How do I get the money. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Where yoga to get the money?

Today, July 17, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, close to m.Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites,,

Today I will try to answer some of the questions I asked via the Internet, as well as in some private conversations, which are not possible to respond in all the previous lectures. The purpose of these questions was limited to the subject of “Yoga and money.”

Therefore, today’s lecture topic will be this: “Where is the yoga to take the money.” That’s the subject of an urgent waiting for us today. Once again, a lot of different issues related to that, what is the meaning of money, where they come from, where do all taken, how each person to join this around? Or vice versa, you need to strongly distance themselves from the money to lead a life, not even allowing them to touch?

From time to time, such questions are asked. The question is not idle for the simple reason that yoga – a lengthy process. Yoga – is a process of self-discovery and not as fast, all at once could get, sometimes it takes years, if not for life. And the question arises: “Well, we practice yoga, and how to live with? What is, what is not? Are we satisfied to work or retire? On what kind of work it makes sense to settle, and with what you need to get away? Or they may be, should be maintained cave lifestyle with begging bowl, walk the streets with this mantra: “Good people, give, much as you can.” And so, we start from the beginning. In fact, where something is taken, and what a person some external factors for existence?

Lifestyle and Yoginis yogis in ancient times

If we analyze ancient legends, ancient myths of the Vedic myths associated with the history of life, we see that the way of life of people in ancient times, can be very different. Requirements were people not very elaborate. A large number of yogis and Yoginis lived outside of society in the forests, it feeds on the fruits and roots that grew in this jungle. The clothes themselves were made of a variety of scrap materials, which were also in the place where they lived. Housing for them were sometimes caves, sometimes huts they built themselves. Those. such a person could be alone for a few years by all of society and more or less to live, ie, have food to feed, shelter for the night, and some kind of a minimal set of essential items. Indeed, many yoga and yogini well lived.

At the same time, we read, and we know that other yoga adhered to the opposite strategy of survival – they settled together with other people in society. Moreover, some of them performed certain duties imposed by society. We know that many people have created, including the Upanishads, it took some time responsible positions in society. Those. It was quite modern at the time of the ancient way of life, for example, the Indian society. They already had and housing a little bit better, and food products were not only those fruits and roots, which they extracted, but also agriculture products. And, of course, the most important thing – animal products, dairy products. Those. all that gave the cow. Strictly speaking, only for this reason, over time, the image of the cow as a sacred animal, so strongly entrenched in all the mythological legends, ritual of some actions, or philosophical thinking. So, it was better with the products, with leisure, housing, clothing. There were even some luxuries of a convenience. Those. person could do yoga including living quite modern at that time, a way of life.

Finally, a third group of people who alternated living in society and stay in some secluded places. Moreover, they have a habit to move continuously without stopping for long in one place. Such a person could come to this or that settlement, a time to live there, then, after this time, go ahead and wander for some scheduled routes eating alms during such movement. Those. so all that he received as alms from the communities through which it passed. And finally, such a person could retire to some inaccessible jungle and move entirely on pasture (as we would say today) feed. I must say that, in contrast to Western civilization, such a life in the East and in India at that time, was not considered something shameful, shameful or belittles the status. Usually lived in this handout initially in the mass people are very spiritual and worthy, not parasites. I can not judge what the situation at the moment in the same countries of the East, it is a difficult question. Nevermind. You could do yoga, leading a very different way of life and, in fact, do not starve, live ascetic, but to survive. Once again, it should be remembered that the climatic conditions are quite pleasant in the East, there is no problem as long cold winter. Accordingly, there is no need to have a serious housing with heating of housing. In addition, the hot climate reduces the need of the human body in food, and a wandering yogi could do quite a handful of rice a day, assuming that it is fully provided with all the necessary food. At the same time, if you live in the North, there is definitely a need for your body for food is increasing significantly. So, as we can see, no such severe restrictions in terms of lifestyle and ancient yogis Yoginis was not, and each chose his only one that is most consistent with its tasks of spiritual self-discovery. And, faced with these problems, the man showed various deficiencies within ourselves. In particular, people who feel very strongly dependent on the surrounding luxury goods or people understood that envelops them, the network of associative connections, like cobwebs, which does not give them to break out of the usual way of thinking, and thus this fact impeded the spiritual meditation. Of course, they were inclined to take on the ways of life, where they were to wander and live in secluded places. Those. when you are a stranger, you are physically no belongings with you can not carry. Therefore, you have to give them up. And thus, torn some thought patterns that bind us to some things. On the contrary, other people who did not have such a problem, for example, it could be in society without experiencing any discomfort in this regard, ie they could forget his meditation so, whether they are sitting in his palace or in the woods what some impenetrable jungle. Those. as long as there are all sorts of constraints within us, distracting us from yoga, the same we have different ways of life that are suitable in each case. Moreover, a person could change during the life of these lifestyles. We heard some mention of these prescribed stages or milestones that make sense to pass. The bottom line was that very well some of his life in society, to be successful in society, in order to ensure that the possibility of higher standards of living relatives, friends and acquaintances, as well as the state in which you live. As a result, there were more opportunities to give the same alms and wandering yogis yogis more opportunities for dedication to something spiritual for a greater mass of people. At the same time, at some time the same person could live in solitude for several years, feeding on pasture, in every possible way by practicing asceticism, not eating anything superfluous. On the contrary, the third period of his life he could wander for some holy places, in places of power, for some teachers. Those. Yoga does not prescribe any rigid, regimented way of life, each according to their works out of his spiritual problems.

