How do I get the money. Part 4. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2010.07.27.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Short Description: altKak become successful in society? Why do yoga follower important to be successful in life? How to treat the money? How should I make a living? How to make a living? Where to live yoga? What to choose to live in? Why are the pure flow of information? Where to draw it? How much is the information? Why not demonstrate superpowers? How to get the excess prana?

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TOPIC OF FINANCE permeates the history of mankind

Today, July 27, 2010. My name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev, I teach yoga. We are located in Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya in the Cultural Center “Enlightenment”. And that we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. All the information on our sites,,

We will talk today, the continuation of the previous threads. So, yoga and a bunch of money. In fact, it is a serious topic, it is not unique and non-obvious, and in many respects survival, including yoga, will depend on whether people learn yoga practitioners, to earn enough to live. Those. it is clear that everything is interconnected. And if people will make ends meet, then it will be time and yoga classes, and, consequently, yoga will not disappear so quickly.

Generally speaking, all the Finance theme permeates the history of mankind. And if you look at certain education, formation, how people lived, say, in the Vedic times in India, how people lived in medieval India, during the Victorian era, finally, in modern times, you realize that in many respects life determined the same economic relations and man’s place in the overall mosaic of relationships with other members of the community.

India took the unprecedented step. Since ancient times, in fact perpetuated in order to keep the knowledge of yoga to the present day. Therefore, it is reluctant to change the way of life, extremely reluctantly refused any financial relationship, and still this way is the greatest features of ancient times.

But, again, this was done for one reason – only to yoga knowledge preserved. Once humanity will be ready to perceive it, it is clear that India will consider his mission accomplished, and already able to afford to also change the relationship between members of society, as we see in the developed countries of Western civilization.

And these “scissors” the changing lifestyle on the one hand, that the pressure of modern technology, modern financial institutions and the disappearance of the knowledge of Yoga, on the other hand, is creating quite a dangerous situation – no one wants to live according to ancient laws, and as a consequence, lead the same lifestyle (in financial terms) is conducted in ancient times in India.

Therefore, the penetration of knowledge of yoga to the West, where people lead a very different way of life, there is a serious problem, as the yoga practiced in the West these or other methods, on the one hand, completely digest what little knowledge that still brought us to ancient yoga teachers and Teachers, on the other hand, be quite successful in the modern society.

I will not say that this is the solution. It is an unsolved problem or, say, in our country, either in Europe or in America. In this regard, say, yoga former Soviet Union countries are in the same position with the yogis, say, the United States of America. Yes, living standards have higher, yes, there are a lot of things very remarkable there differently. But as far as personally as I’m concerned, these new concepts for the development of the strategy of behavior of modern people, on the one hand, they could well make money, and, on the other hand, is an ancient knowledge of yoga is not yet generated, it is now produced.

Here in connection with which such great difficulty. If you promote a way of life in India in the West, then, indeed, there are few followers who refuse to just, say, sell your apartment, go somewhere in the woods, in some monastery, and will practice as they seem to be the oldest knowledge of yoga. But, first, of such people is very small, start with this. And yoga is still universal teaching. And such behavior strategies unthinkable for most of people. Many have children, relatives. And, after all, so why do you need? We never meet in the yogic knowledge, it is absolutely necessary thing. Moreover, the whole spirit of yoga encourages us to ensure that we were successful, enterprising, strong. In many ancient texts in the description of the relevant person adhikari, ie suitable for the practice of various yoga sadhana, the focus is on this. That man, whom you can entrust the most secret of yoga practice of awakening mantra for the awakening of the Kundalini energy, for whatever mysterious divisions of yoga must have private some charisma, assertiveness, very to be bright, cheerful, active man, enterprising. At the same time, clean and modest.

At the time, I just compared the requirements that impose the largest international consulting firms to their future employees with the demands that we read, for example, in the treatises of medieval India, dedicated to yoga. Friends, if we ignore the difference turns of speech (after all, the medieval treatise written in one language, any modern slogans, enticing prospective employee – another language), in fact, the same.

If something new, innovative, all need, as they like to say «best & brightest» (the brightest and the best) in the western major dominant multinational companies, which on the front of the business plan at the forefront. The same we read in the treatises on yoga. Those. it makes you wonder about many things.

Therefore, when we are sometimes confronted with the concept of yogas and yogis as a people, to eliminate from the world, and constantly staying in sadness, it is not the absolute truth. Yes, there are people who in many ways behave in different periods of life. But this is not a universal rule. So, friends, yoga encourages us to be successful in life. Yoga encourages us to successfully and confidently feel among members of the society in which we live. Yes, indeed, you can choose a life of a wandering yogi and go with a begging bowl, and eat only what you sacrifice other people. Why not, it is also a method. But you can do on your own, and in the event that the other hands, you can always become a prosperous person who knows how to make a living. Those. if you were to succeed in business, in some other cases, yes, you can afford such a luxury – for a while and live on alms, why not? Every experience can be useful to overcome the ignorance of our inner. In this respect, wealth and poverty are useful tools to understand the structure you what’s inside the world around you. Therefore, it is left up to you, how to live. But, as you know, if the majority of people engaged in yoga begins to live on alms, then who will feed them? It is logical that some of the people involved in yoga, must do something to make in society. Or, at least, you know, there should be a timetable, that at such a time you live on alms, with this – he with this – someone else.

