when we shall be able to definitely do something and when those who suffer, roughly speaking, voleizyavyat to accept our help.

From the audience: That the reservation, it is the same for all in common.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In what sense?

From the audience: That is, if they voleizyavlyayut it!


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: None. It is understood in terms of what voleizyazvlyayut, is that you do not impose. You do not impose! Because it, too, you know. You live now, you may now do a lot of stupid things, it may be so, but, you know, you are very badly apprehend, when someone walked in on you and will: “You’re here’s nonsense, then you’re stupid and the well quickly changed! “

Here, unfortunately, these idiots are from yoga. They run, jump, first got caught and say: “You have to change your lifestyle, you should behave so and so, you must do this and that.” They can not understand, in fact, with what joy?

Question: Help is necessary from the standpoint of the first, second, third principle?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, yes.

Question: From the dharma, it turns out?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Certainly, yes. Friends, God forbid you, you will forget about the first two! Generally, the third principle is to perform a pleasure, if not the first two. You know, on the principle that the best cure for a headache – the guillotine. Can all this be reduced. By the way, I say, Nazi Germany, together with this miracle, when Hitler’s – again, again, again, the nation revived, so to speak, from its ashes. After this no one can deny, it really demoralized, in general, the country in a bad state it was, he raised it to the level that it controlled half the world, captured. Here there just was – the third principle of yoga, but only for the representatives of the nation. And everyone who does not hide, I’m not guilty. fascist philosophy: first, the third principle, then the second, to make the mind, and those who survive them first, if survive, of course.

Ladnenko, I answered the question, at least to a first approximation? Serious question, it is necessary to meditate and ponder for a long time. Another one what? Yes?!

Question: Can a little as if the will? Here is the will, the will. It what? It is a one-time or is it eternal?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: In what sense?

Q: Well, let’s say, something to do, you need to voleizyavit. And this process one time, or it is eternal?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Consequences after the expression of the will?

Q: No, no. That is, you need to voleizyavlyat before making or voleizyavil and wait until it is fulfilled in one minute.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A-ah, my friends, and it’s you and will differ from the Mahatma. What are you, from the formal point of view different from the Mahatma, if we call things by their names, in no uncertain terms. You’ll take the bitter truth. In Mahatma, roughly speaking, the good of the Mahatma, not fake any such liberated during his lifetime, a moment of expression coincides with the moment of realization. And you have the time and the will of the moment of performance of expression is extended in time. In fact, the longer the time, the worse your karma. Performed all, any of your will, sooner or later be fulfilled, but only then when it comes, you know, the road was spoon for dinner. You used to be there in the last year, such navoleizyavlyali. It is now rushing to you, and you have something else you want. This is leading to a big mess. Here’s a thing.

Question: And we, ordinary people, to the end or voleizyavlyat voleizyavlyat for some period of time?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: I mean to finish?

From the audience: I’ve been there told voleizyavlyayu something something, something. Mahatma it once appeared. I voleizyavlyat next?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, you see, in this respect, you are nothing of the Mahatma are no different. Voleizyavil – all get it, is sure to come. In this and in the next. But a different story when it comes, you’re going to do about it already?


Q: It does not matter how far? All the same, will come when it should be?


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And we will not have the concept of gradation strongly or weakly. You know, the will, with its roots going back to our way, the book, but in this pervoimpuls creation of the universe. Roots will beyond space and time, is the concept of gradation, that something can be strong or weak.


Question: Okay. And when it turns out it was the will it end? That is, he voleizyavil world manifest and all will end? Or is it more like he voleizyavlyal, voleizyavlyal?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, because he still voleizyavlyaet to all this is the time, some part of the expression of the will, as it were out of time, time, and farther off they’d go. But its echoes, the tails of the will, they are of course, then a period of time. After voleizyavil something he is not a simple thing, it’s not just a mechanical system some how, you know, billiard balls, once hit – they all fled. Just imagine, every ball in this cue has its own free will. You clap them, and they in their corners began to twist pirouettes. He created us with you, my friends, and we do not present, in fact, walk these random number generators. In fact, you can not calculate. You can count as part of your karma, positive or negative. But you are more than these limits karma. And by and large, neither one of you can not calculate. Therefore, it imposes on the management of this system known features.

From the audience: You two minutes? I will share. The progressive marketers are now doing that analyzes consumer behavior? It is terrible to live friends. They are concerned with what they come up, they call it the unconscious, in fact, the causal body level they have got there. That is, if there will understand.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, no, they are there for a long time, actually.