The transfer of knowledge from East to West

In general, it lasted long enough, as far as we can judge from the analysis and yoga myths. Those. higher education knowledge of yoga derived from nowhere, sometimes called Vedic knowledge, it has passed through the system philosophical, religious, and somehow survived to 17-18 centuries, when suddenly began to change lifestyle and including more and more to this ancient knowledge began to listen to the people of the West. And the time has come to transfer this knowledge from East to West, where few people live in a different rhythm with other tasks. In particular, the climate, as a rule, Western tighter, the need for food, housing is more acute. Those. West has developed some its development strategy. Despite the fact that, over the millennia, in fact, a way of life in the same India was unaffected, it is not changed. Moreover, even today you will find a lot of places in the East, where the way of life in general not changed in the last 1,500 years. As they burned kakie-to their pots from clay and fired, manually planted their rice or other agricultural kakie-to their food, so they do it, and so long as they whipped cream to get the oil, so they do it now. Those. nothing has changed. But there is a common factor – it is a common vector of the evolution of all mankind. Whether we like it or not, but nature compels us to evolve, to develop the mind, study the laws devices of the world. And thus, there is the factor of the evolutionary race. Indeed, we are ahead of all the animals. And those countries, people who are very hard to develop science, education, medicine, and begin to dominate, it is obvious that it is a vital necessity. And to ensure that you grasped this idea, I give you one example. Who we are fairly common such philosophical currents that quite often say, “But there is no need in the western civilization. Why do we do these plants, cars and factories? We currently live up to the millennium, why we did not live longer to develop science more time to devote some spiritual meditation, etc., etc.? “. As a rule, always cite the example of the same to India. But it is often overlooked that India is their way of life a leisurely developed primarily to store knowledge. And the knowledge that keeps the India, have little to do with an active lifestyle. This is similar to how the future of chicken egg bears little resemblance to the duck and the patterns of behavior that will demonstrate the future duck. The seed of a centuries-old tree bears little resemblance to what then shall grow. So, the way of life in India, in the first place, was imprisoned on what to keep knowledge, and not the fact that it is actively used. The impression is as if the ancient sages knew what was to come a certain time “X hour” when that knowledge should be made public. When the level of technology, education, medicine will be released on such a big level, so you can (sort of) to declassify this knowledge.

evolution Race

So, sometimes they ask: “Maybe, and we need to live with you?”. The answer, in fact, obvious, if you at least a little studied geology and the origin of life. Let’s start with the fact that from time to time fall to Earth a giant meteorite, after which the lives of virtually disappear on our planet Earth. Scientists know quite a few large-scale disasters, which disappeared after 95% of all life on Earth. Those. quite small enough some space object crash into us as we all – life disappears. And so, the evolutionary race and makes humanity first, held numerous existence in the various bodies of animals as long as there is no perfected mind. After honing next objective reason, friends – space. As long as life on Earth does not come out into space, it is a big risk that another meteorite or some other phenomenon of planetary or geological origin can put an end not only to the existence of civilization, but also on the existence of highly developed life forms (multicellular) . Those. everything can be wiped out, literally, in a matter of days. Once again, as we have seen in the study of Earth’s history. I highly recommend that you take an interest in this topic. In Siberia, in particular, a certain number of millions of years ago, it was quite a unique phenomenon, when the molten interior of the earth began to rise. And as soon as they went, they burned a large part of the animal population. We are sure that tomorrow this can not happen again? No, not sure.

From the perspective of yoga, the human body – is the body from which you can make a dramatic breakthrough in the spiritual plane. If for some reason in the world will disappear all kind of homo sapiens, we are going to have to be born in primitive bodies, we can not be born. According to yoga, the overcoming of death, we can not in the intermediate state between death and the next birth. If a suitable body does not, then, have to be born into the first. This is a very serious fall. Therefore, evolution itself, both physical and spiritual, brings the mind, by the time the technology, when we’ll have to jump off the planet Earth and has become a space of humanity.

If there are colonies, for example, people on other planets or just in some kind of space stations, then, in the fall of a meteorite or when a terrible cataclysm associated with tectonics, earthquake, etc., it will remain the rudiment of civilization which can then go back and to the ground after the most devastating effects of the dust settles. So, there is absolutely rigid, implacable, inexorable evolution of the race. The living entity must evolve, is to develop the mind. The next step, if we are talking about the planet Earth, they (mankind) should go into space. If it is not, once again, the risk weight. And therefore, this race, which we observe in modern civilized Western countries – this is not some random whim of history. It is in us. It is laid like a mechanism of self-preservation – we need to develop.



Based on this, there are those relationships between living things that allow them to work together to go more and more new and a new level, and thus, develop science, education, some cultural components, not just the material. Although, as you know, and need to do both. Those. development requires that humanity is on the one hand, made the food, clothing, housing, etc., etc. affordable for a large number of people who are at this time not to spend and fully concentrate on science, culture, and if we talk about yoga for self-knowledge. This is the ancient Russian proverb: “One with a plow, seven with a spoon.” Those. one works and provides the opportunity to do something else or live large number of other people. Here we come to such a factor as the economy. Those. how to build a society where they could very well be engaged in a variety of activities. Firstly, to participate in the evolutionary race to view people disappeared. Secondly, there should be time for self-discovery. Third, of course, some part should be devoted and leisure and recreation. Because man is a creature, it can not always work, it needs to once and relax. In fact, we come to these spontaneously occurring attempts to build a relationship between people in such a way that it was possible. Therefore, if in ancient times may well have been quite natural exchange or barter, when you one thing you’re doing, someone is doing something else, and you are changing. That the increasing complexity of civilization, it becomes extremely difficult and extremely unproductive.

