How do I get the money. Part 5. Vadim Zaporozhtsev.

Author: Vadim Zaporozhtsev,

Date: 2010.07.30.

Where: International Open Yoga University

Brief Description: alt How to analyze the information? What information sources should be used? What is the danger of wealth? How to prepare for a meeting with the wealth? How to accumulate prana? What is the surplus of prana? How does the system of incentives? How does asceticism in sex?


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Information – is the food of our consciousness


So, my name is Vadim Zaporozhtsev. I teach yoga. Today we have 30 July 2010. That we have the International Open Yoga University lectures. We are with you in the city of Moscow, near the metro station Novoslobodskaya in “Enlightenment” cultural center. All historical data on sites,,


Today, we are waiting for the continuation of the previous topics of lectures related to yoga and money. In fact, the theme of this “yoga Where to get the money?”. And let me remind you that in the previous lectures we stopped before that the flow of information that surrounds us. Every day we have a certain amount of information we get from their friends, relatives, family, friends, through the media somehow directly or indirectly.

And I remind you of the concept of yoga that just like any food, there is in some sense “of our growing food.” Likewise, any information is the food of our growth. But if our usual food – it’s more for the growth of our conventional energy; good food – full of energy, fast – weakness. That precisely and also regarding the information.

Information – if anything, it is the food of our consciousness. And also, if we have a clear, proven, reliable sources of information, then, accordingly, we are growing. If we eat some untested, deliberately false information, it is clear that it does not go in our favor.


And let me remind you that yoga encourages also very serious about any information that comes to you as a valuable information and to misleading information. The very fact that you have to listen to Karma false information to, say, a particular advertisement. On the one hand, it is (as it were) negative, spend your life your life. But, on the other hand, it allows us to understand how the brains of the advertiser, who is trying to introduce to you this information.

Those. if you clearly know that this or that information paid for. If you are obviously know that this or that product, which is trying to promote, notoriously bad, and advertising all the exhibits in the wonderful world it is very serious for you exercises for the mind, or thinking about how to learn (how to) identify the laws.


That is, more specifically, to identify the modus operandi of those people who are there, of course, in your universe, but are you on your current level of spiritual development is not so necessary.

I remind you that in life we are confronted only with those who have invited themselves. So, and annoying ads, and advertisers, and dishonest businessmen, one way or another, by their action or inaction in the previous or this life, we were invited to their own universe. This tells us the law of karma – the law of cause and effect.

But, probably, whether we are in a past life were hardhead, whether inadvertently due to some other qualities of invited people, and they began to show some other quality. In this respect, the concept of karma is as follows: all that is what it is, more importantly, what will happen in the future.

Here you begin to analyze fully all the information that comes to you on the subject of what it all works in the world. Those. world – this is a big problem, we have built the world (in general, themselves), somewhere made a mistake, which we can not understand.

Well, that’s our life offers the opportunity to do experiments and to analyze and find where, what, including our actions have led to the fact that we are exposed to some kind of not quite pure information, which is our food.

So, you need to analyze everything that comes to you. But it is not necessarily in all to believe or to act as the information is recommended. Those. the last word should be behind your words, Ya believe or not to believe, or not to accept this information.

As you know, immediately raises a number of issues related to … Well, well, well, the media on kakih-nibud TV channels with their annoying ads – it certainly proplachennaya advertising proplachennaya sometimes a lot of money, and often unprofitable for us.

It is much harder to analyze some points that we do not understand. For example, open a newspaper, and there is an astrological forecast. How to treat it? Opens another newspaper – there are other astrological forecast. For example, a similar, but about something else. The third paper – is there any Chinese astrological forecast. Fourth – Indian, fifth – something else.

And it is also a barrage of information, which has such a tendency that if we begin to believe in him, we are (as it were) causes all our events to confirm these predictions. If a person believes in the astrological forecast, it somehow and he inclined his perception, and the events that happen to them, interpreted within the framework of the forecast, in which he believed.

But, as you know, the prognosis can write just any man, is not quite versed in the science of astrology. And well, if a person is to write it. And then all is easier – a computer program that is programmed and outputs at the push of a button astrological forecast for any date, time, place and occasion. Those. it is clear that what here the reality of our world.

The same situation with all kinds of fortune-tellers, soothsayers, etc. Sometimes a person does not know the hopelessness of what to do as the last straw clutching and goes for it all ways. But again, you have to understand, even by the very fact that you visit this fortune-teller or soothsayer of this, whether you want or do not want to, it will leave a mark on you. It is something you say, you can not help it remember, and your instinctive intelligence for a variety of reasons, will sometimes adjust to what you have heard only in passing. This is a very dangerous thing.

Even when you think you have something there foretold, and you do not believe, in fact, your subconscious mind can grasp this idea. Those. you become easy prey in the hands of all kinds of public. Ask yourself, like yoga or yogini: you need it to someone manipulate you?


Some things it is better not to be interested in principle


So, you know, there’s such a thing: some things are sometimes better not to be interested in principle. Not so, here they are to me now something foretold, and then I’ll check: Coincidentally, did not coincide. Friends, if you have foretold, it is too late. You have willingly or unwillingly will all animate.

That is why we often hear that in yoga above all your freedom. If you lose your freedom, you need this? This is not yoga already.

Of course, I do not want to say that there are no Delphic oracle, which may, indeed, something of value to predict, or any other occasions. You know, the greatest advance of providence. But, on the other hand, you must understand that there is no future. Is your karma. But there are also free your I. And here comes the question of the struggle: the degree of freedom, and I am your karma conditioning. Any prediction throws any weight on the cup conditioning.

