How do I get the money. Part 3. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2010.07.24.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Description: Is it enough we prana? Why did the Soviet Union collapsed? What should be the attitude toward money? How to achieve success in life? How to use the mantras? Why yoga business plan? How to choose the country for the practice of the highest yogi?

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So, today, July 24, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are located in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya in the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. And that we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. All the information on our sites,,

Today we continue the theme of the previous two lectures on the relationship of people and money. In particular, the yogis and Yoginis, and this factor in the development of humanity as money.

In the two previous lectures we have considered from different angles, all these subtleties, nuances. I recall the conclusions to which we came. So, the money – it is a substitute or replacement for prana. Money allows many individual free beings unite together for joint use, to the benefit of their spiritual growth.

If a lot of prana from a living creature, that, accordingly, it can potentially make more money when all other things being equal. And that is why yoga calls us to such a scheme to make money, that we keep the first and second principle of yoga to the money that we received were clean. Then they will lead to a clean and consequences.

And if we feel the lack of money, the yoga calls us first analyze our prana, Do we have enough prana rather whether we have the domestic capacity, which is then converted into everything that we want in our universe, our world. In particular, if we want money, the money.

Those. attitude, once again I want to emphasize, yogis of money, such as the right tools, incorporates a variety of free beings at different (maybe) stages of evolutionary development. Those. money bring people, who only recently (as they say) in the bodies of living people, and the highest yogis or Yoginis. And all the intermediate stages of human existence to the joint benefit.

And what a wild man, not versed in some spiritual heights, the more money he appreciates, understands what it is to strive for it at any price. The more highly spiritually evolved person, the greater the understanding that the money – it’s just a pathetic substitute for prana. And, in fact, the attitude towards them is changing dramatically.

Those. attitude arises that if there is prana, the money always will be. If there is no prana, then trouble.

And people are highly spiritual in that sense can easily give up even the most infinite riches and treasures, as they realize that all the treasure and so they are with him inside, in your own Ya

In the 18th century in Europe were such legends of the East, the people living in India and in other neighboring regions. So, there were a lot of legends that you could meet in the bazaar last beggar, but that the passage of time turned out to be fabulously rich as the Maharajah. Those. it somehow did not fit into the usual presentation. And we read many stories and legends of the East.

And, in fact, everything is very simple and clear. Quite a number of practitioners, wandering yogis simply a way to live. They went where they wanted and they could get what they want. And for this it was not necessary to use some skills. In the “1001 nights, you can find numerous references to these people who have come as wandering beggars and just a fabulously rich in a short time. Why? Because they know how to construct the trade, they knew how to do all these mechanisms work, they know how to get some profit, engaged in the most common cases.

We develop a correct attitude towards money

But at the same time, they realized that, in fact, the money – it is a resource, it is sometimes very necessary, but it is not decisive.

We are also interested in this topic should first of all, that we have a proper, clear and precise internal relationship to money. This is an extremely important factor. If you, my friends, will find that the money – it is something dirty, something low, something like that, why should not touch or it does not have a business, you make quite a powerful unit in itself, and bind the money with negativity. But in the future life will make you somehow coexist with other members of society. And in order to co-exist with these other people, you have to, one way or another, to join with them in some kind of relationship (in exchange for some kind of interaction). And imagine the situation: you give yourself installation, the money the mud, and, on the other hand, the life you make money somehow deal. And you, at least, comes the internal collapse, you have a split personality it comes, you (as it were) of the integrated nature of the yoga yogini or turn into a man who is sitting on two chairs. Here he is on the works, and he thinks, “Oh, how I am a sinner, I earn money, it is dirt, that’s what I have so alienated from spirituality.” Then he comes home, hand wash, cleaning mantra chanted, sprinkled himself with all sorts of spices, Okura, ritually cleansed. And he says: “Now I’m home, I fully commit myself to spirituality, which has no relation to any money, the mud.”

Everything is schizophrenia. Those. splitting of the mind – one of the meanings of the word “schizophrenia”. It is clear that with such an attitude very quickly you get nervosa (at least). Especially if you are engaged in yogic practices, and will be more and more thin, you will try to thoroughly follow all the settings that you have given yourself. Just imagine, you have given yourself the installation, that the money – it’s bad and have to earn them. You are your own invented torture. That is, in fact, because the pain is born. When something is divided in half and one faced foreheads. Immediately you do this by setting the money mud, program yourself to suffer in the future. You will have something to open the spiritual, and you will find, “Oh, if it is revealed the spiritual, it is a confirmation that the money the mud. So, you need to get rid of them. ” Starting to get rid of them, there is a chain of problems in the relationship with friends, family, relatives, friends, etc., etc. You are woven into the overall picture of the world, who do you answer something for you someone responds, you live in a society. And then you start to go sharply into dissonance. Therefore, you should very clearly revise attitude toward money. Money is not good, not bad in themselves, money – it is an opportunity or a manifestation. But how will you use this expression for the benefit or harm, it is quite another matter.