The concept of money and the division of labor

And so, quite naturally, we come to the concept of money, ie, some universal unit of exchange. In the future, as soon as there are first the money, they get their turn. This is, firstly, greatly simplifies and speeds up the whole life. And most importantly, friends, leads to such a factor as “productivity”. Indeed, if you can build a house, you build it yourself, and your neighbor to build it yourself, and your neighbor’s neighbor. But you’re not professionals, you will build and build it. I remember all the country houses currently being built up in the Soviet years. One on one side, the other on the other. Still, not professionals. While professional builder would have done the same thing a lot faster, better and more beautiful and more comfortable. The factor of money is absolutely necessary that there was a general, the universal coin so that you do not engage in the construction of his house, and do something different. But doing so effectively that you have enough money to pay a professional who will build you a house. Likewise for all other activities. Those. we come in the first place, division of labor. It allows you to free up resources. Someone one can do something very quickly, and for his work he releases a tremendous amount of time, others by the fact that he takes over the job.

So, there are money and the division of labor. Once it’s there, abruptly released the opportunity to increase productivity. Those. formed some resource that you can spend on the development of science and culture. Secondly, at your leisure. Third, to self, to yoga. Those. you, like, a member of the system, but you have time and you have the opportunity to engage in self-knowledge, being on a sufficiently large level of life, and every day of their participation in the overall race for the survival of mankind. Somehow, it seems that as soon as people on the planet Earth has won all the terrible animal, more or less cope with epidemics of disease, it has come “paradise today.” Nothing like this, tomorrow will fly a little piece of the meteorite a few hundred meters and let us make so much noise that we quickly forget about his goodness, or else some cataclysm happens. Those. This evolutionary race pushes us, whether we like it or not. We need to go forward. To do this, you need to maintain a social life.

The essence of money

The next point that arises – it is the very concept of money, the notion that something is happening, something you can buy or sell that you can work on some work and get some money. Those. there were some financial institutions allow you to control these financial flows of money. And then it begins a very funny thing. Suddenly everyone is starting to forget that the money – it’s some kind of universal means of exchange, and begin to magnify them, as if they themselves were of some value. Forgetting that, say, gold is quite useless material. Gold You do not smear on bread and not eat. Gold is heavy enough material, uncomfortable in the treatment. Yes, beautiful shine, yes, some physicochemical properties it has a unique, but that’s it. Moreover, work is inconvenient to him. And sooner or later we began to appear bizarre phenomena such as money are no longer even have the money in our modern idea that it is something that you can touch. This process began long ago. I do not know when you can take the chronology of its maximum development, perhaps with the Venetian republic, or even earlier. It is then, when there were some moments that allow someone to lend or borrow. There was a very interesting moment, that money may not be any media from the paper or something else, but a kind of understanding that you are someone you should or someone has to. We come first to the fact that money, however, begin to lose their materiality and turn into some hypothetical thing, such as a bank account.

Then, eventually, throughout the history of mankind, for all these development processes have been established in various states of structure, who are engaged in emissions or release of money. And then I start to happen very strange thing, for some completely incomprehensible reasons, at first glance, we can write some amount of money, or cut, print them on paper, and they will work. Despite the fact that the money in our material sense of the word are not provided. If you release a little more of that money will be negative consequences to begin inflation, the money will depreciate. If you have too little was released, too, everything is very bad, because all processes are slowed down commodity exchange, just like a person suffering from loss of blood. In general, he is alive, but no blood, and he could die. Suddenly financiers realize that no one understands what money is. And as a result, no one can figure out how much you can earn this money, or where to get them. Indeed, you get a job, and you get paid some salary. Why do you pay is a salary, but no more or less? Or you go to the store, and some goods worth a certain amount of money. Why are not more or less, and it is this sum? And then everyone realized that no one understands that the most important question: what is the essence of the money? It has ceased to be something tangible, although they, too, is not without a material basis. It’s more something virtual, not tangible. But, on the other hand, once it becomes fearfully, as well. Those. if you have a bundle of money, you can do a lot of things. And, on the other hand, you realize that you have no idea of their nature. Those. some kind of magic, mysticism, magic. And I must say that in modern civilization the most intelligent in this regard were the Americans, who quickly realized that the nature of money is very mysterious. Americans have become seriously enough to apply this knowledge, which is in their bowels financiers somehow groped, rediscovered. As a result, dramatically made dominant country United States of America. But a downside: apparently, America began to abuse this knowledge. And, according to evil tongues, it is now on the verge of the greatest crisis. Those. somewhere stick went too. But to understand what is happening, you need to understand what exactly is the money, where they come from, who makes them what they are like? And, oddly enough, the answer to this question can give yoga a very high its axioms.

