How do I get the money. Part 2. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Today, July 20, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, we are in KC Enlightenment, in Moscow, near metro Novoslobodskaya. This lecture for Yoga Open University. All information is stored on sites,,

Today, we are waiting for the continuation of the previous lecture associated with yoga and money. Previous lecture was devoted to the theme “Where yoga to get the money?”, Today we will continue from the point where you left off, but before I recall the main points and conclusions of this chapter.

How to treat money:

positively or negatively?

So, friends, yoga refers to money, positively or negatively?

The answer: it all depends on how you get the money.

If you get the money in violation of the first and second principles of yoga, then, of course, yoga does not approve of such acts, for the simple reason that they will result in a relatively short period of time to ensure that you will have to pay for it. Those. once again I want to give an example, that the money is like food: food is clean, the food is dirty. If you eat dirty food, you will not be good if you eat clean food, it is in your favor, also money if you earned them in compliance with the first and second principles of yoga is wonderful, yoga strongly recommends and encourages you to continue to operate in the same spirit. If on the contrary, it is a violation of the first and second principles of yoga, then just as if you drank the poison which you feel first tasty and sweet, and you can be good, but then it starts to feel sick (at best).

Yoga is very positive attitude to the point that the person was rich and extremely negative attitude to the fact that the person acquired this wealth unworthy ways or become a slave of this wealth that he acquired. In the previous chapter we have touched on the fact that the nature of money is truly mysterious and obvious. Moreover, apparently, even the modern financiers do not fully understand the nature of money, but it is gradually approaching a fumble sverhlogichnoy (if anything) the role of money in the life of the human community, as well as in those methods, they sometimes manifest themselves. Those. a large number of people have brilliant financial education, know a lot of all sorts of knowledge in the field of finance, but, in fact, do not understand the main thing: what is money?

Let me remind you that in this sense Yoga lifts the veil of secrecy and lets look at the phenomenon of money from a very different point of view. Let me remind you also that, according to this explanation of the theory of yoga, in fact, money is kind of a visible equivalent of what in yoga is called “prana” or in other words, money – it’s ersatz prana or prana substitute, ie, kind of thing that in its functions which somewhat resembles the action of prana, but prana is not. According to the concept of yoga, prana – is the main strength of the higher self of man, as well as the main force of the Absolute, it is all the spectra, comprehensive, and manifests itself as energy and as Consciousness.

Money can also manifest itself in the role of energy and the role of consciousness, but in contrast to the prana in a very truncated and limited spectrum. In fact, if you face a problem chto-to change in the world and you need energy – you’re a person, endowed with prana – you may like to convert the energy of prana in, and with the help of this Energy chto-to change in the world around you, and can proceed in another way: climb into his pocket, pulled out his fat wallet and count the right amount of bills to pay, say, to someone else, so he somehow caught the energy and changed all the things that you want to change.

On the other hand, if you live in this world and you need to expand consciousness, to find a particular knowledge horizons of vision – you are a man with a lot of prana – you can convert the prana in your expansion of consciousness in its intellectual force, their ability to understand complex situations, regardless of whether you are doing it before or not. My favorite example of Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov, never dealt with before science, but had a huge amount of prana, and when turned in Göttingen in Germany, quickly made up for the gap, and has entered the world’s awareness of the world, ie, He expanded his consciousness to the level of the very highest of philosophers and scientists.

So, if you have prana, you can expand it immediately and turn into knowledge, into expanded consciousness, in the acquisition of certain information, in some intellectual understanding, in general, all that is connected with the manifestation of Consciousness. But again, you have another alternative, you climb into his pocket, pulled out a fat purse and, say, buy this or that information, or that vision. An example of the United States of America, you simply buy the scientists, led by Einstein, and they will make the world of science. Let me remind you that the United States of America before the Second World War in general, not particularly shone as a world center for science, but then before and during World War II, they just started buying up scientists, and doing it so far. Why cultivate their University, where they can buy cheaply in Russia? It is true? It is true.

Thus, if there is prana, you can expand the horizon of consciousness, but as you can and use the money to expand the horizon of consciousness, ie, equivalence of action and money prana is obvious enough for all the people who studied Vedic knowledge is axiomatic yoga. But, as you know, money is not the prana in its pure form, but there is only a substitute for prana in some limited aspects. Indeed, there are forms of energy that you no amount of money can buy, in particular, your manifestation of energy the vitality of your body – you live, you have immunity, you have resistance, someone stronger, someone weaker . There are, of course, all kinds of drugs, one way or another, are what is called boost your vitality, but to a certain limit, beyond which only the very vitality of human prana itself or its save or not save. Therefore, even though you are a billionaire, and offers all the shiny United States medicine, there are some diseases which no amount of money can not cope, because you just do not buy that vital energy, which is not in the body, just as well and with the Consciousness.

Any questions, the answers to which you can get for a given amount of money, but there are questions, the answers to which you do not get, even if you’re super billionaires in the world. This is very different range of issues: from trivial, for example, and what is going to Alpha Centauri? – These questions you decide for any money. Why? Because there is another technology that could be purchased with money, they still has not opened. But there is, of course, some more serious questions: the questions of life and death, for any money you do not buy the answer to these questions are the highest. Or, say, the state of supreme ecstasy in yoga, Samadhi, but at least you are 50 thousand times a billionaire, you do not buy this state. Even if you hire all the yogis of Tibet together, and they will have from morning till night to devote to the secret mantra, yantra, practices, they are for you will not pass your experience, this is not possible, so you and stay with their millions or billions.

At the same time, if a person has the prana, then he can demonstrate true miracles in the field of energy and in the field of consciousness. After all, practically the development and evolution of mankind is generally due to the fact that every member of the community generates prana, that the joint flow of prana is changing the lives of every member of the community, and we talk about civilization or group of people who are living together achieve much greater success in facilitating their the existence, in the knowledge of the world, or in the knowledge of some of the highest mysteries of being, as we see in groups of yogis or yogis who practice together and somehow communicate. This joint inflow of prana gives the opportunity to every spiritual breakthrough alone is much faster than if each of them was sitting in a cave and meditate from morning till night.