Strictly speaking, it was true. And if you are curious by such well-established canons of life described in various Vedic treatises, there is the whole life could be divided into four so-called ashram, ie four periods of life. The first began with an apprenticeship. This could be a good sign, a good equity equate to our high school and maybe to our higher education. What we get with you in school, plus at the institute – is to some extent an analogue of the first ashram. Sometimes he called the period of brahmacharya. Then comes another period after that – it is the so-called period of the homeowner. The homeowner, you are not afraid to name it, it’s just a name in common usage to a certain group of people to perform certain functions in society. We would say today that it is the middle class, a class of people who keep to himself the country. Those. are businessmen, doctors, teachers, military, police, who are we there yet … Well, in general, those who constitute the core of any civilization, any country. In fact, on whom all life is held. Finally, upon completion of the second period of life ordered sometimes … (more exactly as prescribed, recommended, it was not hard settings), that a person could after his children stood up, afford the audacity to live the way he wants to, say, somewhere in the woods, to learn, to practice yoga. And, as a rule, it closed. Those. this man began to bring those who are still young, and passed the first period of his life – brahmacharya. Finally, in old age, the yogi or yogini could go in this fourth ashram or fourth division stage of life. This is precisely the yoga or wandering yogini. In various branches it is called differently. In particular, and those who have adopted the so-called “sannyas” (some vows). And, indeed, these people lived solely on alms. Generally it considered a very good tone for some yogis to die at home, and to leave. Those. you have lived a glorious life, give birth to children, he did all that you wanted in this life, in full taste and material pleasures, and then the spiritual pleasures. And your last step has come in your life when you are completely broke all your communication with society, if he wanted to, and if it was your way. And, indeed, could become a wandering yogi and eat alms. But as a rule, it was assumed that this person has already reached great heights of super-powers.

We read about these or other wandering brahmanah that one of its eyes can do wonders to revive the almost dead from people. Full of all sorts of mysterious stories about them. It was believed that this is the people at the last dash to enlightenment. Those. they would drop their body off the last time, the solution in the rainbow, gone and never come back to this world, if you will not need their help.

Therefore, as you can see, the focus of the yoga living on alms, he was shifted to the side of people who have passed all stages in life, achieved tremendous abilities, as we would say – some supernormal abilities, and have in fact they go out of this universe because what they have done here all they could. Only in this case can be rightfully equate wandering so truly a yogi or yogini and, in fact, a man who leads a life by begging.


But let us go back to our days. I’m more, frankly, are not interested, as it was in ancient times. In ancient times, it was all wonderful. In any case, at least a grain of knowledge of yoga come down to us, so it was not so bad, then it worked. The question is what to do now. And now we are seeing quite a paradoxical picture. Unfortunately, due to a misunderstanding of some of the provisions of the Vedic knowledge of yoga, people start outright nonsense in my life smack, both in terms of lifestyle, and in terms of some kind of relationship with society, with your family, relatives, friends, acquaintances, just with unknown people. So, very often come to people who are very strange behave. They say “yes, we are studying yoga, we have gathered to achieve enlightenment, we came to achieve samadhi, awaken the Kundalini energy, go into ecstasy.” Nor do they claim that all they have ceased to be engaged in something, stopped working and some very strange impression they produce, personally I have, they are not always adequate. On the other hand, let’s say, in our country we are going through a very serious relic of our communist times. With all due respect to the Soviet Union, it was, indeed, a very strong, powerful country in its own way. But it was good at a certain interval of time under certain conditions. Maybe it made sense to tighten the screws in order to defeat fascism, to go into space, to move science, manufacturing, etc. Maybe it was a justified price. But then, times have changed, and ossified system. This system has led to that is not to deal with people’s attitude to wealth, money. For this reason, in fact, the Soviet Union and collapse. But, you know, the good he collapsed, he has spawned a huge number of people who do not really know how to live. Whether you need to try to reconstruct as it was in Soviet times, it’s great and good government, will take care of all of us, and I am a small cog, gray and miserable. This is a distortion. In the West, another imbalance – there several other tendencies there. Of course, in different countries in different ways: how many countries, so many ways of life. But there are cockroaches. In Europe, the cockroaches have people doing yoga in the United States has its own cockroaches, where individualism, commerce, etc., they skew your waste made in the other direction. It turns out that this is the correct attitude to finance, to wealth, we do not see. We do not see either the South or the West, nor in our country. And, again, again, we read this lecture we have here, and the bulk of our audience certainly is the Russian-speaking audience, not necessarily in the countries of the former USSR. Around the world, we keep in touch. We have students where just do not have them! In fact, today the entire globe, as I have, once they listen to us, contact communication support. So, of course, first of all, I’m more worried about how the Russian-speaking people will solve the problem of how to live, where to earn a piece of bread, how many earn a living, what methods are good, some are bad.

So, let me remind you the main points that we have already managed to speak. Firstly, a very serious must have a setting that money – it prana substitute for stupid people or for people who do not quite understand what prana.