From the audience: I do not know how they are now. That is derive any such thing and, in fact, act, and work. And more and more farther.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes. This is my favorite subject, I refer of all, there is a section “Yantra Yoga.” This logo can be and so on. You know, our causal level, he is also associative, he is also cunning, sly, he reprogrammed. Once, twice cheated, he just – keys, access codes replaced. Friends, it’s all over.

That note, every spring I go out and see the beautiful girls. Every year fashion changes. Why? Because at the level of the unconscious men over the winter changed the access code. The other must be chosen.

If there is a fashion designer who bow, he knowingly receiving money. Friends, you know, I have just so happens that I have a large group of friends and that’s just from the field of the modeling business. Well, here’s all the fashion designers, couturiers not, yes. I, in general, have some idea how their life goes. Life is not sweet, I have to say harsh, I would even say they have life. So all are always surprised by how well, for a small piece of cloth, you buy it for the cost of the car. Yes, you do not pay for the cloth, but for the fact that someone – Aw, Snap, counted, you know, and launched into circulation.

Q: Can I have a young man Office to finalize, so to speak, I myself already. Perhaps he had in mind as voleizyavlyat that it was realized precisely at the moment when it is needed. Probably, here are three of these elements: knowledge, will and action when a match. Perhaps then it is necessary voleizyavlyat when it’s all there.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no, no. In fact, any expression of will coincide and are executed, even the most idiotic. The question is that you are absolutely right, you have a little bit different, it is necessary to choose what voleizyavlyat. We are free voleizyavlyat everything! And there is one expression, which seemed to reduce the turn, cut, cut, or some delay between the will and the implementation of, and there are others that extend. And we have in our life, before you want something, it is good to check our Wishlist.

In yoga, there is such an absolutely wonderful time, called “yogic Decision Tree”. That is, before anything want, analyze, and do you even want it? And if it does not conflict with some other factors, which then …

Q: willpower. If you will not be measured, it turns out, we constantly wish and desire to line up. And any desire to bypass the queue. That is, there’s the power of desire embedded in her prana prevailed over all these, they are wrong?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, that, my friends, is a different case. You know, again, I was always an example: here the old Soviet times, the dream of all marketers today, the dream of all manufacturers. In America, all these straight cry, it is a paradise, it is a promised land – the former Soviet Union. Whatever you made, all sold out. Moreover, that would buy something, people lined up in a queue. Now any of you forced to stand in a queue at the store? I’m here today went to one store not far from here, to buy yogurt. And look, really worth, the door is closed. And you know frank in front of people puzzled when they saw at the entrance:. “Lunch” Aw, Snap, it’s even beyond the geographical news such, huh ?! And then they did not wait either, nor knock, they just left.

And in Soviet times before to buy something, lined mad queue, rabid, sometimes thousands of people. And it is clear, it is not all sludge will not get what you want. But, my friends were always moves. One could always an acquaintance through the back door, you can always call, you will be left under the counter. In general, its people. And there was even a, you know, a layer of people, as a rule, very cunning, smart and very fast, which is precisely to address these problems, known for a fee. Do you want something in a hurry, we will make out of the lineup.

That’s about the same situation, my friends, and with our desires. Yes, to a certain extent it has any such times to get around all that’s such a beautiful way. But there is, my friends, even rude ways. Sometimes in this place any such bydlyatina, you know, a healthy part and here and so all the time, “You are not standing there, I was standing,” and wiggled as the queue to buy. But this did not last long. In general, once, twice, three, and there, staring, already responses. Those. there are all sorts of tricks, there is, yes. But as far as they are acceptable?

Yes, sometimes when you have a very strong desire for something one, it is as if overshadowing the weaker desires before.

But, my friends, I suggest still start to understand some text.

From the audience: And you can comment a little on that?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes.

From the audience: What we still have to remember about such a tool for the approval of his will as “scheduled – made”.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And this is a Raja Yoga. Where is Savitri? Here, to the Raja yogi Savitri, she is the chair Raja Yoga. So, please. Generally, in fact, these are all questions I had to ask her, this is her diocese, I have not got there as a result of how much time there is left?Since forward book.

Aleksandr Zlobin: The fifth chapter we have, we begin.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yes, I’m sorry, one little moment where our dictionary? There, I think, somewhere lies. So, my friends, is something I climbed and somewhere I have a dictionary Sanskrit cases, someone gave popolzovatsja and someone probably gone into samadhi along with a dictionary. So I took the next thing, a short glossary of key Sanskrit terms, which, anyway, are present in well-known treatises, books and so on and so forth.