So, the money – this is some really intuitive for the most stupid people the equivalent of prana in the sense that they behave as prana. But, again, it takes quite a serious intellectual development, to evaluate the effect of money as in the field of energy and in the field of consciousness, or understand, for example, why a particular item as a cost, or, say, one or the other work how much something costs. You work on your job, for example, and receive, let it be $ 5 per hour. And the question is: why not 10 or $ 3? Or other issues, you have made some sort of product or any service, and appointed it for $ 100, but why not $ 10 and $ 1,000 why not?

The answer is that the product or service is worth as much as it is willing to pay for the consumer, and your salary is equal to that sum of money that the employer is willing to pay. Your likes and dislikes, of course, good for you, but how would you yourself are not highly valued, if the employer does not appreciate you, he will not pay more. Or, again, if the buyer will not appreciate the product, he will not pay more, even if you yell at each corner, that you have put into this product is the amount of money, but if he does not need a buyer, no one to buy it is not will be. Again, this is a factor of Consciousness money or factor pricing.

The concept of “market”


In order to more or less equalize or align factor Energy and money factor Consciousness money, but also a factor Energy commodity and factor Consciousness goods, like also the factor of the energy of your work and the factor of Consciousness of your work, for which you get paid, there was the concept of the “market”.

Market – a place where he meets Energy and Consciousness, the goods and the buyer, the employer and the employee. It is on this site, and there is the assessed value of anything was, or, in fact, it is a measure of prana equivalent, which is your product, your work, or, say, your currency, if you are a big country and release a lot of money. Those. it turns out that the market compensates for any lack of understanding among the players in this market, what is, for example, money, goods or labor? It compensates for lack of the factor of Consciousness, which is elusive, which is very difficult to weigh, evaluate, calculate. And, in fact, that is the factor of Consciousness? Factor of Consciousness – a state of mind of each member of the society, which uses one or another product or service, or currency.

Let me remind you that this theory is really very interesting, it allows analysis of a variety of phenomena in life, from the stock market, ending your own salary, it is a different perspective, from the perspective of Vedic, yogic, axiomatic knowledge. And very much falls into place, and a lot of your mistakes immediately displays in the clear light that need to be quickly eliminated, and as a result, become more, if you will, competitiveness, a rich man.

Why? Because if you understand how everything works, you do not make blunders, and you’re doing all those actions that lead you to your goal. If you have set as a goal to become rich, and move in that direction, and see how everything works, then you will sooner or later reach the riches of the state, there is no doubt, for the simple reason that all the least, according to the concept yoga is influenced by prana. All objects or events occur, or stem formed into one another under the action prana flows or, on the other hand, the combination of Consciousness and Energy. If you know these laws, you know where you need to insure, where you need something to use for their own benefit, ie, money theme very abstract, very elevated, but still, it is child’s play compared to another topic, which is called “prana” and the prana – is, in general, fairly high profile yoga.

Therefore, I want you to have traced a logical chain, as Our lecture is called “yoga Where to get the money?”. If you threaten to something to get the highest state of yoga, then you should certainly know a lot of any laws, how to operate certain yogic practices such as certain processes occur in your body in the Universe around you. You have to seriously study some sections of yoga, in fact, learn how to practically apply them in life. This will lead to the fact that you learn to work with prana, and will succeed in this. The topic of money, which is a surrogate for something like prana or prana, in this sense lots of easier and therefore know how to operate the financial mechanisms of the modern world, you will definitely be able to, if you do it. Furthermore, although this thing and complex in itself – the financial arrangements of the world – but it is still easier than knowing how to work the prana. If you set sights on knowledge of how the prana, then figure out how to run finances, it should be incorporated in your default.


How come sometimes in yoga?


What I am saying is that all? In addition, sometimes people come and say, “Here, in my life I did not succeeded”, for example, a former businessman: “In business, nothing happened, science could not, in the culture did not happen, that did not happen, to these things did not happen, and I decided to do yoga, I decided to learn yoga axiomatic height and reach samadhi. ” Friends, this is a very strange statement. If a person in a more simple did not understand, and have swings at the holy of holies – the structure of the universe, then this man is inadequate. To know the highest law is much more difficult than in our everyday life, though, they are also complex. Therefore, in recent times, even recently, in our country, this trend is very pechalyaschaya me and sometimes even amused that people spend shoals come to yoga, you know, gray and miserable. I understand that a person deprived of Absolut and intelligence and abilities, and it is gray and miserable, what to take with him? Thank God, he has a good karma, a person was born, and so would all have been born an animal.

But when healthy, sane young men and women, I beg pardon for this expression, which can plow, turn gray and miserable, are beginning to abandon the world, something begins to babble about yoga, about money, that money is bad, that spiritual development is good and the money is all very bad, that material things are very bad. Takes an interest in why and it turns out that they did not have the persistence, perseverance, common sense, after all, kakoy-to open look, sometimes even lack of kindness and greed to kak-to least a foothold in this world, that although to earn a piece of bread. They just thought it was a matter of things should be, but it somehow did not work, and they decided to go to yoga.

You know, it reminds me of a statement of Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic in a series that the “Count of Monte Cristo I did not succeed, will have to retrain in the superintendent.” Those. people go to yoga, as if they did not succeed in life, and that they decided as an honorable capitulation honorable rate that, they say, do not do anything, the parasite, but on the other hand, everyone will say that I I went into spirituality, not in money happiness. I am now above you, are you out there stuck in his some of earning a piece of bread, and I now walk in white robes and wearing white sandals, and will be all kinds of teachings you talk about how everything is perishable, like all bad, you have to come to me, listen to me, and yet, it is advisable to me to pay money for it. This yoga is the reverse.

Friends, I want to warn all the people who are counting on this – will not work, will not work you have to accomplish in yoga nothing, if we do not have the qualities that make it possible to achieve anything in ordinary life. Another conversation, of course, that many people can achieve a lot of things in life, and most importantly – at least once this is achieved, consciously abandon the race, so that at least some part of their lives, indeed, devote self-knowledge. It is quite another matter. These people have learned at least something to achieve in life, including earning money, and only after that they renounce this. A man who never did and begins to give up money, which he had never been able to make, looks like a hypocrite, that is, a person who deceives himself and trying to deceive others.