Because usually I forget about it, that if you clean way to earn money, it’s clean thing, and it will lead to a clear result. In any case, it will make the country where you are living, thriving, where there will be the poor, the hungry and the other negative. If you are in violation of some of the principles have attracted the money, it is understandable that you are thereby given rise to a chain of some negatives, which you well and will return. In this respect, yes, it’s dirty money, no good you will not have this money. And the sooner you get rid of these dirty money, the better. Those. If money and dirt, only the money that you got a dirty way. And the money came clean way – it’s not dirt, it is the only opportunity you exist in the same society with people who are at a high or low degree of self-knowledge, to participate in the general division of labor. Imagine if in every society all people would be equal, our society would be dramatically reduced by the number of people living in it. Would it not millions, say, tens of millions or hundreds of millions, and one million, or even less. It would not be 100 people, and 10 people. So, you would have to do all the work performed by this society: the plow, and sow, and go to trade, and to clean up and clean the sewers, and be a dentist, and a steelworker, and by anyone. Those. would load would be greater for you. You would have had less free time, leisure activities, including to and practice yoga. But so cleverly conceived that you can use the money you have earned honestly, free of my time to (including) to practice yoga. Those. attitude toward money should be very correct, as his energy as his prana. After all, in fact, where the money come from? This conversion of your prana in any there icons or concepts of the society in which you live. If you believe that your personal energy is dirty, you will cut the branch on which sit, you know. Those. the first thing – it should be the right attitude towards money.

Why did the Soviet Union collapsed? They say that the Marxist ideology, tell about the Gulag, we talk about the suppression of freedom, etc., etc. It really was the place to be, no one denies. But the system a much more worse lived, live and will continue to live in the Universe. Analyze the country somewhere there is the Third World, where in some African dictator-eater, or anywhere else, where as worse than the Soviet Union, but in no hurry to fall apart. Why? Because the Soviet Union was undermined by the most basic idea, claiming that the money – it’s something minor. Those. people in the Soviet, communist times shy of money. Try man offered to go to the market to sell something in the Soviet years. He’ll defiantly replied that “I do not huckster, I will not stoop to this.”

One yogini told the story, an example from his childhood, when she was in high school back in the Soviet times, when it was bad with pencils, pens, and she had a lot of them. So she decided to sell in the same class of some marker pen, which she had two. And, honestly sell at cost (for which she went for so much she gave). And then, when she realized the deal, and the house parents found out that she was thus sold the pen, she made a very severe punishment by Soviet standards.

You see, pre-programmed, that the money – it is bad that the money you do not touch the money – it’s dirt, you should avoid them. As a consequence of that? All depended on the employer. The employer was only one – the state. And we unwittingly become slaves of the employer because they themselves did not know how to make, and we were told that it is all very bad. And for this reason, in fact, and the Soviet system collapsed, it was absurd. Unfortunately, the psychology of attitudes toward money gradually migrated to our current state (if we consider the countries of the former Soviet Union), and has created a monstrous distortions.

The first thing to do with money – it’s full of his poverty: nothing I did not have to pay, I’ll do it for free, I do not need money. The second imbalance in fact, the same thing, only in the opposite direction – it is (sorry) limit zhlobstvo. Here are the words you can not say, as long as I do not pay $ 10. This product, however, is more expensive to sell it. Those. skewed the other way around – an attempt to snatch, grab and grab. In fact, it’s the same thing. When a person is too poor for a long time, a year, two, three, then it bothers, he is the head bridged, and it becomes a grabber. Those. it’s crazy, it’s two extremes, which have no place to be. Therefore, yoga and encourages us that the attitude toward money should be positive as to what is really valuable, enabling including spiritual growth, but not dirt, not to what is sinful and what makes you tick down.