And just like everything else in this universe, if you get the money, subject to the first and second principles of yoga, it’s (sort of) clean money. And, accordingly, they will benefit. If you earn money in violation of the first and second principles of yoga, it is doubtful the money from them and then you will be more of a headache than one benefit. Those. in this respect, yoga encourages you, just as you sit down to eat, and, of course, each yogi, according to the requirements of yoga, try to eat some kind of pure, not spoiled food, and reject dirty, unwholesome food. Also, by the money and earning money, you should aim to clean the money and avoid laundering. Of course, there are different situations in life, when you really do not know, God knows how they came to you, clean or dirty, where the criterion? Well, the criterion, of course, only you yourself. It is only you yourself should understand and to understand how this is acceptable and unacceptable. Why? Because it is a question of karma, karma personally yours. Not all operations you can check, for example, your employer, for whom you are working. But if he does not inspire you fear that this mafia that sells cocaine, as well as laundering money in your company, where you chief accountant, then one situation. If on the contrary, you are exactly sure that the business in which you are tied, criminal, perhaps it makes sense to write a resume and search for yourself some other place of work. Again, the fact that you get to work – it’s your karma. We remember that yoga is against such a dull flatness, you have to build a vector to constantly strive from negative to positive. The fact that you already have, you have, there’s no getting around it. So, get the most effective way of what is, to get there, to the place where you want to, and the conditions, wherever you want.

So clean money will allow you to turn dirty money will cause a headache. Finally, we’ll analyze the fact that money is a correlation between the amount of prana you and the net amount of money you can earn. If you are a person clean, bold, adventurous, open-minded, it indirectly confirms that you have a lot of prana. Just such people make a success, do themselves, including learning to earn a lot of lives.

But the legacy of the former Soviet Union still caused a very strong mark on each of us. Firstly, in this position, that the money is dirty. Do not dirt that’s all it is an opportunity. It is an electrical outlet where you can take some power and something useful to do. You can include a refrigerator, a washing machine – it will wash for you. Likewise, the money, they will do something for you, thereby releasing to you some resource in the form of free time or opportunity to do what you want for yourself. Without money you will not live in a society without money you will not be able to do yoga, or yogis maintain and yogis who live on alms, if so, as we have said, for that matter.

The second point – it is necessary to get rid of the psychology that we have a single employer in the form of the state. That is, the state and all, nothing more. Those. the state should give to drink, feed, care, etc. etc. Yes, friends, the state has in relation to people who can not do it alone. Well, who is it? These are children, it is old, it may be some kind of profession budget: military, doctors, teachers, scientists. Indeed, where they will take? Indeed, the state should take care of them. If you do not fall into this category, your psychology is completely different. Strictly speaking, even if you fall into this category, it still has to be different. Those. with the idea that the state does not give me what I can do for the state? After all, in the end, what is the state? What is the capacity of the State? This is a general prana each individual member. Where does it come from? From each member who lives in this country. Therefore, you can immediately correct installation yogic: and no I do not owe anything, I – higher self, indestructible, invincible, which has the potential of all the mental, physical, mental qualities that I have not kto-to will feed, I feed. You understand that you’re from the state of the victim went into a state of a free man who does not depend on someone else, and it all keeps. Unfortunately, this psychological moment, a small “Strashok” that lives within us, it is very dangerous, it blocks our view of ourselves. Our thoughts are afraid, but if I pay a salary, and to me there is a pension credited or not credited? What are you afraid of? I have one friend so familiar for retirement afraid shaking, trembling, received a pension and died on the second day. For him, this was the pension? He is more experienced because of this retirement, than it was he wanted. Therefore, it is pure psychology, that I’m not from someone depend, and all depends on me – it must be at the forefront. Because otherwise, you block those superpowers pledged including, in each of you, you are blocking your ability to earn money, to do something new, something innovative, or vice versa, to work honestly, without fear, and getting pleasure from the work process (as we learn from the Karma yoga).

Thus, the installation has to be you, you have to fully believe in yourself. If you believe in yourself will not, you will not achieve anything in yoga. You do other useless by some practitioners to achieve over some sort of ability, etc. Why? Yes, because if you do not believe in the essence of his higher self, which is prohibitive, you do it well, and blocking. And in that I believe it does. Those. you as wizards, and you yourself came up with enchant and make such passive, insecure, fearful, and all expected, both from the state and uncle come you something to give.

Where to live, what to do?

Therefore, immediately raises another question, we are talking about people involved in yoga. Well, God be with him, with the state, if not help, but let him not interfere. This is also another such moment. Because you can live in a variety of states, and states are not perfect all. And in this sense, too, maybe it makes sense to think about where to live. Friends, this is a very not idle question: where to live? It let the state a headache that most talented, the most powerful, charismatic leave this state. Those. It means soon there will be nobody to work and change of power, in other words does not happen.