Yoga teaches us that it is not a constructive approach in the promotion of life. Why? Because, well, God bless him, deceive others, yoga is constantly insists that we be honest with ourselves. When we start ourselves to deceive ourselves, I highly spiritual, and the money the mud, but at the same time do a single dollar is not earned, it is hypocrisy, it is self-deception, it is a time bomb that will explode under your foundation of yoga. You will start in yoga also deceive ourselves: “But I had an experience of Kundalini” – begin to speak such people. But what have you got an experience of Kundalini? Himself ponapridumyvali, start ringing all over the world: “But I have it third eye opened.” It’s nothing you have not opened, you’re just used to lie to myself and lie, and now you’ve got something to itch somewhere in the forehead, you’ve already decided that the third eye is opened. Those. concept lie to yourself is not the most productive, and therefore, it is not recommended in yoga. For this reason, my friends, once again, the money – it is neither good nor bad, the money – it’s a chance, or more precisely: bad when the money came dishonestly because they also gotten and leave. When the money came in an honest way, they can come to you only in one way – you increase your prana, ie fair amount of money and number of your prana are one correspondence. Those. The more prana, the more people are able to earn money.

Of course, there are stories in a variety of anecdotal situations, such as, say, the collapse of the former USSR, when overnight really people with a very powerful prana suddenly found themselves destitute. I know a lot of touching stories, when the academicians, corresponding member were not in the lot and walked into a stall to sell beer. Why? Because they paid more, though, it was the level of scientists the Nobel Prize. But, you know, the global cataclysm. It took place because the collapsed communist consciousness, ie, ideology, it never goes unnoticed. And there was turbulence or eddies, which really do not understand, like you prana much you a lot of things you can do, you do, work, and the oligarchs grow fat, some mafia power to the hands cleaned, in politics are people unworthy, and you seem to be as thrown ashore like a fish – mouth opens, and you can not move. But this is only a temporary phenomenon, this may not be very long, because then all returned to their seats. This, unfortunately, the tragedy – the destruction of the Soviet Union and it is our tragedy – the price paid for flirting with the ideas of bondage that sin, many followers of Marxism.

Anyway, sooner or later, everything will come to your level, and the man who with a lot of prana, will dominate. If you have a lot of prana, you are going to survive in any environment, you will find yourself in the United States, Papua New Guinea, or anywhere on the 7th at the 10th kilometer just any track, it does not matter. If you have prana, you will begin to roll out their lives in a way that you will still dominate. It will be expressed in different ways: if you find yourself in a society where money is not in the course, you will have the power or the community, where in the course of money, it is more pleasant equivalent, it is more versatile.

But, again, not because of the money and prana – is the same, but just if you have a lot of prana, the prana can be converted into money.

Therefore, let me remind you the previous lecture, it came down to the acquisition of Prana, if a person has a lot of prana, then, respectively, and the money he will have a lot, even if such disasters as the collapse of the Soviet Union fruits in general, moral monsters. Now after the TV turns on – a solid moral monsters, they think they can without working for free is something to grab, grab, privatize, someone there to shoot, to substitute, forged or stolen. Well, my friends, if the rules of the game in the universe worked, would have the Millennium would be thief on the thief, and we do not see it. Each era has its thieves, but their system squeezes, crushes, they are for some time having fun, fun, and then the system still does not allow them to live, temporarily, you can, as they say, the Caliph for an hour stay, then all.

Therefore, yoga and recommends that you turn in these moral monsters and jealous of all the oligarchs, all crime, all bribe-takers, embezzlers and other – they will get their friends, for the full program. it is necessary to you? You do not have to. Therefore, it remains only to increase prana. How is it possible to increase? Generally speaking, if you are just working on some work and become a skilled worker, you come to the plant, for example, an apprentice and in the Soviet years, I have watched this growth began there as chief engineer, and in fact, you and influence have more. Again, the Soviet system in the Soviet period was skewed, just mutilated, disfigured. But all the same, and in financial terms the chief engineer at the plant received more, and the influence he had more, if he had to build a cottage, he only svisnet and plant it with all building materials together with the workers bring all do – ie, . influence. Where does it come from? Came fellow, as an apprentice, but worked fairly, ie, I put some effort, honest physical work every day, and at the same time understands how to work everything in the world, and at the same time thinking how to simplify this work. And sooner or later this factor is energy and consciousness of his seniority was formed, so he replaced at the bench stood, Energy Factor added, to comprehend how this machine works, Consciousness added factor – became a qualified technician. At its site otpahal his shift (energy factor), I understood how it all works (the factor of Consciousness) – climbed higher. It is a natural evolutionary accumulation of prana that any professional, and does so.

Any highly paid professional in their field – a person who, in fact, due to its prana and this becomes a high-paying position. Those. a man (I really like the expression of the US), which is a self-made! Not my mother and father, his protégé pushed through, he did not steal, do not hurry up, and it started from scratch and reached a very great height. It is the most favorite way of the universe, if you thus go through life, know that the universe loves you. In the end, the same thing we think over every time we are born. Please note, we go through all the stages of evolution, but very quickly, from the ground, and quickly reach the human body, because, in fact, all of our childhood – a fast stage previous lives. The universe loves those who can always start from scratch a new business.

Please note, the Soviet Union collapsed, it’s not in the lot were all scattered in all directions, who could the West to go – made off – and rightly so, because there are areas in which there is little that can be done, science is any fundamental who Now it is to be financed? But I have witnessed: people who have a large amount of prana (some former academician or some former chief engineer) – became poor, come home and eat, strictly speaking, there was nothing, and that they went and started with zero – someone went into a stall to sell, someone at the station sold. Generally, these are funny 90s, when it was possible to meet the academic at each corner. In the 90s you could meet any marshal, well, no marshal, in general, of the military chief, colleague what some legendary people, in general, anyone sometimes in such cases, where you have them met in another life . So, they began to trade with the stall, arranged for some of company’s errand boy, but one pearl of prana, and they can not help, even the position of a free mercenary, his deep voice uttered the phrase, and everyone understood that the man should be put a leadership position – from a cloud of prana goes. I witnessed as a young manager of a successful team some new American project was trying to do, and was the only one person in this team, which has the prana, it was worth all of this team. Well, what is it all lead? Of course, the Americans immediately identified him, and appointed him over them all. Why? Because prana can not hide it rushing.