Not to turn into a slave MONEY

Of course, a different matter that the person is not turned into a slave of money. Yes, sometimes it is a very great temptation. I witnessed my friend with me he studied yoga. And this fellow, too, opposed the money that bad that the money should be discarded, that people must live exclusively on spiritual principles that everyone should help each other, that everything he claimed to be suffering from the domination of money. But he also suffered, he had there were some unresolved issues is whether the housing, or even with something. They were old even these transitional times. And the Master of yoga in my eyes taught him a good lesson. Those. he had a problem, something concerned whether residence in Moscow, which in Soviet times was a big problem, the police there for the monkey all planted. He tried it once legally carry. Nothing was impossible because everyone wanted a bribe, but cute smiles and is not directly mentioned. A man he is naive and did not understand what was wanted of him. And then the teacher went with him, stupidly reached into his pocket and gave a bribe, stupid, brazenly ugly. Well, the truth, bribes also need to be able to give. Then in another place there was some problem, they went. First, he elevated his methods, and then the teacher deliberately went and stupidly “pushing” the situation with the money. And the third, fourth, fifth. And then it turned on such feelings in the magic wand. Once you have encountered some problems, it turns out that this is not a problem, and the amount of money that you have. As soon as people heard the crunch of the counterparties of these denominations, all instantly breaks into a smile, everyone said «Welcome», all the problems were solved immediately, it was a great success. Moreover, people who thought this young man is very intelligent, honest, etc., etc. But we are not going to discuss here the issue of corruption. Corruption is everywhere, and in our country, and in the Americas. The only question is in proportion.

Another thing is that when you have one just so solved the problem, at other times, third, fourth, you begin to realize that something is bound to my head. In these clever books, especially in marginal, it said that the money – it’s dirt, bad. And here with money I solve the problem that I previously could not decide. And, of course, people not strong, with immature brains willy nilly on the subconscious begins to be delayed such trust to money, even more than to the yogic, say, the doctrine than the doctrine of prana, that there is something higher, elusive . Why? Because experience shows that on the contrary, money is a real thing. And this is a very dangerous trend, because it is skewed. With some problems, yes, it is possible as a magic wand to solve with money. But life is life and the fact that there are problems that can not be solved with money. But if you tried all my life with money to solve them, you (as it were) deified money and then you basically can not solve the other problems. Or when faced with them, you have in your mind begins breaking revolution. After that, people just give out all the inheritance, all the world, and go to the “wandering”, as they say, the other way sometimes some throws.

So, yoga encourages you: “Be free from these extremes.” Yes, indeed, there are a number of problems and issues, you know, you can read the whole lecture about the benefits of the innovation in the life of humanity, and can only blankly prepay, and implement this innovation.

Those. where something can be solved with money, you need to be solved with money. But, at the same time, not for a moment forget that the money – it is a surrogate for prana. And by and large, the goal – this time between prana. Prana – is the ability to generate her in every second of any particular volume. This thing that you have in this life. This is the thing that you will be when you die. This is the thing that you will be born in the next life. This ability to appear again.

In fact, there is an opinion that one of the meanings of the word “aristocrat” just comes from this connection, when, say, a child was born who grew up quickly and who showed so much prana that he unwittingly dominated. So it turned out that his children and his being born, also possessed this ability. But this ability, including explained by the fact that these parents, typically such children are born. They karmically a more rustic feel. Why such a successful person to be born there, where it will be difficult, if possible, where it will be easier.

With this division and it is connected people. But, as you know, it has no relation to skin color, nor ethnicity, nor to some other point, namely to the prana, that you show. Therefore, in this sense, Yoga encourages you to be the aristocrats of the spirit in the original sense of the word. If you aristocrats, and you will have a lot of prana, it will be a lot of money, and including, as well as the ability to solve the problems that using money is not being addressed.

But prana, friends, you need to spend carefully, you know. Prana – a rarer commodity than money. Money – it is a substitute. But the prana, it is including and maintaining your health, your body’s vital functions. Therefore, yoga encourages us very reasonably and rationally relate to the use of our prana. Those. the part of some kind of work that you can carry out with the help of money, it is better to do with money. Those. get a job, to get some kind of his salary, and spending on housing, food, etc., etc. And the other part, to remain more intact. That part of your prana, which you can send to self-knowledge, to solve those problems that just can not be solved by a blunt, “head.”

As a rule, all the people who come up with some innovations, fabulously rich. But richer consciously, not to where the stolen something, and really came up with some new way to ease the life of mankind. If you come up with this new way of facilitating the life of mankind, that every member of society as a result will spend less effort to achieve something. And because the universe is made that this excess prana liberated, certainly you redistributed. And if the system is fair, honest, then you richer. If you come up with any new law or any new company opened for the production of something very valuable for the rest of society.


But still, I emphasize, friends, attitude to money should be smooth and positive. If it is negative, in the first place, you’ll scare yourself money this attitude. Because every act of your will, you know, like the classic expression: “One step forward, two steps back.” Those. you, like, want to do something, and you have doubts in your head: “Maybe it does not need to do, maybe you need to leave the cave, and with none of the society do not talk?”. And starts back and forth, back and forth. And all that could be done immediately and quickly, you’re doing a long and painful. Do you have many internal soul-searching “to be or not to be”, they eat up a lot of your prana.