So, on we go. Well, you have decided. What to do next? Next you need to decide what you do. Or are you just stupid to go to hiring. And you are looking for a place of work, you look for a employer, you honestly spend their energy, that there behind the counter or in the machine stand a certain number of hours and do any operation is very simple, understandable, routine. You are, as it were, going by Energy. Those. you do not need consciousness, you are required to do something, and some more or less intuitive result is produced. This is one job. Either you go to work in the area of Consciousness. Again, for rent. You go some where designer, a mercenary, a programmer, an engineer anywhere in the enterprise, where on the contrary you need to generate some new ideas, to think of something new is, that this is still not there. It seems to be, on the one hand, the creative professions. But it is more roll in Consciousness. And then, and more, in fact, paid for some rates more than there is work to do more than earn. But if you are a Connect the ability to go and methods of Energy, and the methods of Consciousness, connect the mind with the Energy, as our friends in the West, their favorite word – “Synergetics”, obtained a synergistic effect when the effect of this amount is much greater than the sum of two individually. In fact, if you combine the factor of Energy with the factor of Consciousness, you are approaching a factor of prana, to the factor that turns on what the whole world. Therefore, if you do some simple work, but still come to some understanding of how the work in the field of consciousness to improve or optimize, and connect the two, then abruptly your value to the company increases. Why? Because you have more prana and generate, directly or indirectly, you get more money. The same thing occurs if you are working in the field of consciousness. Yes, not enough to be good logistics, but, not enough to be a good analyst, or a good designer or a good engineer, which it had opened. But if you still learn a design, you have opened, to bring to life, in metal, in the matter, in the exercise, you will once again connect with the energy of Consciousness, Prana and again get back to the order will no longer receive.

Want to receive – have more prana!

You must remember that. Do you want to receive more, have more prana. To have more prana in the analogy of money, connect the energy and consciousness, assessed for all the energy and consciousness, what would you do not engage, connect it.

If you learn to do it, then you get a very valuable quality. Quality that will allow you to open your own business and you have leave from employment, you have become their own masters. Those. previously I had an uncle, well, not the state, and any company or organization that you pay – it was hiring. Now do you become, so to say a man who himself can take someone to lease. This condition, of course, much greater freedom. But as a rule, always losing money. And, indeed, as we have seen, many people first start to his career as a particular specialist of a particular activity. Then he grows in his competence to a certain level and becomes so, you know, a freelancer (ie, man – himself the owner). It is no one else works, it works for you. With this there is a feeling, a heady sense of freedom, that you are now an expert, and choose their own clients or work, which is engaged in, or the time when coming to work, when to go with her. It’s nice. The downside is that, of course, your life becomes much more difficult than if you worked for rent. Because you have to constantly think of new clients about what you do tomorrow. Above you have no boss, you are your own boss with all the consequences. Therefore, here is this quality transition from man to man hired “his own master,” he often always goes down the amount of money a person earns. Those. man earns less, but very striking effect is always observed. He never inclined to go back voluntarily lease. Those. feeling the breath of freedom, people will not go to a lower level. Therefore, many earn less, and only at the last moment, when, in fact, there is nothing, when his business failed, but in this case, the person comes back to some kind of hired labor. But again, this is a different person, he is waiting for the moment to once again start a business or go to the level where everything depends on him. This, friends, freedom factor. Yoga calls us to freedom, yoga tells us that this is the main direction of evolution. Therefore, the fact that you are from a state employee seeking to start their own business or become a master of yourself, for that, they say, the hand of the universe. This is what you want from the universe. But, as you know, there are different cases, different periods of life, different situations. Let’s say you do not care for how the work. Why? For example, because you are currently practicing some practice, or you settled down to study at Open Yoga University, and here you employ, so you have deep feelings for the full program so that you already above the roof. You just as well that you come to the routine work, doing some of his usual business, to have these experiences in the practice of ustakanilos. Those. on the contrary you are satisfied that you are the boss, you can either think about nothing, and from 8 to 17 attending their place of work, to get their money, to have enough for life, for study, for some fun. And you need not be by the owner himself. But, you see, the question of the relationship to yoga. And such a person deliberately makes no increase or anywhere. Anyway, as long as it can compensate for the missing taste of freedom through the study of yoga, through the practice of yoga. I have met people who worked on tupeyshey, boring work from 8 to 17. We worked fairly well, normal in organizations is still the old Soviet, which in principle can not be anything new to do. Accountant some sitting, debit such an account, the credit of the account, he wrote 40 years and even how many there will be. And it all arranged. Why? Because he came home and he had the full program all painted when he Pranayama, when he’s got yoga Dreams with the next stage of controlled dreams, when he or another seminar, when he Saturdays, Sundays all painted: the practice of such such such. He gets a lot of reading books, he was pleased, he did not need anything. But there are different situations, and characters of various people. And someone is not satisfied. Someone wants to start a business. In particular, when it is more or less the highlight was learning, and I want to turn around. A man asks himself: “Then you go?”. Some, again, choose the way when a person from himself independent, and starts to open a business, or to do something new that no one before him did not. If he succeeds, he wins sharply in the money, if it is possible. But, again, the time had dramatically increased, for him there is no answer, and no one is no guarantee it will not, win or lose.