Next we go. So all the predictions of some priests, 5 thousand years ago made or modern fortune-tellers, or computer programs, a thing, as you know, is very strange. Those. the source of this knowledge, you know, is lost in the mists of time.

On the other hand, this is a loophole in your subconscious mind. One time a little bit of yoga here in the West under the shot hit. Because, you know, for all of Western man, that from India, everything connected with the word “yoga”, and then yoga. As children, we are susceptible. And in the same India very often totally obscurantist weight, untested some superstition, some beliefs, etc., etc. Western man, on the one hand, he saw that yoga – something good, but did not understand, mix, you know, as in the saying: “And the burgers and flies”, and began to eat it all.

Therefore, the source of information should always be checked. You never know what’s in the ancient books written by the same yoga. It is clear that we are placed in such a position that part should trust. Because the grand knowledge of yoga has disappeared, leaving crumbs of knowledge. And it is not clear at all how to treat it.

But, on the other hand, you know that yoga says sverhlogichnoe never illogical. And the logic is always sweep away all obscurantism in relation whatever information. At the same time, the logic will never destroy sverhlogichnost.

So, really, if a prediction on a whim of the ancient sages and yogis come true, it is not a sentence, but one of the possible scenarios that are most likely from different positions, with different points of view.

On the other hand, you know that if you apply your logic and common sense, and all these predictions do not withstand this pressure and crumbling. Your prediction said that the dollar will rise in price by some sort of currency trading. And you see – the dollar fell. Prediction esoteric, covered with legends, said that the stock market will continue to grow. And you see – the market is falling. Those. This apparent contradiction logic, and what to do? It is clear, look for an error that sverhlogichnoe can not contradict logic.

Source of information – Internet


Now we go on. Another source of information, which is also interesting – it is the media through the Internet. Internet – a phenomenon today is young, fast-growing. And the novelty is played, on the one hand, the positive service. These sharks on deliberate falsification of information, they are not as yet built its business through the Internet, such as, for example, through the media, newspapers, magazines, etc., etc.

Therefore, at one time the Internet was, indeed, a more or less unique thing where you go to a particular site, do one or the other request to give a particular answer is acceptable.

Indeed, I remember that the Internet – is the continuation of a more narrow program of the US military for the preservation of the stability of flow of information in case of nuclear war. Then he gradually moved into the sphere of science and scientists in various universities, primarily in the United States.

And, as you know, scientists – people who are responsible for their words, their there any expressions, actions, words, and articles. And the Internet, first inherited this culture pundits, where there was a notorious distortion of the facts.

But then, when the Internet dashed all those who feel like it, and as a result, made today the bulk of the people, then, of course, the first thing with which it all began – is trying to make money, you try to make money is to manipulation information, to ensure that once one issue after another, some kind of direct or hidden advertising.

Therefore, the Internet very quickly turned into a dustbin mid 90s up until not have to think about how to look for value, discarding the shells. You remember, in this regard, such a completely paradoxical Google’s growth, which is the first to use such a more complex analytical points to analyze the relevance of any information that you request.

Generally, in itself the history of Google rather instructive and quite revolutionary. And, indeed, they are one point took the lead, and in the search of any information you have received more than adequate, unambiguous information. But you remember that it is an eternal struggle between businessmen who want to make money and those who want to confront them with it.

It is clear that there is any entire activities in the field of the Internet, for all sorts of search engine optimization. Let’s say someone wants to buy a kettle, car, and that one or the other search engine has given the name of the company selling the kettle or the car at the first request.

There was such a specialty – the optimizer sites, which in many ways is trying somehow to advertise themselves. But indirectly, through the search engines. It is clear that the answer is right there in those big companies who are looking for information on the site and spread (there we Yandex, all over the world mainly – it is Google), do some countermeasures. Those. they constantly grind their algorithm is constantly other businessmen are trying to find a loophole.

Those. it turned into a permanent or constant struggle. Just as scientists are struggling with the flu, and it is still mutating, and half of humanity it is sick. Similarly, the dealers always find a loophole to write any virus or something different to do, so that the result was in their favor.

Clearly, this is also a matter of trust. You are in a search engine chuck some kind of request. And you are sure that the top ten, which is thrown out there, this is not the websites that are specifically designed in order to win in this competitive terms? No, you are not sure.

But it is best that you have. Because otherwise generally nothing remains. All the same it is necessary to develop the internal relation to the information that you see. In addition, you should see that there is any competitive information, there is not.

For example, if you type in a search engine “to buy a refrigerator,” I assure you, the first sites that get covered, are clearly sharpened by the fact that it is there to sell their goods. If you nabete there, you know, some rarely found combination of words, any differential equation of the order, vryat any businessman came up with a way to make money these phrases. Therefore, the credibility of the information will be higher.


Therefore, you should also always assess what if any thing any potential tidbit, where you can earn money, of course, there is someone who will try to do it. If, on the contrary, you are dealing with something that is not very interesting from the point of view of speculators, then, of course, you are more likely to get more accurate information.

And generally speaking, no search engine, in principle, friends … Here are now the Google, will Google.2, Google.3, Yandex. You can not, in principle, to make a machine that would replace the human mind, and could handle the information by recognizing what a valuable, some not.


Aphorism about Paramahamsa

In the end, even in the ancient yogic texts there is such an aphorism aphoristic statement that “only Paramahamsa able to drink milk, separating the water.”