Now we will go further. The second point: yes, you have developed a good attitude, right, clear to the money. But, again, you are a social being. There is a saying Russian folk: “Who lead the, from, and rack up.” If you are even with the best humanistic attitude to money, to business, to their earning, to yoga, to a life change for the better find yourself surrounded by people with some other views (that money is dirty money is bad), then willy-nilly you will gain from them. If you find yourself in the environment of people in no way assured, some passive, sluggish, not adventurous, all afraid, do not trust anyone, then willy-nilly, you will copy their way of behavior, thinking. You, however, become infected poverty. Therefore, the other still a very good way: if you have a lack of money, the less communicate with such alarmist, otherwise, they have set up, they’ll give you unconscious installation on poverty. This is especially dangerous when you decide something in your business or in any your project, or just life in a period of time when you need to concentrate.

But yoga is very humanistic teaching, and she says that is not something uniquely bad or uniquely good. The question is, how we use it.

So, there is one piece of advice. Yes, really, until you become stronger, you need to avoid people that are configured pessimism, tuned to the uncertainty, fear, tuned to some laziness. You know, there are people so dejected: “Oh, but I have no money, and that, this and that.” You say to him: “At work Arrange!”. “Yes? At work, it’s hard. It is necessary to write a resume, I’m afraid. ” They have the, you know, score, score people. Willy-nilly’ll pick them, if you will communicate. And then you have the most important transaction in your life – to sign a contract or not, and you are in doubt. And you immediately pop up that image dejected your boyfriend or girlfriend, and can not shift the scales in your favor. Dangerous things like that.

So, it is very dangerous to deal with such people, they will set you on an unnecessary way. There are moments in life when you need to eliminate doubt and act. In particular, in business. In particular, when it is something innovative and new. No sooner had it all quickly crank, when the following conditions are? It is not known when. You know, this is not so, that is constantly open gate. In business, you sometimes very long standing near the closed gate, knowing that once a year they open. And most importantly – do not miss the moment when they will be opened. But when they opened, it should be sniffing – and cherished closer to its goal. If you are at this point begin to indulge in philosophical mindsets “to be or not to be”, then you can skip this moment very successful conjuncture. And in the future you will spend more time to achieve the same.

But, yet again. On the other hand, teaches yoga, your close friends, who are gray, miserable, dejected, in no way confident in them is the greatest chance for you to develop the right attitude in business or making money at all in the order of magnitude stronger.

If your influence they would drop this sleepy stupor, buck, forget about their fears, about their stupidity, and come to the same level that you said that if you really help them get rid of this attitude, you validate the correctness of their position. And this is your strength to resist the negative order of magnitude increase. Why? Because you will be a real precedent victory. Those. when you not only themselves stayed at a very high level, such charged to succeed charged on prosperity, charged to solve all the problems, but also infected the surrounding people around her, and these people really come down to your level and also went to the next level , a new bar. At the same time, however, your power is increased tenfold.

Therefore, as long as you are not very good at dealing with such decadent mood with these defeatists, especially in the crucial moments, they should be avoided (such people). But conversely, if you are full of force, of prana and determination, on the contrary, it is for you a chance to help this person and bringing it to a new level, to a 10-point rise. Those. all honest. If we have someone do the free, then we become free. If we at least someone made a more confident, more understanding their true nature of the Self, then we start to 10 times its own nature the highest I see. If you came to your friend or girlfriend are gray and miserable, downtrodden, crying forever, forever just afraid, but it’s just a veil, behind which is hidden higher self of the person. And it is no different from your higher self or higher self of a successful businessman, politician, scientist, philosopher, yogi. And if you help him shake off the dirt from ourselves, the universe, and help you better understand your own self, but, once again, have to be taken only for those cases that you in the teeth. There are professional whiners in life. What they will not aching, no matter how much you’re not trying to help, you’re not able to help, for the simple reason that they do not want to change anything in my life. And if you’re so young and inexperienced, come across such a person that he is not you say (he can talk to you, “Yes, help me, tell me, etc., etc.”) but deep down, he does not want to change, you do not help him. Conversely, failing to help him start a doubt, it is very dangerous. Therefore, such audacity as to help others, you have to let yourself just after themselves repeatedly achieved victories.