A little about Vedic knowledge

And I will spend the following analogy, though, it will be clear for people who studied yoga axioms, ie the Vedic knowledge, the basis of which is yoga. But I try in simpler terms to remind you what the essence of the matter. Yoga tells us that we are all living beings, and we have our Higher “I”. Around us are the same creatures, each of which has a higher ‘I’. Moreover, we can assume a yoga position, that of all surrounding objects or phenomena is also a fundamental principle of the life and creation, which is called “Absolute”. Therefore, all that we see in the world around us, is the sum of actions on the part of each “I” plus the impact from the Absolute. Those. If we want something to happen in our universe, we do some momentum to change that. But it is also our neighbor to the right or left can do it. But beyond all of our pulses have an even more important cause, which in yoga is called “Absolute”, it also operates. As a result of the sum of the forces we have this or that process or phenomenon in our world. If the move is now on our subject, we have what is called our “modern civilization.” Where it came from, how it was formed? It was formed by the action of every single living person or that community, plus the effect of the fundamental forces of the Absolute, ie, joint creation. We remember from the axioms of yoga that our Higher “I” has the ability to exercise and change anything in this world, just as something to learn. And this ability is called “prana”. A very strange thing that, on the one hand, can manifest itself as energy, and on the other hand, can manifest itself as consciousness. This elusive tandem, it is difficult to fit into the our understanding, somewhere claims to the role of transcendental knowledge. But, in fact, the way it is.

Money, as the equivalent of prana

Prana – a thing sverhlogichnaya, prohibitive. In fact, the money – it is for most people the equivalent of prana. Those. Money, as prana, can sometimes manifest themselves with the material side. But the most interesting thing they can manifest themselves by the elusive, you can not take, touch, weigh. This side Consciousness from that with which operates Consciousness. A Consciousness works with what is called “knowledge” and, as the embodiment of that – information. Those. question of money easily becomes clear if we know what is prana. Money – is the embodiment of Prana Prana or analog, but it is clear to all. It is only from this perspective we can understand how it is possible magical transformation, which we have seen throughout history, when first instead of money in the course were any seashells, then began ingots of silver or gold. Then, silver or gold has been dubbed by some treasury notes or bank notes, ie in fact, today’s money. Then banknotes began to give way to, say, record in a thick book in one or another bank. Finally, even in the modern era record of the presence of money in a thick book, no one does, and it’s all live in the digital form. Those. in the bowels of the computer takes place one or the other transaction. And, say, electrons took some kind of a memory cell, and suddenly formed money – billions of dollars. Those. they immediately can be translated into something tangible, say, a few million tons of oil, or into something more with respect to the material, for example, a particular process of the Olympic Games, or even something more strange, for example, the cost of funding of science, arts or yoga, that thing more elusive. And the result is the kind of thing that any money – this is actually the equivalent of the prana, which is enjoyed by all the people involved in a particular community, who use the money.

Therefore, for example, at a time when there was a very ridiculous situation, when everyone starts to point the finger at the United States and ask: “What is it?”. In fact, the only country around the globe prints blank pieces of paper, and they go, and we believe their money. Although, in fact, they are so much they print and how many of them will take. On the one hand – it is absolutely fair criticism. If this case goes on, it started happening immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the printing press has been included from the Americans to the fullest. If this case goes on – it all collapses. But, on the other hand, do not underestimate the dollar. Why? Because, if we start from the analysis of money as the total of the prana, which have the same people in the United States, as well as in those countries that are somehow related to the dollar, then everything becomes clear. Even in the absence of confirmation from the tangible assets, cash (US dollars) remaining money. Why? Because who can weigh or assess the consciousness of Americans?

Example with America

I must say that, despite the fact that many evil tongues say that America is living beyond its means and, indeed, the way it is, but they are able to work very well. And labor productivity in the United States is so large that we in our Russia is not even dreamed of. Productivity them is constantly growing. For over the last 100 years it has been growing steadily. Those. component of Consciousness in the United States is big enough money. Therefore, they blithely behave, others have grabbed his head. This is such an ineffable essence of money. And now, in essence, is the question: Is America the money to print more than the sum of prana, or less? Those. it came down to every single American. If this American has the prana, the money provided, but if not, they are suspended in the air. As you can see, it came down to take a specific person, which must be analyzed for the presence in it of prana: whether there is in it or not prana. And then, unfortunately, we see a very different picture. There are people in the same America that are silicon burn the idea to make a new business, to open some kind of technology in the field of mass communication in the field of high-tech science. This is one part of America. But there is another part of America: well-fed, bloated, not capable of anything serious, which can not refuse from any pleasure, unable to generate and increase prana. And if there are people there will be too much, it will collapse. If on the contrary, still healthy trend will prevail, the money will be provided by prana. Prana – something very strange. Why is it strange? Because it operates not only energy (how much you have it gold, barrels of oil, plants for the production of “Rolls Royce” of hectares of arable land sown with grain, etc.). But there is another thing elusive, such as technology. It is no secret, America is now the locomotive that pulls computer and Internet topics. And all the rest of the world behind them in the tail. And how can you estimate how much of this creative and creative ability has one or another engineer of any MBA or any other kind of intellectual activity. This is the area of consciousness. But the area of Consciousness also falls under the scope of prana, it is impossible to take and assess how gold reserves, but it is.

Why do I get so little?

Those. it turns out that the money – it’s the equivalent of prana. And they contain a material part, and (figuratively speaking) is not part of the material, or the part that is responsible for consciousness. And so, what is money, as they should be, where they come from and what they do – reduced to the question of prana. If there is prana, then with the help of it you start changing your world around as you need. You no longer can produce food, you are left with a surplus of time. You can afford more leisure time and as a result, you can afford to engage in greater self-knowledge in the field of yoga. And, doing yoga, oddly enough, this leads to the fact that a person increases the amount of Prana, which he can demonstrate. Here is a complex chain of logic. But, my friends, that is in this world, a simple?