To help you understand what I mean, usually yogis or Yoginis, reaching the highest heights in yoga, called “Paramahamsa”. Paramahamsa – a swan. Well, in general, it is a real living creature. It differs in that it can fly at very high altitudes. Indeed, several hundred kilometers. They have so arranged the respiratory system, they are able to breathe this rarefied level where not all the helicopters fly.

So, in the person he called Yoga Paramahamsa when he had reached such a height in the state of yoga, which, in general, than are dreamed of ordinary people. As the super-powers just been given the ability to instantly determine accurate information immediately, and identify false information.

Or, in a more lively manner, this expression is tied, as you know, you take milk, and you need more milk you take to add more water. It seems to be white, like to taste the milk, but it became twice. Was liter, for example, was two liters. And just as often the media or advertising are trying to, you know, take a little bit of milk, dilute it with water as much as possible, and you all make a drunkard.

So, according to this legend, from the Paramahamsa was the ability to drink, to drink the milk, leaving the water, ie, fantastic. Or, in terms of our search engines, machines in Google Internet, Yandex, etc. It is as if the analysis engine sites will sit yogi or yogini who have reached the state of Paramahamsa, and rank, really, refrigerators sites that really was not a deliberate publicity.

But, as you know, it is not obviously possible. At least for the simple reason that where you find such a Paramahamsa.

But, at the same time, yoga recommends ourselves to develop all of these qualities. So, my friends, the war between information and misinformation will continue as long as there are dishonest people in your environment. Let me remind you, you are invited to their own, do some actions that were born in a society where this all the time.

As long as there are people, and you know that this is possible, you should also pay attention to and sharing valuable information and netsennoy. No one will help you. Even under the guise of yoga you can feed a deliberate nonsense. And you will be on every street corner to run and shout: “Chakras”, “Kundalini”, “third eye”, or else some bredyatinu preskazyvat supposedly the words of the ancient yoga treatises. In fact, nothing to do with having no yoga. So, too, if we are doing here in yoga, it is also applicable to the analysis of all the books that you read on yoga, all movies, websites, etc., etc.


An example of the “good” karma

But we go further. So, be careful with all the information you need. Any information – it is an opportunity to hone your mind and develop a quality, like Paramahamsa. Then here too is one such thing that also had a few words to say on the previous lecture. I’ll put this on.

You and I have completed consideration of the issue of money, where to work, how to work on one work, one has to work, what to do, what not to do. Some of these cases we reviewed. Now one would like to give an example. Why? Because he was living, I watch it very often. In particular, it turns out in Moscow.

So, there are people who are interested in yoga, working on his work, receiving a certain amount of money, the minimum (as they think), claiming to be something to do yoga. And they think, where else would take the money.

But suddenly the good or negative karma (as already it will continue to be) happening to them. Those. here is a case sometimes happens to them. I have repeatedly witnessed the events that led to the manifestation of the most negative karma, which was only a man.

So people living in Moscow, runs, jumps, goes to work, earn money, doing yoga. But then, somehow, someone of his relatives died or somehow inherited gets, say, an apartment in the center of Moscow.

And since housing prices are large enough in Moscow, it is possible, for example, to rent an apartment in the city center, and you have enough money to live comfortably anywhere in India, where every penny. It would seem that such a chance to advance in the spiritual plane. And a man who suddenly inherits an apartment with him is a series of metamorphoses.

I would not talk about it, if it had not seen a dangerous trend. Fatally, I would even say, a dangerous trend. It is not that someone is trying to steal from them this apartment or to rewrite the will. No, no, my friends, everything is much more prosaic and terrible.

The fact that such a person realizes that he’s losing his apartment, gets a certain number of money. And it should work very much work to come anywhere close to the same amount of money. And it starts this apartment to hand over to someone else. And suddenly for him, a stream of “khalyavnykh” money. Those. People obviously did not work, and the money received.

Now I will not consider the common people in the society, which is a lot, to me they are not as interesting. I am interested in the slice is people interested in spiritual knowledge, especially yoga. And they think that they have some good karma, since Absolute heard their prayers, that now they can not go to a boring job, and fully concentrate on the personal practice of yoga, meditation, any there pranayama, mantra. In the end, really, to put into hiring an apartment, to go to India, and there to practice, they say, first hand under the supervision of gray-haired elders. Usually so all the yoga pose. And the person to do so.

And then comes the development of events, really terrible. First, such a person is left without a very powerful incentive – a lack of money. Those. he does not need to run a job. He allows himself to relax. On the inner mud channel, the internal Tamas, inner sloth, inside some bestial layers, which were offset by a whip (which had to run every morning to work like it or not), then suddenly the whip disappeared. And the man stopped at a work.

will not have to run away, he vdet more measured (as it seems) way of life, and he does not understand how to become a passive, inert, it does not want anything, he can not make anything themselves. And here’s the paradox: while running a job, was in good shape, as soon as this happened the freebie, it starts even physically a person feel bad.

Because our body should do a certain amount of physical movements, mental effort certain amount per day, a certain amount of emotional any positive or negative moments. All that we, anyway, are working on when we go to work.

And now here he was not going to work, and it did not work out. It builds like a snowball, and it is bad, it is sick, he has something wrong, not commercials commercials. And, oddly enough, it begins to physically feel bad. Wake up some illness, some weird mindset. Prior to that, he lived with his wife or her husband in perfect harmony, and there are any problems from this laziness began to emerge.

That is, when this life disappears whip and internal stimulus, like a yogi and yogini we have not yet worked out, it turns out that the person does not get to these efforts. Physically it starts to feel worse and worse. Those. wake up his negative traits, karma points, and there are no constraints any effort that would have been generated by that whip. And the problem is.