COMMUNICATING WITH successful people

So, avoid people tuned to decadence. They do not know where to go, and you for a drag away. At the same time, friends, look for every possible way of meetings and looking for love, contacts with people prosperous. You unwittingly infected by their state of mind or thoughts of success. Here there are people that say that they have the money stick to your hands. What would they have begun to do, watch, time, time, time, have some business. I witnessed one episode, when a friend went to rest in the former republics of the Soviet Union. This very easy-going enterprising businessman. And he there in the sun day of the fire, two, three. Something he somehow bored. And there is a local mountain entrepreneur trying to make ends meet, some business to build a vacation. But it has something bad was, he lacked charisma, enterprise, and understanding. And he literally during his vacation began his advise. Just he was bored, he did not know where to put this creative energy. In just a few days of his stay, he is the institution that has consulted, he gave a completely different financial level. This is how playing. Just because it has all already been designed for efficiency. Clearly, then, he had already left. I do not know how the story ends. You know that a single pull, but it is necessary that the owner has the mentality that remained was the same, to keep, not to lose. So, successful people, whatever they might be doing, they will succeed in everything. If you want something podnabratsya, some habits, it makes sense to gain positive habits from people that you do not help to think, how they act, how they relate to life as they are. If you do not have such friends, near friends, do not worry, you are living in the modern era of mass media. Find some successful biography of a successful businessman, a successful politician, scientist or anyone else, that is, extraordinary man, who with his life example demonstrated how it is possible, in spite of all the difficulties, to reach the heights. And even if you read a book or watch the movie, or to study some materials about this or that person who has reached success, you can not help it adjust to the success wave. Therefore it is very useful in this sense to study the biography of successful people. Likewise, it is very useful to study the biographies of ancient yogis and yogi who also lived life, faced with the difficulties overcome and reach the highest heights in yoga.

So, you have to control your environment properly. And it will allow you, respectively, to think more rationally.

Using the mantra

Finally, the next time for the same money. This is definitely some work with more subtle prana. But yoga in this regard, as we have already discussed in previous lectures, again recommends that you: simple tasks are best solved by simple methods. Those. if you feel the need of money, it is best to solve this problem by conventional means. Those. to make a successful business, come up with something new, innovative, someone to make life easier, and thus somehow in this to make money. It is better to do it all understandable ways, than to resort to this, you know, more subtle, obscure, or in the best sense of the word, “magic” yoga techniques.

What I’m talking about? It is no secret that in yoga there are lots of very powerful tools that can solve such a narrow tasks. In particular, for example, there is Mantra Yoga, which have the appropriate mantra. Wealth Mantras mantras that give prosperity, mantras that solve some of your life’s difficulties. And that’s what we see now? We are now seeing the craze mantras. First of all, wealth mantras. Moreover, among people who have a finger does not hit, to solve the same problems in the usual way. Figuratively speaking, people have money lying around under our feet, and they do not consider it possible for yourself and bend down to pick them, they instead begin to declare the mantra that the money will have soared and fell into their hands. This is a violation of the second yoga principles in relation to the universe. Those. if you need to solve a problem of their financial, so you open a stall at the end of the day, start to trade lemonade in the heat. No need to sit and watch all day long, repeating these really powerful mantra to get rich. By opening a stall, you will get what you want – money. And with the help of the mantra you have to turn the wheel all its internal gears its internal structure, including, and mental attitude to things happening. Those. these mantras are working, no one disputes, they really bring all the things you want. But sometimes you spend more time on them, maybe even more than open a small business, friends. And you have to be very clearly understood. What logic should be as follows: first, do whatever you can do, and then, as it were, insure using mantras.

Friends, India is one of the poorest countries. It is now over a billion people there, poverty, fear, hunger, filth, a billion is not solved the problems that our Indian brothers and sisters experience, and this is the price they paid for the preservation of the knowledge of yoga.

Hindus do not consciously change their way of life only to the ancient Vedic knowledge of yoga come down to us, to the modern man. You know how the system is frozen, preserved or even thousands of years ago. But time passes, the population there is also added. And change the way – it means to lose the remnants of knowledge, culture residues. And note the paradox. It would seem that India, where in particular, have all these powerful mantras of wealth, prosperity and good luck, well, that may be easier to collect all the poor Indians and say, “Here’s your mantra, go to your shack and repeat until you’re blue, and will be you happiness. ” But we do not observe. Moreover, we can find millions and millions of poor Indians, who from morning to night can repeat these mantras that bring wealth, success, etc., etc. And where is the wealth and success? The answer is very simple, my friends. Any mantra primarily resolves the problems that are most urgent for humans. A stupid question of making money relatively simple. So, all the mantras in the first place, the person deploying the fact that in the spiritual sense in the first place, to solve his problem. Those. it is the invisible part of the internal structures that need to be cleaned. What sense to give money to a person who, at first, will use them correctly. Instead of currently normal food to buy, buy yourself some sort of drug, or something else, do not spend on something. But the problem is also in the other, that in this case the amount of the mantras that are repeated there, you need to add some of the entrepreneurial spirit that would have shook this torpor. And, I must say that the Indians began to receive very well in recent years, but not to “bang!”. Those. a man must have qualities that help in the first place, to quickly reach what you need, your conventional methods, without the involvement of otherworldly energy forces. Those. Made from all the best, and then reinforce this yantras, mantras, and other things. Then it will work 100%. If, however, will only be the mantra and yantra, they are, first of all, you will begin to shoot some other problems. Those. In any case, these mantras are repeated a person who does not believe in myself. He even somewhere repeats the mantra, and still not fully aware of their value. Therefore, my friends, do not need to frantically search for on the Internet, as if all the great hunting out – look for the wealth of the mantra, and rejoice when they find it. Indeed, this is a very good, powerful mantra, no one disputes. The question is, what should be done very simple without mantras, their best. But if you really encounter, face rested against the wall, do all my best, you know, like a tractor that ran into a mountain, and stalled. Those. you stumble upon the problems that are not solved your usual abilities. Then yes, then resort to the mantra. Moreover, even Yoga recommends. Why? Because if you are in this situation, will realize that you are not dependent on anything, you are stalled, but you have been given a mantra, and the mantra practice, you suddenly smashed the mountain, you can not help more admired yoga.