Money – universal “currency”

clear for all


As a result, even if there are such shocks as the collapse of the Soviet Union, prana – it is the capital that you can not steal nor inflation, nor the depreciation of your contributions to the “Savings Bank”, or all of these pleasures of life.

So, prana – is the universal currency of the universe, so to speak.

Money is – is the relative currency clear for the most stupid.

Again, yoga is very good with money, as a tool to force people to evolve. Really, how do you make a person work? Imagine a situation that was a living being, a long time lived in the body of the animal and its good karma earned birth in the human body. And so was born a comrade in the human body, began to grow, and the animal was good and kind, but the man turned a little blunt and stupid, and that the most offensive – is inert and is not ready for any job. Indeed, they say, the instincts prevail over reason, these people you can meet in the mass in his life. And how to make it work? If it will not work, he will lose the greatest opportunity – the human body. Why? Because the scales – positive karma and negative karma, if such a person turns into a drunkard, drunk, drinking from morning till night, parasitism, idle, then sooner or later, he runs out of stock of the positive karma to have a human body, and the newly born animals.

I once took place near a supermarket and watched this scene: winter on porozhke this supermarket on one side lie two layers of an alcoholic in the insole, zeros, bruises – heated; on the other hand – a pack of dogs. And I understand that the body is different, and the same soul, that is, in one life – on the one hand nut in another life – on the other, but you find yourself in the same supermarket from life to life. See, here’s an anecdote.

So, how to make such a creature, which received the human body, but is not able to use it to take advantage of this opportunity? Of course, there are carrots and sticks. On the one hand, if this person will benefit all the other members of society, no matter what it is, even the former dog, he was very helpful, it turns out that it takes the load off of the same academics who will discover new laws of the universe. Those. our world – this is a very complex system, where people at different levels of self-awareness, come together for a common goal. And as they hold together in a single community? The analogy is the same as a living organism: it keeps all your cells in your human body? The answer is prana, and so that all the cells in your body causes the work for you, your body. What holds together a community of people? By and large, the same prana, and this involvement in the ethnic group, to the country, ie, man himself is aware of a part of some people. But for the reinforcement of the most stupid, who are not yet fully there is a consciousness of belonging, it is due to money or by an adhesive that glues of different members of society, regardless of the level at which development of self-awareness is a person.

I remind you that the soul is the same for all high even profligate, who in a previous life was a dog, his higher self does not differ from the higher self or yoga philosophy professor, but the extent of that being said, this mud or stupidity, or ignorance – is different. And as they all merge into a single mechanism? Modern civilization came up with an analogue of prana – money, financial flows and the stimulus, ie, will be working for the good of the rest of the community, you will receive a money – the equivalent of prana, you will be fine. There was a dog, and now you will pay on your dogs waste, ie eat off in full for all the hungry dog years before that, but whether it is good, sober every morning and go to his work, and drunkenness at the end of the day, that you have suffered at work and not expelled. Here it sticks together, if you will not work, the money is gone, the money will not, then sausage itself can not buy, try to steal, but if you try to steal, steal, thou shalt be one? Other’s. And they like it? No. So, they will do that? Punish. Even in such a concept, i.e. will shy away from you.

Any society – is a compromise freedom of every living creature with no infringement, or rather, society – is an education that supports maximum flexibility with a minimum of every infringement of the freedom of all others. So until then, until you work and earn money – the equivalent of prana, everyone was happy. You worked, someone that did something good, you have paid, you’re so happy. But if you begin to steal, you like to infringe upon the freedom of others more than is provided by the fact that you worked at the factory or somewhere produced work or release the working time for philosophy professor that he did not do the same on the same most factory – is skewed, no system that will endure for a long time and you will throw.

And the money in this regard, as the equivalent of Prana – a very good incentive to develop. And the man, indeed, the former dog, she goes to work and umneet, more precisely, that means umneet – it removes a layer of ignorance from your higher self, which is the same as I have the great yogi. Sooner or later, this leads to the fact that such a person develops the intellect, sharpens the senses, etc., ie, It evolves and becomes more and more cultured man – gets more prana. More prana him, and more opportunities to earn, etc., etc. Those. money allows everyone to get involved for a common purpose, and to pay them, so that everyone had the best of free (as far as this freedom does not infringe the freedom of others) and is happy.

From this perspective, yoga is not just against money, for the money it is, after all, if a person did not pass the pre-grinding of the school, he simply does not understand the higher teachings of yoga, ie money to do all the dirty work rough. You know, a bad cop – for the most stupid to be able to turn this silly man in a smart for his own good, his own happiness, and, moreover, that it benefits others.


The money earned

with the implementation of the first and second principles of yoga


Let us return to our subject. So, the money – this is a good factor of carrot and stick. Money is good, if they earned a rational way, or, strictly speaking, the implementation of the first and second principles of yoga, then this money is stable, then it does not, you lose them easily. There is an expression “acquired by stroke – lived ashes”, even if it contributes to your preparation for the meeting with the spiritual knowledge. The downside – you start to work, become successful, quickly learned how to effectively make money – you start to their deified and become a slave to making money, the so-called “workaholic”, these workaholics in a bad sense of the word, not the ones that work for the joy of work, and those who had a taste of finance and can not refuse this. Those. a man sooner or later can not spend all that he has earned – he earns more than able to spend. And since money does not cover the full range of human needs, it remains uncovered relevant part relating to his spiritual development and deeper processes inside it, therefore, it is also not optimal, and it is necessary for each person to take this step. First, it is a silly and running with a stick, then, learned to work and provide for themselves, begin to thrive more and more money, more, more and more, and then it becomes all the machine for making money.