Well, okay, God is with them, with the problems. In humans, free up time. It would seem, from morning till night meditate from morning till night, sing mantras, alternating breath breathe, poses performed in yoga. But, my friends, if they were bestial impurity contamination, the man suddenly do so ately do something becomes.

And he for some time initially work out, work out, and then spit, throw all. More precisely, it’s all so smooth, dust laziness layer leans, leans, and here he is sitting already, no need to work, yoga in general, and you can do it, but not doing. And why? And, to make themselves as something hard.

Those. work was the whip, there try to not go down, no money will remain, very good sober consciousness. And then, like as all is well, the dream comes.

Those. Statistics show that a person has inherited an apartment or Freestuff source of money, oddly enough, loses in yoga, he slips in yoga. He ceases to be engaged in itself, it is no longer something to do. It is increasingly beginning to lean on some theory more clever start, saying that everything must itself become, it is not necessary to do anything. About some subtle sensations, nuances of subtle sensations. In general, such bredyatinu it rushing, and sows around itself such thoughts in the minds of others still fragile and Yoginis yogis who have no more of these apartments, which they could donate. And they somehow did not dock. I was there from morning to night work, no free minutes, I understand that you need to be active, but it does nothing guru and teaches me that I did not do anything.


Friends, these gurus divorced oh, oh, oh, oh. As a rule, these people then start to inflate the cheeks, where they can quote the ancient treatises. In general, behave stately, pompous. Such know rentier bourgeoisie or from the estate or from another funding source.

In the end, this is not the worst thing that can be. Much more sad trajectory observed when a person really explode in any India or any other country where supposedly preserved knowledge.

Friends, this is a third world country, this is not Europe. There are some herbs or a fool to get – it’s the same thing here for a beer run, you know, right? Even there is no need to run around, bring yourself.

Now imagine such immature brains: there is no whip, internal apathy, arrives in India this. And there seem to be as necessary to deal with too. And there, too, has no desire to do, and there is generally hot.

And then there’s another service play with these yogis, they all been reading about all there psychedelic experiments, flying from body outputs. And this brand of hallucinogens.

And here they come to strengthen yoga with the help of all sorts of rubbish, supposedly “So my meditation is not because I have aching legs, the tail falls off. And I can not concentrate. And then me other pundits say allegedly, if some fool to take, it will go faster. ” And here begins the saddest turn of experimentation.

Like, “I’m not a drug addict, I’m a great professor of anthropology. I change the altered states of consciousness, and in India, I’ll just do it now! “- They usually say themselves, and begin with the dope. Stimulus Internal no money from the apartment, which he rents out, enough to live in India in decent conditions and to eat crap from morning till night.

So runs a year, two, three. Then such a person simply turns into a vegetable, which can sometimes speak buzzwords, and sometimes even their ceases. You know, just starting to hum.


And the worst thing, my friends, not even in this all, and that, at first, as you know, the risk of dying from any overdose, or just stupid to become a drug addict, is extremely large, even if you think of the great yoga. To be somewhere in the gutter, or catch some disease, again, in these third world countries oh how simple.

And it all began, like as with your positive karma – you someone has left a legacy in the apartment. And, in fact, he stole your incentive, you stole the evil police. And we, as young children, sometimes do not realize that the bad cop in life – this is our only salvation from death.

And such people are, well, let’s start with yoga, from the standpoint of yoga, this man is hopeless, to spend on it its efforts, as a rule, no one will. Why invest something in someone who is not today or tomorrow, all die from an overdose, or who is unable to bring myself to do anything?


Sometimes they come here in the West, such as, “we are there in India is all gone, all the practices, all the secrets. And begin, well, everyone has a different degree of decomposition. Someone else manages to out themselves outside such a good masquerade keep that here, they say, has received all the initiations in India, arrived here today to teach you good sense, yoga.

But, you know, it’s just a decoration. This person is already in principle, unable to bring myself to do anything. He has started to drift this laziness, and this laziness begins to eat, eat, eat. Instead of working and finding clarity in overcoming himself, finding the true enjoyment of freedom that you get closer to your true self, and you experience an ecstatic state of yoga. They will exchange it for foreign chemistry and chemistry become slaves or servants donated their apartments, or even of a source of finance that they like that fell on his head.

And, I must say that not all ends well, friends. And since they all end up not so well in our country, we do not even know this is sad. Here, it seems that everyone just “bang!”.


Therefore, my friends, that this thing (money), as we have said, despite which side they came from. If you are in the sweat of their faces they have earned, and they will bring you joy, happiness, ecstasy for which then will not have to pay. If this is some kind of evil, free money, obscure, opaque, or vice versa, you decompose, then you will find yourself under a fence in the bushes, even if started as an advanced yogi.

And so it should be very well remembered. Here you have now your position in life. Yes, you can be, do not like it. Yoga says that if you do not like, do that you like it. In the end, what you want to build your personal universe in a living will. But there is the best way of building, and there is non-optimal. And when it comes to freebies, it is, in fact, a very dangerous thing. This is a temporary solution for a problem, for which then have to pay.

Well, finally, in this scenario, a desperate attempt to human then … Sooner or later, I must say that everyone understands. But sometimes lost years, sometimes lost health, sometimes a lot of that is lost here over the years spent idly.

And people trying to somehow buck up. A habit-that was not shaken. Again, you need to force yourself to do something. And oh, how to force yourself to not want to. It has been sweet to live for free, every day doing nothing and read a clever philosophical treatises on the same yoga clever and right and left, that you at least something they understand.