OUR “herd instinct”

And here there were other such moments, which greatly complicates the life of the people who receive this mark, stamped “Made in USSR”, you know. A lot of the stereotypes in mind that sometimes even the most successful business fail, the most successful business start up, they say, take their course, and few guarantees that it is optimal. This stamp, in the bad sense of the word, our herd. Here we are all used to that, you know, everyone should walk slender columns, rows in the same direction at a measured pace, and looking into each other’s head. Indeed, it is demanded from us, our ideology: step left, step right – an attempt to escape (with all its consequences). But, my friends, if you do chto-to new, if you own boss, if you are trying to connect energy and consciousness to the combination of which no one before you did, then your herd can play with your stupid joke. You will begin to think like everyone else. All you need for a solution outside the box, and you think, like everyone else. Or vice versa, you have to plow (sorry), Papa Carlo is not normalized for 12 hours a day, and you all: pohalyavili, came to work, buried in a TV show to watch, “and all I did his.” And he did not understand the kind of person that you need 2 months did not come out to work, to build this mechanism, so that it then he went. Then you will watch your TV series. And we are gregarious creatures. And in many ways this herd instinct manifested, first of all, on what we have finished the previous lecture on the influence of other people around us. That is, unfortunately, in our environment sometimes there are such moments of decadence, believing neither in himself nor in others, such kind of dejected, intimidation, zatyukannost, and she involuntarily transferred to us. And we copy the same attitude to life. We’re starting to think like everyone else, we no longer see.

What distinguishes a successful businessman? He himself always on his mind. Why? Because he has a very clear understanding of what is happening. Clearly, he must see what can not be seen by other people, or else others have done this business for him. Therefore, he realizes that the perception of other people somewhere deceiving them, since they do not see. And he has somewhere to distance themselves from their perception, and look at the old brand, a brand-new standard stuff, nezamylennym look.

It is clear that communication with people “decadent”, with even more pessimistic you will drive to see something new in this inability. On the contrary the same interaction with people with new, unconventional, creative, allows you to learn from them, even to look at the most familiar things completely new look. Thus was born in the West, a lot of companies, a lot of successful people who really made their fortunes themselves. Friends, these people have earned millions and billions is not as our unfortunate privatizers unclear how and self-made. Do you understand the difference between a man who stole a billion, and those who did it himself? The difference, my friends, like between heaven and hell. If you steal, it’s usually a one-time moment. Not every day, the Soviet Union collapses. The second time you will not get stolen. And if you lose your capital, all go to meet the homeless, will live among them. This creates fear and anguish, it creates self-doubt, people are afraid of everything. The man is afraid of losing money, the person is afraid to dispose of them properly, it fear. Conversely, a person who has made himself and earned the same a million, a billion, more relaxed and happier. Why? Because he has full confidence that if he did this once fairly out of nowhere, he would do the second and third, and twenty, and whatever time. And he can afford a lighter attitude toward money. He can afford to take risks, make some innovative business solutions, from which its capital will only be multiplied. He has no fear of losing. And, lest you think that such people only in the West. I’m in the country met at the beginning of the dashing 90’s. People climbed the vodka trade. Some earned huge amounts of money in a relatively honest way, those you know, years. As Ostap Bender Ibrahimovic drove or as a citizen loin – a relatively honest way to make a million. Then they lost everything to zero, started some other business. Again from scratch with some goods to trade, again appeared on some level, yet they, for various reasons … And so once or twice. You know, when a person throws a couple of times out of poverty, that he pay up to the level of the apartment there is nothing, when he wants, and allows himself, he has produced a correct attitude towards life. Know, “from the bag and out of jail do not promise,” “do not believe, do not fear, do not ask”, etc. It is born for a reason, it comes with experience. It is clear that much, I do not know his fate, a long time did not communicate with him, now he is somehow representative of a multinational corporation operates. Fed, drunk, his nose in tobacco. As early as the anecdote recounts how they Cherkizovsky or some market traded T-shirts and shirts, that they have a story, a legend. And, too, can tell a lot of interesting things, you can write a book. But not in this case. If you were ups and downs, but every time you are earning, you have no fear, and you’re in paradise. If you stole, well, where is the guarantee that, in the first place, you do not steal? No, it is the law of karma, you do come up with laws by which to live. Where is the guarantee that the second time you will steal? No. Today, he stole a purse and rejoices. Where is the guarantee that tomorrow you steal? There is no guarantee.

Those. you know, some things are quite obvious.