We now return to the main topic of the lecture. So many people in our country are willing to do yoga, but there is no money. And there is the first question: why do I get so little? The question to ask yourself quite a lot of people. What should I do to become a lot of money?

Friends, not idle question, it is not out of the realm of what the money – the dirt, that somehow I’ll manage without money, that is all bad, and I’m going to sit in a cave to meditate. Firstly, if you sit in a cave and meditate, you will not participate in the overall race for the survival of mankind. Accordingly, you undermine the chances of survival of humanity. Even if you are meditating in a cave, you find some superpowers, and there will be the impulses will take distance asteroids, then the question arises: Do you have enough of these pulses will? And if you suddenly in his cave in samadhi suddenly leave, if you can find a replacement? And so, too, one took away, took away, took away, took away and then just died. You know, everything for the full program, which is called “even for the guy.” The question is very not idle. Those. there is quite a normal rhythm algorithm, it is a very serious whip. But the whip is not invented by itself, it is part of survival. We have to return to society and to somehow deal with it. In the end, even if you die before reaching samadhi, you still have to be born in the society and to start with the place where you left off, according to the law of karma, you get only what they themselves deserve. If you are in this life, worked hard and became a wealthy man, left to themselves, their children inherited condition, it is, according to the law of karma, for you a chance in the next life will be born to wealthy parents who actually give you your same. If you are born in poverty, then I’m sorry, it is also likely to do to live your previous life. In this sense, the law of karma yoga is extremely logical.

Yoga says that God is with her, with karma. Karma – the law is extremely logical, but stupid, uninteresting, boring. What good cry, that today you do not have money. No, and they all do not need to blame their parents because the parents give you what you are in your life give their offspring. Yoga encourages us to prevent the continuation of this situation, that is, to change the situation, to make it in the future appeared more favorable. Or not to think about karma, which is today. What can you do? Nothing you can do. Think about that, which is not yet accomplished, is still only beans and ready to germinate. Therefore, if you are experiencing this lack of money, you have to understand that you need something to do. And the very first thing you have to understand the meaning of money, which is not a thing kind of magic, which is taken out of nowhere, and it is only then, that in fact, you have earned.

Do not steal

And here the next problem, which is fundamental in a country such as, say, Russia, where the collapse of the Soviet power a huge number of people suddenly became fabulously rich without any effort. The main thing was warning in advance at the right time in the right place, and you are the owner of any company that you have built up the inmates of the Gulag, and you are now a full-fledged owner. This, of course, greatly hinders the process because everybody starts to think: “Oh, if he so lucky, but what have I done? And I must be lucky. ” And man, instead of understanding that he would receive only what he deserves in any case, begins to copy this strategy. Those. and I’m going to steal anything that is bad. You must remember that if you steal something that is not yours, it is you will not have it, you know how it is, and go away. Therefore, the first thing to which calls you to yoga – is, once again, do not curse the fate that you now have no money, that is what it is, be satisfied and that. This is the first.

not to grudge

Second – do not need to envy anyone that someone out there is now resting in the Bahamas. The owner here what some networks, what some companies podsuetilsya stolen at one time. Do not envy. If this person is karmically deserve this vacation in the Bahamas, and he will rest, no matter how much you did not envy him and curses in his address did not send. If you do not deserve it, and without your help, he will lose, no matter how much you do not blasphemed. You know, like the evil eye. Yes, someone you can jinx it, if a man dug his own hole, and which will fall. Here it is the evil eye at anything. Do not envy anyone.

Money – is the equivalent of your prana

The third point. You have to understand, if the money – it’s the equivalent of your prana, then, respectively, and relate to the need to earning money as we would treat prana. Those. there are two factors: the factor of energy and consciousness factor. With all the ensuing consequences. Those. If you want to increase the amount of prana that there are energy and consciousness, you can increase or part by the Energy, a part from the consciousness. Or in other words, you have no money, you go, get a job and get, say, a dollar an hour. Accordingly, two hours – two dollars for three hours – three dollars. The more hours you work, the more dollars you will have. This method faithfully execute their job. This is one side – a lot of work and honestly.

But you must not forget that there is also another side to the prana – it is the party of money. This does not amount to take, and brains. If you expand your consciousness and you will see that the same work can be done much more quickly in fewer steps, with less, then you need to do the job so as to make it faster, less expensive and qualitative, ie, improve productivity. And you can do all day, so to speak, sitting in his office, feet up on the table and do nothing. But most importantly, to the end of the day you understand how to optimize the entire process. And if you optimize the entire process and thereby allow other people for the same amount of time to do more work, then you are entitled to some portion of the money that they earn. And this is called the management, ie control others.

Those. you have a working, each of them may, for example, earn one dollar per hour. But you have come up with such a scheme, they have learned to earn $ 10 per hour. Accordingly, you have the moral right to claim any part of the surplus of Finance, who has earned your work. Those. redistribute it to your (what is called) pocket.

When at the beginning of our political currents were numerous theories of political economy, Marx, Engels, Lenin and many others who saw this terrible capitalism. Indeed, the imbalance has been very strong, when someone came up with this scheme, when the workers begin to earn more than a dollar, and, say, ten dollars, but the one who came up with is not shared with workers.