Therefore, many of the characters realize that they have to work harder will not go koryachitsya, as they have done until these other money. But, still decide to do something. And so they go to yoga teachers.

Friends, this is one of the worst kinds of people. Why? Because they feel as you say, they are dependent. They understand that, say, if a man lost his apartment and now he only needs to teach yoga, and do nothing else, he, oddly enough, very quickly slips into the ultimate cynic and trying out yoga, you know, as much as possible the financial squeeze up penny. As a rule, it is not for the benefit of yoga. And it all began nonchalantly.


So, if a person as a result of their longer, maybe its good karma loses khalyavnykh source of money donated in the form of a flat or even chego-nibud, of course, it is waiting for a terrible shock, the terrible break-up, about the same thing that happens at addicts. It is always unpleasant. And the basest part, of course, the soul in man are beginning to wake up, and he’s trying to compensate for the same free, but after teaching yoga.

Here’s a newfangled guru comes: “I was there in India was already everywhere, studied. It lost the apartment, it is necessary to imagine a piece of bread to earn. Here will you now teach yoga. ” But you can understand that even if he will speak the right words, read from other books on yoga, they are imbued with his mentality, his attitude to life. Those. this is not the best option for people to learn from these yoga hands.

asceticism method


Now we move on to the next topic, which have started to talk about austerity. So, my friends, the world is much more complicated than it seems. Sometimes it seems that our state money, our financial situation is bad. What we like yoga dealing with something highly spiritual could hope for something more generous on the part of the universe. But this is a matter to anyone, it is a question for us is ourselves. Those. we have only what we deserve.

On the other hand, it is a warning that you have wealth to fall faster than you are able to use it, you instead make progress in yoga, you can degrade in yoga, and even in life.


So, you know, sometimes people say, “I work there from morning till night, and there is no increase, the salary does not add what I want there.” And from the perspective of the common sense, if we analyze, and you’re sure that if you get this, you will not do harm?

Those. it may be some kind angel does not give you a boost in work or extra hundred specie that you did not make yourself worse. In particular, you know, I was surprised by the people who take the mantra for the awakening of wealth. So let them play.

But wealth is not so, it is sometimes, but not as you know, not in abundance as they expected with these mantras. But no one understands that all open mantra, almost all open mantra that go here, they are open, ie, they are foolproof. Those. they are such, you know, multi-purpose use. These mantras, in fact, give money. But only in one case, if they first solve the problem more acute for you. Even you can not guess about them.

Let’s say you ask a billion, and according to your karma you 3 days before his death left. And all these mantras such welfare activities (health, wealth, etc.). It is clear that this energy vibration of the mantra immediately comes up against your negative karma, you have 3 days left before his death. What do you think, where will this energy vibration? In fact, to neutralize this death after 3 days. And with the money, God is with him, wait.


And you understand this analogy. It turns out that these people mantra practice, practice, and (as it seems) they do not work. So, maybe, even as the work that he remained alive. Or more are all veiled. This wealth would come to you, and you use it still can not, not yet ripe. And you protect. And since you really something valuable and you do all this, you know, does not pass without a trace, there to you on account of your spiritual energy is stored until such time as you can use. You know, like a little child until adulthood, when he someone that something has left a legacy, he can not use. Well, a small child will go there myself bought chocolates, stomach ache will.

But it’s all made up on the account (as they say) in the bank upon reaching adulthood, when a person has to be in this position to take advantage.

That’s the same situation here, friends. Do not rush to blame your fate, do not rush. You do not know all the layouts that can be. But generally speaking, there is a principle of the second stage of “Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” – “Santosha” is called – the principle of contentment.

This is a purely yogic principle. This is to be satisfied right now and right here what you have. If more come, then you will be satisfied with this great. If it does not come more will still be satisfied because you have the right attitude towards life.

Therefore, it would be very good to use in this our analysis when we try somewhere to attract more financial resources some.

So, in order for us to be able to take advantage of the wealth that still we can make through our honest work (how to say) it would be very good to make up this wealth we have tasted a different kind of thing. It’s called “austerity”.

And if we go through asceticism, then whatever wealth we have not come, we will have a taste of austerity, we will never turn into a vegetable. A person who has passed the taste of austerity, and that at any moment can shake, take yourself (what is called) in his hands, it is not subverted, no apartments, rent, no evil (in the possible consequences of) money. For the simple reason that the austerity largely directs us to the source of all pleasure, including the source of our wealth that we can make, ie our higher self (indirectly).

And it is indeed a very serious method that works when nothing else works. It is, first of all, allows you to develop an internal system of incentives, ie at that time, if you suddenly become rich, and external system of incentives will fall off, then you have a risk to become a vegetable. And if you are in a system of incentives to work on yourself, yoga developed, already outside the wealth, poverty, you do not care. Because you manage themselves.

So, austerity helps in many ways. That is to say, to prepare for a meeting with wealth, and secondly, to speed up its offensive. We remember the rest of the thought in our previous lectures about all the money that we are able to attract such good, clean money, it is a product of what we ourselves can do. Or an indirect indicator of our prana.

When prana is not a person, and the money showered on it, it’s something, such fluctuation, you know, random. Sometimes there are such things, but not stable. Therefore, you need somewhere to gain inner prana. If Prana much, sooner or later, and wealth in your life will be longer.

In this sense, there is the law of conservation: nothing of what does not happen. And all these stories about what someone on anything earned money, friends, in the long run it would be a violation of the law of the foundations of our universe, the law of karma.