And so on all the previous lectures, I really tried to pass these terms or just give you an intuitive push to you without explanation immediately understand what we mean. Why? Because experience shows, knowing the theory of yoga is enough to man a couple of times to hear what the word “Sabda” as the fourth, he intuitively understands what is meant. And sometimes the translation is better than you’ll find in a given dictionary, or in those or other explanations.

Generally speaking, it is the general way to study foreign languages. You come to another country, do not know anything, and no dictionary. But you start to communicate, communicate, communicate, and your brain, like a computer begins to calculate the value of words, and to calculate accurately. The different faces and different shades.

But this method more expensive. Time it takes a little longer. So, here we have a dictionary, I ask you here. And all the words that we meet immediately on the dictionary to translate. Praise Swami Sivananda Saraswati, in fact, he himself took such a work, but immediately warn shades of some words originally transferred. This is from English into Russian. Sivananda from Sanskrit into English, and then, it is clear that it is necessary also to Russian. Therefore, we like that right now disassemble these terms. Go.

Aleksandr Zlobin: Then should bhautika-Srishti.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here let us find the word bhautika. In general, we ought to know, programmed quickly, tweet-tweet to bail out. Is there such a word? There is probably no longer happened. Okay, let’s not.

From the audience: Pertaining or consisting of elements, material, physical.


Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah. Srishti. In general, it is necessary the next time the computer program and who prints quickly, immediately tweet-tweet. Better yet, have someone at the next lecture prepared a list of what we will be with you.

From the audience: Srishti – creation.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Friends, everything took a pencil and paper. Do you think this is like a detective – to listen to comments such texts ?! You’ve come to the lecture in the Open Yoga University. It is to come to a lecture on higher mathematics. Just sit and contemplate a lecturer at the blackboard with a piece of chalk, of little use. This physics we once learned that guys will read like detective books on physics, better not read. They need to work out with a pencil.

So bhautika. Writing-write. Glossary component.

From the audience: Bhautika – related or composed of elements, material, physical.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: A word Srishti – creation. So bhautika Srishti-how to translate? The creation of the material in his incarnation, that is all that you see. Then, once again we read.

Aleksandr Zlobin: Then should bhautika-Srishti undertaken Hiranyagarbha.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, we are looking Hiranyagarbha. Come on, we’re drunk this new approach.

From the audience: Hiranyagarbha – the cosmic mind, the supreme God of the universe, also called Brahma. Cosmic Prana. Sutratma. Aparabrahma. Amahatbrahma or Karyabrahma. Samashtisukshmashariraathimani. Higher created being, through which projects a higher being physical universe. Or cosmic mind.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: So, let’s get into more concise phrases, this is shown by the Absolute, which served as the basis or material for creation. From this point of view, all that you see around you, or material creation, is figuratively speaking, the body of the Absolute. What it’s all done? Of the Absolute. From which those walls are made from this point of view? Of the Absolute. All around the Absolute. Absolute – this versatile clay. From this time, time, time, to stick.

Well, now we see only the material component, that this hiranyagarbha. Or one of the other possible translations closer to the literal, this “golden seed”. Gold – Hiranya. This golden egg, from which as it happened or the seed from which …

From the audience: How are?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, not really the point. The embryo, the golden embryo, then what then happened. Well, or the manifested Absolute. Another read again.

Aleksandr Zlobin: Then should bhautika srsti undertaken Hiranya garbha, ie the creation of secondary compounds.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is the whole visible world.

Alexander Zlobin: This again mixing elements in various forms. First sample and then divergent. And they also have their natural names – Sabda.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That is, it turns out, look phenomenal world, in fact, as it were, a secondary wave of creation, it is in the future, too, split into elements and these elements in some other configurations have started to connect and we already see all of the objects or phenomena, Now this is already the material world.

Let’s try to parallel conduct of science. From friends, did all the atoms that you see around you? Scientists tell us that they all passed through the bowels of the sun. Anything heavier than hydrogen, we have all had once visited in the sun’s interior. Those. heavy elements formed in the solar interior. And in this respect we are also made of elements, well, in addition to hydrogen, of course, because the hydrogen him harder. It is not clear, huh ?! And it has already passed through the bowels of the sun, having all of the elements, periodic table, remember? Until transuranic. And all have other chemicals or other objects or phenomena – it is in fact a combination of these atoms.