We must stop that, anyway, somehow reallocate their time. Let’s say, for some time to really let it remain to make money, and some entirely devoted to his spiritual development, otherwise, when the hour of death comes, what will you remember? His bank account, or all of the property that you leave here, it may happen that you have it and do not vospolzueshsya, and your children are all empty in the wind. You worked as a dad Carlo, and the heirs are not passing your school, very casually refers to this. This is what we see very often in families of aristocrats, who allowed the inheritance to the wind.


“Fire, water and copper pipes”


Accordingly, neglect spiritual development for the sake of money because you can not money does not cover the whole spectrum, which covers the prana. Those. some part, really, it makes sense to spend on making money, and some part to engage in yoga, because yoga is just increases the amount of prana, and prana covers including something with which can not handle money.

This is called “fire, water and copper pipes” and generally accepted opinion, it is much easier to get rich than to understand that wealth is sucked, and you need some rules to know. In yoga, there is in this regard is a saying: “It’s too much poverty, just as too much wealth – this is a very serious obstacles in the path of yoga: the one and the other is not effective.” I must say that many of today’s billionaires understand it. In any case, in the United States, I hear, is a billionaire unbuckled 20 billion to help the poor, the other for some programs of education, health, or is there still something. It is a matter of respect that these people are not far from thinking that the device our world is much more complicated than it seems at first sight sometimes.

So when people come to study yoga and say that “we are gray and miserable, that money is dirty and that we refused the money”, the very first person I have a question to them: “Do you kogda-nibud they earned?” . Usually, the answer is: “No”. And if so, it was more of the areas of such self-deception, that is, where a warning in advance, somewhere something is seized, then also I lost. People who have learned to really make money, and then consciously give them up – rare, very rare, and I know exactly what they are all very much succeed in yoga.

I know a few examples, and, indeed, very different cases: one partially refused, someone completely gone out of business. I know instances where a person is fully left, ie, He left to wander – he suffered the loss and left. Anyway, this is the course of action that we often meet in ancient Indian legends, when the king would give up power, all wealth, all the wives, elephants, umbrellas, and there have even been – the trappings of wealth and simply left wandering yogi. Clearly, this is a private matter, one sees only a way for someone it is less acceptable – how many people, so many preferences, so many ways of life, so one size fits all can not be cut.

But back to the practical side of the issue. You realize, or are on the verge of realizing this difficult expressible meaning of money, and immediately, the next step is quite obvious – you want to correct all your mistakes in this direction. In fact, on this subject read numerous business training, coaching and any other conduct, including a lot of money to teach people the same, you just learn in yoga. I say this now, not because of dumping or steal bread from these many people who teach these all wisdom, but simply because for us it is a vital necessity, if yoga is plenty of successful, rich, sane people, in particular, in our country, it is a guarantee that yoga will not disappear. If the old single file will attract the flow of gray and miserable, nothing assured, hysterical, well, a variety of there existence, sometimes even to the extent of mental disorders, then these people trust yoga can not be – it it is lost quickly or incorrectly used, or simply do not even take advantage of it.

Therefore, the theme: “Where yoga to get the money?” Is interesting not because I’m interested party finances, though, I believe that to live in a decent country, getting a decent salary in decent conditions, including studying yoga – this is what we indeed, should be expected. The point, again, really, in the other – would like to see people who are interested in yoga, began to dominate and succeed – it will be the best advertisement for yoga. Advertising yoga, when some successful businessman says he meditates in the morning, works much better than hundreds of the most heart-rending cries of the people who allegedly yoga, and look at them, to God, sometimes you want to cry. They do not give the impression of joyful and happy, rather give the impression that he want to climb into his pocket for his wallet to somehow brighten their existence.

So, once again – the very first – you need to understand the direct correlation between the amount of prana, that you have, and the amount of the money that you can earn in your field, it does not matter what you do. Once again, I repeat, it does not matter whether you are a businessman, a scientist, a poet, a writer, an artist, you should be able to operate on two factors: Energy factor and a factor of Consciousness. Or in other words, if you are the most remarkable scientist invented a perpetual motion machine, the penny it cost, if you have not learned to implement it, and this requires certain qualities of character and perseverance. Where to get them? Prana. Prana is – you will succeed as a scientist and, again, the same thing against a businessman. It is possible as we say, to engage in “monkey business”, ie constantly copying schemes that have come up with a long time ago – the main one “buy-sell” – bought there cheaper then sold expensive. Actually also a very good idea, especially in some situations where it is difficult to think that the price was reduced to the final consumer, but it is much better if you put it all in some part of his mind, that is, where to go with this product, at what price, etc., etc. Once again, I want to emphasize whatever activity you are engaged, with more prana you better come up scheme, as in the area to live comfortably – it’s the first thing you have to understand that Prana and money – things are related.

And the most important recipe in yoga – it is virtually all yoga classes, one way or another, very quickly lead to an increase in prana. Similarly, just your activity on the job you love, if you do it honestly, also leads to an increase in prana and consequently your earnings. The difference is only in the fact that yoga is like a condensed life – yoga exercises are selected in such a way as to make the least amount of physical, mental, respiratory, mental movements, and bring your level of prana to the maximum height. In normal life you would also engaged in their work and also to make certain movements, certain respiratory, nerve impulses in your brain, etc., etc., that would also lead to an increase in the level of prana, but it would take more time – and time, as you know, the key factor. Therefore, in this sense, the advice to all yogis – continue to practice yoga, will be a lot of prana – is a lot of money, there will be music, dancing, and everything will be fun, will not prana nothing will not save you.

Do not envy


Next time, we were talking about, that’s what you need to earn money to meet the first, second yoga principles and never did envy. If you develop this quality – the absence of envy, you will see a more sober view of the world and make better act in those or other conditions of life, and, as a consequence, the more you earn. Generally speaking, any uncontrolled emotions (greed, envy, etc.) sometimes play us a bad joke – they overshadow our consciousness. We no longer envy the billionaires who have privatized anything, than thinking about how to earn money though modest, but the ones that you will not lose – the factor of lack of envy.