If a financier does nothing but earn a lot of money, he usually does it at the expense of Consciousness. He sees that the mass of people in the financial flows and these flows are sometimes not the most optimal way. And he had them, you know how good logistics in the right way forwards. And his consciousness … Here humanity has lost the financial situation because it did not know how to optimize it. And he saw, opened its investment bank and all corrected.

It is clear that such a person will make his billions, and those billions will be honest, he does not lose. Why? Because he has contributed to the consciousness. If, however, he rose to some speculative transactions, in the long run, you also lose.

But because sometimes very difficult to distinguish where the speculation, but where something innovative. Those. created by many people such a representation, say, finance, that everything is easy and simple: once you come, and the money will run down in the pocket.

Of course not. That part of the money, which falls into the pockets of successful financiers, it remains. You know, there is a saying: “He who divides large cake knife into pieces, has a right to the crumbs.” Another thing is that the baby, seemingly as small in comparison with the big cake. But in terms of our modern volumes, it seems to be something very big.

So, for anyone, if you do something real into this world in which you live, increased prana of this world, then, strictly speaking, you and may qualify for a sustainable wealth, which is the personification of the prana, increased in a world in which you live. If you’re just out of one glass shimmers there, here, make some kind of an illusion of work, and humanity is not cold, not hot on your speculation, you parasite, you’re not doing anything, you’re just a while exist on misunderstandings series .

Sooner or later they will correct misunderstandings modern universe, and you will not be able to earn well. Those. you are doomed. Therefore, through the finance you earn standing at the machine you earn, remember that nothing happens nothing. How many have invested so much and get it.

And all illusory things sometimes, you know, maya, illusion. You can see how a man is now well and he “Mercedes” goes. But then you will not see how he would be there to experience once life to him turn his other side. We see successful. And what end these dealers, we do not see, we do not wonder. This is the worst thing for them. Because they are not interested.

The question is that where to get the prana. Firstly, to increase it – is from one side. With the second – it is right to redistribute it. Third, do not lose. Indeed, the analogy is with money. If you need more money, you’re either going to earn and more, or see where life you spend more than necessary.

For example, you pay for certain things in our lives a lot of money, and therefore, there and funneling money. Those. You can override this channel, which flows away. And you can even podsokratit some are channels through which prana spent, of course, that in general, the usual.

I remind you that the prana is spent on everything. Prana is spent on digestion of your food, prana is spent on some other things out there for emotional communication. A wide range of what is spent prana.

In order to save that part of what is spent prana, people practicing asceticism. Those. he begins to cut their spending or lead a more discreet, moderate way of life, and allows you to spend energy and consciousness of his life on some minor things, send them to achieve some of their goals. In particular, the accumulation of prana.

Moreover, it does not matter, you can sometimes accumulate prana without regard to the purpose. There are people who are addicted to asceticism, they keep themselves in check physically every day for a very strict schedule live very very ascetic eat, spend some hours at your leisure. They, however, have reduced these channels through which prana goes to the outside world, and somehow something changes in the outside world.

As a result, such a person if he does not waste, he feels that it accumulates prana accumulates, accumulates it increasingly in the free form. Then this trend: if the person has any desire, and thus it has accumulated prana, this wish is fulfilled faster.

Or specifically, you want wealth, and here you are in such asceticism accumulated prana, then you are more likely to get rich quickly because, in the end, you can convert this prana into the possession of one or other money.


Losing prana to bad habits


Also, there are moments in which we lose. In the first place – that, for example, bad habits. In the civilized world, well, just have a look at people who smoke as dinosaurs. Those. it is something of a dancing area with a drum under the moon at night around a bonfire, where another prisoner going to fry and eat.

On the contrary, if you look in the third world countries, there is generally all smoke, we smoke all: both men and women, straight, without exception. You understand that, of course, cigarettes do not add health, affect a large range of some factors. And they need to be neutralized.

How to neutralize them? Very simple. Your prana immediately begins to deal with them as if it were a disease, as if it was some other factor is negative.

Now the heat, there is nothing to breathe, walk, suck the cigarette, my God. You understand that this is all tied to physiology, that it is better not to start smoking than to throw. Just the inner person’s metabolism is designed so that the cigarette contained some substitutes such enjoyment factors.

And then just purely physiologically difficult to refuse. Well, here it is one example of asceticism: a little money you have, throw smoke. Each time, when the hand reaches for a cigarette, it is better to remember about how to save a prana or some business to come up with a scheme so fabulously rich. Those. this is a very powerful incentive – conversion.

Again, alcohol abuse. Of course, yoga is not calling you to be some hypocrites. But all the same you need to measure something to know, friends. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is now in our countries insane.

Imagine you drink beer, you feel good. I’m sorry, from what Badun you well? Your own prana went here to enjoy it. Yes, so I sometimes see young people return home, each bottle, traveling, enjoying. Prana is wasted. They supposedly have a rest. But tomorrow to work for something is not enough.


Again, all, of course, within the limits of decency, for God’s sake. Yoga, again I say, does not make you any monks and nuns. But when it is out of the limits of decency, when it turns into an everyday activity, when no ordinary bottle of a drink you have not see my life. You know, you have redistributed the flow of prana in the beer. And, accordingly, you start to spend.

Again asceticism: if you want a lot of (what is called) money, drink less beer. And so in all, the same with food. Here asceticism is different. Sometimes a moderate asceticism, it is the most valuable, but the most difficult. Moderate austerity is when you seemingly do not give to understand that you show asceticism.

Yes, you are driving, like, a normal life. Well, there ryumashku of champagne on New Year’s drink, without drawing attention to himself. Yes, you sat there at the table, something to eat, even, perhaps, not very useful in terms of austerity. Well, everything was evicted, and you seem to like. This is the visible part.