And it turns out that in this respect, similar to what determines the combination of the atoms of an object, in a mantra or vidya mantra yoga is believed that as Sabda or pervomantra of an object or phenomenon. Each object or phenomenon, say here this mug has a mantra. What made the circle? Glass of some sort of atoms, water, tea, all of this is determined by the mantra. If you know the mantra, you have complete control over this mug. And as claimed by the ancient texts, you can materialize or dematerialize it, or even, God knows what to do with it.

You know, like on your computer. Once, once, once, tweet-tweet, sr. Here I had the Photoshop program. Once – I painted once – wiped, huh ?! When it is on the computer, we are used to. When in life someone can draw and erase as we say – a miracle. And in fact, there is no miracle, there is a deeper level.

But, nevertheless, the same ideology that even here these manifestations of creation there are mantras. That is a global mantra beats on here are pieces of mantras, which are created with the principles. Then it’s all overgrown with a hard cloth. A combination of coarse matter, too, is determined by the mantra. That is, it turns out, on the mantra mantra mantra sitting and chases. You see, here is the structure of the world.

Aleksandr Zlobin: All of this is carried out in its Ishvara aspect Hiranyagarbha. Hiranyagarbha is the Lord of Brahmaloka, thinks of himself as a creator. The state in which he thinks of himself as a creator. The condition in which it thinks that all the things it – a state of duality. Consequently, hiranyagarbha, mincing maya is Jiva.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Let’s find the word “Jiva”. Good word “Jiva”, remember this word, it is useful to you. While looking for the word Jiva, who will translate the word “melodramatic maya.” What would this mean in Russian?

From the audience: Under the influence of maya.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, yes, you can, yes.

From the audience: Jiva – individual soul with the ego.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Yeah. And look what a thing it turns out that, in fact, a microcosm of the position we are – this is our higher self, which is due to ignorance associate themselves with their manifestations. And in this regard, as mentioned here Avalon, we as Hiranyagarbha, but the microcosm. But such hiranyagarbha, prone yaw maya maya or mincing. At the same time, as shown by the Absolute, is no different from the jiva, but one – it is not affected by maya and therefore does not fall under its influence, has omniscience, omnipotence, and so on and so forth. While we are under the influence of maya, we are in the original dark and do not have any, respectively, knowledge, or power. Farther.

Aleksandr Zlobin: Finally, coming to the final sthiti, we have action.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Good word “sthiti”. Come on, this we will play. You know, I worked at the time, here is again mentioned in the by Pricewaterhouse, now known as PricewaterhouseCoopers. Big company, auditing and consulting, gorgeous, super-duper, awesome, ate his rival and not one. And you know what is a very interesting feature was? At that time, there is still quite a little of Russian working people, mostly foreigners, in any proportion. And there, among the Russian was such as to call it? That is, in Ukraine, the word “surzhik”, it means a mixture of Ukrainian with Russian words. They say, say, say it, and then some word, some “zhovtyn”.

I remember came there “hi come on great zhovtyn”. I thought it was revolutionary. It turned out this October. And such a mixture of Russian. Or perukarnya. Here are some associations with the word “perukarnya”. I think, a bakery-perukarnya, huh ?! It turns out – a hairdresser. And this mixture is called surzhik. And there was the same surzhik Russian-English. When you speak in Russian, but the jab constantly word of English. Here is a hybrid. This is especially amused foreigners, because they were so curious. Here people speak a strange language, and then once – one clear word, another word of course, the third friendly word.

And here, on the contrary, you know? Woodroffe read, like, everything, everything is normal, and then kaboom, then Sabda, and then kaboom, then sthiti.

Someone may tell us what sthiti? Any suggestions?

From the audience: from the context.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And here’s a sly, at Woodroffe heavy text are sometimes out of context is not brought forth. Well, no one has any ideas? Well read.

From the audience: Sthiti – resistance, the condition or status. Existence, being, preservation.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: And now again all together.

Aleksandr Zlobin: Finally, coming to the final sthiti we have.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Or to the final state.

Aleksandr Zlobin: We have action and reaction, and Bhuta bhautika. Translate will?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: What bhautika? Material. Bhuta, what is it? Those who have any ideas? Bhuta suddhi, so there is a ceremony. No one has done in the Open Yoga University bhūta suddhi?

From the audience: What has come into existence. It is as opposed to not manifested. Any of the five elements that make up the universe. Elements or elementals.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Here is exactly the principles. Remember the principles of water, fire, earth and so on. Farther.