Indeed, there were such examples. Yes, indeed, this has led to the revolution, including, to our revolution. But it has already worked greed and stupidity of the fellow capitalist, what you did not meet a later time in the United States, where capital has learned to share.

Or, in fact, that part of making money or increase prana by Consciousness understands that if it is to pocket all of the Statement, it will not be profitable part of the energy, and everything stops. More precisely, there will be the Communist Party, will come the sailors are in his cap, with machine guns and all inkviziruyut. And this poor fellow, at best, exiled somewhere, and so easy to put up against the wall, and as a bloodsucker, shoot immediately.

Those. such, you know, stupid decisions misunderstanding the nature of things in due time gave birth to the well-known distortions of Marxism, as a consequence – Leninism. But the reverse side, the friends, the same capitalism, too, is skewed.

Those. there is some thing called “life”. Communists longer rests on the economy on something tangible, capitalists, financiers – something ephemeral, thin. Try to figure it out, there he gives in debt, scrolls money, profits. Where does this profit? It seems to be like nowhere. But, in fact, America is growing, if we consider the Americas, plants are being built, and the workers have absolutely no thought to raise a revolution and establish communism.

Although it is now in America everything is fine, and in the days of Roosevelt’s, when it was the Great Depression, the question was just about to win it the ideas of communism. Moreover, it was a very real danger. There was a choice: whether to come to power, the party-type communism, or party type fascists? Those. already the good old capitalism is written off.

But there was Roosevelt who caught this thing, that money – are, on the one hand, the material and tangible, on the other hand – is ephemeral, elusive as energy and consciousness.

And what did Roosevelt? The first thing he did – he untied the Gordian knot. He just tore dollar bind to gold. Those. If Roosevelt to say that you could come with a bundle of money and their money to get a certain number of kilograms of gold. Those. Money, in fact, were limited only to energy.

Roosevelt quickly and clearly understood that it is not true that so far they do not leave, and come to power the Communists or the Nazis. However, to be honest, it made a number of circumstances. He untied dollar from gold. No failure did not come on the contrary, it is allowed to a certain extent to do all kinds of financial fraud with the dollar, which made it possible to invest some money, at first glance, not secured, in very specific people. And these people in the same America started to make quite the real thing. In particular, the image of Nazi Germany, there is a large labor camps, where people built roads have been organized, dug dams, planting trees, repairing stations, etc.

Those. All the same, I did Adolf Hitler, who also caught the factor of Consciousness in the economy and also shared it. In fact, some admire that in Germany in the 30s, when it was all bad, Hitler came and the whole economy rose from the ruins. Again, friends, that same focus. They intuitively knew it. I do not know how this idea came to Hitler, but Roosevelt came slowly enough probably.

So, it was the first act. The second act, for example, if we consider the United States of America, Nixon unleashed already external payments dollars with gold. Those. in America it was forbidden to tie the dollar to gold, or reduce the prana only to matter. For such was the balance of energy and consciousness, matter and something ephemeral. So then, they have expanded the experiment to the entire globe, since 1968. No, I do not remember what year, they just, in my opinion, it was announced in 1968, and then much later all done.

They finally announced that the US dollar is equivalent to the best, which would in yoga called “prana”. And what happened after that, my friends? America began to grow even faster. But within the limits of decency. Why? Because the Soviet Union was an evil, with nuclear bombs. He kept everyone in good shape, he’s very relaxed not allowed because both were agents of influence.

The Soviet Union, it must be said, was quite serious organization, but it is very fantastically quickly evaporated. You know, I sometimes ask, what a miracle, a miracle that we are so bloodless, quickly changed their minds. Because this could lead to God knows what. I am, by the way, respect for the Soviet Union, because at that time it was the most viable system to fight against fascism. America is unlikely to be so skillfully won.

So, it turned out that up to that time, as the Soviet Union existed, the dollar is growing, and growing prosperity. After all, the Soviet Union collapsed and went bezkontrolschina. Suddenly everyone had forgotten that there is an energy factor and began to rely on the fact that there is only a factor of consciousness. Those. dashing from one side to the other. One side is that the money is gold and nothing else, it moved in the opposite direction that the money – it is generally something ephemeral, here is how many of them we write, so they will be. It is also a dead end.

America has played a bad service – good, well-fed life, very accustomed to live well. But, I must say thanks to America and moved yoga. There would be no interest in the well-fed, rich America to yoga, we would be here now, my friends, you would not be sitting. In the best case, in some (sorry) gadyushnike etc. Why? Because of this interest has attracted the masses. And if there is a mass, it is much easier to print books, talking about something, etc., etc.

But the fact remains that America is now more inclined to Consciousness. And as soon as they had the last crisis a couple of years ago in 2008, when all clutching his head and we thought that everything will go nuts. And they are quite elegant way out of it were turned out. Just the same ephemeral way, inventing money. “Oh, we have so much? I come up with so much. All that anyone, no need to. ” And it is in the minds of men causing panic, major panic: “Well, well.” Just e few numbers filled, and the phenomenon of the global economic crisis, went into decline.

One ends meet do not converge. Friends, this is something like alchemy, you know, the gold from the lead to do. But, in fact, all is fair. Only question is, how much they have left in the field of consciousness and how they are able to work. If it is balanced, they unscrew. If you do not unscrew, there will collapse. If a crash occurs, it will be bad all in the first place – to us.