The invisible part – this is usually that if you can change to something more healthy, more reasonable, you do it. It is much harder to do than just, say, to declare: “I do not drink,” or “I do not eat meat,” or “I have something.”

That such austerity, when just something there, it is easier to carry. But then it is easier to break, and with him. Austerity smoothly: there myself picked up, then picked himself, it is less obvious, it seems to be less effective. But in the long run it is the most effective, it will allow you a way to get more prana.

Well, there are fans of this strong asceticism. Typically, young men and women often like to practice. In his youth, a general characteristic maximalism. And, you know, is this something and there should be a period of hard life of asceticism.

If you have gone through in my life during the hard austerity, then you will be able to digest and enjoy your life. In particular, oddly enough, very good to practice asceticism in his youth. You will know, inflated prana, you will shine, you have every word will vibrate with energy for whatever you came from.

And sometimes people reach severe asceticism. Again, you may remember, that it should not be associated with causing harm to your physical body because you can also stick to bend.

If you keep yourself in check, carrying out an ascetic practice, consciously give up the channels through which prana is wasted (idle chatter or empty communication with unnecessary people or just an idle pastime). And if you just took and reduced the number of contacts with the outside world to a minimum.

All potentially each channel – is the loss of prana. Accordingly, austerity is growing. If you are in the food itself preloaded if you preloaded entertainment itself, sooner or later, the channels through which prana is spent, they are (as it were) overlap, and you accumulate prana.

And then, if you go back to doing yoga, or doing business, or lessons in science, some cultural monuments wish after me to leave to mankind, you are a poet, a writer, then after that asceticism (usually) you have more internal reserve for to realize something. Therefore, if you are too strongly presses the life quite presses in terms of finance, all that is connected with the ascetic practices of yoga may be for you a magic wand.

Firstly, austerity will be for you as a dead water before wealth that can cover you with his head. And you can not cope with it and degrade. Secondly, it is in itself a good practice.

But, really, I must warn you that this is a very exciting experience. Those. people who for many years practiced austerity, so (in a good way) on him sit down that they cease to see the other side of life, linked (included) and with pleasure. And this is also skewed.

But, as you know, is skewed to the person who practiced asceticism. Therefore, some time practicing asceticism is very useful. But it becomes a fanatic or a hostage (including asceticism) is, again, to go against yoga. The goal of yoga – freedom, freedom from everything. As a tool, asceticism – yes, a good thing. And an end in itself – there is no purpose in asceticism. We just podnakopili prana, then to spend it, spend on the spiritual, on the material.

Austerity and sex


Finally, another issue related directly with asceticism – is sex. The fact that our body is the device that the carrot and stick literally permeate our body in terms of us fruitful and multiply. If you do not have sex, you do not have children will be born. Accordingly, when you die and you have to be born, will not be suitable bodies of people. You have to be born, God knows where, God knows what in the bodies. And from an evolutionary point of view, this evolutionary loss.

Those. programmed into us a very powerful incentive of sex, which does not allow the human race disappear. And yoga is never against it does not protrude. Sex like that yoga is sacred. Who needs to be yoga, if not the people?

But, on the other hand, the sex – the thing that contains in itself an extraordinary pleasure, but also an extremely large facto loss of prana. Indeed, that was born next life, part of the body a person needs to be very large. And sometimes at this, that he is not aware. It just seems to us, friends, that we know what “sex”.

Sex – a truly inexhaustible thing. The sages of antiquity yoga and yogini said he was comprehensive. And the road to enlightenment, the road to samadhi, the road to higher states of yoga, whether we like it or not, is through the questions solving our sex life. Those. how we have sex, what, etc. In another way, my friends, does not happen.

Therefore, yoga and yogini of antiquity, which are absolutely without hypocrisy is very well researched this system. Of course, they left us a lot of useful knowledge about the system. And the essence of it boils down to is that you need to deal with the silverside correctly.


But before you come to the idea that sex is necessary to deal with the right (after all, the theme of this lecture some of the other), it should be remembered that what we call sex, is two things in one. It is our pleasure that we so value, and it is the invisible part of pranic impulse that goes to the continuation of life.

And if we are engaged in regular sex as engaged in the animal’s body condition, as do people who actually, in this sense not much different from animals because do not investigate this activity.

Those. It is a colossal loss of huge losses. She justified. If there is no likelihood of the continuation of life, why do you need this stored energy? Where did you get to it?

But, at the same time, we are friends, and different from the animals that we already have a reason, and we can share the part that goes to the enjoyment of that part which is critical that we do not realize that, in fact, a huge amount of prana that is spent each time you have unprotected sex with so called losses.


Therefore, the situation here is. If you do not know how to have sex without a loss (as a science, this is not such that a 3-day study), in terms of austerity you recommend celibacy. Those. not to engage in sexual intercourse, and in every possible way to reduce the expression of their sexual life.

Those. Now you know, “the crocodile is not caught, does not grow coconuts”, the money you have little, you decided to practice asceticism, that with the help of asceticism and then decide what to say, their own problems, including financial ones.

At the time of solving these problems, oh, how good to abstain sexually, oh as well. Why? Because as the right to engage in sex without a loss, you are not yet know, and any of your having sex with a potential loss will be a waste of a large amount of prana, which you can save and accumulate in itself. And that will be immediately converted to including your financial prosperity, your some creative prosperity.

Those. Sexual abstinence is extremely powerful indirect method and means for that to solve all their issues, including financial ones.