Those. at least once if you are sure that it works, you will have a trust relationship to the entire teaching. As a result, you will be more adequately behave in yoga, and seriously practices, and accelerate your progress.

But, again and again, first you need to do everything you can for yourself. If we speak, our lectures topic somehow comes to money, you have to do? Again, this simple scheme. Come home, take a leaf of paper, write down what is now, on one leaf. On another leaf that you would like to receive. The third leaf write real transitions from one state to another state as much as you allow your imagination, the real fantasy. Those. any real possible steps. By the very fact that you prorisuete this scheme (it is correct or not correct – no one cares about), you will give impetus to your mind to work in this direction. And, really, if you do something wrong there came up, he will throw it, and he will start to look better decisions. This powerful system for our hidden reserves of our mind. Those. First, draw a diagram of an understandable, transparent, logical as it is prescribed to do business. If in doubt and do not know where to start, weight sane literature, particularly literature in translation from English, etc. ( “How to write a business plan,” “As something new to think of innovation”). And, you know, these books tend to be valuable because they do not like in our country, people write that yesterday he taught the history of the Party, Marxism-Leninism, and now I look – in the School of Economics lights. You see, teaching for our economy, new some capitalism. Yesterday communism taught, now teaches capitalism. Something I have a suspicion that he taught how bad communism and capitalism are bad now teaches. It is best to have things checked. A lot of very rich people, say, in America. They retire, they begin to write their memoirs, they open the card. It is said that all the sharks of capitalism hide. Nothing they did not hide. Truly successful people are open. Why? Because they are always two steps ahead of you. You do not use them (as you say) operating time. Because when you get close to them, they are even further you will. A person who is firmly rooted in the ground, he guards the secret of the firm to its not stolen, not to learn to do what he once invented a time and it is the goal of his life.

Yoga and business – it is a process. Those. if you are in the wake of this process, you can feel free to share what you have now. Why? Because when the people with whom you share will start to do it, you’ll be long gone. Those. you will go always ahead of the curve. Therefore, the secret commercial to a certain extent hinders the development of mankind. It was justified in the Middle Ages, when the master knew how to make glass, powder making, etc., etc., now it is less relevant. Mankind is accelerating its pace. With this, by the way, all the problems are associated copyright. It is necessary to develop such schemes, which would do just unprofitable piracy. Do not catch it all on back streets, but simply to make the scheme that it is not profitable to do. This is the only way to make a difference in this area. But to change something nobody wants, everyone wants to stake their land and cut off his coupons, ie, stop in its development. A universe in this respect, hard: you do not want to go himself drag by the hair.

So, what we are all about what we do here. Find any sane books explaining how everything works, how people achieved something. Of course, it is necessary to make a correction, if you, for example, live in the former Soviet Union or in some kind of Eastern Europe or some developing countries, there are cockroaches everywhere, my friends, all the cockroaches. Strictly speaking, and in America, too, has its own cockroaches. But there are very good with all these antitarakanimi means. They are there, you know, do not walk around in a brazen, as we do here. Those. there is also a problem: the corruption and confusion, not honesty in business, they are everywhere, but there is all the more beautiful. And we have it all falls in an unfavorable light.