Next time – this is the analysis of everything that happens on the scale of the coordinate energy and consciousness. The money – the equivalent of prana, prana manifests itself either as energy or as consciousness. You start to analyze their work from a position of Energy, from the standpoint of consciousness – whether you receive enough on your work? Did perspective busy enough that you do? If this is the case your life, no matter how much you did not receive, even if you lose in salary, you win in Consciousness – the other component, ie, Sooner or later, you will go to the next level.

Therefore, a second very serious advice that gives yoga – is engaged in the business, or follow the path of his dharma and dharma does not qualify for the other person. What is Dharma? Dharma – is, in fact, the embodiment of the second and first principle of yoga in your particular life – a minimum of harm to others and a maximum sense of purpose. So that from the current situation, whatever it is you did not get the one you want, again, you want to you, but if you start to qualify on another role, you will not be happy – and as a consequence more the long run it will lead you to the loss.

Here, of course, you need to decide on your life’s work – it is not easy. If, for example, the case of your life – yoga class, then, of course, then you need to look for any job that would on the study of yoga would allow you to somehow make ends meet be reduced, ie, this work should be well paid and it is desirable to have more prospects for growth that every year you have worked less and less, and received more and more to this resource to spend on yoga.

If, on the contrary, do you think that things in your life in some activities, it makes sense, for example, to combine their occupation of a work with yoga. In particular, if you are an entrepreneur, manager and you have your own business, then you will, of course, it makes sense to go the way of Raja Yoga, so that through their businesses, through the fact that you become powerful, rich, famous, you opened and yoga. Those. you begin to choose the path of yoga, you just want to bring to your life. If you are an artist and want to achieve something in the arts, you have to choose any other yoga section closest to the work.

It is also necessary to analyze the activity: I work just to take out money and spend it on something else – this is one criterion and one claim, or I have been in this business, so that through him learn yoga – it’s a completely different layout. As many people as much, and personal stories. Therefore, nothing can be said of the universal here, but there is such a thing as an experience, if you start to do something, then you will very quickly understand your it or not yours, if you did you hit upon the dharma, groped his way in life or not .

Also with this grid energy and consciousness to analyze your entire activity on the subject so that you can maximize the strengths and weaknesses of the activities in which you are involved. For example, the money you need – you went to the factory and stood at the machine parts grind, disc for a CD, but the machine is old, still in 1914, in the year it was made, and not a substitute for, and that you stand and these blanks sharpen one after the other, one after the other – stupid job, but they need money. It would seem that you can do as follows: Okay, dull work, but pay regularly, but I can in my spare time engaged in yoga, ie emphasis transferred to yoga. And you can do in a different way – in parallel to learn all that is connected with this process, which you are doing, ie not just stupidly billet grind and cover the entire manufacturing process, and to understand why you do sharpen the disc, and can it can not grind or something else. If you understand this, you will become mentally one position to your boss. And if you become mentally one position to your boss (assuming that the head is not some kind of crime or not sane oligarch, but really, a person who is engaged in business), then you will begin to understand all the words without its problems. And if you begin to understand without words all his problems, you start working, as it were ahead of some of his thoughts – it leads to the fact that you anticipate problems.

Let’s say your machine is broken, some gear broke down, and you for the work not just on this machine worked, but also learned that the machine in 1914 working on such gears, but the gear can be replaced by a cog from the garment issue machines 1927 (so you have extended the horizon). You go to your boss and act as if you possessed the prana as if you already had energy and consciousness, as if you were the boss. You never say, “we have a problem”, you come to the boss and say what happened and to-to to-to, and say that there is one way out of this situation, and the other third, and ask the chief that he I chose a possible way out. If you will do so, you will instantly grow in their careers. More (ie billet grind) most valued people who, on the one hand, can operate on the part of Energy and by the Consciousness (ie to know the whole process, and to solve some unusual moments).

You remove the chief headache, and he will raise the salary. Why? Very simple: cost say, an hour of your work – a dollar an hour job, say, $ 100. You stripped him some headache in the amount of hours in the day, it may well be 50 dollars to share with you all excited and remain: and he and you. Why? Because otherwise, he would not have received $ 100, and engaged in problem solving, in which he does not understand, or he had to hire an outside expert, who would understand these sewing machines, and you have decided for him. Those. remember that no one boss does not like problems, like all solutions. Friends never come, they say, the problems, even if there is a problem, always offer a solution, even if it is a stupid decision, the head of the fact and the head, that he will choose, he will throw Stupid decision from a position of experience. But if he sees that this problem is solved and you saved it prana, he does not need your consciousness to spend on a study of this ancient machine tool – you will become a valuable employee, you will become proficient valuable employee, you will have to move, you will pay to add, you will fire as a last resort. Why? And if you break this machine again?


Example of valued employees


I remember that was the accidental witness how all fired in times of crisis to a large enterprise, and one Auntie left. Auntie – tree (I’m sorry), but she had one great quality – there was a big corporate printer and it kak-to zazhevyval paper and she alone knew how to use the pins to pull the jammed sheet, for everyone else it was just a problem unsolvable . Call the service center was worth a lot of money, no money to spend does not like, and then the worker cheap and cheerful – you know, it was left. It has expanded its consciousness, she learned of the pin pulling the sheet, it has become an indispensable employee, began to dominate.

So you start to analyze from the perspective of energy and consciousness, no matter how stupid you are not doing the work, always put yourself in the place of his boss. My friend was a janitor at the old Moscow, in Soviet times, whether from the army ran, I do not remember the background, but above them was the chief, and he always mentally put yourself in the position of chief. That’s what the chief of the headache, which he has a problem with these janitors, including me, any ambush which defects, sudden ice and salt is not brought, or something else. He knew the system, as if he was the boss, and he seems to be pre-empted all possible situations. You know, they, too, had some bets, it is clear that he has received the greatest rate of all janitors, he has just paid extra, but reduced the amount (they have some of his decomposed).

No matter how stupid you are not doing the work from a position of Energy, always analyze it from the perspective of consciousness. If the energy of your daily dull work to connect with the Consciousness, how, what and why this is happening, and to do this, put yourself in the place of his boss, this merge is to turn into prana, the equivalent of money, then wait as the financial side will not lose. All friends, logically, obviously knowing yoga, you’re on very many issues you will know the answer.