Aleksandr Zlobin: Finally, coming to the final sthiti, we have action and reaction, and Bhuta bhautika, so that they continue as a kinetic system voltage.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: We have already discussed with you the concept. Initial shove, like our modern conception of the universe scientists, at the moment, a pervovzryv, certain initial shove. And the deployment of all-all-all. It can be interpreted, not as an impetus to some matter or energy, as well as some initial shove mantra, ie push the first mantra – time pervomantra began to unfold, unfold, crushed, connected, intertwined. And because of all this phantasmagoria just born objects or phenomena in the universe.

You know, in fact, there is one such analogy, I really did not spend it in this chapter, it is known from quantum mechanics. This concept, so-called “probability density”. That is, any object or phenomenon is inherent in a certain function, which can even be interpreted as a vibration and the value of its “probability density”. Very strange concept, which means that if the value of this feature to build in some point, you will get the probability of detecting an object at this point.

And there is absolutely fantastic results, as follows, firstly, every object, whether it is a circle or a car, has a wave function. Or the language of the mantra-shastra – its mantra, which, roughly speaking, is fully responsible for this object. But a narrative capacity, what is the probability to find it in this or that point? So, the most curious, friends, that this function has no clear boundaries. Here, for example, that our circle, it is like as outlined tough, here she was. A probability density function is applied to the entire universe. It has concluded that this cup now may be on the ground floor, teleport, roughly speaking. Here disappear, and then appear. How? And no one knows!

And of course we think it’s wonderful, unusual. Nobody, I hope this does not come across in sound mind and memory, yet, huh ?! Well, everything is still ahead. But, say, at the level of microscopic objects, whether an electron or atom, which is thousands of times more than an electron, it happens everywhere. This is the basis, the so-called tunneling electron microscope, it is the same one that allows us to distinguish between objects that are much smaller than the wavelength. It basically can not be seen with the help of light.

And in this regard, oddly enough, science, quantum mechanics with its idea of the wave function. It was suggested that this idea, it is a remarkable physicist Louis de Broglie. It is generally very interested in how they came to these discoveries. These are intuitions that the whole world is like a wave consisting of many small waves. Here, like ripples on the water. There is a big wave of the sea, and a small float, even smaller for him on it. And that’s all you see around you, it is as if one wave is applied to the other, to a fine, fine, fine. Moreover, with the very same abilities as here in quantum mechanics, it is possible there are travel, teleportation, as we would say.

That is, in this respect, you know, very pleased that some very ancient insights of Vedic sages have some analogy in modern physics. I can not equate the wave function and the mantra. because the concept of mantra is a deep concept. And the concept of the wave function in this sense, it seems to me, more abstract, but very good all the explaining. But you see, since no one has studied quantum mechanics and hard to explain. But if all of you have studied quantum mechanics, then you’d better have begun to understand the mantra yoga. Who of you wants to do well to understand the mantra sastra, friends, remember, do not avoid that knowledge that gives modern science. It will, in any case, the picture for the analogy that is already very nice.

Then go.


Aleksandr Zlobin: These actions and reactions take their natural names that can be called phenomenal shabda. Some of them, namely those that fall within our sensibility, may be perceived by us. So, Sabda is classified with respect to various aspects of creation.

Shabd can be taken directly or indirectly. In the second case, they are generally accepted or borrowed. The usual individual can not hear the name of a natural fire, that is the sound of “frames” directly. He argues that it is such, based on the testimonies of those who had heard the sound. That is, it is common Aptian.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Apt. Can someone have a suggestion?

From the audience: The competent person, wise or adept. Wisher.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: That’s so! You know, machine translation, to me a couple of times getting any yogic texts that perevodilok with automatic translation. Friends, if you want to laugh.

From the audience: can we fix this dictionary?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: No, no, the normal translation. It’s like an authoritative testimony. Or as if the words of the one who. Sage in yoga. Run through a translator there and back, I assure you, there are such gems.

Now let a few words. So, each of us sees around the world, created from the mantras or Sabda. Larger, more fundamental mantras, the principles of forming a secondary that has elements and combinations of elements. And we have our senses, sight, hearing, and so on and so forth. And from this point of view, in fact, what our senses and what they have in common? They are, by the way, are called, once again, Indra. They are united by the next thing we have the ability through different senses perceive different kinds like mantras.