But we go further. So, a person should think of absolutely fresh look. Next time also for the “Heritage”, I’m sorry, this scoop of our herd. We know the whole trust. That is why something has happened? A newspaper wrote. This is why there? The news said. Indeed, there may be a legacy of even Stalin’s time, where, if the chief editor of the letters in the names have changed places, he was immediately in Siberia. Therefore, if something was there published, then the person responsible head. And if any report on television was, it was possible to lose everything overnight, if something does not match. Now orgy. Friends, this is just laughter through tears. Why not just write that just do not say with a straight face on the central channels, the most serious tone, with the most serious plant. Friends, if you’ll believe with all nonsense that they say, you turn into a herd animal, you will never be successful. You’ll just zazombirovany. In the media, solid chernukha. Every day the news begins: “Yesterday there was someone killed someone, someone was killed.” You know what thing? Do you think the media convey to you, indeed, warning that here, they say, if there’s something there that people died, do not go there. On the one hand, it creates a false illusion that I was warned, and that supposedly, if I forewarned is forearmed. Friends, nothing like that. Everything is just exactly the opposite, it is a direct zombies. All TV people, advertisers, all this here brethren, they are hungry, they want to eat. You know, if they will not read, watch, refer to their work with trample. And they have there family, children, apartments, villas, “Mercedes”. I do not know everyone, of course, different. At all costs we need some biting stuff to you hooked to your forced to look to the rating went up. Therefore, sometimes begin from scratch to invent this whole industry. Why? Because that person reacts. Clearly, any normal person react to the danger. But you understand that if you 24 hours a day to talk about the dangers, no psyche healthy a person does not survive, it just starts to deteriorate or become demoralized, it will all be afraid. He did not exactly do anything ever. He never takes a look through the eyes of objectivity to what is happening, it will constantly be under this pressure from the media. Friends, I know many successful people, do you think any one of them looks the media, this rubbish? No one. And it’s not just a coincidence, it’s things like, mutually exclusive: either you live freely, and he can feel where the danger is, where err as to assess the situation. Either you connect to this zombie-box, and you pumped up, and then you yourself have just scared. Fear has a lot of dangerous things. This, once again, my friends, is not a warning, in which we are strong, it is a direct demoralization. It is why? Because the business model of media is now, unfortunately, I developed. But I assure you that the media live their last days in the form in which we see. They are now sweep the Internet, which is already there. People no longer look successful, they already know where to look and what to look for. But the majority of people still believe the habit continues. And just as decadent communicate with people is extremely dangerous, if you are starting a new business or a new business, it is extremely dangerous to watch inappropriate media. Why? You to some day have to take a risk, very quickly that a crank, quickly and painlessly new scheme until your competitor have guessed it all beat. And you had seen it all and shakes. Time goes by, and you do nothing. Here you go … even here manhole, where the water flows. You may not notice it, jump, not even knowing that there is a manhole. And imagine that you have raised a leg and hung over him. You have a lot more options to the same nose and poked, and with all the negative consequences, friends. Sometimes you can stumble over a curb. But we tend to ran without hesitation. And imagine that, before this you were watching 24 hours of horror, as people across the border fell or will you show videos of Hollywood, how it all head demolished, all krovische. You involuntarily begin to shake.


Friends, just as you do in yoga must currently seek clean food, clear communication, you should look for clean flow of information. Otherwise, stay and cattle.

In fact, things are not so smoothly. Indeed, any such horror story hypnotizes you and indirectly from sucking you prana. This deals with all this black, who goes there, haunting. Now here’s the media. You will never gain a clear picture of the country, about business, about the rules of the game, if you draw information from false tuned to negative flows. You will, on the contrary, themselves to predict at this fear. But it’s not such a safe thing. You will, as they say, is believing in yourself, and that’s to make. See, I have our very terrible ability: everything what it believes it materializes. Therefore, more careful with the TV. I’m not saying that you should not generally include radio, television, etc., is not. You must have a certain degree of skepticism and irony from time to time, of course, glances what you like, but always understand that if you believe in it religiously, you are God knows where it will appear. In any case, the rich, you will never become. For people succeeding information is worth a fortune. It is not drawn from the tabloid newspaper tabloids. Do you think any financial analyst of any reputable company looks and reads these reports? No, on this feed, friends, a lot of analytical agencies. Once a month, they punched analytical reports on a particular activity in a particular field, or that direction (this heavy industry, and finance, and anything you want). And these reports, friends, worth the money. And sometimes quite funny money. Those. We even did not occur to buy any financial report the size of a good magazine, where only some of the numbers on the recount. But other figures and friends. It figures close to reality. Those. they allow you to see the world more than approximately, to the way it looks. And, accordingly, see the diagram where you can, among other things, to make money. Those. one else pays.

Of course, there are various cases where you can use and the tabloid media. When in the United States, terrorists blew up or something else happens, or aliens landed somewhere. Indeed, even if the tabloid press, it’s like some sort of impact has had on the world and should create a picture of you: and how it will affect, in particular, and on your business?

Generally speaking, the most sensitive and Taken’s nose in this respect are those who, one way or another, involved in investment works in the stock markets. There President sneezed, they already jumped index. Are there any rumors, gossip, all analyzes. And something immediately swept aside, something immediately rescanned. And we see stock quotes or something else.

But, friends, I want to say that there are risks even more terrible. These are sometimes just do not understand about kotoryi, in principle, do not say in the media because the media what is happening.

Here’s the latest crisis in the US. Friends, you know that there is now, for example, in the West, feverish rewriting the textbooks of the economy. Why? Yes, because all that has been taught before, suddenly hung, suddenly we realized all that no one understands anything, how our world works. Why is there bourses why the dollar is why the fifth to tenth, China, with its product, with its yuan? All this to lighten up, that everything is clear, everything is predictable, when two of the largest investment banks suddenly collapsed. Friends, it is the banks, which God knows how many years. They have gone through almost all the great depression combined. Suddenly it became clear that there is still a factor that does not fall in principle under the media. Those. It is a kind of a fundamental structure of the world. And this is where you will save only your instincts. If you practice yoga, yogic your flair. Those. your intuition, your understanding of how the world works and what we should expect. That, at least, not to make any stupid mistakes. Therefore, you must treat very seriously any information that comes to you, dismiss deliberate advertising or deliberate dill, or certainly some things decadent.

Similarly, the need to observe the other side. But this is, incidentally, is no longer the Soviet human problem, the problem is more American man. There, on the contrary, all of them very well. Because they have more of this Hollywood smile smile than they actually fun.