Of course, I exclude options this kind of as the head of the tyrant, though, I know cases of a beautiful career and in such situations. One Colonel great career himself made, starting with the first lieutenant, was in a power company, but he very quickly put himself in the place of the chief, and his superiors – work hard, nervous, of course, that every Saturday, Sunday chiefs liters stress vodka shot. He put himself in their place and has become an indispensable organizer of the banquet, and rose in its ranks to colonel. Why? Because it is all routine reworked – it and so would they drink bought and brought back, but he did ahead, know what is coming, such a check, the chiefs then shall tremble, check leaves, so they will be sure to take a liter on the chest, in order to relieve stress, of course, this activity does not comply with the first and second principles of yoga, but did not rule out this logic. Remember, NV Gogol describes how Pavel Ivanovich Chichikov making a career, how he was able to foresee all of the boss, that is, ahead a few steps. I encourage you from time to time to flip through the classics, there are plenty of modern recipes.

You know, there are moments in violation of the first and second principles of yoga, but there are no violations, and they both work the same way. Prana – she always prana. The money you earn can not be honest, and can honestly. When you pick up the bill, you remember the ancient expression, that “money does not smell,” who do not know the origin of this expression, again, I recommend to ask. The issue is that when you take them, so you steal someone’s purse or money you honestly earned money – at first glance, they do not differ. You will go to a nearby store or restaurant and spend their slavnenko, but the difference will be consequences. Net cash will lead to a net result of dirty money lead to messy results, ie, intermediate factor, in fact, they do not razluchnye, but the long-term consequences will be very strong.

So always have to analyze everything that happens in relation to himself, for the work in respect of the place where you work, what you do in the plane of the energy and consciousness, as in mathematics: decomposed, analyzed, found the optimum line, the strategy of behavior, passed on its compliance with the first, second yoga principle – will dominate. You will dominate, you will have more opportunities to earn, respectively, Leisure you will have more – more to be leisure, longer afford to practice yoga, more prana gain, gain more prana, faster and better navigate the start of their employment.

Next time – always analyze the situation from the standpoint of Consciousness and Energy. Here you have a boss, put yourself in his place, analyze, look at everything through his eyes. Strictly speaking, the opposite situation is working when the boss looks at everything through the eyes of a slave, but with this, as a rule, everything is in order, because the chiefs who have made themselves, are career ladder from the bottom up. The problem is that if you have a small position, and want to become a great position.


An example of a modern man


Another example. You have completed a higher education institution of any branch of a Moscow institute. Your training was reduced to what you paid semiannually unspecified amount of money before the session, so that you put tests and exams. You either ear or snout do not understand in their specialty, but got his crust at an accredited university, with a license, all honestly, with all state registries, but you are no expert. Those. money parents can say is spent in vain, in vain, but it is, as they say, your karma, which can not be changed. We had to choose a place to learn, as the amount of money has never guaranteed the quality of education, and the money from their parents over, you’re a big man, you need to have a living to earn.

And you will be a question to get a job. You will not take no, you have no experience, who will take you without experience in any company? After all, everyone knows what is now paid education, everyone knows that you paid money bag and 5 years did nothing, so take you so just for beautiful eyes, no one will, no one needs other people’s problems. So if you get a job, you should very clearly understand that will take you to either only at need (because generally no one to put, that is the first available), or for some other qualities that will enable you to rapidly identify among other contenders, such as loafers and idlers, parasites of the same in terms of past education. Will play only one factor: will look at you and your reaction – it is in the office, where at least something is happening, and if they feel for you prana, then you are more likely to go to work, if a person demonstrates prana, its more likely to take to work. What is shows “prana”? If a person has a lot of prana, it is cheerful, happy, smart, cheerful, looking with optimism into the future, and when the prana is not present, people sad, despondent, he had problems.

You have to understand, nobody wants your problems, you have to get a job, the employer of their problems through the roof, why it will take a person to the lack of prana, which will start whining, he will have eternal holiday, eternal depression or even chto-to. Who needs this headache?

Get rid of the habit of whining


If you have a habit of whining and sad to see everything in the light, know the chances to get a job have the minimum, ie, on a residual basis – to work where others are not taken. Why? Because much take there the competition, but take only those who demonstrate the joy and optimism. And, most important, thing to remember – you need to show and his prana to show that here you have come to the organization, and now all of them will be good – you magic wand, you will, as they say, is for three, work for seven, you all will be great if you will inspire such thoughts, you take a job other things being equal, ie you will always be in a better position among the other contenders.

Therefore, in the West so full of all sorts of training, how to smile Hollywood smile, beat his butt to the chest and shout what you are doing well, but you also have to understand, employers are not idiots, they always feel fake. That we now have soap operas on television shoot, which played so bad that look impossible, and any employer slightest falsehood will feel the slightest game feel that if you smile, and smile stretched, it means you have something to hide – and will zapodazrivat worst thing.

Your joy must be genuine, that is, radiate happiness, you must sincerely believe otherwise. Stanislavski said, “Do not believe it!”. Sincerely it can be done in only one way, if you have a lot of prana if you yourself will shove from cheerfulness and strength. Again, all it took in prana.

Again, if you are going to get somewhere to work, it was not whether you have experience or have you had the experience of a very so no, it is always you have to understand that nobody wants problems that you have come to decide for them, their head pain, therefore, you should behave constructively. When it comes to a job interview and the person begins to alarm: “Oh, and me, and even do it? And to me that even this piece of paper to prepare each month? And I also sweep the floor? No, no, it’s not part of my duty. ” Friends, even if it is not part of your responsibilities, you should understand that there are different situations, sometimes a small growing company, where a man in one person, and working as a janitor – he does it temporarily. Then he gets a salary that we are not talking about it, but the reaction is fear, unwillingness to something deadlock.