That is, the eye, in fact, they do not see objects or phenomena they perceive mantra responsible for objects or events and, indeed, it seems to us that we see. That’s a very strange sort of thing. Yes. But there is another point that in yoga, as they say, it is argued, there is a level of perception, when you start seeing this or that object or phenomenon, as if taken directly equivalent, say, in a voice form.

Well, or in another way, that is any vibration? Any vibration is when something changes or is not in harmony harmony changes from plus to minus, as we said in the previous lectures. In human language it is also possible, so to speak, shake the air of the same color. And it is believed that at a certain level yogis and Yoginis there ability, perceiving this or that object or phenomenon, or principle, such as here said the fire, through, for example, eyes or other senses – perceive his mantra.

It is known from sources that mantra, generating principle of fire, it sounds like “frames”. That is, the syllable “pa” and “m” – this anusvara, when we say “frames”, closes his lips. And here comes the idea of a certain universal language. That, supposedly at a certain spiritual development, your ability of perception is so strong that you perceive is not just an object, but once his mantra. And, accordingly, can control the object, or event. This, you know, pervomagiya words.

Now I still can not get to the Scandinavian epics, behold, there was at that very many things built. I have now graduated from MGIMO comrade, that he was Scandinavian languages, he told me a lot of interesting things. There’s also this magic word. And here, what conclusion for science fiction writers? What if we would ever meet another civilization, for instance, are not made of protein, and from some silicon structures, which some intricate octopus there. You know, just as the principles of the universe are the same everywhere, this embodiment may be different, it is necessary to first contact between the civilizations send or yoga yogis who it perceives an object knows vibration. If they know the same vibration, they somehow find a language between, that is there will be confusion and from the other side.

That is, once again, that this myth about some ancient universal language, that language in ancient times was not invented, but was, as it were, I think. That is why it is believed that the ancient languages sacral sacred. Vedic language, Sanskrit is the ancestor. He is considered extremely sacred language, it is considered a sacred language. It is believed that there, in the sound of the language, contains all the wisdom of the universe. As it happened for a reason, with a hangover, two monkeys have gathered there and began to squeak, and somehow something to call. And in another way: it is not the monkey, and the sages perceive objects or events. And they gave a comparison of vibration that can generate human voice with the vibration that our indriyas through our senses or comprehended by contact with a particular object and phenomenon, which is, in fact, Shabd or mantra. That’s it!

So, my friends, we had a lecture quite a digression, so we barely had time to make out. But on the other hand, I liked it. All the same, let we are quietly add, who will take over this mission possible, to the next section, enter the word right there with details. Just kontrl-copy, and paste kontrl poraskidat. If someone who will take over?

Aleksandr Zlobin: Let me take, I still read.

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Will you take? Oh, come on, well, everything, we caught you at your word.

Question: And what do the mantra of simple words is different?

Vadim Zaporozhtsev: Well, it should have been you previous lectures walk. And where are you been? A? Long away? Then lift up the archives, listen, read, study, wise.

So, my friends, well, now I want you to remind once again, that my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga at the International Open Yoga University. We also conduct classes in yoga, the cost of 300 rubles. For all kinds of classical yoga. and even partially rapid methods of yoga. We also hold seminars, retreats, lectures, as today. Lectures have 100 rubles. six-hour seminars cost 2000 rubles, individual sessions we conduct, the same 2000 rubles worth.

Finally, we have a free online yoga classes, where everyone can study the theory and practice of yoga on site openyogaclass.com There you just have to register. And all self-study through the Internet.

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But just I want to say, to study very interesting study as it consists of two stages. More precisely, the two stages are the basic steps, and then an additional. The first stage, you learn yoga instructor to conduct the usual classical yoga in the hall. And the second, of course, the stage is more aerobatics, where you learn, first, to carry out more complex workshops, classes, lectures, and become a specialist in one or another form of yoga. In particular, in the mantra yoga will explain another, sitting in my place, what is the Sabda Brahman. And the srshiti different from Vayu, and so on. Therefore, it means that you are welcome.


What else to say? And, my book! Friends, let me propiarit his book. The sensation, the sensation, a sensation! Released the next volume. We’re with the guys. I, along with Edward Pechorin, praise him, he Syktyvkar. And Anastasia Mikheeva same railway released the third volume – axiomatic yoga. Jnana Yoga – Yoga of knowledge. This is the foundation on which everything rests. In fact, if you want to understand the texts of Arthur Avalon, in the first place it is necessary to read and study this book. Or via the Internet site, but the book is always more pleasant.

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