Therefore, of course, you need to make a correction. On the other hand, even a moment. Notice a trend that still has a locomotive, whether we like it or not, whether we like or not like it, but the engine of America now stands. All our patriots shouting, no, America is heading for the abyss. Maybe, and it is heading for the abyss. Some one part of America is certainly heading for the abyss. Still, the words of the song can not erase, the degree of personal freedom, the degree of opportunity to show themselves, to express their opposition, on the extent to respond quickly to changing situations, friends, with all due respect to our country, we are still very far away. And if you take the former Soviet Union, where all the horror. In some countries there is no gloomy. The same Eastern Europe beats his butt to the chest, she Europe. And, in fact, as we have scoops or shovels it. Therefore, one needs to understand that, unfortunately, the realities of our bleak. But, my friends, you remember yoga slogan: “Turn defeat into victory.” Yes, we all bad, yes, all you need to build. But in this there is the charm: it is possible to build from scratch, without making the mistakes that are made in the United States. You can take all the best from there. Why? Because this is a trend or a trend all over the world. But do not make them stupid. Those. in any situation, you know, like in the joke: “Even if you have eaten, you have at least two exits.” And you just need to look for an opportunity to “turn defeat into victory.” Very good is the motto. So, what do we see? What is invented in the West, sooner or later, creep up to us. And the output – it will continue as long as, say, if we are talking about the countries of the former Soviet Union, until they change the most basic, underlying the laws of the state’s attitude to society or people in the community. Those. If in our country the principles of freedom will be erected in a rank higher than it is in America, it is only a matter of time when Russia will start to dominate. Those. there are higher laws of the universe sverhlogichnye control, they are untold. The nearest word to this state of being of each person or the state as a whole, one of the potential of such words – the word “freedom.” Those. if you have a group of people, where everyone is trying not to infringe upon the freedom of others or such relationships, where the maximum of his personal freedom with a minimum of infringing the freedom of others, it is a matter of time, as the inner potential of every living being manifested in the form of prana. The more prana, the greater will be the rest (and money as well). And new technologies, new business scheme, a new relationship between people lined up by itself, if it is an open field, where to grow.

What do we now see? We see do not understand what kind of situation: like and freedom, and like, and it does not. In general, it is very doubtful. Of course, the site of today’s politicians, I would like a banner took the liberty, and on every corner trying to embody the principles of freedom. Those. I became greater than all the Americans put together intellectuals all over the world. Here in this direction. Then each person will be able to manifest itself, demonstrate their potential to show his prana. There is a lot of prana – a lot of money. The Americans have a lot of prana, so their money and go around the world. Yes, they are now abusing this. Yes, they are forced to work on the entire globe. Yes, American consumes two times more than it produces. On the one hand, of course, it must be said, some ugly. But, on the other hand, my friends, they are like a locomotive, all the rest and dragging.

So, the question is what? If you understand fully how to do it really, not hypothetically, using mantras and yantras, and with the help of quite logical circuits. So then, if you have the famous arch portion of prana, then you all go “with a bang”.

If you encounter a situation in life when certain laws, for example, the laws of the country do not allow you to realize personal freedom, you should know that time is working against this country. In yoga teachings have very interesting remarks on this subject. The implication of these observations is the following teachings. What if you decide to, say, to achieve great states in yoga, you should perform certain preliminary requirements. Those. before starting some practice, you have to prepare for this practice. Those. you have to provide themselves with some kind of food, shelter, etc., etc. But very interesting was this remark that I was very impressed. I remember that one of the main factors was the following remark: “Dwell in the country with a kind, just ruler.” Those. it was a guarantee, it was one of the necessary conditions to achieve certain heights in yoga. I became interested in this question: what if this is the case? Those. going to meditate, to go into samadhi, the Kundalini rises, and you are asked to find out who is in power there. Like as not sostykovochka obtained. These are all stray yoga, what a difference there, who are in power, if you are a wandering yogi, you are in fact not communicate with society. It turned out, not so distant from life, and quite specifically. First, start with the fact that there was a view the next thing. India is a patchwork quilt. It is in our brains is India and India. In times more, say, 100-200 years ago, India was where as larger sizes. There was a member, I recall, respectively, Pakistan and Bangladesh. At one time was part of the territory of Afghanistan, Tajikistan was part of the. Therefore, if you see a construction workers from Tajikistan, they have the same right to yoga, as well as the Indians, in fact, strictly speaking. This is the question of who owns yoga. Someone is now trying to put the copyright. So, India was our patchwork of principalities. Each autonomous principalities (some more, some less) had a raja and ruled this principality. They, in turn, submitted to some more great ruler. Those. this hierarchy of power. But, in fact, in every principality, by and large, have their own laws, well, such life (his court, its army, its there any rules of the game). And, first of all, from the yogis and asked them what “select the principality itself, where in fact, just the Raja, and only there do yoga.” Why? Because you still invisibly woven into the web of association to all others. And if somewhere at the top do not understand the laws of nature, laws of the universe and enslave, make people unfree, are coming up with all sorts of man-made mechanisms, as if someone there to enslave (as in Russia, all sorts of serfdom, registration, I do not know that there we are still left). So, it is clear that sooner or later, the universe will sweep this system. Just as it is, in particular, dared at the time of Nazi Germany. Britain was the queen of the seas, half of the world belong to the United Kingdom, the same India was a colony. Where is this Kingdom? Pathetic and island heritage – the English language throughout the world, and as it is, accordingly, cars drive on the right – this is the heritage of the UK.