Because we live with you, as you may recall, on petrodollars. Our bureaucrats are not in a hurry to establish the production, science, culture. Why, if oil is cheap? And if this oil stop buying, then I assure you, life will be approximately in 1992-1993 year, maybe a little better because even though over the years have learned something. I would not like. Why? This is the type of the collapse of the Roman Empire: it is very painful, bad, a lot of the warrior. Those. America must gradually leave the stage, not slamming the door.

Analyze: Do the do in life?

So here we are about us, they say, about our problems. So, before you get a job, ask yourself and analyze on the subject: but if you do so by the Energy Factor and by the factor of Consciousness.

Those. Energy factor, yes, it is more so the amount of money that you get paid per hour of work. But do not discount the factor of Consciousness. And is there in this company, where you went to work, growth prospects, or a company ephemera like you to get to work, (as we have in the Soviet period, the debit of the account, the credit of the account – so 40 years of writing), so you and will retire.

Those. if not in the company’s growth, in general, an effective amount of what you get (as we would say, “prana”), you lose, even if you pay a good salary. Why? You lose, you do not get the experience.

Those. you do not expand your consciousness. Accordingly, you lose your skills. Accordingly, you lose their competitiveness if you get fired tomorrow, you will be harder to find a decent job.

At the same time, on the contrary, you can go for a low-paying job, but in young, novice, very toothy, dynamic company, where the management, guidance, they will not turn gray just like that, they will work to develop and expand production, increase turnover and etc., etc.

Accordingly, the company will continue to grow. And if this company will continue to grow, you have, first of all, a chance to see the inside, how it is done, and get a very good experience. Secondly, you will grow in your career. Why? Because if the company grows too fast, it is very difficult and sometimes expensive to buy knowledge and are much cheaper and nicer to their nurture. His specialist grown always cheaper than at the same position of inviting any competing company. Therefore, you have more chances to work out some kind of a small amount of time on a small salary. But due to the added factor of Consciousness.

Those. very first, if you feel the Yogi and a shortage of money, abstracts and ask yourself: “And what I do for a living? In the place I work? Do I get paid a decent salary? “. You have to reverse this mentality that you have something to an employer. No!

This is a time you have to choose the employer. And if you lose, if you bind your life with this or that company? Did you lose the most important thing: the feeling of the dynamics of life, when you will be able to see everything properly, make the right decisions, somewhere even go to such unconventional actions.

Those. increase your prana by Consciousness. Those. to see such a scheme, where you allow someone in one movement to earn more than a dollar and two dollars.

Accordingly, at 50 cents, you are entitled to. Those. You must constantly ask ourselves, relate to his place in life as we learn from the second yoga principle – very logical. If the company in which you work and get your money on the analysis of energy and consciousness does not satisfy you, you have to do? You should immediately look for another job.

Generally speaking, it is a good rule for life. Once you are settled somewhere to work in the company of your dreams, do not throw the case on the search for another job, you know his worth. Learn as much as this position is similar to another company.

Those. you must be a dynamic person. If you are a dynamic person if you’re open, adventurous if you get rid of the psychology that “Here he is Uncle boss, he has to pay me and I’ll be here is to do something,” you do not go up. There’s always a lot of stupid performers. The energy is unconscious very cheap labor.

The other side, if you again leave only in philosophizing, just be something out there to calculate, any plans to build, but really doing nothing will not, you will not have the possibility of their ideas on how to save from $ 1 to 90 cents, bring it to life.

You turn into a good analyst, he also sometimes pay a good salary. Arrange your analytical department, logistics or prefer something downcast, but it does not matter. The issue is that you go in the direction of consciousness. For this, too, do not pay much, friends.

Pay only in one case a lot, where you combine the energy and consciousness, where you combine the understanding of the situation, finding the shortest ways to achieve the objective reality immediately be at the bench and the first item, so to speak, to hone manually. Proven technology from start to finish, then put in his place another person that he had already done. He may be stupid, like a cork. Why? Because there is already a guide, and he can do something. And because it’s already been perfected, it will be a big productivity, respectively, of the money you are entitled to take him.

Honesty in Business

Therefore, my friends, here we come to another very serious time – honesty, integrity in business. Usually, all say that “not steal, you will not live.” Usually, all say that “Money – the dirt,” “a lot of them only those who steal or some dishonest scheme does.” I must warn you right away that such anecdotes, such myths go only in the countries of the former Soviet Union, and perhaps slightly in Eastern Europe.

In the same America, a completely different mentality and psychology. Because, my friends, things that you have built your business, when you steal from their employees, or you are involved in the business, stealing from their bosses, falls entirely under the karmic effects of our universe: you steal in this life, in the next life you steal.

In this life you were robbed of all their workers and become minister-capitalist, died tomorrow are born in a family of the same workers who robbed you, and try to have lived in his skin the next life. Friends, there are no situations where someone has a long-term benefit, and some long-term losers, this impasse. She leveled. If people do not want it to level themselves, come the revolution, strikes, killer, a variety of options, which are beginning to equalize the chances of all.

Therefore, my friends, is only following the rules of work in any business, when you win, and you and the other person. When you are working on someone, or when you have someone who works at the same time you are getting richer, and he becomes rich, or you are getting poorer, and it is impoverished.

Here in a short period of time, you can see that someone out there fabulously rich at the expense of others. But you can also observe the period only for a part of life, maximum – of the lifetime. And what will happen in the next life? And life after the lives of these people? We can not see.