I always remember Ilf and Petrov, when they at one time visited the United States, the phrase was born: “What is America? The country is not frightening idiots. ” And in the continuation of the phrase: “Russia – it is the other way around, frightening the country of idiots.” You understand? You should be neither feared nor do not be alarmed. In general, it is desirable to you to be idiots or those of any other.

You know how a person is looking for, analyzing, always something to find, check. Where is the criterion of truth? Clearly, experience. If confirmed the information once, twice, three, then this source can be trusted.

I’ve recently watched our movies about secret KGB even during the war. There were scouts. It must be said that even before the war, those agents who have supplied information about the attack Hitler ruthlessly shot in the Lubyanka. Generally speaking, one of the darkest pages of our history. You see, people risked their lives for the sake of the homeland, and their consumption, their own. So, it is clear that many of them have decided not to go back. There was a famous spy Richard Sorge. The persistent calls for a return relaxing to Lubyanka, he ignored: “No, no, guys, then, then.” But he supplied valuable information. Others were still sources, supplying valuable information, which in general is very interesting, poured the British and Americans, warning Stalin’s war, the Battle of Kursk, etc. How did they know? They are German machine “Enigma” cryptographic techniques to decipher. They have been a source of information, but to say how they could not in principle. Otherwise, of course, it could emerge somewhere, and the Germans would have changed the codes.

Similarly, to us, the universe sends us sometimes, but it can not open the source from which we received this knowledge. And sometimes you have to trust.

And sometimes a very good business analyst or a businessman, his instincts, as he says, he does not know. More precisely, he feels like a dog. And, by and large, it has some very first glimpses of intuition, he was somewhere feels: “Yes, that’s the trend, the direction or situation you can trust. You can build a plant or money to invest. But this is not. “

And, friends, that you do not learn anywhere else. You will end up all conceivable business schools, MBA get all in this big ten, top twenty university, you do not teach this. Because this is something that can not be taught but can be learned. It is only your personal experience (the son of errors difficult) sooner or later will make you work, if you say axiomatically from yoga with Maya world. Those. Maya, as a product of their activities creates the illusion. And yoga encourages us to learn to overcome this illusion. You will never become a good businessman, if you do not learn to overcome this illusion, you never create its own sustainable business and, as a consequence, do not earn a lot of money if you do not already have it taste to overcome the illusion. But if you have a business, you will and it will be easier in yoga. Here again I say, why I am so surprised that the requirements in the medieval treatises to future yogis, almost coincide with the requirements of today’s tycoons to new employees.

Therefore, my friends, be very careful with the information. Any information that reached you, must be analyzed. Do you remember this concept in yoga. Moreover, it does not matter, she came to you in the waking state, say, or dreaming. It requires the same careful attention, but without the paranoia. On the subject of whether this is my Maya, is it my fault, or illusion, whether it’s my misunderstanding. Whether, indeed, some, you know, conscious influence on me society.

At the end of the Soviet Union … In this regard, of course, sorry for the Soviet Union, he was like a dinosaur, you know, with the child’s intelligence. For a long time in the West, such cunning, subtle techniques used, there already a huge number of agents of influence. By the way, that the Americans are now trying to do with China for the same is likely to technology.

Do not attack, do not need to recruit, to bribe, to kill, to compromise. There are the right person, and let’s we are surrounded on all sides, such as friends, acquaintances, random people, which are called “viral marketing.” From time to time will be good for something to respond, and something unresponsive. Those. willy-nilly, to influence decisions. And, I must say, I’m just amazed what results achieved US intelligence agencies. Even the evil tongues say that such manipulation are before World War II was vented Stalin with Hitler. Those. when Hitler attacked the Soviet Union, it was madness, war on two fronts. And so here deployed, the whole disinformation war spent there.

So that you do not become a victim to you as dumb redneck, not sent away on their own, you should be able to cut this information. So of course you immediately encounter the problem of advertising. Not stupid advertising that buy our tea powder. This consciousness momentarily blocks and prints in the blind zone. Intrusive advertising does not work. Five times she seemed uninteresting to you, the brain activates and deactivates perception. Although the whole day you will say you do not buy this kettle at least out of a sense of protest. Therefore, there is not too stupid, really, brands to recognize that if there’s some sort of logo hangs, then sooner or later out of something unusual something familiar you choose and buy. And that, indeed, there is such a factor. But in order to load the brand to recognize the need to show the brand for so long, almost from the cradle. Therefore, a means of advertising are more subtle. Viral marketing. This is when the chance to review. You want to, again, tea buy online climbed, and that people there think of the kettle? And it turns out that these reviews also influenced by someone drawn. Those. a mass of the nuances. And you have to learn how to sensitively immediately cut off, you have to be two steps ahead of these creative friends, coming up with advertising. Why? Because, to come up with something creative, you need something new. Just stupid wealthy moles, who are paying for this stupid lzhereklamu, they are unable to think of it, no brains. Would brains, they would otherwise be earning money. Therefore, they employ some creative person. This creative person their money doing something. Sometimes, perhaps, himself thereby burden the karma. But that’s his problem. Your same problem – to beat this kreativista. You have to see beyond. You should not be so malleable. But at the same time not be too such inert. Heavy this problem, but it is entirely subject to the connection of energy and consciousness.