The same thing happened with the Soviet Union. Those. if the state takes some laws rules of the game of people who encroach on the higher laws, this state is falling apart. And now you have to start some experiments are very responsible with the awakening of the Kundalini energy in the principality, where some moron raja leads to death. And as the death occurs? Neighbors good torn, gaining his principality or some mezhusobitsa war. You need it in the worst possible moment, when there begins some kind of revolution? You do not have to. And since these mental fluids or associative links still will still be present, try a lesson to reading thoughts in a country where there is a massacre, and where you will only perceive as the next poor guy killed. Do you need it from the super-powers of yoga? Do not.

You need to be realistic

Therefore, the next question here. Of course, if you are going to start their own business or earn money (we’re talking about in this way), then first of all think about who it is over you is, what is the degree of adequacy, sanity, decency and whether there is compliance with the rules of the game. Because, you know, if you take Russia, it is generally a very interesting thing. Moscow – some rules of the game, going into any region or province, oh, there may be very different rules of the game. Outwardly, of course, some laws, the constitution alone, but everyone knows what and to whom belongs. Local any kinglet you press down. So, the thing is very, of course, serious. Those. you need to think through everything you need to be “an idiot from yoga”: “Oh, all men are brothers. Oh, now we will all kiss-hug. Oh, no no corrupt officials, no one does not take a bribe, all white and fluffy. All statesmen are not sleeping, not eating, and just think about the welfare of the people. ” Friends, we must be realistic. It will, perhaps, but not soon. A richer or fattening in respect of prana you need today. You can not spend your life, so that they were busy there at the top for a long time. Therefore, there has to find such paths, to protect themselves as much as possible. In each case it is decided differently. Those. you need to be realistic, but always remember that your behavior, your mental attitude, in the end, the secret mantras deploy all this crime, all these bureaucrats just to the other side. Here, oddly enough, yoga allows you to use such means powerful. Indeed, what do you do when some state rank clearly violates the rights? You reset it, you do it with him, to arrange a revolution? But if it comes in contact with the vital survival of all the people that have to do here? Those. there is a very powerful tool in the same yoga. But, once again I urge you, never violating the first principle of yoga, ie harmlessly. It is always possible to do so cleverly that the darkest embezzlement system will collapse, as if it broke itself. Those. each will still receive their own karma. It is important to you personally on my own to contribute to the advance of freedom. But that is another topic.

So on we go. You have written on one sheet of paper, in which the state is now. On another piece of paper – in what would be able to see yourself. The third piece of paper came up with the transition out of poverty into a state of wealth. And then we began to implement it. How do I start to implement it? Very simply and bluntly: step by step. I did the time, took two, made a three. And just steps to develop the habit of writing. Wrote the steps that must be done, and at home in the kitchen stuck on the wall. Each morning will wake up, have breakfast, just – you look at this leaf, “Aha, such and such, such and such steps.” Once done one step, it crossed out. We make a second – it crossed out. And so, you have to learn how to apply in your life the second principle of yoga, ie Now this logic, the logic of the usual clear goal achievement. But by this logic. On the part of the yoga you are looking for relevant sections of mantra yoga, find the corresponding mantra, necessary for the implementation of your personal version of the business, and you start to complete the program to use all of these methods. Of course, they should not be at the expense, or rather, you do not have time to spend more than the main business. Those. they should be, as we have said, on a residual basis. But do not take advantage of them silly. If the ancient yoga and yogini antiquity gave us this ancient knowledge, including those mantras, giving health and wealth, power, that all the world darkness forced to disappear, to straighten these embezzlers, bribe-takers, with these all corrupt, criminals, all those What do not you like.

Why do not you make a contribution to the destruction of all that you do not like in this world. In the end, their action or inaction before that you have created a fertile ground for what you see now. Therefore, I see no reason not to use yantras, mantras and others in these ways.

Select the time, select the time as, respectively, it said. Retreat or something different to do, and forward, to complete the program. But again, only after it will do all my best to move towards its goal by conventional means.

Finally, the next moment, which is also necessary to remember … But we’ll talk about it at the next lecture. That is all.


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