But I assure you, if you’re just a little trust in the ancient teachings of yoga, and so, the following will occur – alignment. Breed rules of the game that you can rob someone “Statement by others”, then himself under them will get in the next life.

Therefore, the ability to earn a lot of money, my friends, this is not dirt, it is not a curse, it is not something that is against yoga. No, friends, it is contrary to all the only possible chance to develop. Those. live just to be good, their bread to earn, but also the opportunity to practice yoga.

Balance of Energy and Consciousness

Finally, another point, such a dangerous moment. I must say that this truth will sooner or later reach all. No matter how much you did not try on the mask of the mafia, casino owner, or some mobster who has stolen something, anyway, it does not work. The man begins to feel that, on the one hand, he has to work honestly, take from the Energy, here 8 hours working day, whether it is good to work, even if it is stupid monotonous work, but constantly think about how to come up with a scheme to the same do not over 8 hours and for 1 hour.

Or another option: here you are some kind of product on the market throw it costs so much. How to make so that it was more expensive, how do? There is a dishonest way – to kill all the competitors, then you will be a monopolist, and people will have nowhere to go, they will have to buy. But, becoming a monopoly today, it means that you have to come up with rules of the game itself, that tomorrow there is a toothy monopoly, which you will shoot. You see, everything is balanced in this universe.

Question – is to give the product which was not that contains something beyond. And sometimes, at first glance, miracles happen. For example, the two companies released two mobile phones, made on the same chips that look about the same, and for exactly the same functionality – two equal product.

But one of, say, several times more expensive than the other. Why? Because the designer to consider how better or faster to press a button, that is, I made comfort, or increasing the price of goods at the expense of the field of consciousness. Not due to the energy, there is a newer chip or some advanced technology, no, there might be an old chip or old technology.

But consciousness is highlighted that is life situation, when this device someone will use. And if you save the future of the buyer at least 2 seconds of how this your mobile phone is switched off, you are entitled to at least one second. If these millions of people, it is one million seconds. If this person gets, say, 60 cents per minute, then you are entitled to one cent.

Accordingly, it can increase the value of the goods. Therefore, no one will ever understand why the clothing boutique is worth the price of second-hand car sometimes. A piece of cloth, but in fact is appreciated. You know, the price of all – this is how the Prana is not only energy, but also a consciousness of how you raised consciousness.

So, sooner or later, it starts up all incomes and all start still work honestly – has nowhere to go. But here lies in wait for another very serious threat, and it is a purely yogic. Here you are a yogi, and you did not have money. But sooner or later you realize that you need to work a lot, to work honestly, and the need to constantly expand their horizon of vision, you need to constantly optimize all that is possible to optimize and to come up with something new. And you is the beginning of fire. So, depending of course on your karmic situation trickle of Finance begins to grow.

Again, the situation is, of course, in many respects may be complicated by the fact, depending on what country you live. For example, to do something insanely hard in our country, there is still the dinosaur mentality somewhere, somewhere in the West easier. But the fact is not always the case.

Learn to give up the money

The next danger – you become a workaholic. You begin to earn more and more, more and more time is spent more and more. And suddenly you find yourself thinking that the money was a lot of, and the time that they spend there. This is, unfortunately, another distortion, very serious. Those. People have learned to work, people have already solved all its problems financial, but suddenly realized that he had turned into some kind of a cog in the great machine of the global car.

Yes, this machine turns to humanity umnel. But, on the other hand, you know, humanity is for you to die is not and it will not be for you to answer the questions of who you really are. Humanity will not be engaged in for you by your spiritual development. Humanity will not be for you to acquire some super powers in yoga or reveal hidden secrets, some sections of your mind, or to open your vision that you have reached some kind of ecstatic states. Those. it’s, like, a cross for you.

You have become a successful businessman, yes, you run, jump, yes, your company grows, so, you implement one innovative technology after another, you are all painted by the minute, everything is there, but you have ceased to live their lives.

And the next is a very serious point: the need to learn to give up the money. Friends, it is very hard to do. Not to say that I have a very large experience in dealing with people who have reached this stage, but my academic analysis of their life leads to the fact that for them it was much easier to get rich than to further expand their lifestyle so to engage more and their inner world. Those. abandon somewhere between wealth and work a little less, and free up time to engage in self-knowledge, meditation, yoga, etc., etc. – It is also very hard.

Thus, as you can see, a lot of problems. If you do not understand that the money – it’s the equivalent of prana, you understand their nature. Accordingly, you will never be able to adequately assess yourself: Do I get a lot of money or a little, if I sell your product at a good price, over or under.

Of course, the ultimate judge will be your life. Those. a variety of theories very much, even the yoga, they must be put into practice. But even when you put them into practice and make sure that they did not lie that psychology works, when you win, win your loved ones, your subordinates or your superiors, and wins the whole country. And, in fact, winning all of humanity, it is the only option life. All the other options when you stole it, there someone was framed, there cheated, there is some obviously nonsense vparili counterparty for unthinkable prices will karmic response. If someone is lost, it means that you will lose in the future, in other words does not happen.

Yes, you will come to this prosperity. And will continue to test copper tubes. To stop and cease to be a machine for making money, and some portion of that resource to redirect back to your self. And it is very hard to do. But if you do it, oddly enough, you then go to the next level in the ordinary life, in the ordinary business (or something else), to another level.



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