TREND making a supernormal DEMONSTRATION

The next moment, this trend has gone, I do not know where it came from. Some people are very confident (I’m interested in the first place those who are in the field of yoga), which is able to earn some money through the demonstration of some of their physical, mental strength, normal or paranormal, or even abnormal.

You know, it was an anecdote, when Landau was asked: “What are the science?”. And he said that the sciences are natural and unnatural. So, it is very surprising. Sometimes people are born, indeed, innate abilities. It must be confessed? There are those in our country. They show things that can not afford the average person as yet. Do you remember the yoga attitude toward superpowers? Nobody gets nothing, but merely reveals that laid inside. But, my friends, this is extremely dangerous. The funny thing is that I was a witness, no matter how much they tried not something to earn money on the superpowers, and to make ends meet no one drives. Why? Because our world is made very interesting: society rejects everything that does not understand, considering dangerous. Moreover, a comrade learned God knows what to do and thought: “How is all surprise, as it is now to me all will bow with bags of money, I’m so over.” And I got a backlash – people are afraid of him, said: “Mutant whether what he is doing little else there.” On the contrary, they shied away from him. He demonstrated over some things. The more he demonstrated the greater was isolated. Why? This is true of our world. You know, our world, as a school. In this class, you have to learn how to add and multiply without a calculator. You see? And you only put five of it and transferred to the next grade. And on the graduating class, please use calculators and computers. And if you will not be able to do it just like that, you are breaking the rules of the game. There is the same situation. Friends also want to warn. Even if you think that now you have to drop everything and retire to a cave, and possess supernormal then somehow decide to attract finance by demonstrating, or even kak-nibud different (schemes a lot), the experience shows the following – for some reason, our society pushes these people.

Most interesting is that people with supernormal more than assumed. But many smart never even spoken, and never let them show. Some as a result of this experience, he decided to really dissolve all on this matter, and received not the result. Some other reason. But, generally speaking, and yoga agree. You supernormal can scare people to death. They do not realize that it is a law that is not yet clear. And begin to conjecture and damage and the evil eye, and God knows what. It will fall on you. it is necessary to you? Do not. Money is not exactly earn. There is a contingent of yoga (to be honest, some even feel sorry for) some fairly strong personality. Man is born with some such supernormal, and myself did not find. Prana many wonders can do. And we must eat, must somehow be realized in life. And so they go into these sorcerers, psychics, healers, etc., etc.. And some, sadly, are initially because nothing to eat. Paradox. And then sit down on the easy money, become professionals, “unfold” the people, I assure you. Just become even masters. But, on the other hand, it is very unhappy people. It’s hard to get up in financial terms on account of healing, divination and so on. There’s a fierce competition with the same hungry spirits, that’s where the real battle for a piece of bread. And then, in evolutionary terms you Prete against the main trend of the universe, you will be crushed. Question time. It’s a shame when people, in fact, is a glimpse of something beyond humanist, kind, bright. And then he and corruption and the evil eye, and the struggle Nanai boys, and what is there not … It’s a hodgepodge. Such people are sorry, but there is little that can be done.

Therefore, rely on superpowers in making money does not work, most likely. Some there are mechanisms. Mechanisms for even deeper than making money. Probably, it is impossible with some things ahead of time like that go, because you’re scared of other people. And they have this wave of terror as a response you and swept away.

You probably read about all these processes of witches in the Middle Ages. Probably, it was a similar situation. They began to show too. And this gave rise to the horror that still remember all the fires of the Inquisition.

Firstly, it is not rational to begin with. Money – a thing, of course, very necessary. But it is an order of magnitude less valuable than prana. And all of these are extremely sverhdemonstratsii spent most valuable prana. And, they say, does it make sense pearls before swine has to throw, even if no one really pays. So, too, is such a thing, that there was no illusion. If you live in a society, live according to the rules of the people you invite, and who you have invited to your community. But, on the other hand, other methods of yoga, as we said in the previous lesson, they are quite acceptable, it is permissible (mantra, any there meditation, rituals). There are a lot of them. I must say that some of them elaborated in the East. Variety. But it also has its pitfalls. But not even this is what I want to say right now.

Among other things, there is still a serious method, it is called “austerity”. Also, if you have a lack of something, say, money is, of course, with the help of prana you decide this question. And where to get the prana? Well, we get the prana or yoga classes, or we go to work honestly, become a professional, and expanding the range of prana relating to direct our activities. Indeed, some chief engineer of the company sees through. There is another method. Prana we have. In the end, if we had it not been, we would have died. But because we are still alive, then it is.

If the inflow of prana is not possible to rapidly increase, it is clear, you can reduce the flow of prana. Those. do not spend in vain the part that we have and without noticing it dissipated. And here comes two such large method. Specifically, one method, but it is divided depending on the design method. In general, this method is called “austerity”. When you start to tear unnecessary associative links, which you lose prana. And, as a large slice of this method of asceticism, oddly enough, are the all the issues related to sex. Those. This sexual practices, in particular those described in the Triad (in Union Yoga, Tantra Yoga, the yoga of love). Why? Because there is also the basic idea is that the higher the potential enclosed in sex, to spend wisely and not allow him to spend money just like that. For this reason, you can find in various statements (including yoga), you want a lot of prana, super-powers, to rule others, money will be prescribed all sorts of ascetic action. Including one way or another, issues related to sex. But we will discuss at the next session on this topic.








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