Therefore, for some time to practice sexual asceticism it is very useful, especially in early youth, when, in fact, hormones play, no one really can not do anything. But again, unless you really have decided to have sex for procreation.


Now, if you decide to continue the kind of sex, but at least 50 thousand times you are an ascetic, you have to have sex with losses, that human life is not over. Clearly, these are isolated cases to life began. And we have sex a lot more. Moreover, we read about this very interesting evidence of ancient India, where even if the ascetic could 40 years (they say) do not even think about sex and all women not to look, but if you came to him yogini and asked his child (usually played up in some kind of mythological story, the ancient Indian legend is very interesting, read), he had no right to refuse. He could have any arguments or counterarguments lead in all plans, except sex.

Why? Because, my friends, the birth of life beyond your making money or your dreams of power, domination, creativity. Therefore, as soon as you need to understand that in order to continue the race – it’s a different story. But if you just generally leads your sex life, and at the same time experiencing some difficulties, the need for life, at the time of solving these difficulties oh, how good is to practice sexual asceticism.


But, friends, I want to say again that you have to remember that this asceticism must be literate. If you are, say, a wife and you have a husband, you have decided to practice austerity, and her husband on the wall climbs on what you as a sexual partner, it is denied, you will not be happy on this your asceticism.

The situation is similar for men. Those. if you decide to engage in austerity, and you have a young, beautiful wife, demanding your attention, and you do not look at her and went to the accumulation potential, it is not dopoluchaet, this suffering, this is a violation of the first principle of yoga.

Therefore, if you are some obligations sexually with someone together, it should always be taken into account. It is always a need to find a situation that there is no suffering, friends of the manifestation or manifestations of your sexuality. This is the moment of yoga.


Sex without a loss


Well, finally, after yoga calls you, that you practice a certain number of times asceticism, including sex. Yes, we decided (in particular) and their financial problems. And then go back to their normal life, which (again) recommends yoga. And, again, back in sex as you normally do.

Yoga is still recommended to explore this area, friends, and cease to be allowed in this matter. Unfortunately, our strategy of behavior in the matter of sex is no different from a monkey, a cat or a mouse. This amount having sex with losses. It was necessary, when we did not mind. Because due to (know) even where the seed falls, half lost, at least some percentage germinate, already kind of survive.

But it’s too impractical from an energy point of view, when we live in the bodies of people. Therefore, let the question stand to chance, at least, not foresight. So, then in parallel with the yoga studies are needed to investigate other issues sex that was (called), sex without a loss. And then comes another round of austerity practices, however, linked to the accumulation of prana and the implementation of all your desires.

Ironically, if you learn to do certain exercises on the interaction of male and female, you get just a different situation – after having sex you are an order of magnitude longer accumulate this inner prana, what would simply abstain from sex altogether.

But, again, this is quite a serious yoga section, it is in our yoga school falls under a section of the Triad, which includes sexual union yoga, Tantra Yoga, the yoga of love. This, once again I want to say, not a science, it is known for 3 days, quite a lot of things to do there.

But the fact remains that even having sex under the lossless sex, it would be entirely, friends (note) fall under the criteria of austerity and a chastity test. Why? Because you do not spend that part which is the continuation of life.

From a formal point of view, all is fair. Even sexual practices classes, friends, fell under section austerity in yoga. In general, yoga is a very unique system, very interesting.

So, due to sexual practices can attract more prana and, as a consequence, to make a breakthrough in consciousness, into energy. And, as a result of this investigation, to succeed in their business.


That is why we read in the ancient treatises that from time to time (say) the situation in the country was on the verge of collapse. There Raja and his wife, and their wives were there different matrimonial relationship. There was one, and the other way, that a woman could be several men in ancient times (we read), and the reverse version of the harem.

But the fact is that sometimes, when, you know, when there is no prana, prana and if not, then in the country is falling apart. It’s like in the body when there is no prana, everything starts to fall apart. That was very strange, sacred rituals that prescribing is the supreme ruler of the country to find the right partner (of course, who’s harem was, in fact there were no problems – as I understand it) is for sexual practices, which later we read in the memoirs that, they say, that they were fertility cults, something else. Nothing of the sort does not work loss, working only preservation.

But another thing is that the core of these systems is always kept secret, and to us through any regular source of income just rumors people. Say so, could the governor and his wife, they are (as it were) produce a huge amount of prana at a time when the fate of the country, and enough for it to survive this cataclysm.

We find it again, even many echoes. We see this in China, which seriously influence through Taoism, who in turn, through Tantric Buddhism and India was the relationship of the Chinese emperor in matters of sex.

In Cambodia, the Khmer state was. We also read these echoes of rituals in India, etc., etc. But, once again, my friends, that you have correctly understood a paste, it was not the practice of debauchery or an orgy (in our view, where there is separation in all matter). It was just the opposite, it was asceticism, where one part of the pleasure was spent, and the other part (is such a sacred walking on the continuation of life, and which sustains life) firmly protects friends. Even if it is sometimes, in the case could be a Chinese emperor.

Here’s a topic, so, of course, I understand that the use of these practices, they need to learn for a long time. A life of our daily needs to be addressed today. And if you have tried everything and nothing works, then try asceticism, including those with direct, blunt austerity sexuality. Avoid some time to have sex at all. In particular, if you are young and full of energy. It is strange, it is sometimes useful because you in the right direction the mind will work.

Do not worry, then you are in full make up for all that is lacking. But you already, as true lovers of pleasure, which is inherent in ourselves, and not as a mere man-animal. You know, instinct to scratch – satisfied, scratched – satisfied.

That’s the theme. That is all.



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