The employer is looking at your reaction


And finally, you have to remember that the employers – they are people who (once again) a lot to know. And they realize that maybe your price is zero education, even if you have had a work experience that you have written in your resume. Again, depending which way you look at this experience – as far as it is adequate and realistic as you can write anything you like, of course, will look at your reaction. My companion was a firm hold. When hiring, he gave some test: “I am taking you to the job. Did you have a certain experience. But if you run into a situation … “, began coming up with a no-win situation, in principle, not solvable for any manager. But he did not have a person to solve it, he needed a human reaction, if the person with the Prana, “Oh, the problem, the challenge, Challenge. Now think about it. “


He watched the reaction – if a person moves, so he has a better chance to decide if a person is “no, no, no, it’s not part of my duty, it does not concern me,” he will not make a career. Those. if you mentally put yourself in a position higher than you are applying for, you have, first, the greater chance for this position will be arranged, and secondly, sitting in this position, quickly moving up. You know, you sort of compensate the lack of experience, knowledge, skills, time, work, and something else – there you have it, but you have prana.

Prana – the running coin in this universe. If a young person has Prana, and all his work and will take you anywhere, no prana – useless or education does not save or not save the experience. The experience is such that a person of 40 years in any office, sat, put a tick on paper, that’s all his experience, happen any extraordinary situation, he did not do anything.


The employer can be themselves


Finally, the next time. Here we say “employer”, “employer”, and for many the impression that the employer – it is some kind of God. Let’s start with the fact that the employer can be for themselves or open their own business. It was incredibly difficult to do before (in criminal 90 years), although it must be said – perhaps even in compliance with the principles of yoga. I witnessed a completely unique trajectories of people, now it is certainly an order of magnitude easier, but also not so easy, friends.

Again, you should not forget the country in which you will do it all. In our country, we have our own unique cockroaches, bureaucrats, etc., etc.. In the West (it must be said) in his own way, but there still an order of magnitude easier. Those. Who’s stopping you to be (called) by the master himself? This is indeed a challenge – prana need even more, but the gain is very great.

And finally, the third point. Even if you go to someone in the hiring, ask to whom you go. The office office strife – there are firms keep expanding, even if you’re a little to receive, you will increase your experience and, in the end, write a line in your resume and arrange in a similar company, but on the other salary – this is a classic scenario of promotion in the West. If on the contrary, you feel (I am sorry for such slang, ugly expression, but they are essentially transmitted character) that the firm “tuhlyak” that relations between employees are based on fear and intrigues, ready immediately sell the other to the most up to career, know that there are such vile human relationships, paskudskie (sorry for the harsh expressions), you feel such an abomination, ensnares you, you need to ask yourself, and you need it? Understandably, you may have a karmic situation that you have nowhere to go, no money, want to eat – this is one situation, and if there is a choice, it sometimes better to go for less money, but in a healthy team. Why? Again, we are reminded of yoga, we can not change other people, everyone lives the way he wants to, you can not alter. When dealing with unpleasant people, you will be forcibly spent on them to at least build a mental wall against them, it will leave your prana – thus you do not spend it on the job, career growth.


Select good people and avoid bad


So, we can not alter people, but we can sometimes choose good and avoid the bad people, so that you knew it, employers are also different. What is the relationship in the team, what attitude a subordinate chief? Are there any here this abomination, petty rivalries, “every man for himself and God for all.”

Somehow, in the former Soviet Union, the Western idea of the relationship that there is anyone know podsizhivaet another, that it in the competitive environment in the latest turn fired. Maybe it was sometime during the Great Depression, but now you do not meet, ie it is also an important factor. Why? If you find yourself in the environment of people full of prana, the open (as it is now popular with these all deployed on the success of a company), you will be as if infected wealth, joy, happiness, openness of mind, how would you go out with a new mental level, they will help you reveal consciousness and connecting your energy, you become richer. If on the contrary, it is something a mouse, semi-criminal, something incomprehensible, then you on the contrary, themselves belittled, ie it is also a factor.


Inner courage


Finally, the next time – it’s an inner courage.

If you consider yourself a gray and miserable, sometimes this situation very often (especially in the former Soviet Union): “Yes, I am nothing, I’m nothing. But what I am an expert, I do not know anything? “, Ie, deliberately belittle itself. Direct contrast to the Western mentality, which, on the contrary, each energetically promoting itself: “I am the greatest expert in the field of computer technology, I am able to connect the printer to a computer”, you know, and now he was the expert. Misleading inner modesty, oddly enough, with our man playing silly service, just “bungling burglary” (there is such an expression of Ilf and Petrov). This is when there is a prospect of your growth, and in fact you are asked: “Are you going to raise or not?” – And the man inwardly afraid. Why? Because he used to consider himself a small, poor, miserable, unable to take care of anything, all think, and it offers a great position with a lot of money, with greater powers, and as a consequence, the responsibility, and it turns into a small mouse “No, no, I’d rather sit at his desk, or your disc grind on your machine,” ie, fear of growth.

In fact, if a man strangles himself, he begins thus drive themselves into a corner, who would help him? No one. You must understand that you must be set to increase its position. There is a saying in the army: “He is a bad soldier who does not dream to become a general,” if you come to work and do not want to take a leadership position, you worthless employee for your company.

But, on the other hand, it does not mean that you have to be adventurous, there is a saying that “every person to strive to take the level of their incompetence,” ie, People claim to the role of command and control all, where it is no ear or snout does not understand. This, of course, adventurism, yoga against adventurism that you claim to the level where you are completely incompetent and where you fail the job. But yoga is not less against (of Karma Yoga recommendations) to you in your work do not take themselves a decent position, and that you may have understood, it is adventurism adventurism or not, just prescribed constantly mentally already put himself in this position.

You are running the smallest clerk in a big firm, put yourself mentally first on a post of the manager, and then at some senior manager, then to the co-owner of the company, look through his eyes, feel at least hypothetically in his skin, then you will understand the rules clearly games. And when you offer, say, to take a higher position, it definitely need to borrow. But again, you have had experience of this mental experiment, because you already know what awaits you. Yes, maybe it will be difficult, perhaps, will have something new to learn, but once again, to learn – it is, strictly speaking, a chance for you to make any breakthrough in its prana, a new experience, then to take a new position .

Lack of courage puts an end to your money on your prana – nothing happens without courage. Once again, I emphasize, not to be confused with opportunism. Courage and adventurism – things are very different.

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